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Jolm Brown wn sentenced yesterday
to fllteon ( InysVonllnomcnt Ira the ootinty
inll on Irenu ntid walor bv.JiK.lgo Holsley
or stealing n coat from Henry Osthoff ,
Olllcor C'of.'nn arrested G-eorpo Ball
nt tlio corncrof' nml Clark
atreolH 3 < j8tculiiy afternoon rorattcmnt-
Ing to sell countoifolt moticr- Hull will
liavoiv Jieiirlnf , ' lotlny.
A Lout sv wcok npoft flno Indies' ( fold
watch WEIH tnkon from a piLsoiior ul the
police slntlon , The wntchi.3 supposed
to hnvo boon stolen , and la i n uliurgo ol
Chief Scnvoy awaiting tin oiv-nor.
Nets Tonson , the Swede rlio IIIIH been
etuallnc cariontora' | tools lor the past
two wuo'ks , waived exnnilncitlon In po-
lloo court yesterday , and wiis bound over
In tlio sum of $1,000. About $ -100 worth
o ( tools Btolon lnivo been rocnvored by
the ilotcoUitos. Most of Lliu plunder
AMIS planted In South Oinaht.
CII/\IIGIJII \ WITH 31C7 111)13 II.
Citso Now Ilrlr #
N ( ' toft IIP ClIUltM ,
Tliocouvts were nil set Intnolion yesterday
morning , runl tlio worn of tits May term
commenced In earnest.
lioforo .Tiidgo Estcllo tlio ease npalnst
Thomas VIcNnmco was coinmcn ceil , mid the
greater jort ion of the day cxluustcd In securing -
curing n jury.
It idclurKcdthaton Tobrunrj T'.McNanico '
mimlired ono lilslo Williamson , in u Ninth
atrcet house oflll fnine. Thoilcfciulant ox-
pccts to rrovo trmt on the d v- prior to the
nllcfjrJ commission of tlio cri nil1 , the \Vil-
llnmsoii vomiin wlillo in stuto of Intoxica
tion , felt flown stairs nnd sustained injuries
that caused horiloutli.
Dr. Chid wick was tlio onlv vttnctf sworn.
Ilo testified that lie \vn called in to sco tlio
"Williamson , or Nicholas , woman on the Mon
day iirlorto her ilcnth , whlchoccuiTod Fri
day. Bh < was suffering with it severe hcnil-
nefic. lie wns also present nttlio post mor-
tcin. Sav the train utter It vas removed.
It was badly discolored on thoripht side ,
which miiicatcil thnt deceased had been
Btruck onThohend. The othcrorKiuis of the
boiiv worn in n health v condition , llothoueht
dentil resulted from a blow upon the right
slilo of the head.
McNainccvntnn Interested spectatornnil
Bccmoil to express tonsidentolo sufpilso
uhcn his iittornoys itiKgostcd ltialllrliht's ;
disease inltrht have accounted lor tlio discol
oration of thobnxlr.
In JuO&e InIno's ' court tlio ci = icof Adolph
Kolmrc against the licit llnot-nlUvay com
pany U on triul. Two years np > . during ( air
timo. ICotiirp nnd iinumhor of others \ \ croon
on North Sixteenth sticot , opioslte the fair
grounds. Kobarp was struck by a passenger
engine nnd injured. Ilo ilnlns nogllpcuco
upon the part of the company in iot Riving
notice of tlio nppioach of its and sues
for daiuncos.
JiulgoValccloy hc.trd testimony nnd argu
ments in the mnttor of the Injunction of
Thomai Stvobo URiiInst thn electric Unlit com
pany nnd look the cnso under ndrisomont.
In JuUfto Hopowcll'a court tbo case ot
Mnron M Peterson uirnlnst lor husband ,
Sorcti T. I'ctorsou , is on trial. The wife is
Btiinir for divorce , a division of I tic property ,
which \iiluod At W.OOO. nnd tlio custody of
tlio two minor children. The hin band offered
tliovlfo $1,000 and nprced not to make n do-
fcnso , tiutnbo doiniuuicd moro , and the case
will noiv lo foiiRht to n finish.
Since itls now a well established fact that
catarrh is n blood dlscnso , medical man nro
riliito goncrally prescribing AjorTs Sarsapar-
lllaforihnk mostlo.ithsomocoinpl aliitnndtho
result , In nearly every instant * , proves the
wisdom ol their advlco.
