Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 19, 1891, Page 4, Image 4

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    "nAir/v mmLrAV ! T\rAAr in rom
TM01K or Sl'ItSC'lll PT10N.
.Jially HOP 'without. 8uw1nyOno ) Year. . .J 60
Vnlly mid Pumlay , Onii Year . 10 no
Hlx month * . ' ' ? }
Thn-n inimtlip. . . . . . . *
HsmlftV Hir. Uw rnr. . >
Nntilrdav live. Onn \ < > r . 1
lluc.Onu Year. . . . . JW
rtivnhrt. Tl.p Urn Ilillldliift.
{ oulh Oirnlif. ( nriii'r N null 2fitli Strcits.
( tumuli miiir * . 12 IVnrl Struct.
Olilcico Olllci'.ai * Uininbrr of Cnmninrco.
N w York , Itcf.inslli.MHiiil l.TrlbiincUullalng
Washington , Mil I'onrtprntli htri-uU
Allronminnlcntlons relating to news nnd
rdltorlnl rnritti-r should bo addressed totlio
Ldltorlnl Department.
U.TTWt ? .
AlllMidlnpiilotti'w and jomlllmirrvslinuUl
tip nddrr M-d to 1 lit' ' Urn rulilMilnj : t'onipnny ,
Olnntm. Drafts rlii-i-Ki null tiosliiflliu onion
to lie made. pnyublo to tliu order of DID coin
liany . .
Tiic BceFiilJlishiiii Company , ProDrictnrs
fetilonf NrliniskH , I5-
Coiintv of IJouplas. I _
Ocoru'o l'i. TAsrlmi'k , srr-rotarv of TIIKr.r. \
riihllfthlnK ronijinny. does solemnly swi-ar
tlmt the nrtnal circulation of Tin : DAILY HEE
or tlio WOUK cnilliiBMay 1C , 1691. was as
follows :
Himlny. May 10
Momlay. May II. ,
Tiir-sdnv. MHV I- . .T.n -
n'tJiipmlny. May III . ' " o
Thur/idiiy. / May II . . !
1'ildnv. Mav IS . ! "
, IB "l'- < )
Knturduy May . ' - - ' n. TX.TIIUCK.
Sworn tolcfnrc me mill subwrll oil In my
ricserico thlslltti ( lay of Muy , A. I ) . Wl.
r > .l' . I'm.
Notary 1'ubllo.
ftotpof Nnbrmkn. I
County of Donclim , f "
Giortrc 11. 'I7srliicl ! ; , 1 ring duly sworn , ( lo
re * r nnd Niys lliat lie Is secret aiy of TIIK HKK
I'uhllslilni ! company , Hint Iho actual avoraxc
doily rlrt-tilntlon of TIIK DAILY HUB
for tlio nionlli of May , ISM ) , 20,1 0
copies : for Juno. WM , fO.rOI copies :
for . Tnly. If-PO.IIUfiJ copies ; for Atienst , l&'JO ,
IODD copies ! for f-epU'iulfr. 1KW , ai.STO copies ;
for October. 100. il'.TCJ cop'psj for Novem-
l.rr. WO , W.130 copies ; for December. 14M ,
E' . ? l roplis : for Jiinunry. 1MI ) , l'M4B rnnles ;
for IVliruiiry. 1801 , SSniS copies ; for March ,
IE9l,24.0Oroplra. for April. INll. .II.'CS copied.
Sworn to \ eforn nip. nnd subscribed IM my
PJCSCIICO. tills Sd day of Muy , A. D. . I Mil.
Ivotiirv Public.
TIIK C'ineinnnti convention will have
a doublo-hemler from Minnesota , This
inukoH it rcnoinhlo very much ti convon-
lion of the old parties.
BY TIM : time the Clmrlostnn is c-oiled :
tt | > the Ittitii will ho out of dimmer and
the Esmornlda will bo satisfied , unless
specially talented provuricatora.
TIIKKK are ninotcon assessment lifo
insurance companies or associations in
Iowa. If the legislature should place a
bounty on wildcats , several of these in
stitutions would go out of business.
CAI'H MAY is in dismay as well as
Delaware just now. President Harrison
has sold his seaside cottngo there , which
moans that the watering place will not
bo the summer residence of iho presi
dential family this season.
Tin : Iowa independent state conven
tion wns called by nlno men who have
hitherto alllliatcd with the democracy
of that stale , which is merely a further
proof that the proposed third party in
Iowa is merely an annex to democracy.
A si'ASM of reform has seized the
Standard oil company and it will pump
no oil on Suii'luy in Ohio hereafter.
