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Herolting Storjof an Atrocious Assault on
Aged Woman.
ZIc Mutilate * Himself \vltli an Axe
Colorado Courtwlilp Oyster
Clmrllo'a Lant Spree Oilier
Woatorn NCIVM.
While icturnlnp from u vis it to her two
children In the South Snn Francisco orphan
mylum ouo night Mrs. Jtlurphy , a weak old
woman , was waylaid and brutally outracrcd
by eight hoodlums , says the Chronicle. The
crlmo was committed by members of the
nmo pang of rufflnns of which "Fat" Jack
Klloy and O. S. Joselyn wcro shining lights
before they -were sent to S.m Quontln prison
for IIfly und forty years respectively , their
Victim dying from tlio effects of the mal
treatment she received. The imprisonment
pflCiley nnd Josclin struck terror to the
hearts of the gang , but the pardon of the
loaders by Governor Wntormnn bus evidently
Inspired them with fresh contempt for the
Tlio assault on ISIrs. Murphy was peculiarly
ntrocioui. As the lady , who Is nearly Hfty
years old , xvai passing n pile ol lumber , she
was tei'Cd by txvo men. Ono of the assail-
nuts threw his nrm nround her neck , and ,
forcing her bead backward , smothered her
cries by plndng his hand over her month.
Ills companion gathered the old Indy
Up In his arms and they carried her
Into a near by lumber yard. Before she
lost her strength they beat her unmerci
fully , lllows were showered on her face nnd
body , tie men using their clinched fisU ,
Several times she essayed to scieam , but tbo
sounds were drowned in her throat by the
choclilng to which she was subjected. 'W hen
sbo had exhausted her lust vestige of strcn gtli
In the struggle nature assorted itself and
Mrs. Murphy lost consciousness. Ilcrscincs
returned and she saw that her two assailants
bad been reinforced by six other mon.
Thi > poor old woman appealed to them In
thojiumo of everything good to have mercy
on her , but. the scoundrels only derided her.
Then she struggled ngain , and one of the
wretches Btabbcuhcrln thosldowlth n knife.
Js'car daylight tbo hoodlums vanished , nnd
Mrs. Murphy- almost dead frora exhaustion
B d loss of blood , crawled to n near-by house ,
) ' , i o occupants of which rendered assistance
" her. It was not until yesterday morning
fins she left her bed. The bandages on her
i"nd and the bruises and scratches on tbo
j , co mid hands bear testimony to tbo brutal
, of the imault.
'During the night the rufllanshad a quarrel
eng themselves and ono hoodlum cut an-
Chiron the hand Policemen took William
° t Stnrk to prison on suspicion of being ono
J f the assailants. He exhibited n lacerated
° and. Mrs. Murphy picked him out from n
hatch of tbrco prisoners wno were taken bo-
bore her and Idontlllcd him ns ono of her us-
i aiants. ! Ho was then formally nnvsted.
Bt irk says ho was asleep at homo at the time
the crlmowas committed. The spot where
Mrs. Murphy had her terrible experience is
lltuatcd only half n block from the scene of
the Klley-Josolyn critno.
Wouldn't Lose UN Stake.
Jack McDonald , ox-policeman ol Kutto ,
lont. , and doorkeeper at the Theatre Co-
miquc , went to visit a sick f nend at Granite.
Jto says that ho was nt the notorious house
pf "Dutch M.itt'1 and played several games
of casino forl n garno and finally played a
game for $3 , which ho won , when a woman
grabbed tbo money nnd ran out doors. Ho
chased her Into the saloon nnd told her ho
would arrest her for gambling without a
license. Frank McICcen , a saloonkeeper ,
cnmo In and told tbo woman that McDon
ald was no ofllccr and bad no author
ity toiirrostor detain her , and taking hold of
per nrm attempted to pull her out. Mc
Donald had the other arm and held on to her.
The two men had some words , AlcICeon re
marking that McDonald or no other
cou I a keep her against her will. Mc
Donald then slapped him in tbo faco. Me-
Kcon pulled a largo sized 4-1-caliber revolver
and McDonald grappled with him butsecmed
unable to wrest the gun from him nnd three
shots were llred In tno scuffle. TJio two first
ehotsdid nodatnago but the third took effect
In McDonald's goln , shattering the bono nnd
( t is thought that ho cannot live. McICccn
\valkcd down to his own saloon where ho
gave himself up and ho is now In custody.
Cmzed by Ills SOJI'H Disgrace.
James Anderson , a middle aged man living
with his wlfo and son near San Lcandro ,
Cala. , while in a fit of temporary insanity do-
llberatoly cutoff his loft leg below the knee
nnd his loft uand with a broadax. His case
Is a peculiar ono. About three weeks ago his
son becamn engaged in a quarrel with nn-
other young man in which the latter ro-
celvcd a heavy blow on the head.
Young Anderson was arrested for
the assault and lined $10 and
costs , This escapade of Anderson's only son
looms to hnvn unsettled hia mind , and during
Iho past two weeks he had had frequent
Ipelis of insanity. His friends advised Mrs.
( Vnilcrson to send him to Napa , In the hopes
( hat thcro bo might ho restored to his right
mind , hut she would listen to no suchar-
rnnccmont. The surgeon who is attending
Anderson dates that his injuries are not
bocessarily fatal , hut as ho seems to bo wild
to pull thobandaROs offhis | wounds fears nro
Bntortainc'it that ho may yet do himself more
pod 11 v harm. Hols being constantly watched
by his friends.
