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Ho Expresses nn Opinion on Omaha and the
National Convention.
Nol > riHhi ; Hcpiilillunti1) ) Can Kloot a
Hii | > rom < ! .ImlBO If Ono Krco from
tlio Itiillroiul Taint IN
Senator nnd Mri.Mandcr.ion arrived Thurs
day from tlio east where they have spent
several tveoks recreating since the close of
the lait session of congress. The senator
appears to bo In excellent health nnd has evl-
j dontly tnado the most of the summer vaca
"I shall probably bo In Omaha for some
time , " he said yesterday wlillo talking to n re
porter for THE line. "Somo tlmo during the
month of September the committee on Indian
attain , of which I nm n member , will bo
Illtely to niiikuu tour of the agencies In the
Dnxntas , Montana mid Wyoming I have
heard from Senator I'ettlgrow nnd others of
the committee nnd they mo desirous of
making the trip In order to ascertain moro
accurately the actual condition of affairs.
Then in'October the senate committee oti
printing will incut In Washington and I shall
be obliged to attend that. It Is the Intention
to make several changes in the printing de
partment and wo have n good deal of work
ahead of us in that particular lino.
Last April the committee met nnd took sov-
orul hundred pages of testimony , nnd wo
shall tnko the work up and llnlsh It. If possible -
blo , nttho next meeting. In all piobnbllity
the rules will bo changed sons to provide
for the Issuing of n regular number of ccitnln
books nnd statistical reports that arc Issued
evcrv joar. Some of the less u&oful kinds of
documents will bo curtailed nnd nil the
printed matter will bo Issued from one
common source , so thnt duplication will
will bo prevented. In this way It
Is believed that a vast sum of money can bo
saved us compared with the present rather
unsystematic method of handling the printed
matter sent out from the govcrmniiul printIng -
Ing ofllco.
"What Is your opinion with regard to
Omaha's chances of getting the next repub
lican national convention I"
"Well , I will confess ( that I nm not so
snngulno of Omaha's success in that effort as
some gentlemen appear to be , but I bellovo
thnt Omaha stands a better chance now than
four yc.irs ago nnd you remember what a
scnro some of our competitors cot then by
the showing Omaha made. Omaha Is much
bettor Jlttid to entertain the ciowds now
f than four yeais ago and it will not bo a dif
ficult matter , I should Imagine to prove that.
I bellovo in making the very best uffoit that
wo can , but nt the same time It Is well
to remember that a city lll < o Chicago cnn nud
w ill brmir n tremendous pressure to bear upon
j the committee. "
1 "Have vou anything lo suggest as to the
mo'hod of pioecduio on the nail of tlie com-
Wlttoo. "
\'r \ ' "Nothing but what has already been sug
gested , I iircituno , to the committee of
nest Omaha citizens. I would favor the idea
' < of loading the members of the national com
mittee down with facts pertaining to thn fa
cilities nnd advantages of Omaha as n
convention city nnd then push Iho claims
of the city to the utmost. "
"What do you think of the nominations
made by the independents at Hastings ! "
" 1 have noted tlie work of that convention
and nm convinced that the republican party
cnn elect an associate Justice to
the supreme bench If the right
kind of a man is nominated. Gtoat care
t should bo cxcielsod and a good , honest law-
I ycr perfect ! } free from the taint or corpor-
C atlon adulations should bo selected. If that
j Is dotio the republican party has nothing to
t fear in the coming election. "
f Parents Ilcud This.
July and August are anxious montns for
mother- , who carefully w.itch over their little
ones. Hot days und frequent changes of
tompcmtuio are liable to produce cholera
morlnis. How satisfactory It should bo for
parcn ts to know that Huller's P.iln 1'araly/or
is both a pleasant and offoctlvo remedy for
all summer complaints. It soothes and ro-
llovos nil pain and griping ami always effects
a complete : cure.
Clilldivii Prop.
