Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 14, 1891, Part One, Page 2, Image 2

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Bis B/g / Eight Arm Fooled the Doughty
Denventes Moat Completely.
Dark Iny Conway Puts n Ncnt Coat
of Kibosh on tlio Husky
H Other.Hane . -
Imll GatncN.
Omaha , B ; Denver , 1.
Kansas City , 1C ; Lincoln , 0.
Sioux City. r > ; Milwaukee , i.
8U Paul , 13 ; Minneapolis , 11 ,
Colo. , Juno 13. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BnK.I The Lntnbv won the
game today with the greatest of case. Denver
vor secured hits oft Twltcbell In but thrco
innings , the solitary runS scored In the sixth
being on singles by McClollan , Curtis and
* The homo team missed First Baseman
O'Brlon , that bag being covered by ono
Solna , who played with the Sacrnmontos
last year and will probably tiot nppear In
Denver apain. Ho can stop balls , but ho can
not bat , nnd his attempt to run Oases' fur
nishes fun for nil to whom awkwardness Is
, laughable.
Burns nmJo his appearance In center field
for Denver , but did not particularly distin
guish himself. Otherwise the Donvors
played a lifeless and aggravating gaino , Ken
nedy's ' work in the box bulng iho only par
ticularly good feature. and listless Holding
allowing several hits that mleht have been
cut off. MuOurr was particularly dead.
The Lambs played sharply and briskly ,
flolcllng everything within roach , suvo nt ono
or two unimportant points , none of tbolr er
rors being costly.
In tbo first Shannon rnodo a bit , went to
second on Donnelly's base oil-balls and scored
on Hnlllgan's lilt.
In the fourth Twitcholl made a hit and
caino In on McCnuloy's two-bagger.
In the sixth McCauley knocked a * fly Into
distant loft iluld , which Muck secured after a
bard run and iv Jump , but. foil and the bull
wont on , and before ho could secure and got
the ball homo the batter had scorod.
In the eighth Griflln was presented first.
Twltcbell maUo a hit and McCauley made
ono and It scored both men ahead of him , but
ho was caught at * second.
The Denver so-cnilod sluggers don't scorn
So bo worth the attention outside olubs pay
them by coming hero to play ball. Scora :
Earned rmn : Donvor. 1 ; Omalm , 2. Two-
base lilts : Ilulll un , McO.iulujr. Stolen b.isos :
Mack , ilcOlirr. Mianmm. Double plays :
blmnnon to McCnnley. First base on balls : ; Twitc-holl , 4. 1'iiwd bills :
Nowinan. Wild pltchox : Konncdy. Time :
Ono hour. Umpire : UalTnoy.
> OTHEll WKtiTKltX G
Never Sntllo Comvay Hooduos the
Fanners In Excellent Stylo.
KANSAR Crrr , Mo. , Juno 13. [ Special Tolo
grum to Tun Bii.J : The principal feature of
today's game wns the remarkable pitching'
Con way. Ho scorned to feel that ho was in
H i n critical position , that his head depended
upon the excellence ot his woik. Any wny
ho only lot Lincoln have two hits off him.
The game wa. ? excellently played on the part
of Kansas City's boys , but somehow the Lin
coln team didn't seem to tnko much Interest
In It when they found that Conwuy was clonr
out of rcncli. Thrco thousand jive hundred
people witnessed the gamo.
Kansas City's base stealing wns extraordi
nary. Five bases wore stolen lu the llrst In
ning , two of them hy Manning and three by
Poster. Tno latter , after Rotting n base bit ,
atolo second , third nnd homo with great
The Blues did not hit Uoach very
hard until the sixth inning , when
ho wns driven all over the
field. It was the same wny In Iho seventh
everybody did it. In oho eighth and ninth
the work of slaughter was somewhat abated.
Poster scored a homo run. Score :
Total . < 3 17 37 9 t Total . TO 2 27 10 9
1IY 1 > NIMK. .
Knnias Cltjr 2 0001400 2 U
Lincoln . 0 0 0 0 0 U U 0 0 0
Knrncil nun : Knnj 3 Clly , 10. Two-bain lilts :
Manning , llomoruiin : Kostor. Stolen bases. Mnn-
nlnt,2i 1'OHtur , 4 , Hr t liusoon biilln Oil Cimwny ,
1 ; Itoucli. ) , lilt by ( iltclieil bnll ! KlitniiKnn. Struck
out ! lljr CuiKMvr , 4 ; , 6. Tlmo ; Tn huuri.
Umiilro : Slrlor. _
Al > cHtli > n Down the millers.
Mi snuwi's Minn. , Juno 13. Minneapolis
put up a rotten Holding game today and
Mitchell was hit hard In the bargain. Score ;
ur I.NMM : .
lllnticaiHilli . 1 1030010 i-lt
Ht. l' ul . . . 4 0i t 0 t 3 0 U
SUJIMnr. .
Karnrd runs : > HnncnvollJ | , 5 ; SI Paul , fl. Two-
lin'e lilt i MrQuakl , DnrlliiK , Kir. lliklwln. Tliroo
hniolill i llmiulis llomu rum. O'ltourku. ' O'llrlim ,
MoMalion. Mok-n bnapa ; 51 1 ( ill ) no. Ditlliuf , I'.ly ,
UiUocjun. O'llrk'ii. Hamburg. Double iitajit Jlo-
( llono , Wurit iiiul .Mlnnclmn ; tUniKiirt , Word and
Minnchan Urst baio on ballni lljr Mlluholl , ! ) ; by
Hurt , H. lilt .by pitched ball : Lnltootio. Htriirk
out : lly Mlttliull. 4 : by Hart. 2. I'anuil Uslls : lar-
llnz , 1. Wild iiltchot Mitchell , li Hurl , 1 , Time ;
Vno UOUM ami lira mlnuloi. Umplrot Kulght ,
Hluux City
Sioux CITV , la. , Juno 13. The Brewers
came on tbo field today with the nvou-nd In-
tontlon of shutting out the Huskers , but
Monkm was pltuhlnsr for the homo team , and
Davics for the visitors was not In It with
hlai. The game up to the llfth was a pretty
onu , but after that the Indians hud It their
own way , Monkla Pitched a very steady
game for the homo team , and U.wlos seemed
to rely wholly ou his speed. Ho got left , of
oourso. Score ;
New York TiiriiH n Tremendous Crowd
to Hro ChloaKO
Niw : YOKK. Juno la. This wns Now Yorks. '
gtdatcst day In baseball , over twenty thous
and people seeing the league game and 0.000
the college gnmo. The largest crowd that
over witnessed the game In Now York saw
the Giants defeat the Chicago * at the Polo
grounds. The paid attendance wns 22U89.
Tlio enthusiasm wns tremendous. Now York
won on big hits , Ticrnnn , Connor nnd
O'KQurko making homo runs. Welch was
knocked out of the box nnd Rusio pitched
nftor tbo third Inning. Score :
Now York 2 02010201 B
UiIciiKO 0 7
lilts : Nuw York. 7 ; Ghiuano , 10. Trrors :
New York , 3 ! Chlcnso. 5. Dnttorlei : Welch.
Uuslonna lluckloy : Sloln and I Ionian. Karncd
runt : Now York , ' : Olilu.-iRO , 5.
imooKi.yx XBKPS ox wixxixo.
BIIOOKI.TX , Juno in. The Bridegrooms had
n walk-over In the game nt nns'.cru park
with the Cincinnati tCAtn. Score ;
Clnclnnlitl o 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 r 1
Brooklyn 1 2 0 0 2 a a 0 ' 11
lilts : Ulnclnnatl. 8 ; Ilrooklyn , 12. Trrori :
Cincinnati , 3 ; HruoKtyn , 12. llattorlus : Ditryoa
and K'con in ; I.ovott nnd Daly , Knrned runs :
U nclnnutl , 0 ; Ilrooklyn , I.
