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Lawyers in the Bheedy Murder Trial
laming Their Fees.
County Attorney Hncll'H Address to
tin ; Jury Tlio DcfetiMC Declares
It IN a Question of Illoo.l
LINCOLN , Nob. , May 23. [ Special U > THE
UIK. ] An immense crowd gathered in Iho
court room this morning to bear tbo argu
ments In the bhnsdy murder trial. Not only
was every seat outside of the ralllne filled
but also every bit ot standing room occupied.
All the space Inside the railing was also oc
cupied clear up to Iho Judge's desk.
The ot > cning i > cech wus made by County
Attorney Snell and it occupied over two
hours and a quarter. It is declared by his
friends to bo tbe besl effort of his life. The
. following is a pretty full abstract of what ho
said :
"When darkness closed around this quiet
city on iho llth of last January , there bad
been planned a mosl daring and cold-bloidod
murder. Ibo intended victim was John
Shcody , an old cilizcn , whoso homo was on
the comer of Twelfth and P streets. Mr.
Sheedy had spent the greater part of the
day al bis home. At about 7 : 0 o'clock ho
put on his overcoat , opened tbo front door ,
nnd then bo was slruck over Ibo head with
a heavy cano. Ho drew his revolver , fired
five limes , but to no effect , being too dazed
nnd stunned to take definite aim The slory
of his suffering und bis death has been nar
rated to you by a number of witnesses. John
Shcody was murdered , and I would ask you
to Jusl pause for a moment nnd think of Ihu
time and place. On Sunday night , the night
of alt nights In tbo week when strife and ill-
fcellnsr should bo laid aside , and Iho place
his own homo wbero peace nnd good will
should , if anywhere , reign supremo. But
none of these protected John Sheedy. On
thnt holy Sabbath , as It was drawing to n
close and as bo opened his own door in
fancied security , an assassin struck him.
The ono who delivered thai blow bad murder
in his heart. Ho had deliberated upon it. Ho
laid in wail and was malicious nnd vindictive ,
1 cannot conceive of a mare brutal death
than Sheedy racl , nor can J conceive ol nuy-
thinc moro cowardly than slriklng a man as
he comes from his own home. The follow
ing week many rumors were afloat as to the
parly who slruck the blow and the motive
'that prompted it. Circumstances pointed
toward Mcvnrland , nnd ho wus arrested on
Saturday night , the 17th , and Mrs. Sheedy
'tin the following Sunday. Who are these de
fendants ! McFurland is a colored man and a
barber. The defendant , Mary Sheedy , was
_ tbo wife of the deceased. Mr. Sheedy hud
employed McFarland to dross his
wife's hair , nnd In this way the luo
prisoners at Iho bar became 'acquainted
They wcro uloiio for an hour or moro each
time Mrs. Sheedy's hair was dressed uud
bbobnd an opporlunlly lo study McFarland ,
sound him nnd determine in her own mind
whether bo would bo faithful to her and her
Intercsls aud courageous In the execution of
bor plans. We believe that the evidence has
been of such an overwhelming character as
to hare convinced your minds early in the
case lhal McFcrluud was Ihe person who
slruck John Sheedy. That evidence apart
from his confession , although lu many re
spects circumstantial in ils nature , can
hardly bo explained upon uti > reasonable
hypothesis olhei than McFarlnud's guilt"
"Mr. Snell Ihen , by the leslimony of P. J.
Stepney , McFarlaud's cousin , that Iho day
thai ho und Monday exchanged ovcrcoals
vvas'lho same day Iho latter bought the cano
with which Shoody was afterwards struck ;
the testimony of William Chlun , who wus
\vlth McFarland from 11 p. m. Io2 a. m. Ibo
niphiof the assault , and who , nolicing that
S. McFarluud was lame , nud tbo negro speaking
cf having losl his cano. Mr. Snell iheu con-
tTHied :
"Apart from his confession , every clrcum-
slnnco lhat has been testified to by the wit
nesses for the stale on Ibis branch of Iho
case polulod to McFnrland as .a guilty party.
Nol one of those facts or circumstances
have the defense sought to explain or
dcnj'i If over a fact was estab
lished in n criminal prosecution il bas
been put beyond Iho pale of any doubt ibat
McFurland was tbo man who lay In wall and
murderously nssaulled John Sheedy. Where
was ho at 7:110 : on lhat Sunday night if not at
* - Shecdy'st Not ouo syllable of testimony has
been put In by him as to his whereabouts on
that day.
"Why did McFnrlaad strike Shoody ? Did
Shoedy ever wrong him ? Peter Crnmoton , a
fellow barber , says thai Shoedy always had
Monday sbnvo him and ho paid him well ,
giving to him an extra IU cents or ' 'o emits
nearly every shave. Sheedy was McFar-
Jund's friend nnd Ibo negro never would
have slruck him had it not been for a certain
woman. That female was referred to by my
friend Stearns In bis opening statement us
the f > nd , palo-iacod , pensive lady , Mrs.
Sheedy. After seeing her constantly for
throe weeks In this court room nud noticing
her demeanor , I would rather think bo would
'speak ' of her as the cool-headed , stcaay-
nerved , desperate woman , who gave form
und direction to McFarland's every move
ment. The defense would bavo you believe
that Mrs. Sheedy was not one of the conspir
ators because one C. O. Whedon ,
a lawyer , never saw Mr. Shoody
pounding his wlfo or Mrs. Sheody
mcolrtlnir lt her husband like a fish
\\lfo. Did nny ono ever suppose Ibat
"Whi'don would bo nl Sheedy's house during
u futnllv qunrri'l , or lhat any womau would
ever tell such a cold-bloodoJ , abrupt man as
Wbodon any of tbe iroubles of her married
life , except she came to him as an attorney
to get her a divorce ( It would luke the
cenliil rays of a tropical sun a half conlury
to get him thawed out sufficient to become
' % confidante of any man to say nothing of a
woman. Lew Franklin and Mrs. Hatch bad
cnch called only once at the Sheody residence
since Mrs. Shcedy's return from Buffalo , and
of course they saw nothing out of the way.
"Tub witnesses the defcnso did
not call to testify In lhal
respect were conspicuous by their absence.
Ono would have supjiosed that they would
have called In the friends of Mrs.
Sbcedy who visited her und whom she vis
ited , but they did not. Even when Mrs.