Ttiosdiiy September 1 , tlio second day
of the Douglas county , fair , has boon
designated ub children's day , on which
day bcliool children will bo admitted
frco It supplied with tickets which can
bo had by culliiifr at the German Say
ings Imnlc , southeast corner Thirteenth
and Douglas btreots.
Ilnxuv BOM.N ,
Treasurer Douglas County Agricultural
VUlili 01 ? HUSIXUSS.
County Teachers
Many Important Mat tern.
At the opening of the afternoon session of
the teachers' institute n letter from President
William M. Brooks of Tabor college , Iowa ,
was read to the teachers. This institution ,
which assures a thorough training in all the
brandies of a liberal uJuoution. wishes to
prnsent free scholarships to two doiervlng
young persons of Douglas county who shall
bo recommended by the county superin
Ciiculnrs setting forth the advantages and
promises of the state university were dis
tributed among the toachois.
A ropre.sontiitlvo of Uoano college was also
piescnt to urge the claims of the coining
session of the Nebraska State Teacher.1
association which opens at Lincoln , Decem
ber'1. ! ) , und which offers special attractions
In the wav of lectures und lecturers. Hon.
Andrew S. Drupor , statu superintendent of
Now York , will be one of the speakers.
The Institute ptoposessometime next wrok
to go into executive suasion over the sehool
book question. The law passed by the las > t
legislature compels the districts to furnish
the text boods used In the schools und Super
intendent Mnthows has tieen deluged with
circulars nnd samples urging the claims of
the various publications ,
The regular work of the institute Is progressing -
grossing smoothlv and satisfactorily.
Miss \\ubstcr , In United State > hlslorv ,
covered the period of colonisation very thor
oughly Witn blackboard outline maps und
various mnemonic helps.
Prof. Longan , In aiithmotlc , forcibly pro-
icnted the Importance of the subject of per-
contngo and Illustrated many faults In teach
ing It.
ICxmnlimUons on various subjects will
begin todnj.
A CoiiNuluntloiiH Kill tor.
Wo advertise at present for a IIrm whoso
preparations hnvo proven to bo all they claim
in our own family. Wo refer to Chamber
lain's Colic , Cholera nnd DIurrhua Uommtv.
"Wo can stand up for this mcdlulno because
wo have tested it. This ts not an advertise
ment for the medicine , it is simply our testi
mony regarding It after a fair trial. IIuuU-
dale ( Pa. ) , Observer.
The nniuml Sunday bchool picnic of
the parish of the Church of tlio Good
Shupherd takes place this afternoon nt
llatiticotu park. Tlio children and
friends are to meet at the Church of tlio
Good SliDphonl , cornet * of Ninteenth
and Lake nt ltl : ! ) o'clock , and the Druid
Hill Mibsion to incut at tlioir depot at 1
o'clock. In event of ruin the picnic will
bo postponed till Uirthor notice.
Clly Hull 1'iirnltnro.
The council commlttoo on public property
nun buildings put In another hiud day's
woik figuring on tbo bids for the new city
ball furniture , Up to thli tlmo they have
boon unable to tell which tlrtn submitted the
lowest bid. The members hope to give the
required Information to the council next
Monday night.
Butler will bo at the Omaha fair and
races and will glvo daily exhibitions of
chariot , hurdle and umbrolln races ,
which cannot fail to plcaeo those who
attend. Do not fall to witness Dullers
performance during the fair , commenc
ing August 31 and coutinulnu live duyu.
Mcro Clilldrcn Wrecked by tlio Most
IlcvoltlnK I'r.totlocB.
The most shocking case of Juvonllo deprav
ity ever brought to notice , If not the most
frightful over In existence , wa revealed yes-
tcrday at the corner of Mason street under
the Sixteenth street viaduct.
'Mote than n dozen children ranging from
six to twelve yc.irs In ago wcro found t bo
almost complete physical wrecks from loathsome -
some discuses.
The details are lee disgusting to print.
The pollco nromvesllpntlng the matter.
