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Omaha's ' Hard Hitters Do Up a Pair of
Ambitious Kansas Oity Pitchers.
IM die's .Scandinavian Arm Too Much
Tor the Illtii'M Lincoln Pulls
Out Another * Oamo In
the Ninth.
Omaha , 13 : Kansas City 1.
Lincoln , 5 ; Denver , 4.
Minneapolis , 5 ; St. Paul , 4.
Milwaukee No game ; rain ,
KANSAS CITV , Mo. , Juno I ) . [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tin ; BKK.J As the gnmo today was
the last of the Omaha series n largo croxvd ,
probably twenty-five hundred or moro wns
out to sco it. The tnoro's the pity that a ball
game wasn't there to be scon. Omaha was
there as brisk as a dog with a new brass
collar , und tilayod Its nnrt of the game right
no to the handle from start to llnlsh. If
Kamas City nad been In the same humor a
very pretty guino might havn been seen. In-
atcnd of thut , after Pear3 was Knocked out of
the box nnd Sowdors had mailu tno wildest
throw on record , Omaha getting six runs In
I'm meantime , the Illuos quit trying to play
ball. They played for ruin , for a'.eyclono , for
nn eclipse , for an earthquake , or for any
thing else that would slop a gaino of bnIL
In Iho fourth inning It looked for r. minute
or two ns If they were on top. It rained and
Emslio called time , but the weather was
simply "playing borso" itself and in a vorv
few minutes Emslio had called the boys back
to the Held.
Plckett wiis touched up for a $ .1 line for
getting too guy and throwing the ball out In
the Hold. Another titno the ball was silled
out to Foster , who Immediately turned his
back and meandered out toward the field
looking for It. "Hick" Carpenter and Pick-
ctt wont out to help find It , but when Dan
Stearns nndOuiibon Blurted out Emslio called
n halt , throw out a now bdl : and told Man
ning If ho didn't ' piny ball Iho game would bo
( riven to Oaiuhu.
Shannon cnmo to the but In the fourth In-
piug and hit at the bull ns if ho were mowing
7rass. Ho finally got nn easy ono to
'Manning. The manager put out his foot ,
stopped It , toyed with It for a while , and
tossed It up and down.
Colonel Shannon looked as If ho was mak
ing n dcsnornto olTort to got to llrst base , but
nn experienced eye , by noticing closely ,
would have scon that ho ivns going ul ) nnd
coining down In the sumo placo. As a matter
of fact , he would have made much moro pro
gress had ho followed tbo example of the par-
ndoxicul crawfish and journeyed backward.
Ho was finally thrown out.
The next man at bat was "Uncle Ponup"
Jimmy Donnelly. Sowders gave him llttlo
chance to do anything , hut sent four balls
nnywhoro but ncross the plato. Jimmy took
first.Hnlllgnn was the next man. Sowdors
nltched n ball somewhere over by the players'
"Ono br.ll , " said Emslio.
"I struck tit dat ball,1'said Hallignn , who
observed the clouds getting blacker und
"No , you didn't strike at It , " said the um
"Yos , I struck at her. Of course I did. I
know when I strlko at n sail. Of course I "
Hero the How of conversation was stopped
by Sowders , who passed n ball sovcrnl yards
out of Mr. Ilalllgan's reach. Around cnmo
the bat , however , nnd on wont Mr. Hullignn's
After the fifth innlnc , however , Omaha
continued to play the great national game ,
nnd Kansas City couldn't got within reach of
victory , Score' :
Earned runs : Omaha , 4. Two-base hits ;
Smith. Thice-biisn lilis : Shannon , llalllitan.
Htoleti bases : Walsh , 2 ; Shunnnn , 1. Double
iiluyn : McCuuloy to Wulsh. I-'lrst b.iHo on
hulls : OlT I'curs 1 : Sowdors , 4 : Kltoljorg , 4.
lilt bypltchml bull : Orlllin , WnMi. Struck
oitt : lly Snwdor , il ; Eltollorg- . Tlmo : Ono
hour und forty minutes. Uninlio : F.mslle.
Iiincoln I'uIlN Out Another Giiinn lu
th Ninth Iniiln ? .
LINTOI.X , Nob. , Juno 3. [ Sneclnl Tel
egram to Tin : BUK. ] The Farmers ngnln
pulled the game to victory In the ninth liming
ultor a sliurp contest. At the end of the
Blxth the score was tied , and for two consoc-
iitlvo Innings neither sldo gained any advan
tage , ICxcltomont ran high arm bets were
freely mado.
Finally In Iho llrst hnlf of the ninth Tom-
noy made n huso hit. ' Spurred on by the
aliout-s of the spectators ho stole second.
After-two men were out Burkott struck n
grotindei1 out of everybody's roach nnd
tiroughUTomnoy In. Ills run saved the day ,
as the niountnlncnn did nothing on coming
to bat , llonch struck out three men , leaving
the score &to 4 In favor of Lincoln.
In the McCiarr Hew out , White made a
two-Doso hit , coming In on Worrlck's lly to
loft. Curtis then made n two-huso hit , com
ing home on Newman's meteor that How to
In the second Tonmoy got his huso on balls ,
being assisted homo by hits of Stafford nnd
In the thlnl McOnrr trot first , coming In on
Wctrlck's thrco bagger.
lu Lincoln's half of the fourth Cllno
reached llrst on four bulls , nnd stole second ,
coming homn on linymond'.s hit.
In the alxth Kogors cot tits huso on balls.
Cllne made n two-tmso hit , bringing lu
Hoficrs , and being himself brought to the
pinto by Raymond's hit.
In Iwwor's half Newman made n threo-
base hit , coming homo on n iiiss ; > ed hnll.
In the seventh und eighth bath sides drew
blanks. In Denver' * hnlf tiv n splendid
throw from center field by Stafford Munvnii
was out off nt the plulo.
It.wan n rugged gumo on both sides , errors
being plentiful on the parts of Tonmoy , Mo-
Gtti-r and \Vtfrrick. The uttundnnc'e wns
nbout fcuir hundred.
u.snn.N IIKNVI.U.
u in ro A Hill TO A E
nine , rf J 1 0 U 0 MrtJnrr. Sb.l J 4 1 1
lUimoml , 3b.O Wliltiv . . . .1 l j a |
J , Howe , BS..U 0 I I ) Wi'-rli-k. Sb . .l ) 1 ] S 3
H I limn , IB .0 0 T 1 U fnrlU , rf. . .
Toranef.Zli.40331 Nowiimi , It. . .1 t 0 0 0 0 3 I 1 0 O'llrlon , Ib . 0 y t 1 1
Burketulr. . u I 2 0 0 Mi-Cli-Uan , cf.U t & 0 S
JtuKtM.o I 0 l a 0 Kuurnlor. | > . . .U 0 0 4 0
Hunch , p 0 0 0 3 0 . . . .U
Totnl . S 4 SI 13 J TotnM . IU 57 13 li
Iloooln . . . , 0 1 0 1 0 3 0 0 1- &
r-amer , ? 0 1 0 U 1 0 0 0--
Knrnedriins. lionror , I. Two-bnto lilti.Vhllo. \ .
