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'V ' T WENT y-FlllST Y E All , OMAHA , MONDAY MORNING , MARCH28 , 1892. NUMJJFR 285.
Program Prepared for the Solons of the
National Legislature.
Iteport on ttio Annnnt Consiilnr nml Dlplo.
mntln Appropriation HIMilillill of the
AcrlrtiUnml llopiirttnent nt tlio
World' * 1'nlr WmUlnjjtoii Notes.
, OX , D. C. . March 27. ThoBlnnd
silver bill still Impends over the house as n
cloud , the pretence of which makes poislblo
ntitorm that , muy disturb the prognoMlc.i-
tlonsbf thoio who endeavor to form nn accu
rate chart of the course of legislative work.
Owing to the absence nf Mr. Cutehlnijs of
Mississippi nnd the doslro that there shall bo
a full representation of members , when the
rule making the Bland frco coinage bill and
pending amendments n spacl&l order Is taken
up , the rules comtntttco will not report mid
call up the muoh-tulaod-of special order until
Tuesday. The silver light will then bo renewed -
nowod nna fought to u finish ono way or the
Tomorrow will probably bo devoted to
measures rolntinir to the District of Colum
bia. The remainder of the week not dovotcd
to consideration of the silver question , will
bo consumed either In ilobato on tbo tariff
questions or In consideration of ono or more
of the regular appropriation bills , no decision
having yet been arrived at as to whether or
not the tariff discussion shall bo further in
terrupted. .
There nro three appropriation bills ,
namely , the navtl , the consular nnd diplo-
niuttc"nnd the sundry civil , ready for action
bv the house. Naturally the naval bill would
take precedence of the others In considera
tion , ns It was llrst reported. 1'bo river and
harbor bill has bcon agreed upon by the com
mittee and will not bo reported to the house
until tbo close bf the vvcck.
What They Will Oo In the Seimto ,
Interest In tbo proceedings of the sonnto
this week will turn upon the disposition of
the Bering sea arbitration treaty , which Is
the unfinished business on the executive
calendar , and iti \ expected that the sonnlo
will exclude the public from the chamber for
many hours.
In the course of the legislative business ,
the Indian appropriation bill will bo further
considered , uud there is moro to bo said upon
the subject of employing array onicers in tne
capacity of Indian agents.
The 'Wost Virginia direct tax bill , after
several postponements on account of the ill
ness of Senator Merrill , has been finally as
signed for debate on Tuesday , on which day
Senator Stanford will also , according to notice -
tico , add i ess the senate on his bill to de
termine the value of a tender dollar.
It Is expected that the District of Columbia
appropriation bill will bo taken up after
wards , and as this is a me as uro in which the
senators feel much interest , owing in part to
the fact that many of thorn own homes In
this city , the debate upon the provisions of
the bill is likely to occupy the senate for
Botno time.
Iteport of the IIouso Committee ou Foreign
WA3HISOTON , D. C. , March 27. Mr.
Blount , chairman of the house committee on
foreign affairs , hus prepared for the house
on extensive report to accompany the regu
lar annual consular and diplomatic appro
priation bill framed by the committee. The
report says that a oareful examination has
been made Into the subject of our foreign
missions , and the importance of our diplo
matic relations with the several countries.
The facilities for the transmission nnd Inter
change of thought dispenses with much of
the neoa nf foreign representation. It enables -
ablos the homo government to communicate
rapidly nnd freely on all questions of differ
ence with foreign governments and to glvo
directions In tbo most minute detail. So com
pletely does this practice obtain that wo
shall scarcely find farno Springing for the ac
tion of our representatives nt foreign courts
In the future as in the earlier
davs of the republic. In addition to
this , tbo country has grown to such
magnitude as to enjoy that regard from other
nations wnlch guarantees her against foreign
insolence , outrage and causeless war. Very
much might bo Kafoly done in reducing the
number of our ministers by the abolition or
the union of several countries under ono
mission. Not to on con rage hope for an ac
ceptance of these views by the scnato or the
president It has bcon deemed best , except in
n few instances , to postpone needed reforms
at this point. Denmark , Sweden and Nor
way , however , hove been placed under one
mission , as have Colombia and Ecuador , and
likewise Peru and llollvla.
By a mistake of. the printer It was an
nounced that Guatemala and Venezuela hud
also been joined under ono minister. Sepa
rata missions are to bo maintained to these
two countries , and the salary is fixed at
15,000 each. The reports say that the com-
tnlttno gave careful attention to tbo con
sular service and revised it according to tbo
business and Importance of the United States
to each place.
United H til ten Senator * llclnj ; Watched to
Discover Olllcml I.eukx.
WAaiiiNGTON , D. C. , March 27. [ Special
Telegram to Tun Beu. ] Some very sensa
tional features have cropped out of the sen
ate's executive sessions on Thursday and
Friday. Vigorous efforts were made by a
few to strike at certain senators who were
supposed to bavo given "pointers" to their
newspaper frlonds respecting executive pro
ceedings , and in doing so they cast very seri
ous reflections upon mnocont employes , Ono
or two senators wont so far as to name James
B. Youngtbo oxccutivc clerk , ns being
guilty of regularly giving out information
for publication.
tilr. Young la ono of the proprietors of the
Philadelphia Star , a brother or John Hupscll
Young , well known diplomat and biographer
of ( jencral Grant , and stands high In his
profession , Ho has been in charge of the
executive proceedings of the senate for IIf-
tocn or twenty years , and although ho Is a
frequenter of newspaper row and has many
intimate frlonds among the correspondents
who write most of the executive work of tbo
scnuto , it U n well known fact that ho has
never bean suspected by those who do tbo
writing of giving oven aa Intimation of what
Is done behind the closed doors. But there
Is a demand upon the part of the senatorial
Intlmidutors that sotnonno shall bo made a
scapegoat , sacrificed to fct an example to the
senators who glvo out the secrets , and thus
frighten the real guilty parties.
Air. Voune Slay Ketlcn.
The attack upon Mr , Young was so bitter
nnd cruel on Friday that it. ID probublo ho
will voluntarily resign , although expulsion
was threatened. Ho caunol wfall remain in
his position and cither fuel comfortable or
maintain his self respect. Should he resign
his example may DO followed by his assis
tant , Coloucl Morrow ot Missouri , and nossi-
cly tbo von rablc Captain Bassott , assistant
tloor-kccpcr , who tin * been excluded from
executive Bcssions for the iirst time in u
third of acontuiy. In connection with the
reign of terror which Is prevailing about the
ecnata for tbo purpose of closing lips agaim > t
executive leaks , a very sensational report Is
in circulation tonight.
