Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 15, 1891, Part One, Page 6, Image 6

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TUB Ml All A UEli
IVllvoml by Carrier In any part ol iho ( Illy.
Huslr.m OAeo ! , No.I : ! .
Nigh' ' KUitor. No.f. \ .
N. Y. P. Co.
Connrll muffs Lumber Co. , coal.
Craft's ' rhntldl loans , ' .VI Sapp bloctr.
( ii-tiUnu Hook Spring wil. Thatcher , 10
Iil.ilti slreot ,
Itoi n-'I'o Mr. and Mr * . ) . H. Long , 1 17
AVastiin 'ton avenue , u daughter.
J , \j. \ . .lohmonvivi lined (10.20 ( In pollco
court ii'.itonlay nioriiliii ! forilrunltcnncsi.
The ladles of Unity ( lullitwill k'lvo tholr
r.nstor party Friday ovcuiug , .April 3 , in
lliijjhw' hull ,
Miss r.tta. Maxwell , who Is employed Inthu
ofllco ol the county clerk , in con lined to her
liotno liy illness.
Tliu funeral sorvlrus of the Into ! ' . S. > lon-
tn will taUc place at MiIM o'cloc'U tills ntlor-
noon from the ri'sldoniv , TU3 Klflh uvcnuo ,
IJcv. (1.V. . Crofts oMIiiilintf.
I. . Kmilnll , yniilmiisU'r ' of the Milwaukee.
uus clistrl billing cL'iirs yesterday on luvouiit
ctn t\vclvo-.mi | tul boy Unit was born nt his
lionio , ' 'li'i ' ScveiUicnth avonue.
Kl rst class mo > aU at , Mnsoiilc ! tfinphi next
Thursday , scrvoil by llio ladies oflho llrouil-
way flmroh. There will bo a coed nniiU-nl
ITOKtiiniiiiolii llio evening ; also sale of fnuoy
Mary Thompsoiuvas arrested yesterday on
u Information II led in Justice Pulton's court
charging her with tlio luvony of a gold rlntf
from ntruvellnir men mimed' It. Culm. She
lad nlicnrltijjanihviis illHcliaruud for lack o (
evidence iif-amst her.
ThooystcrMippcr hen hy the. ladles' AM
nocletyof the C'hrlstitiii i-hnrcli atShubertv
hall lint Thursdav was asuccess in
every respect. 'l'ho ' iiltcitdinieo was Inrjje ,
thagrelrc.shinent.s excellent and the net pro-
ceAls ever .fi , * > in eusli.
Mi-s. Maix'nrot 10. Slent/ died yostcrday
ftftuinioon nt the Woman's Christian asso
ciation hosiillal , whore she has been taking
treatment for several trucks past , She \vas
eighty years old. Tlio funeral will take place
tomorrow in fain-low cemetery.
Thomiirrlaijo of U. II. Hudson and Miss
HntUo Uuvol will taUophmi next Tuesday
cvomni ! at the rcMilonceof tlio bride's futhur ,
I1. C. Devol , on Willow avenue. It will lo n
very ijuioinlTiiir , none but the immediate
relative. ! of the two families being present.
Thoofllcoof tlio L-'iilelity Protective union
has been n-.oi-od from .VM "Washington avenue
to room -100 In the Hipp block , tlio dianjio
hax'i lie been rendered necessary by the fact
thut lit the ola stnnd there was no oiportu- |
nlty for a vault , The newly elected presi
dent imd sccrotitry of the oriranlzatioH urc
JnnicsMo 'nu liton nnd L. . . I' . Huff.
The Knights of Labor are mnltiiiR elabo
rate preparations for nn open meeting , wliicli
It to ho held in the O ranit Army hall , on
i'earl street , on Wednesday ovcnlnc. Tlio
two lodges of this city will lie present , and a
* nnniher of members from Onmha are also ex
pected to bo present. Some of tlio best speak
ers of the dly huvo been engaged , and an in
teresting iiioottiiB Is promised. The ewenil
public is iiivlto.Ho oe present and enjoy tlic
evening's entertainment. Thorolssoiiw tnllt
ninoui ; tlio members of organizing a ladies'
assembly. Some ol' the Indies are deeply in-
tcresleil in the \vorlc of the order , nnd it Is
thoupht. that much peed woulil he nivom-
plislied by admitting them to mombtM-shlp.
Kov. O. W. Crofts has received n beautiful
specimen of pen drawing from the son of one
of his former1 college mutes , u young innn
named CJ. 0. I'mmusloiie , living at ( Iraiul
Rid KO , 111. Several \\eelcs ago .Mr. Crofts re
ceived a letter from the. yoimn man stating
that howas somotlilii ) ; of a pen artist , and
romicstliiKhlm towrite a IHXIIII snitahlo fur
RII Uaster souvenir , vhlcli ho would embel
lish with Ills pen , .Mr , Urofts complied with
the request , but ho wan not prepared for any
iuch exhibition of skill _ as tlio completed
"ivo'rlt snoweTT 'fife ' woric was shown to com
petent JudRos in tlio city , and their unani
mous opinion was that it was equal to anything -
thing that had ever been execute ! by Miss
Jerome , the pen artiU who tias made her
nanio famous all over the country bvhor ef-
foils In that lino. Mr. Crofti prizes the
souvenir very highly ,
The ease of AVolspyfc I-onp : \Vidcham
Urothors ivas on trial In superior court yes-
tcrday iiioniliiK , la winch the plaintllls "are
trying to recover f 1'Jo for worK done by them
In papering and painting the roorns'on the
westsidoof thol'acllle house after the Sapp
buildliiR bad been built. After lltovorlc liad
been completed \Volscy A Lone presented
their bill to 10. W. Ilaincs , the promlotor ,
who hnd hired them , and ho referred them
to Wickhain Brotliers , saving that tliey jvcro
the owners of the building and should imy
for all repairs which wore- rendered neces
sary by the tearing out of the end of the
huilduiK.Vickham sent them to Sapp ,
claiming , that ho liadu bond signed bySnpp.
In which bo agreed to stand good for all
daniai'es. Sapp in turn passed thorn on to
Martin Hughes & Son , \vlio built the Sapp
building claiming that ho had a similar bond
from them. .As everybody claimed that tlio
bill should uo iiahl by souiconoolse , it vas
decided to try the case at law and thus tlnd
out who was in reality the proper person to
pay the bill.
No\v goods nro arriving by tlio car load at
thoereat Installment house of Alandi > l .t
Klein , JJ'JO Broadway , the only installment
house in Council U lulls nnd tnolargcst in the
west. Kvery ai'ticlo used about a household
is included in the new goods , andyoumn uct
them at tlio lowest prices and upon small
weekly or monthly payments and enjoy the
usoof the articles while paying for thorn.
Do you want an express wagon or boy I
RIIIK up tlio .A , 1) . T. Co. , telephone ITO. Xo.
11 Korth Main street.
Miss Oeorpla Bennett Is visiting Miss
Dclllo NVatts In Ncola.
7ho Misses Kff a and N'ottio Louis return
from their eastern trip this morning.
Mrs. P , Leutzlngeris confined to her home
on avenue E by uti attack of In grippe.
I. B. liohrer , son of M. R Kohrcr , is sick
v.-lth measles nt his home , ! SJO Vine street ,
Mr. and Mrs.O. II. P. Mlkes-oll of Cambria ,
Cnl. , are the guests ot Mr. amt Mrs. P.O.
Mrs. Marshall of Cincinnati Is the guest of
her daughter , Mrs.J. B , Long , onVivshiiiK -
ton avenue.
Mr , and Mrs. Shepard of North Plattoaro
visiting the family ot V. I ) , Gardiner of
Mrs. C , L. . Chapman , who has licen vlslt-
ine her daughter , Mrs , . David Btubbs of this
city , has returned to her home.
