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DcilM'trdby Cnrtlcr tonny part of Uio City
Huslncss OfHco . No 41
r . No ! U
N , V. Plumblnp Co.
Council Hluffs Lumber Co. , conl.
Croft's chattel loans. 201 Kapp blocf.
Prank .Jonos was arrested last evening on
clmrgo of disturbing the pence.
The rcRiilar convocation of Star chapter
No. 47 Hoyal Arch .Musons will bo hold Uus
The members of the Union Votoral I.OK on
ttcndod somros at the Firit Presbyterian
church In n body lost ovcnlntr.
The Council muffs presbytery meets this
evening In the parlors of the First rrcoy-
tcrlan church. The district Includes seven
teen counties In the south wcstci n nart of
Iowa , nnd delegates will probably bo present
from nil the churches.
C. H. Moore was arrostoil yesterday for
vagrancy. Ho had with him a couple of
urclnglos that \\ero supposed to have been
The young men will { meet at the Grand
hotel iht" evening to perfect arrangements
for the party to Do given Friday evening ,
February 1'J.
The beautiful weather of yesterday took
every rig out of nearly every livery stnblo In
the city , nnd In splto of the muddy loads ,
driving was the main amusement of the day
Walter O'Keolo was found lying prostrate
upon the pavement of lower iMain utrcot
yesterday , where ho had been put to sloop in
n hand to hand contest with a tremendous
Jag. Ho slept off the uvll effects in the city
The glove contest , which has already been
mentioned In Tin : BKU , between J. 15. bam-
plpy nnd Hufus Chonto Mynstcr will tnko
place nt Ijohuny's opera house on the evening
of February ft , the articles having been
drawn up and signed by the parties. It will
bo fought In ton rounds for points and live
ounce gloves will bo used.
For some time past subscribers to THE OEE
have boon greatly annoyed by paper thieves ,
and the police have boon on the special look
out. Yesterday evening rt nowaboy was
caught stealing the paper from II. A Balrd's
store , on Broad way. The llttlo follow bcpgod
penitently , but was placed behind the bars ,
and will have a hearing before Judge McOeo
this morning. The watch is to bo kept up ,
and other arrests will follow unless the petty
thieving Is stopped.
William Arranx was arrested yebtorrtay
afternoon on n charge of vagrancy. Several
mornings ago Ij. W. BooUhotT , bartender nt
the St. Joe house , found u man in his plnco
when ho wont to open for the day. As soon
ns ho appeared on the scene the follow
jumped out of the back window nnd disap
peared. Armiix has been sleeping in an
empty room in the St. .Too house every night
lately , nnd it is thoucht ho can Do Identified
as the ono who broke Into the saloon. Ho
will have a hearing In police court this inorn-
Ono of the most plcnsunt events of the
week will bo the concert fjlven bv the
C. M. 13. A. in Hughes' hull Wednesday
evening. Admission only 25c.
tVo have our own vinayartls in Califor
nia. Jut-vis Wino comu.uiy , Co. BtulTa
Jurvlswild bluett berry fa the bast.
pjiiisoy.i i > i' A it. t a it A ! i is.
W. C. E top is In Cincinnati for a visit of r.
couple of weeks.
( Uty Attorney Stewart returned yesterday
from Washington , D. C.
M. Pfoifforhas returned from a visit of a
week with friends in Lincoln , Nob.
Captain E. H. Ward of Philadelphia is In
the city a guest of the family of E B. Bow
man. Ho Is a member of the United States ,
Mrs. Jessie Gaynor and llttlo daughter ,
who have boon visiting the Misses Ilosa for
the past wcok , loft last evening for their
homo In St. Joseph , Mo.
The Catholic Mutual Benefit nssociiv
tion will give a concert in Hughes' hall
Wednesday evening , Fobrutir.v 3. It will
bo BOinothinjj more tluin an ordinary
event , and tickets tire only 25c.
Ytu'iil Music.
Prof. T. W. Davis , teacher of voice
find note reading. Lo&sons private ,
Call or address at Grand hotel , Council
The only reliable treatment known foi
diphtheria is Dr. .TotToris' treatment
For Btilo by Do lloven , Davis and
Bcardsloy. _
City llcailqiiiirtcrx.
The regular monthly meeting of the citv
council will bo held this evening , and an in
tcrcstlng session Is expected. Among thi
important protects to bo brought up Is thi
ono with reference to city headquarters , A
number of property owners have madopropo
sltlons to tbo council for the rent of their
buildings for city ofllcos , among others E. E
Snnborn and J , J. Brown. A special com
mittee tins been considering tha proposition !
for a couple of weeks past , and they wll
probably bo brought before the council this
ovoninp for llnal aotlou. It Is stated , how
ever , that a majority of tbo members are op
posed to renting any ofllcos nt present , on the
ground that tbo money paid for rent , If usoi
in repairing the present quarters , wouli
make a vary respectable place , which wouli
do very well for a good many years , it Is no
lilioly that any move will be made In tb
matter , however , until tbo now council talco
hold of affairs. _
Two.MUili.nsVII1 Unit i' .
The Pooplo's Union mission , which ha
been located at 714 Ilroadwny for sovora
\vcolts past , hold its lust service lust evening
It having boon decided to unite It with th
Union Christian mission , whlun is located a
1WS Broadway and manage ! by Kov. Henry
Dolong. An enthusiastic mooting was hold
anil ono that made a fitting close to tbo war
which was begun by Josoj > h Wells a shor
time IIRO. Since the organization of the mis
sion llfty-Hovon meetings have boon hold am
2,000 DOO pi o hiivo been In attendance , Thirt.
have professed conversion and many re
quests for prayers bavo been made , Muc
credit Is duo the American Sunday Schoo
union for allowing their missionary , Mr
Wells , to spend so much of hU time In build
Ing up the mission , and credit is duo him fo
his uncrgetlo efforts in IU behalf ,
Drs. Woodbiirydonti8tsnoxt to Gram
hotel ; line work u specialty. Tele. 14"
JU'Ctor llnlicnuk iiil : < > rtiilnx.
