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y Carrier lo any pnrt of tbo City
. i.J llu lncn Ofl1ce
N , Y. Plumbing Co.
Council muffs Lumber Co. , coal.
C tntt's cbnttol loans. 04 Sapp block.
Wanted , tlrl ; tor ponoral housoworU. Mrs.
T. P. Tblchstun , TJl Willow nvontio.
A marrlapo llccnso lias boon Issuoa to
.Tnmo < H. Tracy ouil Holoa Huijhos , both of
South Urnhbii.
.1. M. Paull , rcorosontod Kohn Bros In the
Chicago creditors wbo bid In the UlKcman
stock of clothlntr , arrived In the city yotor-
dny to take charge of the business.
Special mooting of Kxcolsior lodRC , No. 259.
Ancient Frro and Accented Masons , this
ovcnltiR for work In second iloprco. VIsitltiR
brethren cordially invited. Uy order of tbo
W. M.
Lost Hotso Day horse , woarlnR stable
blanket nnd baiter , broke out of Dr. Hanch-
ctt's barn Tuesday night ; last seen on
Broadway poltic wet , fc'oud word to Dr.
llanchctt nnd got reward.
The two men , Martin and Klnncy. wbo
wcro arrested for tl htinc on election uny ,
werotjlvcii a trial In superior court yester
day for illnturliliiK the neaco anil wcro lined.
the former $15.00 and tbo latter S'.U'iO.
AU members of Uiimp 7 Hoyal Iicluhbors
of Amerlcii nro requested tu moot at Adams'
shoo store at 0 o'clock p. m. sharp , today ,
Thurodav , to tnno motor train for South
Omaha , where the bupromo olllcers nnd do-
Krco staff will liutlluto a new camp.
Torvnld. son of .Mr. and Mr * . Cborlos
Hill , died yesterday morninB of uiembninu-
ous croup after an lllneis of twunty-four
hours , ni > ed 5 years and (1 ( months. The lun-
eral will take pluco this afternoon nt n
o'clock from the titmlly rosltluiico , UJJ
nvcnuo G.
.lohn P. Huntlnt-ton cotnmoncod a suit In
the superior court yesterday to collect fi'i.'i
from vV. II Knepuor , which it Is claimed
Kncpber received from Hobert HuntinRton
In December. 18V.I , for tbo use of the pi iln-
tiff and hud failed to turn ever according to
The Snootier comedy company played "A
FiBht for a Million" last ovcnln at thu opera
house to a lar o and hlRbly pleased audience.
The play Is tlio production of Mrs. Spanner ,
and Is especially well adaptt-a to the tnleiilt
of the members of the troupe. It Is said to
bo the first play ever probontod In Iowa by
an Iowa authoress.
An alarm ot lire called the department last
evening about li o'clock to the corner of
Avenue A and Twelfth street. A foatbor-
bea had caught flro tn a closet from spon
taneous combustion nnd did considerable
'inmuRQ by burning the clothlnrc that hung
near. The flru was iixtitigulsbud before the
house was much Injured.
The Indies wbo compose thu dopreo staff of
Camp No. T , Hoyal Neighbors of America , of
this city have been invited to exemplify tlio
ritualistic work of the order this evening at
the Instituting of a now camp at South
nmlm. The mumbors of tbo camp wbo do-
.lira to 1:0 and witness the ceremonies will
meet nt tbo corner of Broadway and t'oarl
Rtrcots , to Icuvo on the 7 o'clock motor.
Comolalnt bas been made by a conpp of
vouug ladies living near tlio corner of
Twnifth street and avenue A that they were
followed by two colored men as Ihoy were
going homo from church last Suudav nmht
> nd insulted by them. Thov fcnrcil that per
sonal violence would have been done them
bail not two men came up just at tlio right
time uncl put tbo negrooa to Iligbt. Thu
names of the offenders could not be learned ,
but the case will bo investigated by the po
( Ircnt 7-Day Snlo of Wlntitr ( iondt nt the
HiiKtfin Stori- , Council llluirx , In.
Our Buyer boinp in tlio eastern mnr-
kots New York and Boston wo dreud
the immense arrival of spring goods ,
/simply bucnuso wo don't know where to
put thorn.KOOM
nnd room wo are going1 to have , il soll-
inc1 goods next to giving thorn awtiy will
help us out.
Just glance at a few of our prices for
7 tlnys.
Although you don't need the goods
this winter , a bolter investment you
cun't find.
Would bo to us , but wo must have
Ladies' jiit'kots nnd nuwmurkuts that
aold for $ o.JO ( , $7.60 , $10.00 and $15.00 ,
Jholco for $1.1)8. )
Our entire line of childron's coats.
* G.60 , W.fiO and $8.50garinonts , for S2.-ia
Luuioa' $10.00 , $12.50 nnd 815.00
jackets , choice $3.08.
Ladles' Walker plush jackets Hint sold
for $10.00 , $10.00 nnd $2.5.00 , choice , for
$7. a
I adle.s' -12-iiich long Walker plunh
sacques , former prico' Sl.oO ! ) , $25.0(1 ( ,
$81) ) . 00 and JM.OO , t'hoico for $ H.)8. ! )
10 dozen ladies' nil wool knit jackets ,
' sleeveless , worth $1.2.r > , In all colors , dur
ing ealo for 48c.
$ .125 comforters for $2. 10.
$3.75 comforter * for $2.50.
$1.75 flno I'Yeni'h uattooii for $ .1.00.
$5.00 all wool blankets for $ ! 1.7o.
$ 1.50 all wool red blankets for $3.08.
$5.00 all wool red blankets for $3.08.
Ladies' 50c vests and pants for 33c.
Ladles' natural wool vests and pante ,
ribbtd , $1.00 garments for 0c. ! )
Ladles' all wool scurlot vests nnd
pants , $1.25 garments , extra line , dur
ing sale , ( i9i\
Gent's heavy gray camel's hair shirts
nnd drawers , 33u garments , sale price ,
"w- .
Gent's Scotch random mixed shirts
and drawers , also natural wool and
camel's hair , all in at one price , 1)7 } i ; ,
were 50c.
Gent's all wool scarlet shirts and
drawer * were $1.00 and $ I.2. > , caio prieo
2Jo , or $1.25 u suit.
All children' * garments knifed the
Fame way. BOSTON STO11K ,
Loaders and iiromotors of low prices.
Council Blulls , In.
