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Eemarkablo Story iti Oonnectlon with the
Failure of Baring Brothers ,
Britain's ' Big Bankers Trusted All to n
Smooth Yankee Drummer.
Concessions Which Cost Millions of Money
and Turned Out Bad.
VnrloiiH Provinces Obtained lioan.s
-5"1 Three TlmcH Their Kntlre Vallie-
Clilef lioodlcr Won livery
Ixxly'H A < liiilriUloii.
Nnw YOIIK , Juno 0. As soon as the col
lapse of the During Brothers was announced
the New York World sent n staff correspondent
pendent to the Argentina Republic to inquire
Into the investments which precipitated the
failure. The correspondent after a thorough
Investigation made a remarkable story , show
ing how Charles II. Sanford , a Yankee drum
mer for the sale of pills nnd toilet prepara
tions , first secured membership in the Amer
ican firm of S. 13. Halo .S ; Co. In Buenos
Ay res , nnd after making $1,000,000 by a
single financial coup went to London and
won the confidence of Lord Itevolstouc , head
of the During firm. Tlnnco returning to Ar
gentine ho invested several millions of Dar
ing gold in doubtful enterprises.
_ Twenty-live years ago Sanford was on the
coast of SouthAmericaand travele : ! as atlrum-
mor for a New York firm deallngln drugs nnd
chemicals. This firm failed and he turned
his attention to the linn of S. B. Halo & Co. ,
whoso members were about to retire. IIo
used the maternal love of Mrs. Pearson ,
daughter of Samuel Halo nnd the wife of
John U. Pearson , as a lover to further his in
terests. Ha argued that the glories of the
old house of Halo & Co. , might bo revived
nnd that In their operations there was a bril
liant future for Mrs. Pearson's sons. The
ambitious hopes the house imbued in the
Ijldy's mind found co-operation in the minds
'of the other feminine members of the family ,
nnd although Mr. Pearson remonstrated , the
house of Samuel B. Halo & Co. was continued
with Lanman & Koinp's quondam pill drum
mer , Sanford , ns ono of the partners.
Sanford obtained full control and engaged
in loolhnrdy enterprises which would have
ended In ruin , but for the private fortunes of
Halo & Pearson. Then came the stroke of
the Yankee's life , thus described : Alter the
revolution the provincial government found
It necessary to consolidate the debt. In oi-j.
dor to accomplish this purpose the outstand
ing loans hud to bo taken up , Including the
popular loan hold by Hale & Co. Tha real
ability which Sanford possessed became ap
parent. Through no anticipation of his own
the loan had fulled and the personal re
sources of the Pearson fnmilv nlono saved
Itho houso. Sanford counted on an immedi
ate sale of the bonds and the failure of the
public to buy wns n crushing blow to his
pride. Smiford Intrigued with the govern
ment In behalf of tho-'popular loan. " and it
is current hero that ho "subsidized"
certain officials whoso favor was useful to
\ the realizing of bis hopes. Golu and paper
erenow ' at , par. The loan was taken up by
In' '
nogovorninont In paper and the safes o'f
Halo & Co. were cleared of certificates
which cost the firm many an anxious mo
ment , and sleepless night. The European
loans were paid in gold and the profit which
ensued , solely by reason of good luck and
the parity of gold und paper , turned in a
profit of upward of $1,000,0(10. (
Shortly after Sanford wont to England ,
where ho besieged Lord Hovelstoko , head of
the firm of Daring Drothers. Lung varied
nnd panoramic was the tale tlio man
poured Into Hovolstoltc's oars. Sunford
"talked to Uovelstoko about the extraordinary
resources of Argentina and the unbounded
prospects of the country. Soon the head
Daring was hoard to say that Mr. Sanford
was the cleverest man ho had ever mot.
When Sanford departed from London , carry
ing with him the confidence and admiration
of Lord Hovelstoko , nnd with the millions of
the Daring bank behind him to spend nnd
invest , a universe of chances was revealed to
his triumphant vision.
The correspondent then relates in detail
the story of the investment of Daring gold bv
y an ford. First ho was obliged to subsidize
government olllcials to obtain the great
waterworks contract , and part of the story Is
told in those words : "Tho estimated cost of
the works on which Interest was to bo
allowed was $ ; Wr > 0 ( > ,000 in gold. Tlio prlco
of the concession to Daring Brothers through
S. B. Halo , t Co. was $21,000,000 In gold , pay
able to the minister of fiuuneo tu three
Installments. This was the pub
lic price , but there Is another
Bide to the business , and it forms
n dark chapter In the record of the Daring
Brothers bunk. Nothing Is conceded from
the Argentine Hcpnbllo without a prlco. The
olllcials from president down to tlio Janitors
In his office expect a consideration for their
hcrvtces In addition to their regular stipend.
The procuring of the concessions was ob
tained , as was previously mentioned , by
Charles II. Sanford , and a greater coup was
never accomplished In this delletable capital ,
-wJcro ) bribery , corruption and fraud thrive
ns they rarely do elsewhere. In order to se
cure the great cuntract Sauford was com
pelled to bid high , Mid the success that hu at
tained placed him on n pinnacle toward tha
npox of which tno loss fortunate operators of
the rpcculatlvu market gazed with eves
fraught with admiration. Jnurez Celiiian
was the ehlof executive of Argentine , Ho
was Hpo for boodlu before ho had warmed
the president's chair , and at the time
ho concession was granted Daring Drothers
through Sanford , his need of money was
great. IJr. Wild , another of the gang of
sharpers who formed the boodle- ring uf
Argentine , was minister of tlio interior. To
these worthies S'liiford addressed himself
nr.d their favor secured the prize. Celtmiu
renll/ed upwards of $ .VX,000 ) for his "ten" in
gaining these concessions. The additional
sum of # 100,000 was also paid to thu presi
dent , If the Ntntmncnts of same of thu most
responsible here are accurate. The minister
of the Interior received $300.001) ) for his -.hare
of the deal. It proved a il ml cult task for this
rorrcspnndcnt to truce the untiru disposition
of the During corruption fund used in the
waterworks denl. The belief Is current hero
that nearly $ . ' ) , i)00,000 ) was spent In "prollmi-
uarles. "
Sanford Is popularly credited with secur
ing a personal "commission" which put him
high nbovo water In his course down the
tlnunelul stroutn among the. bra/en kultles
und earthen pots. Having secured this eon >
tract Daring Drothers forwarded to Sauford
two installments of JOtJO,0'jO each und a
third of like amount wilt fall due this sum
mer. Other sums were advanced at various
times until now the correspondent estimates
the government's llubilltly to Baring
Brothers on this slnglo enterprise at nearly
rwQOO,000. ) Ho continues : "Tho losses of
the Darlnis I rom their waterworks Invest
ment will not bo as grout proportionately as
lu thulr pnrvhusus of bonds nnd other money
lioro , which no ono oulsidu the confidential
circles of the housu' employe * and these of
" - pgoutj can iloscrlbo , 1 have mot
with many difficulties In obtaining the
simplest facts regarding the Barings' affairs.
