Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 03, 1891, Page 8, Image 8

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The foody of Isabella Bcnvor wnn
shipped to I'lnUstnoulh yostordny by
Ileiuoy & Hetifoy , where the remains
will bo Interred again.
The Dliimond gambling c.nso was
heard bv .Fudge HelHloy yesterday nftor-
noon. Iho judge stilted tlmt ho would
render n decision in the case sotnctiino
during the week.
Dr. ColTmivn stilted last nleht that
Owen MeCalTroy was improving and ho
linil grcut hopes of his rapid recovery.
The injured man la ( jotting considerable
natural rest , which is bonailulng him
A Loiivonworlh deputy sheriff came
her. ) laU night nftor Collins and And sr-
HOII , the two colored men now in custody
here. Collins IH wanted in the Kansas
town for highway robbery , and Ander
son broke jail wliilo awaiting trial for u
IcfHcr crlina.
The funeral of Mary , the two-year-old
daughter of Ilov. and Mrs. .1. 1 * . 1) .
Llwyd , who was run over by a street car
in Milwaukee Saturday , took place at
1 ( ) : . ' { ( ) o'clock yesterday morning from the
church of the Good Shepherd , of which
Mr. Llwyd is rector. _ _
An accident happened to a young bi
cycle rider , w hose name could not bo
learned , yesterday evening. While tin
Fiirimm street , near Fourteenth , the
roadway was crowded with teams and a
passing motor frightened u restive her o.
The horse knocked the bicyclist over.
Ho sustained a few bruibos and a slight
Bcalp wound. The injuries are not bo-
About ton days ago Rny Cameron
stole $100 from a visitor at
her Ninth street house. When ar
rested she had all but $10 of the
roll in her possession. Yesterday Ser
geant Orinsby induced H-iy to confess
where the balance was. She did so. and
implicated l-Vankio Miller. The Miller
girl was arrested and charged with
grand larceny. _
If you nro troubled with rheumatism
or n Inmo back , allow us to surest
tlmt you try the following simple
remedy : Take a piece of llannel
the si/o of the two hands , satur.ito It with
Chiiinburliiln's Pain Balai and bind it on over
the sent of pain. It will produce n pleasant
wnrmth and relieve you of all pain. Many
severe cases haves hcea cured in this woy.
The I'ain-Halm can be obtained from all
_ _
Wanted to buy A matched carriage
team , weight li , 100 to 2 , 100 pounds , must
bo bound , perfectly broken , gentle and
pleasant drivers. Address O CO Bee of-
lleo with price and description.
Tlif Tjiikc Slioro'ri New FiiHt Triiln.
Juno 7 the L. S. & M. S. railway will
place in dailv scrvico a fast morning
train via the N. Y. Central and B. & A.
to leave Chicago at 10fO : ; a. in. , arrivintr
at Now York 2:10 : p. in. , Boston : i:10t : > .
in. , next day. Close connection is made
with all diverging lines throughout New
England , onablinir passengers to reach
the more important points in this section
us well as the Atlantic coast rcborts , before -
fore dark. The equipment of this train
is now throughout and consists of vcsti-
bulcd sleepers , bullet library car , aeh
and dining car. No extra fare. Send
for complete schedule of trains and sum
mer tourist folder. II. S. Barlow , 18"
Biddle street , Milwaiiuco , Wia. : C. K.
Wilbcr , W. P. A. , Chicago.
American \Vonilcrft.
Yellowstone park is beyond all ques
tion ono of the world's great wonders ,
and the Union Pacific excursion in July
will bo the event of the season. Ask
your nearest Union Pacific "agent about
New Iilno to Den IMohffl.
Commencing Sunday , May 31 , the
Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Pii'til railway
will establish a through line of sleeping1
cars between Sioux City and Dos Monies
vitv Madrid. Passengers from Omaha
ana the west can leave Omaha at 0:20 : p.
m. , secure sleeping car accommodations
and arrive in Ues Moincs at 0 a. m. Ke-
turning , leave Dos Moincs10 ! ) : p. m. ,
arrive Omaha 9:15 : a. in. Dining cars on
both trains. Ticket ollico , 1501 Farnam
street. F. A. NASH , Gon. Agt.
J. E. PUKSTON , City Pass. Agt.
The Itrld onie. - .
Tim famous case of the Rock Island against
the Union Pacific railway company will bo
heard In Omului , nn neicomeut to that effect
having been entered into by all concerned.
