Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 14, 1891, Part Two, Page 14, Image 14

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* "
A DVEHTIEEMKNTB for"tiicVe columns wll
jtXjio taken until 12:10 : p. m. , for the oven in
edition , nnd until 6n ; : p. m. , for the mornlni
edition and HUNDAV HKE.
mEUMS-Coah In advance '
- < 1ve'rtl < rmrntion1hliipaewlUn <
charged for nt the rate of 1H cents po
word for the flrstlnscrllon. and Iccntnorwori
each sulif-rqucnt Insertion , and 11.10 pc :
for per month. No advertisement taken foi
tfg than 21 cents for tlio first Insertion.
TNJTIALS. llg J'symbols , etc , , countencl
JL OR ono word.
HM1ESE ndvpftlsrmrnts mint run connect ;
JL. lively and under no circumstances wll
they be taken or discontinued by telephone.
ndvpHlsInz In thcsn column * nni
PARTIES their usmwcrsaadrrnod toa"nunv
lerrd letter In cure of TIIK UFK. will receive r
numrerrd check to enable thoni to get thru
Jotters. Answers will bo delivered only or
presentation of this check. Jncloto : answer
in envelopes properly addressed.
/ ndvertl rmcnt under thn henfl 01
ALlndvertl " nro published In boll
Hie nuirnlne nnd owning rdltlonsof TUB Ilrn
tliprlrculntlon of vUilch nt-groKntcsniorotlian
SO.fOnpnpnrs dally , nnd gives tlio advertise ;
flip benefit not only of the lnrgp plrculntlon ol
Tin : nn ; In Omnlia , 1'Ut also In Council niuIrR
Lincoln nnd other cltlrs and towjis'ntlicwe t
Advertising for HIPSP column" wtl > " o tnknn
ontlm nliovpcondition" , at the f I'.nwIiiB ' bnsl-
nciR houses vvlio nrenuthorl/pd to tiikf special
notices , at the same rates as can bo had at the
snaln ofllrc.
IfiN. : Urcrt. Lister Illoek.
TOIIN wfilELU Plmrmaclst , llth St Mason
. ' htroet.
11ASE & EDDY. Stationers and Printer
113 South 1Mb street.
s.II. . I'A HNS WORTH , rimrmacist , 2I1S
. Cnmlna strppt
J. Hl'OIIES. Pharmacist , C24 North 10th
pEO. W. I'Alin , Pharmacist , 171S Loavcn-
VJ rorth street.
'IT ruilEb' rilAHMAOV. 24th nnd Farnam.
rn , tic. . Kftnp of frrt rolumn on Hit * yigr-
COl'NTKY fpnclior. wlm Is nn excollpnt
Boniiislress find luiipood machine , wishes
to fcpw In ri'llnt-d fa in 11 v part of each week In
payment of board or all the thno forcomfort-
able nrrotiimodntlons nnd small wairos.
I'lciipant honin dnrlne Riiniinor Vacation main
object. Aduress 1'42. lice. 813 II *
Tnn I'lnco tMipro Inrty can keen
WAN , do second work , tnku uaro of rhll-
drpn. or sew In pnro'ontfor hoiird. Must
hnve piano In house. K. A. , care 1208 Park nvo. .
City. 807 14 *
SITUATION wantPrt by yonnp attorney of
nnollior Rtiitn In odicn or store ; oxuorlenccd
In both. Address l'f.7 , llco. 610-14 *
AllOOTOKwnnts locution. In At druggist.
Would inanago drnir store. City mid coun
try nxprrlcnrn. llocnlnr graduate. Itnfor-
cnccs. All A. Co. , Fairmont. Nob. & 41-14 *
\\7 ANTED A phvlolnn of 15 years oxporl-
' once wants location ; best of retnronccs.
Ad drrss I' 49. Heo olllco. M780 14 *
WANTED Situations for ( rood elrls ; my
waltlni : rooms nro always full from 0 a.
m. tofi p. m. Canadian Employment ofllce.
31414 H. Will. Tolnplinno R84. 241
) nOFE SrONAI , nurse. Mrs. S. E. llonton.
1815 Oass street. Oniulia. Ml JltO
fiirrntf. tie. . tcct < ttnf firt column on thtiprtge.
WANTED oniro tnnnagcr. must corno wpll
rccoiiunnnilofl nnd Imvo MS ) cash BC-
enrlty for coeds handled nnd IIIOIIPV oollei'ted.
Will pay ? flO per month salary to rltslit party.
Address with pelf addressed stamped pn-
vplope for return , to No. 404 Iowa Latin rml
Trust Co. bldg. . Dos Mo.nos , In. SOU 14 *
"YVTANT'W ' TVavolI"K salesman. Can make
' J" > 3 per wpokpernianentlv : trade snpplul-
tlcs. Talior. 177 Monroe street , Chicago. M > 3 14 *
W ANTED A nrst class cabinetmaker and
carpenter , isle Farnam at. 651 14 *
WANTED 'I hroo experienced salesmen to
work In c'tv ' ; commission or salary If
preferred. Call between 8 and 10 u. m. Kn
I'axton blk. B.VJ 14 *
\\7ANTED-An oldcrly gontlomtin' for n
perinanpnt position In our business ;
ealnry , $ ! 8woekly ; former city businessman
prnfnrrcd. Call Tuoxday after 10 o'clock. A.
N. Shldolcr. 12 Crelnhton block. 818 14 *
SALESMEN on salary or commission to
handle the now "Ink. Fruit , Stain Remov
ing 1'cticll. " Will positively remove Ink nnd
fruit stains from hands , elotli. etc. , without
Injury. 200 per cent nroflt. Sample by mall
8.10. Full terms nnd particulars address Chem
ical Pencil Co. . 3 ArDylo building. Chlcatro.
Bill 14 *
AOENTS Strcptmen make at least JIHOO
dally Kelllmr best kitchen utensil made.
Two Hamples and terms 15c. King , 1' , O. hov
204-1 Now Voi k. . 821 14 *
SALESMEN to Introduce our specialty to
the dry goods and grocery trade. Quick
sales and lane profits guaranteed , Particu
lars on application. Write quick , George O.
Dakor.V ; Co. . South Bond. Ind. 815 li *
, QENTS Wanted ? . " > 7.00 salary and nx-
pc rises pald to bright , active , wldo-
nwaKe young men ; touchers nnd students pro
fcrrod : employment pleat-ant , refining and
permanent : no book peddling ; our new ulnn
takrs llko "wild-fire. " Address. Nntlonal
Library Association , 243 Wabash aveiiup ,
Ohlcauo. III. 812 14 *
ALAROE loan company , loaning on Im
proved or unimproved first moitgago se
curity , ton years tlmo , less than 0 per cent per
iinnum. desires an oxporloiipod and resuonsl-
ule ceneraI state agent. Address with rofnr-
cncos , 510 Manhattan building , Chicago. 111.
M78. ) IS *
KGANI/.nitS wantcd- and JIOO In live
montlm. First certificates In * " > o , class dtito
.July 1. 1R1I. First class or-sanl/cr * wanted
Wrlto for terms. Sunremo Induo. the I'nlvor-
Bal Progressive l.oaguo , 172 Washington street.
lloaton. Mass. M71)0 ) Jyl2 *
T\7'ANTED A blaokHinlth to leave tbo city.
T Must bo a good ImrsoRhoor and wa on
ropnlrur , ono who can bharpon tools preferred.
Apply to IIiiRh Murphy , 1503 Fainam stroet.
Omaha , Neb. M 77i ( 14
WANTED-At onpp , architectural draughts
man , good at. detail and construction. Ap
ply W. H , Alford manager , I , llodcson. jr. ,
mown block , 10th and Douglas streets. 74S-I4
G ENERAL agents and canvassers looking
for a permanent money-making business ,
no competition , should .icon ro the sale of the
patent adjustable HIOI ! > . Address with stamp.
