Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 15, 1891, Part Two, Page 16, Image 16

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Tomorrow , Monday March 16th , tlic People's M .1111 moth Installment House , begin their First Grand Special Sale , In accordance with their usual custom , they
will make this their first sale of the year an extraordinary one. All goods will he sold at prices never heard of before , simply as an advertisement. Wishino-to
further introduce themselves as the lowest priced Furniture , Carpet and Stove House in the city , a general invitation is extended to everybody to visit their establish
mcnt , whether wishing to purchase or not. Max-ing-added another store , they arc now enrolled to serve the wants of customers better than ever before. Open every
ming until 9 o'clock. ' Below a few prices are given , in order to give an idea , how cheap goods will he sold. These prices arc good this week only.
Urttf i * ' * Note These Prices , Beat Them if You Can.
$17.6O Chamber SuitB go this wcolc for < ) O.OG $1O Book Cases go this week for $ 4.00 3fio Ingrain Carpets go this woolc for $ .JQ
$45 Parlor Suits go this week for 1O.OG $25Uptight Folding Beds go tins \vookfor 14.6O 3Co Stair Cnrpots go this week for
$15 Docl Lounges ere this week for Q. < 15 $17.5O Mautol Folding Bortsffo this week for 7.25 $3 Rugs go this wcok for 17
$13 Bureaus go this week for O.SO 87.6O OIHcoDoJks go this week for 3.75 40c ' 150
Hotnp Oarpotsgo th's week for
$3.SO Mattresses this wcok for . i Q
go 1.05 840 Secretaries go this wcok for 24.6O $4 Loco Curtains po tlila week for .
$3 Springs go this week for 1.1O 812.6O Cook Stoves JJTO this week for 7.6O l.OO
83 Toi ot Sots go this week for .
$3 Ha a gin Lamp 3 this \vook for 1.7O I.QQ
g go $35 Ranges go this week for 22.OO S3.6O Tables
go this week for .
$17.60 Sldobonrtls tlila wookfor O.4O I.QO
qo $8 GaeoliuoStovoaKO this wcok for 5.4O . '
87.GO Bxtorsioa Tables
go th'o week for .
$7.GO PIUBhRockorsKO this week for 3.05 3.05
$15 Baby Onniajrosyo this week for O.SO $1 F Hews so th's week for *
$3 Center Tables this week 1.05 50
ere lor 83 Oil Paintings go this week for 1,05 815O Comforts
go week for
75oTonICottlas 0 thiswock for 05 . " ' . QQ
81.75 "Wash Bailers go th'swcok f. r OO 25o "Weed Palls this
go week for .14
And All Other Goods Sold Equally as Low. m
Call at once and avoid the rush ; no trouble to show goods ; polite attention to everyone ; no interest chargcd ; open at night ; car tickets furnished
those residing at a distance ; Freight paid on all goods shipped within a radius of 100 miles ; goods sold on easy payments and delivered free
of charge daily to Council Bluffs , So uth Omaha , Ft. Omaha and Florence.
On a bill of $10 , one dollar down and one dollar per week. nPoT
v , * * . rt. I I A A . . & M. - . _ _ _ . I _ _ _ _ _ _ II. * ! _ _ _ _ H ion o
Special Terms on Large Bills.
7F\ \
{ . .j
' " ' '
, 6l7m'9 and 6 rTTortIi."IB'th 'Street , Between California and Webster.
Tbo Opcniug of the Spring Wild Fowl
Shooting Season.
On tlio TutT anil In Ilic Hlntf-l lu >
llyker-s llwc/o I'oullry , I | KIMIIIS
mid I ) OK * nntl ( ioHulpy
The long \\lntor \ , although thcro has been
but short ami infrequent spells of inclainciit
weather , is about over nt last , mul the spring
wild fowl shooting will open up shortly , 'iho
sportsmen are all busy discussing the pros ,
pats mid the uuuiiinous opinion seems to bo
tlmt the shooting will bo good. Thc.v was
plenty of lend loft our fioin last fall anil
with nn abundance of water tills spring , anil
tliero Is every likelihood that thcro will bo ,
tlio birds will return to their favorite
fcnimts In largo numbers. While tlie state
ment holds good that tbew will bo plenty of
attractive feed for the ducks , wlio sulblst
chiefly upon the seodsofaeimntlc plants , smart
reed , not gru s acd the like , it will
not bo so ivitli thrt RCOSO. They feed princi
pally In tilt com Holils uiid stubble , anil It Is
a wcll.kno'.vn fact that the cereal crop hi this
iluto last jenr vits | rutty muth of a fniluro ,
still not to such AD extent a ? to wholh iloprlvo
tlio geese of their nourishment. That it will
not bens plentiful n& in ordinaryycnrsis still si
fact however. Xotwitliatanair.irthlsconilitlon
cf things , the olil-hooters are piedictlng great
ij.ort with both ducks ami geese.
