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Something Awful Heavy May Drop Among
Some Well Known Omaha Peoplo.
ifmlRn Scott Clmri ; ! ' * ( tin DniiRlnn County
Gin ml .lnrj In u Mont Cirnrst .Manner
to Work Out I tin llootlliTf
from Onmliii ,
Yesterday afternoon Judge C. H. Scott ail-
dressed the grand fury drawn for the present
term of uourt In lutigungo so forcible and
pocullnrtimt , hud Itcomo from another source
.than the tianch , ttxvould have attracted ctoo
mention und oxcltod warm comment. Hut
Jt U doubly forcible In its character ns the
oniclul utterance cr the district court , nnd
lands forth prominently as n severe arraign-
montof public morals and the honesty of
oftlco-holdors. It Is surpnslntrly strong and
dtroctns n judicial uttoninco. It remain * for
the Jury to determine by Its labors whether
this Indictment from the bench 1s wholly
The afternoon session of the district court
oponcd with Judges Scott , Davis and Keysor
on the bench in the criminal court room.
ShorlfT Bennett and Clurlc ot tbo Court
'Mooro Urow the names of the fol
io wjng grand Jurors , who were sworn :
J. N. Cornish , Molvlll H. Kodllold , J. C.
AVIlcox , Cliurlos J. ICarbach , W. S. IConnody ,
C. M. Hunt , O. J. I'lckiml. Fred Schroeder ,
Charles Unlnch. K. C. Jordan , A. L. Rood ,
Oustav Anderson , Henry Llvosoy , Dounis
O'Ncil , William Slaver * , John Uaumor.
Guslitv Anderson wafc appointed foreman
by Judge Uavls ,
County Attorney Mahoney was asltcd If ho
tind any remarks to make to the Jury. Ho
hncl nono.
Thu three judeos held a whispered con
sultation , after which Judge Scott addressed
the grand Jury as follows :
.liulco Sfott'H AilclrciH.
"Ucntlf mon of the grand Jury , you have
been drawn , summoned und Impnnuolod ns
the grand Inquest of the county , and ill" oath
whtcb you have Just taken , ns grand Jurors ,
and which U as conscience-binding as nny
oath which can bo itdmlulstcrod to man , can
not bo evaded , avoided , or disregarded , with
out u broach of faith between your conscience
nnd your Mitkor. Itlstnis : 'Saving yourself
nnd fellow Jurors , you as foreman of this
grand Imiuosb and you und each of you ns
Krnnd Jurors shall dillgontly Inquire nnd
true presentment inako of nil such matters
nnd things ns shall bo glvun you In charge or
otherwise como to your knowledge touching
the present sorvico. The counsel of the
mute , your own and your follows you shall
Itcep secret unless called on In a court of Jus
tice to mnko disclosures ; you shall present
no person through malice , hatred or ill-will ,
nor shall you leave any person unpresontcd
through fear , favor or affection or for any re
ward or hope thereof , uut In nil your pre
sentments you bhull present the truth , the
whole truth aud'nolhtng but the truth nc-
corking to the best of your skill and under
standing. ' "
Telling the Jury that every good citizen
who contributes to thn supportof the govern
ment has a right to demand that that govern
ment bo equitably and cftlclontly adminis
tered. Judge Scott explained that Iho Jury's
Jurisdiction In criminal matters was coexten
sive with that of thu court , and that Its duty
was to Investigate nil Indictable offenses
within its Jurisdiction not barred by tbo
statute of limitations. "Diligent Inquiry"
does not moan to merely examine into suoh
matters ns nro brought before the Jury's at
tention by others.
"You uro not a passive organized body tenet
net only as you may bo acted upon by others ,
butjou yourselves are Io make 'dillirent In
quiry1 nnd act upon others , to the end thut
( 'niliy offenders ugalnst the criminal law bo
enccdtlr indicted und brought to Justice.
Your purpose should bo to let no guilty mane
o cnpo the nunishment duo his crimo. To
then und uguln , and that yon may have a
free nnd nntrninmoled pathway to intilco
n most effective dilligo'nt inquiry , you
have at your service the whole machinery of
the court , ; the process of the court to bring
persons , papers und witnesses before you and
to compel their attendance ; the olllcors of
the court to servo you nnd execute your
orders ; the public prosecutor to udviso and
nsslst you In the examination of witnesses
brought ooforo you. und the power of the
court to compel unwilling witnesses to innko
answer to nil proper questions put to them
by you touching "your service under your
bworn obligations.
im > ctHol tli Work.
"When grand Jurors do their whole duty
In this regard the sululory influences grow
ing thurofrom , stimulating peace and good
oulcr among the people uro Immeasurable ,
because , In such a case , evildoers have n
dread of the grand Jury akin to that of the
culprit as ho notes iho day of his execution ,
which docs not obtain in so marked a degree
when criminals are brought before thu court
on information by the public prosecutor.
Thrso are the reasons why the seven Judges
of this Judicial district did. on tno first qf
this your , order that ut thN term of court u
grand Jury should bo tmpuunolcd to
inako diligent Inquiry respecting indictable
ofTnnscs committed within this county and
where thu evidence Is obtainable return bills
of Indictment ngamst nil violators of the
criminal law.Vliotlior this notion by the
Judges shull provo efllcaclous in lessoning
c-rims In this country rests now with you.
"With the costs or expanses attending
prosecutions upon indictments iu the trial
courts , or the decree or maximum of penalty
nfllxod by thn criminal Htntutc for its viola
tions , you have nothing to do ; nor with the
social standing or religious or political nnilln-
tlonbofuny person , whoso acts it is your
luity , under your oath , to diligently inquire
into. The line of domntcation between the
converse of these propopoiillons und
nnurchy Is so undefined nnd indistinct ns tenet
not to bo readily perceived.
Ilimuro ol' "l'lxorn. "
"Persons who would tamper with you , by
obtaining information from you , respecting
1 tbo business before you. have but ono mo
tive , ono purpose , ono object In so doing , and
thut 1s to thwart the administration of publlo
Justice against crimes und criminals , by
brining , if they could , by spiriting away wlf- * for the slate , or by enabling their
' " frluntU or themselves to escape the service
of criminal process upon thorn. They bode
no good to you nor to society. Shun thorn us
you would a srourgo and pestilence , If you
would siibservo the ends of Justice , your
oaths nnd the law that gave you organization
and existence.