Sbnedy'k own sister was put on the stand ,
nnd although she has lived in the family u
number of months , her mouth was scaled inS -
S thai respect , Noi ono qncsilou wus a Ued of
. ber In ihnl regard. "
The lostimony of Mrs. Hood was ihen re
ferred lo , and tbo lads as brougbl out
by lhat unwilling witness concerning the
troublcsbolwcen Mr. and Mrs. Sheodv wpro
dwell on ut length , Tbo coming of Wnl-
Btrom to Llucoln was then taken up and the
matter of notes passing bclwoea iho iwo con
templated. Mr. Snell Insisted ihr.t If these
I notes bad been of an innocent character
thai ibnso received by Mrs. Sbcedy would
buvo boon produced In evidence. Tbo furl
thai Mrs. Sheedy was hi Ibo babiiof conllnn-
ally emlln , " liquors and elegant lunches lo
- Walsli-oni's rootp , Ibat she presented him
with fire night shlitx , huso nnd neckties und
Ihm A'rs. CarpcnU-r had called Mrs. ShooJy
over lo her bouse ono evening when Wai-
ptmm was there , was EUfUdent , Mr , Snoll
said , to show ibat their relullons were not lu-
noocnt. .
"When Shi-ody was stou-ls. " said Snoll ,
"aboui Ihe first thing Mrs. Shcody ilid waste
to send for tbe priest rid the next to notify
\VaUtrom. When her husband was dying
. vlnUMier was s nt to lell Ibat Ibo doclors
had given up id I hopes. When Sheedv's
body , was to bo laid a\vay In
the cold and quiet gravfl Klausticr was once
moro ilUpatched to tell Wulstrom Ibat Mrs.
bhocdy would not think anything more of
blmunlcsihe was present at tbo funeral.
Herrolalioasbip with Walslrom can bo ex-
lauded upon eg otbtr bypo'.he b laac tint
she was maintaining criminal relations with
him prior to her husband's murder , ltwa
because of him that tbo trouble had arisen
between ber and bor husband. No woman
coald have bud a stronger motive than Mrs.
Sheedy to put Mr. Sheedy oul of Ibo way.
When love of her busband has departed from
Iho female heart aud heen transferred to an
other she becomes desperate. In order lo ac
complish her purpose Mrs. Sboedy conclnded
Ibal U could best bo done through McFar
land. "
The confession oi Monday McFarland was
then detailed , and Mr. Snell said that Iho
defense would doubtless nffecl astonishment
that the story of criminal intimacy between
the negro and MH Shoedy would never bo
bslloved by nny body. Mr. Snell then faced
tba iimonum und suld :
"Sho wanted to be free. Her Illicit lover
WnlntroTnvns In Iho city. She wauled
Shody's properly. How could she prevail
upon McFurland to help hcrl Would she
hesitate lo prostitute her body when her soul
was already elernuliy condemned I Would a
woman who hud murder in her heart
hull or bestllntu to comtnltt ndullery
even with n black maul Now
Now I will touch briclly on the tosllraony for
the defense. These are divided 'nto Iwo
classes First , witnesses to prove the rela
tions which existed between Mr. and Mrs.
ShePdy. and , second , an abortive attempt to
cnst suspicion on Frank Williams nnd
William Gleuson , iwo gamblers. The lallor
half are divided iulo four classes : First ,
Ihoso pul on Ihe sland lo prove lhat it wus
Curder's cano ; second , those who were put
on to disprove Goldwaier's losltmouy ; third ,
Mr. and Mrs. Hosman , who were pul on Iho
sland to swear thai 11 was a while man who
shol at Sbcedy the week before the
last assault : fourlh , the tesll-
mouy of Iho boys , Currio und
Hitchcock , who wcro pul on the stand lo
swear Dial they saw two men running south
from the Sheedy residence. 1 will touch only
on Iho lalter four divisions. "
The ntlorney iben reviewed Carder's lesti-
mony nt length concerning bis Identification
of ' .tie cane and scouted the Idea of such
identification , since Carder couldn't tell his
own hundwrlting when put on the witness
stand. The hitler spirit that Curder has
shown loward the prosecution was alluded
lo. The leslimony of Burr concerning Ihe
reward lhal Goldwatcr was to receive was
also discredited. Hosmau's testimony that
it was a white man who slruck instead of a
black man was shown lo be conformalory
w ih iho darkey's slory. as Ibo descrlpliou
given by Hosmau tallied in every wav with
that of Monday , except Hosman said thnt
the fellow was u very durk comolexioned
White man , Mr. Snell then scouted the idea
of Hosman being able to see a three days'
crowlh of beard on a man's face on a dark
night. The medical testimony was then re
"H is lime , " said Ibe speaker , "Ibnt com
pression of iho brain nnd morphine poisoning
exhibit Ihe sumo symptoms. But nn exami
nation of tbe bruin would loll the tale. There
were four physicians who were presenl ut
Iho lime of iho aulopsy and Ihoy declare
ttrit morphine was the cause of John
Sheedy'c death. If death resulted from thn
blow or compression of Ibe brain Ihey would
have found blood clots there. They examined
tbo brain und fouud none. Wo must remem
ber , whether or not nny poison was ndmlnis-
lered , lhal nevertheless both prisoners are
guiltv. Each Is guilt ) * cither as a principal
in the ono case or as nn accessory in Iho
olher. These Iwo defendants go hand in
bnnca * If Mrs. Sheody did not administer ihe
polsoa7 and If Iho blow killed John Sheedy ,
she is guilly as an accessory. She Is iho
real Instigator of th crime. It would have
been impossible for Monday McFarland to
bavo stood at the door walling to kill John
Sheedy tbat night unless bo had a confed
erate in Iho house lo give him u signal when
lo lake his placo. Any man would hnvo been
a fool lo stand within a dozen feet of Ihe
slrcpl in a thickly settled neighborhood wait
ing lo murder a man. He musl have hid behind -
hind Ihe lalllco work awaiting Iho precon
certed signal. His nerve had been raised lo
ihe proper point by whisky given lo him by
Ibis woman who bas been broughl before vou
charged wilb either murdering or abetting
the murder of ber husband.
"In conclusion let me say the intcrcsls in
volved are of grout magnitude. Tbo state is
not asking for the shedding of innocent
blood , but when you go to your jury rooms
remember u monstrous crime bus been corn-
milled ; lhal John Sheody was murdered ;
that be was murdered In cold blood without
ono single mltlgaling circumstance ; lhat bo
was struck down in his own door. If this
crime goes unpunished , who can say thut It
will not bo repeated J Gentlemen , of the
Jury , give the case your best deliberation ,
und render n verdlcl Ibat will satisfy your
own conscience , nnd I feel it will satisfy a
deeply interested nud n wronged public , for
every crime of this character strikes nt the
public security. "
Judge Weir , attorney for Mrs. Shoody , fol
lowed Mr. Snell , beginning in thnt easy ,
careful , smooth way which is belokoned by
bis jccnoral bearing. After making n few
preliminary remarks Ibo speaker said : "Wo
have under consideration the lives of two
human t bemgd and those lives must be
disposed of by the conslderallon of Ihe Jury.