The nia'lurds ' ami pintails have nlro.ulj
begun to drop In at iho cpon nii'.ois , and tlio
Impatient gunners arc all In iillui ry of activ
ity. Guns are being tlcnniM up , hunting
clothes hauled forth , xvadors put in order ,
boats overlooked , and In fact everything
done that will warrant a Juiiiptngout on tin
llrst train at n moment's notice.
And what iv cranil andhenllh-gniiig ; llfo is
this outdoor life of the snort-men , who have
been Uonsoa all these dreary winter days ,
with only nn occasional brealc In the monotony
ony furnished by rii afternoon beliiiul the
Irap. But they are delighted to turn from
these nriiUcistfsubUltutcs to try ttieir skill
on ii-al flesh and feathers , thoonlytruosport.
And what is grander or moio uxhllniatiiifj
than n tnp to the lakes and rivers ami
lagoons and lowlands In these balmy spring
dajs ; a tramp through the rustling woods
along some toituous slouch , or a morning and
evening in a blind on the river slioro rr
In tlio mauh , with the multifarious
peinines [ of tlio budding vegetation and tlio
terming waters In your nostrils and tlio
music of the mallard ami thorodhead's wine ;
the boumllnE honk ! ah-honk' oftliouoliln
Canada tlm " " of
or sharp , thrilling Ueap"
tbo Jack-snlno lining the fragrant air all
about vou llegono vlth nmijo anil trap ,
with their petty jealousies uuil bickerings
over compotltlvo scores , \vlicu those lutoujcr
pleasures are proffered you ,
Uko poets , the true sportstniu Is born , not
made. His proclivities aroinheiltedand In
bred , aad wbethcrho bo successful orunsuc-
ccs if ul In tilling his bag or cruel , with gun erred
rod , ho would not exchange a clay's cotnmun-
Ion \vlth nature , such as ro his when out
for wild fowl la the sweet spring tlmo , for
years at the scratch behind a trap loaded
with a plpeon or blade birdmndoot as-
plialtutn and clay , with a cheap medal as a
reward for skill , Onto a sportsman , nUvays
n sportsman , and there Is 110 Joy in tbo whole
twelvemonth so dear to him as the tlmo
vhoiiho dons the plcturesijun niblllinenti of
the llelJ and salllos forth to try his skill on
fit. furor feather.
The first ducJu to como In here nro gonor-
nlly the pintails , anus aeuta , a peculiarly
liandsome duck , hut not so much thought offer
for table puriKisis , They are on tlio best
terms with the mallard family , traveling ,
feedlnp and roosting with them , tint In note -
to bo compared with tLeu , Although
pintails coii.o In here In countless mmberi , I
luvo iicvor boon fort uiwto In seeing but few
of them , and lm\e succeeded in bagplng but
tbreo or four in lour years sbootiiij ; . I'ol-
lott'hif ; the pintails , como the blue Mils ,
fullKiila mnrilu , tlio c.mvai buk , red heiil.
inallnul , widgeon ami teal , the Uttorlu gicnt
numbers , both blue and ureeii wini ; . Tlm
nnllmil , too , is a very numerous bird in this
legion , mul well I'ornfod is equal for tiblo
purposes toeitliiT thognstionoino'sfavont ? ' * .
the c.mvns buck and icd The blue bill ,
,1 rait ) little beauty , is also another line
tnblo bliJ , : uiil as they decoy beautifully ,
afford in line sport us any mcmbor
of the faully. In tbo past live
\cars tbcro hns been n notable diniinish-
niont In llio ruml'crs of tlio canvas back
that visit those wateis , anil ills u uro thing
that a bapof ndo/.cu Is leportcil. Itvas no
trick nt all , ton ycais IIRO , for Jack ICnowlcs ,
John I'otty , orany of tboohl market shoot
ers totally foilh any inoinlnKln season and
rcunn in tbo ovcnliiK with aba ? of from
fort } to sKtv baclr. They can't ' do
tlnxtlodw on even mixed iluuks , and ( begun-
nor that knocks over bis down in the mornIng -
Ing , anil another in the i eului , ' , is ilompirood
The \vlinlo piosc family may DO counted
arnonp our visitors , from tbo ( .lately C.uiada
down to tbo SLOW or white KCOi'e , nnd
speckled brant , nndwbilo there is no bird so
kiiyinitl nai-y , the ) fuviiKli the most cxhilar-
ating and enjoyable spoil of all. Look I thcro
thoycoino now !
"SallliiKln tlie solemn midnight , unilernoatb
tbo frosty moon ,
I nan tliot'laiiijiiig pinions of cadi shad-
ovy platoon.
Xcartbcwinred hosts , commotion , marching
to llio Mmtbcin ocwin ,
File on ( lie , rank oil rank , spccilint ; to some
rcidy bank.