There IH a suspicion that the great pe
troleum monopoly takes this action not
so much out of respect to the religious
holiday ns for the purpose of restricting
the production of oil and maintaining
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
IRRIGATION is the hope of western
Nebraska. Its importance is being
realized. Enterprises looking to the
artificial supply of water for agricult
ural purposes are springing up all
through the arid region. The drouth
of the past few years will provo to have
boon a blessing in disguise if it develops
a sy&tom of irrigation throughout the
fortilobut rainless region.
justly In commuting to lifo imprison
ment the donthfcontoncoR of the men who
two years ago rovoltou against the
cruelty and oppression of the Navassa
phosphate company and killed six of its
olllcors. All accounts ngroo in saying
that the laborers who arc taken to Na
vassa under contract to worn a definite-
length of time are subjected to the most
brutal treatment. Once on the island
they are in a state of practical slavery ,
and while , the company exacts from the
men the fullest
compliance with con
tracts It is not at all scrupulous as
to carrying out its
part of the agree
ment. It id reported that the situation
on the island at the present time is so
serious that mariners from the naval
vessel Koarsargo are on shore to pro-
eorvo the peace. The laborers are
under martial law , commanded by
armed otllcors , vho shoot them down at
any sign of revolt , and they cannot leave
the island until the company chooses to
releasethem. . It is a state of affairs
that calls loudly for reform , if the au-
. thorlty exists that is capa'blo of reform
ing it.
IN view of the fact that the Italian
government more than a week ago re
called Its consul at Now Orleans , and
that this action was duly announced by
Premier Rudlnl in the Italian chamber
of deputies , the request of Mayor
Shakespeare for the recall of Signer
Corto appears to bo somewhat inoppor
tune. The objections of tlio mayor of
Now Orleans to Wio Italian consul are
not identical with these stated by
Rtidini , but both substantially
ngroo in pointing out that the
trouble with the consul was , ho
talked too much. This is nn unfor
tunate defect for any ono at any time ,
but it is especially BO in the case of a
consular or diplomatic olllcor when there
Is n grave issue hotwoon his government
and the country lie Is accredited to. The
Italian government undoubtedly acted
wisely In recalling Signer Corto , and
having done so there is nothing more
for Governor Nichols to do except to
acknowledge the receipt of Mayor
Slmkospoaro's somewhat extraordinary
request. Thus another incident in the
Italian controversy Is peaceably dis
posed of.
CHOP iiKronrs.
Tlio crop ropprts published with this
isauocover the country traversed by the
Union Pacific railway. It Is gratifying
to obsnrvo that from all but a very few
locations the reports are favorable. The
acreage is largely increased. Thostand
of small grain is excellent and corn
planting Is almost completed. In many
localities corn is already up.
The season ia fnr enough advanced
to feel reasonably secure of a good
crop of smiill grain. Insect posts
are causing no apprehension. The sub
soil is very moist and oven if the re
maining spring should bo dry , wheat ,
oats and barley will probably make a
good yield. The prospects for corn can
not accurately bo forecast 'intil mid
summer , but thus far the outlook is fav
orable. .
News roinns from Newark , N. J. , that
no less loss than twenty-three pearl but
ton factories have been roused into ac
tivity by the McKlnloy tariff act. This
must lo ) strange nowa in the oars of
these who have said there Is not n pearl
button factory in the United States.
And more , the wages of these who have
boon working in the factories huvo boon
raised from 40 to 00 per cent.
The dispatch says : "Several years
ago there wore about twenty-three fac
tories in Newark making pearl but
tons alone. A change in the tariff on
pearl buttons had a disastrous olTcct on
the industry. Nearly all the factories
closed. * * * In seven months after
the McKlnloy bill wont into operation
the trade is almost restored. " Possibly
this report will bringsomo _ hope to the
American people. Poir ! buttons are
at a very high price com
pared with the price a year ago ;
but the principle of protection may not
yet bo belled. Twenty-three factories
are too many to enter into any consider
able combine or trust , and tlio inevitable
offcct will bo the fall In prices. That
these factories are running is a stirotv
that the present price is not so
great ns the price of im
ported buttons and that they are as
good is more or lets evident because
of the fact that they are in the market
nnd are not perceived. The further
notice that "All applicants got work"
would indicate a restoration of an Amor-
can industry to its former high posi
A a line Knrtn fhn f > n o wllll GIlrT.'nv 11m
perfecting of machinery in the industry
will bo ono of the great
moans of reducing Iho cost of
manufacture. What reduction may not
bo brought about by the great American
inventive genius must bo brought about
by the universal law of competition.
"As soon as the treasury department de
cides about the introduction of pearl
discs for buttons , whichisa cleat-evasion
of the tariff law , more capital will bo in
vested in button making , " says the same
There is no doubt that for a time at
least the users of American miulo pearl
buttons will pay a heavy bonus for the
privilege of wearing American made
buttons. But in the duo course of time ,
when tlio pearl button industry has
taken firm root on American soil and
American workmen supplement their
skill with machinery , competition
among button makers will cause a
marked reduction in prices , and when
prices are lowered materially , a reduc
tion in the tariff on pearl buttons will
follow without in the least interfering
with this important industry.
Tin : OIL L\si'icion MUDDLK.
Governor Thayor's action in connec
tion with the state oil inspectorship is ,
to say the least , not commendable. His
appointment of Games to the position
was a scandal that cannot bo explained
away on political grounds. But the
course pursued in foisting Games into
the office is not only contrary to usage ,
but of doubtful legality.
