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| Striking Innovations Threatened by the
Democrats of the House.
lucce < n oftlioKcheino Iinitrr * nil Absolute
nncl Tjriimilfiil INmer to tlio I'arty
lu tlir Majority Unite * In-
Milling the.South.
WtsiitNOToy , D. O. , Jan. 31. J
Whllo it is qulto likely that , the rulbs proposed -
_ posed by the commlttoo , and which are still
\ > under discussion in the house will bo adopted
almost as they came from the committee
there Is very violent opposition among the
ranks of tbo oltlor men against that striking
Innovation which will permit tbo placing of
"ndors" on appropriation bills. Under the
rules of the house for years back It has been
Impossible to Introduce "now legislation" on
on appropriation bill , and some of tbo hottest
fights ever made in congress have boon made
.on this very subject. This method ot ( jagging
the house by Insisting on the passagi of some
certain bill by placing It on nn appropriation
bill and withholding the appropriation , un
less the bill was passed at thosnmo time , wai
a favored rule of the house until the Forty-
ninth congross. At tbat tlmo It was dofcated
by 205 nays with only sixty-five yeas.
_ Leading democrats lllto Bland , Blount ,
the Brcckonrldges , Herbert , O'Farroll.Mllls ,
Outhwaito and Sayors , all prominent mem
bers of tholr party today , wore violently op-
nosed to it. It was Itopt out of the Fiftieth
and Fifty-first congress , and now It flashes
up again , and It Is evidently the determina
tion of tbo rules committee to insist upon Its
passage it possible. But tbo men who fought
it In the past will again fight It , nnd It Is
likely that some compromise will bo arrived
at whereby the "riders" will bo restricted to
only such legislation as will reduce expendi
tures. It will bo romombotcd that in the
Forty , fourth congress the army appropria
tion bill failed of passage because the demo
crats insisted on tacking on the bill n "rider"
preventing the use of the military at tbo
polls , nnd that a special session of congress
was necessary to provide for the mainte
nance of tha army. It needs no argument to
show what an absolute and tyrannical power
this "rldor" rule will place In the bands ot
the appropriations commlttoo , and tha com
promise which will probably bo arrived at
wll commend lUol'f to every thoughtful
man ,
Ismu's Involving the South.
There has boon moro talk about the re
moval of the political disabilities for the ox-
confodoratcs ilnco the president sent bis
message to congress on tbo Chilian affair
than ever boforo. Mou who have heretofore
stood out strongly in opposition to the propo
sition , on tbo ground that the oftonc of the
confederates was too grave to bo looked ever
in ono generation , and that thn lesson taught
thorn should bo severe so long ns it was not
irksome in the general exercise of personal
rights , bavo s > ud that they wore almost ready
to take the opposite sldo of the Unuo.
Representative Johnson , a sterling repub
lican from Indiana , who admires u liberal ox-
con federate and Is willing to meet htm half
way on all Issues involving tbe south , is one
of those who put llttlo , faith in the ultimate
position of tha democrats in congress , as a
body , when it comes to dispose of the Chilian
question. Ho said today :
"There ere many domocrats'from tno south
who are for war and believe tbo president is
right in what bo says about Chill. Their Im
pulse , their natlvo gallantry , leads them to
stand by the president They would natur
ally prefer to preserve tbo nation's honor.
But mind you , tholr1 political prejudices ,
their loyalty to party , Will drive thorn qulto
all ever tooppose tko > position of the presi
dent. Few of them are there who would not
rather see the country's honor bedraggled In
the dirt and our government compelled to
ppcUot an insult rather than BOO President
Harrison make a good stroke of policy , which
might Inure to his own credit or that of
his party. I honestly believe that
the great majority of Democrats in
congress would prefer to see our
government completely humiliated and suf
fer uumurmurlngly tbo most disgraceful in
dignity rather than permit President Harri
son do anytblng which would popularize the
present administration. They fear ho In
tends to protect our Irish as well , as natlvo
sailors , and thereby secure the favor of tbat
nationality. They are much afraid tnut ho
has taken a stand for Americanism that will
bo tbo batllo cry of the approaching cam
paign. I see already that they nro dodgine ,
and most of ihom nro following the dictates
of tbo English press in commenting upon the
message and denouncing Minister Egan.
bavo no patience with such blind partner
ship. It Isbeneath , patriotism. "
The McKlnleyTarlir In Nclirnslm.
Dr. Peterson of Stratton , near McCook ,
who Is here on some business before the
patent onlco , said today that in his opinion
tbo republicans of Nebraska had made a
great mistake in not pushing to the front the
Mcltlnley tariff bill In their last campaign.
"It is the strongest card , " snld bo , "tho
republican party has made since tbo war. It
bas already glvnn nn Impetus to all Interests ,
and will provo the groalost boon ever giver
the farmer. Tbo increase of manufacturing
Interests , the enlargement of our trade
through reciprocity , which Is from the tariff
law , you know , and the general confidence
It boa infused into domestic institutions will
make continued prosperity , barring crop
failures , wblob are only controlled by the
Spirit abovo. Tun prairie states bavo. been
1 know , In favor of n 'low tariff , ' but thoj
are for our present low , as It gives thorn
moro advantage than anybody elso. The re
publicans have nothing in it to apologize for ,
and they can bo ns acgrcsslve now with it as
they want for It bas no weak spot in it. "
Cleveland May Withdraw.
As a result of the presence of Senator
David B. Hill in Now York city for a week ,
together with tbo work there of Senator
Brlco and others , the announcement is made
in today's Washington papers that the for
mer will have the solid delegation from his
state In the Chicago convention. It Is no
longer a secret that Senators Brlco and Gor
man nnd John R. MoLoan and a number of
ethers ot tbo most powerful democratic
factors are working him , and that Influence
Is being brought to bear upon Mr. Clovolaui
to Immediately announce an Intention to re
fuse the use of his name In tbo impending
campaign. Evidences are cropping out hen
every day of the exl.uonce of a well organlzet
bureau to boom Cblof Justice Fuller for tbo
presidential nomination , and It is stated tba
Mr. Cleveland is favorable to tbo nomination
of this Chicago Justice in preference to tbo
New Yorker , but the uamu of Fuller does no
take with the democratic hustlers ,
No I'uiulons forllxccutlvo Clerk * .
