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Prof , John Fisko of Harvard University
Talks of the Great Find.
IttitiilfM llcnilln ? " ' Cliorlalird I.OKPIH !
mill Tootle I'nncjr Culnmliit *
In It How the Country
Wild ChrUtcncil.
John FlskoVnnmo is bonoroil on two con
tinents , nnd It wns natural thnt when he wai
announced to lecture In Otmna much Inter
est , mid not a tlttlo commendable curiosity ,
thoula bo evinced. Mr. Fisko la eminently
n "credit to his country , " nnd his work nn
unanswerable refutation of the Europann-
born sneer nnont America's lack of distinc
tion In science nnd letters. The Importance
of his contribution toward tin demonstration
of the Darwinian theory nnd exposition of the
Sponccrlan philosophy gained tno Immudlato
recognition of the masters themselves seine
twenty years ago. "Excursions of nn Evolu
tionist" In the "Tho Unseen World" nro
hlcbly interesting nnd perhaps ai conclusive
&s nnything on thnt subject can bo. tie has
ranged from "Myths mid Mythtnakori" to
the outlines of cosmiu philosophy , mm has
analyzed "American Political Ideas. " "Tho
Critical Period of American History"
( thnt Immediately' following the revolu
tion ) ho has nuulo peculiarly his own.
his latest \vorU , monumentally minute , the
fruitage of manv years' study , deeds with
the discovery of America. Unas Just been
published , nnd Is likely to remain tno proal-
cst < iuudrcccntotiDlal memorial of that preg
nant event.
It was on this subject that Mr. Fisko lea-
turcdm ; Unity church Monday night , nnd his
auditors will never forgot It. IJut , no , ho
doesn't "lecture , " ho talks , nnd makes drafts
on his fond ot facts ( all duly dated ) that
htnnzoono Into confusion. Ho Is no terribly
destructive of all our cobweb notions of Ins-
When Mr. Mann Introduced hlnvto his nu-
d 10nee , It was at oneo evident that Mr. Fisko
was not of the "pule , scholarly stooped" gen
us , ana In ttio moment one remembered thai
thn historian nnd scientist had also declared
'It does pay to smoko" nnd that "tho coming
man will drink wlno. " Halo and ruddy ,
\vIththoglrthofllftyyeaH , hU very pi-oi-
cnco lightened the to many dry-as-dust inln-
ullao a knowledge of which ho considers ot-
sonltal to n ritht appreciation of how the
discovery of America wns brought
about. Mr. Fisko bears n not remote
resemblance to Mr. Walter Besont , tht
novelist , In uppraranco. Ills lower lace Is
concealed , and partially rovcalod , by n full
beard somewhat thin , Ho wears a pair ol
gold-rimmed spectacles which somehow resent
resting o > i such an noncharacterUlio nose
nnd liuvo over and again to be settled by Mr ,
Fisko. The Dclsartean method is unknown
to Mr. Fisko , evidently ; generally ho stand :
with bis rigbt hand resting on his waistcoat in
side the scrupulously buttoned Prince Albert
his loft caressing the small of his back , bul
now nnd again ho loosely twines his linger :
In front and an auditor anxious for the pro
tirlotios perspires in fear thnt ho may twlr
Ills thumbs whllo uttering the gravest ol
novel propositions. His aye has tbo twlnkU
( doubled in the same way ) of Walter Bes
The lecture ! The Intellectual vanity of the
"omniscient one" on tbo slatT dropped n notcl
nnd then slipped all the other notches
lie could anpre'clato In n vaguely sort of in
vertebrate way the quality of the wlno , bul
how glvo n kcon-palated public oven a fiulcc
flavor of the bouquet ?
After a neatly worded introductory sent
cnco from Mr. Mann , Prof. Fislto spoke , and
some of bis tnoro striking sentences ( though
his last merit will bo scntcntlousncss ) arc
substantially transferred.
History needs to bo rewritten with over ;
now generation. Especially is this true ol
the discovery of America , atfd especially
necessary in thcso days wbcn so manyruo\v
and disturbing data arb constantly coming ti
light and n broader , fuller , yet not' los :
microscopic , motubd of treating history I :
ooliig everywheredemanded. . The dlscov
cry of America must bo treated in its con
ncctlon with other subjects ; it must bo borm
in mind that it was only a part , importau
as that part may bo , In ttio general broaden
ing of mind that so predominantly cbaractet
izcd the fifteenth and sixteenth conturlc
tno world over. The modern map must bi
banished from our mental view , that inoacrr
map of thn ancient world In which the enl )
things ancient are the Latinized names. Fo
example in MO3 Martin Bohaimof Nurernbcr ,
mode a glebe in which Ceylon shows largo
than Hlndostan. It Is necessary to get lnt <
sympathy with the state of nscertalnci
knowledge of tbo times to fully appreciate
UIQ situation ; nineteenth century icuowlodgi
must bo forgotten for the tlino being , or cas
aside ,
The discovery of America was n commot
clal untcrprlso , principally. Very llttlo interest
torest was taken In these days Inlho voyaae
of the Cabots or tbo Northmen adventurers
In the eleventh century thereIs llttlo doub
that Icelandic : sailors visited the coast o
North America , and , indeed , probably via
itcd Massachusetts tnv.
Ea , Mr. 1-isko has a pleasantly
desultory ( In the literal meaning of thai
much abused adjective ) habit ; from point U
point ho jumps , but ho is pardoned , us hi :
views If kaleidoscopic are Instructive.
