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Ead Accident That Befell a Little Girl at
Competitive Drill of SOIIH of Vctcrntifl
Still Piu-HuliiK MrH. Blicuily
Fell Under it Train < V
Brutal Fatlier'H Deed.
Tr.ct'Mt.Rii . , Neb. , Juno 11. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun BKE. | The fourtccn-months-ohl
baby of Frank Artz of this city was drowned
in a tub of water about 5 o'clock this after
noon. The mother had been washing nnd
bad set n tub of water on the Moor while she
went to nnothcr room to speak to n neighbor
who had called. A few minutes later she
went back to the room where she had loft
tha child only to find that the llttla girl had
fallen Into the tub and drowned. Tha father
was Immediately sent for r.nd returned to his
home , taking a physician with him , but
r'.r.ntlilng could bo done , ns the child was past
all help. The mother is almost crazed with
I * . K. O. Annual Meeting.
Bui'niunii , Nob. , Juno 11. [ Special to TIIK
Iliil : The second annual meeting of the
grnnd chapter of the P. E. O. societies of
Nebraska convened in this city last Tuesday
evening. A largo number ot delegates ar
rived that evening and were mot by a recep
tion committee of tbo local society. In the
evening an Informal recaption was given the
visiting delegation In the society's hall , which
had been handsomely decorated with cmbla-
matlu colors , banners and a profusion of
{ lowers.
The business of the convention commenced
Wednesday morning , with the following del
egates of the grand lodge present : Miss
Winnlfrod Ferguson , York ; Mrs. V. L.
Hawthorne and Miss Etta Andrus , U'ahoo ;
Mrs. Ilouncworth and Miss Etta Goring ,
Pluttsmouth ; Miss Wlnnlo Durland and Mrs.
Joslo Durland , Norfolk ; Mm. William Lou-
don , Omaha. Mrs. Alice C. Bnggs , of Su-
iicrior , state president , presided. Eight
' chapters were represented , only ono chapter
in the stuto being unrepresented. An ad
dress of welcome was given the visiting dele
gation by Mrs. Carrie McNaughton of chap
ter D. Mrs. Lula B. Pn'.rlck of chapter H ,
Holdrodgo. responded in a happy manner on
behalf of tno grand loiltro. The president ; .p-
Dointed the various committees , after which
Mrs. Lula Patrick made her report ns cor
responding secretary.
The grnnd chapter secrotnry made her re
port of the organization of the grand chapter
in Omaha and one hour was then sp'uit in
vgeneral , discussion of buslncs by tbo chapter.
In the evening a publlo meeting of tno
| i-and chapter was held nt the opeiu house ,
hich was packed , An instructive and cn-
rtalulng programme was rendered , consist
ing of able papers on various subjects , reel-
* tntlons nnd vocal and instrumental music , and
reflected great credit upon the order nnd Its
Thu grand ledge Is still In session.
Osceola Graduates.
Oscr.oiNob. , . , Juno 11. [ Special to Tin :
Bm.l : The aniJtuU'commencement exercises
of the Osceola high school was held ut the
Methodist EpI'joopaJ church here on Monday
evening. The chin-eh was flllod and no
standing room loft. The church was nicely
decorated with flowers and potted plants and
was n complete bower of flowers. The grad
uating class consisted of Daisy Koltcy , Laura
E. Whaloy , Evan S. Mickey and II. C. Bcobo ,
nnd the manner in which they performed
their parts rolloctod great credit on the
principal , Prof. M. H. Snodgrss , nnd his nblo
corps of teachers , and proved that the .school
dnya of tha graduates had been well omployod.
The graduates were almost deluged with
boqiiots of beautiful flowers. Just before the
conclusion of the oxorclscs the president of
the school board , Hon. E. Wheeler , made
some well chosen remarks and presented the
jgraduatcs with diplomas. Then came cou-
vyttulntlons , nnd all repaired to the school
lioYl\ , where a banquet was given by the
Alumni association , and the rest of the oven-
lug was spent in making merry.
C1 ? Auhurii News.
Aunuux , Nob. , Juno U. [ Special to Tin :
Bii.J The banking tiousoJ. C. Boiulleld &
Co. has boon organized into a national bank
under the tltlo of the Farinow' and Mer
chants' National bank , with a paid up capital
of $ o,000. ! ) TUo ofllcors have boon elected
nud nil papars made out and forwarded to
' "VVashincton for approval. They expect to
open under the now tltlo In about thirty
Tim union normal institute of Johnson and
iMuinalui counties combined begins n four-
weeks' session in Auburn July 23.
Consldorablo feeling Is being stirred up by
the attempts of B , Kauschkolla to have the
city council giant him n saloon license.
Auburn has nosaloons and does not. want
nny.A petition Is belli ? circulated for signers
asking Ilia city council to call an election to
Yolo bonds for additional school buildings.
Dettcl County Crops.
Ciui'i'in. ! , Nob. , Juno 11. [ Special to Tm :
Btr. . | Haiti has fallen here in abundance
and the crops of small grain uro assured.
Owing to the cool weather corn is not lookIng -
Ing as wed ns it should. The fanners are
already cutting hay. Cattlu nro doing fine
nnd the grass was navor better. The present
vear promises to bo a prosperous ono for
Dcucl county in many ways.
Bones have boon voted to the amount of
(1,800 and the contract let to the Hobson
brldga company of St. Joseph , Mo , , for tha
construction ot two bridges across the North
1'liittu rlvor , twenty-llvo mlles north of this
place. Transporting the material across the
county from the railroad to the river promises
employment to many needy homcstcaileo .iml
.will save them from going away frou. homo
11 astln 'w
dii , Nob. , Juno 11. [ Spjolnl Telo-
pram to TIIK BBI.J Tha tax payers of tha
city nro m > In arms against the recent assessment -
ment made by the assessors. After con-
Btdcrablu agitation nnd labor the assessors
liuvo reduced the assessment 25 per cent.
The taxes heretofore on city property have
boon outrageously high , compared with the
ridiculously low assessment mauo on farm
prowrty adjoining the city. The matter
will bo followed up by property holders , who
uro bent on getting nn ctuiitablo adjustment
be Torn the board of equalisation. It Is con
ceded by evcrx ono tiint the city is uajiiig
from TO to SO per cent , of the tax of the
All Alliance Paper.
OOAI.I.AI.A , Nob. , Juno 11. [ Special Tele
gram to TIIK BEB.I George Conn , ox-deputy
county treasurer , nnd at present ono of the
teachers in tbo publto schools , has determ
ined to enter the newspaper Hold and launch
an nlllnnco caper , The News , democratic , Is
the only paper hero at present , nud ns tlio nl
llnnco has determined to have QUO there is uo
doubt but that It will prove a success.