Tlio time sot for the hearing Is Juno 11 ,
when Judiro Hrowcr will bo present. .Inci o
Ciildwcll will also bo present if he is nhlo to
Jo so. and It Is probable the case will bo
heard before the full bench.
A Now Move.
Leslie & Leslie. 10th and Douglas. '
C. J. frli-o , Millaril Hotel. '
W J. Hughes. ! MJ1 Rxrnnnfi fi24 N. Kith.
J.V. . Clark , S. li''tli ' ' & Woohvortu avo.
A. Slirotor , 15'JII l-'ixrnnm. ' ' /
All the nbovo named Icndlnp druggists
handle the famous ICxcolsior Springs , Mis
souri , waters and Soton.ia Ginger Alo.
The marriage of George Morton , formerly
of this city to Miss Vushtl Milier , uaughtcr
of Thomas Miller , piincrul attorney for the
Burlington road , takes place In Chicago to
day and a largo party , ho.ulod by Gunoial
Freight Agent A.U. Smith , of theH.A : M. and
wife loft yostord.iy afternoon for that point
tobo pteseat. Stockton lleth of the water
works. ollico will ofllviate as L'roomsmnn Mr.
Alotton Is the .son of .lamus Morton of this
city and is the pmulo seciotary ot the
bntlo's father ,
1'ozzonl's ' Comploxlon Powder Is universal
ly known and ovor.swhoio osteomeil as tin-
only Powder that will Improve the complex
ion , eradicate tan , freckles and all skin dis
Arroitotl a SiiHpcol.
Sergeant Ormsbv arrested J. T. Wltten
yesterday ns n suspicious charactor. At the
station tno prisoner gnvo the name of The >
doro Savcroiie. Wlttan was sent to the pen-
Itontlnry from hero u few you is ago fqr
The police- think ho knows something
about somu of the recent burglaries ,
A Putt Cream ot % Tartar Powder.
Superior to every other known.
Used in Millions of Homes
. } o Years the Standard.
. JDchcious Cake and 1'astry , Light Flaky
Biscuit , Uriddle Cakes , Palatable
nnd Wholesome.
JNo other baking powder docj such work.
MovcinciitH of tlio onicers nntl Their
. Men.
Colonel Stnnton will leave next Friday fern
n ten days' trip about sorno of the garrisons
of tlio dopirtmcut distributing coin of the
realm to the soldiers.
Or Pomloxtcr , formerly stationed at Camp
Iloploy Ulvor , Montana , has been transferred
to D'oct Nlnbrara.
Mnjor Havard , formerly stationed at Fort
Huford , Montana , has been transferred to
Fort D , A. IltiHsell.
The following military convicts from Fort
Omaha have boon ordered removed to the
Fort Leaven worth military prison : John
Holnrid , Jomos Elliot , William Mo tea w ,
Charles Sanders and Henry Str.isburgor.
Colonel M. V. Sheridan returned yesterday
from Chicago.
Foiling of the hair Is the result of inaction
of the glands or roots of the hair , or a morbid
tsnto of the sculp , which may bo cured by
Hall's Hair Konowor ,
With fair weather today thousands will
doubtless avail tnomsolvea of the opportunity
to hoar , at popular prices , the foremost , yes ,
the musical orgntil/.itlon of America
under this most popular leader. The party
is traveling this week by a special train over
the Northwestern system , and will arrive
hero at Webster street depot about 11 : HO a.
m. , and arc to bo , during tlieir stay here , at
the Mlllnrd and Uullono. The company num
bers llfty-six people and will bo Joined hereby
by Slg. Campanltil , who comes direct from
Now York. All detail for -tho concert have
boon carefully attended to by the club , and
tlio adtmico snlu indicates the largest sale
slnco the Oilmoro concert , a result exceed
ingly galifylng to the management. The
mntlneo snlo closes at Meyer Brothers at noon ,
the evening sale at 0 p. in. , after these hours
at the Coliseum. _ _ _ _ _
To Mr. Theodore Thomas : The under
signed would beg of you to add the overture
to "Tannhauser" to your programme Wednes
day evening as an extra number or encore as
wo desire to hear the rendition of this over
ture by your unrivalled orchestra. By grant
ing this request you will place under obliga
tions the undcrsicned nnd m.iny others who
have voted for proirrammo No. ! i. Adolph
Mover ' , II. P. Sutrolus , Julius Meyer , Edwin
J. 1'iutt , C. L KoL'ors , O. K. I'edpson , lirneat
/it/man , Felix Blankonfcid , O Hoffman , L.