It is ono of th'o grealesl reM > onslbilillcs ever
conferred upon this body of men and it gave
me pleasure lo road in your faces during Ihe
Irlal lhal you fully realized the rosDousibil-
lly. " Ho then drifted into his reason for
coming hero uud spoUo of tbo true work of
Ihe officers of the law , complimenting the
prosecution for Iho work done , pausing long
enough to define iho line between persecu
tion und prosecution. The first thing to
which ho called the attention of
Iho Jurv was the law nud the
facts. "Tho Jury. " be said , "Is the
cj.elusive Judge of Ihe facts , iho exclusive
Judco of ihe law , anil when ll comes lo final
coiiKiderallons it should bu guided by the
definitions given them by Iho Judge of Iho
law I Thus me Judge instructs that tbe de
fendants are presumed in he entirely inno
cent until proven guilty and the attention of
Iho Jury should not bo diverted from this.
"It Isoflen , " he continued , "lhal our zeal
ns lawyers , ou1 < real to gain victory , causes
us to overstep tbo bounds and cause mislead
ing slalomenUi. Lot this bo watched , gen
tlemen of the Jury , nnd when such thing * are
done banish it from your minds. When you
enter Inlo iho Jury room lei It be uppermost
in your minds that It was and is
the duty of this prosecution to
sweep away from your minds
by evidence , all lurking suspicions , every
vesllgo of thnt presumption of the innocence
of these two defendants. Tbo law require *
vou to use lhat reasonable doabt In ihe In
terest of Ihu accused. Some of IhU testi
mony loolis one wav aud some of it the other ,
cut when you caunut under such ciicum-
stt.ices dcciile , tlimi tbu IMV rouuircs iho
reasonable doubt to bo oxctclsed in the in
terest of the nccusod. It In divine law lhat
ninety nnd nine guilty ones should escape
rather than ouo innocent be punished.1
At 2 o'clock Judge Weir , plcklne up the
thread of discourse where two hours before
bo dropped U , said in substance Ibal lo all
crimes there is a motive ant' , mo prosecution
lu th'.s cnso ingeniously sets forth as the
motive for this that John Sheedy and his
wlfo lived Jn grout discord and she wanted to
grt a divorce. That while iu Buffalo sto ; mel
und fell in love wilh or.o A. H. Wulstrom ,
and this InJ her to stain her bands iu Iho
blood of her kind , This ii ihe motive the
prose.-utlon offers. "And , " continued ho ,
"with all the able counsel , with all the ef
forts nf experienced detocllvcs , iho prosecu-
lion has failed utterly lo brim ? out any sub-
Muntlal evidence , ouly the mot remote cir
cumstantial evidence. It Is important that
wo should krovv the difference bo'wecn
direct. and circ'.imatanlial evidence.
II Is a crcat principle in
law tbat If ihe great chain of
circumsihnces is lacVirg , ihe cnlirc i.s of no
olTect , ll must be one cr.d continuous every
link In Its proper placo. John Shecdy was.
In common language , a gambler , a peer 'o
any In his profession In this city. His suc
cess appalled them and caused a Jealousy lo
rankle in Ibelr bosoms. Ho was siruck at
his own door , and is ll noi qullo ns probable
lhat koino one Cither than his own loving wile
was the cause r.f the fatul blowVns ! it not
Mr. Courtmiy who icstific-d ibal only
a few ilayx pnor lo iho assault
Sheody received a letter which threat
ened hit life unless lie stopped 'trying to run
tbo town I' Suspicion shortly after the crime
fell upon MonJav McFarland and his arrest
followed. Then it wui that an opporuimtv
was offered Iho combination of detectives aud
officers to make money.
"You will remember McFurland vfcs ar-
Will Nominate a Candidate for President ,
but Do Not Hope to Win.
Its headers Treat the New Movement
with .Silent Contempt General
Koster Acting for Secre
tary IJlalnc.
Ma FoDiiTncvrit STiiKcr , V
WABHISOTO.V. D. C. . May 25. I
Senator Peffer of Kansas , who was
prominent In iho Ihird party con-
venlion at Cincinnati last week , Is back
In Washington aud says a third party
candidate for Iho presidency will bo nomi
nated nexl year , and ibat tbe convcnlioa will
likely bo held In Indianapolis a year from
next month. Ho says :
"Frankly , I don't think wo shall win , but
wo will make so great n showing tbat wo
shall convince not only our own people , but
people generally , tbat with another year's or
ganization wo can easily become tbo domi
nant party. In slrlving for Ibis
end wo are not seeking political
preferment , Wo are not after the offices as
such. The office Is only the moans to an end.
Our people ure not office seekers. We arc
coutcndlng for principles , not for individual
advantage , except so far as lhat advantage
may benefit us all. "
Senator Poffcr practically ncknowlodgcs
that the aim nnd elTecl of a Ihird parly can
didate will be Ihe nsslsloncc of Iho demo
cratic candidalo. The movement ut Cincin
nati of the third party was In no way con
nected with the legitimate farmers' alliance
movement. The official orguu of the National
Farmers' Alliance , which was circulated hero
today , docs not conlaln iho slightest reference
to the Cincinnati convention. It appears to
be part of a plan to entirely ignore Iho rc-
cenl orcanizaliou of a Ihird parly. The pa
per Is issued al Iho ualional headquarters of
Iho alliance , and Ils cdllor Dr. McCune , Is
chairman of Iho cxocullvc committee of the
alliance. It gives the keynote to tbo various
small alliance papers through the country.
Presidenl Polk claims Ihnl iho organiralion
gives him Iho power lo expel Iho proprio-
lors of any alliance paper if ihey co outside
of strict alliance principles. As some of tbe
western papers have grown enthusiaslie
over the ttiird party move , the president may
exercise his prerogative by compelling them
to follow tbo lead of the national organiza
tion iu ignoring Ihe Cinclnuali Ihird party
movement , or else haul their alliance colors
and slick to their original lexis.
General . .7.V. . Foslcr of Indiana , cx-mlnls-
Ic.r lo Russia , Snnin , etc. , who negotiated the
recenl commercial ircuty with Spain , had n
long conference with "President Harrison
this moraine , during which Iho Bchring sea
seal fisheries and other important diplomatic
matters now pending , wore discussed. The
report thai General Fosler wus acting for
Secretary Blaine In the principal diplomatic
problems unfinished during the absence of
tbo latter bas been confirmed. While no
official statement is made upon Ihe subject it
is well understood that General Foster , who
bas the affairs of tbo department
ol state well In band , will during
the illness or absence of Secretary
Blaine look after tbe completion of the most
important questions requiring diplomatic
skill. Governor Foster has for many years
been regarded as one ot tbe most skillful dip
lomats iu tbo country , and the Behrlng sea
or any other problem would bo safe iu bis
charge. Ho is both sagacious and dis
creet. Secretary Blaine Is not expected to
return here under some weeks , if not months.
