Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 15, 1891, Part One, Page 8, Image 8

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The Prices for Monday Arc Away Down
Lower tkn Bankrupt Stocks Gnu Bo Sold.
llond i\cry : Itrin Can-rully nial Don't
1'orget to ( ' ( ini.c In Monday ami
Secure a tlnr ulii 'lliatln
2.5 pieces Scotch plnlds , fultnblo for
children's divMCs and woiIh loi1 ; tlioy
go Monduy at oc yard : I bale ulibletiched
inntlln Mondnv 'tie yard ; l ! ca'-es 30-ln.
bleached niuilln , a rattlinj , ' gooil one , ( ! o
yard ! 1 ea o Itarker ; i-ln. ( ! bleached mus
lin , 11J ! yards for $1.00. This is a bettor
muslin than l-Yuil of Loom ; ronieinbor
Monday only. I'Jj.\nrds for Sl.OO.
fibales 'iti-liu'li line unbleached mm-
lltr , in jardsfor jl.OO. W ) pieces HiMncli
; ' . , "Ic yard , worth Ifie.
12(1 ( pieces HU-inHi solid black tenaiiK < i ,
worth ISe , fro Monday at So yard. UK )
do/en children's fa'st black hose , all
hizes , SJc pair. 100 do/.en ladles' fast
black hose , very line ( jan o-regular fiUo
Btocldtijyou can lay in u supply , Mon
day and Monday 'only , at "He pair.
1,000 jdeivtf all silk ribbons , in num
bers 5) ) and 1" , at oo yard. fiO do/.en
ladies' jersey ribbed vests , lOc each.
Indies'fast black litlo vestH , r > 0i' each.
1011 white crochet bed spreads Monday
OHcoach , worth $1.00. 100 white bed
uproadH , Imga si/.e , Monday OSo each ,
worth $ l. " > 0. liOO colored ttiblo coverti
in 8-1 and 10-1 worth Wk-and $1.12. " ) , you
can take your nick Monday at flOc each ;
get one. they are a harpaln. 100
pieces ' 10 inch silk plushes "ic
yard. A lot of striped velvets go Mon
day at li"c yard. Ladies' line kid gloves
at "lie pair , formerly sold from $1.50 to
82.60. A lot oi oinb'roldorles at ic ! yard ,
worth from 7e to Ifie. Ladies' hem
fetlteh fancy border handlterchlefs go
Monday at lie each.
Infants' long cashmere cloaks in cream
and tan , silk embroidered collar , Mon
day only $1.60 each ; infants' long cashmere -
more cloaks in cream and tan , bilk em
broidered collar and skirts al only 12.00
amll.60 ! each worth $1.00 and $5.00.
Got the babys a cloak during this salo.
Children's surah silk fancy striped
cloaks In 1. , ! 1 , Iand6 years only $ " > .60
oauli , worth $10.00. Ladles' iill wool
black jackets , tailor made , Monday SU.U8
each , worth $1.00 ; Indies' line ehoviot
and cork t-crow jackets with vest front
and rolling collar , Monday $ .100 each ,
worth $8.00. Wo are showing nu olo-
giint line of ladles' tine jackets la reef
ers and bla/ers in black and light
colors at $0.00 , $8.00 and $10.00 , they are
Imrgnlns. Misses jaekotsin greatva'rioty
nt $ 1.9Seach. Special muslin underwear
sale Monday ; ladies , Mother Ilnbbard
nightgowns tucked yoke full sizes only
41c each ; Indies' innslin drawers , four
tuelcs , Monday , 121e pair ; 1,000 pairs
children's muslin drawers , worked but
ton holes , 12 to 7 years , all sizes , only l ( > o
pair. Special : Monday wo place on
sale 1,000 Indies' $1.00 quality summer
corset at only \ price , for Monday 5c. ( )
Copper bottom wish boilers , .We ; mit-
inog graters , le each ; enko patties , Ic ;
brass bird cage springs , le ; clot-ot hooks ,
le ; milk skiinmoi-H , Ic ; wire coat hang
ers , lei carpet tacks , le ; nio tins , Ic ;
popper boxes , lo ; lamp cnimnoys , 'ic ;
toilet japer , Cu roll : bct-ub brushes , lie ;
pint-tin cups , 12o ; bird seed , 1 Ib. paek-
jiKp , 7e ; cut glass salts and poppers , fie ;
clothes lines , 60 ; Sanford's black ink , Ho ;
padlocks , Cc' , chopping knlvon , 6c ; slate
pencils , Oforlc ; 1,000 pintbottlesamonia ,
lOc ; Dover egg boaters , 10c ; curry
combs , lOc ; 112 marbles for Ic ; Hour
Biftors ; lOe ; llro shovels , , r > e ; pot covers ,
Ce ; copper bottom tea kettles , i ! . > c ; liua-
Uled stow pans , lOc , llle and ISc each ;
largo dish pans , 12. " > e ; painted cuspidors ,
Gc. decorated slop pails , ! iOc each ; 8
hole gem nans , "c ; porcelain lined
kettles , 'We ; holid copper tea ket
tles , $1.2-1. worth $ U.7o ; Bolid connor
boilers $ i.lo ! ! , worth $ .00 ; tea and
cotToo pots lOc each ; wash tubs -15c ; two-
hoop pails lOc ; clothes wringer $1.75 ;
clothes pins ( i do/en for oc ; folding iron
boards Slo ) ; clothes bars f > 0e ; largo iron
nxlo wagons 69c each ; willow doll bug
gies lillc ; 1,000 red painted two-wheel
carts lOo each ; children's high chairs
COc ; child's rockers 2"oand Hoc ; Ansonia
nickel clocks 5Uc each ; oil stoves ! ) Sc ; kid
body dolls , bisque head , natural hair ,
18c each ; hand lamps complete loc ; 0
piece trlass cream sot lc ! ) bet.