The law fixes tlic term of the oil
inspector at two years , but of
course like other appointees or
officers , ho can bo removed by
the governor for cause which means for
a broach of trust , neglect of duty or in-
competency. Governor Tliayor made
the first appointment under the law. by
commissioning Smith Ualdwoll as deputy
oil inspector. The commission was for
two years , and after the expiration of
that time Caldwell hold over until his
successor was duly appointed. Governor
Boyd , whoso acts wore valid in
every respect while ho was in office , ap
pointed Louis Hoimrod in place of Cald
woll. ITolmrod's commission , under
technical construction could not run less
than the period remaining unfilled in
Caldwoll's second term , which would
have expired on July 1 , 1891.
Now Governor Thavor attempts to
summarily depose Hoimrod by issuing a
commission for two years , beginning
two or three days after Boyd was ousted.
No charge has been preferred against
Hoimrod and not oven a notice served
upon him that ho has been superseded.
All that Hoimrod knows up
to thin date about Governor Thayor'rt
action is the peremptory demand
that Carnos has made for the possession
of the books , records and instrumant.s ,
Following this donvnid comes another
peremptory order to Mr. Iloimrod's dep
uties , countersigned by the governor ,
to withhold from Hoimroil all reports of
transactions under Iloimrod's adminis
tration and to turn over to Carnos all
the foes collected ami remaining In their
possession for Inspections made by
Iloimrod and under Hoimrod.
This is a high handed and questionable
proceeding. Tlio law authorizes the .state
oil inspector to pay himself and his dcp
utio.s out of the monies received for
such inspection and Iho state inspector
gives a 820,000 bond for the honest per
formance of duty and faithful disburse
ment of the funds. Now how can
Hoimrod pay himself and his
deputies for services that entitle thorn
to pay during , the first week in May at
least , before Carnos was commissioned ,
if they obey the governor's order. How
is Helmrod to settle his accounts and
how can his bondsmen bo hold rosponsl
ble in the face of such arbitrary ac
tion ?
Not only has section 17 of the act
creating the oil Inspector's office boon
violated by removing Holmrod without
cause , but common decency nnd plain
business methods would dictate that duo
notice of removal should have been
served upon Iloimrod by the governor
before ho is divested of his authority as
state oil inspector. Under our form
of government , governors are not Auto
crats. They are creatures of law and
their powers are defined and limited by
law. If they want to enforce ntal execute -
cute the laws they must themselves
obey them.
The annual convention of the Ne
braska Business Men's association moots
in Omaha today and will continue in
session for throe dnys. The indications
are that there will boa largo attendance
and a profitable mooting. The gentle
men composing this organization como
from all parts of the state and are the
guests of the jobbers and wholesale mer
chants of the city , who will tender them
n banquet Thursday ovoning.
On behalf of the citl/.ous of Omaha
Tin : Bun extends to the gentlemen a
most hearty welcome and the freedom
of Iho city. They will bo in most ex
cellent hands , for the jobbers and their
representatives will bo their hosts. If
they do not enjoy themselves it will bo
no intentional fault of their entertainers.
The doors of Tun BKK building will
bo open day and night , and tlio visiting
business men are cordially invited to in
spect it individually , collectively or in
groups. In the language with which
they are so familiar "It is no trouble to
show goods" in this newspaper olllco.
Our citizens all over the city will
bo pleased to extend any courtesy which
may add to the comfort , enjoyment or
profit of the visit. It is hoped these
who participate in the convention will
find lime after concluding their regular
business to visit the various points of in
terest to which they will bo escorted by
their hosts. Wo want thorn to go homo
knowing what Omaha is and is to bo.
Gentlemen , "If you don't see what
you want , ask for it. " Omaha is anxious
to have you enjoy yourselves and the
keys of the city are at your dispos-il.
ALMSOX o.v run iit
The recent inturviow with Senator
Allison regarding the present projpoc-
tivo condition of the national treasury is
likely to have a reassuring effect. No
man in the country is bettor informed on
the subject than the Iowa senator , and
his habit of careful and conservative
tatomont gives great weight to what ho
nays. Mr. Allison exressod the opinion
Lhat at the beginning of the next fiscal
year , July 1 , there will bo a surplus in
tlio treasury of about 330,000,000 , in
dependent of the fractional silver ,
amounting to $21,000,000. This , ho
says , will bo sufllclent with the then cur-
ont revenues , to provide for current
expenses and redeem the outstanding ! }
) or cent bonds as rapidly as they will bj
presented for redemption. It is to bo
presumed , that when the senator made
this statement ho was not nw.iro of the
fact that the pension demands for the
current year will bo loss by about $10- ,
000,000 than had been expected , so that
it is probable the surplus at the close of
the current fiscal year will
bo in the neighborhood of
$10,000,000. In the meanwhile
G policy of the treasury in converting
fractional silver currency into available
funds is proceeding satisfactorily , witli
the promise that at least half the
amount will bo so converted. Then
there is $ ( i,000XfO ( of silver bullion to bo
coined into standard dollars and added
to the available funds.
