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    8 THE OMAHA DAILY BE.E : ! TUESDAY , JULY 21 , 1891.
Making Bcoka for a Great Hallway
Tlic Union Piiolllo'H Now HerlcH of
Tourists' I'liinlilitcln JiiHt Is-
felted by the I'li
IMtornturo has neon pronounced n peed
JtnfT but n bad crutch fascinating , cheering
and enlivening , tending to promote llfo ,
health and an equabln mind In tnoso who
pursue It for pleasure , but woo to ttioso who
are dependent upon their brains for dally
bread thrice woo If others nro dependent
upon them ,
Coleridge advised novcr pursue literature
as a trade. Hawthorne wrote : "Oo'd keep
mo from over being really a writer for
bread. " Lamb exclaims , in a letter to IJnr-
ton : "Whatl Throw yoursulf on the world
without any nitlonat plan of support bovond
what the chance of employment of nook-
sellers would afford you I Throw yourself ,
rather , my dear sir , from the steep Tarpclan
rock slap-dash , headlong upon iron spikes. I
have known many authors wntit bread ; some
repining , others enjoying the sweet security
of n spunglng house ; nil agreeing they had
rather have been tailors , weavers , what not ,
rather than the things they wuro ! * * *
to drudge your brains for pots of ale and
breasts of mutton ; to change your free
thoughts unct voluntary numbers for un
gracious taskwork ! The booksellers hate
us. "
At literary dinners the health of isapolcon ,
who shot a publisher , will over bo n standing
toust ; and leponds will continue to bo re
peated as to the existence of a precious edi
tion of the blblo In which the misprint occurs
"publishers anil sinners. "
This only by way of Introduction.
While It is admittedly true "of making
books there u no end , " and authors ; nro lost
every day lii the whirlpool of oblivion , s.tlll
there Is u certain class of writers who , by
the very nature of their vocation , give to the
world under the Ktilso of "advertisement"
ccrtnin works each year , which if freed from
the touch of business would bo gems in their
way quite worthy of a place alonesldo our
Chaucer , our Homer , our Spenser , the minor
poems of Milton , the "Arabian Nights , " and
such old Rood-tiaturcd speculations as Plu
tarch's "Morals. "
And those writers who do not look to the
publishers for an existence , who are beyond
the fads and fancies of the reading public ,
who do not tremble at the Judgment of the
critics but receive their monthly checks with .
the eiisy assurance of having earned them , if
not by the sweat of their face at least by
their capacity for rustling , us a class may bo
denominated under the general head of "rail
road advertising agents. "
And these potential factors in the suc
cess of a corporation lovb sum
mer with an Intinlto tenderness , for
It brings about a change in their dally lives , a
letting up in the manufacture of now words
nnd line phrases which are woven into the
story of how to reach the mountains of Nid-
nod , or the lakes of IJest via the Great In
terdenominational Trunk railway , the
overland route to the Golden Onto.
Tun boolts.of travel , "Guides to Tourists , "
nro Issued in leafy Juno or turgid July , nnd
the weary literary lights of tliu crout railWay -
Way systems join their families by
"Moorlund , brake or fall , "
to listen to the diapasons ot the universe
until the harvest moon warns them that
cnothcr season of work has commenced , the
Winter of their discontent. .
But In alt the wide range of railroad lltor-
nturo Issued this ycar.tho recent publications
of the Union Pacltlo system deserve more
than a mere mention en passant. Comprising
n round dozen pamphlets they show an indi
viduality that is delightfully refreshing.
The eye which has detected the beauties of
the country traversed by the Union Pacific
system , nud the brain which has placed tlio
pictures graphically before the render , hero
nnd there giving touciics of 'description
worthy on Irving or LJuinns , bcloiiK to the
chief of the literary department of the Union
Pucllle , Hen H. Harrows.
Ho has brought to his work an analytical
mind , trained In the channels of nnwspa-
pcr llfo with n discriminating scrso sur
mounting all , rare oven In these tin do
sleclo days. A close observer , a student in
the broad domain of literature , and ono of the
most companionable of men , ho has done a
work for the road , whoso servant ho Is , which
cannot fail to win the appreciation of his su
porlors. And in railroading , as well us In
every other tradoond profession , it Is the
recognition n man receives for honest worlc
that counts.
The series complete , which deserve n place
In our libraries , for tnoro Is much that is ex
cellent , readable and instructive In
them , nro , "Alaska , " "Orojjon aiut
"Washington , " "Utah , " "Idaho nnd
Montana,11 "California" nnd "Colorado , " all
upon the sniiio general plan as to sUe nnd
shape , making a soxotto of companion hooks
that will bo in great demand now that they
nro ready for distribution. "A dlmpio of
the great Salt Luke" Is larger than the other
books mentioned , tilled with excellent readIng -
Ing matter nnd illustrated profusely , a well
told story of a yachting cruise on the mys
terious inland son , the drawings having boon
made by the well known artist , "Mr. Alfred
Lnnibourneof Salt Lake City. "From Suin-
merland to the American Alps" Is the title
of an Inviting sketch setting forth the delights -
lights of the Texas Panhandle Houto , nnd
the result of Mr. Harrows' visit to the
southern country last fall , where ho gath
ered , material for this story of the south hind.
"Western Hesortf. " is the most volumnlnous
book of thole Issued by the compauv and gives
In a condensed form , handsomely Illustrated ,
the points of Interest , the routes , nnd nil the
information , the traveler requires of the won
derful country touched by the Union Pacific.
Many readers of TUB Urn : will recall with
n great deal of genuine pleasure ,
the column which Mr. Bar
rows , uscd to edit In the old
Hopublican days under the pleasing caption
of "Driftwood. " Hero onn was always sure
of finding something that would take the
sting Irom llfo , something that would temper
the "canting cares" of this work-a-day
world of ours , Breezy In his descriptions ,
using his pen at times as the Italian uses
bis stiletto , hitting hero and puncturlnc the
bubble thoro. About that weekly column
there was n delicious fascination.