NOTIUK Do you need wall paper ? If
you do , wo are headquarters hi Omaha.
Wo bayo just received 2 solid ear loads ,
and it is now'on sale at ono-quartor reg
ular retail prices.UENKISON
AT TI1K FA lit.
Bpoclnl Sales if Spring Wraps , Con-
nUtlu ol' lUa/.ei-H , Jaekett ) and
Wo just received 1600 garments of all
dofccriptions , which our eastern buyer
has bought at about one-half of the real
value , which enables us to bell them at
about the above margin.
85 stockinet jackets , elegantly nvulo
and the latest styles , wortli $ l.oO.Vo
Boll them at OOo each.
120 jackets , pulled sleeves , all wool
stockinet , regular price , $2.oO , for SI. 10
each tomorrow.
" 00 blnxois , rlchlv trimmed , collar ,
Blcovos , worth anywhere SJ5.00 , at $1.1)0 )
70 capes of all kinds of materials ,
richly trimmed , worth iU.50 to $1.00.
You can take vour choice , $2.r)0. )
L. 1) . LBVY&CO. ( ,
13th and Howard ,
The Fair.
Mrs. C. A. Kiiiffor will bo pleased to
meet her friends and patrons at Mrs. IJ.
IJ. Utivies' , 111 South Fifteenth btrcot.
Dinner SetH Cheap.
Call nt Moody's and see our now din
ner sots in all styles. Hoantlful hhapes
and decorations. Something entirely
now. Moody's China Store ,
30:1 N. 10th btrcot.
Of the Walnut Hill Clioral association
nt the Proshytorltiu elinreh , Lowe
avenue and Nicholns streets. All sin jj-
ors given a cordial invitation. Prof.
Lorriiij , Iiis > trnctor.
Miss Sclmdell has returned from the
east with a full line of t > prinr ( lints and
bonnets which t-lio will bo pleased to show
her customers ut 10 ± 2 Douglas "street ,
Omaha , Nob.
A Youthful .Mail
United States Attorney Bilker went to
Pali-bury Friday and conducted n case
before tuo UtiUeil States commissioner at
that point. Aaron Koyso , a 17-year-olil boy ,
hail been arrested far tampering with Iho
malls mm the testimony showed tuat ho bad
iiurlolncil a letter from o lock box which had
Iwcu carelessly left open una hail ab
stracted a money oiilor from tlio letter. The
order was forfJ , ami the boy , being Ignorant
of the methods of tbo [ wstonlco department ,
rulsod the amount to ? X ) and in-evented ttio
order for payment.
Tlio postmaster's ' "advlco" showed the true
state of ntTalrs and tliu boy was iinvstecl. He
was tried und gn\-o 100 for bis appearance at
tbo next term of court. Owing to his youth
and in mi if os t lack of sense bo will ] > robauly
not bo prosecuted for forgery.
Dress Qojds Sale Exhausting tlio Ghofco of
Entire. Auiericau nnil roroigu Markets ,
'Hip DI-PSH fSooilp In Tills Sale Tomor
row Comprise the Mont Varied
Designs , hluuloH and Cniiiblna *
tlons In Vntiliioii'H World.
A choice line of Angoni homespun
suitings , in grays and tans at Oo a yard ,
ThobO umku ele'gant spring suits , look
like n uOc material and giurautocd to
Extra wide hcnriotlas , in all now
stripes ami plaids and plain to match , tit
Sloe a yard.
All wool summer tricots in grays and
tuns nt ! ! oc.
All wool shepherd-plaids and till wool
camel's hair suitings , in now stripes ,
checks and plaids , all now shades , -I'Jc ' a
18-inch till wool Freneh honnottas , in
nil the newest colorings , < 57c.
GlMneh all wool Imported foulo serge ,
In now rose , French grays , now tans
and browns , "So a yard.
412-Inch line mohair brilllanlincs , all
shades and black , regular 75e ; quality , at
3'Je. '
French serge batiste cloth , now this
season , all pure wool , best i'arls dye , IWc
a yard.
IS-inch all wool silk finished honrl-
ottaq , regular Sl.oO quality , at 75c a
1'riobtley's tniniso cloth , all wool , -10
inches vide , a bargain at 75c a yd.
All wool novelty stripes la black
goods , ti largo variety of patterns , en
tirely now tliis H'ttaon , a beautiful soft
finished uoods , 7ne a yard.
Hundreds of short lengths of the llnest
grades Imported dress goods go in lots
tomorrow at ii'ic , li'Jc ' , 50o and Tfic ,
Every yard of these goods guaranteed
to bo worth two and three times the
amount ,
Comp and see our display of now dress
trimmings , everything now , everything
artistic , everything at lower prices than
can bo found elsewhere.
Jet and tinsel narrow headings. In
black and gold , black and silver , from
Uoe to 7m ; a ya rd.
1'earl and gold and pearl and silver
from -10c to $1.00.
Silk and tinsel applifjuo embossed with
canlille metal at $1.00 a yard.
Colored French applique , with enn-
tillo metal. In new designs. SI.Ho a yd.
Latest Parisian novelties in. dress but
tons ; gold , silver , steel , jewels , etc. ,
from lOe to $1.00 a do/.on.
At 50c a yd.Vo toll you an elegant
black embroidered , blurting , -1G Indies
wide , very handsomely wonted and
hemstitched. This line cannot bo dupli
cated for leas than SI.So.