Oo/y fens or mursbus giay , far fiom fi.iftln's '
iej bayi
Ilonkini. ' , clnmorinp In tliolrlluilit , xindtr tliu
bluck clouds of the nk'ht. "
M'lny Hull ! "
I'resWent Harry SlcL'oriiilck , with a pang
of men , nut Hi u mi > lo of dajs tills week
shovel iiiu tbo snow that liacl ilriftcil In threat
banks against tlio noitli hldo of tbo Kraiul
stand , and raitinfMt away , and ctnoi-\viso lix-
iiiKUpthurouMK ( in order t olio in readi
ness lei IhuonenliiK of tlio exhibition nca ou.
This wcok afori'cof eari nlorsillbo put
to work on tlio build lug * . forces , nnd by
next Saturdiy thltiir. out Ihciu will bo In
piettv food sliaiio.
H is not certain yet with what team the
openiiitfpanio will bo played , but iti a loiter
toAInniRcr"SpMl" 1'arrlsli , AhnnperSlnn-
iion sajs it will likely bowitlitho.Musrcs.
Keropiiuini ; tbe stren tn of the Freaks ,
Summon beseoolu's ' Hpud" that la tlio event
tlio Fic.iks Kot tbo lll.irlc Sox uroppy , that
lifrefmin fiom kiioelilnti thoinoat. and that
some liino alonprdurinc tliodoRilays lie will
nlUnv Manager "Spail" to occupy n sent In
the soldiei-b' ' corner of tlio bleachers free ,
gtatisfor nothiiip.
. ' ' ' lio\v-
ThollrstK.inioof anvi'caltini'Oi'tanco , \ -
cvcr , will bolth Duvo Uovo's Mariners'
Alliance crew on Saturday , April 4 , tlio
initial paine of the tnlco-tlio-wliol&reeelpts
series , nt Lincoln , following this up the next
day -with tl.o setond gainu nt the saiuo place.
Oil tlie 11 tli anil l th the saino two teams
will pUy the tlilnl anil fourth Raines on the
local iroiiuas and the pUce for plsyint'tho
fifth Hill lw decided by a toss-up These
will lo great Kamoas moio dependson them
to the rcsnocllvo managoinintJ than nny
suries ot cliainpionibtp ( tames tliat will bo
played tills Beacon. 0 iny ! 0 mo ! ICdiho ,
AdainMoirill , Uus MeKohn , Ocncrnl Tied-
crlclc , JuOgo Lilo : , JIarry , Dick and tlio rest
of you , what \\ill biron.o of you if bhiinnoii
gets the razoo )
On April la anil II Sioux City will run
down for u co.iplo of ( fames and between the
5th and 10th the Cowboys will lo with us ,
All tliosopnnica urofor Iho entire receipts ,
Right hero I varn tlio umpire to keep an axe
uourhltn ,
On the Itith It is possible that theChlca -
BUS will bo hero. President McCormlck H
negotiating with them for ndnte , but as yet
they have been unnblo to hltili.
These Raineswith tbo giui.cs abroad , will
constitute about tliowholo of thn exhibition
sorlcs , m on April 10 the Brewers , If they
can got tliolr heads in at thu uurrlago gate ,
will bo on hand to open up the championship
Kn > r SlniilillprHiif the
The Coliseum , beginning with March 23 , Is
o bo the theatio ot another six-day female
> iojik ) raco. Manager linsch hu ? made all
tlio arrangements , and .s.iys it will bo an im-
: iro\eiti \ nt upon all previous affairs of this
lescription. Ainong the t'nlr str.ululcrs of
.ho wheel who will takn part in the chato are
Ivittlo lirown , Hilda iJulla , Aggie Ilarvuv ,
llolcn naldwin , May Allun , Minnlo Holmes ,
Uilj Williams and the .Masked Bykor. Har-
vo.v Just won the six.-day walkiii ? match at
A -com in' and A-goin' .
Prcsidont McCorinick forwarded roleasca
to both lilmcr Clevclanil and .lake Stonzel
Pnduy evening , and a trip tlcUotfrom Dallas ,
Tex. , to Omaha toXormnii linker ,
\\ritnH n Hotter.
PiT-i "iiuito , I'a. , March 10. Friend Sandy :
I see by TUB Si'Mi\i Uiiof : March 1 , ami
aUo the Spoiling Times , that you have mo
signed with Omaha. This is not , correct.
They forwauted mo a contract \\lth a redus-
iluction In salary , and t returned it unsigned
vUth thanks. I am glad they have signed
Mr. Donnelly for third babO. for it will give
nio a chance to get away. Vou will do me a
gieat favor bv publishing this in your valua
ble paper. Vours truly ,
lIlMKllIS. ClBVn.\Nl. |
Mr. Johnson Comes Again.
