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Report of the Chemist's ' Investigation of
Bheetly's ' Murder.
A iVe ro's VrlKhtfiil Kail Hank Rxain-
iiicr Itrliik Hcslsns A Fractured
Skull Died on the Street
State News.
lixcoi.v , Neb. , April 20. [ Special Tcio-
gratn to Tin : Bnn.J The chemist at Ann
Arbor to whom was submitted an nnalvsls of
tbo contents of the stomach of John Shcedy ,
the murdered man , has finally completed his
work and reported. The result Is ono that
will probably save Mrs. Shcedy from a felon's
punishment , us the chemist declares that
thcro Is no trace whatever of poison In the
stomach of the murdered man. Ho adds ,
.however , that morphine might have been
given , but ns the evidences of that drug pass
nwny In n few hours of COUMO ho could llnd
no trace of It In the stomach. It lj therefore
thought that the death of Shcody was caused
cither by morphine or by the blow from the
cano In the hands of Monday McFnrlnnd.
Ono or two of the physicians who saw
Slieedy before his death declare that ho
showed evidences of morphine poisoning. As
the imyslclans who held the post mortem
found no blood clot In the brain the mor
phine poisoning theory Is thought to bo the
correct one , but as there Is nothlnc to prove
It Mrb. Shecdy will probably go free.
Charged with Criminal lilhel.
NKIWASKCITV , Nob. , April 20. [ Special
Telegram to Tin : Ben. ] A warrant was
Issued today for Al Ewan , n Talmage news
paper man , charging him with cnmlnullibel.
- The Kansas City Sun and Vanity Fair pub
lished scnsationnl matter about L. W. Lloyd ,
n grocer , and the wife of Lund-
lord Kidd of the Wutson. The articles ,
according to these interested , nro Infamous
lies and scandnli/o and libel n woman who
for years bus hud the respect of this commu
nity. Landlord Kidd has taken legal steps
and will prosecute every person who is
mixed up in circulating and advertis
ing these sensational reports. His attorneys
who wilt prosecute the matter to the bitter
end uro Hon. John C. Watson , Mayor Frank
P. Ireland , Judge Hnywnrd of this city and
General Colby of Beatrice. Mr. Ktdd wont
to Lincoln today and endeavored to ascer
tain from Mr. Cotton of the Vanity Fair
who was the author of the article ,
but could not. Cotton said the man's
name was Whllo but ho evaded giving any
satisfactory information. These libelous ar
ticles have caused much feeling mid talk and
some persons have gone so fur as to state
that the correspondents of those sensational
papers If dUcovciud world bo of short lifo In
this cltv. Late tonight Chief of Police Wheel
Ing and Mr. Lloyd drove ever toTalmugo as
It was understood that Ewan was there.
Hank Examiner Brink
Gun Mi RAI-IHH , Neb. , Aprll20. [ Special to
Tnu BEE. ] A. P. Brlnlr , having been
offered a better position , has resigned his
oftlco of bank examiner , to tnko affect imme
diately. He has boon offered and has ac
cepted the position of cashier of n now na-
i . baali South .O ,
_ - , 1 tlorjal lustpriraiilzcd ilat paha
* * * ' ' ' '
I * Itr will on'Xvith a'very'lnrgo'capital and
will bo backed up by the packing house
firms of South Omaha , which assures for it a
substantial basis. This is the second ofllco
Mr. Brink has resigned in the last two years
In order to accept a moro lucrative place.
About two years ago ho resigned the oftlco of
representative of Banner county to bccomo
bank examiner nnd this ho gives up to bo-
coino the principal manager of a largo bank.
Fractured Ills Kkull.
Surrov , Nob. , April 20. [ SpcctalTelegram
toTiinBnn. ] In an altercation this morn
ing between William Wloden and Johnny
MclCeaguo ever the settlement of an account
the latter struck Mr. Wleden with n crutch
nnd fractured his skull. Mr. Wlodon is an
old nnd respected citizen and has been for n
lonir tlmo In the restaurant and grocery
tr'ado. Ho is In neomtitoso condition from
the effects of the Injury and is not expected
to live. MclCeaguo Is n crlpplo from the ef-
fei'ts of rickets , but has heretofore boon con
sidered au inoffensive person. Ho is under
Not Guilty of Aison.
Ciurmov , Nob. , April 20. [ Special Telo-
g.'um toTnc BEE. ) In the district court At
torney McCnuloy was acquitted of arson nnd
the case against his accomplices , Milton and
Hamilton , dismissed. These are the cases to
testify In which Convict Porrln W03 brought
hero from the penitentiary.
Thostutovs Williams for an at'omptod
criminal assault Is now on trial. The details
of thocrimonro tcrriblo. The defense Is a
\plea of Insanity.
A FrlKlitful Fall.
Ltxcoi.x , Nob. , April 20. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun BEE. ] A negro named McWH-
llams , whllo cleaning windows in the third
story of the block north ot Temple hall , fell
to the pavement beneath and was terribly
hurt. His right nrm was broken , his Jaw
split open and his knco mashed. Ho also re
ceived Internal Injuries. Ho was taken to
the hospital where ho Is lying In a orecarlous
Dloct lu the Street.
Covixorov , NUM. , April 20. [ Special Tola-
pram to TUB BEI : ] Col. C. D. Martin of- Da
kota City fell In street of South Sioux City
this afternoon , dying In a few minutes.
Death resulted from appoploxy. The de
ceased was iigod seventy-live years , and was
nn old settler , hemiestcadiug hero In ISr-il. Ho
was formerly editor and proprietor of the
Pushing Toward Niobram.
Niomun * , Nob. , April 20. [ Special to TUB
BEE. ] Information comes from Bloomlleld
that the Omaha Hue Is urcpnrlng to push out
from there for a short distance northwest.
It ls believed that they fear the Sioux City
Northwestern and dcslro to control the right
of way to Brazil creou , ever which route both
roads must como to rench the mouth of the
Nlobrara river.
Damages from llalu.
NKWVUNGKOVI : , Nob. , April 20. [ Special
to Tin : Br.r. ] Yesterday the heaviest rain-
full for years visited this section of the coun
try , continuing through the night. S. O.
Dlmack's mill dam wont out , and the county
line bridge was badly damaged. Farmers
report their grains on the high lands nearly
all washed down Into the valleys.
Death at Gretna.