The government officials will disclose noth
ing. The chief secretary of the treasury ,
otter promising to lay before mo certain 1m
portnnt official drna , was constrained to
change his mind nml politely declined. The
'rreumk.cutton ! . ofllro' system prevails hero In
nil its complexity. The Inquirer who wishes
to know anything Is regarded as a suspicious
character , only to bo denied Information. "
Notwithstanding these difficulties the cor
respondent learned that amounts mnglni ,
from $ .VOTXVXX ) to twice or thrco times that
amount were obtained by various provinces
for "internal Improvements. " Ono of thest.
1 onus to Cordoba , the correspondent says , is
larger than the entire province is worth
The Darings also hnvo largo Investments Ii
railroad bonds , but those , the correspondent
thinks , will yield fair returns In time. , titil < H''iI-tI > 'N
She IHan Accomplished Young : Woman
with a l < Tgo Port lino.
ICioKriIn : , Juno 5. Miss Georgia Kil-
bourne , who is to wed General Schotleld
Juno 1 ! ? . Is n beautiful wo.nan about twenty-
six years old , whoio father Is ono of the
wealthiest and best known mun In Iowa.
Her grandfather was David Kilbourno , a
capitalist and contractor , who moved from
Now York to the state almost in its Infancy.
Ho projected many of Its first railroads ani
public Improvements. Ills son , George
Kilbotirne. married a daughter ol
Prof. Wells , who for many years
conducted the military school for boys
at PccUskill. When Georgia Kllbourne was
thirteen years old she visited the homo ol
Prof. Dartlott at West Point , ami she was
such a winsome , attractive child that she be
came a favorite with nearly everyboby in the
beautiful town on the Hudson. General
Schollold's daughter , Alary , and Miss Georgia
became close friends at that time , und when
the former was married . to Lloiitenant An
drews years afterward Miss Georgia Kil
bourne was her maid of honor. , While the
Schollelds were in Washington Miss Kil
bourne paid them a visit of many months.
General Scholield is now sixty years of age ,
but Miss Kilbourno's sister married General
Bnrnoy of New Yorlc when she was onlv
twenty-two and the general seventy-four ,
and tlio wedding proved a most hippy ono.
Miss Kilbourno Is well educated , Is possessed
of a eomforublo fortune In her own right
nnd will have more Irani her mother. She
has traveled extensively and Is an accom
plished and well poised young woman
who will bo a brilliant accession to
the social corpi of tlio army. She is
especially winsome in conversation , inherit
ing from both her parents uncommon gifts of
wit , versatility and fiueney. She has a petite
figure , symmetrical and graceful , and under
stands perfectly the art of dressing becom
ingly. While she was in Europe she had
rare advantages for study and society. She
wont there to meet and bring home her
younger sister , who had been spending some
time In Vienna with the family of Minister
i ; ATStOClTY.
Tramps Mutilate a Hey Because lie
Wouldn't Feed I hem.
\VATII : .OO , la. , Juno 0. Yesterday after
noon Joseph Drannon , aged nineteen , was nt
work for Frank Yonngblood , a farmer
living near Gilbertsvillo , nine miles
south of this city , when three
tramps called nt the house in the absence of
the family and demanded something to cat.
Drannon refused the request , telling of
the absence of tro family. The refusal
angered the tramps , and they assaulted the
lad , throwing him to the ground and castrat
ing him. Brjnnon's cries frightened the
scoundrels before they could complete their
worlc and they escaped , leaving tlioir victim
in an unconscious condition. When Brannou
regained consciousness , two hours later , ho
harnessed a horse and drove to Albortvillo ,
where he gave the alarm. An accurate de
scription of the men was given , and the sher
iff and posse are now In pursuit. The
wretches will undoubtedly bo lynched If cap
tured. _ _ _
Taken a New Taclc.
WATI-.UI.OO , In. , Juno 0. A now phoso In
the insurance troubles growing out of the as-
sicnmont of the Citizen's Mutual insurance
company of this city , of which ex-Governor
Bureu H. Sherman was nx-csidont , has devel
oped. Instead of the assignee bringing suit
against the policy holders who have failed to
pay assessments , the policy holders will Ulo
a petition asking that the assignee ba re
strained from collecting the present , assessment -
mont which has been levied on the deposit
notes , nnd also asking that the setttomout of
the affairs of the company bo taken out of his
hands , that a receiver bo appointed , and that
ho be ordered to assess the guarutitcors of
said company an amount sulllcicnt to poy the
losses and indebtedness.
The petition sots forth u printed circular
issued by the company , which states that the
policies oC the company were s > ccuro'.l by a
guarantee fund amounting to J.IO.OO'J. The
petition also claims the company was not
legally organized , and that the assignment
was fraudulently made.
CoumiiMicemout at
LOOAN , la. , Juno ( ! . fSpecial to Tun BBC. ]
Coicmencomcnt exorcises of the Logan
high school were hold in the public hall Fri
day evening Juno f > . The graduating class ,
four In number , Is thu first in three years.
The weather was very bad , but notwith
standing the house was full to overllowlng
with relatives and friends of thu class , who
came to show their appreciation of thu efforts
of the class. The class motto : "For Value
Received wo Promise to Pay , " was sus
pended over the stage , and judging fro'n the
rendlnon of the programme the promise will
bo fulfilled. As each delivered her oration
she was the recipient of many floral tributes.