Hov. K. J. nnbcoclr , rector of St. Paul's '
Episcopal church , entertained the Clericus
at his homo on Sixth street last Thursday.
This organization Includes all tha Episco
palian clergymen In the immediate vicinity
of Omabn and holds weekly meetings. The
principal pupor of tbo meeting was read by
Hev , Paul Matthews on the subject , "Canon
ical Obeolenco. " The following clergymen
were urciout : Uov. Dr. Uoberty of Ilrownoll
hul , Kova. C. ii. Gardner , dean ot ibo cathe
dral ; W.T.Ybltomarsh , T. J , Mackuv , J.
1 > . D. LloycJ , John Williams. J , A. Wtlllatnt ,
J. O. Ferris , I. P , Johnson , Paul Matthews ,
\V , C. McCrackcn , E. S. Cross.
A social will be given by the ladles'
Calanthe assembly No. 1 , Pythian Sis
terhood , Wednesday evening , February
3 , InK. of P. hull. All friends of the
order are cordially Invited. Dancing
and card nlaylnp will bo the order.
Honored Iiy Alic l.lneulu Post.
Dr. F , S. Thomas , past commander of Abe
Lincoln Pout No , 20 , Grand Army of the He-
public , and Colonel E. J , Abbott , adjutant ,
wvro each honored at the meeting of the
post U t Saturday night by the presentation
of a magnificent gold'hoadtui cane , engraved
with the name of the donors. The presenta
tion was madti In view of the services of the
two dUtlriguliucd gentlemen iu behalf ol the
They Expect to Reform Iowa Municipal
I'rniiilnrnl Mriiilirr * ol l.oi-iil Commrrrlul
OrK > tnlriill < m < t Himrrrpnrcil ( hi ! Hill
Alter .MilIIIre ItHlrrtlnii mill It
In Conolilcrrit n Stimuli ,
The bill which was mentioned in THE BCK
several days ago ns being in process of prep
aration having for its object the working of n
number of reforms in connection with mu
nicipal governments throughout the state
has been at last drawn up and will bo Intro
duced In the legislature probably during the
coming wook. It Is ralhor largo and the
cbnngos proposed In it are somewhat radical ,
inasmuch ni nearly the whole system of city
governments is altered. Prominent mem
bers of the Board of Trade , who were ap
pointed by the board to draw up the bill
have been' wonting on it together with cer
tain members of the cltv council for a couple
of weeks past , nnd the bill as It now stands
is the result of a linn conviction on the part
of a largo proportion of the taxpayers that a
change must bo made
Trio bill creates n board of control which
takes to itself a largo partof the dutlos of the
city council. It Is composed of ono member
from oacli ward and two mombon nt largo ,
and has entire Jurisdiction of all public im
provements. It also appoints all the city
ofllccrs who nro now elected by popular vote
with the exception of the mayor , who LI
chosen as now. Tiio city council has u good
share of its business taken away from it , and
: J1 it has to do Is to make laws for the pov-
ornmeut of the city. This , however , is by
far the smaller part of its duties at present ,
so that the board of control Is the more im
portant of the two bodies. The snlarj of the
members ol Doth bodies is S.J50 per annum.
The salary of the mayor is ilxou at $ ! , " > 0 a
year and his oflico is made of much less ac
count than it now Is. Ho has no appointing
power , and , in fact , about the only thing ho
has to do Is to manipulate the veto power
nnd draw his snlurv. The police force , which
Is appointed now by the mayor , is appointed
under the now system by the board of con
trol and the members of the force nrp to bo
subject to orders from that body alouo. The
ofilco of chief of police Is done nway with
and the chairman of the board of control late
to oxcrciso a sort of control over the forco.
From this brief synopsis of the law it is
proposed to pass nt this session of the logis-
latvre , It can DO scon that the changes It pro
vides for arc verv sweeping. The men who
framed it are rather backward about talking
of its provisions , for fear the committee to
which it Is referred when It comes uu before
the legislature muv sit down on It nnd thus
throw the lauch on them , but the above are
the most important features of it.
Council ItlutfH , III.
Lust dny of the
GUKAT 11-DAY clearing sale.
A tremendous success. A phenom
enal sale that surpasses any of He
prcdeccssoi'8 , no matter the sacrifice.
A happy be inninc of the now year.
Everybody delighted. Everybody satis-
lied. Everybody talcing advantage of
the opportunity'by
Gathering Bargains
at our
Great 11-day annual cloarintr sale. The
wonderful trade the past 10 days has
laused many lots to disappear , but now
onus in many instances have taken their
Everyone can afford to read this ad-
rertisoment , every item means exactly
, yhut it says. And the few items men
tioned are only an idea of what wo offer
it this great clearing sale. Monday ,
" "ebruary 1st the last day of the great
clearing sale.
Below is only a partial list of the
thousands of bargains that are offered at
this sale. For a bettor list of prices
see Council Bluffs daily Nonpareil and
10-inch brilliantine , former price. 50c ;
'or ' this sale , 2oc.
liO-iiiuh all wool plaids and plain flan-
icls , 50c goods , for 3io. !
51-inch all wool ladies' cloth , worth
75c , for 40c. }
50c , Too and 05c novelties in polka dots ,
: i mol'H hair stripe and plaids , all iu at
> ne price for this aalo , 47ip.
10-inch all wool Henriettas , former
price , 05c , sale price , 5 < Jc.