BOSTON' , Muss. , Juno 13. For a llttlo while
today it looked as If Glavln was going to
puzzle the Bostons , but nftcr two innings
they bunched hits enough to earn six Of their
eight runs. Score :
Hoiton . , o 0 3 2 0 o 0 3 0--S
LMttshiirg 0-5
Hlls : lloston.12 : IMttaburg , 11. Hrrofs : Hoi-
ton , : i ; I'lttHbure , 5. Ilatlerles : CliuUson und
JU'iinott ; Oalvln und Muuk. Karnud runa :
lloston , U ; ritt8hurn' , V.
Piiii\iEU'iiiA , Juno in. The Philllos
dropped their sixth straight game this after
noon , f ho Philllos could do nothing with
Young when hits meant runs. Score :
1'lillndolphla 1 000101)00-4
Cleveland , . 0 2000220 fl
1IIU : I'hlludolphla.C ; Cleveland , II. Errors :
I'hll.ulolphla. 1 ; U ovel.ind , 0. Bntturlcs :
TlionUou and Oianicnts ; Voune and Uuyle , '
Earned runs : Philadelphia , 1 ; Olovelatul f.
. Nr.tlonal l.ciiKiio Standing.
Plnycd. Won Lost , 1'or fTt.
Now York 41 27 17 J5I4
Clilo.iRC II 2.-i 18 SA\ \
liiioton 44 ! 3 21 .12,1
Clovclund 40 21 2J . )
Ilrooklyn 44 22 22 501
Philadelphia 41 21 24 .407
I'lttshuri : 42 IIS 24 4'JO
CliKlnnatl 45 115 27 .4 < X >
Cincinnati Loses A ain Through Her
\Vrotuhcd FioldhiK.
CINCIXXATI , O. , Juno ID. Again th reds
lost the game on errors. They batted on.ually
well with their opponents , but tbo llcldinc of
IlobiiiEon was particularly bad , and in the
second his muff saved the last man from
being put out and Dolun's hit Drought two
runs in. Score :
Cincinnati . 0 00000100 1
Columbus . o 21010001 S
HJts : Cincinnati , S : Columbus. 5. Errori :
Cincinnati. 4 ; Uolumhus. 0. Batteries : Grann ,
Mains. KcIIoy and Yauglinn ; Dolan ami
O'Connor. Kurnod runs : Cincinnati. 1 ; Co-
COLONEL'S r.nuons cosTr.r.
LOOIBVILLE , Ky. , Juno 13. St. Louis made
hits when hits wora needed aud Louisville's
errors coma when they cost the most. Ed
Daly , the pitcher was given his uncondi
tional release by Manager Chapman today.
His arm has failed. Score :
ijouisviiio./ . ! . o o o o o o "o 3 n : i
St. Louis . 2 20012002 0
Hits : Louisville , , 10 : St. Louis , It. Error * :
LOulivllle , 1 : 8U Louli. ( I. JHUurlos : Meukln
und Kynn : Cook , Hell and Muiiynn. Earned
runs : St. Louis , 4.
BM.TJMOUC. Md. , Juno 13. The Athletics
put up a great game against the Baltimore.1.
today , and the latter won the contest by
timely batting in the eighth. Score :
It.tltlmoro . 0 0100002 * 3
Athletics . 0 10000001 2
Hits : Baltimore. 8 : Athletics , 7. Errors :
nultlmoro. 3 ; Athletics , 3. Hnttcrlcx : Me
Malion and Itoulnion ; Clmmbnrluln und Mll-
llgitn , Karnod runs : llaltiinoro. 3.
MAXAonn SNIDEH'S Eititon.
WA.SIIIXOTOX , Juno la. Both Boston and
Washington played n rattling good gaino'of
ball today , but the former won on a passed
.ball , n wlla pitch nnd nn error by Manngor
Snider , who played first base for the homo
nine. Score :
Washington.- . . . ' . . .0 00001003 4
Itoston . , . . .0 1 130020 * 7
Him : Washlneton. 8 ; lloston , a Errors :
Washington , 3 : lloston , fl. 1) ittorlos : Cnsoy
uiulLohinan ; Haddock nnd Murphy. Earned
runs : Washington. 3. _
American Association Standing.
I'lnvod. Won. Lost I'or Ct.
Boston . DO 3.1 18 .fil"
St. Louts . . . .55 35 20 .CM
Haltlmoro . & 0 2U 21 JiSO
Uoluinhii . 53 2fl 27 .491
Cincinnati . 50 21 2R .4SO
Athletics . 31 23 ' „ ! > .431
Loulavjllo . Tfi Z32 .418
Wushlnjrton . 40 15 34 300
lllutolH-lown Tjcafino Games.
At Aurora Auroro , 1 ; Ottumxya , 5.
At JoUot Jollot , 7 ; Davenport , 1.
At Ottawa Ottawa , 4 ; Codr.r Itaplds , 11.
At Uocltford Hockford , ! 5QuInov ; , 1. Second
end gnmo Kockford , 10 ; Qulncy , 11.
the , \ \ Inner.
Nnw YOKK , Juno 13. Aliijor JJomo xvlll
surely on a starter In the Suburban. The
stnblo followers shnro with Major Davis"
trainer i > Jlrm belief that ho will win the race.
tA.VM'JlEE'fIAfi ! .
Flvo Iowa Younjj Men Indiilgo In n
Very Katal Flitht.
DBS MOINM , , In. , Juno -fSpecIal Tolo-
grnm to THE Brisl About midnight last
night a deadly cutting nnd shooting nffray
occurred among some young mon who had
'been attending the holiness campmeotiug in
the northern part of thu city. As a result
Fred Kemp , ngod about seventeen , lies duad
nt his homn nnd confined in the city Jail nro
Charles Denmnn , John Grover , George Kemp
nnd John Jones.
Kemp nnd Groyor are uninjured , but Din-
man suffers from n wouhd made by a knife or
razor which severed his upper lip from his
face nnd Jones is the vintim of a gunshot ,
which entered his right chock near the
mouth , ran nrounil the jaw bono nnd came
out } ust behind tbo ear. Neither Is very
seriously injured nnd all are twonty-ono
years of ago. ,
The origin of the quarrel Is not definitely
known , ns the prisoners refuse to talk. The
fact that they were armed with deadly weap
ons and used them freely makes a grave
case against them. Jones used the razor that
killed I'rod Kemp nnd George Kemp the re
Xi ! . , June 13. .Intense ox-
cltomont prevails a few miles east of Dunlap
over thu ravages of hydrophobia among dogs
aud cattlu. Within the past few days thir
teen head of eixttlo belonging to George Hum'
moll , affected by the malady , were shot , and
other * are expected to bo stricken. Twenty
dogs hnvo ulsq been killed. A little child of
Jmno5 Faut-i shows symptoms o.f hydra-
phobia from driuking milk from a cow af-
lilclod with rubles.
Caught Iho Murderer.
Des MOIXES , la. , Juno 13. [ Special Tele
gram to Tnit BEE. j Patrick Coffey , the old
soldier who murdered Miry Harrlty , was
captured by the police at Osceolo today.
, i
Cnnaillnn Crop I'rospectH.
TOIIOXTO , Oat. , Juno 13. Auumbor of crop
reports roculvod today state that i a the dU-
trlcts recently vUltod by bouvy rains the
crops have a much moro iiroalslng look. Tbu
bur crop will bo n ( allure , but an uvorogo
yield U oxpOQted from fall wheat , while
spring grains will return good average crop * .