Komu ItiMiiurkN on doodling.
"A dishonest publlo oftlclal wbothor min
isterial , legislative or Judli.lal Is a publlo
menace , and should bo hunted down as u
bllghtorof publlo conlldoncc ; a peculator
and speculator upon the property and rights
f the publlo ; a per juror , who makes mer-
elinmmo for his own sollisli and corrupt pur
poses of iho contldunco and faith reposed
In him by the people ; worse than
k highway robber , bccauso his vic
tims , the people , have not a light
ing chance to protect themselves ere ho robs
them. That such person * have hold otllce
within the boundaries of this countv , und
within tlio stututo of limitation , is * CHI I to
manifest unless all Indications point the
.vrone way , Xoi' will you have to exorcise a
very high degree of diligence to llnd them if
you are looking for publlo criminals.
It Tul ' Two to "Hoodie. "
"A public oftlcer , cither of city , school or
county , who shall rocolvo , directly or Itull-
tectly , any money , present , reward , promise ,
contract , obligation or security with intent
expressed or Implied , that ho will bo In.
lluenced thereby directly or indirectly to ap
point or vola. for any parson for oflico ,
or to uxocuto any of the powers in
ului vested , or perform any duty of
him required with partiality or favor ,
or othorwlso than Is required by
law , or in consideration that no hath ap
pointed or .voted for any oftlco , or oxnrclsod
any power in him vested , or performed nny
duty of him required , with partiality or
favoa , or otherwise contrary to law , Is n pub-
, Uo criminal under the statutes of this state
us u receiver of bribe * , and the publlo poaru
and good order is , utid will be In danger
from hlro , so long us ho U permitted a resi
dence outsldo the \\alls of the penitentiary.
Nor wilt it changa the fact that bo may now
be out of oflico , having served bis torm. The
general welfare und safetv of tlio community
would bo enhanced by compelling hlui to
servo n term vvhoro bo would not bo acces
sible to bribes. Nor should you bo do-
col ved by appearances. Brlbor nnd bribed
nlilto , M other criminals , often appear to bo
moving In str.iiuht lines , when their ways
nro the most devious ntul serpentine. Nor
should you expect alwas to llnd a money con
sideration , paid direct as the price of the
bribery , as criminals generally act uoon the
prlnclplo of 'indirect radiation. ' It takes
two or more to commit tbocrlmo ot bribery
the briber and thu. bribed , purchaser nnd
7ollur both uro guilty , and both should receive -
coivo merited mention in your proceedings.
Kuch criminals as these ore dotluntlv walkIng -
Ing our streets , sncerlngly , brazenly , and
Insultingly bidding doflanco to the law that
Dunlshcs bribery , by asking -What are you
going to do about III' If you do your duly as
n grand Jury such criminals Will have no oc
casion or oxciiso for asking that question
Good rirlil Ucforc.
"wV llttlo well directed effort on your part ,
as grand Jurors , In the direction hero Indi
cated , would doubtless open up a Hold Into
which a stone could not bo thrown , without
hltlluga criminal. You should sco to It ,
that the stone is thrown and thrown hard.
You ewe It to yourselves , ho peonlo whom
you represent in your present service , and to
your sworn obligations to make that effort ,
and to make It with such an uncompromising
zeal that hereafter , n mark moro Indolibto
than that put upon Cain , shall bo stamped
upon their foreheads , marking them as
'ticket of loavo' men and moral blisters
upon the body politic.
"If any public ofllcor converts or diverts
the public funds under his care , or subject to
his direction or control ! or directly or ' "di-
roctly uses them In whole or In prrt for his
own , or bis fnonds' personal advantage , bon-
ellt or emolument' ho also Is a criminal , aad
you should not abate your energy , or torgot
your obligation , or bo discharged until nil
sucn publlo ofllcors , whether now In or out of
onico , nro made to Know , by proper bills of
Indlrtmont , if the evidence can bo had before
you by the exorclio of dillgonco on your part ,
that the people will not louccr bo robbed by
their public olllclals without a pronounced
protest , so long as there remains room for
convicts In the state penitentiary and a grand
Jury can bo found to do Its duty.
"Thoro comes up Irom thn people to you n
command that tbcro must now bo a forward
march all along the ilno of your duty. Oiva
heed to that cry for it comes from a patient
and long suffering ondurunco which has at
last reached Us limit. "
Judge Scott instructed the jury very
minutely In regard to Its duty concerning the
examination of tbo county Jail and ether in
stitutions , gambling , liquor-soiling , nnd also
on the law requiring the erection und main
tenance of lire escapes on buildings , particu
larly hotels , and concluded : '
Hit. I'.irllnu . Admonition.
"H will bo the duty of tfto county attorney
when demanded by you , and tor such of-
lenses , and ugalnst such person or persons as
you may designate and determine , to prepare
bills of Indictment for you. I have charged
you , when and for what purpose ho may bo
before you. Ho is to advise you upon nny
legal mutter when you may desire him to dose
so , and then his advice must bo confined to
legal matters not matters of fact or policy.
Vou should have no nolicy except to do your
whole duty , lot the consequences fall where
thov may. If at any tlmo you should
Imvo reason to bellovo that the prosecuting
attorney , iu advising you upon a legal matter -
tor , Is biased or prejudiced for or against a
person whoso acts you uro invostiaating , or
if you are in doubt about the correctness of
his advice you will bo at liberty to como into
court and the court will charge you as to
suoh legal matters. Or , if said atturnoy
neglects or refuses to Uls duty respecting
matters before you , you will report that fact
to the court.
"iTou will sit upon your own adjourn
ments , keeping in mind , however , that you
are to bo diligent In business , serving the
state , doing whatever your hands llnd you
to do , being actuated by tuatsamo high , hon
orable and impartial spirit and manliness
that actuates you when engaged in matters
of iho highest importance to yourselves , so
that when you shall have iinishod your work
you will have the approval of your own
consciences that you have done your whole
duty honestly , faithfully , fearlessly and
well. "
orvoiuc IN SIGHT.
Any Amount ol HIIHIIH'SX Itooliccl for the
IVbiuiirj-TITIH ol Court.
