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    TJ-UiJ UM.AHA. J3J.lli ! ; : L'L'UJiJ8JDA\r ' , JUNE 2 , 1801 ,
ITbe Sale of Them Gets Two Omiha MOD
Into Serious Trouble.
A. t7. Wyman Appointed Receiver for
tlio NcMrnnkn Fire lii-uu-amn * Coin-
pany TlicMlllnnl's Kleutrlo
lights Court Notes.
J. H. Van Closler nnd Andrew McLnugli-
lln , while doing business In this city , have for
Time been the owners of n largo stock ranch
} n Nuckolls county , this state. This ranch
was well stocked , and to secure money to
carry on business they borrowed $3,000 from
ilohn L. Miles of the Nobraika Savings bank ,
pledging 100 head of fat steers to secure the
Iiaymont of the dobt.
The debt was not paid when due , and n
few days slnco Miles went to Nurkolls
contity and there learned , ho alleges , that the
rattle had been sold and that tlio proceeds of
the sale had been used for 'omo other pur
pose thnn ill llquidntir.g the debt. He at
once swore out warrants of arrest charging
Vho two men with disposing of mortgaged
jiroperty. The warrants were placed in the
linnds of the shnnIT , who arrived In Omaha
5'estcrday. Sheriff Boyd was called upon
and In a short time Van Closter and Me-
I augblln were located and placed under
The two men refii cd to return to Nuckolls
county , the place wheio the oiTcnso Is alleged
to have bnon committed , and a writof habeas
corpus sued out to prevent Wcrden from
kl taking thorn before IDo magistral * ) at Nelson ,
the counly s at of Nurkolls county. This
\vasurgued last night and will have a fur
ther hearing before Judge Estello at noon to
Van Cloitcr and McLaughlin gave bonds
for their appearance and were released to
fcwalt the decision of the court
Helmroil'H CIINO.
The hearing of the case of Louis Helmrod
ngalnst Edward C. Carncs , was commenced
in the district court yesterday afternoon ,
( Judges Doano and Davis sitting on the bench.
U'Bls is the celebrated oil inspector caso.
Whou Hon. James E. Boyd assumed the
position of the executive of tbo state of Neb
raska , ho appointed Louis tleimrod to the
position of state oil inspector. This ofllco
3 lei in rod held until after the supreme court
issued the order of ouster and seated gover
nor Thayer. Yostcrd.iv afternoon the peti
tion , ntvnver and other pleadings were read ,
nf tcr which the argument in Hoimrod's behalf
Vvas opened. The attorney arguuJ that even
jf Boyd was not legally qualified to hold the
Dfllco , the appointment of Hoimrod was local.
Authorities were cited to provo this , after
tvhlch It was argued that the only by way
which ho could legally Iinvo been removed
"would have been by regular impeachment pro-
Iced ings ,
A Hoccivor Appointed.
The corpse of the Nebraska and Iowa In-
uranco company was again exhibited before
Pudgo Wnkoloy yesterday. All of 'he lawyers
find interested parties were present to tntto a
liand in the appointment of a receiver.
The court settled the Unlit by taking matters -
_ _ tors into his own band nnd appointing n re
ceiver of bis own selection.
,4 A. U. Wymau was named for tbo position
s/'find the bond fixed at , f 10.000. The books
nnd all of tbo pnpers will bo turned over by
cx-Recolvor Albright as soon as Mr.
"Wyman's bond Is approved by the court.
The Millnrd Wins.
In the case of Murkol & Swobo against the
Omaha Thompson-Houston electric ll ht
company , the Injunction was made perpetual
tipou certain conditions being performed.
Some time ago the proprietors of the Mil-
Jard hotel , Marled & Swobo , applied for an
injunction to prevent the light company from
J-emoving its lights and wires from tho' hotel.
The company claimed that Markd & Swobe
4iad failed to pay the price fixed b } ' contract ,
f37. > per month for the use of the lights. Un-
clnr the decision of the court , as long as the
p)75 per month is paid , the lichts will stav ,
liut upon a failure to pay this sum they may
po removed.