( . ! . ( Jharlton. ( jus Derclos A. Hospe , jr. , J.
T. Ponder , W. nurchloy.W. Holmes , \Viliiam
L. McCague , Charles P. Morrison , E. C.
Brownleo , Aurther Schmidt , P. W. Horunch ,
M. M. Vaiulorn , U. W. Vnncott. Louis
Kcichcnbciv , J. T. Kinsler , Joseph Kilter ,
Hobctt W .laeficr , MoriU Meyer , J. W. I lad-
Icy , J. Kaufman , E. S. Howe , W. White ,
George M. I'undt , C. J. Green , L. A. Tor-
roils , C. 15. Frills , A. L. Strong , George N.
Hicks , Thomas J. Pcnnull , E. M. Tlllson ,
Charles J. Stephens , C. S. Judson , J. M.
Kiclmrds. , C. J. Ciiswell , E. J. Murphy , J. II.
Monj uan , and many others.
Tlio most rccont successful spectacular,1 '
' ' Bottom of the Sja " will bo
play'The , pro- [
sontcd at the Grand on Friday , Snturduvnnd
Sunday evening next and m Uincjs on Saturday - .
day and Sunday , at popular prices. The piece l
is a decided novelty , and its production in <
other cities h us attracted crowds. It is said
to bo ono of the most in irvelous scenic plays
of tals generation and to savor of tbo weird
Imaginativeness of Jules Vorne. The scenes
arc &aid to be artistic and tri
umphs in tlieir way , presented with surpris
ing elaboration of detail An oc/un steamer ,
the laying of a Mibmarino cable , the wreck
of a vohsol and the rescue of the passengers
arc all vividly pictuied. The height of this
sensational realism is shown in the descent
of divers to the "dark , unfathomable caves
of ocean , " the rcp-iiring of a broken cable
and an attack on the divers by an enormous
octopus. Tbo company presenting the piece
is said to bo good and a line production
throughout is promibcd.
Hon. I'Yeilorlolc li. A men of Hoston ,
Look * at Ills Onrihu Properly.
Mr. Frederick L. Ames of Boston , arrived
In Oimliu Monday and spent a short tlmo at
the Union Pucillc lieadipmrtcis. Ho was en
gaged yesterday In looKlng after his property
interests In Omalm , which are very oxtoaslvo
and will leave ( or Chicago this after
noon to attend the mooting of tlio stockhold
ers of the Chicago and N'orthwoitora railway
In which ho is largely interested.
Mr. Ames stated that his visit here
was mainly for the nurposo of lookIng -
Ing after his roil estate interests and had
no particular connection with railway bus- !
no s. Ho expressed himself us entirely satis-
lied with the manner la which the Union
Paclllc is being conducted nnd remarked that
the road was In bettor condition than It had
been for years.
Mr. Ames declined to talk upon the famous
bridge case , saying tlio matter was In court
and the lesuit would have to bo accented
whether It was entirely satisfactory to the
Union Paclllc or not.
Mr. Ames' property Interests In Omaha
nro as luriro , or target'thnn thosoof tiny oilier
ono individual who Is intorestc-d in Omaha
roallv. All his holdings are
corner property , and all are covural with
substantial business blocks. They consist of
the bloeif occupied by the Morse Dry Goods
company , at Sixteenth and Farnam ; the
block at the northeast corner Of Tenth and
Farnam. the largo building occupied by M.
K Smith it Co. , at Eleventh and Howard ,
and the lanro b'lililltii ; on Jones street be
tween Ninth and Tenth , occupied by the
hotel don turnout of the Union Pacillc , the
Omaha ilaruwaro comp.viy and others.
Do Witt's Uttlo Early Risers. Host llttlo
pill over made. Cure constipation every
time. Nona equal. Use them now. .
See special page for line ot trrain ele
vators for sale or rent ,
Rate of ono and one-third excursion
tickets on the Elkhorn road for seventy-
live miles from Omaha to attend the
Thomas orchestra , good going Juno . ' ! .
returning Juno , iaannounced. This is
a of years and hundreds should
come from the country. Entertainment
at the Coliseum building.