The seven judges of the district court were
present in the largo court room in the court
house when Sheriff Bcnnotl walked in and
In the presence of : CO lawyers , litigants and
spectators remarked in o , deep bass voice ,
"hear yo , hoar yo , hoar ye , the honorable ,
the district court ot tbo Fourth judicial dis
trict , in and for Douglas count } ' , state of Ne
braska , Is now open. "
It was the first aay of the tb'ebruary term
and a trlanco through the ( locket showed that
there were 2,4SO civil and 157 criminal cases
to bo disposed or before a final adjournment.
There was no journal to road and as a
result the members of the bench at once
commenced business. Judge Davis acted as
spokesman and ordered the clerk to call the
grand Jury. Ol Iho twonty-throo names
previously drawn from the box ,
all of the owners with the exception of
Thomas A. Dillon answered. Jndgo Davis
ordered an attachment for Air. Dillon. The
document was returnable at 'J o'clock in the
afternoon and commanded the sheriff to
bring the man into court to show cause why
ho should not bo flnod for contempt.
Tw grand Jurors , A. D. Smith nnd Samuel
Orchard , asked to bo excused. The former
mimed gentleman staled thut he was in
rhargo of Iho n. & M. railroad freight de
partment. Mr. Orchard stated that he was
sick , nnd to provo his statement , ho brought
along a doctor's certificate. Itoth mon were
excused for the term. Tbo ether members of
the bouy were excused until U o'clock , when
they ngaln appeared before Judge Scott to
rccolvo their instructions.
Fifty-eight of the petit Jurors responded
when their names were called. Thirty-four
of thorn wanted to bocxcubud.
Of these who did oseapo there were throe.
Alonzo O. Davis was dead. W. H. Coo had
removed to Ohio. Kov. Stephen Carroll was
a clergyman. A. L. Frank was clerk of tbo
United States court , and C. E. Squires was
under n doctor's caro.
The following court bailiffs worn appointed
for the term and assigned : Will Spauldlng
goes with Judge Ferguson , John Norborg
with Judgu Hopowoll , Harry Walker with
Judge Irvine , Mitchell Chapman with Judge
Uavis , J. K , Stafford with Judge ICiwsor ,
LouU Urcbowlth Judge Davis , and Hiram
T. Savngo with Judge Scott.
The followlne bar committee was an
nounced : B. M. Dartlott , I. K. Congdon , K.
It , Dulfoo , W. D. Ilockott and W. S. Curtis.
Judge Ooano stated that Thursday mornIng -
Ing ho would baud down decisions in the
cams of Hoaglnnd vs Paul , Dlibrow vs Cnso
& Kennedy , and the Helm Sash uiul lilind
factory vs i'aul.
Ono of the cases against the American Water
tor WorltH company was disposed of by
Judge Davis. It was tbo ault brought by
Shlrkloy , Harrison & Howard , The plain
tiffs brought suit in attachment to recover
two bills of cxchango , They claimed to have
sold a lareo quantity of iron pipe for which
payment had never been mado. Juduro Da
vis dismissed tbo attachment , holding that
the publlo property of a publlo corporation
had a publlo duty to perform and for that
reason could not bo hold undoilan attachment
to the inconvouionco of the publlo.
County Attorney Mahonov announced that
ho was ready to no on with thu criminal
business and that on Thursday mornlnc ho
would call up tbo cases against tbo saloonkeepers -
keepers who , without lint obtaining a county
or city license , hivvn operated aaloona ana
road houses within the two-mile limit. Up
to this data sixteen informations bavo been
lllod. Arrests have been made in all of the
cases and tbo sheriff Is now engaged In serv
ing notlcoi end summoning witnesses. It is
understood that Frank Shannon Isthojlrst
man who will bo placed upon trial ana that
the uttornoy for the county will make that a
test cuso.
It doei not pay to Int a cough contlnuo.
Stop yours now with I'iso's Cure for Con
tumptlon. i.5o. All druggists.
Union soap is Iclnsr of soaps.
Flvn Mt'iiiliur * lit ii ramlly roltoneil.
New YoitK , Fob , 1. Advlcos from Klng $ .
ton , Jamaica , state that IIvo of a family were
nolsonod by eating wild oabbigo.
Thirty yoara ngo Isaac Cook started the
cole bra ted Imperial C'aumpagiio. They now
waka lU.txWbottloi a day. It's oxtru dry
Every grocer handles Union soap.
Dssperato Attempt to Wreck a Union Pacific
' Passenger Train.
Krarnry roller Arc Inirstlgnlltif : ( lioAlliilr ,
but thn U'liolr llttslnpst I * Shrouded
In MyMi-ij miinr .Sl.ttc
Ni'wn of lnteiT l.
Nob.1 , Fob. 1. [ Spsclal Telegram -
gram toTiiK UEK. | A sonsatlon was devel
oped hero this afternoon by finding n largo
dynamite cartridge placed on n switch on the
Union Pacific track near West Kearney. It
was primed and all ready for business and
would have wrecked1 the east bound passon-
Ror , which was about duo when thooxploslvo
was found. A couple of small boys who were
walking on the track made the discovery and
carried the cartridge to the city and gave It
to the police , together with what information
they possessed regarding the affair. The
whole thing Is shrouded In mystery , as
nothing of the kind has over been used or
sold hero. The police nro at work trying to
ferret out the perpetrators of the deed ,
UiiptUI .MlnUtiM * InSrssloii.
\sni.\xit , Nob. , Fob. 1. [ Special Telegram
to run Br.K.J A council of the State Asso
ciation of Baptist churches mot in this city
today to decide whether or net the Immanuel
liantlst church of this city should bo rocog-
unlzcd by the stale association. The mcott
Ing , welch was to have boon public , was
made secret. Kach faction wont Into the
council with bright hopes of success. The
following delegates are present : Kov. O. A.
Williams ot the First Baptist church of
Lincoln , Hov. C. A. Terry of East Lincoln ,
Kov. W. L. Davidson of North Lincoln ,
Kov. H. A. Dorty of P.ilmyni , Kov. J. M.
Wood of Plattsmmith , Kov. M. W. Lewis of
Nobraskn Cltv , Kov. J. K. Bond of South
Kussoll , llov. Mr. Kuisoll of Ord , Dr. Wood
of Lincoln and n few others. The council is
In session at the Immaiuiol church tonight
and will probably not adjourn before mid
night. None of the proceedings will bo mndo
publlo until tomorrow , when something in
teresting Is anticipated.