The McMonniny Estate.
Judge Doane mndo a final order In the Mc-
lonamy will caso. The daughter , Mrs. Carrie
JP. Williamson is to htivo $1,500 in addition to
, ltio legacy loft her , and the amount is to bo
jiald out of the property loft by the deceased.
Court No cs.
. he Juno term of the county court will
cpen today with ISO cases on the docket.
' Ed ITockscholinor , who Is charged wltn
Jinving forged a chock for $350 , Is on trial.
Before Judge Estcllo , Nels O. Brown ,
charged with adultery , entered a plea of not
| guilty , and the case was ioiitinuc-1.
The court issued an order to the sheriff to
forthwith bring the absentees , that thov may
Show cause why they shall not bo lined tor
Jacob Uarst yesterday commenced suit in
) -eplevin to recover thirty-two barrels of
whisky that wore Uihen from William IJarst
tinder a writ of attachment.
Pleas of not Kuilty were entered In the fol
lowing cases : Bruno Tucci , assaulting P * -
fluello Tallorlco with n deadly weapon ;
\Vlllinm Mathew , assault with Intent to mur-
flor Policeman C. C. Kouser , and Miko.Tohn-
pen , assault with intent to lull Robert ICellor.
In tbo case of Herman Ivountza against the
JPanorama company known as the battle of
Gettysburg , the application for a receiver
tvas overruled , and the company allowed SO
flays in which to repair the building and
niaico it water tlKht. If this Is not done
within thattitno , KounUo may ngiiiu apply
for a receiver.
The names of the ninety Jurors drawn
throe wooUs npo were cnllt-d In the larco
C urt room. Of this number llfty responded ,
lind of thco twenty-two wanted to bo ex
cused. A fo\v wore let off , but most of them
tnld , The excuses offereu woto what the
fudco considered llimsy , being personal and
Business reasons.
Pozzonl's Complexion Powder is universal
ity known and everywhere esteemed as the
only Powder that will improve the complex
ion , eradicate tan , freckles and all skin dis
s Investigation Into 31 Us
lloaver'N Dentil Still Upon.
The coroner hold an inquest on Isabella
peaver yesterday afternoon at Hoafoy &
Albert U. Heaver of Cedar Creek , a brother
wDf the deceased , was the lirat witness placed
pu the stand. Mr. Doavor said that ho canto
o this city about January 0 to see his sister ,
vho was a patlout of the Institute. II o was
Informed by Dr. McLuuirhllu that his sister
vas suffering from a dropnical tumor. After
y Quaking arrangements for her further treat-
* > nont and paying the Institute people f 100 In
kddltion to what had boon paid ho returned
to his home.
1 Miss Deaver went to the Institute about
pocetubor 1 , Witness said ho next saw hli
p later alter she was dead and laid out at C.V. .
Crlng's undertaking rooms. Dr. Sinclair told
lilm thou tnat Itras not a tumor but child
birth which had killed Miss Heaver. Sin-
clalr said the patient caino to him and said
Who had not fell life for a couple of weeks
KxnmlnuUon showed that the child was dead
jiii a tin Quotation was performed to remove it.
This was the substance of Mr Heaver s
ttory Ho did not Know that his sister wai
In trouble , but when ho learned the facts
riod to uvold disgrace by keeping the matter
' Mr. Heaver paid all the bills , both for his
lster and the child , and after uurylug her at
i'latUmouth returned to his homo at Cedar
* Undertaker Gring stated that ho was called
to the Institute to take charge of Miss
Jlc.iver's remains on thu nlpht of Kebruarv
f Ho embalmed the body ami It was shipped
O I'latUmouth. Dr. Sinclair told mm thut
deceased had boon delivered of a child , which
Lad boon dead a couple of weeks , The wit-
p know nothing of the case beyond the
/acts stated.