A bureau hoi boon in operation hero fo :
throe mouths to worn up sentiment in ravoi
of creating a pension list for tbo clerks in
tbo executive departments in Washington
aud tbo machinery is bolng worked will
determination , lust at this time , while tli
appropriation bills are bolng gQ'.Von ready In
congress , The tuovemc.Se Moots wlh ( very
llttlo congressional favor but it is attracting
to much attention to the subject of salane
and duties of department clerks tbat a bll
Is being talked of proposing uu amondmcu
to the civil service laws providing that tb
tenure of all employes under the civil si > i
rico bhall bo ton years , with probably a sixty
day extra leave at the expiration of tba
appointment period ,
John 0. Thacker of North Platte , an in
specter of tbo revenue service , is lu the city
Watson Plckroll of Beatrice , who fell an
broke bis loft shoulder blade and othorwls
injured himself ten days ago , is rapidly ro
covering. Ho is able to walk about his room
now nnd hopes to bo able to leave for No
bruslia In a couple ot weeks. Ho Is yet at th
fondenco of Mrs. Robinson , his coutln , at 300
f s root. Ho will not bo sufficiently rccor
orcd to warrant n resumption of his ofllclal
duties under some six or eight weeks.
Mrs. Senator I'cttigrcw of South Dakota ,
who was unable to take part In society last
season on account of family aflllctlon , opened
her house on Monday afternoon to n largo
number of callers and will hereafter rccolvo
every Monday , excepting tomorrow.
Sdiiator Pottlgrow's brother in-Iaw , a well
known druggist of Sioux falls , who Is visit
ing here , mot with a painful accident at the
navy yard yesterday. A cart run over his
foot and bruised It very severely.
Mrs. J. T. Hamilton of Iowa , announces
that she will bo nt homo on the remaining
Tuesday's of tno season nt 0.10 1C street.
P. S. II.
lIiirrlftoii'H Nolo In Aiuwer to Minister
IVrlcra'x Note.
WASHINOTOS , D. C. , Jan. 31. The follow
ing Is the text of the cable message sent by
Secretary lllnlno accepting Chill's proposi
tions for tbo scttlomont of the differences be
tween the two governments :
! JO , 1802. Minister , Santiago : 1 nm directed
by the president to acknowledge the receipt
of Souor PorUra's dispatch of the 25th Inst.
It has boon communicated to congress and
has given great pleasure to the people of this
country and the executive department , ns It
restores the correspondence between the two
'republics to n oasis of cordiality nnd makes ,
ns ho believes , a full and honorable adjust
ment of all unsettled matters easily attaina
ble. The president notes with gratifi
cation the nxprossions of regret for
nnd condemnation of the assault
upon the sailors of the Baltimore
offered by Mr. Perlern , and congratulates the
Chilian government upon the frank nnd
ample withdrawal of the Malta letter and
upon the spirit of Justice displayed toward
Minister Egnn. You will assure the Chilian
government that the president will bo glad
to moot In the most generous spirit these
friendly overtures. Believing that the sub
ject of reparation for the assault upon the
seaman of the Baltimore Is now capable of
adjustment bctwcon the two governments by
tlio usual diplomatic methods , the president
postpones for tbo present any alscusston of
the suggestions made by Scnor Poricra as to
the use of other methods ; not doubting that
the sense of Justice of Chill will enable tbo
two governments to spcodlly and honorably
make full end of thu whole matter. "
"BlAINE. "
-Murks Suit for 11 Fortune ) Against nn Eug-
- llsh Syndicate.
.LOUISVILLE , JCy. , Jon. 31. Some Interest
ing facts have developed rosardlng the
Marks suit for several hundred thousand
dollars aghtnst the Chicago Brewing com
pany nnd Perry M. Blijlow , Walter J. Big-
ow , Alexander Hamilton , William U. Davis ,
.ho London & Chicago Contract corporation ,
trailed , the M. Brand Brewing company ,
most Bros. Brewing company , Michael
Brand , Rudolph Brand , Virmll Brand , Leo
Ernest , Charles E. Ernest , Frederick Swln-
ton , the Illinois Trust & Savings bank of
bicago and thoMllwoukeo & Chicago brew
eries ; limited. It transpires that the prm-
: lpal in the United States Is IJr. William B.
Moany , formerly of Louisville.
Dr. Meany said today : "The plaintiff In
the notion represented himself as the
browors' attorney to mo , and in that way
obtained all the information ho has and ? ' 20-
000 in cash. Not satisfied with this ho now
attempts to proceed at law against the
English principals represented in this
country by myself and Judtro William II.
Davis of London , attorney lor the English
capitalists , in order to create the Impression
that he reoroscnts tbo American brewers in
their negotiations with the English , and tbe
English also thus endeavoring , on meager in
formation , to force both sides to pay him
compromise money. "
In a letter received hero today Dr. Meany's
London colleague , Judge Davis , says : "I
should have been beard from 'ong ago had I
only been able to remain in America long
enough to have attended to this business
( Mark's claims ) us I know tnoy express the
statement that ho was my partner In those
negotiations when , in fact , the American
parties wen > lntroaucod to me by you ( Dr.
Meany ) direct , that you ( Ur. Moony ) wore
my "correspondent and I had no information
that Mark's even know of these transactions.
You nlono corresponded with mo from
Chicago on the subject and I recognize you
as try only Chicago correspondent In this
business. "
Judge Davis goes on to say Moany furn
ished him all tbo statolnonts of tbo details of
the transaction.
Autopsy on the llemiilns or General Ilur-
num-IIU Wonderful Vitality.
Nnw YOUK , Jan. 31. An autopsy has been
hold upon tbo body of General Henry A.
Barnum , who died last Friday. It was con
ducted by Dr. Gcorgo F. Shrady and Dr. B.
U. Carlton. Besides these there were pres
ent Dr. Lewis A. Sayro. Dr. Morgan of
Syracuse and Dr. Joseph D. Bryant , surgeon-
general of the state. The object of the
autopsy was to find out the track of the
bullet that passed clear through the general's
body during tbo fight at Mnlvorn Hill and
had inflicted a wound that remained
open for 80 year * , requiring dressing -
ing every day , and also to discover
why In all those years tbo wound had not
healed up. It was found that the ball which
had Inflicted nn injury , classed in medical
books as ono of the most extraordinary
wounds on record , bad crashed through the
upper rim of too pelvis , breaking tbo Ilium ,
barely skirting the vital part ? and literally
letting clear daylight through tbo body.
Scraps ot dead bono were found that had
prevented the wound from healing , though
If the general bad lived It was Dr. Sayre's
intention to have operated again on the
wound and by scraping the dead bono away
would bavo attempted an absolute cure.
It Is understood that the portionu immedi
ately involved in the wound are to bo prepared
pared and sent on to the Army medico
museum at Washington.
Iln Hold a Keceptloii Yesterday at New
Iberia , r.u.
