Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 05, 1891, Part One, Page 6, Image 6

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    ti . in ii IIAII.V I-HHV : xiirviiAV ism. si
O iriCK : Is'O. 121'KAHL STREET.
Delivered by Carrier In nny part of the City.
H. Vf. TJf/rON - - MANAOKH.
nuslnoMOnicc , No. .
Night Cdltor. No. 23.
N. Y. I' . Co.
Council Hinds Lumber Co , coal.
Crnffn chattel lonns , 20 Sapp block.
( Jcnulno KocU Hprlng coal. Thatcher , 10
T. L. riamott wn * fined $15 TO In police
court yesterday morning fordrunkcnncii.
A marriage license W.IH lisued yesterday to
Jninos llamfcavet nnd Mnry C. Uurkc , bethel
ol Council IllufK
The funornl exorcises of the late John W.
Ktlnoro will bo hold tomorrow afternoon nt
tlio l-'lf th nvcuuo MethbdNt church.
1'ho funeral of Mrs. John Smith will tnUo
pliico this nflornoon at 2 o'clock from the res
idence of North First sti cot , Hev. tr. ) I'holps
Tim Collotvlnir cases of measles wcra re
ported vostunlav : Maud McKusson , Oak
land nvcnuo ; lav Towns , : ni Nurth Main
aticot ; Einnui llcekman. 711 Seventh street.
John Mcrkel was arralRticil ooforo Justice
I'allon yi'sti'nlav on a cliargo of obtaining
money under false pretenses , tlio prosecuting
witness bulnw Paler Knoi-ht. After be.iriiiK
the evidence McrUulfts tliscuurjjuit by the
The ivcular inontliiy meeting of the 1'ottu-
wnU.iinlo County Kriiit ( Irowors1 find ( ! nr-
jlcneis' association will tultu ylnro this nflor
noon at 'J o'clock In the fanners' tall , county
court boii'c.
Joscpn D.mU'cr nnd Miss ICobocca JelTrles
wciounltcil in innrri.i ) ! ' * Thursday nl ht at
HID lusldonco of tlio bride on Nicholas street ,
Wcsu-llliiKOf the Catholic church ofll-
ulntln . The newly wed coilplo will llvo on
I 'emu nvenuo.
The irraiid Jury innilo n tour of Inspection
ycsti'i'Utiy afternoon through St Barnard's
hospital , nceonliiiR to the statute that nro-
vldes such an Investigation shall bo
inailu oncoa year by the ciand Jury , of all
stnto Institutions ,
The Iliodupartmont was called out yester
day nioriiliiff , at II o'clock to the corner of
Fifteenth street nnd Third uvoiiuo. A llro
lind boon started In some old Ice houses which
\vcio formerly roiinectcd with the Stewart
{ mrkltiK houses 'J'hry won ) uu occupied , and
t was no doubt the uorlc of an Inccnduary ,
who was anxious to sco the rest of the estab
lishment , follow In the trade of that which
was binned down n couple of ycais npo.Tho
liroliml notion eonslili'niblo headway before
the llraiiicn arrived on the scone , but thov
Sim ceded In extinguishing it before any
( Ininagoas done.
The case of the Council Hluffs it Omaha
transfer company vs M , Zoltsiniinu was on
trlnl in Justice I'.itton's ' court yesterday af
ternoon. The plaintiffs claim that they had
n contract , with Xoltsiuan to furnish him
fortv tons of hay during I ho recent , hay fain-
Inoat. * ! , ' ) . . ' ) * ! per ton , but when they delivered
It ho refused to talto it. They nccordlnijly
brinir action to recover dniriages in the sum
of $ . " 0 on account ot his alleged refusal to
stand i ) whis word , X.oUsiii.inn claims that
ho had the contract , but that the plulntilTs
refused to fulfill their half of it. Ho sues
for $ ! ' 5 damages. The case was tried on
tliCM ) rather contradictory statonioincnLs and
was taken under udvisoinent bv the rourt.
Henry l.xvoiiiort ) | of Atlantic was bioughl
before Clerk I' . M. Hunter of the federal
couit on the charge of soiling liquor \vlthout
n ( 'ovorninetit license , lloclalms that ho had
tnado application for n license , but had not
yetrccehed it , A telegram was sent to the
deputy rcvcnuo collector at DurliiiRton to
llml out whether ho told the truth. A icpiy
was received stating tnat no license had been
asked for by any one from Atlantic named
Davenport. The prisoner was accordingly
bound over to await the action of the federal
grand jury in the sum of f'JOO , In default of
which bo was sent to Jail.
John CmmniiiffsVillinm Stannard and H.
II. Miller , wore arrested vestordav for driv
ing over the sidewalk on Seventh street be-
twcon Mill and Washington nvenuo. The
street at thut point Is in an almost iinpnss-
uhlo condition , and during the recent muddy
season the teams thut wore compelled to pass
that way mndo a reid for themselves by
dilvlng along the sidewalk. The adjacent
property owners did not. like this , and thov
complained at the marshal's ' ofllce , with the
result that the three arrests were made. It
is said that informations are out as'iinst ' sev
eral other offenders , who will bo arrested on
11 like charge.
Carpets , furniture , stoves , tinware , crock-
cry , In endless variety on easy payments at
Wandel .t Klein's.
Fruit farm for salt ] on reasonable terms ;
within ono and one-half miles of the P. O ;
all In bearing ; good buildings ; possession
given atonco. Cull on 1) . J. Hutchlnson &
Co , , 017 Drondway.
i'jitso..tjvi 7t < i . i i'ii s.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Murphy , loft last
evening for Indianapolis.