C.V. . Boh warts , assistant secretary of the
Youne Men's Christian association , has gone
to Xanesvllle , 0. , whore ho was culled by the
death of an uncle.
W. T. Swan of DM Molnes Is in the city in
the Interest * of the now Council Illufis and
Pottawattainlo county directory , which is
ntwut to bo compiled by the Council Bluffs
directory company. Mr. Swan has had con
siderable experience in worlt of this kind ,
nnd ho iiromises to make the nsxt directory
by far the best that Council Lluffa has cve'r
Another Uiinuttir ; > lix"cl Oflluinl ,
Attorney General S to no received a letter
yesterday from tlio president of tbo school
board at Hull , In. , stating that u case had
arisen in that town almost exactly like that
which is now agitating the minds of Ne
braska politicians , excepting that His not on
so largo a scale. Samuel Koxvons elected
totho office of school director , but after the
votes had been counted and ho had been de
clared duly elected , it was learned that ho
was not a cltl/cn , ho lutvlng been born in
Canada , nnd having neglected to take out his
second naturalization pupors. The nilvlco of
the attorney cenenil was nsUcd as to what
should bo done in the case. In reply Mr.
Stone quoted the law that provides that when
in any way there 1s n failure to elect an of-
tlccr. the present Incumbent shall hold over
until his successor shall bo appointed , lie
did not ex press an opinion , however , a * to
whether In iirnsoof tliatkinja new election
should bo hud ,
Call on D. J , Hutchlnson * Co. for choice
bargains In lots in U'llson Terrace , Special
ludueemcuta ( or tbo licit fo\v duys ,
ArrtBt of the Kissdls for Slcixllng Mrs.
Jewell's ' Costly Jewelry.
Story of tlio Crlmo In Detroit-Court
\O\MI Ilurliil til * nu I'nkiK.vvri '
BI.III Hi ; IH nu 01-
I'rcd nnd Georso ICIssell were ixrrcstod at a
Into hour 1'rid.iy nWit on un inforiiintioii
fharj-lnR them with hiving stolen a lot of
jewelry from Mrs. Jowell , wlfoof one oflho
proprietors of the ( Jruiul liotel. They \\ero \
taken atoni'o to the county Jail , xvnero they
are still In confinement , having been unable
to i-lvu bonds. 'Phc theft occurred a vcck
UKO hist Thursday , but it was Uent n pro
found secret , nottiliii ; having been known of
it hy any but those most closely interested ,
until thu arrest hud been made and the fel
lees who are siipmcd | to have committed
thocrinw had been safely landed behind the
On the afternoon of the robbery Mrs.
lewell left her rooiiH for a short tlmo. The
rooms are located in tno Hats In thowostcnd
of tbu building , one-half of which is occu
pied Uy Mr. Jewell and family and the oilier
by Mrs. CYusjIu , the other proprietor of the
place. Owing to the fact thut Mrs. Cru lii's
iiiirtments | were so eloio at hand , Mrs.
lewclt took no particular iireiMtitionsapainst
bnrijlara , UioncU she took the trouhlo to lock
the front door. When she retuniod she
found that her rooms liad been ransacked
mul her Jewel case robbed of its cjatt-nts .
Kntriuire luulevidcntly been elTected through
the liaclt door , audit wnUhoiiKht that some
one In ( lie house had connived at the en
trance unit let the lliluvm In.
A sister oflho KIssollsluiH been employed
in tbo hotel for sonio time pint , anil ntono
tlino hnd tlio full conlldcneo of her employer.
A few days no , however , she wascaimlit in
n somewhat iniestlonnblu transaction and
since that timosliohas heoti closely watched.
Showwlu thebullilliiRat the time tha rob
bery took plnra and \vas therefore suspected
of kno\vln something about it. She wmput
tliroii-h a severe pumiiliii ; process by the
elilof of police , in the woeess of which she
admitted she had been Implicated in it , nnd
tint the other parties totho conspiracy wore
Her two brothers , Fred and Gooi-no. Shond-
iniltod that UuriiiK Mrs. , ID well's absence she
hadlothor brothers into the hotel 'and that
they hml tnlwu the mliHliiK property. She
also said that the moil had threatened her
life in case she RHVO the thing away.
The stolen property is thought to bo worth
between ? .SUu and 51 , IKX ) and consists of two
vatchm , two pairs of bracelets , three gold
chains , a locket , a gold thimble , diamond
rings nnd nlso a lot of silvir articles. Do-
tectlve-i have been \vorliinn on tno case , but
a yet they have not succeeded in locatln K
any of the stolen articles.
Council niuCTM , Inwa.
The flncst display of fast black sateens ever
shown any vhoro Is to ho found attho Jioston
Store , Council IIUiiTs. The prices come
vlthintlie n'aeh of all. A. homtiful Ruaraii-
teed fast black sateen for I2'e ' ; a hotter for
lite ; u better still for S3e and IlOc , and a
beauty , llnest lionrletta linhb , nt X'.t : . The
lliuandUc. quulity is well worthy of special
notice , a line French sateen henriclta finish
at lllc. The latest in dross bliidiiii ; unit
fnciiiRis the bias velveteen , wears "much
lonnerand don't , destroy the shoes , to bo had
at t hellos ton Store , ( 'ouncil iiluffs , In.
Calanthe assonibly f-lvo their social U'od-
- ' I119Jl
" - . . . . - rt , . . . . , .il.l\.ll 1 , aij JV , . (
1'ythias hall for the bcnolltof the homo for
the Iricndlcss. .Admission 25 cents.
Snupart A.Co. carry largest stock of bulk
Held , garden nnd llower sccas in the west ,
Catalogue and samples bmall. .
A full corns of trimmer.1 * bcjriti work at the
Louis'Monday ' ; evening , March 10.
Spnnp season onciiaMarch 10 attho Louis' '
millinery house , Masonic block.
The Manhattan , sporting headquarters. U ,
The N'ew Paclllo is the most centrally
located hotel in Council BluHs.
District Cniirt Neivs.
In district court yesterday G , A. Henry
was on trial on the rhar o of making ma
licious threats against the life of Charles
Mitchell u conductor on the Milwaukee rend ,
The trial cccupioiltho entire day. ViceorJ-
Ing to the story to'd by Mitehell , IIe"iy
hoarded the train with a companion ntCoun-
cil Bluffs ono day iluriiiff last January and
wanted to ride.VhoaMitchcll approached
thu pair anduskcd thflm orthoirfare.IIetiry
paid without trouble , VuvTjw companion stiid
ho had no money and ho wanted
to ride free. Mitchell iiifonno d him
that , the IJihvaiikco was not run on these
principles , and that bo mint pay if bo roilc ,
At this juncture Henry appeared on the
scone and waving a revolver In the air in
dangerous pro.xlmit.v to the conductor's nose
told him to let his friend ride or ho would
blow hi in full of leait or full of holes , the
conductor could not tell whlcn. Hither was
bad rnoupb , however , and ho old not press
the matter , AtWeston ho telegraphed ahead
to Ncola for police. When tlio train reached
Neoia the police were there and Henry vos
taken In clmrpo. iio was put In the lockup ,
but as tno lockup at Keola is not a very
heavy affair ho sureceded In nuking his es
cape during thought , On the following day
hova recaptured and broupht to the Bluffs' ,
where ho has occupied a buuk hi the county
Jail ever since.
A. number of witnesses were put upon the
stand and corroborated the testimony
of Mitchell. At the hour of ad
journment the testimony had all been taken
In and the attorneys \vcro rcudv to make
their arguments. This part of the pro
gramme was postponed until Monday morn-
Inn on account of the lateness of the hour.
After this case is completed there is an
other trial In store for Henry , the charge in
the lattorcaso hoingassault with intent to
murder. It is stated that the attorneys for
the defence h.ive . nerved to iilead ( 'uilty in
the second case , provided the ilrst uroes
against them , M the second ca-o will in all
probability be decided the same as the lirst.