From these figures it is clear that the
treasury will have no difficulty in meet
ing all demands upon it for current ex
penses and can without the least em
barrassment redeem the bonds falling
duo in September , amounting to
$51,000,000. Morothan half of these bonds
are hold as security for book circulation ,
and in order to have them redeemed the
banks must deposit greenbacks or coin
to take their place , and this currency
would become immediately available for
redeeming , the bonds hold by others
than the banks. Mr. Allison is of the
opinion that the secretary of the treas
ury will not need to extend any part of
the -I js , and as the situation now appears
ho probably will not do so. Several
weeks ago Secretary Foster stated that
there was no danger of a treasury
deficit , and this assurance had a goo.l
cllt-et in quieting apprehension , though
it did not silence those who are predis
posed to prophecy ovil. The demon
strable figures and clear statement made
by Senator Allison , fully sustaining the
opinion of the secretary of the treasury ,
will bo accepted very generally by the
financial and business interests of the
country as conclusive. The only con
dition now threatening to se
riously disturb financial affairs in
this country is the steady drain
of gold to Europe , but there
is probably unnecessary fear on this
score , when our largo stock of gold Is
considered. The speculators will do all
they can to excite apprehension , but
there can bo no serious danger to the
legitimate business of the country from
any los of gold likely to bo experienced
from the present European demand.
Aiiciirnccr BKl.VDOHPr1 assures us
that the watch dogs that howl as it
wore on the battlements of the city hall
are not only harmless , but that they are
in perfect harmony with the lloman
csque style of architecture. Incident
ally , wo aio gratified to announce Hint
the giasticutuscsovor the main entrance
are to bo chiseled down and remodeled
to a resemblance to the long-lost species
of winged reptiles which geologists toll
us existed during the paloozofiu period.
JunOK DtJNDV has kicked the Holfon-
stoiu cases out of court and the St. Louis
outfit will pay the costs in consequence.
Tills crowd of title disturbers have been
n nutsanco in Omaha long enough , hut
no doubt they will rally to the front
again and renew their efforts to extort
money from citizens who own nnd have
improved the property they have the as
surnnco to lay claim to in North Omaha.
IN spite of the dull times now upon lu
the Omaha Methodists raised $23,000
on Sunday toward lifting the debt from
their magnificent church property. The
communicants and congregation will ac
cept the congratulations of Tun BUB.
Sorry Exhibi'i f of Individual Qroed and
IGshnoss ,
Prospects foivfo ; Good Crop Year AH-
hi r Clnifcli Morions
e Against a Name-
ICHO Mate Olllulnl.
Li.stoi.x , Neb. , May 18. [ Special to TUB
Br.i : . | The work of the state rollof commis
sion has exposed sorry exhibitions of grcuJ
and sclllshuess , nnd Inclilcntally It appears
that the affairs of the commission have been
mutinied with ilrmiiess nnd ability. There
have 'been ninny coinphiluts from people
who chilmo.1 a right to relief nnd asserted
that thi.-y had boon noglculcJ. Over live
tntidi-cd of those have been Investigated , nnd
In not a slnslo ease was the complaint Justt-
Hod. Tlio persons concerned hud either had
relief or they were not dojervlnR because not
In need. Hero are a few sample Instances :
A plti-ous tetter , signed A. S , UroadUus ,
was sent from Ullss , Holt county , to layman
J. GURO of Chicago bo gln for aid. Tlio
letter wus forwarded to thu coninilssloiiois ,
which sent it to an ofllclal In Holt county for
investigation. Ho reported that both Uroad-
ihis and his wlfo huil been teaching school all
\\lntor iiiul did not need ill J. Ho adiloil that
Holt comity was able anil willing to relieve
all distress within her borders.
Kecontly a Mrs. N. J. Strohra canio
to the commission with n printed
circular signed by n preacher , n legislator
later , nn editor and other prominent
residents of Funm county. It painted n
doleful picture of abject stilTorliig In that
county. The lady came from Arapahoe , and
she knew Unit her neighbors h'ld ' receive' !
no relief , not oven a bushel ot com. It hap-
pencil tliat Dallas , la. , had donated a car of
corn on condition that the receipts therefore
bo kept separate from others. That corn had
been sent to 13. 11. Muruhy at Arapnhoo. nnd
the secretary confounded the fair appli
cant by showing tier n pile of receipts bear
ing Iho IKIIIICH of hur neighbors. Slio
couldn't quitu understand it , but tliu.v had rn-
reived thiou barrels from Hoalon which af
forded inoiij relief tlmn nil the state had
dono. The secretary asked if the barrels
were filled with silver or greenbaclcs , but got
no answer. Tbo lady wns quite sure they
needed help over In Gosper county , nnd she
thought sLo deserving herself , although
her dress would not have led ono to suspect
it. SInce ITobruary 1 Furnas county
has had * IKK ( ) worth of food ,
y.tiOO bushels of corn , , " > 00 bushels
of seed potatoes , oats , wheat and other sup
plies In proportion. There has not been an
tmuiiuuii iur iciiui num umi , UUUIILJ JUL
three weeks , nutl only tbreo to four hundred
needy families were reported originally. In
the fnce of these facts tlio commission is dis
posed to questlolithe good fuith of the men
who signed the pitiful bogging letter.