At "oc , OSo and" ) wo show the
most ciogant lines of hemstitched black
embroidered skirtings that were brought
to the city.
At IWe 15-inch heavy embroidered
hemstitched flouncing. All now pat
terns ; regular "ins goods.
At r)0o , Toe and $1.00 ;
15 and UO-inch double hemstitched
Van Dyke and point olTect in embroid
ery. Nothing liner to bo shown any-
127-inch ilnunclngs at 29c , 35c and -Iflc ,
all wol'th double.
111 South IGth Street.
O. O. I ) . Ilpcl'H Grocery.
Cutting prices on canned goods ami
3 cans 15 pounds aolid tomatoes , 25c.
! ! cans li pounds hiigar corn , "oc.
One can marrowfat peas , 5c.
One can BonUod corn , Tic.
One can blueberries , So.
One pie | > uinpkin , lOc.
One can gallon apnles , 85c.
One can gallon soap tomtitocs , 27c.
One can gallon solid packed tomatoes
30c.One dozen oranges , lOc.
Two bats good laundry soap , 5c.
Eight bars best laundry soap , " 5c.
Pine country smoked shoulders , 5o per
Best XXX soda crackers , Oc.
Best soda oroyster crackers , ! > e by box.
A line 20-pound bucket of jolly , 70c ;
same as others sell for SI.00.
0. O. IX HEEL'S.
Grocer , o ± ! N. Kith. Tel. 1'Jo. '
Phillip Miller , Into of Merchants' bar
ber shop , has bought the Continental
harbor shop , corner Kith and Douglas.
Holll bo pleased to have all his friends
call mid see him. The shop will bo .re
fitted throughout and none but the best
of workmen employed. Have secured
the borvicesof Mr. Frank Hayes of Chicago
cage , an expert ladies' hairdre-sor , who
will make calls at residences if desired ;
will do up hair in any manner u anted.
Attention , ( I. A. U.
Portraits of Generals Sherman , Porter
ter , Sheridan and otlior prominent olli-
cors for wile at A. Hospy , jr. , 1513 Doug
las street.
Sco to it that your name and address
gets in the now city directory now in
press. J. Al. Wolfe .V Co. , 510 1'axton
Now Hnriioss Store.
Why pn.v high prices when you can go
to H. E. Westgnto's and buy harness ,
paddles , bridles ami all things pertain-
, lng to horse goods tit extremely low
prices. H. E. "Westgato will hell honest
goods at sti ictly bottom prices. Also
dealer in job lot goods , Hour , feed , etc. .
Uall and see him at 113 and 117 N. 15th
street , city.
Dr. DcSiui.
Clairvoyant and counsellor. atft22 North
Sixteenth street , lias the respect of the
ladles anil public wherever HIO appears.
Consult her on all atTairs of life.
"Ves , sir , " remarked a well known
young nmti yesterday , "a follow gets re
markably courteous treatment and
elegant goods nt that now store of
Stephens & Smith's , 1U-5 N. 10th street. "
Chas. Shlvorick & Co. , 1200-1203-1210
Ftirnnir. strcot.
McCormick & Lund , fine pcrfumoa.
Dr. Gllmoro'sonlco removed to Bush
man block , N. E. cor. Iflth and Douyla
$125 Oi-iaM ftir ? J 5 ,
On easy ptiyinonts , walnut case , 0 feet
high , eleven stops , two knee swells ,
French walnut panels. Go anil BOO it tit
A , Hoepo's , 1513 Douglas btrcoU
Spcclalt Tor Mondn.r.
Why buy old and shomun-n goods
when new goods are o ( To roil at the same
Note our array of bnrgiihiH.
Now sprint' iilnlda worth 75o , Monday
Now spring serges wortli O.'o , now oOo.
Nowsprlnij cashnioro worth Ooc , epo-
cial f > 0c.
A full line of plain colored cashmeres
it 25c.
A full line of now spring plaids at 00
Also n largo assortment of line wool
goods In novelties fiom home and foreign
Ladles' onyx dye black cotton hose 2. " > o
per pair , worth lOc.
Ladles * colored pin striped cotton lioso
2le per ) > alr , actual valno ! ir o per pair.
Ladles' line French lisle thread lioso
it f)0c ) , at cr c per pair , worth 7Ue and MJ.
Children's ' heavy fast black ribbed
cotton hose , all sizes , 2oc per pair.
Men's heavy Oxford sox TJjc per pair.
Men's fancy striped nogllgoo ahlrts
OSc , regular § 1,50 goods.
Men's fancy trimmed nlyht shirts at
18c each.
Special cut on gents' ' handkerchiefs ;
fancy bordered cotton for Sic.
Fine pure linen for 12jc.
Plain white , extra line quality , for
20c ; wortli ! l5o to 50o.
Gigantic bargains in genuine Mtir-
fceilles bed sprctids.
100 full sized Marseilles lied spreads at
$1.08 , worth &J.OO.
100 full sized Marseilles bed spreads at
$2.2o , worth $3.75.
100 full sized Marseilles bed spreads at
$2.7o , worth 31.00.
Special bargains at $3.00 , $3.50 up to
$10.00 each.
Sco our now bed spread at $1.50. This
is the cheapest and best spread ever
peon in Omaha at the price.
Special prices on our damask sets all
this week.
\7ibit our linen department for bar
gains this week.
Special 200 odd shades , 7 feet long ,
on Ilorlshorn rollers , all for I5c ! each.
Lace curtains , 31 yards long , 7Sc per
Lace curtains , 3 } yards long , $1.10 per
Chenille" curtains , 31 yards long , with
border , $1.1)8 ) pair.