Although removed from the surroundings
of the past , Mr. Harrows still has the vivid
power of making word pictures as vou will
readily discern in the following description
of the Mulr glacier , which Is only one of
countless excellent bits In the now books and
Which the author felicitously calls
It Is the experience of those who have wan
dered uver many hinds , that In the mtlet ot
homo , when 01111 has resumed liU place once
inorj nmldrit famlltur surrounding * , thorn ro-
nmliia one particularly delightful memory
yome onu pooullur spot or suono wlileh stand *
I brlKhtly nntln the wlndlnc story of travel ,
nnd so Hii'dos n precious possession forevur.
Ami this Alimkan voyauo ban niven vou ono
memory you ciin never part with.Vo ruinuin-
bor 1'iiKut sound , onuof the nolilest Hlieeis of
water wu liuvo , nnroiimnf buauty ; Victoria ,
quaint , KnxllMi ii Devonshire town set ilowu
next door < u feverish Huattlo : ( IcorKla milf ;
the fnmoiH Cionvlllo channul ; u bit of tlio
iimji'Hly of the PiielHo iieross DIxnn'H un-
traiu'c ; the tortuous winding * of Wrungol
channel ! llaranoir ( slum ! mul iiuulnt , liullun-
ostUi | > , drowsy , niinip S.tUa ; Junuau tlio
sturdy , the only gllmpso of American trailo
unit irnnioi Tort Wrangul , nqimthl. filthy ,
dirty , ileprehsisl ; nil these und mnru iimko a
memory picture when wo siiy Alitsltal Hut
above all und btiyond all tluire ruimUim ono
vision. Them always will bo ono Intituling
plot nro which lingers , ono itray patch of
color which still KOHS | longnftvr the journey
U accomplished , und ono Is back tu ovury-day
slt-'htH and scours mm faces.
And this vUlon IH of n bay. rimmed In by
mountain heights , void of vtuetuiloii , tinpros-
lvo In Its dreariness , lonely nsdetith. TUMO |
two wltl e of komlier color nro closed In thu
Immedluto foreground by it drop eurtulu of
overpowerlnu majesty , A solid wall of lee
nvurn mile across und -JO fuut high uplifts
Itself from the wutor ; there are plnnuclu *
and domes and fulry duties and dellcato
tracery , the Ice njveiuiiiK over ehlftint , vary
ing tints , from the loveliest ucivu nmrino to
thu imroNt whlto. On the oxtrouio verse of
olthcr wing U a frlnuu of morulno Ice , on the
rlKltt a muddy aubtorranuau rlvor hunts
forth near the base at the Bluolort ovorheud a
tmllen Ujr. .This inudo a picture at once beuu-
tlful and uvosomo. The ice In the middle of
the iilaolur , at it * buio and In many places
across ) t untlro frontage. Is of deep , translu
cent blue at thu water line , und above It for
perhaps two hundred feuti above that chalky
White , cruaiu color , dellcato abadci ot gray ,
pMchcs of brown dobrU and solemn bnelt !
ntono lionlilors iiilnulo In magnificent confii-
fdon. WonlH ciinnot d > < * thu wonderful
eddylnz shades of llaht and color which play
across the niiirblo fiieo of Ill's ' frozen splon-
dnr. Hut thH "fro/en Niagara , " at It has
been called , haft Its fenrful and appallliiRsldo.
It I * not n Rlcopliiir , dreaming picture of pilt-
mallo color ! H Is nllvo , moving , lorrlblo In
utrrimtli und majesty , awful In heart-shaulng
discharges of thunderous art'llcry. '
\Vo nto anchoro I fully a mile from this torn-
pcnuoefl lovollncsi. and yrt It seemi but a
few yardB , HO colossal nro the majcst.o pro
portions of tliu irrcat ice wall. Suddenly ,
sharp and clear , comes a report like a rlllo
shot , and then another ; the smaller supports
around n nobtu dome of stool blue Ice tire
toppllm ; , tliu lingo tuiiHScrnMiei Into tlo ; b.iy--
unil an Icohcrtt Is bo nil There la a thunder
ous I o Jin , louder thnn heavy artil
lery , a vast volume of water thrown
high In nlr , and a great crested
wave rushes shoreward , i oaring along
the beach und rocking thu sturdy vessel Ilko
a er.idle. The Iceberg gets her hoarlius.
RWlngs Into the ciiriont und sails majestic ill v
down pnsl the desolate shori's. unit so out to
sou on the bosom of the broad I'aelnV. Again
nnd axuln this was repented , the teverber.i-
tlons vnrvlng In viilumu from tlm cracc ! of
Binobaby hcrg of llftocn tons to the heavy
Hold gun of a thousand tonner. On deck ut
midnight , which wus u palo uiicortuln
twilight , listen UK to those wlerd. mvslorloim
voices which pruclulmcd the mighty and Irres
istible force of nature , was un experience
never to ho foigottcn. And all thalnlKhtof
summer Iliht wo hoard the solemn booming of
those fro/en guns.