Nitw Inr.itu , La. , Jan. 31. E re-President
Cleveland nnd party arrived hero this even
ing from I'otlto Anso Island , where they
have been during Saturday ana this morn-
Ing. A large delegation of citizens and many
ladlet assembled at the depot to moot him.
Upon the arrival of the train Mr. Cleveland
was mot by a delegation from the Tocbo ox.
change , who invited him to visit the exchange
and receive the people , which Invitation ho
accepted. After shaking bands with many
people at the depot ho entered a carriage and
was driven to the exchange , wbero ho re
mained for a short while , meeting a largo
number of ladles and gentlemen , when bo
again entered the carriage , and accompanied
by his party , was driven to the residence of
Mr. J.V. . Shaw , whose guest ho will bo for
tbe evening. Ho will leave for Now Orleans
llrltlnh CommUgloiiem.
OTTAWA , Ont. , Jan. SI. Sir George Baden
Powell toft for Washington last night. Ho
will bo Joined today by his brother coramis
slonor. His excellency , the governor general
bad an hour's conference with Mr , Abbott
Sir John Thompson and the two com mis
slonors yesterday afternoon , at which tbi
Bering sea question was discussed In all it
phases. Sir George and Or. Dawson go t
Washington to confer tvith tbe United States
commissioners and , It Is surmised , to ascer
tain la what points tbolr respective reports
Knglnoer Killed.
MIDDLE Guovu , 111. , Jan , 31 , Two freight
trains on the Iowa Central road crashed
together at ' this place thU morning. Engineer
James Kd'par of Morshalltown , la. , was lu
stantly killed. Half a dozou , other trainmen
were Injured , two of whom may noi recover ,
The causa of the collision it not known.
ingular Story of Gross Stupidity That
Cornea from Paris ,
'hey Left Dying Woman to Inform the
1'ollco Without Attempting to Snvo
Her l.lle followed thn
form 'Accurately.
by James flnrilnn
PAIUS , Jan. 31. [ Now York Herald Cable
Special to Tun BRE. ] The French people's
cspoct for official proccoduro has just bad a
ugubrlous illustration.
Sunday morning nt 00 Avenue des Torres ,
'nns ' , a pretty brunette , Mlllo. Bortnux , ro-
urned homo , during the wco sin a' hours , in
dcspmr at her abandonment by her lover ,
and her lack of pecuniary resources. After n
whllo she determined to put an end to her
ixlstonco by tbo well-known process cuar-
: oal brasler. She lit two or throe pieces and
aid herself down to dio.
About 4 a. m. ono of her neighbors noticed
ho key in the door. Knowing this was con-
rary to the custom of Mllo. Bortnux , and
also smelling the fumes of charcoalcoming
rom the room , ho supposed something
ivrong. The concierge was informed of the
usplcions , nnd ho decided to consult the
plumber living in the neighborhood , who
concluded something was wrong.
After satisfying themselves that Mile.
Bortaux had attempted to take her life , the
rlo hurried to the nearest commissary of
police nnd told tholr story.
"And you didn't try to save the llfo of the
poor woman ) " exclaimed the magistrate.
No , the plumber , the concierge and the
neighbor had not thought of tbat , and when
the commissary arrived on tbo see no it was
too late to save the pretty bruuotto's life , as
she bad just breathed her last. %
Chill Intends to Kstuhllsh Communication
Jietwccu Valparaiso and Iqulquo.
Copi/r/oMcd / 1S02 bu James Gonlim Bennett , I
PAHIS , Jan. 31. [ Now York Herald Cable
Special to TUB BEB. ! An immediate
result of the recent crisis between tbo United
States and Chili Is that the latter country ,
fooling bow defonsoUm It would have boon
n event of tbo United States landing troops
at I-iulque , bas taken stops to secure a loan
of 5,000,000 to bo applied to building a rail
way from Valparaiso to Iquiquo , * a dis
tance of 1,000 miles. The line will pass
through Coqulmbo , Taltal , Chlmba , Cobija ,
; oiUln and olbor towns along tbo coast.
The government has had practical experi
ence ot the necessity of this railway , as it
was from Iqulque that it conducted its revolt
against Balmacoda. Having tno navy on Us
sldo , Bnlmacoda was unable to get at It , as it
was imposlbie to march nn army across the
arid desert separating Iqulque from tbo rest
of the country
The loan oskod exceeds the estimates for
the cost of tbo now lino. Tbo surplus will
bo expended in improving tbo navy and re
storing the finances of the country to a sound
basis : The loan will bo floated in the Lon
don , Berlin nnd Amsterdam markets. The
bonds will doubtless bo readily taken up.
ISelglnn News Notes.
[ Coplirtuhted 1803 liy James Gordon TtcnntU. }
BRUSSELS , Jan. 31. | Now York Herald
Cable Special to Tun BEE. | The Uruguay
bond holders are irlgbtoued at the possible
conscqueuco of sending tholr bonds to Lon
don for conversion. It it possible tbat on
Monday the converson will bo an accom
plished fact.
An event which is Indirectly a consequence
of the Franco-Russian alliance bas taken
place here. Tbo weekly "Russian orgnn , Lo
Nerd , bas announced tbat it will no louge.r
bo issued. It was founded nearly fifty years
ago to defend Russia's interests in western
Europe and was generously subsidized by
the government of tbo czar , but the Russian
government now finds enough organs among
tbo French press to defend It , and Lo Nerd
thorcforo Is done away with. The Belgian
press thereby loses ono' of its curious
features. .
Will Fllit to Huvo Her.
ICapyrtyMed IKKby Jame * Oonlun Itcnnett. ' ]
MALTA , Jon. 81. [ Now Yorit Herald Cable
Special to THE BEE. ] Admiral Sir George
Tryon sailed in the Scout with
torlal for Platoa , where his flagship , the
Victoria , is aground , and , , as cabled last
night , is in a dangerous position. Several
other war ships are on tbo spot , and store
ship No. 1 has just sailed , taking with it
powerful pumps. As the Victoria struck
amidships on the rock nnd the fore compart-
mants are now full of water , tbo success of
tbo efforts to save her from becoming a total
wreck , depends on the state of the weather.
Egypt Will Have u Now Cabinet.
ICopyrluMed 1893 b\i \ James Gordon Ucnnett. ' ]
CAIRO , Egypt , Jan. 81. [ New York lior-
nld Coblo-Speclal to THE BEE. ! It is
rumored that Prmco Huston , undo to the
khodlvo , will shortly bo called on to form anew
now ministry In which ho will himself take
tbo odlco of president of the council and
minister of tbo interior. It is certain that
some ministerial changes are Inevitable.
