Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 19, 1891, Part First, Page 7, Image 7

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Jollvertti by Carrier In any part of the City.
II. W. 'i'H/TON - - - MANAOKH.
, No. 13.
Night ttlltor. No. : KI.
N. Y. P. Co.
Council IIhiITs Lumber Co. , coal.
Craft's chattel loans , 20-1 Kapp block1.
If you want water In your ynrd or house
RO to IJIxby's , 80'J Merrlain block.
Tbo Brand jury is holding a special session
for the purpose of considering cases not al
ready disposed of.
Ll/zlo Long nnd Frank LOUR were arrested
last evening on the charge of-Doing fugitives
from Justtrc.
Unity Guild will moot In rcgulnr session
this afternoon nt2:80 : with Mrs. Kingsburj ,
South First street.
A mnrrlngn Hccnso was IssuodycslOrdav to
Arthur Kalph nnd Klla Stoavcr , both of I'ot-
lawnttatnle county ,
The Jury in the case of the state against S.
Tcrrv bro'upht In n vordlrt last evening find-
/ Inn the defendant guilty of assault nnd but-
1 The Jury In the cnso of the state ngnlnst E.
\ C. Castln brought in n verdict yesterday afternoon -
ornoon of not guilty , after being out an
The indies of thn Congregational church
Will have n social this evening nt the resi
dence of Mrs. J. C. Hlxby , ii-U South First
The ladies of St. John's English Luthernn
church will give n social tonight nt the icsl-
'dcnco ' of Mr. nnd Mr.s. Nelson , i.00'J ' Sixth
Invitations nro out for the wedding of Mr.
fetor 15. Olson nnd Mls-i Mollie Peterson
next Wednesday avcnltu at 8 o'clock in the
I'rcsbytc'rinn cliurch of Avoca.
Meetings will bo hold e.ich evening in the
tent , eornorof Fourth nvenuo nnd Eighteenth
Btrcet , In the interests of the Fifth nvenuo
Methodist churcli. Different clorirymon will
The case of the Council nitiffs nnd Omaha
{ Transfer company ngnlnst M. Saltsmnnn , to
collect on n contraet for the delivery of Imy
Jast winter , was on trial yesterday In su
perior court.
Special communication of Excelsior lodge ,
Ancient Free and Accepted Masons , this
evening for work in the llrst deirrce. All
Masons in rood standing Invited. By order
pf the W. M.
In superior court yesterday a notice of ap
peal was filed by the defendant In the ease of
1. S. Mucci ngai'nst Dr F. W. Houghton , for
( X > ,000 dnnmgos sustalmnl by an alleged de
fective setting of n broken arm.
Earl Harding died yesterday afternoon nt
_ 12.M o'elocic at tlio residence of his parents
In Garner township , of sc.irlet fever , ngoil
two years nnd eight months. The funeral
Will take plc.ce at 10 o'clock this morning
Great Ineohono Donni-lly of the Improved
Order of Hetl Men will he in Omaha on the
27th. Pottnwnttamio lodge of this city has.
ncceptod nn invitation to co to Omaha nnd
greet him in company with their Nebraska
All Knlirhts of Pythlns , with their wives
nnd daughters , nro invited to meet with Cal-
nntho assembly tomorrow nftornoon nt 2
o'clock ' In Knights of I'vthins hall , to make
arrangements for the memorial service to bo
sld next Sunday nftornoon.
J. W Dilsavor was llnc-d f. > 4.00 in police
-Ourt yesterday morninir for keeping n ills-
orderly houso. W. A. linves and S. J. Ram
sey , charged with tlio same ofTonso , had their
canes continued. .1. H. Whlttaker was lined
$10.70 for drunkenness and disturbing the
ponce , Charles Burr $10.70 , and Jack Roberts
jlfi.lO for drunkenness.
George Uudlo , G. W. Whitney of the Op-
flen house , Stuubs of the Grand and
C. F. Cr.xwl of the Pacitlc wont to Om.ihn
ycstorday to testify ncainst I. W. Lillis , the
man who was nrrosted there about a.week
ngo on tl'O charge of bcntlng n board bill.
Llltls was dvon a flno of 850 , and after ho
lias worked it out on the Omaha streets ho
will bo brought to the DlulTs to answer to n
elinllnr charge which will bo preferred
ngnlnst him by the hotel keepers.
Mrs. T. .1. Corrother.s , wife of thooloctrlclan
nt the power house of the Council Bluffs gas
nnd olectrio light company , is conliued to her
bed by injuries received n day or two ago.
She was fjolnc down stairs when her foot
slipped and she was thiown to ttio bottom
with great force , striking in such a way us to
break n limb. At last accounts she was rost-
Inir easily , but her physician states that It
will bo some tlmo before she will bo nblo to
bo around.
A social was hold last evening in tlio
ettnny Baptist church A very interesting
. S rnmmo was rendered , consisting of
recitations nnd music. The following young
people participated in the exorcises : Lydia
Kvnns , Cl.ira Thios , John Canovor , Bertie
Towlos , Laura Thols , Htittlo Autonrolth ,
Frank Chapman , Anna C inoyor , Maud Chap
man , EinmaCollmrn , Laura Galncs , Johnlo
JrvctiBon , Lllllo Catterlaln , Ivnn Chapman
nnd BlrdioVnlker. .
Ofllcer , who patrols the Plorco street
leat , had an adventure with a vicious dog
night before last , who yearned for n piece of
Ills Mesh The ycarnlni : was not satisfied ,
but tlio dog was laid out by ono blow from
" * " tlio ollleor'3 club. Yesterday morning n bill
was loft nt the police station for Clnni * for
S10 for ono dog killed by him. Accompany
ing the bill was a note in which the owner of
the dog threatened to prosecute the ofllcor
for malicious mischief in case his demand
was not complied with.