.loliliion County Notes.
TECL-MSKII , Nob. , Fob. 1. [ Special to TUB
BKB. ] Saturday was hold the closing exercises -
cisos ot the Johnson County Horticultural
Society and Farmers' Institute. The meet
ings of the horticulture were held on January
'M and 27 , with Mr. E. O. Jurv as president
and Mr. W. II. Harris soi-rotnr.v. There was
a remarkable llr.o showing of apples for
which liberal premiums were offered. The
Horticulture society is In a flourishing con
dition. Stops word taken to invest u portion
of the surplus funds in a horticulture library.
The Farmers' institute sessions began on
January US with an address by Hon. A. A.
Carman , president.
Successful Turin Closed.
NEMQII , Nob. , Fob. -Special [ to THE
Bnn.J Saturday evening Judge F. O. C.
Harrison of Grand Island closed ono of the
longest and most successful terms ot court
over held in this county. Tno court opened
on Tuesday , January 18 , with Judge-elect
W. T. Allen of Madison on the bench , und T.
H. Pollock , clork-olect , and Hazen , the
newly appointed reporter , in his place , also
Sheriff Uoorgo Haviland on band. That
moans a full all I unco force , From that time
until Tuesday last case after cuso wus
rushed to trial and thirteen Jury cases were
disposed of.
Kooloy Institute lor O'Neill.
O'Ncn.L , Nob. , Fob. 1. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : BKII.J At a mooting today of the
projectors of the Keeloy institute to bo
erected hero it was developed that fnvorablo
word hod boon rocolvod from Blair nnd n
telegram was sent this afternoon instructing
thu Kooloy people to cotno uo tomorrow and
close the deal. The institute will bo in run
ning ardor inside of thirty days. O'Neill
people are quita jubilant at the prospects , es
pecially as there was a hitch for snmo time.
Court lit I'runiont.
FUSMONT , Nob. , Fob. 1. [ Special to Tun
BBK.J 'L'ho February term of tbo district
court opened hero thfs morning , with Judge
Sullivan on tbo bench , this being bis tirst
appearance in Fremont in a judicial capacity.
A grand jury is also in session for Iho first
tlmo In two years. Among other work to bo
done by this grand jury Is to formulate an
indictment against Charles Bohrondt for tbo
murder of his brother on Cnristmas Eva
last , at their homo near Scribncr.
Kearney' * Out Meut Mill.
KniitNKV. Neb. , Fob. 1. [ Special Telegram
gram to THIS BEE.Tho ] wheels of the Kearney -
noy oat meal mill were got In motion today.
The mill is complete and capable ol
turning out a high grade article , its capac
ity is JJfty barrels pur day , and tbo company
has commenced business with a lurgo num
ber of orders from western dealers. The
management is : E. P. Snodckor , president ;
Albert Snare , secretary and treasurer and
K. M. Kankln , general manager ,
Until lor Cluisu County.
iMl'i'.iiiAt , Nob. , Fob. 1. [ Special Telegram
gram to Tin : Bun. ] A mass meeting of the
citizens of Chase county was hold at the
court house hero last Saturday to consider
the proposition of the Coodland Artificial
Knin company to give tour test rains hero
during the coming season. A largo percent
age of the people of the county were bora
and arrangements were perfected looking to
the acceptance of the proposition.
Coliiinliiix l.lll
COUJMIIUS , NobFob. 1. ( Special Telegram
toTiuiBiSB. ] Judge J. J. Sullivan commenced
u three woeks' session of district court hern
this morning. The day was principally spent
in selecting a jury. There are 117 civil and
seven criminal cases on the docket for trial.
Tbo moro important cases are these asking
damages for .slander. There are a loss num
ber of cases on the docket than usual.
Illiilr'H Ne\c Dully.
Ili.Aiii , Nob. , F.ob 1 [ Lpocial Telegram to
Tun BKE.J The Evening Kocord Is a now
enterprise just started here by Manard and
Hamilton , proprietors of the Courier of this
plnco , It consists of an evening dally , Issued
every evening except Sunday. It is n four-
page , six column paper , The flrst issue was
u'lvon to the public this ovonlng , It claims
not to have any politics ,
DoWltt'a Llttlo Early lasers. Doit llttlo
pill ever raado. Cure constipation ovary
tlmo. None equal. Use them noiv.
TiiKt of a Xttw ISIitutrla .Motor .Sjntum Moon
to I In Miidr ,
Street railway men , tbo country over , ere
very much interested in a test soon to bo
made In Chicago of u now underground trol
ley electric street railway.
Tbo new system is practically tbo overhead
trolley syutom newly applied. It takoi Iho
overhead wire , which has proved a practical
success , and transfer * It from a po in above
tbo ground to a conduit below thosurfaco and
directly underneath the track It employs u
complete metallic circuit , by which tbo cur
rent , af tor being used , passes back again over
its own wlro instead of being discharged
through iho rail , 03 U the case in overhead
s , ) stems. The now system is thus said to bo
made absolutely safe.
The line couduo.ors are of heavy copper
wire , nine-sixteenths of an inch thick. They
are suspended beneath the truou by moans of
movable huulators , Attached to the car is
an Ingenious trolley devlco through which
the current pisses into tbo motor , thence
to Iho lighting and heating apparatus , and
dually back to tha return conductor. The
trolley is likewise capable of motion in uny
Thu current is brought up from the roppor
conductors ouucath by meiiiib of a slot rail
which is not unlike the slot used In cubU
systems U is so constructed that It forma a
perfect steel roof over the conductor , and
protects them from all kinds ol weather.
Thu slot rail has not a nut or screw in it , tut
Is bold in Us place by a clamp , with ample
space for luterul uiovcuivut. This device
overcomes the contradtion and expansion so
common in cable rallw.iyV , for the width of
the xlotcan boadJustctliFRt nny point In its
length by means of a loyjqr.
In mechanical construction the reid con
forms almost exactly xyilh cable construction
except that the voko Is twenty Inches Instead
of forty-ilvo Inches doofn ) ThU Improvement
obviates the moving offlq\vor [ , IMS , and water
mains along the lines where Iho road might
bo extended. To rair'ovo ' the danger ot the
conduit filling with > vnt.-jr mnnholos are
placed at distances pt twenty-live yokes
apart , which drain the jvjup.r through traps
Into the iowor.
