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The Pulse Throbs of Progress and Develop
ment Beyond the Missouri.
Splendid ncsltlts of Artificial Moisture In Cnlifornlm-Resourccs of
tile Rock. Ribbed Idnho The Utah Congress How
Wyoming Is Humping Notes
ofMon and Thlngw.
Tlio Ulii
The Salt Lake Ulty ctwmbor of commerce
ul n I'i'coni mooting took notion to secaro llio
rnillntf of nn Irrigation ooiivonllon nt that
placr , to bo mrulo up of nil thu states mill ter
ritories wcit of thu Missouri river. Gov
ernor Thonm of Utah will sign tho-call.
The purpose of tlio convention will bo to
ilovuo moans to reclaim tlm vnst uxtout of
now nrlil lands through the construction of
systems of Irrigation. Tult work Is so v. U
IIM to 1)0 buyutid the power of Individual en
terprise , oven If It bo not nlso too Krout tor
corporation or syndicate cITort. Ilulicu thu
natural suggestion that It Btiotlld ho In seine
manner and to 301110 ox tent nt luiut public
Tim proposition that has found most favor ,
Nays the Donvur Hun , Is that thu Kimeral
government grout to the several stnton and
territories the doiort nnd arid lands , to bn
utilized for the construction of thu Irrigation
system. This in the plan that will bo clilolly
discussed In the Suit Luke convention , and
llut-ly bo nix'cd upon congress for adoption.
There in little tiinu for delay in the mloo-
tton if some plan. Already tbo public lands
that nucd no Irrigation uro pretty well appro-
liriated. Settlement Is beglnnlm ; to crowd
upon the deserts and wastes that need only
u liter to uo transformed Into sardons. The
extent of them Is Honiolhlng enormous.
it Is estimated tnat In Utah alone there are
ovur llfteen thousand square miles of irri-
j-ablo land , of which less than one thousand
mo under ditch. If this territory lias bo-
roino what it is with so little of ciiltlvntablo
land , what can It bo made with more than
llfleen times us much I Utah Is traversed by
many streams streams that carry water
enough to Irrlpito nil her lands. Indeed ,
through the great Columbia and Colorado
rivers which drain the western slope cnouch
water llnws unused to thu son to convert all
the vast wastes of Unit section Into smiling
llultis , luxuriant orchards unu blooming gar
The level stretches of now arid lands are
( 'roator on the eastern than on the western
slope. All that vnst plain which stretches
cas'tward from llio Rocky mountains through
Now Mexico , Colorado , Wyoming and Mon
tana , and into Dakota , Ivnnsas and Nobrnska
conla bo inndu richly productive by irriga
tion. It is in torritorlal extent nn empire ) in
itself.Vhilo with the Missouri nnd the Kio
( irnndo and their tributaries the .supply of
water in the aggregate may bo as grent as on
the other side of the great rnuco , it is not so
udvantngoousry distributed. It cannot uo so largely available.
A largo portion of this great area must per
haps remain forever pastoral lands. But
through thu construction of systems of reser
voirs and canals n great portion of It can bo
reclaimed enough to support R population of
many millions.
' 1 ho call for the Utah convention should
receive prompt and cordial rosponsc from
till the states and torritorius to which it shall
be addressed. As it , originates with the
Salt Lake City chamber of comniorco. the
responses can llttingly cotuo from lilto bodies
in thu other far western cities. Colorado
Hliould hnvo a good delegation in the con
of Minin. : hi To.
W. W. Howard , In Humor's Unzar : "Look
lioro , " said a man , whoso faith 1 sought to
lost , "if I dill not reel dead open-and-shut
Huro of making my fortune here , all In
good time , do you .suppose I would stay i My
inino is worth a good million just as it
Htands "
"Why don't yon soil , and so put nn end to
this pork and beans and hot biscuit existence
of yours } " I suggested.
"IJorauso no ono would pay that prlco. in
the first place , and because , in the second
place , I shall takii moro than a million out of
it when I got it properly davclopud. This
developing is what coats. A friend of mine
hiis paid $10,000 for development work , and
ho hasn't reached the mineral yot. Ho
wouldn't soil fornnv innnoy. Ho would bo n
fool if ho did , for no is richt on top of the
Ktnff. Now here is whcro eastern people got
fooled. They suppose , when they buy stock
in n mine , thct they uro going to got their
money back in dividends without dolny.
They don't understand this unproductive
work , and so when the stock Is used up they
call the whole thing n .swindle and give it up.
All mining operations are not swindles , by n
long way , although they do not turn out well.
There are swindle.- every sort of business ,
nnd perhnm mining has liad its share. My
idea about Investing in mines is this : Don't
invest In anything , not even real estate ,
unless you can keep nn eye on it to see thnt
you got honest treatment. "
The mining regions of the west nro popu
lous with such men as this. Thu pluck nnd
pal ion t I'luluraiico which these men show are
utmost beyond belief. Many of thorn mnku
colossal fortunes eventually , and many , many
do not. Ah , those many , uianv , who do not !
What broken hearts and wrecked and ruined
lives Ho hidden thcro ! Surely that Is n
strange and grim fatality which takes the
uicrnlng nnd midday of a man's life , and in
the afternoon leaves only thu nshos of unat-
talnud ambition. The rude cabins among
tbo inhospitnblo mountain jwaks have their
wolul stories of disappointment and despair
to tbosu who can read their inuto language1.
In them the hard worked miner has held his
dream of wealth and power and reunited
love , wlillo In his eastern homo his mother
nnd friends wondered year by year why ho
did not send the money to pay on * the mort
gage on the farm , nnd why n coolness seemed
to come between him unit thnt neighbor's
daughter whom ho had hoped to dock with
thu gold of the western mines. Ills eastern
friends cannot understand the hardships nnd
chances of n minor's life , nnd too often they
forgot hint tus ono who somehow laclis the
ntilllty to make his way In llio world. Thus ,
unnoticed by fortune ami neglected by those.
friends who should cherish him most , ho
wears out his life in n moro hole in the
ground ; yet through It nil , nnd oven unto hitter -
tor old ago , hu has his dreams of friends nnd
Lome and lovo.
Idaho , Tor Instance.
The now west Is still a virgin Hold for en-
crgv , ontornriso nnd sottlomunt , says the ir
rigation Ago. Its lihtnry is yet unwritten.