The ton complimentary votes which were
cast by the Dodge light guards nt thu election
of n colonel for the regiment , in favor of W.
1C. AitchKon , turn out to have had moio of
nn inlluenco in the lesult than was nntlcl-
. iwted. The total vote of all the companies
" " " " " T" was as follows : Castle , 15J ; Mount , 147 ;
f Altchlson , 10. It would take 153 votes to
glvo nny of the candidates n majority , so
that there was no election. A call for a now
election will bo issued in a fuw days.
A complaint was made j ostordnv morning
ngnlnst the hack and express drivers who
have been letting their teams stand on First
nvenuo botwcon Main anil Pearl streets
The authorities stntu that they will not bo
nllowod to block up the way any longer ,
lielween the authorities on the ono hand and
the citizens on the other the hack drivers
scorn to ho having < x hard time of it. As fast
as they settle down to wait for custom to
thorn thov nru notified to lo.ivo by the property -
orty owncrs adjoining nnd they then hnvo to
new place.
toWitt's ) , Little Early Risers : only pill to
, euro sick headache and regulate the bowels.
Gentlemen desiring elegantly fitting suits
for summer wear will llnd Just what they
want nt Roltor'.s , the tailor , ! IIO Broadway.
i'KKSHX.l t , IM K .1'JIS.
V. L. Waxhatn of Hockford la at the Grand.
C. * .V. Jones of Oskaloosa Is nt the Grand.
Colonel A. Cochran of Llttlo Sioux Isut the
J. N. Casady has returned from a trip to
Missus Edith ami Inez Barrott of Lincoln ,
nro the guests of 11. P. Barrott.
\V. H. Lonoy , W. F. IConllold nnd II. II.
Jiliilmnn of Les Molnes are at the Grand.
Mrs Laura Prior of Fiomont , Nob. , U the
puost of her aunt , Mrs. U. Me.Maokou , UI
liast Washington nvenuo.
M-s. N II. Loop and family of Sturgls , S.
It , are visiting MM. Loop's sister , Mrs. A.
II. Hutchlnson , 550 Franklin nvonuu.
Messrs. Charles nnd I'hllln Pusohol loft
last evening for South Bond , Ind. , whuro
they will attend comnioncomont exorcises of
the Notru university , whuro thov
fornu'ily studied.
11 r. nnd MM. DonliKI Mnnraa will leave this
evening for Ann Arbor , Mich. , where they
will attend the coniuunicomont oxorclsu.i o'f
the itixto unlvorslty. Donald Maoran , Jr. , U
' D muinbur of the graduating class.
Mntthow McCook of Uubu'iuo , manager of
the Deaf Mute C'rltlo , has boon In the city nt-
tending the meeting of the Hnwkoyu asso
ciation , TnU U the tlrst year of his bright
end moral Journal , but Its success seems
fully Insured. ,
r r j i
Do vou want to remove these plraplo * from
your face ) UsoHallor'
Sarsaparilla nnd Hur-
UOCK , H U warranted to oifoct H complete
fiurc ,
John Oocbnn Makes an Unsuccessful At
tempt to Commit Suicide ,
Was Too Itcnvy Tor the Ilopp OfTen-
tlcrH In Court Hont Clul ) Ilftll
nt Maiiuwii I'orjcry
Cnso on Trlnl.
.lohn Cochran nttomptcd suicide last even
ing nt 8 I'M o'elocic nt his residence , 800 Avenue -
nuo G. Ho bus been living for some tlmo
past In the front room of n house owned by
Charles Whltmoro , the latter occupying the
rear part of the homo with his family.
Whltmoro hoard n thud in Cochran's room
and went In to Investigate. Ho found Cochran -
ran lying on the floor with u rope fastened
around his neck , n broken end of which
dangled from a Joist over the door of the
room. Ho nl once called for help , nnd with
tlin assistance of Dan Uatoliffo nnd John Dill ,
two of the neighbors , hd held Cochran down
nnd tied his hands securely with the rope
which had ornamented his neck. The patrol
wngon was called for nnd the would-bo sul-
cldo was landed in the city Jail by Marshal
Temploton nnd Olllcor Wyntt.
On a chair In the room were a glass con
taining n fluid of some sort , mid two papon
with white powders done up Inside. These
were takan in charge by the ollloors and an
examination was made to llnd out whether
the contents of the packages and the glass
wore poisonous , The druggists to whom the
stuff was submitted were unable to say
whether it was poison or not , but were in
clined to the opli.lon that It was not , Cochran
having probably been fooled by some humane
minded drug clerk to whom ho had applied
fur assistance In finding the pearly gates.
Cochran is n member of the Grand Army
of the Republic and also of the Veteran Flro-
mcn's association. Ho and his wife had con
siderable trouble , the main cause of which , It
is said by the neighbors , was the fact that
Cochran wa = > of tastes too convivial for his
own good or his wife's comfort. The couple
separated about four months npo , and Mrs.
Cochran has been living over since with
some fi lends on Mill street. Cochran wrote
his wife n letter yesterday afternoon in
which ho throw out some dark hints as to tbo
step ho was about to take.
Cochran is now in the city Jail , whcro ho
will remain until his mania for self destruc
tion wears olT. Ho will bo wntetied so as not
to allow him to complete the Job which ho
began nnd would have finished had It not
been for the weakness of the ropo.
llavp You Got a Horse ?
Every man who owns a horse should knew
that Haller'H Barbed Wire Liniment Is the
only remedy that will give prompt relief to
nil sprains , cuts , bruises nnd gulls , nnd Is
warranted to ofl'cct a complete euro.