Consolidated Shoo Co. , Salem. Muss. M717 22 *
Bid money soiling the life of P. T. Harnum ,
only I1..V ) . ApontH wanted. American
Book Co. , Now York Life bullilluL'.Omalia. Neb.
TlTANTEO-Orijanlrers by the Friendly Aid
T Society , Pays Its members Sloe ovnry
fdx tnontliH. Has paid f.'KKi.OOO In benefits.
Rcscr\o and bonnllt fund hold In trust by the
Btutoof Massachusetts. Terms liberal. Ad
dress Friendly Aid Society , Waltham. Mass.
MK1J .ly.V
_ _
\ \ ! ANTEISalcsmpn on salary or comniln-
' slon tohandln the now patunt chemleal
Ink erasing pencil ; the greatest Milllni ; siovnl-
ty overproduced ; orates Ink thoroughly In
tttoaeconds ; no abrasion of paper ; 200 tofiOO
norconU prolltj ono agent's sales amouifted
Jo iJOM In six days ; another KM In two hour * .
Wo want one general ncent for each state and
territory. I or terms nnd full particulars , ad
dress the Monroe Eraser Mfg. Co. , La Crosse.
Fur nitV . ctf. . rce fnp nf fott column nn tills p lac ,
ANTED Good cook nnd laundress ; also
experienced nurt > o girl. MiH Farnam.
b58 14 *
LADIl'.S who vrlll do writing for mo at Sholr
own homo will guarantee good wages ,
Address with f > t > lt-addroAsed. stainped enve
lope Mls.s l-.tlna Ij , Smythu. South llcnd. Ind , ,
proprietor of the famous Gloria Water for tbo
complexion. 811 15 *
w ANTED A few ladles to assist In toaolt-
Ing the "Capitol" tailor system of Uhl-
cage ; Ulobo hotel until Juno20 , F. H. llurd.
KM 14 *
ANTEU-Ltidles to soil bpcolnltlun for
ladles. For particulars address E. O.
iloruluk , MM MudUon avo. , Chicago , 111.
6117 14 *
\\rANTEl > An elderly woman to tuUo care
T of baby 1 your old. Call ut 2110 Lmiuot ht.
b0014 *
\\7ANTED-At Dr. Van Camp's , nil N.20th
i > HI , , u competent girl for general home
work. 7U4 li *
wanted for gencrul housework 1010
GIRL avo. Mrs. J. M. Coummiau.
077-14 *
I or rate } , , ttc.iettoyofftnt couian on f/i ( pgg
Ittwjcru and solicitors. a.W.Suoa fc
PATENT , bulfulub' . Omahu. Branolt olllee ut
Wailslssiitoo , l ) , U. CosssuUuUgu Uco. s&
Fiirrtilttetc.teetnp nfflrtl e tunin n
" '
18th and Center
FOU RENT Nicely furnished lioune. nlm
rooms , bath , oto. ; for the rummer t IICH
Hanscom park. Mumaueh Si 1'ltcholl , 15tl
und Howard ttrootn. M8TO II
FOU UENT Jufy I , furnished , fl-room cot
tage , for small family : modern convent
once ; paved street , Apply , 1814 Clark street
MKIO 15' '
TJ1OU UE.NT 1'urnlshrd cottaco from July 1
JL1 Inquire morning * . 1310 California. 8.14 14' '
mWO 0-room now brlok bouses , aWI. ftWI
JL Ilarnoy street. Smeuton Si Allen , iruti I ar-
nam street. Ml a 18' '
HOl'SIX 5 rooms , barn , city water. 3 | { acres
P'lftlurc , North Z4th st , duo t-ast Forl
Omaha , tl- per month. Apply Immi'dlateh
across tlio street. MUM 15' '
T71OR RENT Chotip. Eight-room furnished
JO bouse , on motor llnct lurgo Rlruly yard !
good barn. Macleod , 1)15 ) N. Y. Lite. 7114-11
TTOR UENT Furnished bouse , 8 rooms ;
JL1 every convenlnco ; for 4 or 5 months. 2721
Jackson st. 481 15 <
TjlINEnow 12-room bouse with all modern
JL Ininrovenionts and barn ; flno location foi
a physician. J. H. Parrotte rental agoncr.
M1MT2. "
T71OU UENT Handsome 11-room modern
JL1 IIOUPO ; all conveniences : In perfect order ;
paved Ntreots ; motor , and within 5 inlniitua
walk of postodlco. Nathan Sliclton , 1014 Far-
nil m street. MI51
FOU UENT 10 room liousp. St Mary'8 nvo-
ntio * 7U
10 room brick lieu o , South 20th st AC
0 room house , Nortn 10th st 115
Inquire Nctherton Hall , room 320 , First Nat.
bank. M 771 14
"I/'OU RENT 10-room house , centrally locat-
JL'cd , modern Improvements. Inquire , 712 N.
10th. 2KJ
TTIOU RENT in room house , all modern Im-
JL' provements. S. 22d , between St. Mary's avo-
nno and Howard. Enquire cor 21st and St.
Mary's avenue. 510
"VTEW , modern and mostdeslr.iblo In ttioclty.
X > Tlireo or four room suites. Complete for
Housekeeping. 813 S. 22ud street. T. L. Von
Porn. M48I
FOR UENT Nicely furnished seven room
cottace , conveniently locate : ) , reference
required. Inquliu Nclhorton Hall , room 320 ,
Flrat NaU bank. M 771 14
TT10U REN r 14 room modern brick house , all
JL' conveniences , deslrablo location. Inquire
Netherton Hall , room.'UJ , First Nat. bank.
Jl 771 14
I71OU UENT 0 room dwelling with largo
JL' yard , casv walking d'stanco. Inquire
Nctbcrton Hall , room 320 , First Nat. bank.
M 771 14
FOU RENT 10 room brick dwclllne. south
front , C'a s St. . rent moderate. Inquire
Notherlon Hall , room320 , First .
M 77114
2 lloor house all modern im
provements. No. 408 N. 23d street. Apply
at ) I'arnam ' street. 710 14
TIEN-ItOOM bouse with barn ; desirable lo
cation , moderate rent. Heard llroi. 1410
Douglas st. M837
TCTOR UENT 8 room house. 0 room cottage ,
JO bath. etc. Apply C. S. Elguttor , 801 N. Y
Life bldg. 490
POUU room flat for rent , 1470 S IGth streot.
114.00 per month. Inquire In store. 781-18 *
K-UOO.M house , nlco yard , shade trees , city
viinil cistern water , elegant neighborhood , 2
blocks from street cars , 1411 S. 7th avenue , or
Hell's pharmacy , cor. llth and Mason.
STEAM heated ndorn flats. 707 and 709
South lOtti. E. F Ulnger , 1M9 Farnam.
20J-J27 *
OOMS , light housekeeping. 20JO St. Mary's
avo. 71W
UENT 0-room house , modern conveniences
iences , 2024 Davcnpoit street. Inquire
! MH Davenport street. 4M
FOR RENT Elettant 10-room brick house
eor. 20th and Hurt st. modern Improve
ments apply to J. U 1'urrotte , S. E. cor IGtli and
Dodge. G75
T711FTEEN 0-room brick houses , all modern.
cxcoiit furnace$22.M per month , near Sher
man avenue motor. O. F. Harrison , 012 N. Y.
Life. IU4-.I22
for rent Two story house fi rooms
HOUSE all modern Improvements 2.13 Lake
street. C. 1) . Woodworth 1512 Douglas. 1WJ
ITtOR RENT A 10-room house , S. E. eorner
-L1 17th and Dodge. See James Neville. 404 18 *
OR RENT A furnished 14-room hou e. No.
212 N. 17th , newly papered and built ex
pressly for roomers and boarders ; 1 block
from business centre , bee James Neville.
403 IS *
TJ1OR RENT 7-room house , -.02-J Harnoy. In-
J- quite A. II. Gladstone , 1U10 Douglas street.