Ayer'i ' hair vigor restores color nnd vitality
to weak and gray Imlr. Through its healing
nnd cleansing qualities It prevents the accu
mulation ol dandruff nnd cures scalp diseases.
The best hair dressing over made , and by far
the most economical.
Ill li ON I'AVIXO.
They Continue Htcncly nt the Old
The board of public works hold a lengthy
session yestorduy afternoon at which they
opened olds for Iho following improvements :
Cuiblng nnd paving Seventeenth street
from Harnoy to St. Mary's avenue ; the al
loys in blocks fi'J nnd 51 ; Saward street from
Twenty-fourth to Twenty-fifth street ; Twen
ty-fourth street from Hartley street to St.
Mary's uvonuo ; Twenty-fourth street from
Leavcnworth lo.Ionos ; Twenty-sixth street
from Parnnin to Hninoy , nnd Nicholas street
from Twenty-ninth to the woitllno of Isaac's
addition. The bids wcro as follows :
Hugh Murphv , Sioux Falls granite , $2..T > ;
while Colorado sand stone , ? . ' .It , red Colorado
rado sand stone , $2 ; vitrified brick , S1.90.
The Barber asphalt company , sheet as-
pnnltum , form "A. " SJ.9S > .
Fox & Diexel. sheet asphnltum , form "A , "
J. H. Smith & Co , vitrified brick. S1.92.
There was but ono bid for curbing. That
was by Hugh Murphv , nnd was 01 cents per
lineal 'foot for rod Colorado sandstone.
For eroding Hurt street from Thirty-
eighth to Fortieth J.V. . Croft , C. A. Jensen
and F. J. Peterson tied at U 8-10 cents per
cubic yard. The contract was awarded to
ICatz & Callahan wore the only bidders for
filling nuisance lots. Their bids ranged from
21 to i)5 ) cents per cubic yard.
The sewer in district 14 , Spracuc street ,
from Twenty-fourth to Thirtieth , was given
to Hmminn McDonald. They bid 77 cents
for eight inch pipe , manholes J3.73 and Hush
tanks $ S.
The sewer In distuct HI. Sixth street from
Hickory to Pierce , the bid of McGavoek &
Dailoy was the lowest. Tnoy bid $1.03 on
18-inch pipe , $1 , . ' ! ; } on Ifi-inch pipe , 70 cents
on S-inch pipe , man holes $3.50 und Hush
tanks $3.
The board decided not to order the re
moval of the condemned buildings at Thirty-
eighth nnd Hurt streets nnd at Twenty-llrst
and Cuming sheets , us the council had not
passed an ordinance giving It authority.
J. E. Knowlos , the sidewalk contraclor ,
presented his first monthly estimate , amount
ing to 51,101. It was laid over until Monday
for the reason that it had not been certified
to by the sidewalk Inspector.
Chamberlain's Colic , Cholera and
lilarrhu : i Ileineily '
Is famous throughout the United States for
its prompt cures of diarrhoea , dysentcrycolic
nnd choler.i morbus. It is pleasant to take
and can always bo depended upon both for
children and adults. U5 und 50 cent bottles
for sale by diugglsts.
There's a Qurstioii as to Who Will Get
'I hem.
There Is no certainty that John Dale will
cot the SlobjOOO of refunding 5 per cent
bonds. The county commissioners have
again uiado nn exninlnation of Iho bids and
are not so sure Unit Dale's bid was the best.
When ho submitted his bid ho agreed to pay
par , a premium of $103 and interest to date ,
which was August J3 , the date on which the
Lids wore opened.
The Globe loan nnd trust company bid par ,
and accrued interest to data of delivery.
On Iho second examination the commis
sioner. ! have about reached the conclusion
that the bid of the Glebe loan and trust com
pany was better by several hundred dollars ,
as the bonds cannot bo ready for delivery no-
fore September 1.
County Attorney Mahonov is now drawing
a contract that provides the party taking the
bonds shall pay the interest that Is duo upon
the date ol t'noir delivery.