The reports as to his condition of health are
very encouraging , however. Tie has been
as iced and advised to remain awuy till bo
fully recovers.
luimisox's SPEECHES.
President Harrison's speeches , made
during his recent southern nnd western tour ,
are being prepared for book form. They will
bo used as campaign literature as well as
models for public speakers. Each speech
will nave an introduclion , giving tbo cir
cumstances of tbo visit and ihe delalls of Iho
receplion. The volume will bring ou tbo
happiness of the president's expressions'and
show his mental breadth. They will be
specially serviceable in tbo long tier of
states through which Ibe presidenlial party
passed. Mr. John S. Shriver , who us corre
spondent of tbo New York Mail and Ex-
preis preceded the president Just ono day on
bis entire trip , is compiling the work.
Ex-Congressman Owen of Logansport ,
Ind. , stated today that the reports that ho
was here expecting lo bo appointed commis
sioner of tbo Immigration were not true. Ho
suld be came lo Washington on private busi
ness only and added : "I am not an ap
plicant for tbo office and it is a crave ques
tion whether I could afford lo lake it should
the president offer it to me. " It Is now re
ported thnt Colonel Weber , ox-congressman
from Buffalo , now superintendenl of Immi
gration nt New York city , is likely to bo ap
pointed. |
It is thougbl lhat at the cabinet meeting on
Friday the five land court Judges will bo an
nounced. Tenders have boon made of the
apuolntmonls to the men selected. It is said
that there will bo ibreo republicans , all mem
bers of Iho lasl house of congress Messrs.
Puyson of Illinois , Thompson of Ohio and
Turner of Kansas and Iwo democrats.
Whom the latter are it is not known , but
they uro said lo bo men of wide ropulnllon as
laud lawyers and men of excellent character
as w ell ns capticlly.
General Benjamin Buttcrworth , Iho ex-
congressman from Cincinnati and at present
director general of'tho world's fair ut Chicago
cage , today became the preslaont 'ol the
Interstate townslto company , with head
quarters al Omaha. The incorporator.-
the company ore Francis C. Grahle , W. B.
MIHard , J. O. Phillippl , Charles K. Ford , F.
D. Mulr and Benjamin Butlorworth , The
capital slock of Ihe company ' ,000,000 ,
luily paid up , nud iu operaliousill be in
Nebraska , South Dakota and Wyoming ,
Congressman Pickler of South Dakota ,
who bos bt-sn hero for a few aays looking
after some appointments , will leave for bis
homo in u day or Iwo.
J. P. Sharp was loday appointed posl-
master nl Foresiburg. Saaboru couniy , S. D. ,
vice L. B. Hich. resigned.
Charles K. Pierce of St , Louis , A. U , Appleton -
pleton of Columbus , O. , and George H. Harris
of this t-lty , ihe commission appointed lo visit
Niobrara nnd South Dakota und determine
the boundary line between tbo Pine Hldge
nnd Iloscbud agencies und persuade as many
Lower Bruins ns possible lo take land in
severally south of White river , leave for
their po ts of duty on Friday ncxl. Harry
N. Price of ibis city is their stenographer.
Troop K , Ninth cavalry , Colonel Guy
Henry , Captain B. Hughes , First Lieutenant
Charles W. Taylor , Second Lieutenant Alex
W. Perry and seventy men arrived ibis
aflomooa al Fort Mycr , Va. , across thoPoio-
m uu river from Washington , their now station.
Troop B , Sixth cavalry , leaves tomorrow for
Wushukle , Wyo.
Senator Pettlgrew arrived Ibis evening
from Soulb Dakota und will remain a couple
of days.
Colorado und the World's Fair.
CHICAGO , May > . This was Colorado's
day tt Ibo world's fair headquarters. Com
missioner It. E. Goodcll of Denver , with
Governor Houtt of Colorado confer ! oJ with
the director general and tbe grounds and
building committee to secure space for the
silver state's exhibit. "We are modest , "
sud Governor Itoult , "and wo will take ooy
bit of land from nn acre to the whole city.
What mailers it I * the sla'to only nppropri-
alcd 1100,0001 Had it boon fJOO.OOO wo mill
would have Iho best cxhlHU' You bavo no
idea what an enormous nrammt of public en
thusiasm there is for maklap Colorado's ex
hibit a most creditable one.fui
AVIillc Insane She Ilnnps Her Four
Children and Herself.
HAW.AX , la. , May 25. Mrs. Christen
Pedersen , a Danish woman , and ber four
children , whoso ages ranped from threelo _
ten , were found hanging In the collar of iholr
bouso near here. It is Iboughl they had been
hnuRlne there since Wednesday. Her bus-
bend was sent to the Insane asylum about a
week aco. Tboundlugof these bodies shows
that iho wlfo should have eono lee , as she
must have been crazy.
Mrs. Peterson lived on a farm Just outside
the city with her family , consisting of two
boys and two girls. Since ber husband was
sent to tbe asylum little attention was at-
traotod to the family until yesterday a neigh
bor. who bad noticed no appearance of hfo
about tbe place for IhrotJ or four days , deler-
mined lo invcsilputo. Tbo unper rowiis were
searched without nny trace being found of
the missing peonlo'nnd finally Ibe collar
wus vlsiled. There iho bodies of Iho
woman nud her four children were seen
hanging. The neighbors at once summoned
assistance and several people accompanied
him to the cellar. Mrs. Podenon nnd ber
children were hanging by ropes from ono of
Ibo beams of Ihe house. A little girl aged
about four stood with her toes Just touching
the ground ; near her washer slslcr , a ton-
year-old child , hanging from Ihe limber ; a
boy of nine , with ono Kncip louching n wash
lub on which ho bad slood , was near by nnd
his brother , a year older , bung so low thai
his feet almost touched the earth. Near him
tbo mother , half kneeling , was seen. All
were quite dcsd. Tbe children nnd mother
were all neatlv aressod , but none wore shoes.
Their feet werocovercd only with stockings.
It wus evident that the work hud boon
done most delibcraloly. Tbe smaller children
were strung up to a rope which was f aslentd
only by heary spikes driven inlo Iho beam ,
but for herself and the elder children the
woman had bored , holes through the timber ,
so that there uileht bo no question us lo Ibe
rope holding. Evidently she had stood the
children on wash tubs and bad then pulled
Iho tubs , from beneath their feet , nnd as they
choked and gasped in azotiy , she rigged up
her own gailows and leaping from Ibo wash
lub which she used , choked to dealh. Her
determination was witnessed in tbo fact tbat
tbe body was found in a kneeling posillom
nnd bad she so desired she could
have saved herself by slnndlug erect.
All of tbe quinlello xvero choked to
death , an"1 the younger children's nn-
prarnnce boukoned a violent struggle for life
after the executioner bad bccun her work.