Thousands front Both Sides of .the Bivor
Highly Entertained.
Yo TntnMcii i/cft In the Start at Bt.
Iio'tils Vontana May Ho Matched
Agalimt Foxford Ilacint ;
The third day of the Union park races was
another , magnificent success. The weather
WOH nil thnt could bo asked nnd the attend-
nnco larger than over. The south grand
stand was comfortably flllod , while the one
on the north sheltered several hundred people
ple , principally ladles. Within the quar
ter stretch were many handsome turnouts ,
representing iho best fumllfos on both sides
of the river. There was the inevitable tallyho -
ho , the English drag and coupes , carriages ,
carts nnd phaetons by1 the score. A party of
iray equestriennes made nn nttractivo
So far the meeting has been unquestionably
the most successful and gratifying over hold
at Union park nnd the management Is com-
niensuratoly grateful nnd encouraged. There
Is no reason under the sun why these races
should not tnko rank with the bast la the
country. Thcro is llttlo enough summer
amusement nt best for tbo residents of
Omaha and Council Bluffs , nnd when such a
season of delightful recreation as the ono In
question Is offered them they should attest
their appreciation by lending the enterpris
ing management every nld within their
power. In no wny can they do this so
effectually as by attending each day's per
formance. What icould So moro delightful
than a drive across the bridge and
over the smooth boulcvnrd in tin ; ,
beautiful Juno weather ? And once within
the pnrk , with its green sward , wnvtng trees
and unsurpassed track , with throe or four
line attractions on the racing card , who
could crave morel
It-might bo apropos to mention hero , how
ever , that in the west , as wolUns all over the
whole country , there Is n growing Interest in
running races , aud it is' high tlmo horse
owners were talcing cognlranco of popular
sentiment. The whole fashionable world
turns out to applaud the fonts of the bang
tails In the metropolitan cities of the east ,
wliUo the meetings inaugurated nt St.
Paul , Minneapolis , .Denver and other
cities of the grout west are growing
in popularity with every successive recur
rence. While there would bo many obstacles
in the way of n purely running moot
hero just nt this time , these trotting sessions
could bo immeasurably enhanced bv sand
wiching iu moro of the runners. Thrco of
these events , no matter of which magnitude ,
could'bo gotten off in the time consumed in
finishing the slowest and most uninteresting
of trots. They would ndd n zest and a vim to
tbo day's sport that could bo attained in no
other wav.
The Judges yestordnv were J. D. Yeoman
of Sioux City and D. T. Mount of Omaha ; A.
W. McElroy starter and W. J. Hughes , Ed
Myers of this city and C. I. . Stewart of Coun
cil Bluffs , timers.
First rnco , 2:38 : trot , with the followlnc on-
trlos : Llttlo Wonder , s. g. , I ) . Joycle , Bloux
Ulty ; fllaxoy Colib , Jr. , b. s . V. M , 1'oarsons ,
Syracuse , Neb. ; Hay Dan. b. . , Amnsa 1'ratt ,
Cushln : , Nub. ; Sailor Uoy , eh. s. , Ayers 1' . . s.
K. , K. Nichols. I'erry , la. , und Hilly Ilnrton. b.
p. . J. I ) . Yoemiins , Sioux City. Sailor Boy and
Hilly Burton wcro drawn ,
The first heat the horses woroelvon ngood
send off on the sixth scoring. Wonder led
round the turn nnd to the quarter. . The
race up the half was a good ono. with Llttlo
Wonder still In tho-lead. Ayres P. put on a
few frills round the upper turn and led into
the stretch. It was a spirited race homo ,
Ayers beating Wonder by n length , with
Bay Dan and Maxov Cobb just Inside the
banner. Timoj 2j.2g. _ _ ' - .
The second heat thov gpt off nicely on the
third trial. Aye'rs broke at the turn badly
and Wonder was in the van at the half.
Ayers , although way back , settled'in ' good
shape , nnd trotting very fast passed Dan and
Cobb on the last turn , and came down the
stretch like n whirlwind. Within a few
yards of the wire Bob Knibbs slowed Won
der up , pulling him down to ncarly'n'wnlk ,
nnd , ns old and as Xox.y ns ho is , came within
nn nco of losing tbo boat by his foolishness.
Dan nnd Cobb succeeded in getting Inside
the ling. Time : 2 : 0 > f.
Ayers wns still the favorite in the third
nnd ho responded llnoly to the faith the
bookies placed in him. On the second scoring
they got the word , with Ayers well .back on
the turn. Cobb broke baaly. Up the back
stretch Wonder hold a good lead , but Ayers
was trotting heroically nnd nt the three-
quarters was on even terms 'with the , llttlo
sorrel. It was n rattling finish. ICnibbs
throwing the silk into Little Wonder unspar-
inglv. but to i.o avail. Ayres bOat'him ' in n
good longtb , Dan and Cobb distaucqd. Time :
2:28. : Summary :
Ayers P . - . . . . . - ; ; . . ' . . . . ' . ' . . ' . . -.I 211
Little Wonder % 2 122
liny Dun : t 3 dla
Mnxoy Cobb 4 i ills
Time : 3:3 : . 2:3055.2S : : ! , 2ni'/ .
Second race , tlio 2'H : inice , purse $400. with
the folio wine entries : M < > ntoir.b.'s.Dr. J. K.
Melbourne , Muchanicsvlllc. I.u ; Davoy It , g ,
K , C. M. Ivolmison , Oniiiha ; Kuaonls. b. g. , A.
1'ratt , Cuililni : , Nob. ; Grunt. Western , ch , a. ,
O. II. lalloy ) < Fiilrbnry , Neb. ; Joe Klrst , b. s. .
Joel Ulnl , Slon-c City.
It was not until the eighth scoring that
Starter McElroy gave the word "go. " JMon-
togjind Joe First made a good > nice to the
quarter , and UP tbo baok stretch it was any
body's race , but Montog settled , down to
business nnd paced in in great form , beating
Gront Western by three Ipn'gths , Davey B
third , Knsonis fourth , Joe Fi t distanced
for running. Time , 2:30. :
The second bout Montcg won without
much trouble. Up the back s.trotcb , however.
Great Western outfootod him , .but breaking
on the last turn , Monteg forged to tbo fore
and stalu there , boating Grual Western out ,
though only by n head , Kusonls. third , mid
Davoy B fourth. Tlmo : 2:3JJ : :
In the third Montog came uj > n strong
favorite in the betting. The .horsos got a
good start with Montog showing the way , a
procession following , with "Groat Western
second , Davoy B third , and Kaspaisfouith. .
Time : 3:11. : Summary :
iMontec . , . „ . 1 i i
Great \Yostorn . , . . , . , . 2 2 2
Davoy II . , . . . . . . . . . 3 4 3
Knsonls. . I . . - . . ' . . 4 .1 4
Joe First . , . Ds. |
Tlmo : 2U2t.l : ! ; : : > i2:4l. ; :
Third rate , running , nil aged , pno nillo nnd
nn eighth , purse ( JOO , with tlio following on-
trlus : Kmnulilao , bro. m.i I'rane'fi ' J. Moroton ,
Douvor : Ulf. b. K. , Chariot K. Allen. Uhorokeo ,
la. : Tilmnro , uh. g. , K. H. Holes , St. Louis.
This was the most exciting event of the
programme. The short tails wore gotten off
without much delay. Franchise , the favor
ite , getting decidedly the worst of It. The
start made llttlo difference with him , how
ever , for after pulling up to second place on
the last half , ho fell to the rear in running
Into tbo stretch and finished last. Fillmore
held the load to the thrco- quarters , when
Ulf began to crawl up aud on the way down
homo ho reached from nnd staid there easily.