It in to the effect that detectives bavo been
employed during the past week to shadow
senators suspected of "leaking , " ana that
they liava'followed the suspects over the city
to note whether they bavo conversed with
newspaper representatives , and whether
newspaper men visit them at their rooms.
Thus it Is that all who speak to representa
tive * of tholr local press ate placed under a
bau ol suspicion. It is not stated whether
thcte detectives are employed by the secre
tary or sorgoant-at-nrms of the senate , or individual -
dividual senators who are determined to lo-
c.ito the responsibility of the Ionic. It was
reported last night that some of the detec
tives employed by the Treasury department
were detailed to do this work , but the law
prohibits the employment of department
agents or detectives for private purposes , ,
It May PriMoIco Trouble.
If It should prove true thht dotoctwos have
been placed upon the trail of nnv senator It
Is almost sure to lead to serious trouble In
the senate , as it Is not probable that nny
senator would suffer such an aspersion upon
his privuto Integrity. It 1 learned from the
usual channels through which executive
cocrois Ionic out that om ? very vlcorous
speeches wcro made onlhundav end Friday
against the present system of secret f csslons
by Sanders of Montana , Pottlgrcw of bouth
IJakot.t nnd other senators. A very strong
feeling has oxlitcd for several years against
the present procccdure ? , nnd it Is proposed
that all matters which have heretofore been
discussed in sscrot session shall bo consid
ered in open session unless Iho committee reporting
porting Ihom requests their llnnl considera
tion to bn In secret.
Senator Sanders denounced the proposition
that executive sessions leaked out through
employes In very vigorous languago. Ho
said It wai simply slily , cruelly absurd , as
every frank nnd fair senator would acknowl
edge that the secrets came out through em
ploye * . ' 1 hare was not a man .in the senate ,
ho suld , who would refuse to accommodate a
personal frlond in newspaper row If it was to
ills own advantage lo do so. It was ridicu
lous , ho said , a sorry spcctaclo Indeed , to
send the sergcant-at-nrms about the closed
gallery to Hud nu audlphono or other Instru
ment sot to catch executive proceedings.
Should Ho HoncBt ultli Itself.
rue scnato. ho ; ald , should no honest with
itself and acknowledge that Its own member
ship did the leaking. Ho made the heads
of the senators conducting the
farce hang with shame. Senator
Pottlgrew said that Just so long ns the
senate closed Its door to the world , fired out
its trusted and sworn cmplojes nnd shut the
mouths of the senators for the purpose of
considering the nomination ot two or three
llttlo Pennsylvania postmasters , aIt did the
other day , and was in the habit of doing , It
could not expect any stress to bo put upon
the real secrets of the senate. The action in
the .insignificant things degraded the im
portant thing * . It wus cownrdly and puerile
to rofuio tj consider ordinarv nominations ,
against which there was no objection In open
If the senate would glvo Important ques
tions proper Impress of secrecy It would
close tbo doors onlv when important subjects
were to be considered. Just so long as the
llttlo things were placed with the big things
the latter would occupy the snmo position in
the minds of senators that the former did.
Some very strong feelmc has been urousod
by the proceedings of the last two secret
sessions of the snnato and It is likely that
something quite spirited will take place be
fore tbo end comes. .
Marii-loiiY ArtUtfl.
WASIIIXOTOX , D. C. , March 27. On of the
most interesting partions of the Agricultural
department's exhibit of the World's fair will
bo tlio models of the plans Illustrating the at
tacks of the various insects and diseases
which destroy them. To make these models ,
which have to bo absolutely true to raturo ,
two English artists of murveloas ability
have been engaged. Tbo Hare ? . brother and
slstar , who jn'this work far excel nny others ,
have takqn models for their work at the
world's fair bold In London In 1831 , und ut
frequent Intervals since. Tbo models of
fruits uro made of wax , aud such remarkable
skill has boon exercised in the manufacture
that it Is only by the closest scrutiny that
they are to bo told from the real article. Ono
specimen , a piece of apple , containing a gmb
which liar eaten his way Into its center , is so
perfect that when compared with the origi
nal not the slightest difference can bo de
tected. Even when held lo the light it is
translucent In Iho same spots as In the real
applo. Marvelous skill is shown in making
the model leaves in the most perfect manner.
Kansas' Kxi | rlinent In Tills Line Develops
Some Interesting IMcto.
A-rcinsoN" , , March 37. [ Special to
TnulicE. I The city registration books for
the spring elce'Ion closoil last night , showing
2,010 voterj registered , of whom 159 were
women. .Tho woman vote , however , is rapIdly -
Idly falling off hero. The law giving suf
frage to women in cities of the first class
went Into'effect in 1SSS in Kansas. That
year 4M ! > Atchlson women registered , but less
than 300 voted. The next ysur 481 women
registered , but only 075 voted. Tbo third
year 29'J women registered , Out less than 200
voted. Last year 224 women registered , but
ouly 140 voted. This year of the 150 women
registered it is believed that less than 100
will vote. Atchlson women do not care to bo
in politics , and it is thought that the fad
will die out this year.
London Stock Market.
ICnpurlgMeil isailijj iet Gonlsn nsnmU. I
LO.NDOV. March 20. [ Now York Herald -
ald Cable Special to THE BEE. | The llttlo
business transacted on the Stock exchange
today has been chiefly In prapatatlon for the
settlement which commences on Monday ,
Funds nro a cbauo batter. Indian rupee pa
per has further declined' % per cent. For
eign government securities close weak. As
regards international stocks , bo-no railways
have been very little dealt in. The
close was somewhat undecided in tone ,
butuxchango prices are only fractional , a
trilling Improvement being marked In
Brighton , Chatham , Metropolitan , Midland
and Southeastern deferred , \\hllo a few
others are sllghtlv easier. American rail
ways open tolerably llrm , but sloco bncomo
depressed on sales In view of settlement , and
tbo distrust that prevails In regard to Now
York operators. Money has been In good
doinund. Short loans have not been obtained
under2'f per cent discount. The market
continued linn , two and three months' bills
being quoted at 1 % per cont.
No t'rluies Committed.
Much to the surprise of tbo pollco not a
slngla case ot burglary , robbery or sandbagging
ging was reported yesterday. It was fonrod
that ou account of the storm and all the lights
in the city being out the thieves would turn
out In full force und run loam all night with
out four of apprehension. In order to protect
tbo city as much as possible the chief ordered
out a lot of extra men who patrolled the
streets In citizens' clothes , but not a crook
was caught.
Arrested for Inciting Hints.