QHBTXI , Nob. , April 20.--Speclal [ to Tnc
BKE. ] Mrs. McKcnna , wife of C. L. Me-
Kcunn , the pioneer merchant of this city ,
died at horhomo this morning nt 0 o'clock
nfter a nort Illness , aged twenty-eight years.
The deceased was well known and highly re
spected , She leaves a husband and two chil
dren , ono nut two weeks old ,
Vnilau"CriiknaTTii Jail.
CUT CKXTnu , NED. , April 20. [ Special
Telegram to Tue Bie.J : The sheriff of Nuck-
ols county brought to this place yesterday
nnd placed In Jail for safe keeping Alfred
. Crakaal , the party who la charged with
criminally asiaultinx boveral llttlo girls at
Superior , an account of which was given In
Bntunlay's BEE.
Measles at Talmago.
TAUUOB , Nob. , April 20. [ Social Telegram -
gram to Xus BB . ] M a le are prevailing
* < .
In town mid tHe surrounding country to tui
alarming extent , nncl a number of qulto
serious cases nro reported.
Illegal Liquor Selling.
Nr.niiAiKA CITV , Neb. , April 20. ( Special
Telegram to Tun Ben. ] Sheriff Wlllonon
nntl n court ballfT named Warren Simpson
went Into a bawdy house conducted by Mag-
RIO Lindsay Saturday night and bought beer.
At least thnt Is what they will testify
at tliu next term of the district
court. On the strength Of an Informa
tion tiled by Simpson this landlady
was arrested today ami taken before .tustlco
\Vhlto who placed her under S.VIO bonds to
nppeur In a higher court. The bond was
Blven. This Is the lint raid of the sort tnat
has been made htro for yfcars.
Taken to ( lie Asylum.
NcmnsKA CITV , Neb. , April 20. [ Special *
Telosraui to Tnc Bel : . ] Low Louis , an old
resident of this county , was examined by the
board on Insatio today und pronounced a lit
subject for hospital treatment. Ho has n
very vspcctablo family living seven tnllos
from the city. Ho will bo taken to Lincoln
and placed In the asylum ,
Hound for the Pen.
TBKAMUI , Neb. , April'JO. [ Special to TUB
Bcn.j Sheriff Monroe loft for Lincoln thli
morning with a young negro scnlonced for a
term In the penitentiary for burglary at De-
catur. _ _ _
No Ij > n guru Cliiiiiiiilon.
Tu.Mvon , Nob. , April 20. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BFIE.J The Talmage Champion
has suspended and the editor , L. P. Boyd , Is
looking for a new location.
His DylitR Victim's Story Remorse
lessly ! ' ! uUK Aside.
OrruMvla. . . April -Special [ Telegram
gram to Tin : BUB. ] The famous case of the
state against Lavvson .T. Baldwin at Falrflold
has boon concluded , the Jury , after thirty-
sU hours' deliberation , acquitting Baldwin.
This case Is ono of the most noted over
fought In JoffoMon county , The charge was
that Baldwin was the cause of the dc.ith of
Miss Mattlo Rodubaugh , July S , ISbS , by
means of n criminal operation. The case
was tried In September , IfibS , and Baldwin
convicted and sentenced to ten years In the
penitentiary. In ISi'J ' the supreme court reversed -
versed the decision of the lower court , on the
ground that a dying woman's testi
mony was Inudmlssablo. The second trial ,
Just concluded , occupied ton days. County
Attorney Hois and Messrs. Loggctt and Mc-
Kerny prosecuted , and Messrs. . Work , Wil
son and Hinkle defended.
Miss Rodabautrh was the daughter of n
wealthy fanner of Van Burnn county and
Baldwin was a farmer of considerable means
before the case was brought againsthim. . It
is said that his long light has about bank
rupted him.
A Female In Male Attire.
DnriAN-cn , la. , April 20. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Bnc.J A sensation was created
hero today by the arrest of a comely young
woman in inalo attire who is charged with
burglarizing a store at Panama and appro
priating the garb she woro. It is said she
had been waiting some days at Panama for
the appearance of a lover , but ho came not
and she resorted to this means to search for
him. When arrested she was trudging
through the mud with her pants in her boots
in true masculine s ylo.
lies Moines' I < 'lro Chief.
DEsMoixns , la. , April 20. | Speclal Telo-
gramAto.TuB JJEB j jThpclty councIIjtoduy
' '
cleclea'Slartln'MSlander'cfifof ofTth'e'firo de
partment of thi city ever R. C. Johnson ,
whohas been chief the past ten years. The
council has been dead loclccd for several
weeks on this ques'tion , but the tlo was
broken by the recent election of two now
members to 1111 vacancies. The retirement of
Chief Johnson is understood to mean a gen
eral reorganization of the department and
tlip correction of some gross abuses which
have crept In.
rriie Imht of the linoncs.
Dis : Moivns , la. , April 20. George S.
Boone , solo remaining lineal doscendcnt of
Daniel Boone , was arrested by United States
authorities and brought to this city for trial
today. Ho is charged with pension frauds.
Boone served In the confederate army \vhilo
tils father was n Union soldier. The father
Is dead and the son for some time has been
drawing a pension allowed to the former.
Boone has been living in a cave on the Dos
Moines river about forty miles below this
An Operator Mysteriously Missing.
Sioux CITV , la. , April 20. [ Special Tele
gram to TUG BEE. ] Lou Monnott , a tele
graph operator who has been In the employ
of the Sioux City Jc Northern railway ,
drew his month's salary last Friday
and has slnco been missing. There
scorns to bo no cause assigned
for his disappearance. The police are en
deavoring to locate him , but nave thus far
been unsuccessful. Ho has been employed
here for the past ilvo years and his family
arc greatly worried over his unexplained
Unitarian C inference.
Dus Moixns , la. , April 20. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BUG. ] The state conference of
the Unitarian church began in this city this
evening with a welcome address by Hon. B.
F. Guo , a response by Hoy. Eleanor Gordon
of Sioux City , and a sermon by Hoy. Marv
A. Safford of Sinus City. Tbo meeting will
continue three days.
Declined to llond.
LF.MAIS , la. , April 20. [ Special Totfgrajn
to Tin : B KG , | LoMars today decided by "a
vote of 414 to 143 against bonding the city In
? -M,000 for the erection of an olcrtrlc light
plant. The people want an electric light , but
will probably grant n franchise to a private
Senator Shoa'h Condition.
