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fiosnmes of Reviews on the Oroat Religious
1'roKfCiH Mnilo In I'lntiH for the I'rcn >
ly tortnu 'I lirolonlonl Scinliinrjr
-Nuilu In Utll Itonul Art
Church Notes.
In the Now York Independent of Mnrch 5
thcio nit | > cnrcil nory thorough nnd complete
symposium ot nblo nrtlclet upon tlio flrst
cenlurj of the religious inovcmoiil started by
John Wosli' ) upon Methodism lu all Its
various brnnrltoi.
The artIi-Ici wore written by n score of
nhlo ami eminent wrltort niul nro worth } of
the attention of all itioughftil people and us-
perinlh tlimo who lidoiijj to nny ono of the
numerous brancliet of thu Mothoilltt churcli
Soinu of the innro prominent contributors
nro AirliiU'acoii Fiirrnr , Bishops Hurst ,
1'orry , Vim-out , Huudrlx , Tnnnrr , llnrili
nnd Holsoy , Profs. Vincent , Stearns nnd
Jllrd , Urs' ( 'miimn , King , Hatci , Koberts ,
" \\onlcn nndViitti
Hisliop lltiut loads off with n clonrnitnnil
\or > muiiibl' nttlclo upon "TlittChnniutvr
and \ \ < iilc of John Wesin " The writer
snjs "Piinlnndnt the end of the eighteenth
century was u plrturo of spiiltiml dosolu
tloii ' And further on lie sujs "Thu
UtiKltali nc'cd of aiphltuul ilo\ution was the
fltst llum > 'ht wlilt'U mistoretl , lolm U'eslev
on his cut ruico upon jiiiblio life ' The bishop
follows the \\oik uf the K'U'iit lofoimer ,
touching the inoro piotiouiifcil features In
Weslm s chiniutor and closing In the follow
Ing \ \ ords 1 Us ' ( Jk.wlitiuss is next to ROI !
ilnoss , bus been svueinnp wxuy ttuulust
mid cobwebs nil around the woiltl His
hhivtrj Is Uio stun of all xilhvltilc , 'has
been n hninmer for the pultorl/liiR of mnn-
nclos on both hemispheres lliiVoild Is
cn > parish , \ \ us the inoasuro of Ids faith ami
of thouldoness of his charity. "
Thin cry Kov P.V Pniror , I ) D. , writes
ibout "Tliocslcjnu Monument and the of I'tiKlaiid. " Ho savs that ovciy
religious n\MiUtnjii of churches or nations
lins n deep Interest of Its own , but in ovcrv
religious msnluMiiiig lilstnn , repents itself
Hovhnls aio usually the result of imo man's
GlTottiit tlio llrst God tloi'siiotsootntostuo
mon by communities or cleiical conferences
SiKMililitK of the slnfiilness of the KiiKlish
people \slien Wesley Ix-iian his work tlio
nrohiloacoii sus "Tho iimusuinonts of tlio
jieoplovoio for the must Dart grossly
llcuntloii * SniUKuliiiK was unUersil
on the BI-IX coast anil wrecking was loiumon
CUibsof younjf moti , HUe the famous "Hell
The cltlb"woro thusconesof honibloorjrics
nnd llnsplirinies IJuelHnirVT tlenmmli'il
by thocodoof honor lllep.ditj wis i iinpant
In U\o jclns f > 0OOU iioiaons wetoioinictodof
, and lift\-tuo uuininalseio
Imngul lu ono jcarnt J'jbtnn ulono 'Jho
wrlui thuii speaks of tbollerco lODiignnncii
\vlth w hit. h the church of ttnirliuid and the
ungodly pcoplo outside of the church mot the
Wcslo.x movement. The nitlclo closes b > .1
quotation tioin ( irocu's history of I'.nglaml ,
which roads ns follows : " 1'ho noblest work
of UioioliKlous revival WHS the steady at-
tonipt , which Ins never ceased fioin that day
to this , to iciucdv tlio Riult , tlio ignotamu ,
the physliMl sufleiinir , the dcgredatlon
of the protllKutounii the poor "
Next i-onics n discussion or ' 'Tho Influence
of Methodism on Culvinlstio Hodlcs. " by
1'rof. Mnuin It Vincent , 1) D. The writer
UncLS the good effects of U'o-slm 'b loUvnlof
Aiininl.inlsin ns opposed to Wliltelltld's Cal-
x In ism , and shows that Wesley purMioil n
Justifiablecont'o and prated th it Aiminlnn
NlethodlsiiMMi'i capable of dux eloping Into a.
purniancnt and nuguillcent oiKiinlzatloii ,
whith bus Vindicated its il.iim to bo ono of
the leading factors of C'liu&tiandoui 1'iof
Vliieont closes in thcsooids
"ijOnpsinio wi teased to look upon each
othri ns antaRoidsta Shatno to us lioth that
it win over thus ! Our mutual iccognitlon
mid our inntunl rosncct mo henstx and genu
ine The ( . 'ah luistio chnrchos lojoko in the
ulirioss of Mothoilisin Mhoold Issue between
Calvlnist 11 nd A i adman is cunthied to the
theological seminar } Outside thoio nanow
limits , in the lldd ol\.uiclisin | ; , it
( toes not sliow its dead. The iross , in driw-
li.K ns all Un\u\ls ; Itself , In inplilh making us
forKftful of oui foinmlns Wo Join with our
Iiithodlst bretluen in paving honors to tUo
name of Wi'sloy. Ilo bulongs uot to them
nlono , but to Cliiibtinndoin "
Tlio ne\t aitldo is In 1'rof Lewis Sto.mis ,
D n.ui'on ' ' "Iho Intlucncc of Weslejanlsin
on Calvinism " Ilosa.\s that mam chnnijeb
have talien place in the Cnh'inlsticiloctuiirs
Blnco Wcsloy's biitb , and soaio of the nuno
linpoitnnt ones maj bo justlj aseubcd to the
Inlliiciieool Wehlijanism Kut theiowoio
othci ludois i < quallv iiniiortant In the tiaus-
foiillation of Cahlnisui. The ulal
by Joatban Edwards In Northnmiiton it > u
rcmindei of another gioat votk
The intluoiuo of AVesleynnlbui on Ual-
viuKin may bo scon lu modern meth
ods of Christian \\oik notably in the
mlsblonarv Held Calvinism recches its in
spiration in that luipoitunt v.oilc from \Ves \ > -
Piof. Hlrd discusses "Tho Wesley's as
hymnists ' in a three-column aiticlo \ \ hicli Is
veij ititeiosthifr. Ho tkalb of coun > o , with
Charles \Veslcy ana places him by the sldu
of Or AVutts ns ono of thoKieutest hymn
% \ liters the Jinglisb srioakiiig world has over
" 1 no Methodist Kptscopal church" is dis
cussed b.v Uishop J. H. Vincent , D I ) . , LUD.