Its pilgrim fathers have sot fool on its shores ,
.1 i the red man hits boon driven hack , the cor
ner stones of states have boon laid , but that
Is all. The day of development Is yet
only n gray streak sgnlnst thu horizon of the
\ar \ Instance , look nt Idaho. It has a terri
tory of 811-'Ul squro miles. Nnturo has endowed
dewed It with abundant streams , with mill
ions of Irrigable laud , with Inexhaustible
stores of minerals , with splondul foresUswith
u climate wtiich nnrsos men to old ago. Hut
oil these resources are almost as nature loft
them , The Snake river valley nlouo could
support a population of 2,000,000 , while the
thu population of the whole statu is but n
scant 100,000. The largest city shows loss
tlinn 5,000. There are inrvrvolous water pow
ers , but no manufactures , Who boliuvos
that Idnho will net some day utilize her
ntroums and forti amis llko southern Cali
fornia , her mineral resources like Colorado
nnd I'oiuisylviuiln , her water powers like
Massachusetts I Who doubts that in thu fu
ture she will live ten years , while thu old
states nro living onolhyshould n young
man bump Ills head ugulnst tuo social and
commercial barriers of an old and severe civ
ilization when the west needs him to do in
these days the work of development which
Ills remote ancestors did In Now Kngluuu ,
Now Yortt or Virgh'l ' : * two centuries ngol
Idaho is only ono stnto in the now west.but
one. Her future rouiuwa to bo
moulded by energetic mon , Agriculture ,
resting on the sure basis of irrigation , must
bo the foundation of her prosperity. When
this has been advanced the miner will multi
ply , nnd the merchant nnd manufacturer
will come to cuter to the wants of the grow
ing population. U'o speak particularly of
Idaho because in this Issue .something is said
of her present Irrigation dovcioumcnt and of
the opportunity which exists for settlement
mid Investment. Hut Idaho U chiefly Inter
esting as a typo of thnt now nnd hopeful
west to which she belongs.
Irrigation In Cnlirornln.
The San Francisco Chronicle lias pub
lished an exhaustive summary of the prog
ress made in Irrigation enterprise lit Califor
nia , with particular rnforonco to the workings
of the Wright law. ( Tudor this law , adopted
four years UKO , owner * of land requiring Irri
gation from n common source nro authori/
to form irrigation districts , to which nre
given the powers of municipal corporations.
Those districts may condemn water-right
right of way , construct canals nnd reservoirs
nnd issue bonds to pay for tno same , the
bonds to have twenty years to run , to pay ( >
per cent interest .somi-nniinally , and they nro
to bo a first lion upon the lands In the dis
trict. The supreme court has ntllrmcd the
constitutionality of this law In four different
cases and there Is no longer doubt upon nny
point. Under the act thirty districts have
boon organized with nn rtroa of over two mil
lion ticros , $11,000,000 in bonds have boon
voted nnd about $1,000,01)0 ) of bonds have boon
sold or exchanged for water rights , and pur
chasers have boon found bore , in the east and
In Kurope. The average cost of nutting
wntor on luntls In districts alroadv organized
is a little over $3 nu acre. Without water
most of the land is worth no moro than 310or
$15 nn acre. With water Its value is in
creased at once from 101) ) to fiOO per cent.
Actual instances might bo quoted where
lands that were dry could not bo sold for
moro than SI or 1 an aero , vet us soon us
water was obtained they found eager pur
chasers at $100 and oven $1)00 ) an acre. From
those facts It Is argued that tno.bonds of irri
gation districts mtiko unsurpassed security ,
and letter.- * are published from such mon us
C. IJ. Iluntington and others , and interviews
are had with u largo number of men Und
bankers of San Francisco and the interior m
which the bonds nro highly endorsed. This
district system of California certainly solves
the problem of the reclamation of the arid
lands of the west without governmental
assistance other than in the passagoof neces
sary laws.
Ui'oliost Spot on Knrth
It Is a common remark among minors nnd
prospectors thnt "tho Dlnck Hills have not
boon scratched yet , " and the rojnark Is abso
lutely true , so far as it relates to development
mont of the wealth that lies hidden in the
bowels of the earth , says the Spearllsn Bui-
tin. When President Marvin Hughitt of the
Chicago & Northwestern railway , said at the
meeting of railroad presidents in Now York
n short time ago , "Tho 100 miles square com
prising the Black Hills is the richest spot of
equal area now known on the earth , " % ho
simply uttered a truth just now beginning to
bo known nnd understood. Every dny de
velopments are being made throughout the
length nnd breadth of that 100 miles square
which are a surprise to those who make the
discoveries , and daily add woignt and sig-
nllicanco to that remarkable statement , nnd
proves conclusively thatthough Mr. Hughitt
spoke really what tie believed , yet ho
"bulldod bettor than ho Know. " Ho did not
realize the vast possibilities of that wonder
ful region of wealth , When the development
of rich mineral ores , vast deposits of line
marble and the bust qualities of building
stone began to attract the attention of rail
road companies , it nt once becnmo n strife
among them as to which should lirst pene
trate the Hills , establish their lines and se
cure a linn foothoold. Two main lines of
road now traverse the Hills , and as develop
ments proceed others will surely come , until
this region , hitherto deemed inaccessible to
the tramp of the iron stood , will bogridjroncd
with bands of steel , and the , steady outpour
ing of wealth will exceed the fabled "King
Solomnn's mines , " so graphically described
by Uider Hnggard.
tVoolM'ou Four hows.
II. L. Vnn Vlockof Hivor Bend , Col. , snys :
Many people wonder why sheop-rnlsinp ,
which on paper shows such excellent returns
does not in practice mnko these who pursue
thnt industry rich. Aftoi-Jn long experience I
can say thnt thu main cnusoof the unsatisfac
tory returns is that no animal thnt wnlks on
four logs is ns big a fool as the shonp. Wo
have to watch them every mlnnto , and if vig-
ilnnco Is relaxed for an instant the Hock is
likely to practically commit suicide. In
handling some animals KOIIIO degree of self-
help or intelligence can bo relied on to aid the
owner In saving their lives , but ahoop seem to
sot deliberately to work to kill themselves. If
caught In n storm on thu plains they will
drift before the wind unit diu of hunger and
cold rather than move 100 yards to windward
to obtain shelter in their corral. To drive
sheep against the wind is nosolutuly Impossi
ble. I once lost 1.000 slieup because I could
not drive them to n corral not ' 00 feet away.
