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How the Gate Olty Will Rcoeivo the Presi
dential Tourists.
rians for I'nrmlo ntitl SpceuhiiinkinR ,
JlnndsliakliiK null CarrlnK * ' Driven
TliroiiKH Alrondy Gathering
A lUuln : Surlltc.
Today will bo n busy ono for the cltircns of
Omaha , und If tlio details of tbo programme
arranged nro carried out 1'resident Harrison
nnd party will bo accorded u most enthus
iastic welcome to Omaha by her loyal
The special train bearing the presidential
party will bo met nt Lincoln by a delegation
of cltlmis nud osuortud to Oinabu , . arriving
ntlll : ) o'clock. At the union depot the
party will bo mot by the oxccutivo committee ,
nnd under escort of troop * from Fort Omaha ,
the Onmha guards and a platoon of police ,
will piocccd to the pavilion at the entrance
to the court house grounds. Hero Mayor
Cushlng will deliver the nddross of wolcomo.
President Harrison will deliver an address ,
und speeches nro also cxpreunl from Post-
inastcr General Wiwnm.iker and Secretary
of Agriculture Husk.
After the addresses , which will bo con
eluded about 13:80 : o'clocit. the party will
cross the street to the rotunda of Tun Ilci :
building , where for ono hour the president ,
will shako hands with as many citizens and
visitors as possible. Mrs. Hnriison and mem
bers of the local reception committee will bo
present nt the reception. The visitors will
enter Tin : Urn building at tlio Farnam street
entrance and , after greeting tlio chlof execu
tive , will pass out through .the Seventeenth
attcut entrance.
At the expiration of the hour allotcd for
the reception , the president and party will
re-enter the carriages and start on n drive
around the city. Stops will bo inado at the
High school grounds and nt Crelghton col-
lope , whuru the president will address the
school children , the drlvo closing at the resi
dence of Uovornor Saunders , Sherman
nvenuo and Uraco street , whore the presi
dent will lunch nnd rest until the time for
departure by special train over the Wabash
at f > : . ' { 0 o'clock.
. President HarrisonGovcrnorTlmjcr , Hon.
Jnnics K. Boyd and Aluyor li.C. Cushlng will
occupy ono carriage.
Tlie following Is tlio route of the carriage ,
drive :
Lou vu HKF. building at l-i i p.m. . west on
rnrnuni toTuontliitli , noilh on Twuntloth to
Uodcu , west on Dodge to Twenty-second ,
north on Tnrtity-scuond to high school ground
entrance , arrlvu at hl : h suliool Imlldlnx at ! . '
p. in. , lenri ) hlRh school litillilliiK at ' 'ISO p. in. ,
north on Tnuiity-bccond to Clilu.iKo , easton
Chlciii'o toTuunty-llrHtiortlioiiTucnty-Ur ) > it
to Oiillrornla , wust on I'aliforiii.i to Tttenty-
llftli , south on Twcnty-lltlh to Dodge , west on
] > odK < > l < > Tweiity-llftli nxonuo , soutli oy
Twenty-tl.'lli aventio to I'timum , nest on
I'timum toSelilen , sonlli on Sulden to I.oavon-
\forth , east on lAwvenuorth to 'I'hlrty-llrst ,
Houtli on Tlilrty-llrst to Woolworth avenue ,
cast on Woolnurtli avuiiuo to Twenty-ninth
struct , north on Tui'iity-iilnUi slrojt U ) JaeK-
non , cast .jin Jackson to Tu only-eighth ,
north on Twenty-eighth to Ili.rney. east
oil llurnoy to Twunty-lltth avonno
- . . . . *
south on cwunty-jmi iivi'iiuu to St.
Mary'n avenuu , on .St. Mary's avenue
to Twenty-Tom th , north un Twenty-fourth to
] lurney , easton ilnrnny t < i Tlilrtuenth , north
to Douglas , west to Flfti'HMth , noith to Dodge ,
vest to rilvtuuiilli , noith on Sixteenth to Gov-
Humidors' , Sliurmun iivoiuio and Oruuo.
2:00 : D m. , IHeh school.
Ssl.'i D. m. , Urolghton oolloso.
2X : ! ) p , in. , Kariiain und Twenty-fifth avcnug.
2:35 : j ) . tn , Kiiriium und Tlilrty-tlilrd ,
2:40 : U. in. , Soldoii nnd Jones stri'ots.
2:45'p. : m. , Muioy anil Tlilrly-llrststri'uts.
2:50 : p. m. , AVoolworth avenue utidTcaty -
nlntli uvontie.
SsM p. m. , JnoKson und Twenty-eighth
il:00p. : in. . SI. Mary's avenue and Twonty-
flfth Htteot ,
: i05 ; p. iu. . Court house.
3:10 : p. in. , Jefferson 8iiiure. |
11:15 : o. m. Sliermiin avenue nnd Paul street.
3Up. : : ! in. , Governor Summers' lodldonco.
Already Hero.
Among prominent stnto ueoplo who arrived
In the city yesterday and will participate in
the wulcomo to the president were : Ex-
Lieutenant Governor MclKeljohu of Fullerton -
ton , Hon. Sol Draper and General Conkllng
of Nlobrarn ; lion. John Mickey of Osccola ;
Hon. A. O. Duckworth of North Platte ; ex-
Governor Dnvld Butler of Pawnee City ;
Captain J. H. Stickol and Hon. P. M.
Wotherall of Hebron ; Hon. Joseph Dartloy
v of Atkinson ; Judge A. W. Critos of
* S , Ohndron ; Colonel Alloy of O'Neill ;
> * S. L , Winter. Woodbine , Iu. ; L. Wossel , jr. ,
Efticoln ; C. A. Lcitlor , Portsmouth ; Adju-
taut General Greene Dim wife , DCS Molnos ;
C. D. Ham , Dos Molncs ; John C. Higby , sr. ,
Beatrice ; J. J. French nnd wlfo , Wayne ;
L. T. P. Spongier , Hancock , la. ; C. L.
IHcbards , Hebron ; P. M. Wothorald ,
Hebron ; M. U. Bontly , Hcd Cloud ; P. T.