This Kre-it uody bns , iisl,150 members , with
14 , W traveling and 1-4,100 loeal preacher * .
The u ritpi deals in facts and 11 Allies tvhich
illtibttutc in n striking nianncr the powerful
lutluoiue in the \\oild of this icliKious body.
Hlshnp llondm , DD LIj. 1) , \\iitt-b
about "Iho Methodist Uphcopal Church
bouth. " Ho tinces the ciiu es and o\entb
whlih led to the split in the ilmreh and ills-
cusses the bla\er > iiucstlon at length. The
rliuich has l,17J-i > 5 members , l.bbo preacher
er- , and 11,707 chinches
"The African Methodist Episcopal Chuioh"
Is discussed by llishop Tanner , 1) . D Ho
bogias bsaiiiK that the African Methodist
Episcopal chinch was organl/ed laijrel > by
Africans for Africans The organization
UCB.III ns a inoaiib of relief from the unKlnd
truitment of their white brethren. The col-
oiid pcoplo of I'hlladoliihla stilted the move
ment \\ldch led up to the oiganization. The
bed > rmv numbers about half n million mom-
beis with its buhops , pre.icliow , chuidios
ana colleges
'llion follpw nrtlclos upon "Tho African
Mithodist Episcopal /Ion Chuuh , " "Tho
Aiotiiouist i'roiesianc wnurtn , " "tuo wos-
lejan .Methodist Connection of Africa , "
"llu-rieo Methodist Chinch , " "Tho Con-
givgatiouul Mothocllbt Chuich , Caiindu , "
" 'Iho Wesley an Methodist Church of Urcnt
Britain , ' " 'Ilio AIotuodM New Connection , "
"Iho Iltblo Christian Denomination , " 'Tho
Pnnntivo Methodist Chuixh" and "Tho
United Mothodlbt 1'ico Chinch "
1'ustors anil 'llioir People.
Thoiv will bo special s > enicesal Trinity
EpNfopal church o\cr > day this week. This
is known us "Holyook , " and the sou Ices
form u suit of "Lent within Lent. " Dean
Gnulncr will bo assisted bj Kov Mr Llo. d
nnd Kev Karris There will bo holy communion -
munion at 7 o ra nntl mission scivleesatb
\i in In the cuing the mush ; will bo
congregational nud will bo lead by Mr.
Trail klin Ktiiltb.
Ulshoj ) Newman will pro.u'h at the Sow ard
sheet Alethodlst church tnls morning and
Llrs M i : liobcits of Unc-uln will till the
pulpit In thoovomng.
The ( JliU' Mission baud of the Seward
street ihuuhKfuOR vorv i \\aolo ] enter-
talnnicnt and supper last Thursday night.
The people of the West Omaha Methodist
church tendered Kev. N S U-xvIs a farewell
at the church last Wednesday o\ening A
Kenoral furowoll will be tendered Uo\ .
Diivls nt the Flret Methodist church thU
nftornonii nt f o'clock , ( o which nil Methodist
nnd Christian people arc linlted IJov lu\ls
-\UU lii\o this week for N'cwYork , and will
Bull In about ton days for Ilulgaila , wheio ho
nsnu'iPa the duties of huperlntcinjeut of
The regular semi-month ) ) mectlnc pf the
Vomnii's Chrlsthu association will beheld
uc\t Tuewlnv nfteinoon at the Young
Womau't. homo. The association Is meotl ng
with pi cat success In conducting the "Old
I.ui I s1 homo" and the "Young Woman's
iome " The former Is intended as a plaio
whore old I wllei who have 'no ono to attend
to their wimtb may ua\o proper cnro and the
comforts of a food homo. "The
Yoime Lndloi' homo" Is not Intended
iw a place ivltoro tUntltuto j ouns women mny
hul a homo , hutaiatilnro where those who
ire supxrliiii | ; themsohM ami ba\o no homo
nay find congcnlnl comfort- * and good Chris-
Inn BUrroundings at modorntn expense
\ \ lioro tbolr earnlnps nro not ndcinuilo to
> the regular rate for boatil and
room Iho association nsMsts them Tlio In
stitution Is nb olutelj uon sectarian , but It 1 <
llitlnetly Christian As an Illintratlon of
ihc above statement It n Interesting to know
: lnt aniong the seventeen juung ladles in
the homo one month ilurmi ; tlio full fourteen
of thorn wuroOathollc. These JOUIIK ladles
found the home a > comfor'ablo nnd eon
penlal placo. nolulthstaudlng Iho fact that
nil the members of ttio boird arc Protest-
'Iho ladles of the Methodist hospital mix
lllnry board unit last Tunsdny at the Young
Minis ( . 'hrlstlan association looms nnd poi-
ftxteit their organization Mrs CA Clnllln
was elected president , Mfs Kinulc Drown
tioisnrer nnd Mn Prnnk Ihynntsecretary
The following vleo iirtsldanti wcie elected
Mrs J ,1 McLean , fur Trinity church , Mrs
lloxlo , for Sowurd street church , Mrs Kov
.lames Ilayncs , foi the I'lrst ctiuich. M - <
.lolin I'lcisnn , for Nc mnn church , Mr <
Klup , for llanscom 1'nrlt church , Mrs Jack
xau , for the South Tenth slioutfhuroh , Miss
Matllo Mason , for NVoslcy Mission , and Mrs
Maronor for the Castellnr street church A
mimaplng board of thirty-six was selected
'I lie boird will meet nt 'i : 0 tomoirow to pro
ceed with the host.ltnl business
Ilaii'com PailcMe-thodlHt churdi Is out of
ikbt nnd tlio people of that pro'poroiu con-
Kirgatlon are bappv 1'or a church only
time jeais old the Hanscoin I'nik Mothodlst
Kplscopal church Is n stnrdj Infant
1'ho spring term at Hclloviio colk'KO begins
Marcli 17 The lollejjo has been crowded all
ji'ir with students
' 1 ho Laillci' MUslonntv society of the Oav
teilnr stieetrresbjterlan church"gave n % ci\
successful entei talnrnont in the liiic-ii block-
lit Sixteenth and Castcllar stieetslnslThuis-
il.i ) p\enlnt ; for the benotlt of tlio building
A twenty ncro pond bubbled up out of the
enith In Center county , Pa , recently , In
twenty minutes.