I'rof. Ocorco I'rcdcrlok Wrlsht. who hris a
world-wide fume on account of his investiga
tions of undent , clachil action , devoted con
siderable study to the Mulr glacier , und made
BOIIIU intcroHtln ; ; oxporlinoiits to determine
Its rapidity of motion. Tim main body of the
L'laclcr , says I'rof Wrlnlit , oecuplus
u vast amphitheater , with diameters ranging
from thirty to forty miles , Nine main streams
of Ice unlto to form the grand tiunk of the
glacier. Thcso branches eome from every di
rection north of the ( i.isl and west line across
the mouth of the glacier : and no losthm ;
seventeen snb-branchoscan bo seen comlni : In
to Join the main streams fioin the mount-ilns
near the rim of the amphitheater , m.iKlni ;
tweiily-Hlt In all. The width of the Ice where
the gluclnr Inoaks through between the moun
tains Is lO.GCil feet ; hut thowator front , as pre
viously rem.irko i , Is only u mile wide. The
central part of the mass moves more rapidly
than the H de , and Is projected about u quar
ter of a mlle beyond tlm corners. I ho depth
of the water ! ) ) . ) yards south of the Icofiont ,
uecordlnz t-.i Captain Hunt r , Is SKI foot no'ir
the middle of tlio channel. I'rof. Wright's
measurements showed tlio front to bo.0 .
fool hlKh at the extremity of the projecting
nii' le. Grout musses of nuwly-born Iceborei
limit about the bay. the sport of wind und
tldo. Their Hl/.oounbo tinaulnod when one
reflects that It la usually estimated that
sovon-elKhthsof the hulk of an leebciv ro
bunciith thu water. As to the rapidity of the
glacial movement , observations made upon
different sections of the Mulr glacier led 1'iof.
Urlcht to conclude that of Ice nro-
sentliu a cross section of live million
sijiiuro fcol , that Is5.o.0 feet wiilo by l.OOJ feet
deep Is enteiln or faltliis Into Glacier buy at
an uvoruKO rite of forty foot per day. The
movement Is about seventy foot near the
center und ton fcot near the maraliu This
would Klvo about tuo hundred million feet of
Ice per day fallln ? oil during the warmest
months of the year.
But there are many other gems Just as en
ticing , just as captivating , and they will to-
pay a perusal.
The passenger department of the Union
Pacific is to bo congratulated In issuing so
charming a series of summer books.
For sale ; first-dugs saloon nnd restaur-
anti 1410 Fiu-ntim sti-oot , Ed Wottig ,
G. A. It. Kxuiu-sloii.
To Detroit.
On July 31 , August 1 and 2 the Wa-
bnsh will sell tickets to Detroit at ono
faro for the round trip. For tickets and
further information cull at Wabnsh of
fice , 1502 Fiiriuim street or write to
Northwestern Passenger Agent ,
Omaha , Nob.
Tlio Superior Advantages of Oinnha
For n Factory.
It should not and will not bo cllfllcult for
Omaha to secure u beet sugar factory , says
tno Grand Island Beet Sugar Enterprise , If
only an oifort Is mndo lu that direction.
Omaha not only enjoys the distinction of be
ing the largest city in Nebraska , but is also
the "Gato City" to the great northwest. It
has many advantages over small towns In
point of advantage for a beet-sugar factory.
It should not be difficult to sccuro fully 5,000 ,
acres of land In close proximity to the city
upon which to grow boats , and as it will re
quire fully ten dollars an aero of hand labor
to grow nnd harvest the beets ready for thu
factory , this vast amount of help could bo se
cured In the city of Omaha alone , requiring
the distribution of fully ? : > 0OUO principally
durlnc tno seamen of school vacation , thus
affording an opportunity for hundreds of
school-bovs to earn from Jlfty cents to a dollar
lar n day during the season of thinning out
the beets , ns H Is the custom of paying boys
all thev can earn , without regard to ago or
sizo. Some boys here nt Grand Island nro
on the men's list. Such boys as show a dis
position to bo industrious nnd perform their
woru well are found to bo very desirable for
this kind of work.
If Omaha would make an effort In this
direction it certainly would be attended with
success , as Omaha always secures what she
undertakes to get.
Again Omaha is just the place for n largo
refinery , whore the raw sugar from fully
twenty-five factories coula be refined at a
much less expense than can bo done In the
factory. The sugar then Is In the natural
trade center for distribution. This Is the
custom as curried on now In both Prance
.Uul Germany , whcro many of the raw fac
tories work from" 300 to COO tons of beets
every twenty-four hours nnd some even
moro.Vo hope to sea an effort made In
Omaha to secure a' beet sugar factory , nnd
with the effort secure ono. This will on-
cour.igo other towns , not only In Nebraska ,
but also in Dakota and Iowa to secure raw
beet sugar factories , nnd thus enable Omaha
to add a refinery to Its many other Industries
and bccomo the ' distributing point for
1'iircntn Kead Tills.
July nnd August nro anxious months for
mothers who carefully w > Uch ever their Jittlo
ones. Hot days nnd frequent changes of
temperature are liable to produce cholera
morhus. How satisfactory It should bo for
parents toknow that Hallur's Pain Paralyzcr
is both a pleasant and effective remedy for
all summer complaints. It soothes nnd reMoves -
Moves all pain nnd griping and always effects
a complete cure.
IC.\ < ! tir.slon to Detroit.
July 31 , August 1 and 2 , tlio Chicago ,
Milwaukee it St. Paul railway will sell
round trip tickets to Detroit and return
for ONE FARE. For further informa
tion apmy to F. A. NASH ,
J. 11 PHKSTON , General Agent.
City Passenger ; Agent.
1601 Farnam Street , Omaha.
Another Hot l Oanoy.
James Casey , proprietor of the Hotel Casey
of this city , returned Sunday nlcht from Deadwood -
wood , S. D. , where hq had just concluded
negotiations for the erection of a largo hotel
lu that city , The building is to bo of brlok
and stone , live stories In height nnd will bo
150x100 fcot in dimensions. There will bo a
street on each of the four sides of the house ,
which will bo supplied with all modern ap
pliances for hotel comfort. The citizens of
Doudwood have given n cash bonus of $20,000
towards thu hotel , which Is to bo completed
and In operation in ono year. Mr. Casey bus
ulvcn bonds that the house shall cost ut ( east
(100,000 and the contracts for Its erection
wuro completed before ho loft Ueadwood ,
The house Is to bo known as the Hotel Casey
nnd will probably bo under the direct super
vision of Mr. Casey himself.