Thu casu of J. A Kuilh of ICImball is an
other sample. Ho scut , u begcIiiK letter to
Judge Greslmui'.ort the scoreof being
an ola suldtdr , complaining that
ho had rcceivcd-uOUiln ? from the state sup
plies sent to Kimbill : county. On Investiga
tion the comiiiisfeion loUnd that ho lived near
the county line./hid that ho had go no over
Into Banner couiityj for relief , from which ho
received his fulljuota ( of wheat , oats , bar
ley , corn , potiitoj'S und food. It wna also
learned that ho n'vvuoil a good farm.
J. F. Funk ofjEJUhart , Ind. , president of
the Alononlto publishing company , \vroto the
commission on bjjhalf ofV. . F. Foreman of
Logan county \V t { the statement that the
latter hau had no relief. Ho know Mr. Fore
man was a man SvUo wpuld not Ho ho was
sure of that. TUio' Secretary of tlio commis
sion ran over the records for six weeks and
found that the Logan county mail had re
ceived thirty-two pounds of nco , twonty-ono
of hominy , tlftccri of oatmeal , two of tea and
cofl'co , three sacks of Hour , and thrco sacks
of cormucal. The Elkhart man gracefully
acknowledged the corn or at l.east the rice.
Hour , etc.
The commission has Inquired Into every
complaint that has been accom
panied by a nanio. Homo in
vestigations have boon made through local
committees , others by county ofllccrs , and u
largo number by n special agent of the com
mission. Ono of the latter , H. U. Handall ,
on n recent trip looked up over one hundred
such cases.
The commission has learned of a number of
private solicitors who have been abroad in
tlio laud , but is not Impressed with th Ir suc
cess. Ono limn from Sioux county raised
30 und spout about half of It for traveling
expenses. Two precincts In Hitchcock
county raised WO to scud a solicitor to fowa.
Ho returned $ .i7. The commission has offered
to help these private solicitors by agreeing
to pay the freight on any gialn they might
secure. Tbh offer has been made to llfty-
ono solicitor. ! and not onu car of grain has
been turned over bv * them to the commission.
Captain Deck , anagent of the coinmlsblon ,
has just returned from a tour of Perkins1 ,
Frontier , Hod Willow nnd Furna.
counties -and reports an encourag
ing outloolc. Hu says there Is
a bigger acreage of grain than over before
The people huvo received their scod in n
variety of ways. Seine came from the state ,
some from favored trlcnds and the banks
helped others. Ono moneyed man near
Grant has put out 10,000 bushels of seed on
shares. Ho Is to receive one-third of the
crop , and If It falls ngnin ho loses. Others
make moro liberal bargains. The great cry
was that thcro was no feed for the horses ,
and It would bo Impossible to put In crops.
The horses are poor , but many fiirmow are
working thorn half of the day and turning
thorn out to grass the other half. Not mrny
horses have died. The proinect for good
crops Is oxcollent. The people are hopeful
and business Is reviving.
After its regular exercises yesterday the
St. I'nul Muthodlst Episcopal Sunday school
resolved itself Into a memorial meeting in
honor of the deceased wife of Uuneral Super
intendent Calvert of the II. & M. During
the exorcises an eccentric maiden lady
named Uanghnrt , cntoroa the room and bo-
Run pounding n joungmun named Walsh
over the head and shoulders with a parasol.
When interrupted she used vigorous and profane -
fane efforts , and it required conslderablo
force to remove her from the building. The
cause of the assault U a mystery , but Miss
Unnghart is so eccentric it is supposed her
mind was unsettled. Naturally Iho affair
created n sensation.
A H\KK nvr run A sr\Tr. OHMCKU.
Kicnanlson it Doty , railroad contractor ,
have been having ono of these business
quarrels in which cawi mombnrot the linn
accuses tlio other fif fraud , ami Richardson !
went into court with it , asking lor an co-
counting , Doty has * lust lllod his answer
making n general ilonliil , and ha goes on to
say that a certain mUmber of thu board of
transportation socuivd the linn a contract
with the ICIkhorq imJ secured ona-thlrd of
tlio profits as a raVo.vft. Unfortunntclv Mr.
Doty neglected to muno their side partner in
The visiting iimf .fxamlmiiK hoard of the
soluler.i' homo \v ( It 'Hold n inuotlnj ; this oven-
iiiR nt Oriiiul IsTuiia. It is expected that .f.
W. Llvonlnthouii ( or Hastings will then announce -
nounco his resignation. L. U. Hlclmnls has
been appoinioii und cominishionod to take bis
placo. Captain H. . P.tlmor of Clatt&inouth
has boon reuppulntml.
A woinun of the town known as Mnbol
StafTonl sulcldo.l last nisht in a room over
the blacksmith shop at 'J.'O N street by
taking a Uoso of strychntuo. Slid left another
woman at tbo room early in the ovoiihiK ,
wont to Alexander & Jenny's drutf store.
uavo her numo as Mrs. It. U , In ersoll niul
bought a drachm of strychnine to poison rats.