Borchurd , Norfolk ; W. S. Crawford , Sioux
City : H. Watlo Glllis , Tokumuh ; Piorson D. >
Smith , St. Edwards ; G. W. Clark and wile ,
Humphrey ; C. A. SlaUburgo nnd wife ,
Humphrey ; P. Summcrman , Uattlo Creek ;
A. V. Carlson , Stromsburg ; M. S. H yward
and wife , Nebraska City ; D. Butler , Puw-
nco ; J. B. Stowurt , York ; O. E. Hull , Puw-
11 eo.
The following delegation came down from
Kournoy ; Dr. G. W. Martin , Mrs. E. E.
Martin , George H. Downing and wlfo , George ;
E. Ford , H. H. Greor , A. N. Scott , Mrs. L.
B. Watson.
The incoming trains last night were all
heavily laden with visitors and the hotels
were all crowded to their utmost capacity.
It seemed as If everybody's country rela
tions were Hocking Into the city to attend the
presidential reception.
with tlio I'rrsldont.
Mr. John J. Sbrlvor , WashliiKton correspondent
pendent for the Now York Mad and Express ,
arrived In the city yesterday. Mr. Shrivor
loft Washington three days before tbo start
ing of ttiu presidential party , nnd has visited
each dty in advance of tlio chief executive.
Ills Bchoilulo calls for his arrival In Washing
ton two hours in advance of the presidential
party. _
Cooked and Primed.
Grand Marshal Wcller and Ids aides held
a short meeting yesterday afternoon to talk
over the arrangements for the presidential
reception today. No changes in the pro-
gr.tmmo wcro nmtlo. The executive commit
tee authorized Marshal Wellur to make any
changes today that ho ucomud nocossury.
A Now Move.
I.pslo ! & Leslie. 103 N. Iflth.
C. J. Frlco , Mlllard Hotel.
* W. J. Hughes , liliil Farnam. ( K4 N. 10th.
J.V Clark , S. 2lth ! i Wooiworth ave.
A. Sbrotor , 15'il Farnam.
All tbo above named leading druggists
liandlo tbo famous Excelsior Siu-ings , Mls-
Buiirl , waters and Sterean Ginger Alo.
Omaha Tout and Awning Co. , 1113
I rnlt BllKlitly
KBV.NOI.HS ob. , May li. ! . . { Special to ii n
BKK. ] A heavy frost has somewhat od
garden vegetables , but it Is safe to say that
the fruit will bo
damaged to no
extent , tbo orchards on high ground vo
escaped serious injury.
Howe scales , trucks , coilco mills , car-
ttartcrs , Harrison convoyor. Catalogues of
JJordon & Selleek Co. , agents , Chicago , 111.
The croutest opportunity of your fein
is now to know whut I lit * future 1ms in
btoro for you. Consult Mrs. Dr. Do Sun ,
the BTtMitL-t-t cliilrvoyunt nud councilor
in thu world. Now tit 8 ± 3 N. 10th street.
iijht : ( More Soldiers Arrested.
WAI.I..V WAI.H , Waih. , May 12. Eight [
more soldiers have been arrested by the mil
itary uuthoiltlcs for complicity in the lynch
lug of Hunt. This mukcs sixteen men now
u custody.
Dr. Blrnoy euros euuirrn. Boo bid ? .
li.V u
N. J. , May 1'A Willlo Smith ,
the nino-yenr-old son of C. W. Smith , super
intendent of Scott's printing press works , has
been bitten by a vagrant dog In the street.
HU loft oar was torn completely oft so that It
hunt ? by u shred , nnd his throat was terribly
lacerated. The boy was token homo In n
fainting condition. A physician snld the
dog's teeth bnrciv missed penetrating the
Jtu.-n.lar vein. The boy is In n precarious con
All for Sister.
How much iconcy tmvo I cot In my bank !
Korty-flvo cents , stranger only want ISvo
cents more. What will I do then , strangorl
Whyyou seo.slster has such n tcrrlblo cough ,
and people say it will bo bad on her if she
don't get better soon , and thn folks tell mo
Haller's sure coufth syrut ) will euro It right
up ; so you see flvo cents ? Thank you ,
jiLAi'Aisn.r'ti tiot > \ ' nt ;
Cremation ol'the Ucinalns of Theoso-
LONDON , May lii. Tbo earthly tabernacle
of Mine. Hlavatsky , the deceased high
priestess of the thcosophlcnl cult , who has
started on her spiritual progress to ICanna
and Mlrvann , wai resolved Into Its original
elements by the agency of flro yesterday In
the presence of most of the disciples of tbo
thcosophlcnl society In London. The funeral
started from the St. John's Wood Temple at
10 o'clock in the morning , Thcuoflln was at
tended by four nail bearers G. H. S. Mood ,
Mine. Ulavatsky's private secretary , Claude
H. Wright , W. U. Old and Herbert Burrows.
Tbo blor was covered with ( lowers , tbo cen
tral wreath being conspicuous by the orange
colored slln plush bow by which it was tied.
When the procession arrived nt the cemetery -
tery It halted und Mr. Mead read nn address
eulogistic of tbo virtues and the mystic irift
of thu departed priestess. The coftln was
then convoyed to the furnace and the budy
was reduced to nsbcs In two hours.
Tbo ashes wcro placed In nn e.irthcnwnro
Jar , which was handed to Mr. Meau and the
countess of Wnchtmclster , * ono of tbo
trustees of the theosophical society In
Europe , who convoyed them to St. John's
Wood , where they will bo transferred to a
silver casket and deposited m Mmu. Blavat-
slty's private loom , .which , In accordance
with the last expressed wish of tbo deceased ,
will bo loft In precisely the same condition it
was when she died. Nothing will bo
touched or icmovcd. Ten members of the
society went to Queenstown last night to
meet Atuilo Besant , who will probably take
up the sacerdotal robe dropped by the dead
high priestess.
Not many physicians make great therapeu
tic discoveries. For tbo most part they con-
flnethomsolves with administering Judiciously
what is prescribed in the books. To Ur. J.C.
Ayer , however , Is duo the credit of discover
ing that irrcntost of blood purifiers Ayor's
'JMOUSAXlt l > 0tl , < lll > i .1 l-MiM" .