The presoncp of tbe French and Russian
fleets bas produced a favorable impression.
The sanitary conditions of the city are
much improved.
American * In 1'arls.
iCopurlaMctl 1803 lj l \ Jamt Gordon liennett. ' ]
I'AIIIS , Jan. 81. ( Now York Herald Cable
Special to THE BBB.J Miss Mattle Mitch
ell , daughter of Senator Mitchell and flancoo
of the duo do la Rochefoucauld , Is still suffer
ing from a severe attack of Influenza at the
Hotel Holland.
James McNill Whistler , the American
painter , has been made an ofllcor of the Le
gion of Honor by tha , French government.
Itov , Churlcn Ilinldon Spurgeon.
| Coj > l/rfjM ( < xi 1833 bJ | nines Gordon lltniutt.'l
M&NTONIM , Franco , Jan. 81. [ Now York
Herald Cable Special to TUB BEE.-Rev. ]
Dr. Spurgoon died at 11:20 : tonight. He was
unconscious till tbo last. His wlfo and his
physician , Dr. B'ltzbonvwora present at
the last moment. Dr. Spurgoon did not
suffer , but pissed away peacefully.
Dr. Spurgoon passed a very roatloss night
His condltlou this morning gavu serious
cause for anxiety , chough ho was able to take
a small quantity of milk as nourishment. Aa
tba day passed on his condition becaraa ser
lou ! y critical. At 3 p. m. ho was uncon
scious , and atO , in tbo ovonlug bo was still
in the a mo condition , and weaker. Ho did
not recognize bis wife and refused to take
food , which was administered by forco.
[ Chariot Haddan SpUrgoau was bom at
Kolvodan Essex , Eng. , June 1U , 1634 Ho
was educated at Colchester , Cambridge , aud
became usher in u school at Nowmarket.
Some of his relatives , who were Independ
ents , proposed tbat ho enter one of tbelr
colleges , but as bo bad adopted Baptist
vlows ho joined the congregation which bad
boeii presided over by the late Robert Hill ,
nt Cambridge. Ho now actively ongngod In
Christian work , nnd nt FoVbrsham , near
'ambrklpo , at the ago of 10 h'o delivered bis
first sermon and shortly afterwards no-
coptod nn Invitation to bccomo pastor
at WntorboRch. Ho soon became ,1 well-
known character , the chapel nts Wutorboach
vas filled , whllo crowds - contented thera-
olvei with listening from the outsldo. In
vitations to preach were nont from surround-
ng places , his fnmo reached London nnd ho
vas offered the p.istoratA of Iho church mooi
ng in Now Park street chnpol in Southwark ,
n which Dr. Rtppon nt ono tlmo preached.
Mr. Spurgoon first preached before a London
congregation lu 1S > 3 , with so milch success
that ere two years had elapsed It was con
sidered nocossnry to enlarge the building ,
ending which alteration bo ofllclatcd for
'our months at Exeter hall. That odlflco
was crowded nnd hundreds were turned away
from the doors. Tbo enlargement of the
chapel In Park street , however , proved In
sufficient , nnd hearers multiplied with such
rapidity that It bceamo expedient to engage
the Surrey Muslo hall. A lamentable acci
dent occurred within Its wMls In October ,
1850 , nnd Mr. Sourgeon's followers' doter-
nlnnd to build n suitable edifice for their
services. The Metropolitan1 Taiiornaclo was
opened In 1861 , nnd Is nlways full to over-
lowing. Mr. Spurceon has published n ser
mon weekly slnco the first week of 1855. At
the end of 1SS. > the series. Inclusive of double
numbnrs , had reached No , 1,870 , orthlrty-ono
annual volumes. Tbo weekly circulation is
about 23,003. , Ho has published a number of
other works , the chlof of which Is "Tho
Treasury of David , " or an exposition of the
Psalms/m seven volumes , 8vo. The Stock-
well Orphanage , founded In 1807 ,
ms since boon enlarged to accom
modate 250 bovs and as many
girls , and down to 1830 moro than 1,000 cull-
iron had been received. The Pastors' col
lege , founded In 18r > 0 , nas educated over 700
men , of whom In 1SS5. D33 wore still engaged
as pastors , missionaries , or evangelists , In
the Baptist denomination. The Metropolitan
Tabernacle Colportago association has some
eighty or ninety agents , occupying districts
in different parts of the country , who , in ad
dition to other sorvlco , sn'.l ptlro literature in
the course of a year-to the amount of about
9,000. "A Book Fund. " carried on In Mr.
Spurgoon's house , -superintended by
Mrs. Spurceon , has m ton years silpnltoa in
digent ministers of various denominations ,
frooofcost , with over''SO.foOO volumes. In
1879 Mr. Spurgeon received "A Silver Wed
ding" testimonial of over 0,000. In 1831 , on
his attaining his 50th year , another sum of
about 5,000 was presented. The whole of
these funds were distributed in charity ,
5,000 having boon doyotod to the endow
ment , of tbo Tabornaolo nlmihouses ,
Drunken I'onnsylviinln Miners Klcht With
Fatal ItosuIU.
WEST NEWTOK , Pa. , Jan , 81. A riot
occurred botwocn Italian and liogro miners
at Smithton , a small mining town near bore
last night , In which two nion were fatally
wounded and another was so badly hurt that
bo will lose his leg. A dozen- others were
slightly injured. Smithton is the center of a
largo mining district and it has tbo only
licensed saloon for many nilles. Last night
a score or moro Italians and negro minors
assembled at the saloon and soon all were
under tbe Influence of liquor *
A fight was started , bin. the. participants
were ejected from the saloon and the doors
closed. As soon as they wore * outside the
nojroos opened fire on the Italians and a riot
occurred. The fight lasted twenty minutes ,
during which revolvers , knives , razors and
billys were used with terrible affect. Whan
It bad boon quailed thrco.'men were lying on
the ground aud blood was' flovnnjr from tbe
wounds of half a score of > others. Those
seriously Injured were : , \ . _
CIUULES HIIIXZI. Italian tntaor , shot In the
head and groin , will die. >
Louis A DBUSOX. an American , shot
through the nock ; recovery notcxpectod. Ho
was nota participant , and was bit by a stray ;
bullet. . <
THOMAS NEWPORT , another bystander , was
shot in the log , necessitating amputation.
The nature of the Injuries of tuo others is
not known , as the participants hurried their
Wounded oft.
The negroes fled after tbo fight , and were
pursued by a posse of fifty citizens , who oap-
tured four ot thorn at Whitsottstation. They
were packing their goods , preparatory to
leaving the country. The four prisoners
were given a preliminary bearing and
looked up to await the result'of tbe injuries
of the wounded.