In the corral they nre still moro foolish. If n
storm comes up they nil move "down wind"
until stopped by the fence. Then commences
the proceeding so much drendod by sheepmen
and known ns "pllng. " The sheep will climb
over each other's backs until they nro heaped
up ton foot high. Of course alt these at thu
bottom nro smothered. Not ono has sense
enough to seek shulter under the leu of the
fence as n horse or dog would do. Again , if
shcop gets into a quicKsnnd its fnto teaches
nothing to these that come immediately after ,
but the whole Hock will follow its leader to
destruction. No moro oxasper.Ulngly stupid
Jmito than a shcop walks.
Tin ) Trump Niiiminco.
The cold-bloodod murder of a railroad
brnkoman near the boundary of Wyoming
nnd Colorado has aroused n dangerous senti
ment among the pooplo. Numerous outnt a )
hiivo been perpetrated nt various points in
Wyoming along the railroads , but having
murder to their numerous petty crimes , these
freebooters are likely to bo rigorously dealt
with in the future. While it U doubtless
true that some unfortunates are forced by
dire necessity and the Impossibility of securing -
curing work to temporarily assume the role
of "tramp , " It Is nevertheless equally trim
that the vast majority of them are the most
utterly worthless and depraved class of hu
man Beings in be found in the country.
NoiUior nrrost nor sending thorn out of town
lias yet succeeded in completely abating the
nuisance. Arrest has uo terrors for nny of
It seems to us. says thu Cheyenne Lender ,
that the railroads have n duty to perform In
this matter. ' Tramping is encouraged by the
facility of traveling. They experience little
trouble In "boatlijg their way" from plnco to
place over the railroads. Mora rigorous
rules should bo adopted to prevent these
people from stealing rldtu nnd tbo rules
should Iw rigorously enforced. The task Is
not nn easy ono but the railroads should at
least mnko an honest effort to discourage
such tralllo.
A Now llullroiul tu thu IIIllH.
"There are now two corps of engineers In
the Hold , " said Knglnncr Hrouijhioii of the
Dakota , Wyoming Jt Missouri Uivor railway ,
to a reporter In Itapid City. "Ono Is em
ployed In locating and thu other in construct
ing. Work will bo pushed with the utmost
vigor. As soon as another tlttccu miles are
rondy for grading another corps will bo pu
Into the Hold.
"Tho road will bo first class In every re
spool , the Iron used being seventy-two pount
mils , the honvlcut mado. The .survey will IK
pushed on beyond the B. ft M. Into the cpa' '
Holds. Messrs. Woods & Bancroft , by tin
way , are among the best known nnd wealth
lost railway contractors til the wost. Tholi
contract co'vcrs the construction of the road
Ironing , erection of depots , olc. "
Mr. Broughlon has associated with bin
Mr. Mnnzor , ono of the ablest locating ongi
ncors In the country , having locnto.l the
Northern Pacific over the mountnin. andMr
T. II. LoomK who will Imvo charge of con-
strtictlon. Mr. L-oomls was formerly chlol
engineer of the Mexican Central and assist
ant engineer of the great Croton nnuoduct.
This elaborate preparation would Indicate
thnt the Unkotn , Wyoming & Missouri Hlvoi
road is something moro than n short line.
Wyoming Wheat.
Taking for a text the prediction that wheat
will bring $ ' a bushel within a year , the
Laramlo Republican suy.s ; "We Imvo re
peatedly shown , upon such excellent author
ity as the Uouglas-Willan Sartoris company
nnd others , that agriculture is no longer a.i
experiment in this region anil altitude. II
has been demonstrated by several successive
years of trial thnt the vnlioys of the Big nnd
Little Laramie , together with the almost
limitless tracts between nnd on either side ol
them wherever wntor can bo got on the .soil
will produce wheat in nn nbuudnnco nnd ol
n quality not surpassed in nny section of the
country , tast or west'highland or lowlnnd.
"It Is time that more of our ranchmen wore
raising wheat , oven if there is no present
market in slsht. The market will come when
thu granaries are full and the millers of tin
east know thu quality of our gr.iln , And 11
wheat should Jump up to $2 n bushel within
n yuar or two on Recount of the great Euro
pean war thnt Is now generally predicted ,
there would bo n good many Wyoming mon
who will regret their lost opportunity. All
the gold Is not found in the mountains , but
gold is to bo gathered from every bit of our
soil , if it is only tilled. "
Suit Ijiiko's Court House.
AH arrangements have beets completed for
the erection of a magnificent court bouse nnd
city hall in Salt Uako City. The building
will be located in the centra of the Eighth
ward square , nnd will have four fronts. The
building is 102x37 : } to extreme points , nnd Is
three stories in bight , abavo the basement ,
except the centre , which is carried one story
higher. The dome will be 'J3'J foot high , cov
ered with copper.
The basement ana flrst floor will bo lire-
proofed , nnd the stories nbovo .slow burning
construction. The roof will bo slnto and
partitions terra cotta ,
The basement and lirst floor nro connected
by eight Iron staircases , placed In convenient
places , nnd the llrst , second , third and fourth
commniunicato by means of tlireo stnironsus ,
Tvo elootrio olovntors run from the base
ment to the foarth Hour.
_ The building will bo constructed with
Kyuno stone , backed up with hard-burned
brick , will have plate-glass windows , hard
wood llnlsh , best sy.stonn of ho.Uing , veutll-
laling , lighting and plumbing.
MorUs of kViltl .Vuiiii iN.
_ Though wild game has boon decimated in
numbers within the past , fuw years by un
scrupulous hunters , says the L-iramio
Republican , it is not all gone yot.
Still it is rare to sea even an nntolopj close
to the city , though now and then a smull
band of blaclt tail deer will conic down from
the hills to drink at the city springs , or a
stray elk may ba seen between hor2 and
Sheep mountain. On this account the sight ,
witnessed by Charles Boclc , who c.imu in
from North park , was an exceedingly intoi'-
esthig one.
When Just this side of Pinkhamptou , near
the Mountain Homo ranch , about thirly-llvo
miles from Larimlo , ho saw lour bull elk , ton
deer and n herd of antulopuso numerous that
ho coulu not count them , grazing alto.'otlior
in a little park close by the ro.idsido. Ha
diu not disturb them , anil they juid no atten
tion to his presence , so ho took a good loik.
It reminded him of a visit to the zoological
gardens In some eastern city to see such u
number and variety of animals congrogatad
together In HO small n space.
Montana Slicep.