Thrco-f o hint Werrlck , Newman , hncrlllco lilt :
Iturmoncl. Stolen ba o < ) llajmonit. Tuiimex , 31 c-
tiarr. While. Mr t tiaimin balli , Fournlur. S. lilt
tr pllobixl b.ill : Kournlor. I Struck cult llr
llOMli. V ; I'ulirnlor. IVIIU I pllehwi : llimch , I.
Tloai ) One hour nu4 forty uilnulu > . triuilro | : Can.
Mlnnnlinn nnd HoiiKlo Won It.
MiNMAroun , Mlnu , , Juno 8. Mlunonpoli *
end St. Paul played twelve Innlnga today.
Mlnnehan suvod the game for the locals by a
catch uud IIouclo won it by a
two-bagger. Moekin pitched a ( treat
Duke wns Injured by n butted ball In tbo sev
enth nnd tfavo wny to Ivlllon. Score :
.MlnncnpolM U 00201 0-0 I 00 I &
SU I'nul 0 4
Knrnoilrunni MlnnrmwilK I : Fl. Paul. I. Two-
liitoo tills : Troiilwny , liwiwlft Stolen tii e : Mr-
yiiiild , llyn , Tnfiilwnr , Ihirlhm. O'lluurke. Double
AVoHtoi-n AHHOolution
1'luycd. Won. l-oit. I'ur Ot.
Lincoln : i > l y > It . 4I
.Minneapolis M 'Jii 15 .8i" >
Oniulia : w -J.I n .WCi
Milwaukee 41 ' 'I 17 .iM
KlinsusUlty. 40 IS ITJ .4V )
Denver 41 IT SI .m
MoitxOlty Jfl J.I -'SI '
St. I'nul 41) ) 12 ' 'a MOA
\A i , i , K. i < ; vi : ,
Clilon o If'iH a I l ht Knuirt
Ik-iit in j ; I'rooklyn.
BIIOOKI.YN- , Juno 3. Today's contest was
eloso nnd exciting. Terry was hit hard In
the first tc.w innings and was relieved in the
third inning by Cnruthers. Hutchlnson
pitched tin excellent game for the Chlcagos ,
only llvo hits being made olT him. Score :
Brooklyn . 0 0000000 U-0
Chicago . 1 10 10000' : !
lilts : Brooklyn. 5 : Chleau-o , 3. F.rrors :
Itrnolilyn. 4 ; Chicago , It lluttoilos : Terry ,
Curnlhers und Klnslow ; Hntchlnson and Kitl-
Pmi.Atir.i.i'iiiA , June : ) . The Phillies irot on
to old Pop Ualvin in great shape today.
Score :
Philadelphia . 1 O-H
I'lttsbtlrg . 1 00000200 a
Mils : I'hlludelphla. 18 ; I'lltsburg.B. Errors :
I'hlludolpblu. L' : I'lllshnrg. ' - ' . Itutleries :
Thornton and Clements ; ( ialvln nnd Muck.
Kuinod runs : I'hlladeluhla , ( I ; I'lttsbnrg , I.
BOSTOX , Mass. , Juno : t. The homo team
easily defeated the Spiders today. Doylo's
errors gave the Bostons three of their runs.
In the eighth Inning a throe-bagger and two
singles ndded two earned runs to the homo
teams scoro. Long's fielding wns tlio feature
of the gamo. Attendance , 'J. > 0.
lloslon. . . t , . ! 0 .1
Cleveland.- . . I 00000000 1
lilts : Hoslon , 0 ; Olevoland , S. Krrors : Itos-
ton , " : Cleveland , 2. IIMtorios : Ccl/.oin ! ami
( luiuol ; limber und X.linmcr. Karnod runs :
Huston , 2 ; Uluvolund. 1.
New YOIIK , Juno ! t. The Giants won nn
easy victory today. In the eighth inning
Latham saved the Cincinnati's from n shut
out by being hit by n pitched ball , stealing
second and third nnd reaching homo on a sln-
glo by Holllday.
Now York. . . . . 0 : t : i 1 o 4 o o 0 11
Cincinnati . 000000010 1
HltH : Now York. 11 : Cincinnati , 1. Krrors :
Now York , u ; Cincinnati , I. Batteries : Knsle
nnd Itnckluy , Welch nnd Clarke. : Mulluno. and
Harrington. ICarnud inns : Now Yoric , 4.
Nntloniil Lca m * Stiiiiilin-j.
I'luycd. Won. Lost. I'er C't.
Ohlcutrr. . M 21 12 JUT
New York . : Ci K 1(5 ( J > ti :
I'iilludulutdu . : )0 ) III 17 . ! > JS
Jtoston . : i5 IS 17 . ! > ll
Clovolaml . 117 V > 13 -MJ
I'lttsbnrs . Hi Ib 17 .4 : >
Ilrooklyn.i . Xi 14 21 .IIH )
Cincinnati . 3tt 14 2-J iS'J '
St. LouluVliiH Souiinll I'lnco Cond und
Strong rrnni Unllinioi-e.
ST. Long , Mo. , Juno : ) . IJaltlmoro could do
nothing with McUlll this afternoon , while the
Browns batted Madden when hits were
St. Louis „ 2 0204000 ; [ U
llultlmoro 0 OOOUOOOO 0
Hits : St. I.otils , 8 ; Hultljnoro , 5. Errors :
St. I.onls ; M ; Hultlnmri ) , .T. Itutterics : Medill
und Munyan : Madden , Van llalterti and
Towii"cnf. ( Karned nfns : fit. Louis , 1.
LnuisviLLK , Ky. , Juno 3 Louisville wns
dofeutod-In a"oiio-sidod contest by Boston
today. 1 _
I.onlsvll'lH 0 00020000 2
Ikulon 3 4 0 M 0 4 3 0 * 14
.Hits : Louisville. 8 ; Boston , 12. Krrors :
1-onliivlllo. 7 : Iloston , ' . ' . "Kulim-les : Khrot and
Cook ; HuddoQk. O'Brien , linlllngton und .Mur
Amoricnu Association Stniullui ;
1 1'layod. Won. Lost. I'or Ct.
nnbton. , . 'v 4J 2S 1.1 . ( HI
st. f-ouis 48 : io is . r
llultlmorn 41 21 17 .Wi
CfdlimhiR 44 21 23 .477
AthlothM , 42 20 23 .47H
Clnclnnutl 4.i y2.1 \ .4IV >
I.onlsvllle 47 20 37 .4 1
Wiibhlniiton r 11 2M .182
Sl'AHK/1 < > / ' Sr
Kroinont AYlnn Anotlior.
FUKMOXT , Neb , Juno : -Special ( Telegram
gram to TIB IJnR. ] Tbn game between the
fnlcouors of Omaha and the PromotUs ulaycd
this nftOL-noon was In most respects n pretty
exhibition. Up to tno eighth Inning the fine
phi } in K liy both batteries wns the feature ,
the score standing t ! to I In favor of Fre
mont. In the eighth the visitors lounil Ktm-
mel's curves , and by n succession of hits and
errors by the home team they got four men
ncross the plato. Tno homo team played oven
by milking three sconu and tying the game
at the beginning of thu ninth , lu the last
the visitors scored ere and Fremont three ,
leaving the score S to C > lu favor of the homo
team. Score uy Innings-
1'romnnt . 0 1 K 1 0 0 0 3 ! ! 8
Knlconur'd . . . . .0 0 I 0 0 0 0 I 1 G
Ilattorlcs : 1'ier'nont , KIuiiiiol nnd Palmer ;
falconer1 ! ) , .Miller und V.ipcr.