Plain chenille curtains , 3J long , with
fringe top and bottom , all colors , for
$5.00 pair.
Store closes at C p. m. , inclu'ding Sat
urday. N. B. FALCONER.
J lrn. It. H. Davli-H
Leaves Monday for Now York City ,
where bho will procure till the latest
novelties in millinery.
It Al\\iiy.s
that patrons of the Chicago ti North
western invariably testify their satisfac
tion at the service gi\cn. This can
hardly fail to bo the cuso in view of tlio
splonuid passenger equipment in daily
use on. that line especially the now
sleepers , dining cars and parlor chair
cars. In addition to this , tlio conven
ient hours of departure of the eastern
limited trains , ! : . ' ! ( ) p.m. and 0:80 : p.m. ,
daily and tlio fact that these trains ar
rive atanddopnrl direct from tlio U. P.
depot in Omaha , makes the Chicago &
Northwestern most emphatically the
favorite line to Chicago and eastern
City ollico , M01 Farnam street.
o. oi is. .
Vesta Chapter No. 0 , Order of the
EnstorStnr , will givoa progressive high
live parly Saturday evening , March 21 ,
at Muboiiic hull , All masons and their
friends cordially invited ,
A Card ot 'I hanks.
Mrs. John IL lUitler desires to return
thanks to the ollleors and inemhors of
State Ledge No. 10 , I. 0. 0. P. , and
Triangle Lodpo ISTo. oi , 1C. of 1' . , for
their resolutions of sympathy and con
dolence , and to all friends of the family ,
for their kind attention to them during
their recent berovemont.
270. ) Davon port street.
Milllnnrv nnrnltins jirrlvlni * ilnllvnt.
Mine. Iliubman's , Iill South Kith St.
Omaha ice company has about 10.000 !
tons of linost ice over put up. It will bo
to the interest of customers to see them
before making contracts for the summer.
.Another IVature ol' it Aired District
i'ourt NolfH.
"Dous" I.ivib' ) ' illvorco scuiidil was given
another nlrlnp bofnro JuilcoVuUoluy
yesterday. Tills time It was on application of
Davis for nn order restraining his ex-wife
from coinlnc to see Iicr children any more.
About a year ago DoiiKliri A. D.ivis pro
cured a divorce from his wife on tno ground
of adultery. In granting tlio decree , Judtfo
\VnUeloy \ entered a proviso that Mrs. Davis
should bo nlloweil to sea her two children ,
one live and the other ei lit years old , every
two wcelts , D.ivis now IUIOKOS that the
woman's ' Inlluenco over ttio children , oven by
scolni ; them every two weeks is had.
Mrs. Davis answers that Mr. Davis' mother
inaUes nil the trouble by Heating her shame
fully , etc. Jiult'o Walceloy tooic tiio case
umluriul visciuont.
Meinboi-s of the bar were sururlscil
nt not hearing decisions ID some of
tlio several Important eases submitted some-
tlmo ngo. In private , tlio court explained
that it had' been altogether too busy to Had
timu to o.vimino the cases bofora it.
In lianipo vs'llartlctt the motion to dismiss
on appeal was today sustained on the ground
of having been Hied out ottltno.
Robert Sims pleaded guilty to forgery and
Judge ( Jlnrksou sentenced him to ouo year in
ttio penitentiary.
Those nro nobby "Windsors at 105 N.
lOthbtreet. Stephens & ainlth ,
Shorui.nriS : McConnell , proscrlptlonlbts
und family chcmibts , 151i ! Dod o ,
A Not able Feature.
The Burlington route is the only line
from Onmha to < Milcago and the east and
south whobo fcolid trains depart from the
Union depot , thus avoiding the incon
venience and annoyance of transfers.
Fiuo carriages , Swrnuu's repository
Bo on Our Second Floor Tomorrow Morn
ing aii 8 O'clock. '
'llio Oi-ontost or All
ol' Itomimnts/AVIilto ( lOiiilHi \\nsli
( 'iiltiuM unit Muslins ,
u ( 11 I't-notloti of Value.
At 8011 yard , worth 2f > e , thousands ol
remnants of llio flnost fradosof white
( 'oodss French salines I'lirlshin pattern
IH'iwiitfH , w ido inurqnlso I'loth , exact Im
itation of China Hill < s , 1/iuneh uheviot
shli'tlnys , all fo nt So a yard ; not any
worth loss tliiin 'J.u * .
Thousands of ronnmnts of dobol o
( Ifcss yontln , line , \viiio , colored iMirtuiii
ficrlm , shirting : ? , calicos , ote. , nil ( jo at
" } eu yard.
Two cases of the very bust quality of
thono\M'st niul most c'leuant designs of
now HpritiLT challis at Hi" a yard.
H bales of the very best and llnost
quality yard \vldo iiiinlciiuhod muslin ,
ro iilar 10i % quality at Ho a yard. This
Is till sound and perfect , oxcupt ills be-
Btnotvd with mud on edjjjes.
400 do/.on ladies' colored and fust blank
hosiery and inon't ' ) bocks atJo ti pair.
A 1)1 g lot of Indies' very line fast black
hosiery , Co a pair.
Our linost ( ji'iido of domestic hose ,
guaranteed fimt bltusk , lOoa juir.
AVe plneo on snlo tomorrow on our
second lloor nil limncaso lot of ladies'
line hatilvorchiofi at \ < . \ * > e and lOe.
f special counters of line g ratio ladios'
iminlin underwear po tomorrow tit iioc ,
! ic ! ) , o'Je , Too and DSo.
