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Father and Son Succnmu to Severe Wy
oming Weather
i !
Five Feet of Know on tlio Level
, on a Mnlt Itouto A.
11 envy 1'nl I In
" Nebraska.
CAIPAIIVyo. , . , March 29.-Spccial [ Tele
gram to THE BEK.J ThomM Clark , ft boy
sixteen ycnrs old who carries the mall from
Oil City to Kongh , Wyo. , Is reported to have
lost his way and hai not been beard from
since last Sunday. The route Is over tlio
backbone of tlio Kattlcsnnko mountain range ,
nnd at best a terrible road. The snow In that
section Is flvo feet on the level and tbo car
rier Is supposed to have lost bis way In a
blinding snom storm that struck Oil City lust
"Sunday morning. Ills father , William Clark ,
who has the mail contract , started to
hunt him Friday In the midst of
a driving storm , and neither father nor son
has been heard from. Searching parties are
out looking for thorn , and yesterday a horse
driven by the father \vai found dead between
Ervny and Oil City. Wyo. Serious appre
hensions are bnd ror both , nnd the hope of
their hnvliift found shelter alone warrants
tholdenof their being alive. The storm la
raging In that vicinity , and Is the worst In
the history of the country.
Heaviest Snow of the Year.
Sioux FAM. , S. D. , Maroh29. [ SpaclalTcl-
Kram to Tun Ilr.H.j Ouo ot the heaviest
snow storms of the year broke loose hero this
morning and by evening fully an inch nnd a
hnlfofsnow had fallen. Its value Is incal
culable. For the past two weeks the farm
ers have boon busy seeding nnd the snow
will assist in giving the seed a peed start
The storm extends ns far west as Picrro nnd
-reports coming lu Indicate that it covers the
entire state.
Snow null Kiln.
Hcnos , B. D. , Mnrh 29 [ Special Telegram
to TIIK BBC. I Snow and rain foil hero this
morning. This afternoon a heavy snow-
Btormsctln nnd continued during the oven-
ing. The snow Is full of water nnd will nut
the ground in splendid condition for seeding.
Easter services wcro held In the various
churches today and were largely attended.
A Foot In Depth.
HYANNIS , Neb. , Mnreh 29. [ bpeclal Tele
gram to T E Bun. ] A tcrrllllo wind and
sno-vstorm has been raging hero slnco yes
terday morning , with no signs of clearing up.
The snow on the level surface is fully a foot
dcop. _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Traiim Blocked.
Lixcotv , Nob. , Mnrch 29. Reports from
the western part.of the state Indicate a heavy
snow storm prevailing. Trains on the Black
Hills branch of the B. & M. are blocked near
Long Pino.
A Tncoma Gambler Mortally Wountlcd
by Ills Mistress.
TAtOMA , Wash. , M"nreh 29. Last night
Johnny Foran , a gambler , was shot and tlau-
r his mistress in tholr
tbo Head In tbo roar of and ou n line with the
top of the loft oar , ranging upward and
toward the right sldo of the head , lodging in
the brain , Ono also remains in the muscles
of the left arm , between the shoulder and
elbow. Dr. Wnngus , who was passing , en
tered tollnd tbo room full of smoke and tbo
woman standing ovcrForun , saying :
"Jolmnlo , you will not dlo ; you know I did
not Intend to hurt you. It was an accident ;
you know it was an accident. "
To tills Foran replied : "That bo . You
shot at mo live times. There wus uo accident
nbout that. I never expected you would do
anything like that.
A policeman was scut for nua the woman
taken to the city prison. She registered as
Mrs. Leon Dcfoureoy , andhns been known In
the bouso where she resided as Ocorgia
Auanis. She appeared to bo porfectJy sobur ,
but admitted that she had been drinking
during the day nnd was out for a sporting
tlmo In a hack with a mala friend. Soon
after reaching' the room Foran began
abusing her and lecturing her nbout her
actiou. Ho continued upbraiding and
vilifying her until she began enraged to a
frenzy. Sbo only remembers shooting once ,
and don't know why she llrcd. She suvs
Dcourcoy Is bor maiden name , and that she
came originally from Illinois , but resided for
a tlmo In San Francisco nnd in several
bagnios In this city slnco her advent hero two
years ago. Foran has been living with her ,
and sbo shared all she had with him. She
loft him once for a day , to yo with a man
who Intended to take her from a llfo of
shame , but Foran followed and persuaded
her to return to him. Fonin was a dealer nt
the Comioue rambling rooms , His people
ere residents of Texas , but the roan has been
ou the frontier nearly all his llfo. Ho cnmo
toTncoran from Tucson , Ariz. , where ho fol
lowed the same tnodo of life.
Jlrw. luicy Andrews Suloldos In the
Colorado Sprint ; * Jail ,
COLORADO SiMiisn , Col , , Mnrch 29. The
fcmalo ( lend , Mrs , Lucy Andrews , who was
In the county Jail In default of a bond of
$1,000 , for her appearance in the 'district
court , hanged herself in her cell late Friday
evening. The prisoner was last seen allvo
by Sheriff Jaokson about 4:50 o'clock. IIo
was starting to como up town and. as ho usu
ally docs , took a walk through the Jail , no
ticing the prisoners. All were around iu the
various departments the same as usual. Hu
then came up to the court house , leaving
Jailor Heal In charge. Deal was in the house
nnd in the yard the most of the tlmo until
when the sheriff roturnoj , and both entered
tbo Jail touothor. They noticed nothing out
of the usual order of things until the
cell occupied oy Mrs. Andrews was
reached ana ono of her hands was noticed
protru ing through the side of the cago. As
soon as Sheriff Jackson conlu imtor ho
found that his llrst Impression was only too
truo. She was dead. The body was at once
taken down and the coroner notified.
She was arrested ou Monday of this week
on a warrant sworn out by ono of her neigh
bors , who charged her with attempting to
take the llfo of her step-son , a bright little
boy of nlno years. She waived examination
and was bclu in tbo sum of $ o,000. , In default
of bond she was remanded to tbo county
( all , \vhoro she ended her existence ns stated.
She hud uilitn a towel from her cell nnd tlod
one cud to the bars of the CURO above. Thtm
Bho had evidently stood ou the bed and tied
the other end around bcr noclc , pushed the
bed dway from her with her fcot and allowed
horsclt to bo strangled. When found her
feet wore about n foot from the floor ,
Down mi Knibniikmerit.
