Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 15, 1891, Part One, Page 2, Image 2

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Uo Tondora IliiRaaigaation as Oomuilsaionor
of the Land Oflico.
TIiprrr hlont Cdiicluilcs Not to Com-
liiu Any uflltcNiMt
Until ConllimiMl
Hit * Semite.
lit urn Tin- " " '
niid'ni nri I'vru Sun nr , \
WtoiiiMtros , 1) . C , MiroliH . )
T and ComniKsloncr Oroff ha < rotlgnud
lie was found at his homo bj your terre
nponilunt this nltornoon nnd stutod that Ji'll-
catohealth had led him to take this step
ItiilKU ( Iroff lint I'ontcmplatod relinlUK ;
foriomnmonths , but lias postmncil | it In the
ho0 | ' that his health and that of Ids family
would tinproM ) with thoapnioii'li of siuliiR
Ills oldest and joungest daughters have both
been ill with malaria lor some vuoks , nnd
whoa ho left his ofllco jestinlu > It vv is to
take a lltlicMi ilu\s leave and then to ictlic
fiom theoftli-e
.Indue ( iron * may return lo bis homo in
Omaha Ho inu > bo tendeiod another po
\iliotetliocllinatovvillbo better foi
tilm anil bis fauilh
Ho has in ido the best ottlcor the lar.d of-
flee his ever had. He was pilil n
liecial loinnllinunt bv toncjre in having his
salary rilsed froinlKX ) to K'.tHH . ) year for
unusual otlh\ei > ci Xon ho sluuils in verj
lilirh esteem at tbo vhllo lie iso and his do
partiuovill bo icgretted bv overjono hnrit
and on the * public domain vv ho knows of his
ofllcitil work or UU pel sonal poimlailty.
All'dlNTMl'MS 10 UK lltVKIIIII I ) .
As has been Intimated in these dispatches ,
the prescient bas coneluiled not to commis
alon mi } ot the eiicult ordistiiet juduosto lie
nniioinlecl under the nonly enacted suinomo
court reeivimi/ation luu till the iioiniiiallons
hue bcim eonllrninil b\ the senate. Ho will
not , tbcicfore , appoint tbein till tlio senate
convenes next December unless there is n
berlous question v\hethor , uniiur tbo const- !
tullonal and statutoir pro\lsions of the
Unltoil States , it would be ) iumcrto oominis
slon these ofllcors befoio thej aio eonllniKd
by the senate , and simo the appointments
nro for life and there is no special uecessitj
for spccdv action , tlio picsident lias con
eluded that It will bu ndv isablo tn await the
convening of the congioss 'I'lio prisldcnt
will leivo on his C'.illfoinia trip piobabH
during the Hist six or eight da\s in April ,
nml beloro his departure- Is his mirposo to
commission the land court oftlcors , a fourth
nssistimt postmaster , snjieiiiitondent
of Immigration , ministers toCentul Aineiica
anil .Iniiini ami probablj some other ofllcou.
but bovvill not c\on consider cauilidntes for
nny of the suinpmo couit iilaccs till be re
turns In May or Juno
Thoasslstnut seeielnry of the Interior to
dav remleud the follouIiiK lind decisions
Appeal ofThumis \ ColTiv from tinclo -
clsion of the general 1 mil oflice ivjoctt'iR his
application to make .itlmbci culture entry for
the noithenit quaitor of section J ) , tottiiship
iUnoith , niiiKe 4S west. ClMition , Neb , de
cision aflirmcd.
Klius M. Tlionias vs Sobiin A Iithbun.
homestead i-ntrj for the norttiv\est quaitcr
of section V , toMiislilp 111 north , range M )
west , Huron. H. I ) Ilotb entries of Hithbtin
vvorooriluioil eancc'llod and tlio contest of
'lliomas dismissed nml Us application to
enter , made.InnoIVi , isv.l , ndmitteil toiicoul
In 10 \ \ illiam ( i. Tidivell , appeal from the
cominlssioncr of the general liindolllco , bold-
injr lor caiiiellntion his soldiurs ailditionnl
homoitc.ulentrv fortho niuthciu > t'4 ' of the
southeast 'a ' Und tlio soutlie.nt 4 of the
northeiist of section 10 , tovvnihlp III , range
M , ( Jhadron , Cjb i U'coix retuinqd tot'had-
ron olllc'o lor rbopbnintf "
Kugeno i'lati vs lieoigo S Hiilnoll , In
v olving a homiMtead i ntrv mailo by tbo hit
ter fei the southeast'4 of section S , tovui-
ship 101 , niiBoil Alltehell , S I ) , district ,
decision of 1 mil cominlssioncr afllrmed JT.iiiist !
MilOttPN ( I.ITHII t.V IM.
Mrs O\\en \ , vvlfo ot tho. ox congressman
from I.oKinsport , Ind , is in a critical condi
tion toninht hho lias been quite ill for three
vveolts with vv hat appears to be nervous pros
tration She has durint ; tbo last throe da\s
developed tbo sovoicst tjiw of la Kii'Pp | ' alu'
tbo phj siiiaus report her condition al.u ndiiLr
tonight. Mrs Owen v is formeilj Mis
I < ucj Luce of loiV \\heio she is well know n
nud universallv beloved. She has a laigo
circle ot lolatlves In lovva , ono son. Tied
Luce , being aeli known b.uilar , vvitU in my
friends in Omaha
Hon. .fumes 1' Flick , repiesentatlui from
the WBhth IOVMI district , nnd Mrs. Marj A
Orinin.iilowof.l 1' O i illln ofVoos tor , O. ,
formorlv In tlie ( rovcrnmcnt printing oftlco ,
wore in .in led Thutsdnj t'vcnlnj ; at K10
Fourteenth sttcot , There wcio but half a
clorcn fill mis nt the nmuiaco mid the biiilo
and groom loft at s TO over the Unltiinoro &
Ohio for the lattor's homo In Hcdfoni , In
Senator and Mrs Alniuloison , v\lio v\ent
with a pleasuio party to
Chlcamnugft , 'lenn , on Moud.u , hn\o taken
a jirlviUo car nnd extended their tup to
the battle Holds about Atlanta and in Ala
banm Thov v\ ill i cturn hoi o the latter mirt
of next week.
Application has been inudo to the comp
troller of thoctiironey bj C ! II .levvott nnd
h is associates of A rlltiRton | Neb , for author
ity to oiganizo the Fiist National bank of
It is reported from Pine Klctgo that there
Is some file tion and iliffoienroof opinion be
tween Colonel Ilenrj , roiunandinLr the
tioops , and C'.iptain Penney , the militirv
nKCiit.rlhe former sav s no ttoips are needed
The latter ajstbattbojvillbo needed lor
soveial mnntlis , and ho wants more It ! > ol
eourteo natuial that the inlltin\ ! ent should
want all the troops ho can tro t , thonirh C'ap
tain 1'ione , the late nc-cut , tlid not want any
If the Indians are qulot It wouht seem best
policy to take tioops awav , for as long as
they are thcio they Itcoii the Indians m a
constant of uncortaintj and uneasiness
andas v\oll kcei ) settloufromiroing to Ne
braska on tug to threatened da.i ei.
I' fa llu.uit.