Tomorrow woolTor 1do.on line new
style black and colored billc Nellie Uly
caps at Me , worth $1.
An olopnnt lot of Nelly Illy caps a
15c , worth , " > 0i' .
Wo nro now receiving the finest line
of American and imported Mowers ever
shown in this country. Wo will lace
on sale tomorrow a few specialties.
An oloyant bunch of rose ? , just the
tiling1 to brighten up your hat , at lie.
Imported bunch of velvet roses , all
shades , lai'co spray of American beau
ties , combination of hurts , roses and
IOIIVCH , your choioo tomorrow at l ! . e.
All new shanes in straw hats just re-
colyod at le ! ) , IMa , oOo and SI.00.
Your choice of 500 early spring hats
already trimmed with llowors and sill :
ribbon , tomorrow * Toe.
Thousands oLiiieecij of the finest im
ported fancy millinery ribbon oiibiiloat
special prices tomorrow.
111 South 10th St.
W. T. Seaman , . wagons and carriages
George Wilson mourns the loss of a $10
dress coat , n $10 chain and locket and $1
imilllcr , and wiinte Tom Clark arrested
for appropriating ; the articles ,
Mii-sioniiry Koedy reports a cnso of
destitution at Twon'ty-hovonth and Leiiv-
worth. The members of the Miller
fiunily are all sick. The husband is
very low with consumption , while the
wife and two small children are cou-
llnod to their beds.
Mrs. Ixosnliii Dlnmdt Yokel , n , rest-
dent of this city forlhopastthirtv vein-h ,
died Fridav evening at the resilience of
her son-in-law , C. II. Fitette , 1011 South
Twonty-second street. The deceased
hud been a eripplo and invalid for over
twenty yeai-M , Notice of the funeral
will ho Kiron later.
Miss MnpfjioVest of Chicago , died
last evening at the residoneo of her sis
ter , Mrs. George Koveii , 1MSJ.5 Charles
street , of consumption. The deceased
hud Leon to tlio mountains and was on
route homo. The remains will bo for
warded to Chicago.
Elegant furnishings. 103 N. IGth street.
S. & S.
00 kinds of in in oral water by the bet ,
tlo or case. Sherman & McConnoll.
ISlUDoUgo st , 2d door * v st of poslollice- !
J. K. Diotrickarchitect,000 X.Y.Life.
Upright I'iniio for $ ! . " ( ) ,
On easy monthly payments , 7J- octavos ,
rosewood easu , stool and scarf. Great
bargain. A. IIoMpo , lolIUJoujrlas street.
Attontl Sons of Veterans' cornet band
ball , Washington hall , Friday next.
Dr. Holmei , honm'npathitit , successor
to the late Dr. Dinsmoor , Douglas block.
Olllulnl INnttur.
All members of the Ancient Order of
Hibernians of Omaha and Houtli Omaha ,
and all mrl.ics desirous of accomnanviii'/
the A. 0. II. oxcui-hioa to Lincoln , on
March 17 , are hereby requested to pur-
chii e their tickets at tlio liurlington
route ticket olllce , llil'1 , Farnam street.
Excursion train will leave the Hurling-
ton depot , corner Tenth and .Mason
streets , at S15 ; a. m. , hhnrp , March 17 ,
Faro for thoronnd trip will bo ijL'.iiO , and
tickets will bo t'ood on all passenger
traliib of the Hurlington rout o going to
and returning from Lincoln March 17 ,
Special oxi'lir-dinn train will leave Lin
coln for Omaha- midnight.
ilAUTIX MaKKXXA , ( J. 1) . A. O. IL
Miss Jcsslo vVhitnov or NVorccstor. Mass
is vislilng her unole. Mr. William Whitney
of this city.
pcl n cav > of III jrru * ' Hlnncllne II nnie worn
III UlU HtllllU Hl7U HlllUt. HlljlH nil Illllt Oil VTllll till )
Mncklim Hides un unhirtoil J'liit ' , unil nlvt-a in-
btiiut rullof.
.1. A 1 CI.I.KU A TO. .
Cor lltli nnd
OMAHA K' llonor iMrint\V \ J IISHKII
Entire lloyumu ( c Doichoa Stock on Sale
Tomorrow ,
\Ve IVniK'it ' It All-N'nt a Dollar Sold
to A\\y Otli'or Stiu-ij Count ICin-ly
( o Get ttiu Ctiolcn ol * llic'Ht )
\\ro ptirclmsoil this entire stock , dry
goods , cloaks , suits. silk , dross goods
lunlory , notions and \ind' > rwoar , For
oUdonco of the fact that wo bought the
stock entire we refer to Mr. Herman
Kount/.o , president r' Ntitionnl bank ,
to Mes-sw. M'ix Meyer .t lli'other ,
Messrs. I toyman and Dolelu'H. and Dr.
O. S. IIolTinan all of whom hold mort
gages on the block and gave ua bills of
in the mind of tlio public regarding the
disposition of the llojiminiSs Dciohes'
stock we would sttvto in justice to Tlio
Jiorso Dvy Goods company , \\lio pur
chased the stock , that the entire amount
of Infants' cloaks and shawls roplovined
hy M. S. MnyorlioiT * t'o. . from Max
Moyoi'iV llro. , tlio mortgagees , amounted
to * loll Ho ; M. S , MoyoHiolV > t Co. do not
nvunifacturo ladies' ' , misses'or eliildren's
cloaks. They nro exeltisivomanufaettir-
ers of children's ' anil infanta" cloaks iintl
shawls. IIKYMA'N & DK1CI1KS.
