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    THE Q
Veterans of Nebraska Observe the Twenty-
lifth Anniversarj ,
Insanity Cnused by Ilellnlon Scone
nt an Indian Funeral Itobbor-
ICH nt Sewnrd Accident
ally Shot.
Neb. , April 0. [ Special Tele-
pram to Tim Hun. ] The veterans of Kear
ney celebrated the twcnty-flftb anniversary
of the organization of the Grand Army of thq
Ucpubllc tonight nt the city hall and every
available space was tilled. The principal
pcnKcre were 13. C. Calkins , K. O. lolnies
nnd ira II. Wambaugh , representatives of the
different local organizations , who gave a his
tory of their rnspcctlvo societies. A. J. Snow
enrosentou Smith uavltt post , Oranu Army
of the Republic , B , II. Moulding represented
Sedgwick post. Mrs. 0. C. Spalds repro-
Bcntcd the Scdgwivk Women's ' Kcllof corns
nnu Mrs. M. Y. Miles the Smith Gavltt
Women's Hellof corps. Tbo S. S. Hartman
nnd J. B. McVhorson camp * of Sons of
Veterans , nnd II. 1C. Painter tent of
Daughters of Veterans , was writ repre
sented by one of its lenders. The affair
was a pleasant ono throughout and showed
that the oln soldier clement of ICoarnoy Is In
a wonderful state of preservation.
An Indian Funeral.
Font Romxioy , Neb. , April 0. Special
to Tin : nii : : . ] The wife of "Hand , "
0110 of the Indian scouts , was buried
In the post cemetery , Ilov. Plutmner , chap-
1 n of the Ninth cavalry , oniclatinp nt
the grave. This makes the second Indian
body in the post cemetery. The first was a
child of Bnptlstl Qarnlor , the post Interpre
ter. Mrs. Hand leaves four urown children.
a son and three daughters. The scene nttuo
Konvo was nulto affecting , the husband nnd
dnuuhturc giving vent to their sorrow
row In weeping and walling , ns
their moro enlightened brothers nnd
sisters of the pain faced race do
under like circumstances. Your cor
respondent 1ms been on the western plains
for thirty odd years , nnd todav was the first
time ho ever saw a male Indian shed tears.
While the rending of the service was going
on , Hand was walking around outside of the
crave yard , but as soon as the earth was
thrown into the grave ho came nnd stood be
side It and lifted up his voice and woptwlth
his ( laughters. The son , moro stoical , stood
back a tow paces nnd wept silently. It Is not
customary to bury the Indian dead in govern
ment cemeteries , but Hand beluga soldier ,
guvo him the privilege.
Scwnrd ,
SKWAIID , Neb. , April 0. [ Special to Tun
Bnn. | Last night the hardware store of S.
C. Oiks was broken into und knives , razors
'and guns to the value of about 8150 stolen.
Tha entrance was affected by the breaking of
n window In the roar of tlio store. Early this
morning the police nrrouted three men who
were seen on the streets yesterday. The
goods were found secreted In a bay mow on
the fair crounds and In possession of ono of
the burglars. Thn other two were captured
a few miles from town.
A farmer living nonr Milford on going out
to tils barn this morning missed omo corn
nnd noticed that a wagon had recently left
the crib. Ho traced the wagon to Sownrd
and located , he claims , Iho corn in the barn
of Nicholas Sowoll , who rnns a bus linn in
the city , and Scwoll and his hired man , An-
'demon ' Talley , were arrested and are now in
Accldfltilnlly Shot.
WATHIII.OO , Neb. , April 0. [ Special T le-
gram to Tiir. BKI : . ] Robert Patrick and
some of his. friends from Omaha cnmo out
hcrj hunting this afternoon. After gelling
their blind built Patrick went to get In when
the trigger of his gun caught , causing nn acci
dental discharge. Tha chargq took effect in
the inside of his loft foot , just grazing the
bono. Had the charge gone quarter of an
inch further in ho vvould probably have lost
half of his foot , ns It Is It hat made nn ugly
\ wound which will lay him up for several
v.'ccks , aUhbugh it is not considered serious.
The unfortunate man was taken to his homo
In Omaha this evening.
Over Ilollglon.
OSCEOIA , Nob. , April 0. JSpeclnl to THE
Bjr.l The board of Insanity of this county
has been called together by the clerk to take
nctlon * In the case of Alfred Llndburg , who
was reported Insane. Lmdbuiv ; Is" a young
man about twenty-two years old nnd came
licro from Sweden about four years ago. Ho
is called religiously crazy and spends most of
his tlmo reading the Illblo and singing
psalms , and has occasionally kuocltcd a few
fellows over tlmt did not agree with him.
The board considered him a lit subject for
treatment nt the hospital for the insane and
ordered that ho bo sent to Lincoln.
Anniversary at Fremont.
FIIKMONT , Nob. , Aprfl 0. [ Special to TUB
Bijc.J MePherscm post , Grand Army of the
Republic of this city , hold an open meeting
tonl itat thoMusontu temple to commemor
ate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the
founding of llio ordor. The meeting was at
tended by a largo luullcnco and the pro
gram mo wus n most Interesting throughout.
Among those who pnrtlclpaicd In the oxer-
clses were Comrades L. I ) . Richards. I. P.
Gniro , James Murray , James Huff , Judge
"William Marshall , 0. WrHynttand Captain
K. D. Percy of company K , Nebraska na
tional guard. Mayor Shorvln delivered the
opening address , and patriotic songs wore an
Interesting feature.
Just Heforo the Battle.
KEAIIVRV , Nob. , April 0. [ Special Telegram -
gram toTiieHBi ! . ] The llnal round-up of
the voters before election was hold this even
ing and addressed by the champions of the
Independent tlcKot. Slnco the , bond contest ,
which closed on Saturday evening , It has
boon difficult to revive the Interest usually
taken In city elections horo. Morality , eco
nomical expenditure of the peoples' money ,
and alleged mistakes of the past were the
chief Issues discussed tonight. The main
Issue , however , Is : Shall Stanley Thomp
son , Independent , or Ira Johnson , the citi
zen's man , bo elected mayor , The contest
will bo close.
Ilcnpcnlntf of a Fremont
FIIEMOXT , Nob. , April 0. [ Special to Tite
BEI : . ] Thu Krn hotel , the oldest and lurgojt
hostelry in Frouiout , which has been closed
for some tlmo undergoing a complete change
of the interior plan and a refurnishing
throughout , was thrown open to tto public
ogaln today. It will henceforth bo in the
hands of a now management. Messrs. Smith
& Collins , the latlor recently with the Pal
mer hotel at Grand Island.