During the night she took the poison nnii told
her companion of It , The latter thought
it a Joke until ho began having si.uims. The
unfortunate ulrl died before mudical aid
could roach hor. She wu about twenty
years old , und had been an ininuto of Ann
Tripp's place at bOO N street , ilcr parents
live at Hnlstenil , Kan. , nnd she had a hus
band , William Stafford , nt Port Scott , Kun ,
Reports have boon sol In circulation that
E. W. Hutchlnson , the slayer of Jennie
tlrccn , Is acting to giro the Impression that
ho Is Insane. The story Is nlso Moating about
that ho actually was Insntio some yours nco.
The Jailor says there 1ms bcon no material
change In the old gcntlamnn's demeanor slnco
ho was locked up on May n. Ho U about
sixty years old , rnthor fenble , and with
n defective memory. When n relative
called on him ycstordny ho could
not toll whether ho hnd been visltod by any
Ashland friends nnd ho was forgetful nn to
dates. Ho bos not talked to his Iccqors
about tbo tragedy except to remark tlmt It
\vos ton bad tunt a man at his ago should got
Into trnuulo ,
Uutchlnson's preliminary examination wns
delayed until the result of Mrs , Orecn'a In
juries should bo determined. The examina
tion Is to bo conducted by County Attorney
Uncll , and both Hides Imvo ngrucrt to pmtpono
it until after ho 1ms finished thoSheody trial ,
Uovornor Tliayor has received tbo follow-
loiter , which explains itself ;
International Coupon of Hyglono and
Teniiiiriiphy ) , I'rusldrnt II. U. II. the I'rlni'o of
Wales , K. (1. , Ollk'tss i'J Hanover hiiuaro , Lon
don , Apill 21. ISfll. The povcinorof tinHtnto
of Nubrasku-SIr : Wo nro dlii-i'ted by his
royal hluhni-ss. the prlnco of 'sl-
ilont of the Kovimlh Intuiniitlonal con ruvs of
liyglenu nnii dnnoKrapliv. to Inform von that
liifi niyal lilKlniiM < t has Hied Auvust ID , IMII.
for the iissi'tnlillng of tlio roiigri'si In I.on
ilon. and to forward you t'opica of the prelim
inary Htiiti'int'iit , with a list , of dolcLMitCH nl-
leadr appointed , uhlchtutnislfiillvoTplaln
to you tie | obloet of thn COIIRD'SM , Ills loyul
hlglitiCHs fiiither il reels us to uxprcsj thn
IIOJMI that the goMTiimi'iit of your .statu nlll
see 111 not only tornd dcloKates to this eon-
cmss us tlioy have done to former conjiri-sscs.
but that they will also tic' ploaxod to
forward a copv of thu piollinliuiry
HtiitL'tnont i'nl herewith to sueh of thu
learned soclctleH In your statn as
would apiiuar to you to bo Interested In the
subjects of the congress.
\\o \ ha\o Iho honor to IIP. sir. your obedient
servnntM , HOIXII.AS ( iAiiiN ,
Chalrinan of the Organl/lUR Ooininlttoc.
W. II. Oiiiimii.n ,
lion. I'orelun Ki-cretary.
If there Is anyone in Nebraska who wishes
to attend this congress as n delegate the
governor will issue the necessary credeu-
liKltfTcrcnoo of Cltizcnq.
The main dlfllcuUy In dcaltnR with any
question of municipal reform lies in tbo In
difference and apathy of tbo great body of
the citizens to the existing state of things. It
is easy enough to suggest improvements in
the methods and principles of municipal ad
ministration , but the great question is , how
nro you going to got your Improvements
adopted ! These in power nro against tnein ,
nnd so long ns the pcoplo keep on putting
such men in ofllco or allowing them to bo
there , an insuperable barrier is in tbo way of
introducing different methods.
Tliu Ijcsson from .Now OrlcniiH.
} I < 1 > 1 > C'HVMll. \ .
There is no appeal from the action of the
Brand jury nnd the stnto of Louisiana will
probably do nothing In reparation of the mas
sacre. It remains for the United States to
licciuo whether indemnity of any Kind shall
the grand Jury which will command uni
versal assent. It , is that which emphasizes
the necessity of moro stringent regulation of
immigration. If , as the report Implies , our
present laws permit nu influx of foreigners
.vhlcli paralyzes civilized order and Justifies
the shooting of unarmed prisoners tn Jail , it
s high time that such an Inliux were
_ _
Are Men Cm-closs ?
Kate Ftclil tn the ! P < is/ifiii / ; ' < w.
Our men , as a rule , however often they
may resort to soap mid water , are far too
careless in their attire so careless , In fact
ns to offer an extraordinary contrast to our
women , who , when endowed with money ,
devote moro time to 'clothes than all the rest
ot my sex in the four quarters of the globo.