LOXPO.V , March 27. The Times' Shanghai
correspondent says that the Tslang Uo
Yumon ( the Chinese forelxn oftlco ) urgoil by
the foreign mlnUtori ut Pokln has ordered
the viceroy of Chang Chi to an as t Chan Hun
Van , oniclally responsible for the spreading
of anti-foroigu lltcruturo ,
1'listen ! Tlniii Irom Havre.
NEW YOIIK , March 27. The French line
steamship La Tourainc , from Havro March
111 , crossed Sandy Hook bar at 8:53 : o'clock
Saturday. The trip was made In six
days , t\\cnty-thmo hours and thirty min
utes , the fastest on record ,
l.aiiiion mid Frcy Mittrhetl.
DOSTO.V , Mass , March 27. JooLannonand
George Frcy huvo been matched to light to a
finish for a"o,000 pursu , tuo winner taking
$ -,200. May 10 , before the Coney Island
Athlctlo club , Brooklyn ,
Mr. uml.Mrn. Held Hall ,
HiVRE.March 27 , Minister WhltelawReld
and MM. Hold sailed for the United States
.testerday morning on the steamer La-
Itemoteil to un A ylum.
New Yonv , March 27 , George Shepard
Page , tbo millionaire chemist , was removed
to Morris Plains iusauo asylum last Monday ,
Senator Hill Finds the Hi h Tariff Quito
Acceptable Thew.
After Uhnertlng ttio Oencral Satliructlon of
tlio rcoplr. of Alt Sections wltli Pres
ent I'edenit , tlio Demo
cratic Lender Win Silent.
WASHINGTON- . O. , March V7. !
Senator Hill's utter Inability , on his recent
trip through the south , to find miy flaw In
President Harrison's administration , and his
Indirect hut very positive eulogy upon the
wonders our present tariff law has worked
In the Virginias and portions ot Georgia and
Tennessee , has been the subject of much
comment hero among southern men from nil
political parties. It was firmly expected
that Senator Hill , frco trader that ho Is ,
would Jump upon the spirit and tbo opsra-
tion of tbo tariff law adopted by the last re
publican congress. It Is stated that ho wont
south with a view of doing this thing ; but
when ho got down In Virginia and delega
tions , or redemption committees , began to
board his private car , ho found such a course
would never do. Ha was advised lo let the
tariff soverelv alone , bain ? told frankly that
It had done moro lor that country than any
law wo ever bad.
Instead of pouncing upon the tariff law it
will bo seen thai Senator Hill talked of the
many now Industries springing up on every
hand and the apparent evidences ot proi-
perlty. Ho spoke not n word against the
tariff law except In general terms , and then
verv sparingly , very gingerly. Ho did not ,
in fact , do anything but talk of the upbuild
ing south , Its power for the fulure , and general -
oral democratic pilnclplos. Quito all of his
attacks were loft out. lie found the condi
tions very different from what ho expected ,
and has prlvatclv said so to his frlonds. It
Is said by ono of the senator's friends that ho
is not now so anxious for the nomination and
will likely abandon his efforts to get it ,
.Muy Conrt-Murtliil General Grceloy.
It Is staled at tbo War department that a
court-martial will likely bo convened to try
General A. W. Grooloy , chief signal oflleor ,
for a breach of the general order which pro
vides that no ofllcor , active or retired , shall
directly or indirectly without being called
upon bv proper authority , solicit , suggest or
recommend action by members of congress
for or against legislation pertaining to mill-
tar v affairs. General Groeloy is charged
with having addressed the secretary of war
ana members of the house committee on ap
propriations in opposition to placing the new
military bureau of information under the
jurisdiction and control of the adjutant gen
eral's ofllce. GoneralXJrceloy Is said to bavo
advised withholding the necessary appropri
ation for the maintenance of the now bureau
until Iho right ot the chief signal ofilccr to
its control could bo dohnitcly determined.
Adjutant General KellOn hus brought General -
oral Greelcy's alleged broach of discipline to
the attention of Iho department In u loiter
which comments severely upon the violation
of general orders.
No Lobbies In I'uturo.
W. P. Clough of St. Paul , chief counsel of
the Greui Northern railroad and confidential
man of James J. Hill , twenty times a mil
lionaire , is hero and savs tbo Groat..Northern
has practically decided to abandon tbo
lobbies of congress nnd the stale legislatures
and In the future to lake no part in political
matters whatever. In the nast the great
railroads ot the northwest , ho says , have
practically controlled tbo politics of Dakota ,
Minnesota and Nebraska. It has ueen fro-
quonlly charged that ox-Senator Gil PiPrco
was defeated for re-election by the Northern
Pacific because he refused to concur lu tha
appointment of a certain United Slater judge.
ThHdefeat Is said to have cost the Northern
Pacific $10,000. If this Is iruo Mr. Clouch is
probably jifslilled in saying that no railroad
is'justltlod In maintaining lobbies , for , ns ho
says , "It is moro expense than prolit. " The
Northern Pacific , it is said , is already campIng -
Ing on the trail of Senator Casey of Norlh
Dakota. "Tho Great Northern , " says Mr.
Clougb , "will in iho fulure exert ibo same
interest in legislation that nny other largo
property holder would do , but will abandon
lobbying nud other political intcrferonco as
too expensive a luxury. "
To lrencr\o Timber Lands.
Senator Paddock's joint sub-committco
from Iho senate committee on agriculture
and forestry and public lands which is mak
ing inquiry for the purpose of agreeing upon
a measure which will preserve tbo forests
and the governments timber lands , nnd pro
mote Irilgution by natural processes , has
found a way to tho'destrcd ends. At a meet
ing of Iho sub-commllleo yoslordav appeared
Mr. Furnow.chief of the bureau of foreslry in
Ihc agricultural department , Mr. Browar ,
sccrelary of the l < oreslry association and Mr.
Ogdcn of the forestry division of timber in
Iho Interior department.
Mr , Furnow presented Iwo bills which had
been drafled by himself and Mr. Brewer
covering Iho points under consideration and
which will probably bn unanimously adopted.
It is "for tbo protection and preservation of
tbo public forests of the United Stales , " and
provides lhat all lands heretofore proclaimed
by the president under the net of March it ,
IbOl , as forest rcscrvoiions , or muy horeafler
bo set asldo ns such , shall bo exclusively con
trolled by the provisions of this act for pro
toctlon nnd Improvement ; that there shall
bo established in tbo Interior depart
ment a commissioner of forestry w > < o
shall bo versed In matters of for
estry and appointed by the president.