Last Few Days or the Juno Sale nt I lie
ItoHlon Store , Council Blutl'M , la.
Below wo qtioto a few specialtlos in
muslin , undor.vjir and taulo covers.
Our line of table covers wo draw spe
cial attention to S-l plain white and white
with colored border with ono dozen napkins
to match , beautiful quality of linen , $ J.2o
8-t colored border with napkins to match ,
S-l plain white , napkins to match , extra
quality , I.LV > .
8-10 special plain white , with ono dozen
napkins to match , $5.00.
8-W super quality , with napkins to match ,
Other qualities at SO.OO , $7.00 , $3.00 and
$9.00 a sou
In ladies' muslin underwear wo show an
endless variety.
Corset covers 12 > fc lOc , 25e. 33c , 35o , 30c ,
45c , .100 toSl.17.
Chomlso We. 25c , 83c , 45c , 50c , r > Sc , Owe , COc ,
to $ l.l.'J. . '
Drawers 3c ! , 39c , 45c , 50c , 5Sc , 7 ! > c to $1.15.
Night dresses , ISe , ( We , 05c , COc , 75c , b9c ,
81.00 , SI. 19. $1.25 to W.50.
Skirts , JKic. Mo , 5bc , ti5c , 75c , S3c , 95c , $1.00 ,
$1.19 , $1,25 toU9.
Children's whlto dresses ( short ) , Kic , 39e ,
fiOc , 7i > c , bi ! ) ! , 95c , $1.00 to $3.50.
Children's white dresses ( long ) , 50c , 53c ,
75c , $1.00 , $1.25 to $3.fiO.
Children's whlto waists. 15c each.
Boston Store , Council Bluffs , la. , Fother-
ingharn , Wlntelaw & Co.
N. B. Store closes at fl p. m. except Mon
days nnd Saturdays ; Mondays , 0 o'clock ;
Saturdays , 10 o'clock.
Gasollnoand oil ; 0003. wood nnd coal :
prompt delivery. Li G. ICnotts , 21 Main ,
tolephom 203.
Swanson Music Co. , 335 Broadway.
Mar Bourlcius , music teacher , removed co
53s Broadway , over C. B. musio company.
Commencing July 1 the cash svstom will
bo adopted at Kolloy's grocery , 101 Broad- |
Close of tlin Convention.
The convention of the Hawkeye Alumni
association closed Wednesday night. All
were agreed that It was ono of the most
pleasant nnd profitable meetings that had
over been hold slnco the founding of the
association. The following olllcers were
elected for the coining year President ,
Howard llofstroator , LlttloSioux ; vice presi
dent , L. 'I' . Pound , Council Blulls : secretary ,
Frank Wills , Kmorson ; treasurer , F. C. Hoi-
loway , Council Bluffs. The name of the
association wa&o chungcd to the Iowa Asso
ciation for the Advaneamont of the Deaf , and
It was decided to go on in the old way und
hold meetings every two years ,
The following honorary members were
elected : Mr. nnd Mrs. Henry Rothort , Council
Bluffs ; Mr. and Mrs H. Glllospio , Omaha ;
Mrs. Swan nnd Miss Uannlo Walker , Council
Bluffs : Mr. and Mrs. Wolnatoin. Burling
ton ; Mr. nnd Mrs. Rnnk. JowuCity : Miss
Laura Fllckinger , Council Bluffs ; Mr. nnd
Mrs. K II. Rothort , Dos Moines : Mrs. At
kins , Council Bluffs ; Prof. McDortmd. Mr.
nnd Mrs. Marshal , Mr. Spruit , Mrs. Steoii ,
Mrs. Tnyor , Mrs. Dinsdnlo , Mr. J. J. Kris ,
Miss Tlmo Gannon , Mr. Camp , Miss S.
Before adjourning n sot of resolutions was
passed thanking Superintendent Rothor nnd
wife lor thu way in which the convention
hud boon ontortnlnod. The next session will
bo hold in the winter of 1JM1. > . ! at a place to
bo decided upon hereafter by the oxccutlvo
Small in size , treat in rosultsi Do Witt
Llttlo ISarly Risers. Best pill for Constlpa
tlon , host for Sluic Hcadauhu , bet for Sour
Stomach. _
Pianosorgans , C. B M ulu 0 , "iti U'.viy
Try Duquette & Co.'s Pomona fruit Julco
tablets. They nro delicious.
Council Bluffs souvenir spoons nt Burhorn's.
KolilcnAhead. .
Jungo McGee rendered a decision in the
cnso of N. Sohur/ . against J. W. Koblenz , of
which mention was mndo a day or two ago.
A motion was tiled by thu attorney for the
defendant to quash the attachment on the
ground of Illegality , it having boon sued out
on the nllogatlon that It was to satisfy a
claim for rent , when the subsequent develop
ments disclosed the fuot ttjat there had been
no rent duo at the tlmo the attachment was
levied. Judge McGoo's decision yesterday
was In favor of the defendant , ICoblenz , nnd
the attachment was quashed , the property
being turned over to Us owner.
UcWltt's Llttlo liurlv Utsorj for the Liver
Cuiniiiuiioiiiiient at thu Aoniloiny ,
The twentieth annual commencement of
the St. Francis nccademy will occur next
Wednesday mid Thursday nt 7:30 : o'clock In
the chapel of the ncidomy. The members of
the graduating class uro as follows : Misses
V. Elliott , Knoxvlllo ; M. Hatton , Atlantic ;
G , Pusoy , Council Bluffs ; M. Murphy , Coun
cil Bluffs ; L. Tholl , Council Bluffs , N.
Moore , Council Bluffs , M. Huehos , Council
Bluffs : M. Madden , Council Bluffs , and N.