At this point Attorney Qurlcy roplevlned
the records of the Institute , which were In
the possession of the coroner. This was a
move wh.iliy unexpected on the part of the
prosecution , and caused sornolittlo consterna
tion on Um part of the coroner and his allies ,
ft * they expected to use , the records In ovl
After some delay the cnse was continued.
Dr. Uebert xas called and stated thnt ho
had mndo the jroU-mortem examination on
the bod.N of Isabella Ucavar. The organs of
tbo body were all sound and honlthy with the
exception of the gnnltal organs. Murks of
violence were discovered In these organs ,
also 'iio fact that thcro had been a severe ab
dominal hemorrhage.
Witness desci ibed the post-mortcra In detail -
tail and was satlslled that death resulted
from the effects of a criminal oiwratlon.
Dr. J. E. Summers , Jr. , assisted Dr. Hebert
nnd testified substantially as above.
Dr. Coffman said the parts Indicated the
full time of gestation and that the rents had
been made by mechanical violence , \vhich ho
considered unnecessary and to which he at
tributed the cause of death.
Di'v Pcabody and Coulter testified to vir
tually the same thing.
Coroner Hurriiran then called upon Me-
I.aughlln , Williams and Sim-lair to tuJtify ,
but upon advice ol their attorney they were
not sworn and the was given to the jury.
Assistant County Proweutor Moriarty
bundled the case for the prosecution and was
constantly prompted by the coroner.
After deliberating for about an hour the
jury defjrod further evidence before making
a derision and ronseqmmtly adjourned until
10 a in. Wednesday.
Mrs. Winslow's ' Soothing Syrup reduces
Inllammatinn while children are teething. 25
cents a bottle.
Kxperlonco Which Converted Him
from Doubt to Deep Faith.
Skepticism nnd incredulity are still mani
fested by certain Irrational and obtuse mor
tals whenever a ghost story is narrated , al
though in this enlightened age , with its free
public school advmtajos , telephones , air
ships and phonographs , it ought to bo clear to
every mind that ghosts and all other vegeta
bles are among the possibilities of an ener
getic and pro rcislvo civilization.
However , seeing Is believing , as Colonel
Ins-'frsoll would say , and ono by ono the
doubters are coming over to the side of the
spook theorists , and modern Invention.
Jack Hlzon is the latest convert , but he
has embraced the now cause with a zeal that
makes up for his lack of years In the service.
Jack is n brakeman on the Fremont , Elkhorn -
horn & Missouri Volley road , and "brolto"
for Bert 1-Mel oa a passenger run for a long
time , but dually concluded to shako Bert nnd
his varnished cars and go on a freight
"braking atieatl , " where ho could earn his
money and not be ashamed to see Air. Floyd
once a month. It must bo admitted that Jack
was somewhat Inclined to give credence to
ghost stories nnd the supernatural ccncrally
before ho went back to a freight , but this is
not surprising , In view of the lact that he
had been compelled to listen to Fricl's stories
tor over a year.
Now , as everyone knows , the road had
qulto a wreck some time ago at Mullen , where
tvo people were killed by the wrecked cars
tumbling over on them. "Tho engine , No. f.Ol ) ,
was badly smashed and was sent to the shops.
When she came out she was placed in charge
of Engineer Tdotnps > on , and it was with this
crew that Hlxon ca t bis fortunes.
When Thompson discovered Jack's weak
ness ho begun to tell how the 500 had been
haunted over since the wreck. Of course
such conduct was In keeping with the eternal
litnessof things.and Jnck would have guei td
it , even if Thompson hadn't told him. It was
perfectly natural that the engine should man
ifest a little grief.
You may not believe it , but the train had
hardly pulled out of Hecla when the ghostly
acencies began to get In their work. The
WJO's bell began to toll , apparently without
any human uccncy , and kept it up in spite of
Jack's eurnest efforts to stop It. It continued
to give forth its fuuorul tones until opposite
the place where the wreck occurred , when
the whistle omitted a mournful and almost
human groan , and then stillness reigned , dis
turbed only by the rumble of tlio train.