'JYyliij * to End CourtiiiR.
"Whilo young Joe Mitchell was returning
homo from Erie , Col. , ono night , when about
half a mlle northwest of town ho mot two
men who said "hello" and ono pointed n pistol -
tel ftt him , Joe knocked it up with his arm , it
H was discharged , the ball going throngh the
, ' ' crown of his hat. Joe reached for his gun
but ho slipped and fell. The would'bo mur-
' " flcrers probably thinking they had
, t - killed their man ran away. Joe shot
\ nt them flvo times , unfortunately
* fulsslng them. It Is said that Joseph's father
f offered ? 1,000 for the arrest of the mon wdo
* nticmptcrt to murder his son. Sovuralyouug
: Imen have stated that while escorting young
tadlcs homo from church or a party at night ,
unoy have been suspiciously followed by two
nknown mon , the boys even chasing their
unwelcome followers moro than once , but
without success as to their identity. No
cnuso can bo given as to the trouble other
than the would-bo murdbrors objected to the
boys keening ; company with certain youug
ladies , all ol whom nro highly respectable
. and prominent la society circles.
The Grlppo Killing Stock.
Horses and cows are suffering from la
( ? rippo in Suit Lake City. A number of val-
tinblo hones and cows have died there dur
ing the past low weeks , und the can so of
death In nearly every Instance has been
given as pnmlysU of the icldnoys. The first
three days of last weekBOVOUhomes and cows
filed , among them boinp several valuaolo ani
mals. Samuel Mclntosh reports the loss of
his wolMinowu running- mare , valued at
$1,000 , anil Crimson & Weyler lost a valuable
cray horse. Quito a number of draft horses
Ere suffering.
Klght with n Mountain Lion.
A cowboy near Lay , Colo. , had a nar
row escape from death. Ho was-out about a
quarter of u inllo from camp gathering tiro-
\vood when ho was suddenly pounced upon
by a mountain lion. Ho bad no weapon ex
cept his hoVvio-knife , which ho used to good
effeut. His cries attracted the attention of
bis partner , who seized a Winchester and sal
lied forth to the rescue. Between the Knife
nnd the nun the lion was killed , but not before -
fore ho had oadly bitten and clawed tha at
tacked uian.
Ttioso Cowboy Dnollsts.
"Pistol Dill , " ono of the famous Wyoming
cowboy duultsta , was at Meeteetso , Fnmiont
county , a few days ngo beaded for Idaho.
On the surface Bill looked all right , but
thcro is something wrong In his Interior de
partment. After n llttlo exertion his lungs
opnitign leak nnd ho came near blooding to
death.Dab , " the other fighter , Is walking
prouud , presumably to avufuneralcxpcusod ,
for the doctor SATS ho U liable to drop dead
tiny minute. Ono of his mam springs is
crippled. "Pistol BUI" called on "Dab" before -
fore leaving and offered to hard It out , but
' .Bab" said ho was satisfied.
Urnnlc Illniftcir to Dcntli.
On account of his proficiency in mixing an
oyster cocktail , a barkeeper of Port Townsend -
send , Wash. , named Larscn , gained the
soubriquet of "Oyster Charlie , " Ho got
drunk tbo other day , nuJ In tbo ovonlcg went
into a gambling hell and saloon known as the
Silver Dale , adjoining his own place. Charlie
challenged \Vaddington \ , who keeps the
Silver Dale , to drinlc whisky , betting 20 that
ho could drink the most. WftddlnBton ro-
fuscd the hot , butitwa * agreed that both
men should drink until ono or the other got
dead drunk , tbo first to attain this slnlo
to pay for all the drinks. The
contest began , nnd a huge quantity
of liquor was imbibed by both men. The In
quest showed that two and one-half bottles
of whisky , or half n gallon , was drunk by the
two mon , fourteen glasses being drunk by
\Vnddlnijton und thirteen bj * the deceased.
After Charllo had taken his thirteenth drink
ho fell on the floor In a stupor. Ho was
picked up and laid In the hall before his door ,
ns the key could not bo found to open the
room. About two hours later Woddtngton
nnd others visited the man and found that ho
was dead.
Big Irrigation Scticinrs.
Three stupendous ditch schemes , to irri
gate no less than half a million acres in Con
verse , Katrona and Sheridan counties ,
AVjoming , are now being perfected. WorK
will soon commence on the Converse county
canal , which will be taken out twenty miles
nbovo Douglas. In Katrona they will tap
the I'latto near Ue scmer. This ditch will
Uo 100 fcctwidodn tbo bottom , and capable
of draining tbo liver. The Sheridan county
project is still in its incipicncy. Capital is
eager to go into these enterprises. The
farmers will bo brought in fiora Utah.
Killed for Jjiiok of Knowledge.
A young Austrian was killed by a fall of
coal in No. 3 mlno nt Hock Springs , Wyo. , a
few days ago. During the inquest It devel
oped that inability to understand English
cost the lad his life. Ho aud a countryman
ucro. placing a shot inadingcrous room.
Tho'forcmnn came nlong and pointed out a ,
mistake they were making. Ho was not un
derstood aud the men went on fixing the
blast In their own way. The result was that
the /atal slide soon occurred ,
Ijltce tlm HiiRsot Ulnlin.