If the careful estimate thnt 1R.O'J3,030
povtuls of wool wore shipped from Montana
last season , bo approximately correct , says
the Helena Journal , there are at least 2.00J-
000 head of sheep within its borders. Now
companies have imported no less than
000,000 this sprlifg , if our information l.s ac
curate , making a grand total that appeals to
the pride of every Montanian who loves bis
stato. Mr. Peclt , secretary of the Montana
Wool Urowers' association , says it is cur
rently reported that the llrst band of sheep
brought to the state was driven into the
Prickly Pear valley in ItitiT , nnd comprised
about live hundred head , all of which pnr-
isheJ vho following spring. The reports of
the state auuitors , while not compiled from
absolutely reliable sources , mm which there
fore minimize th'oir 'otals , indicate the
healthy growth of the industry.
A. Phantom I'ciik.
A prjtty sight aad a very uncommon ono ,
snys the Laramlo Uepubllcan , was witnessed
by a few idlers on the uopot platform last
evening Just before No. 7 came in. As every
body hero knows , Laramlo po.ik Is not visi
ble from this city , though it , Is from a point
Just beyond West Laramie. It lies seventy-
live miles north and is concealed from view
by rising ground and the bond of the Black
Hills But on this occasion , owiir ; to n mir
age , or some phenomena ofthat description ,
it rose , distinctly to vlow on the liori/.on , between -
tweon the works nnd the brewery.
Not the pouk alone , but the base and the
smaller hills alongside of it worn plainly seen ,
and this condition lasted for fully half an
hour , when it gradually faded away.
Illaulc Mills AttrautioiiH.
The Black Hills produces $ : ) , OOotOOO nn.
nually in gold , says the Sioux Falh Loader
Already between * ! 0,000,000 nnd $10,000,000 in
gold have been taken from tno hills. There
are in that region of the state rich deposits
also of coal , load , iron , tin , gypsum and cop
per , and in n few year * trade with that part
of thu state will bo very valuable. Omulm ,
Sioux City nnd Minneapolis already realize
Uiis.and cacti party is now working for u rail
road connection with the hills. Sentimentally
and geographically the territory belongs to
Sioux Falls , but its trade will not come to us
without effort. Wo must have > i direct rail
road connection with the Black Hills. And
thu sooner positive steps nrn taken to this
end , the moro certainty there will be thut tno
city will no bo scooped.
U'yoiu tig ,
Uawllns is nogotiatin.i ; for oloctrlu light.
Great scliomus nro developing in Sarntogn.
Big crops nra blooming In bhurldnn county.
A large influx of suttluru [ 3 uookcd for tills
Wool- buyers are congregating In Haw-
Green lUver has decided to Incorporate as
a city.
Luramlu's board of trade has .been resur
Cheyenne tramps Insist on sandwiching
apple pie with cheoso.
The state mining convention convenes In
Cheyenne next month.
Laramlo sports have arranged for a three
days' racing meeting , beginning July.
The railroad companies and government
disburse over $100,000 in Cheyenne monthly *
Thomas Boon , a lad of twelve , fell off the
viaduct in Cheyenne and fractured both
Emerson Glafcko , a young inventor in
Choyunno , has obtained a patent for an auto
matic ore dumping car.
Theru will bo good times In Wyoming , snys
the Cheyenne Sun , when our people quit
looking for the Impossible and are content
with thu available resources.
A twelve Inch tlsh poked its nose Into the
Union 1'ncilio stand plo In Choyonnn ami
btoppod tbo How of water. The Incident
shows there are some things in Cheyenne
that take kindly to water.
The Wnrron llvo stock company tins sold
10.000 yearling owe sheep to Hay & Hamil
ton of South Dakota. Three carloads of
stock were sold by the Ferguson cattle com
pany to buyers from the same stato.
On the evening of the I'Jth lightning was
so Ilerco and rapid that It laid out for the
time belnp all traids on the hill , between
Laramlo and Sherman , Hallrond men sny
they never before witnessed such snvngo anil
frequent Hashes ,
The movement to erect n Masonic temple
in Choyeiino Is on tbo high road to success ,
A bonus of $ | H,000 bus beou subscribed bj
citizens to purchase the site , members of the
craft agreeing to nroct u building costing
from 7r > ,000 to $100,000 ,
A deed has boon Hlod for record , from the
Union Pacific , transferring HO.OOJ aerosol
land to the Wyoming Innd nnd improvement
company , of which L. Hnnits of Larnmlo Is
secretary. Two-thirds of the land Is located
In Carbon county , the other one-third in Al
bany county.
The Incossnnt rains df the past fortnight
hnvo knocked tbo business calculations of
Buffalo merchants Into cocked hats. Freight
thnt has long been ordered Is still hung tit :
nt Caspar or stuck In thu mud along the
road , and the perplexities of tue dealers are
dally multiplying.
Work Is being vigorously cnrned on nt the
various experimental agricultural stations in
the stnto. The result will bo watched with
considerable Interest , ns It is expected thnt
the season's work will demonstrate that Wy
oming soil Is peculiarly adapted to the rais
ing of all kinds of vegetables nnd cereals.
Measurements of the Bear rlvor How show
n depth of seven and n half feet nnd n veloci
ty of ! > 00 foot per second , enough to Irrigate
75,000 auros of land. Late measurements ol
the Lnrnmlo rivprshowed double tbo velocity
of the Boar rlvor , whllo the Plattc , nt
Douglns , showed u velocity of 11,000 foot per
The greatest Irrigation enterprise over un-
durtakon in Wyoming Is eryitnllzing nt Cas
par. The project Is to take n ditch from the
Platte river at a costof f.,0t)0,000 ) nnd reclaim
' . ' ,000,000 acres of land. The cnnal will bo
twenty feet deep , thirteen feet wide nnd 110 !
miles long. Do Forest UlciinnTs , n banker at
Douglas , is at thu bead of the scemo and
says ho has eastern capital pledged. Two
survey * hnuo been made nnd lines nro being
run for the third timo.
An Important coal discovery has boon
made in the vicinity of Granger. The vein
has been traced for a distance of forty miles ;
is. from two hundred yards to n quarter of a
mile in width ; has an average depth on the
surface of twelve feet , and is of excellent
quality , being.similar to the Kocn Springs
product. The vein crosses the Bltlck Fork
eight miles west of Granger anil passes di
rectly through the stock range of the HOOK
Keel. The vein Is on Union Pacific land nnd
its development will moan another big Wy
oming Union Pauillu coal camp.