Jack was white as a casket lining when ho
got lu thut day , but ho would offer no ex
planation in reply to the many solicitous In
quiries. Ho merely said , "lioys , if I should
tell you whst I saw you wouldn't believe
mo , " and ho buttoned up his secret and hur
riedly disappeared.
i'hat night the crow and engine had to 10-
turn on No. 45. When Thompson "whistled
out" ho remarked to Jack : "bho has an
awful mournful sound and I'm afraid some
thing will happen. If the boll tolls tonight
I'll quit her cold. She's haunted "
Jack was manifestly uneasy , and he approached
preached the fatal spot with fear and
trembling. Tbero seemed to bo no unusual
demonstration , and ho was just beginning to
think that they would get by without Inci
dent , but It was not , to be , and his hopes fell
like Governor Ho3'd's appointees after the
decision of the supreme court when that
dreaded ding-dong fell upon his ear. The
long and measured cadences were not heeded
long , for apparently from the earth between
the rails in front of the cngiuo rose a
ghostly apparition clad in white , while ono
of the outstretched hands held a red lantern
proclaiming the danger of that fearful spot.
The annnrition had moaned but nnrn whnn
with a shriek that uwoko the hillside echoes
for miles around , Jack started back over the
train , and the pittor-pattor of his little feet
ceased not until he reached the caboose , into
which ho tumbled and locked the door.
Had ho waited ho rninht have see Charllo
Moore emerge from behind tbo extension
front and pull off onuof btuart's nightshirts.
Had ho investigated hotnighthavodiscovered
tno bell tapper , but ho didn't. He was
needed at the other end of the train.
It Is not expected nor intended to provo by
thU that gho-its are operating along the line
dt the Fremont , Klkhorn & Missouri Valley ,
hut merely to show to these who don't believe -
lievo in ghosts how easy it would have been
for- ghosts to have done what in this case
humans did , and to show thorn what a Held
there Is for the ghosts to work in when so
diposod. > .
Illxou Is , of course , still in the dark. It
was i dreadful reality so far as ho was con
cerned , and It is hoped that everybody along
tbo line will assist Thompson nnd his gang in
keeping the horrible truth from the victim.
Floo'IcU thciTnll.
A section of Tenth street paving at he
south end of the viaduct , collnpsoJ Sunday
night leaving a hole eight footdoop , where the
water had undermined Iho granlto. It was
caused by the heavy rainfall.
More damage from the same cause was oc-
ciislonod at the Jennings hotel , where a bank
wall twenty foot long was washed out and
the cell room of the city Jail Hooded with a
foot and a half of water Had the down
pour continued much longer the Jail would
Have been llllod. The Water was run off by
means of a small pipj conuoctiug with the
Ciesjlcr's Magic Hcadncno Wafer * . Cures all
headia'hes in ' . ' 0 minute. . At all
Sidewalks at 1Iio Park.
The comiulttco of the board of park com-
lulssioiiora , to which the matter of building
a stone sidowulk along the north and west
sides of Hanscom park was referred , met
vcsterday and decided to aucopt the bid of
J. W Furnos & Son at 13 cents per foot
'or the ten-loot walk , three and ono-half
Inches thick , and 10cents per foot for thosix-
'oot walk , three Inches thick. The walk on
I'ark avonuu , vlll bo ton foot wide and that
on Woolwort avouuo will ba six foot wide ,
i'hu stone to bo used is from the ( JtlUillln
quarries at fort hcott , Kau.
' Positively cured by
CARTER'S these Little IM1U.
TLer also relieve Dis
tress from Dyspepsia. In1
ITTLE digestion and Too Hearty
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eJjr for Dimness. Nausea.
Drowsiness. Bad Taste
tn tbo Moutti. Coated
Toapic. Pain In tne Bldo ,
TOIU'in UVEK. They
regulate tbe Bowels. lurely Vegetable.
Their Tcntlittntml Cuiivcntlnti to beHeld
Held In Oinnlm.