School House Uomls Voted.
Cos * ! ) , Neb. , April 0. [ Special Telegram
to THE Bur.At ] an election held here for
voting bonds to crcnt a t5lHX ! ) school build
ing nliiety- . oven votes were polled nnd all In
favor of tbo bonds. There was no dissenting
voto. _ s _
lUi : Pirn al Klli.v
Euu , Neb , , April 0. [ Special toTnEBKB.J
A fire broke out In Leon Jeucskls' saloon
this morning und was Immediately beyond
control , spreading rapidly to adjoining build
ings , and only stopped when everything In
its way wiu consumed. The losses and In-
eun\nco3 nro as follows :
Leon JeucaUl , three iloro buildings , cntir * .
fitojk of llxturvt and ealooa Hock , loss esti
mated nttO.OOOj Insurance , $3.XW. ( Hocon &
Fugate. meat market , los , S.VX ) ; no insur
ance. Helm Brothers , carpenter shop utul
tools , . ' 00 ; no Insurance. Store building
owned bv Frank 1'Iourkowskl. fSOO ; insur
ance , $ .VO. Klba State bank bulldhiff , dam
aged , ? . ! . / ) ; no Insurance. Elba Graphic , loss ,
$ tXX ) ; no Insurance.
Dcrrllot ( "ouiiollmrn.
Nr.nttASKA Cur , Nob. , April 0. [ Special
Telegram to Tun | Bnc. ] There was some
Important business to have been transacted
by the council tonight but no quorum was
present , although tha chlof and cntlro pollco
dcourcil the city for members Thlele , Hod-
onbrock and Welsh , The latter , a domocra *
was tha only ono found nnd ho claimed to 1"
sick In bed , .Mayor Ireland gave th
absentees n severe "jacking up" nnd the
council adjourned until 10 o'clock tomorrow
morning. A dozen of the wealthiest and
most prominent citlons of the town waited
until a Into hour for n quorum nnd several
grading contracts wore walling for confirma
tion , but matter was the setting
aside of a patch of ground on Thirteenth
street for the benefit of the Boyschlng cereal
Union Swlteliini-n on u Strike.
LINCOLN , Neb. , April 0. [ Snoclal Tele-
or.nm to TIIR Itnn. I Onnnnil Mntiturnr TTnl.
drcilgoof the B. &M. refused to reinstate
the union switchmen discharged from the
yards here , Tonight all the union switch
men In the B. & M. yards struck. About
fifty switchmen nro unemployed and half a
do/on are working. Thuro has been no ex
hibition of any violence. The strike was
made under the advisement of Grand Master
Sweeney of the switchman's union.
A U'cll llj ) . - oiKilled. .
Nou. ; April ( > . [ Special Tclo-
gram to Tun Bii.l : Peter Nelson living six
teen miles northeast of KImball wai killed
today while digging n well. Ho was being
lowered In the well when the rope slipped
and bo was precipitated to the bottom , a dis
tance of 1UU feet. Ho was mangled In a
horrible manner.
All Antl-Itno'llo A'lctory.
DES MOINES. la. , April 0. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Bun. ] Elecllons wor hcld In
too Third and ' Fourth wards of this city
today to fill vacancies caused by resignation"
John Sherman , republican , was elected in
the Third ward by n largo majority , and
Henry M. Kollins , republican , In the Fourth
ward by about twelve majority. Both wards
nro democratic when party lines nro drawn ,
but the light in this case was nnnpartlsan
nnd the result is regarded ns an anti-boodlo
DunuQvn , la. , April 0. The enllro demo
cratic city ticket was elected today. Stew
ard's majority is 800. All the republican
randldales for aldermen wore defeated.
Those elected nro threes democrats and ono
KroKi'ic , la. , April 0 , The municipal elec
tion hold-today resulted In the ro-olectlon of
Cralc , democrat , mayor. The other demo-
ciutic nominees were also victorious.
Mtthlns Post .Jubilates.
BUUMNGTON , In. , Aorll 0. [ Special Tel
egram to Tun Br.i : . | Matthias post No. C ,
Grand Army of Iho Republic , ono of the old
est orgnnizalioua In the country , having re
ceived its charter September M. 1SCO , duly
celebrated the silver Jubilee of tno order nt
Its hall tonight. A brilliant programme of
ftnnnnhns mtimr * ntrv ivn rnrrlnrl nnt.
Operators Moot wit i tiittlo SUCCUHS
in Starting Tliclr 1'latitn.
PiTTsnufio , Pa. , April C. Though every
thing was quiet , aff.drs In the coke region
today were dccldodly Interesting to both
sides. Tlio operators made n datermlned ef
fort to start sovcrarof their plants with but
doubtful success. The strikers devoted
themselves to looking after the stragglers
and kent away from , the works. But
few men nro working lu each plant. Several
companies , however , have notified the sheriff
of Fayctto county that they Intend to stnrt
tomorrow or later in the wcok , and the county
will be hold rosponslolo for damages if
their works nro not guarded. The militia
nro still hold there , their presence being a
guarantee of poaco. The strikers still hope
for a compromise.
Up to tonight seven Morowood rioters were
arrested and eight of the deputies who did
tbo shooting. The Justice held these charged
with riot nnd carrying concealed weapons In
$1,000 ball , while the dcrmlios charged with
murder were released on $300.
A Small Jtlot.
KiNsisCiTV , Knn. , April 0. There was a
small riot at the Pluculx packing bcuso this
morning. Rumors of the reopening of the
packing house , which has boon closed slnco
November , caused a crowd of laborers to con
gregate about the gates , about three
hundred In all. Later twenty Italians
cnmo up in a body. They told the super
intendent that they would work for SI a day.
When the crowd learned of the offer of the
Italians they seized fence pickets , stones
and ether missiles and charged the Italians.
The Italians made u aland for a moment , but
were soon forced back , and ended by taking
n precipitate flipht , followed by a storm of
curses and missiles. It Is not known whether
any Italians were injured or not.
Grand Master Wilkinson Fires the
Trustees of the Brotherhood.