Timicr'H Storage * ICceoptnt'Ii ! for Cars
to lie lOxliihltud Monday.
The latest invention that should prove
most valuable to railroads nnd packing
companies and all corporations , the
owners of rollinir stock , is Turner's
storage recoutaclo for cars. Its pur
pose is to do away with the no
bill system of holding cars over ,
and shows the routing ot the car
in going and returning empty. When
ho way bill is not ro'idy Turner's forms
'o r m ovcmont of card is used in its stead.
it is also used for carrying bills of lad-
n g and defect cards. The arrangement
.a such that the operator can reach from
j i the r side of the ear without crossing.
In all cases the conductor carries no
bills in this now billintrsystem. Turner's
form being u ed in storage receptacle ,
the conductor being supplied with a
duplicate of the same. This billing sys
tem is the most complete of any in use.
The inventor , G. W. Turner , Is ono of
our most highly esteemed and respected
citi/ons , having been in the employ of
the 13. < fc M. railroad company for the
past eleven years. lie has always been
one of the company's tried and trusted
employes , and South Omaha citizens
welcome his invention , and arc justly
proud of his genius.
Superinduced by cold weather and an over
Sacks , Box Backs and Cutaways , superior
qualities , all of our own manufacture and rep
resenting lines sold all the season at
$2O.OO , $ I8.OO. $15.00 and $12.5O.
You'll find them culled from all over the house
and piled up on our front counter on first floor
to be closed out at
$8.00 , $10.00 and $12.50.
Knee pant suits , two piece garments , excel
lent quality , ag es 4 to 14 , at
$2 , $2.50 , $3 , $3,5O , $4.50 and $5.
Boys' long pant suits , ages 14 to IS , full value
with every sale , at
$4 , $5. $6.50 , $7.5O. $8.50 andIO.
Note suit prices in east window.
MonsyiChoorfully Refunded where Goods do not Satisfy.
" 3
Southwest Corner I5th and Douglas Sts.
( Send for llustratecl Cntelogue. )
We have straw hats for every man and We have all sizes in the balbriggan un
boy in Omaha , they must be sold in the next derwear advertised last week at 75c per suit , "and
ten days. You can buy a single hat for less than about two cases each of the brown balbriggan
dealers for them the . Men's Fine
pay by case. shirts at 15c and 25c ,
Mackinaw Braid , in all shapes , at 25c , 35c and
50c. Don't be afraid of the quality on account of
the low prices. Hat dealers get double these Fins Business Suits ,
prices , The finest braids manufactured will
be found in our stock , prices $1 , $1.25 and $1.50. Good clothing is always the cheapest.
Don't pay a fancy price for an article no better. Don't buy until you have seen our popular
Young men's flat brims , the latest shapes , in styles , at $12 , $15 and $18 , for hot weather.
black and colors , $1.25 and $1.50. Don't fail to see our skeleton serge coats and vests.
Tlie Ole tiling- House "West of tlie Mississippi-
Aoultlotit Wlilch IJelVU Dalryiiiiiii
lliMiry Ilutdorl' .
Henry Ratilorf , proprietor of the Spring
Garden ilnlry northwest of Hcnson iilaeo ,
met with u frightful ticclilont yostord.iy nfter-
nooii which may cost him his lifo.
Ho Urovo homo from the city about the
miiUllo of the afternoon nmlvhllo en-
paKoil in unhitohlng his horses fiom
the sprint ; wajjou they took frlithl
nt sotnethliiR utul ran nwny ilrajjK'luR
Mr. Datilorf about twenty rodb nuil running
the wheels over him whoa ho was Ilnnlly ro-
Icasotl ,
Ho was plpitoil up in nn unconscious comll-
tloa nntl cnrrioil to Ills homo. Physicians
wuio culled nnd the inhales were pronounced
very M-rlous ami In all prou.ibllity fatal.
Il.itdurf died about midnight last night.
Well Sli-i-Uctl I'm INI * .
Ittiltnost every neighborhood thoi-o Is some
onu or tiioi-o persons whoso lives , have boon
s.ived liy I'haiiiborlaln's Colic , Cholera and
Dlnrrho-ii Uttnody.or wholmvo boon t-urod of
chrunlo dlurrhu-a by It. bucli iieraons Inlto
blioclal pk-usiui ] In rocommondlng the remedy
to others. The prolsu that follows the Intro-
iluriion und use mullet it very popular. " 3
nnd fiU-cent bottles for snlo liy nil druggUts.