But tbo voyages of the Icelanders solvoi
no commercial problem and so were un
noticed. Until the sixteenth century Europi
ntood with her back tn America. Her eye
were over on Asm ; from tbo morning
tiuii had always coino that danger
.Europe was Interested In Asia cornmer
dully. Mr. Fisko put brlelly , but In
high light the trade relations of the occldon
and the orient during tbo so-called durl
ages. But in the thirteenth contur
fiortio events occurred which brought uuou
a change. Most prominent among thos
was tbo rise of Moghol empireTb
members of that great dynasty were or
lightened to a dogroo. and at their Invltalio
it number of Frunclsclan monks visited Chin
and back to western Europe brought th
startling news that Asia on tbo east wn
terminated by a great , not , as Ptolom ,
bad theorized , by swamps.
And hero Prof. Fisko prinked a very full
bullied bubble of popular history. Tno idc
of the earth being Hat was held by none bi
the Illiterate of that time. Aristotle ha
spoken of the sphericity of thu cartt
| and by the dawn of the Christln
era the Idea ( the fact ) wns we
known. A very important point to romom
bor. for the body of learned geographer
with wbom Columbus debated nt Lisbon on
ono und nil bollovcd In tbo sphericity of tb
earth. Uogor Bacon of England in 1 )7 ho
quoted many authorities to provo tbo poss
bllity of reaching the Indies by an ocaanl
route , but hie IdeA had taken no hold , bi
causa as'yct thnro wus no necessity for gain
that way. In 1-110 the author of tno "Iinn ?
Mundl" had gathered all the known oplnlo
an the subject , nnd it i
now well known that Christopher Columbu
possessed the book and wns largely influence
by It ; his marginally annotated copy Is noi
in the cathedral at Seville.
After a pregnant reforoaca to the book c
Marco Polo , the speaker came to what h
evidently considers the seed of thoshru
that bore in fruitage tbo discovery (
America. Toward tbo latter half of the fou
tcenth century tbo Chinese tlrml of ill
mighty Mocnol dynasty and overthrow I
closing to western Europa the golden gate
of the oast. The power of Islam rovlvei
Now , whllo Voinco bold the Oriental trad
by way of Egypt , Genoa , the blthplaco an
childhood homo of Columbus , controlled It vl
thu Bospborus. Constantinople foil In 14K
und Genoa's trade was paralyzed. Tb
Mediterranean swarmed with TurUlsl-
salrs. Whnt to del The circumnnvlgatio
of Africa had boon spoken of years uofor
largely as a geographically nud scientlllcnllj
curious i > oint ; now it entered the realm o
'practical politics. " so to speak.
Mr. Fisko doscrlbod how the western cons
of Africa bad been explored by vnrlou
hr.rdy mariners , noting that Bartbolomov
Columbus , Christopher's brother , bad beei
in tbo expedition of Bartholomew Diaz , wh
bad rounded tbo capo of Good Ilopo ,
About 1470 Ibo brothers Columbus were i
Lisbon , There Christopher man led an
wont to live on Porto Santo , In tbo Madeira
All exploring expeditions called at Port
Kauto , leaving their Impress and Insplrln
the Gonooio navigator and drcaraor. Dae
in Lisbon , importuning ; but fUiug cxorbltan
terroi , the king to lit out un cxpodltloii t
roach the spices , oils and valuable product
of the Indies by the water route. The kin
Ot Portugal ( yid tbo geographers cover quo :
loncd that the Indies could bo reached bf
vostward sailing , but the distance 8,000
r 10,003 miles with no sboro to hug ,
nado tbo project impracticable. Disgusted ,
nit not disheartened , Columbus crossed over
nto Spain. Ill-fortuned , Spain
vas In the midst of her war with Grenada.
; ice time to tnlk of visionary oxpiditlon * .
'ho war over , however. Columbus' got his
( loot and sailed townrd the setting sun.
Many Interesting and novel points brought
tit by Mr. Flskcboro mny not bodwolt upon.
lowcvor , ono. Thd scorning iwnrlcn of Co-
umbuY terms ls explained by Mr. Fisko ns
n dcslro to got the moans whcro by he might
Itout another crusade npalnst the rccrcscont
Moslem ,
Columbus returned from his first voyngo ,
but added llttlo to the old world's knowl
edge ot the now. Vasco dl Gnma had boon
ound the Capo nnd brought buck wealth ;
Columbus bad none , nnd the ovldont was
uoro valuable than the potential. The people - ,
plo of his tlmo thought nothing ot his nccom-
) llshmcnt. But In fact ho accomplished llt-
lo. In Mr. Flsko's opinion.
How did America got Its nnmo ! A
one story , to Mr. Fisko's scrupu-
ously inlcroseropical sense ot truth.
Vospuclus Amerigo was n noted astronomer
n the service of the mighty Mcuiel of Flor
ence. Astronomer nnd cosmoernphor , ho
wns naturally stirred with n desire to enter
the enterprise of seeing this now world
Ircamt of for 1,5'JO years before his tlrao.
1'ho result of his voyages wora communi
cated to n Florcnltan friend , Lorenzo dl
Modlcl. This letter Is the treat Item In the
discovery of America.VnIdsoomullor of
Strasburif wrote an Introduction to It for
publication and Jestingly said. ' Seeing Eu
rope , Asia and Africa were nil numod after
women why not christen the mundus nevis
America , nftor n maul" A jest tbo name re
mained. Mercator was the 11 rat to use It on
a map.
But this wr.s not the discovery of Amorlca
a wo know It , varningly says Prof. Fisko ,
nnd the reporter is loft in n , bazo as to last
what the Harvard lecturer docs consider
the when nnd the how nnd by wbom America
was found out.
BunuxoTOX , la. , AprlU , 1891.