Jarvis wild blackberry is tlio bait
J'J.'ffMJXII. I'.IH.tdll.t / / / . > .
A Dr. D. Maerao loft yesterday for Punlap.
> Attorney General John Y. Stone is In Des
Dr , A. P. Ilnnchott went to Mlnnoula
MUs Nora Brown loft on Sunday evening
for Chlojgo to visit friends.
W. C , llurrows and wife , who have been
vlaltliifr their cousin , \V. H. Lynctiard. for
several days past , have returned to their
homo In Atchiion , ICun.
P. M. Corbally was yoatenlny called to
Qulncy , III. , by the new * of the serious III-
ness of his wife , who recently went there to
attend her molhor , it bo was alarmingly 111.
Stray Htiric.
Strayed from the barn of the owner ,
Dr. A. IJ. Hanehott , 120 fourth Btroot , iv
6-year-old bay horse , dark inane nnd
tall , wluto spot on its forehead. Had on
when ho loft a broken halter and etublo
Fine music , recitations nnd readings
Rt Broadway church rooms , Hughes
block , Friday evening.
JarvU1677 brandy , purust , safest , best.
Money to loan. Lowest rates , John-
Bton & van Patton , Kvorott o\3).i
Broadway Sabbath school jrlvo an en-
tortnliinu'iu Friday ovonlnj , ' , Hughcu
blouk. AH utteud ; iiuo program.
Bad Weather Did Not Keep the Republicans
from the Convention.
Thi-y Wilt Ooiitrnil for the Srat * In the
.School lloiiril nt I'rrnrnt Orrtiplrd by
MrMrn. SchoriitRrn anil Hunter
Local News Motoi.
In splto of the nnd weather a largo number
of tlio delegates who snt'ln the city convex
lion Ian wouk gathered at the court IIOUBO
yestcrJiiy evening for the purpose cf placing
In nomination candidates for the School
Board to llll the vacancies which will occur
by the expiration of the terms of Members
tichncntgoti nnd Hunter. The mooting wa
called to order by William Ornd , nnd I. M.
Trcynor was appointed chairman mid E. J.
Abbott secretary. The candidates who were
brought tollphlon the Informal ballot , with
the number of votoi cui'h received , were us
follows : L , , Hridensteln , n \ P. C. Uevol ,
> ; V. II. Kevs , 7 ; ! ! . O. Cook. 4V. . A.
Wood , 1 ; il. H. field , 0. On the formal
( allot the vote stood ns follows : L. lirldon-
Htcln , S3 : Field , 87 ; Cook , ! 2 ; Uevol , 3. Url-
lenstoln and Field were declared the noml-
ices , and nftcr a short speech had bceu oiudo
> y each the meutliiK adjourned.
Stop LOUR iniiifli : to Itciitl TliU nnil Think
Wlmt It Menus.
The creditors' sulo of the $20,000 Bio-
dcrinun stoclc of clothing mid ( urntailing
goods still continues.
Kor Thursday , Friday nnd Saturday
extra B.ierllieod will bo undo and you
will not anything in the .storo for about
one-third the price you have usually
Tlioro are over UOO styles of spring
juita for all classes ot'woarers. The
business and professional man can got a.
suit of clothe * for what ho ordinarily
pays for a pair of pan IB.
Railroad and motor men wilt find
just what they wunU
Hoys' and youth's school suits.
WorUinginon's leans and corduroy
units , thu best in the word and all at
prices in proportion to values as these
wo quote below for furnishing goods :
FIDO embroidered suspenders , regular
SOo goods , at lllc.
All standard brands linen collars at
Regular 50c and 7oc neckties at 15c.
Regular SI.60 best brands white
laundried shirts at 50c.
You will make a big mistake if you
neglect this opportunity.
502 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
HIM < > ii ut Work.
The terrific wind that blow all uny long
yesterday almost put a stop to business. It
was next to Impossible to navigate the
streets , excepting In one direction , and con
sequently the streets iook on a deserted ap
pearance. The city is so protected from the
\\lnd by the surrounding bluffs , however ,
thai tun full force of the storm was not felt.
Some of the taller buildings in the city and
these on the higher part of the bluffs were
caused to sway b.ick anil forth until the ten
ants became somewhat alarmed for their
safety. Fences were blown down ,
awnings wcro torn in shreds , tin
roofs were torn loose from tbelr moorings ,
and tbo wind did all sorts of havoc In a play-
fi'l sort of way. A barn at the corner of
Sixteenth street and Indian creek was lifted
from us moorings and thrown into the crick
bodily , nnd bugo limbs were torn from the
tiooi In all parts of the city.
Outside of town the damage was consider
ably worse. Full reports have not been ro-
coircd , but from what can bo learned the
wind reached almost the dignity of a tornado
in tno country districts. A ronort was re
ceived nt the Burlington ofllco"to the effect
that the telegraph wire * were down all over
the country for a distance of 100 miles from
Council Bluffs , and telephone wires shared
the sumo fate , so that the city was practi
cally cut off from communication with Its
Reitor , the tailor , 310 Broadway , has
nil the latest styles and newest goods.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
We have our own vinoyarda in Califor
nio , Jarvis Wino coinu.iny , Co. Bluffs
Walnut block and Wyoming coal ,
fresh mined , received dnilj Thatcher ,
10 Main street
l'lr t of tli Scrips.
The Olivette flrclo opened Its sorlos of
parties last evening in Hughes' hall. A
argo nunifier wnre present nnd n program
of sixtcon dances was carried out to the
music of the full orchestra. Many of tbo
ladles wcro in full evening dross and the
affair was one long to bo remembered , the
young men acting as entertainers in a very
skillful manner. The following were
present :
Misses Eva Nason , Uenn Fonda , Gcnlo
Dndson , P. Uarrouch. Alice Bonham , Nellie
Keller , May Sealoy , Jones , Fnnnio Beecroft ,
Jessie Smith. Smith , Elhgl Colclough , Mln-
nlo Ouren , Zena Lance , Sadie Mudgo , Lulu
Stanchllcld of Creston , Laura Myers , Eva
Marshall , Minnie Mclntyro , Tudio WlcU-
ham , Annn Hayes , Ada Stcphonson , Clara
Flammant , Cecil Spooner. Edna May
Spooner. Messrs. H. S Nason , Curtis
Oureu , Gporgo Heston , Julius Lango.V. . F.
Martin , M. H. Smith , J. B. Chrlstonsen , U.