A IIlK Gninhllnn Game Which Has
Got Into Court.
BOSTONMass. . , May 12. There was r
storv of gambling extraordinary in the trlu !
of tbo case of Annie B. Everett against John
Stetson. Mrs. Everett is suinir to recover
$1 ,000 , which is three tlnioi tl.o amount she
alleges was won nt the gaming table from
Jonathan Bourne , the Now Bedford million
aire. Mr. Stetson is president of the Carleton -
ton club , in which the nllogcd gambling was
done. The defense bus been reached , nnd
the explanation of the loss of the money was
given. It was admitted that there was
gambling , but according to the defense ) it
was done in Bourne's room lit the Adams
house. Fifteen thousand dollars was won
from the millionaire In flipping coppers at
$1,000 a flip. After losing $15.000 , Million
aire Bourne hauled $10,000 in big bills from
nn Insldo pocket and Insisted In staking that
sum against the $15,000 which had already
been won from him. Mr. Wescotl , who had
been flipping In great luck , demurred at
llrst , but finally covered the $10,000 with
the $15,000 , which ho had already won. Then
the copper was Illpocd and the big stake was
won by Jilr , Wescotl. It Is probably the biggest
sum which ever figured in n penny tossing
contest. The case Is not yet finished.
The lindicH Delighted.
The pleasant effect nnd the perfoo
safety with which ladles may use the liquid
fruit laxutivo , Syrup of Figs , under all con
dltlons make it their favorite remedy. It is
pleasing to the eye and to the taste , gciitlo ,
yet olTcctual In acting on the kidneys , liver
and bowels.
The Unlt : l StntpH tlio Most Favored
WASHINGTON , May 12. The census bureau
has issued n bulletin upon tbo debts of the
world. As far a-s can bo obtained the debt of
foreign nations In 1390 was , less n sinking
fund , $3fli3(5,070,000 ( ( , nn increase over 1S80 of
$7,154,50.1,055. The debt of tuo United States
for the same time shows a decrease of $1,007-
455,000 , or moro than half the amount
of the debt in 18SO. The decrease in the debt
of the states and territories for ten years to
IbOO is $07,210,000. In the saaio tlmo the debt
of the counties increased $17.840,000. Hola-
lively the burdens of debt falls far heavier
upon the Inhabitants of the principal foreign
countries , except these of Germany , than
these of this country , whllo the individual
fluctuations of amounts of indebtedness of
sovcnty-nino foreign nations reported have
been considerable during the dec.ulu. The
aggregated indebtedness shows relatively
but little chniiRO , csiiooiully If compared with
tlio increase of population. Aggregating tlio
miUonnl , state mm county Indebotednoss per
capita sliows a decrease from $40.5 ! ) In ltSUto *
S 0.4G in 1S90. The aKgroaato surplus ro-
o.'lpts of anottior dacado liku the o'no Just
past would relieve the country from nearly
all the national , state and county indebted
ness , could they be distributed for the pur-
D. C. The Excelsior Springs , Mo , waters
nro delicious to the taste and splendid in ro-
milts when used In bllous and malarial con
ditions of tbo system. C. H , Mnnsur , M. C.
JKLOrjW Wl'lit A lUjiXIt GfllL.
She Hu'l Money and Her 1C
AVns Overlooked.
CociircTOV , N. Y. , May 12. M. S. Tyler , n
leading business man of Damascus , Pa. ,
across the Delaware river from this plnco . ,
had lived happily witn his wlfo and family
many years. Several days ago ho disappeared
and about the saino titnn n young blind girl , 'a '
daughter of the most conspicuous family "In
this part of the Delaware valley , was missed.
A brother of tno girl traced her to Now York
and Lack toMlddloton , Ornngo countywhoro
ho found her living with Tyler. All his
efforts to induce her to rot urn homo wore of
no avail. The girl recently came in posses
sion of $12,000 , a bequest from her father > ,
who died a few years , a < o. No intimacy wus
ever Known or suspected between her mm
Tyler. The families lived close neighbors.
The girl was always modest and retiring s.iu
disposition , She is said to have made over
her money nnd property to Tyler.
Hnllcr's barb wire liniment has met will :
extraordinary favor , and cases pronouncot
Ini'urublo nuvo been treated with sufcoss ,
Every farmer should keep a bottle of thl ;
Justly celebrated remedy ; ready for instunl
71V AX 1/tVA.V 110(3.
Terrible Fate Which He Co 11 n Sniiil
WICHITA , Kau. , May 13. A shocking tale
comes from ICIowa county relative to the
death yesterday of Johnulo Hennond , the
six-year-old son of a farmer. The boy and an
eight-year-old sister were playing at "bury
ing. " A hole had been dug , Johnnie su
down In it , and the girl had piled In the earth
till It reached the boy's chin and ho was
tightly imbedded. At this Juncture an ild
sow and her brood appeared und savagely nt
tucked the girl who wus standing over ho
brothers head and drove , her uwav. The
sow then turned on the unprotected head o
the boy at.d sunk her tooth In the face and
skull ttovorul times. By this time the screams :
of the children had been heard and assistance
arrived , but by the tlmo the boy was taken
from his position bo was dead.
DcWltt's Little Ku rlr Rlscrsfortbo Liver
Presidential Party Enthusiastically Wel
comed to the Colorado Metropolis.
School Children Strew the Pathway
of the DlHtliiKiilrilKMl Visitors
with Flowers linter-
tallied at I.unch. , Colo. , May 12. A Joyous shout of
welcome from thousands of patriotic voices ,
the booming of caution from the distant hills ,
the waving of Hags and the sound of martial
music such were the expressions of welcome
with which President Harrison was re-
celved In Denver today. The president's
train was timed to urrlvo ntOiin a. tn. , antl
four hours bnforo a great crowd had gathered
around the union depot nnd Its vicinity. The
depot , llko all other portions of the city , was
gaily decorated In his honor , From every
spot where a point of vantugo was to bo
gained the crowd young and old , small and
great - assembled and roared themselves
hearse ns the train bearing the chlof magis
trate of tuo United Stales steamed up to tlio
station ,
Tlio reception coirmlttco bad long boon
waiting on the platform. At last the gov
ernor's special car appeal oil in sight. There
was a rush to the train , u fulling back , with
expression : of disappointment. The gov
ernor was accompanied only by his little
daughter. Ten minutes later the nresldent's
train , bedecked with bunting , pulled Into
the station. A cheer was raised by the little
band , surrounding bis special car. Tlio
cheer was tukvn up by the throug without
nnd taken up and returned till the echo
faintly died away like the booming of the
cannon which csmmcnccd the moment thu
president arrived.
ptl General U'olcott nnd Senator Teller were
the lirst to approach the president's rarilugo
tltl bid him welcome to the city. Then utttnu
thu governor anil another cheer was raised.
