Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 15, 1891, Part Two, Page 10, Image 10

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How Secretory Foster is Managing tlio
Qigiutio Machine.
'Jlto limitcst Sihcr Minn la the
AV. drill I lie Insct-ni-ll j of Hut
Viin'lM ' Htiuillni ;
. lint. i > v I'miA a
WAMUMITIIN , Match 16 [ Suecial Corro-
ipondcnco of Tin. Hi r ] faotuUiirj \Mttr I
U now M much nt homo In the Kteat lioasury
department us though lie liml beta bom
there. Ills bli ! otllie. ovorlooKlair llio Pete
mac , U HI quldus ii cliuicl. , iinil HID Irasl-
nosi ROII oil til smoothly 111 tlui olloil loolM of
the umsHlvo vaults wlilcli hold thu millions
upon millions of gulil and slUet coin In tlio
vaults below Seeiotary Poster's room Is
the clieoriint oiiu In this irrainl ami gloomy
hullillti ii 'I'ho treasury ilopmttnoiit Is
llkoii tonili \vonlil boil line homo fet the
Suiclilo cluli , ami them Is no prison in the
\ \ orlclliuh It no ilopicssiui ! luidm'nlloii-
tlniv-lllco as Uli l.otiK nnil siiuattjlth n ,
mtvsslvo toof. Usalls me of graj Kr.inlto ,
many feet Uilulf , ntid into those at the buso-
niont , iloou luuo IKMMI ml out , which scoin
to load Into the cnvollUo htniitiif' , utul over
which sum to bo { iiilnluil llioonls of
Dautu : "All hope ub.imlon jo \\lio \ cntur
Such windows us thcro are , nro snil anil
bleary. 'Ihc-y look lluo the ihuuinv ujoiof
living glints , nnil they \clluil\vltlinms- -
sivc liiujhlih , iihl in shutting out tliustiti-
ll lit nnil in mtilclni ; thu i > loiiny oxtetlor
nioio prlson-UUo tliun in or The second
ftory of this in issivo tointi is lined with
; olumiis of iliitj sanilstono , uiul line's ' of
llu'so , other \Undo\vs \ look out nioio srnv and
uioto gloomy tlian those below Tlie Intcilor
of the biiildliiK is as ilopriMive as its o\-
toiloi1. You val \ It thiuiiKli mileof I'ortiJors ,
which liu\o to Uo lighted ulivtilcih , in
oilier tint jnu iniv Hud youii ) . 'llioso
foulilois aio naiiovv , anil huiidiuls of doors
jipoa fiiini them on either s'llo ' 'llioj make
yon feel as though jou vvcro In u Mini ]
anil as a dooi op'iis jou uncnii
jdouslv shinlilor ut the thought of siulnir
the colllns which jou fml must bopilcilnno
on top of another on tlio shelves \vlthin His
tliosainu 1'iiiiu biseniint to aMie anil it is
only thu south loomtitliit IIIINO am thing hkn
u cliLoi ) look It is on the seeoml lloor of
thesothit the si'iiotar ) s ollloo Is lot iteil ,
nnil hoio in a loom about twenty foul square ,
Mr. Poster h unties Uiulo Sum's tush
Tiirmu mi vsuiiMCIIIM .
Ilavo von ever thought what a mighty Job
It is I
When Seerctarv folder died in an attempt
to keep tiai'k of it , illd it stiiUo MIII Hint the
cmo of millions jitox oil upon
death cinio to Ills le'le.isofVhon bouetim
Ivlaiuiing llftuKil the intcicst of our big KO\
ciniiicnt tli lit anil vv.itihed the outiroiiiu anil
incoming millions , the lespotisibilitv oj this
inlchtj tit-usury iniichlno nto tholitooitt of
lilin , ninl \ \ lion Sceiotnrv AVimlom unipplul
\\ltliitlu hlsstioiiRtli It ovcitliiew him Tlio
Jlftlit sieins to bo UilTuent with Socrutaiv
Vustoi bom , not made ,
mill I' ester intioi lied the Unnulv of inai. t lns
moil anil iiionoi Ills oxpeiknuo uiublui
him to make a foitnnofor hiiibelt anil his
poworof oi'iiinlition Is siuh that huh is nl
ii'iulv potion his hands nccustninod to tlio
Itejs of Undo Sam's lin.niies , ami hois run-
nine the nunlinioHNsttiiuitli.illy and ui.ll
\VIml \ a inij-'ht ni.u hiiic it b ami lioi\ wide
aio its.iaiuilUiitlons.