When Judge D. C. Tracoy of Pine Bluff ,
Laramlo county , Wyo. , was making ha
in 1STU the Sioux came along at noon ono day
and rnn off all bis stock , ns well ns making n
feint to get the scalps of the Judge and h's '
men. 1'our years later Mr. Tracey lodged a
claim with the department for § nMX ) . The
case has ] ust been disposed of at Washington
nnd the estate , the Judge being long since
dead , gets jy.SOO.
The storm at Shclton last week resulted
in tnc death of a number of cattlo.
John WODU , nn old man residing north of
Way no , dropped dead of heart discaso while
at work the other day.
The Dodge county alliance Is making prep
arations to celcbr.uo the Fourth of July by
holding n picnic at Centervillo. -
The first annual meeting of the Platte
County Driving Park and Fair association
will bo held September 21 , 2'J and 23.
Six of Wayne's nice young mon were
lockoduptbo other night , but they escaped
oeforo morning and the affair was hushed up ,
Fred Dowolf , a fourteen-year-old Wheeler
county boy , was thrown from a pony and In ,
stantly killed while trying 16'round up" t
Elizabeth Casper of York has boon allotvod
f550 in Judge Montgomery's court for caring
for her father and mother for n period of
twenty-six years. She sued for $2,204.
The machinery for the Norfolk sugar fac
tory is now being unloaded at Now Orleans
and will soon bo sent north on half a dozen
trains. Norfolk citi/cns will give the n
chincry a rousing reception.
Johnnlo "Wallace of Cozaj ) nicked up his
father's gun , which had been laid on a table ,
and tired It off. The ball wont through two
walls and ono partition , a rockicg chair and
loto the Buckley house cook stove. It was a
close call for Mrs. Buckley , who was standIng -
Ing within less than two feet of the rocking
chair. No ono was hurt , but the rocking
chnlr and the stove bear evidence of having
been badly used.
The usual fine at Marcus for drunkenness
A farmers' alliance has boon organized at
A company has boon organized at Clinton
to manufacture bed mattresses.
Students of the agricultural college at
Ames will organize a brass band.
JolmlD. "Wilson , an agriculturul implement
dealer at Belle Plamo , has failed.
An Eldora man has a machine that will
make binding twinb out of common pralrlo
grass or oat straw.
It , D. Dtitton , the Iowa Falls giant , weigh
ing 350 pounds and standing seven foot four
inch us in his stockings , was married re
A witness in the district court at Sheldon
lost week was describing a certain mule
owned by h'lm , and an attorney asked him
the age of tbo animal. Ho refused to nn-
uer. thinking it a flagrant attempt to pro-
euro trade socrots. Further along in' his
testimony ho admitted to having driven the
mule about twenty years , hut loft the witness
stand with the secret of the mule's ago still
within his keeping.
An old veteran at Sheimndoah , blind lor
years , at lost succeeded in getting his pension
claim through and last wcok ho received his
vouchers and signed them for ? 3,000 back
pension nnd $73 per month. That night ho
WAS taken with n chill and the next night ho
was dead.
Ono of the largest eagles over seen in Iowa
or the west was killed at Altoona a week ago
by a farmer who took It to DCS Moines nnd
sold It to IPradlc Sheldon. It Is ono of the
golden species and is a grand specimen of
America's noble bird. Such a perfect bonk
and talons cannot bo found on every bird , and
his wings when spread measures seven feet
and two inches from tip to tip. The bird has
been seen by farmers around Altoona for the
last .fifty years , but there were few at
tempts to kill him as ho always flow very
high. Ills ago ii supposed to bo over ouo
hundred years.
Hay has been offered at Evnnston at SS a
ton. It was worth $30 last year and scarce
at that.
Tbo Platte river ditch company of Douglas ,
capital $200,000 , has filed articles of incor
Plaster from the mills near Laramlo Is bo-
Incr marketed ou the Pacific coast , and meets
with favor. .
There is a movement on foot to annex Rich
county , Utah , to Wyoming , but it is very
doubtful if it is a success.
The Roval Horse association ana Rains-
ford & Butler of Laranno county , will soon
ship horses to tbo Now York market ,
It Is bellovcd that 00,000 acres will bo re
claimed by the ditch to bo taken out of the
Platte river by tbo Douglas company near
that town.
William Taylor's hotel at Medicine Bow ,
burned. It was worth ? l.r > 00 and no insur
ance. Taylor's hotel at Rock Creek , a flno
tavornjburned recently.
Louis Covey's saloon at Hock Springs was
burgled to the tuna of f itO. Tbo sarnct night
a general store was entered and a quantity
of jowclry stolon.
J. D AVilllams , a section man , while nt
work In the Uawlins yard was hit by a
switch ungino. He died in a few hours after-
wards. Ho was aa old Grand Array man
and a pensioner.
There Is great excitement in the neighbor
hood of the Victoria und Sam Ilassctt's mines ,
about ono hundred miles south of Rock
Springs. Tbo latest assay of Dassett'a ore-
roaches ? 1.400 per ton and prospectors are
crowding in ou snow shoes. They cannot
wait until the snow molts , so eager is every
one to DO first in the field ,
A daft sheep herder is a patient at the
county hospital in Cheyenne. Ho has been
in the country a cumber of years and saved
money. A month ago bo was swindled out of
his hoard by a thurper in a transaction In
which a worthless ranch changed bonds. An
effort will bo roado to recover the monoy.
August Bath is the man's name , and ho bus
relatives lu Colorado.