The president raised his hat , uowod anil
smiled ; , and Mrs. Harrison with equal grace
acknowledged the enthusiasm of the peoplu.
The other members of the company with
their relatives und Iricnds niipourou and
preparations 1 were made for the procession to
start. On tliu other sldo of the entrance to
the depot were tbo Colorado national guards
11S the high school cadets , then the United
States Infantry under the command of
Colonel Merrmm of Fort Logan. The presi
dent , Mrs. Harrison and the other members
of tuo party passed throiU'h to their car-
riago.i. A blast of the bu lo
called the military guard Into line
and the carriages which woto to
bear the party over the " -nuto of the proces
sion took the places assigned to them. Ho-
sldo < the president sat the governor , Scoretary
USK nnd Postmaster General \Vunuinnlccr.
n the next carriage sat Mrs. Harrison , the
myor and his wife nnd than the ether mom-
bora of the party followed.
The procession was then started. First
came the mounted police , clearing the rouil ,
vhlch Was a dlfilcult matter , for the crowd
vus so densely massed that as street car
riages wended their way through the various
.treeta they were almost blocned at every
urn. Oftlcors on foot , helped to keep a clear
) assage. After the police came the United
jtiUea marshal and his staff , then thu
.oncers . , n picturesque body , mugnlllccntly
iiountcd ; next followed the Patriarchs Mill-
ant , like the lancers , a branch of the Oclil-
'ellows. Then the Sixteenth Infantry and
.hen . lastly the high school cadets. All along
no line of march the president and party
vcro cheered till the crowd became hoarso.
At the high school were messed row after
row of children. They received the guest of
.he aay with cueors and strewed llowors iu
his pathway as ho passed through the gates.
Vftor ho had made an address to the little
mlldrcn the procession moved on to the Hotel
Metropolitan , where lunch was served.
Then tbo procession started for tbo stand at
-lincolu avenue , where the address of the
dav was mado. iu's
The procession wound up nt the Mctropoll-
: an hotel , where the party was received bv
Sir. Busch and accompanied to the magnifi
cently decorated room In which lunch wus
served. The table was a ma. s of Mowers.
At its intersection was a bank of llowors ,
growing out of a foundation of fresh , green
Terns. The flowers were four foot long and
two foot wide. In the loft of the r join was
[ iluccd an easel , sustaining u life
like painting of the president.
The painting was enclosed between
a display of iloral plants and the
national colors. Thirty-eight covers were
laid. These present included Senators Teller
and U'olcott , the officials of the state , the
governor , the Judicial bench and a few
Thu health of the president was appropri
ately proposed by Mr. Buscb , Mr. Harrison
suitably responded.
The ladies of the party were entertained at
Mrs. Governor Houtt's , where a reception
was held. Previous to tbo reception nn
organ recital was given in honor of Mrs.
Harrison at Trinity Methodist Episcopal
church , which was thronged with a fashion
able congregation.
Mamma ( lo her little boy ) Now , Bonnie ,
If you ' 11 bo good and go to sloop , mamma ' 11
give you ono of Dr. Ayor's nice sugar-coated
Cathartic Pills next time you need medl-clno.
Bennlo , smiling sweetly , dropped off to
sleep nt ouco.
ATcnnessoo OutrnBo Which May Ilo-
Htilt iii Moro Deaths.
CIIATTANOOOA , Tonn. , Muy 12. As a result
of tlio recent white can sensation the bride
who was whipped by women white caps has
since died after terrible torture. Three men
who were fired on will die of their wounds.
The women who did the whipping have been
arrested" but their friends say tnoy shall
never go to Jail nnd a fight Is imminent bo-
twcuu a mob and the ofilcers.
Th ( > y Got It of Course.
Jim I oh Jim ! I say , Jim I Yoiip comin' ,
mum ; what's cr matter I Why baby has got
the colic ; mil down to drug store and get u
bottle of Hnllor's pain paralyzcr ; quick , now.
Itrealulowu in a Voluuno'H Crater.
SANFIIANCISCO , Cal. , May IS. The steam
ship Australia arrived this morning , seven
days from Honolulu. Prof , flrlgham , In a
report to tbo surveyor's oflleo concerning
the recent breakdown In the crater of tlio
volcano nt Klluuoa , says the entire lira area
Is gono. Peaks , cones and pools have van
ished and In their pluco is a pit crutor ol
ollptlcal outline fiUO by : iXK ( ) feet In extent.
Thc-avulls , ho suys , were perpendicular am !
It is estimated that S thoit
depth was .WO feet.
Constipation poisons the Uloon : DuU'itt's
Little Kurly Hlsers cure Constipation. The
cause removed tlio dlscaso is cone ,
DP Ijiiiiiiiron the War
Ilov. A. W. Lnmnr , pastor of the Firs
Baptist cnuri'li , delivered a lecture be fora
the L. A. C. E. society at the Tumplo of Is
moi last night.
Dr. Lamur's subject was "UomlnUccnce :
of the War. " Thu doctor took the humorous
sloe of the subject and kept his audlenco Ii
excellent humor. Many interesting aua pa
tluitlc anecdotes were told.
Clilol'of tlio Foreign Itiiroau.
Ciiu'tfto , May IS , lion. Thomas M. Welter
of Connecticut , llrst vlco president of the
national Columbian committee , was today
declared the choice of the director general
nnd the foreign aiTalrs committee to bo thu
chief of the department of foreign affairs.