Time , 3:02K. :
There will bo three rattling good events
this afternoon and the proipocts are for a
tremendous jam , as everybody has the rnco
fever bad. This is the card :
1'roo-for-nll. purse WOO : Jessie Oalncs , br.
in , , by Alloy dnlnes , R 'f. Kncubs , Bloux Cltv ,
la. ; Alinont Ilashaw , Mu. s. , by Almont , IV
Hum : * , Ida Grave , In. ; Hannor fioy , b. c. . by
Htandaid Iteuror , Joe Grimes. Mailings , Nob. ;
1'rlnco MeMalion. br. R. , by MoMnhon , Uiin > ox ,
Uastln * ) . Nob. ; Thalburg. b. K. , U. 0. Hatcx ,
lowuVliislow Wllhoii. b. s , by Illack Wllkcsi
Tlpi Hunks , Oinalm ; Illai'k Victor , b. K , , by
Klannory , J. Khuinery. Omaha : Wild Irish
man. b. . , by Ciinnliiuharn , IX Uunnlnthum ,
Omuhni J > 0. , b. g. , U , 1) . Tulmudifu , Punvur ,
1'aoluj * , 2:20 : class , purse MOO : Abdallnh
Wllkus li. s. , by Ilmirbon Wllkus , A. Citntlold ,
Lincoln , Nub. ) Hilly McCrnohuji , b. Kby
llntnbletoiiliiii Miiinbrlno , F. Al. Dnlluy , Au- .
burn. Nob. ; Joscoli L , pt. g. , by Lexington
Chief. A J , 1'ottur. Omuha : t'losslo Howl , b ,
m * by Mainbrlno Abdullah. O. U Mttiwull ,
Kournuy , Nub. ; 1'rlnua T. , r. K. , by Ollmont , J ,
U. II. J. Hobbliis. iiholtim. Nob. ; Kd Uosowator ,
g , . , by Vasvb , Kd Solomon , Omulni ,
Ituunlng , ouo uillu und repent , purse KXXX
Harvest Tor JJookloa.
Monim I'AUK , N. J. , Juno 13. Fully ( If.
tocn thousand persons were present hero to
day and they \\cro treated to a series of sur
prises that were anything but pleasant. Tbo
weather was all thnt could bo desired , the
track was In first elms ahapo anil the card
offered was a moro than ordinary good ono.
Tbo two take events , the Bowling Brook
handicap foroo.y oar-olds and tbo Antici
pation stakes for two-year-olds , both
jTltneved Jho downfall of rod h t
favorite * au/X t go bookmakers rcappil such a
ban-anas jjnrfjy full * to tliolrlbt , Husscll ,
tbo fnvoilto Iw.ttio handicap , \vivs beaten on
his merits , uut'Bt. ' Florlun , the fnvorlto for
the AntlcliiqtJon stakes , wan defeated through
the stupidity of his rider , Llttlollolu , and the
superb Joke , | . < jhlp of Garrison on Nomnd. St.
Florlan Imatho rnco won nnd Llttlclleld took
a short nnpwben Garrison fairly lilted
Nomad off hfs foot , drew up and won by n
short hood.
Of the other-races two were to long * shots
nnd two to livwltes , but the latter were nt
such short prices .that the public had no
chance whatp at getting even ,
Virl rnca > tortwo-yunr-ohls. n sweepstakes
flvo fiirlonCsJ'Lpstor (7 ( to 1) ) won bv two
lengths from Llttlo Sandy , -who beat Alrshaft
a lioail for tbo plnco. Time ! WJ.
Second race , free wullor wolRht hinidle.ip.
awpatntakRfl. for Hircc-yonr-oIdH und np-
wards , sl.x f urlonss : Illnn Jualis (20 ( to 1) ) won
with n croat burst of speed by two lenctlis
from Mountain Doer , who wns a head before
tit , .Tallies. Tlmo : 1:1 : III.
Third nice , the Howling II rook hntidlnnp. for
throo-yonr-olds , tV ) swi-opstukiw with HI.IWO
nddnd.onemlloand nnelKlith : Key Del Key
(0 ( to 1) ) wop by two lengths from Tnrrlllor , who
wns two partsof a length before Nelllo Uly.
rou'rtli race. Anticipation stakes for two-
year-old sweepstakes of 1100 oneh. 11.000
tidilod. six furlongs : Nomnd pv to 2) ) won. hi ,
I lorlnn boat Morrr Alouarcli two longtlii ! .
Tune : IIL : :
rifth race , for thrcc-yonr-olds nnd upwards ,
nswonpstnki , onumllonnd nnuurtor : Klnas-
ton ( I to : won ) ) y Imlf u length from Diablo ,
who wns four loiiKths before Cnsslus. Time :
2:0 : ? } , '
This time wns vcrv fast und this rnco was
Dlablo's flnnl preparation for the Suburban.
Ho made n line showing , nnd if th < race is
any criterion ha will bo knocking at the door
of the Suburban finish/
Sixth nice , selling swooDStakos for all aces ,
ono mile and oiu--slMounih : Kiiilmanx ( | (0 ( to
5) ) won handily by n length from the Honupnco
oolt , who loit Llttlo Jim nnd VciiRour two
lengths for the place. The last two named
ran n dond bent for third money. Tlmo : l:48yj. :
Vo Taiiiblou In Hard Luck.
ST. Louis , Mo. , Juno 13. This was the
banner day of ho St. Louis mooting. The
attendance was close on twclvo thousand , and
the hotting wns heavy. The favorites were
again bouton in the majority of the o vents.
The feature of the day was the Great West
ern stakes /or two-year-olds. The start was
a wretched ono , the favorite , Yo Tnmblou ,
being loft ten lengths. Adalia , the Avendalo
stublo filly won in a game finish with the Cor-
rlgan pair , Phil Dvvyor and Low Wolr. The
track was fast.
1'Mrtt race , soiling , purse tTiOO. one mile :
Lnntry { 7 to t ) won by two lengths from Holum ,
who bent Sight Dr.ift n half length for the
place. Tlmo : 1:47. :
Second race , hand leap , sweepstakes. ftMD
added , ono nillo and seventy yards : I'hllora
( .1 to 1) ) won by half a length from llalgowan ,
who boat Llnllthgow n nock for the plnco.
Time : l:50tf. :
Third , the Great Western stakes , for
two-year-olds. $ .3,000 lidded , six furlongs :
Adalia ( H to 2) ) won easily by two lengths from
Lew Wolr. who boat I'hll Dnyor n Imlf length.
Vo Tamblon pulled up In the stretch nnd the
other ) were strung out. rime : 1:10.
It was the best field of two-yenr-olds that
has started hero this year , but the race was
spoiled bv the start. Much sympathy was
felt for Yo Tambion , the sister of El Kio Roy.
Fourth r.xco , 'purse JCO' ' . six furlongs , heats :
first lioat , Joslo M ilrst , Hrazos second , Aluho
third. Time : 1:1V
Second hoatr Hrazos first. Joslo M second ,
Alnho third. "ffuio : T.wy .
Third hontiiUoslo .M won handily , Brazes
second. Tlmoji:17.
Fifth race , Ti'.nHilcai ) . swoopstiikcs , ? < XX )
added , ono und 6hp-olRht miles : VIorgod'Or
(8 ( to 1) ) won ! > ytwp lengths. Dr. Nnvo second n
lonuth before Ijouiso M third. TI'.io : 1:57. :
Sixth race , miHe solllns $000 , ono mile : Ln-
molno II (4 ( to T'Wm ) ' ( by ton lonsths before Kd
Hopper , who lioat Texas Girl u length for the
placo. TlineJUJ. !
n May Ho Mado.