A Tourist's ' Brilliant Pieoa of Fiction Prom
California ,
Council 111ufTiTraYclliig Moil OruanUo
n Secret Ortlor to Ho Known
as "Ilio Coinmerclnl I'll-
rliiis ofAtncrlco. "
The commercial travelers have a hard tlrao
of It and wore It not for the fact that inde
pendence i i a strong characteristic with
them llfo would hardly bo worth living.
Gerlmdo Athcrton writes a poem , at least
she calUU it n poem , In which the drummers
were pictured in frightful colors and a vig
orous protest wont up all over the land. Some
railway papnr published an opinion to the
effect that drummers wcro not entitled to
any more privileges than other travelers and
the columns of the papersjgrow heavy with
arguments In refutation of that claim. Then
in a lighter vein TUB BEE printed a letter
from Pctaluma , Cal. , that has produced this
reply :
I'KTAtt'stA , Cnl. , March 80 , 1S91. To the
Kdltor of TUB HKR : Soraejperson sends mo a
clipping from your Issue of March 23 , con
talning a not very brilliant fiction of a gen
eral exodus of all the ministers of our city on
receipt of n perfumed note In a lady's hand ,
with tbo startling announcement : "All Is
discovered lly I"
I happen to bo pastor of "tho First Methodist -
ist church of Petalumn , " ono of the seven or
eight Protestant churches In the town , nnd
am Interested In the marvelous inventing
capacity of your correspondent. What n
sight It must hnvo been to this staid com
munity to sco the whole flock of their pastors
disappearing over the tops of the Sonoma
mountains I It is too bad that the
concoctor of that delicious ] ullp did
not tell us where we all bid in
dens and caves , disguised with false
whiskers nnd lampblack. A "professional"
ought to do better than that nnd not hair
try. Ho must have been sick or boozy. Ho
will never win the snake skin belt of the
champion lightweight liar nt that rate.
There are dozens of the children of the same
father who can beat him "all hollow. "
The clip reminds mo of a chapter of ox-
pcrienco lu the bygone. I was pastor in
Sacramento after the war and the boys in
blue Invited mo to address them A sort of
self-nominated nondescript candidate for
something came along , and misjudging that
It might provo a taking card to attack n
clergyman , mod away with his llttlo popgun.
General Chury , now in congress , was a
staunch democrat and my nearest neighbor.
1 was as staunch n republican , and the freelance -
lance candidate aforesaid was a democrat.
M the close of the fellow's tirade the general
descended upon him llko a wrathful ava-
lancho. ,
"You fool , " said Chivy , "wny don't
you learn to lie ? You don't know how to
Ho. You must prime it down so that somo-
boay will heliove It There wasn't a man in
the house who did not know you were lying. "
Your correspondent , tbo fabricator of that
uncleanly paragraph , ought to take lessons
if ho Intends to continue in the business.
Otherwise he'll make his master , the devil ,
no end of trouble by his excesses.
I read the excerpt to the ministers present
at our weekly meeting this morning and
oven t'nelr pitv for the deceased mind of the
"parlcnt" of such a buntllng could not
wholly restrain a sense of amusomnnt at the
care the fellow took of his personal safety by
shooting at such long range. M. C. Biucas.
Taking nu Order in tils Sleep ,
The following interesting story Is told by
nn old traveling salesman who formerly rep
resented ono of the largest jewelry houses in
London , England. His experience Is ono
which , to say the least , Is unusual , and will
bo fully appreciated by the representatives
of Amorlcan'houses who have never enjoyed
the good fortune of a similar occurrence :
"In the spring of 187CI carried a line of
goods which was unusually popular with the
trade , " said the drummer , "and when 1
reached Edinburgh , Scotland , I found It im
possible to visit ray customers as promptly as
i desired. By the middle of the afternoon
several jewelers had called on mo and urgea
mo to come to their places during the day.
By 0 o'clock I was thoroughly weary , and
was congratulating myself that I' would
bo able to retire early and secure a good
night's rest , when a customer whom f had
ovorloookcd gently touched moon the shoul
der and reminded mo tnnt I had neglctcd to
visit him. Ho stated that bo desired to make
a heavy purchase , aud I made an appoint
ment with bimatmy hotel ntC:30. :
" 1 Immediately repaired to my room , and
settling myself In a largo easy chair fell
nslecD , I was awakened by a light pressure
on my arm. To my surprise the room was
brilliantly lighted , and my customer was sit
ting by my side. My sample case was open
and Its contents wcro pread on the table
near mo. I confess I was a little startled ,
aud was sleepily wondering whether I had
been robbed during my nap , whoa my fears
were nlllayed by my companion , who said :
" 'I came at tbo anpointed hour and found
you asleep. Notf desiring to disturb you I
hnvo examined your samples nnd written out
my order In your book. ' Dazed by tno state
ment , I took my watch from my pocket , and
discovered that it was half past 11 o'clock. I
had been asleep nearly flvo hours. It was the
easiest sale I ever made. "
Itonrlng Old Knckcts.
How dear to his heart uro the scenes of his
When fond recollections presents them to
The gripsack , the orders , the gullible mer
And hundreds of things that his house novcr
know ,
The baby shows , balls , church radios nnd
banquets ,
Theatrical mashes , nnd country girls staid.
The dearest of all of the thoughts of tbo
Are tlioso of the rackets for which his house
The roaring old rackets ,
The humming old rackets ,
The costly old rackets
For which his house paid.
Drummers' Secret Order.