If Mr. Dale will ntrreo to this nnd sign the
contract , ho will eet the bonds , otherwise
they will go to the Glebe loan nnd trust pee
V.'psterncis in New York.
Nn\v YOIK : , Aug. 21. [ Special to THE
BBC.J Mr. J. L. Tcmpletou , Council Bluffs ,
b at the St. Denis hotel.
V. B. Acholtrco and G. It. Barton , Iowa.
are nt the Continental and St. Denis hotel ,
Mr. A. Sands , Kearney , Is at the Grand
Central hotel.
Mr. I. Nathan , Nebraska , is nt the Ver
mont houso.
The Omaha colony hero aio : Mr. J. J.
Gallovon , St. Denis hotel ; Mr. A. J. Love ,
Hotel Hartholdi ; Mr W. Mendelsohn , Delvo-
doro house ; J.V. . Paddock. St. Cloud hotel.
Mr. A. Sauuker , DCS Molnos , is at the Im
perial hotel.
Mr. W. Suxton , Edgar , Neb. , Is nt the
Cut Us hotel.
Mr. J. S. KIIOJC , Omaha , Is at the Sturtc-
vant hotel.
Mr. II. Day , Uapid City , is at the Oriental
Mr. Dolshon has Just arrived in on the
Augusta-Victoria trom Hiiropo fiom a pleas-
mo trip there and will , after the sights hero ,
leave for homo.
J. N. Millard , Omaha , Is at the Fifth
Avcnuo hotel on a business trip.
Seminary Cor Voting IjidlcH , Omaha ,
Rev. Robert Doherty , S. T. D.
Fall term begins September 1(5. (
The completing of the south wing
makes accommodation for10 boarding
scholars additional.
For catalogue and particulars apply to
the rector.
linlldinIVrmltH. .
The following permits wore issued by the
supoilntondentof buildings youer.lay :
Zlosul & y.lmincrm.iii , one and a half
stoiy fniiite. Twenty-font th street und
lloiilovnrd . J1.500
Ono minor iioi mlt . . . itt
Total . fl.l''S
The ( J. S. government arc using largo mini
bars of the Improved Howoicaloi . liordcn
A : Solleck Co. , agents , Chicago , III.
The f allowing marriage lloansos were Issued
by Judge Shields yesterday !
'Name nnd iiddros" . ' Ago.
I I'olur I'etors llomilnston . : il
1I 1 Tina Van I.ovkinn , lllulr . 20
I ICnud KniHlbon. Omaha
1 lloillo K , i : . Olson , Omaha
Hood's Surt > ndnrllUi Is on the flood tide of
of podulrity.whlch position It has reached by
its own Intrinsic , undoubted inorit.
Omaha Will Roach it Over a Now Northwestern -
western Railroad.
Tlic New Ijlno Haclcod liy Plenty of
Capital Work to lie Com
menced nt Onec--
Othcr Local.
The building of nnoihor railroad in the
Black Hills which will bo tributary to the
Omaha roads Is now an assured fact.
The road will bo construclcd from Hnpld
Cily duo west through the hills , a distance of
thirty miles , to Mystic , on the won side of
the hills , where It will Intersect the B. & M.
lino. From that point It will bo continued
duo west to the coal mines of Wyoming , a
distance of forly-llv'o miles.
The construction of the road will bo com
menced on Monday , the contract for the
grading having been let and the 11 rat ten
miles of the road will be put in operation lu-
sldo of two months. The construction will
bo pushed as rapidly as possible and the road
will bo completed to the intersection of the
B. & M , and In operation by January 1 if the
weather does not interfere.
The road has been capitalized for $20,000
per tnlto and tbo comp my is on a solid basis
und nblo to complete the system.