BmmxOum , Aln. , March 29. A train
heavily loaded with pleasure seekers on tbo
Knslcy City dummy line , nnd Rolng at a rapid
rate ran off the traoK n few miles from town
from no apparent cause and fell down a ten
foot embankment , Al Brown and Bob
Taylor , colored passenccrs , were limtantlv
killed and Engineer Hlgsby fatally Injured.
About fifteen other passengers wcro hurt ,
more or lean , and two of them will probably
I'ullMDr'H 1'liini ,
SrniKariu.ii , 111. , March 20. Senator
Palmer will not BO to Chicago until Wednes
day , Ho will bo tborg Wednesday night and
place hlimclf at the dUposal of the city
committee to till any appointment the com
mittee may make for him. Ho is suffering
with In Krippo In n mild form and dcotm it
unwlso to risk catching a greater cold than
ho now has by making the trip to Chicago
tonight ,
iri ; u"fl
What Clcnrlni ; House Hcports Show
for the Volutna of Trade ,
Bo 7ox , Miss. , Mnrch 29. [ Spochl Tele
gram to TiiEUG3.1-Th3 following tublo , com
piled from dUpitchos from the manners of
the clearing houses of the cities naniu.1 , showi
the gro exchanges fur List week , with rates
par cent of Increase or ai against the
similar amounts for the corrojpoudtnff week
In 1SW :
Kemiilns of th < ; 'Dead Burlington
Iirnkrnmii Hurled nl Dorchester.
DoHCHESTun , Nob. , Mnrch 29. [ Special
to Tan BEE.J Tbo remains of Andrew Par
sons , the B. & M. freight brakeman who
died from injuries sustained by being run
over by the cars at Bremer , Knu. , were
brought hero for Interment by a special train
tins morning : . The funeral sorvlco will beheld
held at the Methodist Episcopal church to
morrow at 2 o'clock , under the auspices of
the Independent Order of Oddlellows , of
-whlch orderthodeceasod-wa 'Q i
habits-Hud sterling1 traits of character. Ho
was twcnty-flvo years of ago nnd slnplo. His
widowed mother and ono married sister are
living bore , and the news of bis sudden death
brings grief and sadness to the entire com
A N w Cmnty Sent.
Burrr. CITY , Neb. , March 29. ( Special to
TIIC Bnn. ] Yesterday was a gala day for
Butte City. News reached here that wo are
assured of the temporary county seat nnd li
was received with such universal satisfac
tion that the event was celebrated by a ells
splay of flags , flrlnp of anvil * nnd general Jol
lification. Refreshments flowed like water.
The day closed with a bis f roe dance iu Stohl
itui' . itoir.iiti ) vitositr I EAD.
Ho Passes Away AVIUle the Hells Are
Kingtii } ; fgi VcKpers.
Nuw'Yoiiic , March 29. Dr. Howard Crosby
died at 5:45 : thii ovonla ? .
Ills end was peaceful. As the bells wore
ringing for the respon service of Easter day
ho asked by a sign for paper and wrote n few
lines to bis loi'cu ones to bis absent son anc
daughter In Egypt ana the three members o ;
hii family at homo. The flrst words of this
his last writing , were : "I know I have U
BO. "
Howard Crosby was born in New York
city February 27. 1S20. Ho was of n revolu
tionary family , his grandfather , Ebonozor
Crosby , being surgeon of General Washing
ton's ' iniards. He graduated at the unlvcrs
ity of Now York In 1844. In 1SG3 ho took up
tbo pastorship of the Fourth Avenue Prosby
tcrlan church , with which ho was nssociatei
at the time of his death. Dr. Crosby's inter
cst in. public affairs wus shown by the active
part ho tooic in ttio Interest of the people's
municipal league movement , which aimed a
the purification of local politics. He was a
high license advocate. As an author ho bos
written a number of scholarly books on blbll
cul subjects.
Death of .Toll ii I'lniikliitnn.
MILWAUKEE , Wis. , March 29. Hon. John
Plankinton , a prominent and wealthy citizen
of this city , dlod ut bis homo at 8:50 : tonigh
ot uncunionia.
IIo built up a grcr.t fortune in the packing
business , in which ho xvas long assisted bt
P. D. Armour of Chicago. Ho was thcotvncr
of the Plankinton house nnd mnuy largo
business blocks in this city and his fortum
Is counted In millions. Ha was a man o publlo spirit and guvo money njid ale
to every enterprise that promised to advance
the city's ' Interests , whllo. bis private cuarlttcs
were very largo.
An Ambushed
AVA , Mo. , March 29. A dastardly nttcmp
at assassination took placa In this county a
few evenings ago , In which Frank Perr ;
was seriously wounded. Perry lives fourtcoi
miles west of town , and at the time of tb
shooting was not aware that ho had un enom
In the world. While passing along thread
road home ho was llrcd upon from the brusl
by an unknown assassin , between sun down
nnd dark. Perry fell and cried for help , am
\vhcii his neighbors who board tbo shot and
Ills cries arrived upon the scene the assassin
had fled. Perry Is In a precarious condition
the ball having penetrated his bowels , and 1 :
not expected to llvo. At this time no clo\
hns been obtained , and tbo whole affair seem
to bo shrouded in mystery ,
Coke Strikers to Itccelvu Aid.
I'l-miiuua.Pa. . , March 29. The Councils
vlllo coke strikers will receive aid from an
unexpected quarter. Samuel Gompcrs
president of the American Federation o
Labor , will bo hero within two weeks am
writes that , nis organization will back th
colters to the last in tbolr demand for cigh
hours. Gonipcrii1lblt , however , more dlrectl.
concerns the coming struggle of the bulldln
trades in this vicinity for eight hours , to bt
demanded May -I. I'lttstmrg was chosen a
the nucleus for the eight hour movement i
the building trades to extend all over th
country , _
Died of Heart Trouble.
CiimE.f.Ne.W.vo. , March 29. [ Special Telegram
gram to TUB HKE.J Mrs. Uusb , wife of I !
S. Bush , who has boon n prominent Wyominj
cattle grower for a number of yean , dla
suddenly this evening of heart troubl
brought on by an attack o ( tlio grippe ,
'resident Harrison Hiw a Creator Number
Thau llis Predecessors.