The ICnst Uiiialiit Motor.
The dillk-uHy between the Union Paolflo
ami tliii Kiut Onuhu muter company lias boon
adjured and the work U nolng complotod.
liy the terms of the airrcomont the motor
company will striuc Its overhead wlro at u
height of twenty-flvo foot above the ,
thus uUnwInir ample room for the passaitu of
cars bcnoatli U , the wlro Doing about thrco
foot nbovo the head of a man on n DDK i-ar ,
The company will nUn put In n sultablo
crossing and maintain It lu good condition.
Small m sl/e , croat m results LJ\Vitt ) \
lilttio H.irly lUsoM , Dost , pill for Cionstlpa
tlou , bet for Slcu lloaducUi ) , L-cst for Sour
JMacbeth's " pccarl top " and
"pearl glass" lamp-chimneys
do not break from heat , not
one in a hundred ; they break
from accidents.
They arc made of clear
glass as well as tough , as
clear as crystal. They fit the
lamps they are made for.
Shape controls the draft ; they
are shaped right. Draft con
tributes to proper combustion ;
that makes light ; they im
prove the light of a lamp.
But they cost a dealer three
times as much as common
chimneys , and , as they do not
break , he is apt to be anxious
lest they stop his trade. Di
minished sales and less profit
are not agreeable to him.
t There are two sides to the
question. Have a talkwith him.
I'UteLurc. Gro. A. .MACmmi & Cu.
KUADICATOlt-l'urei nil tlUvuioi bocnimo It kills
the miiToiJo ur M rm 1'ut ui > ami rutullvit In t.1 It !
nnu 15 iliui , tlio latter J I 3 uulluiu bunt any-
hero iTiipaM on rccuipt of prloo orliO 1) Wo
l uo u KU.irtuileo to euro Tlio pulillc , tmilo nna
tnbbur * DUpiillud tr llm ( iondumn Hrui Co. .M'--
rurmlck A l.und , Urnuliu , U. A. Melclier , HoHiinl
MyoisnmlH J Scjrkora , Miutli OinuU , A U l-o -
tur nna .M 1' Kills , Council lllult
tUNDAI.WOOl ) CAI-dL'I.KS ' itra tlio
DOGUTAg ? aa < t only c p ulo4 proicrlboJ by
Millar plu lcUni ( ur tliu curJ if
Qonorbo * nnJ OlicUatiui rrouj tba urlnarr ur > ; aii *
unvrlto Ugr KCiuUua , ll.Wpor box.
131X3 Douglas Street , Omaha , Neb.
Jinny rears oxpi-rlonco A rcuulnr crnilnnta In mnllclnoii' illplinnas nlinw Is still trcntltik "Itli tlio
im > : ili'stBUcu"all KorvniiH Chninlo nml 1'rlvnto Dlniism A peiimiuint euro Kiianintoeil fur CiiUrrh
bptTiiiiiliiriliaM l.o < riliuilinuil , nominal \Vo.iliiioi. Nlwlit I.uim , Imp tJicy , Sj-phllls. Mrli'Iurilunl ill
ilhi'iiKea of tlio Illnoil , dklniiml Lrln iry Oru ins. N II 1 ( 'imnuueo f.vw fur uvory I umlurtako nnil fall
In euro I iiixultntliui fn-o Ilnok i Mvttvrlos of I.lfo ) Hunt fruo U.llco hours 'Jo m totlp m. Uuiulny
ID a in to 19 m r-enil nt.iuip for reply.
Graduate Dentist
A Full get of Teeth on Itubhor ,
Mr 1-lVi : lloi.l.Aiis A pc-rfi-it
ItKUnritnti-i-il. Teeth i > .uriiUol
Mlbout p.iln or ilimnor , nnl
fUhout iiimoslbutlcs tjolil uiul
nth or llllliu < nt Ion oil rauu.
llniVo nml Crown \\urk 'Icotli
without pliituj All worn war-
in n I I'll
Kntrnnco , Itilh itruel olovutor Upon cvuuln i
until a o'clock
Cblrlic.liV DUnonil lliand.