Indignation against the negroes runs high ,
as the assault on the Italians was unpro
Member * of All lirancheg oftlio Service Dig.
cuss Matters tf Interest.
NEW Yoitic , Jan. 81. Two thousand rail
road mon , representing every state and ter
ritory of tbe United States , m'et in the Acad
emy of Muslo , this city , today. Conductors ,
engineers , firemen , brauomen and tele
graphers were present , , all members of organ
izations distinct from each other. Ono object
of tbo moating Is to effect a" consolidation of
the various orders at no distant day and to
bring about closer and rafiro friendly rela
tions among the mem Dora.
The first buslneus of tne meeting was tbo
indorsement of what are known as the Haley
bills , now pending before tbe legislature , tbo
first limiting the hours df sorvlco , the second
providing against accidents and regulating
the number of men to man ago various classes
of trains.
It was voted to make an effort to amend
tba conspiracy or antl-Plnkorton clause of
section 110 of the penal codo.
At the afternoon session ex-Railroad Com
mlssloncr Coffin of Iowa' Introduced a resolu
tion providing for tbo equipment of all
freight trains with automatic couplers and
air brakes , which was unanimously adopted.
Captured n Michigan Murderer.
CHICAGO , Jan. 31. Frank Flecuonsteln ,
alias Stoln , alias Bonn , who is wanted m
Dickinson county , Michigan , for the murder
of Patrick Casey , was arrested bore today by
city detectives. The murder was a cold
blooded one and was commuted December 31 ,
Casey wai foreman In a logging camp ownad
by bis brother about twenty miles from Fair-
mount , Mich. Fleckonstolttj bad been em
ployed in the camp , but qiil * work two days
prior to tbotaurder. Ha was located a few
days ago in this city , and this afternoon was
captured at the bouse of Ms'.brother. Sberifl
O'Connoll , of Dickinson cdupty , is hero and
will UUo him baok to tJiohlgaa. Flecken-
stein has in ado a full confession and says ho
will plead guilty , ]
Kncn Nothing pf "it.
PiiiLAPEU'iiu , Pa. , Jan.-8J. Pennsylvania
railway oQlclals are emphatlo'in their donla
of tbe establishment. ' of 'u'jiew express com
pany for the purpose , of competing with and
ultimately rushing the Adam's Express com
pany , John Hooy , ox-pr&sident of tbo
Adams oxprosi. Uenorjal B. Roberts
president ot the Penriayluanla railroad ,
Frank Thompson , < vice ; president , and
Matthew O'Brien , vice1 president of the
Southern Express company.7 are said to bo
tbo prlmo movers in the scheme. Mr.
Thomson laughed at tbo ( donnd declared ho
know nothing of It.
Free Sons of Jcracl.
ST. LOUIB , Mo. , Jan. 31 , At tbe first sos
Jon today of the twelfth biennial convention
of district grand' locltfo No. 3 of tbe Inde
pendent Order of Free Sous of Isroal , a sen
sation was sprung in thosbapo of resolutions
to abolish district grand ledge No. 2 am
surrender its charter to the united grant
lodge. The resolutions also petitioned for
the rights onlo/ed by moinDoiS of tuft forma
tion of ledge No. 3. but after a
hot debate were 'voted down. The imme
diate cause was a dqcreaso reported in mem
bersblp , iluo to deaths , stupendous and
No gripping , no nausea , no pain whoa Da
Witt's Lutlo Early Risers are taken. Small
pill. Safopill. Best , pill.
Nebraska la futnpua for Its line oats.
Quail rolled oi\\a \ \ tire made In Nebraska , ;
n Honor of the Completion of a Railroad
to Waunetn.
OITlrlnla of the Frenchman Valley I.lno
Commended for Their KiVorts In lie *
half of the Cltlr.ciM of the
Community ,
WAUNT.TA , Nob. , Jan. 31. [ Special to TUB
Jcc.J The most enthusiastic gathorlnc over
hold In ( JUnso county took place here Thurs-
uy. For sotno time past Waunota has con-
omplatod celebrating the completion of the
Pronchman Valley line to this point nnd
Thursday , with the aid of Senator Koontz ,
n excursion from McCook to Waunota was
arranged to take place. The morning dawned
bright and clear , and nlmoit as warm as a
nld-summer day and far moro pleasant. By
o'clock the streets began filling up with
cams from the adjoining towns and from the
At 10 o'clock the excursion train of seven
coaches was act at the depot by the \Vau-
nota cornet band and n delegation of citizens.
A large pavlllloa had boon erected to which
the crowd was osoortod , where they were
entertained by Prof. Button's famous Mo-
Jookiana which had boon privately engaged
by Manager Campbell.
Alter nn address of welcome by W. W.
ristur , the people were pleasantly enter
tained by a numborof the state ofllcors ,
prominent among whom were Messrs. Hum-
ihroy , Thomas Majors and Attorney General
flastmgs , also by Mr. Allen of McCook nna
Hon. C. IV. Meokorof Imperial.
Too much cannot bo said In pralso of the
oQlcors of the road for this prompt and wili
ng assistance In making the gathering so
pleasant and prolltublo to the excursionists ,
, ho people of Wnuneta nnd the surrounding
country. At ! ) o'clock tbo train lofc , on being -
ing well satisfied that Chase county dosorros
a plnco among tbo banner counties of the
great state of Nebraska.
From South Sioux City.
SOUTH Sioux CITV , Neb , Jan. 31. ( Special
TuEBDu. ] H. A. McCormick , editor of
; he Dakota County Democrat ; is In Chicago
lying an entire now outfit for his paper.
Revival services nro being conducted by
tbo Methodist congregation of this city ,
assisted by Hov. Mr. Norris. So far ton per
sons have united with the church and much
Interest Is being manifested.
The Lutheran congregation hold a pound
and social party at the Hotel Heath , Thurs
day evonincr , for the bonolit of the church.
Several dollars were added to the treasury.