The llccent Act Providing 1'or the
liitonslim ofthc Prniikhif ? 1'rlv-
llcgo Will Prove n Great
Br.B , ]
SiiiKivr , >
WAIIIIN'GTOV , D. C. , March -JO. : |
No president was probibly over given so
many judicial appointments as President
larrlson. Besides Associate Justice Brewer
and likely tbo successors of Associate Jus-
Icoa Fluid and IJradloy , who iiniy retlro
almost any tlmo , nnd the nlno circuit and
[ Istrlct Judges authorized the other day by
congress , the pollco court Judge here and the
aud court Judges , n vacancy has Just been
created on tbo court of claims. This court
Its In Washington , tbo judges are paid 4,500 ,
for llfoand the positions are regarded as
cry desirable. Judge Glonnl M. Scollold of
ho court of claims , who goes upon the re-
Ircd list by virtue of his having reached , the
ago limit , loft the city tonight for his old
home In the state of Now York. A largo
utmher of well known men are mentioned
or the vacancy , among them ex-Representa-
tlvos McComas of Maryland , Cbuadlo and
) wcn of Indiana , Grosvonor of Ohio and
Second Comptroller Qllklson of Pennsyl
The recent act of congress extending to
senators and representatives the privileges of
sending through the malls under a frank all
communications addressed to a government
oftlclul will prove a big boon to nearly everyone
ono of the nation's law matters. In accord
ance with the act Postmaster General \Vana-
nuikcr 1ms Issued a circular to postmasters
and employes of the postal service calling
tholr attention to the provisions of the bill
and Instructing them to pass nil mall matter
of this class when accompanied by the slgna-
.uro of tbo sender placed on the outsldo. The
circular states that the privileges conferred
applies to members of both branches of con
gress , senators , delegates and representatives
including not only these who have taken their
seats as sucb , butthoso who have been elected ,
dave received their certificates of election
and hold the prlma faclo rights to seats.
Senators and representatives whoie terms
havn expired are not entitled to the benefits
of this act. Franked letters must In every
case bo addressed to a government olllcer
not necessarily ut Washington , but nnywhero
In the United States wboso ofllcial title
must bo given In the superscription of the
letter , either with or without his name.
The privileges given In the act applies only
to letters on ofllcial business , each letter to a
government ofllcer to be separately envel
oped and framed. The term "letters" as
used in this law moans communications
wholly or partly In writing , relative to ofll
cial matters and sent under seal , such com
munications us are dominated In the laws
mall matter of the first class. By the term
of this net It will readily be scon where the
congressmen will profit. Taking the coun
try member for example. The country which.
ho represents contains many thousands of
constituents. A goodly number of thcso
want nlaccs under the government aud the
representative U dally beslogod .with , .letters
aud'appllcatlons asking for recognition.
Being some distance away from Washington
a correspondence with the officials under
whoso charge the desired appointment Is
classed must bo carried on and United States
stamps are freely used. Sometimes the re
sult is beneficial Doth to the applicant and to
the representative nnd In thcso instances the
money is well oxpendcd. On tbo other baud
tbo applicant is "turno < t down" nnd then the
nionov spent in stamps is considered as
wasted. Under the now law a congressman
Is entitled to carry on all his correspondence
relating directly to the Interests of his con
stituents without the expenditure of any ol
hla private funus. It is safe to suy that this
act will bo the moans of saving to western
* members alone hundreds of dollars each.
"It's my Judgment , " said Senator Pad
dock of Nebraska , the other day , "thatPresl-
dent Harrison will ba reuomlnated next year ,
and without formidable opposition. His ad
ministration boa crown rapldlv. He has hac
frictions with Individuals. No man ever oc
cupied the position without having them.
Ho has been unable to please ovcrybody , but
none of his predecessors have. There are
members of his cabinet who have difficulties
with Individual members of the republican
party , and tbcsso displeased gentlemen will
light In the convention Against rcnomlnatlon.
Tnls Is hut the repetition of history. I do
not pledge myself tuls far In advance to any
body as the standard bearer next year , but I
bcllovo President Harrison , looking at the
future from the present standpoint , will bo
the nominee. "
Senator Hoar of Massachusetts said re
cently : "With the possible exception ol
Onrflela and Lincoln , President Harrison is
the best equipped chief oxccutlvo wo have
had In n half ccutury. I mean the officer , for
It Is not a question to speak of the rann. "
An Ohio congressman , who did not want
his name mentioned , speaking of the person
ality of Presidents Gurileld and Harrison ,
and drawing comparisons between the per
sonal popularity of the two men , said :
"Fewer persons have spoken 111 of the
present occupant of the white house than o :
any man I can remember during the nrs !
two yean of his term. That is the trying
period. It Is almost Impossible to keep fro m
offending men during the oQlco-sceklng
period , for ono Is driven from , pillar to pos
every day in hh > efforts to not offend , and 1
scorns the inoro ouo tries to please nil the
more liable bo U to innocently displease
some" . "
It looks as though the strike ? f the job
printers m Washington , ordered to take
place next Wednesday unless the demands o
the union are acceded to , promises to bo
warmly contested and to have a far reachlii |
influence. The printers demand 42M cent
per 1.000ems instead of 40 cents before ,
o'clock in the afternoon ana 55 cents aftc
that hour , All of the owners of job prlntlni
establishments are reported to have dedarci
that they will not yield to the demands
Kufus 11. Darby , who owns tbo larges
printing house In the city , says : "Wo
are now pay Irg higher prices for composltioi
than are paid In Baltimore , Philadelphia am
Now York , nnd this because the union here
is ruled by the employes of the governnion
oDlco. Washington ought to bo n great pub
lishln g center , and yet , whllo a great many
books are written hero , but few uro prlntci
hero. Why Is this ? Because of the high
price of composition.Vcro the price reason
able a great deil of work would bo done hero
that now goes out of the city. Yes , I am prepared -
pared for the fight If It comes , and if I nra
forced out of the union by excessive demand
,1 will I'ovor have any dealings wlthitugaln.1
It Is stated that the strike will bo orderct
by the printers at the government printin
office , who control the union hero , and th <
object is to hold up this victory , If ono I
achieved , as an object lesson to demand an
other increase from congress when it con
vcues next winter , and that the printers In
the Joboniccsaresatlstled with the wage
now paid thorn , but are unable to keep thorn
selves out of the stnko if their demands nr
not compiled with. An assessment of 2 pc
cent will bo ordered from tbo goverumen
printers to meet the expense of tbo strike.