Utllou Not Va
Ere many days the city council will bo
given nnoibor opportunity to wrestle \vlth
the Ballou clcctrlo light franchise ordl-
n nn co.
Mr. itallou was In the city ln-st night and
snM :
"Next week I shall make nnottacr applica
tion for n a. frnnchlse , hut cannot say what
Buccess I shall meet with , as 1 tit-vo not made
nny canvass toflndout how the uicmliors of
the council stand upon the proposition. All I wart is n fair show I will give
Omaha chonp ulectrlo liuht. "
Councilman KNii.ssor , chalmian of the com-
mittoooa llro and water has not soon the
.proposed ordinance. Ilo , ho\\i > -\cr , insists
that before it can t > .tss it must srtto ! the iniix-
Imuin rate that the no\v uouipanr iiroposcs to
charge forMtrcct lighting.
0vor 450 , OOO Howe scales have been sold
nUthodcrnand ineronsin ; ? Bor-
cn & Scll&jh Co. , Chicago , 111.
1'OOP IMihiHkl.
Count Arthur Pulnski is it n peck of
trouble. Some tlmo ago ono of the pound-
master's ' nen roped In an old end worthless
hoi so. Tht owncrof thonnlmnl\'asnotillcd ,
but rofi > sc4 to redeem the beast. The count
is anxious to obtain his fees us well as the
cost of koopinc the horse Puliiskl wanted
tohnvotliA owner of the horse arrested , but
City Prosecutor Oobb declined to issue a
complaint. On this account Putt M Is
avaKonlglits trjlug to find soiuo uny to get
his money buck.
Small in size , proat in roiulls. : DoYltt'
L.Utlo Harlv Uliors. Best pill Tor ( 'onstipn
tlon , best for SloK Ilonduolio , lu l for Sour
Jtrntnl Battle Till CD CH.
Yostcrdiy afternoon two uniciiown men
ordered the ynrd of Ilnnnnli Nelson on Thir
ty eighth street near I'mknoy , o.nd deliber
ately untlcU her cow nnd started to drive the
animal nivay. Naturally Mrs. Nelson ob
jected , nnd thotuo men fell upon nor , and
besides bruising Mrs. JJolson , lj.Uly cut her
face.A complaint nnd descrlptlonof the men
WAS loft ivlth tlio police and tbo miscreants
will botaVun Into custody itfouid.
No grlplnp , no nausea , no ptiu uhen Do
\Vltt's Ulltle Karly UiscM are t > Uen. Small
pill. 8af ) ) ! ! . Host pill.
KJI A'.VTS * .
Clarence Dale the big headed t > oy now on
9ihlbitlon at the Kdon Musou tits weolc Is a
( Terltablu ivouder Ho Is butsixj-ears of age ,
fct ho talks with the lutelligencis of u man of
foity. Ho is blight , wlttv , and \\otl informed -
formed uiid tt Is a plensuru to eomorsu
him. Ilo will Uo hero but ono uesok. in tlio
theater tlio FltzKcrald-LawU comedy com
nitny prchout a meritorious couiody-draina
boarliiR tlo Utlo of "Desperate Chance * .
Uho ? ilulo/uu U well written au.d the Inci
dents ami tableaux superb , A ipoclalty coin-
rany occuploa the uppur sta o.
A I'hre ' Cream of Tartar Powder.
Superior to every other known.
Used In Millions of Homes
.jo Years the Standard.
pcllcioui Okc nnd Pastry , Light Flaky
UUcuit , drlddlc Cakes , FaJntablc
ind Wholesome ,
I No otter baVliiu powder doci suchwoilc.
Ilurglars llcfiud to Obncrvo the
Hnt'iTcInoss ( flliolay.
The rcsldonco ofV. . F , Pahs , 1113 ParTf
nvonuo , was bjrglarlzccl Sunday afternooa ,
wlillo the fimillv u-aj at Hnnscom pirljllstd-
Ing to tlio sacred concert. Entrance was ifT-
fcctod' Dy forcing the bncK door. The burg
lars went through the house , apparently ut-
ng their tlmo nnu making n thorough scimU .