Hound Over.
Nmuusicv CITV , Nob. , Juno 11 , [ Special
Telegram to Tin : BKK , | The case of W. F.
Seymour , who Is charged by Emma Thomp
son with being the father of her child , has
boeu ou trial In Judge White's court during
thu imst two days and was concluded thin
evening. U resulted In the defendant being
* 0 und over to the district court under bond
of fioo ,
Church Dedicated.
Cnuu UUMKS , Nob. , Juno 11. ( Special to
TUB BISB.I Tbo Hainan Catholic churrh nt
Bpauldlni ; was dedicated yesterday by Kt.
Kov. Bishop U. Scanncll , nnd sermons were
nlso preached by Kuv. Father Wolf nnd
VIcnr General Chokn. 'I hero was n confirma
tion class of fifty persons , The day was line
and n largo assembly of people attended the
exorcises. Great credit is duo to Key. J. E.
Devoi , the pastor , In raising the means at
homo and abroad to erect the line and commo
dious edifice. The building cost > ,000. ,
Peter Ward KallH Under the Cars at
Wnl i oo.
WAIIOO , Neb. , Juno 11. [ Special Tele-
cram to Tin ? Br.t.J : About 4 o'clock this
morning a young man attempted to get on an
east-bound freleht on the Union Pacific
winlo the trnln was passing the depot plat
form nt ton miles nn hour. Ho slipped nnd
fell beneath the wheels , which passed ever
his right leg between thu knco and ankle ,
crushing the log to n Jelly nnd derailing ono
sot of truoKs of the car which passed ever
him. Night Operator Johnson hoard the
cries of the unfortunate fellow and had him
brought Into the depot nud summoned a
doctor , who dressed the wounded log , The
physician says the lee will have to bo am
putated. The victim of the accident gives
his nauio as Peter Ward , and his ngo as
nineteen. * Ho says his father is Patrick
Ward nnd that ho works in the Union Pacific
shops at Omaha. Tno young man was steal
ing a ride on u west-bound freight and was
ojcctcd from the train at this place a few
hours before.
Camp Ijllo at Geneva.
GI.ST.VA : , Nob. , Juno 11. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BBH. | In the competitive drill
of the Sons of Veterans yesterday , Gerova
won by a score of 811 S-3 against 77 for No. 1
of Omaha. The judges were Captain George
C. Hill of Indinnola , Fillmore Dewey of
Blair and 13. J. Warner of Lyons. The de
cision of the judges gave general satisfaction
and they performed their duty In a creditable
Thu election of officers was closely con
tested and resulted as follows : Colonel , I1 * .
P. Corrlck of Stoclcham ; lieutenant colonel ,
S. S. Ilartman of Ko.irnoy ; major , G. II.
Palmer of Plattsmouth.
This morning nt 10 o'clock occurred the
par.ulo and n buvo number took part.
Today practically ended the encampment ,
as most of the boyi left for homo today.
Taken all through tbo encampment has bcon
a success , although the weather has been
against it from the start.
Sunday Sehool Convention.
Iloinuiian , Nob. , Juno 11. CSpecial Tele
gram lo Tin : BKE. | Thostato Sunday school
convention closed this evening. Tbo follow
ing are the oflleors elected for the ensuing
year : ' President , Kov. P. C. Johnson , D. D. ,
of Friend ; vice president , Uuv. E. A. Hus-
sell of Ord ; secretary , Kov. A. A. Crossman
ofVohoo ; treasurer , W. A. Hoimborgor of
Grand Island ; statistical secretary , E. F.
Knickerbocker of Hastings. Board of trus
tees , chairman , Hou. E. II. Slovens , Grand
Island ; W. B. Clark , Ashland ; Hov. G. W.
Wainwright , Blair ; K. B. U. Webber , Val
paraiso ; Hon. C. C. White , Crete ; C. A.
Murch , Kearney ; Dr. F. J. Morrvman , Ne
braska City ; A. W. Grlilltb , Broken Bow ;
W. H. Tiufrock , Wood Hivcr.
Fell from a Tram.
FUKMOXT , Nob. , Juno U. [ Special to Tun
Bii.J : : A young man named Sherman was
yesterday morning found lying alongside the
Frcomont , Elkhorn iSs Missouri Valley rail
road at n point about live miles north of Fro-
mont. Ho was In a semi-conscious and
wounded condition. Ho was carried to
Hooper whcro ho is receiving treatment.
From his story told at luold intervals it Is
learned that ho was stealing a ride on a
nigvt freight train and fell from the train
while in motion. His skull Is fractured nnd
the brains protruded from the wound.
A Cruel Parent.
Niim\biCA : Crry , Nob. , Juno 11. | Spcclnl
Telegram to THU BKK.J Cornelius Meyer , nn
expressmanwas arrested lastovcnlnpchargod
with cruelly treating his young son. The
arrest was madu upon Information furnished
by Myerb' neighbors , who allege that ho
chained the boy in the collar nnd loft him
thoio ever twenty-four hours. Ho will hnvo
n hearing tomorrow , being released upon a
$100 bond.
Graduating Kxerolnes.
Cnumox , Nob. , Juno 11. [ Special Tele
gram to THU Bui ; . ] The first graduating
class of the Chadron academy made its bow
the publlo lust evening. The exercises wore
held in the Congregational church , which
was crowded to its utmost capacity. The
graduates nro Miss Edith C. Farr and
Messrs. Percy A. Powers and Loon H. Farr ,
the latter being valedictorian.
Still PurHiie Her.
Lixcot.x , Nou. , Juno 11. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Bm.l The brothers nnd
sisters of the late John Sheedy have com
menced proceedings In the county court to
shut Mrs. Shoody out from any part of the
cstato. They claim that despite the fact that
the jury brought In n verdict of not cuilty
that Mrs. Shoody is nevertheless guilty of
the murder of her husband.
Ashland Will Celebrate.
ASHIANP , Nob. , Juno 11. [ Special to TIIK
Bin : . ] It has bcon decided that Ashland will
celebrate the Fourth of July this year and an
extra effort is going to bo put forth to make
It ono of the grandest of the kind that has
over been known to the pcoplo of Snunders
Kluked to Dentil.
Om.i.u.Nob. ( . , Juno II. [ Special Telegram
gram to Tin : Bii.J : : William Moritch , a
young man of Blue Greek , was kicked in the
abdomen by a horse yesterday end died from
his injuries this morning.