Ho shall have sufficient assistance to enable
him to enforce the provisions of the law ,
and there shall bo employed on every reser
vation , rangers , not moro than ono for every
10,000 acres of reservations lo act as pollco
lo prevent trespass and fires , apprehend
trespassers , supervise culling and removal
ot Umber , and bo under Iho direct control of
a superintendent nnd llvo near the district
assigned to tholr supervision. Tbo secretary
of w ar uhull maka such details of troops as the
secretary of tbo interior with tbo approval
of the president may require for the addl
tlonal protection of tba reservation ,
ItcKitlitlloiiH Muat Ho Obeyed.
The ofllcors on tbo reservation are nil to
have commissions as deputy United Stales
marshals , with all the authority of those
oftlcers. The commissioner of forests t hall
cause a survey aud description of the lands
in the reservation to bo made and formulate
rules und regulations for the preservation of
tbo reservation , which rules and regulations
shall bo posted In public places and puollsbcd
In nowspupers. Persons desiring to occupy
the reservations longer than ono day
are icqulred lo obtain a permit from
thn superintendent or other oflicor In cbargo.
and shall strictly obey iho regulations ,
There shall bo no restrictions to prevent
prospecting for minerals , but no exclusive
right to prospect , hunt orllsh shall ho given.
Tno opening of mines tlinll bo permitted
onlv under license } granted by the secretary
of the Interior. Pasturage may bo leased by
iho superintendent when desirable under re
strictions ; tbo construction of water reser
voirs , ditches and other necessary adjuncts
of irrigation work may bo permitted by the
secretary of tha Interior , but no roads or
trails shall bo opened by any ono except as
designated by the superintendent.
All cutting of wood on the reservations Is
to bo under a system of licenses ard every
year , on or before the 1st of April , the super-
intendentof tha reservations bhall mulco a
ropoit in regard to the areas \\hich may be
put under licenses , tbo same to bo adver
tised for bids not later than July 10.
How Timber Muy Jlu Secured.
Timber for domestic purposes shall bo had
by means of a prospector's llccnte upon tbo
payment of J for u settler's license to any
Dona lido settler having any timber on his
claim upon alike payment. Applications tor
licenses are to bo numbered in their order of
receipt aud acted upon lu tbo order of their
filing. Tbo license will bo nontransferrablo.
Such Umber ou ibo forest reservations as the
commissioner shall decided Is hot needed for
mineral or agricultural -development in the
neighborhood shMl b'n disposed ol to lumber
men or others who miry npply for it under n
lumberman's llcanso la quantities not less or
moro than that standlQRt/r Doing In ono sec
tion or that standing dr being on twenty-live
contiguous socttop , said license to bo granted
upon a too of $2i nnd ' ( $1 per aero to bo paid
for the timber before operations are begun ,
The bill provides in detail for the dis
position of all timber , wooJ , etc. , und pro
vides amply uinlnst frauds and misrepre
sentations. AbJoIuto Jurisdiction is given
over tbo reservation to United States author
ities , nnd punishments imposed for violations
of the law arc rigid nml the provision for tha
enforcement ot Itbo law and detection of
frauds complete. I Tbo revenues derived from
licenses , root , fines , etc. , are to bo used In
parlor whole payment for the expenses In
curred. The bill proposes nn appropriation
of $500,000 for the beginning of operations
under the provisions of the proposed law.
Mrs. Senator Wnrron expects to Icavo for
her homo nt Cheyenne , WVo. , next week ,
Senator i'uddock anticipates action upon
his pure food bill/by / the house during the
next mouth. | . _ P. S. II.
II7/.I , Flillir XIlK TIIVST.
1'corla Business Men Propose to Krcct Lnrgo
PnouiA , III. , March'27. Rumors have been
in circulation for'several days to the effect
that those Pcorlans who had sold tholr stock
In the Distillers and Cattle Feeders com
pany contemplated the erection of now dis
tilleries for Iho purpose of fighting iho Irust.
Samuel Wollnor , was mentioned as being In
terested in the now plan and a roportcr called
on him today fo'r information. Ho said
report was correct That ho associated mm-
Belt with others for the purpose of building
two distilleries , Jcach to bo of about 5.000
bushels capacity The capital stock will be
$1,000,000 and wprk will bo commenced ns
soon as tha weather will permit. The trade
wo formerly had , ' snld Woolner , asks us to
go into business' nsutu , and I um satisfied
wo will get triido enough to tnko our
entlro production , Since 1 disposed of
my stock 111 the Distillers and Cattle Feeders
company 1 have had nothing to do , nnd as I
dcslro to bo active , have decided to again go
Into iho distilling'business. I expect to pro
duce cheaper than , the trust , for 1 am a prac
tical distiller and can manage my own busi
ness , while the trust Is compelled to biro
practical distillers to dp it for them. I am
trying to got possession of Iho new process
rcccnilv discovered Hungary. It does away
with Iho usa'of mult in the production of
spirits and alcohol from corn , ana will greatly
reduce the cost Of production. It will bo u
great deal cheaper than wus at llrst claimed
for iho Takutnino process , if It was a success.
Wo propose to buid | barns also and feed
enough cattle to use ) tno , entire slop from the
10,030 bushels. Wejoxpeel to bo running by
tall if Iho weather IS at' all favorable. John
H. Francis , alsq a practical distiller , will be
associated willrran.j and another prominent
business man uric ) distiller , whose numo must
bo withheld for thn present , will also
como In. "
True Hills rouhtl Against Aldermen lio\v-
* Icr nmf'Mlchaeliiun of Clilengo.
Cinc\oo , III. , MarjchUO. Aldermen Uo\yler
and Mlchaelsun 'worelndlcled yesterday by.
the grand Jury , making 'nlno of the city
fathers 'in' all who musjt defend themselves
boforjeudu and jury or don striped clothes.
The specific chargu against Bowler is tbat
ho attempted UXmuTct real estate owners to
thajjxtent of Itl.OOg for putting through a
streetcar ordlnaacji.'on Milwaukee avenue.
Tbat against Micbtelson is that.he u-iod to
bleed n'coal merchant'who. , wanted permis
sion from the .city council to lav switching
tracks. ' t \ ' '
Yestorday'afternoon the Investigation took
angunoxpccted turn , Inquiry loading uwu'y for
the ttmo being from iho crooked aldermen to
members ot the City Board bf Education.
Otis Jones , heading an apparatus manufac
tory-was celled upon to explain how nis tirm
received nearly nil , the contracts , Jones was
undorflro but a foxy minutes when ho fain ted.
Great commotion ensued but he soon revived.