They secured a couple of watches andsovtr-
nl pieces of Jewelry , the whole valued tt
nhou t * 'iO. Several ot the stolen articles wcro
Kconsukcs or family heirlooms , ono watch In
pirtlculnr , which Mr. Fnhi said WM not
rcnllj worth $ j , yet ho would not tiavotnUcn
J.'OO for It. N'oono saw the burglars , nic3.
tne police have no cluo.
Never bnUn preparation a moro uo.irio.
prlato iiumathun Ayor's Ilalr Vigor. When ,
the capillary glands becomj cnfcoblod ly
dlienso , IIRO , or nexlcct , thin ilrtuslnjr In-
iirt.sroniuect ) ) Ufa lo the scalp , so tliat Uo
hair assumes much of Its youthful fullnas
and bcsauty.
Mllllniy Alnttcrs.
Major Bcnhnm left yesterday for Sldtity
nnd other western military polls to Inspwt
the rillc practice. Ho will bo gone about tea.
Uhlof Cleric T , II. D. Jones of the quarttr-
mastcr's ilepirtnienthas gene to Mlnnesola
on a Jlslilnw expedition.
Mrs. Uoutoinmt Trultt will leave for Neiv
Yorktomonowto visit her mint and undo at
Fort \Vadsworth. \
First Lioutunant Ooorgo I , . Scott of tto
Kixtii cavalry has been ordered to appear t
headquarters not Inter thnn May > ' ) to prt-
p.iro lortho Inspection nnd purchasoof horsca
for the cavnlrv service.
Votcrlnnry Surgeon John P. Turner of tte
bixth cavuliy has been ordered to hcnj-
qunrtcrs not later thm May 2y , for the sanies
purpose , _
/V Slocp Iiulneo s.
Ildi'scford's Ac-id I'lumplintc ,
Dr. J. 12. Lockridgo. Iiullananolis. Ind.
says : "Prom my experience. I would sir
that as ancrvo restoier in exhaustion front
any cnuso , nna as a sleep Inducor , It is of tto
TO in i urij.
Tom Orr Hce < iincs Chief Clct-k t
(2cncr < il .Manager ( , ' | i\rk.
Tom \V. Orr hit returned to his old position
as chlof clerk In tbio ofllco of thn vice-presi
dent and gcnon.1 iinmmcr of the Union
Pacific , succeedlrxR J. K Coylccndnll , ro-
Mr. Orr IsonooiT the best known railroad
men In \vestintl will bo perfectly nt homo
In the Union ' - '
1'inlf-Jogcncrul inannKor'a olllco.
Ilo was chief el il < to Uuncrnl Mnno ur
Clark under the old roglmo and nftorwnrxU
served in thnt caducity under OencmlJIan-
ngors I'ottcr , Cn-llowny , Klmball aiut llol-
comb. Forthe | sa < t yoarhohas bceti gen
eral ngcnt of the Mcrnanattonal ft Great
Northern atSan/Viitonlo.
Don'c ' IV < ; JV . | | ,
And yotyounroivotsielc enough tocoiisult n
doctor , or you nCraln from so doing for ( oar
I jou will alarm . \ounclfund f rlends-\vo will
] tell you Just wlia-t , yon need. It is Howl's
Snrsaparllln , wWoli will lift you out o f that
uncertain , uncomfortable , clangorous condi
tion , into a statoof good health , conlldciifo
nnd cheerfulness "You've ' no Ide.i how potent
this peculiar incillclno Is In suses like
The followingrn irrU o liojuoi worj Is -
sued by .lud 'j ShloldJ yiiJUj.'Jjy : .
Nnrno anu a-Jclross. Aze.
JC'linilos.Ioiics , Omnln 80
IICntoA ClM-r , I'ts.Dillon ' ! 14
jCicniRuFord , Ownlm 211
lAlollIu I'llton , Om Jiliu 20 rtahotty. F .illiliiialin . . . .S3
IMiirv J.avun. Sol .li Onuihii 'J-J
IMIko Hiibuir , Oinn.ln ie !
I Itoso Ornlsl < y , Una aha Its
ll.ncloti PottlnallU Oinnlia . , . .20
I Kuto Loncrcslicr. Omaha . , , " 3
IIons N.Heon , Oi silm . . . , , il
I Anna Junsvn , Oiiksilia sa
I I'd. A. MeKcniu , Oniului . . . . .CO
IJoliiitina ItcsaiiI-lrlstol , Coluiuliiu . . . . .50
( Tutor O. llolsi'ii.l r ln ton SI
llloriiilnii U. Ilouon , Iowa 2J
Do IJ orses Talk ?