The graduates were : Misses Inn IS.
Williamson , Kiln U'ood , Motn G. Hornby
nnd F. Millie Ford.
After the programme was rendered the
alumni gave a reception and banquet to the
graduates nnd tholr friends. Altogether it
was ono of the most pleasant events of the
year. Logon is proud of the class of ' 91.
MlH'onri Valley Sehools ,
Mtssorm VAM.EV. la. , Juno t ) . ( Special
Telegram to Tin : BKU.J A grand banquet
last evening , with a largo attendance , not
withstanding the heavy ruin , completed the
commencement exercises of the high school
of this city. They nro .spoken of as ovceod-
Inifly well executed , though this year's class
wus hinnll , containing only Misses Lola Chap
man , Lula Edgocomb and Charles Brand-
rltf. Prof. Culriimn is to bo congrutulutoil
upon his entire success In our schools.
Valley Follcx I'lcnHotl.
Miosorni VAI.I.KY , lu. , Juno (1 ( , ( Special
Telegram to Tin : DIK. : ] An injunction was
granted today by Judge Wakotlcld restrain
ing the board of supoivlsors from further
action In the county scat contest until Judi
cial Investigation Is hail. This Is conceded
by all to bo a veritable throwing uii of the
sponge by Logan. It is believed hero the in
junction will bo sot aside , as It is bul tempo
rary and n last resort.
Another illm I. Ill Uoad.
Four Donan. la. , Juno --Special [ Tele
gram to Tin ; Hi'.i--U : | Is iiunouiico-.l that
the first new Iowa railroad planned since the
so-culod ! hostile legislation In this state will
bo built this summer. The road will connect
Sioux City , la. , with Sioux Fulls , S. 1) . , by
way of Fort Uodgo and Loliigh. and bo the
connecting line , In short , from Sioux Falls to
U'hlciii-u. J , J. Hill of Chicago U said to bo
buck of the scheme.
linrlliiKtoil Is In It ,
Hfiu.isaTox , la. , Juno t ) . | Spcclnl Tele
gram to TUB Bun. ) 1C. J. Pcnnlngion of
nlr ship fame was in this city uudor an as
sumed name two days this week. Ho camu
to sue about exhibiting his now air ship hereon
on tha coming July 4 , Ho proposed to inako
the Urn voyage of his now machine from St.
Louis to Burlington on the morning ot the
Fourth , and thence to oui yolut cast , Chicago
cage or Now York.
Popular Discontent in the Fatherland Over
its Maintenance Very Strong.
Politicians of the Opinion That the Govern
ment Has Made a Miitake-
Warning That the People Ara Assuming
a Menacing Attitude.
SoelallHts Mure Active Strong Din
KeiiHioiiH Heported In the Cahlnct
California Processor Con
nected with a Scandal.
[ Cow/rf//it ( / IKil , bv Xcw York Annclaleil I'mt.
U 1:111.1 : N , Juno ( I. If popular discontent
wore allowed to manifest itself in free lines
against the government's decision to main
tain the com duties Germany would boablazo
with denons'.ration. Slnco Chancellor
Caprivi sunrlscd the country , including the
agrarian party , with the declaration that the
existing tariff must remain until tit least now
treaty negotiations with other nations were
arranged , the dissatisfaction among workingmen -
men has become exasperating.
The political parties , which are open to
popular emotion , are becoming pcuotrateil
with the sense that the government has made
11 mistake and must before long reconsider its
decision in the fneo oi tlio increasing prices
of cereals , and especially rice , which forms
the staple of the people's food ,
JOvcn the official press speaks' In an
apologetic tone of the attitude of the covcrii-
ment. The North German Gazette stands
utmost nlono In sustaining energetically the
ministerial policy , urging that the suspension
of the duties on cereals would not cheapen
bread , while an abolition of the duties would
Imply the revision of the whole protectionist
tariff in the direction of free trade.
The national liberal organs , while admit
ting the severity of the pressure of dearness
of the staffs of life upon worklngmon , plead
that since all parties accept thu results of
suspension the time is most opportune to give
effect to it.
The Vossischo Xuitung warns the govern
ment and the ministers that the attitude of
the people is assuming a menacing character.
The Vorwaert and other socialist papers have
not terms bitter enough to reproach the
ministers. Even the agrarian Kn-uz Xei-
tung attacks the chancellor's policy , declar
ing that the protection party prefers a tem
porary suspension of duties when it is rec
ognized that such action is necessary to the
acceptance of commercial treaties involving u
permanent abatement of the tariff.
The progressists in the lower house ot the
Prussian diet have vainly tried to get the
ministers to produce the reports on which
their decision not to reduce the duties is al
leged to bo based. Chancellor Von Cnprivi's
estimates are held to bo of small value beside
market facts.
The Freissmnlgo Zoltung points out that
the price of rye is now almost attaining the
figure reached during the famine years of
1810 and 1817. As the session of the landtag
will close within a fortnight , there ! . - , small
chance that the opposition will get time to
conduct a parliamentary agitation. They
are therefore preparing for a campaign in the
The socialists are active. They value the
situation and will give energy to the oppo
sition movement in every populous center.
Meetings have boon held this week. Six have
been hold in the Berlin districts , at which
addresses were made by Ilerreti Llcbeck-
nocht , Singer , Auor , Bobol , Schippcl and u
number of other prominent socialists. They
met with an enthusiastic reception when
they branded the ministers as starving the
masses to the advantage of the classes.
\Vithin the cabinet It is reported that the
dissensions are strong. Minister'Miguel do-
maiuls n reduction of the duties , while Min
ister Lucius opposes such a course. From
various quarters of the country memorials
reach the govern ment In favor of a suspen
sion of the duties.
The union of Industrial associations , after
a prolonged dcbato on the proposal to hold an
International exhibition in IS'.Hi ' , appointed a
special commission to visit Chancellor Von
Caprivi and ask him to ask the government
for Its approval of the scheme. When the
exhibition was first mooted Emperor William
supported the proposition , but I'rinco Bis
marck , who was then all powerful , treated it
with something llko contempt. The pros
pect of both national and olllcial support has
greatly improved since then.