His headquarters will bo in Condon and hu
will have branch bureaus in Paris , Vienna
and other lurgo cities.
Bo wise In tirao. You have too many gray
hairs for one KO young loaning. Use Hall's
HullUonowor , the best preparation outt o
cure them. Try iu
National Interest Jn. the Question
lloyd'fl CUIzoiiHlilp.
WASlltNOTpi' BlMlBAtrTllB BEK , J
fil3 Pol'UTKBNTII STIjr.KT , >
WA rfl\dTo.s , D. C. , May 12. )
At the supreme cotirt rooms this afternoon
and by Associate Justice Browcr this even
ing ' , It was stated tha no paiwra bed yo
boon filed In the ras.p relating to Governor
Boyd's ' citizenship and , the gubernatorial con
test : In Nebraska. Information came from
Omaha | yesterday that un attorney would arrive -
rive from that city aud present the papers In
a . . writ of error proceeding , but hu has not yet
appeared. Justice Brewer says the papers
will : bo formally'Dlcd with the clerk of the
court , and ho will bo asked to lm > upon the
question of trrnnilng a stay of proceedings Iu
the ouster of Boyd.
The attorneys on the other sldo have an
ticipated . this move and already filed an
objection so that , It Is believed , a stay of In
junction will not bo granted , although It is
possible , and the case , It Is thought by nt-
tornoys competent to pass good Judgment ,
will go over till the supreme court recon
venes In the fall. The case has excited con
siderable Interest , here , involving as It dcoj ,
an tmiortant question that of n child be
coming naturall/cd with or without the
miturnlli'.alloii of the parents yet , it Is gen
erally believed that the case does not present
these elements of ctiiergonov which call for a
stay of the ouster proceedings already had
in thu displacement of Governor Boyd and
the reinstatement of Governor Thayor.
Assistant Secretary Chandler today ren
dered a decision in tlio timber culture appli
cation c.tso of Thomas A. CotToy vs Bolivar
Tracy and Walter C. Brown in which the
general land ofllca rejected Coffoy's applica
tion to enter tlio northeast quarter , section
HO , township ! iU north of range 4s , \\est ,
Children , Neb. , dlstlict. Tbo assistant secretary -
rotary decides that , Coffpy's contest proceed
ings wen1 improperly brought and that ho
tus no poforcncu right by reason thereof ;
hat thu land was subject to entry when
iroivn lllod the rollnqulshmont of True } and
liggins and as ho was llrst to 'ipply his
ntrv should bo allowed nml Colloy's
ippllcatlon to enter should bo rejected. A
) . rt of tbo decision below Is therefore
'muted , but that portion from which an np- Is taken is affirmed , The assistant sec-
utnry alllrina the decision ot the commis-
loner holding intact the timber cultuto entry
of Hurry \V. Ulako for tlio northwest qmir-
cr section 2.1 , township 1'i'i , north of range
I ) , wi-st , Aberdeen , S. D. , contested by Don-
ils M. Frill.
Patents were today grut.tod ns follows :
Jlmrlcs K. Ulodgott. Toledo , la. , dally ro-
nlndcr ; Kdwurd B. Gucnscl , Tracy , In. , for
'onstrilctiiig ' barb wlro fences , etc. ; .lobti W.
luughuwout , Omaha , depurator ; John W ,
laughuwout , Omaha , vaginal syrinKO ;
iXdolpli Ostlund , Contorvillo , la. , convertible
chair for children ; Carrlo Shane , Vinton ,
a , , dross lilting apparatus ; Geoigo . Tur-
icr , South Omahu , storage receptacle for
cars ; Henry W 'ls. Burlington , In. , cell case.
Calvin S. Craig of Iowa , a six year graduate
rom the nnvul nnadomy , has reported to the
rensury department for examination for ap-
loiutmcnt as third lieutenant In the revenue
Dr. O. O. Sawyer ivns today appointed a
ncinber of the pension board at Flundroau ,
5. D. .
Charles Dryden of Omaha Is nt the Arling
ton.Mrs. . General A. V. Kautz and her two
laughters , Miss Franccs'ciiniid MissNuvarra ,
mvo gene to Cincinnati , where they will ro-
naln several weeks with Colonel and Mrs.
Mark Brelt.
Mrs. Mark Brclt will glvo Miss Navarra a
garden party on SutuHay.
Ulalnc'H He-turn to Washington.
Nn\y YORK , May 12t ; Secretary Blalno
ill probably return to Washington Wednes
day or Thursday.
St. Patrick's Pills glvo entire 'satisfaction
[ have used them in my family. Thcv me
Lho best I over usedifor the purpose. Frai Ic
Sornelious , Purcell , ( Indian , Tor. For su o
by druggists.
CI.AV CRNTEII. Nob. , May 13. [ Special Telegram -
gram to TUB BIE. : | The Clay Center alliance
mot today and elected J. L. Hodges of Edgar ,
Is'eb. , as delegate to attend the Cincinnati
convention. Ho goes unlnstructed. The
alllunco in tnls county favors placing in the
Held an alllunco canatdato for prcsido.itial
Orctmrds,1414 to 1418 Douplas.
sideboard bulo nil this wool : .
O'N'clll ScndH
Nob. , May 12. [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tin : BF.K. ] A lureo delegation loft
this city tonight nnd will Join a special train
nt Norfolk to bo in attendance at Omaha on
the occasion of the president's visit. O'Neill
sends greetings to President Harrison and
lr. ) Blrnov euros catarrn. Boo bld'g.
Lynch Law In Maryland.
BAI.TIMOIIE , Md. , May 12. Asbury Green
( colored ) , sentenced to the penitentiary for
assault on Mrs. Tolson , was taken from the
Jail at Ccntervlllo by a masked body of men
this morning and bunged.
St. Patrick's ' Pills hnvo given mo better
satisfaction than any othor. M. H. Proud-
foot , druggist , Granudu , Colorado. For sale
by druggists.
P. G. Moorhead and wlfo of Lawrence nro
stopping at the Merchants.
Senator Switzlor's father , Colonel Swltzler
of Missouri , and his sister , Mrs. Branham ,
arc iu Onmbti on a visit.