The tontb annual convention ot the Na
tional association Of stationary engineers will
bo hold In Oniaba , corainonclnp on Tuesday ,
Soplombcr 1 , nnd continuing IIvo days.
The association wm organized by seven
ciiRlneoM In Now York city In October 23 ,
IbVi. There are at prcaont ! iM assoctatlona
lu Iho United States and territories and
seventeen in Canada. Tbo national odlccrs
are ; prosldont , J. J. UlluRworth , Utlca , N.
Y. ; vlco prcsldont , Wra. Powell. Cleveland ,
O. ; socrotarv , A. O. Carloy , I'ltUburgr , Pa. ;
treasurer , W. II. Cronloy , Jersey , City , N. J.
Kverv Hfty mombsH or fraction thereof Is
entitled to a delegate , and the national body
furnUhci all dclo atoi wltb transportation.
Two-thlrdi of those delcsatei will bo from
points cast of Chicago , but the ontlro country
from tbo D.ikotas to the gulf and from
Gotham to the ( Joldeu ate will bo represent
ed and every doloR.iio will represent a manu
facturing establishment of some kind. It
pees without Buying that this convention
will bo a great advertisement for Omaha.
The local association Is now pottlnc ready
to make arrangements to secure funds to
carry the coming convention. Members
have ] ust concluded arrangements to publish
a daily paper during the convention which
shall be tbo oftlcial orpin. It will bo issued
every morning. The local committee of
finance expects to i-also the necessary funds
by scllinc advertising spnco in this paper.
The following are the committees on con
vention :
Finance Chairman , Joseph Bailey , Ameri
can Steam Holler Insurance Co. ; Treasurer ,
James Anderson , bmeltinif Works ; Secre
tary , W. 13. Austin , Miller & Oundersou
planing mill , J. W. Matthews , Hotel Darker ;
Oeorga Urusu , Cable railway powerhouse ;
Hubert Wilson , Paxton block.
Arrangi'inontsChairman , W. n. Austin ,
Joseph Wolyenbjch , W. B. Slant , J. W.
Matthews , Goorso Hrusb.
Those are the only persons who nro author
ized to solicit subscriptions or make contracts
for advertising in the convention papor.
Transportation , P. O. Monroe ,
Chicago , chairman , Prod ICeppy ,
ilriilgport. Conn. ; K. D. Bato-
tnan , Cincinnati , O. ; Joseph Bailey , J. W.
Matthews , George Brush , Omalia.
There are several other committees which
will bo announced later.
The commlttoo on arrangements has en
gaged Washington hall. The convention will
bo held In the hall proper and the dining
room will bo used for exhibits of steam and
water supplies , etc.
The following is the program mo of the
week :
Monday Evening Reception at headquar
Tuesday Convention called to order at 0 a.
ma. ; 10 n. tn , adjourn to visitsmelting works.
Afternoon session , 3 to 0 p. in. Evening ses
sion , 8 p. m. : life and accident business ; la
dies attend theater.
Wednesday Morning session , 9 a. m. to
noon. Afternoon session'J to0 p. m. ; ladies
will visit stores ana public buildings. Even
ing , grand complimentary ball.
Thursday Mormnir session , 9n. m. to noon.
Afternoon , delegates will visit stockyards ,
etc. ; ladies carriage drive ; visit county fair ,
etc. Evening , banquet.
Friday Morning session , 9 a. m to noon.
Afternoon , visit Florence waterworks.
Saturday Session a1 ! day.
rTho local committees think they will bo able
to convince tbo Yankees that Omaha is not a
snnd hill village , as seine of them claimed in
New York last September.
DeWitt's Little Early Risers ; best little
pills for dyspepsia , sour stomach , bad breath
In the Jtiry'H Hiimls.
Tbo case of tne state against J. II. Moore
for fraudulently disposing of pension funds
belonging to Mrs. Gugin of Valley , was
finished vestorday afternoon in the federal
court. The attorneys completed their areu-
mcnts at 5 o'clock and the case went to the
Vanilla \ Of perfect purity.