Dr. .T. B. Moore Dear Sir : Have boon
troubled with catarrh In ray head 'nnd ' face
Tor tbrco years nt times > \aiumiblo to hoar ,
liad a constant ringing In my oaw nnd for
two years wis almost deaf. Have tried sev
eral so-called remedies and been treated by
regular physicians nnd noted specialists , but
failed to got any relief. I tried ono bottle ot
Mooro's Trco of Llfo Catarrh Cure. It gave
immediate relief and cffoutnd a permanent
cure. I heartily recommend It to nil suffer
ers of this disease and will cheerfully give
uny further Information on bomc addressed
nt my homo , No. 2 : > 3 Swoonoy nve. , Burling
ton , In. For sale by all druggists.
Hcspectfulllv ,
It. L. HtiD.
To the Hot Spring * ot Arkansas Via the
AVuliash Itullroiid.
On April 7 nnd 8 the Wivbash will soil
round trip tickets nt nbovo rnto , peed
returning until May 10. April 12 the
government will commence snlo nt auc
tion of town lots from the reservation.
Only 117 hours from Omaha to the springs
via the Wnbash. For tickets , sleeping
car accommodations nnd a map showing
location of the property to bo sold , with
description of the springs , call at Wa-
bnsh.olllco , 1502 Farnam street , or write
G. N. Clayton , N. W. P. A-jt. , Omaha
Why are ladles moro patirotio than
men , they buy Union poap.
Ho Took n Decoction for the Tobacco Habit ,
\vlth Fatal Ilc.sutts.
Narcotic cures have got another victim.
This tlmo'it Is the decoction of drugs that
destroys the uppotito for the use of tobacco ,
nnd In this case the life of a man.
William Xeller , a carpoator , who has been
In the employ of Contractor Coots for the
past tune years , nnd who resided with ls
wife nt the corner of Twentieth nnd Grnco
streets , was nn inveterate tobacco chower.
Hd did not smoke , neither was ho addicted to
the liquor habit. Ho chowcd tobacco con
stantly , nnd a llttlo more tban a week ago bo
thougbt ho would rid himself of tbo desire
for chewing the weed and squirting its amber
substance around over everything. Ho wont
to an institute and procured the tobacco rem
edy. Ho bad been taking it about a wcolr ,
nnd Monday nigbt went homo apparently in
good health , but ono of his co-worumon
said ho quit work an hour earlier than usual.
When /.oiler started homo ho staggered a
llttlo and said bo felt a llttlo dizzy. Arriving
tbcro ho complained of feeling poorly , and ,
shortly afterward , died very suddenly.
A physician who bad been summoned in
formed Zsller's wlfo that ho died of heart
failure , probably caused by Ibo tobacco euro.
teller was n healthy man , nnd during his
long career lu Contractor Coots' factory nt
Sixth and Jones streets , ho bad little s'lck-
ncss. Ho was 55 years of npo and his family
consisted of a wife only. Her relatives at
Springfield , Nob. , were telegraphed tbo sad
intelligence of her husband'- * sudden and
unexpected death. They arrived in the city
Ono .Minute.
Ono mlnuto tlmo often makoi a groit dlf
forence n ouo minute- remedy for bronchitis
choking up of the throat , lungs , etc. , fo
ourso is a blessing. Cubeb Cou h Curj is
§ uch a romody. For sale by all druggist * .
Cubcb Couch Cure Onomlnuto.
noes Fill-mini ; la XchniHlin J'ay ?
In a recent issue TUB Bnc published ovoi
a page of interviews with prosperous farm
ers in various portions of Nebraska , each ol
whom gave his personal experience in tilling
the soil , in stock raising , in fruit culture , etc
The showing was a revelation. Eaaterr
newspapers commented upon the unexampled
success of Nebraska farmers as demonstrated
by Tne Bun. Farmers ntd business nion ai
once became Interested and are now demand
Ing more- information with respect to otlioi
sections of tbo state. The Issue wus boor
exhausted and late orders for extra copiei
could not bo filled. No stronger Induce
incuts could bo hold out to prospective settlers
tlors or land buyers than the facts as glcanci
bv Tun Ben , coming directly from tbo mer
who have made fortunes on Nebraska farms
Tun BEE will soon print another oxbaus
tlvo showing of the agricultural resources o ;
various counties. Old residents have boct
interviewed , and they furnish a fund o ;
trustworthy Information concerning the pro
ductlvo qualities of soil , perfect climate , experience
perienco with successive crops , advantage :
of utook raising , fruit nnd trcu culture ir
short every essential fact to prove that No
oraska U'pio-cmlnont PS an agricultural ant
stock raising slate. This information wll
bo In demand not only in this section , bul
will boot interest to thousands of dissatisfied
iurmors In eastern states who are looking
for more desirable locations. All orders foi
extra copies will bo promptly filled.
Every bar Union Beau guaranteed.
Xotletififflr * Unesorhu under thli luaa.Mtn
cent ; eiichaMltlt > nalltne tenants.
MICl EN-ln Hi ; I'aul , Mlniii .March l-tHSse
nt thu residence of her sister , Mrs. J , M ,
llannuford , No , 405 1'ortland avenue , Murloi
lleiirdbley Vaster , wlfo of Charles t > . Mellon
1'uneral burvlccs Tuesday afternoon ut I
o'clock. Interment ut ConcurJ , N , U.
Strost Oommissioner WincUpaar PtiU a
Legal Fence Around the City's Landi
Property Claimed \ > y the Union 1'iiclllc
Ho Held by the City Until Do-
feilcil : In the Court * A Doll *
nlto 1'roccodlng.