William T. Coad of Kupld City Is president
of the company which is known as the Da-
itota , Wyoming ft Missouri Kivcr railway
company. Mr. Coud Is in the city , accom
panied hy C D. Crojch , also of Rapid City ,
these two gcntlomcn tiuvtng been to'Chicago
to complete some of the details of the organ
ization and are now on their way to Hapld
City to look afler the afalrs of the company.
Mr. Coad was seen nt thePnxton yesterday
morning and was full of facts concerning the
now road.
"Our road will pass directly through Sil
ver City , which Is in the heart of the silver
district of the nills , " said Mr. Coau. "This
country has no railroad facilities nt present
nnd the development of the mines is in ils in
fancy , nut the output of silver ore from that
source ulono is estimated at twenty-live cars
per day. The 01 els of good quality nnd n
company of Omaha capitalists Is already fig
uring on establishing a smelter at Uapid City
for handling this ore.
"Tho road will also pass near the foot of
the big veins of low giado gold ore which
have been discovered in hills und will pass
through the heart of the lumber region of the
Black Hills , the only timber in South
' Our company also contemplates the con
struction of u spur from the mouth of Prairlo
creek to Hill City , tupping tlio tin clistiict nt
that point und the lingo copper mines at
Shoiidau. In a word , our road will cover the
entire miijcral district of the southern hills.
"Wo expect to bring the bulk of our ore to
Omaha , although , us I said before , u company
of Omaha capitalists are figuroing on estab
lishing a smelter at Hupid City. They will
not establish a rellncrv , as 1 understand It , so
that the product will bo brought heio for ro
ll nine.
"Tho people In that section are heartily in
favor ot closer commercial iclations with
Omaha , " continued Mr. Coad , "and are more
than willing to meet tbo people of this city
moio than naif way in any project which will
result in benollt to both sections. Uapid City
is developing very fast and her cki/ens are
full of grit und enterprise. The establish
ment of closer relations between thc o two
localities will result in large benefits to both ,
and our section is naturally tributary to
Omaha. "
Procure It Ilel'oi'.j I/o ; vlnj Home.
Dr. M. J. Davis is a prominent physician of
Low is , Cuss county , Iowa , and has been ac
tively engaged in the practice of medicine nt
that place tor the post thlrty-tlvo years. On
the 20th of last May , while in Dos Molnos , on
route to Chicago , ho was suddenly taken with
nn attack of diarrhoea. Having sold Cham
berlain's Colic , Cholera and Dlarrhma Hemo-
dy for the past seventeen years , and knowing
its reliability , ho proctued a J.TI cent bottle ,
two doses of which completely cured hli.i.
The prospects for the coming Omaha
fair and races promises to eciip&e any
former fair hold in Omaha. The entries
so far are largely in excess of any former
year. Tlio managers have every abbtir-
nneo that all r.iees will bo well filled and
of superior The stoclc , agricul
tural and llorul departments will be the
best ever shown. Do not fail to attend.
Commencing Augest lil and continuing
live days. Address all conimunicatioiih
to John Baumor , socrotaryOmalia , Neb.
Wnkoloy'H Order
IIH Cost and Construction.
Judge Wakoloy his decided tlio BcmU
park sewer Injunction case und in u measure
all of the pnitics are nindohappy.
Some weeks ago tlio board of public works
advertised for bids for the construction of
the sewer , tvhich was lo oxlond from the
lower end of Bomis' park woat to Lowe
avenue , south on Lowe avenue to Cuming
street , and thence west.
Later on and after the work was well
under way , Dr. S. D. Mercer , who lives near
the proposed now sewer and owns a largo
tract of land along the ditch , happened lo
discover what wa.s going on and nt once hits-
tcnod lo the district court , whore ho secured
n temporary restraining ordor. The case
was argued and yostoiduy Judge Wakoloy
handed down his decision , which allows the
city to construct that portion of tlio sewer
fiom the lower end of the parlf to Thirty-
eighlh street und enjoins the construction of
the balance.