Ho liis to Inuo.0,0(10 ( iniMi to help him and
the wires run from tils olllio to o\irv | urt of
the countr.N In the lustom's sei\ieo alone ,
, ha t.OO'l ' Pinvlnvos. Tlicio ,110 tM , ) 111 11
: itoil ; line \VushliiKtoii , ami his liitoiniu
lovonuo adults aio scattued up anil ilouu
the Inki-s , o\er the fouutt\\ and ttirouch tlio
southein inountahiHto the iiuniLcia of ncaih
11,500 moil- The lifo saving soniio is iinikr
him , nnil ho mis lKi ( ) ) mon \\lio do nothing
lii.l mi It Kol'I ' .nut .silver bullion and coin
mono } ill the mints Ho 1ms ships in Ids
lONonut * innino bureau , lloatHios oM.r
the lichtliousos alon our coast , and ho takes
of uuiy ilolltu tlmt Is palil In for tjm-
iiiiiiunt ti\os In imy \ \ niinil Khcs out
oory i eat tlmt is sneut b > Uuclii Sum tn any
A III C III IT I Oil SHVI'N 111 Mllll ! ! ) M1IMOVS
Hoiniiili iiionoy ilo von tliitilc tlioKovcin-
mentlias oiiliaiulloll , whin M'rtasiuor
lliistoii i .11110 into his ollico as Unitcil States
ttcasuior lie Ka\o 11 ictuiiit for just what ho
/omul here , aiul this KLOipt.i .itho lur tit
oor ( 'h on In the hlstoij of the \\oilil. A' of it is frninul niul lui 11 ? up in the
trc.isuioi's olllio , anil I'litflislilsitois put
their linmli to tlioir heads In iiinii/oinont .uul
fool to s > i > o if tluir ojOb tire roilU open u-liou
thay look .it It. It Is a receipt for J7H. < - ' . -
J'U.-lri'1i ( 1 Ins Ii about the an mint which Is
on liniul in this inassHo bulhlinc toihIt is
the bilunrohlLliStLietai } Poster Ii is under
him , nnil u huh ifiniilns Just iiho it so inueh
not\\lllistiiiului _ ' thu millions upon millions
which cnmo nnil pro.
Undo bun licnls in l > l llf < um T 'ooltoilnt '
n check > iitoi d iv for < < TuOiWhleli ( ) ( ) wus
sluiioil hj the treasuinr , nnil there ute some-
thiiiR hlc'o f.i)0,0iO00 ! ) ( ot Kola and il\tr \ intno
\nultsofllils might } iloimitnnnt.
Can jou leilt/o SdT.OOO.OOfl
means ? leaa'tjbnt I know that Gonoial
U'lishliigtoa was almost u lid about the ilobt ,
of this countrv whun ho took the piesiUency
and found that the goveimnenl ouei !
? 75,00tl 000 htlllo ji\o 11 thick foi
fT 7Oi)0lHW ) , and the iimouut docs not bUijuiso
run iiiGoLsa sii.vcn MINE av run \\oui.r ) .
Lcivintf Societal j Footer's ofllco I wont
with ono ot the guards out Into the couit
which lins in the center of this mnsslvo
treasury depntnicnt , Just ever the
Miults 'Iho tie.ibury is. built in the form ol
two hollosqu iroa , uid aiound this cour
ilso Uiioostoiills on all sides Itwas
roofed onlj hj tlio skies mid \ \ is linked will
ureat hloiks of stouo as lilt ; as n coutor tublo
It rovoiod , I juilgo , n qn utor of an aero , aiu
as I wnlkeil im.r it I had beaeith mo ono o
tholl(7KCJ ) ( > t slher mines In the \\oild. In tlio
\tuilt below thoioeto $ " 0,000 ooO of silver
in boxes anil bags , and under mj- feet
sonaiatoil oah by n foot or two of stone , was
KOlil bv tlio millions Oiiarilintr Itsoto the
prent foit-llko walls on cvorj side and in the
tiotmiry policoincn who wnllc contiauoiiblv
to anil fro and watih the yreit doors which
load down to the entnuiu's of thcao \ units.
TUB runsLia
Lowing tl > o court I went down Into these
big viiults. Thoj are nlreidv picked to
bursttaj ; Tlw \ nst \ ault which \\as ImlU t
fouoars a o , has Its chambers all Illlod , am
thouisles are now being packed with silver
bags. Knell of these ba s contain sixty
pounds of smer dollars nnd they tire fatiicuci
onooa top of another tor all the woild like the
bugs of n Hour mill ninl HkoM > inutli whetit
, It uas the intoatloa to stoic the whole
SiW.OOO.OOO in bags , but it was
found that the loof leiked , am
u nuinlcr of snmll boxes about oao fee
bqunro unit oi hkea inches IOIK havu beet
niulo. lliesoaioof ono inch pine and eucl
bo\ contains { J.OOO There are 45OW ) of those
boxes piled onu on top of the other In thi <
\ault , niul they lm\o to bo\oij strong tin J
\\cll made \Vhcro bass are used tliuio is a
continual ininenieiit Koint , ' on inthosllvci
nnd thedibiiliicuincnt of n single U.IK wouli
cause a ino\eniont of millions I sau this
bif vault built It hni tnUU walls of brick
uiul cement nnd its foundation is of cement
It covers inoio than a quarter of tm acre urn
it is twelve feet deep , la its Interior there Is
o cage of lion Intticovorli. . the bars n
which .iro imulo of wrought iron and \\hlcl
woio n\etcd together \ ith icd-hot rivets
nftcr the lull Ice woik was put up. It took
100,000 ilveti to fasten the lion work of this
vnult tot-'othor , niul tholattlio had to bo ven
strong , as the silver isery heavy The
amount of sliver noin the vault woluhs
o\or \ H.OOO tons , ami \ ou could putC : > , ( H)0 ) men
Mi'iKliing each IM ) pounds , on the other biOi
niul the silver would outweigh tliun. It
would take 17. > freight caw to rarrj * this sil
ver to the son coast If .Aiiiuilro shoulil bo
conquered by r.uphmd and thU treasury
vault looted The silver dollai-s In thl * vaul
vouid carpet an aioaof more than thirtv
ucres , and If they \vero piled e no upon nu
other , they would niako n solid column o
silver nioio than 150 miles high A mlllioi
dollars of silver Is no hi nail inmntlt } , am
vhcn vou have f\,000,000v ) our vault has tote
to as strong as stone uuu Iron ran nnko it
\nd \ sll 1 thl < 1 only n itnnll part of the cola
n thi'ttvawv. aiul thoroU another vault
\Inchrotitilus fi'i.otKliXH ' ) more of silver Ool- ,
urs iiml ? .MtXHiih ( ) in ROM In aiUMtlon to
his tln-ri" mi < nilllloiM In jsii enbiiik-ln silver
i'iUliiiUiMiunl In bniuls , unit thi > tiuii win )
mild roi > the tnasnn wo'tild Indi-oJ possus
uuiltli txnoml Iho drt.inisof a\iulce.