H. Coffcon , E. B. Urnndnll , II. H. Harper ,
W. L. Murphy , O. J. Martin , It. I' . Robin
son , C. A. Cas < \ B. S. Spooner. Mr. and
Mrs. W. A. Slophenson , Mrs. O. Stephenson -
son ,
Attend the entertainment Friday
evening , Ilughus block. Proceeds to
furnish Sabbath school room , Broadway
at InM.
John Maher , who has been carefully keep
ing out of tbu clutches of the police over
slnco n warrant was Issued for his arrest on
the charge of holding up H , R Griflltli find
robbing him at the "Court" on February 9
vas caught last evening by Ofllccr ( J , L
Martin and taken to the city jail to Mvuit a
preliminary examination , which will be civet
Him tills morning. HU pal , Frank Williams
was bound over to thu ginnd jury uud Is nou
in the count" Jail , but , although Maher ha
been in tlio city a number of times since tli
crime Is alleged to have boon committed , bo
has always managed to cludo the vlgllanc
of the unlccrs.
O. Ynnkorman &Co. . feed , seeds , com
mission , country produce , 108 Broadway
Swnnsou Miidlu Co. , .Mnsonlu temple
Ilimtlton IH l.urky.
Immediately following the city election a
which A. SHazelton was elected to tb
oftlre of city attorney nt a yearly salary of
f 1,800 be received formal notice from Judgi
Woolson announcing that ho had been tin-
pointed deputy clerk of the United States
district court nt this point , the position now
occupied by tM. . Hunter. Thu uppolut-
meat was decided upon several weeks ABO ,
at the samu time witn Himllar UDuolutmonU
in other cities , but was uot in a Jo public
until after election , it is snld , for four that
it might prejudice Mr. Hazclton's chuncca in
the election ,
Carpet weaving at 928 Avenue F.
Ens to ni money to loan on real estnto
by li II , Slioafo , Broadway and Main.
An IlllnoU Triilt .Mini.
H. J , Aldrlob , manager of the Fruit Ship-
peri1 nssolaUon of Villu UUge , 111. , was being
shown around the city yeitonlay bE. . B.
Branch. Villa Uldge , which u located about
twelve miles from Cairo , in Illluoli , at tbo
unction of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers.
s R great fruit country. Tharldgo is divided
p Into small holdings of n few ncrca cacti
nd Is devoted very largely to fruit raising
nd gardening.
The growers there do not think H anything
ut of the ordinary to clonr up $100 per ncro
n the most profitable crops after nil expenses
ro paid.
The growers have organized an ns-
Delation with n manager nt its head
ana they do their own"shipping. . Each
grower has n itencll for marking his fruit
) ackato9 ; nnd on being delivered nt tbo stn-
Ion nn Inspector examines the fruit nnd it
t comts up to the itandnrd it U shipped.
Pho cars nro consigned direct to a commls-
Ion house , where the fruit Is sold nnd re-
urns made to the manager , who divides the
iroccods among the growers.
The astuclatlon ships to some fifteen differ
ent points ana their year's business amounts
o something like 'J > 0 to .100 cars. Strawber
ries from Villa Uldgo commence arriving on
ho mnrkot the latter part of April or the
Irst of May. Grapes put In an appearance
ho latter part of July.
r.Aitait < T at' Tin : SK.I.SO.V.
Ycntrrtlity'A Itrorlptu nt Oiittlo at Chicago
Itrrnk the Itcrord.
CHICAGO , 111 , , March 0. [ Special Tele
gram to Tim BnE.l A supply of 2.3,000 , cattle
foronodayts something hitherto unknown
nt this time of the year. The effect on val
ues of such enormous receipts was precisely
vhnt was to bo expected. Thcro was n
weakening nil along the lino. Buyers on
donvored to beat tbo mnrkot down from
JOe to S3o but they did not
qulto * succeed , Ifio to 2."o covering
.ha reduction. The unwillingness of holders
.o make the concessions demanded caused
the trade to drag. It was especially dull
during the morning , comparatively few cuttle
changing hands before 10 o'clock. After
-lint hour some activity was developed ,
jut ninny cattle had to bo rar-
ried over nnd the close was bad ,
Prom fl.lQ to f.VJ5 was the range of quota
tions. Steers sold principally nt from $ , ' 1.40
to W.-IO and from JJ.IX ) to f'J.To bought the
bulk of tbo cows and bulls , Texas cattle
wcro quoted nt from fJ.OO to $1.00 , and
stockers and feeders nt from JJ.'Jii to $3.05.
There wns a decline of lOo In hogs and the
market was dull at the lowest prices. Com *
inon to choice light sold on * to from $1.50 to
FI.S5 , nnd from fl.t'jO to fl.US wcro the clos
ing quotations for common to prime medium
nnd heavy weights. Poor grades were off orod
ut Iroin (1.25 to $4.40 , and culls sola at , from
2.50 to $1.00. The weakness was attributed
li the fact that the receipts were
nrger than for some dny.s past aud
that thu demand for eastern account
tins been rnthcr light this week. The quality
of tha hogs wns not nearly so good ns on
yesterday and wo note that the major part of
the trading was below $1.UJ much of It at ,
from M.TO to $1.80.
A largo proportion of the current receipts
of sheep are fed westerns , Nebraska con
tributing the major part. They ore of good
quality and are bringlt.g remunerative prices.
The marKet wns active ucd notwithstanding
the very full receipts the previous day's
prices were sustair yd. Tbo ranco of values
for poor to extra . ( Utilities was from $1.50 to
(0.25 , but ther < - was only n limited amount of
busiuess at less thun ? " > . ' - . " > and from $5.50 to
Sii.lX ) being the prevailing figures. Lambs
remained steady at from $5.25 to $0.25 for
poor to choice.
Receipts wcro : Cattle , 22,000 ; bogs , 30,000 ;
sheep , 10,000.
New SviiHon Opened with u Heavy Decrease
lit All I'olllt * .
CINCINNATI , O. , March 0. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun BIE. ] Tomorrow's Price Cur
rent will say : Packing operations in the
opening of the new season show moderate
preparations. The total in tbo west for the
past week is 175,000 hogs , against 285,000 last
year and 185,000 two years ago. Loading
places compare as follows from March 1 :
I lif.ll-2. | IB'JO-l ,
Chicago , 8SUOU lliU.UUU
Kansas City. . 35.UUO lO.O'O
Umnba , 2JKU ZS.UOU
St. houlB 12.00U 18.UUU
Indianapolis. . BOJU 1U.UUU
Milwaukee. . . . 4.UOJ 8UUO
Cincinnati 7.0JO , WX )
Cedar Itaplds. C.OJU O.OJU
Mou * City. . . . S.OJO B.IWJ
Wlcbltn 4.1XKJ 7,000
Kd'ectn of Drink mill .Tcnlniisy.