A. W , Alexander wont tc Charter Onk
yesterday morning on business for Weir ,
JShugart & Co.
Mrs. 0. O. Howard , wife of an nttoino.v at
. Hod Oak , Is in the city , the guest of Miss
Allio Campbell at " ( ill ) Avenue A.
Mias Mary Williamson leaves next wrek
for 'U'lnll-jld , ICnu. , where she will visit
friends during the sprliiBnnd summer.
Mrs. H. K. Duknyand s'pn , Earle , loturnod
yesterday morning from Chlc.igo nnd are
visiting Airs. Dokay's ' parents , Itev. and Mrs ,
T. F. Thlolcstun.
Mr. Hert Sims returned ynstorday morning
from Plattsmonth. NOD , , wtioro bo went to
attend a concert given by the celebrated or
ganist , Frederick Archer.
Mr. N. P. Dodge and family returned yes
terday morning from n four months' trip to
the Pncllic coast. They were accompanied M. Uodgu' who did not stop ,
but \vcnton to Chicago in his special car.
lrs. ) Wood bury , dentists , UO Pearl street ,
next to Grutid hotel Telephone 145. High
grade work a specialty.
Fotticrlnjiliam , Wuliolnw Afc CO'H. Al-
trnuiloiis Tor tlin Week.
Notwithstanding the gloomy weather of
last week tliousniids of people of Council ;
llliiffs and vldnity visited tlio Boston store ,
toiiilinlio iniii purchase the bcauilful sin-Ing
Koods that were opened cncli dny. The
spring styles of ladles' dress ioods wcio no\er
so huiidsomo as they nro this year. Tlio de
partures from ' iCro
last year's styles ro
very ladlciil mid embrace nil grades of
( , 00(1During this \\cek ladies will ho
\\ell rep.ihl for iv visit to tlio Hoston store
whotbor tboy wish to purchase or not. They |
ulll onlay looking nt tlio niiiuv now nnd beau
tiful fabrics \\hle.h they can Ilnd , nnd If eastern -
ern prlcosvlll bo nny uddltlonal Inducement
they will bo nimble to resist the temntutton
toBelectsouiellilnp. Kveryllnois full mul
j on will Do H ell entertained uliou looking
tlioin o\er.
U'owlll furnish you wallpaper this spring.
In nil tbo lute t stvlcs , ut cnstorn prices , fd
\\lll uunriuiteo satisfaction both lu iiuiillty
und material. IJOS'tON STOUIO.
Council UlufTs , la.
.1 . , Wnmi.o : > \ Uo.
All Chinese poods at half prlco at Jim I
Lung's , SOS liroaihvay.
Not In town.
An answer was Hied jesterday by the do-
fcndanU In the case of Hnchul I.arltncr
iiRalnst Jack Cirecu und Thomas Skinner ,
which was commenced last month insupeiior
court to obtain possession of n tlilrty-two-
ncro tract of Ijnd situated between Itig lalto
nnd the river. Tlio plaintiff claimed ihnt the I was hold by the defendants without any
rlk'lit or title , and shn drmaiuled that they
glvo It up to her , together with $150 damages ;
which she has sulTcicd by the detention. cshi
the answer which wius tiled jestord.iy the
defendants allege that the property , which Is
situated north of the river line according to
the old Bovornmont survey , is In thostuto of
Nebriblui , nnd that thcruforo the court has
no Jurisdiction In the caso. They ask that
tlio case bo dismissed nt plaintiff's cost. The '
trial was to imvo coma on yesterday , but us '
tdo tiling of the answer brought some new
matter into the cose , itsu * postponed uutll
next Monday ,
John Giloert Finds His Load-of Debt Too
Heavy to Bear.
MM. Piiscy I\liif-Mnek ) Hnuuit Over
Cniey'H Kuncral I'nr-
nlMl HlH Hand Other
City Matters.
John Gilbert , who keeps n plumbing estab
lishment nt the corner of Main street and
Willow avenue , tnado an assignment yester
day afternoon for the benefit of his creditors.
W. A. Wood Is the assignee. Tno terms of
thoassltjiimont cover the entire stock nnd
fixtures , consisting of steam , plumbing ,
brasft and load poods , steam fitting und well
digging goods , pumps and sewer pi DC , De-
sides all bMK accounts nnd notes. Accord-
Ing to hi * statement , the liabilities are
- ) , " ) * . 15.
Tlio failure resulted from a superfluity of
Imddouts. Mr. Gilbcit status that helms
been utterly unable to collect money thafwas
owing tiim from patrons , on account of the
general dullness , Ho thinks that If ho had
been able to collect this money ho would Imvo
succeeded in mooting his obligations and
Imvo passed over the dull season safely , His
creditors kept pressing him , however , nnd
ho had to take this way of satisfying them.
It was impossible to ascertain last evening
what the assets will amount to. A futr stock
Is on hand , nnd It is thought that it , together
with the amount ot outstanding accounts ,
will be sulllclent to pay nearly nil the dobts.
A good girl can ilnd a situation to do general -
oral housework bv applying to Mrs P. M.
1'ryor , 010 Hlull street. '
Our spring stock is now complete. If you
want to be in stjlo call at Holler's , the tailor ,
I ! 10 U road way.
in District Court.
The case of Horace Hverctt vs the city was
resumed In distilcPcourt yesterday morning
nnd occupied tlio attention of the court until
n o'clock In the afternoon , when on account
of the Illness of Mrs. Pusey , wife of N. M.
I'nsoy , the attorney for the plaintiff , tlioro
was a continuance ) until sucb ttmo as Mr.