His testimony if true would rolled seriously
on Stnto Senator M. B. Heroly , ono of the
members of the Board of Educa
tion and Batiks Crcgicr , son of
. Jones'
ex-Mayor Cregicr. Through
clerk , C. H. Gqodrlch , now secretary of the
Mti-icotah was claimed about
$ .2.000 had been paid to Horely'and young
Jones to the former : to defeat , contracts and
the luttor to have Herely reuppoluted by
Mayor Crepier. / ,
Goodrich succeeded Jones on the witness
list nnd declared Jones' testimony maliciously
false. , v-1
Except AhleripoiiBowler and MIchaclson ,
none of the many u > uspocts wcro Indicted
today. Bowler and * ' MlchueUou each gave
' n-
ball. -'Il ) IflTV'S .ITULTSTES.
They Trotldo Splendid Quarters In Which
to Take : KiercMe.
HVPID Cm" , S. D. , Mirch 27. The open
ing of the Unpid City gymnasium will occvr
tomorrow night. It starts out with a mem
bership of ninety dftbo most active young
business raon ol the city , with Prof. W. U.
Gould , the aeronaut , as physical director.
During the past week the omUl arrived and
was placed in po'sitlpn In a largo ball on-Main
street specially prqvlded for it. It is the
finest anil most compjeto gymnasium outfit m
the stute. The _ "boys" nro enthusiastic over
it and many expect to bouomo export athletes
in a few months'
Vrepurlng I ( > r .Mitigation.
.MX , S , D. , March 27. | Special
Telegram to TUB BEK. | The ice Is today
running out of the Missouri river and the
channel will probably bo clear for navigation
within tbo next few days. It is going out
u itbout causing any serious trouble.
Three I'coplo Wounded unit n Iiby Killed
liy Ono Hnllot. , N , M , , Mprch 27. A serious ac
cident occurred between Polomas , Mexico ,
and Doming to a Jformon family Friday.
B. H. Young woa drlylng along behind an
other wagon vv'uon aloadod gun la the front
wagon acclJei.tallVfflill and was discharged ,
tbo ball piercing Mnf foung's shoulder , ihou
his son's hip and thenpassing through the
baby's head und struck Mrs , Mary Knberts ,
duuchter of Mr. Young. The bullet very
seilously wounded tlio lather und son aud
killed tbo baby J Uantly und slightly
wounded Mrs. Roberts.
n u l > e j > .
ST. Louis , Mo. , .VJarch 27 , Two settlers ,
George Barton and .fames Xulo , occupying
adjoining claims on'tbe Sao nnd Fox agency ,
Indian Territory , qparrolod Tuesday'over a
debt nnd.ulo was worsted. Then ho got a
Winchester end l.aid for Barton. When
Barton ratno qutf of his house Wednesday
morning Xuln shot.find seriously wounded
bun , Mrs. Bortofi ) dragged her hucband
Into tbo house and Zulo forced his way In.
Then followed a struggle between the
wounded man , his-\vfo | and Xulo. Barton
wrenched tlio gun from Xulo and blew his
( Rule's ; brains out , thus ending the conflict.
Suit f r Jilt Money ,
DENVER , Colo. March 37. Tbo Central
Trust company ot Now York has be
gan cutt in the United States district court
to recover from the ponycr City Water com ]
puny and the American \Vatcr Works ? 1,288-
UOO , claimed to bo duo on bonds Issued by tbo
first named defendant and secured by a
trust deed on nil tne Defivorplant now owned
by the American'\Vatur Works.
Acquitted Him.
UTICA , N. Y. , March 27. Tbo case of Itlch-
ard T , Council , charged with bringing
Chinese Into the country from Canada , was
given to the Jury nt 5:30 p. m. Friday.
Toduv seated1 verdict of not , guilty was
All the Country's ' Prominent Men Impris
oned by Dictator Palacii.
Members of tlio Supreme Court Arrested
by tlio ( loteriiiiu-nt's l' < vllrp anil Con.
Illicit liiMlrgrntn Actively lro-
pnrlug to ( Jlxo Iliittlo.
l H02 trj Xt-nu fJir.Jii ItmncU
CAUACAS , Venezuela , ( via Galvcston , Tex. )
Mnrcn37. [ By Mexican Cable to the Now
Yotk Hornld Special to TUB BEU. ] A
crisis has been reached ID the political
struggle In this country , aud from nil parts
of the republic come reports of uprisings
against President Palnclo. The news I cabled
you on March 13 of the flgtit between the
government troops and the revolutionists has
been followed by most stirring events in the
capital. Pulaclo's attempt to r.italn his dic
tatorship , for such his ofllco has now ba-
come , or falling In that to have a figurehead
elected to succeed htm as president , hai ar-
rnlcncil the highest court of the land agai nst
Its adverse decision in regard to his right
to continue as chief magistrate , when the
constitution clearly declares ho Is not en
titled to his ofllco , has brought the executive
aud legal powers Into direct conflict. The
result Is that scenes of despotism , tyrrauny
and terrorism have bcnn witnessed within
the past" twenty-four hours In this city ,
recalling the very worst parlods In the his
tory of Venezuela. Palacio's claim that ho
is president is pronounced an outrage by the
supreme federal court , und It adds that ho
holds Iho ofllco Illegally. . Tbo supreme fed
eral court consists of as many members as
there arc states.
llo\v They Arc Selected.
Tbo representatives of each state furnish a
list of principal members and substitutes ,
uud from each state's list-congress cboosiis a
member [ and a substitute. The pronuncia-
mcnto of the court throw Palacio Into n great
rage. Instantly ho sumtnonod Iho police
" 1 want these judges , every ouo ot them , "
ho said , "locked up. " It was a boldauduclous
stop , the overawelng and imprisonment of
the Judiciary by ono it had declared a usurp
cr , but matters bad reached such n state that
all right and law wcro sot aside. There was
no disobeying the stern command of tbo
wrathy ruler.
The pollco sought out the judges , nnd in-
&ldo of twenty-four hours every ono of them
was behind prison bars. Accounts of this
high bunded action spread rapidly through
all parts of the city , and thence were
carried Into the country , causing intense
indignation everywhere. It served us a ral
lying cry to the opponents of the Pnlaclo
und the dictatorial spirit which ho repre
sents. Conservative men who hod hesitated
to range themselves again&t the government ,
oyen though they believed that it was trans-
'presslng tno laws of the land , now piuo up
all hope of a peaceful udjustmont of affairs
tind'jomcd the rebels. The warmest sup
porters of tbo president wcro frightened at ,
the way things were going , and rauny de
serted to the other side' In tha ueliof that
Pnluclo's rule was destined to bo of short
Itevolntlon AVltlegpreml.