Tha Council BlufTs traveling men hnvo
formed a secret order to bo known as Com
mercial Pilgrims of America. The supreme
council has been instituted , and on Saturday
evening , April 11 , the degrees will bo con
ferred on about sixty candidates , and the
grand council of Iowa and subordinate coun
cil of Council BlufTs No. 1 , will bo insti
tuted. Tbo degrees are sublime and are ex
ponents of honor and morality. All travel
ing men and ox-traveling men who Imvo boon
on the road ono year nro eligible to mem
bership. This organization has already
aroused Interest amoug Uo traveling mon all
over the United States , nnd many have ex
pressed the dcsiro to institute subordinate
Vanilla , A Of perfect purity.
Lemon -I
of Btxonsrth.
Oran o - > _ . . . .
Almond -I Economy In their uso.
Rote elc.TJ Flavor as delicately
and dollclously as the froela fruit
councils. ThomothiJf. or supreme council
bo will permanently MAntodlit Council Dlufts.
Tdo bcnoflt of tbo 9pJor will bo mutual , the
bcct ] being to bring about n bvttcr acquaint *
nco ntnonp tbo trnvollnfe mon. Ono traturo
f ospccml bcnoflt is to look after Its sick
members ivho no > d uttqntlon. It will nbo bo
bo aim of the members to work for the good
of the town or city ln'\Thlch thor reside.
It Is ronsldorod llkcljtlmt tbo order will
each front uwRnlluJo and spread all over
ho United States. It Is understood that
raveling mon In various neighboring cities
mvo expressed a dosira for the supreme
council to prnnt them cbnrtors and Institute
councils. Some of the Omahn travclltiR men
arc among members of the Council Blulls or
ganization and will bo initiated at tlio next
Iluslnoss llel'oro I'lcaourc.
Txvo passenKors on the train became Involved -
volved lu a very heated controversy , which
Innlly waxed so hot that ono of them called
bo other a liar.
"What's thatl Hart" nnd
n ho was on his
- "Yes , n liar ! " was tlio emphatic response ,
'or my name isn't John Smith. "
"What , the Ironinongorl"
"Thosnino. "
"Mr. Smith , I'm delighted to know you , I
represent Messrs. SUarpcdgo It Co. , Shef
field , and was going to call on you today. I
can show you a lot of samples that can't bo
equaled. "
Arrangements Will He Mnilc to Close
tlio lliirn Closely.
"I am eolnpr to call the attention of the
conncll to ono thing , " snla City Clerk
Jrovcs speaking of the loss of the tltlo page
to tbo Bullou ordinance. "Theso ordinances
ought to have the tltlo und all the cmlorso
ments , Including the name of the mnn who
ntroduccs thorn , written on the ordinance
iropcr ; not upon a cover that cnn bo do-
ached or torn off at nuy time , thus knocking
ho ordinance out and malting a deal of
roublo. I am going to call the city council's '
attention to every ordinance , In the future ,
that has the title and the endorsement wrlt-
cn on a cover as that Ballou ordinance was
written. "
"I will bring that very matter up at the
next council meeting , " said Mr. Bechol"and
see If wo can't make some provision that will
irovcnt the introduction of ordinances In
his loose and careless manner. The title
and endorsements by the man who intro
duces an ordinance and the endorsements by
the cleric showing when read , committeil
lasscd , etc. , should bo n part of the ordinance
tself , written in the ordinance nnd not upon
( jCsslcr'sMagloilcadache Wafers. Curcsall
leadachea In 20 minutes , At aU druggists
HcnucH's Puncm ! Other
Death AmiomicnincntB. \
The funeral of Maurice Hengon took plnco
from nis late residence , on South Seventh
street , yesterday afternoon under the
auspices of St. John's lodge , Ancient Preo
ana Accepted Masons. The brethren of tbo
odgc assembled at Freemasons' ' hnll at 1 :30p.
m. and proceeded hi a body to tbo house
where the service was held. The remains
were then escorted to rarest Lawn cemetery ,
where the Masonic burial service was per
formed , each of the brethren casting a spray
of evergreen upon the casket as It rested In
the grave.
The funeral of Olga Mengcdoht will take
plnco from family residence , 1011 Kynor
street , at 1 p. m. today.
Joslo , the bright llttlo seven-year-old
daughter 'of Mrs. , F. A. Fisher , died
yesterday of acute consumntlon , after a very
brief illness.
E. A. Fidler died nt the St. Joseph hospi
tal nt 4 p. in. yesterday" consumption. Rela
tives in San Franclsco.havo been telegraphed
for. Heafy & Heafy have cUargo of the
Hall's Hair Uenewor onjoyc ft worla-wldo
reputation for restoring the hair to bald heads
and changing pray hair to the original color
of youth.
Changes for the Hotter to Uo Miulo at
Three Western Forts.
Ttero will bo considerable building and repairing
pairing going on at the different military
posts in the department of the Platte this
spring and summer. Ono set of now officers'
quarters will bo built nt Fort NIo"brara. Two
sets of officers' quarters nnd two cavalry
stables will he built at Fort Uoblnsou , besides
other minor improvements.
At Fort Douglas , four miles from Salt Lake
City , improvements will bo added to ton sets
of officers' quarters and boino slight altera
tions made to some of the other buildings.
The work at Fort Douglas is under way
now. Bids for the worltnttbo other two
posts have been forwarded to \ % ashlugton.
and us soon as the award is made work will
commence. Altogether it is proposed to
spend about $05.000 in now builainps uud Im
provements this spring at the three forts
' 'A stitch in time saves nine , " and if you
take Hood's Sarsaoarilla now it may s'avo
mouths of Jut uro possible sickness.