FOR RENT Now 7 room housu. with all
modern Improvements , 1 block ftrom Wul-
nut Hill motor. J25. Thco. Olson , W)4 N. Y. Life.
FOU cSALE Now south front seven-room
honso. bath , etc. , on May no streot. In Orch
ard Hill full lot , 2 blocks from motor ; prlco
* J..r > OD ; on terms to suit purchaser. This Is u
bargain. W. U Homan , rooms 6 and 10.
Fri'ii/or b'ock , 703 24
8-UOOM hrlok house , all conveniences , 125 ;
G-room bricK house , JO. H. E. Cole , 0 Con
tinental , U21
OtTSES , all kinds three nicely furnished.
llundy A Co. , 1014 Capitol avenue. 607
IF you wish to rent a house or store sec H. R
Cole , Continental block. 2.V )
IjlOU KENT Vorv desirable private resl-
JL'deneo , 25th and Farnam. U. C. Pattoison.
U07 N. Y. Life. 72U
FOU UENT. cheap ; a good < en room modern
bouse. Inquire 2529 Capitol avenue. It.
U. Uohlson. MI175 Jlfl
Ferrates. etcteetnptifflrit column an tilts pic/a /
rooms , slnzlo oren suite , five blocks
postolllco ; references. 21iJ N. 10.M81223
M812-23 *
OU RENT Varnished rooms. MO S. 20th st
M85U 10 *
BEAUTIFUL furnished rooms , bath , etc.
3 2)17 Dodge , opposite public school. Private
family. M 777 14
TTIOU UENT Nicely furnished room , gas and
JL' bath. 2010 Harnoy .street , Reference 111-
qulrod. M ( 2 17 *
FRONT rooms. 1015 Capitol avonu
762-17 *
FUUN1SHEU room for rent , 2.115 Douulns
fctreot. M741 17 *
"I71OU RKNT With or without board , suite of
-L' rooms furnlsned , to2 t'ontlenien or ( jcntlo-
man and wife ; turmu very reasonable. 211 N.
JJcUt. 4P5 U *
Tnurnlshcd rooms , 110 S. 25th street , Splen-
JD did neighborhood. _ M&ll ) U *
17\OHUr.NT \ To Rontlomen. u largo nicely
J- furnished front room with lar o alcove
and bay window. All modern conveniences ,
nlco lawn ; private family ; with board. No
GJ2 Uoorgla avenue. S 20th street. U4-14 *
1JLHASANT rooms with private family for
JL three gentlemen , 2404 Cass st , M l-Sii 15 *
UUN1HII1H ) rooms. KCJ1 N.'lst. near cable.
_ lOT Jy 7 *
OU HKNT Nlcoly turn shed rooms In prl-
vato resldoneo , 1522 Howard , cotnor lilth
street. All modern conveniences , I.awu
around building. 407
T AltQE front room , 1701 Oapltol a\o. 418
TIJiOK ItHNT rurnlbhod rooms , IC07 Douslas.
VKUV pleasant front room in private fnm-
llyorKoiulomaii. 8i1 S. 2Dth st. a.'l
1MA&ANTrooni8 : , bliiKloorcn suite. 115 H.W' ' .
For ixifM , f ( c. , tet ( ou of jtnt colnan on IM * p ice.
OlVlVrNT--Tlio 4-Htory : brick : buHdJni.wlth
or Without power , formerly oouplod by the
lieu PublUlitni ! Co. , Ut ) Kiirnum HU The bullit-
liig him a fireproof cement biueinunt.coiiiptato
steam ho.itlni ; llxturcH.water mi all tlielloorj ,
BUS , etc. Apply at thu olllcu of The llco. 1)15 )
T7HW Itr.Nl'-Dosk foom or part of o.JIcos
J- front room on Farnam street. Iniiulro ut
COI lieu bid's , 0 to 10 a. m. und 4 to 5 p , m.
TTIOlt UENT-OrhaliMiiy bulldlnu on Jones
-L' bt.lot.10th & llth U.A.lMuUimUt.aitl y utli.
_ _
II OH IlKNT-Dosk room , ut Oil N. V. I.lfo
-L1 building. so }
IrTolT TfhijT The tbrco-story brick bulld-
JIni ; , 1110 Douglas street , suitable for wholesale
sale- purposes , tuo per montu. Clioa , liauf-
JorntfM.rfr. , teetnpnffnt rnlumii nil ihtt plot
T7IT ifN I SI M.iT ; room tfnTl "lioii rd ! 1 1.50 , 15.0
Jper wcok. 2011 Ilnrney street , ,
"J7 OOM nnd first class board for two penile
At men tai per month , reference ! ! . 611 N. IStl
at. 853 14
_ _ _
OOM a'ld board. 5105 Douglas.
I.T ANDSOMnsultoof rooms with board. 1P2 ;
j-JL Chicago street. _ M648 _ 14
F OU Itr.NT-NcaUy furnished rooms will
board. 2010 California st. 701-li
IlM ; second floor room' , either fur
nlslicd or unfurnished , and board at tin
1'ronycr. 110 N. 25th straet. _ M571 Jy5
KOO.MS and board nt young women's homo
_ lOTj-Jlth st , _ 70J
"ITIUKNlSlinit rooms with Hrst class board
-t ? ailllDouBlusstteot. _ 4OT-1C' '
T > OOMS and first-class board , 1001 California
J.V f. . 5 J5
_ _
WUUNISHiiroomsbourd,253j ; St. Mary's avt
rilllK st. Clalr nuropoan hotel , cor. inth ant
-L Dodge , will tn.ike low rates 'or rooms bj
the week or month with or without board.
_ _ _
UUNISIIEI ) rooms and board , ira Dodffo
. M2.V
_ _ _
Formic * , tte. , tec fop nf flrtl column on f/i/a / / putt
"IT1IHST floor private house ; yard and Bliado
X 0123. ICtlmti eel. Ml-14
T3Alir < OUand parlor bedroom ; largo fronl
-i- rooms suitable for light housekeeping. Ml
N. BJtli St. 8.'a-14' '
4 ROOMS and 3 rooms. S. W. corner Iflth anil
Leaven worth.
11 .iinEIC unfurnished rooms near buslnos-
JL centre ; gas. cto. * J.\OJ. Address , with
references , P5I. lloo olllee. 7KM4 *
FOU UENT Three rooms , alcove and ball :
room upstairs In now two-stoiy house ,
Suitable for light housekeeping. Nlco local-
lly. Address P48 , Heo. M7J 14'
T7'OU RENT I rooms over drug store , to n
* - nice family without children. Inquire
drug Htoro. 19fl Sherman avc. 7i > 7 14 ,
"JjlOlt RENT 4 unfuinlslied rooms for house-
JL' keening to family without children. City
water , etc. Prlco ilfl.00. 17U Webster street ,
FOR UENT Find , small family apartments ,
all outside rooms ; best locality , modern
Improvements. Inquire IM I'axton block. Si ?
I-OH Hb.Nl-
STOUF , rooms at 707 and700South ICthsteam
heated. E. F. Hlngor , Kilt Farnam ,
For rates , etc. , teetop of first column onthtepias
GAUDEN farm to rent. T. Murray.
tirratrt , rte. , rfr tinint tint rnltimn n Mi to 111/74
HE. COLE rental agency , Continental blk.
FarrntCjt.rtc. . tectnpuf tlml column nn thtti p tge
GENTLEMEN want room with board. Ad
dress I'M , lice. 8M-I4'
WANTED lly three nchool teachers two
rooms with bo ml for the next school
year. Modern conveniences required , Address
iT.t , Fcoonicc. M 818 1L *
l'i > rrntri > .etc..teclnpnfnrt column iintht.i pnoe.