For sale , restaurant anil lixtui'es. For par-
ticuhirs inquire at : ) . ' > West I'ierco street ,
J.C. Blxby , steam luvuinsr , sinitarv en-
Blueer , 2CJ Morrlum block , Council Hums
Dr , T. II , Clcland , former pastor of the
I'rcsbyterlan church In this city , will deliver
hislecturo on "Travels Abroad , " Monday
evening' , .March II ) , at the I'rcsbyteilan
church. Admission S5 cents.
" \Vlll Trade for Farm. J. Q. Anderson will
trade for farm or aero property near Council
Hhilts , hli dwelling at Shutiiindoau , In. , ap-
prnised ntJT. OO. Call at the oftlco of the
Council IHufCi Insurance company for fur
ther particulars.
J. n. Atkins , western agent for IloPmv's '
plate-glass company , will plvo estimates on
plato delivery hi Iowa and Nebraska.
Tlio Unknown Pond.
The funeral of Andrew O'Hara tools place
from tlio undertaking establishment of
Messrs. I.unklcy t 1'ortcr yesterday inora-
liiL'plho remains being Interred in the Cath
olic cometcry. Who OMIarrn Is or whether
ho bas any friends Is unknown. The only
thhi ) ; that is known about him is that ho
camoto this city from Deadwood , Dak. On
his person after hU death \vas found one
article that it was thought mi flit prlmt > snid
in Identifying him. It was u pa per reading
an follows :
"IlKAiiwoon , Fob , 12. To who'ii it may
coucorni This is to certify that F. Cary has
worked for tno ou tlio grade ut Buld wouu-
livlu nndM n peed hand , but lias been sick
for some tlmo. I had station work there.
II. Md'iiii.UNY"
ThU pnpcr was HIP only thing that was
found on him that would show anything as
to his Identity.
The Clly ClcrU'K Ilrport ,
The city clerk haa completed his nttminl
report , giving a.iutniuarvof the amounts re
ceived and disbursed by him from thc'JOthof
last March to the 1st of the present month.
\Vhcn Mr. Stoplienson assumed the duties of
the oftlco there was JITO. ! * ! turned over to
Id in by the former clerk. The total receipts
of t be ofJlco for the little less than n jear have
bceiifl7''J'it.10which ) includes the Iticonio
from the superior court imvoll as from the
city business. Of thu amount ll i.llT.TS con
sisted of Judgments , which wcro thvrced in
superior court , anil a the money sattsfjlng ;
these Juilgiuontsvas paid out at once to the
parties who were entitled to it , It never en
tered the treasury , and properly forms no
part of the i-lty property. Tlio total ex ncnso
for the year wiii-tT,0.'U. > ( , i , leaving n balance
of SO.YM ; ) .
Ono peculiar feature of the report Is the
croat excess of the nveipli over ttuwo of the
last year , Aecordinit totho report of last
year's clerk , the receiptsweroonly | I3,11.VIS ,
or about n quarter of whit they have been
since Mr. Stepheiison's tern : commenced.
ThelnciTaso Is.supposed to bo c.uiscd partly
by the increase in the business which has
been done hy the superior court , and partly
by the Increase In the amounts of the flues
nnd liromes.
.Another Interesting thing Is the Jlg-.ires
slmwing the amountwhich has been paid out
to the cilv marshal. According to the report
ttuMimrshal has received In foes $ : , " ' - ( . - | In
addition to hisrepular salary. It only takes
a slight examination of tins report to .show
why there are always so li'iitiy who are will-
Inulo sncrllicotlieniielves for the good ol
their country when the olllco of city marshal
is about to become vacant ,
IN I'Ains.
Tlie Coming Salon mill the
Itii' Oiiiiilm'N Kcprescntntloii ,
Mr. .1. ( t. IlorRluin , n jirotcgo of lion.
Oeorco W. r-.lnliiKer , representing Omaha in
the artists' colony In Paris , has written his
patron a very Interesting letter about art in
the old and new vorld , which is here repro
duced :
I'ntis , Kob.0 ' , 1S01. Dear Mr. Llninger :
How nwfnl Is this flight of time. 1 can
scarcely believe that 1 have been hero six
months , u full half-year la the art center of
the world , and I am Just getting1 to work , It
seems , although 1 have covered a good deal
of canvas and paper , and been busy tlio en
tire time.
The winter has been gloomy , wet and gen
erally unpleasant.Vo both'lone so mueh
for spring mid freedom. It Is so dlniciilt to
live in I'nrisnad not do us the IVeiiclnnan
does , tied upas hols in the four walls of n
studio for months at n tlmo with apparent
I shall also bo glad when the salon Is over ,
and in some Wiiysbejzrudgo every moment 1
spend working for It. Nearly everybody ca
ters to the notions of its "Jury. " tie iibout
1'nns totho studios of the younger men and
you will bo surprised nt the luHuenco it has
on their subjects , their way of painting and
oven their ideas , \Vo will never have an
American art until American studems can
live at home , and that vill not be until their
pictures will bo bought as readily out of an
American gallorvns they now are from the
over-estimated French salon by their own
homo patrons.
It Is high time American collectors bo nti
toshowu little of tlieir real American feel
ings in patronizing Americans at home. Ttiis
would uo more toward the establishing ol an
American school than anything elio. There
is little doubt that wo would huvo one of the
most vigorous and interesting schools of art
when ouco left to our resources losolvc our
selves in our own way. Time would jirovo ,
as it has in landscapes , that the Americans
can bo the best. Our best artists abroad
show a decided tendency to follow the best
old and modem masters , such aa Vuln&qucs ,
Kcgnnult , Kembramlt , Lo Page , etc. Sueh n
lor which these masters are noted. Should
this continue it would lead our nation to a
position In art that would bo the envy of the
world. ' It is not Improbable- that a country
so young and vigorous in every other pursuit
should show the > > ame feeling In art.
Good times arc certainly coming. I read in
tbo American papers that T m > , ( ) < M ) Is to bo ap
propriated for the art building at tbo world's
lair , to bo located on tbo lalio front and to bo
Verinnncnt , and ihis sum will undoubtedly
bo added to , What n Iltio beginning , and
right in the heart of the country , tool vVnut
an excellent plnco for a future American
salon ! I cannot help thinking how fortunate
it was for the "s'.ates" that tlio great exposi
tion was located west of Now York ; for
while It could not give New York much that
it has not , it will carry refinement and ciil-
turo westward and by Us nucleus of marvels
form an appropriate center around which wo
can all , with equal advantage , gat tier , T-ct
m hope that this will bo thu birth of art in
America ; that it will appeal to the hearts of
overv American , young or old , and stir the
mind to its utmost in the production of sonv
work of art for this opportunity of shoiViiM
not only to our own but to sister tuitions that
our day has dawned , and gloriously.
Woaro a young im on unit everything Is
new , wo have plenty of subject imitterMrith-
out Having to avoid what has in other coun
tries become huclmoycd.
Howl must tell you of n conversation 1
had with Mr , Dinting , tlio great Norwegian
sculptor , who is by no means a man of old or
convi'Titloiinl iileus. as his work snows and as
you may guess when you know that ho is
an ofllcer of the Legion of Honor , and at the
Paris cxno tion received the urand gold
medal. Ilowas showing me his work for
this year's salon entitled , "Two lieings. "
whcn'lio remarKCd that "it was lard to avoid
the conventional , for every subject sccmedto
bo exhausted ; mythology is now thread bare ,
nun lltllo else is doiioexeept portraits. "
fortunately this death of subjects will not
bo our trouble.
In reference to what I liavo written about
the future of American art , it all depends , or
at any rate largely , on the action picture
buyers tako.