City Attorney Connell decided yesterday ,
after looking Into the matter thoroughly ,
that the triangular ploca ot land containing
about'-'CO acres nnd situated on th ) rlvor
bank just south of East , Omaha was the
property of the city , and not tno Union Pa-
clllo Uiilway company. A diagram of the
pint of ground was prepared by City En
gineer Hosowater , nnd nlong wltn Mr. Con-
noil's decision laid baforo the maydr. In
compliance- with n decision roachoJ nttor a
consultation with the engineer nnd the city
attorney , Mayor Homls yesterday morning
ordered the land In dispute to bo fenced In.
Street Commissioner \Vludipjar w.xi rather
expecting tbo order , and whou it reAched him
early yesterday morning was ready with a
force of thirty men and several wagon loads
of material to commence work nt onca.
Once on the ground tno laborow turned to
nnd worked rapidly. The post was
planted nt tha foot of Cumin ? stwat and a
line of posts placed In position to the north
ward ns fast as possible. When the work
men laid off at noon-tliiio they had about
1,530 foot of yellow pine boird fence , llvo
feet high , in position.
KntcriMl Form-it Objection.
Some Union Paclflj employes happened
along about this time and when they niw
what was going on , hastened to tbo railway
company's headquarters -nud reported the
matter. This brougnt William Canada of tbo
Union Pacific land department to the scene
nsfnitns ho could travel. Ho was accom
panied by a clerk nnd throe or four yardmon.
Mr. Canada approached Street Commis
sioner Windspcar , who was still on tbo
ground In charco of the work , and notified
him "ofllclally" that ho was a trosspassor
nnd would bo hold responsible , nnd concluded
his llttlo speech by ordering Windspsnr , his
men and material off the ground. The bluft
didn't work on Wlndspoar , however , who
merely replied that ho was acting under
orders from the mayor mid city attorney and
did not Intend to stop until the work wns
completed or ho was ordered to do so by the
courts. The carpenters returned to their
work and Canada loft , saying that ho wa *
going to got out an Injunction.
In snlto of tbo rain the work progressed
fairly well , but not as rapidly as bad been
The land being fenced ) n is Just north of
the old water works pumping station mm In
the form.of n letter V , made so by two sid
ings ; thus tbo fence does not cross nny of the
rnilrond tracks. .
Windsponr stayed oa the ground all day
and saw that the work was pushed rnpjdly
forward. Ho wanted to bo on hand any wny
If there wns n chance for n fuss , ns it wns
thought nt ono time thnt the Union Pacific
might send a gang of men out to tear down
the fence already up.
All through the long , wet afternoon tbo
men worked , and at quitting time hud 1,030
feet of the long fence in place. Up to 0
o'clock , when the men lolt the ground for
their homos , Canada haa not showed up with
his'threatencd injunction.
Wliut the I.iuvycrH Say.
General Solicitor Thurston was seen last
night by a representative of Tin : BEE , but
declined to disclose the course which would
bo pursued by the corporation ho represents. *
Ho dd | say. though , th'at no force would bo
used by the Union Paciflc employes to dnvo
the men from their work or to tear down
the long yellow wall of plno boards.
City Attorney Connell suld last nigbt that
if the railroad company had a bettor claim to
the land than the city it would hnvo to go
into tbo courts to provo it. The city attor
ney further said that the land In question
was the northern key to the city , and was of
great value and would be especially so if
another railroad desired entrance into the
Street Commissioner Windspoar was
rather pleased with his day's labor , though
he said that the heavy rain greatly retarded
the work. The material for the completion
of the fence is nil on the ground nnd the work
of erecting tbo fencing will bo continued
today ,
Two regular police officers nnd several of
tbo street commissioner's men guarded the
fence and material all night.
Mr. C. S. Mullen IlcslKiix IIlH Position With
the Union I'ucllio Hallway.
The rcslgnntion of Charles S. Mellon ns
general traffic nianagar of the Union Pacific
is a surprise in railway circles , though a few
intimates profois having known that ho had
contemplated such a move for a considerable
time back. Tbo resignation will take effect
April 1 , and Mr. Mellon has accepted the
general managership of the Now York &
New England railroad.
Tho'near approach of the annual meeting
of the Union Pacific stockholders and the
rumors of a probable change In management
lead some railroad men to conclude that Mr ,
Mellon has improved an opportunity to an
ticipate a olg revolution in tbo olllco buildIng -
Ing ut tbo foot of Farnam street.
On the other hand thoso.wbo stand closest
to Mr. Mellon assort positively that the
change was made soUly for family considera
tions. Ho had been living ii Bosto.i before
joining the Union Pacliioforco , und bis fam
ily did not tuko kindly to the tar west. As a
matter of fact their homo was made In Chicago
cage , With an offica In Omaha and a homo
in Chicago Mr. Mellon was lorccd to spend
much of bis time at New Ycrk and other dis
tant polnU. His friends explain that ho long
contemplated u return to tbo east nnd tbat-
the change- now announced Is simply la line
with his desire and has noslgnlllcunt bearing
upon any Union Pacific policy.
Mr. Mellon himself Is said to have been
well pleased with the west , and it Is thought
In some quarters that the death of his wife ,
which occurred last Sunday , may lead to the
withdrawal of bis resignation , but as ho bus
accepted another position that Is hardly
ThosuccessorsMp is of great Interest in
railway circles , but Its yet it teems to bo
only n matter of speculation nud very vague
at tbat. General Manager Clark Is ex
pected in tbo city this week nnd may on-
nounco a now traffic manager , but as the an
nual meeting Is only n mouth distant the an
nouncement may bo delayed until after tbat
event transpires.