IMuttMinoii'th'/s / Seven ! li Victory.
I'MrrsMorTit , Neb , , Juno . [ Special Telegram
ogram to Tim BBB.II'ho homo team won
Its seventh ucce > , slvo victory of the season.
Inking n tramo.from Silver City by u score of
0 to it , The homo , team's piny was perfect up
to the eighth inning , when Itnllowed the visi
tors to scoiv P'l a hit ntid two errors , Sam
Patterson' * . twirling win phenomenal. Ho
gavu his opponents ttirco hltr and struck out
fifteen men.- The .same nines will play to
morrow. The following was tbo score :
PtuUsiuonth . . ; : . .J2 0 ! i 0 0 ! 1 0 1 0
hllver City . . . o U U 0 " 0 0 0 a 1- : ;
Kurnud runs : . Huttsnimuh. a. Itnsu hits :
I'luttsmonih.ij ; Silver Clly.a. Krrors : Plalt.s-
nuiiith 2 : Hllvur City , l ) . Itatlerlos : I'utteison
und Clnllio ; I'ullniun und Connolly , .Struck
out : Ity I'iilturion. 15 : by Pullman , C. Um
pire : lllnklc. _ _ _
'Iho ' TnylorOli.'Ooo Mill.
Barney Taylor and "Irish" McOeo will
moot within the squared circle nt ( lOrmaula
hnll , South Omaha , Friday ovenltiR for a
llnlsti go , for ? TiO a Uo ntjd the entire gate.
Taylor defeated McClco last winter In six
rounds , hut McOoo claimed that ho wa lu
no sort of condition at the tlmo , mid u verita
ble chump ns to ring tactics , In the coming
event ho says he'll mnko ISaruoy think ho Is
before an entirely different tnuii. Ho has
trained indtislrlouily and should bo nblo to
muko a Hist class showing. Taylor , too , Is
keeping himself lu trim and will tnko no un
necessary chances.
Kpoulnl Train Huiulay.
The B. & Al. will make n iiilo for the ben
efit of the baseball Inns desirous of going
down to Lincoln Sunday to sea tbo Lambs
whollop the Farmers , of one faro nnd a third
for the round trip. Tbo train will leave
Omaha nt 10W : a. in , nnd riiturnlnu , Inivo
Lincoln nt Ts'W , nrrtvln-j In Omaha nt p. in.
Tlio Indications nro tlm < n oouuln of hundred
crunks will take advantage of this liberal
rate ntid go down and cheer the Omahiu to
Uiindoo .
At noon today Iho Patrick land company
will start thi > lr horse cars to running.
Tbo cars will run on Lowe nvenuo nnd connect -
noct with the Walnut Hill ilno and down
Lowe nyonuo and Dodge street to Dundee
Place , \\ooillnml and L'nuorvvoocl nvotiuov
Two cars will ba placed In oporatloa and
( ia sengor wUl bo carried fro *
Qrnd Stand at Latonia Dapojralatod by.tho
Totrifio Storm ; -
KortyMllcniiIourVlnti ! - Drnvo
Shoots ol' Wntur Tlirough the
Crowtls Itpstilts 'of-
the Uacus.
O. , Juno - a.vA.t Uootf today
the weather was warm and clear. Ovcr slx
thousand people were at Latoqla When the
racing began. At that hour n dark storm
cloud gathered on the nocthwcstorn horlzpti.
Driven by hurricane they rushed swiftly
on , displaying the ominous ollvo green color
with llcccy fringes In front peculiar to such
storms. . „
The wind struck the grand stand at La-
tonln , In which were M,000 , " ( maple , ouo-thlrd
of thsm womoti. Then came ttio rain , llrst
In streams and afterwards lu sheets. Horse
sheds outside of the race course were picked
up mid strewn clear across the track , 2UJ
yards away. The Iron anatomy of the grand
stand creaked.
The blinding sheets of water , driven by a
forty-mllu-un-hour hurricane , drenched ev
A rush to the center of Iho grand stand did
not help matters , The wind toppled tlio
upper seats over and rolled them toward the
front. Amid screams of women a wild
rush was made for the broad central
stairway that loads to the pliuzn in front of
the statin. Bravo mou rushed Into the crazy
crowds and averted a calamity , and the
crowd went down safely to shelter under the
stand. Many women fainted. Ono woman
cleared the fence next the traok with n slti-
glo bound and run across the track In the
storm. Another woman Is reported to huvo
thrown her buby over the ratling into tbo
grass afterwards picking it up uninjured.
Half an hour later the wet crowd was sitting
on the moist benches watching the races.
No casualties nave been reported. The rac
ing bulletin :
First nice , selling , onn inlln and seventy
yards. Thu race wus mude ut the close of u
hurricane that hud driven everybody out of
thogrnnd stand : Aluhon/uwoii by llvo lengths
from Wood vn lo second and a length and n
half In front of Uoyul Garter third. Tlmo :
1 ItVJVi *
Second race , selling , ono mile and twenty
yurds : Tenacity won by four lengths , Klrst
I < ! iiincoml , uluimth ahead of Gonoial C'uld-
well , third. Tlmo : lWl : .
Third ruce , a free h.indlcup siveoustake. ono
mile und one-sl.xle.onth , three sturtors :
Glookner won by u nose , Eli second. Beit ha
thh'il , u length buck. Time : 1V4. :
Fourth race , sedation stakes , six furlongs.
seven starters : lanlto won by two lonisths ,
Two Hits sooond.The Hero tblid , u hoau In thu
i oar. Time : lSHi. : !
Fifth ruce. selling , ( Ivo furlongsi Doro won
by a neck , \V. L. Munson second a length and
u half In front of Curt Gtiiin. third. Tlmo :
ItncrH Hiulier Tamo.
Sioux CITT , la. , Juno 3. [ Spoqlal Telo-
g'-nm to Tin : HnK.J The track was In Una
condition today , but the trotting races were
not close enough to bo Interesting :
Cluss asLMl. trotting , entries : Mutt Fisher.
Oelinont , Victor Wilkes , Klwood. Victor
Wllkostook three straight heats , Dolmontsec-
ond. Tlmo : -i"i. :
CIusi 'Ji'i : , trot , entries : I'rlnce , MncMa-
lion , Tlnilborir. Wonder. Thulburg- won 1n
t hi eostrulirht heats , I'rlncu MucMahon second ,
Wonder third. Tlmo : 'JiIIIH.
C'liiss1 ' : : ! ' , . pacing , entries : Da vie H , Dandy
! . , Giuat Western. Great Western won In
thrco straight heuts , Davlu 11 second. Tlmu :
"rW1 .