Till TIllM't ll\ \ VI IT" I N < 11 I 111
'riioquoMUm us \\lirliiorlhc Itvasiiry
wild lie roblKJilhas oltou lurn illsi'iiiied. mil
t has been a qnoitlon vvhlih Ini' iiKltiitoil thu
ecict coininlttio riMims uf tlu lioiisn nnd
oiiiiti1 iliiiln the pnsent ieslcn Ihere Is
10 don tit Inil Hut niniiv of the Miulttaro fur
lohttid tl-i' litnu In Iht-ir sufuU appllatuiM ,
mil tliei-K irt > liiiiul t oils if criuksnuii In the
'otinlrv who iviulil OIKMI thttii. 1 his may not
ID snof all the vaults , but It liiortiliil > so
f a unmix r of thoin Mr IliiMon brcuno
nlarinoil about their lotulllloa sotni * liino nj'o
and lie wont to New Vorlt I am told , to ( jet n
oiiiiti'nt | niantii uMiiniin thorn tin visited
ho nli , ' buiks ; , the In HI anil salu deposit loni-
utilis anil thu all niMiiinii'mlcit hltato o
o the satno inin. Ilo In unlit this man to
Washiiit-toa and ho vvi-nl thruiKh t'io ' tuis-
n y \ mln Alter ho had exainlnoil thoin ho
\ioli1 out Ins riioit anil thoiiranii' to Mr.
lusloii nnil slid * 'l utiiit to Kho MHI a
iraitltalileinoiistratiun tothiseftoit lulll
akovoii Into oni ) of \aultnanil louvo my
Miikinon on Iho oiiNiili' 'Iho Mill It in ly
lion bo lot II'd ; nnd I inn siuo that
uy man inn oiea | the dours and lot us out
nsldi' of an houi " Mr Iliislon and
In'in n then \\etit \ ilow n Into llio bisotiicnt.
I'hoj piikul out a viult that hulf.SlWMlu ( )
t , and this nun's woiknmi , who w is an 01-
Iliimv snfo n'nihvr had Ids tools oathooMt-
alde 'I'lii'douis vvitn loiked. lint I think thu
Itnu lei It win loft olT In twelve miuutot
'loin thi'tiiuoit wlilih tliolrcisiiryitniiliijos
mil locked thudooii with links that ui'to
siippusi'd ID bosei'ine this mm op niul
lit m and let 'licasuu r Iliiitston and the c\-
> oit out lloilld ilvvlllioiit the u < o ofe\-
ilosivos of am soi t , and niotily hv ilinlnc ;
hue wtiljjes In bituren tin1 dooi nail the
sale In cuinputiv with ( his man , ' 'teasuicr
ItisloaiiitlotliuioniuuttoiH \ \ of eoniruss ,
uul tlu > v | iioi'infil ' to attend to the matter at
OIIIP 'llie.v illdtivlo .iltrnd to It , but a
squlliblcnutu up Ixtvvcin thehousisuulaon-
kto , anil I uiiilei stand tint thhuuiltis In the
same i-onditioii thtil It \ \ is nefoio.
A TUNNH. t M > l H rill ! Till VHUV.