A Poor ShlllliiK'H Worth of Political
I'rognoHt Ijja t Ion.
AIn.wAUKKE , WIs. , June 11. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Bins. | Bob Shilling , secretary
of the peoples' party , was Interviewed here
and KIIVO his views on the political situation.
Ho predicts republican defeat and says his
party will carry California. Colorado. Nevada -
vada , South Dakota , Kansas , Nebraska ana
Charged with Fraud.
A'ccmeoN ' , ICim , , Juno 11. ( Special Tele
gram to Tun Bui : , ] Gcorgo S. Ellwood , a
rich cattleman of Washington county , was
taken to Arkansas yesterday to answer to
the charge of fraud In n cnttlo transaction ,
The Arkansas sheriff had to run two miles to
arrest bis man , Ellwood having jumped off n
swift moving train near Contraila when ho
suv the sheriff ontur u car , Ellwood Is
under bond to answer n charge of grand
larceny in Washington county ,
PolHoned by luit Cream.
BI.OOMIXOTOV , 111. , Juno 11. At least flfty
persons , mostly children , were violently sick
ai the result of eating lee cream purchased
at n certain factory. Of all who attended a
fwtlval at the Moultoa street mission church
not ono who ate ice cream escaped. Many
were dangerously 111 nnd some have not yet
Chilian Insm-Kcnta Auk H
LOXIIO.N , Juno U. A lengthy circular note
addressed to the European powers by the
Chilian provisional government , represent
ing the insurgent party of Chili , Is published
In Enulund and tha continent today. In the
note the power * uro appealed to by thn insur
gents to be rocoinl/od ; as belligerents.
Argent HO'H Flnanulal TroublcH.
DUKXOS A runs , June 11 Gold closed yes
terday at U01 pur cent premium. The senate
bus passed a bill suspending gold payment
lor a iiorlod of six months.
Address to the Powjrs by tbo Junta of the
Chilian Congressional Party.
lo Ho Prosecuted Far Mis
leading Panama , Canal Invest *
ors Interview with Philip
Armour at Carlsbad.
LOXPOX , Juno 11. A note has boon Issued
hero miilresscd to tnp powers by the Junta of
the congressional party of Chill. The Junta's
note la signed by the congressional party's
agents , Scnors Mutto nnd Koss. It speaks of
recent lawless nets upon the part of "tho
dleutor" Bnlmaccdn and claims for the
provisional government belligerent rights , on
the ground Unit It Is an organization sufll-
clcntly regular nnd responsible to Chilians
and to foreigners and able to iimko Itsnlf felt
and respected by force of nrms. The note
maintains that the junta has boon rested
with regular constitutional authority by tlio
congress which was cloctcd in March , 18S9.
The note continues by stating that the
congressional party has undisputed Jurisdlc-
ovcr four of the richest provinces of Chill ,
comprising over half the populated territory
of the republic.
The congressional party nlso claims that It
Is growing In military power and that Its
naval supremacy is Indisputable , enabling It
to malnuiln sovereignty over Its territory
and lo threaten the provinces of the dictator ,
In view of these facts the provisional gov
ernment suys that it is called upon to main
tain International nnd commercial and other
relations , anil therefore claims that Jt Is
entitled butter than tno government to bo
considered a perfect International body. The
note adds that tlio exigencies of the future
rest with the congressional party , which
"from the tirst represented the law and the
right and now it represents force. "
Tlio congressional party , therefore , appeals
to the "elevated sentiments of justice and
humanity entertained by the foreign govern
ments to preserve the laws of neutrality" In
the struggle now pi acceding in Chill.
Pre-ddent Ilalmaoeda's Side.
LONDON , Juno 11. President lialmaccda
has sent out the following dispatch to
Iloutcr's telegram company from Santiago :
"Surprise and disdain have been produced
hero by the fulso calumnies which the rebels
publish in the European press. The rebel con
gress closed Juno 1. The congress lately
elected works regularly. It has approved
the act of the government and has Invested
It with extraordinary powers and authorized
it to contract loans. ' Perfect order prevails.
The army is well disciplined and is actuated
by a great esprit di > corps. The government
cannot bo vanquished by the rebels , wlio are
only trying to prolong the struggle to enrich
themselves of the nltrato deposits. Thoyhavo
undertaken no expedition against the govern
ment forces nnd uro completely discredited ,
Tlio war ships Lynch and Condell have gone
northwest. Tho" discipline of the troops is
irreproachable. British , French and Gor
man commerce will bo prejudiced by the
rebels , remaining at Torapaco. "
Would Not Accept Amnesty.
IQUIQUE , ( via Gnlveston ) , Juno 11. The
amnesty proposed by the American minister
nt Santiago to Balmaccda was not accepted ,
but the latter offered to entertain a propo
sition for au arrangement , ho indicating its
basis. To this the congressional party re
fuses to assent. The armed transport Impe
rial , with the torpedo cruisers Lvuoh and
Coiutoll , landed n party nt Tocopilla yester
day which cut the state telegraph lines and
then ro-ombarkcd. Then these ships made u
demonstration at Autofogasta , similar to the
demonstration at Pisngua and Iqulquo. No
dnimigo is reported. The superior snood of
those ship * enables them to keep clear of the
congressional ships.
DC LcssepB Will lo Prosecuted.
PAUIH , Juno 11. Lo National today an
nounces that Do Lessops will bo prosecuted
for misleading Investors who subscribed
money for carrying on the work of the
Piinatnrt canal.
In consequence of the fact thatsixty share
holders In the Panama canal company have
tiled charges against the ofllcors of that com
pany the prosecution of these onlciol will
open with placing M. Do Lessens , his son
and two other directors upon trial.
fho action of the prosecution is taken by
Virtue of the law of 1W1T relating to public
companies , nnd If basoJ especially upon the
last issue of Panama canal shares.
Philip Armour Interviewed.
CAHI.SIIAD , Juno 11. Mr. P. D. Armour , of
Chicago is hoio at present with Ills invalid
wife , on account of whoso health ho cnmo to
Germany. Mr. Armour said that ho had Just
received n dispatch from his homo stating
that ground had been broken at Toloston ,
Ind. , for the now stock yards in which ho ,
Mr. Morris and Mr. Swift are interested.
