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Pictures of the Lift and Business of a Mexi
can Resort.
IMnco AVIicro Men nnd IVomon
Ilatlio Together AVlint It Costs
to DJTSH n Mexican
„ Duilo.
! 1 > il rrank O , Carjxrifer. ]
CAi.iEsrns , Juno 10. ( Special Cor-
BHK. | I am at Acuas
Ciilientos , the famous hot springs of Mexico ,
it Ialtogether different from on American
'lic.iltti ' or summer rc.sort and it might bo
| bodily transplanted to the soil of western
1 India and not scoin out of place. I am slttine
In inV long , hlgh-colllugod room in the Hotel
del J'ln/n. It Is llko-iill tha rest of the rooms
ot ttic hotel , on tbo ground lloor , nnd I call
my I'oy charaborman to make up my bed by
cl.ipt ing my hands. It has no windows and
lu looks out on a Ilttlo garden full of most
bountiful ( lowers. The hotel Is built around
this pnrdcn. It is of one story and it makes
hio think of a hotel at which I stopped In ono
of thQ native states of Hlndoostnn , Joypore ,
Bnvii that there I had my own servant and ho
Elcpt air night in front of my door.
A stuns Callentos contains about forty thou
sand pcoplo and nine-tenths of the houses
ino of ono story. They all have Hat roofs
und 'ho water Is drained off through pipes of
clny which Jut out about a foot from the
edt'o of the walls. Tlieso walls are very
thii k. They are built of stone or sun-dried
brick ami are stuccoed w hero they face the
street , und this plastcring-llkn stucco has
bi'tni painted in delicate blues or pinks or
yellows , , making- the whole town ono mass ol
tainouw colors which , strange to say , docs
not Irolc out of place under this bright Mexi
can stin. None of these houses have gardens
in front of thorn. They nro built close up to
lhi > cobble stone sidewalks , so that In going
through the town you seem to bo passing be-
twrcn walls of golly colored bill boards
rcndy for the po4tors , each of which has a
lir.lo In its center for a door.
The peeler houses hnvq doors very roughly
Jniidinnd In the galloping mulu street car
that takes you from the depot to the ( .outer
ol 'he town , you see few houses with windows
dews , nnd many of those doors are filled with
q ( or looking dark-faced people. The men
in Uirlr icd and gajly colored blankets look
Jit uresque , apd vho women , with their
Unilc imihogony faci-s , their long black hair
sir liming down tlicir backs freshly wet
1m in their last bath in the hot waU'rs , are in
Bonio cases very pretty und in others ns ugly
us. the Witch of Ender after an attack of the
smallpox. >
Small Investments Noticeable.
, A you leave the station you pass the pub
lic batli hpuses low Spanish buildings ,
\vhciv you can got for from 20 to 30 cents n
l > ati ! of tiny kind you want , and go up n long
( lusty thorouchfaro under wide-spi-oading
preen trees into the business part of the city.
ITho business of this city of 40,01)0 people is'a
'air sample of that of the interior Mexican
.own. It is big onlv in the prices asked for
, ha iirticlos sold. Mexico is not a great busi
ness country. The most of the firms uro run
ii ) small capital and there are hundreds of
Btores which have not moro than $ JOO
"ivuith " of stock. Many of these hero
Jmvu oven less , nnd the storekeeper ,
liii the majority ot instances , has a
little cave o ( a store without any windows
'opening out on the street , and ho stands be
hind a counter which ruu.s right across the
gtoio in front of the door and offers his goods
lor ar.lo Tor thrcotlmcs * what ho oxnccts to
( Tilt.
ill i tbo cnio of tlio smaller businesses tbo
trailer is ncnerally a Mexican nnd there uro
niuru peddlers in one olty in this country
tlmn you will Hint in ton cities of the same
elzu in tbo United States. I liuve just como
from the markot. Imagine a long tier of stalls
around two hollow squares which cover the
lu-vu of a citv block. These stalls aio occu-
i pied by tbo butchers and bakers nnd candle-
' '
Btii'k rankers , , who have the biggest
Blocks , and the squares are lillcd with
filR batted men In wbito cotton clothes and
by njd-skirtod. women in white waists aud
fed .skirts , who sit under wbito umbrellas as
Iblw as the top of a small camping tout , with
[ little plies of vegetable and fruit around
luslted as to prices aud found that
t ' -Things Were Sold In L'Ucs
not bv measures. So many little notatoos
s up n pile , and I was asked a cents fore
o r potatoes , each of which was as big as a A pllo of eggs cost bore ! i cents ,
Btid a Ilttlo pllo of tomatoes and peppers were
nmong tbo things sold. Poppers both green
fend red were sold everywhere , and I saw
that tome of the bigger market men baa
grunt bins of them. They form a purt of
'every Mexican dish and are eaten lu great
Tbo average Mexican , however , oats very
little in comparison with us. His market
WlH ro not half as heavy as these of bis
-ATnoi lean brother , and a sowing basket would ,
conuilu the dally supply for a largo family.