Emil Zieffert , the American-Gorman ad
venturer who was recently sentenced to two
years Imprisonment for defrauding Mrs. Mo-
Gulo of Detroit , Mich. , has succeeded in
getting a new trial. As Mrs. McGulro has
returned to the United States , and as she re
fuses to appear against /Coiffort , it
is likely that ho will t > o free.
Xoiffcrt mot Mrs. McGuire in Cali
fornia and made love to her. Ho
induced her to visit Kuro [ > o ami then de
frauded her of largo sums of monoy. lie sub
sequently eloped with Miss Flannigan of
Washington , Mrs. McGuiro's companion , and
married her in London. Ho returned to Ber
lin after this and commenced blackmailing
Mrs. McGulro , Ho was tripped up on his
blackmailing scheme , however , was arrested ,
tried and sentenced to servo two years in jail.
Mrs. McGulro then ruturned to her homo In
America , thinking ZeitTort had been dis
posed of.
A scandal attaches hero to a well known
[ irofessor of the University of California ,
who Is charged with sending his youni ; wlfo
and two grown daughters of Ills first wife to
Gjrmany and leaving them without support
and refusing them the money necessary tor
their return homo. It Is possible that the
[ irofcssor has nu explanation , which is not
Imowu to the pcoplo hero who are interesting
themselves In the family.
The committee for the rollof of Ilusslan
.lows reports that many Injured Hebrews are
arriving at Charlottsburg. Those people
were woumlod while Ilcolng from the liusslan
> ollco. Numbers of Jews were killed while
trying to escape over the frontier. The ex
odus Is assuming such vast proportions tlutt
private charities will soon bo powerless to
cope with It. and the government will bo
compelled to Interfere.
Mr. Henry Villard , the well known finan
cier , has gone to the Ham mountains to re
cruit his health.
Mr. A. n. White , formerly United States
minister to Germany , is ex pooled hero
shortly , Hi > will bring his daughters , who
will devote a year to study In Dresden.
Colonel and Mrs. Montgomery of Portland ,
On. . , have toft Berlin for Marionbnd. They
; iivo a dinner on Wednesday before leaving.
Miss Field , who was the companion o"f
Kato Marsden on bar journey in Siticrla , has
returned to Berlin , whore she Is the guest of
Mrs. Willard.
Kato Santley's Kngllsh burlesque com-
.any has huu only a qualified success in Ber-
Krunoh HiinkorH Fall ,
PAIIIS , Juno 0. Vluvo , Dufotcl , Orlmnux
Co. , bunkers of Amiens , hnvo suspended
operations. The liabilities of the concern are
ilacod at Jl,000,000.
Play Uriiij ; Iluuk the I'oor.
MAIWID , Juno 0. In the chamber of
deputies today Senor Fubio , minister of the
colonies , announced that the eovcrnmont
meditated bringing back to Stani | the poorer
Spanish emigrant * who had settled In South
Lou loiiOinnlliUH Driver * Will Htrlko.
Lns-pos , Juno 0. A meeting of the omni
bus drivers of this city was held at midnight
tonight , at which n very largo number of the
men were present. It was resolved that the
cmplovcs of the various' omnibus companies
should go on n strike.
How They -lustily Thomsclvi'N
Brnt.iN , Juno 0. His stated that the cab
inet has decided to present to parliament all
the reports except thOse of a confidential
nature on which the decision of the govern
ment to maintain the duty on corn was
based. _
EM ) / ' . ! NAlMtAI , .
A Girl CnHtH Axlile Ifrr I.over
and Marrio.H. Another.
BOSTON , Mass. , Juno" 0. Helen Smith
whose escapade with Lecturer Harry Froncl
stirred Koxbury to its depths , Is n wife toda.v
without a doubt. She was married yester
day to John N. Merrill , the London agent o
Helen's father's big organ company , by L. C
A. Beckwlth at her homo. It was n e-uic
wedding , only the most Intimate friends o
the family being present. In fact , only a very
small proportion of the residents had any In
tlimitfon of the affair. Harry Frcncl
was not there. Several policemen wore
stationed In the vicinity of the house for the
purpose , it is stated , of Intercepting any nt
tempt ho might make to disturb the ccro
inony. But the faci had been zealously
guarded and everybody who know about the
ceremony was pretty confident that ho did
not know of It. After 'ihn ceremony the
couple Immediately loft for Europe. Thoj
will live abroad.
With this marriage cuds ono of the most
remarkable episodes In the social life of Bos
ton's suburbs. Helen F. Smith was the
pretty twenty-year-old daughter of a wealth }
resident of Koxbury. Slio was ono of the
leaders in the country thereabouts when she
mot Hurry French , a lecturer of roptito. Ho
was llfty years old and n bachelor. Ho fell in
love willi her and i was Mikl the
passion was reciprocated. Tilings went
pleasantly until a few months later , when for
sonic reason Helen's mother objected to
French's attentions to her daughter. Some
said it was because Mrs. Smith herself felt
jealous of him. She forbade him visiting
Helen and soon after the young girl was sent
away to London.
Afterwards French talked freely to the
press. Ho slid that Helen had boon secretly
married to him and was llvii ) with him as
his wife for six mouths before she left for
Europe. Then ho gave out some of her let
ters for publication. When these stories
reached Europe Helen cabled over a com
plete denial of the charged , declaring that
French was a liar and u scoundrel , that she
had never been guilty of aliy ill-conduct with
him und that French's charge was made to
injure her character and force her Into an
acknowledgement of a marriage with him so
that ho might irot some of her father's
French then made a correction of his origi
nal story , saying the ceremony performed
was simply an agreement" between himseltj
and Helen taken over a family bible. He
said ho believed the ceremony legal until
told that it was not by a lawyer. Then he
caused some letters to be published , and the
church to which he and Miss Smith belonged
took up the matter. French and his brother
testified that Union butt 5ycii as French's
wife. The standing" copmlttoo' refused to
believe these stories und appended French
from membership. Fr6noT0Vio'h ! ' ' 'atfacked
the character of J. N.'Mtirillithq.London :
auent of Smltb , to whom Utfwas announced
Helen was engaged to bo married.