Wfiither Crop Unllclin ,
WVSIIINOTOV , March 14. - The weekly
weather crop bulletin says. Gonciallj
throjRhout the Hoc Icy mountains the season
is rotardcti , iiotvvltiistinitlnR tbo fact that
tlio thcrnml conditions ever this region are
Kenorallj in excess. The recent storms
\vhlch have passed over the central v alloys
bn\o been attended by freezing vvoather in
that recion , out as the prrow ing season has
not opened it is probable that the low tcni
peraturo reported caused no marked lojuij
to Bro lntr irops cxeept fruit tree's ia the
Cult region.
To I.'KtahllHli llitnkmi : KclatioiiH.
CIIIIARO , March 14. Som Dee , an attache
of the Chinese legation In M'ashincton , w ho
has been in the city several days conferring ,
it is said , with carnuuists , to whom ho
brought letters from New Vork bankers
leaves for China tonight. It is understood
that there is a pltm on foot looking to the es
tablishment of banking relations hetvvecn the
XJnitod States , HusMi and China. Count
IMltcktteltz , whose nanio will bo rememboitd
in connection with tbu piovions negotiations ,
accompanies the Chinc o delegate It is bald
that ouhiK to tbo lar e Moods China has been
compelled to borrow of niigliuid treat ; sums
at money nnd piy n ulfjh rule of interest
The emperor , it is assoiteJ , Is Incensed nt
this , licnco tlie preient dovelopaicnts.
% M Oiowlar
r , Tor. , Maidi H ( Special
Tcleptnim to Tur HipJ : Many noRroei vvho
oailBratou from Texas nnd Arkansas to OUla-
liouiaaro rcturnhiR to Texas In largo num
bers. They are very miligmuit nt the man-
per iiuvhlA they hnvo been imposed uixm
by the affonts of n company which proalloil
upon them to po to Oklahoma. Tnoto who
lnvo returned report that noKroos who wre
unnblo to lo.ivo the tenltory will call upon
tbo comiuinv foe oasistanco uud If roJibod uld
mob vlyli''ico ib feared.
[ UISTIM Kl > HlllM llll T rVIIE |
tt'nipkil to tuldU'harKo of the polls A riot
followed , mid UH ortueho were either Minter
or driven Into tlio river 1 lie event hml n
wholesome efTett. It Uopl them iiiilut until
the last few v eirs.
Ai'tlon of lln > Xvcnu'i'i'i l'n lor * Ml.
.fsrw OKI IMIa. . . March II 'llio moot-
IIIK of tliu mltoii cxthtuini ! this iiCtemoon
win railed to onlcr b ) I'roildont ChatTeo ,
who stated thnt ho had been called upon by
a larm * committee nf monition with the to
quest tint lie iiij\ciuvii mooting fet
the purpose of adopting suitable resolutions
onilorHlin ; the notion ot cUlmi * in the do-
plomlitocxoiitnr thu nionilnp CliafTeo fiiiil
tliat ImiMiuieh ni nil vv ore familiar vv itli the
ov nils it wus not necessary to illlnto upon
tin m 'I hey Utievv the facU mil llio ncee's
HitOf tbo situation Till1 follow lllC ll'SOlU
lions \MIO them miiiuniouslj udoiituil
\Uicr < M' ; , I'lio ill iilnrnlilc ndmltiMr.\tlon of
rilliiliiil Jiitln > In IhNilly null tin' frlahtfnl
I'Mcnl tn wlilih I IIP In Ilii'i ) of Jurlis liai ln-cn
onrili < l on louden il II imiuss ir > fur thu oil I-
/i-ii of New iiih < UH to vindicate outrigoil
JllMlfl , tlll'K flJIO III1 II
ltsnlu il. wlilloD ( lMloro it nil
t limn u ri'stiri to tlnliMuu , we ciiimtiltr tnv
in Him tiUiMihr iln % eliUoiu this morning to
bit propi r u ml jiistlll itilo
Itosoliitlons ot ilmini purpoit vvnioalso
ndopU'd by tlio ptoaure c'selmtiire , su ai ox-
ll slock exchange.
"Wlilcli l.t' l If ) ttio 'lni eilj
N'f xv Out rivs , l.i , March 11. Tlic follow-
ini : IH frivon a * tv clear st ilomciit of tlio tic-
timllnf" causes wlilih li'tl to the tragedy en-
luted tills inoinlii ) ! On October , 1MK ) , uboul
11 o'clock nt night , 1 * ( . 'llonnos'.pv , chief of
polieo of therity of Xo Oileins , wIileKolii | ;
from hlMitllro to tils homo , \ \ is via ) laid ami
shot to | iecis by i bawl of Italian assassins
ntiimil with such blimdcibusses as could
otil } ha\o boon undo ami used for tlio pur-
pee of issasslnutlon. Tlio indignation nuil
oxdtptiiptitas such that mob law nuil
IvnchliiK weio about tobo itHortod to Tlio
eutlru uiiiitnuniu felt that In an endeavor to
iiiith tlio guiltj p.uties innocent Italians
might bo sucrlliioil 'Jo iilla ) the excitement
aim assist the constituted aiithoiitics th"
iiujor of thoUtv nppointoil a comnutteo of
llftv rcpiosentatho citl/onsto lalto cliaicjo of
tbo investigations anil to aid In thu trial ami
cons litloit of thoassassins. Thrso nua-.uic.s
aiiostod vlolcnto Thu commuted ontorcil
U | a Its work auilat amas'i ' incttliifr subso
quontU held in float of thoi-itj ball the ac
tions of the committee wcro ratillen luidtlicv
\\ci-o onuouniK ( ! > l t ° toatiuuo their labors to
soui'o piosoculloii nuil trial hj thocouit
After months oi iuoU.iticiii ) anil trial , which
continued thieoocks , and in which illstln
Kiilslicil counsel assisted tlio district atlor
inn , tliojutv , chnrgcilto 1me boon bribed
anil corrniloil | In the f.ico of ' 'sUiblishcd
Built , ictiducd a vctdlct of mlstiial as lo
tlirco of the ahsiissniH-ScifTodl , Mon istilo
and Pollitmid acquitted thrco of the nssis-
sins Mai'huM , Mauhcbi and Uijtiiotto
'llirooinoiooioon tihl . .milcro .uquittod
bmmso oi tnsufili lout ouh nee , tlio-.o . bolus
Malianin , Incornotia anil the boj JMurUcil
'lliu .uqulttal of MatbocJ , tbo chlof con-
snlr.xtor , and of Marthosi and HaRtiPtto ami
Ilin \ . n1ti > > nf tin In T'nlllly Si'.llTi ill
and Aionaslno , fcllliUo'ii ' tluiniloi bolt uion | the
law-ublilitih'titHuiis. With tbo coin ictiou that
the I.HXS boon violated , that the \orcllit
mvittii assassination and tlio engrafting of
the Italian Mall i upon Ainciican institutions
'Hie fieliiiKBrou sti-oiiR tint lei soif praaci
\ation the | > ( ) pie must insunio the nuthoiity
which tiaililcloKitcii to the c-outts ami
xvhioli the \\ciopowoilossto enforce
Tins fecluiu incicoscd until it found \ontl'i
the nuss inoc'tiin'ttiU inoiainKHt 10o'clock
'Ibis niribiiir | ) of tlio jiooplo to soeiiro the nun-
lilnuciit of the nssansiiisvhostrnrk doun
their chief ofllrer of police in night tlmo
\vlthiiionieilltuted assassination uasonlcilj
anil the ptoplo dispersed quiotl } as soon is
thcirworKofindicatloii was ilono.
I'lllldl'iill ( 'olllllK'lll.