The very woman who sails into a. hotel
dining room arrayed In diamonds and Worth
gowns , is content with a husband who an-
pears In tbosarno linen and business suit ho
has worn all day , nnd who thinks that , hav-
ng washed hands nnd face nnd brushed his
hair , ho has performed his whole duty to
society. Getting into n dress coat is nn event
like Christmas nnd Fourth of July a mo
mentary concession to Mrs. Grutidy , rather
than Iho outcome of eternal fiUioss and a
tribute to homo.
When the flowerets gnyly blossomed and the
birts began to carol ,
Without any hesitation ho put on his light
And , strange to say , ho didn't catch the ill
ness that was rife ;
In fact , ho seemed to gut uncommon comfort
out of lifo.
Glebe : Atchison's Idea of a swell is n man
who has spring chickens to cat when they
arn so small that it takes four to muko him n
Now York Sun : "What a curious way to
build a path , " said Hawkinswho was spend
ing Sunday with Iliiiiklnson in the suburbs.
"You have laid It. out on the pattern of a
stroke of lightning. " "You , " said Mrs.
Hnnkinson , "John uses that path when ho
comes homo from tbo club Saturday nights.
It saves lawns und shrubs. "
Chicago Herald "Is thcro
: anything bril
liant , about I'rozor's writings ) "
nyostlio stars between the paracraphs. "
Indianapolis Journal : "You see it was this
way. The India-rubber man struck the ossi
fied man and broke him. "
"What did ho strike bim for ! "
"Five dollars. When the manager found it
out the India-rubber man wus bounced. "
Fair fugitive from fury fate ,
Sweet summer shim of the sea ,
Lifting love lyrics , lo , I ululate
'Cause thou forever canst not with us bo.
Talisman : "Aro vou sure this broad is
fresh , bak'er ! " "Well , I should say so it's
tomorrow's. "
New York Weekly : Young Lobbyloungor
IIuvu you seen Mllo. Chnrmli , thu now pro-
mi or dnnscus'j )
Old Clrayboard Not blnco I was a boy.
Now York Sun : "I hoar that Mrs. Tomp-
klns objects to devoting her pin money to
dressing the babv. "
"Yo-s ; it seems there was a slight diverg
ence of opinion between Mr. and Mi's. Tomp-
KIUS. She understood that it was to bo diamond
mend pin money ; and ho. safety pin. "
Good News : First Fly They are paint
ing the hoiibO ontsldo. Lot's go oilt und got
stuck In the paint.
Second Fly I'd rathorj stay hero and got
stuck lu the butter.
Cloak Hoview : Clara How is your ball
dress }
Maude Out of sight.
With His Thumb ,
A lioy U s.'ixl to II.IYU saved NullicrlatuU
( ruin Iniinilntlon. .Miillltuili's liavu bvin
Aavnl doiii tlio Invasion of illsc.aso liy a
battle of AVer's Sarsapnrllltt. Tina iiu-illcino
Imparts tone to llio .system iinil strengthens
every nrKan and Illuu of Hi' ) buily.
" 1 have taken n Brent deal of medicine ,
but millilns has donu inu so much good 03
Ayer's Sarsapaillla. I experienced lu IK.-IIU.
flclal cITecU before I had qnlto finished ono
bottle , and I can freely testify tlmt It Is the
best blood mcdlclmi I know of , " I. . W.
Ward , sr. , Woodland , Tcxat ,
"Confined to an ofTlce , n * I am , fiom PIIO
year's end to another , with little or no o'lt-
door exercise , I flml nrrat help In Ayer's
SarsHparllla , which I ha\o used for so ral
yearn , and am at present uslDK. with excellent -
lent resnlti. It cnablos mo to keep always
at my post , onjoyini ; th best of health. "
II. C , Ilarncs , Maiden , Mass.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
DR. J. O. AYEU fe CO , , Lowell , Mam.
Bold tiy DruKgUU. $ lilii. Worth Ji B bottle.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
8J ?
With Double Wire Suspensory.
nn. OWKN'B
1'KNSOUY will Illu'll-
roatlcComplntntM lien-
prnlnncl Norton's Debility , Co mo-
ness , Klilnoy Pl pHfcea. Ncrv-
omnoss , Tromb- llnx. Sexual Kx-
tinuitlon , Wmt- Ingot bodr. l > li-
cnsoa cnu ed by Indiscretions In
Vouth.Ago , Mar- - - - rlcd or Blutclo
Life. Btupe/uorr.
Also nn Kloctrlo Trim * unit Kelt Combined.
Send Bo. po Uico for FIIEE lllintrnte < l book. 2M
panes , whlcli will bo prill you In iilnln ucalud envoi-
opo. Mention tills impor Artdn-sj
Owen Electric Bel ) & Appliance Co , ,
3O6 N. Broadway , St. Louis , Mo.
In Its First Stages.
no tare you gel the gcnutnt.