I'usoy shall bo able to attend. None of the
cases that followed In the assignment were
ready for trial , so an adjournment was taken
until this morning , after n few matters of
minor importance had been attended to.
A decree of foreclosure was granted In the
case of Charles Bowman against Kato 13.
and F1. J. Sackett on two lots situated In
Sackott's addition.
An objection to motion for a continuance In
the three cases in which J , P. Casady Is defendant -
fondant was filed by tlio attorneys for the
plaintiff , Wright & Ilsddwin. 'Ihoy allege
that n continuance has been asked for by the
attorneys for the every term of
comt since that of .lanuarv , ISUu , nnd has
each ti mo been supported by nllidavlts from
physicians stating that the health of the do
foiid.uit Is such as to tender the trial of the
case impossible. Thov argue from this that
tlio health of the defendiintls constantly fail
ing , and that n continuance of the case to an
other term of court will bo equivalent to
turning tlio plaintiff out of lourt altogether.
A motion for a continuance was filed in the
case of W V. Cranrlo vs Charlotte Mulsh ,
by the plaintiff , on the ground of a failure of
ceitaln depositions to arrive that it is
claimed are essential to the trial of the case.
A decico was given in the case of M. I ,
Scars vs William C. Brownleo. ot al. . in
faor of the plaintiff , the defendant failing
to appear The tltlo to lot 1'JO of the original
plat of Council Bluffs was quieted In the
In the case of A. Ovcrton vs L. Ilosenflcld ,
in which an injunction was sought by the
plaintiff to restrain the defendant from
engaging In tlio sale of intoxicating liquors ,
the plaintiff was graded ti Judgment lor at
torney's fees and costs , by default , and an
order of abatement. Several ether cases in
which Overtoil Is plaintiff were dismissed at
plaintiff's cost , at the request of Jacob Sims ,
O\erton's attorney. A like order was. made
in out ) of the Injunction cases in which David
Giay is plaintiff.
Meschendorf don't say so , na the following
prices will convince jou of !
I'ortcrlioufosto.ik , I''Ke.
Sirloin slcalt , liy o.
Houm1 steak , lOc.
1'rimo lib , lOc.
Shoulder roast , 7c.
I'ork roast , Sc.
I'orlc chops , lOe.
Vein , Tc to 12'jC. '
Mutton , lie tn l-J'j'c.
Shoulder steak. Se.
Sausage of all kinds , Se.
Host No 1 11.1111lOc. .
Host No. 1 bacon , lOe.
Hcst No. 1 lard , 10o.
Host Fo. 1 salt pork , So ,
Oleo. and butter , ISc andSOc.
Do you want nn express wagon or boyl
Unitf up the A. D. T. ( Jo. , tolophouo 179 , No.
H North Main struct ,
The Falrmount Sc clfjar at the Fountain.
Mack Hound Over.
H. D. Mack was brought before Justice
Hummer yesterday forenoon for n prelimi
nary , examination on the ctiiirRO of obtaining
money under false pretences. Standing
room was uta premium In the little ofilco of
the Justice , half the residents of the western
part of the city having soupht admission for
tlio purpose of seeing whether tlio prisoner
was the man who had done them up. As
Mack looked around on Iho crowd and saw
so many familiar faces became to the con
clusion that It would not l > o worth while to
contest the point , and ho waived his prelim
inary examination. The court bound him
over to await the action of the ijrand jurv ,
and llxcd bis bond at&OO , In defaulter which
ho was remanded to the Bounty jnll , Tlio
cnso will bo brought before the grand Jury at
Its present session ,
J. C. nixbv , steam nesting , sanlttry en-
KlnccrliOJ Morrlnm block , Council Blurts
Our line of carpets ntU parlor furniture I
will boar Inspection Wo o'uhn the largest I
stock In the city. Manuel & Klein.
Kiinornl oi Mrs. Cary.
The funeral of Mrs. Phcubo Cary took place
yesterday morning at the resilience of her
son , Chief of I'dlit-o Wiulo Cary. A T. h ' -
number of Irlends of the deceased wcro
piescnt. Hov. T. J. Macltay of St. Paul's '
Kplsoopal chili oh conducted the exercises In
a very impressive manner. After the ser- '
vlco the remains were taken to their last ,
resting pluco In Falrvlew cemetery , followed
by many friends. The following persons
ofllclnted as pall bearers : J. 13. Atkins ' ,
Alexander wood , J. N. Cassndy , K. 'J :
Abbott , T. II , Hays and N. A. Taylor.
Travelers' union will meet Saturday , April
lTUp. : : ! in. , at board of tiado rooms , : u.2 _
Men-lain block. Business of importance. , i
All commercial nnd
cx-commerclul travelers
Suugart & Co. carry largest stocltof m
Held , garden and ( lower seeds In the St
Catalogue und samples by.mail ,
Mr * . 1'iiHtjy Oyiiig.
Mrs.-N. M , ' Is
I'usoy dangerously m at her ,
home , at the corner of" Willow avenue nnd
Sixth stieot. She has been u suffoicr from
diopsy for son.o tlmo past , nnd of late it has
boon complicated with symptoms of * heart
failure. Yesterday afternoon she was ro-
ported to bo very low , nnd In the evening her
physician stated tbat her death was expected
I'arnly/ed Ills Hand.
A fourteen-year-old sou of Joseph T.
Wright , who lives at Wright's landing ,
Manawa , met with au accident yesterday
morning whllo shooting ducks with a muzzle-
loading shotgun on the lake. Ho snapped
ono trigger of the gun , but It failed to go off.