Original anil OutOenulae. .
iu' ilit br mfltUiri fi'ii\ : 111,11
. .uniunl tnlt&tknt At cri'Q'1-tn. '
In Miiop * fir itrtlaulftri IfkllaioDlili tu4
"llvllcr far I . " < ll < ' IJJ rrtum
- " IOOO ( ) lt.l | , tDl l Al ( < l\lfir.
"i'h ° l'illi.1'2 ! ' '
Mrs , llubcock'i KonllnorlU brhiHil ,4
llui/.siii' 'rViri ( , will open StvtiiitlitrM , Wt ,
Kiniiwtirtti. III. , ( limllB * north ol tlileaiio on IJiL.
Bhuro ) .Sevr ami tborouulilr lulpKil | ) bullillnifi
trectoj eipeciallr for llm > cliool , but ihrt-o intiiulea
walk fromibo railway BUtloii.buu rlorKilriknlatfCi
and beautiful location. Korcircular * , aildroi
National Bank
Capital , - - - - S4OO.OOO
Surplus Jan. 1st , 18OO , - Oii.OOO
Onicern nml Ilrc-cton--llo.ir7 ) Vntot. I'roililont ;
I.twUb. llooil , Vleo-l'ruiiitunt , JnmuiV SUTI.M , W
V..Mur.iJohn H t'olllm IL U Cmhlni J N II
1'utilck W U. 8 IIiiKiio * , cmhlur
'ri-lbl IliON HANK.
( oruor Uth nml Karnamdti.
A Grnc-rulltanl
An' lut ) 'I'li'l tnmi | nnit net frf-o ninnuli )
mik 11:11 nt I yiiiun > " k l-i'iif putll | | r..r I-V
UiluTroublui ami Luui-urrlnui tin ) inu t ia
nunfill fL-iiinlo ruiiuily uvur < nl \ . < u ulll eo
Iliuoitulluiit clH'ct uttur tumiu tliu Urn
] incut II UJ t ilniKk-lsU or by m ill
OMAHA fcsml furclnular orcB'lon ' H J
" f Kiwoo . iw NBW iurk
HrmnnT r p
bunuuij ut Jjlfo , , , a Bi unillm | j. , ;
O M A. 1-1 A .
Afternoon at J 10. Kvenlnunt 8 o'clock.
Fie ill m i n Q
Admission " 0 Ci'ttts ; oil Swtls " " >
Cents an I $1.
( in unlo nt MIIT Mi > > er \ tire Co'a music Ktoro
until twoli mm liofuri ) I'lioh concert
> \J i OiD. . | T11ISVIIK. ; ; .
Two Performances Today.
Rciilliw's Jolly Patliliiiilm
MATIMI : : AT . ' . : > < > .
SATimiUV N'KJHT nn olpcnnt f.VIOI Slxlremh
cotit'iry Hullil nak IxMroiim ull < > purclii i'il unit ox-
lilbltpilnt.lcffprviii > < qiinn > l-iiriiitutpxturn 1 1.1 North
tilth * tn > i > t will liiiKliunnnnr ! iliintny M illinin
lninil oinoiloll will tjp prc-cntt-il to ruinu onu i n prlrp , vvhllo cvi-ry iiitM ct < a canlriuii-
\cnlr u\ cry onu 11 i > ro ont.
Friday , Saturday and Sunday , Juno 5 , 6 , 7 ,
\\lthhiiliirdayitiKl Stindav ncc.
B o tt o 111 1 | | TM . Son.
Tlu > Oroitt Mitrlno Hppc'tai'lo Upsorvcd MMS |
M ; .Kir and .Vic. llohvut iipi'iiTlmi'.diiy. .
BoLjcl's ' OperaT HoOsB ,
Comimuiclni ; Tuo < < ( l i } ' , June 0.
Grand I'roduotlon of
The County Pair ,
Exactly as 'it the Cnlon
T lii > iit it * . Now York , win uIt h is been tinpei -
iimneiil attr ii'tloii for thro" jo it-t.
i TT TTN l Tin- Union qu.iro Coniianv |
v5 JUvJClX fThc
TUP. M1K.V IllSKING HP.i : .
$ L'0C03 exploited on tlio stitifu In this produc
Coiner llth ind Panmm f-treots
Iliol'nrMun Laity Kmbrulilcri-r * live ticiutlfnl
liiilk < HLi > > l oniiiluiiuiiHlii ! cmluiiUli'iy A
ppc'clmc'ii filM'n tu uacli I idy lutrim un I ililit )
A tlrHt-cluss spud ilty enti-rtalntnenl In botli
tlipntre *
A company of stullar artists
Ever ) body likes It !