All indications were Ibat the bodies had been
ban ginp for days , and when the coroner was
summoned and'examined into the mailer , ho
gave as his opinion lhat , the deaths bad oc
curred ns far away us Thursday morning.
Mrs. Pedersen left n letter telling of her
financial affairs , speaking of f 150 in the bank ,
held by ber , and § 18 in silver in the. house.
This money is to "bo used in burial. Olher
portions of Ihe letter relate to farm matters ,
she stating tbat tlio place is paid for and that
nothing can beheld against It. Mrs. Pedersen
son is not known to have bad nny trouble
other than the confinement of her husband in
the insane asyluna. i
Tbo coroner was summoned , and after cutr
ting down the bofllos , held in inquest.
" Yonnxj 56nlsef'DIetl. *
BUIU.INOTOX , In. . , May 55' ( Special Tele
gram to THE BEE. ] EqwardyZalser , who
was shot by a burglnrrj 'lj6m < 'itio\viis ate.
tempting to arrest SnturJ nighty died to
' '
day. Several arrests hur'o"'boon made , but
none of importance.
It thought the murderer , was one of a
gang of burglars following IE the trail of a
cheap circus that bad , been show
ing here. A number of other resi
dences had been entered , among
them that of Mayor Duncan. A knife taken
from Duncan'statlo was found under Zalser's
window , where it had been used lo gain an
entrance. A quantity of bananas bad also
been taken , and the burglars left a trull of
skins from the mayor's residence to Zaiser's.
A largo reward is offered by the family for
the apprehension ot tbe murderer.
Supreme Court Decisions.
DCS MOINES , la. , May .J5. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BEE. ] T io supreme court
banded down today the following opinions :
W. "W. Harris vs E. R , Harris , Corra Gordo ,
district , affirmed ; Clay eountv vs Palo Alto
couniy , Kossutb. district , jifllreod ; J. H.
Halley vs John Gregg { appellant. Jackson
dlslrict , nffirraed ; L. J , ah.d M. E. Graves vs
Merchanls and Bankers Insurance company
uppellanls , IJccatur district , nfllrmed ; Mr.
Wing vs Hod Oak district township appellant ,
Cedar district , affirmed. '
Mystery ut Biirlinjjton.
BUIILIXOTOX , la. , Mny'iio.Special [ Tele
gram to THE BEE. | Two strangers drove
up to St. Francis hospital' this morning in a
back aud loft a man whom they called John
Gable. He dlod twenty -minutes after their
departure. His rumored that he was taken
from n saluan where be had been drugged or
injured. The police are working on the caso.
Under nn Engine.
CnnAii RAVIUS la , , May 25. fSpec'al
Telecram toTiic BLE.J At Marion last oven-
lug , James 1'athrop , In attempting to board
a moving switch engine , fell under the
wheels. Both feet were mashed so tbat am
putation will probably bo necessary , and ono
arm was also crushed.
Nut Mcliityrc.
Sioux CITT , la. , Mny fij. JSpocial Tele
gram to THE BIE. | Tl'ie man arrested at
Hartinclon is not Jilclntyre , the escaped
UnfiirtunateOircniiiHtanuoa Attend ! -if ;
the Death of * Consr < ; s ; mmi Houk.
KXOXVII.I.E , Tenn. , May 25. Judge Houk ,
represenlallvo in congress ; from this stale ,
yesterday afternoon look by mistake a strong
solution of arsenic. Antidotes promptly ad
ministered brousbt tbe Judge around all
right , so it was thought , 'Jatthls morning bo
died suddenly. He bad heart disease nnd tbo
poison and excitement following affected thai
organ and wus the cause pf his dealb.
im :
For Omaha and Vicinity Pair ; warmer.
WASHINGTON , May 35. Forecasllill S p. m.
Thursday : For IbeDakotos Fairwarmer\ ; \ > -
winds becomlnc soulh. 4"
For Iowa and Nebraska-rFalr Tuesday ;
warmer by Tunsdav nlghl variable winds.
For Missouri and Kansas Kuiu ; sllghily
cooler , except stationary temperature in
north Kansas ; north wintts.
For Colorado Showers ; warmer by Tues
day night ; winds south. '
ilp Arrivals.
At Now Yprk Tbo Alaska , from Liver
pool ; The Ethiopia , from Glasgow ; The Allcr
from Bremen.
At Amsterdam The Elder , from New
York for Bremen.
At Millvlllo The Anchoria , from Now
York lor Gluspnw.
At Browuead Passed the Nomadic from
New York lor Liverpool.
UlalmAlile to Ito Up.
NEW YOISIC , Mav 25. Secretary Blaine was
up aud about tbe house this morning. While
H is belieycd \vllLeave ! tbe city abou t the
latter part of tba vroek ro definite date ba
been fixed nor hoi It been determined wbolb
er the secretary -will go to Washington or
Arrival of the Voemlam.
New YOHK , May 23. The steamer Veen
dam from Rotterdam , reported at sea dls
abled , arrived this moraine.
Eivers , the Second Victim of Oovill , Dies
of His Wounds.
Public Sympathy with the Murderer
ReinoiiNtratlii A ulnm K.xecutlvo
Cleinenc-y Decision Against
Patrick Kn
STUAIIT , Neb. , May 23. [ Special Telegram
oTitE Ben. ] Tur. BEE correspondent vis-
ted the scone of the Koya I'uhn county trag
edy yesterday. It Is on the promises of Geo.
Covlll , the man who did tbe shooting which
vouud up tbo earthly career of both Day
ton and Hlvcrs , for the latter died about noon
esterday ( Sunday ) . The sentiment of the
mraealatc neighborhood in which the tragedy
occurred Is largely In favor of Covlll. His
neighbors claim that he was justified in all
10 did ; that he had boon persecuted and ter
rorized by Dayton and bis hired men who
md made their threats that they would run
ilm out of tbo country , tbo object of wblcb ,
t Is alleged , was to get his land , us It Joined
) uyton's. It is also told , and on seeming
good authority , that three weeks prior
o the fatal culmination of the loud that
) ayton and his men , liivers and
Villiscroft , bad rounded up Covlll
by attacking him in too field whuro ho was
at work and firing pistol shots around his
cct made him dance After this Covlll claims
10 procured arms nnd ammunition and when
his enemies came on his place last Friday ho
vas prepared for them. On the morning of
ho traeedy Charles liar to , a young man who
md previously worked for o'ayton nnd who ,
t is alleged , had circulated the scandalous
lories about Dayton's and Klvers'
vivos , bad occasion to pass the
) ayton farm. Ho claims that bo was
going to Covill's to get him to go to Spring-
lew to get out replevin papers to recover
cattle belonging to thorn ( Covill and Barto )
vblcb were restrained by Dayton. When
Jarto passed the latter's place tbat morning
10 was seen by Dayton , who , hitching up his
cam and accompanied by bis men , nil
armed , pursund him for tbe purpose ( as wus
riven in Sunday's BEE ) of bringing
iltn back to confront the wives
of Dayton nnd Hivers nnd take
jack tbo vllo stories which bo bad circulated
about them. When they arrived at Covill's
the latter and Barto were sitting upon a log
discussing the matter of getting out the re-
) levln papers. Barto rau nnd was pursued
jy Hivers and Williscroft. Covlll ran to the
louse for his gun pursued by Dayton. Mrs ,
Covill was an eye witness to what then tran
spired. She says that Dayton emptied both
barrels of his shotgun at her husband on the
chose to the house ; that her husband re
turned the fire when he bad got possession
of his shotgun ; that his first shot missed , but
the second killed Dayton. When this was
done bo went to the rescue of liarto. who , in
the bands of Rivers and AVellis-
croft , was being brought forward
toward the wagon they not being aware
that Dayton was killed. Covill called to
them to release Barto utid on their refusal put
aload of bueTTshot Into ; Hlvers'sTilp'hicir
resulted in his death yesterday as above
Public sentiments is so much against the
Daytons that no neighborly sympathy or
kindness was shown the bereaved wives.