Viiu Can Hoauh ,
Saratoga 0:55 : a. in. , '
Now York 2:10 : p. m.-
Ooston HMD p. in. ,
Portland 8:00 : p. in. ,
And intormodluto points at a corre
spondingly convenient hourthonext day
alter leaving Chicago by taking the
"Hoston and Now York Special , " leav
ing Chicago daily at 10:30 : a. in. via the
Lake Shore route. Flvo ottior upload hi
trains also leave at convenient hours.
No other eastern line affords an equal
train service. Sotul for complete sched
ule , also summer tourist folder.
M. S. GILES. T , P. A. , Chicago.
0. K , WlWiUil , W. P , A. , Ohlcago.
Treasurer Snydor'H Hoport on tlio Din-
poHltlon of County Funds.
The semi-annual rofortof County Treas
urer tinyder , filed with the clerk of the board
of county commissioners last Saturday fur
nishes considerable food for reflection.
This report Is for the six months ending
July 1 , and shows the financial condition of
Douglas county on that date. It also shows
the amount on hand January 1 , 18'I ) , from
what sources money received since then has
comu aud thu debts that have been liquidat
ed , together with the balance ? on hand In the
several funds. During the su mouths thu
receipts wore ns follows :
On hand January I , Ib'Jl $10.,711.87
Taxes collected 833.W1.2r
School lands , principal U 5.IK )
School lauds , Interest OI'.Mi'J
Miscellaneous collections 11KM.'I
Miscellaneous fees 1,71(1.15 (
Omaha city tax collected 8,041.81
Hospital building fund , principal. . ir.ri5
lloipllnl building fund , Interest. . . 1)3.11 )
Hccolved from state for collection
o. ' state taxes 8,47J.S5 ,
Hecelvcd from state for collection
of school apportionment Ul,2)8.10 : )
Redemption money GIltl.'J !
Total $ : ( ) )
Of coursa this money did not all romaln
In the treasury , as the following disburse
ments will show :
Warrants redeemed $181,010.33
Hospital warrants redeemed 7aii".7 ( !
Paid state treasurer 70b.VJ.-i : )
Paid school districts 8.-I17.77
Paid school apportionment 38,0'JU.uO '
Paid bonds nnd coupons l.lil'J.S'J
Paid village treasurers filO.OJ
Paid city of Omaha IS.S'.M.Sy
Paid city of South Omaha l.ayr.iil
Paid city of Florence- l.US'J.UO
Paid citv ot Florence sidewalk tax. 155.31
Paid redemption money. . . . . . . . . . . G7UOI.'J3
Paid salaries -1,050.00
Supervisors' receipts redeemed. . . . liM7.50
Mileage to and from Lincoln 11.00
Total 177,755 43
The ubovo mentioned sums wore paid out
during the six months nnd still there is a
bal ince of $ > 2 < iO,5K.8S ( ) on hand , which Is cred
ited us follows :
State fund 8 9SoS5 81
County general fund 41,001(80 (
Special school fund 13,0507(5 (
School apportionment fund 378 01
School bond fund 3,817(51 (
Railroad sinking fund 7,03041 , fund 89,903 ( iO
Bridcc fund 8 , 99 71
Hospital building fund till 97
Poor farm fund 03,591 33
Soldiers' relief fund L ,5'JO 00
Cityof Omaha fund 1,1170(5 (
City of South Omalia fund 100 (57 (
City of Florence fund 8(59 ( 13
City of Florcnceaidowalk fund. . . . 121 1(5 (
Village of Valley fund 03 U9
Village of Waterloo fund 0738
Village of Millard fund 10123
Village of Elkhorn .fund 42
RoJcmption monov 10,391 01
Fee fund 4,059 04
Total $200,603 88
Since the above statement was made up ,
some of the funds are not lu as good shape as
on that dato.
Owing to the heavy court expenses the
county fund is about exhausted , and. war
rants will tie stamped , "Not paid for want of
funds. " When so stamped they will bo reg
istered and draw interest at the rate of 7
poi- cent per annum until paid. The road
tuna is also in a somewhat depleted condition
as the payment of $10,000 has made a bigholo
in the surplus that was on hand.
The bridge fund shows a balance of $3,299.71
on band , but tbero will not be so largo u bal
ance after p.ivmont has been made for the
construction of the $ (5,000 ( culvert over Mill
creek ai , Florence , the contract for which is
now in the hands of tno county commission
ers.i'ho county treasurer does not view thh
financial condition with any degree of alarm ,
out Instead takes rather a hopeful view of
tlio situation , though ho Is of the opinion that
the county will have to run rather close until
after the delinquent tax bale.
The leavy for " the year amounted to $181-
2S3.70 , and It" is estimated that about ono-
huU of the amount has been collected. Of
that remaining duo and delinquent , compar
ing this with former years , 4 per cent wjll
bo collected before the salo. The sale will
bring in a good round sum , and it Is thought
that the amount will run the county through
until the now levy is available. If it should
not , the county would pay tlio seven per cent
interest on the warrants "not taken up.
UcgurU'ng the warrants Issued now nnd
not paid , all of the county ofilclals regard
them as a good financial investment for the
county , as they draw only saven per cent nn-
nual interest , and that from the date when
presented to the treasurer for payment , while
the taxes that art ) delinquent and unpaid
draw ton per cent.
The evils resulting from habitual costlvo-
ncss arc many and serious ; out the use of
harsh , drastic purgatives is quite as danger
ous. In Aycr's Pills , however , the patient
has n mild hut eficctlvo aperient , superior to
all others , especially for family use.
Price Cuts no Fi m-j in the City II ill
Furniture. '
The council committee on buildings and
property will report in favor of another cost
ly experiment at the meeting of the council
tonight , and there will bo o row bigger
than the ono kicked up ever the report in
favor of purchasing a few high priced smoke
consumers unknown to fame for the city hull.
This time the promised trouble arises ever
the committee's peculiar method ot getting
plans and bids for furnishing the now city
hull. Some tlmo ago the committee , which is
composed of Ostnoff , Tuttle nnd Spncht , pub
lished a c-ill for plans and bids for furnish
ing the now city hall. That's all there was to
It. Parties wishing to band In the furnish
ings were required to visit the city , make
their own sketches of the building and llx up
a plan of their own for fitting it up.