Ho then snapped the olher and it did douclb
duty , going oft at both ends. The barrel
was shattered and small pieces of the metal
pnssca through u heavy bucKsklu glove
which hd had on , tcanng It to shreds.
Stnnge to say , his bond wn not lacerated at
all , but was paralyzed by the shock , Ho was
taken to UoHavcn's drug store , where ho re-
calved medical attention. ttls not thought
that his Injury will bo serious ,
The Manhattan , sporting headquarters. N.
8031 H U1G 1M110.
Called the Turn oiTiiBnru Key Ilclilml
Which xvas $ : ) iUOO. !
"Tho business iintl sporting llfo of the
pioneers < on the polclcn shores nnd in the
'jrlorlous climate of C'lillfornla' was a
feverish one , " < myt > General William
Humph revs , mi old ploncof , in the St.
Louis Ctlobo- Democrat. "To the -JOors
the oldest tilings of the effete c-nbt hud
pnfiscd away und all things .hnd bccotno
now , It was not an unusual tiling at
Billy Owons' pliico to sco u mini walk in
and lii.y down iv certificate of deposit for
810,000 , on tlio ncohnvin T llrstnskcd the
banker to oovor his bet. Without a
olinnpo of muselo banker and player
| would ( abiilo the coming out of the ace ,
and if the bank won ho qulotlv raked in
ills $10,000 rortifioato of deposit , laid it
in his left hand drinsur , nnd the man in
front of the table went out ti wiser und u
poorer mini to begin prospecting airtiin
lit Poverty Flat.
I once saw u rich man como in nticl ,
tiring of 'picking' along with
bets on n single curd , he nonchalantly
tapped on tlio high card with his pencil
ll.H ho siilil : 'Mr. Denier , I'll just go you
or the high card my three-story brick
hotlso . . . , near the Palace hotel , against
your $20.1)00 ) , ' nnd drawing out of his
pocket his deed , tlio bettor laid it on tlio
ace. 'Dono'said the dealer , who was
likely to have a * 10,000 bankroll in his
pocket 1 and n reserve fiinil of $100,000 in
u small safe in the corner of his gambling
hell , tjuiotly the outside betting' went
01 and Hourly nil the cards \voro outtho
ace being the Soda' curd nnd throe ncoa
Htlll in the box. The deed still lay on
the aco. At last , when Mug. jack and
three aces were the only cards in the box ,
the hotter said : Hold' Dealer ! I'm d d
tired of that rice. It's going to split. I
want to put my brick house on the king ; .
Are you ngrocdi" 'Cert , ' exclaimed the
dealer , lie pulled. Outcainotho king- ,
falling- tlio right of the dealer. The
bank lost. The man with tlio brick
hous.0 won $20,000. 'How will you have
your money , ' wild Mr. Dealer. 'Cheek , '
laconically answered the lucky gambler.
The dealer's hide partner filled out a
cheek , while the game went on. "
"Hilly Owens anil Judge Jones were as
no as the Siamese twins to each other.
The bond that bound them was n friend
ship that only ended with the life of
Judge Jones , who died with ills boots on
in his ort'n faro bank , killed by a cowboy
who got the drop on him in a light over
a disputed bet. One night in May , when
the game'run light , ' as gamblers bay ,
and Judge Jones hud played in a good
streak of luck for a month , Billy Owens ,
Hushed with 'Old Otard , ' came baeic to
the faro lay-out from his sumptuous pal
ace of jrin and sin. Walking up to his
chum lie said ho said : 'Judge Jones ,
tills is a mighty mean game with these
hundred-dollar pikers around the board.
How much you got in that big bafo over
yonder ! " M ust $ ; WflOO in tliur , old man , '
opliod the judge , 'and that's just
: iU,000 moro'n you'vo got the band in
your cm w to try and win. ' 'Ah , that 'ri
your little game , is it , old Texas never
tire ? ' exclaimed Hilly Owens , just full
onnupli for n 'llyer. 'I'll just go you
my check on the California bank
for $ U2,000 , cold 'plunkors. " 'Put ' up or
shut up , Billy , sententiously answered
the Texas judge , as his stool gray eyes ,
expanding wide , shone like twor' white
diiimondsT Hilly Owens walked over to
the gamblers' oseretoiro and a well
regulated gambling place is never with
out a table called ' '
-'secretary , whore
pen and ink are ready , and bank
checks , without any particular
bank's name , can always bo found. Tlio
saloon keeper iilledip a cheek on the
bank of California for $ ; tl,000 ! and signed
it up and walked back to Judge Jones.
"Lip to this moment Jones thought
Billy was foolin' . Ilo was mistaken , j
"I'll bet this is the pot (1 ( , 7 , 8 Against
your safe and contents. ' 'It is well , '
bald Jones wilhout a smile , pulling out a
big safe key from his hide pocket , and
slapping it down hard in the pot. 'That
represents my wealth , ' said dealer
Jones. All the other players censed to
watch the gamo. Tlio third turn , as the
key laid hugging the check for $ , ' 1 000 ,
the six , seven , and eight spots came out
of the box. 'Dusted ! by the everlasting
jumping jingo ! ' yelled 'tho Texas judpo ;
but d n my eyes , Bi'ly ' , you are the
very man 1 want to win if I must lose. "
"The bank broke , and till daylight
Billy Owens made it lively for the boys ,
and within a week , the judge , who
closed his bank and wont away , struck
it rich in a placer mine , and opened up
a now game more gorgeous than the
first , in spite of his landlord calling the
turn on his sufo koy. _ "
A Curious Coinuliloiico.