Wo have our den lits on this subject , but If
they couldwo believe thoirllrst words would
ho to asl { masters sr.hva.vs to Iccep n bottle of
Hallor's linrbed TlroUnlinonton liana. It
13 unequalled for ttxti , bruise * and sprains.
In fact , liorsos tiS. rly cry for it.
Beginning Monday wevill offer 125 d ( 'j&a-lbriggan Shirts and Drawers at 3Sc
each , in all sizes , 34 to 44 , in a natural niixti , ' neck , and in every respect a
regular 7Sc garment. T his great value will kl ) t of six cases are sold , Mail"
orders promptly filled , but must be acconipnitl postage.
Lot No. 2 Wevill offer 100 dozen of Id Shirts , made French neck , pearl
buttons , and full size , 34 to 44at25c each , s nay more for these goods than we sell
them for. Send in your mail orders ; they same care in our mail order depart-
ment that any customer would in our store ,
Lot No. 3350 dozen of regular cutgawSM over the city at 35c and 40c. Wo
\vill offer at this sale the entire lot at I5c caclw I n our Douglas street show windows.
REDUCED PRICES on all lines of Underwear. We arc overstocked
in this department , and have inaugurated thissjl w Icwto reduce some large lots.
Leiircjest , Olo-triirag Hoiif \ of tlie Mississippi-
/if / '
f \i
SIZES 34 to 44 ,
Nebraska Glolhina Go ,
Dougleis a.nd.
It AVon't I'ny tlio riper.
Yesterday Juilto Dunily iinnouncod that.
the jury lu the ullegcdltliol suit of Lintou J ,
Ushcrof Leavouwoitn , ICan , , vs TiiKlJui
publlshini ; company hud rolurucJ a verdict
for the ulnlntltT of ST.OO.
Ho aaliod whether counsel desired to enter
a motion for a now trial and was Informed by
GcnorxliT. L , YVob tcr , who rcprosentcj tbt
ilcfoudnnt , that ho illil not know what would
bo ilono In tlio iimnlsc.i.
Tbn court then staled tliat ho would ncl
enter JudBinent until counsel would have de
termined as to Hlmt course tlioy would pursue
sue- .
sueThe amount sued for was r > 0,000.
Dr. Elrnoy euros caxarrn. 13oo bld ' .
A. meeting of the advisory board of th
Koal JStnto Owners' association of Oirahi.
is called for 4 o'clock this , Tuesday , after
noon to moot In the rooms of the association ,
Nos. 5M3 and 213 New York Life luauwucs
Rvcryono of the fifty members of thli
boerd should be present nt tills , tholr Hrst.
nvotlnp , nnd back ui ) tbo directors nnd olllcors.
of the association by tholr presence , ( -ooJ
will and nil vice. Matters of much Import
ance to every citizen nnd property owner of
Omnlm will come ooforo this mcoting.
De\\'Ut's \ UttloKurlv UUenfor the J.lvcr ,
Propcriy PoHiitl.
Sonic ton days ngo the rcslaenco ot Mrv
Wary Bpnuldlng , Third nnd Oak streets , wii
barijlarUcd uurhiK the absence of Mn.
Spauldlup. A. larpo quantity of clothliiR ami
tahlo linen wns taken. Yesterday Oftlccrs
hullivun nnd Dennett discovered two tine
% > rn ( > s , A dress pattern and sumo table llncik
sccrotod unaor the sllowalU ou Kl hth street.
U'ho pronei ty was taken to the police stnticn
and il . Pjiav-Ulns notli'.cd ,
Most complexion powder * have a vulcar
plarc , lut 1'ozionl's is u true beaullucr
\\hosc tffccts are lasting ,
In order to satisfy the puljlic
that we mcairwhat we advertise ,
you are hereby notified that if
there is any complaint made ,
or people ar& not satisfied with
the effects o ( the Turkish Rem
edies , that is Turkish Tea ,
Liniment , Cough Cure , A.sth-
ma Cure ancl Malm's Golden
Dyspepsia Cwe , to notify us
and return eixipty package and
\ve \ will cheerfully refund the
monej' . .