Xi \ \ Onrfx , t ii , Maicli 14 States \\lll
tomotiow , editorially "Yestoiday the
cancel nhldi lor years has boon frnawint ; at
our social system the hideous Mathi wis
once for all amid torrents of blood fiouoly
looted out by tlio people' ' * strong aim and
with the people's Instruments The cvllb
which tuinnlii to Inlllct our roiniminity tbo
\ieions juiy sjstcin and suborners luinir
atmng us-aro not of the deadly character
which Ucmands heroic tu-utiaent. Lot tbo
constituted authorities moxo a.'iilnst the jury
which has outlawed justice and ItiMilU'U
conunon sense "
ThuTitnos-Dcmocrnt'n111 sa1'ar.ihsis
of Justice the p.ibt two ynrswas duo to tbo
hottlonieiit ill Xo\v Orlcyins of la\\Uss
binds of men , hailing mostly fiom southoin
ItuHvhobroiiKht witli tlu'in to this couu-
tr > iiciincioub Ideas ind murderous muthods ,
wlinli ba\o planted conspiracy and assas
sination societies lu their quondam
homo 1 ho short , sharp and decisive iliaina
of M&toidiy had in It , inoieoxer , . \\ainiiifr
for another class which thej will do well
not to ilisieKiidVo leferto jury lixcis ,
who are expert at pottbiR at talesmen ami
jur.Mimn and lllliiiK thojur.v boxpaitly or
\ \ holljMtli moil pledged to uiisult above all
things the inteiests of criminals.
'I lilnks it n Sliamo.
Cnif ioo , March II Signor Uuiunto ,
editor of Li'Italia of this city , repards the
lynching of tlio Italians at Nuv Orleans as a
great shumo for the .Amoritiu pcoplo. Ho
thinks the Italian government will tike
liiomiit action and ask icparatiou fiom the
fiiltod States.
'Jho Innquot of the Italians of this city
in honor of the forty-seventh birthday of
Humbert his "boon indefinitely pou-
Doneil because of today's tr.iiredj at Now Or
leans 'llio sni'iotj bus sent a telegram to
Premier Kudim , at Homo , doin.indltif ? ener
getic intorentlon mid pintcUlou fiom the
io\crnnieiit oi the fatherland
Si'llgiiian In Disgrace.
Ni \ \ Oiiri-iNs , i.i , March II At a meet
ing of tl e stock ONchaiiL'o the action of ro.-e-
man Sollgman of the Hcnnossoy Jury , , vho
la il nicinber ot the exchange , was diacussed
Tbo followliiB resolutions weio quickly
\MioriMS. J M HMI nun. \KttlnK member
of this i\clinn e , liis by his ncilun In tin *
llinuosMi ) ' IMSII > > lili > ntly contributed todofy
jnstli'o , iRnoro thu lii\h and so.indali/u the
community ; tlunfor * ) to It
UoolMd , I lull bo Is hoi thy \pullcil from
this o\chuiL'c. :
Soligman has also been o\pelled from the
ouns moil's gymnastic club
mr. uv.iTji jtrcfHtt ) .
loan's niilionairo Judge.
DvvrM'Oin , la , Manh 1 1 Word has been
received of the death at Oakland , Ual , this
nioinuiKof JudgoJamos Grant , OMO of the
oldest and host known attornoyt. of Iowa.
Dentil nl' tlio Tat C'onti ihiilnr.
tsKtt YOIIK , Mnich 14 A Minor Oilswold ,
"Pat Contiibutor " editor
\\ldolykiiownastho ,
itor of Te\a Siftings , died suddenly of ap
oplovj at fahoboxjan rails , Wib , thib mom-
Drat li of an
Xi.'n i'oiii ; , Mm oh 14. May Oirdon , an
actress formorlj with the Margaiet Mather
company , died today.
The Corxetto Cnloim Ahhorc ,
VINKI < un II v\i'.s , Mass , Mnich 14 The
United State * conetteOaicna and thoL'nltei
States tug Nina wontu-ihoro last night soutl
of Onjliead liclitlioiisoduilnB Btioiig souther
ly winds. Thoti ) was a dcnso fog at the tlmo
Thc > Galauawns boinir to\\etl to the Poits-
mouth iiuvj yards foi repairs. Tlio ofllceis
and the ci-cws of both \ assclseio taken olT
b\ the ( ialcna's boats and the lifu suvln
( iuu .V steam tug which \iBited the scon o
todm ivnorts the sea maulnpT a clean bieacl
o\erhoth vessels 'iho oftlcers and crew a
saved nothing /torn tlio wictK The Culcna
his tluvo now bollew on deck hlch worn lo
bo put In her.
A Prominent Politician
ST. Lot t , Mo , March 1 J. The suddoi
and notorious disappearance of Colonel L
L Thoinpson ouo of tlio leading democratic
politicians of Arkant-as , hoscicated a uensn
lion in Little l > ock , sajs a dispatch from that
rlty. It is ruiuoivHl that ho lias gouo lu Gnl
\ubton Ilia friends fear that ho lius bccomi
lusuno from ro\orsoa In business affairs am
trom the death of his w ifo ,
RlilLlVED IN rllLL SlAlh ,
Deputation from the Alsnce-Lorrnluo
niunt Oall * Upon Emperor Willianii
A ItiMit'util of rilouillj Hi-latloiit Hi-
t\\i'cii the llmpi'ior niul HIM-
nuili'k l.onUrd I'
us a'cttaliit ) .
[ rniiu'il | | ; ' 101 I'l/ Arm Yia-lt Attnriltf'l'irisl /
limits , Mnich 14 - A dcmitntlon consist-
I'igof tnoinbiM's of the Alsaio-i oriaino par-
'lament ' , was Riven an nmltcm'o by litnporor
Wllllatn toihv Ills majrstj loeelved the
deputation In full state. Thn loader of the
dopiitatloa ii'iul aputitlon and the ilocnment
\\as then deposited at the foot of tin1 throne
A lihesslug the dcpiltat'on ' the oniporoi said
"Itisasouuo of satisfaction that the pro
vincial tonnnittoo his applied diuvllj to 1110
on a miostion of the ilrst Impoi unco and in-
tciest to Alsaio-l.oiruino 1 peueivola this
fai'taliiiblo evidence of Inereislng appro-
billon of fuor and sjinpithv shown to me
In the progress of our country I also will
ingly anc-pl xour assuriiicoi that the peonlo
ot Alsice-C oir.ilno will continue to take
their ! tund on thi ground of legil order of
things and that they will u'Ject auv iutor-
ft'onco on the pint of i foiclgn clement and
onh look to the ompiio lo piotcct their in-
Uiosts In tondciinion my thanks for
this eTprossioii of jour lovaltv I rcgiet to bo
unable for the piesont to comply with your
\\ishos in lizard to a icluxntion of the pass-
jioitstem In Alsace Lorraine 1 must con-
line mjself to an expression of the hope that
the date is not far distant when it will be
l > umissil > lo to again grant ficllilles for inter
course on ttio western frontier of your
piovinco The hone will bo caillor rcili ed
the moio the people of Alsnco I orriine ho
como convinced of the indissolubillty of
the ties unitiHR them \\ltli derm my and
the inoro stroncly they pi-o\o by their
deeds and their resolutions to at all tlino3
stand faithfully and utiflinchlncly l > y me and
the empire " Tlio emperor afterwards gave
apihulo audience tn Heir Schluinborgcr ,
president of the deputation IIo made keen
Imiuiiios as lo his \io\vs rcsirding tbo
progress of the attempt to Giunatri/o the
lu an interview with n lopicsentativo of
the Associated preas JJr Otto , socretnr of
tbo deputation , said that slncolRsy Alsnco-
Loriamo hid been rapldlj bccominp moio
fiiendl } Mith ( Joriintiv. The people bo-
llevcd the piwinco should co.iso to bo
i-eatoil nsaconquurod country 'Ibcirex-
) ect.itlons had boon ] > uiU > rouli/cd , l > ut a
'tnowal ' of the stringent nissport repulations
mil fallen like a thunderbolt Novcitheless
he emperor was cxtrcmoli , popular and had
\on the complete confidence of the Alsatians ,
\ho. liemir ( ieimms , would HOOII bo recou-
llod with ( Jornniij The pooploof Loirnlno
till leinain hostile. Thowcio Celts and
till in sinpiih \ with the Trench.