Only two young men In tbo whole neighbor
hood , Messrs. Brown nnd HIloy , rendered
them the assistance so much "needed. A
couple of their old neighbors from Stuart , for
Dayton used to live here , arrived
Lhere Sunday afternoon. Shortly after
Hiver's ' death they tore up tbo floor of the
cabin and made a rude box , Into which his
remains were deposited , as no cofiln had yet.
been provided , and the bodies of both men
were brought hero last night and will bo
buried today in the cemetery at this place.
for a Holt Snap.
LINCOLN , Neb. , Muy2o. [ Special Telegram
Lo Tin : 13cr. . | The board of public lands and
bulldmes are undergoing u siege by ox-Kop-
rescntative Hahn of Adams county and
Hobort Elsmoro of Hastings who want to
superintendent the construction of the new
building at tbo Hasliue hospital for insane.
The legislature appropriated $50,000 for two
wings to the hospital. Tbe plans for those
buildings have not been made yet , but tbo
fat position of bossing tbo Job is in sight.
Mr. Hahn is fortifying his claims by peti
tions signed by farmers about bis county
Elsmore superintended the construction of
the Adams county court house and tbe
Catholic school at Hustings. He presents
recommendations by Fattier English uud
Chuirinun Powers of tbo board of sujxjr-
visors. Chairman Powers is a brother of the
late independent candidate for governor.
Itobbcd on the Golden Gate.
ALLIANCE , Neb. , May 25. Mrs. Louise
Jones , wife of a prominent manufacturer of
Boston , who with her husband were passen
gers on the Pennsylvania company's Golden
Gate special which passed hero today , was
robbed of fl,000 worth of diamonds on the
train between Fargo , N. D. , and St. Paul
Wednesday. On that day a concert was being -
ing given in tbe observation car. Mr. and
Mrs. Jones occupied a section in tbe rear
sleeper nnd the otbT passengers were
obliged to pass through their car to attend
tbo concert. Mrs. Jones retired curly. She
look her four diamond rings from ber finger
und placed them in ber reticule. Next morn
ing they were missing. Attaches of the train
were closely questioned but no truoo of the
missing diamonds could bo found.
" \Vunta I'nckiiiK House.
POXCA , Neb. , May 2.'i. [ Special to THE
Buc. | A number of Ponca's capitalists are
about to form a stock company for the pur
pose of building and operating an extensive
packing house ut this place. People are
greally interested in the development of this
project , as ihe prospective prosperity of this
town depends not a little on tbe establish
ment of some institution of this kind.
OlIleei-H I , Nob. , May 2."i. iSpnoial to TIID
BEE. ] At tbe regular mooling of Or. ceo la
lodge , Ancient Free and Accepted Masons ,
the following officers wore elected : Dr. S.
O. Wbaloy , W. M. ' W. W. Wilson , S.W
Prof M. H. Snodgrass , J. W. ; H. A. Scott ,
treasurer , and Napoleon C. Fey , secretary.
'Jhoy AVII1 Celebrate.
OsCioi.i , Neb. , May 2."i. [ Spscial to THE
Bir..J : Tbo alliance of tbo county , to/other
with tbo Knights of Labor , bold a called
meeting to make arrangements lo celcbruta
the Fourth of July. Stromsburg offered
f. K ) for the celebration , nud captured the
whole nutllt , so the affair will bo held tbcre.
Contract Awarde I.
UUXKVA , Nob. , May US , [ Special Tele
gram to THE Ben. I Tbe contract for build
ing tbe Oddfellows and Knights of Pythias
building here , which has been in contempla
tion sometime In connection with tbe First
National bank , was lot today to Scott A :
Heulngton of Harvard. The old for the
whole building was f7lK)3. ! ) This oeures lo
Ihe Oddfellows and Kulgbls of Pythias one
of the finest lodge rooms in the t > tutc.
On n Tour < > C Olikurrntloti.
BEATIIICE , Neb. , May ia. | Special Tele
gram to Tun Btn.J Mayor Fogg , seven
members of the council , tbo water commis
sioner and city engineer departed this morn
ing on a Junketing trip to Fremont , Lincoln
aud Crete to inspect the water works , y-
of Ihoso cities , with - Jew of applving iheir
observations to li "uiprovcmenl of Iho
Beatrice water worl uul.
. .
UTICA , Neb. , May Memorial Sunany
was observed in this & * , . v the Orand Army
of the Kupubllc and ntti Alter u short
march by the veterans \A \ repaired to tbe
rirst Pnwbyteriuu hurInch In n short
time was filled lo UK ult'u ipuelly. After
some choice selections by ' ' hulr "iho people
ple wcro uddrassed by IM . Adams , pas-
lor of the church. Withable weather
Decoratlou day will to well-.rtcrvod , an ex
cellent programme having been prepared for
the occasion.
Kev. J. W. Soabrook of the Methodist
Episcopal cburch preached 11 very excellent
sermon before the ol
Urnnd-Army IboKcpub-
lic und Women's Kellef Corps jestcrdnv.
The church was crowded and every one was
pleased with tbe sermon.
Out ) , Neb. , May ' . ' 5. [ Special to Tnr.Bii : : . |
Foote post No. 40 , Grand Army of the Ko-
public , held n memorial service in the Mcth- .
odlst Episcopal church yesterday , Chaplain
Kev. .1 nines Leonard conducting the ser-
vk-os. Company B , Second rcclment , r > 'e-
bruslm tuition nl guards , wan In attendance
under command of Captain John L. McDon-
ough. The service was listened lo by a largo
NII.-OX : , Nob. , May 25 [ Special
to I HI : Btn.J The tuemorlul sermon was
preached yesterday morning to n largo con
gregation in the Methodist Episcopal church
by Kev. S. W. Patterson nf the Evangelical
church. There wcro about thirty members
of the George H Thomas post present und
about twenty Sons of Veterans , for whom re
served seats were provided.