Dis : MoiXE" , la. , April 20. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB Bnc.J Word received from
Colfax states that Senator Shea of Omaha ,
who has been quite ill thcro for three weeks
with rheumatism , was some bettor at noon
today. _
The Doiilh lloll.
BUFFAT.O , N. Y. , Aurll 20. Justice Corlott
of the supreme court died hero last night.
NEW HU-EX , Conn. , April 20. Dr. James
1C. Thatcher , professor of physiology at Yale
university , died suddenly this morning of
pneumonia , aged fortv-threo.
( lUvxn Ru-ins Mich. , April 20. Ex-Con-
pressman M. H. Ford , who represented this
district In the Fiftieth congress , died sud
denly today of apoplexy.
\VoiiCKSTKii , Mass. , April 20. Mrs. Mary
E. Gough , widow of the late John B. Gough
the creat temperance lecturer , died today li :
Hovlcaton , aged sevonty-ono. .
HOME , N. Y , , April 20. Rev. Henry Dar
ling , president of Hamilton college at Clin
ton , N. Y. , died today of bronchitis.
Condemned Murderers ICnO.ijio.
EU.TAI.A , I. T. , April 20. News has been
received that the execution of Hess Rollly
JolT Brown , Douglas Brown , Cudgo Barnett
Pare Johnson , Lake Andy and Prince Haw
kins , In the western portion of the Wewaka
district of the Crook nation , which was sot
for today , was frustrated by the escape o
tno prisoners. Jeff Brown , Prlnco Hawkins
and Pare Johnson were recaptured , but they
had been pardoned by the chief.
For Omaha anil Viclnit-j Shaicen ; ttation
aru fempciature ,
fur AVftrasVu ind Iowa SHoweri 'l"uenlay
louthtilu u'diJi ; jtatfoti.ny ( empmiturc , creep
tc < mtr in Ntbraska.
For South Doteta Shovcn ;
; \carmtr ,
Independents Preparing for a Big Straggle
at the Cincinnati Conference.
Another Slmlc-sncrcan Cipher Discov
ered \Vhlch Proves that Ilauoii
murdered the I'nnl of Avon-
All Omaha PUK Paralyzed.
CHICAOO Omen OF Tun Bnc , 1
CHICAGO. April 20. f
It is qulto evident that the so-cnllcd Indus
trial conference to bo held In Cincinnati on
ho lUth of next month Is going to bo more of
success than the leaders of the great alll-
uco bodies expected. The aftalr Is In the
innds of a llttlo crowd of grcenbackers , but
hey have played their cards well. They
ave taken advantage of the strong Indcpcnd-
nt feeling In the west and have anticipated
he proposed conference next year , which Is
rdcrcd by the national alliances und Knights
f Labor. Finding that they nro likely to bo
> alked In their effort to prevent the orgnnlza-
lon of n , new party , the alliance leaders have
oncluded to attend the conference and , If
> ossiblc , control the action of the convention ,
John II Powers of Nebraska , president of
hat body , Ignatius Donnelly of Minnesota ,
and 0111013 who are well known In the west
and northwest will oo there.
It was expected when the canvass of the ro-
urns closed on Friday , that the election
commissioners would issue a certificate of
election so that the newly elected city ofllcers
night bo sworn In at the council meeting to-
light , and tuko their seats tomorrow. But
t is said there was an agreement reached on
Saturday between the republicans and demo
crats which was in effect If the demo
crats would abandon their avowed purpose
o resist the seating of Washburno the ro-
Hibllcnus would glvo them seven days moro
n which to step down and out.
lust what the democrats want to hold on an-
ither week for Is causing a good deal of con-
ccturo. Some assert there are Indications
.hat the books ns well us the funds In some
of the departments are not In proper condi
tion for the turning over process.
John H. Wallace of New York ,
who Is hero to attend the national
convention of trotting horse breeders
which opens nt the Wellincton hotel
tomorrow , says ho will sell his twenty-year-
old register for the option price $200,000
and Is ready to light ttio breeders and go on
with the register If his price isn't paid. The
general sentiment among the delegates is
that the prlco Is too high , but thov do not
want two registers. The result Is likely to bo
n smaller price than $200,000 , and ono register
founded on Wallace's and operated by a stock
company made up of breeders , but having no
connection with the National Breeders' asso
ciation. The register earned ? 1,7SS. 07 last
year. The National association will , how
ever , bo reorganized , the standard remodeled ,
uid much importantlcglslutlon accomplished.
There will bo moro than a score ot million
aires In the convention.
DID IIACOX MUiinr.n sniKr.srF.AncI
Dr. Orville W. Owen of Detroit claims to
have discovered in the Ilvo trreat works of
Lord Bacon a cipher confession of the mur
der of William Shakespt-'am , the so-called
Bard. of. Avon. The .cipher ptatos tha
taking "advantage "of his' position , ho
threatened to reveal to King James the real
authorship of the plays and blackmailed
Bacon to the extent of 20,000. Ono day
Shakespeare became too insolent in his de
mands , the nobleman drew bis sword , and In
the blindness of Uis rage struck the actor
dead at his feet. Bacon then severed the
head from the trunk , embalmed It , inclosed It
In a leaden box with a written parchment ,
and burled it at a crossroad , where , by the
English law , it could never bo molested. In
the cipher uro found the most mlnuto direc
tions us to the locution of that box. Dr. Owen
has worked for years continually to bring
about a full demonstration of his discovery ,
and now ho is going to publish the whole
thing in book form. Ho declares that when
ho makes public the cipher a child can cosily
read tbo story.
Charles Wickort of Peoria and Joe Tansoy
of Omaha , middle-weights , fought n battle
with skin gloves at Selby park , In the lower
end of that city , about 2 o'clock this morn-
Ing. The light , was for n purse of
$500 and the gate receipts. The
battle lasted two hours and nine
rounds were fought. At the end of that tlmo
Tansoy fulled to too the scratch , and the
money was awarded to Wlckert.
Nelson A. Bradt , twenty-four years of ago ,
left Now York City ten days ago for San
Francl'co on n bicycle. He arrived In Chicago
cage last evening at 5'iO : o'clock , and will re
main hero a day or two for n rest. Ho ex
pects to reach San Francisco in less than
three months.