The Uapid City oil company has a largo
tract of land about thirty-livu mlle.s west of
Sundance. The lirst wcil sunk by the com
pany is down 1,200 feet. At n depth of bOO
feet oil bearing roeit was struck. This strata
was lifty foot thick and contained lubricating
oil and gases. The second oil beating rock
was struck nta depth of l ,0:35 : feet nnd was
seventy-livo feet thick. The oil in this strata
was n light oil nnd burned readily , 'iho third
and last oil bearing rock was struck nt n
depth of 1,150 foul and was lifty foot in thick
ness. The oil in this strata was the same in
quality as in the second strike. It Is thought
Unit n How cannot bo hand short of fourteen
to eighteen hundred font.
South I : ik tu.
Lead City has 5411 children of school ago.
Deadwood will fan the eagle to the extent
of si,001) ) .
The Yankton woolen mills are now in full
A broom factory is1 the intest Deadwood
The Northern Piwiili is heading for the
Black Hills. ' ;
The state board of regents meets in Huron
September : ) .
The now Faulk county well flows 1,030 gallons
lens . .
per minute. i
Bob Ingersoll is said to bo heavily Interest
ed in mining propor't-y "oar UipUI.
It is estimated thnt at least $5 , 0 i worth of
window glass was broken by the nail storm
at Hot Springs Sun'day.
South Dakota will receive $ i",0n ( this year
from the general government for the purpose
of prosecuting the survey of public lauds.
The Homostako mines made their usual
semi-monthly shipmon } : of bullion on the -till.
Thcro were six bricks , valued at $175,000.
The Bullion company , 6wning property in
Bear Butte district , has just completed ship
ment of five carloads of Galena ore to tbo
Omaha smelter , The ore averaged $11.
Several now strikes uro reported from the
new silver carnj ) in Pennington county , but
asyot the fc > poka lode is the only producer. It
is a steady shipper to Omntia , forwarding
about two car. loads per week.
The South Daitota farmer , in order to bo
fairly equipped for prolitablo business , needs
an ortisin well for purposes of irrigation.
This should b3 a part ol his invested capital
upon which hu does business.
The Harrison lode , Ida Gray district , was
sold Thursday to the Hermit mining com
pany for $15,003. Friday the Eva nnd Edna
lodei , also in Ida Gray district , were bought
by the Mueller company for $10,000.
Thirteen North and thirteen South Dakota
counties have sent crop reports to the United
State * signal ofllco , showing nil crops , except
corn , to bj in line condition , nlthough sun
shine and temperature have boon below the
Patentees of the Leody process nro now
building a plant for tno Montana company at
Uichford. Little is known of the process ,
and its application here will bo experimental.
Owners claim it will treat rebellious ores at
a cost of $4 pur ton. If this is proven a num
ber of plants will bo built ,
A largo number am prospecting in Canyon
district , at the east end of Lawruncu county.
Two largo veins of silver ore have been found
nnd tbo fact has created n good deal nl excite
ment , whioh promise ) to load Into n stampede.
The ore is galena , carrying from twenty to
four hundred ounces of silver per ton.
A mountain of rubles of very line qunllty
has been discovered by Custor panics. It is
said that thu rubles nro so plentllul that they
CMII bo gathered by the hatful with but very
little trouble. And It is said thut the same
parties have discovered a largo mountain of
asbestos between Custor and Hot Springs.
There will soon bo erected nt Hot Springs ,
near the plunge bath house , u largo 200-room
hotel , to bo called tbo Hotel Evans. The
building will bo of stone nnd four stories
high and will bo a sightly location. It is esti
mated that the hotel will coitlu the vicinity
of Si'fiO.OO , ) , and will bo the largest , structure
of its Kind in the west.
Prof. Henry X.ahn , who has been Investi
gating nnd examining Deadwood irulch with
n view of estimating the amount of free mill
ing low grade ore that could be obtained be
tween Deadwood and the head of Poorman
gulch , ropjrts the roiult highly satisfactory.
Ho says there is enough of such ore of an
nvtirago value of * ' ) pur ton to last for hun
dreds of years.
Sunator Puttlgrow of South Dakota , now
in Washington , has. boon notified by Chair
man Daws that the senate committee ap
pointed to invostlgAt * the cause which led to
the recent Sioux luulnn , outbrenk in South
Dakota and Nebraska , will meet and organ-
l/.c1 In Chicago on July I ) , then proceed to the
sconu of last winter's Indian warwhore there
will be u thorough inquiry.
Call lorn in.
An electric street railway is being laid in
San Francisco. |
California vlnoyardlsts are now substitut
ing white for Chinese labor.
DTUo prune crop is'said to bo a failure In
southern California tins yoar.
Estimates based on the school census gives
Alamodti a populationof ll.S'A ) .
A franchise has. . boon granted nt Santa
Cruz for nn oloetrlo otroot railway.
Olive oil is being shipped from southern
California to 1111 orders In England.
Wnrnor Miller is enlisting the support of
Pacitlo coast enterpriser for his Nlcaraguaii
Sullivan is not so much tbo lion of the
hour in Sin Francisco , us ho Is the hog at
the bar.
The citlzons of Anaheim voted to Issue
SlfiO.OOO worth of bonds for municipal Im
provements ,
Moro than 18,000 gallons of brandy were re
cently shipped In one lot from Sacramento to
Bremen , Germany.
The report of the census marshal shows the
total unmoor of children of school ago in
Berkeley to bo 1 , Wt : ,
There were seventy-four deaths In Oak-
laud during May , making a rate of 14.SO on
an estimated population of (10,000.
Farmers In gontiur-lnfcstod portions of the
state are beginning to consider the weasel as
a passible aid to them In exterminating the
The West End Oil company of Los An-
gclcs bus already struck oil > the sixteen-
Inch well west of the city limits nnd pump-
tug machinery Is being put In.
The Jury In the superior court awarded
MM. Morgan $ ' 15,000 damages In .suits ngalnsl
the Southern Pnclllc for personal injuries re
ceived In stepping from n train.
Ninoty-llvo birds belonging to the ostrlcli
farm nonr Anaheim were sold to satisfy u
Judgment the farm , The birds
brought $1,000. A lot of feathers brought
A largo firm In Germany has sent to a San
Diego denier for ( J,0H ( ) cactus plants of tunny
varieties. They will bo gathered from Cali
fornia , Utah , Now Mexico , Toxns mid Col
The census bulletin recently issued on
Juvenile reformatories shows that In the
California reform school there Is n total of
200 inmates. This Is a ratio of 17.1 to tbu
1,000 Inhabitants.