"Wo have 4,000 acres of land there , " ho
said , "where we propose to establish packing
houses nnd stockyards. Wo have line rail
way accommodations , pure water nnd excel
lent sewerage. Wo shall not bo so cramped
for room as at the old stockyards , which are
altogether out of plnca In such close
proximity to the host part of Chicago. Wo
propose to Issue $10,000,000 of stock , which
wo will divide among the packers and dealers
who tollow us to our now quarters. The pro
ceeds of thu sale of this stock will enable us
to put up nil the necessary buildings and im
provements upon our land. "
"Will the other packers follow vour ox-
ainplo and desert the old stockyards ! " asked
the correspondent.
"They cannot help themselves , " answered
Mr. Armour , "We three practically control
the business , the others must follow. Besides -
sides it Is to their own advantage. In the
old stockyards the charges are so high that
It scarcely pays to do business there. Wo
shall bo able to irlvo accommodations at much ,
more moderate fates. You see , the old stockyards -
yards , which cost orlglnully about 1100,000 , ,
were sold some eight months ago to an En-
gllsh syndicate for fjr > ,000,000. The Invest
ors want to got tholr Interest on this Immense
sum , consequently high charges are neces
sary. "
"But what will become of the SW.OOO.OOO
Invested when you nnd all the other grunt
houses move away ? Will It not be practically
lost ! "
"I am not worrying about the English In
vestors. I feel sorry for them , but I must
look out for my own interests nud the inter
ests of the community first. "
"Will you not lose heavily ou your packing
houses and other Improvements which ! you
have erected in the old stock yards ! " "
"They are worth very little , " replied Mr.
Armour. "They have served tholr uses. Bo-
ildt , . oil other motives there are sanitary
ret.-C' K why we should make fhlscli4ugo. In
c-v. now quarters wo shall have the
ir. : i ! ps.foct arrangements forthp proper
* .H < .iiMiUon and packlui ? of pork. You know
the objections which are made bothy In Ger-
manv and Franco against American pork ; , I
think Germany has u perfect right to demand
that food products Imported Into bcrterri
tory should bo perfectly healthy. I and all
the other great packers nro willing to meet
all reasonable demands In ( hls.-rcgard. Our
own Interests , as well us comirion comnitirclnl
honesty , cause us to BOO that iioalscajcd moat
.should bo exported from our places , The
first ploco of trleliltiosls exported from Amer
ica Into Germany would euuso a renewal of
the ordinance forbidding the Importation of
American pork , "
"But these ordinances nro still In force , "
said the Associated press correspondent.
"Do you think that they will soon bo re
pealed 1"
"I have no doubt , " said Mr , Armour , "that
as soon ns the German .government Is con
vinced of the proper oxamli.atlou in Amorlca
it will allow the Importation of our pork. Ol
that examination wo cannot now give full
preference. Wo nro willingto have our
goods examined upon tholr entering Ger
many , nnd I can state for myself nnd nil the
other packers that wo take the utmost cnro
to send nothing except sound meat. Wo are
constantly looking for now markets for our
products and wo should bo very ciiruful not
to ruin newly opened nvenues of trade by
any carelessness In handling and shlpplnc
diseased meat. Wo have two many close so
cial and business relations With Germany to
keep up a commercial war. When once the
government Is satisfied Of our perfect good
faith the whole question will bo settled. "
Gr.lill DtUlO.H.
BniiMN , Juno 11. In the lower house ol
the diet today Herr Itlckerl rnndo n motion
lo the effect that tlio government should sub'
mil to the house the material upon whlcli
Chancellor Von Caprlvl based his recent
speech upon grain duties. '
The chancellor opposed the motion. The
government , ho continue was convinced
that there was no dUtress.exlstlng from the
duties now levied on gralji , but in consequence
quence of the agitation jwhich had been
aroused In regard to the mattnr the government -
ment had since consulted n' ' number of pri
vate parties and naturally could not submit
thcso reports to tbo house , wid ho. the chan
cellor. was not In n position ] to bo able to men
tion tlio names of the persons who had been
llcrr Hlckcrt made a . 'most Ronsatlonal
speech , during which ho bald it would he
found "necessary to recall tha man who atone
was able to direct the government. " He
ctiargcd'tho government with endeavoring tc
'sllenco thuso who were 'defending the in
terests of millions against the minority. "
Potatoes , ho continued , bait already replaced
broad as food for the pcop.o and they ( pota
toes ) were nlso placed at ar ) exorbitant price ,
Ills party would not rest until the duties engrain
grain were abolished.
The minister of agrlcurturo promised tc
oubllsu dollnltlvo ilgurcs in July , when he
could make moro favorable announcements
regarding wheat , rye aud'potatoos than on
previous estimates. ! '
ilerr Kickcrt taunted the Ros'ernmont will
vacillation nnd condemned what ho tanned
the boldness of General VoK Cnprlvl's state
ment regarding grain duties. Ho declared
that if the weather bccaiAo moro unfavor
able the duties must bo absolutely removed.
Holland I lectioiftHuturns.
Tin : HAOUI : , Juno 11. The latest election
returns show that out of the 100 seats com
posing the second chamber-tho liberals have
secured 41 , the Catholics iili.nud the Protest
ants-orthodox 11. Second ' ballots will be
necessary in 20 districts. { t
An limnciiHc Concourse Follows the
ItemninB to the-Grave.
KINGSTON , Out. , Juno ll. The remains of
the late Sir John Mucdonul'd. were committed
to their lust resting place today In Cathedral
cemetery. The entire morning was spent In
viewing the remains In thcfclty hall. Twenty
thousand persons passed tlfSTjbler. The pro
cession was the grandest arersccn in Kings
ton. It was over two ttifycp long and occu
pied over forty minutes iuKp-osslng a given
point. f
The parade moved at 2:45 o'clock. At that
tlmo three miles of Princess -street were
lined with spectators. Not , lcss than forty
thousand persons viewed Vho solemn ad-
vnnco. 'Tho parade was.utMbr'clvlc control.
The stores were closed und KGlod in mouth
ing. Th'o order of 'tho'yarado was direct
from the city hall along Ontario nnd
Princess streets to Cataraqui. The palt-bear-
ors were the members of the cabinet and
Hon. J. C. Aikers , ex-lieutenant governor of
Manitoba. The mourners were represented
by Hugh .1. Macdonnld , O'oncl MoPnorson
and Joseph Pope , privntft secretary. The
hearse was llanlied by ciht } artillerymen ,
who on arriving at the last " resting place
took the casket containinT" remains of
Canada's greatest statesman and carried it
to the grave. ;
As Archdeacon Jones stopped forward In
cyclical robes them was hardly u dry eye in
the largo multitude as j < tuo cnsuot was
lowered Into its last resting placo. The
burial service of the Church of England was
rend by Archdeacon Jonoti , which was fol
lowed by a benediction , and Canada's great
est statesman was laid lnfc his last resting
placo. The grave was thcu securely sealed.