Two bids have been received , Ono of thorn
Is from the Andrews company of Chicago ,
nnd the other Is by Mr. Hnkoman who
has an ofltco in this city. No ono
knows what these bids nro nnd it would not
make any difference If they did. The plans
nro doubtless very different so that the prlco
cuts no figure. It Is a competition of plans
nnd not of prices.
There will bo n kick when these bids are
reported to the council. Some of the mem
bers will insist tluit the plans for the fur
nishing tie decided upon and that all of the
bidders ho required to name their figures for
ono ! < lnd of work. This , they claim , is the
only way to got any show of competition ,
There are a number of firms in the city who
want to bid on the work but don't feel Ilko
spending several hundred dollars In prepar
ing sketches nnd nlans without any ussur-
anco that they will be considered at all.
Cheap AVatohcs.
Two complaints have boon tiled against
Sam Snyder and M. Golden , the prop'rlotors
of the lower Farnam street auction joint. In
both Instances the complaining witnesses are
James Gladwln alleges that ho was Induced
to elvu 215 for a ladles' gold watch and chnlu
that was " ( runrantoou" to bo strictly first-
class , hut that was really brass of the poor
est quality. Ho was assured that a lady had
paid f 150 for the property , but was compelled
to leave It there to be sold.
Peter Hartvik gave ? 15 for n gentlemen's
gold watch and chain and n pair ot cuff but
tons , Ho was told that the property hud
costlS < p > . and was left there to bo sold at
To the admirer n ( an extra dry wine , Cook's
Sparkling Imperial recommends itself. Its
boquct Is line ; It's naturally fermented.
Funornl of Daniel Mccarty.
The funeral of Daniel ftogarty took place
at 0 o'clock yesterday morning from the resi
dence , 1123 North EtgUtponUi street to the
church of the Holy Family. The ancient order
of Hibernians and Kmmott monumqnt associ
ation , of both of which organisations the
deceased Ima ooeu an honored member , wore
present in a body. The services were vpj-y
largely attended , 113 the deceased had boon a
resident of Omaha for many years , and had'
a wide circle ot both social and business ac
quaintance. Interment was made in the
cemetery of the Holy Sopulchcr ,
No gripping , no nausea , no pain when
DoWlU'a Little Early Riser * are UUea.
Small pllt Sato pill. Beat pill.
A lluttcr Makcr'mAlnrin Over n Hove-
line Sldti'a Visit.
Andrew L. Wlggta * ; deputy collector of in-
tcrnnl revenue , is not/ft n Apollo , but no ono
has suspected that lio'was homely enough to
scare people put of bmn. It appears , how
ever , that Mr. Wlgpms has actually accom
plished the feat of : trlghtcDing a citizen out
of the city.
The man In question was engaged In "but
ter making" at his 'placo near Thirty-third
and Jackson streets. ' Ho claimed to
inako the butter out of cow's '
milk , but thn revenue department
bccnmo suspicious 6t the product , and Mr.
Wiggins , accompanied by another Inspector ,
dropped in on Mr. Wnrron at his butter shop
ono evening and took charge of about live
pounds of the alleged buttor. Mr. Warren
asked them what they meant , nnd Mr. Wig
gins Informed him that ho was lu the employ
of the United States revenue department.
"Do you want mo to go nlong with you to
see the butter tested I" inked the butter
"When wo got ready for you wo will como
and get you , " was the significant reply.
This is the storv as told by Warren -
ron to his neighbor Just before
leaving the city. That evening ho disap
peared and has not returned since. His
family waited a counlo of weeks in vain for
his return but finally came to the conclusion
that ho had gone to stay. The wife and
children have gene to Council Bluffs to live
with friends.
"I think It was a mean trick In Wiggins to
scare my tenant out of town , " said Mr.
Thomas Gray , who owns the house where
Wnrrcn lived. "Ho was my only , good
tenant , nnd an honest man. "
"Did you oversee him make butter ! "
"Yes , I saw him there at work. "
"Did ho make the butter out of milk ! "
"Ho made several dlflerentgradesor buttor.
I thiiiK the best butter ha made was mndo
from milk. The poorer butter , I guess , had
some lard mixed with it , but ho sold it very
cheap. It was pure. It intent have been
made of skim-mtllc and lard , but it was pure
butter all the samo. And then ho sold It so
cheap. Whoso business was It Hit was made
of lard just so It was clean and he sold It
cheap ! WIgclns hud no business to scare my
tenant out of towu. "
It Will He Observed in Omulm with
'Great Pomp.
Delegates of the various German societies
mot Sunday afternoon to muko arrange
ments for the celebration qf Gorman day.
The delegates present were : Llodcricranz ,
John Hocschmann , J. Krlcsol , George Schrol-
bsr ; Mannorchor , Ed Dworzak , Charles
Kreller , G Schoenlg ; Arioit singing society ,
Henry Kutsor ; PladduotschcrGcsang veroin ,
Louis Krone , C. Ruraohr , Henry Schrocder ;
Pluttduetseher veroin , Peter Kulser , Peter
Schroc'lor , John Baumor ; Turner soclotv ,
Henry Haubcns ; Schwahon verein , August
Griob. Chris Spocht , C. Vogel ;
Saxonla Vcrcin. Atig Boehm , B. Sachsso ,
Charles Doerllinircr ; Bayern Veroin , Jos ,
Wisner , Fritz Thomas. John Schmidroth ;
Lr.ndwchr Verein , Fritz Knudt , F. Mitt-
nacht , H. Waller : Frcibund , No. M , Joe
Kutitli , /.immermann , A. Fricit ; Frcibund.