A icnu\\al of friendly relations bot\\een
ho empeiorand 1'iinco Bisniarc.kuppio.ichos
n ceit.unt > 'llio < mpeior111 \hlt Kiel
ut the end of the month und proceeds thuieo
o Altona , whcioho will roow the Ninth
nim corps AVnldcisec , on his lucent visit
o Kncdoitcusiulu' , convojed n reiiuest from
ho ciupororto meet Bismarck at Altona.
3isnnick has not jet given assent to a 10-
umptionof dircc-t coininunlcatlons with the
Itisdelaj in respondingnii > ear. to bo duo
o a dototmiuation to assure himself as to
low tlio cmpeior is likclj soon to stand
ovvaids tholeidlng ht.itesiiien who aio the
ii-obablo siiLc-essois of the present ministry.
I'ho cabinet is in a state of dissolution. V/hat /
im > lif the Hnal composition wbon thu cm-
lororlinalU riMtlvos upon it his maicstv
limself does not know After Dr. Von. Ut'Ss-
cr , Ilorr llerrfuith , minister of the Interior ,
vlll bo tbo no\t to RO ( 'Inncellor Von
Japrlvi denies the rumor that he
las ottered to resign hut ho tolls
lis fiiomls Unit ho awaits his majesty's
ileasuro upon iifouumg tlie ministiv ,
ind blants towards the conscnatiycs and old
cartcller- ho have novu couscd in their ud-
iiirmc allORiance to tbo jirince The ompecor
ms finlc-il to lind Unwivi tbo ductiblu tool lie
expoited him lo bo. Honcath the chancellor's
iffabiht.v of in inner lies a firm disposition
lotto jiMil on great matters , though ho is
submissive on mlnoi ones The oinpc'rornovv
ippears to he miking Heir Miguel , the I'rus-
hian miiiistoi tuFiaucv , tjU bosom tonflduut.
The papers 1 ist ovenlntr , hi v lew of the
constant ioiistiltation between the emperor
mil Ilcn Miguel , announced th it the latter
mil actually been apuointod to succeed Chan
cellor Von Capiivl The announcement islet
lot true , however The appointment of
Ilcrr Miguel as rhancaUoi would Imulj the
enincior s full ndliLslon to labor rofounH and
thohbenl measures fortho relief of the burdens -
dons of woikingnien ,
I'linco Ilisiii iH'k Is awaiting developments
flo is waiting to see the tcndtncyof thoim-
lioiinl mind If the emperor selects Herr
Mit'iicl us ehnncellnr the ctianco of a icnuwiil
of confidential relations -.vita the ox-chan
cellor v\ill bo vcrj remote. The people of
Berlin now cill the empoior "Dor 1'lot/-
lichor. " They are becoming halntuated to
sudden suipiises from him In the mean
time , in viowof a possible reconciliation , the
Bismarckian oigaui are ohscnhiK an urmis-
ticoand icfraiu fiom attacking the impeiial
Hismircl : , ropljing to the electors of
Gocstcimituioas to his candidney for the
relthsUi ) , ' , stales that ho w ill accept , but lev
serves tlio right to lofuso if the ni.ijoutv re
tuinlnghiin was not suillcient. The social-
iMs will oppose him.
I'resldcnt llerrLovet/ow of the reielntng ,
in nunouncint : the death of \Vlndthoriit ,
pranounced aeulo y upon thedo.idstntcsmuii ,
extolling his acuiiien , unceasing activity and
porsouiil Inlluenoo on all sides of the house
Ho declare 1 that scarcely any one would bo
so missed in tbo reithstag as lr , Windhorst
The commission ot the lolchstag on the
KO\ eminent bill , providing forthni-oaUtution
to the Uu'iry of the funds bcUed bj the tjov-
ornmont dining the Kultuikuinf , has in
jected the leading clauses as too favoiablo to
the clericals The decision implies the prac
tical rejection of the measure. Ttio center
oi clinical paitv will light thohaidost foi the
restoration of the bill as proposed
A meeting ot the agilcultui il iorioty di-
cussed the projected exhibition In
IJiMlin A m.aoritof ] the speakers were not
in favor of the idea In commercial circles
generally thesehcmo Jinds small support.
The empeior has ordered that work on the
now cathedral in Horlln bo expedited The
old dome cathedral will be closed in the au
The delegation of minors who are going to
the conpiess which is to uc hold inl'ailson
March ,11 have been chnrgoil to propose a
plan for an Intornatiomil strilio , to include
tbo minors in ln'lanil , Trance , llolgium and
( icrmany. The scboiiio Includoa tlio contioll-
iut , ' of the btiiko by u coutial loimnittcu.
OF IHt ,
The Iioiulor of the Cathiiliu I'arty In
1'rnssla I'assoH < Vvaj.
numis , March 14 \Vludtliowt , par-
liamontarj leader of the Catholic puty In
I'lTisshi , died this morning uftor soveul
days' illnoas
Dr. Windthorot at midnight was morelv
able to vv hisjior replies to linjuirles as to his
condition. Suddenly , however , his \oicoio-
tui no I , and , evidently imagining ho was In
the rtlchstag , \Vlndthorst delivered an
impassioned addiess lu favor of the abolition
of the law polling the Josulu liom Ui-r-
manj The veteran loaders voice , while ho
dollviiod the addiosf , could bo dourly heard
through three moms Uonovor snoku after
having concluded his i nmksuiHii the hill
In the rclrhstag totlaj 1'ioslileiit Ixivotroxv
uohvrod u mo-it affeeting oulogj upon tlio
death of 1M Wlndthout.
y\d\iHi > d to
Kotiir.vnii , N Y .March 1 1 The Union ,
whoso editor was the tlrst piesldent of the
Ilrst hind league formed In tills country , mid
who has led hero in all movements to
money for the homo rule cause , meoss Par-
noil's appeal with "Not a dollar , " and Par-
null's delegation with "do homo mid get to-
t'olh.r ( , "
An Illinois MiiKlt'ior lIuiiRi'il.
DtciTCK , III , Match 11 , At 11.55 today
\Villlatn II thavjj/onl wus otecutod lu the.
oorridor of tm > Alncou count v ] all In llio
presence of 'M persons The crime for whloli
no sufferiHi ilouvJ vvas the mutdcr of Mr <
Colonel Mating last August I'ho woman
wus the mother of thrco nttinctUo fjlrls. one
otwhom ( . 'raw-ford hml bien fou-ltiKlits at
tentions upoiix Ilecnuso the mother would
not listen to hlsfewU ho killed her
ot it * i\.tTo : its J J'A int.