CHICAGO , III. , March 9. Thomas Krlvor ,
an Italian , while in a drunken nnd jealous
rage this morning , shot and Id 11 oil his wife.
Ho then shot himself in tno bead and cut his
throat , dying soon at tor.
A Ilronze Gust of the ruinous Kditur Com
At the Henry-Bonnard works wns
shown yesterday , says the Now Yoric
Herold. the recently completed bronze
statue of Horace Grooloy , by Alexander
Doyle , which was subscribed for by the
printers of the United States.
This effective work loprescnts Mr.
Greoloy seated in a natural pose thinking
about an article in the paper ho has just
been reading.
It is intended to unveil the Grooloy
statue , which is to stand in ono of tlio
city parks , on Memorial day , May 30 ,
when the oration will bo delivered by
Congressman AmosJ. Cummings. Chair
man George II. Moore of the state committee -
mittoo , said yesterday that the location
of the statue had not yet been decided
The bron/.o weighs 2,000 pounds and
tlio fccatcd figure , of nearly colossal size ,
is six foot high. The cost of llio work ,
including the granite pedestal , will bo
Justice to I'ostal Clorlm.
The bill for the classification of clerks
In , iirst and socond-class postolllcos ,
wh'ich congress is considering , ought to
bocoino a law without opposlt on , says
Century Topics of the Tlmo.i It was
prepared by the National Association of
PoBtolllcn Clerks , and is a measure con
ceived nnd designed for the solo purpose
of securing just and fair treatment to a
very hard working and meritorious body
of public servants. It llxes their com
pensation upon nn equable and reason
able babls , insures promotion according
tosorvico and ability , and makes faith
fulness and ulllcioncy the solo requisites
for permanent employment It is u
moaauro in the interest of true civil bar-
vice reform , us wall as national justice ,
slnco it classifies the service , makes it
mandatory that all appointments to the
higher grades shall bo from the lower
grades , on the ground of proficiency and
length of Sbrvlco , and requires that all
now appointment shall bo to the lower
cradus aft or competitive examinations
as required by the civil sorvlco act.
Under the present system , or rather
lack of system , the olorks have nocliibsl-
fication which in.suros promotion accord
ing to horvico and ability , have long
hours of labor , are poorly paid and have
no annual vacation. To say that a great
and rich government like ours is justi
fied in treating its employes in thie
heartless , unfair and parsimonious man
ner is obyioiibly absurd. A private em
ployer who pursued such u course would
bo censured roundly by all reputable
men. As a nation wo nro abundantly
able to pay our borvants fair wages , anil
wo ought to boo that it is for the best in
terest of tliovholo public to have our
postolllco olerku a permanent , well-
drilled , intolliirent. capable and con
tented body of servants , for it is onlj
from such a body that tlio beat sorvicu
can bo obtained.
The Boston Commercial-Bulletin gives of
ficial figures sbowiug the number of ahc-op
in the country by which the clip oi lb ! j can
bo forecast. Tbo total Increase In tlieep la
l,51l,2.U. ) : The decrease la mostly in the
southern states , Uiouu-n the heaviest shortage
Is in Colorado ana Now Mexico. The states
showing the largest Increase are Texas , Il
linois. Michigan , Iowa , the Dakotas , Culifor-
nlu and Ohio. Export estimates tiom tboto
figures show tbo total yield of tbo United
Stutck in IbllJ will boaiil,053,7 : < l pounds , or a
scoured yield pf Ul.oyo.lW pounds.
Ono of tbo Hothsotilldi in WcIsbaJeu U
tuzed ou au lucoino oi $1,000,000.
nvi XTTH ifnt\r > \T'r ' nn / i ins
Significnnco of the Late fft ige nt Worth
Between Germany aftfl1 Russia.
_ 'J > !
Nvlllirr Mnnnrrli Curm li Put It In Words
Into < lcls liirl U I'lrillnl ultn it
Now blioxv Ollicrrf Ifurclgu
Nv\t . > iv
lCop/r/Mc | ( < l tK > ! tin Jiimts fJnnlin llrnntlt. ' ]
PAIUS , March 0. | No v York Herald Cable
Special to Tun BED. ] The gloomy outlook
in Uorman homo politics was bound to tell
on foreign politics. Fet some days past
alarmist rumors hnvo boon In circulation
with regard to the relations of Uormany and
Hussla. Financial nconts did net venture to
spread any moro disquieting reports nbout
the relations between the otnptro nud Franco.
That Rflmo had grown too dangerous. There
was no need for you to exaggerate the Impor
tance of the stories nllont regarding Kussln.
Hussla docs not wish to hnvo n wnr , which
fbo would find Inconvenient Just now. It Is
true , however , thnt while referring to the
possibility of wnr In conversation with Chan
cellor von Caprlvl , the other day , the llttlo
emperor remarked : "I could whip Uussln If
I chocso. " This remark reached the ours of
the czar who at once sent for General von
Schwolnliz , the Gorman ambassador to St. .
Petersburg , and sild : "Your emperor
bhould know thnt nil his words 010 repeated
to mo. Ho would do well to De piudcnt. I ,
too , am able to throw millions of troops on
the frontier. "
This Booms to have had some effect , for
whoiiMnorICoutousoff ] , the Russian mllltnry
attache at Berlin , presented his lottoru nf re
call on Monday the little emperor commis
sioned him to assure the czar of his sincere
sympathy. Of course the warmth of the sym
pathy existing between the two sovereigns
Is none the less douutful nnd It is curious
thnt the Incident should have been published.
The Gormau-Uussian governments , however -
over , seem to havn taken pleasure in making
the facts known. So far ns the public is
concerned the affair Is ono moro move in the
game of chess wnlch is played by Germany ,
Franco and Russia , and of which the cud
will not bo seen for some time to coir.o.
An exhibition of n novel kind was opened
here today and will no doubt attract the
Parisians who like any folly , if it Is orlcltinl.
Under tbo name of "Tho Salon of tbo Rosy
Cross , " an exhibition of mythical paintings
has been organized by ono of tbo so called
"Decadents , " Ser Poladau , who pretends to
bo ono of the Magi. The Hosicruclans
formed , ns you know , n mystical corpora
tion which nourished in the middle
ages. All the work * in the salon
are ot n "symbolic-1 character.