U-'lio cheapest thing sold seems to bo frui t
Which glows in the shape of oranges , bananas
nnil lemons very abundantly about hero , and
J got splendid orange * for 1 cent apiece.
'i lie Mnrknt (11 ( A unH Cullciitrs.
' A Lout t lih market , tbo Mexican poddlora
'tiau collected thonnolves by the dozens.
JJoro was a woman with two great Jars of
What looked llko very thin buttermilk before
) icr. She was selling it in glasses which hold
from u half pint to a pint , to the passers by ,
' -nt I and t ! cents a.glim. I asked what It was ,
'T ttud was told it was pulque , the Mexican
beer , which comes from n species of cactus ,
nndhioh is driinlt by tbo barrel every day
throughout Mexico. At the corner bosid'o
bar , bolero a coso which looked llko a book- , stood n shoo peddler. His stock was
jiuuto up of sharp toed gaiters , and by actual
count ho bad only twenty pairs to soil. A
little further on , a yollow-fncod woman in
her b.iro feet , sat , with ton pairs of baby
phuos besluo her.
This made up bur whole establishment , and
tiround the corner I found a very pretty Aztou
Innidun sitting on a stool and rolling black to-
bucco Into clg.irottos. The paper she used was
thicker than the newspaper in which this
Jotter will bo printed , and she doubled the
| > api-r ever tlio elRiirrottoi at both ends to
nmltii it. stay together. Before she did so ,
lion ever , she molstenud the paper with her
. chi'rry lips , and. when I smoked a package of
liuf wiiros at the coat of a cents , it seemed to
nm that scout of the cherries lingered there
Btill. it was about. 10 o'clock nt the time I
visited tbo market , nnd foBiid out few buy-
Ing. The Mexican ladles dressed
lublnck , passed through givine directions to
their servants us to what to buy. But I am
lolil that this was contrary to etiquette , and
that the ladles of Mexico seldom do their own
nuirkutiug , but leave Itontirolyto the serv
The Stores Very Orillnnry.
Near the market I found n taw vary fair
ptoie.s , but they would bo small affairs In a
town of10,000 In Now York or Ohio , and n
western city oflO.OOO could show many llnur.
U'ho counters heio ran across the whole front
of the htoro , and only the biggest of them had
Bliow windows. The dry goods stores con-
Caincd chiutly French goods , and tbo mer
chants wcro in roost cases French or Ger
man , though I fouml some of them Mexicans.
; X stopped in. front of a but store which had a
most gorcoutis display in Its windows anil
iirli'ed somosomoiei-oos. They ramjcd from
$1 up to | Tri aplouo , ami I am told that some
of Uu-so Mexlaui duties wear hats that coat
inoio than $ UX ) .
homo of the huts were trimmed with pold
l iil oliver cord , niul I looked at n ISO ono
\vuifli weighed about Ian pounds , and which
measured eighteen Inches from ono sldo of
the liilin to the other. It baa a crown a foot
bifid , and there was a cord of gold rope as
bit : uiounil na my wrist about it. Many of
tbu hats hail olj and silver letter * upon
them and I sco many woin which have the
iiiotioununs ot theirownora cutout of silver
nnd hewed on tn the sales. They am of nmiiv
colorn u ilollcata cream , a drab and a blaclt
tojiiir very common , nuti they uro beautifully
ailo und are said to bo Just tbo thing for this
liov sun und the high winds. The same lirm
sold hulioi1 hats. Most of these came from
J'uri * They were very high-priced and not
nt all pretty ,
Wlmt It Costs to Drosa n Duilc.
Kcuv by I stojipod at u Moxicau clothlug
store nn < l looked nt sorno Mexican panta
loons. I hero npnln found that tbo dude of
oumUter republic ha * to pay for hU ulyla.
Mnny of the pntitaloons were tnaJo of buclr-
sUlnr and tlio iilonst pairs which were lined
with dolld Mlvor buttons down the sldot cost
ns hifrh as ? 'X ) nnd ? 7o , and coats were llko-
\viso high. It la not hard for n. Moxlcan
country spend from i-100 to < MOO
on his clothes , and" when you take into con
sideration that ho bos to sport a saddio.spurs
and revolver of llko gorgeous character , you
sco that if one of tbeio blfj farmers has a
crowd of grown up boys , his clothing bills
amount to something. This , however , is the
case of only the rich.
Tlio Poor Are Very Poor Indeed.
The poor hero nro so poor that they don't
know how poor they are , nnd tholr clothes
cost practically nothing. A pair of these
cast-off buckskin pantaloons will lait n long
tlmp , nnd the ordinary cotton suits worn by
the poor , though high considering
their ( iharnctor , cost but Ilttlo.