BEST storage bulldlnj In Omaha , govern
ment bonded warehouse : household goods
cared for : lowest rates. W. M. Uushman , lOlfi
Leavonworth. 20. >
CHEAPEST and best storage for furniture.
Wells. 1111 Farnam street. 200
STOUAOE of household goods : oloan. dry
place , privately stored , terms mo'l era to :
wo also store staves durlnz the sum .or : wo
will got tnoni from the bouses an I Jsllver
them In the fall In good trim. Tel .1 a.JOT
Douglas. Omaha Stove Repair Works.v " 'B-jV.
OLDEST , cheapest and best itnrago honso In
city. Williams & Cross , 1214 llarnoy street.
For rntef , etc. . tee lop ofjirrt column nn this ptge.
FOR SALE Furniture of a 10-roo-n nouso
cheap , lloiibo for rent. Inquire 1923 Uoogo
HOUSEHOLD furniture , now and second
bund , for sale on easy payments. Call
and examine before puicnasliig , Store IB21
Howard street. MI131 JItJ
FOU SALE At a great sacrifice , elegant
household furniture , line carriage team ,
carriages , slolgb. harness mid robes , also flno
Jerbey cow. A. J. Hanscom , Ib24 Douglas ht.
C07J15 *
Pantiles , etc.reetopnf frt column on thin page
FOU SALE Cheap , horse , phaeton and har
ness. Inquire at 1414 North 10th street.
Omaha. M845 10 *
FOR SALE One two wheel road cart , with
cushion back , will hold two por-otis , prlco
(13.00 ; oiio two wheel panel box milk or
butcher's cart , prlco * 12.00 ; one top family
eairiago , with polo or flbnfts , prlco $75.00 ; all
In good rop.itr. Address P Ml , lice. 83114 *
OU SALE Fhst class top buggy , good ,
cheap ; also 52-Inch Columbia expert bi
cycle tf-M Now York Life. M 776 14 *
TJ1OU SALE A nearly now first class covered
JL' delivery wagon for butcher or grocer. Ad-
drct.s . P. S. Caaoy , South Umaha. M74B 1U
FOU SALE For next 110 days , bargains In
now and second-hand buggies , family car
riages , wagons , etc. Frost & Harris , 2.1'd and
I/ard. 492 18
T71AMILY horses for sale. Slnglo drlrsrsor
JL' c.urlairo teams. Can furnish any Kind of
horio desired. Call at C. I ) . Woodworth & Co
or address T. J. Fleming , Calhoun , Nob. 701
rpIIE Standard Cattle Oo. have a few gentle
JL old cow ponies suitable for children that
they can soil cheap. Apply at their olllco at
Ames. Nob. M474 10
"I71OUSALE Family carriage. Lee . . .nloli-
JL' ols , atablo2Stb and Loavonworth. m2 ( > 8
For rates , etc , , tcctop of first column on this p tge
" " "
TT10U SALE-I'uro-brod Nowfoundland""dog ;
JL' winner of tlr > t prize Omaha bench show ,
1890. 1224 S. 17th street. Mh40 18
FOU SALE Four great Dauo or Siberian
blood hound pups , well bred , cheap. O. II.
Carter , 521 S. aStli avenue. 817 14 *
TT10U BALE Flno pug puppies. 13J2DougIaH
JL'st. Chas. Curtis. 49715 *
will buy a magnificent upright piano ,
$ standard make and as good tia now. In
quire after7o'clook evenings at 2419 Oaldwoll
fctreot. 761
FOU SALE-An oluiant flro proof s ifo with
burglar chest. Phil btlmmol , Oil Jones
street , Omahu , Nub. 270
Forrnteiet"ieetopnfjlrit cnlumn on l/ifa pige ,
WAN I'ED Drossmaknra and seamstresses
to bring their system and learn now
btylo cutting , bias dart , without darts , or
sitiimletis also teach " "
garments ; "Capitol"
tater xystutn ; Ulobo hotel until Juno 20.
Mine. Cornelius. 824 14 *
ALDNESS positively cured , No mistake
about it , Send for descriptive circular
Addios * "Antl-llald. " uox 201. Davenport , lu
J > ' --iicalp and hair treatment , manicure and
chiropodist. Mro. Post.UHiJ,15tli , Wltbnoll blk.
; 27J
V\7 ANTED Ladles to know "Capitol" tailor
' T wyhtem of dress cutting of Chicago ,
taucht until Juno 20 ; teach two plain darts ,
or blus dart , or without darts , ortoamlchs
Knrmenta F. H. llurd. Inventor. 827 14 *
TTPHOLSTEUINd anil mattruusoa reno-
U vnti'd ; also furniture repaired ! E. Peter-
ton II JO.North 18th at. M501-20 *
paid for endowment policies sn old
CASH romp inles. Send description. A. K.
Urockloiby , box 'JO , Hartfortl.Uouil. 469-jyll *
inUUNI rUUU bought , sold , Stored. Wulla
JL lllll'arnam ftreot , . ' 7J
GREAT bargains In all kinds of Jewelry and
silverware on account ot thu recent lire.
S. Jonasen , Farnan und llth streets. 171-JW :
- *
Far rate * , etc. , tec foij ; r t coltimu on Iht *
\\r ANTED-A K00il Becontl-haidcd bucV
* ' board buggy ; eiUhdown. Apply nt one
at 010 N. Iflth gt. .ol 852-H
WANTED-To btiy. good residence lot o
house and lot. or ovcrat lots located s
as to make a good hillfriln'X lglit , must bo I
llmt clniu rcslduni'o jnHof the city. Partlo
answorlng this HliouUI'clvo ' full drierlptlou o
property , lowest t ilcei tnrms. whether Incum
bored , nnd If so how listen. O 10 , llco otllce.
IF you have any oldt.'clothos to sell lot m
know by Masl. Kitlldh. 215 S. lath street.
M ti7ll-J 1
_ 2 _
Ferrates , etc , , ttctopof flrtl fotunm ou ( Titi ptge
liiOUBALE A well ostabllshcd and payln
JL inanufacturora' aconlN , comtnlcaUin busl
lion. In gootl locution ; low rent and vui ;
mail stock on hand. This Is an unusual !
good opening for the right man that wilt boa
thn closest Investigation. Addioss P 02. lie
olllco. MBI9 1C
_ _
BUSINKSS chance for men and women will
a few hundred dollars capital to join i
company Insuil.ig wont and largo profits t
members. Addtc-s tlio Washington colon ;
company , Chicago , III. 825 14
I HAVE 410 IUTCH of flno , Improxcd farn
and bay land In southern Nebraska , will
good stock range adjoining. Wll engage wltl
reliable person nf means. In the stock biisl
ness , or will oxclungn for Inside Omaha o
Lincoln property. Address P 01 , llco olllco.
MSvS 1
| j1OU SALE The leading barbershop am
- 1bath rooms In Lovlngton. Neb. Hood loca
tlon , good business. Will sell cheap. Reasoi
for soiling , bail health. Address. Look Ilex n
Lexington. Nob. MS05 10
"THOU SALE Hotel and furniture. Hampton
* doing good business ; will give tlmo 01
part If required. Address , Uox IIS , Hampton
Nob. JIW4 L'O
V\rANTni ) A half partner In llvory , board
' Ing and sale stable , $4,000. Address P It )
lloo. M854 20
USINESS CHANCE-A grand opportunity
for ladles and gunllcmOn to handle a nov
Invention ; eclipses everything else ; no can
vassliiK ; aconts are maUIng i5 ! a day at the !
oun homes. Address 1'li.llleo. 8.VJ-14
WANTED A lady or gentleman with 8101
to t'OJ capital to take charge of a busl
ness that will pay Jlo to $ JO per day ; no can
viisslng. no risk ; will bo.ircloso Investigation
this Is u rare chance for the right party. Ad'
dress T. Head , Council muffs. In. M7IKI 14
T71OU SALE An old well paying ostabllshci
A liquor business ; good seasons gl\en. Ad.
dress P Kl , Bee. M78I
FOU SALE My entire stock of goncra
morchandlso together with store bulldln ;
anil fixture. ! * . This Is a now and clean stool
which was Just put In last fall and will In.
voice about I.JKWO.OO. 1 h.ivo other huslnesi
which recjulres my attention and must sell
this stock. A good bargain can bo bad I
taken soon. 1 will soil my Uno resldcnc (
property. I'or further particulars call on 01
address John McDonald , Oakland. la. 4S7-I7' '
1T1OU SALE-A Hrst class , well established
L1 butcher business In this city. Flno ( inures
and coed cash trade. To anyone nie.uilnv
bus ness here Is an excellent chance. Musi
lie sold In next slvty days. M. A. Upton Co.