The steamship Harlem of the Now York
Central line started for ButTalo early this
motnlng. It was closely followed by the
Syracuse of the same line anil the Tlogn of
Erie. The Lehigh of the Anchor line loft
soon after. Tills 0/5ens for the season of 1891
Chicago's lake and rail connections with the
A r.uixm.i , MASS Mr.r.Tixo.
It was decided at a mcctinir of the Pantoll
sympathizers at a gathering held at the
Grand Paclllc yesterday , to hold amass meet
ing about the middle of May to bo addressed
by Irish envoys. A telegram was read from
James J , O'Kelly , M. P. , stating that John
O'Connor ' , M. P. , William H. Redmond , M.
P. , and himself would roach Chicago about
May 14.
TUB ixnu nunnr.n SUPPI.T.
Carl Van Bulaw is at the Richelieu , on his
way to Mexico as the representative of a Gor
man company with largo capital which
proposes to cngacro In the cultivation of the
rubber trco there.
"Tho prlco of India rubber Is going to
advance , " said ho this morning. "Tho
supplv Is not equal to the demand. In the
island of Ceylon where considerable Is grown
they are turning their attention to cultivating
the Jungles , or rather making use of their
Jungles. The ccara trco grows very rapidly
from the seed , and thrives in the Jungles ,
and in a few years the supply from Ceylon
will bo double whut It Is at present. But
wullo this Is being done in Ceylon wo propose
cultivating a largo plantation in Mexico.
From investigations made by careful ex
periments wo have learned that the rubber
trco will grow and nourish and thatn trco of
average size will yield about twenty gallons
of milk , which amount Is equal to forty
pounds of dried rubber. "
si us. I\\\K \ a. III.AIXC , Jii.
Mrs. James G. Blalno , Jr. , wlfo of Secre
tary Blalne's son , was at the Richelieu
today , accompanied by her maid. Mrs.
Blaine is on her way to Washington stnto
and It Is said that she Intends to reside thcro
long enough to got u divorce In that stato.
She will leave tonight for the west. It Is
said that a certain doctor who treated Mrs.
Blalno for rheumatism Is to bo tbo successor
of Mr. Blalno when she secures a divorce.
Hon. 0. W. HofTmpn of Bozeman , Mont. , Is
nt the Leland hotol. Mr. Hoffman repre
sents the Bozcman district in the state sen
"Politics Is very quiet In our state Just
now , " said he , "peoplo uro moro Interested
in the good ctlccts of our winter. The fall of
snow has been extraordinary , and the Chi
nook has mcltod it so nicely that wo are as
sured of abundant moisture for crops , graz
ing lands and water for mines. "
E. S. Rowloy passed through Chicago this
evening on his way back to Omuha after u
short absence In the cast ,
"It is very gratifying , " said Mr , Rowloy ,
"to find with what confidence eastern capital-
tats look uxm Omaha and her future. While
thcro have been ttirco hcivy ; bank failures In
Kansas City In the past HX months and n
score In the state of Kansas , Jhcra have been
none In Omaha and vcr. few In Nebraska.
Moneyed men know thU * nnd consequently
when they got ready , to Invest they
will put their money in Omaha
In preference to hflr western riv
als , The tcudcnc/r Is to bo
rather conservative for'tho present , and I
don't look for as much activity In building In
Omaha as thcro was last year , but I know of
ono syndicate which la forming in Now Yurk
for Investment In Otnaha.roalty , and they al
ready have their eyes on a piece of property
in tbo business part of the city which Is hold
at $12.VHX > , " t
wF.smix pnori.ujix CHICAOO.
Among the western people In Chicago
todav wcro the following ;
At the Grand Pncltio P. W. Corbett ,
Omaha ; Charles B. Kcoler , James H Doug
las , W.F.Hutchison , Cedar Rapids , la. ; J.
H. Swan , E. R. Kirk , Sioux City. hi. ; J. C.
Savory , Dos Molnes , Iaj H. G. Rand , Salt
Lake City , Utah. & '
At the Leland Mr. end Mrs. Charles G.
Ettinger , Butte , Mont. ; H. E. Tcsehmachcr ,
Cheyenne , Wyo. >
At the Richelieu Mr. " " and Mrs. Sol.L.
Degen , J. H. Sahler , W.'R. Vaughan , D. H.
Vaughan , Omaha. : .
At the Auditorium Gcorgo N. Hicks ,
Omaha ; M. E. Downs , Helena. Mont.
At the Palmer Mr. and MM. C. D. Bib.
bins , T. J. Despechor , Omaha ; Joe Eaton ,
Mrs. G. H , Champ. Council Bluffs ; II. C ,
Algcr , Sheridan. Wyo ; ; Miss J. Plumb ,
Omaha ; R. B. Wlndhnm. Council Bluffs ;
Johnson Brlgham , Mrs.'W. C. Blake , Mrs ,
N. O , Lawton , Cedar Paplds , In.
At the Trcmont Mrj. Condon , Dos
Molnes , la. 4
At the Wlndsor-L. O.-Hlbben , Mr. and
Mi's. H , Munscn , Omaha ?
Ai the Goro-C. M. Lctz , R. Williams ,
Omaha. I'
At the Brevoort J. W. Bowman , F. C.
Lataurctte , F. H. Polgman , W. J. Pilnce , J.
Vandcstecs , Omaha. * S ATKIX OX.
They Make it Very Lively 1'orOwnerH
of the Cokt-j Works.
SCOT ui : , Pa. , April 20. Today was pro
lific of excitement and small riots throughout
this region. Women were generally leading
and the most bitter In tholr attacks upon the
deputies. Heretofore they have been silent ,
but when the evictors attacked their homes
the foreign women especially wcro driven
wild. During a squabble , today two\leputies
wcro painfully Injured. ( But few ovlctlous
were made , ns the sheriffs fear opposition
and are gathering largo forces of deputies.
UXIOXTOWX , Pa. , April 20. There was con
siderable rioting nt Leith and Leisenrlng No.
2 today because of an attempt at evictions.
The trouble was nil cntjSed by Hungarian
women , who fought lllco ! tigers against the
sheriff's forces. At one' time the sheriff
called for troops , but the trouble quieted
down and the order was countermanded.