Students arc as plentiful over here as alliance -
lianco men In Nebraska , and you might tlnd
vour.'elf saying : "M'hen those young fel
lows succeed wo will have art In our own
country , too , as well Knotn little butter because -
cause It is American , " but wo forget that
they will not succeed , not moro than one In
every thousand willgot a national reputa
tion , not moro than one in twenty-five will
follow art , that Is not moro than forty out of
a thousand , I donot think more , but am sim
ply guessing by what 1 have seen , to speak
moderately , say lifted ! t alto up illustrating ,
tlioy will rotutn homo , ( or this beautiful
branch of art has reached a higher
point in America , Another ton will becoaio
sculptors , not raoro than two of these , how
ever , will return homo , . for Americans will
not support them whllo there. Thorcmain-
inir lifteeiuvo will call jihlntcrs. Some of
them may even become artists. If they wish
to succeed at home they must iiamt port-alts
or take up some specialty , but In bulk they
remain abroad , sign tlieir pictures "Paris , "
"Munich" or "Koine , " the glory of which
goes to 1'orelgii nations , nud .America loses
her nrtlsts , , all reputation for art , and her
money actually to support nrt clsowliore. '
The only remedy for this Is for .American
purchasers to huy in A uierica and holdout
inducements for artists totemnln home.
It has lieen necessary for mo to give up the
painting of the subject I had intended for the
salon on account of the expense of models.
It is Impossible to got ngood model for less
than is francs a week , or nearly fin , but If 1
get U with what I have 1 will not make a bad
showing. A great cliango has been nindo In
the salon this year. Tlio pictures have boon
cut down to only 1,300 , and with thoexistlng
rules there ca"n bo but little chance for for
.My wifols painting a dog from life , ns she
has taken up thn study of animals , which is
qultoim undertaking , butslio isgettlnu along
well She Is more than delighted with tbo
medal forstlll-life , nud would huvo written
you a personal loiter at first , thanking you
for exhibiting your pictures , but waited for
mo to wrlui this letter , which I have tried to
do over since 1 received the newspaper clip
pings and the medal. In fact I commenced
this letter two wcoto ago , but I am working
day and night , many days do not leave the
house for days at a time.
Bl have received a very llattorlng letter from
Mr. Stanford acknowledging the receipt of
the picture , and how well ho liUcdtiu * pose
and the subject ! liuttho money hut not yet
arrived. Ilopoto HCO you early In thaispring ,
hot mo linow when to oxiioct you. My wife
encloses n few lines , \\ltti \ lilnd regards to
you and your family , yours truly ,
J. 0 ,
Cluno < il' the A hi ii ton Tnurnnniriit
nml SrUt.Miivttt "I * HiiuotH.
The anintnirilx-d.ty ! ! blcyc'oraco ' catno to
n dene lint ovciiltitr.lho nltond.inco iK'uiKfaU"
Thu races wow ummiallv eloso nnd Interest-
hip. I'luschor , thji winner of the tlrst prize ,
a handsome diamond incilal , eitahlhhos the
liiili'piitnblo fact fti.iUhols onoof tin ) oonihiK
amateur ndors of tin' eoinitrv , for during tlio
week lie rode ngutmt some very speedy mon
and never Instance , IClcven strniijlit rui'es
Is an en viable rocQia'for ' any man.
1'lxloy , llio wlnuonof the second ( irl/.e , has
nothing tube luhritiiiM of. Ilomiulon plucky
IlKhl and went downline tlio I'utiiberluiiil ( of
navnl history ) , with colors Jlylntr.
Mcnrs.tho wlimor of tbu third , inmlo a
RocMshuwltiKiWinnlni ; nhio v.uvs . and hnltiR
two. Helms n "builod" crank , however , to
thank for his vletoiy , as in his lunt race
with \VcrU ttio hitter's \vhcd went
hack on him.Vorl7. \ won fouilli , anil Gross ,
who also made a nmo light throughout the
\veck , 11 fih. I-'ollo\vliiK Httie result ol the
unlit : 1'ixlov heat 1 lolton , lli.Vt ; Fluscher
bent Unw , ( > : IW ; Seaivli bunt Munterfwlntf ,
Ii : Id ! Potter . Oiboriic , 5W : : Schnellbent
U'alker , 0t8 : : ; Moars beat Wertz , 11:51 : ;
Kloschor bent I'lxluv , tl-JS : ; tiross beat
Muiili-rferliifj , ll-Uj : ) Stsureh beat l'otterTM : ( ;
Srbnell beat Osborne , Tali.
Mcsehcr nvi'lve.1 a < UH ) diamond medal.
I'Uloy nf.'iO nold watch\loaisa $ iCiiliaiiiond
ring , Weila wr > silver \valch and Gross a
$10 umbrella.
1'lm SOH-O for thou-eek Is as follows :
lllilei-5. \Vnii imt | liiiti'M. Umil.ost
lI , I"y m | | ft'iini'll ' 4 7
Meats 8 s I I'm tor il H
Miliilurfi'iliiK ' .4 7ValKer | t IO
} \r' \ ' * * "i 4 I SiMiri-li 4 7
t'sliiirtie 4 7 I Iliiltiin 0 II
Mt-'sehor II o | \\erty \ ti U
Tlu y Will I'l.iy .
l'ho members of tlio Young Men's Chris
tian association club mot nt the association
rooms last night to outline- the plans for the
coming season. It wnsdecided blouse-and
ilt up thogrotiniis at Twenty-third and Ilnr-
noy streets , erect a building suitable for
baths and dressln rooms , The grounds will
be enclosed by a high board fence and will
contain nvo courts , one of which will bo ex
clusively for the use of llio Indies. It was de
cided to reject tlio proposition to join the
state league. The present membershi p of the
tennis association is thirty , and It Is proposed
to dou bio this before the season opens.
llogert Ithodes of Avoi-.i , la. , and J. 11. Kr-
hart of Council UlulTs lought aiiluo round
mill at Lalco Mamiwu hut night. Khodcs was
awarded the light at the end of the ninth
Secure * ! Atiiilli < > r Flyer.
Nat Drown of Omaha has purchased the
well known seven-year-old stallion lunis
Kntuus. The horde has a record ofM : , 'L'he
price- paid waslo,000. ,
Shot llpvord llroken.
HANOMJU , N. II. , March. H , Attho Dart-
moutli Athletic association meeting today
G ny George of Mcrldon put the shot thirty-
six feet eleven and one-half Inches , breaking
the record , vhich sUiod at tlilrty-slx feet.
A Ilhiir Tliiit llti < Trai Inil.
fc'iot-.x CITY , la. , March 14. ISpoelal Tele-
grain to Tin : Bur. ] The Sioux City Base
Ball association thisevenlngemphatically refused -
fused to sub ml t to the throats ot the Ameri
can association. Van Dyke and Khobock will
not bo released , in ) matter If the American
does boycott the Western association.
Fllzslmiiinns 1'nstHa K > tT < - it.
Ciiu KIOlixrcli 14.-C'corgo ! U. 01 ark ,
baclterof Bob Pitzsiiinnons , has deposited '
with City Kditor 11 illurd of the Intor-Oeean
n check for S'iOJ : to post us n forfeit for
ITitzsiimnonsto bind him in a tlnlsli contest
with .Ili'i Hall , the lattor's ' reprcscntativo
to cover this with a like amount.
Cliirk ii > s the San Xntoulnartiutio"
club has ofU'rcd ' ipujsJT / ixM tot 1 1 nil
and l'lUalinuioiist , ti nutltig for FiUsim-
J nj o. < H'HU ' _ aoLs | thoolTer. The only
stipulation ho makes Is thai Hall and Ifiu-
Simmons shall incut under the same condi
tions \vhlch tvoruotitnlnod In the IDcmpsey-
l'M/siinnion' > contest at New Orleans.
Conference With 'JYainneii-Go ! slj > of
Assistant General Manager Holcomh 10-
tum.Ml from Denver last , night and will hold
a consultation with a committee of conduc
tors and brakemen from thol'ucillc division
of the Union Pavillu.
The following gentlemen constitute the
oommitteo : K J , Palmer , Spokane Falls ;
1. O , Thomas , Portland ; Frank Tracey ,
The DallesV. ; . II , Crosby. Porlland ; , f. A.