All reports confirm the general belief that
revolution has become so widespread that
there will bo great loss of lifo before Palucio
conquers. bis enemies or they succeed in killing
ing or Imprisoning 'him or driving him into
exile , as , hus happened to other presidents of
this rbpuUic. General Cnspo , who is at the
head of the Insurgents , is a goad lighter. Ho
bas been in many a hard fonirht battle before ,
anil has at his back u largo number or tbo
best trained and bravest boloicrs In Vdnczu-
Vla and more than once ho has led thorn to vic
tory. He Is a bltt'-r enemy of Palacio and
fond nf powor. Ho has had bis eye on the
presidency for some time and looks upon
Palucio us a man who is keeping him out of
tbo high oflico ho covets.
Dr. Hogns Paul has not yet appeared on
the sconetbut ho is credited with having
considerable to do with tbo revolt or revolts.
His friends are numerou" . He and they have
been long awaiting a good opportunity to
even matters up with Pulacip | for It was ho
who banished Paul without any cause save
that he was jealous of ono of the best presi
dents Venezuela has had In many years.
Crispo Is engaged In a campaign of strategy
and it Is pot his intention to Invade the
stronghold of the government.
Ho Will Tnko IMcnty of Time.
The time has not arrived for that. Ho Is
willing to await the spread of discontent
throughout Caracas. Ho Is In constant com
munication with secret friends in the capi
tal. They keep him posted as to anything
that Is going on hero. They have advised
him that Palucio is rushing hoadlonc to de
struction ; that his tyranny is alienating
some of his strongest adherents , and that if
bo persists In his proient course ho will have
not only enemies In front of t lie city , but In
Caracas Itself numbers of them will desert to
the foe as soon us tbo right time arrives.
In the mcanwhllu Crlspcs' plan Is to turn
the government troops Into the prairies.
There the lancers , under the insurgent gen
eral , could bo at homo nnd light to the best
advantage while the [ resident's army would
bo handicapped ,
Caracas is in a virtual state of slogo. Lifo
and liberty are unsafe. People do not ven
ture out of doors after nightfall. Arrests
are being made on all sorts of pretexts , and
the prisons will soon bo unable to accommodate
date- those who are committed to them.
Liberty of tlio I'rcHi Suppressed ,
Of courao liberty of tbo press Is out of the
quostlon. No ono durci to express an honest
opinion in tbo papers without being locked
up. All telegrams aud dispatches are care
fully scanned and tbo least thing suspicious
in any of them subjects tbo writer to arrest.
Many prominent men are imprisoned , among
them a lar o proportion of the senators and
deputies from the eight states.
The United Btates war vessel Newark ar
rived at La Guayra today. She arrived
there from Darbadoes , 1 am disposed to un
demand , us a result of my dispatch to the
Herald on March IS relating to the 11 rat en
counter between Potaclo's trooi > s and the in
surgent force. She will remain by order of
Admlral.Uborurdi ut La Uyaura until all the
trouble is over so us to protect the interests
of Americans in Venezuela.
It Is impossible to exaggerate the excite
ment now existing in Caracas. At any mo
ment the strectx may bo fillo-l with armed
citizens "driven to desperation by the iron
rule under which rich and poor , high and
low , statesman and the humblest rcHldeat
now tremble. Tburo is a limit to human en
durance and it Is questionable if u baa not
well nigh boon reached by Palacio's terror
stricuon subjects.
LONDON nossir ,
Clint ty llltti of Nu s of rusting Jntorot
from tin ! ( IrentMetropolis. .
LONDON , March 'M. | Nevv York Herald
Cable Special to TUB Unc. ] The trustees
nnd executive of the company which floated
American properties In London to the extent
of 20,000,090 , and which hai a largo capital
and professes to bavo a reserve fund of
000,003 , has Issued . { . ' 500,000 of dobanturos
on its real estate and uncalled caplrul , the real
estate bnlng Its ofllce building. This lends
color to the report that the company Is not in
a healthy condition , Tbo 3 bhares , which
formerly quoted at 8 10 shillings , are now
barely sold at 3. Tbo company euffored
severely in connection with Murletta's dllll-
Muy Free Mm. Onborue.
Thousands of people wcro crowded at the
entrance to Christie's auction rooms , where
tbo hiitorio Osborne-Hargreavo pearls have
been on vlow since yesterday , preparatory to
being put on the block on Monday. It ro-
qulrcd the services ot four policemen to keep
the crowd In lino. 1 am nisurcd by Sir
Hlchnrd Quaint , the eminent physician , that
ho Is now positiveofsecurlng MM. Osborno's
rolcaso before her accouchement. She has
had another attack ot hystoro-eatnlopsy ,
upon which neither the plm-hlng or tickling
of her fool produced the slightest effect upon
her. Her nurse nt Hollowuyjall U a prisoner
who a short tlmongo attempted to commit
Buicldo , the signs of which nro still visible In
n long open gap aorots her throat. Captain
Osborno Is n dally visitor nt the llollowny
tloon , but ho U not admitted.
Purely u Itrltisli Vluw.
The Speaker asserts the Washington capi
tal flra Is regrettable- only from the fact that
the firemen seemed to have neglected the op
portunity to do n groit public service In the
cause of art In America. They could have
instantly directed the flames to a series of
gigantic pictures which represent the events
of the revolution , and could have blotted out
much "terrible canvas" and patriotism would
bavo moulted no feathers.
AVnnt to Tr.idn on Sliukexpenre.
There Is considerable Indignation nt Strat-
ford-on-Avon In cor.scquenco of the owner of
Ann Uathuway's cottage publicly advertis
ing It for sale to the highest bidder. The
cottogo is oiio of the features of the place
and Is annually visited by hundreds of Amer
icans. The trustees of Shakespeare's birth
place are making strenuous efforts to pur
chase the cottage for show purpoto ? , but ne
gotiations so far have not been a success.
How tlio I.lneineii I.itlmrcil Yenlerdiiy ti |
ishilIi li iicctrlrit : : Communication.
The comparatively fair weather of yester
day was a great aid to thoscoresof telegraph
linemen engaged in repairing the damage
done by the storm to the hundreds of wires
In the city. About twouty-llvo expert West
ern Union line repairers arrived on an early
morning train to assist the local force In
trotting the wires in shape as rapidly as posj
At the Western Union telegraph ofllce last
night about half the wire's were working
and business was not allowed to pllo up.
There Is still considerable trouolo on thesa
WHCS nro-ind Omaha in tno snort circuits , as
the attention or the ropulw was given spe
cially to the more Important eastern lind
western wires.