GALESIICUO , III. , April 0. S. E , Wilkinson ,
grand master of the Brotherhood of Railway
Trainmen , has discharged Charles T. Sails-
bury , John C. Glenn , Charles W. Flanders ,
John O'Rourko ' and R. S. Bodmnn ,
grand trustees of tlmt organization. The
reasons for this , Wilkinson said , were usur
pation of authority and failure to mnkou
proper examination of tbo books of the vari
ous oftlclals. Salisbury of this clly , ouo of
the trustees , denies the authority of Wilkin
son to discharge thorn , and says tboy are
still serving regardless of the ordor.
Strlkn of III icknmknrs.
THBNTON , N. J. , April 0. Twelve hundred
brickmnkors struck this morning against a
decrease In wages.
Announcement from Berlin of Its
Withdrawal Creates n Sensation.
CHICAGO , April 0. [ Special Telegram to
Tnu iSnr : . | The cablegram from Berlin today
stating tlmt the German government has de
finitely withdrawn the embargo placed upon
American pork created quite a sensation
among the packers bora. The manager for
Armour & Co. , however dtvll-i' ' to credit
the report. Ho said If it wen , rn liu liouso
would have heard of It from Berlin , " \Vo
have high hopes , " ho added , "that ultimately
the embargo will bo taken off. But tlio ban
dits that will coma to America ns the result
nf such an action are not so great as many
people.suppose. 1 ho inspection liiws of Ger
many , which It would bo absurd to have re
pealed , are so strict and the fees charged by
the Inspectors nro o high that profits are cut
down to u minimum. "
The manager of the International pr.cklng
company thought the report nt toast praiaa-
tuiv. It bad , however , already caused an
ndvnnco in prices , nnd should it provo
nuthcntlu there will bo a still stronger mar
ket. Nelson Morris thought If the report
was true ho would have heard of It from
Germany. If It U correct It will help the
.American market Immensely. If tbo report
Is verified ho will begin the shipment of pork
to Germany at OHM. Other prominent pack
ers expressed the same views.
Si , Joseph Hfcrdwnro l-'niliiri4.
ST. .IOSLTII , Mo. , Apill 0' 'iho wholesale
hard\vnro house ut Shuluo & Hosea was
closed today , with imcis of { 'MO.OOO and lia
bilities off 170,000.
Additional labor Thrust TJpjn Treasury
Officials by the Direct Tax Bill.
Causes U'lilcli Have Itulttuoil Germany
to Iln'Hc Ilia ICiiilmrijo 0:1 : Amcrl *
can Pork Nebraska Postmasters -
masters Appointed.
ISGTOX BimnvuTiin Bun , 1
WASHINGTON , D. C. , April 0. 1
The passage of the direct tnx bill has
caused an enormous amount of extra work to
bo thrust upon the ofllclals of the treasury
dcpartmout. From all the states In the union
letters nro rccewod dally Inquiring about the
repayment , nnd there Is a wldo spirit of
misapprehension as to Just what tha direct
tax was. From Indiana and Nebraska , from
Texas nnd from Malno loiters have como in
quiring about the chaneo of securing repay
ment by persons who bollovo they have paid
the direct tax to the government commission
ers. In many Instances Internal revenue re
ceipts are sent to substantiate the claims , but
of 'course the treasury can do nothing for
the claimants , ns the tax collected In
all the the northern states was col
lected from the states themselves and not
from Individuals. On the other hand , south
erners have direct claims against the refund
money , and In order to facilitate the proofs of
these claims the department has decided to
cngago rooms outside the treasury bulliluig ,
where ull the recorus will bo kept and where
clerks can go through the flies and secure
sucli evidence as may bo necessary to assist
In returning to tho" people who paid the
money the amounts that may bo found duo
them. This Is a new departure from the
government's methods , as up to the present
time It has always been to throv ns many
barriers In the way of getting monuy out of
the treasury as was possible. It Is believed
in the treasury that It will bo at least two
years before tbo last dollar of the dlvidBud
tax is paid out from the vaults.
The postmaster general todav appointed
the following postmasters for Nebraska : 0.
B. AVhipplo at Dorrlngton , Scotts Bluff
county , vleoJ.V. . FalrcnUds , resigned ; J. V.
Nelson nt Frola , Douol county , vlco A. F.
Frold. resigned ; C. A. Palnialtcr nt Goran-
mm , Valley county , vice. J. G. Wolfe , re
signed ; R. P. James at Hiawatha , Dutidy
county , vlco C. M. Muild , resigned ; J. M.
Huglln nt Hosklns. Wayne county , vleo J. W.
Powell , resigned ; w. H. Eplingat Konnard ,
Washington county , vlco P. S. Nelson , re
signed ; S. Taylor at Meadvlllo , Keya Iaha
counly , vl'jo ' F. V. Snyder , resigned.
A cablegram from Berlin , printed this
evening , states that the Gorman government
has finally determined to withdraw the embargo
barge placed upon' American pork. This Is
duo largely to two causes. The first and
most potential was the passage of the moat
Inspection bill by the last congress , which
bill , by the way , promises to open up a wider
market for American hog and cattle products
in Europe than ever before existed. The
other cause was the diplomacy shown by
Minister Pbclps , who bos been commended
upon nil sldos upon the manner In which ho
has conducted the negotiations which , while
not yet completed , have progressed suffic
iently to enable the departippnt of agricul
ture people to predict that there will belittle
little diniculty from this time forward
ir. the way of landing American meat pro
ducts In the Gorman empire. In this con
nection it is stated at the department that
the Inspectors under the Inspection bill will
bo appointed directly by the secretary of
agriculture and that they will bo required to
bo graduates of vctorlpnry colleges and men
thoroughly versed In entile diseases. Already
about u score of applications have been re
ceived , but Is is not likely that any appoint
ments will bo raado for a week or ten days.
The Inspectors to bo appointed will bo sta
tioned at tha slaughtering establishments of
the country , principally in Chicago , Omaha
and Kansas City.
It was announced in these dispatches a day
or two ago that Senator Manderson was con
fident that Jiulne Crounsu would bo appointed
nsslstantsecrotary of tno treasury. Tlio sen-
ntor loft for Philadelphia on Saturday nnd has
not yet returned , sothatbo has not been form-
all v notified that Judge Crounso Is to DO ap
pointed. Secretary Foster was reticent today
and declined to state positively what had been
donoln the matter , but It was learned thntun-
loss something turns up which Is not now expected -
pected Judge Crounso will bo appointed
assistant secretary of the troasjiry within u
Jay or two. This will glvoNNebraska a
strong position In the most important de
partment Of tbo government , nnd the friends
of Judge Crounso are contldcnt that ho will
mnko an excellent official who will reflect
credit on the president and tbo administra
ciunt.E.sTo.v J.-OT nnAuy ron SBA.