A blanket toils from a dollar
or two up , nml the leather snndnli which nro
worn almost universally by the Indians , are
nothing moro than two pieces of solo leather
as big as your hand tied to the top and bottom
tom of thn foot with leather strings. Thoio
cost-lil cents apiece and last n lonir time. The
dross of the poorer women is oven cheaper
than that of the men , nnd Mexico's 9,000,000
of peasants will have to make moro money
nnd hnvo greater needs before the land can
bpcotno a great consumer of the goods of nnv
nation , Thole bouses are hovels of mud , aud
tholr diet is simpler than their clothes , con
sisting of Ilttlo moro than corn cakes and rod
Garden Spot of Mexico.
The only poor thing , however , nbout this
part of Mexico is the people. Tbo land
bore Is as blaclt as your lint , and
In coming to Aguas Caliontcs on the
Mexican Centinl railroad , you ride for
mllo'i through Holds which will vlo with thotr
crops with tlio valleys of the Nile or the
Ganges , nnd I nm told It is called tbo garden
of Moxlco. It certainly is n wonderfully rich
garden , and cropi of all kinds grow hero in
all the luxuriance of the guano beds along the
coast. It is moro than a mile nbovo the sea ,
nnd the air seems to lovlvlfy tbo land so that
it produces two crops a year without icnnuro.
From here almost to tbo City of Moxlco , n
full day's ride on the cars , you go through a
farmer's par.iuise , and plains of rich crops
stretch away from each side of tlio ro.ul until
their green fades out into the hay blue of
the mountains hi the distance. This region
of Mexico has n good rainfall during the wet
season , but this is also aided by irrigation ,
and I see the method of raising the
water from ono level to another is
the same as that used about Osaka
in western Janan. It is by a long
polo with a weight on ono end and with a
bucket attached to a rope on the ether which
works on n second polo fastened upright into
the grounds. You sco peons working this
crude well everywhere , ana tbo sparkling
water Hews like bauds of silver through the
A Great Wlicnt Region.
This is n great wheat region and I sco corn
stalks in many of the Holds. Maize Is ono of
the great crops of Moxlco. It can bo raised
In every part of the country , nnd It consti
tutes 80 per cent of the eutiro agricultural
product of the land. Moro than $100,000,000
worth of it is raised every year , and it forms
the food of the common people who pound or
grind it up and make it into the thin flat
griddle-likn cakes known as tortillas. The
corn is always sold in a shelled state and
such as r hnvo soon has been white in color
and largo in grain.
Great Ijiiclc of Water.
Up to the present time every Mexican city
I uavo visited has been suffering from lack
of water. The greater port of the country
notb of hero oatho line of the Mexican Cen
tral road is a desert nml the big mining towns
of Zacatecas and Guanahuato have hundreds
of men who make wator-poddliug their pro
fession. In Zacatecas tlio water , with the
exception of n little stream that Hews into a
big fountain in the plaza , comes from a
spring away up on the side of the mountain
and it is brought down on the backs of little
donkeys in red clay ] ars. These jars are tied
on by ropes nnd the water man peddles them
from house to house as our dairvmen do tholr
In Gunnahuato the pcoplo nro moro enter
prising nnd they have a system of water-
world which , however , by no moans
supplies the demands of the
city. The water paddlers here
carry thoiwateti about'on their backs in im
mense jars of red pottery about four feet
long and a foot , in diameter , and they tilt
those over when they want to serve a cus
tomer. In Zacatocas T saw soldiers guard
ing the only working fountain of the city and
allowing only so many men and women to
dip UD water out of it at n tlmo , and back of
these , under the blaza of the hot sun , other
men and women squatted with gourds and.
crocks or oil cans waiting their turn. The
water from the fountain was scooped up by
these people as fast as it flowed out of the
half dozen mouths of the fountain , and men
and women bent themselves double in resell
ing ever and catching drops In their gourds
as it came or in scooping it up from the cdgo
of thn fountain.
Where Humanity Meets on a I ovol
Aguns Callentos means "hot water , " and
the hot springs here are among the finest in
the world. There are n number of them , and
the people coma here by the thousands to
bathe in their health-giving waters. There
is a big bath house kept up , I was told ,
by the town which has excellent bath-
lug arrangements and in which there
is a vat of hot water about lifty
foot square which is ub > ed ns a
swimming bath. This is near the depot on
the edge of the to\vu , but I preferred to go to
the old baths at the springs about n mile out
in the country. 1 ho road to these baths is
one of the finest in Moxico. and the sichts
along It you will see no where else lu the
Picture to yourself n long avenue ol
great cypress treys which almost meet far
above your head and shut out the glare of
the Mexican sun and the silver of the clear
sky. Let these trees bo very near together-
and lot them go on and on until they seem to
almost como together in the distance. Alontr
the sides-of the road lot there bo the greenest -
est of grass , nnd on the right of you ns you
wnllc towards the bath , place a stream of
steel blue water from which the stoum rises
ns it Hews on towards you. Lot this stool
blue stream How through n Ilttlo aqueduct of
white stone nnd lot this bo nbout three foot
wide and nbout four foot deep. Here you
hnvo the background of the picture. Now
for tlio show Itself.