\Vo hnvo marked olT the block of
China silks. Look out for the $1.00 and
91..j China silks for COc on Mondiiv.
A lot of handsome rich fancy plushes
and \elvols that II , & I ) , bold for $1.00
will ho sold foi'Jtuc ,
The dress goods at 10 , 12) ) , 15 and IGir
cents arc all double \\ldth and worth
three times thcso prices. One line of
60-cent plaids arc 2)c. )
The black goods , cashmera and Hen
rietta stock was by far the largest in the
city and \vo \ are slaughtering tlio pilcos
from flOc a yaid upwards.
No hiieh sale htis been a ttomptcd ilnco
wo sold the Loyal L Smith stock.
Compolent dry goods elorks , mon anil
women , for Monday morning.
i -
Xyorc ! ) ! Ills Hoard.
Mr. Joseph. Is'ycro statoj that an Injustice
was done him by coupling Ills names with
that of C. C. Bert , who left an unpaid lioard
bill of tllO when ho departed from the boirdU
IiiB bouse of .F. TO. Nixon , at ! ! 1U Doil o
street ft few dn ) s URO. Mr. Nyoro lufi tlio
nluce two months ago and is not inilobtcJ to
his ex-laiullord Uoit liaibcrn loo.itoii , and
as he has nt'ivnl to pay his bill tbo criminal
liroccedlngs were dropped.
SI illln cry
Mrs. I { 11. Davles received n fitio
line of early Froneli novel lies. Her
trimmer arrived from Now "York last
Thursday , and ij bu y making up Hnstcr
Stephens A Smith can fit anybody in
shiits. Fat men , lean men1 , tall mon ,
short men. Long and short arm1' . Just
come in and bee , 103 JJ. llilli street
ClllilDIMlIU iM
Pullman tourist sleeping ear excur
sions to California and 1'acllic coa-it
points leaveUhiCiifro every Tliuivday ,
ICiiiiHas City every FViday via the Santa
Fo route. Ticket rate 'from Chicago
$17oO , from Sioux City , Omaha. Lincoln
orKunsis City t ; ? " , sleeping car rate
from C Idea KO- ! per double berth , from
Kansas City $ , ' ! per double berth. Kvory-
furnhiied ex < 'eit meiiN. Tbosn
excursions are personally conducted by
oxiierienccd excursion managers who
accompany parties to destination. For
excursion folder eontsiining full particu
lars and map folder anil time table of
Santa L'o route and reserving of hlooninjf
car berths , address S. M , o goocl , yon-
oral agent , K. L , I'.ilmer , frcifrht and
passon cr agent , A.T. c S. K railroad ,
I 1 1 X. Y. Life Bldtf. , Omaha , Nebraska ,
Twenty good salesmen and wiles-
women , Apply tonight to Mr. liloom ,
muiiagt-r , on main lloor.
Take the Klkl'orii line for Doaihrood ,
ITot SpriiiKS South Dakota , Douglas
Casper , Wyoming , HiiHtlii s , Harvard ,
Yoik , David City , Superior , ( Jeneva ,
Kxoter , Scward , Lincoln , " \Vahoo and
Millinery novelties aniving daily at
Mine. Hickmaii'b-1 1 S. 10th bt. i
The fovcnth annual ball of tuo Hroth-
orhood of Locomotive Firemen will be
held ul Exposition hull on Tuesday ,
March 17 , 1M)1. ) A cordial invitation 'is
extended to all. The Musical Union
orchohtravlll furnish the minio. Sow-
enior proyrammes for every ladj in at
A man la Missouri sues for itillvoiro from
his \vilo beemiso Mio Mould not KO an ) whcio
with hln ; , but In siitod on tils rcaialiliiij ( at
homo to tulto euro of things ,
Nivonic ! nAM > toe sruitn
oJ'tlui ClicNcii Ctilnn ( 'o , it Cur
ul' Un'orntiul Dinner U'arc.
Thcso foods were slilppi'd to tmelhor
Omaha tlrm who refuse * tonnorpl , tlnuii
ntul wo buy Ihovhnlo lot for u IIIIMM
potij , ' , .lust tlilnli of It , winy ill soil you
line decorated dislioH choainjr than you
can buy ( he plain uhiU < .
Tlicso | irieo8 are for \toiutay only.
nccornted pin jilatosvnrtli \ ISi1 feie ( ,
Dci'urnluil breakfast plalcw worth ir > e
for Jv.
Decorated illnnor plates worth -Do for
Hocoraled MUipilatcrt | worth 'J'io for tOc ,
Divorated iauee dislict. worth HV for
Ci- .
Docoratcd individual butter chips
worth Oo for Jjc.
Oocoratod cups anil siuu'ers ' wortli Hot !
for 11 ! Jo.
IJi'cornlod veLfclablo dishes wortli 'KV
for IIIL\
Decorated moat plates worth oOc for
Decorated covered dishes \vorthll.00
for Illc.
DeeoiMted oybter liowlavoith l Oo for
lOu ,
Di'conitod bowls and pitchers worth
$1.75 for $1.151.
Decorated ptelilo dishes wotlhic for
lliic ,
lion ftlono china cups and HUICCM : ! li' .
Iron blonocliltii plates , V ,
lion slonechina SIHIJI plale-fic.
lion stone china meat iilntosDc
lion stone ( hliia \ \egotablodlHhert .
lion blotto uh. mi bowls and pilchors
Olc. )
SO.ID , LV. Soap.Sc. Soap , Uc ,
" \Vo \ will place on our counters between
the hours of 1 ! and 5 o'clock 5,000 bars of
elegant toilet toai > , the same that you
buy for fie ; our price will boL'o. Come
cailyifyou waul to get some of tlio
Krcuteht bargains over filtered , and hear
in uiiiitl youuiin buy , Monday only , deco -
o ruled dishes just as cheap as you pay
for the plain white.