It is stated at the navy department that
the cruiser Charleston , which a news dis
patch reports as being under orders from the
stnto department to proceed to Honolulu ,
will not bo ro.idy for sea for at loastteu days
or a fortnlgnt. Tbo state department has
not and cannot order a naval vessel from ono
uolnt to another. It may request the navy
department to make such an order , but in
tbfs case It has not made a request. The
original Intention of tbo navy department
was to send the Charleston back to Honolulu
when she arrived at San Francisco , but
meantime the Chilian war seemed to
indicate the necessity of another United
States naval vessel being lent to
Chill in addition to the Baltimore , which
arrived at Tolcohuana Friday , and the Snn
Francisco , which is to sail Wednesday for
Chili. So that the navy department has not
vet decided where to send the Charleston ,
but will select her destination when she is
ready for sea , according to the necessities of
tbo hour.
Prof. J. W. Love of Fremont , who was re
cently appointed consul general to Ban Salvador
vader , leaves tonight for his now post via
Omaha and San Francisco. Mr. Love had n
long conference with tbo minister from San
Salvador during bis stay In Washington , and
goes down very well posted on the character
of the country ho is to visit.PEIIIIV
Nebraska and Iowa I'oiiBloiis.
WASHINGTON , April 0. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BEB.I Pensions were granted
today to the following Ncuraskans : Original
Peter Lemon , August Mllnor , Harrison Mc-
Lenahnn , John Y , Philip. Additional-
Thomas M. Davis , Hiram Mngec. Increase
Hlchard I. Brown , Daniel Smart , William
H , Gardner , Charles II. Marquis , Jeremiah
Dodd , Archibald Study , \V. H. Morton ,
Levl Wllcox , Calvin H. Young. Original
widows Alrlna V. , widow of Joseph F , Gil
bert ; Caroline B. , widow of Enos li. Gobb ;
Sarah A. , widow of John Y. Phillips.
Iowa : Original Jonathan L. Moore ,
Richard M. Hall , Arthur L. McKay , Andrew
Leo , George A. Palmer , Joseph V , Hopkln-
son , John C. McConnell , Ernstus Harden ,
James F. Holmbuch , Henry Pearson , Sam
uel U. Llndsey , Marshall MoFarland. Ad
dition ul Nelson C. Spencer , Henry H , Mer
rill. Increase William J. Cain. James Low-
cry. David Mfthur , Matthias Kief , Daniel J.
Smith , Thomas Stnrkoy , George D. Green-
leaf , Wllllum Henry Jenkins , John I. Hind-
man , William II. Orange , Georco W. Smith ,
Thomas Benedict , William II , H. Brown.
Helssua and Increase Henry II. Hlgley.
Original widows Ella , widow of Henry F.
Folsom ; Nancy A. , widow of William H.
Proetur Not Ordered Homo.
WASIIISOTON , April 0. No ona at tno war
dcpartmout knows of any telegram having
Deon lent to Secretary Proctor requesting
> 'U return , The secretary telegraphed lust
Friday that lie would lcnvoSan Francisco lor
Washington Monday. Ho nas carried out
the part of his pr iframmo , visiting
tha military posts of the iiauth and 1'iiclflo
const , and If ho has decided ! to curtail his trip
it Is probably bocnuso havtslios to see the
president before the latter leaves Washington
on his western lour.
T1IK FKlfKltAli fOn\\SlTE XJ II' .
Important Decision l > r the United
StnlcH cm rcml Court.
WASHINGTON , April 0. The United States
supreme court today reversed the Judgment
of the sit promo court of Montana in the case
of Andrew J. D.ivls , nppolUnt , vs Henry
Wlobbold , and ordered thd casoroinatided ; for
a now trial. Tula was at suit for damages
and Involved tha title to certain lands in the
town of Butte , Mont. Tno case turns upon
the construction to bo given to the provisions
of the townslto law' ' of the United
States. Davis held the title uudor the town-
stto entry act , of which ouo provUton was
that no title should bo acquired under the
net to any gold , silver or copper mlno or to
any valid mining claim hold under the exist
ing laws. Wlobbolu claimed the tltlo under
the general mining laws , "nnd when Davis
offered to provo that nt the time the patent
of the Uutto townslto' was Issued the
promises In dispute were not known to bo
valued for minerals of any kind , objection
was taken on the ground ihnt Wiobbold's
patent showed that ns a matter of fncl the
premises did contain valuable mineral lauds ,
and as such could not bo granted by the
townslto patent , The coUrt sustained the
objection , and this ruling , which was really
decisive of tno controversy , this court over
rules. 'J ho question Involved In the suit nas
been long In dispute and there have boon
various nnd , In some instances , diverse
opinions on it In the executive departments.
Thn tTtiltnil Ktntivt Rimminn rnnrt hai sev
eral times passed upon it by Inference and
implication , but this , U is said , Is the first
direct decision. The court , in Its opinion ,
written by Justice Field , says : "Tho Im
portant question U whether , In * the absence
of knowledge that thcro were any valuable
mineral lands within the town site , Davis
can bo deprived of the premises purchased
nnd occupied by him because of the subse
quent discovery of minerals In them and the
issue of a patent to the discoverer. After
much consideration wohnfocoino to the con
clusion that this question must bo answered
In the negative. It Is iruo the language
of the statutes touching the acquisition of
tltlo to mineral lands within tbo limits of
town sites Is very broad , but In strictness
they impart only that the provisions of the
town site law shall not bo the means of pass
ing tltlo also to valuable mining lands. Wo
think they must bo held mnrcly to prohibit
the passage of title to turning lauds then
known to exist and not to prohibit the ac
quisition for all time of mines which then lay
burled unknown in the depths of thu earth.
President Harrison's Trip Defers tlio
Canadian Negotiations.
WASHISOTON , April 0 , Accompanied by
Sir Julian Pauucefolo , the Canadian cabinet
ofticlals called upon Secretary Blalno nt his
home just before noon today , Their stay was
uutafew moments , and returning to the
hotel they announced that they wore about
to leave Washington. President Harrison
has signifies his deslro-to bo present at the
conference , nnd as hfe roming trip west
would Interfere In that iWvus"Jnouvrht best to
postpone negotiations untU , such" tlmo as the
president could glvo the uiattor his attention.