LINCOLN- , Neb , Maich 12 , To the Sporting
IMitovof Tin : lii ) : : : About n month ago 1
published a challenge in your paper , agico-
iiiB to walk any man In Nebraska for $200 or
more , and further agreeing to walk nny man
hi the United States ( of my age ) forlKor ) ( )
more , When 1 sent in thaU'hnllongc I meant
business. I was not running u blulT. No
ono has taken inc up , and knowing full well
If they hail desired to have done so they
woulu. 1 know Tin : Ur. " has nlnrgo circula
tion and ray elinllonco could not ha\o escaped
the cjcs of any \\nllter in Nebraska , or in the
I'lilted Slates , for that matter. Xobraska.
hi a no recognized cliampion walker , so 1 will
lay claim to that title , and if anvono wants to
wrest it from me thev can have the privilege
of so doing , foi any amount of money thov
desire to put up. I will also lay claim to the
title of "champion wulkor of niv ago in
America. " A.V ilmiN-niN ,
Champion Walker of Nebraska.
Oiiialia Kennel C'lul ) A
The Omaha ICpiinel club held its regular
monthly meeting on last Tuesday night , with
President .John T. I'.vans In tlio chair. After
calling the meeting to onlor , Hio secretary
was lequested to read over the list of appli
cants who ha\o applied for admission blnco
tlio last mooting , ami some eight or ton now
members were accepted. Ovlng to the absence <
sonco of some of the members , who were un
avoidably hold out ot the city on business ,
only part of the monthly business was trans
acted and the meeting continued to Tuesday ,
March 17. On a motion of some of the inoin-
b rs for a regular club room , the president
appointed three of the members to attend to
the routing of a suitable place , wheio the
members can moot nt anv time or entertain
any of tbo doggy men who may happen to
visit our city In this connection , It must bo
remembered that the club meetings tune
been hold nt the rooms of ono of tlio
member * Mr. Ctiarles Sablnslioso \ \ kind
ness is only excelled by the deep Intoiest bo
hns nil along taken la the club from tbo he-
ginning. And now that the club has funds
of Its own aim can well afford to lent n pleas
ant room In n centrally located place , It Is u
wise change. Messrs. Shoit , Cadogan and
Mair will report at the next meeting the ic-
suit of Uiolr efforts. The readers of Tup Uns
will bo notltlod the location when It is known.
I'millry mill
OMAHA , .March 13. To the Sporting Editor
oITm : ) ; : ; The necessity of n poultry and
pigeon chih In this flity Is dally becoming
ii'lt , and it I * only a matter of n short tlmo
when such an association ! ! ! force itself on
UH. Now that spring Is at hand would it not
IM a % vise suggestion to all levers of pure
broil poultry in this city and surrounding
country to make a stiirt In this matter and
organize such an association , I am sure there
nro plenty of fanciers In Omaha to make t
good start. It Is a remarkable fact that out
of Iho largo list of exhibits made at the hue
loultry and pet stock show given by the I < 'o-
jiaska association last November in this city ,
.hero were but n few owned by parties In
Dmaha. There were entries fiom ml o\er \
: ho custom country , and the little town of
J'opckn , Kan. , had chartered a car for their
Dlrds alone , istho nutter with Omaha ,
nro there nocliicKcii men hero ! A city \\itli
such a population must h.ivo moro or less
men Mho lo\o tlno fowls. Ueside- , there is
moro money with loss labor In tills hobby
than any oilier 1 can tlnnlj of , for the cuullal
laiil out. There are hundreds of business men
In these United States wbo are j early inaking
thousands of dollars , outside of their regular
business or occupation , in breeding line fowls.
1 might mention a few of the many. Tliero
Is ( JnptaihVluto , superintcniKint of ttio
United States mill service at Chicago , once
an old rlti/cn of Omaha , vho has
been breeding 1'lj mouth Kecks , Houilans ,
etc. , many years , and whoso sales must
icach well up Into the thousands In a year.
Sid Conger , slcciff of Shelby county , In
diana , another Plymouth Hock mini , who
says nil he has and owns today hns been
made by poultry. This includes u line farm
with blooded cattle on it. Cieorgo T. i'ltkin
of Chicago and hundred * of others uuoso
nnujoj 1ill 1 not mention , could tell the same
itory. But some will sav , 0 , that's the
use , thoicaro too many raising lluo poultry
already , it don't ' u.iy. lliere'awhere you
are mistake" , Tliero is ahvnys room for
moio. If vou don't bellevo it , Just try It one
season and it will have paid you so well that
you will not give it up. Anil it is only those
who ha\o tried It that know this. Your
naino will look Just as well in a poultry piper
as thsoo eastern men's , who are getting the
money for eggs and chicks that you should
linvo. You have no iilo.i how pleasant It is
to icccivo&S or $ ' 5 for just ouo setting of eirgs
thut cost you hardly H ) cents , and f 1 tofT > fern
n pair of fo\\ls In the fall thai did not cost
yon much trouble to ralso. Lot us fancieis
of Omaha meet mul oignni70ii club and by
next fall who i the Nebraska poultry show
gives an exhibit in ourcitv wo shall hold on
to rtt somu of thopn/.os. .All \ \ ho fuel
interested in this mutter should meet and
tnko action on the matter. Addicts , Poultiy
iranuers , yii : > j Suuth rourtcenth strout.