Mi-Atoll. I afirande ; 0. L , , Jeffries , Spokane
Tails ; W. H. Gcndcning , l ortliuidU. ; M.
Dunlup , L. M. Turpinatid ( icortio ( jwensley ,
'I'opoha ; C. I ) . Downer , Walla Walla ; lL
CoyUendall , La ( Irando. The committee have
110 particular grievance , mil will seek to ad
just several mutters about which there Is
s mo slight misunderstanding.
* " ( icnoral Manager Clark has gone to New
York , afconipanlcd bvTrallle Manager Mel-
len , tocoiisult with Jay < ! ould on matters
pertaining to the Union Pacific road.
Commencing- tomorrow the mon at the
Union Pacific shops \\ill \ work until I ) p. in.
live nays in the week , They will work Illty-
Uvo hours each \vcekas at present , but will
huvo n half holiday on Saturday Instead of a
Quarter day ,
A mcotinir to orpanlw a barbers' union will
bo held at ( irecn's ' hall Tuesday night ,
Ono minor permit for 100 was issued by
the superinteiiUcnt of buildings yestcnlay ,
Unity church-Hov. J ' , . IS1. Maim will
preach in the morning , Subject : "Concern-
lug 1'robatton. "
Mailm Walsh , a clerk In the Union Pa-
clllc froiuht olllee , died nt St. Joseph's hos
pital Friday night. The funeral \\lll \ UKe
ulaco from Ilcnfey & llcafoy'i this after
Bishop Newman will pleach ntSeward
street Methodist church this niorniiii ; . This
ovenlni ? Mrs. M , 1C. Itoberts of Lincoln will
incnk at the sutne place on the work of the
Woman's IlomoMisslonary society.
Pranit Hylund , a grocer In Ilenson place ,
died suddenly at an early hour yesterday
morning , and the coroner wns notified. I
was reported that the deceased had made a
late call to seu a physician regarding his
daughter , who was sick , and being some
what fatigued had been given adosoof some
kind to bruce him up. U'hls was alleged to
have been but a fowl hours before his death.
Tiio coroner ordered the remains taken to
Ilcafcy A Heafejy where nn autopsy was
held last evening : ' Nothlmr suspicious was
discovered , although the brain anil stomach
were preserved and turned over tothocor-
Tlio deceasea leuyes a wife and.two chil
A New < 'lnl > .
The Commercial rlub , most of thomomhors
of which am Elks , will hereafter bo asopnrato
organization , but will coutiimo tousotho
Hik's club rooms fora tinn ut least. Arti
cles ot incorporation have been Hied with the
followIiiKeciitliMuevns incornorutors : CJoorgo
T , Mills , \V. \ F. IfecK'l , C. 1C. Collins , Fran
cis Dana , II. I , , llueil , Ci. Kiim Uogers , O , S.
1'otter and P. I1. tJridloy ,
host IliH Ititll ,
A man named Hilaids untered a laundry
nl Twenty-sixtn anil N streets , South Omaha ,
nst night , llolaid a pocketbook containing
fl'.iO lit cash , besides notes ami valuable
pa | : < 'is , on the counter and went away with
out H. OnroturiiinKthopocKi'tbooKlmdvan- '
lihol , anduven a search iv a fullea to
dlscloso lUwhcreatiouts.
H'i ! ? lf ,
The meeting of the Douglas County Horti
cultural society at room ID , M'aro block , last
evening , was not largely attended , and an
adjournment wm tnlion until next Saturday
uvinlutr , whonim effort will bo made to re
vive ttio organl/atlim nnd arrange tot regular
nu etlngsln the future.
Thn sale of HID collection of Itraytonlvus
was concluded yesterday nf tornooii In Now
Vork , 'llio umouiit of the day'ssaluwas
f -iT\M nnd the Kfand total for the entire col-
Icctlou of curios Is jlOO/JltJ ,
Qotwa imtl Us Iiitorostltig Attractions to
1 low tlio TIIWII
cr > lni ; Oiiinlta Oh-l I'lio I 'our
llniulii'd tli Aiinlvt-rHiivy of
, Italy , February 22.-fSpoc'lalCor-
ro < | ioiideneo of TniHiij ! : liiwrltlng of this
busy Italian seaport , It I * a question to my
mind whli'h of the t\vo men , Columbus or
Mark Twain , has made ( Union famous.Vho \
cares especially If the great discoverer was
born hew or elsewhere ! It Is enough for us
thai he wns born nt all , and that wo .Amorl-
nans might not have been discovered hnd ho
notcomoIn tlio nick oftlmon'ul ' brought us
to Unlit. Vet , today , no ambitious sightseer
would so fnr forgot hlnisilf in to leave
tii'imn out of his travels. Why is this sol
Is It a city rich In art amle/alli'i'losf / Xo !
Are there catheiirals to enchant the rye of
the architect who Is soolcini ; for the pure in
gothle or the Krncefnl arches of the twelfth
nnd fourteenth centuries * Nol Are there
museiiins in which nro tn-asiirod the spoils ot
war and sinful No ! Tlion , I ink , what in
It that induces 0110 to ronuln ever In the
city I Tlio answer Is hero : In ttio statue of
Coinmbus which our countryman and humor
ist has rendered famous In his widely road
Tlio monument appeals singularly to our
sense of the humorous. Ills impossible to
look upon itwltiiout recalling tholauKhnulo
experience -which Mnrn Twain had with the
vivacious guide. Wo forgot to study Iti
merits ni a worlt of art , Wo roniomher on ly
thoditllculty of the dcsnnlrlnic cleerouo to
m.ike . his patty of Innocents understand who
"Cllristoforo Colombo" was.
llio monument Is made of Carrara nlarblo
and is Imposing. 'L'he explon-r Isi shown
standing , with ono hniut leaning unon tin
anchor , tlio other wised above the head of a
femaletlRuro Americ.ibendingat his feet.
At the bnso ure four allegorical figures , rap-
resunthiR Ceogrnphy , Strength , Kellgion
and Wlsuom. and a series of has reliefs of
scenes from his llio. The whole Is the com
bined oHortof several of the most eminent
Cicnocso sculptors.
It is proposed to hold here , next year , an
exposition , with the co-npcratloii ot the
United States , nt which titno all the manu
scripts and memoirs , preserved of Columbus ,
will b given much prominence. Kuchan ex
position would glvo new life to trade , und im
prove the linaiicinl conditions of the people ,
who here , ns elsewhere In Italy.stand In need
of money. The Italians today are undeniably
poor.Viillo \ they are as industrious m their
neighbors , taxation for the extensive army
which the triple alliance compels them to
keep , impoverished Uiom. Crispi's fall and
tliu Muninis di Kudnl's ' new regime , mav
bring about a now order ot things. lot us
hope this may be so , for the kind nature of
the Italian deserves a lighter load than ho
bill been carryint-durlnKCrhpi'sadminlstra-
The exposition to commemorate the four
hundredth anniversary of the discovery of
.America i > y the ( lenoveso , is in the hands of
the MarquisDorio.onoof thoinoit prominent
men here , but hnand the various committees
have many serious obstacles to overcome.
Foremost among these , Is thu question of a
bite , iionou , as everyone who Iris visit -d
this city Know * , Is hemmed in on tlircu sides
by mountains und in front by the sea. Tlio
streets areso.vorv narrow , and the bulldlg ! ! <
"liigh and compact. AVlthin the city limits
there is no vacant ground to be devoted to ex
position purposes. The only available space
is outside the walls on the road to Campo
Santo , where about twenty acres or mow
could bo utilized , Butheroagain a new dif-
tlcultypresents Itself. The ground as ills
now lies low , and to 1111 it und put it in condi
tion to hold the building , would
retuiro ) more funds than the CJen-
ovoso would bo llkiily to appropriate
for this purpose. In any event , the manage
ment who have the mutter in charge , are
confident of an exposition , whether it be
great or small , and are now busy with plans
and specifications.