Twenty-six of Saturday's rioters wcro
arrested today. When the constables
took thorn to the tram to bo broucht
hero their wives and other women to the
number of forty or fifty poured Into the
coaches and took possession. The women re
fused to pay tare , and thfe trainmen , after
ineffectual efforts to eject them , ran the
coaches on n sldo track ano going to Vuiicos
Junction reported the situation to headquar
ters. Nothing has slncol been heard of the
train load loft behind. Late tonight a telephone -
phone mcssaco was sent from Lemont to
Leiscnrlug No. 2 , notifying tbo deputies and
company odlcials that 850 strikers had Just
left Lemont for Lclsenring and a riot was
They Must . .
CincAoo , April 20. TJntCal tates Attorney
Gitohrlst'-todiy jJicoiij'plalnt'beforo
Judge Jenkins In the federal court that cer
tain employes of Swift < k Co. , dressed meat
shippers , refused to Answer certain ques
tions as to discriminations in railroad rates
in favor of that llrm put.'to them by the fed
eral grand Jury on tao ground that by so
doing they miRht incriminate themselves.
The Judge ruled that they must answer.
Indiana Midland Strike Settled.
IxiMAXArous , Ind. , April 20. A Lebanon ,
Ind. , special to the Sentinel says the Indiana
Midland strike was settled at a conference
tonight and the men will resume work in the
World's Fall- Laborers Strike.
CHICAGO , April 0. 'About ' six hundred
men employed In grading Jackson park in
preparation for the world's fair today struck
for an advance in wages. IX OKL.UIO.JIA ,
Narrow Kwcapc of a Party of Hunters
"While Prospecting.
AUKAXSAS CITY , Kan. , April 20. [ Special
Telegram to Tnc BBB.J Henry Buchanan ,
a gold digger from Oklahoma , arrived hero
Friday last and told marvelous tales about
the rich gold Jlelds In n certain portion of the
new territory. Ho declined to give the loca
tion of the Held , and Sunday , eluding the
vigilance of his friends , started back
to his diggings. A party of six
secured a blood hound and followed his trail
for some distance In the territory. Yesterday -
day while encamped In a gulch a cloud burst
over them , The gully was flooded and the
gold hunters barely escaped with their lives ,
many of their horses wcro diownod and all
their outllt was lost. The adventurers re
turned today a disconsolate-looking crowd.
Tennessee Mountaineers Kill Six Ne
groes and Wound Ten.
CIUTTAXOOOA , Tcnn. , April 20. A report
has reached hero from. Hoekwood , seventy-
eight miles from Chattanooga ou the Cincin
nati Southern road , that twonty-sovon miles
from that place Sunday a party of native
mountaineers rode Into n tan bark camp in
the Cumberland mountains and without
warning shot and killed six negroes and
wounded ton. The mountaineers , It is said ,
had been discharged for Incompctcncy and
took this method of vengeance.
,1.V E.Ut'MlO.V < llt.B SX UTAH.
Inhabitants of St. . George liadly
Shaken and Very Much Frightened.
SU.T LIKE CITV , Utah , April 0. [ Special
Telegram to Tur. BEC.J A special from the
town of St. George to tu Tribune says that
a distinct shock of earthquake was felt thcro
thU morning at 0:55 : o'clock. Several chim
neys were shauen down and the
buildings rocked badly. The Inhabi
tants were very much frightened
Knocked Out hy an Explosion.
ST. PAUI , Minn. , April 20. The electric
system of this city was paralyzed today by
nn explosion In nu oil tank adjoining the St
Paul city railway cloctrio power houso. A
stcamflttcr who descended Into the tank
with n lighted candle was kllled by the ex
plosion and sot on lire. Ono urmaturo in tbo
power house was at onoo burned out , thu ;
stopping the system. The power house wll
probably bo saved.
The Fire Itccord.
MoxTiinAi , Oat , April 20 , Ono building
of the Canadian Pacific railway works al
Hocheluga burned this morning and many
valuable puttorns were destroyed. Loss
SW.OUO ; Insured.
ASIILAXD , Pa. , April 20. The stock house
ot thn Norton Iron works was damaged to tbo
extent of $30,000 by lira this morning. In
Huinnno Punishment Ordered.
ST. PAUIMinn. . , April 20. The spocla
committee appointed by tbo house to Invcstl
gate the reported brutal treatment of con
vlcts In the penitentiary at Stlllwntcr reported
ported this morning. As a result of the report
port a resolution was adopted Instructing the
prison ofllcials to Institute a huuiauo sy tom
of unUhment ,
Representatives of Throj Inclopnilent
Fatties Denounce Each Other.
.The Kansas Senate In Session as a
Court of Impeachment
IJotkln the Defendant The
TOPEK , Kan. , April 20. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : BGI : . ] Lovl Dumbauld , chair-
nan of the people's party central committee ,
uts added a now complication to the already
nixed political situation , which the call fern
n third party convention has brought about ,
> y addressing an open letter to the Kansas
armors In which ho denounces Frank Mo-
Grath , president of the alliance , In the
> lalnost possible language. The letter Is the
outgrowth of the circular Issued ono week
ago by McGrath In which he demanded that
ho southern farmers leave the democratic
> , irty and Join the Independent movement.
Pho reply of President Livingstone of the
Georgia alliance declaring thut McGrath had
10 right to dictate to the southern farmers ,
ms provoked a great deal of criticism. Mr.
JumbaulU takes for his text the statement
nado by McUrath that unless the south
would desert the democratic party the north-
vcstem farmers would go back to the rcpub-
lean party , and savs :
"I nm authoritatively Informed that Mr.
\IcGrath mute ; this announcement without
nstructlon or authority of the Kansas alli
ance and without the approval of his fellow
ofllcors. Neither has ho any authority to
speak for the people's party of Kansas ,
or for alliance voters on this subject.
' . therefore feel called upon to state that the
people's party of Kansas is In the field to
stay and has'no Intention under any circum
stances of abandoning their third party
novoment und returning to the old party
lues. "
President McGrath refused to discuss
Chairman Dumbauld's letter , stating that lie
lad not scoj It In print and could only know
of it through others. For the same reason ho
refused to answer questions concerning the
notlves which prompted President Living
stone's ' reply.
"I myself was opposed to a third party
movement , " ho said , "but the people I rep
resent demanded It and I could" only speak
for them. I believe the people of the south
ire as ready for tno third party movement as >
wo are , but many of their leaders oppose it.