This stream is the waste of tbo hot
springs. It is also tlio bathing place nnd the
washing place of the common people of the
Aztecs of Aguns Caltontos. They are here
by the hundreds mon and women , girls and
boys , lovers mi it sweethearts all bathing
together in the warm , lefreshing.and health-
Rivlug waters. Mnny of thorn bavo washed
tholr clothes whllo In the water and ihcso
they have spread out on the green banks to
dry. Under these great trees us far as your
eye can see , there nro whlto waists , rod
skirts and iho otlior bright bits of color madu
by many colored sornpas and the gay robosas
which Ho on the green banks whllo their
owners nro splashing nnd playing and scrub
bing themselves lu the little trench bolow.
Hero Is a man bathing , whllo his wife sits
on the bnnk nnd wntchos htm , nnd the sun
creeps through , the trees nnd paints bis dark
skin n rich mauogniiv. Here thuro Is n half-
undo Venus , nuked almost to tlio waist , scrub-
bingaway washing seine clothes by rubbing *
Lhom on a rough stone , and thora under a
trco lies nu Indian half dressed but sound
nslcop. I point my camera nt him nnd bis
wife springs up from the stone where sbu Is
washing nnd stands over htm as though she
Tcarod tbo camera was some now fnuglod
; ttn. I press the button , however , nnd the
loiib and the shutter do the rest.
Modobty n Matter of Custom.
I walk along the stream and nmuso myself
by taking uoto of the bathers. They see
nnt.llllur iviviiii * In tlirilt. nnttmta nml I nntft
that there Is nothing really immodest , bolder
or indecent about them. They think nothing
wrong in families and friends bathing to-
cethor , and after all I have again forced
upon mo the feeling that modesty nnd Im
modesty nro matters of custom nnd fashion ,
nnd am reminded of n little maiden in Egypt
who , upon seeing mo approach , covered her
face with her sulrt thnt she might modestly
hldo it from tbo eyes of a man.
Tbo Japanese are In many ways moro mod
est than wo aro. They nr9 In most things
more polite and rollnud. Still , until Intely ,
tha sexes b.xth together In the very capital
Itself , and virtue was not Injured , nor did.
[ irudery raise her voice until tha wtwtorn
world taught her to do so. It li slmply.a mat
ter of opinion , and tbo old French saw 11U
the case well : "ilonl solt qul maly ponso. "
To the admirer ot an extra dry wlnoCook's
Sparkling Imperial recommend * iUelf. Its
Uocjuot U lluo ; it's naturally formuuloO.
Our Boys Charged to Victor ? up the Sides o
Missionary Ridgo.
How the Federal Contro Broke
Through the Itclol Line
ami Swept Its Oppo
nent Ii'rotu the
WrUten for The JJee.
Before looking at Missionary Ridga ns 1
appears today , lot us llrst look at It through
battle sinoko on that day when it was the
sccuo of the grandest military spectacle over
spread bo lore tlio oycs of man.
Our point of view will bo the summit of
Lookout mountain , and the date November
23 , 18W.
Following the battle of Lookout Mountain ,
our troops bivouacked on the rocity slope undo :
the palisades , the top of the mountain am
part of the eastern slope still being in the
hands of the enemy. On the morning of the
2. > th these of us who lay under Lookout
Point were up by break of day , or oven
earlier. Our beds wore not so soft or warm
as to luvitiv lengthened repose ; and , if the
onomy.still held possession of the rocks above
us , our situation was decidedly precarious.
The timber on that part of the mountain had
been entirely cut away , and there wan new-
no friendly fog to shelter us from hostile vis
itation of load and iron. Wo were rlirbt
under the eaves of Lookout , and wo were ap-
prohonslvo that the hail of battle would soon
bccln to drop from them into our ranks. Why
oven a small force of sllngors could
stone us out of our camp from these rocks ol
But as the light increases and wo see no
signs of attack , and hear not so much as the
snap of a cap on the near summit from which
Mars had sent his loudest shouts rolling
down the surrounding valleys only a few
hours before , it began to dawn on us that the
mountain was wholly ours , and all that wo
had to do was to climb to the crest and claim
it under tha 11 up.
And it was soon accomplished. Fifteen
men of the Eighth Kentucky climbed up to
Lookout Point through clefts in the rocks
and waved the stars and the stripes over the
mountain which wo had so gallantly won.