A Union Pacific- official who has closely
followed tbo trend of tbat road's affairs for
many yeura expresses the opinion that the
traffic managership will bo abolished as a
distinct office ,
"Tho most thoughtful railroad men. " ho
said , "havo coma to tno conclusion that a
traffic manager is a fifth wheel. The general
freight and the general passenger agents are
his subordinates , and have to refer a great
many things to him for bis approval or rejec
tion. Tno traffic manager's business calls
him awny from headquarters a great deal ,
nnd it has been tbo experience of the Union
Pacific tbnt ills action on importnut mutters
has of lea been delayed two weeks. This Is a
great hindrance to tbo work of tbo freight
10Se3 in Millions of Homes 40 Years the Standard *
and passenger ( departments , mil It Is una
voidable under Mo present system.
"It Is ncccssoTT to hnvo a man to uo lust
what the ttafilp raanngor has D30n dolne , but
I Inlnk xvhon thorcliango Is announced It will
bo found that Mr. Mur.roovlll bo concrnl
freight nnd tnftlc manager. The freight
business Is by fan tlio largest concern ot n
tralllo manager , , anil the passcneor depart
ment Is liable toaie talton out ot his Jurisdic
tion. The cenoral passoncor afjont will
then report to manager ,
which will greatly facilitate matters for all
General rrciRllt Agent Munroo has boon
In California attondlng n trnnicontlnontal
mooting , but Is now on hlaway homo.
Mr. Mollcn Is rpnarJed by hli associates
AS a tralllo man ot exceptional ability. Uo
bcuun his railroad c.irocr as u clerk In the
ofllco of the cashier ot the Northern , n small
New England road. A year later ho wont
to the engineering department ot the Ver
mont Central , but In 1ST : ) returned to the
Northern and became Us auditor and cashier.
After seven years in that sotvlco ho wns
made assistant trcnoral mutineer of Iho Dos-
ton & Lowell. Ttireo years later ho was ap
pointed general superintendent , which posi
tion ho held until 1333. when the Adams
management pursuaded him to coino to
Omaha In the service of Iho Union Pacific.
Ho began hero as u'oneral purchasing ngon * ,
but n year Inter was appointed general traf
fic manager.
Hallway nmiiliiyi-V Child.
Harry ICnodoll , sUto organizer for the
Htillway Employes club , has returned from n
trip ever the Elkhorn and reports now clubs
at Long Pine and Chadron.
The latter was organized Sunday with
sixty-five charter momoers nnd the following
olllcors : President , O. W. Lahr ; vtco pro. l-
dent , D. McNeil ; secretary , U. A. Tonnnnt ;
treasurer , J. H. Sammons ; other members ot
executive committee , P. H. Hayes , 13. 11.
Woss , O. L. Harncr ; delegate to ntnto con
vention , H. A. Cox.
The Lone I'lno club started with twonty-
flvo dinner members. Another club will
probably bo formed nt Djadwood or Lead
City. ntr. Knodoll wont to Columbus this
afternoon to organize u club.
A convention of the Nebraska clubs will beheld
hold In Omaha next Tuesday to form a stale
board. The Omaha club will moot Saturday
night at the Grand Array of the Hopubllo
hall to elect tune- delegates to the state con
vention. At tbo latter there will be repre
sentatives from Omaha , South Omaha , Slon'x
City , Lincoln. Beatrice , Plaltsmouth , Nor
folk , Long Pine , Chadron , Columbus and
\V.E. Perry cf Minneapolis , snerotnrv of
the national bourd , was In the city yesterday
on his \vnv to Newton , Kan , , to organize n
state board.
Xot So Had After All.
E. V. Wood of McKco'a Hoclta , Allegheny
countPa. . , In sponltlntr to a traveling man
of Chamberlain's medicines said : "I recom
mend them above all others. I have used
thorn myself and know them to bo reliable.
I always guarantee them to my customers
nnd have never had a bottle returned. " Mr.
Wood had hardly finished speaking , when a
little girl cumo In the store with on empty
bottle. It was labuled , "Chamberlain's Pain
Balm. " The traveler was Interested , ns
there wns certainly a bottle coming back ,
but waited to bear what tbo llttlo girl oaid.
Jt was ns follows. : "Mamma wants another
bottle ot that modlclno ; she savs it is the
best medicine focrhoumatism fihoovo r used. ' bottles for sale by druggists.
Dr. Culllraoro , oculist. Boa building
Omaha compressed yeast strictly puro.
300,000 bare Union soap sold in No
braskn , hist month. It's the bast.
Mntlnec Wednesday.
See the best comedy of the season ,
"OhVhat Night'tit the Fnrriain
street theater , and the sisters Leigh in
their trreat delusion dance ; 25 cents any
reserved scut in the house.
* * A "Clinhi Lightning" Xcivslioy.
' 'OMAHA , MnroU ! iO.To thoJSditor | o.f TUB
' '
) 'Bnn : In last evening's issii'o 'o'f ' tuo.Oniaha
; Fnko'Factory I flnnttHo following :
' Thb newsboys found a lively demand for
papers yesterday morning , c Ono alone sold
451) ) World-Heralds before 0:30 o'clock. "
Accenting that statement literally , not
only did the newsboys find a lively demand
for papers , but the people who invested their
nickels in that sheet ( for the purpose , uu
doubt , of reading something about the lire
and tbo tragedy ) only found a lively nows-
Doy , for they didn't Hnd the matter looked
for. Lot us consider that nowsb iy for a mo
ment , i happened to DO on the street , atC)0 : ! )
Sunday moruing. out found Farnam street
and other usually busy thoroughfares de
serted , and it was fully 7 o'clock before
thcro vas any stir. But , sny tno boy began
to scllatG0 : ! , from that tlmo until 0:3'J : la
three hours 180 minutes. In this time , If
tbo item is correct , the newsboy mentioned
sold 4E > 0 papers. This Is nt tbo rate of ex
actly two and one-half papers per minute , or
one every t\venty-four seconds. Any man
who has over bougut a daily paper Irom an
Omaha newsboy nnd watched him fumble
for the copy wanted nnd then waited while
the boy mentally calculated the dldorcnco
between the price of tno paper und the dime
or quarter handed him In payment nnd
counted back the change , will understand In
n decree the marvelous accomplishment of
this truly wonderful news buy.