Land Commissioner Groff 'expects to Ret
on for Los Auceles before the end of this
week. Ho feels naturally and properly
proud , of the beautiful nnd valuable silver
service presented to uim by the employes of
his oftlco. Ills dangutcr * , who have boon
suffering from malaria for some time , are
Improved iu health. A handsome oil portrait
of JudRO Groff Is to hungoo the walls ot the
land onico.
Deputy Commissioner Lincoln says that bo
receives about six tbonsmiil inquiries a day
concerning the way \vhlch pension claims
are being treated , anil that ho
would llko to make an ex-
ilanatlon. There are at present about
110,000 new law claims oi ) Qlo In the bureau ,
rhcso nro given the right of way and are dls-
wed of as goon as 'possible. Agreitmuny
> f thcso claltnt coma from soldiers who have
ilrcady applied under the law , and as sooti as
.heir now claims arc attended to they get a
ittlo more evidence together and try to got
.brough tbolrold ones. Those do not rc-
ccivo so much attention as their new law
claims did , and thctl they write letter after
cttcr , complaining of the unjust treatment
which they think they vro receiving , but It Is
in established rule at the buronu
that the now law claims and the
applications of widows shall have
the preference Over all the other
cases , nnd the deputy commissioner wants It
fully- understood why some claims are seem
ingly glvoii the profcruiieo over others. The
: lcputy commissioner sa.vs that , judging from
the increase in the numbjr of applications
nnd in the amount of mall within the last
two or throe years , that the messenger boys
who now carry the cases from ono room to
another will grow old and gray In the service
before the work of the olllco will bo near Its
Mrs. Henrit , tbo widow of the late senator
from California , has insisted upon paying
the expenses of transcoding her husband's
remains nnd the moniban of the funeral
proper from Washington to San Fran
cisco. This is became so much
scandal hai been , made of the
funeral trip by the newspapers. The sena
tors nnd representatives who accompanied
the party feel very much outraged by tlio
published statements nnd particularly from
these made by Mrs. Gottgnr , of Lafayette ,
Ind. . and ono distinguished senator who was
with the party sold today : "She surpasses
any Har that I over hoard of. " Nevertheless
Mrs Hearst does not proooso to bo In any
way rospomioio lor inu cnargo oi oxiravn-
Banco In connection with the funeral of her
husband , aud will permit only the expenses
of the congressional committees who accom
panied the remains to San Francisco to bo
paid from the publlo funds. She will herself -
self paj for the tickets of herself and her
family , for the use of the orlvnto car they
occupied and for all iho supplies that wcro
served to them. PEHIIT S. HEATH.
An Invitation from Italy.
WASIIIS-OTOX. March 29. Secretary Kusk
Is In receipt of a communication from the de
partment of state with reference to an Inter
national exposition to bo hold at Palermo ,
Italy , of machines and , motors for small In
dustries , and convoy ing. ( rom the royal de
partment of agriculture , industry and commerce -
merco of the kingdom of Italy a cordial In
vitation to American inventors uiul manufac
turers to participate la the exhibition.
Mjijor Itnthjhona Accepts.
WASHINGTON , March 23. Major Estos G.
Rathbonc of Ohio , at present chief postoflico
Inspector , has been tendered nnd accepted the
ofllco of fourth assistant postmaster-general ,
created at the lust session Of congress.
iroJ.V IlEAtii * TO VOTE.
How They \ro Koprosentsd on ICnn-
BOH Registration' Mats.
Toi'EKA , Kan. , March 29. Tlio campaign
for the city , election in'Topckn this.ycar Is a
spirited one , and the women Imvo bccomo
greatly interested In > lt , A houso-to-houso
canvass has boon made by Iho women leaaers
and the result has been an unusually largo
registration of female vpters , over 23 per
cent of the 0,000 rqplstorod voters bolnit
women. The increase ' lu { .he number of
\vorccn who have rcgls'.vrcg oxer last year Is
nearly51) percent -A. < ; r p. portion .ofx this
Increase is colored wi < j/h < who werafhauled
to tbo registration oSiUS'.i.alrQ/os yesterday ,
the last day onwhtclt in'books twero ooen ,
In carriages. „
ATCIIISOX , Kan. , ftfarch 39. The leaders of
the equal suffrage movement in Atchlson are
becoming discouraged Jond many are falling
by the wayside. The law givlne women tbo
right to voto.ot municipal elections in Kan
sas was adopted by the legislature in 18SO.
Tbo following spring 490 women registered ,
but less than 800 voted. The next year 481
worccn registered , but only 375 voted. The
third year 294 women1 registered , but less
than 200 voted. This veir U24 women regis
tered and it is believed that not over
100 will vote. The average AtchIson -
Ison woman docs not cnv ° to dabble
in politics. She will leave that sort
of business to the men. Ono woman is now
serving her second terra on the school board ,
but she is not an equal suffragist , and was
elected by the votes of the men and without
opposition. Whenever women run for pfllco
us equal suffrage candidates they Invariably
KOt defeated. Two women arc now making a
political tight for positions on the school
board , and all the female \chool teachers In
the cliy have registered fofc the sole purpose
of voting : against them. ' Equal suffrage Is
looked upon as a fad hero which Is rapidly
nying out. <
WICHITA , Kan. , March 29. The registration
books have closed and show a total of 0,520 ,
names. Of these lJOj ! ! are these of women ,
being nearly three times greater than tbo
registration of women at the last municipal
election. The primary cause of this Increase
Is found in the existence of a largo citizens'
alliance , which has registered all Iti women ,
thus forcing the opposing candidates to intro
duce into the fight as. many as possible of
their pottlcoated allies ,
: LK\VKNWOHTIT , ICan. | March 29. The total
registration is 1,200 short of the lost bonnial
election. The women fell off in about the
same proportion as the men. No separata
count has been made as yet.
Reward Offered for the I'ornctrutnrs
of I lie Crime.