The power for running the electrical
apparatus Is obtained fit the powor-houso of
the Lincoln iivonuo cable line , where n 1 . " > ( ) -
hone power tronoratcir' Is now boltig sot up.
A uniform voltage of t > 00 will bo used for
running thu system , the came as Is required
for the old overhead trolley system ,
Ono of the main advantages of the now
system is that nny electric motor to which
can bo attached the anparatus for taking the
electric current from beneath can bo utilized.
Its advantages over other motors are said to
be that the motor man's platform Is elevated
sixteen Inches nbovo the regular surface of
the car , which not only gives him the oppor
tunity of exorcising greater vigilance while
running , but also servos to keep the motor
up out of tbo slush of the streets. It Is also
provided with four traction wheels , and it is
claimed that five or six loixdod trailers can
bo drawn with caso.
The now line will commence regular work
by February 15 , and A. O. Wheeler , the
superintendent of the Love Electric Tsaction
com pan v , says ho will bo able to make n
practical Uemon'tratlon of the working of
the now system during the unfavorable
weather of February nnd March that will
surprise the people who Imvo been Inclined
to doubt iho ofllctency of the invention.
Constipation poisons tno blood ; DoWitt's
Llttlu Enrly Klsors euro constipation. The
cause removed , the disease Is cone.
For SpiMMl mill C Mli Viilnn This Colt Hpiiti
Them All.
Arlon , the celebrated 2-year-old stallipn
sold by Ariel Lathrop , representative for
Senator Stanford of San Francisco , Cal. , to
J. Malcolm Forbusof Boston , for the princely
sum of $150,000 , passed through Omaha
onrouto for Boston.
Arlon holds the world's record for U-yoar-
olds , 2l02j. a marvelous performance. Ho
is a trotter and trotter bred , and without
question brought the highest prlco over paid
lor a horse. Axtell , with a K-yoar-old mark
of 2:12 : broughtIOo,000 , which was , up to tbo
present sale , the highest llguro over put up
for a single piece of horse llosh.
Marvin , ono of the mon curing for the colt
on this trip , says of bis future :
"Tho colt is to bo placed on Mr. Forbes'
farm near Boston , and In the hands of a corn-
potent trainer will bo given every opportun
ity foi bettering his mark. Nothing will
stand in the way of his making n great record
in this ana the following seasons unless it bo
sickness or accident , lie is as sound as a
young hor.o can bo. In the perfect contour
of his body there is but one blemish. When
ho was a weanling ho wus in a , paddock with
a number of others of the satno ngo. Ono day
three or four of them-woro playing , and In u
strugirlo Arion reared up and fell over back
wards , another colt stopping on his hind log
just nbovo the coronet. The injury
was slight , but It/did not put turn
In the kindorirarton , but lot him run
out until ho Ya3 comiug two juars old. In all
his work and his fast' fnllo ho has never
shown the slightest Weakness or the lirst
sign of giving way In Ills'logs or body. "
U hat Forbes hoposArlon's work will bo ,
Marvin would not sajv A California corre
spondent in tha Horseman says :
It is a surprise to 119 quo who knows the
condition of affairs at Ralo Alto thutArion
was sold. It is ono of Senator Stanford's pet
sayings that overythinifr'nt Palo Alto is for
sale , but If there is-anything which Palo
Alto wishes to keep tlwy.can manage to do it.
Had they wanted Arion to succeed Elec
tioneer ho would have remained thorp , and
with the brilliant prospect which ho new has
of becoming the king of the trotting turf ono
would expect , that ho would bo kept at homo ,
but as speedy as bo is , Senator Stanford has
a choice ever him for a stock horse. And
you who Have so bitterly waged the war be
tween the bouses of Wilkcs and Electioneer
will bo surprised to know llmt the man who
owned Electioneer and gave him the oppor
tunity for his greatness has chosen as bis
idcaffrom all the magnificent sons of the
dead hero ono that is out of a Ueorgo Wilkcs
mare , tno colt , now 4 years old , by Elec
tioneer , out of Lulu Wilkcs , by George
Wllkes ; second dam Lula , 2:15 : , by Alex
ander's Norman : third dam thoroughbred ,
by imp. Hooton. His name is Advertiser ,
und coming to the track at the end of a three
month's sickness ho , '
trotted to a 't-ycar-old
murk of 3:10. That colt Is the Palo Alto
choice over Arlon , son of Electioneer and
Manotte , by Nutwood.
Naturally so great a sale as this sots ono to
thinking of the advancement that has been
nmdo in horse prices , and incidentally ono is
moved to the thought of the amount of money
which has actually bceu created by the
breeders. U ho foundation for the trotting
farms of California came from the east at
comparatively small prices , oven in the days
when prices werobmall. Twenty-five years
of breeding under sunny skies and on ever
green pastures , and back to ill o east is going
the blood which came hero , And at what
an advance upon the original cost ! When
ono looks over the list nnd SCM .such figures
as Arlon ? 11)0,000 ) ( estimated ) ; Antoeo ,
$ (15,000 ( ; Boll Boy , 851,000 ; Sunol , $15.00 ! ) ;
Mascot , * 2G,000 ; Alcazar , fJII.OOO ; Woodnut ,
$ . ' 0,000 : Antovolo , $18,01)0 ) , und moro than a
dozen others that have gene for $10.000 and
nvor , ono can como to a roali/ation of iho en
ormous values that have ooon actually
created , \Vlthalltho records aiid the hlglr
est priced hire to bur credit , California can
wish for llttlo moro.
No gripping , no nausea , no pain when Do-
Witt's Liltlo Early KUori are taken. Small
pill. Safe pill. Best , pill.
ir/.i rin i"ortirc' .
OMVIIA. Fob. 1. f
The storm which was central in Iowa yes-
tcrday morning was central in Wisconsin last
evening. Cloudy , rainy weather prevails ever
the northern central portion of the country.
The warm wave attending the storm is now
east of tbo Mississippi , where very mild
weather prevails. A high barometer , of
llttlo force , however , covers the northwest
where temperatures uro below Iroozlng , No
severe cold wouttier is , bowovor , reported
from auy point.
For Eastern Nebraska Fair weather ,
fihghtly colder , northwest to north winds
during Tuesday.