No. 51 , Aug Schroeder , Peter Rciiner , John
II. Wcsolo ; Froibund No. 47. Julius Holt-
iniinn ; Concordlu , George Helmrod , T. Sin-
hold , B. Struthmann ; Schweizor Verein ,
Fred Blumor , F. iiUchsinger , E. Gradig ;
Schuctzcn Vcraiii , Henry Soldier ,
Ad Meyer , William F. Stocckor ;
Massenchor , J. H. Bohnstran ;
South Omaha Plittdcutscher veroin , Ernest
Kanncrs , D. II. Kirachncr , John Fricdt.
The followingonTcor were elected : Pres
ident , A. Schreoder ; vice president , C.
Rumour : treasurer , ! Peter C. Shroodnr ;
financial secretary'F. Mittnacht : recording
secretary , John H. Woselo ; committee on
finance , George Heimrod , C. Specut , Fred
Blumor , Joseph Wisnor , J. H. Bohnstran.
October 4 , the anniversary of the first land
ing of Gormaus In this country in 1031 ,
falls this year on Sunday nnd the
committee dccidcdvta hold the celebration
this year on Tuesday ; October * ! ! . There will
ba a paradaln which" " ull the-Qurmun societies
of the city will participate , and a grand ball
will bo given in the evening.
At the meeting yesterday a committee con-
sistlnd of J. II. Wesolo , D. H. Kiorsohner
and W. F. Stoecker , was appointed to invite
the business houses of the city to jola in the
For SniiHtrokc
Use Hereford's Acid Phosphate.
Dr. A. L. Zurkor , Molrose. 'Minn. ' , savs :
"It produced n gratuying und remarkable re ,
generating effect In a casu of sunstroke. "
Western i'ons oiis.
WASHINGTON- , July 20. [ Special Telegram
toTnc BISE.J The following list of pensions
granted is reported by Tin : BEG and Exam
iner Bureau of Claims :
Nebraska : Original Peter Yethom , Rob
ert H. McGinnis , Minor A. Davison , David
C. Blair , Timothy Gray , Selwyn L. Conger ,
James Leslie , William P Pease , James Gray ,
Oliver Hall , Lemuel Cross , Logan Garrison
risen , John F. Conger. James R.
Swim , Frederick H. Holso , Jesse Williams ,
Wilson H. Combs , James C. Jav , Richard U.
Hclnrlck , Jo opSchlotman , Ephralm Louver ,
William Lugoubecl. Gcorgu Vnunoss. James
Clark , John W. Ervin , John S. Gleason ,
Charles E. Hlnos , William J. Emory , Charles
Dreyor , Abraham F. Rouse , Myron H. Felt ,
George S. Cook. Additional Alva L. Pitch ,
Samuel Hewlett. Restoration and increase -
William II. Scip.
Iowa orinliial : Charles N. Sawyer , John
T. McGulro , James B. Chamberlain , Wonzcl
Czorwoucy , Philander Stevens. William
Flauirh , Horace P. Kirk , Amen L. O < fir.
Samuel L. Lyons , William D. Mills , John G.
Roller , James H. Hough , Charles E. Dur
ham , Henry Doyle , Joseph Tinker , Anton
Kuspor , Benjamin F. Brown , Christian
Jnpp , J. W. B. Cole , Albert Charles , Samuel
Inman. John C. Fcrrlngton. John M. Brown ,
Sylvanus Baughman , William C. Grimm ,
Thomas II. Mlllor , Jacob F. Kopp , Samuel
McKee , William Pratt , Bush Algernon , N.
Pratt , Amaslah Phillips , Charles E. Colonoy ,
Morris Jowett , Moses II. Guernsey , Gott
fried Ott , William O. Evans. Franklin Rich
ards , Alsou H. Bradlov , William C. Hunt ,
James Byrne , Lewis Tucker , Russell Free
man , John H. Payne , James 11. VaiiWlnklo ,
George W. HIgglns.
Additional James Uonovan , Jeremiah A.
Bancroft , John Honn , George W. Crawford ,
William F. Wilcoxon , Puwhuttun N.
Murphy ,
Renewal and Increase David Copclaud.
Increase James H. Firman , Lewis Owens ,
Henry Mark.
Reissue John G. Flss , Isaiah M. Haggott ,
Newton H. Nichols , John Woosson.
Rolssuo and increase George H. Stone.
Original wlrlows-f-Dlanu E. Cox , Ann Lar-
mand , Isabel CoUlttr , Nancy Mugrudur ,
Nancy II. Updikc , ! LVdla A. Putnam.
DeWUt's Little'Harly Risers. Oestllttlo
pill over made. Core constipation every
timo. None equal , Use them now.
\Vonilinnu Will I'lonlo.
The Modern Woodmen of America will
have a grand basket plcnlo this after
noon In Luke Forest ; park , near the corner of
Sherman avenue wad Lake street. There
will bo a baseball game botwccn two crack
nines selected from among the best players
In the order. Thero- will also bo a dance
platform on the g-BOtinds nnd nil those who
wish to Indulge In ! the poetry of motion us
exemplified in the mazy whirl will have that
opportunity. The Liill gan.o ivill be culled at
3 o'clock.
Over 450,000 Howe scales nave boon sold-
nnd the demand increasing continually. Bor ,
den iSiSclleok Co. , Chicago , III.
If you meet one of your intimate friends on the street with a nobby
light derby hat set jauntily on his head , and a satisfied "I've saved a
dollar" sort of a smile on his faceyou can wager your saccharine exist
ence on the fact that "here's where he got that hat. " We have taken all
our light derbys that have sold at two fifty , two seventy-five and three
dollars , put them all in one grand lot , and you can take your choice for *
That means that you can buy as good a hat of us this week , for a dollar
and a half , as you can buy of the regular hatters for four dollars.