"Speaking of coincidences ' '
, said the
man with the wooden leg , as ho lighted
a half consumed cigar ho had been car
rying in an old handkerchief ; "speaking
of coincidences , gentleman , I can toll
you a very singular thing. 1 was going
up Niagara street , in Buffalo , when I
saw a man with a wooden leg on the
other side of tlio street coining down.
Wo looked across at each ether and
stopped. Says I to inybolf , and bays ho
to himself :
" 'That follow lost his log at the battle
of GoltvHburg , or I'm a sinner ! ' "
"WollV" asked ono of the group.
"Wo looked at each ether across the I
street for a moment , and then says I to
myself and says ho to himself :
" 'I'll strike him for quarter , and nn
old comrade nnd follow-sufl'eror will shell
out. ' "
"Well ? "
"Very curious coincidence , gentlemen
very curious , " continued the man , as
ho pulled away ntliis old stub. " We
mot on the crosswalks.o shook
hands. Wo struck each other for a
quarter , but didn't got it. AVe were both
dealt broke. Neither of us was in the
b.ittlo of ( jottybburg , or any ether but
tle. Then says I to myself , and says ho
to himself :
"Blast his eyes ! but he's traveling on
his Bhapo and tolling a tale of woe , and
ho'b no man for motoasboeiatowith ! 'and
BO wo walked otT. I don't like t'oincl
deuces mybclf ; there's no money in * om. "
YOB , Ilo HUH.
"Tho tramp has a pretty taking way
with him , I toll ycfnP siid a farmer who
had come to the eastern market with hoa
load of hay nnd dropped olT four of the
gentry who had boon riding with him ,
bays the Detroit Free Press ,
"Ilo w do jou meiinV" was asked
"That crowd en mo up this morning
just as I was leaving home , and the big
fellow sung out :
" 'Say ! old man , wo want to rldo to
town with you. "
"Can't wo'i" says lie. 'Then we'll sot
right down on yor front poreli all dny.
We'll also see that the old v oman cooks
us a bquaro dinner , nnd mobbe thoro'i
some apples nnd elder la the collar. "
"Then what did you say ? "
'Then I smiled all over ami says , says
says I ; "Hoys , I lilco company. Climb
right up herb and we'll smoke and chaw
nnd Imvo a good visit as wo rl
along. " '
* > *
IK i
Or a Whirl b ; Ralkto Six American Pleasnro
3 ID
in *
If You M'nnt to Take n Trip TliU Sum-
mcr Without , Kxprii-r , Partici
pate In The lion's Match-
leU ' OfTcr.
Arrangements liavo neon elfc-ctcd by tlio
publishers of Tin ; 15iE : which enable us lo
mnko a novel nnd attractive offer to parties
who are disposed to devote thelrtimo and en-
crgy toward procuring new subscribers for
Tar. OMAHA WrtKtr HUE or Tin : SUNIUY
HKB between this date and the 10th dny ot
June next.
This offer will bo open only to parties so
liciting subscribers In Nebraska , low.i , South
D.iliota and Kansas
A careful record will bo kept of all sub
scriptions fownrded , nnd the awards will bo
mndo without partiality.
To the person that .will secure the largest
number of casli suuscrlbers for Tin : OMAIK
U'ur.hi.v Bin : or TUB Srxmx Bui : before
Juno 10 , ls > 'jl , will bo given nini : OP COST A
KOfM ) TllllIHIIOl'UVN TOtll TICM'.T Tills
ticket will inc'lndo first-class passaco from
Now York to Kuropo und return. This In-
ludei also nil travelini. , hotel and sluht-see-
hiK expenses. The trip will bo mndo with < iu
excursion partv gotten up by Mrs. M. D.
rnzlcrof Boston , and will be In charge of
competent guides , The traveler bns no euros
whatever. The tour covers all the
countiies of Europe Kiigland , Germany ,
Switzerland , Franco , Belgium.Italy and their
princiual cities , Including London.
Brussels , Berlin , Homo , Florence , Venice ,
Milan , Cicnon , etc.
The partv stnrts from Now York Juno 27
and returns to that city by September 11.
Taken by uuy individual alone , this Hu-
ropean trip would involve un outlay of ut
least $ riH ) .
For the second largest list of subscribers
wo offer a free ticket from Omaha to b.m
Francisco and Los Ancelos and return.
MngniKccnt mountain scenery , tlio beautiful
Golden Gate , the laud of sunshine , fruits and
flowers. "Who has not seen California \\ll
not dlo bappy. " Travel is nn educator , und
to iironorlv nnnrectnto the vastness of our
great country one must sco its uobt features.
For the third largest list of subscribers to
the \VIIKI.Y : : or SINI > AY Bic wo offcrn ticket
fromOmaha to Quebec audieturn. What
could bo grander than a trip down the beau
tiful St. Lawrence In mld-summorl To con
template the beauty of Thousand Isles is de
lightful. How much more delightful to visit
them when in verdure clad.
And all this pleasure for obtaining sub
scribers to the \Viiiti.\ : : and faus'im BIK.
For the fourth largest list of subscribers wo
offer a free ticket from Omaha to New York
Philadelphia. Washington and return.
There nro no ( mints on tins continental
greater general interest than these tlueo
cities. An American citl/en has not com
pleted his education until ho has seen the
seat of government. The persons and points
ot interest in Washington nro intiiimcrnblo
and to the Intelligent observer n visit there is
full of interest. Now York and Pnlladelphla
as the commercial and financial centers of the
country are always Interestine.