NEW YOIIK Jutio 13. Mr. Mnrous Daly ,
of ' - colt Montana
owner tlidt'thl-eo-year-old1 , ,
said yestorda 'frh'cn spoken to regarding the
offer of Charic ? . Hand to match 'his colt ,
Foxford , against the big son of Ban Fox and
Imported Qupon > t < for. $5,000 nt Shccpshcad
' 'Bay : ' ! am SA * newcomer in the east
and I scarcely feel at homo. It is bad enough
to beat mo ourgptio'Bolmont without rubbing -
bing lginfiGHt'theso ' / folks nrof so anxious
for n'matcH I WntVUn'Montantt against 'Fox-
ford for $10QOXa ( side At the Shocpshond Bay
meeting..Bu tthoroJ ono provision I make.
The winnings must bo , banded to the Sisters
ofChnrlU- : " " " " ' \
Mr. Daly is n"verywealthy man nnd runs
his stable purely for love of the sport. Matt
Byrnes , who trains for'Mr. Daly ; said that
ho did not mutch Montana as the colt
had a trroat ninny valuable engagements for
the season. .
' "RottiUsftt Chicago.
CIUCAQO , June. 18. The results today were :
First race , five-eighths of n mile : Torn Paxton -
ton won. Arthur Davis second , llluzo DuUu
third. Time : 1WJ ; .
Second race. three-fpiirths of n mile : Rnelno
won , Kmoraldlno second , 1'rlnco third. Time :
Th'rcl race , ono nndono-olRhth miles : Onnle
won , Fakir Hoeond , DollUilns third. Time : ,
-:0 :
- - .
Fourth race.onomllo' : Ivnnhoo won : nstolle.
scronil ; UurcU. third : il'lino 1:4'1H *
Fifth race , onoMnllo : 1'lokup won ; Fairy
Queen , second ; btj Albans , third : Time 1:45. :
Yale's nitto vlllaokcl with Defeat at
the Jersey Hoys * Hands.
NKW YOHK , Juno IS , Princeton won the
Intercollegiate championship by defeating
Yale in tbo deciding game played today before
fore 0,000 persons. Enthusiasm was nt fever
heat. There Princeton money in
the crowd than the friends of the blue men
were willing to bank against. Young
secured tlio victory for Princeton , pitching n
wonderful game In splto of indifferent
support. Ills batting wns nlso ono of the
principnl features of the contest. Bowers
wns hit hard , 'but Yale's good work kept
down Princeton's"scorrt. . Party feeling ran
high throughout the game , nnd noisoby the
namirors of the two teams was almost dcai-
oning. Score :
1'rlncoton ' . . . . . . . .O'2 1 0 0 0 2 0 0 ! i
Ynlo . . . . . . .l 3
Hits : Princeton. 14 ; Yale , 0. Krrors : 'Prince
ton. 0 : Vale , 2. Itatterlcs : Young and Hro-
tcaw ; UoncrsnnrfPoolo. Darned runs : Prince
ton , 4.
Wlilto AVliiKH Made
DESVKII , Colo. , Juno 13. A company of
prominent citizen ? organlrod hero tonight
and purchased \nn * Horn's interest In the
Donvor'bnso ball'club. . 'Air , Van Horn was
immediately deposed antl'Gcorco Tobenu , the
late captain of the club nnd well known in
Cincinnati and Toledo , was 'appointed cap
tain and manager instead. The club is now
expected to regain Bonlorof the honor it lost
in its last trip oVcr the circuit. '
I n (1 lift tra I School Won.
KRAUKKr , jflttf Jund. 13. [ Special Tele
gram to Tim ijljyy.l i'tio students , of the
Kearney hlghniEchool and the Industrial
school clubpl&ypd-hn cloven -Inning game of
ball this af tonitrotfr resulting 7 to 0 in favor
of the IndustriaTschool nino. The Industrial
rfchool nine -chnfWnges any boys team in- the
stnto for n ganitJ'dit their grounds nnd will
Tuurantoo royal trbatniont to the visiting
team. -
Tonic. It.
, NgJ/n Juno 13. ( Special o THE
BE. | ! ] A gooa nmo o ( ball was played hero
today bqtwooujbijyirofcorapany'4 nine nnd _ a
nine composed Wa.clcrks'i The clerks were
assisted by'C. jft , ajlolmes of Sioux county.
nnd defeated t\jelrjppojicnts \ ) by a score of 28
to 13. There was a good nttcudanco and
muuh Interest takaa.ln the gamo. Batteries ;
Dowd nnd BetUngcr ; O'Hunlou and Holmes.
Gnmo Wont AylUi ' the pleads.
IlASTixns , Neb , , Juno' 13. [ Spocinl Telegram -
gram to THE BKK. ] thd Dowrfeso and HastIngs -
Ings ball toains played 'q pretty game up to
tbo fifth inning today , Dcwcoao having the
best c'f it by a score of i to 0. Thd Do wet-so
boys at this Juncture lost their heads aud
Hastings poumlod out twenty-six runs In
four Innings , Score ; ' Dowocso ' D ; Hast-
Two ItcuordH Ilrokon.
Nuw YOIIK , Juno 13. In the ganfes of the
No wYrrk Athletic club ntTravorso Island this
afternoon the world's record was broken on '
throwing the sixteen-pound hammer , J , S.
Mitchell throwing li 133 foot 10 Inches. In
the two-mlla safety bloycla race B. . T.
Murphy , who rode pneumatic tire , broke
the Amoricaa record of j232-5 } seconds by
2 secouds ,
Covaial Now Oases of tin Terrible Disease
Developed in Otoo Ctonntj ,
Vato ofn Vcnturcsoiuo Itontrloo Imcl
Now Irrigation Bulionin Dlotl
from His Injuring Ho ) > loil )
VI lillo Asleep.
TAI.MAOF , Nob. , Juno IB. | Spoclol Tele-
grain to TUB BKR. ! Douglass , a small town
on the Crete branch ( Iftoon mlles west of this
l > lnco , report * thlrtoan cases of smallpox , A
man , without any knowledge of having boon
bxposcd to the dlsoaso , broke out and so thor-
bugbly inoculated the community that many
other cases will undoubtedly follow. The
village Is quarantined nnd every effort Is
bolng made to pro von t iti spreading.
NEIIIIASKA , Cirr. Nob. , JunO lil. [ Special
Telegram to TUB BBS. ] Three now cases
of smallpox developed near Mt. fclon today.
The Infected locality will bo thoroughly
quarantined ,
Utiitii , Nob. , Juno 13. fSperial to TUB
Bif : : . ] Smallpox has broken out at Douglas ,
Otoo county , Nob. , this week. Six persons
ere down with the dlaoaso and thrco morn
cases wore reported yostordav at Mount
/Ion , between Douglas and Bomont. The
dlscasq was brought ttioro by u man visiting
from near Omaha.
SurKitioit , Nob. . Tuna 13. [ Special to Tur.
JBKK.j-.Tho grand chapter of the P. E. O.
society closed Its session yesterday. In the
morning session after the question box was
passed , Miss Grace Moore of York load a
paper pn "What Shall Bo Done with Mem
bers" Who Do Not ana Will Not Kospect
Their Vows I'1 nftdr which came the election
of ofiluors of the grand chapter for the next
year. The following were elected : Presi
dent , Mrs. Lulu B. Patrick , Ho'.d'rcgo ' ; llrst
vlco fresldont , Mrs , Alice C. Brlggs , Su
perior ; second vlco president , Miss \VinnI-
I rod Ferguson , York ; secretary , MlssLlbblo
Jonns , Hastings. After the flection Mrs. V.