DETUOIT , Mich. , March 29. Fresh interest
was added to the famous abduction case
today by Porrlon's ' lawyorsfofforing $3,000 for *
the arrest and conviction of the abductors , or
evidence that would lead to that end. Per-
reln would have oftoroil the reward the day
after his return , but Chief of Pollco Berg
man advised apulnst H. A broach has been
made between the chief of pollco and the
Perrlcn relatives by reaioti of nothing being
done , and Lawyers Moston , Cowles nnd
Jerome , who have charge of Porribn's Inter
est , have drawn up charges to present to the
police commissioners agtfnst Chief Dorgman ,
asserting that ho neglected to workout clews
that wcro furnished , and claiming thut had
ho done so Pcrrlen's abductors would
have been landed the first day. As for as
can bo learned the pollc&'are'as much in tbo
dark aa tboy wore tbo first , day , although
John Lyons , who keeps /Ivory stable nnd
always goes ball for the pro ks. Is strongly
suspected of knowlnff wHo'they ore , but will
not talk. The case is likely fa tnako its effect
felt , as the lawyers will pdsh the charges
against the chief. Lyons was called upon to
day by Perrlon's luwyorsTT and grow angry ,
tolling them they had bettor 'cease to try and
catch tbo abductors , or thb first thing Por-
rlen know ho would turn up , missing ngiln ,
nnd would either give up hlsJ money or dlo.
Perrlcn and his son-in-law applied to the
mayor for permission to carry rovolvorj and
it was granted. t
Fltzslminnnt ) AVllI Fight Hall.
DALTIMOHI : , Md. , Ma'rcb 29. Bob FiU
Simmons has left for Buffalo. Ho says of
the Astoria ( Oregon'Athletic ) club purse for
a flght between himself and Hall , that the
chance has come at Inst'to pay off old scores ,
and that at tbo cl6so of his engagement
with Clark , which ends In nlno weeks ,
ho Intends to train for tbo fight. Clark tele
graphed from Chicago to his agent here that
lie had a guaranteed purse of J17,000 , and ,
furthermore , ho would nuck Fitzslmmons for
$10,000. With equal bucking on the Hall
sldo this will make the lamest statto ever
fought for , the total amount being 137,000.
Fitzslmmons says if bo defeats' Hall bo will
make Ted Prltchurd , ' England's champion ,
bis next mark.
< <
Alabama IncomUarleB I < yucticd.
IliiiMixoiiAM , Ala. , March 29. News wus
received hero tonight from Uuseellvillo that
Klrod Hudson and Jeff Dlnsinorv. tbo two
negroes who burned a portion of that town
Tuesday night , wore taken from jail by a mob
and lynched.
The Extraordinary Matrimonial Oaroer of
an English Girl.
A Paris 1'jipcr's Interesting Death
Notice ol" tjftwrcnco Hnrrctt
They Thought Ho Was
a NVoiimn.
LONDOX , March 29. The Parisian pollco
have Just given out the facts In connection
with the arrest of Evolluo Neal , mention of
whom was made In these dispatches yester
day , regarding her extraordinary matrimon
ial career.
Eveline Ncnl Is the child of a well-to-do
farmer In Shropshire , the fertility of whoso
acres made It an easy matter to provide hand
somely for his family.coraposod . of ono daughter -
tor and three sons. Eveline , llko many others
in the same position , being the pet ot her
fnthor and brothers , and fairly good looking ,
soon learned to command nnd grow up In the
belief that mankind was created to do her
homage and minister toher wishes. How
early she started In her present career Is not
yet known , but as she Is still young , If not In
the heyday of youth , It is supposed that she
early entered the crooked.paths lu which sno
has slnco strayed.
Evollno's methods were admirable in tholr
simplicity. Fearing that the sturdy common
sense of the majority of her countrymen
might net provo favorable to her schemes , she
long sineo transferred herself nnd her belong-
, lngs to French soil , finding In Purls , and-tho
general practice of patronizing man-ingo bu
reaus nnd answering advertisements holding
out attractive Inducements to commit matri
mony , a congenial atmosphere and much en
couragement. Behold her , then , located in
the gay capital , If she could bo said to have n
location when the necessities of her trade com
pelled her to bo as locomotive as a crass-
hopper and qulto protean In her many dis
guises. Of course , a woman of Miss local's
genius could not aabcro slavishly to any par
ticular method. She had many , but u favor
ite scheme , and ono that won her much
wealth , was the announcement In the Jour
nals that she was a widow , with a fortune
varying in different advertisements from
200,000 to 1,000,000 francs , and desired to
marry a gentleman In ROOI ! circumstances be
longing to "high llfo" If not w the nobility ,
or to tbo select circles of commerce.
Answers were directed to ba sent ad
dressed pesto restanto , where they were
called for by an accomplice , Tbo latter then
selected such of the replies as madnmo was
pleased with , and made appointments for an
interview , not with the Knglish maiden , but
only with her frlond. At this meeting tbo
accomplice , M. Burgos , passed tbo candi
dates in serious review , noting down care
fully the physical characteristics of nocti , the
amount of fortune , etc.
In coses where the examination proved sat
isfactory the victim was invited to mndamo's
sumptuous apartments in sight of the Hond
Point in the Champs Elysees or some equally
nttraotivo quarter of the city. On every oc
casion the widow assumed a new name , but
each time she told u pitiful tale of how she
had been married against her will , and , whllo
she would llko to please herself on the pres
ent occasion , she still had a mother , her
father being dead , wboso wishes she must
consult , and who still deemed her , in spite of
her previous matrimonial experience"o'er
young to marry yet. " In short the applicant
must watt.
Then began the most profitable portion of
the game , the courtship being m.ido as ex
pensive as possible for the suitor. Nothing
but the most costly presents would placate
the imperious beauty , and if tboy fell off In
the slightest from her high standard of qual
ity and quantity the dream of the infatuated
admirer was promptly ended. Nor was this
done in any disagreeable manner. There was
no scene , no reproaches , no tears. Madame
simply disappeared. The profusely bled vic
tim sought ncr In her acuustomod haunts ,
but the most diligent search failed to reveal
her.It goes without saying that the presents ,
constituting the magnificent "Corbellle , "
were also missing. The precious stories , rich
jewels and other vnluublo booty were not
only invisible to the donor , hut ho would
have been compelled to take ship in order to
see them again. They had been safely trans
ferred to the mndnmo's snug little mansion in
tbo suburbs of London , which was rich from
gurrclt to cellar with the proceeds of her
Parisian industry.