The crowd slowly dispersed. The guard of
A battery will remain In charge for a month.
Mary Hnrrlty Dies frfwi Wounds In-
II lot oil by u Coini ) nion.
Dus Moixns , la. , Juno 11 , [ Special Tele
gram to TUB Bin ] Mrs , Mart * Harrity , a
widow , aged forty-six , who had not the best
character , died at the hospital today from
injuries indicted by n inalfi companion Tues
day night. The couple , tKongh not related ,
have been living together for some time in n
tdianty In the southeastern * part of too city ,
where they drank nnd Quarreled together
frequently. The pollco are looking for the
man , who has disappeared , and whoso nuino
they withheld. J
Fireman's Contests.
Cuiuu IlU'iiH , la. , Juno 11. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Bin : . ] . I'tio contests nt
today's meeting of the state Dromon's tour
nament were spirited and witnessed by
about 11 vo thousand pcoplo , besides 11 re in on
and their ladles. In tno hook and ladder
climbing contest Charles Case of Audubon
captured the first prUo dud \Valkupof Au
dubon second : best time , Oacconds.
In the hose race , 14 class , Truer captured
hrst nriza In 4'JK scconds'and Eldora second
prke inII seconds.
In the hose race , 40 class , the C. F. . Greet
team of Eldora won Unit prize In 42 ! i-.ri seconds
ends , Traor second in 14 , liud Council Bluffs
third. ;
In tbo drill of flra companies the llrst
prize was awarded to the Lyons drill corps
and bccond money to tbo B..F. Montzor team
of Marlon. Tills cont&i was protested.
Thcro Is no decision nvybt on yesterday's
contested races , i
Its Application May Quyso tlio Closing
of state IiintltutioiiH.
KANSAS CITY , Mo. , June 11. A special
from Topokn says : The lav } paused by .the
recent legislature provldlugrthat eight hours
shall bo n day's work for'aHJ ' , employes of the
stulo will necessitate the closing of
the state Institution * unless special
arrangements are made foe keeping them
open. Tno work of these institutions can
not bo Uono If the present forcu of employes
works only eight hours. To do the work
properly will necessitate 1JOO ! now employes.
Tlio appropriations passed bv the late legis
lature will not pormlt of "ilio employment of
any more employes.
The question of working the present forces
over eight hours a day was'roforrod to At
torney General Ivos. Ho gtvc-i It as his opin
ion that the authorities whii pormlt employes
to work over eight hours n day will violate
the law nnd subject themselves lo heavy
The governor will probably call n special
session of the legislature to pass emergency
appropriations so as to norm it the employ
ment of the necessary extra number of stata
TIIK H'/f.iTIIK 1C 'jfUKJSC.iaT.
For Omaha and Yiolulty Fair ; warmer.
For North Dakota , South "Dakota , Iowa ,
Nebraska , MIssourlrKiinsas ntul Colorado-
Fair ; warmer ; ioutherly winds.
I.T. U'n Now .President.
BOSTOX , Mass. , Juno it. At tha international -
national Typographical union convention
today SV. U i'rescott of Toronto was alectod
Timbsr Culture Entrim Not Forfoitad bj
Failures to Raise Trees.
Other Deuifllotis of tliu General Ijntul
Ullico Panned Upnn by the Secretary -
rotary Omaha
WASHINGTON Buumu OF Tun Br.n , )
WASHINGTON , D. C. , Juno 11. )
The secretary of the interior has nnirmed
the decision of the commissioner of the gen
eral land olllco In dismissing the contort
against the Umber culture entry of George I.
Williamson in the Bloomlngton district.
Williamson bad made three attempts to force
trees to grow and fulled each time. His
entry was contested by William M. Strick
land , and tbo local ofllccrs sustained the con
test. Williamson appealed and the commis
sioner reversed the local men. The secre
tary sustains the commissioner ou tbo ground
that the attempt to cultivate trees was made
In good faith. In the case of the United
States vs A. Van Wormcr , Sarah
Scldcn transferee , Involving a com
muted homestead entry hi the Valentino
tine district , hold for cancellation by
the commission , the secretary modifies the
decision ntul orders the entry passed lo patent
because no bad faith Is shown nnd no contest
against tbo entry has been made. The sec
retary has also approved the notion of the
g-nernl land oftico in holding for cancellation
the preemption declaratory statement of
James Barry for n quarter section in town
ship 23 north , range 51 west , Chadrou dis
' 1 expect to hear from the custodian of the
Omaha federal building Monday , " said As
sistant Secretary Crounso tonight , "whether
tno United States courts , the postofllco or
the revenue olllccs nro to bo removed from
the govern incut building. The depart
ment is of the oulnion that the
revenue olllco should bo moved but
thu collector seems to think that
there are good reasons why ho should be
allowed to stay where ho is. If ho can fur
nish any reasons which outweigh the very
weighty ones ng.ilnst him ho may stay , but I
nm inclined to think th-it by the end of next
week bis olllco will bo ordered to move , and
the chances nro that It will bo located In Tun
Bui : building , unless the collector has other
preferences which tbo department can con
sider favoiably. " PjJHHVS. IIUtTII.
Preparing for a Closed Season.
WASHINGTON , Juno 11. The government
Is actively engaged in preparing to carry out
the plan for a closed season in Bearing sea
this year. It is understood that the force
ot revenue cutters now in Uioso waters is
to bo supplemented by ono or moro of the
naval vessels now in Chilian waters at the
earliest nossiblo moment. Thu British gov
ernment wishes the agreement to bo strictly
observed. Minister Pauncofoto proposed
that authority bo given the British govern
ment to station an agent ou the soul islands
to make sure that the North American com
mercial company docs not kill moro than the
7,500 seais fixed ln-tho agreement , „ Thoj.-o-
Tjtiest .was promptly 'deuiod by the president
who felt that it was a reflection upon the
good faith of this government and could not
bo permitted , but he saw fit to allow the
British agent to visit the islands to informal
ly ascertain the exact state of the sea )
llslicrics. _
Pierce slated for China.
Nr.w Yoinc , Juno 11. According to n
special from Washington , It , Is reported there
that President Iinrrison has decided to send
.ex-governor nnd ox-Senator ( j. A. Plorco of
North Dakota as our representative to China.