In commenting upon the case the court said
that when the city exercised the contract
power It did not make an ordinance. The us-
sossmont against Mercer's property was un
just and oppressive und ought not to be per
mitted under any consideration. In such
cases courts hud n perfect right to slop In and
set aside the action of tbo council In ordcung
In the construction of the upper end of Iho
sewer , the couit did not believe it n neces
sity. He hud used a cesspool for the disposi
tion of his sewerage for moro than eight
years , and thought the people In Sherwood
parlc could do tlio sumo.
Judge Baldwin suggoslod lo Iho court Dial
Omaha had outgrown the cesspool period und
wanted something betlcr.
The cost of the proposed sewer was cstl-
muled at $7,000. The contractor hud spoilt
$1,000 In the way of buying material , which
would be n dead loss if the higher court
should sustain the decision on the injunction.
With these facts butoro the court , Mr , Mor
cerwus required lo enter into bonds of $2OUJ ,
to be recovered fiom him if Wukelo > 's de
cision should bo set asidu.
Gcsilor'sMaglcllcadacno Wafers. Cures all
hcudtichcs In 'Jo minutes. At all druggUts.
The Illiio Grass Palace nt Creston , In.
The Burlington will run a special
train from Omaha to Oroston , In. , on
Wednesday , August i ! < ) . Thh train will
leave South Omaha nt15 ( ! : a. in. ; Omaha
nt7u m. , nnd will urrivo at C'rohton
abou noon. One faro for tlio round
trlji. C'ity ticket olllco , 12U3 Farimm
Btroo "
XJstd iu Millions of Homes 40 Years tlie Standard ,
With Mes Thumb ,
A boy U said to hnvorwcd the Nrllicrlntut.1
from Inundation , Multitudes have been
saved from Iho Intaslon of illscaie hy n
bottle of Aycr's S.irs-ii > arllla. This medicine
Imp.trts tone to tlia system nnd strengthens
every organ and flhro of the body ,
"I have taken at great deal of medicine ,
but nothing has done me so much good aj
Ajet's Sarsaparllln , I experienced In bene
ficial cltocts before 3 had quite finished ono
bottle , and I can freely testify that It Is the
best blood mcdlclno I know of. " L. W.
Ward , sr. , Woodlamlv Texas.
"Confined to an office , as I am , from ono
year's end to another , with llttlo or no out
door exercise , I find Ricat help In AVer's
8nrsnp.ilIlia , which I have used for several
jears , and am nt present using , with excellent -
lent results. U enables me to keep aluajs
at my post , cnjojlng the best of health. "
II. C. Dainus , Maiden , Mass.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
DR. J. C. AYEU < t CO. , Lowell , MJ.-B.
Sold by UrilKffUu Jl.nlxeS.VorthS3nbottlo
. , , , v. no > ckn.witti ihiti. FII , Moth * , n > iii t ,
Anil. Fl t and otlur r * u. I > fltnv lhni At onre by riirnlnc
SFABUHVS SUirilllRCANIllLS In ) otr Rimnm CtoMU ,
JILI.L3 ( ot conilint fucil llJQ. | SoiJ l < v > ll PrneRliU
tluit people will luiinv jntir Imlr Imljnl If
you line flint per foot Imitation of niituto ,
No ono run detect | { . It Imparts u fIosi } '
color anil frcili llfii tntlin Imlr. I.n lly ap
plied. riluv.BI. Olllic.atl I'm It riiue.N. Y
DOCTOR Theao Colcbinttd
PIHi arc a Poifth o Cure for HlcU ;
llltan ! an-ll
Itttiilucfic , nc * f
Coimtlputlon. Stnnll * pi cnn. "
vim unt anJ n fuTorJto Mill * tbojj
ilti-s Sold In Kns nJ for la-
PIE9K tS'l. , In America for liuc. flct *
thttn from jour UrngglsU , or ;
send to u. ii. iiooKrn A ( o. ,
Tor S.ilcby 1CUHN A. CO. . Oni.ilm.