Tlio ( rank's Musical Jaw.
Wouldn't Hob Clilks make a good man for
AYIllls' place !
Manager Danny Shannon ami Thiid baseman -
man -I im Donnelly will arrive in Omaha next
it looks now as if Omaha would see hut
t'M > of the old players here this jcar-Walsh
and Canavii'i. '
Jim Daly , with thn Apostloa last season , is
at his homo in Rutland , Vt. , anxious to catch
on with .some team.
The Milwaukee ( mm has been ordered to
report April li. Thev are all such stars they
von't need any practice.
Himy Knymond'Lincoln's ' ' third hasotnan ,
is only n noni of tlio diamond. His icul
name is Harry Truman.
riio.MilwaukeO'plnjers will report A pill 1.
Manager Cuslunan has been to
make an custom trip In the spring , hut so far
has been unsuccessful ,
St. Paul has signed Clarence Connelly ,
who \\ill plav loft Instead of Osborno , who
will ho kept for box work , but occasionally
tnko his turn in ihu-llold.
Mtlwiiulico has > still another line t wirier
In Kred Smith of last season's foledos. The
Iire\\ers do not Intend to get loft for alack
of rotating talent any way.
What did Von Der A ho want with Joe
\Valshl- \ Kansas City coirespondent.Valt ,
jou'll see , when jou biiug up IMi'kott here
this sprint ; mid pit him against Joe ,
Tlio Minneapolis team i-oportod to Mnn-
nper Hnriington at Chicago yesterday and
will leavotomorrow for Kansas City , \\hero
tlioy will do their spring practicing.
It Is not very likely that Major Jack Kherl-
dan will be sitcn here as an umpiioaftir all
this season. Ho writes that helms about con
cluded to remain on the coast imotht" year.
Shannon has fully made up his mind to let
Willis out , Hois neeotl.itlng with a much
stronger man with evoryassuianceof getting
him , Tills will give Oiimhu a staunch out-
Held ,
Pitcher Clark CJrlfilth has so furrofused to
como nnjwhero near an agreement willi llio
Milwaukee club , ( Iritllth ns olTeivd J-i.MW
to sign n contract last full , hut thought ho
could got moio and refused to do so. Now ho
cannot get over f .2,000 , but will not sign for
that sum.
Tim OMtourko , the saddle-haired youth of
Syracuse , Is fuinishlng grounds fora lively
scrap bchvocn St Paul and Allnnoanoiis ,
with every prospect of St. Paul's coming out
on top.
Frank Leonard , of last year's Oniihas ,
will probably handle the Portland , Mo. , New
England lenguo tonm this year. Ho has the
best of wishes from his host of fneiids out
this way.
Dutchy Shock has half n notion to quit
Mihvaulieo and jump to the Washington-
American association team. It Is a twenty
dollar gold piece to a vest button that ho
don't. ' What does Shock want in a minor
league ?
"Will M. Reekor , secretary of the Milwau
kee baseball club , Iout. . The dhectorate is
said to have bein dlssatilieil with some
things bo hns done during his connection
with tlio club. A. W. Frieso will fill the
After nn neck-ani ! * ck race with Hilly
Harrington of Is'lnneapolis ' ManagerCush-
man of Milwaukee accepted tbo terms of
Fred C. Smith , the Toledo pitcher , who
made such a great iccord with that tsam
last year ,
Jlllly Moran , who made n stagger nt catching -
ing for Omaha last season , \\ill \ manage and
captain tlio .loliet , Illinois-Iowa , league team ,
this year. 'Jliat lomimis me that Charlie
Ashinger won the six-day hicycloracoin De
troit a week ago.
Norman TJ Baker AN ! ! ! lloat in from Texas
nliout next Monday , and then on to the llOth ,
the pinjcrs will bo droppiiu' in. Baker is In
a hurry to get hern , ho wntos , as ills vet
mid mining down there , and ho wants to go
Into the gymnasium vith JoeWalsh. .
Two wee-US from next Kiturdav and the
nnndato "play bill ! " will ilpg out upon the
umbiont air at the local ballpark. It will bo
the opening game of the taku-iill-tiie-gatcio-
coiptbsorius botnccn the iil.iclt Sox and the
farmers' Alllnnco from I Incoln ,
Alison's Windy cltv crew the grand old
man himself , I'felTer , Duhlcn , C'oonoy , Hums ,
Wilmot , livan. Foster , Carroll , Naglo. Knt-
rldgo , Orolt , Hiitcninson , I uby , Sit-in mid
( iumlicr , will fill in tiio spring at Domer.
They play nt l-incoln April 11 , anil probamy
lit-re tlio day following.