'llu > NVbj.mTcir IjogNlitors CShuu a
\Vlml ti ) thr rnlorniliitis ,
DrsMii , Col . Mtinh 14 [ Special * Telo-
urnm toTiirUirj I'ho Nobniskti sotnito
ami f i lends forfv night In number , arrived
here this inoinii\ \ | ! over the H. k M roul.
'J hey were met aj the depot by ft committed
of Colorado senators , lonsntlng of Messrs.
Israel , Holder , ANeisct and Smith , and es
corted to thotievcrnl hotels 'Ihev ntteinU'd
a session of the sutiato nftor brc'ik-
fast and wore presented to the olll-
icrs and momhers of both hou es. At
11 ! 10 o'clock the Colorado sonnto niljoiirned
and e'coitod tlio isehraska ixoplo to the
mining exchange , where mi intcrostuig iiui't-
ing vv w in proKH'ss. Dinner lollovMd , niter
which the \ lsltoisere itiiven through the
nnnelpil sttvots of Iho tltv. Tonight tlu-v
will visit the Tabor grand , when ) Binina
.Inch sings In " 'Iho Klvlng Dutchman "
This aftiinoon tliosenntors vveio liiujiuted )
at the Windsor hotel SIKH-C-IIIS were nnilo
In ( ! o\eriun iiniitt of Coloralo , nresilent
of thosumilo , Mi'Uttmuit liovcinoi Majors
of Nebiaski , hciiators Tahoi , Biullhv and
Whitcly und liov .1 (3 i'ato of Hastings
At the olosi" of the fostlvlt ) Mio patty was
diiven thiough thu hiisiness and ivaidcm-o
illstiiit of tlio dt > In tin1 mining it at
tended tlio pi-riormumo attho'laboi ( Jiuiil.
1'omoirowlt will talto a ride to ( leotgetown
and hllvoi Piniiii1 , retiiining to tliii cit ) in
tim to UiKo the s o'clock aftcrni > oii tiniii for
Liiic-iiln , v\liiUi plac-o the ) vvill rciich at li
o'clock ' Moudaj afternoon
.1 mutual i.i : iis < orjur.
Itaill ) Decomposed Hcninlns I'ouinl In
mi lintel it ' < i.
N. Y , March 14 | Speclal Telo-
TUP lln : . | A horribles disco\ery
was made at tbo Dunlap house today , a , man
belmr found dead after hiving laid for some
On Kebniarj " (1 ( n man called at the hotel
and registered as Kobc-rt Davis of ICarners ,
paid for n room nncl was assigned to ono on
tlio tliltil floor. Hiof.t to his room anil
from that tlmo on the hotel people lost
all Intetut in his movements lie WIIH
not seen again , nor was' any inquiry made as
to vvhethti ills room vvui tenanted or not
until today , when a honiblo slouch
penetrating through the hallway nttricted
attention and Indicated that something was
wrong in the loom I'ho door was found to
bo locked and on being burst open Davis'
Dod.v was discovered oa the bed b.ulli decomposed
composed IIo ovidentlj hail been dead from
the night he took the room. i'Uo deceased
was llftjcaiiold and. from lottora found in
his pocket , it was Infuieil Ihat ho c.nno
down from Kaniors to meet a daughter who
lives in Oneida cojnty It is probable that
ho blow out thogasanil nas asphjxlated.
.1 SI'lA ISOI'Ml < * \ .
'I lip Queen ItoKcnl Spenl.s l\i\oial l }
YOIIK , Mai-lli 1 1 [ Special Telegram
llu -A I Spanish oipm in America ,
"UasNo\edadcs " of NcYoik , is the Ilrst
to publish the tej\l of the message deli\ored
by tno queen icieijt on the opening of tbo
nowl ) elected cjrtis in Madrid on March J
The following pitiigraph from thi t message
is of direct intcres to the United States , as
relating to the minding nepoUatious for a
icclmocltj ticalj ) ami is translated voi-
bntltn 'llio SpiiiMhjregmt sdd
"Iho Ilrst portion ( if thu llmucinl operation
authoriyod bj tlt\la * on the Cuoan hiulgot
h.iving been ntcomulshed with unvit success
them notoccuiK'i in t'ifl ( olunnil piuv-
lines mithingclso worth Jiieationiay to v on
( tin1 in mbors oftftt 'cortos ) The ' nitui il
uneisiness vvliiih been iiioduieiran tliuiu
by the latest tinfflnvv li | the United .States
Is disappearing and if , as I bopo , the ni-goti i
tions aln any begun lend in the near futm o tea
a umvuitlon with that nation conlldenco
will bo lovivoii and our Antilles will con
tiuuotoadd to thtir vvtiltli with inureasing
oncrgy. "
/I JKUHi.ll'S fitOJtl' .
Urivos a Voung Man toCom-
mil a Ci line.
SM.T LAM , Utah , Mnich 14 [ Special
Telegram to Tin 13w I About n , oiontli
ago a iiniti ghinplns naino as A , C. Snj dci
was arrested hero charged with forgon
When brougl.t into court ho said that ho had
no counsel mid an nttonioy was givan him
IIo pleaded guiltj anil was sentenced to ono
year. Aftei this had been done ho told his
attorney who bo was His ical name is
Kiploy , anil ho hails from llurlington , la. Ho
is a biothet In-law of Thomas Potter , late
piesldcnt of the Uiiina I'nollic. Ttio check
wjs foi S > 5 anil ho forged it to Ljct something
to \Vhenthcsoficts \ were brought to
the notice of the govoinor ho pardoned nlm ,
alter an imprisonment of two weeks.
31VII Hi : It.
AYouni ; Herder Attiiikotl and Shut
liy ft t"lratner.
Cnr.TKNVr Wyo , Mirch H ( Special Telegram -
gram to Till ! Ill-1. ] Details have been 10-
ccivcd of a recent attempt to assassinate a
boy named .Tared Smith on Shell creel :
Smith was ruling the lange near his fathers
i.mehowhca ho was iltaclieii by : i stranger
who llred twice at him , the second shot
wounding him slightly. Young Smith 10
turned the llro and llinlly snccu-deci in mak
ing his assailant lido aw.iy Tlicro is intense
uxcitomcnt in the vicinity of tho.u.siult i'iid '
.1 force of covvbov friends of Smith are hunt
ing the country for the man who did tbo
Ni'.iJIiliS J'KOJTill ? II JTltK * .
Thogoveinorof Idaho has approved tin1
bill appropiiating s.iOUOO for the woild's fiir
The engineer and flieman wcio killed In a
wieek on tbo Philadolphli iS : Ucaillng road
list night near liu.ivei Vallo > .
Uhmlos Kellogg , well known thioughout
the countiy as n civil engineer and inventor ,
died at Findlav , O , last night
Hoiirescatatlio Spinolaof New Vork is so
llouslj ill of neivous prostration nt the Ar
lington hotel , ills iionos are alarmed.