Helen was about to sail for nome when
this story was received , anS Morrlll Instantly
decided to accompany her to America and
thrash French. In time they arrived , but
French had disappeared.vBho standing com
mittee of the church then tried Miss Smith
on a-chnrgo of immoral conduct , and afiOr a
long hearing , in which Frtinch appeared nnd
made u strong case against her , she was com
pletely exonerated. French complained of
unfair treatment , nnd declared his intention
of bringing * the matter before the courts. Of
late ho has kept quiet and has not been heard
from. Now that Miss Smith is married the
last act in this social scandal is complete.
VK It S1'\V 1CA TE.
Frcnuh Combination Sald to
Have Hecii Formed.
Niw : YOUK , Juno 0. The Evening Sun
says : For several days past there has been
animated trmline in sllvor'bulliou certificates
upon the stock exchange. ' The price , however -
over , has ruled steady orqund 03 cents. It Is
rumored in Wall street that n largo French
syndicate has been fornk'd to purchase the
entire stock of silver. The syndicate , it is
said , is represented in this country by the
banking house of Holdclbach , Ickolhelmor &
Co. The head of the .syndicate in Europe is
bought to bo the house of Thorsnh it Co. of
Vienna. Iloldclbach , fckolhoimor & Co ,
lold about thrco ' million ounces
of stock , represented by a receipt
of the Mercantile hTrust company ,
vhich last night were { KlO.fiSl ounces. As
ho needs of the syndicate , whicn proposed
o purchase about Hvo million ounces , are not
ot filled the silver will "not its yet bo wlth-
Irawn from the Mercantile trust company.
f this were done the shortness in the supply
vould become at once apparent and the prlco
vould advance.
The plan of the syndicate scorns to bo about
is follows : It is thought the stock of silver
icld in Now York represents u largo part of
ho whole Heating supply. Last year Eng-
and held a largo stoclt : of silver , but it has
slnco been sent to Jnpau , India and China.
Pno whole production of this country is
ised up by the government in mcot-
ng the legal requirements for colnapo
and by arts , hence if Europe needs any more
silver the syndicate , controlllPK practically
ho larger part of the fioiting supply , will bo
n a position to dictate tbb , price nt which It
vill part with it. Moreover , as election time
ipproachcs , It is thought tlitit the west will
enow silver agitation and another effort will
10 made In the next congress to put through
a free coinage bill , Silver wont up to jl.'O
nst year In the expectation of free coin ego ,
and if the bill .should bccomo a law this year
t will undoubtedly go tq that figure again.
I'ho third paint the syndicate is suld to bo
calculating upon is that tUo recent and pres
ent troubles in Europe will force the gold
tandard countries to uUopt n bl-motnlllu
1IIK 1 1 ' Vt Til Kit * 'M KCA H T.
For Umuhn and Victnlty-rLlght rain ,
ollowod by fair ; wanner.
WAMII.NCITOX , Juno II. Forecast till 8 p. in.
Sunday i For the Ualtotns , Nebraska , Iowa ,
Missouri and Kansas Showers * warmer ;
outhorly winds. * ;
For Colorado Fair ; warmer ; southerly
vlnds. *
Drowned WlilluLOiit. Sailing.
DRNVKK , Colo. , Juno ' 6.1-A special from
Colorado Springs , Colo.says , ; Last evening
vhllo n party of young ; njon were out salllntr
on Prospect lake the boat capsized , throwing
ill the occupants into tno water. Edward
Slltott , brother-in-law < ) f the daughter oj
ulin Ward Howe and at ono time in the
English navy , was drowned. The otlnrs !
vero rescued.
Strlkoi-H Failed , to Materialize.
CtBvii.ASD ; , O. , Juiio" ' (1. ( Work was ro-
umcd today at the Erlo railroad yards at
Uandall station , fifteen , mlios from this city ,
with non-union 01911. In anticipation of
t -oublo from the atnkors a posse of deputies
was 5ont out. Ttumrlkers foiled to mated-
alUo and there wua no trouble.
L'o Clt-arlnKH.aitd MxportH.
SAX FiuM'isro , Cal./Juno 0. Clearings for
the wcok ending today wore $10,400,000.
Wheat exports for tht ) weoic to dote , 173,000
centals ,
Baccarat Players Furnish a Rich Subject fo
London Qossipors.
Monday May See the End of the Sensationa
Trial ,
What an Unfavorable Verdict Might Mem
for the Plaintiff.
I'nlillo Oplni m Givatly Divided aw to
the Guilt of Gordon-Ciiniinlnf-H
1'eoplc Asking Questions An
other Scandal Ilrewlnf * .
( .19/ / tin JdiiiM Gimtnn fteiiil'tM
LONDON , Juno ti. [ Mow York Herald
Cable. Special to Tin ; BBK.J The baccarat
trial will como to nn end Monday unless
Lord Coloridu'o should deairo to go Into the
miserable story at great length in summing
it up. Everybody is tired of the case. Dur
ing the last few days there has boon little
cho than n , repetition of the same details , and
the jury is apparently in a hopeless muddle
about * , tie mysteries of biccnrat , ifi spite of
nil the efforts of the loar.iod counsel to explain -
plain the game.
I understand that those who nro acting for
Sir William ( Jordon-Cummingsaro fairly well
satisfied with their pt aspects. They believe
that thny have shown that five witnesses
were deceived In what they supposed they
saw , and they hope the jury will hesitate to
confine an olllcer of the army , who has fought
for his country , to eternal in
famy. The solicitor general has already
brandished Oordon-Cumminp.s' blood-stained
sword with great effect in the faces of the
twelve shopkeepers. The jury may say a
verdict for Gordon-Cummings will not injure
the defendants , whereas a verdict against
him will drive him to suicide or flight. Let
us give him another chance * Or even ono
juryman may insist upon this and there will
bo a disagreement. This is now the main
dependence of Gordon-dimming and his
friends. There is not much doubt us to the
view taken by the lord chief justice. His
occasional questions have pretty clearly in
dicated which side ho Is disposed to bcliovo ,
but the public seams to bo much divided in
opinion. Judging from numerous con
versations and discussions I have
heard , a good many maintain that Gordon- did not intend - tOjfchlSat ; , Other
circumstances in the fiaso are much talked
of. Why was plnyod at Tranby
court when it was known that the host had a
great objection to it } If cheating took place
ono night , why was the game repeated ? Why
did not Mrs. Arthur Wilson or her son
give Gordon-Cummings n friendly hint
to retire from the scene ? Auy course
was better than that which was actually
pursued , for it has filled the public mouth
with a scandal and placed the prince of
Wales in a false and most unpleasant posi
tion. His hosts ouijnt to have resolved to do
mytulng rather than drag him into the con
troversy. This is part of the penalty of not
choosing one's company wisely.