irji .IA.W J'oi
firlght , vivacious nnd volitilo those ad
jectives aptly tlesctibethe quilltles that ha\o
made 1'attl Kosa the attr.ictho stnrsho Is
A \vlniiliiK porsonalltv , tint lndocribablo
sometlilny that for lack of a bettor name Is
c illea personal inairnetlsm , and the jiocr to
place herself In touch with the moods of her
audience these constitute the elements of
success In her instance Her enga einc'iit at
ilo.ul's opeia tiou-so beKlnnln toulcht has
had liberal announeeuuuit. What nnj bo
added is in the natuio of atrluutn to her ai-
tlsllc worth nnd of nrosumoof such partic
ulars us may bo of Inteicst In respect of her
plays nnil her compam. Her ownwoikls
essentially that of a comcd'onno ' Aside fiom
Individnnl manners amt methods that aio in
scp.itable from tbo stjlo of work to which
bhu devotes herself and which foiinnn un
mistakable charm to a laigo pciceniigouf
iiimisementseekeis , she possesses thobroid
aitUtlcgiaip tbit has led eminent cilties to
nscnudto her Uionossibllltlcs tint hme bcin
leali/ed bj Koslim Voltes. That she will
line the nid of an nblo companj is gathered
f i oin lollablo reports that ha\o preceded hci
rirst In her companj comes George C Boni
face , jr , known to bea cnpibloOUIIL' coniu-
dlnn Scaicclv second Is HairjV Hicb ,
and others mo William N. ( irilllth ,
. .lohnV Dim no , Oerald Urlnith , Dlgar b
IlnlstiHil , Kincstlno 1'loj-d , Margaret Hatch
jnd Alice Irving Several new and tntch }
soncjs will bo sung nnd the latest llirngan
ali-s will bo heard for the first time here.
"Imp" will bo played tonight and tomorrow
night nnil "Almgoiy Daw" will bo given its
onh iHoduction Tuesday o\cniiig.
The Rpaiks companv will present Host's
"A liunchof Kos" at the Gi and this OMH-
Ing , for ono jicifoiiiianco onlj 'lld'eiy
cle\er sntiio on hotel llfu bj Chailes It
Ilojt. Is ono of the most successful of iinof
the plajs that tint tie has wiittcn H seems
never to glow old It was one of the first ot
his dramitiocntuns , and It has hold Us
high place in public f.ivni lisom the llrst. It
has nuorbeeii pieenteil in Omnlii nt lesb
limn regular tint class theater puces. Man
ager Miner hiis made sueh gencious r duc-
tlons In the price for tonight that the orchos-
tia sealb will be placed at 75 and 50 cents , nnd
nil the balcony at 1)3 ) cents Tlio box ofllco
\ ill bo open for the advance sale of lesonud
scuts after 10 o'clock this morning- .
On St. Patrick's dav the very funny Iiish
comedy , "McUlnty's Troubles , " will bo seen
it thnCiiiind , matlneo and oveuinjr , at poim-
ar pilces. Tlio Moline , 111. , Glebe says-
' Icdiiitj'a Troubles' is the name of this
, \ceh's attiaction at the AVatrnoi , the Mahara
brothers compiny boRrinnlng tholrcnpago-
nent with n initinco jc-stoulny atteinoon.
' .Mct.latj's Tioubles , ' us might bo expctted
fii in its nime , is ono of tboso noascnsKal
iioiluitious ) , now so popular , which contain
ust enough trace of plot to hold together a
spai'ilinp succession of SOUKS , intcispciscd
w ith goodly quantities of "spedaltii s ' The
slut Is a line bamploof its kind Jim somrs
mo catchy nnd cleorlinttoclucfd 'Iho
[ ila\ made a decided hit \csttidaj * and was
witnessed by crowded houses at both per-
toimuuccs " 'Iho ivsoi\e sale will open to-
moiiow morning The street piunde at noon
tomoirow will attract general altenttou.
Annie Ward Tiffany , a clover ihnncter
nc-tross of lobust Iii h women , whoso J51dil >
Konan was long a popular element of per
formances of " 1'ho Slndows of a Great
CH } , " will bo the attraction nt the IJoyd
nc\t Wednesday and Thuisilay ovcning-s ,
lrcscnting hoi must successful creation of
I'cgr-y Logan , the Irish nuiso , In L H
Sliowell's American comedy diama , "Tho
StopdauBhter. " This character of Pegpj
Lop nn is said to fjho Miss TllTanv oppoituni-
tics to o\cel her best work ns Hiddy Konan.
Stio is thoccntial figure in several stiong
slturtlons , and by her consummate nbllitj
aetds not a llttlo to the strength of the power
ful scenes. Mr. Shew ell has luitten an in-
tcrcsttni ; piece in 'Tho Stepdaughter " Now
anel again the ae-tion verges on seiibatlonal-
ism , hut the moio startlmp ; situations onlv
sei\e toarouso thocnttiusiaHiii of the aiutl-
ence. I'.vory situation is raptuiouslj np
plnuded , no doubt because the expoiiencoei
author-actor know s Just how far to go In tbo
direction of an interesting story , and un folds
it lu accoidaiico with the bust dramatic lulo- .
Scenery of moio thnn n\c-raj'o oleguico has
been provided for The Stepdaughter" Af
ter Annie Ward Tiffany the cast U a
Aiabla nnd the Aiabs are always objects
of Intoicst to Amoilcans. Their habits iitu :
customs aio eagoilj lead and UnowliiK that a
companj of those nomatic romantic people
would interest the public' , Mmagor L inlet
of the IMon Musco ! ms > secured u companj
unilvill iirnseiit * An AiMhlaii AMlIauo tn
the public this week For ngos past the
Arabs huvo wandered fiom place to phico ,
li\lnir in tents and In the still ) night sllcntlj
inoMiiK on , whuro no ono seeks to know
They uro full of romnnco and poctiy. Their
soms of love and bravo dceils are the most
beautiful , their natho aiu and melodies
touch the heart. This companv of Arabs
mo bom musicians nnd those who
have the good foituno to ieo them wil
heai music ! ns no Aineiican can produce
Their intivo dances uio curious , fantastln
and full of KMIO.