YOUR Shoes , we mean. Those old , slip-shod , run-down-at-the-
heel shoes that you've worn so long. About time you had a new pair ,
isn't it ? We have just received the first shipment of two of our leading
shoes for the fall. The first one at PAIR
Is much bettor thnn In former seasons. It is n good , solid worklngmnn's shoo , with solid solo leather
insoics and counters. It comes In either congroas or lace , In narrow , medium or wldo , In any style of
last or toe , and Is worth one seventy-five.
is the price of a shoe which wo introduce for the first time this fall. It's a dandy. It's a casco calf.
Comes in lace or congress , in any style of too or last , in any width , and in any size. You'll see shoes In
shoe stores sold at two fifty that are no better.
Their AHSoulatlnii U III Hold Itn Six
teenth Annual Picnic.
The Pioneer association of Union Pacific
railway employes will celebrate the sixteenth
anniversary of the organization sometime
next month by holdluc a picnic at Fremont.
The date has not yet been dolln'toly llxed ,
but will proD.ibly bo the 23id. An Invitation
will bo extended to all of the employes in the
shops and olllccs and the company will fur
nish n special train for the occasion.
Tno Pioneer association was organized In
August , 1S75 , at a meeting held In the gen
eral ofllces of the company. At that meeting
there wore present S. II , II. Clurlc , A. M.
Collett , George E. Strut man , Thomas II.
Dailey , John Gordon , William Dwyer , C. B.
Havens , John Curtis und several others.
The association was duly organized and the
purposes of the association wore declared to
be to unite perpetually all employes of the
Union Pacific railway company who were of
good moral character who had been in the
employ of the company ten years or moro ;
to give all moral 'and material aid in its
power to members ; to cultivate friendly and
social relations bjtwecn members , for his
torical or any other purpose which cumu
within the scope and meaning of the associa
The society became a strong factor In
Union Pacific affairs uud was given every
recognition by the ofllciaK Picnics aud en
tertainments" nil kinds without number
wore given , and durinc its curlier years the
society flourished and its membership in
creased rapidly. It was regarded an honor to
bo a member of the association , und men
looked forward to the time when they would
have completed their tenth year in the ser
vice of the company nnd bccomo eligible to
membership. The admission fee und dues
were pluced at a merely nominal figure , bat
them was always enough money In the treas
ury to foot the bills when any entertainment
was decided upon.
When ono of the members took unto him
self a 'life partner the rest of the members
did their level best to give him a good send-
off. When death seized upon n member the
remaining members paid him thu lust tribute
of respect.
During recent years , however , the associa
tion has fullon into innocuous desuetude and
all interest seemed to have died out. Some
of the older members decided that it would
never do to lot the old ussociation die out ,
nnd a meeting was held last Monday at which
the organization was rejuvenated and put
upon a solid basis again. Now ofllccrs wore
elected , and the sixteenth anniversary will
bo celebrated In fitting stylo.
The now ofllcers nro us follows : Georco E.
Strutmnn , president ; A. A. Gibson , vice
president ; James Trail , secretary ; John
Rico , treasurer.
To overcome the marks of age , all who
have grav beards should use Buckingham's
Dye for the Whiskers , the best and cleanest
dye made for coloring brown or black.
Military Muttcra
Colonel Stun ton has been informed that the
Indian scouts still In the sorvlco at Pine
Ridge will all ba discharged by a muster out
order on thn 25th lust , and that the govern
ment will then ewe the scouts about $3J each ,
Captain Bailey , with Company D , of the
Eighth infantry , will then bo relieved from
duty at Pine Ridge , the scouts will all bo
paid and will go back to their tepees and
"Tho war will then b ? over , " said Colonel
Stanton , "nnd Pine Ridge nnd Rosebud will-
bo Just the same then as before the Indian
uneasiness broke out last fall. "
Captain Bailey has baon made major of the
Fourteenth Infantry and will proceo.1 to Fort
Robinson where his now iwt of duty Is now
located. Comnnnv D of the Eighth , now nt
Pine Ridge , will also go to Fort Robinson.
Lieutenant Edgar Hubert of the Eighth
Infantry , now at Fort Robinson , has been
ordered to report without delay at Pine Ridge
ngencv for duty.
Captain John F. Guilfollo tnd Lieutenant
McCoskoy arrived ycstcraay from Niobrura
and will report for'duty today at Bollovuo.
Alter Ijii Grlppo
restore strength by using the tonic Regent
Forro-Miuiganoso waters of Excchlor
Springs , Mo. _
Cor Fire Ilosn.
The bids for furnishing the city with 0,000
feet of fire hose are coming In ut u lively rate.
Already twelve competitors are In the llelJ.
with moro to follow. The bids will bo opened
ns soon as Commissioner Harlmau returns
from his Hot Springs trip. ' ,
Gesjlor'sMaglclieadacno Wafon. Cures all
headaches In " 0 minutes. At all druggists.
Will Hoar
Judge Ferguson will ba on the bench
Wednesday for the purpose of hearing argu
ments on motions for now trials in cases that
have been before him during the present term
of court.
_ _
Constipation poisons the blood ; Do Witt's
Llttlo harly Risers euro constipation. The
cause removed , the dlscasols gone ,
Used in Millions of Homes 40 Years the Standard ,
1316 Douglas Street , Omaha , Neb.
Many years' experience. A roculnr urmlunto In medicine i > niriumnn anow. It ( till treating nlth th
rrentcst Huccesi , nil Nervous , Cltronlo nnd 1'rlvnto Dlvoimo1 * A pornmnont euro KUtirnntvcil for Cntarrh.
bperuiMorrlioj.i. Manhood. Seminal VVunkncsn , Nlulit lam B , Initu | icy , SyjilillH. Stricture , nncl nil
dltoHscs of tlio lllooil , Skill nin ) Urlmry O rid in. N II. I Kunrnnleo JiUJ for ovury case t unilerlnko anil fall
tocuro , Cnn ultntlon freo. nook Olvatcrlcn of Llfo ) aunt Iroo. Olllcj hours 'J u. in. to 8 p , m. Hunday
10 a m. to 12m. Send itamp for roply.
from OVER-
P1LE3 ,
CHAFina ,
To Bathe
wh < m Heated etc.
when -itartinp on
vacation tbtahe jr"
with you Vov arc
iurc. "to need it" ;
perhaps VERY ttVCM
indeed ,
probably worthless Accept
EXTRACT only. .