Where do you buy your hats , anyway ? Arc you one of those
numerous men that condemn a thing before they see it ? Do you
pay five dollars for a Derby hat with some toncy hatter's name on
the inside , and think there's no other hat made ? Do you ever LOOK
stop to think that five dollars has been the price of that same
grade of hat made by that same hat man for a number of years ,
and that although every thing else is cheaper , you are still claying
the same price for hats ? 'J7ial's business. Did you ever buy a
hat of us ? We sell hats , and sell more of 'em than all the hat
stores in Omaha put together sell. We sell just as good a hat WITH
for three dollars as any five dollar hat on earth. We sell just as
good a hat for a dollar ninety as you can buy Tor three dollars of
anybody. And this season we have made a contract with the
largest manufacturer of hats in America to make for us an im
mense quantity of the best cheap hats ever offered in this connp p ny -a- A f g \
try. They arc made of good fur stock , lined with silk , trimmed I jj 1 / \ I
with gros grain ribbon , and arc as good a hat in every way as JL JL JL.JL jLL
you'll see sold for a couple of dollars/ The first shipment of these
hats will be placed on sale to-day at the phenomenally low price of
Our Fall Catalogue is now ready for mailing. Write for it.
J , President. AUGUST UIHLEIN , Secreiary , l95HL lft2 , Superintendent.
&V * ! TTT Vi =
\ ,
- ta ar u-il'S i B'I ' Rs = : * iaiLra * = ? sfP
- vEC3S35isa = i a - - . -
Schlitz Boor is sa/d the World over and has a world-wide reputation for being r//e besi ; it is warranted to be pure , ivho/csoma
and palatable , and brewed from HIQ choicest Hops and Barley-Malt.
APPLY TO i L. R. . GrtiOTa KL , lO O Knrnfini Siv , Onioli i.
Plophs ou the Pace |
Brocking Ont |
Bkln Troubles |
Llttlo Bores i HotBUni
Bolls | Blotches |
Oold Sotoai EadBreatlii
Bore Mouth or Lips |
If you siilTiT from our or
tlioe iinptuinis tnU
f/MKES /
\ Vl H J I Fl I
OuUIttf7VLffmOtftt - ! M * I * III ! < i
Best Fill On Eartlit
I r. IIoMi'N Iltlo
VcKOtulilo IMIlH act
Komly ynt iiromtitly on
tlm LlVVIi , Kill.
S'ovoru nml
ouuhly nntl they cur *
tir.liitual oouatliinllon.
lliey tire eu0nr cuatoil ,
do uot yrlpocry
I ccmll , uasy to lake , oaa
pill n date , anil are
piirolvvc olablo. 45 IIH | | | la dacli vial. I'er-
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Founded ly Iu. K. Touiui'i : .
CARL FAEUTEN , Director.
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ELOCUTION -Oratnrv. Dramilic and I HIC
Action , 1 me Alts , l.tnguiRes , Literature , I'nnn
and Orinn 'runine. A conilnrl ible [ LSI ffk Qft | C ?
iur Lady Students Calendir Irec BT ! % 8WlEl
I'llll 'IVrin Itnulni Sept. IU , IHD1.
FRANK VJ. HALE , General Wnnngor.
( rnnklln Square , Boston , Mass.
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Health Honiu
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to Uu-uliii .iiul Unui-'las rounty. Ulllcu , tlilril
Uuor I'cxtou blucL ,
The Nlnoty.flfth Session Will Upon TUE-'DAY , SEFTEMUEH 8th.
C/ass/cs , Letters , Science , Law , Civil and Mechanical Engineering.
UKWAHII'S IUU , for bojrs umkr U l unique la
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LADItS COLLEQE 10 ichwil. . 11fr -
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llinois Military Academv.V . Ksai ,
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( iinu Mill ) West or N > lro I Hi IHO I nlvorilty. )
Thw 73 > t Acadum o Turin Will Open
Sept. 7th.
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Notre Dim P. O.St , Jo.iph , Co. , lna < .v „ _
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