Papers nro already suggesting n scandal
which reflects great discredit oif
eaders of English society , but ' the
people In whoso house the scones occurred
would bo repudiated by the true loaders of
society. They are new colors in field typos
of a class who are gradually suporcodlng the
old land gentry of England.
, Tranbycroft Is in Yorkshire , where many
of the proudest and best ot the ancient fuml-
ios are still found. But what Is the condi-
, ion of most of those families ) They havu
joen impoverished by falling rank and
ho ruin of agriculture. Some have
eon obliged to sell their lands , others to close
heir houses , blinds nro down , the doors are
ockod and grass grows over the drives. In
heir places have come men who have flour-
shod in trade and before whoso advance
claims of long descent count for nothing.
Such are the Arthur Wilsons mid Lycctt
IJrocno. They have heaps of money and the
umlllcs who have boon on the soil
slnco the days of William * the Conqueror
invo llttlo or none , therefore royalties aiffl
ashion flock to the homes of the former ,
vhtlo the latter are forgotten.
Mrs , Arthur Wilson , the hostess of the
iriuco of Wales , was a daughter of the post-
nastcr at Leeds. She encouraged her son to
iluy at baccarat while his father wont off to
iod rather than sanction it by his presence ,
Such is thu modern style of life. Ilohold
ho future gentlemen of England in the
ourso of a few years. The Arthur Wilsons
veil have drawn out nil the old stock. Hut
hey are not yet to bo taken as giving the
toy note to the whole English sooloty. It is
.he . social revolution which this trial ills-
loses as well as throwing side lights oa the
nannors of the timo.
Everything in England u in a state of up-
iciival through Lord Salisbury's ' Inlluonoo.
Did families have managed to re-
aln their power In politics ami
heir full share of high ofllcos. The
lext radical ministry will sco the last
of that people of high degree , for whoso
amlllos thu army and navy and othar InUi-
utlons of the cou'itry have buen kept , as
his class reserve will bo swept out of sight
Many will approve of that , but It will bo a
eal loss to the country to Uuvo tba quiet and
honorable old Fngllsh families Hiibmorgod by
lowcomers , whoio idea of hotpltalitv Is to
< oep an open furo table or baccarat bank In
heir houses.
The prlnco of Wales may bo able to stand
ho current , but a largo section of his f uturo
ubjects look with regret on hU intimacy
vlth the Arthur Wilsons , Uyuutl Oroonoi
md their dubious associates and haiiKur ± on ,
The Itoyul Game.
Hnccarat 1s a French gama of cards played
) y any number of button and a banker , und
vlth one or morn packs of cards , according
o thu number of players. Each bnttor du-
mslts n Ktakeaiid all stakes ura duplicated
i.v lha banker , after which the tuttor deals
wo curds to each player , Including hlinr.oif.
. 'ho aim Is to dccldo each individual bnt by
comparison of the total count hula b. . each
icttor with that held by the banker. The
ace cards each count ton Md thu others da-
ordine to the spots. The counts range in
aluo by series of nine , nineteen , twenty-
ilno , eight , eighteen , twenty-eight , oto , uiiio
b' auy other count. A player may call
for more cards , but at the risk of oxceodini
twenty-nlno in count , which excess forfeit ;
Ills bot. If n ttiu.vur's cards count nl'.u In
declares H , when all wlm tiolil hands suporio
to tttnt of the banker may clului the : unoiin
of tltolr beta , unit the bunker takes the stake :
of the others. In America the gmno 1 :
slightly illfTurotit , fneo cards ninl tons no
J.OXItOX'H ilAX. I l-'KNTM 1M / , .
All ArranuementN ' ; Y'leted Thosi
Who III'f \ \ Van.
LONDON , Juno t ) . At "icetlnc of so
cletulres of the l\ > medlou'so' \ ' ' " l' rl :
today Mount Sully , the \ * . V actor , wh <
was elected n soclotniro in Vjuvo notice
that ho would leuvo the Coul n
your froiti the pivsent tint"o said n
explanation that he hail received allattorlnf :
oiler of a year's tour In the United States
and ho thought that the trip would benuUt
his health. Mounot Kully proposes to estab
Hsli n triennial prlzo for the poctlea
play produced at the Comcdlo Francaiso.
At the sale in I'uris of the Kncdurvr collection
tion of paintings , etc. , Millet's pustel ' "Phi
Angelus , " which ho sold for < ; 00 , fetohoi
$ .11.000.
Documents which have Just boon discov
ered tit Houn , Prussia , where Hrethovcn was
born In 1770 , provj that the Huethovon faiullv
came originally from Antwerp and that they
were professional inuslclalis.
The arrangements for the Handel festival
arc completed. On Monoay , Juno tSI ,
Madame Abnul , Miss Marian MoKonzIo ,
ICdward Llvd ) aim Charles Hnntlcyvlll t > o
heard In "The Messiah. " The programme
on llaudel day will Include Chados' An
them ( ninoty-IHth Psalm ) , overture Ui
bctnclo , ovurturo to Giustino , minuet
from Berenice , pourreo from the
Water Music and a gloria for double
chorus and double orchestra. The last re
ferred to is Handel's only ehortM with double
orchestra and has never boon performed.
The original manuscript , signed "Ci. V. Han
del , 1707 , 1M Olulo , Fotnao , " was burned in
the tire which destroyed the library belong
ing to Mr. Kerstako at ( Jllfton. The eopv
from which the parts have boon prepared
comes from the Colonm library In Homo and
was purchased by the Hov. Mr. Goddard
through the Atbo Snntinl. It is now In the
possession of Mr. W. II , Cummlngs , and is
the only one in existence.