I.assnrd .V : Lucifer in Dr Hydes saiictuarj
present H clc\or huKhablc faico that wil
biiiig teats from laughter The Athei sisters
tors uro clover and beautiful skin dancers
nnd Taj lor and Williams , tlio duelists hu\o
a national reputation ns slngon of ability.
31VSIC.lE < l * inrit.l.W ITtC.
The Cailct"n opera comnnnjolay a sum
mer season ai the Htai theater , HutTalo , be
ginning Juno - ' „ '
Agues lluutington will return to Lon
don , whetohor tncatio is beln built , after
the present sc.ison.
The Itostonlans slnR an engacremont of five
weeks nt the Stimlatil thuator , New York ,
beginning beptombor SS
Tour lending 1'hlliulclphia theaters will
hi\\o opera rompaulcs this summer ,
W II Crane has accepted a four-act com-
edj of American llfo bj Clinton Stuart Hu
Is also at woik on n newdrama lor Uftio Klls-
lor , the scenario of which was received la t
w eek
KIclmrd Maiiblleld will undoubtedly play s
summer season at the Harden theater. Now
York , opening about May IS and continuing
ui til the mlddlo of October ,
A tour ot "ThoTwo Orphans , " with ICata
Claxtim and Mr * . Mclvce Itnnklii in their
original roles , Is buliu'niiiuiged.
Sims lleeves will sing hU last song In pub-
Ho In l/Diidon on May II.
Jamoa E. Eoyd closed a contract this \ > o9k
for a duplicate of the Audltorhitii ,
ojwru ulmlra for his new homo now nciiring
comtilntlon TheMer-xoers i ro thus assured
of comfort \\luto cnjojlug n plnj nt DojdM
AI Hi ) man was In the city on Wednesday
onroutoto H i Kranclsra.
AupiHtlii Daljlins secured the Atncrlcan
rlglitn to Sniilou and Orlsiifaullos l iirlslnn
success , "Ilotol ( iodelot. "
A company tn Teuis Is plalng "Hamlot"
with an Introduced tank scene inhlch
Ophelia drowns herself
1' .1 Huckloy's now comedv drainn , "Tha
Major , " Is shottlv to bo iiroducod in Now
Yoilt Clt\ for tUo Ili-st tlmo on nnj stage
1'iuiiine 1 , Allemntul Is ongntred fornslx-
wink's suininnr se'ason of grand ojn-ra In
Kugllsh , wtilch logins May US nt the ( hand
ojiein uouso , N'ow York
The Australian tnnll stunner which left
San Francisco last Snturcin ) aflernoou took
away a number of professionals. K Klco
of "Uvangellno" fnino , Oooriro roitcsoue
his wife nnd daughter , Yin'liiia U ink' , LIU
Him Halt nnd Agnes I'cvirl being nmuiig
them Thex are under cugngcinout to the
MaeMahon llrothers if Melbourne
John A Lllslor , father of Ulllo lUlstor , Is
ul\lj-iilnu jeara of age.
"Tho Couiitj * 1'alr" comiiany , while pla-
Ing in I'hllailelphla , was augmented bj a null
calf Unit was bora on the stage , Ills mother
being the cow that was emploj ud lu the bain
sc ono. The calf has boon naiiioel Sooner
Willlim Archer , a dlstlngulshcl writer on
the drama , in ike'.s an appeal for tboestah
llihnieat in London of im uiiconiniurclal
thfitor , sometiiingllito the Theater Llbi-o lu
1'arU that was founded bj M Antolnc , oiuo
a clerk .In a gas coinpauj u olllco on $ JtW a
The piutoinpic , "Lft l nfnnt I'lTiillgite , '
produced at IUU s New Yoilc llicatci lust
week , was afalluio.
Mr OluiilM Kiuhmiii has ontaged all of
his present stock coinpuu now appciuiiig In
"Menand ' ' Twout-third
onion' at Proctor's ) -
slteotthunter.Now Yorkforiie\tscason Ml.
SjdneDiutv , who was cngugeil dnilug the
pist week , will tniko an additional inainbcr
of thoorgntili-atioii Tlio e'oinpjinj' will end
Its stuin that cltv on Iho Jsth lust. , and on
l.astci Momliij will begin nine inonlhs' tour
of the country The lompmj'will rctutn to
Now York In October for tlio winter.
Sol Smith Kussoll will pioscnt next season
adiniiiiti/atlon of Mmk TxMiln's no\ul , "A
Yankee at the Court of IClng Aithur. "
Mr Thomas \V Kecne , the tragedian , will
not act nnj more this -icason , . At present
hols icstliig at his Home , Castletou Four
Coiners , S I. Ilo sajs ho Is in again perfect
K'nlth anil wilt hii\o a batter route nv\t
"Mr U'llldiuon's Widow. " Mr. William
illlets now comedv , will bo ineseiitoel at
'loetoi'b Trtuntj-tliitdbticct theater on the
llthinst. Its east will bo made up of Mr
losejph Holland , MJ Prodcrielc Hond , Mr
Ihomas Hums , Mr ( .Jeorgo Thonipson , Mr
lliomas Wise , Mis. ThoindvUo Houclcault ,
Miss lienriottn Ci-ossman , Miss Maud White
mil Miss Maud Wilson.
LMwln II Pine writes1 1 hive lencwod
eontr.icl with MissClariMonisand shall
IIH e the honor of managing her another sea
son 1 tliinh she is the worn in of our stage ,
nud I am pioud of hint happy in mj'assocli-
tion with her. I never met n more aunnblo.
ovnblo w omaii off the stage nor a more con
scientious ui list on it
Horatio Algor , Jr , whoso bonks for bos aio
'ainous , has wiitten a play for Klslo Leslie
n which the millUii ) element will have a
imminent place.
A I'teiichnmn who 1ms boon moved bjSar -
lou's "Thcrmidor" to Inqniio Into the real
state of affairs hi Franco unelei the Uoboi-
iiioriciegimo llnds ttiat5OOJpeople woieshot
mil guillotined in I'aris and J. > , OJO cUowhcio
in Franco during tbo leign of terror.
The Widow Houcicmlt will pily tlio leid-
Ing character in "Mr Wilkinson's Widow , "
William Glllctt's new play which Charles
riohumn is soon to moUuio.