It would , tiimo\u , bo n vtrj In.ivo man
who would attempt to lob llio tte.isutj A
.uniiel mitfhtho diiK fioni soinowheio noai
, ho Potomac ihi-rniidui thetie.isiiry build
int , ' , but the lobbirs would ha\o to drill
thiojRha lloot'of cement anil i hilled stool ,
mil thi > ) ' \ oulil li.v.o to ha\o a iiilroul to
cairv av\aj tlio silver in oitloi to iniUo lt | > i\
After thov hal taken a few thousind dollars
Llio liatTH nnd boxes coutiltiK tlio leinaliuloi
\\oiild tunib'eabout ' willi siuh a nolso as to
ippiiuso the ticasiny fjinulsof their notion ,
nut as tliesoitiiaids ate ou hand da ) anil
nii'lit , It would bo almost inmosbiblo to KOI
iinthiiio' to spoilt of without dlscmeri ,
Theto ini ht bo i ooiabinatlonvitli \ the
pu : nils , nud a fortune in liroiiibacks or slh 01
I'tililkitcs taken , but these aio all
numbcicd and the thlovcs tvonUI
be sun ) to bo idcntilkil Thoie ate
bi\t > guilds m Llio tieisurj dopirtinutit and
tlkso ino illvldid Into different vvati bos
' other from time to
time anil a v.histlovould bunp an army of
uaidsto anv pint of thottcasniy nt inn
moment sot 1011 .IK'O the treasurer nt
ttmptul to r'o do\\n \ into the. vmlts to su >
whether thiimcnoroon duty. Ho stiiklonU
found i b'inel of inld sti-elat his ho ut aiul
the inid who held tlieotbei cml of tins le
\nlve-i made him stand still and thiovvup his
hinds. Ho sdd that ho was the treasurer nf
the United Statoibnt tlio very polite watch
in in with the revolver said that mifjlit all lie
butheilld not Kiuvv the treasurer and ho
VMinlil Ii i\ f to vv lit until he uillol otieof tlio
oilier mauls to Uintifs him Ilo thui imvo
. .1v liistlo The othoi Rtiiiuls rushed up uiul
tlio tu istiitrus uletiscil It la hv no
tin ins i sufi tliini ; foi ovc'ii the tte.isurer to
KO .uound about the \ mlts
\\onlil Seoul to bo .111 oasv thinpto pel
IUMIVilh ionic of the Kicuiilncks of the
Uctisiitv. btilluitti millions on h mil nnd
no .ippuont guards to speak of , Undo Sun
seldom luus i loss U is .iltnost inuciliblo
tli itiar tifter juir thcno one nnd two thoui-
uiiil dollar duKs-o ( on luindlliig millions and
still Uaio Is no leaUiiif , ' and Hostelling. I
sllOtr"11.6-4-fl4T'Wl'ult iliO tilt
V - - * tn lli-llMU !
nlnei'div nnd 1 saw pile upon pile of pioen-
Uiieksall pnetmllv iiiclinrBUOlono m in anil
tin to vvcro inlllions of aollais lopie-
scntod bv them I was shown a lull
do/en snail packages of bills which
coulil have boon ciovvdul into a
inarboand \\lildi croortli h.ilf .1 mil
lion dollarAs 1 held them In mv hind tlio
nnionntv.w so ( ' nnd tlio pile sosnull
Unit 11 nu Ul pot iiMll/o its liiinio ibltv anil 1
handed it biek vvltlnmt thlnkinuof nij poek-
eLs 01 tlu > possibility of mj Dotting it 1 was
shown siiiulq aott's tint lepiosented * 1,000 ( ) ,
and 1 stopped in the i ish loom and talked
with the thin faied jonnj ; man who acts as
the ivroiMng teller Ilo told nmthatho took
in millions of dollars a dav hi choiks , mil
c.isb md tint all the Mmmj la the countrj in
ono shape ur anottioi came to him 1 stKiit
sonic tinu In tlio ctisli vault and took a look
at HID losctvo unit which his something
nvoi $1,000,000 in iiieitib.KKs , and then went
on into the vault w hi to the national bank securities -
curitios aio Kept and watched a young toui-
ist citcssinglj hanillo * l , " > lMOOt , ) in oomls
w huh the ki'i'iier of tlio vault snowed me.
J'hisouti ( ; mini kept the sheets of s iuiitlcs
in bis hand just as loner as ho could nnd then
nttcinptcilto nnko coiivi'i1'ilionti ) the keeper
in older tli it he might hold them longer Ilo
vv ill tell when lie 'ets homo how ho had
? 1"Uii.OOOin ono time , iinil the
oj es of his lollow citicnswill bulge out
\\ithciivi. The numbcrof visitors to these
vaults of the treasury is legion About
, iOOJO , people loolc at this monoj o\erv
aionth , and who C.IKCS h.uo to bo put around
the mom , ) counters to keep the touiUts from
botliounp them
Oil ) I , VMIS W ) NfW.
Tn tbo stor ) of Allnlin Is told ho\v \ n
w ickou old men undo a foi tune bj chann'hif'
old lamps foi now The jnoplo no iloiiiK
this with Uncle Sara all Iho time. You i an
got now greenbacks foi old oath at the
ticastuj iny di > and thcro inn hundreds of
clinks who ilo nothing Out count old Dills , do
them up Into pii'Kncos , luvo thoin puiulied
with holes showing tbov are not to bo used
iiiiain ami then tut in two witha soitot a
meat a\ donor to render them perfectly
votlhless Ifjouhivo hills choweil up by
rats j oiuau btlnc ; the pieces here nnd vou
will get new ones foi them If jou hide
voui money in jour stove and inikoa lire
without thinking of it. the cusp lemalns of
the bills will bo turnout ] and 11 jou burv it
and it lots , Uiulo Sim will tikotho lotion
pieces that nro left and hnnil-\ou out now
bills Uo htwlo besnio however , that you
had the money in the livst pi ice and cuiious
frauds are often attempted. I'ho sweepings
of the buk ) comiti'i are ground up and sent
hi 1 chow I'd mono ) , i-ountoifoits aio buuied
and attempted to bo passed as genuine , and
last week a wad of buriul money w is biought
in saul to belong to an old German iieir tit
Louis , v\ho hid uuiioditln a Jug Ilo said
it contained ? WO and was tLu iincoof bis
corn crop Upon , obligation it was foiina
to contain the jiiocos of noirlj flbO ) and
after looking Into the innttci , the ticiisiirtr
dedilcil that the old man had burled two
ciops instead of ono and gave him his check
lor its full amount
Ml Sll01lTlt \ Mil I ION *
Iloforo leaving the tiensury department I
took a look nt n kettle of itiiish worth f 100,1)00.