Lacy , Council Bluffs ,
An elaborate programme has been prepared
for the two ovenlngs. The programme of
Wednesday evening will Include recitations
nnd musical selections , nn operetta by the
younirer pupils being n fenturo worthy
of mention. On Thursdar evening
the members of the graduating
class will rend essays , the pro-
grnmmo boln ? freely Interspersed with
music. At the close diplomat will bJ pre
sented nnd gold medals awarded those who
have boon especially proficient In tbo vari
ous departments.
Besides the graduates the following will
participate In thu programme on the two
evenlnu's : Misses A. Wlckham , L. Scott. M.
Fnrroll , P. Fit7gorald , G Bohron , C.VicU
ham , L. Pullman , L. Lynch , A. ICosslcr. K.
Free. A. Shank , L. Lange , M. O'Neill , .f.
Murnhy , N. Dunn. B. C.irrigir , F. Connelly ,
B. Wilson , P. Swift , G. Korrllmrd , Little
Cleo. R. X.niiKs , R. Towle , D. Davis , S. Grlf-
lln , L. Mnrrnv , A. Murray , F. Murdoch , B.
Row , E. Mnhonoy , L. Herman , G. Hvorett ,
M. Lovo. K Dunne , .F. Savage , M. Norris , .T.
Perrlgo. M V'otzer , J. Keating , A. Crake
nnd M. Hcnklc. _
To Dispel ColiH ,
headaches and fevers , to cleanse thn system
ofToctunllv , yet gently when costive or bilious
or when the blood is impure or sluggish , to
porinnnontlv euro habitual constipation , to
nwukon thn Kidneys nnd liver to a healthy act
tlvity , without irritating or weakening them ,
use Syrup of Figs.
Union Park races , Omaha nnd Council
BlulTi , September 8-11 , $ i,500 ! ; October 20-22 ,
$4OJO. For programmes address Nat Brown ,
Merchants hotel , Omaha.
Picnic at Manhattan beach , LakoManawa ;
good llshlng , line bathing nnd boating ; plenty
of shade ; best place for camping out parties.
Try it.
Given to the Jury.
The case of the state ngnlnst S. Terry of
Mlnden , charged with attomptlnc nn assault
on the sovon-ycar-old daughter of John Geiger -
gor , was on trial before Judge Doomor yes
terday afternoon. The prosecuting witness
nnd her father was put upon the stand , nnd
after they had testified Colonel Dailoy , the
attorney for the defense , moved the court to
Instruct the Jury to bring In n verdict of not
guilty , on the grounds that there had beoil no
testimony Introduced by the state to nrovo
that Terry had been guilty of the offense
charged against him , and that there had been
no corroborative testimony brought in to
stiengthon that of the girl. The court over
ruled the motion , nnd the case went to the
Jury , the defense waiving the right to intro
duce testimony , nnd both attorneys waiving
Today the case of the state against E. K.
Pierce will bo commenced , 1'iorco being
chnrgcd with having forged the name of D.
Olmstoad to several checks and passed them
or R. K. Hancock of this city. There are
two indictments against him nnd ho will bo
tried on each seonrately. John Hill will bo
thu next , he having been caught breaking
open the safe in the Metropolitan hotel
durliiu the progress of n lire several months
ngo. The charge ugalnst him is larceny.
A handsome complexion is ono of the great
est charms a woman can possess. Poz oni'u
complexion powder gives it.
Assignee's sale of Gilmoro's stock of jew
elry , stationery , toys , etc. , 2-5 ! Main street.
Mrs. Blxby , Mrs. Clinton , Mrs. Bryant ,
Mri. Cloimh , Mrs. Crane , ' Mrs. Brown and
Mrs. Badollett will entertain the Congrega
tional church sociable ) this evening nt the
residence of Mr. J. C. Blxby , 323 South First
Drs. Wnodbury. dentists , 30 Pearl street ,
next to Grand hotel. Telephone 145. High
grade work u specialty.
Morgan's prices for furnitu o on Install
ment plan lower than nny other uouso in city.
Itoat Club Ball.
The boat club ball given last evening at
Manawu was a great success in every par
ticular. The attendance was not as largo ns '
had boon honed for , the weather Keeping
some away. About thirty couples braved
thnolomeuts ; , however , and Terpsichore ruled
from 9 o'clock until before breakfast tlmo ,
with the exception of an hour which was
taken out about midnight for nn elaborate
spruad in thu hotel dining room under the
auspices of Manager Whitney , The boats of
the club were to have been given up to the
use of the guests , but on account of n slight
mist that fell nearly all the evening this part
of the entertainment had to ho dispensed
with. The now electric llirhts that have Just
been put up about the lake wore lighted last
evening for the first tlmo nud ndded greatly
to the attractions of the lako.
Baldness ought not to come till the ngo of
! > ' ) or later , if the hair begins to fall earlier
use Hall's ' Hair Renowor and prevent bald
ness nnd grayncss.
Buy your furniture , carpets , stoves and
household goods of Mimdol & Klein , Council
BluiTs. Prices very low ; froitrht prepaid to
your city.
On the occasion of the democratic state
convention to bo held nt Ottumwa Juno 21 ,
the C. B. & Q will sell tickets commencing
Juno 22 , nt ono faro for the round trip , good
returning .Tuno''li. ' For further particulars
call upon O. M. Brown , ticket agent , No. 518
Broadway. _
The Rock Island sells special excursion
tickets from Council Bluffs nnd other points
to Colfax Springs , In. , nnd return , goou until
October 31.
Bright upland hay at slaughter prices for
next thirty days ; 150 toiib , II. L. ( Annancor ,
ner Pearl and fith nvenuo.
Kov. and IMrs. KeaiiH Celuliratu Quito
a Hunoli of lOl litrenM.