Churned \\lth Fraud.
O'Nun.1 , Neb. , May 25. ( .Special Telegram
to THE BEE. i Sheriff GIITord , of Fall Klvcr
county , South Dakota , arrive nt O'Neill this
uftcrnoon for K. K. Dickson , wanted on the
charge of obtaining property oy fraud , and
for whom requisition papers were issued oil
Friday , last. There was some error In the
papers nnd the sheriff had sent
them back for correction. Last Saturday
Dicltson's atloruoy got out a writ of habeas
corpus and the preliminary hearing was set
for today. It wus postponed until Thursduv
pending the return of the papers. G. 0.
Hazelot , the granleo lo Iho deal , canio homo
from Iowa Saturday ulcht. Ho also denomi
nates the affair a big game of bluff. Dlclcson
made a laud deal while at Hot Springs
recently but denies that there was anything
criminal or fraudulent in the deal , and suys
they will not be able to Drove it as such.
i\ocutlvo :
FiitMoST , Nob. , May 25. [ Special to TUB
BIE. : ] Friends aud relatives of Cnrlos T.
Pulsifer , tbe man murdered by Shophoid and
Furst , the two men who are to be hanged
Juno 5 , have begun n counter move to check
the effect of the effort being made by friends
of the condemned men to secure u commuta
tion of their scnlence to llfo Iraurlsonuient by
Governor Thayer. The petitions for execu
tive clemency circulated by Furst's brothers
have been quite extensively signed , eleven
of the Jurors having nftixcd their signuluros.
To oftsot those , seven remonstrances have
been prepared and nut in circulation in this
city and in the Scribuer and Crowell neigh
borhoods. About two thousand signatures
have been secured to these.
A 1'ark Cor 1'oncn.
PONCA , Nob. , May 25. [ Special to THIS
BEE. I Under tbo skillful management and
direction of W. E. Huston , Ponca is now the
proud possessor ot-u park. Many of the busi
ness men have formed themselves Into an us-
r.-eation : , - rules nnd regulation * have been
adopted , and everything1 pertaining : to Its
support bas been perfected. Contiguous to
ho town on tbo east several acres of land
were secured and suitably laid out into
eservalions for the amusements of baseball ,
awn tennis , croquet , football , otc , and also
iroviding ample grounds for hammocks ,
.wings , band stand , refreshment stands , otc.
Tomorrow there will be a celebration of tbo
opening of the grounds.
a IteNidcncc.
FIIEMONT , Neb. , May 2o. [ Special to Tun
OEE ] The residcncoof M. Y.Colman was en
cored by burglars e.1 about 3 o'clock this
morning. Mr. Colman was awakened by the
Intruders and frightened them away. Ono
was at the foot of his bad when ho awoke.
This ono had already procured a few dollars
in money , with which he escaped Mr. Col
man seized n revolver and fired u shot ut the
retreating burglar but missed him.
District C tirt
Lour Cirr , Neb. , May 25. [ Special Tele-
srrara to THE BEE.J D.strict court convened
ttere today , with Judge Hamer presiding.
The docket consists of about one hundred
nud forty civil cases and five criminal. Tbo
most Important criminal case will bo the one
in which Joseph Kwlntkowski is charged
with attempted train wrecking on the B. &
M. about n year ago.
Mr. Eacnn MtiM I * y.
LINCOLN , Neb. , May 25. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BinJ : When Bishop Botucum
denied Patrick Eagan tbo privilege of racru-
ment in St. Theresa cathedral tbo minister to
Chill refused to pay $500 subscription that ho
bad made to tbo building fund. The bishop
began an action in court und Judge Tobbetts
has1 decided that Mr. Eugan must pay Ibo
BEATIMCE , Nob. , May 23. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BEE. ] The tcnt'a unnual moot
ing of tbo Nebraska State Pharmaceutical
association convenes in Ibis citv tomorrow.
There are already a considerable numbar of
druggists present and the meeting promises
to be ono of coutldcrablo lijtorcst.
ItEFIKU 'HIE /-til' .
Kansas Farinors Who Would Not
Allow n MortaK" Foreclosed.
TOI-EKA , Kan. , May 25. [ Special Telegram
to THE BEE.J News was received here
today of a remarKable attempt of the farm
ers of Jewell county to takn the law of fore
closure into tbclr own bands.
On Sunday night Jonas Kiudelcjperger , a
tenant representing a law firm in Jewell
City , was driven from a farm in Washington
township which hud boon sold under a
mortgage foreclosure , and com polio J to ileo
the country.
The onclnnl owner of the farm was Joseph
Beunotl. who had borrowed money from the
Jewell City firm to make first payment und
put In his crop. When the note fell duo
Bennelt did not Have the money aud bis
place was sold by the sheriff.
He refused to give possession und was
ejected from tbo place by a deputy sheriff ,
uud a tenant representing the purchaser *
given possession. Bennett Is a member of
the farmers' alliance.
Sunday night thirty or forty masked men ,
with Bennett at the bead , drove up lo the
pli.ce und requested the new tenant to leave ,
lie refused to do so , whereupon revolver ;
wore drawn and bo was lold that ho couli :
either leave nt once or his dead body would
bo carted off ,
Bennett was then reinstated and still holds
Ihe pluce. A dispatch from Jewell Clt >
slates ibal KlndlcspiTgcr has tbo names o
tbo leaders of the mob and will bccin a dv >
suit for damages un4 buvc crimlnul proceedIngs -
Ings Instituted. Tim officer * of the count ]
uro all fanner ' alliance men , including the
prosecuting uttornpy.
Bennett Dm rowed the money of .Miss Ida
Ashoborn of Jewell City , who Had earned it
teaching ncboul. The townspeople are
aroused nt IheMnJiiKllco done iho young
woman nnd will assist Kindlespcrger in hit
'Jwrnij-llvo Vroplii Killed.
Brcxot Avur.s , May 23 Twenty-five per-
tans were killed In thu Cordoba revolt.
'llin Fire Ilcoord.
Mo.vruiuL , May M. Fire In a warehouse
here caused tosses ? * regaling 1100,000. ,
Sudden Demise of David Butler at Hi8
Homo Near Pawnee.
d by llrnrt Failure Arrange
ment * lor Iho Funeral Skctuli of
the MIV > of Iho Slato's
First Kxcuntlvc.