50 pieces all wool red shaker flannel
worth . ' ! 3c , snlo price , 20jc ,
2 , ) Ciill wool red twilled llannol , lOo
for sale only.
( io heavy unbleached flannel , cotton
flannel , 'ijc.
All our fur capes and muffs at just
one-half the original price. $0,60 capes
for $8.25 , $10.00 capes for $5.00 , $12.00
capes for $0.00 , $17.00 capc3 for $8.50.
Mull's Hlie mult for 17c. 75c muff for H8c ,
$1.00 muff for 50c , $2.00 muff for $1.00 ,
$1.00 muff for $2.00 , $9.00 muff for $4.50.
All our stock of muffs the same way.
Toys and fancy goods \\'o must have
room for our immense stock of wall
paper which is now on the way. All
our toys , dolls , baskets , clocks and
brickabruek at just half price for this
18o Bannocktnirn suitings 12c.
AH our stock of prints , including best
blues , silver grays , black and whites ,
heavy twilled serges , all usual bold for
7o and 8c , for this sale 5c.
31-inch wide suitings , former price
15c , for this sale CJc.
lid-inch wide Armenian black
and white , former price 15c , for this
sale lOc.
12jo and 15o outing flannels for lOc.
Host apron ginghniiiM ( IJr.
Coats' and Clark's best 200-yard snoo
cotton for He.
Bolding'a 100-yard spool silk for 5c.
Bolding's 100-yard bpool twist for Ic.
All our children's coats in two lots ,
J2.75 and $3.2. ) .
All our nowmarkots , that sold for
$10.00 , $12.00 and $16.00 , all in ono lo
for $1.08 ; a chance that should not bo
lost sight of.
Ladies' short coats $5.00 coats for
$2.76 ; $8.00 , $0.00 and $10.00 coats for
Novelty garments , embroidered
sleeves and revered front , $11,00 garments
monts for $7.00 ,
Council Bluffs , la.
Two apprentice nurses wanted at the
W. C , A. hospital , corner Oth street and
Oth avenue _
Leading drugstore and news standDavis
How to Killatt WHOWO. (
"I notice with n great deal of pleasure th
t > plondld suggestions made by a ( Jounci
1)luffs business man In Tim BKK yesterday
morning , " said a wido-nwako young man
yesterday , "ana I want to supplement withi
suggestion of my own in the same Jlno. W
have never found any dituculty in spending
the money wo have raised hero for pubili
purposes. I am confident uouu of It has ovoi
been expended us wisely and sensibly as pro
vided by the plan suggested. If the mono1
can bo expended tbit way I nm uonlldont i'
can bo raised , and here Is the plan I woul
proceed upon to ralso it , I waul
Blurt by railing a mooting o
riUzoni , not the capitalists and business ,
moil , but raiherttio humbler classes who arc
Intelligently as well as deeply Interested m
the progress of their town , and I would urge
each one to the fund t > ay 1 per cent of tno
appraised valuation of their property , to bo
paid In installments or when it suited their
convenience bust , with the understanding
that uono of the subscriptions were to be
called for unless the amount of $50,000 was
"Tho man whose property was assessed at
Twenty Thousand Dollars''worth of Shoes will be sold for less than it cost to make them. Not
damaged at all. Not a shoe in the house damaged. There was no fire or water in the room where the
goods were. These goods are all new and clean and of the very best makes , and they will be sold at
prices never before offered to the people of Council Bluffs or Omaha.
Laird's French kid hand turned shoes Ladies' cloth top hand turned Oxfords made , in sll It vesting top , bright don- All $1 shoes for $2.50. chance to buy goon goods cheaper than
that Morse of Omaha sells for $8 , for reduced from $3.60 to $1.60. gola tip , oh th top , Bulchor cut nnd all All $3 shoes for $2. you ever can again.
$1.60. Ladles' kid top hand turned Oxfords , styles , all si'/os and widths , the same All $2 shoos for $1. IT IS A WELL KNOWN FACT
Curtis & Wheeler's hand turned $5 reduced from $3 to $1.2-3. shoes that would cost you $8 and $1) ) In AND REMEMBER That Evans has always Imndlod noth
shoo for $3.60. Ladles'hid top hand turned Oxfords , Omaha , for $ -5.50. Those goods are of That these goods are all now , clean and ing but Ural-class goods , and you can
Curtis AB Wheeler's hand turned $3.60 reduced from $2.60 to $1. the latest styles and perfectly made by the best ninkes. save one-half the cost of those goods by
shoe lor $2.60. And all Oxfords and slippers at even the best manufacturers in the United very buying thorn now.
Reynold's Bros. $3 shoos for $2. loss than half prlco. States IT WII-iLJ'AY YOU NO FAKE. BUT BUT A FACT.
All $2.60 shoos for $1.60. MEN'S ' SHOES. All $5.50 shoos for $ I. to examine these goods and got some of Those goods will all bo sold in a few
All $2 shoes for $1. I will soil the best putont leather shoo All $5 shoes for $3.60. the bargains. Don't overlook this days. Don't lot this chance oscivpo you.
$ WX ) would subscribe $0 , to bo paid during
the year , an amount so small that ho would
not miss It , but when aggregated with the
subscriptions of thousands of public spirited
citizens would amount to a largo fund. The
assessed valuation of the city is nearly fS-
000,000 and ono per cent of this
would bo $ M,000. ) 1 would have the names
of the subscribers published and kept stand
ing in the daily papers , but not the amounts
subscribed. I reoognizo the power of the
press , and 1 am certain that this would act
as an incentive to others. The merchant
would soon notice so many of the names of
his customers that it would occur to htm as
good business policy to got his name there ;
thd banker would soon find it ndvlsablo to
Join the crowd and when the ball begun to
roll It would soon gather all classes. By
this means a largo fund would bo raised
backed by an organization composed of a
majority of nil the citizens of the town. "
Walnut block and Wjoming coal ,
fresh mined , received daily Thatcher ,
10 Main.
Sw.mson Miuio CD , Masonlo temple
E. II. Shoafo lias eastern money on
hand for real estate loans.