Jfotteeji nf five line * or lean uiultr thin hca < Jfttjj
cents ; eaehaitattinnal line ten cent .
1'lUliElt , K. A. Of consumption at 4 p. in.
Sunday ut St. Joseph's hospital. Kenmlns will
bo hold nt Hoary & Hc.ify until of ro-
latlvus from San I'runclsco.
riSlIKU Josle. AgcdTycars. of nculo con
sumption. Daughter of Mrs. K. A. Klsher.
Notice of funeral Inter.
Kcokuk capitalists are uow talking about a
llmo factory to employ ! )00 ) bands the year
round. It can bi > secured by organizing a
stock company with a paid up capital of
$ 0,000.
With , an old sore , ulcer , or
gun shot wound that refuses
to hci I"For Five years"
up. If
I had a sore lop , wliicli
so take
would yield to no treat
* J tj * * f ment until I took two
and be- bottles of S. S. S. , which
jiroinpfey cured It , and
c om e there hhs botn no lgn of
your o urn' ; Uils was in 1880.
forme E. K.UniT.Xowton.N. 0.
self. S. S. S. , has cum
many such caes , after every
other remedy had failed.
Tlio Swift Spocl "Co . \ tln'ft ' 5a
Young MotEiers !
Wo Offer Tow a Jteineily
irhtch Jrmirff Safety to
life JTol/icr uiid Child ,
Jloli > Confinement of ill
2'atn , Horror anil Jl 11 ; ,
AftcruitnoneboUlet ( > f"I Intlirr'nrrlonil"I
lutlcrtd lint little pain , and did uotuxpcrleuou that
weaknoni uttcrnrard uiual la lucli cases. lira.
AxaiB OiOE , Lumor , JlJ.Jun. 15th , 1 91.
Sent by express , clargej prepaid , on rfcelptof
prlcu , (1 M per Ixjulcllook to Uothen mailed free.
' E. ll h DUnxoid llrm i
nrlsl l and Ot\r Oti.Uie.
arc , vtyi rllitl4. LADII * ut f
l tot nutaatri A' / > ! /
U lUduil CM Krulllt\
IU > U rlbboD. lnke >
M.othcr. Jttftal 4tgtrwi lulttui *
lint n4 fmtt li m AIDrfiliii.orMBi4 < i.
IB ituBH & * i nle lari. t < iUt oc.t li axul
"ItrlUr for r tdln. " tulaia. b ; nlam
Jl.ll. ltl.OOOTuiluiDUU
( oU ty Hi LmU DriUU. fbUoiU. , ri.
Colds , Sore Throat , Bronchitis , Rheumatism , Neuralgia ,
nflamniitlon of the I.u nK . KMm y nnrt lloirels. Sciatica , Chilblains , Frost Bites , Toothache , Ilcidnclio ,
ruins in the 1 trick , Clic'tunit I.lmbs. nnd nil tlio usual
The application of IIAHWAVS UKAHV IlKUKF , to Ilio parts iilTcolPcl , will Inttimtl ? icliovo nnrt noon cure
the nutlcirr. Internnlljr In UO'esof from ttilrtr to Bitty ilropi , lu half n tumbler of will cart-In a
few momenta. Crnmns , Spnnms , Hour Storancli , Colic. llntulpnre. lloirlburn , ninrrlmen. Sick llcwlnche ,
Nauion , Vomiting , Cold Clillls , NcTvousnoBi , fclooplcssnesj , nnd all Internal pulns. U ) cunti n bottlo. 1'or
faalo nt driiRBlsts. HAIWA V A CO. . 3J Warren St.
To euro ntllonjncsB. Sick Headache , Constipation.
Malaria. LH r Complaint * , tnte the sale
and certain remedy , SMITH'S
TTse the 8M AM. SIZE (40 ( llttla beans to the bottle
tle ) . They uro tbo mwt convenient : suit all cges >
I'tlcoof cltber ilzo. Sfi cent * per bottle.
tf B5CiHIMfi "t 7. 17,70 : I'lioto-imivura ,
IWOOaiVVI ranaluUeuf Uila picture for 4
cents ( coppers or stamps ) .
I.T. Biirrn ACO. .
Maker * of "Illlo Deans. ' Bt , Ixjul ? Up
Foil LAlHEaOXLr-Dr.Lcduc's Penodlciil I'lll
the French reracrty , net on the menstrual sr tcm an
euro aupprosslon from whatcrer cause. I'rouiote
incnrtruutlon. 'Ihosc pIllB should not bo token clur
ine , .eKnancy. Am. I'lll Co. . Koynltr 1'rops. , Spen
ccr Clnjr Co. , lit. ( Jonulno byihoriimnA MeConnoll ,
1 e o it. noux 1' . O. . Oranba ; U A. Melchur , South
Omaha : M. I * . Kill * . Council niiilTa. B. or 3 for tj.
Dr. Lie Due's Pcrloiiicnl l lllo.
This French rcmortr cU directly upon Ilio ircncr-
otlve ornans nnd curfi Kiippri'sslon ot the monao.
B or tbreuf or K , nnd cnn l > o mulled. Should not bo
j ert durlnciirfKnnnr. Jobbers , druccl'ti ana tlio
publiclupplled by tJoudnmn Drue Co , Omaha , b.
J I'crkora and llowarU Xlejrer . boulli Omnha ;
M.'S. Kills and A. II. rVxtcr , Coiincll lllunv
nnd Tuesday Matinee
Monday and Tuesday , April 6 and 7.