There is Irttlo doubt that the item was
written bv the circulation editor. * .
Mrs. E. M. Lewis , Oxanna , Ala. , writes :
"For over twenty years I have buffered will
headuchos without relief from tha many
remedies and physicians tried during that
period. Bradyuronno produces tbo nlosl
satisfactory results. It la almost as ludls-
pousablo to my comfort as my food. "
Union soap omploysNebrnska labor.
C. D. Woodworth & Co. , successors to
Wolty & Guy , 1310 Furutun street , nuin-
ufautiirera and dealers in harness , gad-
dies , etc.
. / 7-7-7 j" I 1 1'nd ' three little gfrla
LILC I wlio were al lucked with
' rial 6 I obstinate ECZEMA or
Q7/H.O. Blood Trouble , which
at lirst resembled heat , but fcoon grew to
yellow blisters , some of them quite large.
One of the children died from the cirects
of it , but wo got Swift's Specific and
gave to the oilier two and they soon got
well. S. 8. S. forced out tlio poison
promptly. Tlus cure was wonderful.
J. D , RAINS , Martlmville , La-
KHJUfJH has mo equal for Children. It
KButr'.B relieves the system promptly ,
und assists naturp in developing the child's
hculth. Our 'Jlrcutise mailed free.
'i AND
* are the
Sell Them.
TorltirliiK Disease of Itlcoil nnd Skin.
Jinny Doctor. ? Full. Cured by
the CuUciira Ibmcllcs.
I linro A > l lcr troubled with blond or tkln ill ! > cn < o
HcommpnojilClioi n ! > oul ono jcur old. Wo would
Iff ono itoctornml then Knottier , nml It rccmcd Ilko
llicjtcto glfil to got rM of It. Wlion Ilicr would
commence , thcr wouM ny It l cnsy drlol up nnd
cared , bul nt lnt they would tnj It cnaKI not bo
cured. Jt ran on about two jrcsr.i. Wo lint tried nil
tli doctors nrnun.t , nnd tlicr hnd fnlloit , I rntr your
nilTcrtlKcmcnt In the paper , nnd wrote you for dir
ection * nnd you sent mo n cony of your book nt once.
We then cot Crnrt'iiA HKMKIIU.S nnd u ed It. U
dried up lbe ore nnd lun'ol them up rlcht nwny.
Her fnco , hendnnd | 't tt ot her worn n polld
fcnb. The wny It would commence It woulJ ralso n
tinmll lump under the Vln. then bcc.imc n Mimll flm-
| > ! o nnd Itchcil fn tlml Mu > not no roit nUlit or dny ,
nnd Mie. wo.ild scintcti them , nnd yellow mnttcr
would coma out of thoni nnd they would keep
rprrndlnit und itchlim. Inm lure from whnt 1 know
of llio Ci'TinntA HKMKIIIKP , they nro iho beit
clncK f i r tcrof uln , or blood or ! > kln ill en'ci thnt nny
ono cnn use. ( IKOUOK t ) . OAUTON ,
ItlK'ii 1'cl 11 , Dcc.itor Co. , lon.i
Cuticura Remedies
Thcso erau-ful tcstlmonhli tell tli3 tury of
reiit phy < lrnlsnrrorlnKof mpnlnlniiRulMi , by rcn'en
of Iiumllntngdl9lleur.ulon ! < , nnd ot thrcntenu t dnn-
tiers hnpully nnd rpojdlty cnlof , by the CUTlcilliA
llEMKliics.thoKrenlcstSkIn Cure' , Illoo.l 1'urlllcrj
nnd Humor Ilcniedlcs the world hn ever known.
CiiTKtlitA Hr..sorVK\T. tlio no'v Illnnil mill
Skin I'lirlllcf IntoriKilly ( to cluiinoo tlio blood
of nit Impurities und nolsunnim oloiiH-nts ) .
untl t'UTicuiiA. tlio Bri'titSkln Unixnnd UUTI-
riiiiA hoAf. nn oxmilsllo Skin 1'urinor. nnd
llUiiiitinor u.xturnally do clour tlio nklii nnd
HJtilt ) nnd rosloro the hair ) , citroovury dlsntiso
nnd humor of thn skin , Ecnlp , nnd blood with
loss of balr. from Infimcy 10 IIRO. from nlmplcs
toxcrofiilii. wlivnthn best phvslulans , liosul-
tuU , nnd nil other icmctllc.s full.
Bold everywhere. I'rlee. CtniritltAK1ci RoAr , 15's
llrsoi.VKVT , f i. I'rcpnrtHl by the I'onru Uitwi ANU
Sirsend for "How to euro Hkln Dl c.i es , " Cl
J > agc . M llluMtnlluna. nnd Itu to < tlnionlaln.