As soon as our army saw Lookout under
the proper Hag thov raised such a shout a
these highlands and valley had never hoard
before. After circling for a time around the
crest of the mountain it swept down to
Hooker's right in Lookout valley ; tbon it re
mounted and climuod the mountain with the
speed of sound ; down the eastern slope it
sped , gathering increasing volume from
tnousands of yelling throats ; it leaped the
Tennessee at a bound , and it was as though
Moccasin Point were a hugo tongue , and the
gorge of the "Suck" were the
sonorous throat of a mighty earth
giant ; then the shout ran around our entire -
tire line in front of Chattanooga ,
and oft to the extreme loft whore Sherman
was uroparing to begin the movement against
the northern end or Missionary nugo , irom
whence it came racing back along the same
line on the double < juicknnd played leap-frog
over tha back of Lookout with a boyish
abandon which m.ido yelling seem the great
est luxury imaginable. O , what a shout ! It
was the gallant cry of victory , and. Mission
ary Uidgo listened , end was silent.
As the Ninoty-sixth Illinois , of which the
writer was a member , fought on the extreme
right during the battle ot the 34th , passing
over the highest and roughest ground , wo
were accorded the honor , with the Eighth
Kontuckv , of holding the mountain during
the battle of the i" > th. This gave us the
privilege of viowlnir from tno top or the
mountain , that magnificent movement which
carried our lines over the crest of Missionary
Ridge and completely delivered Chattanooga
from the presence of the enemy ,
Tno readers of THE BIK : nro invited to
stand on Prospect Point and view the grand
spectacle with us.
Look eastward over the back of Mission
ary Ridge , ever the Cuichamauga woodsover
sixty miles of lessor hills and inountainsand
the no on ends In a blue wall which rises
0,000 foot above the sealevel. . That Is tno
Blue" Uidgo of North Carolina.
In other directions the prospect
la not quito so extensive , but your horizon
rings in considerable portions of live states ,
and includes a wonderful variety of beautiful
scenery. Towards the west lies Sand Moun
tain , inferior only to Lookout in size ; towards
the northwest llo the Uaccoon mountainsand
at your foot winds the clear Tennessee in
grrcoful loops , the longest of which encloses
Moccasin Point with bcad-woric of silver.
But our attention is drawn eastward by
something more attractive just now than the
loveliest scenery on the globe. There , two
great armies face each other , ours in Chat
tanooga valley and that of our antagonists on
Missionary Kidgo.
It is about four miles from the point whore
wo stand to Bragg's headquarters on the
Hldgo , but the atmosphere is so clear that wo
can distinctly see the entire field of battle
from Uossvillo Gap on our right to the north
ern end of Missionary Uiugo on suorman's
Hooker with sovcn brigades , Is on the
right , proparing-to strike the enemy's line at
Uossvillo Gap : Sherman , His corps consid
erably strengthened by supporting- divisions
and brigades from other commands , is on the
loft , and Thomas , with his Army or the Cum
berland , is in the center.
General Grant's first plan is to crush tno
confederate right with our loft , and Shor- '
innnJs men are already "ut > and at them. "
The distance is so great that wo cannot dis
tinctly see the movements of the troops ; but
from the sound of the battle \vcvknow that
the two armies have grappled yonder among
the hills north of the tunnel and are locked
in-a Horculo-Anttuan wrestle , the issue of
which is doubtful tor hours.
It is noun , and , with occasional pauses , the
storm of battle on our loft still rages. It is
i o'clock ' and the confederate line is still un
broken , except at Uossvillo , where General
Hooker has taken the gap and is preparing to
swoop Missionary Rldgo lengthwise.
The army of the Cumberland In the valley
below us 11 rustless in spirit. There is "olo-
Bant fighting anywhere along the whole
line , " and they have not yet llrod a shot.
But.tlghton your bolts , bays , aud got ready ,
for in ton minutes your opportunity will
coma. .
The hero ot Vlcksburg-stands ever yonder
on Orchard Knob , and by his sldo stmds
Thomas , the "Rook , ot Chiuknmauga. , "
USrant smokes tils cigar and says very Ilttlo ;
but his thoughts fall into line line battalions
and Provldonqo favors thorn. Ho Is about
to give an order whicli will crowd more
stirring events Into an hour than could bo
fully told in a volumo. Ho is about
to hurl tils center against the
enemy's works on Missionary Uidgo.
Six guns fired from Orchard Knob at
twenty minutes to four , was the sign for the
begiiiulng-ot the movementiiiul ; , as the guns
sound at Intervals of two seconds , llltu the
the tolling of a mighty clock , wo , who vlow
the battle from Lookout , sco n marvelous
transformation take place in the valley below
us. It gives birth to an armed force , who
Torsako their sheltering breastworks and
form In line in tbo open valley , leaving no
reserves behind.
What a magnificent line ! Eleven brigades
are in line of battle right before us and seven
moro nro with Hooker on the right and eight
divisions nro with Sherman on ttio loft.
For a few moments it seems llko a grand
review. Our line is so regular and. tholr
movements are so predao that they seem to
bo playing-soldier.
But Missionary Uidgo evidently is In dead
earnest , for it leaps Into volcanic action
along its entire- crest , Fifty pieces of lirtll-
ory over yonder begin to plnyn stern battle
liymn , and I' , is as though Vulcan war ) suiit-
: ng the Keys with his slougo , and the vault of
the sky woio hollow /Ktim lillod with the
reverberant thunuor of his mighty blows.