Hiinnlng ruce. half mile und ropeut. thlr-
tconcnti les : HonustTom wnnln two straight
heut.s , Urlckot seixmd , MlUe Whitney , third.
Council 1'latt fourth' Tlmotr > l ,
' '
Lixcor.x , Neb. , June ! ) . ( SiVxjiftl1 to Tun
BKE. I The spring mopting fthd Nebraska
Exposition association of - Lincoln will beheld
held In this city Juno 15 , 10 and 17. There
will bo S,700 ! in pursos. The races will bo as
follows ;
Tuesday , Juno 15. ' 1:09 : class , trotting , $ , ' > 00.
Sn : : class , trottins , J.yjft HunnlnK. one-half
mile and repeat , t\W. \
Wednesday. Juno Ifi. 2:113 : class , uuclng , $ > 00.
2SJ : cluss , trottinii , * , > . Uunning , thrco-qnur-
lers of u mile und repeal. ilfQ. )
Thursday , Juno 17. L'I5 : class , tiottln- ' . WOO
:20 : cluss , pacing , $ : > 0l. Ji0 : class , trotting
? .VX ) .
I'nrses divided In trott Ing Und pnclh'g Classes
us follows : M ) , 'J.1.1 ami IU per cent ! riiiTninc
races , 01) ) , 'M and 1(1 ( per Cenj. Knt rles to ull
races close Monday , Juno 8.
CHICAGO , Juno 0. ThoTaccs at' WcSt Sldo
jurk ) today resulted as follows :
1'IrM race , six furlongs : Fred Tumi won ,
Ivanhoe sc'cond , DuUe of Highlands third.
Tlmo : lSH : { .
Kecond ruco , llvo furlongs : Ulu/e Dnko won ,
Sax second , Judge Arkoll third. Tlmu :
Third race , eight and one-half fiirlong-s :
Ormlowon. lllg I'hrcu second , Contrl third.
Tlmo : l.VM. : )
Foiiitb rucu , seven furlongs : Lady lllack-
burn won. Hen March second , I'atrlck third.
Tlmo : Ii7'8. : :
Fifth race , ono mile : Hod Light won. Duster
second , Osborno third. Tlmo : t:5'l'i : ,
rilxth , six furlongs : Onu Dlmo won ,
Orohocond , ( Jrlsplno third. Tlmo : l : Hi.
Trotting at IMiulluu.
BAI.TIMOIII : , Mil. , Juiio 3. There was a
very largo attendance today ut the Pimlico
trotting meeting , and great lutorost was
taken in the 2 : . ' ! 0 class for a. stake of $ V > 0 < ) .
There were twelve entries. Tom Hamilton
wou the race after eight heats , Martin 1C second
end , Sudlo M third , Morris M fourth. They
were the only ones In at the llnlsh. Best
tlmo : 2:20. :
The 8i : ; cluss tiot , purse $300 , ! hud seven
ntarteih : Iilnkwood Muld uon. Abble second.
Hcnton third , Ludy Fuyln fourth. Host tlmo :
Third race , SSO class , nnrso $300 , seven
jtiutois ; Uharley U won , Virginia Kvans second
end Annie Wllkui thlnl. rime : iiMU. ' 'tSI ,
3-204- _ _
On thu lliill'alo Trade.
I5in'Ai.o ; , N. Y , , Juno 4. Today's rncesro-
snltod as follows :
First ruco. llvo furlongs : Dictum llrst , Krl-
tana .second , Hannibal third. Tlmu : 1:01V. :
becond raco. blx furloti ; ; : John Aluood
first , Muellagu second , Amazon third. Tltne :
lilV < .
Thlid raco. seven furlongs : KoHpso llrst ,
rit. Tutrlek second , Kit thlnli Time : l-'t : ! > .
Fi-urth race , ono mllii : Now or Never llrst.
Kln Oral ) second , Qncon of Trumps , third.
Tlmo : l3\i : ! \
Fifth race , slv furlongs : Kins Altullrst ,
Salisbury HKvnml. Flrolly third. Tlmo.1UJ : ( .
Sixth ruco , steep cohiise , short course : llclu-
WHIO llrst. Hlonuwull &ccond , Gludlulor third ,
Time : Jffll4. :
I'nrk ItcsiiltN.
Moimis PMIK , N. Y. , Juuo U. The raco3
hem today resulted as follows : '
First ruce. llvo furlongs : Kxotlo llrst. Clot bo
bccond , I'romonudo third. Tlmo : U'O ' .
Second race , ono mile : Tullu Illackburn
uoii , ChukupuuUu Becond , Diablo third. Tliuu :
1:40 : ,
Third rare , nlno furlongs : JCoekoii.won , Kll-
dorr second , Oragou o third , Time : 1.V4. : ; '
Fourth race , onu mlle : ll//.lu won , Woodcut
ter second , DrI/ilo third. Tlmu : 1:41 : ,
Fifth race , Hl.x fnrlonrn : Lyceum won , J II
second , Unoxrundu third. TliiliH.UlU.
Sixth race , llvo fiirionu.s : llyautnthu first ,
Mlllo II second , Hccois third. Time : 1:00 : * * .
Nelirnska City UIIUPH.-
NBIIIUSKA Cirv , Neb. , Juno U.r-fSpocIol
Telegram to TUB Um.l The Nobnwkij Ity
races were hold today. Cousldorablo "excite
ment wan occasioned and money -chanirod
bands freely. Alvotd , owned. by K.Jl , l < am-
beth of thU city wou thu half mlo ) pacing In 1:17. :
Thera were two entries for the trotting
race , Pot , owned by Charles Schmlnke , and
Little Loran , owned by Vash , MucCuHum.
The race was postponed on account of darkness -
ness , ouch horse trotting
B TIIK NT.t'WS A\\ H 11002 :
LI not ) ) 11 Carrlcu OfT the WoHtoru
olntlon II ( ! KO.
htscoi.y , Nob. , Juuo U. [ bpeclaU
gram to TUB HEK.J The sovcntoouth : annual
tournament of the Nebraska Stuto Sport *
inons1 association commenced today at "Lln\
coin nnd will continue the rest of the weak.
Thu atttinuuuuovta good , Thu
were very close-Tmd aroused conslJerab'o '
In the seven Ihre blrtl shoot ton of the con
testants made a clean score. They were
I'urmnlcoof OAmhn ; Untohollor of St. Joseph -
soph ; Hurnsoii 67 Grand Island ; Nlcoll ,
Frank Hurr of .Lincoln ; H. K. Smith. D.
Ilray , K. S. CraWIl of Hastings ; Stouffcrof
Grand Island , nnd J. H. Smith
of Omaha. Nine came In for second
nloce , each mlislng only ono plucon.
They were 1J. Fox of Grand Island ; W. C.
Cole , ! ' . K. Mockott of Lincoln : C. K. I-at-
shaw of Lincoln ; Hug'ies of Omaha ; Dr.
Loncjack of Seneca , Ivan. ; 1) . T. Tlmborlaito
of Senecu ; K McntmoMucy. K. Htdlolt of
Lincoln. The pJiMrtis were all stronir llyor *
ami hard to hit. Those remarnablo scores
created great iwtpujshmonl among the spec-
In the ten hluo rock shoot Woods , H r-
rhon nnd Pnrmaleo tnnilo ten straight. There
wore six competitors who lacked only ono of
n clean score.