A new opera has boon ordered composed
for the occasionbearing thutltlo , "Colombo , "
the words of which are being composed by
Huron Franetiottt , and Verdi's now opera
of ' 'Falstatl" will also bo heard then for the
lirst time , Ttiis new departure into the
coniie realm by the great composer , will bo
anticipated by all lovers of opera with much
eagerness. Verdi tells us Unit he has long
desired to write a co'nlc opera , and this , his
lirst venture , has afforded him great pleasure
and amusement.
We are living in what wns once an old
inontMtorydatini ; from thu eleventh century.
The building , which Is of stone and dark
with ago , faces the .Mediterranean , but the
entrance Is from ono of these narrow vias ,
characteristic ot the city. Above the main
door is thopapnl crown uphold by two angels
In white marble. Uroad marble steps lead
one into along , vaulteil corridor , n.ived In
alternated blocks of white and black nmrblu.
At the extreme end of this isalreico of a
soft Italian landscape , andabove , in n lunette
of what was formerly thochaH , is a paint
ing none on slate , so dark in tones as to bo
scarcely discornable.
Tlio tiny cells have been converted into
larger rooms ; the grated windows h ; e given
plucoto those of moro modern construction :
the vellectory is now a dining-room for Jehu
Hull and Hrother Jonathan , Thus docs time
change nil things. The niouasitcrv is now an
hotel , and eaten to the material , and not the
spiritual wants of man.
Genoa is essentially a commercial city , with
Its busy trnfllo uy sea. Ships' from
nil parts of the world como here , laden with
the products of their country. The streets
present an activity no where" else to bo mot
within Italy. The people nro contented mid
prosperous , and one encounters but few beg
gars , 13ven the poorer olussos have soldi siif-
llcicnt to treat themselves to fried lisa and
polenta , a kind of mush made of a golden
irrain resembling our uornmual , Around the
docks nro many small open air kitchens ,
whore tiny white bait and sardines are smok-
Injr In thoolivooil. These places nro much
frequented by sailors nud llshor-follr , and
while the s'jrvlng Is priinatlve , the cooking is
equal to that of Hliiiion or Deliiionico. I
speak from neisonal experience. 1 have
lound thoculsino excellent , Ono is always
sure of eating fresh oil here , which Is pure.
The greater part of that shipped to America
conies from this point and southern Franco.
Along tlio Mediterranean coast , from Nk-o
to ( lenoa , extensive oil vo groves are every
where lo bo socn. It Is not considered neces
sary to adulterate oil hero , for the homi mar
ket , but that which Is sent to foreign parts is
adulterated before shipment.
Tlio women of Genoa have long been known
for their beauty of face and ilguro , but , tomy
liiiud , the Venltieniio is much moro lovnlv
and graceful. Tlio dark eyes nnd hair and
riehollvecomploxions show toadvantiigebe
neath the soft folds of black lace mantilla
worn upon the head , This dainty headdress
is both pirr\iresiuoand | becoming , nnd wo'ild '
render a plainer face attractive. Vet 1 fail
to tlnd that beauty which forced Mark Twain
and Jack to hesitate about continuing tlieir
travels on account of the great number of
handsome women to bo seen here. Beauty ,
In Its simplest form , natural nnd unconven
tional , Iti found on the KUI to nnd thu sunny
riva. Nirni\V. : Coi.i.ixs.
llcrlin Du'y ( 'oiiniilH-luiicd.
R H. lletliii. yesterday received his coin-
mlsbloii us a inomtKTof the Missouri river
commission , mid fccli proud of the fact that
it boars the name of 1'resldent Harrison and
Secretary of Htato James U. lllaine ,
Hound to lluMMlm IJrli'k
I'aii.AiiKi.i'iiiA , March 11. ( icorpo C ! . Mi-r-
rlckof Denver today ng.iln iirosentcd his
now fiimous hilvcr brick to Siipciinteiident
Hosbyshi'll of the mint for roinago. This
Koconil presentation was made necessary l > y
theduathof Secretary Wlndoin , wi dcclilfil
by the iiltorinty general , who suld that the
suit tiuibt again bo Hied and llio sumo course
followed as before.-
To Aid Dfiiutli .Sum m.
Ciin-Afio , March 14. Momners of thungrl-
culiuralpivss who nre trying to ralso innimy
to scud H'ed train to tno drouth MiiToms of
Dakota , N'ohraika mid Knit MI held annther
mcollngtodny Vlco I'rcsident Uaifo of llio
l-'irst National bank was appointed treasurer
oflho fluid nnd a loin ? list of pronillient oltl-
siens was nominated to net as a eoinutltleo to
dovlso pl.ins for raising llio money. .Amonit
thoeoniuilttocinonare I1 , O. Armour , l-'ranh-
lln MncVoiiKlt , .lud o ( Iresliam , John U.
Wiiish nmlVllilaui I'enn Nixon.
Unit nil' will ) a Mat oil.
Two tramps oiitcwd the Horsnbahery on
Sixtronlh street l.iU night ami eulloil for a
pi ftVheu llio foreman , .loo ItillliiKM , who
was In charge of the stion , went after llio plo
ono of the trumps nibbed nilllugs' Kohl
watch nud both ran ,
( H'l'ltNI.H
Morj-iiu DIIONII'I. Want
t ' 1C Ih lllcH 'I'll Ul'll til lOlll'IMU'i
Oiitr.uio , March Coiniulssioni > r of In
dian j iInlM Morg.ui arrlvi'd bore from
'nshitigton today. Ho In Mrcnunusty op-
poicd tothe plan of Ituff.ilo lllll. who has the
consontof SiwMary N'oblc , to talto tin ) hot-
tilcSioiix now In c'ltitlnciiH'iit al Port Shorl-
dan nnd other Imhant to P.uropo wllh his
WlilVcst show. 'I'lils aflvrnneii Morgan
hold n consultation with Dr. Kadman , the
Sioux , in rcirard to tinmatter. . "I lu-ver was
itifavurof taking Indians fiom llm reserva
tion , " .sitiil Morgan , "and I sill ! retain Unit
idea. Of course I must be iiildi-d ; by th'j do-
cWon of my .siin | < riiir . The r.ltuulion
in the northwest is somewhat peculiar ,
but 1 don't ' nntlclputo IIM.V tiimblo.
\Vhnt llltlo dlssutisfiu'tion i-xIsU- fulln-rod
only by n very few. My reason for believ
ing tliat they will r.mso nn trouble this
spring , " he said , in nxphmalloii of tils belief
that pence will reign. "Is bec.msotlio Indlnn
agents , nuting undi-r special lustricllims tome
mo every means to learn the true condition
of things report wllboul OMvptlim thut not
t tie slightest sign of nn uprising Is discerni
ble. There Is , His true , a dissatisfaction
prevailing among the redskins , but it Is tlio
kind of dissatisfaction Hint bodes good. It Is
the dissatisfaction of those who desire to im
prove their lot cby peaceable tiicins. Tney
want lands for farming and some assistance
In getting the lands in wnrldmr order. You
sec , they areso near the whites they eo how
mtieti innn ; comfortably they live , nnd the
Indiana want to do likewise. " Tlio commis
sion lias ( 'reat faith in the education of the
Indians ,
I'llrincr llriitillv ; Ironli'd.
IVVNMS Cirv , Alo. , Mnrrh M.David
Handy , a farmer living with his sons near
I'ipor , sixteen miles northwest of tills city ,
came before the county nttornev at U'yiin-
dottc. Kan. , last night and said that on
Thursday night S. S. Darker , T. Cusliimin ,
H. Overtoil nnd T. , i. Swallow , all prominent
farmers of that vicinity , came to his houso.
chopped open the door , sei/ed himself ami
sons , bollint them to a fence in tlieir night
clothes and then wrecked thn ho'isn ' ami de
stroyed the furniture. They left Handy nnd
his oldest son tied to a fence , notwithstand
ing the night was bitter cold , and , tailing thn
youngest boy , made him walk barefooted in
the snow half a mile , when fiey set him free.
l'ho boy returned homo and released his
father nnd brother. The men named by
Handy have boon arrested. Tbo outrage
Brow out of litigation between Handy and
Cash man.