Shells como circling across the valley , trail-
ng after them that poculiarwnbbliug shriek
la which the nerves never bocoma accus
tomed ; anil the air ever thahuads of our ad
vancing linahtdottod with wblto , circular
clouds , tolling wboro exploded shells have
tiocomo down-rusnlng streams of Jagged
ihuudarbolt , dealing death and mutilation in
) ur ranks. But our artillery U not sllunt.
Orchard Kuab confronts lu EURO antagonist
with miraculous audacity , and slings shells
oa thouuh it were Ilttlo David standing In the
yalloy ol LUnh und youdor wrathful rlugo
were Goliath of Gfttb. "Forts Wood" and Nop-
loy smoka und Unmo-HQe volcano orators In
hot eruption ; Fort Kiiyppeala wish a royal
volcoi FortPnlmor bcllW it * peaceful name
and becomes a pugilist ( whoso Iron-kiuicklod
blows go straight front tbc shoulder with tell
ing effect ; and oven Moccasin Point , almost
out of the light onnrownt of dlstanco ,
reaches the ridge nlonj Kh parabolas which
scorn to know Just wHojto , curve to oarth.
Hero is n panorninsvflt war four ratios In
length , a panorama jMllero the guns paint
tholr oxvn smoke ns It-1 rolls In billowing
clouds from tlielr bellowing- mouths ; where
the llio is not rod strca.k.sof pigment on can
vas , but leans and lUwlicn like the llvo light
nings of honvcn ; whdro lines of men ad
vance , and opposing lines resist , and battle-
lings nutter , and tliosoinrd of the battle ah ,
bow could paint that I filling- the whole valtoy
with increasing roar , and cullslltip every
echo lurking In surrounding hill and moun
tain to add their voices to the at touudlngut-
Hero is heroism indeed. Our man are not
sustained by the excitement of close contest ,
but "stormed at by shot and shell , " without
tiring a shotln reply , they are wading breast
deep through the vnlloy of death , scoltlng to
gain a llchilni : foothold at the basa of the
ridge. Yes , and they have reached lighting
ground at lost ; forstoadylng themselves fern
n moment , they roll down on that first line
of works at the further stdo of the valley as
the waves of the wind swept Atlantic roll
down on a low lying roof , and ever it they go
in a surge of victory , scaitoring tholr antago
nists like filing foam far up the side of the
ridgo. Who can toll what followed. A
breathing spoil of a few minutes ; then yield
ing to n common heroic Impulse , wlthont or *
dors , contrary to orders in fact , our men fnco
that llamlng roof and. resolve to climb It.
Some of the leaders try to halt the line ,
knowing that they nro exceeding orders , but
who can halt that which is to bo , for God
commands the line now , not General Grant.
Up , up they struggle. ; notono of these trim
lines of oattlo such as you sco In pictures , but
irregular , scattering , bent down hero
and up there , a zigzag line drawn
norns.s a vnrv ronph iMcm. linrdK-
n line nt nil iii places n confused scramble
of struggling men , each man for himself , yet
each man for the Hag which Mutters o'er him
nn altogether unmilltnry line except that it
will go forward. They nro now witnin easy
range ofmuskotry , nnd n tempest of lend is
sweeping down the slope. The marvel Is
that any of our men dared to face it , or lived
through it , for every man will hnvo to pass
scores of bullets on his way to tuo cro.1t.
The sun ii now balancing level rays ever
tbo back of Lookout , and what pur men do to
win the day they must do quickly. Yes , and
they are dolnc it ! "Fighting Phil" scorns to
bo a Ilttlo In the load , but ether commands
are nearlng the works nt the same time.
Our men nro now breasting waves of ( ire
within a few rods of the works. Bragg and
Breckenridgo nro striving to rallv their wav-
orlng line ; they are hurling rocks on tbo
heads of our men only a few feet below them ,
and shouting "Chlckanlnuga" as a term of
But they could not glvo our bravo boy1 ! amore
moro inspiring battle cry. The grand old
Army of the Cumberland are bent on taking
a look ever toward1) Chlckamauga from the
crest of Missionary Ridge , and Bragg and all
of his tinny cannot longer hold them back.
Yonder is a Hag at the works it is on
thorn 1 and another there ! and another there 1
and at almost the .samo moment our victorious
army sweep their foes from the crest of the
ridge , capturing fifty pi4co3 of artillery and
many prisoners. "I"1
\Vo are too clad too ty.yp in detail the sub
stantial results of thatpjondid victory ; but
as long as battles are qurrnted the story of
Missionary Ridge will have power to stir tbo
blood to quickened pulsations.
After Ija Grippe.
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fer'ro-manganeso waters pf Kxcelsior Springs ,
Mo. ol >
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stocking , llhloi an enlarged joint , nnd glvoi lu-
Btantrcllef. Inthreo slros. Pi Ice Uo cents.