Pimples on the Face I
Breaking Oat )
Skla Trembles )
Ilttlo Sores | Hot Skin )
Bolls i Blotches )
Gold Bores ) Bad Breath )
Sore Month or Lips |
IT you uHVr from onjr of
tnk *
Hire you rror nucil mercury ! It so , did you
plvo youri.olf the npodnl attention at the tlmol
Wo ni-i-d not tt'll you that you reiyi ro ablooil
inodlclno. to ensure fri-odoin from tlio aftt-r ef
fect * I r. AcUrr'n Kimll.h r.lltlrlstho
only Known mwllclnottmtv. Ill thoroughly eradi
cate the poison from the J'trin. Gotj It.from
yourdriiprli-t , or wrlto to ft . II. IIIHIK t.U .Is
< : ( . . -10 Vt'rnt llroodwur. J erforU City.
. . . .
.i > . . mil in iini
liritlib Medical Journal.
" The "
best beverage.
tire roailu by unscrupulous
in uuilnutiiicrHnnd dealers
in porous plasters rcannl-
Inj tliclr dirntlvo powers.
ate tlio only ones Indorsed
hy over 5,000 pliyslclnns
und pharmacists , limviiro
of Imitations uutl substi
tlmt pcojilo will know your ImlrUil ) < > il If
you line tlmt i.prftTt Imitation or imturo ,
Noono run ilrtrrt It. It InipilrlH
color ninl frrsli lift ! tntlin luilr. i ; ilya | > -
d. l'i ! < < , Ml. rmk I'liHP.N. V
la not plowunt to take , aa It Is com
posed of all the modlolnnl qualities
thntsro to mnko now and rloh blood
without compolllner the consumer to
which onn bo bought any where for
thlrty-flvo osnta a gallon , na all evr-
apnrillas aro. BEeQS' BLOOD
composed of pure medicine , and al
lows the purchaser to add syrup
wh'oh Is advlsoi when given to
If ymir dniKKlit < looi not keep It nooopt no
HiilHtltutu. but nrdur dlroct from IIUVIH MfV
Co. . JUV-1U7 Mlctilitim Ht. , C'hloitm III. un.l
tlioy will forward , iixnrus * preiiuld , ouu but-
tla furil oriU forii
Educational Institutions ,
Can increase thur patronage by
judiciously advertising through the
best Newspapers.
Wo have charge of the mlverlisi'ug of
nearly nil of the Educational In.stitu-
tious of the West nrn\ \ South , nnJ pub
lish n large number of sample adver
tisements we have virillcii. At the
request of any College I'rcsiilcnt , I'riuci-
. K-J ! . .
: - u. pal or Secretary we
will submit a list of
papers with an adver
tisement set in type ,
showing the cost and
best methods for obtaining school
'n , * omo.
Floral Conversatory ,
South East Oor. a and 17th , Linoolu , Neb J\ \
W. S. Sawye r & Co
Goiioriil collection of plants : md out flnwun
ulwnya on hand. 1'lorul cli.'slmboiiijnrH
baskets , nlo. , for pn riles. WcilUliiKH and fiin-
rals a specialty , and aunt tn any imr t o ft lid
stato. l'i Ice list fire. DNuount. to undur-
ukcraon funeral work. 'lYk'i > hem > , 'III.
She Saved Her
Anil go ran ovary tfooil Iluusuki'i'pur \ > T illiniys liar
the only nrtldo civor iitoiliiceil with wlik'h nny | > r
KOII CM n at itllKlit fxiiKniu nnii hy niiu ii | > | illtui uii
rriitnlnnriil vnriiMi ulill liniiihcrSPtn lluremii lli"l
Mciuli. ( Imlrx , TuMcx. Dnnri nnii till kliuM of wend
work In liciiulllul tints of CIlKltmV.I.MT
It will Klnnrt wnihlliK unit I" vary iliiniblii llulf a
pouiiil will re'tiiliinnil UnlUm aolof clmira nii'l ' uli <
| iliitwlllorllniillyrono nniinnl > urHflt Kur romm
olio iiunrl tii oni ! ptllmi ncciirdliiK In H | < II I'llica
HAM' I'INTS . 'Klo ! I'lNT * . flc. KklmnliiM DruK
Co. , Oinalin , Wlinlosiilo AKuriln
if * t Softoxloul wtrt tbff aocltat. for imlwtrtmrn lltt
Every 1IAN can lit BTRONd
tnd VIOOKOU8 In all rupecti ,
jufftllng from NERVOUa DE
BILITY , Loit or rulllog Man-
flood , Phyilcftl Excllifl. Miotftl
Worry , Btnntid DivilopralDt. or
rtitorid to rriirrcr UEALTU > L <
HEN , tb. rrld. tail Fowtrof N.llon.
Wo claim liy VPIIM of ( irncllro liy
our I'xrlmlvn iripthniH n uniform
. Intrnll Dlumi , Wttkniiiiiaml
1 ADIetloEiof Men. Tetllmoiilall
r" T , , . ' ' frotn SOHIatPS and Tcrrltnrlot.
film Mrtlf Dnntu'llllrirntrrcet < < i\\ci\l \ \ > < > * l-
NEW DUUK ( mill.torn IlmlJiltlin < - Otl
Itwbllt yoactn. rail EipUnttlooi for HOME TREAT
MENT , Too e n fci FULLY EEBTORED l TLoOncdl
. , . Y !
f *