- of great strength.
Econom > "n the" " " * o
Almond |
Roseetc.TJ Flavor as delicately
and dellclously as the fresh fruit.
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Physicians , Surgeons and Specialists ,
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lalUUlnttio Unite ! Hf\tos. Their lone ex
perience , remarkable ikl'il nnd universal suc
cess In the treatment and cure of Nervous ,
Chronic and Surgical Dlsnnsus. entitle theea
eminent physicians to the full confidence ot
UIB aflllotod cvurv where Tht > y guarantee :
the awful effects of earlv vie * tinil the turner-
OI : BTU | thntfollow In Its train
speedily , completely nnd permanently cured.
OHDEHS yield readily to their klllful treat
cuarantccd ourud nlthout p-ilu or detuiillon
from business.
nentlr and mifccsifully cured In every case ,
nmtorrkos , Foinhuil Wuukness Lost Manhood ,
Night Etnlnslonii , Decuyed l-'auultles , Keinalu
iNt-akncas anil nil delicate disorder ! ! pooullai
to either ex positively cured , ui wull as all
functional disorder * that result from youthC.U
rolllo" or the axcessnf muture yciirs.
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kj t \i\y ij ivij e n rod. romovil complete
without uuttlne , cuustio or dllivtatloo. Ouru
effuattul at by p.itiout nlthout mo
ment'a pain or annoyance.
K The awful effect * ot
" early vice which brliiRt
nrirunlo nealtness , dci > iroylns ; both mind nnd
body , with all lu dreaded Ills , pormonently
DP RPHT * ? Addn-sa those who hare Jra-
ivi\o. iii l 10 pal rod tliumi lvc by Im
proper Indulgence and Holltury onblt' , irliloh
ruin both mind and body , uudttlua them for
bntineas , ttudv or marriage.
MAIIBIKD MEN or these entering on that
bnppy life , aware of physical debilityquickly
Is bated upon facts. First 1'ractlcaJ ipirl *
once. Second > Every cnio U ipeotally studied ,
thus ( UrlinK rlgbi Third modlolnet are
prepared In our laboratory exactly to suit
each CAM , thus effecting cure * without Injury.
Drs. Betts & Betts ,
Ilcv. C. W. Hnvlduofill UstnblNIi Ono
Jn Orri'Atin. '
Itev. C. W. Saviro ( ) ( , ' < li ( ! popular pastor of
Xowmnn M. E. church , on St. Mary's nvc-
nuo , has notllloit Jildor Clunilonnlng
of his dcslro to abandon the travel
ing ministry mid establish a permanent
mission for the poorer people In the heart of
this city. The older tearfully granted permission -
mission for the ratlremcnt.
It Is expected thin Mr. Savldpo'a suc
cessor will bo Kov. Mr. Wnro of F'npilllon.
Mr. Suvldeo has received n number of of
fers of pecuniary nssUtaiico from lending
jK-oplo In the city. Ho bus not decided where
fie will build his now temple , but will do so
before the close of the summer season.
A very small plltfbut a very good ono. Do
'ltt's Little liarlv Klsors.
Atnoiiillnp : the littles.
The council commlttoo on police have
amended the rules proposed by the board of
health , and as amended will recommend that
they bo adopted by the council , In all plucos
where absolute power was civeu to the com
missioner of health , this tins bueti stricken
out and the power given to the board.
Both the method and results when
Syrup of Figs is taken ; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste , and acts
gently yet promptly on the Kidneys ,
Liver and Bowels , cleanses the sys
tem effectually , dispels colds , head-
aclies and fevers mid cures habitual
constipation. Syrup of Figs is the
only remedy of its kind ever pro
duced , pleasing to the taste and ac
ceptable to the stomach , prompt in
its action nnd truly beneficial in its
effects , prepared only from the most
healthy and agreeable substances , its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it the most
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50c
and 81 bottles by all leading drug
gists. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it. Do not accept any
n .n uuarumut lu
Our euro is permanent ami not a pat-cbiny up. CAFC *
treated five yeai-s ape ha\o never seen asjmptom
- ae. By cietcribint ; case fully we can treat jou by
mail ami v e giro tbo i-amo rtroiig1 guarantee to euro
or 11 fund nil money. Thaie who pi efer to come here
for treatment cauclo so amlw < M > lll pay railroad fan.
linLh ways and hotel Mils while here it we fall to ccrr.