First nrpenrnnro here till * tenson of Unit tragic
ruiotlonal uctress and beautiful woman ,
In lior new historical play , by Albert Kolnna Hn-
ven , ( toundeil on the lives i-f llplllonn Uonn-
parlonna theKmprcss Josephine ) ,
Supported bjWIllalra Harris ns N'tpoloon Uonn-
part and an excellent company.
Thecoitnmesnro miporbl The mounllnz pf the
play moKnlncnnt , I'rlcos as usual teats ou ale
Haturdny inornluR.
Tuesdity cjonltiR MotliornnaSon. Wednes
day nmtlnoo ItosoOurlund. ( ID cents nil over
nli liouso. ) Wednesday nislit-Ton Muhu In
ft linrrooin. Aniicmiiceincntsfor roninlnUer of
weekTnursday oreniiiR. Popular prices , 10 ,
y ) and 'M cents.
Will l.awior , Manager. Cor. llt'u und Tarnam
Tbo Wooly Faced Ilaby. Nnturo'i ( Jr-atojt Curlo-
slty , btrulilka. A Urand ltu ilan Illnilon. Tha
Orphcuinnd Silurian Quartettua , In Vocil und In-
rtrumentul Music , A High Cluai Novelty inter- :
. ,
1409 and 1411 Dodi St. , Omaha , Neb.
First Glass Carriages ,
The Loading titrlos. Tbo lowest I'ncoi.
Moore's ' Tree of Life ,
A osltlvo euro for Kid nor Una UTCT Co rap InlnU
nnrt nil blood tll-casm. Dooi ltmy | to rtuffcr nlicu
you cnn bo curoJ by ualnc Maoru'i Trco of l.tfo Ucuie IT ! I'rlco Jl ] ior bottlo. 1'ro-
and put up l > y Dr. .1. 11. Moaro.
Dr. J. n. Moore , Dour Sir : I have been
troubled with kldncr complaint for over twen
ty your- ) , for about 0)2 ) tit years ivltli dlnbctos ,
mill when utmy Htmly lia > obcencoiiipoUeJ to
relieve inysnlf us often us three or four times
iinlinur , I have boon troubled with sovuro
attacks of sick headache once \\eclifurtcn
years , and It bun boon a combination , some
times unlit tlnis mo for my pastoral dullus. and
my prvsldliiK elder , ( ieorgo Miller , of Carlisle ,
In. , IK ! vised ma to try a bottle of fllooro's Trco
of Llfo , : is holiad bn greatly lionolltted hy
It , I did so. nnd the very llrnt bottle guvo IIIQ
grout rellof. 1 have taken In nlKI bottles the
first about , live months airo , ntnl I have boon
troubled but very llttlo blneo I coininenr-cd Its
use. Yours truly , llr.v , OAVIU Fvu ,
Korsalo by all drugjUts.
and Senici
For the treatment ot all CHItONIO AXD BUIlOICAh
DISliASKS. llrncct , AppllancosorI > uormltlesAnd
7ruH cci. Host Facilities , Apparatus end Itoniedloi
( orauceoiiful treatment of ovorr forraof cllfcane
teqiilrhic Medical or Hilrclcal Trontmont. NI.NIIVV
HOOMS l-XJIl 1'ATIKNTri , Iloard and Atlt-ndnnoo
Itest Accommodations ' .Vest Wrlto for circular ! on
lloformillon nnd liraces , Tnmos , Cluh Fret , Curvatures -
turos of KPlne , I'lloi , Tumors , Cancer , Catarrh ,
Ilroncliltla , Inhitlnll.m , Hlcctrlcltr , I'nrnljsl * , Kpll'
er y. Kldnen , Hludder. Kjo. , Bkln ind Illood ,
ind nllfnrKlcnUipcratloni. DISKASKriOKVOM15N
n > | K.'cUto. ! ll olc 01 lUoaeso ( Women Froo. Wo
hare lately added n lylnc-ln Dopirtinont for \Vomon
Durlnz confinement ( Btrlctlr 1'rlvato. ) Only llrtta-
Mo Medical Imtllulo MaUne n i-pocllHr of mi
All Illood DlioaBPi tuccc ifully trcntfld. Medlclno
tr Instruinenti cunt t > y mall ur uxpron tocurelf
packed , no mark * to Indlcato contonli or Kcnlor.
Ono pertoim. Inlorvlow preferred. Cull and con < tilt
uioriend hliory of jDiir tn o. nnd wowlll end lu
lain wrapper our IIODK TO MKN KUKK ; upon 1'rl-
rato. Special or Nurvuns DUoasoi , with quootlon Hit.
Addrciiall Utters to
Dr. A. T. McLaughlln , President
Uth and Ilarnoy htrcuU Orauhu.
"SANATIVQ , " the
"VViindurful Bpanleh
IJi-nieilr. U told wltli a
to cure all Kerrow Il -
r&eo , euch asVtik
Memory , uas of Drain
I'over , headache ,
VTaVcf ulni , Lost War.
hood , KcrvouiQCM , IAS-
allude , all ilmlsi
Oeforo & After Uso. lort uf power ol the
Photographed fromllfo. Gencrathe OrRaci , lu
cliUr tci. cauwd by
jrer-eitrtlon , youthful loAticrctloni. or the cxcetrtro
use bf tobacco , opium , or itlmulanu , which ultlmttily
lead to Inllrmltr. Consumption nnd Insanity. 1'ul up
la coaTfulcnt form to currr In the rut poctet. I'rlco
Ma pachaiccor6forW. vTlth cvrrr ti order we Hvo
a written Kiiarnnlfo to euro or irfunil the
money. Bent by roall to aor uddrew. Circular tree.