This mush was undo of ground ( 'reenbacks
and It contained the mishoiland pulpv lo-
iualns of thoday's woik of the ledemption
division It had been Ktoutid tor live houis
and when Ills llnUlied It will boshlpped oft
to the piper mills to beiatonup bj ihun and
drawn out Into novpipir for now giecu
baiks. It is the costliest mush in o-sljt
but itsgieatobt viduo is In its laiv stato.
THANKtJ. JtitiT.sTiit. :
Open I.nin ) .
Stake' * 1fni/iiliie.
A MSsouil Balil Knobbcr met a biother
ineitibirot the ging near O aik , wlica the
tlrst ono said
"You know Jim Simmons has long boon a
secret tnom ) of mine '
" 1 hive always uolioved It , "
"Well , he's ' now an open enemy. "
"How's thatf"
"I nut him down the crock n while ajjo , ua1
Just simply cut him open. lie's an opi'ti
uiotti ) from now on. "
Xo piiplng , no nausea , no pain whoa Do
tt'ltt'i Uittla liuily Hlscrsaro takun. Siuill
pill Nifo pill.
Jeutleri Circular.
The bowhlskued supcrinteiiJent beamed
upon the class of bovj
"Now , bo\s , ' said ho , "what shall I tilk
"Talk about nmluuto , " declaimed the bad
bov of the class.
Kuigbts of Lakr Sorely Puzzled Ovcrn Oou-
8ti3 Ofllco Oirculnr ,
1'ronlilonl tinmpris' Alilo Aildiots oil
tin * HoiitN of Imliiiillitrhcr *
AMII ltr-Ur iinl/i' I'
\Vltli ' 1'oilorn.
Omalm ICnlphis of T nbor are at a loii to
know Just hoto \ Intel tm't tlio recent iliou-
lur scat out b Census Sapoilntciidoiit 1'or-
In those clnulars , , i iniinhci of vhli'h hnvo
tvuihi'il llio asu'inbllos In thli iit > ( the 10-
( [ iiost is inuiotliat tlio ii.imos and aildressos
of all thi'iiUlciH bofuru mludti ) him at the
curliest lonvoident ilntubnt Jti't why hodoos
not state
Tlio odltor ofthe ICnlKhla' Jourinl MOWS
tliisoider with ahum , niul stijs that thh Is
jioiiitf tjovoiid the siopo of any lc iltlinato lu-
\ostlKatlon Hi sa\s \ the members of tliodif-
ti'rint asHuiuhlliis ha\e ueinMirneil not
to tuplj to the citi'uln , as the lnmilr > ,
will sc ivo no usnful iniiiosi | > nnd Is mirufoi
thopurpiHo of liamiliii ! Hienauin over to
some political partv that political lltouturo
iiiav lo dlsscmitntccl dining fntnio i.un
'I in' Omnln knljrhts have dlsuissod the
nr.lui but tlun luivo taken no action its jot ,
noi liiuolhcn ili'i'lilexl to at nny luturfiihito
In speaking upon the stibju-t vi toidiy , a
proinlnuil knlilit ; Mild " \Voltno\v of tliocir
I'ltht , nnil us tar ni I amroiu'oincil 1 sco no
hium in ( jivitipSiipi'iintciidi nt 1'oitor tlio in
foimation foi vvhlih ho has asked Some
puopli'mo aluiwd OVIM the nutter , hut It it
just as niopet as it would ho ( or him to send
cinnlais asking lot thomiiuliu of ineicl ints ,
hotel kccporaor otlu-r business men In the
c'llv. As tin us somlini'tho political litern
* \uo Is coiii-oiiiiil , is all hosh
as all thinking p > oplo nust uiiitoistnnd 'J'ho
ICniKhtsof l.iborussomblloaato not omun
i/iJ foi politli.d puipobis , nnd thosoiidln of
tons of cainpiiKii doenmenls xvoilld uovui
Ctl 111 ( 1'II VOU )
"i think tlio motive of SuvcihitciulontPor
ter is ( 'ood , but tluouuli innoianco ho has
polio about thls.\\niic in the tvroiiR ninitioi
H ) puiitiitigtho coni o ho has adopted , it
would tike inoiiths to seciiro tlio infoiniii
tloii If ho hul vuittc'ii to . .lohnV \ Hiiyos ,
tlio Kiiind scciet.nv of the tudei , ho could
Invo secttroil these names and aildiossos in t
slioit time , is that gi'iitloinm hit thon.ntio
anil ailJrL'ssof ovcrj otllcorof o\cry insi-in
hi ) in tlio LiilluflStates , mil I tun eonlkiont
ho vv oulil f oi\v in d ttio list to Mr. I'ortoi "
Another iirjinuicnt IcnlKhtsaid " 1 think
MO should tnl > pride In aiding Ah. Potter In
this \ \ nrlcV should feel proud of our oi-
Kiiiicatlou iinil t.ilto nilviiutun of i'very op-
poitunity ofailveitisint ; it to thuuorlil
"As I mulct stand tins matter the oinipili-
tlon of st.itistlc.'s Is for the imiposo of iniliiiit ;
the census more coniploto iml making the
ucoids ot so noaluo is hooks of le-foteino
"When tills work Is completed no doubt
tlio public ; IlliiMM of Om.ih.i will lie prcionlei
with u cotnpli to sot of census upurts and If
v\o \ ant the bUciintotulent ) In his woik an }
ihy v\o \ caiiKo to tlio libnnj and in a
moment's time 1111 tell \\ho is the master
\\otkinan of tlio most remote assuublj in tno
louiitn , and foi this uasnii I fiuor sciulliih'
at omo the names anil udhesscs of all the
ollh'ots of tlio Omaha issoinbhc"
" \\e luuo tholnrKtst oiani7itlon | in tlio
world and is om callings aio oininontlj 10-
spectabloo \ should luuo no licsitini'y in
( 'oini ; Oi'foio the public.