Onlv a small poitcntage of Bornhanlt's
imdlence understand her lunruago. nnd still
she holds all spLll-bound. Bliu mukcs them
lead her mind mid thus piepaics tbein forher
movements whllo bho elcctrilies bj her In
A physklan who \lslted George S Knight
In the sanitarium where hols undorfromp
tieatment , icpoits tnat his phjslcnl health Is
good , but that his mental disordei is
progiossmg to the Inevitable end in cases of
Miss Annie Lewis , who is announced to
star ne\t season , is ono of tw o or three do/on
farce comodjsoubiottcs who aio going to
essaj thu same hopeless taslc. Not is MlsH
Lewis ono of tlio most talented of the lot.
Ida ICMn Is to be ono of the sopranos with
the Abbe\-jran \ ( operatic companj nuc sea
son She Is the voung lady wlioso hair was
pulled bj' Lili Lohmaim for slugingfalso up
in Hailom She has since boon studing to
get oer it.
\V S Cleveland has engaged for nest sea
son "Ouda tlio Marvel" whoso sensational
noilnl KMmuistlc performances will bo fea-
tuied with onoot Manager Cleveland's many
miiibtiel cntuipiiscs This uot Is stud to bo
a wondoifiil success In I'ans , It is now seen
nightlj nt the Hippodrome.
Mile Potiesquo , n youn t nnd beautiful
sensational eiiuilibiist , now the lonming sen
sation of London , where she has completely
the "cu " has boon
captivated ippies , engaged
bjW. . H Cle\ eland , tbo minstrel magnet ,
anil , notwithstanding her HCX , will bo a
featuio of one of his ninncious minstiel com
panies next seison Her snlaij' Is sanl to
equal tint he p ijs the ( JraKKs , and , if Lon
don press opinions aio a uitorioii , slm is
woith It
Goveuior Bo.\d's ' Grand InauguralMmch"
has just been Issued , composed bj Mr. .lames
r.ililieldauthor of the , \ell known "Ilnus- 1'utkValt7 , " and published bj the
noted Hun , White , Smith & Co , Bosion ,
Mass , is a siitlicknt guarantee that us a
musical composition It will take rank aicoiifj
the ! most noted cientlons of the seasQii.
The controlling interest in .lulia MnrloAO's
tbeatiieal tours toi the balance of thin and
thofouriars , has been put chased by Mr.
btinson , whj Uofoic assuming the manage
ment ol the Marlowo oignnUntion piloted
Madame Modjcsiui tlnough nniijsuccoasful
touts The deal was coiisuininated last wool ;
by Uobett Cl. Ingciaoll at bis office in N'ew
Yoik , and oiuls Juno 1 , b'J."i.
Kcgnndd doICoveu and Hniiy | H Smith ,
authors ol "Kobin Hood , " ha\o sunplied De
Wolf Hopper witha now opera bnuffe , which
the comedian thinks will nlToid him special
The carbonic acid In Cook's Hxtia Dij Ims
neiial Chiitnnagno is ono of the best icmuiie-
rorcolleor diniluua ,
COLDS IN THE HEAD , by one application ,
CATARRH , in a very short time.
HAY PEVER , iu fiom 3 to C days ,
EARACHE , instantly.
rou s.\i.n in AU , ma
I'lL'piH'il ' only by tliu
MUIII IM : co.
Iliilkor lllook , Oiniilm. U. < A ,
for Illmlrated
jfainlly paper on in.niiluns | ii |
'on ' tuuiorii OMulti , plluurl
coi elo , liydtocc Im brCM i , uppl !
fur flufurinllUiii ulfu ( unil
doillUI booK fin inui , osiilalnlnslil
_ _ _ .jounniiiliruniiutgi't mrudcf pnpolalprl
aPr\t.\ti , chronic dim a en. HI mlu l ( vookn , li
"of niiinliraid , Klict , > | | IH. | | | unuatuml IUNI .
uf iiliu u tirexiu MCMvtilrh nnflt all for inur
Kr , linppliuvt or llfe'n ilntln Jlr. I.lclil 'i
\ \ iiiidrrliil ( > ( > riuiu | lu % Itnniliir < iln nil
pn lu mi-run , ( Trial liuillo BUI ! frci I > r.
i-iiiit .V : ( . . . .anMuth itrtcl , Kaiimi t > tty ,
Uto. Cftl
O A pnBltive rrinetly fur tha AHITA diB * m > > ) l > ill
uw tliouiamli nf cum c > ( Ihii nuret kind and i f Iniif
itanditiK liuTelioen runil * Intlt il HO ntnni ; IH in ) faith
Inltsefliciic ) , that I lll wn ITWOHOTTILB vr.ivilh
kVAIUAlUKTKPVTIHionlhMtll : uataiiiiyiii ( .
lent bo III wuil me ttifir l.ipiiM ami I'.O.ul Irt M ,
T. A. aiocain , 31. Q. , Ihl I't-iirl Hi. , .N. Y.
Uuc'lnitr invd ) for nil ( ha
unnnluiAl dlnhurKts un4
nttHlinuaitanf men A
certnlurnrK for tlirdflilll *
- Iprc > rrllioltnn < 1fcelnnf9
ITHtEvimCHfUitu P,3 In riniinmeudlui ; It lu
Tg ull > un"irtr !
[ TJ 8TONER , Mp.QtCHtmjIu ,
PlOI * * * 'V
Baby One Solid Sore.
Trlod Every thug Without Rotlof.
No Rest Nlifht or Day. Cured
by Outicurn Uomodlos.