The througti mail iiain from the south on
the Atlantic coisL illno was doiailed noai
liichmond , Vn , ottorday A iinmbu ol
pisscugorji wcie bimly biulsod and slnkoi
up The baik Uinbortii Prince , from Uosnrlo ,
wentashoro last ntght on Uoinors shoals In i
terrible gale Uovtmuo uitu-ia dul not suc
ceed in rescuing thouiov\ until hitejcstculaj
The nov\ iron tpfunor , Masina , the Ilrst o
the kind o\er built li ) Chicago , wan biucess
fully launched vcy.iciday ; at the yards of the
Chicago ship ouvjtiiir , ) ( ioiiiimv. | bholso
1 , ( > 00 tuns dlsplaqciiif'ut ' and iu longtli JUS fee
ever all. iai
Acting1 Secret ury-j rant bus detailed I.icm
tenants I'owhitna and Clink of Mio Tentl
c.ivulry to siiocUil iduty with tlio beioni
Wustplmlian UI.MHIU'H , No 11 , of tlio impoiia
( ieiniau armj , fin the puiposo of
the ( Jorinaa
Ycatordav the prtsenioof the joint nssoni
bly of the West Virginia loglslatuiu l ieiiton
imtlJ MO. llrov\iiof thu United btato
mi vy , ono of thohcioesof Simoaii.s pro
bcnlod with n buinUfu ! and .suitublj in
hcribed sword , voted him by the legislatur
as u testimonial of the honor lu which his nil
tivu state held him
Tiiablllllled in thociicult comt ntChl
cage yesterday \Vlllliini M Ilalm and Ui ]
waul Mnnslield represent that they were ap
pointed by the su promo court of Ohio to proceed
coed against tno Hueko\o Mutual llio liisui
an 10 company to annul Its chartorund roller
liability Irani policy holders.Villhun \V
Ilrowit wus the agent ( or iho tumpaur fo
Minnesota , \Ylicoiisln , Michigan anil Illlnol
up lo the tlmo of hli dcnth , Tobniaiy 1 , since
wheu II 11 Vuter has had i-hatgo The
books show that Ilrown owed the companj
$ , 0,1)00 ) , and that hoonl ) hna h ) on depoaf
to his credit Tlio court la nsited to comix
Vuter to turn ovui all the papers and hooks
That Is the Way the Alton's Action ia
I'lio Divinrmlir-i'imMit of tin * Wrulcru
1'iiHncngci Assoclnlloii I'rcdlrtcd
A Doilslon Alb'iMlnn the
Iowa ( Vulrul.
, 111 , Maich II
IVlegrain to Tim lUr ] - The ill till nil y bo-
woeu the , laiksou\lliu Soulbensterii line
and tbo Western Passenger assoc-latlon , pri'-
clpitated by the action of the Chicago St
Mton , is liublo to piiiduco serious ifsulta.
I'l csldont Hook isory poslllvo and outspoken -
spoken in the in iltur
" \Vo have done nil wo can to set matters
right nml supposed wo Ind things arranged
satisfactorily , " ho slid. "Weoftoiod tojolu
ho a.ssoihitlon In gootl faith , and had It not
> oun for the mtlon of tlio Alton
hciovonld h.ivo bix'ii no trouble Thu
'net is the ) aio simply demanding
mi > ossibllltlos of us 'llio Insist on oiu
rotting in all Urn 'J cent milcigu tickets wo
lavoonlnnd that Is something no onu IMII doe
\\e have fnrnls'ied a list of all of HUMP and
njforo long thov will bo usi'd up and that
vlll bo thu end ot tbo matter Hut Mr
Ch niton doesn't seem sattillect with this
\flir doing all that wo wt-io nslnd to do he
comes in with fuithor demands bo.voinl tlio
ronch of Iniin.m poi\or to giant , and weai-o
omiielled to uerlino. Wo hive mule out
est conivssioii and have all we can do and If
wai 1ms to como let It como \Voc\pecl \ the
sai.ta I'o to staml by us In the llglit , II 0110
ins to come , anil tint nny mum the dismom
teniiuiitof the association , but If so woeau'l
lolpit. "
The Doclslon Alodllleil.
CIIUMOO , March 14 The Iowa Central
road has becji trying veiyliml to socuio a
rtsversal of tbo recent deoisioi of the hoard
of comnilssioucrs of the Western Iriftie.niMi-
elation , In whloh it was re-quired lo acUanco
ta rate on eeitahi cominoditii's 17 to 20 cents
> or 100 from Cliirago to Iowa nolnU , unit also
.oadvnmo its rates from thocnst bunk of the
Mijslssippi to OsKiiloosa and Maishnlltown
on truilic from the east , Chairman \\ulku
oudercd a decision todav inouifying his tlnd
ngof I'ebruaiy-Oln the in attar of ratus on
commodities from Chicago , but relaxing the
ledbion us lo tlio proportional rates f IOLI tbo
Mississlul river I'ho figures established are
simply experimental and subject to dianye ,
f they fail toproduco the object in vieiv.
n ? nor ni'v
Di svrit , Cole , Mnich II It is rumored
on good authorlu that the Hio Gramlo , v ,
AVestorn road , in order to scouio a shortci
.iiiototho I'aclfio coast , is negotiating for
ilio purchase of the Oregon Pacific road , pio-
juctcd liom Vaquma b.iv , on the Oivprn
coast , to Holso , Idaho , and will build a rail
reid fiom Ogden , Utah , to connect with It ,
vvhloli would gl\o it a first class tr < iti3
coutiiicntal loutc
An Important Alliance.
JSF.VV Voiiit , March 14 I'lic Now } "oik
Centnil road has assumed control of the
Homo , Watcrtovvn & Ogdonsburg road under
alnnploase TheallimcoU a vcty imi > ort-
ant one
MII until
They Make a Deiiiainl 1'ur Slmi-tir
Uoni- . and loie I'aj.
XrvVcniit , Mnich 14 [ Spociil Telegram
toTin Hi L | The iii.itod fr.nnei's of this
citj hi.vo niiilc a domain ! for slun'tci hoim
and inoro ivaRos , and threaten to1 stukcou
Miy 1 unless the bosses anccle to it Tiny
want eight houis to constitute adaj'swork
the tint llvodajs of the week and seven
hours for Saturdav Thoj ask that wages
bo increased f torn 4(1 ( to 4. cents an hour nnd
that the bosses' books and coiitiacts Iw oinn
foi examination .it an ) tiino the union do-
slios. Thebosios will leluso to sign any
contract Tney sav that llioy w ill niri ee te >
shorten hours and increase wages to those
desorung , but thej ptotest the demand that
coiitiacts bo open for examination at any
A I'll < t ii t it i. / ; .11 fit n Kit.
Hi-j.iiit MaJ es n Visions Assault
on ii ( ripple.
Neb , March H [ Special Tele-
guun to Tun HIT ) A piobiblo murder ,
which was committed on March ! i in the
north pirt of tlio county , has just been undo
public in Kearney , and theofliccrs of the law-
are searching diligently for tlio guilty ono
J. W. Ualouc , a well-Unovvn painter and
pipei hunger of this city , is l\lnx in a Mrj
ciitical cDiidiliou from the effects nf an as
sault made ou him bUouU U IJr\.iut , who
was lu ualono's omplo ) on tils i inch , t.iltlng
care of his stock On the day of
the altercation I.niono ropninamled
Hrvnnt for neglecting his v\ork ,
when ho turned ui > on his einplo\er.
knocked him down with a
trampled liis face and body , unslmig his
skiill and bte.'iking three ilbs Mr Ltilono
is a ciiiiple ami itmld not nnvedofended liiiu-
selt oidinarily Ur ant sought mfugo at the
Try it this
Spring. It tones
The Nerves
Makes tlie
Weak Strong
Insist Upon
Having Hood's
fold by ull ilru uMs . II , hlxforH Prepared
onlj byu 1 11UUD&.IU , Umoll , Mass.