At the present rate of the orcaulzatlnnv In
crease it Is estimated that by the time of the
state meeting in October next , there will bo
01,000 members of the farmers' alliance en
rolled In California.
A Sonoma county farmer whoso vineyard
has boon nttackud by grasshoppers tins pur
chased 10,000 paper bags to cover the young
vines. The bag covering Is snld to success
fully resist thi ) grasshoppers.
It is learned thnt the grasshoppers nre at
tacking nil the green things visible in the
foothill regions near Koeklm.nml having duv-
iistntbd the grain Holds have now attacked
the orchards nnd ornngo groves.
A smnll Iron snfo containing nbout $13,000
worth of diamonds nnd other precious stones
was dredged up from the bottom of thu bay
of San Francisco the other day. Thu settings -
tings of iliu stones nro in thu sixteenth cen
tury style.
J. Minor Taylor , who wns John W. Mack-
ay's private secretary nnd book-keeper in
\ Irclnln City n few years nso , recently nil-
piled to the overseers of the poor of the cltv
of Boston for aid , and was sent to thu Hoi-
dicrs' homo nt Groton , Conn. Ho is u mental -
tal and physical wreck.
An immense dry dock Is being built at Port
The work of laving the street railway at
Eugene has begun.
Eastern brewers nro taking the plnco of the
strikers nt Portland.
J. II. Flnloy was drowned in Snake river ,
Oregon , recently whllo on n prospecting ex
A sturgeon nine feet eight inches long nnd
weighing 7I5 ! pounds , was caught with n not
near Oregon City.
The Pacille coast conference of the Wo
man's Christian Temperance union is in ses
sion nt Portland. Delegates are' present
from California , Oregon nnd Washington.
During a thunder storm nt McMinnvIllo
the electric light wires were struck , and the
shocit was carried along to the station a milu
awnv , deranging thu plant and plunging the
city into darkness.
A young Englishmen , said to bo n Montana
rancher , struck Mooso. law , an Oregon rail
way station , the other day and astonished
the nntivos by tno way ho spent money.
Among his many bargains was th'j purchase
of a squaw for $ . ' 0,000.
The flood of last year completely changed
the Coquille river for a few miles up , niultho
south channel , which ran by Gold Beach nnd
on which the cannery , store , wharves , etc. ,
nro located , is completely closed noovo ami
no water passes through. The result is the
forming of a largo mud Hat in front of town.
A Baker City physician removed n snake
from the stomach of Mrs. Sager ot that city.
The reptile was about twelve inches lonL' ,
ai.d the woman had carried it nbout for ton
years , bavins ; swallowed it in drinking that
long ago , and until now it has been Impossi
ble to dislodge it.
Miss Ivn Tomploton has sued Linn county
for SSJ.OiJ' ' damages. She was crossing n
county bridge ovnr the Calapooia creek in a
two-horso wngon lust July when the bridge
broke , and she went down thirty-one feet ,
breaking ono arm in two places , knocking
out two teeth , and permanently disfiguring
her face.
In excavating for n hotel at Salem the
workman came across n formation ot clay
and slate that burns almost as readily as
coal , and the odor from it is identical to "that
from gasworks , and it Is presumable that
this formation has boon saturated with the
coal or oil from extensive coal deposits under
the hill just back of it.
There is every indication that there will lie
very considerable excitement and activity in
the Santlam , Calapooia and Blue river 'dis
tricts this summer. All these already inter
ested are making preparations for active
work during the summer , while mining ex
ports , speculators and investors from San
Frnnciaeo , Nevada , Colorado and elsewhere ,
with nnd without capital , are already appear
ing at Albany , Eugene nnd Brownsville ,
studying the situation and prospects.
A fine body of carbonate ore was discover
ed in thu Iron Chief load , nt Hobinson , on the
yoo-foot level.
Several railroad bridges nnd culverts were
washed out between Livingston nnd Billings
owing to the heavy rains.
The mining interests of Barker are Just
now attracting considerable attention from
the outside world , and great activity in de
velopment work may bo looked for.
Montana is larger than the empire of
Turkey. Texas is larger than the whole
Austrian Empire by DO.OOO square miles , nnd
Now Mexico is larger than Great Britain and
Ireland together.
Bad roads have blockaded all freighting
from Livingston to Castle , nnd tno Cumber
land smelter is idle for lack of coko. Some
very rich ere is now being taken from the
mine , assaying ns hlgu as SOO ounces of
The heavy r.iinntormvbich ceased on the
llth. after more than forty-eight hours' dur
ation , wrought fearful hnvoo among .shuop
ranchers in the eastern pirt of the state.
Thousands of the young lambs or this season
died from exposure.
About 1 o'clock on the morning of the 10th ,
W. J. Ponroso , editor of the Butte Mining
Journal and member of the legislature , was
shot and instantly Hilled on Montana street
on his way homo. The spot is an ( infrequent-
ed one. and there was no ono near at the
The miuos of Jefferson county nro making
an excellent showing , individually and col
lectively. A good many old mines are being
worked' profitably this season , and nov mino.s
nnd now prospects are both numerous and
promising. The placers nro nlso yielding
The old Ilomustnko mine Is lining worked
this season. The live-stamp mill on the
property has been started up. The Norwich
company , operating near the Homostnko ,
owns seven claims , on which considerable
work is being done. The tunnel Is in lot )
feet. Assays run as high ns $150 gold and
The workmen In the Bondholder mine at
Blank Hawk encountered u largo stream of
water recently , and wora compelled to sus
pend operations The How of water was so
great that the sixty horse-power boiler , with
lirst-class pumps , wns unnblo to handle it ,
and the water rose to thu surface , and is
( lowing out llko a spring. The depth reached
was IbO foot.
Opals have been found in north Idaho.
A largo force of uiou are at work on the
Wailing ditch.
The roof of the court liouso at .Murray has
been damaged by lire.
There are grasshopper eggs and moro
grasshoppers on Cnmas prairie than uvor bo-
Caldwolt , the inaglu city of Idaho , has is
sued a phamphlot setting forth her attractions
tions fo'r settlors.
Nnmpa lias boon invigorated by the com-
plotlon of a ditch which brings water from
Lake Ethel to the city.
Pocatello proposes to chase the American
eagle and awake the echoes of the surround
ing sandhills on the Fourth.