All this siglit seeing and traveling given
awav for obtaining subscribers to the
r For the fifth larcost list of subscribers wo
offer a , f roe ticket from Omaha to Niagara
Falls and return. Eversinco your childish
wonder was aroused by the description in the
old school readers of these wonderful falls you
huvo dcslrca to sea thcln Hero Is the op
portunity. A most delightful excursion and
ono without oxpcnso , given for securing sub-
scriuors to the WEEI.KI or SUNDAY BIK. :
1 or ttie sixth lamest list of subscnborswo
offer u free ticket from Oin.itia to- Salt Lake
Citv and return. Tlio famous Mormon city
is fast becoming a Ciuitllo city , nnd will hi
tune lose inucb of interest. Now. tins sum
mer would bo a good time to visit the boom
ing city. Onrilcld Beach Is of course in
cluded in the trip. This summer rcbort on
tbo lake Is a delightful plnco to pass a few of
the hot summer duj-s. Why not secure a
number of subscribers for the WEEKLY or
SUNDAY BPU nnd take the trip.
For the seventh largest list of subscribers
wo olTer a Iieo ticket to Denver and Mnnltou
nnd return. Whllo n shorter trip tlnu any o
tbo others It combines many pleasant fea
tures. Penvor the queen city of the plains
-Is nlwajs worth seeing while the health
nnd sui inner resorts of Maniton nro delightful
ndeed. Health-giving , inspiilng , restful
nniid sublime scenery what trip could bo
moro rp.stfull All this pleasure for scouting
subscribers to the SUMHY or WCEKI/I BEL- .
Now what are the conditions upon which
these tlcltflU nro given awav I Tlio securing
of the larirost list of subscribers to Tun
\ViiKi.ior SUNIUY Bri : . No { newspaper in
tbo west Is so well nnd favorably known nnd
solicitors h.ivo alwnjs found it nn easy mat
ter to secure subscribers. Tins BBIJ'H .sub
scription list bns nlwajs kept pace with its
reputation and it deisrcs to add new names to
Its long list of friends , IJeliig nt all times u
people's paper it makes friends with nl"
The subscription pricoof Tin : WKIIKI.Y BIR :
is $1,00 per year postpaid to nny place in
this country or Canada , or ? J,00 If sent to i :
foreign country ,
Tin : SUNDAY Br.n Is.00 per year , but
Omaha subscribers for Tun SUNDAY Bui :
will not bo counted in this competition.
( jet up alist. jour friends subscribe
for the paper. Sample copies forwarded
fioo on request.
Persons deslrim ? to compote for one ef
these prizes will please ay so when sending
in their lirst orders.
Uenilttaiico in full must accompany every
order. *
Two six months subscrlntlons or four
three months subscriptions will bo counted
as ono order.
Knvluhlo Oiipni-luiiltluH Tor Siinimo
ICvcitrHloiiH OTi-rcil tn All.
A.trip from Oiunb n to Denver anil Manitoi
includes ixridothr/nigh / the famous Plutto Val
ley of Nebraska and Colorado to Denver , tin
largest and most benuilful city of the Kookj
mountains and nlong the foot of the Kocky I (
niountiiln ran go froul Douvor to Manltou. The '
panorama whicliMs laid before the eye of tao
traveler In a Journey from Denver to Muni-
ton , includes lolio , \ swoop of tno eye ! U)0 )
miles of'iiountuirt neulcs , snowy rungo , foot
bills and ' . ' . to the
c'Mions.JLiOiu's po.uc , nwny a
north ; CJray's pcilc , the dome of the coatl-
ncul , Jnmes' iu > alt. tlio Arapahoe peaks ,
PiKo's peak , the most famous of nil moun
tains of Coloradosflid nwuy to the south. : IO ( )
miles from the paititiof obsctTatlon , the three
forbidden iiioiiiitiiliiUops known as the Span
ish peaks , are nililtrvlow for a part of the
distance. l < , i
Alnultou Is the most attractive of the many
resorts of Colorado. Lying nt the foot of
J'lku's Peak andit / the entrance nf the
Ciardoii of the ( .iods , It Invites the tourist nnd
slKhtsoorto the most roinnikiiblu formations
nnd the grandest mi a most picturesque
scenery of thut rugged range. Its mineral
springs nnd pure ulr glvu now IIfo to the do-
billtatcd. The Pike's 1'oalc rnilroail , a
marvel of engineering skill , conveys passou-
gers to the very summit of the lofty old
mountain. From'tho ton of Piko's PeaU all
ttio great/ mountain peaks of Colorado nro
distinctly vislbl whllo to the cast Its tree-
lined avenues at right angles , looking llko n
checker board In the distance , lies the pretty
llttlo city of Colt rude Springs nnd beyond
the great plains of eastern Colorado. A
volume could bo written , Indeed volumes
Imvo been written , of the glories of Munltou
and PlKo's Poalc ,
A ticket covering this tourli offered for the
seventh larsest list of subscribers.
There Is no American tour which combines
a greater variety of scenery and n wldur In
terest to Iho traveler thiin ouo from Omaha
to Kun rnuiclsco and I.oi Angeles , Unlit.