Mr.PIerco is now au editorial writer ou the
Minneapolis Tribune. Ho is a native Indianan -
anan nnd his personal relations with Presl
dent Harrison woio of so intimate a nature
that during his sonatorship his utterances re
garding administration matters were usually
accepted iw authoritative. The sending of
Governor Pierce to China will , It Is thought ,
bo followed by the appo'.utmcnt of ox-Senator
Blair as minister to Japan. The salary is
312,000 u year , the same ns that attached to
the Chinese mission , while the court to which
ho will oo ucci edited is a far moro desirable
one from an American standpoint.
Oi-.lers to GuHtoms OIlieoYs.
WASHINGTON , Juno 11 , The treasury de
partment has Issued a circular to the cus
toms ofliecrs enjoining the strict enforcement
of the act approved August ! ! 0 , 1890. prohib
iting the Importation of adulterated articles
of food and drink and providing for the in
spection of foreign cattle , etc.
TruinlMiM in Washington.
WASHINGTON , Juno U , Senator Trumbull ,
indicted by n California court on the charge
of violation of the United States neutrality
laws In connection with tno Insurgent vessel
of Chill , was here today ,
Trumbull had a long Interview with Secre
tary Tracy on the subject , which cannot be
learned , but there Is reason to bellovo that ho
made a strong pica for the Insurgent oauso
and sought to have the arms still on the
Ituta remain in the custody of Admiral Mc-
Cann until a Judicial determination of their
ownership can bo reached ,
To a representative of the AssoclateJ
press Trumbull said the condition of nfTnlr.- .
In Chili was one of absolute despotism. lie
( Trumbull ) had no hope of relluf ns the re
sult of the presidential election which takes
place in Chili this month. Balmacodn's fol-
fowlng , ho said , comprised all the olllcohold-
crs nnd hangers-on , but the pcoplo as a whole
were opposed to him. Nevertheless , in the
present stuto of affairs Bulmaccda will find
It an cosy matter to dictate his successor.
DriiiiiincrH at fiu AVorld'H Kair.
CHICAGO , Juno 11. A convention of trav
eling men which mot here yesterday com
pleted Its work toduv. It was resolved to
form n body to bo known as the World's '
Fair Association of Commercial travelers ,
The membership is to bo composed of all the
bodies of traveling men hi the United Status ,
and foreign dru minors will bo Invited to become
como members. The body will bnvo charga
of gathering n world's fair traveling uion
convention In Chicago during the fair.
Boutli Dnvotu Doctors.
CiiAMiii'.tiiAi.v , S. D. , Juno II. [ Special
Tcleg'am to Tin ? BKI : . | The tenth annual
mooting of the South Dakota Medical society
is in session horo. The attendance Is quite
Inrgn , doctors being present from all portions
of the state. A banquet was given to them
Itohort aiitl Minnii
SAN PKDHO , Coin. , Juno 11. The Itobert
and Mlnnio was released today on 1,51)0 )
bonds and sailed for Kuroka , Cala. Captain
O'Furroll is under M.OOO bond. The original
crow is still In Jail unable to get bonds. Anew
now crow was shipped from hero.
Ono Killed and Two Fatally Injured.
LOUIHVIU.I : , ICy. , Juno 11. A Mlddlosboro
special says : Three freight cars were
wrecked at Cloud station on tha Knoxvlllo ,
Cumberland Gap & Loulsvllla road and ono
Daniel killed and two other mim fatally
Federal < \pp ltUflT Court.
CHICAGO. Juno 11. It has been officially
announced that Justice Harlan would bo in
Chicago uoxt Monday , when tha now federal
appellate court will bo organized. The ap
pellate court will consist of Justice Hurlau ,
\ " \
Judge Groshnm nnd another Judge yd \o
appointed. They will have final I Juris " , \
In all CIHCS except whore conitltt..u . ) 1
ttons are Involved , ai d such cases
direct to the supreme court. The que\ \ ,
whether the Judged shall wear robes .
probably bo considered next week when Jfls-
tlco Hnrlan nrrives. A marshal , clerk and
court reporter will bo appointed. Thorn be
ing no cases for the consideration of the court
no other business will ho transacted.
A-miit.tnic.t's .vWir c-y/.i\CEIi.oit.
Sketch of tlio Kdncatloiml Career of
Prof. Caiillold.
TOPKKI , Kan. , Juno 11. [ Special Telegram
to TUB Biu.j-Prof. : James II. Cunllcld , born
In Brooklyn , was the sou of Dr. Canllold , n
distinguished Episcopal clergyman , for many
years pastor of one of the leading Brooklyn
churches. Ho was educr.lod nt the Brooklyn
polytechnic Institute and Williams college.
After graduation ho was engaged for several
years In railroad construction In Iowa and
Minnesota. Ho subsequently was admitted
to the bar nnd practiced law In Michigan.
His tastes , however , worn scholastic nud in
1877 ho became professor of political economy
and history hi the Kansas university , then n
young and struggling Institution. For
several yeara ho carried the English
department in addition to his own.
Ho soon became known throughout
the west as ono of the leading educators.
Largely to his untiring labors has been duo
the extraordinary growth and prosperity of
the Kansas university. Slnco 1S7" his chair
has boon several times divided until nt the
present tlmo ho is devoting himself ex
clusively to American history and civics. In
18b. > ho took hold of the National Teachers'
association , an organization numbering at
that tlmo some hundreds of teachers. Ho
was several yours secretary and afterwards
piosidont of the association. Under his ad
ministration the membership Increased to
moro than live thousand. Ho was desired
almost unanimously for chancellor of the
Kansas state university a year ngo ,
but was not .selected for"a rea
son of n temporary , but conclusive
nature. Ho was strongly urged for the
senate to succeed Ingalls by the host mem
bers of all parties , lint flatly declined to bo n
candidate. Ho Is n republican without rabid
partisan feeling , and an Episcopalian nnd
active In church work , nnd is au extraordi
nary worker and enjoys greater populailty
than any other man in Kansas. Prof. Can-
field Is a line instructor , has the bioadcst pos
sible scholastic methods and opinions , and is
altogether a man of marvelous goodness , ver
satility and strength. Ho will not bo nllowcd
to leave the Kansas university if the regents
can contrive to keep him.
KANSAS Cm , Mo. , Juno 11. A special from
Topekn says : Prof. J. II. Cnutleld of the
state university has accepted the position of
chancellor of the Nebraska state university ,
tendered to him recently by the boaid of
regents of that institution.
Uc'liiiond and O'Connor , Parnell's
ICnvoys , Aimwor It.