"About uinniiRU dm'umenth Some per
sons inny fiar tint \\einaj ho ]
ilueod , Inn those people should ills xbuso their
minus of tint idoi atoaii- The Knights am
not clilldrtn , idiots 01 tools Tlu\ know how-
to oust thclt votes and nil tl o imiai'ii litci-
at\ui publlshodoulil \ not ciuiso a man to
Llinio ( ! his\oti > , as long ai ho know he vas
iK : ' "lj'it" ! !
Other inoinbei's Mho \\oro Intetviovcd
t diced in tlio sumo sti mi , hut \voto uiublo testate
state what\io\v thuussumblies would hkily
t.iko of the in iturlioiiitis > called up for
liiial ilbpusltlon
'I lie City I'rinti'i.
ThoTypo rnphlcal Journal , the organ of
the Intornitioml Tipoiniphicil union , ims
for -omo time pist coiitainul letters on l > llio
L'ounttj I'tintei" and tils roliitions to the
union citj prlnteis. Thedisiussion , up to
ttio issue of Kolnuai ) 2 , hid ueon how to pot
"thoLOiinli.pilntois" Into thoIntuiiiational
union , so that lliooulU hot bo a meiraio to
the unions A number of thoio who hail 1011-
tnbnted kttors to tlio dUeusslon oonslclciLil
that the mrnuLO rould easily DO removed by
ori nni/lui ; "tlio country printer * " m local
unioiib of the tiado , ren'irdloss of the fact
that the wholocnoiii' ! > s of the lutiiimtlonal
oiKinn/iitlonb luivo been usoiliii tint direc
tion for inoro than fortj voaii Mho litest
letttr on the subjeit comes from TopeUa ,
Kan , sajs the Union lieiotd , and tbn atsor-
tion ; . containrd In it aio astonishing wlion
one roiibiilers the In go amount \\orlcth it
has been done , "tlio work of orcrnnl/ntiou. "
The Tonekaviilir s'wws conipaiutivo
tables that onlj one in about clpht
of llio peisonsUio iniilce ttitir IKini ;
in the piintltif ; business am iiiomlior
ot llio ptintots unions. Il liniU tint ii
AlUsouii , Io\\a , Kimsasaiid Aobiaiku tlien
are l'is'J ' printeia implojedcl enl > l,7b
iiroinoinburs of piiutcr- ) ' unions or abou
one In II In the list His not so 1ml , lei ou
ot ll.HTpiintets cmploxod in Ohio , I'enn
bjlumia , Niivoik and Massai'lwu'ts
\"t aienioinliprs of the union ahout 1 ii
A "And jot , " t.atho \ Tojekaiitct , " \\o
hoist ole us boimr the nldoit tr.ido union in
thocountiy' "If,1 huiontlnuos , "in fortj
yens \\ocaii nitisttr only a Hkhinish liiu1
now loiigillit t ilto us to iit absolute , con
tiol of the situation"1 It is a ( jloomy sho\\
luff , ami foiic * upon us tlio convitt'oii ' thai
tlio printers lmi > boon orl uitf on tlio w unit , '
lints it would bcun thit thoio is not sulll-
ciint in thu ti ides union idn , of itsilf , t (
hold men ton'othet HI thuso tia\s \ of han
A\otk and poor pay A weeks iilloiu'ss
moms hunp-i to lout of 10 Jouincyipeii prlii-
teis anil other aiti'siins as vill not to
speik of the Ifttfru nu tidier tohoin a day or
two- , idleness would mean no dinner or sup
Idi 1) III'M Dem iiiiln ,
The Knights of I.ahoi of N'ow Hiunpshno
ln\o been bi'fototho ICRlslaluro nf that stnto
\\ltliaiiDwcifullobbyfortlio puiposoof se
cutiiiRhihor location They hivuciiiaol
to bo introduced and are pushing the folluw-
iiiK bills
I. To umVo the first Momhv In Soptoinbor ,
"I/iboi Dnj , " a Ic al holidaj. 'Ihls iueas > uio
has Just passed.