T-ho world can go on now and revolve
around its axis again Just tlio same as ou-r.
Manager Cush man has decided on tbo color
of the uniforms for Ins swelled heads this
jear. It lUll bo white , with black tilmmlnirs
and no socks. Tlio traveling gc-arwlllbo a
bluo-grov , with socks , probably striped ones.
Minneapolis has started to the contract
breaking business by sliming llonau , t-.itihor ,
under contract with tlio Cincinnati Amoiicnn
asssotlation to.un. Life. Well , why doesn't
Cincinnati retall.ito and pluck a few Wi-slern
association vegetable's * You 'moinlier Allies'
proclamation , "sign all tbu players you \\nnt ,
It'suir ! "
Notwithstanding the high sounding letter
written by Colonel IM. K. Kifo of the Ohio
SUUo Journal for .lack Croolts , it Is a well
known fact out here that Crooks and .Mana
gerVatnlus \ hnvo an umtorstanillng with
each other , and if icrlaln things como to pass
Crooks \\lll guard second mul captain the
Saints yitthli year.
U'nn ICeofe and O'Uouiku ofthoXew Yorks
sav that Manuger Shannon has mndo no mis-
tnf < om .sign Ing.I im Donnelly to jilny third
lor Omaha this jcar. And as irgauls his
being a weak hitter , Kecfo s.iys that is a mis-
stake , that Donnelly Is moro than a fair bat
ter.Any way , " added the great Ciotlinm
twlrler'thoio ' area whole lot of peoplu in
the National league ranks I can fool a grent
deal easier than 1 can Jimmy Donnelly "
Is'orman Ilaltor writes Manager Shannon
from Dallas , Tt-x , that the Baltimore scribe
who said that ho had a perfectly useless arm ,
was ttiosamoUindof a writer "that Norman
is npliilanthioplst. All that Maker lacks to
make him a 11 fit class iihllantliroplst is
money , mid all that the llaltlmoro scriha
lacks to make him a wilter Is brains. In cun-
tr.ulirtlon totbj.s useless arm story , linker
su3 that tliero weio moro earned runs inuilc
oiT him in llio llrst ten games hu pitched
last hoason than In the whole forty ho
pitched afterwards.
Manning Isn't much afraid of Mllwaukoo ,
and neither Is anyone else Ho tlilnus thai
Cush man , in letting Jack Thornton go , Int go
the only pitihor who uas a "Jonah" to tlio
Kansas City tram The other Milwaukee
pllvhcn wt-ru hit very hard by Kansas Citj
and there is no reason whv It can't 1)0 ) ilono
again. lie thinks that Minneapolis Is much
stronger and has a very decided respect for
Denver and Omaha. Ho thinks tnat the
fonnor have gotten together a Hist class
team and nno that will cut , a biir item in tbo
race. It depends , however , a great deal upon
team work.
Manning is very enthusiastic over the out
look for the season in tlio wost. Ho thinks
\Vcstoriiassoclatlon is r > 0per cent stronger
tnau it over was bofoiv , nnd in addition
the clubs will ha\o \ a prio hung up before
tliein in tlio shape of n chtinco to piny In the
world's championship sericHo .savs tliat ,
the plan of having umpires under the control
of the board of control , insulin in such men
as Gaffnoy , Collins , Kmslio undSlieiidan , Is
worth a Rival deal to the west , it will insure
a squaio all around .mil gho i-onlldoneo
in tlio nullity of the umpires.
Manngur Watkins will take his cang of
Apostles to Hot Springs , Ark. , March i- ! for
a two \\oeks couiso of tr.i'nini' . Hetiirning
tlioylll phy at , Kansas Uity April 10 , opcn-
ing'tbo chiiinpionsliip season.
AVhiNitiiniH | from tin ; U'liccl.
The "Three Man club" is advertising for
a new "ofllco cat. "
Tbcio were 70,22ls : ! > ltors at the Philadel
phia Stanley show.
Urlaw has returned from a three months'
wef-twn bnsmesb trip
' "hoOmahahecl club members will talk
of riding to Council UluJT-i today.
I'rof. 1'errigo is arranging to reopen his
adios" riding school rcrly In thohpiing.
It Is almost n certainty that ono of Iho dates
In tbo racing circuit will bo assigned to New
York City.
A largo party of O.V. \ . C. inombers and
ladies visited tlio races at the Colbi-um in u
body last 1'riday nirfht.
S. Ci. M'hittnkerS racing days aie.over and
ho nas settled iluwn to iiuiutlifo in tbo man-
of a Philadelphia cvclo coinuanv.
Tlio wliei'liiimi of Chic.nro are omleavni'lnp
to Imo Lincoln opi'nod un ir wheelmen
at all hours , \\ith tlio same prlvik > ii. ; ! > as other
Kiulishlndv rideis wear \Uiat is known ns
a watch bracelet. It is i'lci I'ontaiiili ' u
a sin.ill openfaceatch , wh'cli ' U worn with
thnatrh iippmnuit.