Mr. Charles A. Jewell nnd wlfo of Hart
ford , Coun. , nro in the city visiting their
cousin , Mr. F. E. Alexander.
Shut the door
against disease. .Danger cornea oft-
cncat through impure blood. Keep
your blood in order , and you keep
in health. For tlji $ nothing equals
Dr. Piorco's Goltle'n Mcdicuf Discov
ery. It invigorates the liver , puri
fies and cnrichcS 'tlio ' blood , and
rouses every orgdh into healthy ac
tion. By this means it cures. Ev
ery part of the fiVBtcm feels its
saving influence. 7 , jDyspcpsia , Indication -
cation , Biliousness , Scrofulous ,
§ kin and Scalp Diseases even
Consumption ( or Lung-scrofula )
in its earlier stages , all yield to it.
It's the only Liver , Blood and Lung
Remedy that's guaranteed to bene
fit or euro , or the money is re
funded. Trying terms to sell on
but it's a medieino that can carry
them out.
" Golden Medical Discovery"
contains no alcohol to inebriate ,
and no syrup or sugar to dcrango
It's a concentrated vegetable ex
tract ; put up iu largo bottles ;
pleasant to the taste , and equally
good for adults or children ,
HERE'AS , we have received the yearly contract to sup
ply Douglas county with prescriptions and medical
supplies , and are under heavy bonds to use none but the
not pay you to give us a call , being certain of finding the
most complete stock fresh goods in different lines in the city.
We draw the finest glass of Soda in
Omaha , using only the purest materials
obtainable , without regard to cost.
SUPERIOR , to any other handled in the city.
Agreeable to many and persistent demands we have
also added a stock of the FINEST STATIONERY , com
prising WRITING PAPER , ENVELOPES , from the best
American manufacturers , and LAST BUT NOT LEAST ,
we make a specialty of PRESCRIPTIONS , and FAMILY
RECIPES , backed by an experience of 27 years.
A. SCHROTER , PhannaM * SE. Cor. 16th & Farnam
Do you know that you can
buy a chimney to fit your lamp
that will last till some acci
dent happens to it ?
Do you know that Macbeth's
" pearl top " or " pearl glass "
is that chimney ?
You can - have it your .
dealer will get it if you insist
on it. He may tell you it
costs him three times as much
as some others. That is true.
He may say they are just as
good. Don't you believe it
they may be better for him ;
he may like the breaking.
Pimples on the Face | i
Breaking Oat | )
Skin Troubles | j
LlttloBores ! HotBkin ) !
Bollsl Blotches ) i
Cold Bores ) Bad Breath | ;
Bore Heather Lips | :
tryou iliffir from our of ;
tbeno rjroptomr , tnUe ;
For Eorsos , Cattle , Sheep , Dogs , Ecgs , J
fiOOPaso Hook tinTrentmrnt of Animals
and Chart bcut Free.
cunES < FcYcr , Oon8cmloniiInnnmmntlon
A.A.JHplnnl ItlenTnultli , AIIIU Fovcr.
Jl.n. HtrulnBi IjninonfKH , Ulionmattmn *
C' . ( ! . IlBtvmpnr , > iikal li chargC8
D.D. llotn or flrubVoruig. .
> : .K.--CouuliBi IlcnTCB , Pnfuuianliu
> ' .K. Cello or GrlpCH. Itcllyacbo.
< ; . ( . nilacarrlnBO. lloinorrlinuon.
Jl.II.-Uriimry und lildnoy IliseiucB *
I.I. Eruptive UlHcriMci ) , Rlantto.
J.K. UlBCUHeMof J l CBtlon , I'arnlrsU.
BlDRlo Dottle ( over BO doses ) , - - .00
Btablo Cane , with Speclflcs , Mannal.
Veterinary Cure Oil onrt Moulcator , 87.0O
Jnr Vcterlnnry CuroOll , - - 1.00
Bold by DrngsliU ; or Bent Prepaid anvwhcro
Bad in any quantity on Receipt of Price.
Corner William and John Sts. , New York.
In use SO years. The oolr luccesBfnl remedy for
Nervous Debility , Vital Weakness ,
and Prostration , from over-work or other caanoa.
91 per vial , or Svlala and larna Tisl powder , for * 3.
BOLD BT DiiuoaisTs , nreent pcmtiuild on rocolpt
Oor. William and John Sts. , N. T.
Kortho treatment of nil CIIHONIR AND SUIlQICAt.
DISlCAaiid. llracoi , AppllanctM for DaforinlUejand
Truiiuui. licit t'Mtllltloi. Apparatus end Itomodlai
for uccos ful troittmont of every form of illiuMs
loiiulrlnit Hedlcalor Huridcal Troitmont. NINKT1T
ItUOMd FOIt J'ATlKNI'rt , lloanl nnj Atlundanoa
lie t Acconunodntloni West Wrllo for circular * on
Deformities anil llrncoi , Trussoi. Club Kuut , Curra-
turoi of Hplnu , 1'llm , Tunion , Cancer , Catarrh ,
llronchltli. InlmlntLin. Kliftrlcltr. I'arulyilt , Kpll-
eysy , Kldneri , lllnrtdor , Kje , iar. : Hkln and lllood ,
and all HurKlcal ( Jporatlont. WISKASISa OK WOMKN
aipt'clalto. llookoi Dliea os of Wuuion lrou.Vu
liavolMolr nddodnlylni-ln Dopirtrntnt forWomnn
During conUnement ( Strictly Trlvato. ) Unly Itollv
bloMuillcnl InOltuta ilaklnis a HpucUlty of t'ltl-
All lllood Dltoaiei succoisfully trcalod. Medlolna
jr InslrumenU sent by mall or oxpron eecuroly
packed , no tnarki to Indicate nontunti or penttar
Uneporsonn'i Interview preferred. Cull and consult
tin or tend till ory of your caso. nnd WH will nencl In
lain wrapparour IIUUKTO MUM KltHH ; upon 1'rl-
v te , SpvcUl or Nervous Ulseaaoi , wlthquoitlonltK
Address all Itlteri to
Dr. A. T. McLnughlln , Proaldan
ttli and Harn y titrtiots. Omuha.