: hope to see President Llvlngstono at the
Cincinnati covention on May 19 , but there
will bo enough representatives there to assure -
sure the success of the conference. "
A Kansas Judge on Trial.
TOPEKA , Kan. , April 20. [ Special Tele-
{ ram to TUB BKE.J The Kansas senate con
vened this afternoon as a high court of im
peachment to try Judge Thcdosius Botkln of
Lho Thirty-second Judicial district. Judge
Botkln is a republican oOlcoholdor , and the
.ndlctment brought against him by the alii-
auco house contains ton counts , charging htm
with drunkenness , gambling , profanity while
on ttfo bench , and a denial of Justice to his
personal enemies. Judge Boticin Is ono of
the best known men in the stato. Ho ac
quired D.natlonaLandMuinjnviablo , reputation.
la , Denouncing , , Jefferson ' , Davis ,
at a banquet tendered 'visiting Kansans -
sans at Paris , Tox. , by the ex-confed
erates. Ho was forced to flco the town
and on returning homo announced himself as
n candidate for the republican nomination for
congress. At the beginning of the legislative
session the alliance caucus decided to make a
shining mark of ono republic in olllclal and
petitions were sent the legislature from the
counties which compose his district pravlng
for his impeachment. The house investigat
ing committee was in session ton days and
the indictment returned contained the same
charges made in the original petitions.
The cost to the state by the impeachment
trial will not bo less than $50,000 , requiring n
twenty day's session of the senate. The
board of managers appointed by the house to
prosecute the case is conlldcnt tnat enough
direct testimony has boon procured to remove
Juilk'Q Botkin from the bench.
This is the bconii Impeachment trial in the
history of the stato. Governor Clailcs Rob
inson was tried by the senate In IbO'J
on charges of having entered into a
scheme to defraud the state in the
sale of bonds , but was acquitted ,
but his auditor was removed from otlluo.
The district ever which Judge Botkln pre
sides is in the extreme southwestern corner
of the state , and has been the scene of the
many disgraceful county seat fights which
Uavo so advertised the state. In many of
thcso Judge Botkin has been forced to take a
part and personal enmities enter largely Into
the prosecution.
He Acknowledges the Klection of
Jlempstcad Washhiirnc.
CHICAGO , April 20. Mayor Cricgor through
his attorney withdrew this morning all ob
jections to the canvass as completed last
week and asked the canvassing board that
Hompstcad Washburno ( rep ) bo declared
Radical Bills Ki'lcd.
ST. PAW. , Minn. , April 20. The legislature
adjourned today sine die without having
passed any of the radical bills which hud so
aroused the fears of the business community
and caused so much unfavorable comment
throughout the country. The bills for the
taxation of mortgages , providing severe pen
alties for usury , and lowcrine the rate of
inteaest , hostile railroad legislation and all
measures aimed ntcorrorntlons pf all sorts
in fact about all the semi-communistic and
oggrariau measures died in ono house or the
Ilepiihliuun League" Presidency.
CINCINNATI , O. , April 20. The candidates
mostly spoken of for the presidency of the
national republican league are J. S. Clarkson ,
Senator Spoonor , General Nathon Goff , lion ,
T. E. Byrnes of Indiana. Major E. S. Slow-
art of Philadelphia. W.V. . Tracy of Illinois ,
Judge Joseph A. Blanchard and State Sena
tor Fawcott of Now York. Ex-Governor
Foraker has been mentioned , but expressed
n wish that his name bo not used. It Is un
derstood that Elliott F , Shcphard's friends In
the Now York delegation nro for that gen
IlloomlnKlon'H Klcction.
BI.OOMIXOTOX , 111. , April 20. Captain
Daniel T. Foster ( rep ) was elected mayor
todiy by 452 plurality over D , S. Dyson
( dem ) und Q. O. A minis ( pro ) . The rcpuo-
llcuns lese an alderman.
Florida hcnaiorlal Fight.
Assr.E , Fla. , April 20.--Tho Call
men in the caucus Insisted on the two-thirds
rule. Two ballots were taken without result.
1TALUX 131.11 tGlt.lXTH.
Fifteen Hundred of Them Arrived at
New York In Ono Day.
NEW YOHK , April 20. [ Special Telegram
to THE BEC.I Another largo batch of Italian
immigrants , 1,5.S In number , wcro landed at
the barge oftlco today. They arrived last
night on the steamer * Alesla and Alexandria.
Two of the Italian Immigrants that arrived
on the Alesla have been debarred , It having
como to the knowledge of the b.irgo oniclnU
that they nro ox-convicts.
Olhson Indicted.
CuiCAno , April 20.Tho federal grand Jury
returned n true bill this mornlnp again M
Gcorco J. Gibson , former secretary of thy
whisky trust , ou the charge o ! aUuuinUug to
bribe n government agi : to blow up Shu-
feldt's dUtillcry. A cai * for Gibson's ar
rest was at once issued. ]
/ , JMtry. .
Given an KnthiiH as'Z. ' Hoc-option at
San A ut ! 3 ) .
Six ANTONIO , Tex. , A. " 20. The presi
dential party arrived her , II o'clock this
morning. Notwlthstnudl the heavy ralti
which was falling the j. ptlon was most
enthusiastic. The proaL was received
with n military salute o. 'cntv-ono guns.
On leaving the train the party was taken in
carriages to the Grand oncr.i house , which
was beautifully decorated for the occasion.
Addresses of welcome wcro made by
Governor Hogg and Mayor Callahan , am'
responded to by the president. Secretary KuiU
and Postmaster General \Vanamahcr. The
president In his speech referred to thcgivat
industrial capabilities of To. as , Its boncllcent
climate , its great variety ot productions , eto. ,
spoUo of the addition of mochttnlcal pursuits.
There can bo no reason , ho said , why a very
largo proportion ot the million b.tles of cot-
ten now produced should not bo spun In
Texas , and ho hoped the people will mote
and moro turn their attention to this matter ,
for Just in proportion as n state or commu
nity divides Its attention among various In
dustries , so does It ictaiii the wealth it pro
duces and increases in population.
Tlu > president then held a public reception.
A short visit was atterward made to the mili
tary post at Fort Houston , where the party
was cntot tallied by General Stanley and
stuff. The party joft hero at noon for Kl
Pnso amid the cheers of an enthusiastic
Svxnmisox , Tox. , April 20. The presi
dential party passed through hero at 10:1" :
tonight , enrouto to El Paso , where they aio
due tomorrow nt 10.
itV3toitEi >
The Deadwood Central to Ho Pur
chased by the H.t SI. Company.