PIM Ey , black-lien la , roil , tough , cbnppcd und
oily hklti cureil by CtlTicUliA SOAP.
lx ONE Mi.NUTi : TUI : ci'TiamA ANTI-
I'AIN ; PI.A TKII relieves rlipiimntlo
" / < clHtlc , hip. kidney , uni'cuinr nnd cliun
( Kiln * . Tnu tlrst iiiu ! only inMiintnncoua
imln-lilllliici'lrciiKlitciiliiH plmter.
SiitrorlnRlnmlnrt.boily niutpnrno from DHU.NK-
KNNKHSur DIPSOMANIA can lie unrely. PiifVly
Mia i > ccdlly cured by the wonderful now epccllla
convenience , ami fissures tlio patl&ntnow llfo nnd
happiness , llulnir luntcleis It can bo Blrcn by a
Incrm In tea , coffco. Icmoimilo. beer , liquors , or
teed without the imtiont'B knowledge , or ft cnn betaken
taken by the patient In the ramo llquldn , with u
cunrnnteoof nbinlutotuiccussnnd n radical euro
multhoronpp. Hundreds of euros have been inndo
with ( : HI.OItIOGOI > in llllnolo nlono. I'rlrn
wllbln rracli of all , only gs. OIIl.OItIllOUI.ll
can lie Imil ofotirnizcntB or cnt postpaid by
un. I'nmphlett furnli > lpd free. Alleorrcspondenca
ctintliluntlnl. MAllICIIXIZIKMlCAljCO. , t > ole
Proprietors for the U. a. , 3i3 Dearborn teU , Chicago.
Knhn & Co , Car 15th ft Douclns St .
J .A. Fuller ft Co. , Cor. 14th , V DniiRlas Sis.
A. D. rotter & Co. , Council niuHs. Jo.
Chfchcutcr' * HnslUh Illamuntl
OrlslituI nnd Only ( Ii-nulnc
BAFC. olwara rvtI&Me. LADIES , atk
DrujxUl for CAleAriferft Knaltth Diamond
mend /7rtmrf In Hed RD4 ComoiMile / . .
tOT scaled with blue ribbon. Tuko
J no other , ftefute dangero\i \ mbititu *
' tiont and fmttattont. At UrugglKf , or en < 5 4o ,
In numpi for partlculnri , ifitlmonUU and
"Itcllcf fur LodlcB , * * in Ittttr , ty return
Moll. 10 AUOTntlroonUli. < Vdmtoper. .
> 1 rchlphmtvr Chemical Co.ntlUonHqiiarcb
BoW by all Local Drassliu. rbllado. , rJu
The Nebraska , you bet ! I used to gotosome
hat store , buy a hat with some swell hat mak
ers name on the Inside , plank down five big ,
hard earned dollars and walk out Into the cold
world under the impression that everybody
was admiring me and my new hat. I'm wiser
now. I go to the Nebraska Clothing Company ,
buya 'Nebraska" hat , put up three dollars
and walk out under Just as good a hat as I ever
1 wore. Another thing , I can always get a
shape to suit me. . "
"We do sell as good a hat for three dollar&s
as any five dollar hat that ever was made. The
stock is there the linings are there the trim
mings are there it's all there but the two del < -
laj's we save you. This saving not only applies- * '
tothe best hat made ( the "Nebraska" three"
dollar hat ) but it applies to low and medium
priced goods as well. For instance , we sell a
derby hat for seventy-five cents and another
one for a dollar. You'll wear out a pair dvf
shoes hunting a liat store that sells the saTH6i
qualities under a. dollar fifty and two dollars. ! ;
Perhaps you've no idea of the stock of hatsJJ
we carry. It's great. We carry all shapes , all' '
shades , a 11 colors , all qualities. When "you
come to us for a hat you can buy a hat to suit
you. You/re the man to be suited. All we' '
want is to please you ( and to make a few shillings - (
lings to buy bread with ) . Our full spring stock * !
of "Nebraska" hats is now open.
Soft Hats , SOc , $1 , $1.SO , $1.76 , $2 ,
$2.80 and $3.OO.
Stiff Hats , 78e , $1 , $1.2S$1.8O$1.9O , $2.25,1
$2.8Oand $3.OO.
Boys'Hats , 3Bc/4Sc , 6Oc , 7Se , 9Oc , $1.28
and $1.4O.
Crushers , 6Bc , S8c and $1.28.
Open Till 8 p. m. Saturdays , 10 p. m.
MONOER.r.T.&SYii Hill HL-ffihra
This is not a Private Suniturium , but tv public water bottling osUvblishmont that furnishes employment for moro pco-
plo than wora ever employed in a similiur business in the United States.
From these two square doors pees out more water"f ° ' ' heaiiiicr of the nations''than ever wentfromany othci
spring water establishment in America. Why ? Hceauso the people call for it. Why do they call for it. Hc-1
cause the doctors say it is the "Most Wonderful American Water for thn treatment Rheumatism , Gout , Gravelj
Bright's and all Kidney Diseases , Acid Dyspepsia , und nil forms of Uric Acid Diseases. "
Wo requested them to test it and toll us what'it would euro. They have tested it for years and the yordiut has como |
repuitodly in the form of moro orders for water than wo have boon able to fill urorop'lly.
from Chat-lea Gtlnmn Smith , 31. . , ConnnlHnu I'liusl- / . .V. Mltmfin-th , A. .11. , 31. 11. , I'rof. I'titlinlomi ' Kcnttl
Dtunifn-i , II'OIIICH'M JIcil. Collei/v , ( hlcittiu.
fltni , Chlcnuo.