Jarvis 1877 brandy , purest , safest , best.
C. M. B. A. concert at Hughes' hall
Wednesday evening , February 3. Tick
ets , 2oc. _
The Boston Store , Council Bluffs , la. ,
closes every evening at G p. m. , unless
Mondays and Saturdays. Mondays 0 p.
m. , Saturdays 10 p. m. Fothoringham ,
Whitclaw & Co. , Council Bluffs. In.
Dr. F. T Seybert has removed to the
Grand hotel. Telephone 35.
Fun ill < ) l A. H. Slytur.
The funeral of the late Alfred B. Slyter
occurred yesterday afternoon from his resi
dence , 730 Mynstor street. A lureo number
of friends of the family were present. The
funeral exorcises were conducted by Hev. T.
McK. Stewart of the Broadway Methodist
church , assisted by Uov. J. G. Lomen of the
Christian Homo. A largo procession fol
lowed the remains to their last resting plane
lu Falrview cemetery. The following were
pall bearers : H. P. Warren , T. B. Louis , G.
H. Jonos. Theodore Guittar , J. K. Cooper
and John Benuott.
M. Corena Laughlin , teacher of paint
ing , crayon , pastel and water colors , 300
Mori-lam block , Council Bluffs , la.
The Ladies' Social circle of the First
Baptist church will give a supper and
entertainment Tuesday evening.
Reitor , the tailor , 310 Broadway , has
all the latest styles and now winter
goods. Satibfaction guaranteed.
' The Midnight Alarm" broke two records
of the Farnam street theater yesterday. The
matintio audience was the biggest of tbo
season , and in the evening people were
turned away.
The play is a melodrama , not entirely co
herent , but full of exciting situations and
startling climaxes. Tnero Is a long lost girl
who turns up in tbo parson of a street arab ,
a fireman who boars the dishonor of n
brother's crime to spare their mother's '
grief , an old miser who commits
several crimes to gain possession of tbo
girl's fortune , a bruvo 'lire captain who
trounces the villain while an alarm is being
rung lu ana springs from the light to bis
oncmo us it clashes by , a bunco stooror , nn old
farmer and other traditional characters.
Thorols a realistic vlow of the East Ulver
front nt Now York , showing Brooklyn
bridge in the distance. Tbo steam lira
angina is the real article drawn by two whlto
borsos und throws out sparks us It crosses
the stage. There Is an Interestinc drawbridge -
bridge scouo In which the old miser trios to
wreck a train , but two girls close the draw
In the niok of time and the train rushes by
amid deafening cheers.
1'Jdith Julian Is a tntlo niaturo for the role
of Sparkle , but " she represents' the smart ,
slangy girl of "ho streets with a
and abandon that is very catchy with an
average uudlonco. George F. Hall Injects a
great deal of furcu into tbo part of K. Chip-
pington Chaser , tha bunco stoerar , who turns
out t'o bo a pretty good sort of a follow , hut
his broad burlesque Is convulsing. Freder
ick Julian represents the traditional mlsor-
villutn , and elves a consistent and creditable
portrayal of an ungrateful character. Rob
ert Nolll ns the llro captain. Gi.'oruo B , Bor-
roll as the old farmer and Poruy PlunUott as
a darky made numerous hits in their several
Murder of an ( Mil Wmimii.
NEVVMIK , N. J. , Jan , 81. When Joseph
Senior , a watchman at Fuwratt's hat shop at
Milburn , entered his bouso this morning bo
found thn body of bis wife , who had boon
brutally murdered during the night , lying
on tbu floor , Her throat was cut. Tbero
were eleven stab wounds in the bnust. und
noib arms were frightfully gashed , Ho is
70 years old and his wife Til. Tuoy had lived
there for forty yours ,
Thli'f Arrcutecl.
OrruMWA , la. , Jan , 31 , [ Special Telegram
to TUB BKI.J : Bill Myorx , the noted snouk
thief and desperado , Is lu Jail and ibo police
authorities are jubilant , ilo is the follow
who plotted with a lot of tramp prisoners in
the jail to slug tht ) sheriff and gut their free
dom , and would have accomplished it but
/or the timely listorforonco of the douuty.
The /Illinois of the plot was not rovoalud
until Mycis' jail term expired nnd tbo manor
has bec-n sltico kept quiet in order to appre
hend him. He will DO tried tomorrow.
Shut IIIVlfo itiiil Her llrntlior.
WASHINGTON- . C. , Jan , ai. Howard
Schneider aged 27 , shot his wife it is uullovod
fatally , and killed tier younger brother ,
Frank Homllnk , while they were coming
homo from church. The wife had refused to
live \ > lth uor husband.
NOIT , Certain Itcmeiiy. Last-
lHKciirciio\crri".uinii. \\lllwud
( Bralcil ) frco to anr nuflorer , n | M o.
rcrlptluii to enlarge smnll , \ > mk
rirtu nm ! certain cnru for Jx > el
Uupotcucy. J. 1) . HUUbK , Dux 1 . Albion. Mich.
Notice is hereby Riven to the owner or own-
i > rs of the following roul estate , In the cl'y of
Omalin. to luv and repair sidewalks In Trout
of nnd mljo.nlnit their propurty within II vo ( S )
days from the 10th day of February , 1H)2. )
Such sldowiilks to bo constructed , repaired
and laid In nuoord unco with ul.uis : uid specifi
cations on Illo In the ofilco of the Hoard of
Public Works , and In accordance with resolu
tions adopted by the city council , viz :
North sldo of llarnoy street , adjolnlns lots
11 und 12. block 1 ' . McConnloIra addition , .six
feet Ide. present grade.