The trivolvr passes through the stales of No-
briislui , Coloratlo , Wyoming , Nevada and
California und the territory of Utah. This U
All kinds of Oy In ? and ClPiinliu doiio In th I
Itchi'stbtylooftlio Art , I'mlt-il ami btaliioil
rubrics ' iiiudo lo look us good us now llnl
I'lMtlicls i ii'.inu'l I'y ' "Mt'am. In I ust ( ' nm
M.iimor. Work prnnmtly diino and dullvnrud
'n ull parts of thouoiintry bund for prlvo
C. A. MACMIAN. Prop.
IOU Uroadwav , Near North wesluru Depot ,
the gicat business belt of the west and at
every step of the Journey something of inter
est presents itself , whether the tourist bo
student , business man or meicly pleasure
Nebiaska and Its prairies ; Colorado nnd its
mountains ; Utah and its wonderful Salt
lake ; Nevada and IU mid plains and Cull-
fornia with Its innumerable attractions , are
all compassed In this trip. Omaha , the most
prosperous city in the union today. Denver ,
the queen city of the Hockios ; Salt Lake , the
/ion of Moimondom ; San Fianc-isco , the
golden gate , and Los Angeles , the City of
Our Mother of the A.igels , form .1 string of
Jewels of raicst water.
These nro all prosperous cities ; thov are
all beautiful cities ; they are all wonderful
cities. Each is remarkable for some particu
lar reason. No two of them are
alike hi attractions and no tiaveler
can afford missing to see each nnd
all. In tlio months of Juno , July , August
and September the prairies of Nebraska , the
Rocky mountains , tlio valleys of Utah and
the gi cat Sierra range are seen to the best
possible advantage. It is the fruit season of
California , tha sight seeing period of all tlio
mountain countries anil the pleasurable Dart
of tbo year for tnucl.
Tlio ticket ottered by Tin : Br.i : tn return
for the second largest list ot weekly -ml- )
scribers obtained by Juno 10 , 1801 , allows
stop-overs at all points of interest between
Omaha and Los Angeles. A week or a mouth
may bo spent at Denver visiting the pictur
esque mountain resortsadjacen t and another
week can likewise bo cnjo ) cd nt Salt Lake in
hunting , llshhig , sight seeing and bathing in
the great inland sea. As much time as tlio
passenger likes may bo oiijoynbly spent la
sun Kiancisco and oilier points in California ,
not executing tlio lovely orange groves and
fruit orchards of southern California.
Niagara falN. the world's gtnitost catar
act , needs no glowing description. . H cannot
bo described , Pouring ever a precipice UK )
feet high , tlio immense volume of water of
Niagara river , tbo outlet of the great lakes ,
linds its way toward tbo ocean. On either
side of the river are rpli'tidld views of this
tremendous wateifall , above it anil below it
and all about it aio other scenes which Imvo
attracted travelers from all parts of the
world. Goat island , tbo burning spiing , the
whirlpool rapids , the suspension bridge , are
Incidents merely to a visit to Niagara falls.
The llehl on which the battle of Lundy's
Lauo was fought Is within a few minutes' '
drive on tlio Canadian side. The facilities
for visiting all points of Interest on either
side of the river are superior. The regula
tions controlling access to and from tbo sev
eral points now prevent the exorbitant
churnes which wuio formerly almost as fam
ous as the cataract. A day or a few days at
Niagara falls is 0110 great event in an average -
ago lifetime , und no American should over
think of visiting tourist icsorls abroad until
ho has soon Isingara falls. Ilo can h.ivo no
appreciation of power , of grandeur , of uwo-
insplriug beauty , who has missed u visit to
this world iciiowned spot.
_ for tli ) Alilniico.
Detroit Free Press : Ono day a Peas
ant drove his Flock of Sheep into an
Inclosuro nnd was preparing to Denude
them of their long and Heavy Fleeces ,
when a Hwo , which was the oldest of
the lot , suddenly Objected and said :
"I IMVO long thought this an Outrage
on our nights , nnd 1 now Domain ) to lie
taken before the Cadi , who will give u
Decision. "
The Peasant , nothing loth , led the
E\vo to the village , whore the Cadi ( who
invented the f'mil lint ) was then receiv
ing the Complaints of his Subjects , j j
After hearing both Sides of the Story j |
ho Stroked his long Hoard , scratched
his right Shin with his left Foot , nnd
replied :
"My Decision is that the Peasant tdml !
not rob you of your Wool. "
"Good" ! I Know I was lUght ! " chuck
led the Kwo.
"Hut I further Decide. " continued the
Cadi as ho relieved the Tickling in his with a Cough Drop , "that the
Peasant neither Feed , Lodge nor longer
euro for jou. In fact thut ho turn you
out to Shift for yom > olf. If you aio not
willing to make him any Return hovlll
be n wise man to get rid of you. "
Looks now o-s'lf the Hackbono of Win
ter was IJroken.
Served Tli in I light.
An exemplary sentence was passed nt
the central criminal court , Melbourne ,
recently on two prUonarH found guilty of
robbery in company. Judge Casey said
that these olTonttcs should bo put down
with u strong hand. The lush was tlio
only punishment that would deter these
cowardly criminals. Ono prisoner wnn
sentenced to three yearn' imprisonment
and to receive twelve lashes , mid tlio
second prisoner was sentenced to BOVOII
years' hard labor and two whippings of
twenty lashes.
Corner Avenue A and 26th Street , Council Bluffs ; on Courti
cil Bluffs and Omaha Electric motor line.
1521 Farnam Street . . . Omaha , Neb.
621 Broadway - Council Bluffs , la.
Ml ! , MM Al If
Of Ever } ' description. Packages received at either office's *
or at the works.
© ericl for Price List-
Marcus' Clothing House
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HI rooms fomciilciil t motor line und ven-
-r ot biiiliii' > .s. N. I' . Ioi ) ( o A , Co.
U'ANTIII ) Man vltli small family u > work
on : i Kiirilun ; an oxptMli'iiccd gauli'iicr
pri'fi'ricil. Apply loJoliuslon f * Van I'nllcn ,
l\ciuU : liloeK.