Messrs. Foster & TbompsornVJinow d WBsTF
Inpton this afternoon for Ottawa nud Tdppor
will go to London. Ho soys Sir Julian will
notify the party when : o return to Washing
ton , wblrh will boas cfob.i'03
con conveniently glvo his attention to the ne
gotiations. _ .
Concrcss Only Can Grant Hollcf.
WASHINGTON , April 0. Secretary Noble
today readered a decision rejecting applica
tions to perfect about forty-two entries under
the { linber and stone acts iuade by members
of the ICowah co-oporfttlvo colony In Cali
fornia , now located within ] the Sequoia na
tional park reservation created by nets
of the last congress. The secretary holds
that these applications to purchase under tbo
timber and stone nets are not entries of land ,
hence It was competent for congress to reserve -
servo lands. Their claims In casns of home
stead and pre-emption onlrios are also denied.
Those colonists have expended In the con
struction of public roads and other Improve
ments about ? 100,000 , and while the decision
may result in hardships Wi the colonists , any
iclfef must come through congress.
Not Yet Olllolally "Notified.
WASHINGTON , April 0. Speaking about tbo
cabled statement of the removal of the embargo
barge on pork by Germany , Secretary Husk
said this evening that ho had no official
notification of It. When the Inspection law
of March 8 was passed bo caused Its
provisions to bo communicated to the
German government through the department
of state and Minister Phelps. The secretary's
belief Is that though wo have received no
ofllciul notice of the removal of the embargo
we can look for some such action on the part
of Germany before long.
Mnxwell Land Grant Company Wins.
WASIIISOTON , April (1.The / supreme court
of the United States today afllrmcd the judg
ment of tbo circultcourt of the United States
for tbo district of Colorado in favor of the
Maxwell land grant company on a suit
brought against that company 6y the Inter
state land company to recover a largo tract
of land In Las Anlmas county , Colorado.
No Immediate C'hnniro Probable.
WASHINGTON , April 0.--It is stated on the
DCSi of authority that there U no immediate
prospect of a change In the oftlco of United
Sintus treasurer , and that tbo president will
certainly take no action until Huston re
covers from his present Illness.
the Klnonld CIIKO.
WASHINGTON , April 0 , Arguments were
begun in the Klncald case today , but ad-
journmctit was soon taken because of the ill
ness of Jurors. _
Appointed tnaGood Field.
WASHINGTON , April 0.ho' president today
appointed Thomas F. . Willon of Arizona
United States attorney for the territory
of Arizona. _ _ *
J ) lit CVSH lA'O ntjtill'lt UCITV.
'tlio Great Snljoot Tliixt ls Receiving
the Attention of Cnnnillnnf ) .
MosTiiEAt , April 0. ISpocIal Telegram to
TUB BKE. ] The only subject f discussion In
nil circles In Canada Is reciprocity , the mis
sion on which Sir Charles Tunpor has gone
to Washington. The conservatives sny It Is
proof that Sir John MacDonald was In earn
est when ho mado. the pre-election promise
that ho. would seek , redprocal trudo
with the United States. If the mission
fails , as many think U will , the liberals will
bo blamed for convoying the Impression that
better terms could bo made with their party.
They claim the conference Is devoid of mean
ing and blame the conservative government
lor assuming nn allitudo hostile to reciprocity
while making promise * that they would try
to bring it about.
FarOmaha anil VlctnUu IA < jU rain ; station
ary ttmpcnilurc.
for titlircuka , Tuieit ftml South Dakota
Wannerair ; ; tmutherlu ipiiii&i ,
Great Sleep Fust Kiulod.
DETUOIT , Mich. , April ft. The sleep fast of
163 hours ended today , . Gcorgo Cunningham
was tha only ono of the contestants to com
plete tbo prescribed limit. Townscnd , the
old time pedestrian , kept awake 1MI hours
and then collapsed. Ho exhibited signs of
Germany Withdraws Its Objections to the
American Hog.
Ho I'rcimtscs Further Sciisntloiinl lie-
vrtoptitcnls In the Divorce Cose
I-H ) | ; ( Tool Inn A m > 111 : the Nor
wegians Foreign Noirat
Btinus , April 0. It la nnnounood that the
Gorman government has dollnltoly resolved
to withdraw the embargo plowed upon Amor-
can pork. It Is added , however , that the
oftlrlalnotlcoof this withdrawal will prob
ably ba delayed for some time in view of cer
tain negotiations which nro goln ? on hero be
tween the German government and tbo
United States.
Tim-nril Modern Democracy.
ROMK , April 0. CnrUlnnl Lavlgle's toast
nt Algiers und the events which rapidly fol
lowed that striking uttornneo nro sill ! much
discussed In church circles. Everything
clearly Indicates the decided drift of the
Catholic church toward modern democracy.
Hut those who have enjoyed the confidence-
Pope Leo know that ho has always
considered Hof prlmo Importance for the
church to free Usolf from Identification
vlth old dynastic properties. But It was
necessary to move slowly so ( is to wound
royalist and aristocratic susceptibilities as
little ns possible. In all countries the pope
lias favorite correspondents , upon whoso ad-
vlco ho places special reliance , and who nro
charged with carrylnir out his personal pol
icy. Cardinal Lavlgior Is one of these , and
when on October U Inst Cardinal
Lnvlglor arrived lu Homo the pope charged
him personally with the Important religious
and political mission of bringing the church
In Franco into hnnnony with the republic.
Luvlgler's speech brought storm of loiters
to the Vatican. All Prance grow Infuriated.
While the Idea of the toxl wai suggested and
approved by the Vatican , the form It took was
not satisfactory. The ardent pritmito of
Africa wont somoivhiit hoyond bounds. Ho
attacked tlio old parties and taunted
thorn with having been la alliance with
Boulnngism. But this vigorous language bad
a good Hldo. It made all Franco understand
unmistakably that the church intended to
break with the past. There was no more
equivocal mennlnc. The pope said with re
gard to this : "Tho cardinal has done right ,
it was necessary to strike a great blow In
order to get out of this condition of hesitancy
and confusion. "
The letter of Cardinal Knmpolln to the
bishop of Tours repeated In frontier for n the
nilirtnn rrll'nn IM A 1 rrtniHi IPhrt Qimnnrh nf
ihowholo Episcopal body shows ibnt the work
has been successful. It w 111 come to pass
In splto of the opposition of parties. The
pope sees that the future belongs to the
democracy. lie Is convinced that the United
States will furnish a form for the conclusions
of European society as well as ecclesiastic
questions. Ho believes sincerely that
Europe is marching towards democracy , with
republican Institutions as the predestined
goal. In hW character as pontiff kodaronot
say so , but Cardinal LaylKlqr's ' address was
an echo of close conversation with Leo. Ob
servations whlchijToachodHtboi-vatleau-froBii
bos been heard , and statesmen itro warned.