\\III Not Coin I HIM * Opposition.
no.-TOX , Mass. , March H.-TheOlobesavs :
"Dr. Fox , the only member of the anti-1'nr-
nellito party now bore , after repeated confer
ences with prominent mon , has determined to
address no meeting' * In furlhciMiiro of the
anti-L'aniellilo party in this eountrv , and It
is possible that on consultation with mon
who have been always recognixcd as leaders
on this side the i'arnellltes on their arrival
may be induced to adopt a similar course.1
HHIeveil to Have Hern .Mnnlrrcil.
ATMNTKCrrv , X. J. , .March 14. A mid
dle-a ed inaldun lady iiatniul Laur.i Pur-
: ; cll , ' , vlio has been living in a cottage on
South Connecticut avenue wltti a small child
for some time , \ found dead in the house
today , navim ; undoubtedly been murdered.
Neighbors know little of her connection ! ) .
She came hero from Washington , and this
child's name is Auburn ICilcn.
One-third of the 7ft ) students at the uni
versity of Leipslcaro Americans.
Louisiana Is the only state which has lost
In school population within tbo past ten years.
A third professor of Latin for Vale is re-
( ( Uirile. The chances are that I'rof. Morris
of Williams college will receive tliu call.
The great Baptist university of Chicago ,
winch is to open in 1MU , will have an endow
ment of $10,000,000 , ana will be a model in
Kitwin ConuntofVorcestor. . Mass. , Icftnn
estate valued at ! ( MOU ) , ( ) . Harvard college Is
made residuary legatee , anil it is estimated
will receive about $ HJ,000 ) , which is to bo put
into a now building to bear the testator's
Tuo executive committee of tno trustees of
Cornell university nas completed the lormit-
tion of the stall ( or thu new Susan Ulna Sago
school of philosophy. The new school will
begin Instruction on tbo tirst day of the next
academic year. Ttio trustees and the dean
expect to make this ono of the most import
ant departments in tlio university and the
most complete of its kind In America.
Hrother Aznrias lectured in the school of
' iiRdngnrgy of the university of New Vork on
I February 'Jl on tbo different methods ot
teaching \\bich were in use from 15M to K'ol.
The correspondent of the JJaltimoro Sun.
commenting upon this fact , said : "This Is a
signal honor , as he H the lirst Catholic pro
fessor who bus boon invited as such to lec
ture within the granite walls of the Imposing
structure facing Washington square. "
The Aincricnu academy of political and
social science now has over sixtcon hundred
members scattered through everv state in
the union and in nil tbo leading foreign
countries. The academy will shortly issue a
translation of I'rof. Moil/en's irreat'work on
statistics. At an early ihito will also bo
Issued a translation of tno text of the Mexi
can constitution , by I'rof. Moses of the Uni
versity of California ; of the constitution of
Franco , by I'rof. Cohu of Harvard univers
ity ; of that of Belgium , by Francis H. Luo
of Trenton , and that of Prussia.
To aid the colored people in entering more
\viucly tlio various pursuits ol the day the
Tuskegeo normal and industrial institute at
Tuskegoe , Ala. , will in soon as posslbln add
to its regular course of instruction n number
of post-graduate studies. These will Include
for young men plane sumn-ing , civil engin
eering and such other instruction in archi
tecture as will lead to a tasteful and econom
ical use of materials : for yfmng women ,
short-hand , typewriting and trumt'iliiur.ilng.
Positions can be furnished such students as
rapidly as they are llt'ed for them.
Since Horace Havis resigned the presi
dency of the California state university at
lierlielcysninomonths ago , thu institution
has been \\lttioiit a president. I'rof. Kellogg
has been the noting president , and as he is
thnuglit liy many to bo a suitable nun forthe
IM-IMIIUII it is very probable that ho will bo
doi'liM by llio hiiard of regents 1.0011 , though
as vet no detlnlto acti.m has been t alien.
Several eastern professors and university
ai ul col I cue ulllrprs have been suggested for
the iiDsiiiiiii , bu1 the IVRCIIti > seem tu tl.iul ;
thut it should go to a California man. The
salary is iii ) ) a mouth , and a good residence
at IlcrUchj is aUo provided.
S. ( ' , . .lovco Is in New Vork City this week.
Tliu New O don Hotel , m Council UluH'4 ,
iifKiivniiiiilotHil refuriiisiio'.l an mo.l'a-
ihrnuuliuut , and is no\v on t < i'th ( bjst
holds in tfif Hlntu. It is lucat'jj ' in the Im ii-
uustp.irtot t incltyaii Ith > oluatne miton
liis : < thndoorevory I'our minutes. Fire m-
oapcs and tin' nlarnis throu ja nit th > h ill l-
iiij ; beat , hot und < 'nlil v.Uor nail
HiinshiiiHia MVIT.V num. Ta'ilu uniurn .su.l
aiiywh . ! . Itiitos'i.00.i , iliy ,
GEO. \VHITN13Y , MamiRor.
or Council Bluffs.
CAPITAL STOCK . 3150,000 ,
IIIIIKriw - ! A. Mlllur , ! ' I ) Olinsn i , II. lt
HlMijurl.i : . K.ll.irl.J 1) Kdniuudsmi , I'lurlui
C. lliuniii ; ; Tr.iiisiL't k'l' bunking hum.
nt'ii : i.Miiiiil | ; und iurplm o ( any
liiinl. In Si > iiUiwu-turii low. i.
Cabin Passage , Hallway Turcs , Hot D !
ECS , Guiilos , Kta , Prepaid nud Ouarantcotl
'iho Hot * ' * Mntohh'MH onVr to Hi
IIHlllfN 1 M' KllllNIM > llll > | -N Id llH
Hiiliilny nnd AVci-hly
KdllloiiH ,
Arrrr.gotiicitft ! have ivr > n offodM by th
pnhlU'iers of Tin : IIin which cnabliiis to
niilo ; a novel and nttrai'tlvo offiM' to partlc.1
\\lio aw dtspiuud to devote their tim > and
crgy toward proeiiruiKiioxv Riib < crihers for
Tin : OniuVr.iiir : llii : : or Tin : Si NDAT
HIT. between tills ilato and the loth day of
Juno uo'.t.
This ofiVrwlll hj open only to parties so-
llcltlng sulxcrlbors In Nebraska , Iowa. South
D.ikot.i and ICunms.
A iword will ho kept of all sub
scriptions lowardeil , nml the \vnrds will bo
initilu v.'l'iinul . ' piirtlnlity.
To the pel run that will secure llio largest
number of Biiiiscrlbprs lor TinOMAIU
WI.CKI.I BI.K rr Tin : KI-.MIAX llr.t : .
.lunn ID , ls'.l , will bo given rur.i : . A
imi-NII Tllll1 KI-'KII'KAN' Tlll'll Til M I' . 'lllll
ticket wll ! liii'ludo llr.l-clais pissat'e from
Now York in Kurnpo and ivlurn. This In-
eludes also nil traveling , hold and sight seeIng -
Ing expense * . Tliu trip will nu made , uth an
excursion | nrty gotttMi up uy Mrs. M 1) ) .
Kra/.lerof lloHton , and will lie In i-hnrgi ) of
competent guides. Tlio traveler bus nn euros
wlmti'u-r. Thiunur covers all llio nriiii-lpal
countries of ICnropeKnglaml , ( ierumny ,
Switzerland , l raiR-e , Hclgiuin , Italy and tluilr
principal dill's. Including Lomluii. Paris ,
llrussels , Ilerlin , Konto , Florenceeuice ,
Milan , licnoa , eta
sr.VKNTi-iiincK DAVsornuiiT-srrivo.