North sldo of llarney street , adjoining the
oust throe und one-half foot of lot 10 , blooU 10 ,
McCormk'U's addition , six' feet wide , present
West sldo of St. Lawrcnoo avenue , ndjolnine
Inl ? 14 to 'M inclusive , bloc | < I , I'uppleton 1'urlc
addition , il.\ foot nldc , present crude.
West sldo of SI. Ijiiwrence'iivctiuo , adjoining
lots i'to IU Inclusive block C , I'opplcton 1'ark
addition , six foot wide , pryaoiit gnulo.
North sldo of Spring street , adjoining lots 1 ,
to K ! Inclusive , block , ' ) , Deer Park addition ,
six foot wide , present grudo.
youth sldo of Chicago street , . ullolifni tlio
oist : ono-hnlf of lot : i. block-U,1 Heed's llrst ad
dition , ( ! foot wide , present grade.
North stdo of Grant htroet. iidlolnlnj ; lots 10
toL'O InclusUc. block 12. Clifton Hill addition ,
feet wido. temporary grade.
North stdo of Grant stroot. udinlnlntr lots 13
to 'J4 Inclusive , block 9 , Clifton Kill addition ,
B feet wido. temporary grade.
South sldo of Grant street , adjoining lots 1
to II. Inclusive , block ii. : qilftou Hill addition.
0 feet wide , tompnrary grade , ,
South Rldoof Grant street , adjoining lots 1
tn inclusive , block 8 , Clifton Hill addition , 0
fcot wide , temporary gnide.
North side of ( Just stront. adjoining lots 15
to 24 Inclusive , block 1 , Uounlon addition , 0
foot wide , temporary grade ,
West sldo of Fourteenth street , adjoining
lots 1 and 31. block 3 , Sherman Avuniio I'nrlc
addition , & feet wide , temporary grndo.
West sldo of Fourteenth street , adjoining
lots 1 nnd III , block- , Hhennan Avenue 1'urk
addition , fi foot wide , temporary grade.
Fust sldo of Fonrtoonth street , adjoining
lots 1(1 ( and 17 , block 1 , Sherman Avonno 1'nrk
addition , li feut wido. temporary gr.tdo.
Knst side Fourteenth street , adjoining lots
1(1 ( and 17. block 4 , Sherman A venue I'ailc ad
dition , six foot wide , temporary grndo.
East sldo of Sherman avenue , adjoining tax
lots 31. UU and XI , section 11. township 15 , ringo
III , il feet wide , established grade.
East sldo of .Sherman avenue , adjoining lots
7,0 , 11 , ii ; and 15. Marker's subdhlsion , 0 feet
wide , established grade.
Knst sldo of Sherman avenue , adjolnlnz lots
7 to IL1. Inclusive , block. % Hilloko'u addition , 0
feotwldc , established grade.
East sldo of Sherman avonno , adjoining lots
11 to'Jt' . Inclusive , block 4 , Illllel.o's addition , C
font wido. established gr , lo ,
K Ht sldo of Sherman avonno , ndiolnlng
roniont , Klkhorn & .Missouri Valley rallrond
right-of-way , section ; j. tow nshlp 15 , range 13 ,
U foot wide , established grade.
East sldo of Sherman avfiiuo , adjoining St.
I'.iul. Minneapolis > t Oinnliu Railroad com
pany's right-of-way , tectlon 3. township 13 ,
raiiRU 13. ( ! feet wide , established gr.ido.
KaHsldo of tjhorman avenue , adjoining lot
5 , blue ! : 'J , Sixteenth Street addition , 0 feet
wide , established grade.
Kast side of Sherman avenue , adjoining lot
. " , block 3 , Sixteenth stieot addition , U feet
wido. established grade.
West sldo of Twenty-second street , adjoin
ing lot 1 , block ? , Shull's First addition , 8 feat
wide , present crude.
West Bide of Twonty-soeond streot. adjoin-
Iii2 lols 1 and 20 , block U , SlmlPs Second addi
tion , H feet wide , pi esent grailo.
West sldn of Twenty-second street , adjoin
ing tux lot ! ! . ' ) , section 27 , township 15 , raii u 13 ,
8 feet wide , present gradu.
West sldo of Twuntv-socond street , adjoin
ing tax lot 37 , section 27 , township , l.\ ran u 13 ,
8 foot wide , proiont grade.
South sldo of Leavenworth street , adjoining
est 44 foot lot I. block 20.1 , city , M fcot wide ,
present grade.
South sldo of Loavenwnrth stroot. adjoining
lot 2 , block 203. oily , 8 fuel wide , uiosont
South sldo of Irani stsoct , adjoining lots 1 ,
2. 3 , and 4 , block 5 , Walnut Hill addition , 6 feet-
wide , present grade.
South sldo of ( Jcnrgu stieot , adjoining lots 1 ,
2. 3 and 4. block 5 , Walnut Hill addition , 4 feet
wide , present grado.
West Hide of bovuutfrontli Htrcot , adjoining
lots 1 to IS , Inclusive , block 13 , KounUo &
[ tilth's addition.
Soutbsldoof Mason street , adjoining lots 1
and 2 , block 13 , Kountrn & Itutb'H addition.
East sldo of Klghteunth street , nojolnlng
loth 2 to2fl. Inclusive , block 13 , hounUo &
Ituth'k addition.
Kast side of Sovontooth street , ndiolnlng
lols 8 to 21 , Inclusive , block 14'Unlon addition.