Heo building. MSOt
FOU SALE Furnlturo and nndortakint :
business In good town , with or without
store building ; p.trf cash , balance gilt edge
liaper or clear n-aln estate ; Invoices about
U'nO. Uox Ut2 Lincoln. 2sT
FOU SALE A Ilrst'-ela s dye house ; $1.0001 <
$1,500 ready cash' required ; must sell al
once. Address ImnlCitlately , P52 , lice olllee.
> < I 405 14-
C LEAN general si'oc-U of merchandKc foi
f.irm and money. llo2)3 ! ) , 1'rankfoit Ind ,
HOI EIj men take notice. Do you ntmt a
good business ? tlHiy the Conimorclal. thn
leadliu hotel at Hrokun How. .Nob 40J
-I fj S'CIIEMES to MnUo Money. Is the title ot
* - " our now I ook , eontalnln ten lo ltlniate
and honorable schemes for makln ; nionev on
small caultal ; exposes tileks ami swindl 114
In business ; gives hints and advice that mtiy
be worth thons imls'of dollars to yon. The
schemes are so clearlyfexplained any ordinary
person can understand them. It will gl\o you
nowldoiH. aid you In pl.innlng other deals
and enable you to pra p f uturo opportunltlos.
Sent prepaid for SI. * American Hook Co.
Oinalin , Not ) . Ml'.t > J 8.1
Forr' . , ttc ( p nf Jlrl roliimu nntliii pTffe.
MADAM Carson , the southern magnetic
healer and clairvoyant , tells you the past
and future. 007 N. Kith bt. M.i-,4'
pEHFECT satisfaction and cheapest or no
- imoney. . Mrs. Stovur , 400 N. Ifith street , lird
floor. Ai7 8 14 *
and see 1'iof. Waring Medium and real
astrologer at 'G2 N. liith street. J100.0J to
anyone who can equal htm In telling past ,
present and future , catiRlnz speedy niarriaues ,
bringing the separated tou'etlier , and In busi
ness uifalrs his advice Is Invaluable. Ho tells
your name In full , nsks no questions and uses
nocardhof any ileserlptlonln his profession.
.Satisfaction Riven or no pav. Consultation
fee , ladles $1.00 ; M ! > 72 .IvS *
M ASSAGE Madam Dolzier. ever 01U S. Wth
200-Jyll *
MICS.Nannie V. Warren , clairvoyant , franco
speaking , writing and reliable business
medium , four years In Omalri , 111) ) N , 10th. 20J
HS. TOUT , palmist fortune teller , tolH
past and f uturo fioni lines of the hand In
old pypsy way ; ladles only ; fee Sl.OJ. HUP ; N.
24th. MT.VlJlb *
Fnrrata , etc. , reftiip nf flint column OH
OlT EXaHAlJGlf-H l ii
aero fruit and stock fas in 1U miles from
Htchmond , Va. , and cash for a clean sloe I ; of
general mprchandlso. Address with partleu-
lars Win. Oio/ler. Dry Uidnc , Vu. 810 14 *
IT1OU EXOIIANOE or sale-Elegant tract ,
J4u aeros , close to the city limits ; admira
bly adapted for plattlnz Into lots ; there Is a
fortune to bo made In this property with the
lapld uronth of Omaha within the next five
years ; property Is valued at4,000. Korpar-
tlonlars , sco George N. llleUx , New Vork Life
Uulldlng. M8JO 14
EXOHANOE-Cloar land and lots to
amount of $ . > ,0 0 and some eash foi stock of
merehandlho ; what huve you ? owners answer.
I * . O. box 71 > 0. Csnalia. M8J8 21
8 ROOM house and full east fiontlot , pavcu
itteet , all modern , for farm , Address P r l.
IJeo. .M784 fi *
LEAIl land to exchange for sndse. Ilex
0mo , la. JIOJ1 ir. .
mo TUADE 10 clear lots city park. West
JL Point. Neb. Want some kind of business
prefer millinery , furnlslied Hat or saloon. Ad-
Iresa A. McPhurson. Wmt Point. Nob. 757-14 *
rnilUEE well located Omaha lots , clear , to
JL exchange for a stock of merchandise.
HutnliliiBon & Wead , 1524 Douglas. Ml 14
have you to exchange ? Call or
WHAT full particulars , Alex. Moore , 401
lloo building. TOO
H ORSES for lotMOd Drown building.
M5OJy5 ( !
rno EXOHANGE ejirner faelsiir Hanscom
JL park and five otnoH good lots for Chicago
residence proportyiotAddruss O 40 , Hue.
. i li IM J 20
ForrnfM , etc , , tectijjtdffliatcnlumniinthta ptge.
for medium slzc.Jmv mare , blind In right
eye. Uoturn toiS5 : Charles street and get
this reward. 1C. . 15 *
. reward for recovery of Scotch terrier
dog ; color IrVnVvray ; ears erect ami
smooth ; tall cnitpent | fore logs crooked out-
wind ; 11 Inches liUli titbhouldur ; long body ;
weighs 83 poundfrt/u'amed "Dook. " Apply
Omaha Kennel Oliru2USouth 14th street ,
. h.13 14 *
r OST-PursoconfiwingdOblll and chan'ie ,
JLJ earnings of a haul \\orklng VNoman. Mrn.
L. O. Norton. 1321 N lUh street , 703 14 *
LOST Juno 0 , 4-yoar-old cqw. cream and
white color. Finder pleabo notify H.
Uchtolil. 412 S. 24th uve. 4b6 14 *
A gray hori-o. small whlto spot In
LOST eye. Address 2nd and Popplcton ave
nnd get reward. 78U-17 *
rormtesetcie tnpof l\rtt \ column on thti ptga
. JENNINGS come home at once ; father
HF. III. Julia , Oconomonoo , Wls. feO.I-14
IADIE8 or gentlemen desiring congenial
' correspondcnls wilt Und It to tbelr ad-
vantiiKO to addiens with utunip , Mut. Corro-
spoudunce llureuu , box 1019 , Huston , Mass.
[ Hll 14 *
/tOUUESPOND for amusement. Instruction
VJ or matrimony. Iho bust correspondence
bureau , particulars lu plain sealed envelope
for lOo. Look Ilex 320 , Omaha. 210-JJ7 *
Mohle , B. U cor , Puruusu and 1Kb.
* , ( to. , tetlnp nf flrtl cnumuniU \ \ ( /
I .6\VK8T rate * on "
l. 810 N. Y. Life. Q97-Jya
OUAKANTEHD mortRRRPs onSarpy , iiay
VJpr. Cumlngniid Stanton Co. lands for Pule
by II. T. Clarke , 10 board of trade. Kit
SECOND mortffngo loans from MOO to f 10,001
_ Alex Moore. 401 lleo building. _ MC8I
It 1'KK OKNT llrst mortirasro loans. Ulchnrd
0. 1'ntlcraon , IJ7 ) Now Vork Mte. M074
MOUTaAOF.S wanted , ' long.or short tlmn.