Tlio party starts from Now York .lime 29
nnd returns to Hint city by September 11 ,
Taken by tiny Individual alone , this KII.J
ropcan trip would nivolvo an outlay of nH
least # rK ( ) . 1
For the second largest list of subscribers
wo oiler a free ticket from Omaha to Han
I'Vaiu'lsco and Los Aiiirclos and return.
Magnificent mountain sconurv. tlio beautiful
( iiildi'ii litile , thu land of sunshine , fruits ami
( lowers. "Who has not seen California will
not die happy. " Travel in nn educator , anil
to properly appreciate the vastness of our
great country ono must see Its best features.
For the third largest list of sutHcribers to
llioVFIKU : or .SUNDAY HII : : woolTcra ticket
from Omaha to Quebec and return. What
could bo grander than a trip down the boau-
tlful St. 1-uiwroncu in mlil-suiinnerl To con
template the beauty of Thousand Isles is de
lightful. How much moro delightful to visit
them when In verdure rind.
And all this iiloasuro for Obtaining sub
scribers to the WKKKI.V and Srvtuv HKK.
Forthe fourtti largest listof subs , riber.s wo
offer a free ticket from Omaha to New Vork ,
I'hiladelphhi. Washington ami return.
There are no points on tins continent
greater general Interest than these thr
cities. An American citizen has not com-
pli.ted his education until ho tins seen tlio
-cat of government. The persons and points
ol interest in Washington are inmimerablo
and tn the intelligent observer a visit there Is
full of interest. Now Vork and Philadelphia
as the cottiuic-rclnl and tlnuneliil centers of tbo
country arc always Interesting.
All this sight seeing anil traveling given
away for obtaining subscribers to thu
WIIKI.V : : or Si MHV Dm : .
Korthe Illth largest list of sub crlhers wo
offer a free ticket from Omaha to Nlapira
Falls and return. ICver slneo your childish
wonder was aroused by the description in the
old school renders of these wonderful falls you
have desired to scu them. Hero is the op
portunity. A most delightful exclusion aud
ono without expense , given for securing sub
scribers tothoVIII.KV : orSi'Nim lli.i ; .
For the sixth largest list , ol subscribers wo
offer a free ticket from Oin.iha to Salt Lake
City and return. . The famous Mormon city
is hist becoming a Gentile city , and will in
time loMf much of interest. Now , this sum
mer woulil ho a good time to visit the boom
ing city. Uarllold Beach is of course ln
eluded ni the trip. Ttiis summer resort oa
the ! ako is n delightful place to pass a few of
the hot MininuT days. Why not secure a
number of subscribers for the \\I.IM.Y : or
Si'Ninv Uii : : and talio the trip.
For the seventh largest list of subscribers
we oiler a Iree tiekctto Denver and Miinltou
and return. Whllo n shorter trip tlrm any of
the ottiors it combines many pleasant fea
tures , Denver-tho queen eitv of the plains
is always worth seeing while tlio health
and sciujinerresorta of Mamtou are delightful
indeed. Health-Hiving , insulting , restful
amid sublime scenery what trip could bo
more restful ! All this pleasure for securing
subscribers to tliu SPNIMI orNVrcM.t HUB.
Now what are the conditions upon wlileh
these tickets are given away f Tlio securing
nf the larirest list of subscribers to Tun
WKI.KI.V or SIXDAYHKI : . No { newspaper in
the west is so well nml favorably known and
solicitors have alwajs found It an easy mat
ter to secure subscribers. Tin : Hir.s : sub.
scriptlon list has always kept pace with its
reputation and It deisres to add now names to
its long list of friends. Helng at all times a
people's paper It makes friends with all
The subscription price of Tin ; WIKKI.V : Una
is Sl.X ( ) per year postpaid to nnv place in
this roiintr > or Canada , or W.OO if sent to a
foreign country.
Tin : Sivn\T Bin ; is ? , ' .00 per year , hut
Omaha subscribers for Tun Si NUAY Hcu
will not be eounted In tills competition.
( ! et up allst. Have your friends subscribe ;
for the paper. Sample copies forwarded
ft ee on request.
Persons deoirlntr to compete for one of
these prl/c * will please tay so when sending
in their lirst orders.
Hemittanco in full must accompany every
Two six months subscriptions or four
three months subscriptions will bo counted
as one order.
VOX WIN'IHAM--Oii ) Saturday at tC : > p in , ,
I'lilnlpoii Wlndhain , ii t'il io j riirv
I'miurnl will take place from bis late resl-
ilenc-e , flu Humey slrcot , I'lievlay ne\t al 2
= i
"J'lOlt AI.I'-Uii spun of I lyilrsil.ilf li * ,
J- slyi'urs nlil ; wi' i , .ihi pDinn- . i-
luin II l'arl u , soulhof thu inilltiileon I'uuy
l Olt SAI.K or oxehati ) ! ! ' , a H'.i IKI to Jl.i.iHK )
- thtiii'Knr hiMitsand sluies ; spli mlid IIH-U-
tliiii ; \\lll tuliii part eusli unil n'.rl In k' < xl
eleiir elty | inipi < rty nr Iowa lanil ; HIIi only
fur n few days. Johnston X Van 1'iilti n ,
riiunell Illuir- . .
l XA.MIXK tin. riTebratuil JlTT'lia I pi , in. T
* J IHMsculi ) eiii n pliiinis nml nr.'iin- . S ld
iiniii-\ ; | iiy ; iiu'iils by Mar. Hum I.MUnmsio
ti'iii'hi-r. Ill Stiilsinaii stieiil. Ciiuin il ItlulN.
Ij'OK SAI.I'-A | IIMI U amiurn \ > - \ > < "ii eimy
L payiminls. linjiilro ut ID. ' , 1'arl. usrnuo ,
I'oiiia'll Illulls. la.
" r .1. l\rTKltWASMTu M"as im.ved . his
\Miii > liimo from : rr > llni.i < l u > lo IIX )
HIHH\VIIV : | , where tin will Kuun on hiuu ; u line
hltii'li nf fin na'
J/olt : M.KAt a siientlei. . I lar.-e M.i s
- Mifi > , pi'ffea cimdlticu ; 'J nllli-i' di'-l.- and
i'bnlr < , ' 'sioriitruoks , 1 lurao Inm si-aio inn-k ,
J lii'iitliu ; sto\es , L'counter M-aliM. ' . ' st.-i | init-
< TI , 1 liirgi iilniform Hour seiilon. l\i- .1110 St
1'ell , lITMiiluSI.
l/llt ) > AI.K ol' H\i'limj.'o. ; ll'onil tneU "fk'on-
-1- meri'lumdlso : ulll take a K" > l < li-iii
farm In Kouthut'Htern Inua ori'ii'ai ciiy iir.ip *
i'ily. Aiily | | ut oneu to.loliiittun , V \ ; u > I'iiH 'M ,
I UK Itr.NT-Tho MeMuhTiii bl.i.'k. . > tOry
* - lirieK , with basement and i < le\ii , < > r J \i >
"I'lin1. ' MM I'earl strnuu
I UKsAI.K-A burKaliii new nmili'in n . .no
- ' with all thu lutn liiiprtu iMiifiiiH M > von
riiiitns ; will cell ouiM y iiayini'iits. lo.itnl on
the I'lfili avi'iiuo mutur lino. I ) . J ll i
sun , UK llM.ulnay.
SAI.K r.luht-r om ln isi > unl I > \ . l.t
mi llairUon si. A iimli'in limfx' mid : \
uiiiul hnino cheap. U. J. | jiitfliiu-.uii. OH
. iduiiy.
T/OKHVI..K or Kjtit-ttinMim land , wltti
hiiuint , uy 1. IL lllu * , 19 < Matu iU , OouugU