Jj. Huwthorno of Wahoo road a paper on
"Our Society Outloott , " uftor which routine
business was dona.
In tbo afternoon session the newly elected
ofllrors were Installed and after the business
of the grand chapter was finished the session
'adjovrnod slno dio.
Tho' session .of this lodge has been
the moans of bringing many talented
and , distinguished ladles to this city
from the various portion * of the state and
their literary efforts have delighted as well
as boon'a" source of proiit to the people who
have had the opportunity of listening to
them.At the close of the convention , car
riages having -been In. waiting , the eutlro
dolcgation'wns taken on a drive through the
city. In the ovcnfnc a reception xvas held at
tho'lodga room , which was largely attended.
Impromptu 'speeches , recitations and music
enlivened the hour , after which tb , o guests ,
numbering upwards of two hundred , repaired -
paired to the opera bouso and partook of n
sumptuous banquet. The Superior orches
tra furnished choice selections of music dur
ing tbo repast. The tables presented a very
handsome appearance and the menu was ex
cellent. At the conclusion of the banquet
Mrs. A. G. Brlggs , the toastmlstrcss , called
the guests to order and introduced Mrs. Car
rie McNuughton of Superior , who rcpondcd
in a very cheering manner to the toast "Our
Guests. " Miss Estcllo Ilyan -Hastings
eloquently told what the P. E. O. society was.
Mrs. Adele Ballard of Holdrcgo very wittily
depicted "Our Brothers-in-Law , " and her
remarks occasioned frcquoat applause. Mrs.
Mary Housoworth of Plattsmouth , in re
sponse to the toast of ' 'Woman's Position , "
very ably depleted what woman's real posi
tion should bo and doprecatca cranks and
woman suffrage agitators. Her remarks
.wore hichly'nppreclntdd , while ct the same
time they created a flutter of oxcltomont.1
Mrs. W. O. Robinson told of the trials and
tribulations that the coat ot- the order occa
sioned candidates. Miss Mattie Nnylor ably
depicted the "Star" of the order. Taken al
together , the banquet was the most elaborate
and the exorcises the most interesting that
has over taken place at Superior. The ladies
of the local society had ontjro charge. This
meeting has demonstrated that the ladies are
capable Of running their secret society up to
a' high' .standard" without the aid or any of
their male friends. ,
f Sltc'lor 11 ColIcRC.
SurEiiioit , Neb. , Jung 13. ( Special Tele-
grant-to TUB BEE. ] The sale of lota for the
purpose of building the Nebraska normal
university at this city took place bore today.
Tbo attendance of people interested in the
project was largo and great enthusiasm pre
vailed. Upward of ono hundred lots weio
sold-boforoi the rain interfered with the sale.
This secured without doubt the building of
a college to cost not loss than $50,000. Tho'
Superior -cattio company and A. E. Hunter
donated the lots sold for the purpose of rais
ing a fund for the building. The slto selected
for the university addition , adjoining Lincoln
park , of the most eligible in the city.
Traveling 'Jhievcs.
YOIIK , Neb , , Juno Id. [ Special to THE
BISP. ] Three men and ilvo women constitute
a party 'who have boon camping out at differ
ent places in thls'vlclnlty. Losses of prop
erty were frequent in the localities in which
thoy,5topped and today two farmers * lost a
sot of harness and n saddle. Accompanied by
Dopnty'Shorlft White they found the stolen
articles and arrested one man. The other
two mqpad ) \ eluded the officer and escaped.
the captured ono was brought to this city
and lodged in Jail. Ho gives his name as
' -
u1 'Injunction Proceedings.
NKHHASICA Cirv , Nob. , Juno 13. [ Special
Telegram , to THE BKKJ Word was received
from PlatUmouth tonight that the Watson
house 'inunction suit had resulted In favor
of Mr , Slbhl , the owner , and the work of
completing the addition to the hotel will go
on i > t onco. The temporary order w s secured -
cured 'by Mr. Culmolot who owns the build
ing adjoining and the matter was argued before
fore Judga Chapman at Plattsmouth.
Now Irrigation Hchoinc.
Gnittvn , Neb , , Juno -Speclnl ! ) | toTHE
BKE * . } A.V. \ . Lawson of Dorrlngtonls in
thocity at work upon u mac.hlno _ for irriga-i
tion , purposes. The device is a system of
pumps , 'which are operated by n' turbine
wheel , the machine being expected by the
Inventor to clovato wutor enough to furnish
power , besides a sufllrlontly large tiurplus
for irrigation. The maOhlno H being built
on the North Platte river at this point.
_ _
JILI ruur-im r
The Olllclal Count.
HAIITIXOTOX , Neb. . Juno 18. [ Special to
Tin ; BKI : . ] The ofllclal canvass of the votes
! > ollcd at the recent special election for court
tiouso bonds Just coraplotcdj gives a majority
of 173 for the bonds. The county commis
sioners have already conimoncod preliminary
work on the project and It will bo pushed as
rapidly as poimlbla. Work on the building
will bo commenced about August 1 ,
. . _ _ _ . _ . *
t t | .j
Koblii'dVhllo Anloni > .
NEIUUSKA CiTr , Nob. , Juno 1 ! ) . [ Special
Tologrum to Tin ; Bi.i.l : A thlof concealed
jimsolfin Tom Wymond1 * bedroom bofoio
ho retired last night and after ho had fallen
asleep robbed him of $18 In cash , Wymond
runs a lunch stand near the Missouri Paella
depot and retires at a Into hour.
COLUMIIUS , Nob. , June IU. fSpoclal Telegram -
, gram to TIIK BKK.J A live duyV session
of tbo local board of supervisors closed this
evening. It mot as a board of equalization ,
and examined the assessor's books and made
several reductions lu the per cent of Uxa-
tlon. .
Died or Ills , IiiJnrlcH ,
BLUB Si'iii.Noa , Neb. , Juno 13. [ Special to
TUKBEK.J Dudley B. Davis , n well known
citizen of this place , died last night from tbo
effects of a fall received on Juno IU , On
tbut day bo ivai ongugod in bulldlnc a barn
neil tbo bcnffold on which he wo * working
giving awuy he loll , striking the stump of a
small tree which penetrated his body. Hov-
oral physicians attoudod him , bui no ono
socmcd to qulto ronllxo the ox tout of ItU in
juries. Mr. Davis bud become noted as an
cntorprlslna bowman , and WAI nt the time of
the ncoldont outfaced In fitting up a race
track nnd horse farm near town ,
INUUXOM , Nob. , Juno in. ( Special Telegram
gram to TIIK BRR.J The llrU nuiuml com-
inoncoinont exorcises of the ImUnnola high
school were held lnt night nt the high school
nnd were n success in every particular ,
While there was but ono graduate , Miss
Ltlllo Wolborn.jlho exercises mark rxn epoch
n the history of the school , The diploma
was presented by Dr. Curftnnn , secretary of
the board of education , In n neat mid earnest
speech. The stugo was handsomely decorated
by tbo junior class ,
The exorcises and exhibit on Thursday
noon were n credit to tbo school and It.s
principal. _
Drowned In n Pond ,
BEATIUCK , Nob. , Juno 13. | Spoclnl Telegram -
gram to TIIK BKF. ] Willie Corrlgau , the
twolvo-ycar-old adopted son of J. S. Culbort-
son , this city , was drowned while bathing In
a pond in Iho Cairo county fair ground nt 4
o'clock this afternoon. Ho was with n com
panion on n raft In the pond nnd Jumped oft
into llftcon foot of water. Ho could not
swim and sank at onco. The body wns re
covered about thirty minutes later nnd all
efforts at resuscitation were unavailing.