II tlio clubs and hotels use HI
U'octorsovury ' prescribe It.
S. thousand . of tlium drink It.
The s'lles larger than all other I lthl i
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ow could it be otherwise.
UP TIin.M.
I.D 'ook ' out forclio.ii ) Imitations ,
ellelous sparUllng I.ondondeiry.
Per Sale by all Pltbt-C'lass DiURglsts and
( JlOl'lTS.
I'AXTON & OAM.AtJlinu , D.'strlbutlii ) ;
Agents for Omaha.
OH ABLE 5 B. tE iKINS & CO. .
: > C Kllby St , Ilobtun , MabS. , SolliiiK Agents.
"SANAT1VO. " thf
Woriilerful Spanish
lirmcdy. Is told wlllin
to cure all Nerioun Die
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Miinor } . t-o B of Ilral'i
1'owcr , licailachr ,
V.'akcfulucta , Lust Mai-
hoot ! , NVr\oifc68 [ ) , Lns
filtndo. all drains nnd
Detoro SL After Uso. lot-8 ot power of ttie
l from life. C/cncnUAC Orpiim , In n-x. cniiful bj
over-exertion , ) oulhful Indcscrt tlous. or the excc l\c
use or tobacco , opium , or Ftlrnulant , which ul'lmatolr
lend to Inflrmltr , Consumption nnd Ii anltj1'ut up
In comcnlcnt form to carry In the > FBI pocket. Price
tl n picltne ; ; , or 8 for M. with every tsordir WOK ! > C
l written Kiinrauti-i ) to curi or refund tlio
inuiinj- . Bent hy mall to nny addrcsu. tlrcuUr free.
Mention till ) piper. Address.
MADRID CHEMICAL CO. , Branch Ofllce for If. S. J.
417 llrirlHirn Street. rillfACO II I.
luhn .t Co , Cor , 15th & DniiKliw 8t
I \ I ullei , Vo. , Cor 14th Unnvl
V ' > tontir # ( n ( iMiniil Illuirn IK
"By Henry M. Stnnloy.
"Tho MoMK C'dinpiny u extract at of tlio clmln
Olt " I' , Vol 1
1 nnd nil-lit mnipn luid to bn prepare I in suf
llclont iimntllli | * < 4 t < i i > r > oiiiilcniiiili | tu inch wo.ik-
cni'il mail o1 * lie Ht iM'u'i-iL'd In ' I'ik'O'-K Vul I.
Out" M'idl ' iiiiniui'd to crinl ni-ir my ti-nt
lid win .it oneu liinnii t'Ui lire anil Inlil ultliln n row
II.I-IIIM of It. mill with tlio iMldiiliin of n pint nth > l
lirotli nin'ln fnini Iho I.I i-lrli ! < onipiiny Cxtrnitnf
lleef o rott'irc-il ' him toll ImeiiHOi I'lico K- , \ l.ll
Oi-niillio only th
fao sliulli ) of J V.P.S
LIHIK.'H HlBimtiirK In
him- Ink w\n * luhol ,
Cur. 1 1 tli ami Capitol A 10.
Just oomplotod , has 1OO roomtliran
stairways , from tlio top to the bottom , li n
fine ol'vatar und tlini'iE room servio , Is
flrq p'onf thri5hoitt. [ flue billiard rooin
aiul the llumt lollot rooms in the city. Lnrijo
batnplo rooii H Puites with bo'h , etc. Cor.
Mth niulUupitil Ave Strout car i ervto In
all direo'lons. Hates 'ro.n $2.SO t $ ! . _ _ _
ft Hit' tiniHt Hiilixtiiiitliilln
llnllilinii In OnntlHt ,
fifli-k / / ! uiillH riMiiiitvt'inn
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tliriitii/liuut llm ( nilliiliifhti'tim lit'itt ,
lutt mitt i-uiil initi'r unit miiiMitliif t
QUICK U Ql Hit. Ollum In
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nil niiniijrliiK illiclinrKoj u\vr known to the iin-ilion ]
proft-sslon. I'crnmnontly ciiroil In fro mi to ID dayj
Or pnln In rellovlnif tlio liliut < lur curoj wltbont pnltt
or liiitriiiia-iita no cutting. n illlntlnir The uiojl
rtiu irKableroiiieil ) kin > nn ( o niuili-ril scl'-neo.
r roillnfltoHilnri ) lr ) Mi ( .ri-Wn tri-ntmi-nt tot
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inoii t iucn' ifnl roineily ever ill covcn-il for tinnb <
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illtu i iImi novcr boon eiiuullo I. A cjinplclo cur *
Kiiiirantucil .
no ! " . \\pnkniMMOH of n o , . \unl ortrini. ncrvniit *
Anil tlinlillt ) nml ito poniluiu > ub'olutely curuJ.