Among them are several line paintings
notably tboso contributed by the Belgian
artist , Knapff. who attracted much attention
at the salon of IbS'J. Tbo public , which had
como to scoff , stayed to udmtro some of
them. The exhibits of the Swiss painter ,
Schwabo , a mystical artlat Of the mcdhcvai
tendencies , are also much admired. Some of
the other pictures nro qulto unintelligible ,
both ns to tbo color and tliu drawing.
Tbo organizers of the 1 exposition talk of
giving n concert at .which Palcstrina's
famous mass is I o bo executed. The singers
of the SIstine chapel hayo hitherto had a
monopoly of the wotk. JTne whole exhibi
tion has a fantastic and artistic character
which is pretty sure to please oooplo hire.
juts , osnoitxi : SKNTENCUD.
She .111181 Go to Prison for Nine Months and
1'crlorm Hard Labor.
LONDON- , March 9.r-Mrs. Florence Ethel
Osborne , ngninst whom the grand Jury a few
days ago returned a true bill for larccuy and
perjury , was arraigned for trial in the Old
Bailey todav. She ploaaod guilty and wns
sentenced to nine months' imprisonment nt
hard labor.
The evening papers regard Mrs. Ooborno's
scntonco as meeting both the demands of
justice and the claims of mercy.
Osborno had a short interview with his
wife after sentence had been imposed upon
her. Ho then loft the court room nnd re
turned to his bouse greatly affected at his
wife's position.
Captain Osborno absolutely refuses to see
visitors who call at the houso. His friends
express much sympathy for Captain Os
berne in bis deep affliction. They say that
ho is utterl } crushed with grief over the re
sult ot the trial , and keenly feels the terrible
disgrace ontnilod by his wife's conviction
nnd sentence to imprisonment.
DucHn't Adiiilrn Kt'doj- .
1S02 bu Jama Gordon flr.nnrMA
PAHIS , March 9. ( Now York Herald Cable
Special to THE Bnu.J The following has
been communicated by a well known French
medical authority to ; tno Herald on tbo subject
of ' "Tho French
ject ICeeley's gold euro :
don't use the 'Kcoley method , as his idea Is
unscientific. With considerable bichloride
of gold , which produces a special stimulation
of Btho brain , is combined u preparation
called by 1'Allomande Ivrnss aurlijuo
pine , which forms nart of Koeley's treatment.
It Is < i violent poison , and has n disastrous
effect on the nervous system , producing de
lirium and hallucinations. Ills a singular ideate
to hope to euro alcoholism by combining
two preparations , each causing a special
form of obriety , hence it is a dangerous
method , and is not to bo used , It is bad , in
jurious , capable of producing nccidents ,
especially disorders of the intellectual
faculties. No remedy bus yet been found for
chronic alcoholism. Moral treatment , tbo
rational use of opium clncbonln , search for
the cnuscs , careful treatment of stomachic
disorders which frequently induce alcohol
ism , iincorjao sometimes in small doses and
calomel these means handled by skilful
doctors succeed better than violent menus ,
which are always dangerous. "
Itnnsln .Miuslii * ; Troop * .
March 9. The Thoruor.oitung , a
paper published at Thorn , in west Kussln ,
says that nn extensive movement is in prog-
rest among the Russian troop.s on the fron-
trlor , Every place of importance Is filling
with soldiers , cblolly CosdacKs , The presi
dent states tha * the jgarrisons at Llpno ,
Clcchanowloc , Nleszavva , and \VIoclawok
hnvo received great cpcsslons to tbolr
strength. _ ; , v
' u ( inlr ,
LONDON , March U. Ajtqjogram from Port
Said states that tbo ( lorraan steamer Mo
slim foundered off Sdlly Island during the
galoot February 19. 'll'Is ' ' bellcvcdlicrcrow.
twenty four in number vere lost ,
1,1st of Jetton ronialnhu unrnllel for Inthopoit-
orllro for the wcuk cmhnjJ Mitrth ID , | 8W. !
Note Purlloi callliu for 'Uidii lultun will pleiue
ay"Ailvertlioil , " Klvln IhJ Unto at the hovl of tha
lletand Imjulru ( or aua ; jiji\o | | \ hulloi * tlullvury win-
ilow. J.
To orold mlitnkoi liirp'your mall aJJruueJ lo
yuumrvi'l unil number , l"w
GKNl'l.l.'Mlrti'a 14-JF.
. \itslt S M A kern \V Anilunon U
Ariu trouc J-S
llojerUA llarbi-r KII liar C W
IJjnillmwilurollJ'JIulor J N llanljter f <
IWKloy W llalur.N IJ llvniitiuun A J
HttkT lluinifttJU lluwuii J
HiiuurJ lluitwlck J llrailni-ll H A
llruilftiril 1)0 llrlll V S llruttnu Dr K I.
llrounuliW lIui'klr.Hliah Jlr IluiiixunliicrO
lliinnolIlL' Jl llutlerlJ llurnicilvr U
CurncllllC Cn jrT CutT
Cnlilll A ( 'liuinbrtlnlu W Cliun.ol J
t'lilttvmlun I * F Clauicn 1' CuupvrJ M
Culllu M K Colfnmn Itur II CulH-y A It
DjvU I1' f Iiuri'rh Mr Denu A II
Illxun W Dietrich A Dunuvnn M U
lirc'f J liunur M
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KdnunliDr KrvloW.M K.pey 11 F
KUIuner t'
Kalrweallicr Kchut II HukOlI
Mmiuvry 1 * Klonvr UM KnulerCJ
ruinJ 1'rolilli r'rnttcr 1 *
QnducrJ UoiluuU W W QlbiOol'II-2
( Inldlipra II ( ioltlbrrcS
llouilnlnU ( Itcon K ( Irnut 111'
( Italic V tlrecn J
ItnrtcW Hnrn JV ny J
lull W llnlll A Itlbbors
Irnlnn III , llolltnpr li llomnlnniin J
lol.ntil A 1- Urns KA Ilpnilurrun Dr T
llll 11 in.ok i w K
lapklni DA MulfClnwM 0 B I.