Tlio CmnliiK llcuiilon.
HAIITIKOTOV , Nob. , Juno -13. [ Special to
TIIK BKB. ] The North Nebraska Grand
Army of tbo Ilopubllo reunion to bo hold in
crolghtnn , July 1 , 2 , 3 and 4 , will bo n
splendid success. Among the prominent
Citizens of the state who have already sig
nified their Intention to present nnd deliver
addresses are Governor Thnyor , ox-Senator
Van Wyck , cx-Lioutonant Governor Molklo-
john , Colonel Tucker aud Judge W. W. Alloif.
Croji Prospects.
Nob. , Juno 13. [ Special to TUB
BKI : . ] Crop prospects In this locality are
excellent. Present Indications are that all
kinds of grain glvo an Immense yield.
Grapes were bllchtnd by n late froit. but all
other fruits are doing remarkably wolt.
Oinnlin'H Fire Fighters Hurt n llcnl
Hrlsk Time for A\vlille.
After about seven days of solid loaling tbo
firemen got down to solid work last night.
At 9:30 : o'clock an alarm came in from box
82. calling the department to the corner of
Seventeenth nnd St. .Mary's nvonuo. F. C.
Stuurt's candy store at 17 0 St. Mary's ave
nue was on flro.
Chief Salter located the blaze In the rear of
the stores and soon had a chemical engine
playing upon the blazo. It wns moro snioko
than fire for the loss was only $10.
The fire apparatus had no sooner stated
homo than an alarm came In from box G3
engine house "No. 3.
Hose companies 1 , 2 , 3 and G and trucks. 1
nnd 2 responded.
The livery stable of Joseph "Wlthrow &
Co. , was on flro. In n moment the flames
caught the hay and n second alarm was
turned in , calling companies 4 and r .
r Flames high enough to illuminate tbo .sky
.burst forth from the roar door nnd windows ,
and It looked for A moment as if the wbolo
building would go up. Kapidly the flro ran
through the hay in the rear to the front of
the building and soon filled Hanioy struct.
For the first few minutes it was so dense nnd
heavy that a person could not see n half dozen
In all this excitement Frank Gardner of
No. I truck rushed Up stairs nnd back amid
the flames. Alter locating the flro in n cor
ner of the haymow ho started back , but the
smoke was so dense add the boat so in ton so
that he fell. Quickly regaining his feet bo
rushed toward the stair cose but fell over
the shafts of several buggies. On regaining
the ground floor it was found that Gardner
was scorched about , the face as well as
bruised. At that moment a second alarm
' " "
wns turned In ,
, A chemical engine began to piny upon tbo
flames in the rear while tho' lines of hose
were being laid.
At the front of tbo building tbo smoke was
.pouring forth , but "Spud" Farrish ,
Chief Gnlligan's clerk , and Chief Sat-
lor rushed in and commenced to rut
the horses loose. Soon they were assisted by
helpers in the stable and all tbo horses wore
gotten out in safety.
Water poured from six streams soon bad
the flro under control , but as it foil to the
ground floor nnd run out Into the street en
trance it wns scalding hot
Employes of the stable made an effort to
save tbo harness , but it was too near the flro
nnd too hot. Soon the great qunntity of
water began to toll nnd subdued tbo boat to
some extent. Then the harness was removed
nnd piled up In the stable otllco in about six
inches of water. '
' At the first alarm , Mr. Beard the flro re
porter made a run to Harry McCormick's
residence and brought him to the scone.
Mr. J. S. McCormick is the owner .of the
Upon the arrival of those centlomcn they
wont at once to thb ofllcc of the stnblo and
from there through the building. Mr. With-
row was also'on hand aud did what ho could
to secure the horses aud carriages.
About sovonty-flvo carriages and bugcles
wore storoi upstairs fn front of the hay.
Some belonged to customers and others to
the stablo. When the horses were nil out
un effort was made to bring down some of
tbo buggies , but the heat xva .so intense and
the smoke so thick that it was impossible.
The chief less nt the stable will boon the
bucglcs nnd carriages.
Mr. Withrow estimated it at about fO.OOO.
The loss is fully covered by Insurance. Thereof
roof of the staclo l.s badly burned nnd in
places fell in. Mr. McCormick could not es-
timuto the loss to the building last night , but
was satisllod that it wns fully covered.
Seventy-live horses were In thostahlaattno
.time , twenty-llvo.belonging to the Pacillc ex
press company. " AH were rescued. There
wns something' "strange nbout the wny the
horses ran out through the blindiinr smolco.
Only n few endeavored to return to their
stalls after thov reached the hireot.
For n time the smoke from the building fell
Into the cncino house , and it looked us if that
must go , too , but the dffOrts of the iiromen
prevented that , and the building was saved.
Boyoad a blight wetting no damage was
Spud Fairish lugged his hie Saratoga
trunk down the Btulr.s , expecting tbo xvbolo
blocu was golnpup , but it didn't , and Spud
had all bis trouble for nothing.
Before the lire was out another alarm came
In from box 4 ! ) , calling part of the
apparatus to the corner of Eleventh
nnd Famnm streets. The big crowd
readily followed the hose wagons nnd Chief
Saltcr'j buggy , , but bad their trouble for
nothing. A couple of empty coal oil barrels
iu the rear of E wait's lodging hoiibo woio on
flro , but were extinguished bofoiothe depart
ment arrived.
When it wits found that there wns nothing
fn that alarm the crowd swurmod bacic to
Hnrnoy street. Bythis time the flro wns
nbout out nnd all thnt conld bo BOCH was the
rivers of wutor Hewing from the stables into
the street.
/ . r. v.
Nine-Hour Hay ItoCfrred to Suliordin-
atv : UnioiiH tor lUitlflcatlon.
UOSTOV , Mnis , , Juno 13. At. the conven
tion of the International Typographical union
today the following from the committee on
fowpr hours was adopted by a vote of 100 to2 :
Uuholved , Thnt this oon\urtloii heartily im-
doraiM the inovtnmmt rosiilatlii tint hours of
labor In tliu book mid Jciu uranohc- the
printing trade to bo not moro than nine hours
nor day , oxcunt Hutnnlay. when not moro
than ulilit lioiiri tilmll oonxtltiitn a duy'H
\torV throughout tbo Jurisdiction of tliu In-
tonmtlomi ! Typographical union , and rufor
till ) ni'.triT to Mibun ! I nut minions for nitllk'a-
tloii , tint fuu'ii to go Into circct Uutolior 1,1HU1 ,
In order to Insure the enforcement of the
law by printers n tax was levied for the sup
port of nil nioinburs of the craft who may bo
obliged to strlko and n linn of $ .V ) was Im
posed upon nl ) printers who failed to oooy
the nine-hour rule of tbo International Typo
graphical union ,
A resolution fixing a day's work in nil
uowspapcr offices at sx | hours was dofcatud.
The now ofljccrs wore then sworn in , after
which retiring President Plank was pro-
son ted with a hamUomo sold watch ,
The convention voted that all monies con
tributed to the Child * Drexel fund bo placed
by the secretary In tbo hands of tbo board of
truttros. Tbo convention adjourned to moot
in Philadelphia In Juno , 1BW.
Famous Orange Stone Figures in a Ccnsatloa
in Now Yoik.
The Gem AVns Originally Puruhancil
for Presentation to Quocn Vic
toria on Iho Oconslou
of Her tlulillue.
NRW YOHK , Juno 13. Cnnrlcs So.ilo ,
wealthy diamond broker doing buMnoJs at
No. 1)07 ) Broadway , was a prisoner nt the Oak
street station lust night , chnrjrod with the
Inrcony of the "Ornugo" dinmoiiderth
? 70,000and said to bo the second largest
diamond in the country. J.V. . Carroll n
lithographer of No. " 3 Duane strobt , is the
owner of the gem , ,
The prisoner was nrrostod by Detective li.