Tbe Knlgbts of Labor ledge of this city
hold a very successful ball and supper la tha
opera house Thursday evening. About thirty
couples took port and the affair was pro
noun cod a success , both socially and finan
Some time ego a party of South Sioux
City gentlemen incorporated the Northeast
ern Nebraska Improvement company , osten
sibly for the purpose of Interesting capital In
and building what they were pleased to term
tbe South Slour City & Homer railroad. For
several months nothing has boon heard of
the company or railroad , so far as homo work
Is concerned ; , no\T It has leaked out that the
gentlemen will fo before the city o'ouncll and
nsk certaln.urlvilogcs asji railroad company ,
for the purpose of getting certain franchises ,
eta The action Is looked upon by omo as a
schema to gat the riirht of way In order to cot
a royalty from the Puclflo Short Line com
pany on tholr approach to the now'brldgo , as
It is certain they have lost all rights to the
franchise on nooonnt of non-fulfillment of
contract. Others Incline to the ballot that
the Pu'ablo & Duluth railroad company Is
back of the iphomo , as there seems to bo con
siderable activity among the officials of that
road. The franchise will undoubtedly bo
South Sioux City has n republican club of
M. B. Slocum is
sixty-five members. presi
dent , Z. M. Balrd socratarv and E. Stamm
treaiuror. It meats every Wednesday oven-
ing1. Thera Is a determination to carry
Dakota county for the republicans next fall
and indications point to success.
Ills Experience im u Section Ilnnil.
Hen Ou > un , Nob. , Jan. 31. [ Special to
TUB CUE. ] One of the best known men on
the road is P. .W. Shea , who represents a
St. Joseph { grocery house and has his head
quarters at Red Cloud. "Pete , " as ho is
familiarly called , was not always a salesman
as tha following incident shows. In 1677
Pole was a bashful , backward lad , fresh
from tha green rod of Erin , at work for the
Chicago and Northwestern railway company
at Dlalratown , Iowa , as a section hand.
For Just nineteen days tbe boy wielded the
pick and shovel before bis ambition assorted
itiolf , and ho struck tbe gait that has made
him the popular and successful salesman
that ho u. Polo forgot to col
lect tha dollars due him from
the corporation when ho left its
employ , and for fifteen years tbo account
stood open. Lately , while looking over some
old papers , bis eye lighted upon an old * dii-
nolorod page which , upon oloier scrutiny ,
proved to bo his original entry for tbo work
pcrformod for the railway company. He
Immediately forwarded the account to the
paymaster of the road and got In reply a
statement that one "Peter Shay" bad credit
on the books for nineteen days' work at (1
per day , and an Inquiry whether his name
was Potor. An afilrmatlvo answer brought
by return mall a chock for the exact amount.
Mr. Shea say * that this "soulless corpora
tion" has his tbanus now , and will have his
confidence for some time to come.
lciith pi M. 11. Uoltry.
AIILINOTON , NOD. , Jan , 31. [ Special to Tun
Bun. ] M , H. Goltry , editor of the Pttoplo's
Defender , the principal people's party organ
of Washington county , died at this place at
0 o'clock this morning of Inflammation of the
bowels after a brief Illness in the 51st year
of his ago. .
Mr. Goltry was twice married ; his first
wife , "Miss Flora Todd , died la February ,
1883 , and aoven years after be married Miss
Olive ICoonv who , with two daughters by
bis first wife , survive him. Before coming
to Arlington nine years ago , Mr. Qoltry had
been editor of the Harrisonlan , a oaper pub
lished at Missouri Valley. Mr. Goltry bad
been in , polltlci a republican , a greenbacker
and a people's party-ulllauoo man. To the
principles of tbe lust bo has clung to no-
clou sly. The funeral will take place at 2
o'clock p. rn. tomorrow under the auspices of
the Independent Order of Odd Fellows , of
which order ho was a member.
West Point Items ,
WEST POINT , Neb , , Jan , 31. [ Special to
TUB Bee. ] Henry Haas died at bis homo in
this olty Saturday morning. For over
a year ho DOS slowly been wasting from con
sumption. Last spring be returned from u
trip to California , Where bo had gone to benefit -
fit uU health , Tbe deceased was 130 years of
age , and leaves nwlfoand throe children , tbe
oldest being about 0 years of ago. Tbo
funorai will take place tomorrow afternoon.
The leap year ball glvon by tbe Ueutchor
Damon at Krause's hall Friday evening was
by far the most successful amusement event
held In the city for many yours. The hall
was tastefully decorated. Hovoy'a orcboitra
from Nor/oik furnished the muilo.
Junlutu &i > ortTiiK Ivvcnti ,
JUNUTA , Nob. , Jan. 31 [ Special to TUB
BKE.J The local sporti have frequent shoot
ing tournaments bore and several vary inter
esting and close matches have taken placo-
tbo pun week , Charles Holzwortb , Thad.
Rants , James Smith , Clarence Yreeland aiu !
Hines VanbusUlrt are tbo loaders. Most o :
the matches have been with live pigeons.
The roil estate maruot has been very active
of late , and moro land has changed bands in
the vicinity of Juuluta than ml the reil of
tbo county put together , nil of it bringing n
fair price.
Social circles have boon qultototlvo lately ,
uany sociables , banquets and surprise
jartlos hnvo taken place the past week nnd
nany moro arc rumored for the near futur * .
The masquerade bull at Allen's hall
Wednesday evening wus tbo event of that
nature this season.
MM. K. A. St. John returned Tuesday
'ronin visit to Carroll , la.
William Hill returned from a sojourn In
Jayos county Tuesday night ,
Mrs. Morse ot Crawford arrived Tuesday
on n visit to her slstor. ,
lllulr No g Nolrn ,
tii , Nob. , Jan. 3h [ Special to TUB
Twcnty-nlno members of the Inde
pendent Order of Odd Follows of Fremont
passed through Blair last night on their way
oToknmah , where they did some secret
vorl ; , nnd after which the Tokamah ledge
janquoted the visitors. Twenty of tbo boys
jolonging to the Blair ledge wont up and re
port having n line tlmo. They sny tbo Fro
nont boys nro the champions of tbo stnto for
Ino work nnd the Tokaraah people know"how
to ontcrtaln.
Mrs. Dr. W. II. Palrnor left Tuesday for
Srconsboro , N. C. , to spend the balance of
the winter with her husband , who Is n rhysi-
clou in charge of the ICceley Institute of that
> laeo.
A. J. Honey of Carroll. Nob. , was In Blair
Thursday on his way bacit from Chicago ,
where bo had boon with four car loads of
cattle. Mr. Honey U old resident of Wash
ngtou county.
Lou Vaugbnn , Blair's architect , has Just
completed a now map of Blair City , iuclud-
ng nil of the now additions.
Unit rice ( iosnlp ,
BEATUICB , Nob. , Jon. 31. [ Special to Tnu
3nu. ] A brilliant social event occurod In
.his city Friday ovonmg at the residence of
Vlr. nnd Mrs. C. F. Davis , the occasion bolng
the thirtieth annlvcrsa--y of their marrlago.
About " 00 invited guests were present and
tbo affair throughout was very onjoyablo.
Frank J. Robinson of this city and Miss
Nellie M. Holslnijton of Columbus were
arried In this city Thursday evening , Rov.