\\7ANTUO-Oood ( -Irl for KIMUMII ! liouso-
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HluIV hired.
YUANTCI ) Student In iloiitnt olllco. Apiily
at No. ia o\or Hue ollleu.
TJ A YKciish customer for four lotslintwpon
-Ili'lst mid ' 'titli sis. , Imtttom A\o I ) und Hli
: iM' . , .1. I' . On I'lishlulds fill ) Ilioiithvny.
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1 1 of hiiv. wliloli I \ \ lMI' \ \ ! hy carload or lu
small quantities. Ln.iMi onlurs at No.lfi \ \
West Ihoudwuy. H. ( Inldstfln .V Co.
I/IKITIT fnrinfiu hiilunr tiado ; well lountPd
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Will tnl.o .soiiHi Rood I'lly piopoity , und K < " > d
tlnio lvi'r. on bal.inco. Call on or address 1 > .
J. Iliitolilnson & . Co. , Iil7 llro.uluuy.
IT'XA.MINE ' Ilio cflohrntuiTAInniiiill pianos ;
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on K.iHy payincnts liy .Mar. llourlciiiinnsio
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"IJIOU hAI.K A liouso und lartro lot on msy
-L' payments Iinjiilro ut 1U'1'arU ' a\enuc ,
Counolf Illulls. In. .
\U J. \UTiil\VASmit : : lins moved hla
ii tvaiolionsi ) fiom Ili'i Ilroailnuy to IUJ
Ilrniulwitv , whuro ho will Uuop on hand a llnu
blouk of fuiiiatu IIMures.
"I71OH hAI.K At H saorlllcc , IIIFKO M/o lultor
- ' IIIUSH , oflk'u di'sliH und vlialis , M Morn
trucks , 1 lui.ii ) lion * > uulo liuck , 'J heating
Htnvcs , Svoiiulcr sualiis a stop ladders. 1 lar 'n
plutfonii Hour bcjalc.-i , Kuulluu A. I'oll , 117
Mala fet.
fTum UINT-TIIO : MoMuiion i > ior.i < , a Mory
A.1 hi lux , with hiisiMiiunt und uluMilor. J W.
.wiilrc | , ; ui I'onrl Htiwl.
T7WJHSAMO A biiiBiilnj nciw mudurii lionso
-I ultli all tin' lulu linpiovoinuiils , scron
rooms , will soil on naiy p lyinrnts ; located on
Iho riftli iivi'iiiii ) motor line 1 > J llululiln-
sun.Ol ? llMudway
"ClOHSVLiK or Uant-Qinlan land , with
J : houioi. Uy J H. Itlaa. Uli iUlu t , OouuoU
Uluff *
0or 0. II. Janiurmln A , Co. Jo elry Store
The Now Ogiton Hotel , In Council HlnlN
linn boon completed ref urnt'rteU an imJo'ii-
Izud tirniHhoiit ) ; , and i < now on t ot tha lust
liotolH In lIm Kt.itt ) . It Is located In the Im it.
nuss partot t 1 tin uluotno untar )
PJHS tlio door ovury four intnulof. Fire at-
capes and hrualirmi tliroir-lnut th ? billi-
ing. Btuam heat , hot ant cold w.itgr aai
liiinuhlnuln every rojm. Table unaarpnuJ
anywhoru , Hatoa , $ ii.OO aday.
GEO. M. WHITNEY , Maungor.
Ilijzhost cash price paid for rnijs and
all kinds of scrap annuls.
Country iloalorfl anil inerehauts will
find it to their advaiiliijo to eommmii *
catowltli us before disposing of their
Union Uro.idwuv Depot ,
Tel. 801. Couneil'HluIld , In.
Or Council Bluffs.
CAPITAL STOCK 8150,000 ,
; - ! . A. Miller , I' O fJloixson , R ft
Ehnirnrl , K. K. Hurt , J. I ) Kdniiiiidion , Uharloi
Ullunnan. Tr.imaot b.uiMiu linsl-
ness l.-ir < oH capital untl surulu * of uuj
Lankln Soulliwosloru
Council lllulTt. l
AlllllM'tllDluf tllU KVK
IJAIt , NO- i : nil'
Iri'iitcil wi'.li Iho
( kill iinil rnro
CAT Mill 11. AHl'IIMv
nnil HAY KCVKU troatJ t
llli cnilnoiil IHCV011 - -
HIJUdK'AI.OI'EUATIONs , nhora -sasii nuLutsarr , n ln.
Icxsly | ii > rfonnu I with llni iitmnn en re anil iiklll , in.
Mirlrin porfi'ct ro ulu KINKS I ( il.A.SHUS uuuiir.
nli'ly priucrllipit , currwIliiK all riifnrtlrj troiiblot ,
m Myopln , llrpuropln nnil AitlKlimthiii , thin run-
iliTlnuiilk'lit miy okur anl iiilnlon CllltON'IIJ
NKUUAI.IllAnnil SII'K IIKVOX UK , nftor y in
ortcrrllilu Hiuiorlnu. no rulluf unilrulr curuil onioi ,
iloom I , Sliui.irt Uluck , otor liana \ . Cu.'n uluf *
Council III mil la.
Electric Trussss ,
Belts , Chest Protectors , Etc.
OOQ Broadway , Council Blud'a , la'
oi ricn. 07. it
f'nrnor Main nnl
DuiilorH In foreign un I do.noUlo xnli
Uollunlluu uiadu unU lutorojl paid uu tlui *
Ucpu ll .