We chaltango the vorlil fdr case that our MACIO
Kr.MEDV will notctiro. , ) Vr > K > for full particulars anil
gtt thoeridtnco.o know. that jou aio Coptic- ] .
ju > tly so , tun , as the moit eminent physicians hiM-
nmir bttn able taglvo more than temporal y relh f
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IMS been most difficult to overcome the prt-jnd < es
a pain * toll so ralletl specifics. Cut under cur fctro-ij ;
„ i irantif } 3011 phould not lic * ltalp to try thN ninei'y
i u tnko no iliain-e of losiiiff jotir mont y. We guar
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businessmen Write us for namea and addresses of
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in bones and joints , hair falling out , eniptlons on all }
rart of the body , feeling of general depresnlon , pain *
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National Bank
Capital , - - - - as VOOOOO
Surplus Jan. 1st , 189O , - OS2.BOO
OiHcer and IMrocion-IIe rr W. YMai , I'ra , Ideal :
Iwl a. Ho l , Vloa-1'resiUanti Jauiui W Sarahs. W
V.Mor.e. John H. Colllni. II. U Cuilllai. J. N U
1'itUlck. W. U , S. Uuguai , cajblor ,
Corner litU auJ Paroau > St > .
A General llauVlnUu locijTrimaotal
"he Errors o
D D D D D E3
Clothing manufacturers are mortals andV
make errors. They \vill buy thousands upon
thousands of yards of cloth in all sorts of pat
terns , and , too oftentimes , that which looks the
handsomest in the piece looks the poorest made
up , and makes the poorest "seller" in the lot.
They lay in the wholesoler's loft year after
year , the sewing loses its strengh and the
goods often become moth eaten. By the retail
ers of this country that class of suits are pet-
named "bull pups , " "ranks , " "chestnuts , " etc. ,
but they are finally sold to some far western fel
low for little or nothing. The jobber's loss is the
retailer's gain , who ships them home and yells
to the workingmen , "Bargains , Bargains , Great
Bargains , " when , in fact , he is making lots of
money on a lot of old , dark , bad patterns that
the workingman east of Chicago wouldn't buy
at any price. That is one reason why a wes
tern man in the east is often pet named and
spotted at once as the "western hoosier. "
n n
Shovus a clothing house anywhere in the ,
fUnited States of thirty to forty years standing ,
and we will show you a house that never re
sorted to that class of trickery. For the custom
gained is only temporary at best.
An endless variety of
New , light , bright
sparkling and attractive
Cassimere , Cheviot ,
Worsted , Fancy
and Plain Black
That will please any workingman , banker , lawyer ,
doctor , merchant or clerk , and not a single suit but what was
Made This Season.
The above sale includes 162 young men's fancy pattern Cheviot Suits
with the best of fancy satin lining , in the coat as well as vest back.
Also a full line of indigo Grand Army Suits , warranted not to Tade a 1
at $7.8O.
n nnnn n n nn
Our store is
bristling with activity ,
and we mean to keep it up.
We arc showing
the largest and finest line offer
, . , , .
f ' * * C % * ! -i - if uy l " L-- t L s.
for 25c In all imaginable
kinds of eoocls
and 50c and shapes. o
n n n n n n n
Our line of-
Is as complete as that of any house in the Ian Jiti.1 all our ,
other departments are equally as complete.
We Have Got the & by the Horns.
And we mean to hold what we have gained
"The lion's share of the trade ,
amassed after thirty-seven years of honest dealing ,
Corner 13th andFarnam Streets