. .Vtiwattor. . Uth ntl
it thn iHont mibHtinitliillu coimtrncteil
Hotel Jlttilillitii lit Oniitliii , Het'fi-iil
lifiii'ii brleli Jlra intlln fiinnlnu front
biiNcinent tu ruuf. All tint fflllnun anil
/tuoi-M Illicit irltlt AnltfHtou / / > ] -oi > f
llilnii , tnnlilnu ( t iinixiHMlliln tn lint'lt
/11/ < / . . t'li'fieMfiiiH-H ii nil jli-a iiliirntu
tln-oiiuliuiit tint tinllilliiu. fitfiint lnit ,
liut Hint coltl iriiter tnitl nnnnlitneln
rrerui'oou * . l"tjte iinaKfjxiatied itnj-
B. BILL.OWAY , Prop.
, llffltl.lNTTl'b.s ' A
Do pot lOtli nnd MIIHOII Ms.
v ,
I.oavci IllUUI.lMi'l'O.N A MO. ltlVEU.1 Arrl Ten
_ Omnhfi. I Depot lOlli nnd Mnfon Ht . | Onmh n _ .
10 25 n in llcnxr Day 4 Ui p in
10 ; . " ) n ra Driulirood ICxpieis. . . 4.u.i p m
10 ' 3J n m Dem or Kxpro's. . . . ( . l.'i p m
7 10 p m Denver Nl ht Kxpre n P..j n m
SCO | > m Lincoln l.hnltid 11 : ) n m
8.15 n in Lincoln kee 8X ) p ra
K. I' . , hT J ft 0"H. . Arrlrci
Hunlia. | Depot llith ami Mmun 3t | Unnlm
STtt ml. . . KimViTu ritTTny"lrr7rnss..i ; ) tUO p i
(5 p mK. | U. Night Kx\ \ > Tin U. 1' Trims. | II n t
I.IT.T03 I UNION 1'ACtFlf I Arrl\ei
onnlin.J Denot HMIl nn1 Mnrrv I Ounln
10.10 a m Knnsns City rtinron ( eSun. . ) 4 M p ra
1U20 u m Ih'iivcr KtirP' | 4 m p m
- > .M'p m . . Overlnnd Flt r HuTi p m
4.30 p m . ( irnnd lulnnd lltp. ( x. Hun ) 1155 n m
7.W p in , .1'nclllo : i.3U ; > u
l.cavc ? ICIUCAC.O. .Mil. . A bT. 1'AUIArrives |
Dmnjia. I U. I * , depot. Inth nnd .Mnrcy Sts | Onuhn.
fi.tOl > mi ChlcnKO K .xpress" I i
II. 1J a m [ Chlcuuu K iprots | . I
I.envej I CKICAd'O. It. I. X I'ACIKIO. I Arrives
Omnhn. | U. 1 * . depot. 10th nnd Mercy ata.l Onmha.
O.Jl ) p m . . .Night Uxprea 110.05 n ra
9 OS a m . .Atlnntic Ilxprim U30 p m
430 p m .Vestibule l.lmltod 110 4ft n m
Ixrnvoa I M1OUX CITV& I'ACIKIO. I Arrlvci
COninha. I Depot 10th and Murcy Ms. I Omnlia.
7.15 a ml . . . .Sioux Cltr riusenijor i
ISO p ml at. Paul Bxproi . . . .llQ.10 i
hlOUX C1TVA 1'ACIMC. I Arrives
Omaha. I Depot 15th anilVcbntor St . I Oiutthn.
OOUp ml St. I'aul Limited I P85 a ro
J.cnvos | ClllCA < ; O&NllTll\ViSTKIlN : I Arrlvca
Omnhn. | U. I * , dppot. 10th nnd .Mcr-'y bta. I Oinnln ,
ti.ttn m ChlniKO Kxprcss. . . r'M p m
4.3p ! m Vuotlhulo l.lmlled. ' .i.M u m
V.IUp m .Kusturn Myer. ' . ' .15 p ra
O.lOp ui Kast Kx. ( except Monday ) 7.40 a m
l.cnvoi I OMAHA A &r 1.OUIS I Arrlvi'j
Omaha. | U. t' . licpot , IDlli uuil ilaruy Ht . | Uninlm.
IXI p ml St. loul3 C.innun Hall | 12.SU p m
Lenve F. . K. A.JIO. V41I < HV. Arrive
Omaha. Depot 15th anU NVo baler Bta. Oniuhn.
Leaven U..BT. ! . , M. S.O. I Arrives
Omnlia. I Depot IMIi nml Wobatcf Sl . Otniilm.
8.IU a m . . .Hloux Cltr Ai-commoitnUon. . . u tu p m i
1.00 p m gloux Cltr Kiprom ( I'.x. .Similar ) 12 4U p m
0 DO p m bt. I'aul J.lmlloO U.2S n m
6.14 p m llancroft I'Micnm-T din SunUay ) 8.45 n m
Lonrcs I M1SSOUKI 1'AClKIC. Arrives
Ouiahn. I Depot IMU niul Wobntor hta. I Onmha
1030 n ru.St. ! Louis It K. O. Kxpre I 5.10 p m
8.1S p in.Mt. | l.olili A K.C. llxprma. . . . ! 08U a m
Leavei I C'HKJAOO , It. I. A. r.M'IMC. I Arrival
TramterJ Union Depot , Council niuffi iTranircr
O.SO p m .Night Hxprcs ) I 00 a ra
U 55 a m . .Atlantic Kxiro | s. . . . 5. . ' > 5 p ui
6.UU a in .Ventlbnlo Limited. . . . . . . | IO.iO 11 in
Lcavoi | CIllCA < i.V NOUTIIWhaTKUN.I Arrives
Transfer ! Union Pencil ' iinm-ii nliitlv ITrin f r
U.4I1 n in . . . . . . . . . Chlcniio Kx press i < II ) p nl
600 p tn Vestibule Limited l > .IV 11 in
10 U ) p m Knslern I'ljor 200 p m
8.00 p in .Atlantic .Mull UK ) n m
ii.30 p in Iowa Aoconimoilatlon ( Stit. only ) li.41) ) p m
Lenvus ICUICAlit ) , MIL. ft tT. I'AUL.I Arrlvoi ,
Traiistorl Union Depot. Coil mil Hluira. I'frMisfi' i
0.40 p ml ClilciiRO ICxprca I 9.15 am
IMP MI | ciilciiKO Kxpresi I 1J.35 pm
Ll'HVOS I . . . . | > * rftf , u. . .