Tbo whivl club's birthday "sinoVei" Inst
Saturday ovc'iiliig was a brilliant success In
oveiy w.w , Unmindful of the fuihin storm
that was iMKinir aiiout 010 Immlrud ineinbcis
nnd KUC-.IS nssoinli'od ' to enjoy tlio musical
lirOhT.iinmo and < ronpiK'ti/liii ' ; ivftoslimi'nts
that weio served about ID o'clock Tlio on-
toil.ilninent lasted until inUinU'litvlen tlio
crowJ dispeKoil. all voting a royal tiino and
wishing for another ton yc.irs of prosperity
to llio Omivh.i wheel ( .hi'j. ' The pro ritnn o
was us fullov.s :
Suli'clloii Awakuiiliu ; of the I.Inn
. . . Manilolin f'lnb
Coinlo MUIK MoMuiiu * ' HIM ! Ills Mlsilt Sull.
I. U.ilo
I'l.ino Miio Allco , U'heiu Ait Thou ? .
i : . A Todd
Vot'.il N'loctlon.Mitrguorlto . .
Dan Wheeler
M.iiiilolln > ulo teliiilieit' * toronuilo
II , I' . Nitorliis
lljiijn Ndo Moilli-v . . . W , AlMns
Vnuul H'lei'tlnu I'll fall 'I'liei * ll.u-u . . .
11. . \Miciry \
He.'lliillou llio Mei-pliis
I , Hiii'lir
fnnilo Min -Voii Ain't III It . l < . D.ili1
holoet t.'um'lcmuiriilion . M.iiiilolln ( 'lull
N' . T 1'lsh , secret nry-lriMsurer of tlio Xn-
br.isltn division , has ivslpm'd. llcforo an
poiiitini ? his Micnessov thiic.NCC'itivo .should
caiofully I'xanilno the claims of the variniu
c.iiulitlates for tbooflli'D and inulio his selce-
lion as near tlio cantor of wheeling us possi
ble. Moro than a thiid of the wheelmen uf
the stnto are located at ami near U in ilia , and
it Is only fair to the m.ilmlty . that the divis
ion ofllcors lio. appointed Irani the onstoriicnd
of the stnto , for the proscnt at tiny rate.
( irnnd Ihlanil , Neb , has oipanl/oil n bl-
cu'lo club uf over IIfly members. Tlio liUn-
\\aysorthoslatoiiru goni'iiiUy sinntith and
h.ii'd . and "hlkiiip" is a papular jMbtiinu in
siiininer as well as winter. Tolji'iinry lnrt
been Iho only month eut of tlio last ten In
which whei'linen ha\o been necessltiilcd to
take a reccis Inter Ocean.
Lllillilll.n. > eb. Miir li 1CTo Ihu SportIng -
Ing l.ditor uf Im , ( III. Nhlch Ih llio b'.t
flush lii a saint1 of draw polar , or , In ollioi
words , \vliHi Is llio best wuCl.nence Litllo *
Ani.-Flushes made un of ranis of equal
dimensions are of the same strength. On8
ace nt the heail is us ( rood ns another there
I ? no ilifferencoln their strength.
P. Fitlo , Louisville , Xeb-Vui nro cor
icct. The dealer's ii.irtner nor tlio partnof
uf the man who Iwjjs have no ri ht to look at
their enids until iho trump is establlsbcd.
Like all humanity I am 1 In bio to bo oil oo-
casinnally , but always willing to acliiiO-.vlcdgo
and amend.
MU ATIIKim. . , Mnrrh II. To tncSnnitiiia
r.'litomr Tuu llu : : I' aiisutr tin fol *
low inn lii * umliy's : ISMIO : Duos iho party
makliii ; llio Irniiip In a came of hl'h li\ ( ) ia > u
In Iciil u triiinp In his Hist ) il iy. ' Where can
1 set u bonk emitlining the i ulus on the K.uuor
Wir.l Mihsbniy.
Ans. I. Ho docs not , nlthopgh it is
phi ) oil that way in s-onw localities. J. Ail-
dross R. ( _ ' . Snyder , this rity.
C. H. Clark , P.drbury , N'cb. Topical song
Is coi reel.
Ovmi.v Neb. March n To the = port'iiK ' Ed-
ttorof the Tin ( : : : AYI1I you plcifo Inform
ini'lliioiu'li your ansnor-1 < > < | iiostlons Sunday
iho add loss of omc > noii-l poultry paper' A
C'oiiilunl Ucador.
Ans. The American Poultry Journal , Chicago
cage , 111. , is probably the best poultry paper
published la the country. For Hoal'.s i'rofltr
able Poultry ICovping ; nddiess Forest ana publUhiiig company , UlS IJroadwny ,
Now Voik.