Rov. nnd Mrs. W. 1C. Beans celebrated the
eighteenth anniversary of their wedding at
their pleasant home , 2112 Locust street last
evening. The house was lavishly decorated
with ( lowers. The parlors nnd library looked
almost like a conservatory. It was the
eighteenth anniversary of the wedding , Rov.
Beans had been In the ministry Just eighteen
years last night , which was Juno 18 , nnd the
reverend gentleman's first charge in
Omaha wns at the Eighteenth street .Metho
dist Episcopal church. Throe huudrod Invi
tations had boon sent our and the honso was
Illlod to overflowing with guoUs , Quito n
p.uty of the pnstor's former flock nt S'ork
eamo down. Dr. P. S. Merrill of the First
Methodist Episcopal cliureh , and Dr. Max
well nnd Rev. domiciling , presiding older ,
were among those present.
BnldtilY was the caterer nnd served light
refreshments to the guests.
Shortly nftor 11 o'elocic the friends began
to depart , all wishing the host and hostess
many moresuch happy anniversaries ,
Constipation poisons tno blood : UoWltt's
Llttlo Early Risers cure Constipation. The
cauberoinovod the disease is gone.
Opening with n grand doll matlnoo Satur
day , at which nn Edison talking doll will bo
given away to some child In attendance , the
Steen-Xnnzlo combination will open their
ougugomunt of three performances nt the
Boyil. This will bo the last opportunity the
patrons of the house will hnvo to witness nn
entertainment of this character at Uoyd's
opera house. The sale of seats for all three
performance will open this morning at the
usual prices.
Use Iliillor's Sarsaparilia and Burdock , the
great blood puriller.
Warning to Metal CorniuoVorkorH. .
A letter has boon sent by the metal cornlco
and sKylight workers of Chicago to the
Omaha union of thn order , cautioning their
brother workmen In this city against seeking
employment In Chicago. The letter recites
thu fact that the Cnlcngo members of .the
order wont on a strltoon July 1 , IbOO , "for
shorter hou and increased pay , and are still
out. The letter concludes :
Fellow worklngmon , in conclusion , wo
earnestly request you to take Immediate ac
tion and make thu facts in this circular
known to nil sheet metal workers throughout
your stuto , In order that our tradesmen may
not bo duped by coining to Chicago In
smirch of employment. . Tpll them to stay
away ; wo have over onaliiUndrod nnd fifty of
our men idle nt present , uml there are thou
sands of worklngmon walking the streets lit
search of work , nnd wonW gladly do anything
to earn nn honest dollar. '
Hoping you will favor.Ujjy consider our no-
peal , wo remain frntornniy ; youw ,
METU , Conxion ASM > & * . > ! .mm WoiiKnits'
Lor it , UNMOX , No. 01.
Robert Watson , corresponding nnd Ilnnn-
clal secretary. ' . '
"My father , nt about tiiu ago of fifty , lost
nil the hair from the to'bf | ) his head. After
ono month's trial of Ayqifs Hair Vigor , the
hair began coming , nnd , in three months , ho
had a tine growth of hjr | of the natural
color. " P J. Cullen , Saratuffn Springs , N. Y.
Minnie lllnl > c.t ; Carved Her Lover
Oilier Pollen Noti > H.
Minnie Hlgbco , n sixteen-year-old colored
damsel , had a qunrrel with her lover. M.
Truvcs , a young man who lives nt 810 Marey
street , last night. Minnie was Jealous of u
rival nnd rend the riot net to young Travos.
This didn't seem to have the desired olTeet
nnd the enraged plrl drew a ra/or nnd cut
Travns n gash ncross the nrm. The wound is
not serious. Onicer Vnnous saw the fraeus
and sent the dusky damsel to the city Jail ,
whcro she Is charged with assault.
A. Stroobol , who Is wanted as the complain
ing witness against Frank Plerson , was
taken Into custody last night for snfo Keep
ing. Last November Plerson shot at Stroo-
uol , bitting one of the lingers of his loft
hand. Picrson skipped , but returned to the
city n couple of weeks ngo , nnd the police
took him in. Since then the olllcers have
been looking for Stroebol , so that Plerion
can hnvo his trial In the district court.
George Williams , who was arrested for
stealing n valuable gold watch from William
Hutching * * , was adjudged probably guilty of
grand larccnv and bound over to the district
court in thu sum of $500.
Mr * . Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup for Chil
dren Teething euros wind colic , dlarrhoja ,
, Vc. 25 cents n bottle.
Western Pensions.
WASHINGTON , Jane 18. [ Special Telegram
to Tun Bii.l : : Pensions were granted today
as follows : Nebraska : Original Daniel F.
Nichols , William J. Boosloy , Bedford Ony ,
Ebor Palmer , William ClovorlshJohn Solburt ,
David Arnott , Louis Noals , George W. Gor
don , William Ryan , Andrew M. Robb , Mur-
tin V. Crowln , Isaac Croloy. William A.
Keistor , Oliver P. Dolong , Gottlieb Esnli ,
Joel H. Sauls , William H. Turner , Wnko-
man L. Grand , Daniel I. Scovillo. Additional
George C. Kerr , Michael Slattory , Andrew
E. Johnston. Increase James Laughlin ,
Samuel Scott. Reissue Francis Morton.
Original widows -Elizabeth Valentlno.Sarah
A. HolUdav.
Iowa : Original Jacob Sush , Oliver Beck-
with , Samuel D. Nichols , Evan Wilson , Jonn
Kroft , George W. Boylos , William H Dixon ,
Edward Palmer , Charles A. Dentlor , Watson
B. Porter , Silas Cowon , David M. Moore ,
George W. Rutherford , Joseph T. Young ,
Creed C. Scott , Hiram Stocker , Ralph H.