But madame had yet another method. In
cases whore something more than the swlnto
Joys of a French courthip were needed to induce -
duce the fiancee to part with his means in suf
ficient abundance , Eveline kindly consent.d
to an actual marrlago , which plcco of
gracious condescension never failed to pro
duce the desired effect.
The > > Maino" and the church would ba vis
ited In due course , the wedding breakfast
eaten nnd the presents duly received and
ticketed , but when the shades of night had
fallen on the scene the groom , who mayhap
had indulged too freelv in Chambcrtin , would
suddenly bo rudely awakened to the knowl
edge that both bride and gifts had departed.
The French police decloro on tbolr honor
that In 1831. when Evollno was brought to
their ofllcial attention for the first time , she
had been married in this iwcullar way thir
teen times , but that now she bad increased
the score to the extraordinary total of lorty-
The cause of the present unsought publicity
given to Evellno nnd her ways Is her experi
ence with a certain viscount , which led to
her arrest nt the Hotel Meurlco yesterday.
This gentleman had ruined himself by
gambling and was naturally anxious to ob
tain more wealth wherewith to rcglld his
tarnished escutcheon. At tt rst attracted by
Evollno's suppositlous millions , he at length
became reallv In love with the adventuress
nnd followed her and her companion with
canine fidelity in tholr travels throughout
England , Belgium and Norway , the expenses
being paid by the noblotajm , who borrowed
right and left on notes of hand based on his
expectations of marrying a wealthy widow.
This , however , could not go on lorovec. The
viscount insisted that the happy day should
bo named ; Eveline , knowing that no more
presents could bo gained by an actual marri
age , declined to do so , and nor suitor laid his
case before the police.
Eveline was astonished at her arrest , but
Is a woman of too many rosoircos to bo
greatly cast down.
Interest in the Mackay-Bonvngo dispute
has been transferred to this sldo of the At
lantic , whcro attacks upon Mr. Mackay nnd
his family continue to bo made , even wbllo
the solicitor and friends of that gentleman
nro being kept busy preparing papers to bo
used In tho'logal proceedings which have al
ready been Instituted. In addltio'n to the ac
tion to bo brought against the principal in
these offendlngs there uro others which will
bo urgtul against certain society papers
which have taken up the cudgel in favor of
Mr. Bonyngo.
Tbo Bonyncos claim that tbov have knowl
edge to the effect that Mr , Mackav employed
detectives for the purpose of obtaining information
mation in regard to Bonyngo's family , but it
Is known thatthoInformation connecting Mr ,
Bonyngo with the publication of the rumors
hostile to the Mncknys ? securedjjthvough
u friend and advisor of the Mackuys In New
York , to whom itcnmo accidentally. No do.
tcetlvo was over employed nor was any nec
essary for the purpose ,
Ono of tbo local society papers published a
short Umojigo s'pveril peg s ofmlslcadlng In
cidents connected with the subject , and went
so far as to reprint an extended article from
the Now York Truth which , It has teen nl-
legod , was the cause of the personal en
counter that took place between Mackay nnd
Bonyngo In the Nevada ban K , Sun Francisco.
Mr , Mnckay bos reason to believe that ho
knows who Inspired these articles anil has al
ready stated that bo has lateen stops to prose
cute the guilty parties. Perhaps the most of
fensive and incautious article on the supjccl
was that published la Gallguani's ' Messenger ,
which under It * management during the last
year has departed sufficiently from the con-
icrvntlvo tone which formerly charactciliod
its articles tolndulgn In personalities , nnd in
this particular Uallgimn9 directly charged
Mr. Mackuy with having circulated HboU re
garding B - > 1 ? nnd his family , an accusa
tion which < " f * \Mnckt\v strenuously denies
and of whM \ , asserts not the slightest
proof cxlstA Voon ns the article lu UallR-
: innl a aupeil ? ' Mr. Mackay placed tbo mat
ter in the ha , ' * . V his solicitor in 1'nrlJ and
lirocccdlngs tmmedlntcly t boiwti , That
iho article w.\ \ * * yious hsuunortoil by the
Tact that the : tor of the paper in ques
tion has lllod eng ndkluvlt with Mr.
Muckny's solk v id which forms an Im
portant part , of i 'io I , sslcr now on record.
Mr. Muckay was f > iirst inclined to accept
n simple apology , but ho reparation was neg
lected by the editor ol the paper , who stated
to an Intimate friend no was fully In-
dcmnlllcd ngnlnst any proceedings that Mr.
Mnckay might cheese to take. At tlio last
moment tbo mythical individual who would
Indemnify the editor of Jho Gftllguanl's could
not ba found , whereupon the nowipnper Im
mediately came out with n profuse apology.
It was , however , too Into , for Mr. Mackay re
fused to accept what was offered and di
rected his solicitor to prosecute the cdltorand
publisher to the last cxtrcmity.
The caio came up last Wednesday in Paris
it the Neuvleno chamber of pollco correc-
tlonnollcPnlals do Justice , nud after Leopold
Urahnm and the publisher had been called to
the bar to plead the court adjourned the case
until April 15. Unless in the mean time the
cdltorand publisher flco the country they
will be liable to ba found guilty , and probably
will suffer for tlioir indiscretion.
The death of Atr. Lawrence Barrett has
been the subject of many regretful remarks ,
not onlv in theatrical but in other circles us
well. It has served to show n fact which has
long been noticed and has frequently boon
commented on , viz. , the nbsolutolgnornnco of
everything connected with the outsldo world
which exists lu Paris. The death of your
well known man nger and actor was , of course ,
cabled to the French capital ; equally , of
course , It was mndo the subject of editorial
comment nnd it need hardly bo said that the
Information the French editors served up for
the delectation of tbolr readers wus such as
would make the average American open his
eyes In wonder and amazement unit cer
tainly created no llttlo ainuscniont in tbo
American colony. Thus ono of the lead
ing papers said : "Tha death is announced
from Now York nt the ago of fifty-three of
the well known American actress Lawrence
Barrett. " This was bad enough , because
nobody , so fur as Is known , ever had the
slightest. Idea that Mr. Barrett's distinctively
masculine method and forcible style could
have produced any suggestion of femininity.