West sldo of Sovuntounth Htreot , adjoining
lots I , U , 10 , 13 , II. 17 , 18 and a I , J. 11 alley's
West Hide of Seventeenth street , adjoining
lots I , 2 und 3 , Itogor's subdivision ,
Wt'Nlsldoof Slioimunuvenuo. adjoining tax
lots 21 , ' ! , 23 and 21 , boetltm 3 , townbblp 15 ,
Tango 13.
West side nf Sherman uvmiuo. adjoining lots
t to II. inclusive , block 4 , Ilngoilorn'a addi
tion , ' '
West sldo of Sherman nvonue , unjoining lots
1,2. 3 and 4 , block I , Hagedorn'u addition ,
West stdo of Twonty-hlMJi street , adjoining
lots 1 , 2 and 3. block 3 , ( Juplinl Hill addition.
liiibiiSlduof Twonly-sjilh htioct , adlolnlng
lots 1 , 2 and 3 , bloek 4 , Crifilfol Hill addition.
Norths doof Ohio at ri < ct , adjoining lots 7 to
13. Inclusive , block II , Dcill'tt'H addition.
North sldo of Uiko Etrtwl , adjoining lots Ute
to 21 , Inclusive , bloo'x 8 , Clarendon addition ,
Noi tb uliloof Lake street , adjoining lots 13
to 24 Inclusive , block 3 , Uluumdon addition.
South bldo of liUko ntr6et. udjolnlnu lots 13
and 14 , S , F. Torter's addition.
South oldoof 1/uko street , adjoining lot 1 ,
Fniriuotint 1'laeo uddltltn ,
Kast side of Twenty-foil it h street , adjoining
lot H , block N R V , Hmlth's addition ,
Kaht sldo of Twenty-folirtli street , adjoining
sub lot 1 of tax lot 32 , section K , township 15 ,
range 13.
West side of Twenty-fourth street , adjoin
ing lot 1 , block 3. Foster's addition.
West side of Twonty-sutli stieet , adjoining
lot 1 , block 4 , b ecsy'b addition.
llasl bide of Twentyhlxth street , adjoining
lot 1) ) , block ,1. Hveesy's addition.
Kast sldo ot Twenty-fourth stio ( > t , adjoining
lot ' . ' , block 8 , E. V. fMiilth's-addltlon.
West hide of Fortieth street , adjoining lots 1
und 10 , block 1 , Walnut Hill addition.
West , side of Fortieth utieot , adjoining lots 1
und 1C. block 13. Walnut Hill addition.
West sldo of Fortieth si reel , adjoining lots 1
and III. block 14 , Walnut Hill addition.
North sldo of I lodge street , adjoining lots 12
to24 Inclusive , blflok fi , DruUu'i addition , and
II I washout ,
West Rldoof Seventeenth htrect. adjoining
lots 4 to 17 Inclusive , block H. Knuiit/.a& Until' *
addition. I * . W , ItlltlvllAl'.SKlt.
Chairman Hoard of 1'tibllc Works.
Omaha. Nub. . J a n. Si ) , I mi.
An ordinance levying a special tax and as
sessment on all nits und real eslalu within
1'uvlng DUtrleu Not 2a2 and 3).S ) In the city
of Oiuuhu , to cover the cost of uavlng 24tli
btreet from Huauldluf street to licit I.luo
Hallway ; and Eleventh street from Clark
street to i.orth line Mct'uguii's addition ,
Whortinslt having been , and being hotobv
adjudged , determined and established that
tlio suvorul lols and pieces of leal estate horo-
Innfter referred to have eaen been sDeelaily
bcnelltted to the full amount herein levied
nnd assessed against ouch of said lots and
pieces of real estate , respectively , by reason
of the paving of ( hut part of " 4th street from
Suauldlng street to Hell I.lno railway ; nnd
Eleventh street from Clark street to north
line McCutniu'saddition ;
There-fun1 , for the purpose of paying the
cost of said paving :
Ilo It ordained by the city council of the city
of Uniaha :
Section 1. That the cost of paving that part
of 24th street within paving district No. Swi. In
the city of Omaha , from Sp.uildln ? street to
Oniah'i IteH Line railway , said cost being the
Bum of (13,02572 , lie and the uno Is hereby
levied and assessed , In proportion to the feet
front along said paving , and according to
special benefits by reason of said paving , upon
the following described lots and real estate , as
shown by the guneralty rucognlrcd niau of
the city of Uniaha , ISS'I , Itlhogravthcd and pub
lished by Muyno ; said cost being so lulled
on h.ild lots and real estate , rospucUvoty , us
follows , to-wlt :
Antinla Sachssc , It 1 blk 1. Ajucs I'luco i\'M \ 50
do It2b'lc 1 , " 13'i ' V. )
Adam Stcngltno , It 3 blk 1 " 13(1 ( SI )
do It 4 blk 1 " 1311 M )
do HSblkl " 130 M
no I to blk 1 "
Adwln II Walker , It 7 blk 1 , " 13d 58
do US blk 1 , " 13158
do Itublkl , " Wii.'iS
Christian Benson , It 10 blk 1. " 130 5S
do It II blk 1 " 135 5S
do It 12 blk 1 " 11)1 ) 22
Ormihu Holt Ky Co , s3 ft It 4 blk 8. Isa
bel add 1033
Omaha Holt Hy Co , rt of way Its blk 8 ,