lulcomb 11 d Hubbrll M It
rcy J
JpflcrlPt ( I Johnson I *
Uilinnin II O .lolmson J K JulinMin U
Jnlinvin UU Julmsun 0 X Juhntun ( ' 0
Jones 1 ! I'
llanppck J Itllcy .1 W-2
ItlMiinn ,1 llhiKn II Illtiviiinn S
llobblnit F M llublnsun J H ItubvrlaJ K
Bcott .1 n Phnw E W-S Bhohlon Dr K II
Shottrhlco UZ Shnwallor I W Hllventon UV
Mnler II F Hnilth U Bmllhll W
fiiulth T A Smith I ! mthu llonK 0
Hn > tIerJ 11-2 H boiuincr 8
SpllrorOW StnrkiTeiitlierCll MeiKul | l K
BtaoyV U Slnrr A btrliiK r ,1
f tonoJ NtunaU Bulllvan KevJ 11
Summers W 3 SiottrV |
Tencsar MrV Thornburt ! F Thuki J
Van Oriinni W Vchra W
Wnlsworth C Walters H \Vellman 1) K
Welchert t ! Webster II11 Wrcilln K ri
Wlllvta W H \Vltturshnk A Winters 1. II
Wltnmn M II . ' 0pUO ! 11 Winters M
Wolf M WrlKht K O \VrlKlit K J
Alexander Mrs F Altwcnu Mrs \V Atwootl Mrs h U
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llarrll .Mrs 0 llankston M llonncs F
llartonJ linker Mm Ml llaclinian MraO
llenncilulil Mrs A lletmrilG < 1 llurlln II
llcan Mrs II Hooker M ra N
Mr tl < llowera t : C llojil A
llroberjr S llremur Mrs M llryxun Mrs J W
Drown 11 llroirn I , lluck 11
Hutlum Mrs.M llurnettet .Mrs
Capps ] > Cnmoron T ( "nnnvnn Mrs I )
Carney Mrs II Curler MM I. Clmiiiberllu Mrs
Chrlstanien A Clark Mrnh'l , At
Collins M Cover Mr * M V Cniunilngs S
IlnvlsII Di'Kim Mrs S Dctvlro Mrs II A
IlcwyorMrs II llvckur .M Duniiln O
Illnon M IMiimonil J llodrlch Mra t <
lloty F Doluii L DrukuA M
Km ley U Easterly M
Fnfoctt Mrs C A Faust .Mrs U Hchl M
Klemltm .Mrs d W Klemons A I-onion Ij M
rornoson M
Oalm K F Oalo rayl ? Gchlcn V
( illssmrs M ( irlpnultlT ( i reen M
( irny mrs M K Uruce U UniLo mrs
( lubtufson A
Hull mrs I. Hatcher mrs T Ullnwklns rnrs A
Hanorlh J Harris mrs K Ucaraon N
HoiiKli U lloo > emirs It A Houston nirsllW
JoppcBon E Joslynn mrs KT Jo'efsson I
JohiiHoix A C Johnson U Johnaou inrs SK
Jobnson uirs D
KarlKonM t Klnilcll A
Klrtloj mrs A
Louck mrs 1C Luxton L
MarKrano mrs ELMnrch mm A Malmiiren mrs A
Marlon li Marten J Mitchell A
Mitchell ( > Miller 11 K Mlnener A d
Miller mrs G D Moore mrs M Moody mtt M 1 ,
Moore Moncckuirs K
Nlelson K Nichols A
U. .
Oakley mrs U
Peach mrs A Peterson A Palmer mrs K
1'hures 11 Powers mrs N II
Rennndcrmrs H HemlnKton rarBMIIellly !
HhorobouRh mrs Uoulstone A Iuy ( rara C S
M J Itoys lurs 012 Itoblnton uirs li
Huberts O ItustJ 1.
Hcbcrrermrs ( coerano mrs It Bcnttlc A
Hcoll mrs K It Hell mrs 8 helrlen M
Senbrook M blmwj il Blmon A It
Simpson C Sloan inn C J bmlth mrs L
Smith mm N Spnrfc-ln A fctured A
btclncr mrs A
Tndlock mrs M S Terry N t Thorp Ii
Tlilcson A Thompson mre M Treacy M
Trebcr M
Wadsworlh inrsS Wills mrs C Welhans U
Williamson mrs Wilson 1C \VlmanJ
C M Withers K li \Vaosun mrs F
Withers II WnlkermrsK WoodrulIiiirsCK
n K Sell. H W Nlemnn , .1 A Kstes. I ) Strickland , II
Ferries , J May. TJ Wiiltermeyer , C II Miller , MIssO
Hondarson , mlsi M ICarlson , ml e A woncor , miss
K K tfampson , Mrs A K ( Jnllanher. mrs L U Khruin
0 Shelley.
Mrs K C II ; Maude , 518 S II st : O F Wemmerlnu A
Co , Kaufman Ilron 2 , Morris llros , Moon & Keriui
son , Ueculer.V cliou | > , Fowler i. Mi'L'allnin , Second
Nutlonul bonk , Society of Dee Art , Secretnrj 11 C
& (1 club , KUltor NcbruHka Advocate , ORIcc l.urul
and Loan rnsochttlon , I'dllor Church ( iimrdlun ,
Oinnha lluttcrand KKK company. Miner Munnfac-
turliiK company. Umahn I'litillBhliiK company. Low
ell Lumber company , Piirkcr ( iroccry company ,
NorthwuBtcrn Move Itdpalrlnx company , Bclirlvun
Doiit'lns company , Pcrkin Plow company
T. 8 CI.AIIICSON. postmaster ,
which tcttloi In nnd Inflames the atr tube * lend In
to the Ilium. It In thu beginning of
Bronchial Consumption
Anil If nenlectod lend * lo that illnniuo vorjr epcodlly.
A hnri | , mctnlMo riiiinti nrcompanloi It. Take It In
llmcnnd you can certainly cure It with
Which Is WUIinut nn rqiiitl Cor
ami for all diseases loiillng up to Hid Includlnit
Dr. Stliciick'H Noi > Hunk on DUuase * nf
tint Lungs , Liver nml Sluinncli , slioiilil lo )
In ocry lioino. Scut frcp.
Dr. J.II. Sclicnek & Son.l'lill ulniiln ] | ! , I'.i
1)11 ' 0V KSrs NBIIVK AND 11HAI.N TUBA I' .