Respectfiilly yours ,
Turkish Keiaedy Company ,
Omalia , Neb ,
roocron 7b > Celebrated r.N'UUSIl ;
IMlta nr l'o llvoCureforSlcU ! :
i&GKER'S lutlif , Jllilouipf. . , indj
C < m lli > all ti. Small , j > l u -j
I PURE ant nJ n fulorlle llh llic ;
i.Jl ? , Sold In EngUnil for lu. ;
SJ- In Amerlc * for 8 .c. Qet *
hnc from your Ururc'ft ' * , ° I
oiA to w. n.iiouim * io ;
i PILLS ( IS Vt.l llro > Jw y , , T.rl. {
" 1 wninotnbloto d > nj houiowork for li
nr M' MrliulMluoii , Jo2t.l > lvlilonHtll.
lit. i > ouutu will piif.1. ui rr t tuj.a )
cnkuc .anl ui"il inrvnrrcmi'illi > <
* N > c * iridme ! lumilr HUIIH njer !
ajuiuj own nork. llnrbu Hiilxixei for 15.
Address. MJllVB JII3N CO. UUrTAU ) , 31 V
B M bT Uoodimn l > ns Co IWraiBim tit. ,
Corner 13th.ind Kanuini StrccU.
ci-.uiESoE DAi.n , TUB mo cin.vnno
1IDV. TliifliT-iiiusof a man ; body of u buy.
DKSI'KltATnOHANCKS , u cmiu-dv-dramalii
threo'ictiliy tlioh'lt flruld-l.ewl' * Co.
1'rnf. 15. Abl's DI Milvln Views , uncl a flrst-
cliiss Variety ICnUirtiilninuiit.
I'rliliiy , l.udlei * Souvenir Day ,
IMP J. p. mm ,
j rp
First Methodist Church ,
2Oh | anclDnvonporU Sis.
Tuesday , May J9th ,
A'T 8ID : P. M.
Tickets on t. 1o ut Lluihnv'8 Jouolrjr "stow.
IMOlioiuluiMruttiinn ! IjyL. U lli borts , "II
Houth 19th htrcct. AclinlsjIonSO ooiits , Heals
uiin bu rt" > urM'l ut Lliuls ty'a without uMra
Graduate Dentist.
A Full act of Teeth on ItubHr.
hr HVK Del LA III. Apurfwt
Btguarantuoil , Ttclli cilrnctal
uluiout | > uln or ila-nier , nnl
iltlioultnaoitlietlci. OolJ anj
illiur tilllnu * Hi lonroit raoli.
McJ sni rrown V.'i.Ti T-Yi
Illiuut ) il.uui All won wtr-
i'ntrnnctf , Mb Ueol lot tor. Oiec& tieulu < i
unlllg o'clock.
CAUSED BY OTHER 1 % ! ft !
1316 Douglas
SeTenteen jtrim eii'Brlm'a Itfjuiir. . Is 'till traulni wliti
( hu pre&tt'H HurcQf * . t'l ' Norrutiv Chronleinl wunrantoo 1 for Oitirrh
trormntorrhma , l.o t lUnhond Stinliul Rent plil. ' J , lUrlcliire , unit nil mix
IKHUI or Iht Itlooil skin Mnl Urln rirm ) Hi „ , ' * /x K < 9 I umlurttku nnj ftil ti
cure Cpciultnllon tree. lUnt iMjiloiliiol l-'i ted 11. m. HunUr II
In Dm "Wi
_ UREIorall
_ Fulidirtctiontnl'lhiaclt
See slgnalirool E. U
Moro tlian 11 roara experience In tlio treatment oZ .
A euro guaranteed In .1to5 d.iya without helOHOf
on lionr'H llnio.
Tlio rae t complete nml alunhito euro ( or gleet nnd
nllnnnuyliiKdl olmruo < i evorknown to tlio uiudlcni
lirufuaolou. rcrmanantljr cutcil In frorai to lUUaff -
Orpnlnln relieving the bladder curort without pal *
or Instrument' , no dllntlnir ' 1 ho moil
rcmarkublo rcmeil/ known to modern cl < mce
Ciirortln M lo SUrtayn Dr. McC3roir' tronlnirnt for
tills tcitlblo blood dlveaio lias been pronounced In *
most successful railed'ovonllicovorPd ) for the ab-
Boluto euro of tlio ilicoaso Illi auccoii nlilimli
( Ilsi'ri5o hai never boon cqualle 1. A cumpletu ourrt
iicin nil noakneiiC9 of tl o Hcxim ] or nni , nerroul *
And ilmldltrnnd duapoiuloncy nb-olntolj enrol ,
Tlio lollot Is Imiiioillnto aiul conuiletii.
n ml nit ill cnuM of tlio blood , Ilvor , kidneys , not
bliuldorpcrni&nuiilly cured.