In the llftoon slnglp tjml five pair blue rock
contest , I3atc.he.llori V.Jotcpli , and Urowor
of Oinulm , took irpvoney \ , missing only
ono each In the if0"M. ( | 'They made tlio
fifteen singles straight.
In the ton blue rock contest Woods and
Hrowor mndo n clean score , llatchcllor ,
Harrison , Fox , ( Jrabill , Slouffer , Latshaw
and Hr.iv made nlno out of ton.
Then followed a spirited contest for the
Western association state badge. There
were llvo live birds , .six single blue rocks
and two pair blue rocks. Eight teams en
tered. Thu Omalm team , consisting of
Brewer and Pnrmaleo , worn tied with Lat-
shr.w and T. A. Can-others of Lincoln for
the Ladgo. Then followed n hot contest be
tween those loams which resulted In
two consccutlvo tics on three slnsrlos and ono
pair blttu rocks. The Lincoln boys came olT
victorious in the third contest through Pnr
maleo nn-J Urowor missing ono single each.
The victors were accorded n perfect ovation ,
ns it was believed that Parmaleo und his
companion were Invincible.
Several specials followed. Scovlll , Pur-
imilco nnd Woods inado clean scores In n
llftccu blue rock contest. StoulTor missed
ono in the same contest.
Tomorrow the events will bo ton hluo
rocks , ttftoen blue rocks , and ton llvo birds ,
with $80 added money.
Shooting ; atnlioo. .
W.MIOO , Neb. , Juno 3. [ Special to TIIK
HHK.J There will bo a shooting tournament
hold hero on July 3 nnd 4. Two hundred
dollars has been raised by the citizens to bo
added _ to the purses that will DO given uway.
Some of the best cracksmen in the state will
bo here. All shooters will bo accommodated
and made welcome. It Is expected that from
ton thousand to twenty thousand people will
bo lu the city on the Fourth of July.
Oroat Kxnltoinont lit Wyoming Over
11 loh DovoloiiinciitH.
SAUITOOI , Wyo. , Juno 3. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BiiE.J There Is great excite
ment here over the discovery of a silver lend
right in town. On May 1 * K. E. Bonard , U.
S. Brown and J. M. Clifford discovered the
lend twenty-live feet from the west bank of
the river , whcro many hot springs are lo
cated. An assay made by E. K. Burlingamo
of Denver gives 811.U2 of silver to the ton.
The returns wctvimanoycsterday. The load
is situated on th.9 . patented land of W. II.
Cadwell , proprietor of the Hot Springs hotel
here. The llrst claims were located by W.
B. Hugus , E. E.iBofturd and U. S. Brown.
Other locations ( vL-ro made on both sides of
the river , ono of yvjich ) Includes the ground
where Cad well's lojol ; stands.
The existence of this lead has boon known
for years , but nd"nssuy had been made until
U. S. Brown , laWjijf-Douglas , Wyo. , insisted
that it contained mineral. The assay was a
surprise to all. ) ( JLycations are being made
all around hero. , Excitement is at fever heat.
Men are ridin'g ovor'tho country surrounding
the town 8oarching'for leuds. Development
will begin at oitci ) . * ' Should sufficient body
ere bo found worjUsiwill be put in. Snow is
disappearing ranjdljf.
At Hold Hill , ivhero now lends are found
daily , they are Ira'vmg 'U high tlmo. Pros
pectors are IntomliM ? tocoinohoro and report
deep snow , nt Goldfllllt. i-
A largo.ooppoi-l ad at-tho head of Lake
creek lias been located by B. P. Arondallnnd
others. A very rich copppr surface indicates
n load seventy-two feet wide , but the real
width can only -pa determined by develop
ment. '
Five hundred pounds of silver ore from
Kurtz Forney's mine , Grand Encampment ,
was shipped a day or'two ace for Mill run.
It Is reported here on Rood authority that
Union Pacillo surveyors have been ordered
to Walcott , six miles east of Fort Steclo to
make a survey to fojno point In tbo Platte
Authorship of the Tjiiccrno Petition
Denied in St. Ijoiifo.
ST. Louis , Mo.Juno 3. The published re
ports to the effect that the Deijtscho-Amori-
can Clergymen's society of this city was the
nuthorof the so-called Lucerne petition to
Pope Leo XIII. In reference to the emigra
tion of Catholic priests In charge of emigrants
to this country , It appears , are erroneous.
Ilov. William Fncrhor. corresponding secre
tary of the society , today sent the following
swooping denial to the Associated press :
I heruby formally and officially declare lu
the name of the Dontschc-Ainoricanischer-
Priestor-Voroln that said society was In no
way whatever , directly or indirectly , con
nected with the so-called Lucerne memorial :
that said society had not the least Idea ot its
axlstenco prior to Its being made public
through European cablegrams and Ameri
can papers , much less over occasioned Its
Corrospoudmir Secretary Deutseho-Aniorican- .
DcurniiHO In HiiHincsH Com
pared with the Provloiisi AVook.
CINCINNATI , O , , , iuno3. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : BIK. : I Tomorrow's Prlco Current
will say : The week's packing lu the west
docs not show an enlargement , the total being
lilfi.UOO against iUO.MX ) the preceding week ,
nnd ; T ,0u ( ) last year , mulling a total of
2ir , > , UOO since March I against H,200,00 < ) a
year ago. Loading places compare as fol
lows :
fen"3Tho state depart-
tnoiit has been otlltiully Informed by Consul
Conoral ICImborly bf > nbliuigo in the minis
try of the govern irrupt of Guatemala nnd nf
thoiippolntinontfj'f.jsjinordo Loon as minis ,
tor of foreign relullnjis. Mr. Klmborly did
not Indlcatu In hU d fepatch the chaiiRo In the
other cabinet posUlous nor the reasons that
brought about thdjiyw condition of affairs.
The Shah of Persia
Though ndiancrd. ( n joars , has hair of raven
hue. Cray halftJ'lM stilctly prohibited In
Ills dominions , -nntt ln-ut-e tlm largK shl | > -
monts fointtiy of Ayt'r's Huir Vigor ,
by the toe of which tlm Klmli'i anlijecti save
not only their hair but their heads. Ayer's
Hair Vl nr icsloto-t tlui natural color ol the
hair. U should bo un c\ciy tollct-lablc.
" Soiiu1 tlmo ago my hair began to failo nnd
to ( all out so badly thut 1 thought I should
be bald ; but the use of A JIT'S Hair Vigor
1ms scstored tlm orlKlnal color ami made my
hulrstrongnlmndam : \ hcullhy. It ilooa
not fall out any more. " Addle Shaffer , 010
Ibtccst. , Olnrlmintl , Ohle.
"My hair ( which Mm partly turned grny )
was restored to Its youthful color and
ln'iuity by the use of a fctv bottloi of Ayi'r's
Hair VlKor. I shall contlmio t'l USD It , as
thorn Is no tetter droning for the hair. "
( laldo Oapp , Ueoreeaua , Ala.