My hnlij nlcn twomnnthi nlil Imrt Alir
llli whnt tlii > itoilor cnllnl tHtPinii HIT liouil
nruu , ftit uid liunh KOTO vndi olio mild torn 1
ttlnl every III hiit bu tncll tier the iloiti > m not iinytUliin
ohi'illil lie'r un ) KOIU ! We
oouM Kit no rot I'ny ot
iiliihl wllli her In mjr v\-
truultr 1 trloil tlio ( I'll-
c i UIMViui < < liutl ion
ft 111 ml no fnllti In tin-in ,
fort linil noTor KI'IMI them
tilirt 'loiny kri'iil nriil | e
mono work H lliuo nllir In'
Klnnliiff la mo tlio (111
( I HA 1DMI nittlio MHO
wire well but 1 lOMtliiiircl to
itm llio HtHOnv..sT fur n
Illtlo nlilln nnitnnnilieN ng fut nluihy n ymiuuuM
llki'tono nut un iiiiuln n dollar 1 believe mj
bnhy noiilit hnvo tllul If 1 linil nnl trlfl Ci Hi trii\
HKMI-mix I write this Hint onry inolhorwltlii
liil'T Illcnilncnin fie'l ooiilUlciilllinl tluru lunnuol
llelno that u III euro Uio won't ccziMim , niul thai nioill *
Inu Is thu i uTiriTiu HK.MHIII i
Mil ! ) HH'tJlU JllltlvM It I.ockliurl luvn
Cuticura Remedies
Cum urorj liumor iif thonklli nml < ii1p of Infnnry
niul ulilMhool , "liolher lurturlMu illiflcnrliiK Itoli
Inu tniniliiK wuly ciuatcil pimply or I'lutiliy , with
lo < t oflnlr , nnUuvc'D lniiurlty | < it tliuliluoil vhi'thrr
ulniplu ux > fiiloil' , or lirrivlllnry whu. i the lust phy
sic limn unit nil otliir rcniollos fill I'-iri'nU bitto
toiir < .hllilroiifcnriiif ) mciiUil mil i lijslcal Hiiltcrliik'
lli'Kln non Curu * niiiilu la clilklhuud lire I'crmn-
fiolil ovorynlioro I'rlco , II Till UA , Uio arenl bkln
( uro ' c OITICI in SOAP nn oxiiulillcf kin 1'url-
llir mil lloiiullllor ! ic. Cl TiriniA Hrtii\tM tlu >
ne\r lllooi riirltlcr , $1 rreiuireil liy tinI'OTTIII
IIKUO AM > OnllrI CdlllOIMTKIN , llotoll. .
8W ' ciul for ' How tw Ouro fckln ll ) > en > i'3 * Cl
luces , MIUmlr tlous lUidlW tuMlmuulob.
Contractors' Supplies ,
Wheel Barrows ,
Shovels Scoops , Bars.
llocs , Hose , Picks
\Yiie and Manilla Rope ,
Tackle lllocks ,
Ml Kinds Twines
Hutcliers * Tools ,
Carpcnteis' Tools ,
Cooieis' ) Tools ,
Machinists , Tools ,
Moulders' Tools ,
Buildeis' Ilardu-aic.
Yale & Townc Pine 15ion/c Goods
Win. T , Wood & Co's , Ice Tools ,
JameS Morton & Son ,
1511 Dodge Street ,
'luleshoncitST. .
A Scrofulous Boy.
Running Sores Govorod IIio Body
and Iloud. Bones AlVoctod , Out oil
by Cnticuta UoiHCillos.
Wlim nit inonllis all tlip loft hnnd of out llttlo
Krmnli lillil lx'K n to Mtoll niul hml urrry ntiponr
ann'of itlniKi'liill \\o \ iiuilllnM It lull nil In no
Admit Nu m > iilli < nfti > r It Inrnnia run
iilntt oiiro fnon oldur i > orc'
( orniivl llu llion hut Iwu of
tliviii unoiioh Iminl mil hU
iliiiul In M uio moio niul innro
linpuro It took lit * tlmo for
Hi.'in ID tironk out A BOIO
in n i II tdo i liln bl'lie'.lth Hll'
IIH lor lip which tvn veiv of
Ui' 11 ! lioiul vrni ono
rnllil nib illn ImrsliiK 11 in ml
ilril IhN TTIK lila uMiillll HI nl
Uti'lity Ino uiiintlm olit , nhpn 1
unlortoc kiln-inrn < > [ him liN mollior lm\ Inn ill < il
XTUn | lie IMIH n iitiii in , ro limn a J < ! ilil i f eon
miiiiiiin | | ( " < r , ful i of oourii' ) Ilo * oulil milk u lit
tic hut loiilil nut Kit up If hi'fill iloun iinlioulil
not iiimonlH nlii IHJI ! hnvlnii no uiiMif liln IntniN I
niiniilliUi U iglinmiCMl nllh tlio I I lia UA ItFM
HIM uilliK nil fnul ) Olio ni > ro nllui niiotlior
ii illi il , iilnin in itti r f'inilliic In uicli mil ) of tlirio
llM < de ) ' < | ioiit < ju t lifori. Icillnn which iriinlil tin
\\\1 \ \ Ktot loov niul wen * tiiKi n out the'i ) they \rou ! l
it'll rnpliHx line of lliu u Kly uimo fiirin itlmiH t
in"i r\i > it AlKr t iklnir u ili i-n mill il h ilC lioltln
ruinphtrljr ouri' < 3 , nn t l < nunnl thunKe < ot
ell rcnri , n simile un I huiltliy clillil.
MII * i : < < I > UH ; < ; ,
Gil K ( la ) nt , Uliioiulnclun , 111
Mny P 1W5
M > crnnit'oiircinnliu pprfu tlr irpll Vo jlnns of
Hcnifulnniul nu jore'j Mils II y llltlliH (
tub ' HU llluoiiilnKtuu , 111
Cured for All Time
Tlio irtovn 1 < ono uf ( liu most EintlfyliiRof the
tliiiUHiindtnf curni nmiln h ) IhoCI'lirLllA I1I.MI
Jiirsnudli conrliii < ho c'vlilenrfl Hint they not enly
< uio the oi"t UIFIK tint euro Ihui'n for nil tlnir
Hi ni i111 * not mirpil'lnc Hint mother ! anil children
bins tliutl'iiau.v HLMLIIIES
Mortar Spotted Skin.