Isabel add 121 15
G II I'ayiio , ex rt of way It 5 blk 8 , Isa
bel add J2 70
O II I'nvne , UOblkS. Isabel add 245 M
Eli/.ab'h A I blk 1Kendall'sud 130 50
do It 2 blk 1 " 130 5(1 (
Edwin II Walker , It 3 blk 1 " 130 50
do It 4 blk 1 " 1305 ! )
N H Kendull , It ! i blk 1 " 130 50
do ItOblkl " 13058
Ella E Lataon , It 7 blk J " 130 58
do It S blk 1 " 130 5S
Fred I ) Woad , H 0 blk 1 " 130 58
N A Kuhn. It 10 blk I " 130 M II blk 1 " 1 I m
do It 1 blk 8 ' 130 50
do It 2 blk 8 " 13089
do ItilblkH " i : K >
do It 4 blk 8 " 1305 ! )
Timothy Conwuy , It 5 blu 8 " 1-10 51
do It 0 blk 8 " 130 58
Lena M Hlbburd. It 7 blk 8 " 131 58
do It 8 blk 8 " 33058
Soren Jonnson , It il b k 8 " 130 5S
do It 10 blk 8 " 130 58
do It 11 blk 8 " 103 00
Anna M Kolenbeck , s 110 ft w 124 blk 5 ,
O.ik Chatham 51034
D M Hull , n 50 ft H 150 ft w 121 ft blk 5 ;
Oak Chatham 2"3 17
J A Hull , n 50 ft s 200 ft w 1'4 ft bile 5 ,
OakChntham 27317
John I ISodlck , n 20J ft w 124 ft 1)11(5 ,
Oak Chatham 1,092 18
ClmrlottoM K Adumu.llTlilk 12OakC'm 273 17
do It 8 blk 12 " 273 17
do It 0 blk 12 " 27317
do It IJ blk 12 " 27317
do It 11 blk 12 " 273 17
do It 12 blk 12 " 273 17
James Wadsworth , It in blk 4 , I'lulnvtow 273 17
do It 11 blk 4 " 27J 17
II McCord. It 12 blk 4. " 27. ) 17
L.M AndiuH.sTr , Itl3blk4 " 2 l 17
A I' Itrlnk , It 11 blk 4 " 273 17
( Jura E Cm Us. n iS It ISblk 4 " 130 58
A 1' llriiiK. s li It 15 blk 4 " 130 5 ! )
Car.i E CurtlH , It Hi blk 4 " 27:1 : 17
Ibhmcnl Hi Ink , It 17 blk 4 " 2 l 17
do It 18 blk 4. " 273 111
Andrew Dufrene. n 31 ft It 15 blk 5 " IU ) : 1
Theresa Otis , It 10 blk5 " 273 17
Gee W Lo at. ot a I , It 1 Itustln's add to
1'liilnviow 24567
Rasmus Nelson , It 2 Kustln'H add to
I'lalnvlow 245b7
Hairlett Hustln , It 3 Itustln's add to
I'lalnvlow 24)80
Nicholas Morgon , o 132 ft tax U No. 27 ,
hoc 4-.5-13 001 10
Total S13.02572
Section 2. That the cost of paving that part
of Eleventh sueot within paving district No.
'tiiS , In thu city of Omaha , from Clark streut to
the norm 1 no of McCaguo's addition , said cost
bolng the Mini of $7,874.0(1 ( , ho and thosamols
hereby levied and assessed , In piopnrtlon to
the feet fiontulonjT said paving anil accord
ing to special benefits bv mason of said pav
ing , upon tno following described lots and real
estate , as shown by the generally rocognl/ed
nun ) of the olty of Omaha , 18MI , lithographed
anil published by C , E. Maynu : said cost bolng
so levied on said lots und icul estate , respect
ively , us fol ows , lo-wlt !
Sylvester Cunningham. It 1 blk 1 , Cun
ningham's add } 2b,7 70
Sylvester Cunningham , It 2 blk 1 , Cun
ningham's add 2s7 ' 0
Sylvester Cunningham , It 3 blk 1 , Cun
ningham's add 21:770
Sylvester Cunningham , H 4 blk I , Cun
ningham's add 29042
Glilncy 1'lcldo Co , w > / n 2,10 ft blk 3Mo-
Cuguo'biidd . . . . ; 101823
Goodman I'aeklns Co , w l't a 100 ft blk 3 ,
McCaguo's add 41272
WLMeCijuo.wt'jltlblk4..McCuinie'sad ! 23021
do w Hit 2 blk 4 " 23021
MO MeCiiguo. w'U 3 blk 4 " ttIO 21
Alluo Vatub , wiilt4blk4 " 23021
do w'/.ItfiblkJ " 2IW 21
do w H It 0 blk 4 " 2:10 : 21
Itobert Yutes , w ' , ' , It 7 blk 4 V3) 21
do w lilt 8 blk 4 " 2JO 21
do w 14 It II blk 4 " 2JO 21
do w lilt 10 blk 4 " 20501
Cunnlnuham &Thoi > ipson et al. o 132 ft
of n 303 ft of tux 112 eo 15-15-13 10j7 C4
Chailes II liroun , o W.'ftsUW ft tux lot
2bCU5-J5-l3 | 1314 M
Totul J7b71 00
Section 3 That s.ild special taxes levied
afoiosuld , on said lots respectively , shull become -
come dellmiuont as follows ; one-tenth of the
total amount so levied on each of said lots
shall become delinquent In ( if ty days from the
passage and approval of this ordinance , one-
tenth in ono year , one-tenth In two years.ono-
tfiith in threii yearn , oiiu-tonth In four yours ,
onu-tciitli In llvu yours , anu-iuiitli Inslxyoais ,
one-tentli In hcven years , one-tenth in eight
yuun , ono-tcnth In nlnu years after said lovy.
und being from thu imssuvu and uiipiovulof
this ordinance. Cneh of said installment-s ,
except thu first , shall draw Interest at tbu
rate of hovon per cunt per rnnum from the
time of thu levy afoie-iald , until the giuiiu
sliall become delliHinent. Interest at the rate
of one per cunt per month , payable in advance
shall be p ild on uuuh deliiin ! < ent Installment.