PAWNEE Cirr , Nob. , May 25. [ Special
Telegram to THE BKE. [ Ex-Governor David
Butler dropped dead at bis home , three aud
one-half miles west of this city , at 8.33
o'clock Ibis morning. He arose In his usual
good health and ate a hearty breakfast -i
started out accompanied by his hired man lo
epair a fence close lo iho house. Needing
Homo lool ihnl was nl iho barn bo dispatched
ho hired man for It , remarking ut the sumo
ituo thnt he felt tired , but would get a scytbo
nnd mow some grass and weeds that wcro
beside the fence. Mrs. Buller , who was
working iitnong her ( lowers , clone by , beard
lira inako a few slrokes with the scythe
when all became quiet , She aroio to her
eel and saw him stretched out motionless.
Deforo assistance reached him ho breathed
ils last. Ho was carried to tbo house and
Dr. Wright summoned , who pi-enounced his
death duo to heart failure. It seems ,
from the marks of ihe scylho ,
on Iho grass uud tbo position of Iho body
.hul ho musl have lurnod and stiggered a
few steps before bo fell , death being appar
ently painless , us his features wore in no
way distorted. The body was embalmed
this nttcrnoon.
The funeral services will take place
Wednesday afternoon at 1 o'clock from his
ate residence.
A kind husband and Indulgent father and a
true friend , bis memory will long bo kept
HiH Ijll'c.
David Buller wus born near Bloominglon ,
Monroe county , Ind. , December 15 , 1829.
Ho remained on Iho homestead until bo was
twenty years of ago. There wore few
schools In the neighborhood in those days ,
and from these young Butler derived but lit
tle advantage. His education was acquired
by private study mainly after ho had at
tained his majority.
When ho was twenty-one years of ngo ho
engaged in Iho cattle business for his father
an' ' was absent In Wisconsin when Iho latter
died. Ho abandoned the cattle trade anil on-
gugcd in mercantile pursuits , in which ho
was quite successful until the panic of Ibo7 ,
when , in ono bank alone , be lost 617,001) ) ,
In that year bu was nominated on the re
publican ticket for the state senate , but ow
ing to the financial reverses wblcb ho had
sustained , was obliged to decline the can
In ISTiS be immigrated to Nebraska , set
tling in Pawnee City. There he resumed hli
mercantile and stock-raising career. His
ventures proved successful , aud in the rout-so
of eight years ho hud acquired about f'5,000 !
from an original Investmonl of1,009 ,
In tbo spring of 1800 ho was married near
Bloomington , Ind. , to Miss Lydiu Story of
" '
Ohio" .
Jn 1601 he was elected a representative In ,
the territorial legislature for u term * of two
years. '
In 1600 , at Platlsmouth , be was nominated
as tbo republican candidate for tbo first gov
ernor of tbe stale. Ho was eleelod by n ma
jority of 140 votes , Iho largest received by
nnv candidate on tbo ticket.
The salary of the office was but $1,000 a
year nnd tbo governor accordingly felt im
pelled to devote n considerable amount of bit
time to his private business. Ho soon dis
covered that ho could not well attend to both.
Ho determined , therefore , to devote himself
entirely to the duties of his office. The cap
ital at the time was located in Omiihn. Ho
moved to this citv , therefore , und cs-tnbllsbcd
Ills office ill the old capital which was located
on the bill which has since been designated
by that name.
During this term the removal of the capital
from Omahu to Lincoln was the absorbing
Ionic , of Interest throughout the state. A
bill providing for the change passed both
houses of the legislature and wus signed by
Ihe governor. *
Governor Duller was elected governor la
16(13 ( uud served bis term , which ended m
18i'J. ( During this term bo recommended to
the legislature Ibo establishment of an or
ganization for the purpose of Inducing itntnl-
grnllon lo the stale.
Ho wai elected governor n third time in
1870 and at the spuclul session of the legisla
ture of that year again urged thg appoint
ment of a board of immigra
tion , which recommendation was favorably
ncled upon by the leglslaturo iho board con
sisting of Messrs. C. C. Smith of Falls Citv ,
William Blschoff of Nebraska City nnd Prod
Krug of Omaha , C. N. ICarsten of Nebraska
Clly being appointed resident commissioner
In New York.
In the same year bo advocated a system of
Internal improvement which wus also favor
ably considered by the legislature ? The gov
eruor did not/serve ihe whole of his third
term , Secretary of State William H. Jumos ,
in June , 1371 , having been appointed to suc
ceed him.
While acting as governor bo was ulso a
commissioner of thu board of public lands
and buildings. Tbo olhor members of tbe
commission were tbe auditor aud secretary
of stiite. During his incumbency thn cupilol
was loeatoa and erected , as were ulso the
university and insane asylum.
Since bis retirement from public life Gov
ernor Butior has confined himself mainly lo
pnvnio pursuits. Ho has identified him
self with what ho has styled the labor parly .
and bus fmjuenlly been beard on Ibo
slump in Ils support. Ho bas always
boon n prominent visitor lo Ihe ccp-
ilol during iho sessions of the ltgislaiura
and could readily pass hours wilh old asso
ciates In recalling the eventful parlods of tbo
post.His ileatb removes niie of tbu nest known
men of iho slate whoso knowledge of its
political history was excelled by few of hl
JHTitttvnvK mo/fir.
Kuilroail Hrldtjcs Swept Away nnd
Other Damage Mono.
AIVMISOX , Kan. , May 25. ( Spsclal Telo-
grum to Tin : OKI : . ] The Mls-onrl Pnciflo
country in the wo. torn part of the state ,
especially lu Norton , Logan ami Philips
counties , was deluged by a violent storm
Saturday night. Several important , railroad
bridges and numerous small ones \\oro
carried out. Ono bridge ' > feet long was
swept out 'ovoral hundred feel from ils
moonngfi. There was much ilumuro done to
tbo highways. There U not a single brirlga
left in the throe counties. Wheat WP.J alia
Death ol' a KIUIHUH I'o'ltli'Inn.
ArlC'iilf.o.v , Kuii. , May 25. [ Kpoclal Tola-
gram to Tirr Ur.R.j Limls M. Brlgg * of this
city died of dropsy at Battto Creek. Mich. ,
Satunlay , aged fifty. Mr. Bring * was a
famous pulltlc.lan In Kansas , and during thn
last two terms of ex Senator lugnllH1 ofllcial
life wus thul statesman's ' roniido'ttml uclvlser
and misled lieutenant , Ilriffip wu also
largely Inleifulcii in the Chwulcce strip
when the cattlemen Lad poxaosiuuii of that
Gonch'i. Murderer Got * Anotlu-r Trial.
WICHITA , JCun. , Mny S3.--J. C. Adurnr ,
gantcucod to be.r.g next month for Ihu mur
der of Captain William Couch of Oklahoma
fanio , received a telegram from bis attorney
toeluv In Washington , injlng tbo supreme
court bad allowed tbo bill of exceptions lilfcJ
and that a uo\r trial would bo gr&utol.