1M2N. lolli Street , Mu&otiij Bloclc.
Tuko the "Old Shiuv City Konto" S.
C. \ I'.H. 1 { , for Hloux Citv , Huron ,
Pierre , St. Paul , MiiineapoliH , Dululli
and the entire north and noithwest.
A I < * nut Mot-til Ivao\vluir.
The Burlington is the only line run
ning through L'ullmansU'opingcais from
Oimiha to Deadvvcjod. Tr.iina leave
Oinuhti daiiy at 10lii : a. in. , arri\lng at
Dead wood at noon of the following day.
Peacock coal , No soot , quick lire ,
\ % hito a = h. A. J. Mejer & Co. , opp. P. 0.
N'on-Compact Iiisurjiiico AKCIIOJ- .
The undersigned huvo opened a llro
insurance agency tit rooms l01-o ! , .1. J.
J3rown block , cor. llitli and Douglas Ms.
\Vo represent such well known old line
companies as the I'hieuix , CJortniin-
Aniurk'tin ' , I'ennsylvania. Commercial
Union and Royal.'o will lie glad to
too our friends at our ofliccs at any time
and ubsuro the piiblie that any business
entrusted to our agency will 'bo honor
ably. carefully anil accurately jiltonded
to. Tele phone Ko. IStJ- .
l-'uiiii r . ttrrnin ,
A , 1) ) Cit.vuui : ,
\Vontltcr 1'roliii.liillcics Itir Marcti ,
If March comes in like a lion it will go
out like a lamb , and uco vorsn. Hut
o\ery day in the mouth , rain or shine ,
the electric lighted , steam heated , ves-
tllhiled limited trains of the Chicago ,
Milwaukee & St. Paul railway vill run
between Omabii and Chicago. The elec
tric berth lending lumps lii their nalaco
sleeping cars mo tlio gieatest novelty of
the age. Ticket ollico , 1501 bt. ,
EOYD'3 ' ,
Patti Rosa
AlduOby Cipor Bi' I'onlf.R'c. ' .Ir. llarrvV. .
Kicli mil u Mi > iH'l'otnKinj' ( ]
Sale opens Saturday ut icKulur jirlcos ,
wr.nxr AM ) TllUHsn\V mv , MAlVV.ll \ \ ] ? r10 \ \ 10 ft 1Q
"Famous Bidily Hoiian of the Shadows of a
Great City. "
flnnie Ward Tiffanij
In hcrltitc-t niul Krcite stsuc'ccs3
Aniil WaidTlirniy as I'eitiv I.D UII
Illio faithful I tKli nur.-e.i
Excellent i'ast of ( 'lni.iclci-
SpeolalSi-iMipry Jiul I'llofts.
I'll 11 IJ - \uietlcaii \ I'lny. '
Scats on silo Tin Mday nt uvular juivos ,
l ) ' | ill-t : IIHMll ,
I'hllilfom' ruliliorn , hcols , tir.os 8 to lo
at ! < ! > .
I.J ! | M' line ruliboi'H , H/CH | lj ! to 7 , il'Jo
tind 'We.
LiulloH1 fliirt ilonL'olu bxitlon nhoo3 ,
SI.W , worth $ U.flO.
IjtulifH1 line doti 'tiln liulton iliooa ,
$ i'JO ! , mid ! } l.Ho ! , lllsumnV , prlco < l.76 ! to
I.a llo4' o.vtrjirtna IVonoli ilnuvolii hand
turnoilHluvs , $ : i.7G , worth , cvin-jw hero ,
$ 1 50.
Infaiit.s' line luimlUmied slioi-i , .sl/csl
toT ) , FA' and 0/5i' / .
Childton's line hand tiiriiiMl
licol shoos , Rt/.cj I to7S5c , mid
Mines' fitio st. L'catpat , lip ,
heel shoos , 111 to U. iUUi
IIOYS AN' I11CN. I \ .
Hoys' soliir til ) school shoe" , si/c M to
* .
l > ( ys" solid \ call shoes , lt to 5.
. .
lnjs' best quality rullior hoots 1 lo / > ,
tf , 10.
Moil's best qn.ilitj rubber bouts , 0 to
II , $ L'jo.
Moil's liest 11 calf finjrtir.H niul
lie ( > s , J 1 . 711 ; KIsiMiian'sprUM. ! , $ l2."il . .
Mt-ii's linn hand HOVCI ! ulioei , $ ; i
lliMMiiiin'H price , $ l.7o.
Men's lliu > I'orlf Hd'.o ' slioo , SH.70 ;
IibuiiiiinH ! price , $ . 'i.OO.
SpiliiRrarpotH , draper ics and fnrnl-
ir < ; . Orchard's , Conllnui UK. , 15th
Tlio members of Capital lodfjo , Xo. 3 ,
A. FV , A.M. , are requested to mod tit
IVoumiiHons' hull : it 1 - n'l'liu-lc ' harp on
Sunday , March 15th , tonltfiid tinfunoi i
al ot our late brother , John Uopi. _ .
Muster Musonsof Covert , hi. John siind
Nobnislvii , No. 1 , suid Hijonniini ; biuLli ,
run sno fr.ilornnlly . invltod to nttoiul b
ordur of the iniiBtoi- .