Ayer's Half Vigor.
riiEiMtiEii nv i
DR. J. O. AVER & CO. , Lowell , Mass. |
Sold br all UruggUli anU fetfumeri. j
Monument Unvallod in tli3 Presence of
Many Thousaud People
Hon. Clinutjopy 31. I > i ppw I
tin ; Oration Old lniiiiliiiarltH
In tlio Oily tin ; Center
of Allraulltm.
UU.CNV , 111. , .lutio .1. Tnls city la today
crowded with pcoplo assembled to do bunor
to the memory of General ( Irani. The occa
sion U tlm unveiling of u inoiiuinciit to him
presented to his old homo by II. II. Kohl-
saat of Chicago , from all directions crowds
have poured Into town alnco lust night and
fully 'JO.OOd nro now hero. The city is In gay
nppniol , the main thorough faro being n panorama
rama of red , white and blue. Arches upon
the principal croviiiiK * and inottooi , betoken
ing the reverence In which the nnnio of the
hero of ApponmUot U held by his old notch-
bors , are promiscuously displayed ,
The itmsslvu old court house In which Captain -
tain Grant presided at the llrst mooting Hold
In ( inlcna to volunteers H eny with gar-
lands. The First Methodist church , In which
the here worshipped , is also elaborately dec
orated , and the pow In which ho sat Is
draped with bunting , The modest mansion
presented to him by the citi/.cns of Galena
after his return from the war anil the more
lui in bin homo In which ho lived in antebellum
lum days are the centers of attraction. The
old bulldln ? In which was located the leather
store of Jcaso U. Grant , the hero's father , Is
also gaily decorated.
Visitois clustered about , every landmark as
sociated with the name of Grunt , and the lit
tle park , In the center of wiilch stands the
The public schools In Utibiiquo , Frccport
and other nearby towns were closed and
largo delegations of thotr citizens came to
lane part In the ceremonies. Business in
Galena was entirely suspended.
Two trains from Chicago brought delega
tions of the Grand Army and distinguished
citizens , among thorn Hon. Chauneoy M.
UODOW , Governor IVlfor of Illinois , ex-Uov-
ornor Hoard of Wisconsin , Ganoral Nelson
A. Miles , Judtro Walter Groshnni , Sculptor
II. II. Kohlsaat , the donor of the statue ,
Senators Allison and Cullom , Congressman
Henderson of Iowa and Judge Blodgottof the
federal court.
The ceremonies of the day wore
Inaugurated with a parade , partici
pated in by Grand Armv veterans ,
visiting military and civic bodies
and citizens. Gathered about the statue In
the park the exorcises oponcd with "Star
Spangled Banner. " rendered bvthoKiftocnth
regiment band from Fort Sheridan. After
prayer by the chr.plaln the bands In unison
started up with "Hail to the Chief , " as Miss
Pauline ICohlsnat , daughter of the donor , un
veiled thb statue and the gathered multitude
Kx-Govornor Hoard then formally pre
sented the statue to the city on behalf of the
The statue was accepted in a brief adi'rcss
by Park Commissioner M. C. Clcnnan on behalf -
half of the citv.
Ho wus followed by Hon. Chauneoy M.
Dcpew , Who delivered the oration of the day ,
meeting with an enthusiastic reception. Ho
said :
Thirty years aso your city of Galena num
bered among Its cltl/ens a man so inuduit that
ho was llttu known In the community ; n mer
chant so humble that liN activities WOID not
fnlt In your business. Thrco yours later his
ftiiuu Illumined thuuarth.and the calculations
of every conunurclul venture , and of every
ronstnctlvo unterprlso In the country wore
bused upon t ho success or falluieof hiplans. .
Ho was then siiiimirtlnc his family on 2KUDO a
year , and before thu third anniversary of his
diipartuni frojn your city he uus simmUm :
IM.OUO.OOU n , dny . for thu preservation of
the union. Dim uf thu patriotic meetings ,
common ul that period all over thu north ,
wus hold here to sustain ( 'resident Lincoln In
his call for 7.1.0JO men to suppress the rebell
ion. The ardor and oloqnrnun of John A. Impressed an auditor whom none
of the congressmen and prominent cltl/ens on
thupl.itform hud over mot , thut ho siibsu-
nnnnlly inudo the orator lit- , chief of stall'and
secretary ofvui - . Homo one discovered that
( J.iptaln . Grant , u irrudnatc of West 1'olnt und
: i veteran of the .Mexican war. lived In this
city , und hoVIIB Invited to preside ut the fnr-
matlon of a military company. He was so
dIOlilcnt thut few heurd bis speech uf throe
sentences , out In that short address was con
densed all the eloquence und Ionic of the time :
"V"ii know the object for which wo are
assembled. Men uro needed to preserve
the union.Vhut Is your Dlousure ? " Hn
or unl/oa and drilled that company , und led
It to the governor at tiprlneliold. lly thut.
nmreh Gulenu lost u citl/.en und the republic
found Its savior.
While others were enlisting for brief per
iods , he besought the udjntunt 10 as
sign him to duty for the war , but the war de
partment hud forgotten him. lie struggled
forduvs to work through the brilliant .st.ifT
Into the presence of General .McUlellun. but
thoyouiiKdundlosseoinfully and .successfully
burred his wuy. It wus soon seen thut thu ol > -
soiuo military clerk intheoflleo of the gov
ernor of Illinois wuscupuhlu where ull thu
rest wore Ignoiunt. and thut under his llrm
und confidant hund order was evolved out of
chaos and raw recruits disciplined mm sol
diers. Though li" wus unknown und nn-
iiiiint'd to the public , the executive rocoznl/ml
In him thu or unl/lng hrulnoftho military
forces ot the state. To a reluctant pies-
dent und hostile scerotury. the Illinois dolu-
gut'on ' said , ' -where most of the appointments
uru experiments , try Captain Grant us onu of
your brigadier-generals. " Thus the common
wealth which liiul so hotly pressed Lincoln for
thu chief magistracy of the republic , assumed
the responsibility for Giant as commander of
the uimy.
Grunt , at forty , wus an obscuio leather mer
chant In Gulenu. As u cadet ut West I'otnl hu
had risen only Just above I he middle of the
class As u subaltern on the frontier and In
Mexico , hu hud done no mote than perform his
duty with thu courugn and capacity of the
uveragu "Yst Pointer. Hut the moment thut
the fiieutest respoiislollltles thrust upon
him he became the foremost figure of the
century. The reserve powers of a dominant
Intellect , which ordinary ull'alrs could not
move , came Inio action. A mlgl ty mind
which God kept for the hourof supreme dan
ger to the republic , grasped thu .seutterod ele
ments of stiength , solidified them Into u re-
lenlstless foico und orguiil/u I victory. He di
vined the purpose. * of thuenemy as well aslut
Knew hUown pluns. Illsbraln became dealer ,
his strategy more perfect , ami his confidence
In himself moruseiene as his power Ineicased.