The soloists in "Israel of Egypt" will bo
Mine. Nordlca , Miss Maclntyro , Mmo. Hello
Colo. Edward Lloyd and Messrs. Bridson
and Breretoii.
A nil-Slavery Expedition.
Dmil.iN , Juno ( > . - The Tagoblatt announces
that Lieutenant Jaqucs , in command of a
largo force , Is about leaving Bng.unoyo for
LuKe Tanganyika. The object of Lieutenant
Jaquos' expedition Is to suppress slavery and
to cstablisn a station at the latter place. The
Tagoblatt also says that renewed disorders
are repeated at Mwapa and Kclwii and that
an expedition has started for these places to
quell the disturbances.
Want Mivi. Grlimvooil Decorated.
LONDON . .lunoO. understood that the
officials of the India ofllco nro considering the
proposition to recommend the queen to dec
orate Mrs. fl rim wood with the Victoria
cross. Mrs. Grimwood is the widow of Mr.
F. St. Grimwood , the British political agent
at Manipur , who was killed with Chief Com
missioner . .lamesV. . Quinton and other oftl-
cers at the time of the Munlpur uiassaero.
Itiily'H l-ellclt lte < lueod.
HOME , .TunoO. In the chamber of deputies
today Signer Luzzatti , minister of the troas -
ury , antiounccd that the dollcit haa-boen reduced -
duced to Sl.'JoO.OOU through savings in the
budget expenditures.
Fo- the Worlcliij * People.
PAUIS , Juno 0. The chamber of deputies
has resolved to hereafter devote the Wednes
day sittings of that body to the discussion of
measures affecting the interests of the work
ing people.
Portugal Unfilled the C nvonUon.
LIMION , .Tuno 0. After a long and exciting
debate the ehamoor of deputies by a vote of
105 to (1 ( today ratified the convention between
England and Portugal.
What Ituta OllleiH .Say About the
Atnis and iiiiliiiiiltioii. , Juno ( ) . An interview with , the
ofllcors of the Itata today confirms the news
that the arms and ammunition were not om-
jarked at San Diego , but were transferred
'rom the American schooner Robert and
vllnmo , many miles from the coast. While
admitting ttio breaking of the port laws , they
absolutely deny having infringed upon the
aws of neutrality and urge that they simply
> ut into San Diego for provisions
and were compelled to laitvu abruptly
o keep an appointment with the
lobort and Minnie , which was waiting out
side. After the transfer of the arms the
tata tool ; a direct southerly course and claims
o hnvo steamed 1'JOU , miles and arrived at
I'ocopilla on the morning of Juno ; i with ma
chinery much disabled. The officers indig
nantly deny the rumor that the engines were
lurposely damaged.
The American warships are employing nil
available mechanics to put her in order. She
vlll proceed to Sail Diego In charge ol the
Vmorlcan nmn-of-war Charleston.
The British irouchul Warsprlto arrived
rom Valparaiso today and leaves this oven-
ng for Callao direct.
\\\K \ \ Fire at Santiago , Chill.
SxNTi.uio , Chill , Juno n. An extensive and
ostructlvo llro broke out in this city today.
Vmong the buildings destroyed by the ilamos
vas the one occupied bv the German logu-
ion. The British ininfster , J. G. Konnedv ,
nil wlfo had a narrow escape from ( loath.
1'ho German legation was damaged.
Arrested lor Fraud.
Pim.Aiii'.i.i'iiiA , Juno U. Bphrlnm Young ,
resident of the Millward-Cllffo cracKcr.'com-
mny , was ariosted this afternoon on n war-
wit sworn out by P. Bolilold a director of
ho company. Young is also a director of
ho wrecked Spring Garden National bank.
Mr. Boltlold alleges that Young conspired
vith Frank Bronton , boorotur.v of the cracker
ompany , and Francis W. IConnody , prosl-
out of the Spring Garden bank , and unlruv-
ully issued notes of the company In Fobru-
ry and March to the extent of $ . ' ) ! , f > 00.
Some days ago the existence of thesu notes
vas discovered and the cruckor company
undo an assignment to Kdward W. Lex.
Young WHS also a member of the marble work-
in : firm of Young & Van Ounndcn , which
ailed this wcok. Young was hold In $20.000
ill , Milled was furnished , for a further
muring oa Wednesday next.
Mich. , Juno 0. Timothy F.
} ouahoo , mayor of Ishpoming , director of
ho National bunk und a leading merchant ,
losed his doors this morning. The assets
nd liabilities are not yet ascortalnod or evun
sllmuted , The failure wan fur u largo
KI.NOVIOS , N. Y. , Jui.oO , Georga B. Mer-
lit t ( ! o. , ono of tno largest , dry ( foods linns
ioro , failed today. Liabilities unknown.
HIHTON , M.isJuno O.-Kiehard G. HUJ-
Hill , muiiufacturor of boots and shoo.inado :
n assignment today. Kstlmati'd liabilities ,
: MH ( ) ( ) . It Uhuld that the fulluro uolli-
m ; to do with the reoont troubles In the
hou trade , but ttmt lliisitcll's money luis
JOUM so tied up that hu could not got at It ,
'I ] ii' Flro
Ci.i'vi'.i.-.M ) , O. , Juiioi ) . Thomacblnothop
f tuo ( UovoUnd liardwaro company , a frnmo
uilding at thu corner of Laiio an'd liclduu
treots , burned today. Loss , JIOO.OOU ; fully
isurod. The llru throws 40j men out of om-
Ci.Kvri.iM ) , O..Iuno O.-Tho bnlldlngi of
ho Cleveland hardware comiiany burium to
ho ground this loroajou , Los , IW.WWi in >
urauce ,
Horrible Triple Murder and Suicide at
Salt Lake Oity ,
Samuel Liday Kills Ilia Wife and Eel
Ends the Work of Execution by Turuinj the
Weapon Upon Himself.
Deliberate Work of the Krcnzledj
Murderer The Sl.xtli Death from
Murder Within I-'orty-
Kicht Mourn.