Sanders , Harry Schunck Joseph P. Wright ,
William W , Carpenter , Casslus C. Van Wirt ,
Cornelius Pratt , Edward F. Morgan , Jesse
Fulton. Henry Magoon , William Schloye ,
Samuel i { . Corbott , Archibald Stewart , Wil
liam R. Stoops , JohnSmiley. . John W.
Barnes , Jacob P. Leach , .Tamos Fleming , Solomon
omen Rod fern , John B. Austin , Chnuncoy
Tibbetts , Aaron R. Wheeler. Additional-
James Lent. Increase blnzy D. Andrews ,
Garrett Romaker , John Nnsh , Robert Miller ,
Charles A. Johnson , James B. Hathaway ,
John M. Thompson. Reissue Robert R.
Montgomery. Original widow Ossio C.
Howe. ,
Gowlor's Magic HeadacTio Wafers. Cures all
hcadcchcs in 2U minutes. At all druggts
United Stat'H Treasurer's Statement.
W \siiiNGToy , Juno IS , jTho treasurer's
statement , issued today , ! shows n not cash
balance of but Jl/JS OOO. which Is the lowest
figure yet reached. It Is said that the treas
urer's statement to be Issued tomorrow will
show a deficiency of $000,000 instead of the
usual not cash balance. This is the first
time this has occurred slnco the present form
of statement was adopted by Treasurer Jor
dan. In making this calculation , however -
over , no account Is taken of the
$ -iJ,000,000 on donoslt in national banks nnd
the $ . ' 0,000,000 fractional silver In the
treasury. The expenditures so far this month
have been $ SlbSb2 tin excess of the entire
revenues of the government during the same
period , amounting to $ IS,2J1SJ. These were
exceeded by the pension payments nlono ,
which amounted to $18,312,155.
Treasury ofllcials say that the expendi
tures during the remainder of the month will
bo light and that the receipts will bo suf
ficiently "lienvy to overcome the present excess -
cess of expenditures nnd leave n small sur
plus for the month. The same ofilcials say
that the treasurer's statement tomorrow will
not include the receipts during the past two
days , ' and that if it does an actual surplus of
$ J,000,000 would bo shown Instead of an ap
parent deficiency ,
The Howe scale took llrstpromicm ntPhlla
dolphia , Paris , Sydney nnd other exhibitions.
Boidcn it Sollcck Co. , Agts. , Chicago.
Scheme of Kansas ParnierH.
TOI-UK * . , Kan. , Juno 18. The charter of
the Broom Growers' nssoclatlon of Kansas ,
the object of which is to store farm products
nt Sterling , has been filed. It is understood
this is the first of many companies to bo or
ganized by farmers for thu purpose of en
abling thu'n to hold their farm products until
they can get good prices for them.
" 1 lost n crutch nnd found health nt Excel
sior Springs , Mo. Mrs. J. H. Carrulh , Law
rence , Kan. "
ItiMiNon Hel'tiMcd a New Trial.
Lnvvr.NwoiiTii , Kan. , Juno IS. Judge
Riner , in the United States circuit court , this
nftorneon overruled the motion for n now
trial in the case of Charles A. Benson , con
victed of murdering Mrs Theresa Mottmnn
on the government military reservation last
fall , nnd sentenced him to bo hanged Novem
ber 5 , Ib'Jl.
Do not forgot thit Hnllor's Pain Paralyzor
will euro nil cases of dyseutory , relieving the
griping pain nnd restoring the bowels to
healthy action.
Kv-Sonator McDonald Improved.
iNliuvvi' , Ind. , Juno 18. There was n
slight Improvement In ox-Senator McDon-
nld's condition today , and his physician says
tonight that if the favqrnblo symptoms con
tinue tomorrow there wlll.jbe some reason to
hope for his recovery. 1,011 !
Mothers will find thM JIalior's Pain Par
ulyzor is a sure and ph sant euro for dnr
rhoea. i 't'
Governor Kif'or Approves Bills.
Si'iuvnriKi.i ) , 111. , * 'ijnp ' 18. Governor
Fifer today npprovod tljij ? world's ' fair appro
priation bill , nnd the blllillxlng the legal rnto
of interest at 5 per cent tint ! the contract rate
at 7 per cent.
Vanilla - Of porfoot purity.
- Of nroat strength.
Almond Zf oonomir'n10'ru30 ' * '
Rose etc.TJ Flavor as dolloatoly
and dellciousiy ao the fresh fruit.
Last week has never been equaled by any house in Council B tiffs , and not a single cus
tomer that asked to see our goods , but what bought and expressed themselves as highly pleased
with our goods and prices. We regret exceedingly that we were not prepared to wait on all the
customers large Saturday night as promptly as they might have desired , but promise to have
more assistance this week.
At y ( c reduced , and we will place on sale 147 suits that have never been
/"xl ) / .U.J sold for less than $10 and $12.
At 1(1 ( 7O I ur ncxt 'ot ' conslsts of 219 suits , in cheviots , worsteds and cassimcrcs ,
/"XL jj ) 1UU / I are good value at $15.
Our Tailor Made Suits , that we arc selling for $15 , must be shen to bo appreciated. We
do not urge you to buy , but we do urge you to come and examine these suits and sec what wo
oflcr you for the money.
Last week was a HOWLING SUCCESS , and the balance of our Summer Stock go during
this sale. As we sold out of our Colored French Balbriggan Underwear at 4Sc , we will place
in its stead the White French Ualbriggan at the same price , 4 Sc , usually sold for $2 a suit.
Somebody is going to be disappointed if there is much longer postponement in buying , as the
supply in some of the most attractive lots is running small.