"I liavo hail a Ions experience In the treatment of Ktltiril niicaintl
"I bollovo Iliiitnntiiro IIHH a chemistry so subtle Unit llrmmntlic with INliOMiiinV ( ) ) : , and nm nloiihiid to add tustlmonlal , nlthoiiKh II
linltntnl , unit so 1 prefer tlio 'natural o.Ni > oNiiniiY ; LITIIIA to uny think It unnecoiary from the fuel that the eff-iit'iit the tratrrjitaltl
aitljicl'jl combination. " inoieelnqutntlutlinn ntiu words which I mluht uttor. I nrl/o It vcryl
lil'-bly In all cases ( if Clnnnlc IthtumnUtin or other mnnUohtntlonsori
thu condition Known us iho 'Mtnlo Acid DUIhusls.1 I liuvo nsocl tliij
from K. It. Jlclfllitir , . .Tit. . , Clilctiyo , lit. water u.Menslvely In my pr.ictloo und Intend to continue the USD of It-'f
LmiiA SALTS can of course lie administered , but In my praclloo
ialiiidl LoNiiONDKiiur lins proven of ( jroatur vnlvo than any ngunt Clifford JUllvhfll , 31. It. , M'i-of. Clicinttitni nnd
I liuvo been able to Ulsucvor. " Jlani. Sled. Cotlc'i/a , Chtctifio ,
"I luivo UHod r.nNDONDiiiinv LITIIIA WATUII In CUSPS wcrn IliorS wai
lllllliitl-i > yM'raf. of J'litlHietil DiatinoslH nntl aiirliifirf'/iinifmen / tin tliotiilno , and I liuyo found Una It inrrrtMiilli *
tiiiiiutltilof win In twenty-four hour mid diminishes tlio uiiioiinlnl
, ?
Cllntciil Aleiiiclne , fliirituo , ' .
In th'o
wlcitclilorv noilcpaUly. I luivo us d the wutor
CHICAGO. April ISth , 1SS9. Iho various forms of llrlulit'K IJlxcate which iiroio from U'l'lU ' trnirnrlul
I.ONDONDKIIUV LITIIIA SlMIIKn WATCH CO. Onn ohsvuro case that I remember wiisonls In which ilia nutloilt liuu iij
OisNTr.KMiiN : I liuvo used I.oNiinNiiKiiiivSrui.Nn WATCH In manv m.intil urine cuntaliilii ? nlliumen and morn or loss urle uriil. wiiillniiiiiliN of u / '
cases of tlironlo Clnetni iuntlcnln * . with marked relit ! to tlio conSLMiiieiit inlnlHtratlniisuf this ' water wus followed by the DIIBSIIKO . I.oNiiMKiiiir dm/'J
"Jiftliaemla , " Mu'ilu . Kturalula , utr. It Is u bjilondlil dlliiont , and Is annum'at rat Mm' wlileli lullovud tlioiiatliriitKroatlr. of ulboabunur thu
Boploasaiit Unit putlontu will tuKo It In largo ijuantltlus. Anucussary I.rruiA WATKII " Is a iMdiuble cii/Jtiujnt In the treatment
tbliiB when Indicated. - UldnoyH.
With invalids the cry is for the Still Watciwhllo "Sparkling Londonderry" is used ill all fashionable clubf
the have said : "In this ago of wear , ini
and hotels , and is found on thousands of private tables simply boouuso
Acid and must drink Londonderry always. " If you doubt us , jr
car , your blood has bocorao polsono ; ! with Uric , you
your own physician what ho thinks of Londonderry Llthia Water. For sale by all Druggists and Grocer
Distributing Agents for Omaha.
Glasses ,
or tlio correction of alldvfocti of vlilon.
Solid Cold Spectacles
From M in upward
Fine SteelSpectacles
From tl.CO upwnnl
Proteetanil Imp'ove your eyebight.
Your eyes tested tree by a practical
Kt. IbM. KAUNAM nnU ICtli bt
Or , Bailay , $1
The Trading
Dentist *
ThlrJ Floor , Puton
Tclepliono 1085. Ullli nnd Funinju Sts.
. I'erleel tit.
rubber for t5.
A full tet of tcclli on
wlliioul . or reuovnblu brlilco
leelli plnlc.
Ju.t th"lhluKlor lincr or public .peukeri , uuvcr
droii down ,
All nillnK nt rc onub'o rotcioll uik warraotcd
Cut tbls out fur a vuldu.
TloOnlyl drfonVuli \ i
llvalul H > rlu 9 In
tliu vmrM.
li the onlr irrlnua over In-
\cnti > ilby nlilfli vunllml lie
Jciloii can liu iiilmluUluruil
Hllliuut lunklnj anil olllci (
Ii9 i ItUllliiK or neruiilt Hint
IKI u o or n MJiiul. iniJ
nlilcli cnn lie bj moil lor
rtTlnl Injuclluni r IrriU-
lull ,
JIAilll KI.'llllKIt IIKliU
Hull order * tollcHui ) .
Tlio Aloe& PenfoliI Co
15th titfcrl ,
Kfjrt to routoffiao.
I'h ) lclani' proicrlptloni
rnrutullr jirepuruil ut low
l > rkoi.
Addren buddrnly Wllhoul Kollco ,
OM4IIA AllVgllTlBIKII I'I'IItut' HU N V t/t * Hjf
nny thing but Sour Mash are now jj infer
for Cream Pure Rye" fa the statement !
made by n liquor merchant operating threol
of tlio largest bars in the west.
This la not ctrango when you consider
that the purest , richest , smoothest anc
most \vholesomo whiskey produced it :
America is
Call for It and take no other. For i ,
nt all first-class drinking places anil u |
Dtores ,
14 DALLEMAND & CO. , Chlcnc"
COLD MEDAL , PARIS cxpofiinoN , 1889.J