Fur sale by J. A. Fuller & Co. , Klmlor'a Drug
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BllADICATOB Cures all dlsoa'ea because It kills
the mlcrobo orgcrm. Put up and rotilled In J- , $ G
ana K sizes , tha latter 21-2 gallons Sent nny-
hero prepaid on receipt of prlco orC. O U. \ \ e
Issue a guarantee to euro. The public , trade and
lobbcrs supplied by the Uoodinan Drag Co. . Me-
Corrnlck A Lund , Omaha ; C. A. Melchor Iloward
Slyors and K. J. Seykorn , South Oman : A. I > . Fos
ter and M. 1' . Kills , Council HluU * .
IjoDuu'H I'crioiliciil I'ills.
This French remedy acts directly upon the genera
tive organs and cures suppression ot the inonsoi.
f2 or thrco for $5 , and can bo mailed. Should not boned
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They m > ' hirolo effort ! to fro themidvM ,
ff. but not knowing bow to mcetiirullr
tb r gtr up In ilecptlr and link loto mo early
k ( TlTt. tttlt U EUUOK I Tlurt U IIKI.FII
.ot free , roit-pill , ( luliil )
fort limited tlmo , i'l ' lm
i > Dd Amlctloai ot tha
Oriini of lUn. tndhow by
i tymetbodieicluilvilyour
own , the wont rnwsof
Loit or FilllDZ U nbood ,
Otaerkl d Nirroni De.
tllltr. We knen o Dody
, tndtllnd , EB cti ot Erron
or EICIIIII , Stunted or
Bhrankin Orf am onn Ix > Cnr.l. . B" t ' 'JASKi
nowtoKnUrg. naBtr.ntlienWEAK.UHDEVElOPEn (
OEOAMB A PART8 of BODY made plain to all IntireitiO.
lien uilirr from 60 St l < . Terrlloiltt end Forilca CauDUIlu
Ton o n write them. For llook.f ll eipUmllnn antl pro r. , ' J" '
X have a positive rorned forttho boo dliieaBQi by Ita
tua thousand * of casoj of tlio norat Id ml and of long
Btaudmt ; bAva boon aurc < lfTKitMd f ) ) strong U my faitli
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T. A. Hlociim , HI. C..JSI IVnrl bt. , N. V.
> [
. _ Others In
' comjKirlaon uro flow or
' "
"IIKAD. Ifsuffrringtry
liovev * Cur 8
1) Uieonly romoilytbat reilerus tootiuclia , hand-
( . ho nnd nDuralu'lu. It Is Iho vlienpotl. II UoauJ. for
Ocn packnuo. Neither pomtor. liquid , plllnorloi-
uiiiu - Itl tli uiu t nk-cu-uahla In takg.Vo wur-
aiatbli remedy to ulto lallifactlon Can tie mulled.
lelall of Iillq A l-o lla and ( ioodumii Driitf Co , dm
Worn und doubt inner oomo to Itioto who uao our
'Companion ' , " J ait Intraducuil : Uili a llfc-llnm , In
destructible , ufoi rplliUjlu. To Introduce ,
Mo. KUiuu * tttkBU. WliSTKIl.S AUK.NUV ,
Clljr , Mo.
, ,
Adam Forepaugh Shows
The Oldest , Largest , Richest , Grandest Exhibition in the World
l.XWMon nndllnr < pl ,1 Ormt Hallway Trrilml IDOSopar-
ntoiiiui Distinct Art * In thn .l-lllim Clreual Jill I'lnlnimcn ,
Sioliln. nncl .snvnKC'JI SOU llnrn AnlniiilH Mini lllrd l Ainu
nml AiriMorrl > iul toirprlnK Touts ! Idiom fur nil cntlni conn-
tr t'Onrntli Urn trompndmn ptivllloti'l Dillnipen ci n for-
tunol .Million * limxti'ill All llno i > r triiTi'l rr ndod > Tliom-
miiidii tipun thoiKiiniU IhronuliiK to IIIMJ It ! SohonK toro < ,
Khops'i'loscMt ! All liiiilni'i * BiH'M'ndedl The roiuitrr's irnli *
ilnyl It would tnkn llio mini poll lomm Toliunu to ilotnll nil
tlio now , cxUtlim , Kri'il und noiiiltirful fo.ittiroi of Iliu Adnm
r-nrupiliuli lni\r < Klrst ( line KOIMI III America , tol. lloone
ami .Mli-riirlottii. Ilia world * rlinmiilon lion trnlni'rs , mid llrsl
premintntlon of Ilia tlirlllhw nnd nirivln < ) > lrliw otlillilllun of
In mi'miroly fenced Modl-bnrrml circus rlnit. Von wlllftco
fortlm llrst tliiiiilnyourlltoi , Mom ildlnn n trlpyi'lol Minis
rnilnif In ImrnoMl l.lom plnylnit icu-snwl I.lons ilunalriK ,
lo.iplni ; ' l.lom rormlin : liluli pynimMi !