The Postnl people did considerable work
ycstoiday ntid ut ID o'clock last night
had their Chicaso wires working nicely
and woio a bio to handle .bnslnnss
without tiny unusual delay. It Is expected
by the ofllclals of thU company to have all
tbolr fallen lino. } permanently "strung today
and by Tuesday they hope to bo in good
working ordor.
Wont on the American District Telegraph
wires was pushed rapidly yesterday and last
niirht tholr instruments \\oro working all
All of the down town pollco patrol call
boxes were In order last night , though some
of them worked a llttlo heavy. Some of the
boxes on tbo outskirts of toxvn are still out of
order , but will be tlxed up In the next twelve
hours , Superintendent Coulter of the pollco
und flra alarm system pushed matters all he
could aud last night had two of the four lire
box circuits working all right. The
gong and box In No.1 engine -
gino house vyas burned out yesterday
morning by opo of the wires coming in con
tact with a' motor wire. Two tire alarm
boxes wcrot > umod out at the same time. It
Is the Intention to have all the tire wires in
good shapo'aguin in n couple of days.
Crossed Motor . \Vlro.
When the motor current was turn'od on nt
9-.U3 o'clock yesterday morning ono of tbo
tire and pollco alarm wires was laying
across the trolley wire somewhere in the
city. lu nn Instant every instrument in
the police alarm oflico was in
a blaze. Flames a foot or so in height
Mushed from the instruments , and for u mo
ment consternation relpnod. Operator John
Hathaway was on duty at the tlir.o , and ,
with rare presence of mind , grabbed u pocket
knife which lay open on bin desk and slashed
away ut tbo wires where they
wcro fastened against the wall. Ho soon
had every circuit cut , but not before consid
erable damage had oeeu done. The magnet
in the flro alurm gong was burned and the
mechanism entirely destroyed. The tire
registers , which cost il'ij nuieco , were bluz-
ing as the last wire was cut , but tbo damage
to these instrument : ) will not amount to
much. In consequence of the wires being
cut not a iolico patrol box in the city could
bo used nil day , and the onicers wcro com
pelled to report by telephone ,
Cle.irlng the .MotorViren. .
The interrupted motor service was re
sumed at U : 15"o'clock yesterday morning.
During the earlier morning hours gangs of
linemen bad been busv jutting fallen telephone -
phone and telegraph xvhvs , BO as to clear the
motor wires in the qutckoit manner
possible. No further attempts were
made to raise the wires or repair
the damngo done by the Ktortn until the
wreckage bad been cleared away from
blociced streets and from the supporting
lines of the street railway company's ' trolley
wires. Tha latter company had no trouble
in operating its lines after thn coast wits
cleared nnd the current was turned on. The
Furnum street line was shut down for un
hour during the ufiernoon , ns some of the
telephone wlros again fell from tholr Inse
cure supports and cnmo in contact with Iho
motor cross wires.
Loss thin one-third of the 1,800 telephones
In tbo city uro working. The company's
linemen did nothing yesterday but to raise
their wires wbero dnneerous contacts wcro
Imminent und to temporarily braro up tbo
broken nolos so as to guura against further
damage. They will begin the work ofi'epalr '
Arresteil liliiclc Unite ,
DCSVEH , Colo. , March U7. Yesterday detec
tives arrested-Arthur Louis Ward , colored ,
wanted in Illinois for criminal ussault. The
crlmo was committed homo six \veolcr ago
near Ottawa , 111. , and wus particularly
atrocious , the victim uelng a nick womun
with a young baby , Throu other negroes
implicated have bcon cupturod In Illinois.
J.O < J.tL HltlSr/TIUi.
Clint Craig raUcd r. row In a Capitol ovc-
ntio uouso of lll-faroo lust night nnd assaulted ,
ono of ill' ) Inmutoa. Ho wu > arrostod.
Two suspicion characters named John
Martin and Thomas DIxon were arrested at
the depot yesterday for begging on an incom
ing train.
A horse belonging to U. W. Little , li'JIO
Ouk street , btoppMd on a llvo electric wire ut
Seventeenth and Vlnton ctreots yesterday
forenoon and was KilU'd.
An overturned lamp In rooms over u saloon
nt the northwest corner of Thirteenth and
Pierce streets was the cause of the alarm
from box U last night. Loss light.
The Omaha Law club will bo taught the
law of evidence by Judge Joseph it. Clark-
son. The recltattonu will bo commenced
Tuesday night , April ft , In the court or equity
chamber in Tun llii : building. The text will
bo "Greenlcaf onlSvidunce. "
Dr. Jensen , the physician attending Mr. M.
Hollman. said last night that there was no
cuango in his pationl'H condition , Mr.
Hellinan Is suffering from an obstruction of
the larynx and it Is understood that the
family objects to a operation.
A couple of laborers named John U , John
son und I. 13. HarrU pot into a llttlo discus
sion on tbo street last night which ended in a
fight. lioth men wcro arrested for dlsturo-
Ing the peace , but cs they were ublo to put
up money tor their upp3uranco in court
today , wcro released.
An insane woman giving the name of Mrs.
Nora McMabon was tauen from u train at
the Union Pacific depot last night for creat
ing a disturbance. Just before reaching
Omaha tbo woman became unmanageable
and word was sent to pollco headquarters to
bavo her taucn Into custody. She claimed to
bo traveling from Ban Francisco to New
York , .hut in her raga had torn up bur
ticket. Too pollco toou her to the county lull.
Treasurer Scott 7ill In Given Another
Ohnuco ,
, Onlcrcit the llinril of
Slit" the X
Todiiy-lIiMv I'oll
j nBurr In tlio due ,
- . l to Tun
BcK.J-R5 | | iHtrlct court yesterday Judge
v SSlu wul of mandamus to compel
the supervTsora to tlgn u bill of exceptions In
the itt o of Barrett Scott against the Board
of Supervisors of Holt county. This case
was opened up sumo tlmo ago by John 11.
Hopkins , barked by the nllltiuco members oC
ttio county board , outt they sought to oust
1 reaMirtr Scott for , \llegod mnl-admluistrn-
tloii of tlio affair.i of Ills ofllco. Tlio demo
cratic and nllliuico metnbara of tln > board
heretofore rofuscit to sign the bill , although
admitting that the ovidoaco wus correct ,
Hopkins1 attorneys objected to the tnnu.
tlninus , but worn overruled bv the court , nort
the board will nsssmbio In extra session
Monday morning to place the signatures to
the bill. The ease will como Into court on
the question of ttio legality of the boarii'a
former proceedings next Thursday.