Geor/oU. Wnllnto , 1110 J. J. Drown buildIng -
Ing , liitli and DonKlas. _ fiSl
LOANS mndant low rates on cltv property ,
W , M. Harris , HV ) I'rcnrcr block , opp. 1' . O
_ 4 Q
E.&O.M. Anthony , 918 N.Y. Mfnliulldlnp.
lend money on farms In cholun counties lit
Nebraska and Iowa , also on good Oiiiuh t resi
dence property : lowest rates : bint terms ; no
delay ; money ready. Titles and values passed
on lipro. a''i
"PKIVATH innnny to loan nr amounts of
JL ji.,100. tioo < , . M.OOO. $7noMoney
right hero , Alex. Moore , 401 Dee bulldtnf.
OT'IMUNO lonni n to 7 per cent ! no niliTl-
J-Hlonalcharifcsfor coininlsslonor attornry's
fees. W. ll.Mclldo , Klrst National bunl < bldg.
MONEY lo loan on lmprovo-1 cltv property
nt current rates : funds on h.ind ; no de
lay. Geo. ! ' . Illusl&Oa./'XI U'imi'u lililif. ' . ' 74
TJ K I VATH money to lo.ui. J. U. X.lttle , ! U4
1 N. V. Life. 7
MOHTOAOI' loaiH wanted. McC'aguo In-
vestment company. 278
MONEY to loan on Omaha ntopurty. 1'ldol-
lly Trust company. Kill I'arnam. ' .i
EASTEHN money to lo.ui at very low r.itos.
II. II. licy. ! 'OJ N. Y. Mfo MiSO
K1MIIAU rrimnip .V Uyan
maku loans on Improvpil
city property at lowest rates
120Karnam street 41.1-J.TO
CHEAP Money Phlla. Mortgage and Trust
Co. , wauls IMlt ed'0 loans. Geo. W. P.
Coates , representative , 7 Hoard Trade. 2S1
MONFY to loan on city property or eastern
Nebraska farms li R Klnjor , mil
in. 2JS-IC7 *
I'nrratts , etc. , tcclop of first cotitm i on tilts
MONEY to lo m'iiy II. F. MasterTon chattel
and collatotal securities foi any tlmo from
1 to 12 months , In any amount to suit bor
Loans made on household goods , pianos , or
gans , hoi.scs , mules , houses , leases , warehouse
receipts etc. . at the lowest rates possible
without publicity os removal of property.
Mv loans are so arranged that you can make
a payment of any amount at any time and re
duce botli and interest.
If you owe a balance on your property or
have a loan tint you want changed 1 will pay
It oil and carry It for you. If you find It more
convenient call up telephone 1I > 2I and your
business will bo arranged al home.
Money always On hand. No delay. No pub
licity. Lonest rates. It. F. Musters ,
Room 4 , Wlthnoll blk. 15th and Harncy sts.
28 ?
MONEY to loan on horseswagonn.fiirnlttirc ,
pl.inns&collnt'al secuiity. lUiskiessstilct-
ly i.oiifldejillalFred Terry.ioonM.lJ K-imge blk
MONEY on furniture , hordes , etc. Keystone
Mortgage Oo . loom 2J8 Sbccly block. M284
rorratei.cte.eetitp of Jtrtl tnliiinn on this page.
FIIATTEL b ink. 3't ) S. nth st. , lo-ins monov
on chattels or collateral at reasonable i ales
MONEY loaned on ftmilturo. Ihe .stoek.eto
from I toI months , without publicity ;
lowest rates. Dun" Green , room 20 , Continen
tal jihysk. 210J27
0 MATTEL loans at lowest rates. US1 Now
York Life Imlldln ' . H. A. Morris. R74JJ1 *
Forr. ten. etc. . * ccnjn/ii ( t ( .uluinn < iu this pioe.
I'd ' lloor. 4.0 S 15t
MI'd Madam BoUlor , ever 010 STtt-iytt S. Clth. *
MISS STOWE. mabsouso , oloctrlelan. : ii : >
Ramgo block. M : i-.s. 20 *
Forrjta , etc. , teetop offlrtl column nnthU pigs
G EO. F. Gcllonheok. teaclicr of the banjo
with Hospp. 1'ib ) Douglas. 249
i3 EFORE btiylnz a piano examine Iho now
sc.ile Klr.iball piano.A. Hosnc.1513 Douglas.
SB )
For rates , ttr. MCtn i at Jlrxt eoltwiii nn Ihlt i > ao
STEAM fo-ither washer ; beds , ticks and pil
lows washed ; feathers boncht. 'Mall or
ders promptly Illled Work called for and tle-
II ored. Frank Anson , Hist and Franklin
streets. M 74"
for tcrmo , lc. , nt lop of nnt column onin nige
FOUND. Juno 1. ' . two cows , ono a filv-vonr-
old red and white , bavins : one horn ; tlio
other a black and white mulov hotfiir. Ouncr
will please Inqnlroof llonry O'Dell,2.'l8 S.21--I.
uelwcen Elm and Oak sts. 822-1 . *
Fnrratex.ctc. , rtttnjinfflnl ( odimiinn this p tut.
Pl'LLMAN "lioiisoT riTe DodKo Rt7corr7or
good board , nlcu rooms , modern conven
ience ; rates and location It cannot 1)0 ) ox-
celled. Mrs. Horn , Plop. M4IU Jy2 *
J'or rnltx , etc. . tec ( op nf tint column nn IMi pge
TOOK at this ; 00x12 , nice 4-room house ,
J cistern , coal house , lot fenced , all for
$1,000. Think ot It. Tlio bit'lot IH worth more
money. Tbo nargaln Is on Illondo street , east
of Orchard Hill , M. A. Upton ( Jo. , lleo build-
Ing. 6J2-14
FOR SALE A first-class summer cottage ,
newly painted and completely furnished ,
at Spirit Lake. la. ; faces on lake and wine
boulevard , only ono block west of Hotel
Orleans : small payment ; loni ; time ; easy
totms. Address 1 > CO. Heo ofllcu. S'W-14 *
V ) ICE corner lot In linker Place , one-half
l-i block from motor line , opposite Clifton
Hill. Pi Ice $ .Y)10a 1. G. llurlght , < 4rst lloor ,
N. Y. Life building. MO 14 *
FOR SALE Two now eight-room cottages ;
modem built , and Just completed ; one
block from electric cars , in choice location ;
bath , furnace , closotx , and all conveniences
for a permanent homo to right p.u ties. 'VII
soil on small payment , long tlmo and easy
torrns. Traders not entertained , For partic
ulars please call on , or address , E. 1'euion ,
a 10 S. Ifith si. KiS 14'
you want a good lot at a low price see us.
IF If you want an elegant site fora residence
If you want a nice cottage und lot for less
than It IK worth see us.
If you want flno trackage on business prop-
ci tv ECO us.
If yon want good acreage see us.
M. A. Upton Co. , lleo building.
| bO.-14
O-HOO.M cottage , cheap. Inn , . 2518 Cap. ave.
OVERNMENT land warrant for 40 acres
foi sale : war of 1612. Sue A. 1C Rlley.
Room 40 , Darker block. MK'il n
HALE A Umlco n-riium modern cot-
' tagc , Cunilng street , cheap and on easy
terms. W , A , Spencer , R , 7 , Chamber Com
merce. MS40 10
"I71OR SALE Farm containing SO c res Im-
-A- proved land nnd 15 acres timber ; farm I *
all fenced i III acres timothy pasture , orchard ,
glove , I'/i-stoiy house , barn , granary , Mind-
mill , all m good shape : farm Is C miles south-
nest of PlattHinouth , tbo county seat of Cass
county , and 2 miles from Murray , a new town
on the .Missouri Paclllo railroad ; 1 mile from
school and ohurch. For particulars addioss
1' M , lleo olllco. 7tW
JJ. GI11SON , sole agent KounUo place ,
.room 3 , Creljjhton block MUil
THOU SALE-OhoIco lots In Dundee Place ,
4.1 cars now running. U. M. Power , room : tn.