Norwegian OJnalTocttnii.
Loxnon , April 0. [ Spoclal Cablegram to
TUB BEE , } A Stockholm dispatch says that
the Swedish government is beintf strongly
advised to put down the Norwegian disaf
fection with a forcible hand. The irovorn-
mont's critics claim that Swedon'hus
been too lonlont and conciliatory
In Its treatment of Norway and
has thereby encouraged the spirit
of accession" among a certain class who
would sooner see Norway under the pro
tection of Russia or Denmark than Swndon.
Neither of these powers , It is said , would
dare to help Norway should the disaffection
bo dealt with. Russian emissaries nro
charged with fomenting the trouble In Nor
Health of tlie Ilolr Prosiimptivo.
LONDON , April 0. ( Special Cablegram to
THE Bsn. ] The health -of Prlnco Albert
Victor , duke of Clare'nco and Avondalc , the
oldest son of thoprincoof Wales and holr
nrcsumptlvo to the British crown , is again
causing considerable anxiety among the
members of the royal family and in court
circles. Prince Albert Victor has boon com
pelled to leave Bork , the headquarters of his
roirlmont. the Tenth ( princa of Wales own )
hussars , in which ho holds the rankof major ,
and Is going to the Curragh military district
in Ireland , where ho will bo attached to ono
of three cavalry regiments , the Fourth dru-
goon guards , the Second dragoons of the
auss-ari , now stationed tncro.
Cnptiiln O'nlio.-v .
DUIILI.V , April 0. ISuoclal Cablegram to
THE Bee. ] lua letter acknowledging the
receipt of an apology from Hov. Father Fur
long , who during the course of a political
address had erroneously stated that the
household expenses of the O'Shea family
had been berne by Mr. Pnrnoll , Captain
O'Shea says that Mrs.Vood , the aunt of
Mrs. O'Shcn ' , allowed that lauy ? 15,000 annu
ally for her expenses. In concluding his
letter Captain O'Shon hints there Is a proba
bility that the O'Shea-Parnell divorce suit
will bo reopened and that should such bo the
case further revelations of a character in
jurious to Mr. Parnell will bo tnaclo.
Natives Un in Anns.
CII.CUTTA , April ( ! . iSmboldoncil by the
success of the Manlpurls who recently killed
tbo Ghoorka escort nt Annam , the Mlranzl In
the ICohat territory , district of Poshawor ,
division of Pungab.havo arisen in force and are
attacking tbo British troops along the wbolo
Icnfeihof tholrllnes. Strong reinforcements
imvf been dispatched to the front. In addi
tion to the Mlranzl trouble telegrams from
Rangoon announce that the liakuchlns have
am hushed a small British column on the way
from ono military post to another. Lieuten
ant Forbes and live men were killed and
cloven others severely wounded.
Humored Hinrrlago of Pnrnoll.
LONDON , Anril 0. [ Special Telegram to
Tin : BECJ , A sensation was caused In the
lobby of the commons this evening by a ru
mor that Parnell bad been privately married
since the O'Shea divorce proceedings. Ac
cording to this rumor thu lady whom Parnrll
married Is not Mrs , O'Shcn. Several Par-
ncllllcs In the commons were interviewed-
but refused to say more than that the "mys.
tcry" of their loader's ' inner life , often re
ferred to as certain to clear Pnracll's charau
ter , will shortly bo explained.
Italy HUH Ccioloil Dmvri.
LONDON , April 0. The Times' correspond-
cnt at Homo says : The arrival of the text of
Fava's first note showed that the misunder
standing was duo to Blalno misinterpreting
the demand for trial as a demand for
conviction. The ministry Is indisposed to
push the mailer beyond the demand for the
recognition of International justice. The ex
citement has entirely subsided.
rigMlnn UclielllouH Natives.
SIMLA , April 0. Sharp lighting with rebel
lious natives continues. A Mlranznls rising
Islmpcndinir. Yesterday the Twenty-ninth
regiment lost nine killed and four wounded ,
Worried Off the Hmich.
LONIION- , April (1. ( It is announced on good
authority thai Judge Stejmoa , whoso mind Is
said to hnvo become Impaired owing to llio
nnnoynnco and worry 'ho was subjected to
during and after the trial of the celebrated
Mnvbrick poisoning case nt Liverpool , will
retire from tUo bench tomorrow.
Svnxnr , N.S. W. , April 0-Tho Austral-
inn federation convention 'has adopted Iho
provisions of the constitution regarding the
power of parliament nnd requiring that all
appropriation nnd taxation bills must urlftl-
nnto In the house of representatives. Illlaiii Olllulnlnil.
Kini. , April 0. The ceremony of piercing
the dam of the North Soi\ canal took pae ! <
todav. Emperor William imulo the breach
nnd the water poured lu In an immense
volume. _ _ _
cmvAUws jiuxmrt'Ai * COXTKST.
Today AVIll Decide the Most reotillar
Ktrii'j * lo In tlio cMty's History.
CHICAGO , April 0. The municipal election
tomorrow will close one of the inoit peculiar
and hotly contested campaigns in the history
of Chicago. No loss than llvo candidate * are
making a contest for the mayoralty , and ns
botwcon four of these. It is impossible
to forecast the result. The friends of
each iwall apparent candor claims about tl'O
same number of votes 53,000 to 00,000-for
their respective favorites.
The first candid atu In tbo field was Klmcr
Wash burn , cx-chlof ol tlio police and ex-chief
of the United States secret service bureau.