SALT LIKB CITY , Utah , Juno 0. [ Special
Telegram toTiiK HniShortly : ] after "o'clock
this morning Samuel Liday , In a lit of jealous
frenzy , shot and killed John Klrby and his
wife , and his own son , aged live years , anil
then placing the weapon to his own breast
paid the penalty for his shoclting work In n
deliberate suicide.
Kirby was removed to the hospital , where ,
after a desperate struggle to biilllo the work :
of the execuHonor , he died in two nburs.
At the hour mentioned breakfast was In
progress at the railroad restaurant near the
IJio Grande We--torn depot. Among others
seated at the table were Jack Klrby.
night yardumstor of the Ulo Grande
Western , a domestic , and Mrs. Sam
Liday , the latter proprietress of the restaur
ant , A moment later Sam Liday himself
entered. Orders had been served to the
croup , while Mary Anderson , the cook , was
filling Ltdny's ' , who sat silently eyeing tha
vr.rdmaster , who now and then addressed a
remark to the women. None apparently
suspected fiat death was lurking so near ,
but quick as the fatal messenger that came
from the muzzle ot a formidable six-shooter ,
Liilay rose to his foot and levelling a Colt's '
It at Kirby began to empty Its chambers.
Kirby fell from his chair with a groan , whllo
the women tore away from the blood curd
ling sconu. Gathering fresh thirst ( rom the
spectacle , the murderer now advanced in the
direction of the kitchen , while the panio
stricken women lied towards the . sidewalk.
WalkiiiL deliberately into the bed chamber
between thol'ltchen and dining room Llduy's
eyes fell on the form of his five-year-old lioy
who was yet still in childish slumber. Over
him the heartless sire bent for a moment and
then placing the revolver over the breast of
his boy dispatched a second ballot that
pierced the body and burled Itself In the folds
of the bid clothi ng. The boy was dead ; the
spirit had taken its flight ere the luay curl-
iiiK smoke of- the assassin's revolver had
settled , and wheeling , Liduy turned the
weapon on bis own bosom. IIo paused
for a moment as Mary Ander
son , the cook , made her escnno
from the back door and then took up his ap
palling tusk again. It had evidently been de
liberately blocked out In his mind. Ho only
tinlted for a moment , nud then as the crncfc
Of a third shot was heard his own form
reeled and sank limp and dead upon the boil
alongside the motionless form of his dead
boy. He had done his work well.
The cause of the deed was pcrfldy on the
[ lartoC his wife. Lidi-.y had been absent for
live months and during his absence the wife
of his bosom was acting thopartof roncnuiiio
to Kirby. Hu had threatened the woman a
night or two ago and shu had promKod to ro-
form. Last night ho saw something that
aroused his suspicions with the above result.
This is the sixth death by murder hero In
Forty-eight hours , the other two being a
soldier at Fort Douglas , shot over a gnmo ot
cards Friday night , and the murder of a
'ninbler named Ed Callahau yesterday by
Kirtics unknown.
m jute-ran.
Shooting AfTray in New Orli'nnn With
out Serious KcMillH.
Nmv Oiu.UAS's , La. , Junol ! . This evening1
ibout ! i o'cloclt a shooting affray occurred bo-
.ween . Mr. George W , iJupro , ono of the ed-
tors and proprietors of the D.dly States , and
3r. Ollpliant , president of the board of
icalth. The trouble grow out of the State's
criticism or the corrupt deal of certain moni
tors of thn board of health In the slaughter
louse matter , and tha declaration that as the
joard of health had forfeited the conlldonco
and respect of the pcoplo of the stale that
Governor Nichols snould inuku a clean swcop
from Ollpliant down.
This caused Or. Oliplmnt today to send to
Mr. IJupro a note denouncing him as a liar
and n coward and a traducer who could not
ecelvo the recognition duo a gentleman.
7pnn receipt of the note Mr. Uupni nt once
wont to the oWre of the board of he-alt b and
confronting Or. Oliphant with the letter
lemandcd him to stop outside. Immediately
-ho firing commenced , and Mr. Dnpro states
hat , several of the employes of thu board ol
loulth jumped ou him and coimnonrcd strik-
ng him , thus diverting his mm , ai > d ono of
limn , it is known , cut Air. Dupro In the faca
vhllc Dr. Oliplmnt was firing on him , but
lone of his bullets took offuct. At this point
ho combatants were separated , and Mr.
Dupro , who was bleeding profusolv , was
Hunt to tha hospital , where his wound was
dressed , and ho soon after toox a cab and
went homo.
V Man Nearly OriiHhed to Death l > y a
Hoa ( oiiHtrlotor.
DKTHOIT , Mich. , Juno 0. Whllo the crowd
n the tent was enjoying the ring show in a
circus bora last night n scene was being"
enacted In the inenagorln which was mora
Urilllng than anything on thu regular pro
gramme. The sideshow has a snake charmer-
nd among bur pots is nn ugly boa con-
trlctor. Thn sideshow was over and the
nnkos had been loft for Harry 1'rlnco to re
duce In their cages. They had houn sluggish
ill evening und ha said hu could euro for
Shortly afterward a teamster rushcil
nto the small tent , shrieking : "For
God's sake coino quiok , the boa Is
killing Harry. " The attendants rushed
to the spot and found i'rluco on the ground
with llvo cells of the miako about his body.
The snake was no longer dormant , but shot
angry glances nt thu crowd ,
"Cut him , cut him , " feebly called 1'rlnco.
Thu cniiHu churmnr cuum , but cuutd do
nothing. Keviral of the cowboys wuro hur
rlodly Kiimmonml mid lassurd thn tma , tinully
p'lllmg It oil I'rlnio after cutting It In soy.
urn ! pac ! < -4. The 8'iako was mgrd and a dao
tor summoned fu' 1'rimtu , wlm lost con *
bci.ju.iiio-is. In an hour hu was Drought to
and said hu thought the biuike too sliiKgish to
ho harmful and had boon careless In handling
It , Mono of I'rlncb's bones weru broken.
'ui'tirH Weluiiinii Homo.
III. , Juno 0. Sihwolnfurtli
reached homo yesterday after his trip to
Kansas I'it.v. lie vva * hoot oil .it the depot
by the-croud nixl ho stunk it way und Wf-
drivi-u out oltuwum n carriage , millua