JIKNT.n . llr.torl.i , lilttlnun , FIU , Nuu.
rMliila , Jluiiilurbu , Ntrrons 1'ruiiratlun caunucl by id.
retie ) ur tubicuu , WnkufulnuH. llunlnl l > eiiru lun ,
budenlni ; of ilia llruln , cuulnj iniHnlty. niliur/ ,
ilocax , doith , 1'runi itnru Old Azo , llarrdiinuji. I uu
uf I'OWIT In I'ltlifr r , liul > oluncy , l-ujurrlioo an 1
nil Kctnnlo We iknojuui , InvulunUry lo ui , Hujr
mttirrli < joafau < ol by oTur-aiurllun or tin br.iln
Helf-aLuu , ofcr-lniluli'unoj. A inuii.h'i trcafUn (
11,11 fur l'i , If in ill U'o ( iuarantJ3 > lx b xai tj
C'liru. Uiicliurilur ford \io\os \ , wihi | will ien > l written -
ten uuarnntua lorHfunJ K nut curuJ , tiuarantuai
l > u ilonljr by A Sclirutur , DruKKltt. * ole agents , M
C cor. ICtli and Farniiatti , Ouiali i. Nob.
I'lso'n ll inodr for tntarrn it the
Heat , KlUluet tu Dec , euil Chcaput.
Sold brdruggliti or n-nt by mall ,
We. . Y. Uucltlno , Wureo , 1'a.
lATARRHi r ° ' ? vcr ? ? * cflr8
, ,
. „ I my little girls life was
I rnn ( ' ° "I'wniblo ' by t\
ILUKDM I case of Cntarrh. Tlio
tllsclmrge from tlio nose was large , con
stant and very offensive. Her eyes be
came inllfiincd , the lids swollen and very
pnlnftil. After trying various remedies ,
I gave her S. S. S. The first bottle-
seemed to aggravate the disease , but the
symptoms soon abated , and in a sliprt
time she wns cured.
A Written Ounrnntco
SYPHILIS to Cnro Kvory Cnscjor
Money Kotuiuloil ,
Our euro li permanent nml not pitaMnt in. I'i'ii
tatpil oven year < ago have never ( n-p't n fmntin
( Incp. Ily tlP'trlblnuraio fully wo ran treat you by
mall , ami wo RVO | llio inno MrmiK Riiiu.viteo loriira
crrefiinilallnionoy. The owhn prefer In comoliero
fortrcntment cnnito i > oaii < t wo will | < ity rallroa 1 fnro
both ways and hotel blllvwlillo hero If wo fall tocura
We rhnllpnsc ( ho Wflrlit for it cn c that our MAIO ( !
HKMKIIV wilt not euro. Wrllo for imrtlcu'ari nnl
CPttbo pvlilonce * Inour seven yonri * pra tlcj wlt'i
thlsMAUICHKMKDV It hn been nint' ilineull tl
overpotnollio iirejiiilloji ninhut socsllol < p30l1)l
Ilutiiiulprour stronit Kiinrniitiia tlion inli nn trylii
Itanil belniieurol. Wo uunmiiteo tn euro orrofnl
ovpryilollnr.nnl as wo havAH r > ip iti'lm tl ( iritox
al'otlimiiclnl lmcklnof tMtl.OU It Is perfectly cafoto
oil who will try thatroatiianU HeretutoM you li tvj
been | iultlnitiiianl | imjInioHtyoiirmonsy forillla1
Mil triMitmenti , nnJ nlthoiinh yon Hro not yet curjl
nnono hin pnltl bnc' * your money Wo will iioMtlvoly
cure you. tjltl hronlo. ileop so.\te I cti o curol In II
to 9) < lny . Invi'stlKato our Ihmiu'lil < tnn.1liu , nur
reputation m liuslnpM men. Wrllo us for imiiios nn I
adilrp"esof these wo bivvii puredlio hnvo Klvon
p rnil hm ( o refer to thorn , U potts you only pint-
DKCtoiln IliU. If your symitoiii | nro sjro thrnsl ,
mucous pitches l-i mouth , rlicuniHtlsm In honojnul
Joints , Imlr fallhiK out , eruption * on iiuy p.irt nf tin
body , foi'llnu of Kencrixl tloproHo i , pnl'is In heal or
uones. Von tmro no tlma to waite. Tho'O who r i
ron tnntly In'tln ' more ira 1 1 potm'i houl I illi i
tlnuclt. l'on taiit n Bof thesa ilriii : will -urely hrhu
rores uinl eiillnii ilk-en In the en J. Don't tall lo writo.
AU porn' i > on IOIIPO sent sotlol li pi il I pn\uloioi ;
\Vclnvlte the moit rlulil In vojtlztlin unJ will do. ill
n our power lo nl I you In It. AiMren
OOOK REMEDY CO. , - Omibi ,
w.ioo for a i-iiso if IiO T or I''MIINH .MA.V.
HOOD , Guni' or Nfitvotis DKIIU.ITV. wcalc-
ncssnf Uotly ( irmlnil. the nllVctsnf errors or n\
cesses In oldur votim ? that \vocatinotciiro. Wu
puiir.intooovory rriso orri-fuiul every dull ir.
I'lvc daystrlnl troatnicnt SI , full course SB.
I'crcoptlblo benefits rotllrud In tbroo days.
Uy mull , sociiroly piulieil frdiu obborvtitlon.
MARIP rimAI.i : KltOl'I..VTOIt. nfo and
nlHUlU Curt.'iln to a day or money refunded.
Ity mull ( . ' . Securely so.ilol from ohsorTii-
tlon. ( UKHi. ICV.rlrilH' < ; > . , Omiihu , Neb
Sold in England j
for Is. IJad. , and
in America I
for 25 cents a. bottle. :
IT TA.8TJES < 3OO1 > . :
Dn Acker's English Fills j
Cure Sickness and Headache. :
8mall plcacant , a favorite with tliv ;
For s.ilo by Kuhn & Co. , luiclShorm a
McConncll , Omaha.
In 2days by the I'rouch Homedy. entitled , Tlio
King It dlsnolvcs ngaluit uncl Is absorbed Into
the Intlumuil parts Will refuii'I money If U
does not cure , or causes .stricture , ( juntlemeat
hero U a reliable urtlclo. M | ia''kni'o or 2 fur $ . " > ,
ly mnll prepaid , fuouUino.V Co. , Omahn.
One Minute Remedy
Tor all affections of the
Throat , Lungs and Bronchial TU'JJJ
Kur Silo : by
LeDuc's Porloclicnl Pills.
The Kronen remoily iiats Ulrjetly upon tlio
genoriitivoor ; iuisiuid euros siiiiiirusslon nf tlio
monies , t.'or three for $ > , and Lm inallotl.