Chamber of Commerce. M 00-1 la *
TPOR BALI > -Farm adjoining city of Blair.
JNob. H. W. Mollrldo. M&O.U2 *
i6l ( SALE-22-foot lot with brick bulldlir.
X1 on Dodge nonr 12th. price 3Wj.OO. Addresn
J. 1C. Shaw. 122U Lowe avenue. C7l-'Ai ! *
TnOHSALE Two lots Improved with con-
JL1 vcnlcnt houseai close to business ; u few
minutes walk from line scnooK colleges and
motorcars ; one nr both of thorn at u great
bargain for cash oren easy payments , Title
pel feet. Willis M , Yatui heurasku National
bank. J-W
In now home and full lot. ( I.COaT
BARGAIN ; close to wotur. llutvhlnson k
WonO ,
Forfeits , etc , , nee topnf dr t foluian nn this p tjt
GADENEH8 nnd Investor * , attention.
S acres , only tsti per aero ,
f acres , only J.y per acre.
S acres , only * VX ) per ncro.
J were * , only Hin per iicio.
10 acres , only * .v > j per ncro.
10 acres , only , " 0 per acre ,
10 acres , only MM per ncro.
20 acres , anly $ , VJ ) per acio.
2J acres , only MOJ ppr ncrn.
40 acres , on y MOO per acre ,
40 acres , only Jfioo per ncro.
49 acres , onlp KOO perncic ,
0. . acres , only , mo per acre.
80 acres , only ( iso per acrp.
1. Ky"cation ' and tormi. Oco. N.
Hicks. N. V I.lfo llldg. 8JO 14
ttlO Are you a property owner ? If not don't
I1 you want to own an Omaha lot ? Probably
you are a speculator or trador. Anyhow , you
should know that the great 110 lot Mile will
continue al this week at 1110 youth ISth street ,
where } IO Is full payment for a nlco level
building lot free from mortgage , lying be
tween Omaha nnd the now Fort Omaha. No
taNCHili eon the addition until January I ,
IMW. Warranty deed , lithographed plat and
abstractor tltloifrons United States entry
down todato ) , given with each lot sold , The
main line of a , Si M. railroad pisses Just west
of thin addition. Tlie new Hock Island rail
way brldcu and motor line to the new fort
will certainly glvu this addition a boom uit-
looked for. Nothing of a humbug nature
about this property. It will bear the elosnst
Investigation. Ov er 400 lots already sold. Do
not liavuyo llchltdien say tlml fathcrrould
have once bought a lot In thin addition fordo ,
but d'd not. ( In It , but eall whllo the chance Is
open and Investigate. Millions of dollars In
Improvements are pointing towur.t this prop
erty. Send 2e postaito for plat nnd full inform- ,
atlim. Charles P , lienjamln , bolo agent , 310 S.
13th s'reet. K20-11 *
"rilllE old reliable" M A. Upton company
i are still on deck with bargains as usual.
Two line south front acres In Solomon's ad
dition. Only a trlflo ever half mile from motor
line at J.Vij each.
Nlco east front lot on Lowe avenue , half
block fiom Htniet car , only l..ouo.
Oood slx-rnom honso , newly papered , city
water , near SAth and Ilurdette , only M.20I.
This Is the Itiht tlmo your attention will bo
called to the elegant flO.000 residence , half
mile xotitliuest of court house , that can bo
bought for 812.000.
We have the best bargains In tlio city In
I arnam .street property. For all classes of
ptoperty sec M. A. Upton Co. . lleo building.
8n2l4 _
FOU SALE Host , bargain in the city ; Imuso
built for myself.I voars ago : full lot.splen
did barn for 2 horses , on 211th st. near Walnut
Hill motor ; will move In lor 2 months ; very
easy terms. Thoo. Olson , 201 N. Y. Life.
554 14 *
LOTO. block 0. Shulls ami. K.SOi.00. Scwors
paid for. Call at Once , O. F. Harrison , 1)12 )
Now Yin k Life. 708-M
TT'OR ' South Oni'iba roporty , bnslnes ; , tr.ick-
- lnoor rosldonoo. go to the le ullnsf t is
tatodealers in Sdiith Omaha , Ed Johnston
Co. , cor. 24th and N sts. M33S
FIYE-room houses In Orchard Hill , tl.SIK )
each on monthly puynmntjj. Thomas F.
Hall , .111 P.iMon blk. 287
POR t-ALE-A ttno improved farm of 203
acres ; 100 under cultivation ; shade trees ;
fruit , windmill , wagon s'ales , etc. ; KM ) miles
west of OmahaJJ ; per acre. Address G 48 , Hoe.
FULL lot on grade near Hanscom I'ark
shade trees , Irilf price , $1,750. Address P
! l llco. 749 15
Q ROUHINS.ical estate. 10'J N. Y. Life bldg
l ' 240J.8 *
FORSALE Elpgant homes on montly piv-
monts. Will build any priced homo to
Milt you. E. F. Ringer , l.'il'l ' Farn nn. 207-J27 *
FOR SALE , cheap , easy payments : 1'5-story
now L-room house , with oath , collar , etc. ;
full lot. N. Slielton. Kil4 Farn nn. Ur >
T71OR SALE To worklnsmen only ( specu-
J-1 lators need notapply ) on time or monthly
payments a cottage at less than actual
value. Inside property , only ono block to
electric lino. Inquire at room 202 , Omaha
National bank building MU'.Hj
Are yon open to conviction ? If so.conslder
candidly our machine. Don't , to your
self what Is told you. Investigate , and your
own opinion will bo of so no value , If you
wish u.\pcrt opinion do not consult Interested
Send for Illustritcd catalouo giving full
description of the Smith Premier Typy-wrlter
Tlie [ mitb Premier Typs Writer Co , ,
E. H. MA.YHBW , Manasror.
KCH Fursmtn Street , Omaha. Nob.
Morotliun 13 roir < oxpcrlanc'j In tin troitnunt o (
AcurORuarnntccdln .ItoA dnyn , without baloiioC
un liour'H tlmo.
The most complete and absolute euro for Rloot nnil
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proluflnlun. Purniunontl/ cured In f rom S to It ) U iy j
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Cured In flO lo Ml dnys l > r. .Mcdraw'i treatment for
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nnd nil ill i > n < oi of tlio blood , llvor , klilnoyi , end
bluddur pcrinanuatly ctirod.
The doctor "Homo Trentmonl" for Indloi l pro-
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SilcSonml convi'iiloat ruiaody uvor otluroil for the
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forclrculiir * about ench of the ubovo illionoi , frea.
Oflluo , 1-lth nnd Farnam Streota , Omalia
Nob. Entrance on olthur stroot.
/-inn : ? " QirAKTiTu.MASTiu's : oi-'i'ion
VJ Umaha , Nob. . June II , tc'JI. The date for
opening bids lived by my adxortlsoment of
May lutb , for tlicu'iiiiHt met Inn of moss hall and
company witorelosets at 1'ort DouiflaN. Utah ,
| H extended to 2 o'clouk n , in. , Juno " 4th , InUI ,
at which time they will bo opened at till * of-
llco and by Post Quartermaster , I'ort DOUK-
lim , Utah. W.M. II. IH'IIIIKS , Meutenant I'lii-
tmel and Deputy ( uaitermaster , U.
S. A. , Chief Quartermaster.
Juni12d4 > > t
OMAHA Send for circular or call on W.
II. HIIHHWOOl ) , itl Nan Vurk
SCHOOL OF I.lfo llld'ir , Uumlin , NvU
llicyclo liabjta show llttlo that Is now
For well modeled ll ures the tight llttlug
bodlco U much bettor thau the loose blouse.
Who Dpsorrcs Credit for Capturing thu * i
Mothodiat General Conforoiico ? / *
Friends of Dr. Mnxllctil mill Elder
ClenilennliiK I'rcHcnt Opposing
Sides of ttio Case Ijoonl
JtcllRloiss Notes.