ICnox County for Iliirrison ,
Br.ooMrim.ri , Neb. . March 3" . fSpccIal to
Tin ; liu&.j The republicans of ICnox county
mot nt this place at a p. m. , yesterday. It
was n well attcndrd and onthuslastio moot-
Ing. The daloeatcs solootod to the Ivearnov
convoullou were : J. 1C. Helms , chalr.nnti ;
W. H. Neodham , J. U. Haas , Frank Hunts
nnu A. A. Logan. They \voro Instructed to
work for W H. Noedhum of the Bloomflold
Monitor for dolcgntc-at-lnrgo to attend the
Minneapolis convention. The delegates to
the district delegate convention to bo hold nt
NorfolunroV. : . Ll. Neodiiiun , D. J. Kara-
rnr , M. N. Class nnd S. .1. SImontoo of
Bloomllold , nnd A. Frey of Nlobrara. Delegates -
gates to the Fremont congressional conven
tion are : U.V. . Ulco , U. J. Tryuilro , U. K
Plerco , H. A. Fry and Houort Lyn. The con
vention favored the nomination of Bonjumlu
Harrison for president.
rremont Kuhck-ilM C'elnlirnte.
FIIKMOS-T , Nob. . Mirca 27. fSpsclal to ,
THE Bnc. | Gohion Uulo Kobokah Lodgo.
Independent Ordurot Odd L'Vllows ' last oven- .
lug celebrated the anniversary of its ,
founding. All Odd Follows of the cltv were
Invited and there were mwout at , Od'd FcK
lows hall nearly ! ) JJ poisons. 'Iho exercises
consisted of declamations , songs und an In
teresting contomate drill by twelve India * :
uUouu address by Past Master tlb- !
son. At 11 o'clock snlondm refreshments
were servoK'jb ! kuli lodo. though only rt.
year old , has u membership of 151.
Oxford Hi-piil > Ur.ii < at Work.
p , Nob. , March : i7. [ Special to TIIBI
l With n vlow to active work In then
present campaign , the republicans of Oxford ,
liavo organized a club nnd propose to bo "lu
It" this fall. Thoclub starts out under favor
able uusptcos , and will bean important factor-
in rolling up n rouslnsr republican majority.
The onlcors are : U. A. 1'ottvgrove , pro&I-/
deni ; E. A. P.iimi and W. B. Klsor , ' vice ,
presidents ; J. L. Lashbroolc , secretary , aniU
Dan K. Camp , treasurer.
„ , . .Prospects fora ( looil Crop.
GUANO ISM M > , Nob. , March 27. ' [ 'Sp'ocinl
to THE Bcc.J Prospscts are that farming-
will pay Just us beautifully in this county in
1892 as It did in IS'Jl. Farmers are exultant .
over the outlook. If the pleasant weather-
of the past few days should continue , plow
ing may bo begun the latter part of this
ween or in the early part of next.
Tlio oullonK for a largo crop of boots could
not bo Hotter , the raise in tbo schedule of
p'riccs having added much in the amount , of
acreage. _
SerloiM Accident at I'ort Koliln&on. '
POUT Konisso.v , NUD. , March U7. | Socelal !
Telegram toTun BEI : . ] Lieutenant andMrs. (
Trout , while out ridlug today , mot with a.
serious accident. Their team ran away , up-
sottlii2 the carriage , knocking them both
senseless. The lieutenant not Injured ,
but Mrs. Trout had her shoulder budl.v hurt.
Word was brought to- the post by a farmer-
and the ambnlunco was sent for them , their
team havinc disappeared und has not yet.
been found.
Not ( inllly ol Llliol.
Cr.vv CUNTIII : , Neb. , March 27. [ Special
to TIII : Bee. ] The examination In the 'caso.
of the st.ito of Nebraska ujalnst Dr. J. V.
Beghtol , president of Iho board of secre
taries of the State Doard of Health , charged
with libeling Dr. Conuway of Omaha , came
to n close at ; ) : . " ! ( ) yesujruay afternoon , nftera.
three days' session. The Judge stated that
Bcghtol was acting within the scnpo of bH. _
oftlclal duty in writing the letter scnflo Dr.
Cllilxin'd .Vow It.
GnniON , Nob. , March 'jr. [ Special to Tun.
Bui ! . ] Several alliance farruCM of this vl-
ciiilty have n movement on foot to establish
ut Gibbon oithcr n loan company or a bank.
Div Hlto has boon selected as president.
Tbo object of the company Is to do strictly
an nlllanco business. Nona but alliance.
member ? will bo either depositors or cred
itors. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Hurl Cniinty r.innors Untartnliioil.
TBIUMUI , Nob. , March 27. ISpecml to.
TIIIJ Bir..J General C. II. Van Wycl ; no >
dressed threa rousing mooting * lu Hurt ,
county during tbo past weok. The ratifica
tion Friday in till ? city was a complete suc
cess. Senator Van Wyck addressed tlio.
farmers in the court house.
Till } It'H.ITIlUK ,
OmcE or WKVTIIEH Bimiuu , I
OMUM , March' ' " . [
balurday's storm has moved off iiortheast-
ward and thu high baromclor or fair weather-
condition following it occupied the Missouri
valley und the statoj south of us.
nothcr storm Is crossing the mountain
region , where the winds have shifted lo.
( southerly.
Temperature Is rising In the southwest ,
ana In the mountain regions. There hus been
no decided full In temperature auyvvtiora as a
result of Saturday' ' storm. There will now
bo a steady rlso in teruporaluro preceding ibo
approaching western low barometer.
1'ur Kastern Nebraska and Omaha and
Vicinity Warmer , fair weather , followed
by cloudiness-during Monday ,
WAMIII.SU-IUN , 1) . C. , Aluioti 27. For Mis-
sourl and Iowa Winds shitting to tha south ;
warmer In the west portion.
For Colorado Fair , south winds , followed
by showers Monday night or Tuesday morn
ing ; colder Monday night.
For South Dakota Fair Monday , with
wanner south winds ; probably colder , with
showers , Tuesday.
For Kaunas and Nobraskr Fair , south
winds ; warmer in eastern portions.
For North Dakota Gonorallv fulr ; proba
bly followed bv showers Monday night or
Tuesday ; southeast winds ,
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LOXDO.V , March 'JO. The Times , referring
to the departure of Mr , Reid , says ; "Ho
has gained esteem by which his country has
profited. Seconded by his wife , ho greatly
improved the relations botvyoon the two gov
ernments. Ho bui with Iho intelllgonco of
the journalist adapted himself with special
ability and promptitude to all questions in
trusted to mm. "
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At Philadelphia Otilo , from Liverpool.
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ish Empire , from Lnudnu ,