Mention thli pjpcr. Addieu.
J A.rnller * Co. , Cor I4th * l > ouitlas SIX.
A. II. toiler k Co. . Council lllult . It.
nnnflTi SANDAI.WOOU uAraui-ws are tin
11II III I I fl botnnij onlr cipiulo * pr ucrlti d til
u u u u I n rufuinf pijr | c | n fur the euro of
Gonoibces and dttchnric ei froiu Iho urlimrf orsa
nuerlUttl 01 &oUlrtl , II.5J per IX > L Alldrujjt
1 DR. J. E , McGRSW ,
. . .
r * * - ! a *
1C Year * ' Experience.
Cured InS to 5 dnjr * without Iho IOM ofnn hnuri'Ilmo
from liuslnuM , The most nbmluln euro for ULRHT
fllid ullounoylnit ill cliirct-'j : ever known to minlloul
iclenco. SYl'ltlljIdownrranlod curGlnSQto&Oilnra.
Tlio mi t powerful rfraoitf jrct knimn for n perma
nent cure. 8TU1CTUHK onmln In relieving the bliwJ-
iler , cures ! nt homo , nllbout Instrument ? ! no cutting ,
no pain , no Mllntlnj : . Ix ) n ( it Manhood or UVnkno j
positively citrt'il : Instant rrllcf. Stln illxsimot HIII !
fcmalo iIliLM e ! permanently cured. Dr. McCroT's
tuocosi In tbo trcntmcnt of I'rlvnto Dlicaio * hns
novorbcpn oqtiallcil , nn < 1 hit cront nrmjof pallcnu
roaohos from the Atrtntloto tlio Tactile , llookj anil
Circular ! frco. Irfiillci from 3 to 4 onlr. lltli mil
1'nrnnm itroeti Ouauo , Net ) , entrance on cltbor
H root.
COLDS IN THE HEAD , by ono application.
OATABRH , in a very short time.
HAY TEVEE , in from 3 to 5 days.
EARACHE , instantly.
1'ropnrod only by tlio
: amuui.M : ou.
llailtor llloclt , Omiilia. U. S. A ,
IS ino. paper , 337 pages , prlco 60 cents.
"This prurient mlnrtnil wrllur's storlei nro unreal
a they nro Indelicate1 OainlmVurlilllcrnlcl. .
"Contains rnnny vwcot nnU puroetortcSi It may bo
called nltocniDcr-mufpurlt ) . " Brooklyn Ailvertl cr.
Tlio vlloiUtuclis iilion Sister Aenllm'a lioolc
but help Its sale. People of Omnlm , road ana
decide. 1'or snlo everywhere.
JORDAN BROS. , Publishers ,
No. 211 No. ( nil-Street , FhiU. Pa.
National Bank
Capital , - - - - S4OO.OOO
Surplus Jan. 1st , 1890 , r OU.BOO
Oniccn nnd DIreclors IIenrr W.Tntns , I'roildent ;
IXivrlsS. Howl , YlcO'1'rosiilcint ; Janioi W. hnvajtoV
V.Morio. John 8. Colllni , IL U. Cuihl/u. J. N. II
1'aulck. W. U. B. Ilughui , caihlor.
Corner 12th nud 1'arnam SU.
A General liunklii liuslnc.n.s Transaclol
77m Jfliirt'av , C'or. 1-lth
in tinitont NubHtantiHlIu
Itotvl JlHUitinu ' OinnlKi. tierer , I
licai'it lirlf/c Jli'a tr < illn riiiinhia from
IxiHCiin-nt to roof. * lll the relltiiu > > unit
/loom HiH'il trttte Aultvnton flt'n jtrouf
iiilntf , innlitnil it tiHjiiiHHlbln to birrn
quick. Firvciicujx'H tinil jira alarm *
tJirout/liintt tlio ( Jltlltlliifi. Htt'niii liriit ,
hot n ml cotil triitcr mill HtiiiHlilni'.lii
'ftlliltl tltlHIII'JKIHJCll ( III/ .
Corner 14th snd Capitol Avonua.
Just cotnpletoj , ha9 100 rooms , thro 3
etairwAys , from the top to the bottom , has
fine elevator and dinning room earrloe , 1
fire proof throughout , flno billarJ rooms and
the ttneiit toilet rooms in the city. Lars *
Sample rooms , Suites v/lth bith Its. Cor
14th and Canitol Ave. Street car aorvloo in
alldirocllons. Hatea , from Sg.OO to $1.00
Winslow Wilkes ,
Tlio fastest 4-year-oUl pacin sta lllou In th
World ,
Uccnrii : 1(1-2 ( , otlxixlnetou. Itr. , S.l heat dy
> Vllk < > , ilam hy Ahnont SI , will rnako the .union uf
Idilat 1001 Vlnlon itroet , Oraaha.Sob. bEAMjM 100
with uitual return iirtTllecos
Inientoriof riOToltlci , etn. . will nnd It to tholr In
tercut towrlto befuro plating iimann inaiket lothu
raanaKerbt the Klchard K fox l'urclia > lnz nn4
Supply lifpartiBCnt , rrauklla bquaro , Nuw York.