, ' . To have factory inspectors.
.1 Maisinyninolioiiisu logil di's work.or .
Jirty-four h on is a week
) . The AiHtraliui billothwm now In op-
ciatlon In Massichilsotts This bill his
& I'llsoneontuet labor h\v.
I ) . Uoo\Uiul lien law to idnetj days
7. 'lo oxeniiit ? " > \uolc on trustee process
s. TO compel lallroad coinnauies to furnish
one-lulf and ono-fourtli mUm o books
0 hlato elect ions to bo a legal holiday.
This bill has passed.
10. AbolMiiiujtho conspiracy law.
11. lo prevent Pinkuriou ilotecuxcs or
liked aitneil tori.cs coiiiinc into the state *
ts meaauie has also pissed.
H U ill Ko
The baibers of Onialiu niu about ioadto
ortani70 UKiiu , and foi this i orison tholno
all bum rcquestoil to meet at Cuslor post hnll
on Notth fifteenth itivol , at n o'clock this
c\culn . t'tiainmiii Muss i of the orgaiiu
ing eommltti'o of the Central liibor union ,
expects to hrini ; the hah uuttors Into llio
Knights of I.utwi fold bo f 010 ho Rets throi hrh
\\iththom \ The mietluK this evonhiKull
IK ) open and will bo attonilcd by the South
Omulm baiboib
Tpi > 1'iiiiiiilci's' I riniltli'h ,
Tjpo founders employed in the Uontral
Ul > ofunudiv of Ht I out * liuto been on a
strlko foiMomowcoin , and tholr case tthoy
boini ; inoinbcrb of the ICnlyht of Uahor ) has
boon placed in tlio hinds of thoci'iitial pilov
nnco coinmlttco The mon ate Hlckinu n nlmt
\\hatthoj term "ponltoutury iitlos , ' anua
which arc one Imposing a line of 1 cent u
ultiuto for bojnjf-liite , ami ono forclnjr the
non to touch npiiroulUvs Iho busliuws nnil
iMiilthonitools Iho mon woik by Iho
ilooo , and havMo hn\ their own tools , thu
utter Is n'cirJcil a nmk Injuilloo
Thostilkers lutvo pilnled and I'lU'Ulntcil
sovital hiiiulred of the lit tin "rules , " nnil
libororjjani/utiiiU bo requested tovlth -
ilr.itt 1 rein all jyt ) pilntliik' o Ilk os that dual
with the Central typo foundry
liilinr Not I'M ,
AstrlUo niudnt ; the men omplojed In Iho
shiiplnutmilo | has been doclnod at Aber
deen , Scotland
Soil tie has \\oilifslurccst luiubor mill.
Tlmohiiiittvinrioii iiroimplojotl la cutting
r.t)0K ) , ( ) i feet a ilmv
About liH ) men tvnploveil at the. Shnrorsinv-
liiKiimoliInuoilta , ( ilasjfow , Heotluud , Imvo
Konouuton n stiiko
'ihostrlko of the plush \\eivorsntllnul-
foul ( IJiifr ) Is \tindint ! , and thrcntoiis to
I HMilvo .VXK ) workmen
'llio Kmtliun I'u'ilh' railroad I'ouipiny
has settled the milters In illsputa Wltn Its
employes , aiul theioivillbe nostrlkn.
' 1 In * Out hum ( Tjitf > I'oil-inliii * ownois re
fused loan-opt the eoiupioinlsij toi ins olleted
by the men who aieonton a sttike
' .llio loiici-sslons ( 'ranted by tlio I'otm-
8 > hanliii'iiinptii > luivo hooii ai copied bv the
men , and all tlueatened trouble his dlsap
'Iho Hip Hun Mine oollloaiy at Ashland ,
Pn , shut down on Huturdaj for an Imlol1-
nitopoiiod I'ho susnonslonill illicit ! H)0 )
men and bo.\i.
'lhirtiiien Imvo been hid olT nt the Diltl-
moie V Ohiouir shops In Newaik , Ohio It
la siiil slmilni'iedlietlons will bo inutoaloiiK'
the line
About four hundted mil llflv textili--.ork
oisat'llmlliolin , sllivun , uhoio wages \\oio
i I'diicod l'i and . ' 0 per euit , Invo appealed to
thilr fillnxv i raftsmen In this lounti ) foi
liinnc'al aid
jgAn ul'ht ( hour bill will ho Introduced In the
coming session ot the lolonlnl pnrllnnunt of
Vlitoii.i , Australia lo Kx'iili/o Iheil ht bout
Unv CMttliiK for tinny \nars In that lolonj.
rlhe tini-atinod stilKo of the Hmiter's
I'olnt , V Sti'inwaj surlmo ulltoil has bi-cu
a\eiti'd by the lotnpmy lulnstatlni , ' li\o
Knluhtsof Liuuiuvlto Inul been illscliarKcd
llio boss plas'eiors In Chicago ha\o \ re
fused the i ccniost of the union foi an aduuiio
in wn es from * 1 V ) to * i pei daj aftei Aptil
1 The iiien ileclaio they will strike on Unit
date unless the aihance is RI lilted
All the bench men mid inncltino hutnls in
the planing mills In liiiian ipulls aio locked
out. 'Jhuy doaiandod nn I'lglit hour dav anil
" "iper i cut mil mini in wajjis 'Iho ' bosses
icfusuil to pi int clthct
Thohborot'anlzations ) of Missouri have
loiiuohted their niLinbeis to isle their topic
scntathes in the state -Matino to vote
luilust a bill tnakhiK i xUaoulinai } huge ap
piopriations for the mlljtia
The pnddlers of the lliooko iion comp'iin
nt Hinisboro. I'a hold S
, a tiicetintf on itui-
daj toinnsldorliothei thu slumld continue
wotk nt $ 'l fiDn ton , thov ImviiiK itsumcd
wotii a week iiKoat tltit HKIIIO.