This notion of the dead actor being a woman ,
was further exemplified in the case of
another paper , which wrote : "Lawrence
Barrott , the wollknownlAmerlcaii actress ,
died yesterday in Now York. Mine. Barrett
\vns fifty-three years of npo. but many of bor
admirers finding her at all times so sprightly ,
pretty , and youthful In nppenrance , thought
she had only Just turned thirty. M. B.irrett ,
her husband , served In the war of accession
as a captain of .infantry. "
L RXTEIl JiElt' VOlt It.
Tr.ifllo Agreoinnnt llctxvccii t.'io Can-
nil I n ii Pne flu nud VniiliM-1)llt ( .
New YOUK , March 20. President Van
Horn , ot the Canadian Pacific , has concluded
an arrangement with Chauncoy M. Dopow
and II. Walter Webb , of the Now York Cen
tral railway , by which the Canadian Central
can bring Its freight and passenger trains
into New York over the West Shore uud
Central. The Canadian Pacific will comedown
down from Brockvlllo over the now bridge
which Is to bo built at that point by Way of
the Home , Watertown & Oguqnsburg road to
Utlcj. The details of the agreement are to
be worked' out. by , . the , traWo officers oltha
tvvo'cdmpaniosand iti.wlll ijo'lato ' effect "Im
mediately. President Dopow conflrmoir the
dcnl In an interview , and eata the arrangement
would give the Van dcrbllt system : i trans
continental line from Nova Scotia lo Van
couver nnd the foreign road will briup : a
great amount of business to the metropolis.
The Canadian Padlh : now enters many of
the great commercial cities In the United
States. Bv n trafllo agreement with the
Boston & Maine road and with n voice in the
management of that road it gets an entrance
into Boston and n strong hold on all New
England. The Wafeash lets It Into Chicago
and by moans of the "Soo" and the Dulutli ,
South Shore & Atlantic it taps Duluth , Min
neapolis and St. Paul , while arrangements
with other roads lets it into Sioux City
to a connection with transcontinental
roads. Thus it is In a position to comwoto
with all roads between the Missouri nnd sea
board. Being n foreign road it is not amen
able to the interstate commerce law , nnd
whenever during the past yearor two there
hnvo been rate disturbances nt junction
points , the , Canadian Pacific bos not often
escaped suspicion.
Depow did not say what would be the effect
of the Canadian Pacific getting a foothold in
Now York , or how the Now York Central
would bo reeardod for allying itself with a
foreign lino. The now alliance U not liltoly
to Improve the rate situation In trunk line
territory , nnd the chances nro that the dis
turbances at Boston , Chicago and St. Paul
will be repeated.
Detroit to ncKntcrcaliicd with a Novel
Tent of Endurance.
DKTUOIT , Mich. , March 29. The sleep fast'
Ing match which opened at Wonderland to
night Is attracting attention becnus'j of its
novelty and the discussion that has been
stirred upas to any ono's ability to do with
out sloop the 103 hour.s necessary lo got a
place. The entries o'osed at midnight. Mrs.
Paul Jones of CadU. O. , who entered yester
day , claims she will win , as shoonco watched
wltn a sick baby night and day for 210 hours.
Among the entries Is a Grand Trunk watch
man named Fly nn , who sa.vs his chum was
once 111 nnd to save him the Job ho watched
night and day for eight days. Eight persons
have now entered , and the rules of the
match necessitate the contestants being in
slqnt of throe doctors nil the tlmo.
Couch's S ayer to Hnng.
Wicniti , ICun. , March 29. After being In
session for four weeks , the longest term ever
hold In the state , the two United States
courts adjourned at noon today. Sentences
were passed on all Iho convicted men this
morning. J. C. Adams , the slayer of Cap
tain William Jj. Couch , the Oklahoma leader ,
and iCd Uelden , late of Kiioxvlllo , III. , who
Wiled Charles Grant , near Edmont , Okla. ,
were both sentenced to ban pen Juno 'M. Jnko
Pccora , who slow Jacob Cllne during a gam
blers1 quarrel , got ton years. A. motion for
u now trial wus made by Adams' attorneys ,
but overruled , nnd the attorneys were given
until May 10 to file a writ of error in the
supreme court of the United States.
Hitthawny Granted a New Trinl.
CIUCAOO , March leorgoHathaway ( , the
slayer of cxAldermnnVhelan , wus grouted
a now trial by Judge Tuthill yesterday. Dur
ing Hathaway's trial It was claimed by the
defense that his uano wtis taken away from
him by Wliolun's friends and used to beat
him over the head , and that ho wan forced to
use his revolver In Aolf-dofense. Lieutenant
ICIploy secured the cano , but kept bis posses
sion of It n secret until Hathawuv had been
sentenced , when ho omfesseil to Hathaxvay's
attorney that ho bnd the uuuo. Judge Tuthill
granted a now trial without hearing argu
ment on the question and ho severely scored
Klploy and his police methods ,
Mol > Iic < l by a Mlu'wlor.
CoLi'iinus , O. , March 20. The State Jour
nal's ' Tiffin , O. , special says ; The temper
ance warfare at Bloomvillo continues with
additional riotous iloinonstnUlnns. A fter the
demolition of bis nuloon , Millc < - procured anew
now iitook of lumors and established himself
In other quarters. Last nlgbt bis place was
visited by a crowd of men nud women , ho
Mtnulted Iho proprietor ami barkeeper , In-
JuriuK the Ititlor severely and giving nolh of
them half an hour to Icava town , on penalty
of more severe treatment. Among the load
ers of the mob was a Methodist inmlttcr.
Story of Fictitious Sp\narth ! VTho Loft
Mythical Fortanos to Americans ,
An Attempt to Victimize Prcxldoiit
JinrriNim Ijcndn to an Inquiry
Clllr.ons of Ncl > riftkn
Not Korgotton.
WASUINOTOV , March 29. For several years
past attempts Imvo been made to victimize
people of prominence In the United Stoles by
laying upon their credulity at the oxpcnso
f their purses. Just who the would-bo
wlndlcrs nro and to what extent they have
ucceedeil Is not yet known , bat sufllclont
atahas drifted Into tlio department of state
o Indicate that these operations luvvo been
onductod on a broad scale , nnd that tho.
cndcr In thorn is educated and well
equntnted In the affairs of the persona
elected na the victims , The fraudulent
chcmos nro of the same general plan , but
.10 details were varied Indellnltoly to meet
ho diameter of the victim.