t i it i
Govorod with Sctile. ( Awful Specta
cle. Outod in'iFivo Weeks
by ths Outlourallbmodles
-Alout tlitlst of April fnt ! I nolleed nomp ml
plmplis llko coinlne out nil over m > umlj , tut
thonttlit iiotliln oflt iintimoriii'tltnii InU-ron when
It huK'in ' 1U I4ok like Kpntiof inor
tnr npotleit nn , nnd nhlch cnnipolf
In lujcrs kciuiiipnnlud tj Itclili nl
ouhl scmtili OVID iilnlit until I
IMIH ruwj-Uiin ( lit ! ni'xt nlKhtllio
njilo ioliiK' fornii" ! iiuinvNhlle
Vic'ff jcrnHlfol olTikHln In rnln
rtld I attinlfnll tli Uot fors Intho
coiir.tr1 liril without nU After
giving lip rtlrhopca of iccovpry , I
' , linppineil to tie .in ad % trtlictinmt
In tht'iii'wniiipor | nliont ro r CUTR't'ltV UKJIi- :
Dl h 3 nnd imrrlin'cd them from my ilrun.Ht nnd
ohtnlned nlnoit lmm dlHto ri-lh f llOk'Mli to notlca
Hint the scaly priipttons prndnally dropped off nnd
dlHiinpe'.irudono lyorip , until Hind turn fully tureil
I liud tlio illsi'tifO thirteen nmlitlu hpforo I bum
tnklni ; tlioltl Mlllli : mil In four or flto wpiks
wns I'tltliol ) ciinil .My dltica o win cc/omn and
psoriasis I knowof u crpit ninny nho hnro tukon
tlivllhMl Illl-x , and thank muforthi * kno rlpd.cot (
tliom cipulnlly niotlom wlio liavo bnblox with
scaly eruptions on thi'lrlipiidi nnd brdliM I ruiiniit
express my thnnki to you My body wn < cotcrul
wllhu'iilcs nnd I wns .in nwf uUlnlitlo behold .Non
my akin Is us clc-ni ns a Imby's
OK ) lOTtn Merrill , \\Is
Only Relief and Cure
only iniircpof Innnedlilu lolltf nnd of hjccdy por-
lunnent nniliroiionilcnldiio vfHPlii scnlpatid blood
disease's , wlilcli linvo rendered IIfo aluiost ununiuir-
iiblo b > rnjon otporBonal dlillBuremont and greut
plijslcul Miffe'rln ;
DH , J. E , McGREW ,
1(1 ( VonV IX
Cum I In 3 to % dajrn wltliuiit Ilioloji of nn liourt'lliui )
fiiiiu liuilni's * Tlio most nluolutu i-titf ( ur dl.ii"l
nndnll mmoylni ! Ulmliaritr * crur known to niillual
rcli'iicu I'llll-lri uwnrrniilud cum lull toMilny *
Thu moil ponvrful toinoj \ ) t known for n ( ornia
mntciiio S'l IIKTI.'ltKor ' | uln InrtilluTlMKtlii ) liliiJ
iler , curnl lit liuinii , ultlioutlnitruiiiunti no cutting
no pa In no diluting l i-tiDf MnnlimnlurVeiknoti
poilttvdy cured , InMiiut rfllof. hkln dlMiuioi unl
fimnlodlii > n > ci | > urmin nllr cnrfil Ur Mrllruw (
iiicfon In Hi ? Irn nniont of 1'rhntn | ) l easci lint
novnrbcen t'liuullod nnd hit uront iinnjrof iitlonli
luu hi's Iiolu llio AtlantloUi llio I'lirltli Itooki nnl
( Ireulnri tree I.inlli * I ruin „ tu I uuir lull nnl
Inninru itrtfcti OiLaliu , Ni'b. Uiilrnncj uu illliur
Baby's Face Was Raw.
DIstro'B njr Itoliliifr Sldn Dlno
Ourod In Ono Month by the
Cutloimv Romodlos.
\\lion \ nur l > oy wn lt vn-iV * old IIP 1ml n rnsli on
lilt flu-pk It < | iri > n < lim iMilh die ki nnlililn llln
fun' nn rn\\ I d.U' H.I uith mrl nu riiitmlli'i ,
but It uolno Iji'lli'r Mj IIHtlu'i ndtlncl inn 11 tr >
tliu ( I'l'ii i n v | | i MI
Dll.s Iu i > iltlionifiittli
f4ll ntnl In niio ni'ok
llio lot Iuio I lilt r
In imp inuntli ho "ax
' niul now lie It
tliroi' jro ir il 1 nnil no
lliu ililld ivi : i-u bud I
lindt Ilo lilinln | | (
CIKO mil | In lili hnnd *
_ > donn tlml li iiinltl
nut prnlcli MM fm o c inni't | > i < ik ti i liljih nf
tlio ( I net n A III 4 I tl O H11IIHMI I ( I III I III
Mlioiio\irl can 1 wuulil hifptciiff t < > sco nnv enemy
und t ilk to Ilium uf tlio K mil It ( in * my In J
MIII i \ in
Ciitollln , loill.eol1 O N .1
N II My liiKlmnil N insliliiit of the l'ro i | i
Munllfmltll Inn riunimny i > niirktnrn | of tlio I'll-
l > lci mil MtlplOT IMhiliiKniiililo hlintt < i , KI
llrouiuc lii'Pt No inKillr Hi itMlki't iinlotlr
able nutorloly but Is HtllliiK to innko ii rlllre" ) to
I cnollt others niul " > ontilo tlili li'sllnionlul t > i n
loiiriiKctho uio uf tl'ru i in , nil I linn
Mothers Do You Realize
Jlonr jour llttlo ones miner wdi'ii their tpnihr nkliu
atullUrully on llio nlth ItihliiKiiml IniriiliiK tcioinni
unil other Iti'lilnf , Boul ) niul liloldi ) eklti nnlncnlii
ilhra-ui' ' 'loknon Hint g tlnulo nppllcntlonof the
( I Tie IIU Iti.Mi'DHS will In the jri'nt innjirlt > of
rnvM , nltoril liiMnnt unit loinplptori-llif poimltrost
niul ntiop ninl point to n pn-mnncnt nnilptonomlcnl
I In ci ; n BI'so iK | > i'il > ) euro unit not to ii i > 11 oniMill
DIItn inouiont 9 il ln ; N In ho piUty of po lllui In
Immntiltr I < on ntcr le't-iic ) citn ho hutowol upon
.1 child than n nkln nlthuut blemish niul u body
nourished with pure bluoil
Aii Eczema 17 Years.
Ourodln 8 Weeks. Onoof too Grsat-
oat Cures Ever Forformod by the
Cuticura Eomodlos.