Two men prospecting northwest of Halley
about twonty-sovon miles , have struck eight
Inches of ere assaying J-lHI.tO ( ; In gold and
Hon. J. M. DoLnmar offers to double any
sum that may bo donated for the purpose of
exhibiting the products of thu state at the
world's fair.
There are millions of crickets In the Clover
crook section of the stato. They lire said to
cover a stretch of country ton niiloi long by
three miles wide.
Doiso City never presented so busy an ap-
poiminco before. Ail over town houses nre
in coun > o of construction , usually ot a clim
that ornament the city.
The Idaho Telegraph and Telephone com
pany has been incorporated. It proposes to
construct and operate lines for tolcgraphlni
nnd telephoning In Kootonnnl county , between
tweon the town of Unthdrum and tbo settle
merit of Mien , bolng on the west shore o
Camr d'Alono lake , via Post Fallj , a dl.stauci
of fifteen mllo.s.
"Aro you going to the Seven Dovlls cotiti
try 1" Is now the popular form of snlutatloi
In Bolso City. Minors from all sactlons ol
the northwest and the Pnclllc coast are goltu
Into this coming Idaho El Doiado by UK
hundreds dally. Thu old Peacock mint' , will
its 100-foot-wide vela of tlfteon-ounco coppei
In sight , continues to bo the mnrvol nnd ad
miration of nil exports who have examinee
It. The Devils nro to have a paper soon , st
rumor has It. It Is to co called the Devil's
A party of United Stntes engineer * arc
working near the observatory place , taking
bearings on the mountains ,
By an almost unanimous vote Halt Lake
has decided to Issue $ i > 0,000 ( ) In bonds and ito-
veto tbu proceeds to public schools.
Hov. Sam Small is in the hole to the tune
of $1,000 In hH accounts as mnmiger of the
Methodist Episcopal university nt Ogdon.
Chnrle-t Lafnvo. n recent arrival In Salt
Lnko city from Michigan , wns given cnrbolle
ncld instead of syrup of Hgs nnd died In ter
rible agony.
The police force of Salt Lnko Is unable to
cope with the surplus of law breakers. It is
a dull day that doe * not record n murder or
deadly assault.
The Metropolitan stone company have
recently closed u contract with the Union
Pacific railroad for eighty car loads of stouo
from their quarry nt Park City.
The Buckhorn gold and .silver mining com
pany llled articles of Incorporation with
$1,000,001) ) capital. The last shipment of ere
from the Buckhorn consisted of .seventeen
tons , and the assays gave returns of HIS
ounces of silver and li.KS ounces of gold to
the ton.
Hudson Brothers have discovered iralenn
ore on their claim near Cnrloton assaying in
ounces silver and : ! 0 pur cent lead in "n I'J'.j
foot vein. L. D. ivinney has located right
nbovo them , nnd lias also claims further UP
the hill yielding promising results in horn
A sharper named A. C. Dean , hailing from
Butte , Mont. , swooped down on Salt Lake
City recently arm-jd with a bundle of bogus
certified checks. Ono of these ho exchanged
for 10,000 choice cigars , another for n pair of
diamond ear rings , and secured cash for n
few moro. The goods , cash anil sharper
have disappeared and business mon
InIon are roaring.
A public library is being organized in
Whntcom by ladies.
Yakima is now shipping 1,000 pounds of
strawberries lo tno Sound daily.
The clergymen of Olympia and Tumwator
have organi/od a ministerial society.
Thu corner stone of the Masonic temple at
Scnttlo was laid with appropriate services
last Friday.
Walla Walla is supplying fruit to tl.o Will
amette valley , where there l.s a deficiency
this season.
A yountr man living near Green lake , n few
miles north of Seattle , recently killed n boar
weighing : ioO pounds.
By September I 1-10,000 now ties will have
been laid between Ellensburgh nnd Pasco on
the Northern Pacitic.
There is a movement on foot In Snohomish
county , to dike Eboy Island. It contains
nbout 1,000 acres of land , and to dike it will
cost $10.0 m. It , is thought the value of the
land will bo increased tenfold.
It posts moro tor the Palouse or Big Bond
farmer to ship his wheat to Puget sound , n
distance of100 miles , than it does n St. Louis
or ChU-auo dealer to ship his wheat to Liver
pool , n distance of about four thousnnd
Tbo United States inspector of customs nt
Seattle reports that during the month of May
there have boon twenty-two invoices of mer
chandise imported , to the value of $ ' . ' , ! ) .Vi.tS : ,
and 1111 invoice ? exported , to the value of
Sll,222.2i. ( : During the month thirty-two ves
sels have changed masters.
Ono of the most important and valuable
enterprises has just been started nbout eigh
teen miles from Mnrcus , Stevens county. An
unlimited body of the very finest sandstone
has been opened that will .supplv buildings
and grindstones In immense quantities and nt
n very low cost. The stone Is of superior
quality to nny that has boon introduced in
Unit section of thu country , and can bo furn
ished nt a greatly reduced rate.
Work at the now smelter In Piocho Is progressing -
grossing lairly well.
The state prison nt Carson now contains
ninotv-sovon prisoners.
Over twenty-three thousand hop vines
have been sot out in Mason valley this spring.
A number of farmers in the vicinity of
Winncmucca are going largely into the grow
ing of sugar boots.
Two Chinamen hnvo boon sentenced to
stnto prison from Elko county for selling
whisky to Indians.
Millions of spawn are now hatching in the
state hatchery to bo dispersed throughout
Nevada thissumnnr.
At Bunkervillu and Muddy Valley in Lin-
coin county , haying is over and all other
crops are a month earlier than in I'alu-anagut
Consolidated California & Virginia shipped
bullion valued at $37,750.01 to thu Carson
mint , bringing the total bullion output for
May up to date to 81 tl,142.1'J.
George Loveland has sold n nlckol mine
and received § 10,000 in cash on the lirst pay
ment. The mine Is situ.Uod in Cottonwood
district , near the Humboldt county lino.
In 18.V. ) there were thousands of cattle and
sheep died of starvation in Nevada. Now
there is feed enough on the ranges to supply
ten times the number of cattle nnd sheep on
the ran go.
Uanchors in Carson valley say that they
find Ib hard to sell their butter horo. They
accordingly send it lo California , whore It
llnds u ready sale or Is shipped baclc hero
when Novadn consumers pay extra freight
and sniucic their lips over "California but
ter. "
.71.1 liVUhlXK 7V1 liKN ,
A well authenticated story of the slaughter
at Wounded Knee is that of an Irish soldier
who , Itneoling with his comrades behind n
bank , was shot close to the heart. "Faith , "
ho exclaimed , ' 'I'm shuro it's all ever wid mo !