CmriGo , Junn 11. The address telegraphed
from Now York , in which Dr. Thomas Addis
Emmet , president of the National Federation
of America , pronoun-sod Mr. Painell un
worthy of further trust , was answered today
by Redmond and John O'Connor ' , the Irish
members of parliament , representing Parnell
in the United States , The answer says that
Emmet , president of the federation and
Kelly , treasurer , represent only themselves.
The federation Is composed of n few gentle
men of social distinction , who. "resolved"
themselves Into nn organization , but who
'ovor sought the i > anctlon of a public meot-
iiifr , well knowing tUat"tho mass of ' Irish-
Americans is against them.
The address says : The statements In Mr.
Emmet's circular are founded on falsehood.
Ho criticises the circular severely and lays
blame for the rupture in the Irish party on
Mr. Gladstone's interference. It said 'Mr.
Parnell does not stand In the way of unity
and that ho has twice offered to resign If the
party would get from the liberals an assur
ance that In their measure of homo rule they
will Introduce such provisions as will bo
satisfactory to the majority of the
Irish representatives. Twice his oppo
nents accepted this offer and sought the re
quired guarantees and twice they failed to
secure them. If these assurances were
thought necessary then they nro necessary
still , and the liberal party has only at any
time to satisfy Mr. Pnrnell's demand , which
has boon twice endorsed by the Irish party ,
to case the situation and end the quarrel.
Continuing , the address says : "We con
fidently trust that the Irish in America will
rcfuso tholr aid to an organization whoso
policy of surrender to the English liberals
strikes at the root of the principles of self-
rcllanco that should guide the nation. "
Referring to the matter of funds ,
the report says : "It is deserving
of uotlco that Mr. Kelly and friends
deliberately refrained for six months
from sending money collected for the evicted
tonunts to the treasurers appointed by
William O'Brien and John Dillon to receive
the sanio and now consign to a faction. "
In conclusion the reply says : "Tho fact
that the opposition is urged most strongly bv
Englishmen will bo strong proof that Paruoil
is the best friend of the Irish people. "
n'Oilltii'B l'\lllt MAITEItS.
Hoard of Control tfets Down Upnn
Itogus AfjontH Abroad ,
CHICAGO , Juno U. At a meeting of the
world's fair board of references and control
today President Pahnor aod Vice Chairmen
McKenzie , Massey of Delaware , Lannon of
Utah , St. Clalr of West Virginia and Martin-
dale of Indiana were present. The followinir
was unanimously adopted :
Whereas , It has m > on brought to the atten
tion ot this board that ullorls uiu buhiR madu
by individuals asvoll us by corporations
manifestly or anUud for thu purpose to ob
tain nutnorltallvo locognltlon. either ux-
piossly or linplledly , so .in to constitute Hiiuh
hunons or corporations iiuasl-olUuhil IIKOIHS
for tliu uilvoitlsumont ut tliu u.\poMlou ! In
foreign countries , and whoso utl'orts are clearly
Inspired by prollt or adv.mtaxo to sneli per
sons or corporations and liu\o not for tln.'lr
primary and prlnolpnl obocl | the promotion
of ilio SUCUC-H of the exposition : nnd
Whereas , Thu employ ment of any auenoy of
this uharauter cannot bo biibstantlully huiie-
flelal to iiKioat national undertaking , lint Is
moro likely tocrunto Miumlul and to Justly
provoke ad verso orltlulmii on tlioso olllclully
responsible for Its management ; and
WhuiouH , Alt relations which still exist ho-
twoon forulKii RnvernmnntH , their otllulnl rep
resentatives and the oMilhitors thereof and
the said exposition , tire exclusively under tha
control of the commission whlcli has been
duly vested with powers to confirm thu terms
and tlio stipulations of the compact bmwcun
thu national commission anil tliu world's Co-
luiablan in position , ns oinhodlud In the icport
of tholr Joint commissions : theruforu
Ik-solved by thu board of lelurenco and
control , That no axuncy for thu ptuuiutlim of
thu Interests of thu exposition In foiulgn
countries or tlioustabllshmont of ruluuoim
with forulirn governments or thu olllclnl rup-
resontutlvos or exhibitors thereof nmnuulud
therewith ninth bn pormltttid or roi'oKiiJzud as
authoritative and ofllulal the sumo
xlinll liiivu buen Ilrst iiuthorl/t'd and niiprovud
ultlier by the national comm xslon , this hoarder
or by the dhuulor general through the loport
of the commissioner of foioljn alTalrs , and
when by thu latter olllulnl , a full luporl hluill
bo Hindu In imuli i.'iisci lo thu iritlonal commis
sion or to this boaid foruppiovul ami confir
mation. _
C'lHtHNKlt Al.I * Hi ( HIT.
Hufo Arrival of Mr. I Uno wilt or at
Southampton Shipping Nmvs.
Nr.w YOIIIC , Juno 11. [ Special Telegram
to Tun BII : : . ] Tlio Now York agents of the
Hamburg-American Hue received a cable
today via the French cable company that thu
Normaniu had arrived ut Southampton , All
well aboard.
At London Sighted , the Montana , from
At Philadelphia Arrived , the Indiana ,
from Liverpool ,
At Now Yori : Arrived , the Travo , from
Bremen ; the Ocean , from Amsterdam ,
Itlshop Whlpplo Arrives.
Ni\v : YOUK , Juno 11Bishop Whlpplo of
Minnesota has arrived hero on the steamer
Loft by its Parents with i ; Servant it Is
Fatally Burned.
Terrible Accident Which Overtook
Winsome hUtle Mamie OolliMilicuk
Clothing Hunted 1'iom Her
Hotly Can't Kooover.
Little Manila Gellondcck
llvo-ycar-old ,
daughter of George F. Gollonbeck , living at
Oil North Seventeenth street , was playing
with paper and mntchos yesterday afternoon
nnd her clothing cnupht flro.
The parents hnd gene to the Council Bluffs
races , leaving the child in charge of a colored
servant girl.
The servant was doing some work hi the
cellar and while there the child got to llght-
Inu paper.
When her clothing caught flro the baby
ran towards the kitchen screaming ns loud as
she could.
Dan C. Horeloy , n neighbor , hoard the
screams nnd ran to the baby's assistance.
The colored girl hnd como up from the collar
and was about to throw n pall of water ever
the child. Mr. Horely prevented this and
wrapped n shoot about the httto form ,
which by this tlmo was nil nblnzo.