At tlienKoof Ilirpc months n rash ( which nftpr
wnrd ] nnpilto tieoi/omiior suit rlipnni ) undo III
upppiirniHO on ni > fnio l'hv lchii jifler phjnlrlnn
called Itouu uftlmm did mo nnjr Rood at nil
but iniido rae erse 'llio dH-
ci o contlnupd iiimbitcd. It
M > rc ul tn my ai irn nnd UKS till
I mis I dd lipi ntlroly. nnd Ire m
< nntlnuill > Blttlnv on tlic tluor
on n illlou my limbs contrnctcd
ro tint I lyslall control of Ilium
nnd wns iiltcrl } hclple s M'
nidtlicr would liito ) to lift mo
out nnn Into led 11 oul I get nr-
ounil llio lieu < c onmr liinds an I
f < ot but I could not get my
clotlica on nt nil nnd hid to
sort of ilre InK Bonn M ) linlr Imd nil nint-
tpd dovinorfillon off ninl my hcnd fine nnd t-art
wcro nu srnb 1 ho dKCti o continued In thh mnnni.r
until J mis screntPin juniKOld , nnd ono da ) In lunu-
ar18 i I ri idnn nccoiint In tliu Trlliuno of your
It I lit u \ Hi Mnmj Itdcicrllocl no c.iso o ox-
nitl > III it 1 tlioiiKld UB n l t report , til tslvo Ilium
irlulMion I llritnplillid tlioni I wa nil ru nnil
blcodlni : froni cruahliijmy elf but I npnt nslccp
nlinoitliuiiirillnti I ) suniotlilnul lind not done fur
yeira the ( tli'ct wns so ( oc'lliliif In nbunt two
( pk Iconld InnitftriiUht Iml not wnlk Inns tn
ttcnk but iny oroi ere nearly ell As ncir in 1
( in judge lliu Cl nt I'lu KrMnnio ( urtd mo In
ilout nlv todKbl iM.okxnnd up to tbttditud e ,
from Junuair 1H7J to Jinumry 1SS7) ) IbiNonot bun
> Uk Inuny way orlmsolnil the least sltns of tlio
Ul oii > crian'irlnt | | ou inc.
\ \ .1 MrDONM.I ) ,
B7.-2 IKyxrliorn st ChlcnKn 111 Juno JO , " 87
Wonderful Cuticura
I rturd tlio I t'rid lt\ lit MEDirs of inoro Inipcrt
nnt nndlntrliBlc Tiiluo to tlio nurld limn any otlii'r-
ucdlc ne now bcfoio tlic public
HLV.M Clll'l I.MS
Wurtliln Kton , J !
( \ \
509 South 13th Street , - - Omaha , Neb.
Scratched 28 Years.
A Scaly , Itching Sklti Dlseaso , with
Endless SufToriDg , Ourod by
Cuticura Rmodios.
Ifl liml kfiown of tliprt'Tirt'in nrMnnr'twon-
t ) rlubl yi'iirn iii-o It Mould hnvo i\pd uiu 12X1 nnd
linmonii.Miinotint of tuirterltu tT Ul cn"0 ( psoriasis )
coniitu need on my hoid Inn npnt notlnrpcrth ina
cent H spread rnpUlly nil i vir
my bed ) anil t-nt tindpr in )
n ill- 1 ho iuile H noillil drop off
of mo nil the limp mil in ) anf
ffrlnciTat ) tndlusb and without
rclluf C'no Diouiind unllun
noulilliot tempt inotolnvo this
dl-cn > oovcraB iln I nm a poor
nmn but fcrlrtclito liorollovcd
01 whit Bonig ot tbo doctors mid
wis leprosy , Homo ringworm
pioriini'i , ttc 1 rnnnot prnlco
IIIOCLTICUIU III MHIILh too IllUCll Tlie-y llllTC Illllllo
my skin na tie ir nnd fiO ( from bcih's am b iby's All
lii ol of thora nas f > worlh If you liad brenlicro
nnil sill \on would liato enrol mo for J.W you
would lia e hi I the ironoy I lookmt llko the plcturo
( So 2 , pnuo 47) ) In > onr hook , IIoiv to Cnro taliln
IlHii ) e' " but now Inm ii elo ir is nnr person oior
us ThroiiKb force of Imblt I rub my liindsour
in ) lirnn ind ! ijs ! torcrnlcli unco In t irlilli. Inu tone
no pnriKiio 1 nm nil \\ill I lonttiliod M yru.
.TIKI It M > t to bo u kind ol tOLouil nature lo tnu 1
tlnink you u llioifnud tlinn
1)1..SMS DOWNING , ite'ibur ) , VI
Why Suffer One Moment
I r mi OrtnrhiK and rHMf1iiirl n Pkln dlipiira wlinu n
HnKlc nnnlle itloii uf the ( t TH I'll V 111 )11UH s nlll
allord Initnritrolluf nml point to n ipcod ) , I < > rn i-
nent nnd oconomlpil euro , nlion the ) best pbyalclaiis
uuil iillotliurreinoJIcs fnIP
"old ovcrynhcrc I'rlci1 C'l Tlct'H i HIP gtftklii
Cult Wi1 ; CUTirc HA soil1 nu exiiuMto bkln 1'nrl
Hit iindlliMiitlllor , Jjc , LlTictitA IlLSontsi tlio
non Ilk oil I'niltlc-r ? 1
1're-pirpd byl'oririi Diite ? AClllJiic\r Colii'oit-
ATION lloston
5 ? " tend for "How to Cure Skin IHienoi , Cl
pni-os , M Illustration ! ! und 1UO icstlinoulnla ,
Dreadful Psoriasis.
Oovoititff nntlrj Dotly with \Vhlt *
Sonloa. Sttn'or UK FonrfVil.
Cttiod by Outlunrn.
Mr illicmn ( | i iirln l > > ilrnt lirokn out on my lofl
cdi'i K B | ii'nilliiii M nn my no o nn I nlnuisl nit ur *
ln ni > Inn' II rnn Into IIIJT I'IM niul thi > | ihf k'liin
ll 1 nuiiM UKII injr 11 crlnlit nllUKUllicr. II
xpri'iiil nil n\ur my lu'iul , niul inr
hull nil foil out unlll I nun on
tlrrlrdill lii'nliMl II Ihpiilirolm
t nt on mjr nriiii ninl BhotiliUirB
unlll my nriutt ni ro ju t ono "ino
It rnt < > n I my piillrn hoilf , my
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Cuticura Resolvent
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A Burning Sore Leg.
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Ua loss Ornzod with Puin. Cured
by Cuticura Rornodios.
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Greatest Humor Remedies
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1316 Douglas Street , Omaha , Neb.
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N.E. Cor. 14th and Farnam Sts.
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Draperies and Furniture.
1115-1U7 1'AUNAU ai'UKKT , OMAHA ,