J. W. Stewart oniclatlng.
Beatrice Is elated over the prospect of n
wholesale grocery house bolng established
joro in the very near future. Messrs. A.
Kutt nnd T. . J. Burns of Casey , la. , are nt the
head of the enterprise and are now In the
city with a view to arranging the necessary
StiffKC8tlou About 1'ny Dny.
OMAHA. Jan. 30. To the Editor of TUB
BEE : In view of the fact that the present
city administration is working for economy ,
would it not bo well to so arrange the pay
ment of city employes so that it would not
encroach on tha working hours. For In
stance , in the past It has been the custom to
quit work all the afternoon of pay day so
that the men could got tholr money before
the closing of the banks. This was nocossnrv
where men worked a distance from tbo
comptroller's ofHcc. I call your attention to
this knowing that you will at once BOA that
the larger the force employed the greater
the loakaso. X. Y. Z ,
Judge Ilclst'x Candidacy.
SIDNKV , Nob. , Jan. 80. To the Editor of
THE BKI : : Apropos of the mooting of the
congressional commlttco of the "big Sixth"
at Kearney on February 10 , it might bo well
to mention , now that all other parts of the
dlstrlcthnve boon hoard from , that the west
is pushing the claims ot Hon. Georeo W-
Heist as a candidate for congross. Wo believe -
lievo that none of the c&ndlnatos ore better
or more favorably known throughout the dis
trict than is Judge Hoist. He Is a thoroughly
progressive republican whose ability has
always been in demand in the battles of the
Film ere County Mo
GBNBVA , Nob. , Jan. 31. [ Special to Tnu
BEE. | The following is the mortgage in
debtedness of Fillmore county for January :
Heal estate mortgages filed , lorty-slx , $43-
765.25 ; released , oighty-soven , 948,843.05 ;
city mortgages filed , seventeen , $1-,870.75 ;
released , seventeen , $10,577.00 ; chattel
mortgages filed , S30 , * ol,2r ) > 0.77 : rolonsod 427 ,
S79.082.54 ; of the above real and city mortg
ages , 820,127.25 , was for part purchase prlco
of land , also two sheriff's deeds cancel
$3,203.30 of mortgages not in tbo above totals.
Weeping Wiitor Accidents.
WEEPING WATER , Nob. , Jan. St. ( .Special
to TUB BEE.J Isaac Henry , n brakeman ,
whllo coupling cars In the yards hare this
morning , was run over and bad his foot
badly crushed. It can probably be saved.
Ho was taken to the hospital at Kansas Ci ty
Tbo Missouri Pacific had n bad wreck here
last Friday night , in which two engines and
two fiat cars were demoralized. The crows
saved themselves by jumping.
Scotia's Now School ,
SCOTIA , Neb. , Jan. 81. [ Special so Tin :
B'r.c.J A largo and enthusiastic mass mootIng -
Ing was hold at the Presbyterian church
Thursday evening , to devlso ways and means
for the establishment of a normal and busi
ness university. Prof. Barrett of Waterloo
was present nnd made them a proposition
which was accepted and to all appearances
the school will bo opened in the early spring.
Killed ut Lincoln.
Neb. , Jan. 81. [ Spoolal Tele
gram to THE BEE. ] Maittn Bollek , a Ger
man , whllo walking along the tracks near
Seventh and N streets about 2 o'clock today
was run ever by Burlington train No. U. Tbo
man was evidently intoxicated and paid no
attention to the whlstlo of the engine. Bol-
lok was a slnelo man about 39 years old and
lived at 147 F street.
Trrongh nil Open Kit Itch ,
MIXDBN , Nob. , Jan. 81 , [ Special Telegram
to Tin : BUR. ] No. 0 , tbo oast-bound passen
ger , ran off the trnok here this morning In
trying to got on the main track' whllo the
switch was opon. Tbo cirow ot No. 128 , tbo
night freight , 1s supposed to have left the
switch open last night. JJut slight damage
was dono. The train was delayed about two
Alleged Thieves Located.
MINPEN , Nob. , Jan. 31. | Special Telegram
to THE BEE.J County Attorney Wolff starts
for Lincoln tonight to secure requisitions for
Sherman Bromley , who is supposed to have
stolen a borso bore last Monday iilulit , and
Bill Harding , who , tba same night , stole
eight bogs. Mr , Wolff bas them both lo-
catud. _
ICoDolmd Iiullunu Cnllnted ,
ROSEIIUII AaENor , S. D. , Jan , 81. ( Special
to THE BuB.J 1 compan/ , Seventeenth In
fantry , recruited from tbo Rosebud Indians ,
loft yesterday for tbelr quarters at Fort
Douglas. Salt Lake Cl y. U. T. This makes
two full companies and part of a third en
listed from thli reservation. ThU company
'Is ' , on the whole , composed of better men
than any former ono. But It bas fewer
mixed bloods and Carlisle students , The
parents , wives and friends of the soldiers are
walling at a great rate , They dread their
going so far away from home.
Denperiite Thief Arrested ,
OTTUMWA , la. , Jan. 31. [ Special Telegram
to THE BEE.J Bill Myers , the noted sneak
thief and desperado , Is In jail and the polloo
authorities are jubilant. Ho is the fellow
who plotted with a lot of tramp prisoners in
the jail to ilug the sheriff and got tholr free
dom , and would have accomplished it bui
for the timely Interference of tbe deputy.
The ( ullnois of tbo plot was not revealed
until Myers' jail term expired and tbe matter
has been since kept quiet in order to appre
hend hlia. Ho will uo tried tomorrow.
A very small pill , but a very good oat. D
Witt's llttlo Early Rliort.
Dfewltt's I.iltle Early Risen , best pitli
Uttlo arlr irner * for the liver ,
Onptuin Olf J the Ttig Webster Tolll
the SaJaV ) a Tight for Lifo.
fj > | if-
Inllnnt llrnv4 EvioCrcwortho .Sclinnnct
i\crrtt : AVo9EjTlirlltliiK | i\jirrlrnr : *
of the Men on the Tug limit Not
u Moment to Spitrc ,
VixnvAnn II ivnx , Mass. , Jan. 31. Captain
George Clark ami ulno mou train the missing
team tug Edwin O. Wobitor of Now York ,
for whoso safety so much mixloty hail been
olt , arrived In this hnrbor Friday night last ,
1'hoy nro still quartered bn board the thrc
masted schooner Everett Webster , Captain
Jowen o'f Philadelphia. The Everett Web-
tor was bound for Boston from Philadelphia
vlth a cargo of coal and rescued the ton men ,
when every hope of being saved had been
; lvon up by them. A violent northerly gal
ms boon blowing slnco she anchored hero ,
malting It too rough for the rescuer. * to malco
a landing , and until today the schooner could
not bo bonrdcd and full particulars of tin
rescue ascertained.