Section 1. Iho entlro amount ol tux so
levied undassonaed oil any of biild lots may bo
| > alu by tlioownerof any hitorlheentireequal
IHO rutu proimrtlon of said lax on any of said
lols , may bu paid by any person on any part
of said lots within ufty days fr.Jin said levy ,
and thereupon such lots or uai ts of lots , snail
bu exempt from any lieu or uhurgi thuiofor.
Suction 5. That this oidlnanco shall take
cil'eit mid bo In force fium und after Its pass-
i'assed Junuary 10th , IS'C
JOHN GliOVE ? . Olty Clerk ,
U 1' . DAVIS. I'rotlduiit tlltr Council.
Approved Januiiry 2th | , lj r' , , , , . ,
GKO. 1' . HEM IS. Mayor.
Thuitbovi ) tux U now duo and payable at
thuofllcuuf theeliy lrc\biirerand will become
dullmiuunt and bear Inierest after March llth
IbW , usaoun In section 3 of above ordinance
UUNUY 1JOLLN , Trottsuror.
Is the best
Hand Shelter
on the market.
Council Bluffs ,
nrT /
Chas. Lunkley ,
r'miiTiil .Director ami Underiikor. !
311 Broadway , Council BlulTs.
) M'J. '
FOR KENT Vunilsho'l ' room ; Hioam beat ;
$7 per month , Address I'to , city ,
FOR KENT Nlculy furnished linuso , 7
rooniH , slouni heal , water , all modern Im
provements. E. II. Sheafo , over Olllcor &
I'UBUy'H ,
AHMS KUR H A IjK Macrosnoar this city.
verv cheap. Also I''J uurcs In Ilooninr
toHiisblii. VMM trade for hoiiho and lot. W ,
A. Wood & Co ,
UR BAKK UoiuitorH and vault door In the
building lecently oecujihid by thu Coun
ell HlulTs Havings bunk. Olllcor & J'Ubuy ,
Council Illnlls.
OUNUIIJIMJI'KS monny on hand for
loans. W. A. Wood X Co. , 5'M Main.
"IJlUr ; Rl'NT 7-rooin house , with bath loom ,
-L'corner 4lb live , and bth bU Inqiilru next
IOITER the following oholt-u bargains In
fruit und veuutablo landH ! S7 acres W rods
north of thu Uhautauiiuit gioiindH , ua lern
slope , llnu Hjirln.s and line surlnK-hruolc , land
vtiry ilch and \tull ixluptcd to fruit.
Zl aurus on Grand uvonno , line orchard ,
windmill and line grove ; situated on Myiistur
proposed motor line , onu nnd one-half miles
from Coupull HlurfH postoirtue.
U acres of very eholco plowed land on Uranil
avunuoH \ miles from nastolllce.
110 uoros : tj ; miles from ulty llniltb ; good
lioiibi ; , barn and ontljulldlnu'a ; llnuuruhuru ; a
Kruatbitrualn at $ . ' > .5X ) . Kasy teinis.
'M acres , cholcu fruit farm , 0 acres In black
berries , OKI younir fruit troos. UOUgrupo VIIIBS.
House , burn and outbuilding A very choice
burgaln , ( iniv ii nillo.s east of postolllou In
Council Itliill'H.V. . ( J. Ht.iey. Hooni 4 , Opera
llouso bloek. Council llliifl'H , la ,
" 1 ONV'A farms ; line 2lu acru farm , Ml | iur acre ,
JJ1.001 cash , balance on long time ; 15) ) aura
farm , $000 down , balance imsy ; farms of all
sizes rundforlUU Joluihtun & Van 1'utten ,
Council Hlnlts.
T WANT to buy stook of grocorlo * or boon
-Land shoes ; will pay part cash and p'trt by
a 0 room house and lot , In Omubu , U vB llwo ,
Co un _ c IU11 u Ifs.
? 10MIM < KTioiilOt ; b ir fixtures and two pool
V Ublui. for sale and biilldln ) ; for rant , liood
locution. K. U. bhuufe ' '
. , over Ultlcer It I'tuuy' *
FAR MB , pardon lands , houses , lots and
busloois bloaks for sale or raaU Day Si
IU 1'ourl street , Oouuall Bluffs ,
All klndhpf Urulnit and Oloaiilnsdono In Urn
hlKlicbt fatylo of MID art. Riduil and Htnlnod
fabrics made to look as good as now , Itod
feathers clounoil by steam In llrst-clius man
nor. Work iiroinptlydono and delivered lu all
purls of Uiu country. Send for iirlco list ,
10ii : llroadway , Near Nnrtliwaitorn Depot
_ COUNCIL itMJt'iy , IOWA.
Of Council Bluffs. "
TAV. STOCK . f50,039 ! ,
DmEOTnns-l A. Miller , K. O , Oloason , II li.
fihuururt , R II ll.irt , J. U B'Jmundson. Charloi
K. llannan. Transact gunoral bankliiR hiisl-
and surplus of any bau't
luijoutliweitern Iowa ,
14 N. Mnln , Council Bluffs.
Sims & Saundcrs-Ai0orr , TSI
federal rourtM. Itoomi . ' 1 , 4 uuU S
Uunoblouk , Counull limits , Ix
Galvanized Iron Cornice Works
IU QllAHL & BON , I'ltOP'S
1O1B and 1O17 Broad way ,
ICBUiiiuti'B fundBlirtl nn all klmliof ( lulranlioa
or Oornlco Work , Iran Uoll ( Store I'ronu un < 4
Opuu Work. Artlitlo Work u npuclaltir t'urren
liandcncu eallclteci from poloU 'M ) iu\\u \ \
Council llluB uud Ouiuliit.