Tlio rtoctor "HomoTicntment" for Indies Is pro
noiuici'il | , y nil \vlio Inivc u u.l It lo bo tlic moil coid >
plctoanil convtinlcnt romi-ily ever ulTcretl for lh *
Iriiliaratof feinnlo ill-i'i-ui U lunllyn wonderful
remedy Iluura fur Indloi , frum'i lo 4 onlj.
Mnrvellou ucceis In tlio Irontinont of prlvnto tllw
oa e < hni won for lilm n U'pntntlon which it trulp
nntlonalIn cliariicti'r. nnd lilswront nrray of pntf
n-uihua from tlio Atlunllo to thi < 1'icltlP Th '
li a Kriulnnto of reuular * iniMllclnti nncl
loii anil cnrcful cxporience in honpltiil i
unillt cla suil.uiuini ; the It-miln ipoclnlliKMi mod *
i-riifolcnco Truatmonl by lurrfipondciiic Writ *
forclrcilnrinbuntcnchof tbo nt > uro dlio i c , fro * .
Oihce , Mth and Farnim 8troeU , OmahA
Neb. Entrance on eitlior street
" 1
Omaliii , Nib. , Oct H5 , ' 80.
I Tenft not only a urivuo o , ljut i duty it
s.ij-agood woid for Dr. J. J , Moore's Ca
tarrh curo. : Have bean troubled tor yoarl
with patarrh. Froquuntly li.ul to resort to
that tlisjgrecaiile hnv/kin niul hpittinK to
clear my throat ol n tonglu strinay moeus
that loclgo'l there. Had tnoJ dlllo out rom.
oilies , without rohof A fv applloa ions ol
Mooro'i CaUrrh KoinoJy almost entircji j- "
HfVdJ mu. I rooommou 1 it wheiiover an
opportunity proionts It.wlf.
Mdoro'sTreouf Mfo n ponlllTe corn for Kldnor
nnfl l.lritr toiii litnt nnd nil liloud ill oiie : llooi U
ny lo suffer tviion you cnri bu cnrotl Or nslntr Alooru'l
'Iri'i'nf l.lfi' . tiiu ( reit l.lfo llvniedf ?
Onlw Mcdicil and Snricil ?
Forthotrmimentof nil CIIHOXI' . ' Nl > SIHt'HOAfj
Hlrti\3lC'i : , llrscoi , Aiipllincoi forl < jforiiiltloiivn4
Tru iun iloit Kncllltlui AiMr.itin | | tnl Humodlal
fur uccoiiful tru tmurit of ornrr formuf illiakif
roqiilrlnx Muillcul or riiliKlcil Iroatraunt. NINKTir' '
IIOOMS Kill I'ATIBN IN , lluir , | nu.l Atlenilnno * .
liu L Accu'imio'lnllnni ' . Wrilo fur clrnuliri o
Dufonnillri mil | trncu > , Trill 01 , Cluh Fwt , Curriv.
lurui of Hplnti , IMIoi , 'IMniurt , ( incur ( Jntnrrb ,
Jlronfhltli Inliiliitton. Ului'trlcltr l'nrilili , ipll :
tjir , IClclnoru , HlMlilor. r.'rn , Knr. Skin me ! Illoocl
unit allfnrKlcnlllpontlDni UHli VNK.-i OK WUMKil
hiliocliltu llnok 01 Dlionu * of Vonion Kre . W
Imvolntulr mtdfil n Irlnu In Dm irlniutit fur Womaa
| ) urln conHneinent ( BlrlcllITIritU ) ) Onlr Hnltiv lii.lltuto Mtliliu > HcuclAll/ I'M'
All Hljoa Dlnenim tuccjufutljr trciloit Mo.ycln *
> r Initnnnotui mnl \ > r mill or oi | > rmi iocu l/
l > nck i ] no fn'irki ' to IniUc'ilt rJin'Huit ' or p n < l ( v
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