Kowl mo round , boys , nn' make a Unco of
mo. " Tbo next moment ho was dead. They
obeyed htm , and used bis body as n rampart.
Energetic American travelers nro the sur-
prUu of Europeans each tourist season. A
correspondent tolls ot > i Denver man who
stayed In London four hours. "Say , young
fellow , " said ho to the clerk , "I've been to
the mint , the Bank of England , the TowJr of
London nnd the British museum , un' I've
seen 'em nil ! Anything cUe horoi" The
clerk looked nt him tranquilly for a moment
and replied : "No , sir ! Vou'vo soon hour
greatest sights ! Bettor go to Paris ! A man
who can do London in three hours in wasting
time when ho stays hero hover u dav ! "
Mr. Dopuw's address on the occasion of
the unveiling of thu Grant statute at Galena
lias been extensively described as the great
est effort of his Ilfi > , but the speech of the
mayor of Galena In proiontlng the orator of
ttio occasion iippaiiw to have escaped public
attention. Here it Is in full : . . . . .
"Now , keep quiod , evrypody. Mlshtor
Dorbow Is going to talk mil you somo. K-sop
quiod while Mlshtor Dorbow will speak a
little. "
For quiet nnd rnodnst eloquence It scorns
is If thu mayor of Galena is entitled to thu
Sir John Macdonald would sign almost any
sort of a pntitlon that came along. Ho
landed ono that petitioned himself to cjin-
nuto n man's donth sentence. IIo signed It.
iomo ladies asked him to Introduce a bill on-
urging a local-option act. Thu petition hud
7,000 signatures. Old-tlmo convlvallst that
m was , Sir John said : " 1 shall tauo time to
consider your wiliest , ladles , but I'll sign
our petition naw , right hero. "
John Gladstone , the father of the ox-pro-
morof Great Britain , trained his cbildn-n
to give a reason for every opinion they olTor
od. It was in thi * way that William K.
Iladstono wns otirly trained to dub.ito. On
ono occasion , William and his sister Mary
llsputud ns to wlioro a curtain plctnro ought
to ho hung An old Scau-ti servant cnmu in
vilh a lujdor. and stood irresolute while tuo
argument progressed , but. ( is Miss Mar ?
would not yield , William gallantly ccuisoil
from speech , though unconvinced. The ser
vant then hung up the picture whore the
young lady ordered , but when bo had done
this bo crosiod the room nnd biiiumi-rod a
nail into the opposite wall. Ho wits asked
whj ho did this. "Aweol. miss , that will dote
to hniig the plcttiroon when yo'll have to
come round to Master Willie's opoonlon , "
Joe Mulhatton , the versatile drummer and
artistic liar , tarried In Howling Green , ICy. ,
recently. As a souvenir of his visit bo took
the residents Into his conlldunco in the fol
lowing style : "Last week down In Missis
sippi , where the thermometer ranged 75 °
nbovo zero , Colonel Stoddard's force of ne
groes were busily engaged housing n crop of
popcorn. On Saturday at noon the last ear
was housed , and tbo negroes were given ttio
rest of tbo day as n holiday. They loft the
plantation and went to thu small railway
Mntlon near by to see the evening train ar
rive. While absent the crib in which the
yoar's pop corn was stored caught tire and
Urn hi'at from tlu < burning timber caused
every gr.iln to 'pop. ' Soon the whole iitmita-
lion was covered with white 'kernels , ' and a
mule twenty-eight years of ago , which was
housed in nu old barn near bv , saw the
ground covered with the whllo cap * of the
pop corn , and , whllo the thermometer regis
tered 75 = nbovo zero , fnvo to death , think
Ing the white grains of corn were snow
Hakes. "
In ono of his after dinner talks In Montana-
recently , Bob Ingorsoll told a few illumin
ated storliw ;
It Is .said that contentment is the greatest
p.isslblo wealth , nnd I .suppose that next to
absolute contentment , nnd nearly exactly the
same thing , is perfect solf-satlsfncllon. I
think I hnvo found It horo. It Is said that an
old minister in Kentucky , endeavoring to im
press upon his hearers the beauty oft ho
lioaven they were about to go to , provided
they Joined bis chinch after exhausting nil
the superlatives of which ho was mnitor
wound up by saying : "Brethren and sisters.
In short , it's n regular old KontucUv phu-o. ' "
1 suppose you nro expecting In another world ,
simply .mother Montana.
A few years ngo n fellow from Ma m-
chusntts was down in South Carolina , ai.d as
ho walked along the street , after ho had boim
there some time , there was nn old follow
nailing a sign upon his house. "For Sail , "
nnd this Massachusetts fellow looked at the
old man nnd said : "That Isn't the way to
spell sale. " And the old fellow with a great
deal of contempt , turned to him and said :
' How long have you llv.'d in Charleston ! "
"Well , ho says , " 1 have been hero about i\ \
yoi\r. "
"Well , young man , " said the CharUwton-
Inn , " 1 was born hero ; 1 guess I know how to
spoil sale. " There l.s. nothing so beautiful as
confidence in the place where you reside ,
They toll a story of Mrs. Joiios of Chicago ,
who visited IJnmo nnd while there was shown
some of the great mnrblo tnnstorplccos of the
world , among others the "Apollo Belvidoru. "
They pointed it out to her as being the most
purfect form of man that had ever boon con
ceived by the brain of nn artist ; and the old
woman walked all around it , looked at it from
every point of view , and she snys :
"That's the Apollo Beh'idero , is HI"
"Yes. "
"Well , give mo JOIIP.S. " _
s a raio virtue ; but tbo grateful
people , S. S. S. has cured , after
physicians had deelaicd them Incura
ble , number way up in the thousands.
Oscar Wiles of lluntlntfburtf , Ky. ,
nays : "For years I was alllloted with
u blood taint , th it ballleil the skill
of the best
The disease alTnctoil my eye < until I
was almost blind. I am thankful to
say tint a.few bottles of S. S. S. . cur
ed mo ontiio'y. My eyesight is com-
plctiy n stored , nnd my go lonil
health is better tUan It lias been for
' Incases fn-o.
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stamp ? " big hits. " they illustrate
an ) business. What's your address ?
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