The Pants sale , as you sec in our side windows on Scott street , and will place on sale your
choice of our fine tailor made Pants that have never been sold for less than $7.50 , $8 and y ,
for $5.75
It is exceedingly encouraging to see so many buying after examining other stocks. We
intend that your confidence in our advertisements shall become more and more unbounded.
522 Broadway , Couucil Bluffs. A. H , GOLDSTEIN & CO , , Proprs.
N. B. Don't fail to see our Straw Hat Sale.
Pimples on the Taco |
Breaking Ont |
Sklu Troubles |
llttlo Sores ) HotBkln )
Both ) Blotches )
Gold Sorea ) Bad Breath )
Bore Mouth or Lipa )
If joil milTir frnm nnjr or
llit.o * ) mptum * * . tllkr-
Wom'od not toll jou thit you req
moillcliio , to ensure fnmlntn fiom the " ' , ? ; ;
ltl-tV llr Ackpr'n . KnK . . I . . ' 111 niooil . ! . „ _ l.llllr . . ! , , litlio rnll.
2 Million Bottles filled in 1873.
18 Million Bottles filled in 1890.
"Jlfore wholesome than any Aerated
Witter which art can supply. "
"Invalids arc recommended to drink
To euro nilloHinesp. Slch ricndnclio Conitlpntlon.
Malaria. I.Ivor Complnlnta , tnko the ealo
and certain runiudy , SJIITII'S
Uootho9.MALI.SIZKc)0 ) llttlo b ! ans to nio bot-
Ho ) Tlioy nro the most convenient ; suit ull ( mos.
1'rlcoof tllher tUo , 'Jo co ' . .i per buttlo.
nt T * 17. 70 : Photo-BTOvura
imnolelzoortlilJ plcturo for 4
Mnkcra of "Dllo Dunns. &t. Ixjuls Jtc *
cm ml In "Jd.iys by the riunch Hunuitly unIt -
tilluil tint KfS'a. It dlssulvus ncaiiisl an Is
ubsorboil into tno Inlliuiioil p.irU. Will refunil
nionuy If It iloos not ouin or causes strictuiu
lionlloinen , liuro 11 u roll.iblo arliclo , $ l.x
pnuknijo or l ! for } 5 pur mull nropnlil Mc-
I'ornik'l ; . * c I.und , Omaha ; ( ' A McU'linr ,
I low a nl Mi'yi'ts and i : .1 hcvkor.i. South
Oniahu ; A , 1) ) Totter ami 1. 1' . ) : ills Council
I thill's.
"xllHC Kf siiiilflfir * ; Attorneys at law , l'iio- :
Ollllb Vi OulllIilUa tL.0 | i , , thu st.itu and
fniloral courts Itoinis .1 , I and S ; ,
Iluno block. Council lliull-i , l.i.
HI rininllPrC Attorney nt I-nw. No. 10
. J. jllulllUUa , i-u.iri Htroot , Over llii'.h-
noll'.s Htoro. THloplionu No. . * > ) Itiiilnu
hours , b a , in. toU p. in. Council HlulH 11.
I'ci-loilicnl PillH.
This troncli ruiiii'dy ncti illroiuly upi n tlio uoncirn.
llvo ortinni nun cuiui mipirus | lcin ut tlio iiiunsos.
Ucirlhri'U for * i , and can bo mill toil bliuuM nut lie
usmlUurHiK i > ri'Kntinur. Jubbori , drnutfUt ! * nnU tUu
l'uLlluBUii | > lloJ by Uouiliuun Drutf Cu , Ouiulin
liiniorN lOiitcrtiilni'il.
The musical ana oratorical entertainment
plvon lust uvculnp by the junior ilupnrtmont
of the YoiniK Mun's Ulirlstlan nssnclation
\vaa highly croilituhlo to thu participants ,
but owing to the throatonliiR weather tire
nutllcnro was ainnllur than woulu ottiurwuu
have boon the caso.
Thu "T. K. " quartette was wunnly wcl-
coinoil nnd gixvo a couple of SOUKIvhilo Miss
Dally was accorded well doaorvod applause
Jor two selections which she bnnn very
swoollv. All of tlio ether imrtiulranti | wuro
inombom of thu boys' branch of the Youiu ;
Mun's C'hrlstlun nssoclatlon. I'uul illckolc
nnd Walter Nlcholls , thn two boy orators ,
nro the pivslduiits of the bojs' bronchus ut
Hastings nnd Dcatrlco respectively , nnd np-
puared last year buforo thu ( ieatrlcu f'hau-
taunun.tll Lister nnd J. Albert Davis nru
botli Omaha boys , and rank among the llncst
juvenllo vlollnisU in the wost.
CioorKQ 1'oozor , the boy cornotlst , Is also an
Oiniihtx musician , and tils rendition of Balfo's
"Hohoiiian Girl" won him nn oncoro.
Thov all did ronmrk.iuly well and fur-
nUucu a very pleasant ontortnluicout.
A very small pill but n very good ono. Do
Witt's Uttlo Early Hisor * .
1TIOK HAfjH- Good family horse and top ear-
JL1 rlaso : or will trade for good uniinprovud
lot. Apply to bJU KlKlith uvo
TT10IJ SALE I'lnn farm of 2SO acres , 11 inllo * !
-L. from Council Itlnlls , at ifJJ pur acre. John
ston & Van Patten.
T\O you want the earth In the vicinity of
J J Council Itluirs , nlther improved nr unim
proved ? If so call and teoour list of bargains
ut thoroal ustiitunnil lain olllco of J. O. ( . 'olo
& Co. lilit your properly for sale , rent or ex
change , wiin us. und aouuro uuslomur. J. U.