1OO DCBS Ono Dollar
of H S , Cool mill Mil Irnunro to
thoolllovr who ntleinptoil to atro t him.
ShcrltTVINoiilHnuu In pursuit of Dry nut.
\\ltli lli < IM-oceciU.
N , Neb , Miuvli II | SK | > ilnl toTup
lC Al 'Ihoiiiin , imthihltlomst , < < liuroh
liionihor , nllliiniovorkoi ami * too it dealer , is
Keno \\llb \ him \\ent \ (1'JtX ) b ( loner lup to
fricinl'4 and nnltrlibors. lie bought IIOKS
enoiiRh toload two curt , L . \ lniolioilt * in
liniment , u Inch hopioniUed uould ho o.uhed
011 \ VcilniuilnThose' I'hoikt r-uiKe'il in
ainoiintA from $10 to f..Vl On Tnovlay
'I'liomns luft for Oniiiha with the hoes , tnldtif ;
aloni ; bs ( llttlo Inn , I'.ildlo XolhniK w'"n
In-art ! fn\n lilin till last nl ut , uluu hlnulfe
reidvod a hitter mailed at Count II llliiiTM
ThU stated that 'Ihomu * hml undo up bin
mliiil not to return Ho hml liailn hli son
cruoilbv o at the Onialia union depot and
stalled him iioino. Souuiur Ihoiuai' victims
hope hoU11 \ return unit sot tilings right , hut
theio uiv fovv
nl' St'-allnu \\a1ch. .
Pi MTMOITII , eb , Mnidi 1 --Hpoeiul 1 (
TcloRrnm to Tin IbK.J This aHcrnooii
\VllllaiiiCarroll , ntmide'nt of HillliiftsUmn , n
siilnurb of lliln city , wai in rested on tbo
e-haiK" of slo.iluiK' natch biloiicrln to
\Vllllnin Hull Carroll wan dl lni : a well at
Hull's pl.ion and ivont into tbo house to
( IIIIIIKU his clothes and It is thar ed stole the
watt h dminc Mrs Hulls Usaiporaiv abu'tiro
c.anoll ; wua varchru , bntll Is heliovetl he
bnil in the mean time hidden thu valeh In the
hnin , in II was not found it ] > oii hit jn'ison
llowu.s bruught Into t < i\\n \ niul lodKOil Injnll
Sold In tlio Itnnlc.
sn n , Neb , March II [ Special
to Tun litii 1 The C'.iulesA. U'iobo dij
Roods stoulc was - < olil todaj l > i llio ( Iriinil
Island llanldiiK ( oinoiny to ( ! . il Mclutin )
of I'opclci , Ivan. , for $ it,700 I'.irliosvoro
picsent fioinvarioii1 * points In tlio west and
tliobiililltiK uoa qnito llvelj 'iho nninunt
pilil win much less thnn the otiRinal coit of
tbo KooAa It ia statt-d that Mr Mtlntiru
\\llluoiitliiuothobiisniis4 in this fit ) and
\vlll bcie.idy to open upiii a fovv days
A r"jtl7i-iis' 'I lektM.
KI\IIMI , Neb.March 11 fSSpei-lnl Tolc
Biiun to Tin1 HH' ] A eitln-us1 convention
\vii held hero todiy , rcsultliiB in the no'tiina
tion of Stanley Thompson formnvor , and lor
councilmeii ,1 11 Murphy , ( i 1 * . Cailvvoll ,
TV M. lliiKliaiu and Nnthau Catnpboll This
ticket i stipposoil to icpioscnt the principles
of tin ; Knights of Labor ami their lillitM.
Aeulilon tally Stint.
Ili.ur SviiiNOP , Neb , March li [ Special
toTiti'UKK I Word has just been broufiht hi
tint a farmer named Wolf , li\iiiK about four
miles east of Odell , shot himself yesterd.u
and will die It is supposed to have been mi
jr.iv JM : > ix i >
I'tuiik DoltScrioiiMy Hurl In a Uuii-
iiAccitlent. .
DBS MoiNb" , In , March H ( Special Tolc-
giam to Tut Hrr ] A runawaj a"eidcnt oc-
uiriedon Cottnfjo Giovo avoiino this foic-
noon that will piob.iulj prove fatal to Traiil :
Doit/of West TnenU seconcl sticot , Mr
Doit/\v < it drivinir alon r the street with a
load of household poods , when his horses sud
denly heo.iuio fiif'litcned unil started to run ,
KOIIIL ; down the sticot at urc.iluieclt sjieed ,
until nearinj'anipproichiniteam ; , the ) made
n sudden turn , raining the vilililo ag.iinft
the cuib-stone , deinolKhiup tbe vva-ron and
precipitating All Deitto the mvoment , his striWiif ? on a sb u p welt , Inillctini ; a
filKbtful vvound The fone of the fall rcn-
dciudhhii tincoiisclouit la-st icports he
ua. > in .1 cutical-conclitiuii
lion. < lolut \ \ < * aie HnritMl.
CI.IHU lUi'iUM , la. , March 14. The funcial
of Hon John \\eiro , a jnonoer lovvan and
Cluciuo cafiltal'st ' , f.iiiuu ± . of ljcrt iV' w ,
Mrs Mare Morton and M"rH. . Hubbunl
of Pliicai o , occurred here tliw aflernonn
lecei ) ea was tblrtv-llio ywiis a \vith .lohn
I Rlauo , instrumental in orgaiil/inga mo\c-
ment for the building of the flr > t i.iilroad
from the Mississippi liver into the intciior
ot lona. _ _
Sluirt on AVnlor.
Cm VTON , In , March 1 1. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : lU.i.J The soconil cncjiAo on a
double ncador freight turn pome vest
dropHxl | its clown sheet nt I'roscott this
morning , l nglnoorloo Uilfcnbnuih and
riroimn Osboino v\cio liadly burned nnd
biuisul. though not dangerously. Several
cars were derailed.
/Vii IOVMI Xoivii hcori'hod.
Si/\s , la , March 14. [ Special Telefilm
to Tin I3ur j Tire this inornijr < letrood
the stoic olV. . D. Utter & . ! ? on. hardware ,
furniture , boots and shoo'.Pylo . . Chandler's
li.irneas shop. Aliens liunos > shop , . I K
Dobb's bnli'her shop and ISlIss Johnson's
residence. The loss Is estimated utfioin ? r,000
to § IOK)0. ( _
I'ii/c I l luliiK i'i ' Indiana.
vruiiixMii r , Ind. , March 14. | Spccidl
Teleguunlo 1 in BII 1 'Iho tbioo monar--
rested scmaloelisaRO for prize flRhtlns
vveioilischarRcd from custody todnj on the
prounil that while the statutes pi ov id oil u
licmj pemltv for llBlitniR they did notilc-
linovvhat constituted a piuo Unlit .ludfio
Snjder of the circuit court londcied tnis
opinion Under the decision the puo light
maj take place hi Indiana with iuiinunitj
Almost E\eryone
KuciNvs That it is
I mportant
To Purify
The Blood
In tlie Spring
INIontlis , and
Is Generally
As the Standard
Of all the seasons in the
year , the Spring is the one for
making radical changes in re
gard to health. During the
winter , the system hecomes tea
a certain extent clogged \vith
waste , and the blood loaded
with impurities , owing to lack
of exercise , close confinement
in pooil } ' ventilated shops and
homes'and other causes. This
is the cause of 1 he dull , sluggish ,
Tired Feeling
so general at this season , and
which must be overcome or the
health may he entiiely Inokcn
down. The old lime domestic
remedies aio generally di
caidcd in favor of the
Standard Blood Purifier
I food's S.irsapanlla , which has
attained the greatest popular
ity all over the country as a
favorite Spring Medicine.