All rrciMiilii IIiuIrimtlMi IUKoii will 900 for the llrst
tlmn umler cnnviif , the unlvcrni fniilpil
M A. N IA O N - V O IA T E R S
The crunti'tit of living aurlnllitt In tbu tic tth-ilahrlnu I o in for
\ \ lih me world' * limit ruuiwni'd Kid-
Colossal era AllilotiB , Gyimmatii nnd Specialty
IVrformor' , Including \Vondorful
3- Klfiy Tliimiiniiil Dollar bind of
_ Tr.ilnnl llroiii lmlli _ r ui _
32 i. llopru vntlnir 1 yonrt' utlnrti fully TTvo
, . .Million DullnM oxpi'iulod diirlnK tlmt tlnia
M&M * ? * ' IP1 In ii'ciirlnu rum llvliiK Mpoolnicns of every
Itllll A > ilfIdrd : mid nnliunl known tuoxUt
With oil lliirouoS Moil KIIIU ) u <
THE MAGNIFICENT end K.ilroit llldor , lrlvcrn , ( luir-
lotoor1 * , eto , nnd Iticos by Thor-
onulibrctU ord CanioN , Kfophun n
ontl ether onluuils ovur a full } {
GREAT WILD WEST Hnillntlo rnpro'Ontntlon fnnntlcnl
" ( iho t Dinco , " and Iticldcntn of
the "Messiah cnuo , " l&U pnwiuct
EXHIBITION cowboys , etc , hanging 11 Jior o
tlilof , rnhbory U 8 mall , ( 'URter'a
last rnlly , Virginia reel on horseback , border llfo In nil Ita
Arrive In town In ncaaon to beheld the STUPENDOUS
IP A. R. A. D Iii
Which Inkos place at about 10 o'clock , on the forenoon of
slionrday. It ntnrts from the exhibition ground All the par-
nilea In the world , rolled Into one * , would not equal the nno-
fourth part of thii TIIHKK MILLION DOU.AH I'Al.lIANTUY
DISPLAY ! All the Wild West nil the Hippodrome , nil tbo
Trained Anlm.ili , nil the clrcui , all the savages scouts , con-
hoys , all the gorgconi , glittering chariots , fairy fpattiro < , per
forming horse * . superbly costumed rlilora , Hlx full musical
band * * , and ,7)0 ) features space won't portnlt to nnnniorati1 , con
stitute thii , tno MOST THKMKNDIHJS HlHi : STIIKKT
o'clock. Afternoon nnd ovonlng.
AilrnHsloii Bnitio 111 usual. I'or the arcoiumodatlon of the
publlo who would avoid the crowds on the grounds reserved
numbered seats ( at the regular prices ) and admission tickets ,
at the usual fllUht advance , ran bo &ocured at Opern House
Pharmacy on the day of Inhibition only.
28th Year-James E. Sole Owner.-The Show
- . Cooper , . - Only Big Coming.
We Offer the Following Special Bar
gains at Prices Less than half
One Piano - $125.00
Steinway .Square , . . . . $ .
One Haines Bros. Square Piano 100.00
One Knabe Grand Square Piano 200.00
One Chicago Cottage Organ , 13 stops. . . . 50.00
One Estey Organ , 9 stops 50.00
One Shoninger Organ , 11 stops , Cklfo" 70.00
One Sterling Organ , 11 stops 50.00
One Sterling Organ , 7 stops 30.00
One Palace Organ , 9 stops 45,00
One Newman Bros. Organ , 10 stops , 40,00 ,
One Nicholson Organ , 8 stops 25.00
Several of these organs are nearly new , having been taken in exchange
and we warrant them to be fully as represented. Payments may be
made in monthly installments if desired.
Our stock of first class pianos and organs is the largest and most
complete overseen in Omaha , and at prices , quality considered , below
all competition. Be sure and see what we offer before purchasing.
Max Meyer & Brol Coi ,
Cor. 16th and Farnam Sts.
From date of this paper. Wishing to Introduce our
_ _ _ . - . . woliavodocidwltomakothlsBpcelaloircr. and at thosamotlmaoxtond our business nnd tjonduaaCablnotric- maknnnwcuBtomors
, , ,
turolMiotoprrnphTlntypoAmbrotypoorDuKucrotypaofyoiirscl . ornuyinoinbirofyourfainllyllvliirordiiadnndwowlUniako !
youaMFKHizEcnAYfiNi'OUTKAiTritKEOFjJHAUGK.provldPdyouoxhib , tlitoyourfrlcndsnsnHnHiploofourworlt
nnd use your . influence in securing us future orders riaco , name and address on back of picture nnd it will bo returned lu per
fect order. Wo make any chance in plcturo you wish not interfering with the Ilkenvsi. Uofor to any bank In Chicago , ,
AaOrtsaOliiauUto PACIFIC POntnAIT HOUSE , IOQ&11Q RandolpU St.Chicago , HI.