Other neighbors came In nud doctors
sent for. A trip was made to the county
poor farm by Air. Horeloy to procure n Jar of
prepared paste which Is used for burns.
None could bo obtained there , but n Jar was
found at the court honso , nnd ns soon as pos
sible npphed to the suffering baby.
Nearly every bit of clothing hnd boon
burned off and the hair was nearly nil de
stroyed. The child's face and nearly the
whole boJy was black , atul the skin was
cracked open in n number of places.
Dr. ICcogh was engaged in dressing the
burns when the parents arrived home. At 8
o'clock the physician said that ho did not
think the child could possibly pull through.
Even if the little ono lived for n month or
moro it would probably die , as persons so soi
vercly burned generally do.
llcply cf President Harrison to Mayor
Stuart's Iiettei- .
Pnii.inci.i'iiM , Juno 11. Following Is a
copy of President Harrison's reply to Mayor
Stuart's letter of Juno 5 regarding tbo affairs
of the suspended Keystone bank :
ilr : 1 am In receipt of your letter of Juno 5
and hi reply theieto ho ; to say : Tlio comp
troller of tliu euriency U. m.dur the law. In
I in m cdl lit D and In : i lnr ; .seiiH ) Independ
ent contiol of nil mullets ) iirtiln- ;
Inu to national banks. Kvci-vtliluir re
lating to the OMini nation of such
biiiiUs , to the appointment of rocelvuis
and to the win linkup of Insolvent hanks la
under his d heel Ion. An uxumlnul on of the
lulallonsof hlsolll o to thu ICoystonu bank
will , thoioforo.dlsclobo all that Iris buundono
by thu ticasiuy department. Thu senrotury
of the treasury was aLsont when your letter
WHS received , but upon Ills return this
morning I conferred with hjm , and the
cornntroller anilus . , vn. results ofthat
.eonfureiieoAthoft'eoinntroniirtlstiil-paiithat ho
would prepare ut once a full statement of his
entire notion In connection withtho Kovstono
national bank ot Philadelphia ami would sub
mit his report without delay to tlio .secretary
of thu tieasury , who will transmit a copy to
you. Your request that a coininltloo of the
council or Its export iiucouiitiints bo allowed
to o.xainhiu and Inspect nil the bookn , docu
ments and records of the bank has been ro-
foricd to the comptroller , with the siiRKCstlon
that under thu ad vli-o of the dlstr ct attorney
the receiver pormlt an examination by a
pro nor representative of the creditors Into all
matters anil accounts , and particularly of
accounts where frauds or lrro uhirltlcs are
charged , with such observation of coiilldcneeof
thointuiost ot thu eredltois of the bank as
the oiul of nubile lustlco inaku micmsury. I
am snro you will find every otllcer of the gov
ernment having any publlo duty connected
\\lth this matter desirous to co-operuto with
thu creditors of the hunk hi all measures cal
culated to protect tholr Interests and to hold
to proper accountability every person having
Kiillty complicity with the fiilluio. Very
truly yours , llUNJAMlN llAiiiusoN.
In court today Assistant District Attorney
Kinsllo called the attention o > the jury to a
bill charghiB ox-City Treasurer Bardsley
with ombc7/.lcment of $119,000 , and said : "In
view of the fact that Mr. Bardsley has
pleaded guilty on seventeen bills of Indict
ment , upon uliich a maximum puuishmor.t of
fifty or sixty years could bo iiunoied ' , longer
than any punishment the court'may indict. It
would bo useless to take up the lime of tbo
court in tr.viug the remaining Indictments
against him. I propose to submit the bill
without evidence and dlsposo.of It. " Tbo bill
was handed to the Jury and a verdict of not
cuilly taken ,
They Adopt the Usual Platform nud
Nominate u Ticket.
Si'itixaniii.i ) , O. , Juno 11. The prohibition
state convention was called to order this
morning. Temporary Chairman Muclaln was
made permanent chairman. The platform
denounces tbo liquor trafllo in the usual
terms ; domandu revision of the Immigration
nnd naturalization laws ; declares for woman
suffrage ; denounces speculation In margins ;
recommends pensions to soldiers and
sailors and their widows nnd orphans , graded
according to time of service : recognizes
gold , silver and currency ns the proper clrcu-
Intiug medium , Issued In sufficient quantity
to moot demands ; dotnnnds the reclamation of
unearned land grants and that no moro of the
national domain bo grantedr declares for a
tariff to bo nssesScd on goods from such
countries us tax American products , and that
the expenses of the government should Lo
paid bv the Income tax.
The following ticket was nominated : Gov
ernor , J , J. Ashcnhurst , Stark ; lieutenant
governor , W. J. Klrkcnbnll , Jackson ; supreme -
promo Judge , Hawson fj. Poako , Erlo ; at
torney general , W. II. Matthews , Hamilton |
state treasurer , Georpo W. Mace , Dnrkoj
state auditor , C. E , Hoosor. Clark ; ; school
commissioner , E. P. Sollars , Portage.
Particulars of tliu i oiiolulu Fire.
SAX FitvNC'isco , Cal. , Juno 11. The steam
ship Marlpoja , from Australia via Honolulu ,
arrived today. The steamer brings fuller
particulars of the lira In the government
warehouse at Honolulu on Juno ' . ' . Savoral
workmen had boon soldering leaking kero
sene cans nt a shed a short distance from tha
warehouse , which was used nololy for the
storage of oats. The lire originated from the
flames in the soldering furnaoo and the
tiroiuQii were iitmblo to got water from the
plugs and the explosion of a number of
drums of gusollno , of which they were soy-
oral hundred In thu warehouse , drove them
to a distance. The fact that the warohonso
was constructed of brick and Iron , with but
HHlo woodwork nnd that there was scarcely
any wind , saved that portion of the town
from destruction and a greater part of the
oil , of which there were itf.OOO cases of a
total value nt the Honolulu prices of $300,000.
It was ownrd by the Standard oil company ,
The rest was divided among several holders.
Thcro was also about two thoiinand gallons
of gasoline In the warehouse , pnit of which
was saved. The insurance Is small.
Gun Tested.
ATMNTK Hmni.AMH , N. J. , Juno 11. The
fifty -two ton uow bro oh-loadlng gun , the
InrgoHt ever made In this country , was tried
at Sandy Hook yostorJay. It was cat at
the Wuturvllot nrnutiul , West Troy , is 80 > f
fct't long , bore - ' ! ! feoi and will stand a charge
of I K ) pounds of powder. It Is calculated to
jjlvc a IIHI//U pinutratlon In wrought Iron ot
thirty luo hichi a.