There appears to bo nn unhappy condition
of rivalry or Jealousy existing between Or. J.
H. Mnxllcld nml Elder T. C. ClctidennliiB ot
the Methodist Episcopal church.
The inlmnry cnuso of the Inharmonious
fcoiinp WHS n Utfferouco of opinion with re-
Rtird to general conference matters , tlie Im-
inodhuo ciuiso was the banquet touuorod Dr.
J. JJ. Mnxtlold last week nt the I'axton hotels
Sneaking of the matter n loadlugMcthodist
said :
"Tho banquet tendered Dr. J. II. Maxflolcl
last week tit the I'axton hotel was onn of tlio
most singular occasions that I hnvo
ever observed. It seemed to bo n ecn
oral nciuiowlcdgomcnt that Dr. Maxlk'hl
hud dona a great deal inoru than any ono also
toward securing the conference for Omaha.
The fuel of the business Is that Dr. MuxliolU
did but very llttlo toward bringing the ucn-
orai conference to Omaha until ho saw that
It was coming. Then ho went In with all his
might to capture the bond of the procession ,
and the glory that might coma to the success *
ful consummation of the purpose.
"Tho Idea of holding ttio general confer-
cnco ut Omaha originated with Elder T. C.
Clondcnnlng. The tint ttmo the matter waa
over mentioned to the public was In 1887 ,
whllo the general assembly of the 1'rcsby-
tormn church was in session hero. Kov. T.
C. Clcndonnlug was correspondent for ?
n Now York paper , and in rovlowmp ;
the success of the general assembly
bo suggested that Onmhn would bo u good
place for tbo general conference of the
Methodist church. The next year ho Intro
duced n resolution in the North Nebraska
conference to inomoriuli/o the general conference -
forenco , which mot in IbbS , upon the subject.
"Kov. Clcndcnnlng never ceased to worli
for the conference. Ho was the Ictuliiif ?
spirit In calling n mass mooting of the citi
zens of Omaha In IbSS to take action with
reference to the matter , and he wrote numer
ous enthusiastic letters both for Omaha and
eastern papers , all the whllo holding out to
the public the facilities of this city for tha
accommodation of great gatherings. Ho
was appointed chairman of the lobby com-
inlttoo to altond the general conference la
Now York in 1883. and did sploncid worlc
there with the committee which had la hand
the locating of the conference for 18UJ.
"After Omaha bad boon selected as tha
plueo to hold the general conference. Dr.
Muxflcld still looked upon the matter with ; 1 ' &
indifference until ho was placed at the head v"-
of an important committee. Since that tiraa
ho has made it nnpoiir that bo was doing
about all that was bclnu done with regard to
the matter. Ho had not even sufticlont grace )
to mention the uamo of Kov. Clonucmilng
tbo other nleht at the banquet , but aslda
from sneaking of the three gcntlomcn who
did excellent work in securing the necessary
pledges for the $25,000 guarantee funa and
Bishop Newman , ho complacently permitted
all the glory to bo placed upon ' his own
head.1' ,
A different view of the matter was fur *
nlshed by another prominent Methodist who
spoke as follows :
"Elder Clondcnnlng undoubtedly dla U *
gicatdcalof effective work In securing the
general conference for Omaha but I think bo
claims too much. Ho originated the schema
and worked with a will all the way through
but 1 will say right hero nnd now that If the
matter bad been loft to Elder Clondonnlng to
manage the conference would have bcon hold
elsewhere. Elder Clcndcnnlng was opposed
to tlio Iilca of giving a guarantee for $ ' ' . " > ,000 ,
claiming that the committee had simply
promised the general conference that Omaha
would entertain the general con
ference free of charge nnd that
the conference commissioners had no right
to demand the guarantee bond for $ UT > ,000. If
that course had boon pursued Omaha would
never have had the conference. The commis
sioners would never have believed that
Omaha would or could have made good the
promise made by the committee. Elder Clon-
donning meant all right , but ho would have
sent tbo conference elsewhere If the course
ho advocated had been tollowod. Ho cnrao
very near giving away the location of tha
bishop's res Id on co also about the snmo time
as the conference tulle llrst began. Ho went to
Lincoln and agreed with Chancellor Crelgh-
ton that If ho ( Crelghton ) would work for
the general conference for Omaha
ho ( Cloudonning ) would work to
locate. the bishop's residence anr
Lincoln. When this foolish bargain had r
cotno known In Omaha there was a llvaly
hustling until It was broken up and both the
bishop's residence and the general conference )
wore secured for Omaha. Clcndonnlng should
not claim too much , for if ho had managed tha
business all the way through Omaha would
not have had a resident bishop of the Meth
odist church. "
"Dr. Maxflold came In Just at the right
time to RUVO the conference and ho deserves
ctcalt for the splendid work ho accomplished
nt a very critical time. " '
Still another loading Methodist explained
the situation thus : "Thero Is no necessity T'
for Dr. Maxdold and Elder Clcndcnnlng to
feel jealous of the honors bestowed upon cacti
other. Before the conference shall have closed
they will both havtf had umplo opportunity
of showing the ability they possess In con
ducting the business connected with the
great gathering. To the man who does tha
work the credit will undoubtedly bo tlnally
given by the conference and the public in
general. "
Unlvcfbity or Uiiinhn.
The Presbyterians of Omaha have decided
to muko a'pronounced change In the cduou- <
tlonnl work of the church by taking out a
charter for the University of Omaha. Holla ,
vuo college Is to bo the literary department
of the university and the theological , law and
medical departments will bo established la
the city. The theological seminary to ha
opened this fall will doubtless become a de
partment , of the university and the medical
and law departments will bo established
later on.
PiiHtors nnd People.
Kov. Charles W. Savldgo Is going to take a
vacation of about two months in Colorado.
About thirty young people wore confirmed
last Friday at the Jewish synagogue on Hnr-
noy street by Dr. Kosonnu.
The splendid , now Unlvorsnllst church at
Nineteenth and Lothrop streets will bo dedl- <
cated to-day. Several prominent spcakocc.r- " "
from Chicago will bo present.
The people of the Newman Methodist
Episcopal church tendered their recently ap
pointed pn.stor a pleasant reception at tha
church on St. Mary's avenue last Thursday
The at Crete opens Juno .10
nnd continues until July 10. Ex-Senator In-
galls of ICunsas will deliver on address on
"Tho Problems of Our Second Century" ou
July > .
The pulpit nt Newman Mothodlst church
will bo lilted today and regularly bnrcnftctt
by Kov. F , W. Ware. Ho Is a man of plead
ing address and broad , comprehensive views
upon all church matters.
Kov. U , M , Brown of Hanscom PnrkMotll *
odlst church , mis been very busy for several
months getting the programme for the Cen
tral Chautuuqua at Fremont ready for the
session Vihlch opens Juno 25 and lasts two
weoltu. The arrangements are all compluta
for u very successful chautuuqua.
Tlio Omaha Young Man's Christian asso
ciation has lilted up u very commodlou *
lawn tennis grounds and u neat olllco und
dressing room cottngo on Harnoy street ,
near Twenty-fourth. The 8ca.40n'u playing
will soon bo opened by a series of coulees. _ _
both blngto nnd double , und some oxcolluut
playing Is looked for.
The tenth international Christian endeavor
convention to bo hold in Minneapolis In July
next , will in all probability bo one of the
mo&t largely attended gatherings of the kind
ever hold in the United States. Those who
are In u position to know , claim that there
will be not Icsn than fifteen thousand delegates -
gates present. The growth of
this organisation of Christian young
people hug bcon quite remarkable *
in 1&31 the society had a membership of but * V
sixty-eight , There arc now iaCH58 branches
of the organization with a membership of
781,000 , members. A rate of ono faro for tha
round trip on all railroads hu been made fa/
all who wUtt to attend.