Ho was put in nomination prior
to the regular party convention * , ostensibly
by the independent citizens' move
ment , but It is understood that his
chief support primarily came from
n1 secret organization , whoso object is
to minimize the Influence of the foreign ele
ments In the city administration , and which
claims to have 2,000 voters In its ranks. The
argument in favor of Its candld.uo Is the
necessity , in view of tlio approach of
the world's f.ilr , of putting the city into
condition , ns to clean streets and
other public Improvements , that visitors from
well kept cities In Europe will not bo
shocked , and to render the police
force so efficient thrtt thieves , gamblers
and other criminal classes will not
dare ( lock to the city In anticipation of a rich
harvest. The saloons also are to bo vigor
ously looked after.
There are two democratic candidates
DeWtttC. Crogler , Iho present Incumbent ,
and Carter Harrison , ex-mayor. Ilairlson
bcgnn his canvass before tbo
democratic convention met , niloginir
weakness and catering to the bad
elements on the part of the existing adminis
tration , and promising reform. The light at
the primaries was bitter , Ami at
the convention Hnrrion's men , ac
cusing the Crcglcritcs of fraud , with
drew nnd nominated their man. The
remainder of the democratic candidates nom
inated Cregior. The state central committee
took the matter up ami decided that Crcgler
was the regular nominee. In the meantime
Harrison received the endorsement of tha
personal rights league , a body niauo up
largely of Germans , and ho continued In the
field , making a vigorous eauvnss.
Then the republicans met nnd nominated
Hempstcad Wa hburn , son of the latoEllhu
B. Waskburn , United States minlstnr to
Franco during the Franco-Prussian
war. Ho is running on n
platform which promises the application of
business methods to city affairs nnd the ill-
vorco of the pollco force from politic,1' .
The fifth candidate Is Thomas Morgan ,
nominee of the socialistic labor party. _
, , TliQ , fight. Is , , botwecn'.tho factions of .the
'bitter , the state cuntraVcommlttoo , * " Senate
Palmer and leading democrats from other
states helping Croglur. On the othcr hand ,
Ills not known bow much of JilmorWnsh-
burifif strength will como from the republi
can ranks and the struggle is decidedly com
Ho Expresses Himself Upon the Gen
eral I'ollt on ! hit tuition.
WASHINGTON' , April 0 , The Star this evenIng -
Ing has a long interview with Senator Ed
munds on the general political situation.
Speaking of the farmers' alllanco movement ,
the senator said that some people tire trying
to persuade the farmers that laws have been
made which operate unjustly upon thorn nnd
that laws hnvo not boon made that would
furnish them with moro rapid and
steady prosperity. Ho thinks they nro
to a largo dcgreo mistaken and In
tlmo will discover It. Indeed , ho presumes
that the largest part of reflecting farmers
understand that crops cannot bo Increased by
legislation or debts honestly.
Askctt what the danpcrs were to both of
tbo great parties In the situation , the senator
said that if in the next presidential election
the fanners' alliance should carry many
suites without having n majority of the elec
toral college there would bo no election by
the people , and the present house of represen
tatives , being largely democratic , that party
, would olectlts candidate. As to thodangorof
the republican party , It Is that the nlllanco
may carry some states that , would otherwise
go republican , nnd thus , if there was no olcc-
tlon by the people , give the election to the
democratic candidates.
Asked If ho thouaht silver -would bo an
Issue In the next campaign , the
senator did hot think It would ho
an Issue between tbo republican nnd demo
cratic parties , for ho thinks the demo
cratic party will imrdly wish to make it an
Issue to theextcniof running any consider
able risk of separating gold and silver ns the
coin inonoy of the country , nnd certainly the
great uody of tbo repnbllcans will not. Up to
tna point of safety then-publican party will
bo In favor of using silver ns money ,
ns It always has been.
What the farmers' nlllanco platform , if the
party should nominate a presidential candi
date will bo , ho could not say. "The third
party movement , " continued Senator Ed
munds , "undoubtedly exists In tno farmers'
nlllanco. If successful to the extent -
tent of getting the president and
congress It would doubtloess lead to the en
actment of measures that they have Indi
cated , and whether they were good or had
for the farmers would soon bo known. " The
senator did not think communism Isnttho
bottom of the farmers' movement , and
added that the percentage of commun
ists in this country ho believes to
bo very small. As capital was always watch
ing the conditions of the government of the
country , the success of any movement which
would "render unsound legislation probable
\vould greatly disturb 'tho llnaucca of the
country , anil that , of course , would reach
every branch of labor und business.
11 IS 110 V /J.VAV.V ,
IIo'lH CoiiHcurntcd to the Nvw See in
\ EIIIK , Pa. , Am-Il 0. The consecration to
the bishopric of the now see In Texas of Itov.
Dr. Thomas Brenimn of the Erie dlocoso yesterday -
torday was nn Important event In the history
of the Komun Oatholtochurch. Fifty priests
participated. IU. Itov. Tobias Mellon , bishop
of the Erlo diocese , was the eonsecrntor , and
was assisted by Bl.slion | Pheluu ofl'Ittsburg
and McUovernof Ilnrrlsburp. Last evening
the newly consecrated bishop oftldntcd at
pontifical vespers and Bishop Phnlan
preached the sermon , Bishop Hiciniun will
iiuiko the church of Iho .Saurod Heart , in
Dallas , a pro-uithedral and will proceed to
build a nnd orphan asylum und es
tablish a now order nf sisters and a religious
order of men. Bishop Urcuuun , who Is the
youngest priest In tha United States , has ono
nf the largest diocesescovering'i,000 t > ( | uaro
miles , with a Catholic population of , ' ,000. ,
Stciinislilp ArrlvnK
At QucunstoiYit The Aurunla from Now
At Hamburg The iSuropo , from Kcw
At TIavroTho Hrctngno , from New Yci'to ,
At Now York--Th' Qa < gno1 from Jlavro
and thu SliUuuu from Hamburg.
Albert E. Foster's Matrimmtal Chrcor
Brought to n Sudden End.
The Tlilnl OhJctsM to n Prospective
Numb r Finnnnd Ills Arrest
Follows A Imml OllK'O
Siot'x ' Rax. * , S. D. , April 0.-Speclal [
Tcleg.iur. to TUB 13iB. : ] Prof. Albert 13.
Poster of this city was today arrested on tha
charge of bigamy.
Foiter is what Is known ns a high flror ,
nnd during his resilience hero was counto I
as ono of the "four hundred , " Ills career aa
developed before .lustloo Stlckney today Is n
marvel. In Hamilton , Canada , ho married n
young lady by the nnnio of Carrie Windoin ,
nnd two years afterword ho mnrrtcd n lady
llx Peru , liul. , who Is known ns Florence
No. li.