For Omaha and Vicinity Clciring to fair
and colder woatbor during Tuesday. No
decidedly cold weather is expected with this
clearing condition.
WASIIINOTOV. D. C.c < Fflb. 1. For Missouri
Colder northwostuiiwlnds. threatening
woathcr nnd probably snow Tuojday , clear
ing ( Tuesday night , and probably fair
Wednesday. tJ < "
For Kansas Continued cold northwest
winds ; generally fmrjTiipjJuy , probably fair
Wednesday. , ( ,
For Nebraska nnd tha Dakotas Oonorally
clear weather ; eoldorin'east portions ; prob
nbly clear Wednesday. ' '
Kor Iowa Colder Worth winds , clearing
weather , probably fair' weather , variable
winds. V" '
Mrs , Wmslow'a Soothing Syrup for chil
dren luothlng cures Wind colic , dlarrhwa ,
etc. 25 cents a botllau "
' - .
The Jester : Mntmlmvlth ( some show
of Indignation ) I h/tvo / called you three
timed , F tun very lariiji unnoyed.
Clmrllo ( who Is fund of bible Rtorios )
Well , the Lord c.iflud Samuel three
times , and he illiln't L'ol mail about it
did ho ?
CUUK3 1'JlOmiLY ANll 1'F.nMJtNCNTI.y
Lumbago , Ilcmlnclio , Toothache ,
Qri3tT.Elja..L.SI L.
Bore Throat , Swolllnga , I'nist-Ijltce ,
Spralna. liruUo * , lliirun , Scaldi.
Rocjc Island Officials Hofusoto Obey a Oourt
If Tlipy U'nro Uequr-itpil lit All It wm by
IVrvin * . Not AotliorL/t'il t Act'
for Unit Itiillniiiil
LINCOLN , Neb. , Fob. 1 [ Special to Tun
DOE. | 'Jtio cmlor or.hulRO Llnsin ? cnlllup
upon tha Uock Island Kallroad company to
pay Into court the sum of t I2,00i ) , Hint bolnc
the vnluo sot upon her property by tUo rlRht
of way nppr.tlserd , lias rosullod In Just what ,
was expected trouble. When the uppralsors
were appoiutod It was suuposocl thut tuolr
appointment was made at tlio ro-
qunot of men ruitlionml to do so by
the company. It transolros dlfforcuUy ,
liowovcr. W. F. Evnns , assistant Roncrnl
solicitor for the Chicago , Kansas & Nebraska
railroad company , with he.ulqunrtoM at
Topckn , arrived In Lincoln today In response
to the order of the court , but if ho brought
iho $12,000 In cold c.ish Ho failed to make the
fact known. On the ether hand ho insisted
emphatically thatliU company had authorized
no ono to request the appomtmont , of ap
praisers and it Is certain thai the Kock lulnnl
people will disclaim nil nnd any responsi
bility for the actions of iho appraisers.
The appraisers referred to were appointed
early In December by County .IndRO btownrt
and they Immedlatuly sot to work. Thov
condemned n right of way for the Hook
Island through the city from I31.rl.Ui and S
streets south to Q street , and appraised the
nroHorty so condemned. It now transpires
Hint the appraiser * were apnolntod at the
request of u real estate agent" who acted in
the interests of the west sldo property
owners. Some interesting developments ara
Dun In lilt OH ll Cnrrli'ssiirni.
Coroner Crhn todav hold an inquest over
the remains of Mnrtiii Paullck , the man run
down and kllloil yesterday afternoon by n
Uurlington engine. The testimony proved
conclusively that I'nulick had boon fully
warned of the approach nf the train. Ho
was walking unconcornoilly along in advance -
vance of the train , and when shouted to ro-
pllod that ho guessed ho had time enough to
got out of the way. He was killed instantly
and tdo Jury rendered a verdict tint his
death was duo to his own carelessness.
Signed Once Moiv.
The fact that when the cttUons of Lincoln
go after a peed thing they generally got It
was empnasi/od again today by the signing
of the Html contracts for the erection of thu
Lincoln Normal university. Tnls Is the in
stitution that Prof. Groan of tjhonandonh
nroposed to bring bore but which ho fulled to
deliver. The citizens of Lincoln at once
made u now deal and the Iowa professor
doson'tsocm ' to bo in it. y. McClny and E.
K. Slzor guarantee the erection of a J75,000
building , and work will commence at once.
Oilils anil KniN.
The Lincoln police force made 191 arrests
during the month of January.
Among the now buildings to to erected in
Lincoln this spring will bo an olcgaut pressed
brick structure by W. J. Tumor at Twofth
and H , to cosV In iho neighborhood of $40,000.
Miss Cora Dlnges , n young Lincoln girl ,
was toduy sent to tbo hospital , having boon
adjudged' insane.
Frank Kaufman , who asked dnmairos from
Uhiof of P.olico Dlngea for mnliing a false
return on a writ of habeas corpus , was disap
pointed , as .1 nil co Lansing today dismissed
iho caso.
Up to the present writing no man on the
Norfolk police force has developed Iho sand
to tnko Milt Hooker , the burly crook , to thai
city. Hooker is still in jail tibro.
A veritable family medicine box. Beocuam's
Dr. Birnoy.nosound throat. BKK
o -
The plagruo of professional beggars ,
like the grip , SOUIIIB to bo sprouding
rnthor wldoly. In 1'aris the thing hub
increased to Mich nil extent that an olli-
etal investigation is proposed. Several
jolly journalists and prominent literary
inun conceived the idea of entering the
mendicant profession and practising
mendicity in the streotb of Paris. Their
success went beyond tnoir wildest
dreams. The average fcos of oacli novice -
vice amounted to about 20 francs a day ,
nnd it is believed that with a little more
experience in the business they could
increase their prollts largely. M. Louis
Paulian and M. Ilugues Lo Roux wore
the most successful beggars rf the now
literary branch of the profession.
A srory is told of a number of those
bogus beggars calling upon the Due
d'Aunmlo with all sorts of heartrending
stories and appeals for relief. The dulcn
gave each ono 5 francs until ho wiib
snowed under with prayers and uloss-
ings At last a gonuinonienibor in good
standing anpearod. "I have relieved
about twenty mendicants of letter
today , "said the duke , "ami I recognized
thorn all , in spite of their rags ; but J
don't Uncnv yon ; you must bo a bogus lit
erary man. Git out ! "
M I'aulimi's investigations revealed a
crowd of impostors on the boulevards ,
including counterfeit ono at med men , in
geniously constructed cripples , and blind
inon who could sue. He proposes to in
troduce a hill for the suppression of the
mendicants on the Htrcots of Paris.