Hu could lead the assault al llonidson , or thu
forloin hope ut Shlloli. or manimmu his
forces with c\fu1-dte | skill und rare iirlglnulty
of rosourcosat Vlck.sbur , ? , as the bo-it of brlg-
ndo or corps commatulors. or l.eforn lllehtnimd
calmly conduct ueumpatgn covering iicontl-
nonl und ninny armies with cnnsummntu
Ills plutisdld not contomplnto defeat. Tim
tnnvotiu'nl he ulwiiy.s inado wus "udvuneo. "
I he order ho ulwiiy.s gnvo wus 'foiward ! "
\lekslmrg camuiilmi was iiR.ilnst ull ( be
teuehlngs of the military schools and tlm
unanimous opinions of his council of war. A ilrulefc st cried In Indignant rc-
imin < tranroon will out loose from jour
l > iio of supplies , and thut Is contrary tii nil
rules. Gr.nil nnswered : "I'liless wo cup-
tnro \ lekshnrg thr > north will cut off our
supplies , " and the norely beteuved and ills ,
hcaiti'iicd peonle were tiuiiMiorted with Joy
and limit ) ny tlm r.iurth . olulv / mo-wnRii :
" \ Ickslinn : Iris surrcniloreil. " I'hn wesiern
armies never knew their res Mies * power
until they felt th. ' h HM | of \\i \ \ > mister. No
belter or braxer I o ly nf sul I ors o\er
marched or fought than the aimv nf HID
rutomiic. It found u leader woitnyuf Itself ,
und aftcrneoresof bloody victories , , lt < od the
rebellion under Grant.
The mom slgna1 services rendered by Grunt
to his country weie ut Atimtmutun. mm In his
contest , with President Juliiiyun. The piisslons
uronsed by the civil war were most Inflamed
when the confederacy collapsed. Grief und
\engeaiiiMi arc bud councillors , tine scieno
Intellect was possessed uf an intuition u Inch
wnssecoiid lo provheey , and was clothed uitli
pover. Ho suw thioiiuh the \lndletl\u sug
gesllons of the hour , that the see ded slates
must be admitted to the union , ami their nco-
plo vesteil with ull the rights of American
cltl/enshlt ) . and all the privileges of state
government , or Iho war bud been fought In
vain , lie stonily repressed the expressions of
Joy by Ills troops us the vanquished enemy
matched by. with his famous order. "Tho war
Is over , the lebcls ure our countrymen aguln ,
and the Dcst sign of rojolclng after the
victory will be to ubstuln from all demonstra
tions In the Held. " llo guvo to the con
federates their horse- und belongings and told
them logo hiiinc , cultivate their farms und
repair the ravages of war. lie assured all ,
from leo to the prlvato soldier , they
would he safe and unmolested so lung as they
observed their paroles.
To enter Itlclimond , the capital of thu con-
fcderuey. whose snlies had been InsUhtnf
tlm hesloBers so hm. ? , would 1m vo been u le-
slstloss temptation for u weuUer man. Hut
his mind wus mil on spectacular dlspl ty or
triumphal marches over humiliated foes. It
was bent upon peace and paellleutlon. I
know of no scene In our history so dr.imatlu
us thu meeting between I.lnroln and
Grant ut the . house three duys
after the surrender at Apponmttox. The , whobad HU loyally sust lined the
general , und the generul , ulio hud so magnlll-
cuntly iesiomled ) lo the confidence of the pies-
Ident , met for thu lust lime In their llve .
Grunt returned with deep emotion the frater
nal grasn of the only man in thu country who
fully understood and wus In complete accord
with the policy of reconciliation and repose.
The work of I lie wurrlor WIIH done und the
labor of the stutosman begun. That night the
bullet of the ussussln ended the life of our
uroutest piesldent since Washington und post
poned the settlement of .sectional dllllcnltles
und the cementing of the union for many
Through Iho verses of grout noels runs a fa-
nilllurslruln , lliroiigh the worksofgrout com
posers tin oft ropouted tune , and through the
speeches of orators u recurring and
characteristic thought. These are the germs
which exhibit the moving forces of
their minds. During the war " 1 propose
to move Immediately upon vour works. "
"I'ni'ondltlniiul surrender. " "i shall take no
buckwuid step. " " 1 pioposo lo light It out on
this linn If It takes ull summei , " ate the
beacon lights und plans uiirt strutegy of Grant
the soldier. At Anpomuttox , "The war Is
over , I'ho lebels uio our countrymen
ugufn ; " ut the threshold of the presidency ,
"Let us have pence : " on his bed of usony and
death ut Mount McGregor , when his power of
speech was gone , n riling to a confederate
k'eneral by his bedside , "Much us I siilTer , I do
It with pleasure. If by thut sntVerlni ; cun be
accomplished the union of my country , " ure
the Indices of thu labors , tliu aspirations und
the prayer of Grunt thu statesman and the
Addresses wore also delivered by Governor
Klfer and Judco Crjbtrco.
Unveiling of tlio Monument Ki-cotetl
l > y MiHsiHsipiii Women.
JACKSON" , Miss. , Juno ! ( . Five ycnrs of
labor nnd cflort on the part of the women of
Mississippi culminated today in the unveil
ing of the monument to the confederate dead
of Mississippi. Kx-confivjeratos , their
wives , sons and daughters , were here from
all parts of the south. Several eastern nnd
western states were nlso represented. Iowa
especially having a largo contingent.
The total number of visitors Is
estimated ut about twenty thousand. Karly
this morning a rocnption'wiw tendered the
confederate vottTnns at the capitol building.
Among the prominent ox-con federates there
were Governor Gordon of Georgia , com
mander of tbo United Confcdorato Veterans ;
General K. Klrby Smith , General J. N. Hill-
ups , Governor Stone of Mississippi , ( Jenornl
J. A. Smith nnd scorns of others.
At 10 : ! ! 0 the procession begun to move.
Ton companies of the Mississippi national
guards came llrst. Behind them , mid drawn
by ten white horses came a Heat carrying
llftcon young ladles representing tho. south
ern confederacy and the different states
which composed It. Next to the Ilout cumo
the ofllcots of the Ladles' Monument associa
tion , the organisation under which the monument
ment wus erected. Then came distinguished
visitors from abroad anil confederate voter-
mis In carriiu'os , organized posts of confeclnr-
I ate veterans nnd sons of confederate vet-
I erans.
The procession , which .was two ml'cs ' In
length , greeted with cheers by the
crowd which lined the street through which
it passed. The stars and stripes were car
ried nt the head of every division mm Heated
from the capital. Side by sitlo with thorn
were carried torn and tailored confederate
battle Hags.
When the grandstand was reached the ex
orcises were opened with prayoi' .
The monument , which up to this tlmo was
drnped In white muslin , was then formally
unveiled b > Mrs. Margaret D.ivis Huynos ,
daughter of JotTorsou Davis , nmidst pro
longed applause.
Tlio monument was formnrly prosontoJ by
Miss Salllo B. Morgan , tbo presentation
speech being made by Hon. G. K Hooker , It
was accepted by Colonel .1. H. Mclntosb.