DKAiinoot ) , S. D. , April 20. [ Special Telegram -
gram to TUB BIB. : ] President Perkins of
the Chicago , Burlington & Quincy railroad ,
accompanied by Messrs Wlttnm and Callcn ,
directors of the same company , arrived in
the city yesterday and spent this morning In
specting the Dc.uh\ood Central railroad ,
which has Just completed Its line
to the mining dhtrict-s of Bald
mountain and Huby bvstn. It is rumored in
local railroad circles that a deal Is pending
by which the Deadwood Centi-al and all Its
rights of way are to bo sold to the Burling
ton & Missouri , a part of the Chicago , Burl
ington it Quincy system , anil that the visit
of the ofllcials of the latter road U really a
preliminary to the conclusion of negotiations.
The consideration for the Dead\\ood Central
will be $1,000,000. ,
Cahlc'fl Opinion of Gould.
CHICAGO , April 20. The attention of Pres
ident Cable , of the Hock Island road , was to
day called to what purported to bo aa Inter
view with Jay Gould , telegraphed from Den
ver. In this , Gould while denying that ho is
seeking to disrupt the Western Trafllo asso
ciation , says such a thing has entered his
mind but it would not bo policy for him to
do so. Referring to the fact that the Santa
Fe and Hock Island are pointed out as great
rivals of his , Goaldis quoted assaying : "It
is bosh. Neither ono of these roads can
make n move without consulting mo. "
President Cable said-tho announcement
, that Gould had considered n
ills'runtJJthoiVcstorn V-rrafHo , assOciatlonj
would surprise nobody In the railway world.
Neither would nnyono question the reason
which ho assigned for refraining from it.
Nobody questions his couratjo , added Presi
dent Cable , in attacking n contract when it
in terferes w'th ' his Interests. He ought not
assume , however , that the managing ofllccrs
of other railroads dare not make a move
without consulting him , especially as his
attorneys are now defending suits vieorously
prosecuted by tne Hock Island and St. Paul
In connection with the Omaha bridge con
tract. ' _
N emulating for the llondbed.
ST. PAVI , Minn. , Ar.rll CO. A Pierre , S.
D. , special to the Pioneer Press says : It is
stated that negotiations are under way for
the purchase of the Jamestown ro'idbod be-
twcon Aberdeen and Oakoa by the Northern
Pacific railway.
Locating Engineers at Work.
RAPID CITT , S. D. , April 20. [ Special
Telegram to Tun BKK. ] The locating engi
neers of the Hapid City & Missouri , fourteen
In number , start today for Cheyenne river.
Three preliminary lines will bo run and the
best taken.
A. Pullman Dividend.
Nr.w YonK , April 20. Tno directors of the
Pullman palace car company today declared
n quarterly dividend of 2 per cent.
8I31t'I , A HT K\ .
The Grave Did Not Furnish Kvldenco
for the Phillips lloli'H.
BIIOCTOX , Mass. , April 20. ( Special Tele
gram to THE BIE. : ] Tno northeastern corre
spondent of the Enterprise furnishes some
facts regarding a sensational story to tlio
effect that a family bible was recently taken
from a family tomb In Euston which , upon
examination , furnished needed proofs as to
the heirs of the estate of Isaac Phillips ,
which is valued at ? 1,000,000. , Ho says
It Is an old story revived after sleeping
twenty years , and the 1'hlllips Heirs have
heard nothing now about it In that space of
timo. The fact Is the bible was taken from
the grave of Mrs , Susie Handall twenty years
ago this spring at which ttmo It was desired
In order to complete the pedturco of the Plill-
Hps family , It having been ascertained that
It had been buried with Miss Handall some
time boforo. The record was then searched ,
hut the book was never returned to the
l.OUICii ) IX K.I Cll OTIIKH'H .1 K.T/.ST.
Suicide of a Young Couple in New
York City.
NEW YOUK , April 20. A youg couple reg
istered at the Union hotel , Forty-second
street and Fourth nvenuo. Sunday morning
as P. Behrand and wife and were assigned tea
a largo room on the third Moor. Tonight
they were found dead , locked in each other's
arms. Thov had employed the old familiar
method of inhaling gas through a rubber
tube held In the mouth. On the woman's
breast was a largo and beautiful bouuot , evi
dently purchased by the young man for the
occasion. No ono about the hotel know who
the couple were , but they were evidently
Germans. They left four letters , two to
Mrs. . Miller of 210 East Ninth street , ono to
the coroner and ono to a woman In Williams-
Mrs ) . Miller refuses to state who the sul-
cldi's aro. The other letters have not yet
bceu opened.
General Glhhon Kclircs.
SAX FUAXCIBCO , Cal. , April 20. BrUndler
General John Gibbon went on the retired
list today , and Brigadier General Thomas H
Itugcr assumed command of the dcpartmnir
of the Pacific.
Two Italian * Killed.
NomttsTOWx , Pa. , April 20. Yesterday
whllo removing nn unoxplodcd charge o
powder In a stone quarry near here , It ex
ploded , killing two Italians and wounding
Hanged by n Mot ) . Miss. , April -Charles CartU
u negro buy In Jail for assault , w.u tukou out
and hauled by u uob.
Angela Oaboth'a Greed for Gold Transforms
lliui Into n Fiend.
Ho Succeeds In Murdering 1II
Jfothci"lu-Im\v , Stalm UN Father-
In-Lavf , and In Then
Slid ! Dead.
Nr.w YOUK , April 20. [ Special Telegram
o Tin : Bin : . ] In Hobokcu early this morn-
ng Angelo Guboth , aged thirty-live , mur-
ercd his mottior-ln-law , dungoioiislystabbed
its father-in-law and was then shot and
tlhed by Couaqulto Chinchella , a son of the
nurdcrcd woman. A general fight followed ,
n which Guhoth's wife was stabbed anil
Iso her brother.
Antonio Chinchella , his wtfo and their
wo sons , Conaqtilto and Ansctcm , aged
Ightecn and twenty years respectively ,
Ivoil in three rooms at No. Itti Grand street ,
lobokon. The house Is a tono-
uent. The Chlnehcllas' daughter anil
icr husband , Angelo Gaboth , wcro
Isittng the Chlnchollas last night. Gaboth
vas a shiftless fellow , of ovll disposition.