JOHN" IlAMTOUI ) , SoiV. . ,
All Iho members of Omaha Icidtjo No.
i ! , I. 0. O. Karo recpmstc'il to iiisomblo
atl.O. 0. V. hull , lllh and 13odjo {
stroels , on Sunday , March loth , at 11 n ,
in. hharp , lo nttond the funeral of out
hito brother , John Lo'iin. Members ol
slt > t ! i' lodges nro aNo rooiicstcd to at
tend. By order o ( thclodne.
\V"M. \ OsmniN , N. G.
CJIAS. A. PATTliitKo.v , secretary.
Don't ' Keel niiripirt
N"otwiths < taiidinj ( all ruinoi-J to th
contrary , tlio Chicago , Mihvatikoo k St ,
Paul ity's ' tiovv stotim heated inlaco
sloujiin cars , with "uloctric llf hts in
every huith , ' ' .still loaies the Union do-
not , Oiiniha. : it 0H ; ) p. in. daily , nrriv-
; Ing-nl Chicago at 0 : , ' ! ! ) a. m. , In niiipls
time to innlco all eastern ooimc'ctlotxa
Ticket ollluo , 101 Farm-.mst.
J. K. I'untjfON- , V. A. N'A&II ,
C. Pass. A fit. lion. .
The Eurliii'ton ( , train No. 2 , leaving
Omaha : it4uO : j ) . m. and tirrivinc inrhl-
cajjo the no.\t morning' at S o'clock , h
the favoiito of tlio tlirou daily trilns , ii
beiiiff a superbly appointed \cstibulod \
train of Pullman Palace slocpors , ro-
clinln ; ; ehairunildining cirs. pittcrnod
after tlie latest designs , fitted up in
luxurious stile and fuinitoliod with ovoiy . -
coinonicnco caleultituj to redound to tin
ease and comfort of tluJ pajscnjjors.
Train Xo. C leaves Oinahii atOlfl ] ) . m.
and arrives in Chicago all p. in. nosl
day , Hits tliroiirli | Pullman sleepers ,
chair cars and dining ear City ticket
ollicc , lli'5 ! Parnatn
Bunch \ of Keys
Funnier Thao Evtr ! = Evtrjlliin' ' Xcwl
Tlio piny mndolt * niilln > r fniiimit OljkS IL
< ImlKrciiB mirth ) r > tnk.liiLMin < l tlilu-
tliti ; musical [ arc't'i'ouu'ly. ' '
See the Funny Hotel Seme-
Sco tlie Working Passenger Elevator-
YOl'SMlI.i ; ! YOU IjAUill ' 01 SlIlliAllJ
lc c > rr l Giili Ortliostn'i.- 60i' . alllnilcciiy
? oiu , 'Me Hoi otlU'Copunnttorlu 11. m.
: ! ' . iii.-MP. M , 1.vr..MSi. S'll P.M.
Tlio 1'ilnnlunlof Ml IrMi l'tniinllc < .
jli ni STOllY.Mt'SIO.
'jN ' I SUNO''uri.\Nii ' :
nm ma.
Otlk-lnil Diilllu Town rtilf.rniiMt llunil iit.a Or-
cl.cslru l' | ilco . liu slunt uiPfii.M.-iiiliy.
Will Laiutrti ; Manager , Corner lilcvi nth and Farmwi Sti\cts } Omaha ,
KK Ot > " IMA.liC'11 IGlh.
The .Arabian Vllhge A Quaint Roallstle Id < n of the Romantic Tlf Ted bytho Ar.ilHin. Thlf DrvD-J-rt Home. TlioQuotr Mystical
FH'its oithnArililiu JuKulurs nra produced 'Iho Wizard and Sorrow , in Hl.iclc Art anJVitclicrilt , " " JtlSa'iUUul
PrlnresB.inUhi > r lantnstlo mtivedances.TlioVonaorful Arablin . . . . . . .v. , . , . their wienl uitiv.- airs , pliiynl on uativo mstmin"nt ,
AllthusBBo tomnkauponaoftha best and rae t wonderful oxlilbitlousot Arabian imnuors , customs , bo c | rtancoa and jwaoiicod
over placed before thopeoplo.
DcmiirstratinE tinorrlnn " 'W ' ( iclynervca ,
unit ing b r jr o ry and * t -0111111 . 'lio.
Sv.orts , Knives , Tomahawks. Fire Branfe
'I \ccaiMi-ls \ are Spanish ( J\jii.i | > s and
thi'ir frills of lniiiliii | : ; aiv lia/i'nlniis ,
perilous , and ilillldi't. ' llicthrun dnid-
li \\ctiiiiis \ \ ) iuth iirrrisliui : il
npiilc in Iwiiln ( in i-iH'ii nlliiM's '
nlth iilicniy ciMilty s inl , and
] ilisli ut IUT oiul ( rful ( cats.
Hie Ci'iinil ' TWorim ,
'IInitct'iil anil ( nil ) . \T1MV ! SISTI'.RS ,
.N < n llikirt anil limp l.inri'is , intlia
Inlrst nnd inn * ) cntraiii'lii slops.
TAVLIIU mid UUIMIN. , ( ducllsx. inth
lali'st ' ( uniotil M > ii"i | , l/.illinU / , tniil inolo *
A roririiit : . l.unlnblo lurco , n prrsi'ntdt b
the LiKsarJ * E l.u 'ilur C .iiudy . Co A liar ,
rowing Sintoh , full ot oiM luipron.
IIIITS und tunny iniieiuloi's.
M1L.1J.U \\'AL.j3lt , tpocully sonfsan < 4
Now i.iul tittractlvu curloHitles.
invutoi-b , iiaiutingb and so k > ot uru i