( Jessler's Maglo Headache Wafer cures all
hcudnchoj in 0 minutes. At all druggists.
.John ItttiiH'iiiheri'il It.
Boston Post : Johnny What is the
difference , pa , between paticnco and
stubbornness nnd tenacity'1 ;
Ilia Pa ( who is very wealthy and
Icnowh ) The first is praised , the second
Is blainod and the third advertises in the
newspapers and does
A very small plli , but a vorv goad ono. Do
Witt's llttlo liarly Klo .
Dizziness , or Swimming If ) the Head , Wind ,
Pain , and Spasm at the Stomach , Pains In
the Back , Cra el , and tying Pains la the
Dodjr , Rheumatism , etc ,
, -.Tako four , five or even six of Deecliain's' '
; PjlU , nnd in nine catit nut a/ttn.tAty wit ! , '
, eivtretifintwinty . > xuttt : fertile pills. .
will go direct to cml remove the cause , the' '
cauit being no more nor less Uian wind , , '
together with poisonous anil noilousa - <
pours , and sometime- , unwholesome food , '
OlaU druirBi.ii. I'rlco 2R centsa box. ]
New York Repot , 365 Canal Si. Mi
Hjll rviriiliirly dnrlnt winter frmu
C'jitlu HJun.l iipworili nccoiij uabln , IU btoor.iio
ut lu > r r.uoi No AT rti. i Aiutii.u
Now York an ] ( ilaigow KurtnUli'ly
Cublailo. bcdiiij Calilu'JV. btourj.ollJ. Apply
Io AI.IMN A IO illluunlLI ! MJJIJ ) WilnU
UUlcu , > V Ii' VAtliilu uim 4 I'Uil. UU ) 4
TIIKAiaiKXT .1 iwsiM TinN'T PORRT.T -
There' * Notlilnct 1. .
Natural Tolly
, „ , , , „ , , .
.1 IMV.
1't'UK anil fresh m rpsrkllnff wntor.yol wondorfiil
YOl's > KK It'iiciiiipjiilriUod Oxyttrn stornt upllfo.
YOU INIIAt.i : the wnrtn , itch oyBcnntr < l vnpor.
l.MMKDIATKI.V It nnrnis > otlu > , exlilllorntos
( IIVI S niU'rllto ' nnd nwppt slopp , imtur.illr.
IIK TOilKii ttionliMtenMlnprvoimy-tnm.
HKl'KltATi : Specific mod forcntnrrh.
THIS fvaturoli Krnnd-unfnlllnK.
Ono \\VckN \ \ Tlrkot AbMilutdy Five.
Spfclllo Oxygen poillUoly enro § I'ntnrrh , Itron
chltlv AKthnm , l.n < lrl'l | ' > iCon iitiiptlon.IUcndnclip.
lr pop ln , Nor ou < I'ni'trntlon
KMINKNT plD-li'l"- Inrlm-coof Onmlin unices.
Connultntlon nnd Oxecn .M.inunl Krco.
Cnllor write. llniuUpd * linpplly Imrc.
Till : SPKCIKIO ( l.\YtK.V CO. .
S10 Sliccly Itlock. cur. IMh nnd lltnvariltrecti ,
Omiitin , Nobriinkn
Mnln lu'niliiM.Trti'rs nnd l.nbornlorlcNnslirllla ,
Toniit' sco.
" All she lacks of beauty
is a little plumpness. "
This is a frequent thought ,
and a wholesome one.
All of a baby's beauty is
due to fat , and nearly all of a
woman's we know it as
curves and dimples.
What plumpness has to do
with health is told in a little
book on CAREFUL LIVING ; sent
Would you rather be
healthy or beautiful ? "Both"
is the proper answer.
Scoirft IJowNnChcml u. ijiRoutli tih Avrnue ,
New York.
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oil all druggists everywhere io. ft.
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Dr. Acker's English Pills
RmHll , i > Ieu nnt. n rnvorllc llitlio ! Incite * .
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For sale by Kulm it Co. , mid Shermnn
McConnell , Oinulia.
It is not
to m o d a 1 B ,
adges or tbe
Insignia of royal
favor that the qroat-
eat of all specialists.
Owe their wonderful per- /
nonal and professional - /
al popularlty.They
won tliolr hon
ors by their /
In the scientific
treatment and success
ful euro of over 86.OOO
cases of these NERVOUS.
DISEASES which are BO for
midable to the medical profes
sion In general ,
have proven that they
possess extraordinary
ability and skill.
. the
as well as Stric
ture , Hydrocole ,
Varlcocelo anil Rectal
troubles , their aucccsa
has been truly marvelous
Therefore , they are entitled to
wear the omblema of the hloh-
est honors , lor these they have
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Bend 4c for their now book of
12Opauc3. Consultation la also
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\Vo riil tlio marvrlnni French
Ilmnoily CALTHO8 > < - < , unit ituurantuutlmt UALTIIOI lll
KTOI > DUeliarau A > .
I'lf III' Kiprinuliirrlirn. V ttrlr < Hle
Mid Hl'.S I OIIK l.oi.t \ leur.
I'lf it anJ fav iftatiifitd
Mlrta , VON MOHL CO. ,
fWU Aurrlnu < tr U , ( loelueitl , Olio.
National Bank.
. . . . . . $100,0 ! ) : )
rtuiii lilructorillonry W Yatoi. yro.Utonti
It C t'n.liliu , vluJ prtiilik'nt. C rl VluurlcuY. . v
Jlur.u , Jolni M. I'ollliu , J N , II I'atrlck l-ewlir ) .
, ! muter.
Corner IHlli , iud Varna m Hu.