Mi . Chinchella had saved tip some
nonoy and there Is no doubt that
luboth know about this mid wanted
t. It looks ns If his visit wcro
ihinned for the solo purpose of securing It ,
ml it Is suspccti'd thut he , contemplated
nurdor when ho went with his wife to visit
mr family.
When the retiring hour came last night
Jaboth's wlfo slept In ono room
vita her mother mid Gaboth
li'jrt in the second room with
ho cMer Chinchella. His father-in-law and
Chlncholla's two sons occupied the third
oom. At 12iO : ! this morning , whllo all of
ho others were soundly sleeping ,
Gaboth arose from his bed
and with a stlllotto lu his bund went into his
nothor-in-luw's rooms. The next Instant a
brick ranc through the apartment. It lasted
nit nu Instant , nowover , for Gabotli , with
ono blow , had sunk his stilletto in the abdo
men of his mother-in-law. The cry
of the dying woman slightly aroused
icr husband In the next room , but the sound
lot being repeated ho rolled over In boil and
wont to sleep again. Guboth's wlfo ,
sleeping with her mother , made
10 sign or motion , remaining
> erfcctly quiet. The blood from her mother's
vouml ran over her , but still she did not stir.
t scorns , therefore , that she was well aware
of what her husband was doing and It looks
is If she were a party to the plot to murder
tor own mother.
Gaboth stele again Into the room In which
old Chinchella slop } , and a moment later
ho thrust the stilletto Into the
icck of tha latter. lie meant
o end the old man's llfo with ono blow , bub
10 missed the vital spot. As the blow descend
ed Chinchella gave a cry which woke up Conn-
qulto , his son , who was sleeping with
ils brother. The two brothers armed thotn-
bolves and rushed uiwn the murderer. A
lo/cn shots were 11 red and then Gaboth fell
to the Iloor dead.
ox Tin : VKIIGK or
Father Craft's Opinion on the Situa
tion i\t ,1'iiio Illdgq. .
cAj-K yORTn Itjin , 5AprilCO/
" ' ' ' '
[ Special Tclcgram'tb ! Tiin'BEi'I'-2'Fftther : ]
Craft , the Catholic priest who was so sorl-
ously wounded in the b.ittlo of Wounded
Knee last December , baa written a letter
from Pine Rldgo agency to a member of the
hospital corps , In which ho says :
"Everything looks quiet Just now , but
so long ns Interested pirtlos have a
chance to stir up trouble and the Indians arq
foolish enough to bclievu thorn , It feels as If
wo wuro sitting on a powder keg with dan
gerous sparks unnleusantly near. Wo have
a military agent hero. Everything may bo
safe , but I know tbo situation too well to feel
qulto sure of anything unless the war depart
ment can huvo complevo control of nil the
uKcncles. It Is the only sure remedy for all
the Indian troubles and the only hope for tha
Indians. The Sioux delegation , whllo nt
Washington , was thoroughly manipulated by
the Indian bureau. Some of tbo Indians were
made to say what they know to bo fnlso
about the army , and others claim they were
silenced when they wanted to give facts.
Many things were published which they
never thought of saying. Captain Leo called
up Hollow Horn Bear , one of the delegates
from Rosobud. The Indian denlrs all thd
statements uUrilmted to him and said ho
never .spoko a-r.ilnst the army. The Indians
who returned from Washington say they
went thereto ask for military agents ,
but were badly treated by the Indian bureau
and wuro prevented from saying what they
wished to say. I got my share ot ubuso , too.
The Indian bureau begins now to rcall/o
that In blaming the army they have walked
Into the largest and liveliest hornet's nest In
the country. I am ontiioly well now and
will soon leave to finish my work at the mis
sion. "
Double Murder In Maryland.
OLD TOWN , Mi. , April 20. Garrett Lulo-
man , a clerk in the store of John Carder , this
morning shot and killed William Foley and
mortally wounded William Car.ler. Ho pro
fesses the utmost unconcern und his friends
think ho is insane. Ho had not been on good
terms with the men ho shot for sotno tluio.
Horrlblo Crime lu Cuba.
April 20. At Mocatlua a mad
man attacked and killed his little brother
with n knlfo. mutllatlntr him in the most tor-
rlble manner. Ho then proceeded to cat portions
tions of the body , and had devoured th ling-
el's , llvur , heart and oycs when discovered.
Tough TOVIIH Cyclone.
PiTT.siiUHG , Tex , , April 20. A severe
cyclone cut n swath through this place at an
early hour this morning , completely destroy
ing two icsldoncos and badly damaging half
a do/i'ii others , Mrs. Crowcll was fatally
and her daughter bovoioly hurt.
\VyniuliiK National Guardn.
EVAXSTOV , Wvo. , April 20. [ Special Tol-
ecram to Tun Bin.l : Lleutcnat't Colonel
Horace C. Christmas , of the Wyoming Na
tional Guards , mustered into service com
pany G , nt thlu place. The company starts
out with flfty members.
Nellie Grant In 'Now York.
NBW YOHK , April 20. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : BP.K. ] Nolllo Grant Sartoda , accom
panied by Miss Vivian and Hose Mury Sar-
torls and Lhnnl Sartorls , arrived here on the
steamship Auraniu this morning. They cam *
to vlblt Mrs. Grant.
Cashier's Account * ( 'o.'ifiiscd.
Aunt'it.v , Me. , April 20.--Tho accounts of
Mi C. Porclvnl , who , owing to Illness , retired
from his position as cashier of the Shoo and
Leather bank , uro according to the directory ,
lu I'oufusion and tha bank examiner li at
work on the books ,
Another Victim of PoUon.
LOUISVIU.B , Ky. , April 20. Another vic
tim U counted to poison at the wedding
feast at i.lndon. Ky. V. B. Snooks , father
of the groom , W. B. SnooUs , dlod at Emit
nonce today. Half a dozen other ) are itlU
in danger , _
Gold Dlbcovery I" Month Dakota.
PIBIIHK , S. U. , April 20 , Great excitement
has been cnusod by tt report that gold has
been found along Sago Creek , In Plebaok
county , 110 mile * wc t. A lurud number ot
people will UH at ouco.