Traiufcrl Union Depot. Council Hindu. Trnnslcr
1UU7 a m.KMMVii | City lny Kxprcas Tl rjTm
lU.'S p m.KnmasClty | Mh-ht 1 iipren. . . e.Vi n m
Leaves I OMAHA \ .ST. LOUIS. I Anlvos
Irnnsfeal Union Depot , Council lllil s. | Triin tuf
t 40 p ml St. Loulu Cnnon l'.ll I1S.I5 p m
'Uwves ICIIICAOO , IltIllI/.S V QUINCYT Arrives
Transfer ! Union Depot , Ciiuni 11 lllulTn. Transfer
IUU a m n.'M p in
10 00 p 111 . 9,40 u m
7.U5 p in . Lrrston Local 11.20 a m
Trnnnlcrl Union Doii t , Council Ilium.
7.05 a ru.rSloux | Llty A''rommodutlon , , . | 1MO s , m
ft.0i p ml Ht. I'aul i : pri' s | IOI ) | , m
Omahn , Nob. , Oct. 25 , ' 80.
I feel It not only a Privllajo , Lut a duty'to
bay a good word for Dr. J. B , Mooro'a Oi-
tarrh Cure. Hnva bein troubled tor yearn
with catarrh. Frequently had to resort to
that disagreeable huwltlna and Hiilttlng to
clear my throat of a tough , stringy mocua
that lodgoJ thoro. Ilad tr.oj dtlTa'unt rem
edies without relief. Afewappllca ions of
Mooru'sCatarrh Remedy almost entirely rd-
llevjJ mo. I recommend it whenever an
opportunity prebontsitielf.
Moore's Tree of Ufa. a pntltlva rnro for Klilner
and 1.1 ror Complilnt and all liloort ill tu" ) . Doui It
ay toinlti-r wlien you cnn bo rureil by usliu Muoro's
Trcoof Life , tuu ( l.lfu Heineily !
Dr. IKi DIIU'H I'nrloilicul I'llln.
Tuli trrncli remedy acts dlroctly uptn thu xonora >
tlve orvfliis and c'lirus suppression of thu menses
llortlireo for Ii , anil ran to mailed. Hliould not us
uitxl durlni ! preinancy. Jobbers , ilnuxlsu und luu
public luppllud by ( JuoUmau Uru Co. , Uuiaba.
Moro Hum 15 TCMint rxperlt-nru In Ilia truntiuont of
A euro Kiiarnutccil In : i to 5 iiny . without lie toil of
un lioiir'i * tlmo.
The most compleU ) nml nti'oluta euro for iitcct nnd
all niinoylnit iIlHclmrizeii over known In
pnifeMiluii. Tlio most Mutil'Orn chronic nml tunic
tanilliii ; cnica pcrninnt'iitljrcuriMllii from 5 tu lOOiiyi
Or pnln In relieving tlio hlul : < lur iicrmnnonllr cure-it
without piiln or Instrument * . IKI ( .uttlnx , nil ( Illntlnn.
The most rKiiark-ililuruinc'd ) known to modern sci
ence.Vrltu tur circulars.
Cured In .10 to M ) ilnyn Dr. MclJrow'n treatment for
tills lorrlfolo hlootlill-C'nGlm boon pronounced Ilio
niont successful remedy ovt'r dltcovcrt'd for tin * ulm
nohilo euro of tlio dliciait. Ills HUCCUM with till-
( llncn'11 IIIM mmir boon riiinlloil. A vouiilc'to | cur
Kuarnntuud. Wrlto tor ulrcnliim.
And nil neikneum of tl o mixim ! orKnni , nomius-
noHs , timidity nnd doapoiuloncy nhnolutoly enrol *
The rulluf U liuincilluUi und ttiinpluti' .
IlluMinmtlim anil nil dlou a < of tliu tilood , llvur
kldnuys nnd tiluddur pennnnontly vurud.
And tioiirnlKhi , nurviiiinnoii nnd illsimj'js of the
ntotuBcli cured. The doctor "lloir-o Tn-atmont" for
Indies Is pronounced hy nil who huvouiud It to ho
the incut romi'leto ' iiml convcnlnnt rouiody oor < if-
fenil for thu treatment of fomula dliouict. It U tru
ly n wonderful remedy. No Instruments , no palu.
Hours forludlfu. from 3 to 4 only.
Miirvollous aurcoBS in thu traatmont of
privutc dibousos hns won for him n rop-
utution which in truly imtlomil in chtir-
ivctcr , nnd his great army of patioiiti
roaches from the Atlnntic to tlio Pncillc.
The doctor is n prut ] unto of ' 'regular"
moUicino anil has had long and carufiil
experience in hospital practice , and is
classed among the loading specialists in
modern scinnco. Troatniont by cor
respondence. Writolor cirulars about
cacli of the above diseases , free.
Office Hth and Farnam Streets.
Entrance on Either Street.
Floral Conversatory.
South East Oor. 0 and 17tb , Lincoln , Neb
W. S. Sawyer & Co.
lLilij.O HillJJi \ . ILUllMVJi
Oonornl cnlloollnn nf iminH nnd cut flowon
always on liiinil. Klontt ili-HlKiih , l > oiriii | < t > <
tiiisKots , etc. , for pnrtliis. WcdillriBH mill fiui-
orula u siioululty , mill Hunt to any purl i > f thu
Btnte. 1'rlfn list fiun. DlHCOiinl. to iintlur-
iiki-rsoii fiinrrul work , Tuluphono , 'HI.
KnglUll I > Ui end Ill iJ.
uuuu I A t > itnn4 onlycnpjuloi | > r crll > oi | by
ri > Kul r ( ihrdcUnt ror tun cura of
Oonorbo9anndill > chiir < o < fruai Ilio urlnnrr
ubvrllvil uruo'julrol ' II.M PJf our.