Two years afterward , In 1SSO , ho appeared
lu Nowpqit , Ky. , whom ho gained entrance
to the best circles and ono nlu'lit eloped with
MtssMliuilo Kmglitthudaufhterof ; Cephons
ICnipht. a prominent mill wealthy mercliant.
Last December hn came to Sioux Falls ntul
has been doing nil lie can to work up n ctxso
so ha could have wife No.I. . >
His nrrcst was caused by the father of
wife No. iinturtlml outraged gentleman an
nounces Ids Intention of placing the often *
married professor behind the burs. A requi
sition has been applied for nnd he will betaken
taken to Newport , Ky. , for trial.
Do Inn n , l.iiri-.l Olllcu HuHlnoRs.
CutMiiERi.M.v , S. D. , April 0. [ Sixjein
Telegram to Tin : UKU.I Today has been the
busiest day in the United States laiul ofUeo
hero since thu Sioux reservation was opened
to settlement. When this reservation wa3
opened it was not surveyed and It wus but n
week ago that plats were received from the
surveyor general's ofllco fora portion of the
land. Notice was then given that tbo oftlco
would receive filings today , ana this informa
tion caused n stainpcilo among tha settlers
already upon the lands. They has tuned to
town , all of them reaching hero Sunday.
1-iundrqds of them camped hcsldo
the land ofiico all night and un
til this morning -when It opened
ru.d their llllnps were received. The
strlfo between rival toxvnslto companies was
very bitter ns to which should Hrstplaco
their filing ou dcslrnblo townMto property.
But no personal struggles occurred. White
settlers In a few Instances attempted to Illo
on land claimed by the Indians , but the land
officers refused the filings and the Indians
now have undisputed possession.
IJoTrli'll for Slimier.
Sioux PAI.I.O , S. D. , April 0. [ SpccialTolo-
gram to Tin : Bui' . ] Plenty-Horses , the
Sioux Indian who Is charged with having
murdered Lieutenant Casey , was brought
from Fort Meade to tills city today In charge
of two deputies. The trial will come off dur
ing the coming week and promises
to bo one of great importance to
tlio BovernmcntWltnessoa oroa arriving
ifrom aHsectlonsjJof .tlfocountry.mPivo2 ( r- >
IrlvedSfromKMoatanattndltwoJfromjKnnsaslHt '
nn early hour this' moraine * "AH ' eye wit
nesses of the crlino will bo placed on the
stand and if Plenty-Horses is guilty hoVlll
bo hung lu thin city.
Short on Fuii < l ,
VUKMII.MO.V , S. D. , April 0. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun BKB.J There Is a rumor cur.
rent on the streets today that owing to the
late trouble and the deficiency In the appro
priations for the next two years the univer
sity would bo closed until the begin
ning of the next school year. By
that tlmo this trouhlo will bo over
nnd probably some Important changes mado.
State HcgentHrnndt has been in the city
today on university business. Ho neither
denies nor confirms the rumor. It is nvcll
known fact the school Is in 11 very seri
ous way financially , and It scum j almost im
possible for the school to run on the scant
Q. Cannim Ilcllovcs Himself
on the Polygamy Question. t
K Crrr , Utah , April 0. [ Special
Telegram to Tiir Bin. : I Tbo conference of
the Mormon church ended today. Gcorgo
Q. Cannon made an address in which he said
that the church was very anxious to know
what the government was goliiB to do with
the matter of their dealings with their plural
wives , and that he hoped that they miicht
bo permitted to kcop the n on account of
the ties that existed , but they did not
know. Ho counseled them to do m the law
said , nnd tlmt if they were not permitted to
keep them to do as they were commanded ,
ami respect the statutes and let the burden ,
if any , fall on the Lord.
'fli 3 Old Man Wan Tno
KnCrrr , Utah , A pnl 0. [ Special
Telegram to Tin : Hui : . ] C. S. Taylor nnd a
young girl named Kloiso llama from the
town of Logan were arrested at Pocatello ,
Idaho , yesterday. They had ciopod from the
town of Logan and were pursued from that
place by the father of the young woman. Ho
was too Into as they were alreauy married ,
and nil the old man could Uo was to sny bless
you my children and take them homo.
Annual nio.-tlne oftlio Western Cntllo
Ori > k > oiV AHSOoliitlon.
CHEYKNXI' , Wyo. , April f ! . [ Special Tele
gram to TIIR Biu. : ] The annual mooting of
\Vyoininji stockmen , hold hero today , was
well attended , prominent cattle growers bo-
Infp-present from \Vj \ omlng , Colorado , Mon
tana and Nebraska. John Cluy , Jr. , of Chicago
cage acted as president of the m ietug. ! An
address was made by Stock Acront Leury of
the Union Pacific1 , who ald that lUfl.OOO
cattle would roino north this .ycnr. Instead
of Inspecting them nt the unloading point-
they would bo inspected whcro ablppod and
would not bo accepted without a clean bill of
health. The reports of the oflloflrs of the
stock association show it to bo In u Rood
financial condition. A largo number of
cattle thieves have been suerosufully prose
cuted during thn year , A bettor fivllngpur-
vadcd the meeting than has boon manifested
for .yjvoral yean. Cattle have wintered
well , prices hnvo an upward tendency and
stocKmcn anticipate a return of at least a
part of thu ohl-tlino prosperity lu the busi
AVnrlc iil'iin Incenillary.
CASI-EU , Wyo. , April 0. [ Special Telegram -
gram to THE BEK. ! Sunday night some un
known person burned the sboop shearing
and dipping pens at this point. Thopon.i
were the largest In the state and will bs re
built Immediately.
* i /
lonni : Mndlxxi * .
DiiNvrii , Col , , April 0 , The ease of Donna
MndUxn , the former wlfo of tno deceased
merchant prince , \V. B. Daniels , is causing
considerable gossip horo. HesliK" asking for
herslr.vroof un cUuto of tJ50 | ° iOOO she isks
that the divorce bo set aildo. Kho alleges
that after their imirriago In Now York they
came hero to live. Hoou after this Mr. Dan
iels drove her from the homo and she went to
CtmrotMicto llvo. Wbllo there Mr. Daniels
bv frauu profiirod a acp\ratlon from hcrupon
the groumla of .vli'ltery. She auys * honovrr
saw the nc.nt-lulu . or was Mirvod with notice