Extract Co. ,
/lew YorK and London.
: DOCTOR Them Uululimtul
I'iila nro a I'otl'.h o Cure fur hlcl :
lAGKEH'S llcaduchr , HlllouvncM , and !
Coiiftllputlaii. hinull , plrni. !
ant and u futurllo ttllli ( lie ;
llu. Sold In tnglnml for ! . ;
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tUim from your DrussUts , or ;
send to W. 11. HUllKEax (0. , :
i PILLS. n ttf.l HroUitay , > c < r lorl. t
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are ma'hi by unscrupulous
mmiilaflmern and dealers
In porous phistern rcimnl
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are the only ones Imlort-ed
by over 6,000 physicians ,
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of IniltY.lona uiul
Wo K > ml tlm innrrptnuii I'michl ,
Kcrm.l ) CALTIIOS f ! . anil a"
Ircnl cuuraiiteo Unit CI TIIOS 111
STOP nix-lmrcru .t r.iiilmlun * , I
< 'Ifllr' HiMTRi l rrhru.urlructlo
uud UKH'HIUK IA..I Vljor.
Use it anil fay i/iatisfieil ,
StU iiurrloo iffaU , IlitiuBiU , Illilo.
BNBeam is Vit/Bauaia a
and . i ,
MIEliiiWTlOeneral tfKTamSfl JlWeakneia I nf nEKVuuoui.uii.jt Body and Mind , *
ILlUUiUlJorErroriorEi M a la Old or Vounr.
tbbukl. Jkotilr IliMIIMIII full * Itrtlorrd. llow lo fttrtr \ !
BlrfVlkr ; . . f"l.l"l'kVM.IlI'HI , . . . lllU\Sinillii. ( ! IIOUr
- ! - , , . . . . . , .
il.ul.lfI/ onUllfn * IIIIMK I. ! & ftj ,
. ' ' " " ' ' " " ' ' . ' * ' ' '
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llr > crli > lli > Ilixil , nilio | llunui.ll-r - ur.m IltJ ( > rilflrrct. )
Vinir-ehi" ! . Kr.rvn IU'un >
Klllouruwonk bicle , tnko awnr tlmt Bloomy , Urn I
fi'dlnir. that nvrviiuiioxlmuitliin , putro.m In > ' ur
chiM'i.1. brlulili'ii your e > ex , Klvu you HOY llfii. niniil
lion npi''llti' . ninku you tenrol.l niuru iitlruotlvn
AlKolillelr llurmlo'i. Hun > , II n lioi po lnll |
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t-nlil liy ( inodmiui Driift Co. , 1110 Kurinuii SI
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dlioimeTtholJRINARy ORGANS. . C f
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i uutanTrtUv la * " vonl TAMII Injures cvm <
BfarUl ! * il < pt 1 el enrtf ' ' " " " " " < > > 1- -1
Hlrtal tmnru t\i nail ikir/ical. 1'rlM. (0 eti and
H Vl.OO , of Droirjlm or tr mill. Strapli yIU K for
jitlSp. Pit. lisonrVrMAKW , Bt.r uUMlnn.
hlxtcon Years' I'x.icrU u o In thw Treatment of
( iunorrlici'ii , Clojl. Strictire. Syplillli , Lost Jlim-
litKid mul till Dlaunljrn of tliu SoxuntOrfti ni. Skin > -TI
Diseases anil Fmimtu DltcatU' * . Liidh-'B .from 2 to 4 r-0r
only. Dr. .Mcrow' ( ! KIIPCOIH In thif trontmcnt of
I'llvmo DIsu.uM lm < iiu\or > > < 'cn oiiimlluil. llool ) . *
unit tltc.ilnrs I'iiKK. TruMtmcnt by cuirojpomlctx'j
mo e , l < Hi an I Farnam Sti. , Omaha , No
Kiilrnnccon clllur street.
For Discuses of the Liver use Mooro'i
Trco of Life.
For the Blood , use Mooro's Trco ol
For Cutnrrh use Mooro's Trco of Llfo
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Jlooro's Troonf Ufa. a poiltlro euro tor Klilnor
nod I.Ivor Com ! > l > Mt nil I nil Ij oml illiui'Dv llooilt
imy ! ; > minor wliun yuuoin uraliir uilru Muoro'J
'Ireuot Ufa , tlio lira it l-lfj Itomolrf
HeWs Nerve Tonic Tills
OuroImoinoDlaMenouanml 1'hjil- /
ealUuimitf , Vital KiUauitlan.l'aln / /
in tlit Hack , t'ol.l . Hands or I'e tUad II
Circulation , llluo Mae * under tbo II
Ej , l'lraplo , umlalU > tiorNfrroua ! U
Of llluoj L'Ucaioj la Illttier Bex. \ \
Hobb'o Nerve Tonio Pillo
They lirliurthorony tlutof Iloultli to tlia
allow clieolc. If younruiiullorlna from I ) * .
ranKomontof the NerveImpure Illood or
l'u t Urroru , yon "bnuU at onoo take r ,
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CIA3P3Inuention ,
Tci-tli without plates , removable hri so
work , "Dr. Tliruckmurtun'H ptitunt" NVJb.
dropping down of piatosi , blto nuythlnit you V
liku. tenth rumaln linn. Just tliu tldiiic for *
iiiliilsterH. lawyers anil publluapuukurH. 1'rlca
a Illllo hiiirii ; than rubber plat . within rouolv
ut nil , Or , Ilultuy , Duntlat , hut ) tbo nolo rlifhb
hi Uiiinlia und DoiiKlas Oounty , offlco a l Uooi
1'rixtou block , Omuha ,