As a rule ho Is n person who has at some
into bnd n slight acquaintance with a
pnnlard. Ho receives n letter from n
pnnlsh priest , tolling him that a largo sum
if money has boon loft to him by this Span-
ard on conditions that always Involved the
dvancomont of n greater or loss sum of
lonoy to pay the necessary charges.
The first noticq the department of stnto
jnd of the swindle wivs a loiter addressed to
'resident Harrison soon after ho assumed
nice. In this letter the writer , a Catholic
Host , as ho described hlmSolf , Informed the
( resident that a Spanish army oftlcer , after
ndcrgolng Incredible vicissitudes of fortune ,
mil died In Spain , lie had tlcltvci-cd to the
riest a packngo containing ? . ' 0ODn , , which
vas to bo turned over to President Harrison
a condition Hint ho would assurao charge of
ho oflleer's llttlo daughter. Incidentally the
mount of $5,000 was needed to pay nccos-
ary expenses.
The next person selected as a victim was
General Hartlett , of the pension ofllco In
Vashington , In this case a great quantity
ot valuable plate was at stake , encumbered
vith tlio innocent , angelic child of n Span-
aril. Ills suspicions were aroused ana ho
scaped without loss.
'lucn a prominent druggist of Patterson , N ,
T. , was picked out by the gang , but ho ro-
gnrdod the letter as a Joke nnd paid no atUm-
ion to it.
Early last week a citizen of Creston , In. ,
vns told that 40,01)0 ) in Jewels aud trcasuro
vero burled In his neighborhood by n Span-
ard ho had known in days gene by.
A member of the house of representatives
nst summer also came in for ono of thcso
pnzo packages. This letter is ohlctly ro-
mnrkablo for the crafty manner lu which the
> rlcst seeks to prevent an exposure of the
swindle by malting it appear to bu to the re
cipient's interest to maintain silence. The
iriest's story is romantic , as Is Invariably the
caso.Tbo lost communication on tbo subject
vhlch reached the department of state Is
TO in an nttorney-at-law lu Nebruslta. Ho
; lvc3 a modification of the nchsnie , which
vas attempted in 1S33. , In this ease a pro-
.ondod.Catholic priest has learned attho con *
'esslotlnl that -u prisoner , 'condemned for a
.hoft" from the queen * or Spain , ' bas-dlou ,
cavln ? concealed In America a large amount
of money , considerable part of which
10 promised to leave 'to n. banker
n NebrasKa if the latter would act
as his executor. This particular banker
showed the letter to the attorney , who Inves
tigated the matter and saved n loss of money I
Au attempt was renewed last November upon
another baniccr of tbo same city. The old
story was again modified nnd the names
changed , but the hand writing was the same
as'In the first case. These also fell into the
hands of the same at tornoy and ho led the
lartlcs along in a cor respondent whllo ho in
.ho inonutlmo notillad the American minister
n Spain and urged the authorities to net.
Anus null Ammunition Helm ; llll-
ported In ljurjo ; Quantities.
SAN PIUSCISCO , Cal. , March 29. The
steamer Farallon , from Salvndoroan nnd
Guatemalan ports , brlnga advices that at the
Lho Salvadorean port of Acajutln on tho0th ;
inst. the schooner Vildng had finished
unloading 7,500 stands of rlllo * nnd n largo
quantity of ammunition brought from Sin
Francisco. Every vessel arriving at Guate
malan purts , on both the Atlantic and Pa-
dllc coasts , H likewise bringing arms and
ammunition to"Ouatemalu , and the Indica
tions point undeniably to the fact that war
between the two countries is probnblo in the
near future. Indian peons have disappeared
from coToo ( plantations and are in the moun
tains , presumably engaged In drilling and
preparing for war.
U'ntu' latin Tarred mid Font'iercil ' ,
Hui.r.XA , Mont. , March 29.Vllllam O.
Hart , a watchman in tbo yards of the North
ern Pacific at Livingston , was hold up and
tarred and feathered by flvo inasUcd men last
night. Ho saw the flvo Individuals ciitor the
car shops and followed them , whereupon
they turned nnd treated him ns stated. A
few months ago the switchmen at Livingston
went out on n strike , nnd Hart was accused
by them of being a detective. He received
several anonymous warnings to lonvo
town , but paid no heed. After stripping him
hU captors painted him completely w'th ' paint
and varnish and applied the feather ) . Then
bo was led to iho railroad bridge and given
the alternative of leaving town or bemgRhot.
Ho made his wav back to town several hours
inter. Ho claims that ho can Identify two of
bis assatlanta and the railroad ofllciul.s say
they v/111 Join heartily In the prosecution.
The presumption lu that they wcro railroad
A NuiiierotiHly Kngncccl
Hi'NTixoTOtf , W. Va. , March 20. Oliver
Deacon Is very much In demand up in the
Tom's Creek nclghlwrhood. Ho wab with
out the shadow of a doubt the most numer
ously engaged man in nil this region. Thorq
have been eighteen girls who have stated
since Ills dcpuiluao that they wcro engaged
to bo married to him , nnd that the wedding
day ilxed In each disowns April t J , Tha
most distressing part of the whole affair Is
that nil eighteen maidens npokcn of nro
likely to havollvIiiR remembrances of Dea
con whoso names will not bo Deacon. Hang
ing Is probably too good for Doauon , but beseems
seems safe , as bo tins written from Catletts-
burg that "they don't ' hang gentlemen la
Kentucky. " _ _
StcimiHlilp Galena Planted.
ViNF.YAim lUvcx , Conn. , March 29. The
United States steamer Galena was floated of !
Uayhcad this morning by three steam tugs
and by the aid of the ship's anchor and
hawser , which was carried only. The Galena
arrived hero In tow tills afternoon and now
lies alongside the wharf , htio leaks only
about ono ami onolalf Inches pur hour ,
whlcn Indicates that tiioro are no holes In bor
bottom , which probably Is only strained
somewhat. The work of floating the United
States tug Nina will commence utonco.
Till : IIM..IZ'/J&'tt fltitKCAST ,
l"or Oiiuriui and VMnUu Snow or rafu ; rte-
dltl'illll uMer ,
} ' ( Kebrnrku uiul South Dultttit Snnw or
rvlni vxirmer liu Mnnttau nlo'it ' ; iwrfaMe wtiult.
} ' ( Imrn IMn ; iltuhtlv cooler ; \itndt be-
eonidii ; nuitlicrlj ,