Hood's S.irs.ipaullasoonejipels
the accunmlation of impurities
through the bowels , kidne\ ,
liver , lungs and skin , and gives
to the blood the purity , quality
and tone necessary to good
f ood's
Sid ! In all < lru-jiMt. , il M\forJ > I'miatod
oiilj by I 1 1IOOII11) , lmu U Mas *
1OO DOSOB Ono Dollar
Chicago's ' rircmon K pt HVIRJ "During *
dny Night'3 Uitcutttiin Watches.
I'lglHiou .Mil I inn I > iillaiKv\iMl
U'oild'H I'nir SliillcrH-U nltllng
ol' Amu IH-P ? | | NS I itller
/Viiiioiinrril ,
CmiAi.o Orru r oi- Tin l\rr \ 1
fun MIO , Inn h II f
The ClilciiRO lliodoiiirttiunt InultbelHli
list night hut iilf-ht tlint it IIIIH knnvv n In n
longtime 'Incro were ( \ \ i ) gem nil alinna ,
IVM > "THO eleven s' ' and Novual iinall llr i
within the * pari ) of IHO or tlun' lioura
Tidily weimigiiios , a Iho bout niul olhor
npiuiriitus wire working on the tv\n inn lit''s
nt llio sumo time , mil Chii f MuMbxll
SHeniiMit onu tiniii felt loiisMeralile aiiMCi
loitanolbur larcu llro should bicik out in
iinothoi locallt.v.
Suvonl lliemi'ii icrcl\oil I'alnfiil ' injuiloi
nml Chluf hwenli himself nny line uiiiiji-
He wassirnik on Hie1 head and soviiujtut
lj u plcii1 of falling conileo.
i ( in MIO'S in nr
Coniitiollii | Onihiiii'sanninl report sliovvs
the bonded ilabl of ( Miluigo lo bo fl , r.Mli ) )
osilUHi\o of llio $ , * , IHHIUI , ( ) vMirlil sfmr imi l-x
The total icioiptsof the pastcm w < ic $ '
Dlrrilor ( ILIIIJI.II Hails of Ihooil 1 fun
is proniring for nnotlicr till vv itli tin KM u
dltectori Sometlmoago Iho i-diiiuntlM . .n
foii'lmiiilTnin ailopted a nsulntun inuuiiig
him the bead of tint ill pirtuu'iit Imlij bo
notlllod the loiiiiiuttou Hint hn vvnull lull ro
thn i oMilution and liunself nnpoini u liu f
April 1
MIS11I 11)11 ) TO 1IU MlUlliril
It is announced that Chief Justin1
Tiilli'i liav issued cnnls for tlio marriage o
their daughter , ( Irmv , to Mr Anlilbald
Iliowuof Chicago After tlio a ro
icntioii will bo ghon nt the chlot justice s '
homo. Tills wcdilinij will bu thu c\ cut uf tlio
season \Viishi til ( ; on socioU.
TIIUI I > III\'T i-vn-r.
Thurc should hive licon some vvholesnlo
evictions ntl'ullinan today , hut tlici-o wasn't
'lodaj was the tut daj ot grico granted to
the defeated strikers who now oc
cupy Mr Pullman's bouses , but who
have been told to get out It was e\
jicctod that thcro would > o a Kcnoril
exodus of tlio thiilj-fourj fiin.ilies. hut
noonostirud 'llio sliiktrs still hold the
foil in the hanilsomo little buck cutt.igos on
1'nllimn nunnc l urtliorinoic they rl.iiin
that thoywlll rontinuo to do so that no
power on earth cm inikis Ibein mnvu tin u
wivmand little ones into tliotivut I'lio
comnanj's clllcials , on the other hand , s > a >
that the men will move , tint tlicv will have
to got out Momliv jieaceiblv if thej will ,
foicibly if neeessaiy So that it is not un
likely that next vvuik will \vltnc'63 some
scenes of exciting interest.
vv fvrKHX n our iNriiiciuo
Among tlio wostorii people in ( Jlmago to
div v\cio the folloivuiR
At the r.ntiel 1'icitii Smvc-iC (
( iilinan Muscatine , la C H houtliorn ,
Ccdm Itapidlu
At \\LllIiiEtoii-i \ \ : . 1' . IS.istnmn , Bui-
llntrton , la
At tlio Lolnnd Cilonol W F" ( ! om
Majoi ,1 M Bui hi1 , Omaha , d ( J
fsovv York
At the Auditorium ( ? L Stioup , Idaho
T A llaiuock , Uubuqui- . , 1 { M
Marshnlltonii , la I' 0 ilnbboll
Moines W A I.vons.V II Uleharn
Monfni.i. K P Shear , DM JMulnos , .1 A\
J ruimnell ana wife , Lincoln
At llio PalinciV ( J hpeniorV. \ . I )
D.-rafTiilr Vilt Ifltec vSty. , T T1 suailm an >
wife , Oinihn , \ \ 1 llajis and wife , C Ini
ton , h . .1 U. ( iiinble , Yankton , S 1) , ( ,
lllossom , Duidwooil. S ID
Atthe Uromeit 1 S. . 'rinuDumiquc , la
At the Giatul PaciHi'J J. Daglc L , I
Hill , T .1 butclilfe. Oiuuln +
Atthu PaluiLr-U U Hilton and famiu
At the Auditorium-II J. Calkins , K1. J
i'caison , Omalu
\Kitm iii Coiitinl.
Pin-limn , Pi , March 11-Tho
Switch nnd Signal couipaiiy reoreanired
; todaj as announced list night , thn Westing-
I house intciesti , assuming control Scci-otiii\
1 Hovvand , who engineeied tlie otner deal v is
I stiickcn v\lth iiiopluM | thisafternooii \ \ cst
iiiirbousu has issued i sUitenient in whuhh
said the business afT drs of the eompmv VM ,
bo reoi ganizect at once
Tnlteii \Vjnniing. .
SAIT LIKI : , Utnh , IMareli II 'Spociu
Tolcgiamto Tin I3n 1-lohn vVlnto the
man who obtained a Judgment against the
Union Paclllc for M.-'MW for
. - damages at
tempted luiohing b.v tram hands , was todiy
taken \\'vomlng tube tried foi thenmidcr
of Urakcman i'at Ta gait
'llic t'n11 I'm ma Contest ,
SitnvMisi. Cal . .MaiUi -AnotherInl- -
lot for L'nittu Stiles son.Uoi uil.ei <
toilaj , icsulting. Ustoe , J4. lo ) "iouiitf , 't.
I'Vlton , II , Blantliaid , Y. .Jolmson,4 \\i \ t
moie , 1 1 bo nomoi rals cist a couipu-
montary votn forilium I ) J iigli , h
To cuie Scrofula ,
Salt Rheum etc. ,
It is necessary
To Purify
The Blood
The Remarkable
Success of
\s a ladical
Hlood Purilier
And cM
M.iKc it woilhy
Your Confidence.
U creates
An Appetite , and
Makes tlie
Wealc Strong
He sure
to get
getHood's '
Sild li ) nil dru.jj | K II al\fir , > Ji I'niiarol
oiilj bj C 1 IIDUIKV (0 ( Lowell Mais
1OO DOBOB Quo Dollar