Senator Walthall delivered the oration upon
"Tho Confederacy , " which elicited repeated
applause. When ho concluded Mrs. Luth-
manshlp recited with stirring etlcct a poem
entitled "Sentinel's Song. "
Thou Governor Lowrcy followed with a
brief oration on the life nnd chur.ictor of
.IcITorson Davis , In the course of which ho
said tht : when partisanship hail given place
lo sober reason nnd judgment historiuiiH
would accord the lute president of the con-
fcucrato states the front rank among the
great .statesmen of his day as well us those
who had preceded him.
At the conclusion of I hooration ami music
the exercises were brought to u conclusion by
the benediction.
! | | ) | ) li'liiHcIi sufl'iTlliK from Cancer.
Miuvxriim : , Wls. , Juno it. Hishop I-'lasch
of the i-' is sulTcrlng from canner -
nor of the "UmmcU and hU recovery Is doubt
Dofcat of the Chilian Government Flotilla
by an Insurgent Cruiser.
One VcHHOl Sunk by n Torpotlo
Others Itaclly DatniiKod l > y the
Ten-lido l-'fro from the
V.\r.putMio , April ! ! 0. Chnnaral , n few
hundred mllc.s north of Cnldorn , was the
sconoon April -I of another luttlo , which
resulted lu the sinking of ono merchant bnrk
and the defeat ot the government llntllln at
the hifnds of the insurgent cruiser Magul-
lnno.1. Tlio Magnllanos hud to put Into
Cliauarul the day previous , but hud Its ateuni
up. In the bay were several merchant harks ,
seine bound for Hngland , others for the
United States nnd Germany. The Aloim ,
Bertha E. nnd Albatross were three of the
barks in the bay. The two former worn
bound for Knglatid nnd the last named for
( icnnuny. They had cargoes of nltruto.
On the morning of the "Ith , as the crow of
the Magallanas was about to go to breakfast ,
a sail wns discovered by the lookout coining
Into the bay from the northnast. llnrdly had
this vessel boon sighted when another and
another were discovered a Illtlu moro
towards the south. Glasses were soon
brought to bear on them and thoj were recog-
nl/.ed as the government vessels Admiral
Lynch , ( . 'ondcll nnd Sargoauto Aldoa. As
they were at n great distance tlm captain
coolly ordered bis men to continue their
breakfast. The men did so , but bv thu tiino
the llotilla was within range ovoi-y man was
at his post and all bands were readv for the
fruy which , from tha odds against them , the
Insurgents expected would result In the
enemy's favor.
The captain gave a few warning Instruc
tions to tbo gunners that every shot must
tell nnd not to tire until thor were sum of
hitting something. By this time the llotilla
had started coming towards the Magallunes
at half speed-the Condell on the starboard
sido. the Surgountoldoa at the port , and
the Lynch , which was the last to enter the
bay , nearly uows on They formed n triangle
with the opening of the angle toward the
Mngalltuics. In ibis manner the llotilln approached
preached the cruiser , from whoso stacks hugo
clouds of stnolto guvo evidence thut shn was
getting steam up as quickly as passible.
Nothing interrupted the stillness of thut
beautiful morning. A light broc/o helped to
temper tha boat from Iho scorching rays of a
torrid sun.
Suddenly n .small bine flag was run up the
mast of the Condoll and n puff of smoke was
followed by n loud report. The fun hud
begun. With scarcely n minute's intermis
sion the Lynch nnd Sargoanto Alten ! took up
the refrain and cannon balls were flying
through thu rigglmr of the Mugullnnos. A
report us though n inagiizlno had burst in
formed those engaged in the fruy thut the
Magallanes had begun to work. As Iho gov
ernment gunboats attacked the Magallmu- : )
she could only work her forward butteries
and her light Hotctikiss guns. Her heavy
stern guns could not bo brought to play. She
wns In n very dlsadviintngcoiis position , as
the Sorgeanto Aldoa swept her port side ,
while the Condoll did the same on the star-
Kxposed as she was to the raking Ilro the
Magnllunos made every shot toll. A shell
from the Magallnncs drilled away the re
maining smoke stuck of the Lynch and killed
over twenty men. All llirco of the govern
ment boats concentrated their lire on the
forward batteries of the Magiillanos , and
soon the forward port battery wus disabled
by n shot front tno Surg < : unto Aldoa. The
Macailniics responded by blowlm ; the for
ward mast of the Comlell into the sea. After
this the light raged llorcely and thoSiirgounto
Aldea wus nearly blown to pieces. Both her
masts were gope , her smoke-.stacj ; wus on n
level with the deck and the pilot hoin > o nnd
olllcers' cabin wc'Vo smashedinto splinters.
The Lyni.-b llred u torpedo nt the Magul-
lanos. It came straight for thi bow , but by
a singular coincidence n huge cannon bail
dropped Into the wntor , causing a swell
which changed the direction of the torpedo.
On , on went the dive.-tcd torpedo until it
came up lo the baric Bertlia K. All hands of
that vessel were on deck watching tbo bntllo
when suddenly un explosion took place light
under them , drenching them from head to
foot. Before they could collect their senses
the vessel begun to sink and In n few min
utes bud disappeared from view , only the
mast's showing. The crew managed lo OT
cupo In the boats and by swimming ashore.
Only two persons were killed and they won1
two sailors who were In the bunks. It" '
supposed they were wounded , as tile ev
plosion took place nn the stnrbunrd sldo of
the vessel where their bunks weie located.
The Condoll kept up un incessant Ilro on
the Mngallanos , n'ld in order to 'nring hi'r
bioadslde to hour on the ( Jondoll , tlio rebel
cruiser turned about. The Lynch began n
luslludo from its guns , blowing the yard arm
of the cruiser Into the sea. At the end of
the ynrd m-'n wns the Hags , In u moment
one of the gunners sprang overboad , unit
with n few strokes caught the yard arm.
Catching hold of ropes which wore thrown lo
him from Iho ship , ho was soon Htaudlnir on
the deck holding on to the dripping Hugs ,
Tins action cnusi d the rovnlutlimtsls to light ,
with moro vim , and it soon became ton hot
lor the govern men. vessels. The Comlnll
gave the signal , ami nt full speed the llotlllu
put to sea. They continued using thu gnus ,
but with llttlo effect , Thu Mngidlunos guvo
Iho chase ns host she could , but seeing it
was , Kim returned to Chnuarul.
Alter the. smoke of tlm battle hud cleared
away it wns discovered that thu vessel wns
not so badlv Injured as expected. Her fur-
ward part battery was badly damaged and
poit of the gun can-luges hud been dcmol
islicd , but aside from these casualties and a
little 01 ; ho rigging being gene , no further
damage was done. On the other hand , ' over
llirco score of 111011 were moro mless
wounded and about twenty-two were dead.
The government vessels put , on nil btcam
mid proceeded lo Valparaisowhoro they went
Into lepair. II Is hoped b > Iho government
to have them roadv in ono or two woolcs to
proceed north again. The llanscar , whli-li
was orronoausly reported to bo lost , win nt
liliihltin when henril from , goltliig ready
to go on a trip of dust ruction with tlm O'idg-
ulns. Tlio barks Alena und Albatross were
b.idly InJuroJ by the shots trout the Viisscls.
Tlm .Menu had n big hole 111 her bow , while
the Albatross was without , two of her masts.
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