1 li urollvf li linnii-illatti ami i > iiiiik-tn |
.mil nil ill i-n'0i of the liluul , llvor , kUInoys , nnl
bl.iililer pc-rnmncntlr euro I
TliiMlnetor "ItonioTn-ntiiH'iit" for lullo li pro
iionnct'il by all who h ivo n < oil It to bo tin- mum rom
'lo'iinl i-oiiMMili-iit roinolj o\or oiluri-il fur tha
tri' itiiR-ntnf luiu ilo dheuiLM li H .nily n viondcrlul
iiL-ily Hums fin Imlloi Irmu 2 to 4 only.
Mnrvpllum sticcoss In t-iu trciilmcnt of rrlvntot1l > >
t-.i oH II.IHMIII for him a reputation wlilth I * trullS
iiiitlnii tl In cliirnctur , tin I hli iiriny ol patlcnU * v
ii'-icliu-i fiom thuAlliintlc to the r.ullle 'llio doctor \
I- * n izrtiilti.ito nf "rt- uliiinislklno nml hay linr
lulii : nml e.irofnl export -mo In pniillco.
ntul IH U iH cvl jinoitK lht > lending spi-olalli tIn modf
i-rn sclunci ! Trc itniunt by rorri'poiiilt'iii'iWrlta
foi clicul iri nboulciiuh of tlio nbovo ill-o iscs , fruut
OlHce , 14th and Farnun Streets , Omaha
Nob. Entrance on oithur btroot.
The following lsin : o\tru-t ; from n letter -
tor of Mov J.V. . Carter to Uov. J. T.
Mumforil : .
"It 1ms bonoflttoil by wife so rnuchJr
want lior to continue the iiso of thcwiut
icine. Taking Into coiiHidorntiorTlion
ago ( flOyoiirs ) nnd Iho lonjj stamlinfrof
her liver and Icldnov- troubles tlio Tree
of Lifo lias workoll wonders in hci >
cjse. "
Mooro'a I'rcoof I.lfo n ( lOHltlvn euro for KMnor
nail l.lvur Cuiiiplilnt unit nil bluoilill ea'0 Duet H
ny to piiITur when yuu can Im cured liy uslnif Mouru'4
'Ircouf I.lfo. I.lfo ?
from which the excess ol
oil linn lioou rouiovcd , la
Absolutely Pure
and it Is Soluble.
No Chemicals
nro used in its propanilion. It Imi
more than three times the strength of
Cocoa mixed with Klarcli , Arrowroot
or Sugar , mid is flicrcforo fnr moro
cconomicnl , cnslimj less than one ant
u ciy > . It is ( k-liuioiiH , noiirisliiiij , ' ,
strengthening , i.Asn.y I > IUISTII : : > ,
und iiilminthly udiiptcd for invulids
ns well ns for parsons in health.
Sold by Grocers ovorywhoro.
W. BAKFR & CO. , DorcheslRr , Mass ,
The Original and Genuine
the moat delicious t t nd zut 0
KX ntrr MIIH'ri ,
Cfnl.lTn 1C from
n.Mrniru , or.N
Tl.KMA.N at M J.
rn , to ) itM lirnther
tt WOIlCtHlEH.
May , IbU.
I.KA fc rr.itiu.stv
tliut tin ir Muro la
lil lil ) o trtlucd lu
Inilla , anil In lu my
opiiilnn , tlio 111111 *
lulnlnl'lc , usv ,
UH tliu lii" t wh' I
t'lllHt KIIUI.O that IH
33owa ooflmitatbii ;
GOO that you got Loa & Forriim'
NUrnaturconoTcry Imuiuuf OrlKinal tt Oenulna.
JOI1.N DI'NCA.N'H MINb , m\V : YtlltK.
with k Btmiilr.