OMAIM. Neb , Mc.reli ( i To tlio Sporting 1 1-
liiiriif Tin : IIKK : In a K'HMO : < i ( iloublo hlKD
ll\o.lhoiU"iliT to loh tlm < l < > ok. A and It are
pailiicis a aliiHt C mill l > . ii Is ' ; the
earils i un ( tut bofiirn Im IMS drawii ; A ills-
ear U trumps dm II plok Ilir-n up' Uunlly
r.iiMMT In Siinihu's Isuc ot Tin : llr.E , ana
( ililuu.-l ( . A Smltli
Ans. Mo cannot , as It is gunernllj played
j here , nlthounti ho lias as much rlglilto plok
i up the trump ns ho hits any other card.
Stlii-tlv , the discird should bo bullied and
the dealer take nls neoes'arv innnliLr fiom
tbo tophi Iho rujnlnr u.iy , taking Im Ltianco
on Iho disc.T.ded trumps.
CorMii. lll.i-hi- l.i. March n. 1o 'lin
Spm I li > I'.illior nf Tnr III. . : T di > < ) i abet
please . .till 0 ttlielliorlf \ u Iticuln' , U'an h *
niiiiped friiin tliu ItrcMkl vii In | il-o , \ \ i .uuy
Inliirod or not'U lietulld liu llio , ulup >
Ans Urmlio Jumped irom the llrni klyn
hrlilgp .Inly 'j : ! , ISMJ llostruck on his tcot
anil swam lor the M'Oie. lluvas IK-I iu-
I'xniN i'nrip Piioi's. O\I\IM. NO i f'l oh
UTiilhu spnrtliii ! l-dlltirof Tnr HM To
M'tt'e ' a Magor please slate In M MHIIKB
If II : inli O'D iy , the villoluu signal ,
N the -MUM' , U'll.isliu us. < l play In
the' Din1 ( if llio Old TiiMi'i-
An . - The same.
OMIINob. . . March 11. To inn " "in rtln ; ?
l.ililm nt TIIK ICK : : Will j on pl.'u-i imMtsh
I llio rioord < > f lie ? cliiiiiili'on ' lih > " I I \V A.
! Untto , fi > i MHO liniir. UK ! any of Ins "icst feata
j ) ( iu la'ij KIIO\\ of.Aiiolln Itui'i'i
I Ans. Howe made i'J miles and 1'Xi > nrds In
ono hour at llaiiipdon I'arlt , Spriiit-ilold ,
MtviH. , on October ! il , ISNI. llo has als cov-
I eiod a creator iilstaitco in sixty miim'os 'han
I over covered by a horso. and lov oioii al. reo-
i onls from 'J to ' 'J miles. On Oit b i 's ' ti ,
i ho lode ono null' in * minutes an.l "J t 5 see
onds. Ho iris lotl.-ed.
fMlllNeb , Mnroh I ? Tn Ilin' ( Mrtlnn
IMInu of I'lir llii : : . I'lea-o pulili-.i. n si v-
nv\ ' I H.I. in nliat ilulos tlm liisi h > | > uli
hlilp ir.iiui s lielwden I.In nln ami ( > i. .kiia and
siiuCil | \ nnd Oinulia lll lain pl.i. > llni
Cl.iiLn lii'oii ' iclu.ved uml w II ! f K'I I I'ciiny '
Ans.With Sioux Anril ' ' . ' '
- City . , W , . ? ana
> . Lincoln. May > , - " . ! , : ! 0-0. : ! IVnl hm not
been released , nor will we got Oein.j I yens ,
nor \llko ICclij nor Knelt K\\IIK ! neither
There are letters at this dop.utuumt of
Tnr llnr for 1. ' . I' . I.eo , sprinter. Ju u far-
keek , wicstlcrVallv ; Andrews , oa I jila\er ;
1-M It l.tli' , lull | ilicr : ) , and the Om.ilia
Junior tiaseball i-lub.
OMMM Match Lt To the sp.,1 , lfi j , ) , or
uf Tins Hit : ' riou-K uici \ - ilii- < . ; lu
llr.r , Inn uuiiii of ) IK ! i i vi A Is
folly elu'lit iinlntx , II lift ) . 11 IIII.N f > ston
llld initKis f.u < k. g.uue anil rlglil Ihi
l" ami left lluMli > lns'I I 1 M
lUMlil'iiti , la . Mnreh I1. ' . To the Sporting
r.tllloi of 'I in : llr.l' I'loasit answer llu fol-
lottlllK IMieslloil III Till ! M'MMl III I , mill
oblige. A. It mul I' . II play hUh-Ihe A anil II
ant lorty-sexcn und t' nnd llaiellft.x out ) , A
bills seven nnd niaUct lilgl , , Ion. jm i , uinl
rlttht , iho. > ' nnd I ) make K < imo and left tire ,
Who \ \ liih ? I" . I. . J ,
Ans. U nnd U ,