Story of Captain Chirk.
Captain Claris of the 111 fated steam tiif
states : "Wo loft Now York Tuesday inorn-
ug about 1 o'clock for the dumping ground
off Hocltnway , about throe miles from Coney
slnnd. Wo had dumping scows Nos. 5 nn <
17 In tow. There was nn Increasing north-
vest wind. At 4r : > j the same morning wo
reached the grounds and after the two scows
iad dumped thuir load * wo started to re
turn. The wind at this llmo Una attained
, ho velocity of a gale , and the tug was struck
jy blinding snow squalls , causing nor to
keep near and under the east bank. In con-
oquenco she got Into shoal water , and wbll
endeavoring to pot out Into deeper water the
hawser caught In the propeller. Just as day
was breaking the stoaw tug Nlohols , with
two scows In tow , came to bur assistance la
response to our signals , and as all efforts to
got the hawser clear wore unavailing she endeavored
doavorod to tow the disabled steam tug and
scows to Now York , but was unable to do so
on account of the severe gale and high sea.
The Webster wus then anchored and the
steam tug Nichols proceeded to Now York
with her own scows ,
'Tho ' Webster , with her two scows ,
dragged ocoanwnrd. her anchor not being
suOlclont to hold them. Fifty fathoms of
hawser was bent on to the end of her cknlc.
which chocked her groatlr , she then liuvinfl
about 100 fathoms of cable out.
Drifted Seiuvurd ,
"After nn hour the hawser holding tha
scows , which was entangled In the propeller ,
cut or chafed Itself clear , and the jcows
drifted to soa. They each dropped their an
chors , which were .of but little service to
them. They could bo seen by the Webster
all day Tuesday , drifting to the northeast ,
but the next mornlug nothing could bo soon
of thoin.
'Tho Webster' co-jtinuod dragging Into
rougher water and was n complete mass of
ico. Sbo labored so heavy that she sprung &
bad leak , and oy constant pumping and alt
hands balling with buckets \yo could lust
keep her free o'f wator. TUo steamer roiled
so badly that coal was washed into her bilges
vnd her pumps , choking thorn up badly. Tbo
men were obllcod to stand lu the ice cold
water , working for their lives , endeavoring
to keep too pumps clonb and In working
order. In Urn inannor they wore all inoro or
less frozen ,
"At midnight \Vodnosdny the supply of
coal became exhausted and all available
woodwork such as berths , flooring , joiner
worit , etc. , was burned , furnishing hardly
enough steam for the pumps. Ahout 3
o'clock , while In this precarious condition ,
the wind still heavy , and the fuel exhausted ,
the water was up to the gruto bars In the lira
room and the crow nil nearly exhausted front
exposure , excessive labor and hunger , having
oaten scarcely anything for forty hours , a
vessel Hehts were slgntod hoatluu straight
for the Webster.
Heroic Itoscuers.
"Tho welcome vessel , which proved to ba
the schooner Everett Webster , was signalled
by our lights and she immediately bore down
and lowered her stern boat , which was
manned by her first ofllcor , Willmm Leeds ,
and three men. Tnoso inon by skillful man
agement rescued the ton men from the sinkIng -
Ing stoauicr ono by ono thus consuming about
an hour's .time. When the last man was
rescued tbe guards of the tug were level with
the water and aha could not have staid alloat
much longer. "
When they landed aboard tbo schooner U
was ascertained that all of the rosciiod men
had their bands and foot moro or loss frozen.
Captain Clark states that too much * praise
cannot bo accorded to Captain Bowun and
the ofllcors and crow of tbe schooner Everett
Webster for their bravery. The schoonot
herself was-a solid mass of Ice nearly to hot
foreoross traos and was almost unmanage
able. The captain of tba Webster has no
knowleago of the missing scow No. 5 , but
thinks that she would not sink being too
largo and now , with water tight compart
ments running nearly the whole length ol
her. Ho manifests anxiety regarding tha
two men on board , as she was not abundantly
supplied with food and fuel.
High Winds mill Torrlllo Hens Duntroy
Nolile Ve 8 l.
AnEitPEBN , Wash , , Jnp. 81. The British
bark Forndalo , which went asboro ton miles
north of the entrance to Gray's harbor
Friday , is now a total wreck about ono mlle
off shore and nf her crow of twentytbroa
mou , all but tbrco sailors are drowned. A
terrific gala and exceptionally bleb tldo pre
vailed at the llmo. The sea ran higher tuna
was ever before known. When she struck
tbo officers nnd crow at onoo prepared
to roach shore , but tboy bad llttlo
tlmo in which to make tbelr prepara
tions. It was impossible to successfully
launch tbelr boats with the tremendous sea
running and although an attempt was made
the frail crafts were almost Immediately
upset. Nothing was left for the crow to debut
but to lash tboinsolven to yards and broken
pieces ot mast. Soon after tbo sea broka
ever the stranded ship and several of tbe
crow were washed away. Tbe last man to
leave the dock was Captain Blair. Three ot
the men reached the chore on pieces of wreck
and tha body of the nmto was aftorwardi
picked up on the sandy beach ,
The Forndalo was a now vessel and wai
on her first trip to this coast. Itwesalso
thu first vessel of Captain Blair to this coast.
Tbo vessel was worth about $90,000.
1'ouml u I''ortunii ,
WICHITA , Kan , , Jan , 81 , A fortune lost foi
a dozen years to tbo heirs of old John Wise ,
late of Suinner county , was discovered
yesterday by John W. Wise , a grandson of
tbo deceased , while digging for the founda
tion of iv new structure on the farm on which
tbo old man died , Tblrty-llvo thousand del
lars/in / gold is sold to be the amount recov
ered. Old Wise was a miser during all his
long llfo. In the keg in which the gold was
found was old Wiso's will , und by its term *
the finder , John W , Wi&o , gets all tha
Up with Dynamite ,
KAKSAS CITV , Mo. , Jan. 81 , The saloon of
S. H , Brenner ut Nos. 41D nnd 417 Southwoj
Boulevard was wrecked by an explosion ol
dynamlto early this mornlujf , B. Davis , a
bartender whom lienuor had discharge !
from his employ lately wus arrested for thi
orimo. Brenner claimed ( bat ho bad blown
up the saloon for revenge.
Do Witt's rattle Early Risers ; the only pill
to euro blvk headache null r eg u 1ft to