Hhoulil notbo uso.l ilurln prujtiivnoy. .lobbari.
drnnRlstiiand tlio nutJllo supplied by Goodman
tirus Co. .
For the correction of nil ilefecu of vUlon
Solid Cold Spectacles
Kium MOO upnnril
Fine Steel Spectacles
I rom fl.OO upwanl
Froteotand Improve your oyebii'hi.
Your oyef , tasted irue by a rruticnl
Oj tl 'Ian.
lint. liM. I'AHNAM mid Ibth b'l'llKKTh
Oinalia Medical anil Surpi !
? FORTI-im
lte t fuolllllei , npnar.ttus mid Uomuillos
for Hiicci'ssfni tro iliiiont of nvoiy furm
of dlsonsu ri-Miilrliu modlual or
sur lual trontiiitiil.
Wl boils fur patients bond nml nttoiulatice.
Host ut'oonimlatioiis In tlio west.
Write for olrculnri on dcfiinnltlns and
brici < , trusses , club foot , ciirv.ituros nf sulno ,
iillr * . tiitnnri , cniiFor.ontnrrh , broiichlt s , In-
liiiliHlon.d'.cctrlelly , pnralysls , tnillciisy , kid
ney , b nddor , OVP. ear , skin and blotM nnd alt
suritli'nl iuipr.itlnn ,
UlobAubd RP V/UlllDM / / A ItookonDlsoisLMof Sl'IUMA liTY.
Woniuii I'ltKK. Wu hnvnl'itulv milled u lyliiK *
In ilop.irtinoht fur \uiinon ( lurinc ronllm'tnont *
( strictly private. ) Only Ituilablu Medical 111 *
ntlluto innUliiR a Kiiootnltv ot
All H'ooil ' DI--OTSOS suooossfullv trontpu.
Sytibldtlo I'nlson toinoved from tlio system
\\lthuiit mercury. Now ttoitor.itlva I rpat-
inciitror1 s4urVITAIi I'OWKH. I'orsous iin-
nblu tn vl lt us mav bo traitod nt liumu by
rnrresuun lonvo. All coiiimunioiitlons conn *
dcntlnl. Muillelntis or Inslriiinnnl ) sunt l > y
until uroxpross. securely piifkud , no tnurU to
IndlcntuciintutilHor somlor. One ) pi-r-onnl lu-
tcrvlcw proCurroJ. Cull and consult us or send
history of your eitsu. anilvu will sunil In plain
wrnpiii'r. our
I'linRs Uuon I'rlvnto ,
RflflK Tn MEN
DUUn IU men , .spo0i | , , or Nervous His-
o.iscs , Inipotciioy , Hvphllls , Qleutunl Viirlco-
coo. ! wlthqiipstlnii list.
llr.iL-i's. Applliincus fur Defonnlltrs > V Tru * > 09.
Only manufactory In the Westof i : KiitM-
li 1 .11 I'l 1:1 : > ( h.o , I'll , I'.t.t-.Ul'ltIC
H.I Tl'I'.K i hS A \ II It f,7.S.
Omaha Medical and Surgical Insliluto ,
20th and Broa Iwav , Co neil Bluffe.
Ten inliiiites' lido from oontur of iiiii.ilin on
Omaha and Council lllnlli electric motor UUD.
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Now , modern , woll-iippointcd , llior *
ouj hly woll-kopt , $3 u dty. :
E. F. CLARK , Prop.
Of Council
Cnpltilsloot ( it. > UOOO
burplUHiinl I'rortts t > OOOO
Xet Capital nn 1 Surplus . 8MOOOO
Director * -J. II. Kit naiuHon. K. I , -liuir , . F O ,
( ilensun , I ! . K Hurt I A. Miller , .1 V illnchmnu
and Clmrlca It. llnnnnn Truns'iulenor il bnnk- <
Im ; bubiness. l.uruost capital and surplus oi
any haul ; In Southwestern Iowa.
Chas , Lunkley ,
Fiincrnl Director anil
811 Broadway , Council BlulTs.
Tuluiihouo 'M'i. '
is via the Chicago , Milwaukee )
& St. Paul R'yi as represented
on this man.
Electric Lighted , Steam Heat
ed Vestibuled trains leave
Omaha daily at 6:20 : p. m. , ar
riving at Chicago at 9:30 : a. m.
City Ticket Office : 1501 Far-
nam St. , Omaha.
F. A. NASH. Gen'l Agent.
C. Q LINCOLN , Pass. Agent.
'ITlOIC TRADE niichty noros noiir town for
-L registered Htnlllon or lininii tud draft hurso.
Address , 11 I , lluuullluo , Uuuiioll II iillti.
| 7KH ) SAM : At a b.irsaln. I'-neru fruit nml
Jiriirden furm ndjiilnlii ulty ilmliH ; Kood
dwollliiK. K. 11. Bheafo. _
. , tr.ido house und lot fur l".un ; will
WII.I tlinoon bnlniico. L/.ill ut 015 8.
fitll HtlTOl.
171AKMH , pnrJon Ifirvl-i , bniii " . Hit < unJ
-L buslticai blocks for silo or r.iuu Day i
lloss , U 1'eurl utroot , Oounoll
of evnry ilu-
svrlptlun ut prices vuryliK from { I to $10U
iior month , loe.itod In nil jiiirlH of thu ully , U.
11. Hho > fc. VH Hromlway.
_ _
111 noros nt land a Abort dlxtaiiuo b , R of
foum-ll Illnlltt und the 1) ) , nnd II Instltntond
K' % pur acru. A nnup. Also K < J < i < l l < H-uuro farm
ner Missouri Valley at ITi per HITII. I'dhias *
BOII | Rlvnn nt unco If sold , Kiim f.iruiH ami
uanlons of all slzus , Jolinstun it Vim 1'iitton ,
Council llluns.
G. A. Sauoodsack , Pcoprietop , O.floss O21 Broadway , Oounjl
Bluffs and 1321 Farnarn St. , OjTiah a. Dye , clean and ralinlsli fjoodai
of every description. Packages received at either office or nl tha
WorksCor. Ave. A and 20lh St. Council Blutfs. Send for price Hat.
MorohaiiU who have uhop-worn or soiled fubricj of any charuotor can hav
them redyod and IliiiahoJ equal to now.
nd most approved tnachinoryutoat ut loss coat than you ever iuld