B. O'Connor of tbo Tombs court guard , who
wns accoinpnniou by Carroll when bo visited
Scale's plnco of business at 4 o'clock yoUor-
dny afternoon.
"Oh,1' ejaculated Mr. Sonlo ns ho glanced
nt Mr. Carroll , "I .suppose its about the
diamond. Wait n minute , I'll got it for you. "
Ho proceeded to the roar of the place , mid
the dotectlvo. who did not want to lese sight
of him , followed nnd saw him talto something
from tlio safo. It n diamond , which ho
handed to the ofllcor , saylnc : "I supposa
that ends It.1'
"Why , iir > , replied O'Connor. "You will
hnvo to como to coutt to answer to thochnrga
of larceny. "
Tbo prisoner submitted with n wry face ,
Ho was taken to the police station , whore lu
passed the night.
The "Orange" dinmond Is of such fnm
thnt the case will no doubt attiact wide
spread attention , both in this country nnd
Europe. This Is the diamond which the
ladles of Queen Victoria's court bought for
the purpoao of presenting to her nt bur
golden jubilee. Tbo queen asffod ns n fnvor
that she bo permitted to name n bolter use
for it , and requested ns n moro lasting
mcmonto of the occasion thnt the gem bo dis
posed of and the proceeds devoted to the
erection of a chnrlty hospital. The diamond ,
which will bo offered iu evidence
today , weighs n fraction over 115
carats. Mr. Carroll , the present
owner , claims thnt there is but one Inrgcr
dinmond in existence tbo "
, "Tiffany Spark
ler , " which weighs tan carats moro und is
valued at 8100.000.
The "Orango" diamond was found in the
south African Holds in t S4. Its history
since that time bus been n remarkable one ,
und far surpasses that of tbo TIflnny stone.
It came Into _ the bauds of 4 Dutch Jeweler ,
who rccognizo'd its great value , and it wus
not until lSb that the cutting of i : "iris com
pleted. It wns of orange ctisr , * ad from
that it derives its name. 3abo iCi cUy , as
stated , it rlgnred in Qaeea Victoria's
jubilee. The ladies of the coari pcrc&ased It
for $70,000 and made great preparations for
its presentation , which was to bo oao of the
great events of the jabtlco.
There was great disappointment when aha
made the request that it bo sola for the pur
pose of establishing a hospital. The peculiar
and unexpected request was widely com- ,
inonted on nt the time. The diamond wnsT
disposed of and brought $60,000. Tbo pur
chaser was II. 11. Lawrence of Colorado.
.Mr. Lawrence presented It to his wife ,
who were it in 1ier necklace. It
remained In her possession until the failure
of Baring Brotho s , the London banner ) .
Mr. Lawrence was a hcavv loser through the
failure and ho was comoc-Ucd to dispose of
the gem. It was sold to Edward Bruce ,
formerly secretary of the Baltimore & Ohio
railroad. Mr. Bruce retained it In his pos-
ston until a month ngo , when ho sold ft to
Mr. Cnrroll at a great sacrilic. It is said the
purchase price was $50,000.
un June 4 iUr. uarrou placed the stone 111
the hmds of Mr. Scale. Though ho had pur
chased it at a bargain in became an nlophant
on his hands and bo wished to dispose of It.
He culled on the diamond broker , who said
that ho know a possible customer. Tbo
diamond wns loft with htm and the owner
wns given a receipt for it. Mr. Carroll's in
structions were thnt the diamond should not
bo sold for loss than $05,000. At the end of
two days Mr. Carroll called on the broker
nnd nslied about the gem. Ho was told ho
would have to wait several duys. Whon'Mr.
Carroll called again bo found the broker In n
joking mood. Mr. Carroll alleges that the
broker denied having it in his possession.
"What do you mean , sir , " gasped Mr.
Can oil , greatly frlghtonod.
"You heard what I said , " it is nllegod t
the broker replied. "I haven't got it in my
possession. "
"I'll have you arrested , " was the lotort ,
"If vou don't give mo that gem. " '
Mr. Scale Is further charged with having
said with n laugh , "Such u thing is not possi
ble in Now Yoik. "
Ho lott without nny bettor understanding ,
nnd made complaltit to the police , A war
rant wns issued for Scale's nrrost. After
bolng placed under arrest Mr. Sculo
expressed his willlngnesj to appear at
once before the court and explain
his side of Iho story. Ho was vrry much an
noyed when told thnt court was closed nnd
that he must spend the night in a prmon cell.
'Ho ' said ho could.furnish bail for any umouut
and asked that ho bo brought before soma
justice. The prisoner's friends hunted nil
around town for a justice , but when fhoy
llnully found ono ho refused to coino down to
headquarters to'accept ball , ns > thoumount
wns too largo.
tjoiilo was surrounded by drunken nnd dis
orderly prisoners arrested for various ordi
nary Offenses. Ho wns stylishly dressed nnrt
wore considerable jewelry. Ho refused to
talk when questioned , nnd said boould ex
plain the mutter iu court.
\ Pilot Boat Strikes Three and Kills
New YOIIK , Juno 13 Pilot ICccloy of the
Sandy Hook pilot boat Acton No. 15 came
iito | port xvitli the steamer Caledonia on
Thursday night , nnd ho tolls of u strange ad
venture which the pilot boat had 'with n
school of whales on Juno 7. The Acton wns
formerly a yucht belonging in Boston , She
Is tto largest and supposed to bo the fleetest
boat in the pilot ( loot. She is the only ono
with flaring bows , The Acton was about
three hundred mid fifty miles oft Sandy Hooky
running bofoio n northeast wind ut eightknets
nn hour. It wns curly In Iho morning of
Juno 5 and no ouo wus on deck except the
'man at the whool. Looking out ahead over
tlio tumbling sea bo saw In the wntor n com
motion which wns rnpldly npproachlng the
vessel. Then ho saw that It was cnused by
thrco big whales , making directly for the
pilot boiit. Tbo whules were ti avoling nt ilia
raUi of twenty knots nn hour. The man nt
the wheel celled to Pilot ICeoloy , who came
on dock In tlmo to sen two of the big Ilsh ,
then close to the bows , dlvo b'llow the wntor ,
The third nnd biggest whale did not dive
soon enough , nnd us ho , too , wont down the
slmip bows of the vessel struck him on iho
back , tearing a gash two or three ynrds long.
The shock to tbo vessel was so great
that every ono asleep on board wns nwnkonod
and came tumbling on deck , thinking the pi
lot boat wus in collision with nnother ves
sel. But the worst shock was succeeded by
a second und greater ono. for , as the whale
wont down , ho struck with his lluUos n tcr-
rllio blow on tlio vessel's ' bow. The shock of
the blow broka dishes In the pan try nnd made
cups and glasses leap from their tracl.s.
Blood foam was throivn ns high PS the how-
Hprit. As iho vessel drove nn tbo Injured one
was noon to coma up usturu nnd Do motion- '
lojs on the water , while the other twp whulua
circled around him excitedly , Two days
later tlio Btcamor Caledonia uatno along and
aw the whale Heating do-id oti tbu water
with n largo gash In his buck. The next day
the Btoamor took l'l\ol \ Kceloy aboard and
learned of the stranfo accident.
\Vliy ito llod. )
The coroner's jury rendered n verdict o
lisphyxlutloii in the cas'o of Joseph Mntov.
witch who blow out the gas at the European
hotel last Saturday night.
Una Holler's Harsaparilla and Ilurdiok tbo blood purifier.