After Yo.irq of Uusuooossful Saarch for
Cure , Mnrtltv Aiulsrson Gets Heliol'fron
the Chlnaso Doctor A Voluntary Testl
OMAHA , Nob. . .Inn. 18 , 18)2. ! )
To whom It May Concern :
This is to certify thut. 1 Imvo boon a
constant sutToror for many years with
catarrh , asthma and bronchial iilToc-
tfons of thu throat , ami tried all the
Diitont medicines ami ronuitlloa I overheard
hoard of , hut with no success. I tieatetl
with doctors in various parts of the
country , bul none of tliom foiiltl do m
any good furl nor than tflvin j mo aliorl
to in por.iry relief. I MilTorod uiirluaiul
iltiy. and continued to jjrow worse not
withstanding all the meilicino I had
In ken. 1 had almost uivcn up my cuso
as hopeless when I was Informotl by u
friend of Dr. C. Gee Wo , the Chini-su
doctor , nnd advised to tjo and > ee him in
the hope of petting i-oliof at least , if not
a permanent euro for my trouble. 1 was
slow in iniikinji up my mind to tniilco
such a radical change m my treatment ,
as I know a trial witli the Chinese decor -
or would brinjj m > , but I dually con-
hided to glvo him n tri il , so I c.xllod tit
his olfico with that , intention. 1 found
thn doctor a clover , entertaining1 pentlo-
man , thoroughly posted on my condi
tion , and it took only a very short tlmo
to convince mo that ho was the purty I
was HO loiifj in search of. Uo told mo
my case was curable , and that ho could
euro mo , and prepared mo a special
treatment to suit my condition , und in
two weoUs 1 was s-o much bettor that F
had the fullest confidence in the doctor's
ability and committed my case to his
treatment. I continued to grow better
rapidly and tun now entirely well. I
ewe my cure to Dr. C Oco Wo , and am
not ashamed to admit it. I advise all
who want relief from their troubles to
call on Dr. C. Goo Wo , and they will bo
cured. For all particulars apply or
write to MAttri.v L. Axomtsotf ,
; { 121 Ginning St. , Omiihn , Nob.
DH. C. G13H WO ,
KoKiilar uniilnalo of ( Jhlncsu medicine. oU'ht
years'study , ten years' pi HIM Ice. Trer..x IIL'-
cessfnlly all ( Ilioascs Unoun to sullerlii hu
UuutM , plants and herbs nature's remedies
his medicines the world his wltnpss ; IODD tos-
thnonla'a. .Call and see him , Consultation
free. Uasuiso constantly on bund lomodlus
for the following diseases ready pruparo'li
Asthma , Catarrh , Ithuiimiill.siii , ImllKcstlof ,
Lost Mnnhno'l. Knimiio Wo.iLuc-ss. Sick llo.l I-
nebP , Blood I'urlflnr. nnd Kldn y and Mviv.
I'llce , one dollar pur bottle or nix for five ilii-
Inrx. Those nho cannot , rail , enclose 'J-citi
Htnnip for question list anil full p irtli'itlars.
Cilice , Cor. 10thind California Sts. , Omnlu.
For Consumptives and In
valids must surely be tlu
most wholesome for thos
who use it as a beverage.
Io the b'Bt for all purposes , bs-
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turo. Ic IB excojdinirly pleasant to
the taste and. has a dollolous bou
N. B. It doesn't burn nor Boald
the throat or atom ich llko inferior
whisk jya It is recommended by
the boat physicians.
Sold on.y at high class hotuls ,
drunr nnd liquor BtorrB.
& CO. , OHIOAdO.
Eanlly , Quickly , Permanently Restored.
AVeuknc. . . NfrvoiiKiifim , Ilclilllly. Dnd nil
tncuralii or OTlla from uurly orriiraurlnlvr eipcsien ,
tliu results of overwork , nUkncaa , worry , etc. I'ult
etrcniftli , ilorclupiuunt , and tnnu irlvun Io c\crjr
organ und portion ol tliu body. Bliuplo , natural
methods. Jmmcdlntri lnii > nivcnicnt wen. Kulliira
ImiiusMUlo 2u > 0 riifcriMicpii. Honk , ( xiilunuUoui
null prnnm mailed isonlcd ) froo. .Addrcts
INSTANT Rfcl.lEF. i'lnnicuTe
mluditn , niiit n < i > er returns. No
U > liiriorio | lvolMHMiioi | < ilory..Suf-
fcrerii William nf a RhnpUi riimrny ! * > > liyad-
dres.luiiTUITI.U.lUO.,78Nas uht.N. Y.Uily.
I Till !
Theater I , AUAIN ,
Huvunteuiitli iinil lluriuiy MtiootH.
Tiirno ISi lilH Only , CoinniRii
Itlomlny , I'YDrii try 1 ,
Ail Hiitlruly Nuw Killlliin of
Triumph of tlio World KUIIHMH
Itl Kur , ( li.uulir , I'liNiHilur Tlmn Kvcr. Most
Klulxinitu Trunsfornmtloii H-'uuii Kvcr
Buli'opuns Saturday morn In ; , ' . I'siuil prices
OIKI Solid Ucok , ( omnutiiuliiHuii ( < liiy
Atntinr1 , ifiuiiiiii'/ .
Katiroa. Wednesday and latnrJay ,
New I' OMAIIA'rt
Theater.L I'AVOHITi :
Biivuntuentli unil llurnuy Mrrula.
A Struggle for Life ,
Tlinuntlro press of Now Vnrk proiioiuivuit
this llui Kruntusl MJonlo imiloilramutlo produc
tion of tlm 111:0. Hmur.luy ( ivonlnv , liy xpuclal
rvqnost , M.r I'iiuldliiK will jirusoni Toliln'a
iniUcliIrm comedy In four nuts , Till ; I1UN-
i : VMOO.N. I'rk'di its
Ooinliu l.iiiiiililnu fustlvnl , "U nnd I , "
Hiiniliiy und Monday.
( "or. Dili uuil Kuriiam Ml. U'uofc Ooairuoncln.1 Mini *
day , Tub. I.
I/AMPHITUITK , the Angel of the Air.
'Ililn uarrvluui IHuilon | not iiru.enlml tin
durkonod ntn/u. but on n brilliantly IlKlitod lu <
il vrltli 0coniry Iiolatuillu npnou , i > Uu HOHU In
I'vi'rr Ulrtictlon thruunli ( lie air Cliarlui TrlM | > ,
arinlui > nrtlit. lr , Walto'K H.i.liu" Co. KlulJInu'i
VuuJorlHu ntart
ntartIdlnie. . 0 ( > o. tulOp m dally ,