Colo&Co. , No. I , 1'uiirl Htreut , ground lloor.
GtjAIRVOYANTiiml Hvclioinutrlu , or ebar-
netor roailiiiKi ; also diagnosis of disease.
iiund lock of hair for readings liy letter , hiin-
Says and evenings. Jin 1 * lloopiu. ! 4 Avu-
duu C , near corner 15th btroot , Uounull lllully.
Terms , 5Je and Ji.O ) .
FOUSAf < n Tor Kent Wanted If you want
to buy , soil or rout anything In the real
eslalo line don't do It until yon have seun our
lurno Hit of bargains , fewnn tt Walkc-r , No. 51:3 :
Jla I n iiml nI ! POII rl Htreuti. Council Illulfs
FINK lirod hoiNu , that can boat - ' If ) , will sell
or trado. Addiuis or call on 1) ) . Drown ,
lllii West Ilroadway , C'oiinc-ll Illulls. _
AT Swan ft Walker's 'il : ! Main stiont and nn
1'oarl , Connell lIlutK you will always find
a 'Snap baivln" In estate If you want to
buy , or a wood place to list a bargain if you
want to soil or Iradu.
IflOIl SALi : riogant < irrlasi ) tnnm and line
Hlnslo dihiirsj pil cs lunionnblo : cull
and sco them linfoie luivlni ; . Isaan JI. Mnlth
hall's stables No. 41 ; ) Koitli fcovenlh stiuut ,
Counull Illnirs.
MAtiXirjl'nNT ) piopoity In llvc-acro
tracts loeatcd 'J'i ' miles fiom jiottnlllcc ,
for sale on icahonablo terms S-onm line icsl-
denco jiropnrty for runt by Day * c Hess ,
T7UK HENTTho MoMalion liloi-lc. " story
Jlirlck , with hasument and uluvator. J.V. .
f-f I n I re , 11)1 ) I'o iHl Uiit t _
TfOKSA.LU or Itunt U-xrilou land. vrltU
JL > houiu9 , by J , U. Itloj , 1JJ .Main it , UuunoU
606 Hrnaihvav , Council Bluffs , la
Of Council Bluffs.
nmtsiTOiu f. A. Mlllnr , I' . O dloiion , II (4 (
Bhiinnrt. B K. H.irUJ. I ) Ed mil ml ion. Uli irlni
II , llunnan Traniiot Renor \ \ b-\nuin < buti-
ne3. Irir < oit capltil ami urplu < ut uny
Council Bluffs , la.
This Elegantly Appointed Hotel
Is Now Open.
George T. Phel ps , Manager.
First-- : National : Bank
I'alil Up Ciijiltnl , . . * . . $1011,000
olditit urKitnliixl bunk In ilio oltr I urulcn iin.l
ilauioilic uxclitngu ivinl lucil luoiiritlut. l.'tiiwli
utteiilloii pal'l tu U'Jlloctluni. Auojunti uf Inilivli
uuli bnnkt. bttiUuMaiuloorpuralldiii aglloltut Cur
roiiiiJii'HinLo ' IntliiKl
OKU i' SANHilll ) . I'reiMont
A \S UIKKM\N Onililar
A. i' HHK AattlUQt <
. .
Eye , Ear , Nose anil Throat
Council HlulTs , la.
Shugnrt-Uuno H'lc.
JUioin 1. U to 112 m
7 nnd 8 p. in.
Gas Heating Stoves.
No Asncsl No SMOICR.
Just the thlnz for b ith rooms , lioil rooni * > , ota
Cull and buo uurlnrxu tisauitinunt.
C. B. Gns nnd Elactric Light , Co.
211 I'o irl and 'J1U Main Struct ,
over 0. It. Jncriuoinlii .t Do. . .lowolry Stor
D. H.
ButchQrs' ' anil PaoXirs' ' Sinjj3 , | | ,
Market Fixturas , Casing ,
p Ices nml Pans IRO M.ikurV Maolilnory. 81) ) .
-J Main St. , l/'oiinuil llluirs. la. Alwi do lori
n II Ides and I ur-i
All kinds o ( Dylir anil Clo.tnlii' { ilonn In tlio
of thu Art , I'liduU und bt.Unud
inado to look as Kood ai now lli > I
i-.itliKiH Cio , i . I lly SIIUIIH , In rn , i ( , , H1
M.IIIIIUI. Work promptly clouu and dollvurol
Ju all p.irt * of ihuvouiilry bund for iinoj
, 0. A. MAOIIAN. I'rop ,
10U llroadway. Nurihwosluru bun5 ,
COUNCII , Ill.Uffd. lA.
ThoNinv Ujilua llotnl. In Council llluiN li n
been rompluti'ly rururnlslind and inudoriii/o I
thioiiiihont , und Is now uiuiuf thu bcsi li.n.-n
In thu st ltd H Is Ioc itud In the huslniMs put t
of HID city and thn iiU < trio inotois p IBS thn
( loorovury finir iiiiiinlrn. I'liu osu.ipus aii'l
II i o alarms thtiiiMhoiil tin * bulldln , ' . Siniui
hu it hot and cold w.itoi' and hiiiisliini * m
uvery loom. 'I'.xl-l * ) inisurpasiud any win-ro.
Ittiits , fJ.IM a ( lay.
Lake Manawa Hotel ,
AUruatlons : I'lnn rislilni ; , limiting , Il.itli-
IIIK and Kxci'Uoiit Mlnural Svatur.
Cnly llflci'ii minute * * rldo from conn ii
Illi.Its Miitor IraliiH ivi-iy half hour , > U" I
tu tenters of Ooiinull Illiills and Om.ih.i
Most dullKhtfnl und iiL'cutttill'lu plii'cf" '
plcnlu parlies.