A dlsp itth from Ka land stites tlmt n
slowlj but surolj spicading btaptintlou Is
i uisint , ' lonsldoi iblo alarm IIIIIOIIL- the \\oa\-
Ini ; establishments of laiica < hire Ten
thousand looms aio aheidj idle , and at
lilaekthorno alone ! IOOJ , optr.itivos aio Idle
rtiosttikoof Ihe oltLtrollpou in Hoston
lias liccu siiiolliiiod ) by the Intoination il
hpofji iphlul uniuu , whiili mi ins not onlj
llnaiuiil aid but ,1s , also Intitpinled that
mossmon emplo'jed , in boon ntul job ollkes
n ill not tin iiiv urcsswoik from nlutcs inmlo
b\ non union electrotjpeis
The C'ibinotiinUers' union in Clilrnirn Is
mepaiiue u bill of griev mcis 'Iho nun
loiiiphin of long hours and innloquito and
lueuuliir piy The } will tUiimnil eitlit
hours at'J'lii'nts per brur and wecklv pn
ini'iHs If thiso denianils aioiefusod tlui
si\ they \\lll strike on Apnl 1
The mine owners l Alisiouil aionuikins
war upon Libut CJoiiiniissionei UcoMem
i\othet hi i m < * ) io oxposul thi-ir mclliodsot
PIMIU thohorkmen in i links m scrip ,
and also thctr 'pluckiiiK mo' tiucic stoics
Hut the tauneis in the stito kglslatuio and
and other lutjoi oiTini/ntlons of Missouri
will standby the lOinmisslonor
"Do Witt's I.ittfi-Tilly Itisers , best little
pills for tlsiM } ii-Pc'litii * stomach , bad bro uh.
r--kbT.iM3r.usiII.D isna.
1409 and 1411 Dodtco St. . Omaha , Nab ,
-niriini-Mis oi-
First Class Carriages ,
llio l.i iilln , ' btylos The Iimcst I in us.
i ouu iii : soiieiiri >
D" ' ' " < ' - ' - " ' "f ! . - ' - " ' . 'A1.11' ? . . ! ' . ' . ' . ' ! .V. V-
ClthVM , flit il.ll ( VI IIKU I 1111 l { .
Him "Tin , I m\ \ < h , U
I M 111 lull hf-slJ liniilSKili
, 'iity , ami < h tit *
* ttlull U hllrt
i tl thu tcttof 10
nt * . nut ! IM HO
huiin'tif ' Mitt itt it
tu t > epiiM ttipn |
ti ! > nil ( < A ILJ t
nn iinti iftit < t
hiintl irn ui i Oi I.
A ba > tj Mti 1 to u
I ul > uftln Inut ti ii
1 Kilieulli uy ( lit in ,
I If ) lllllli I I li < U.
rnii < l hi ii mi ntl > u
I , luil ii uul luf all
t ) ( ) > klll p I MI i
II , ns I > i j , l > y
nil H ' ! , > i t mi 1
latif \ l.u ilri l > uat-
cninlli I'nlt. 1st. 11 ( aim Hi an I I i | i
Itlll ) 1 11OIKISS liop'r JJOieit J , nu < St N V.
lolTi rllnttpcK ( ) ini innn" . | ) i inllil nliui isnf
IMl'iillll lIlIAlirVOI > TAIMNAItllf -
nt tl."i > < in Ii '
unly MIC ! , , nflir tint ptlio
vv III InAi | d.
IliiIKIM : ! \ nAlllI\\- | . Rood slii i'in
anil liihtU \ ) lUllnacli
T \ I , MM. I1 \ IJI.O r- from } .1) ) 00 up.
rnr'tf1.- '
( iHLIin ll i .
IMI'nUrKliinnn I I ) fm Panirlon vvhlih
v\lll Ui i pjonr blnl In in ifi'it liPilih and
full In si n _ ' . 1i HIT Hi : ilhJn1
MKX I'MIIIOT Ti I ) 1 , | rinil hiMllhlist
fii'i'l fin I'm ipt- 1111 noi III , . ' Ills for . ' * > i' .
MdcKINCi Itllill I'ooi ) . fnsli ptt'inred liy
ino of tlio VJM.ST liinrulli'iiti l ht'iini'.t
fin ii I In Hie I' s 'A ' ii i 11) ; Him il no in i
SMI IOH VI s fu , MouKliu'HIiili. otiI0
hinidii'il " "
MAXfll' 'lir uMih Hth St
1 onjlulnt Kprl.'i ! Iilia.
Pcrjrtlrlo-wlecl , V In f.'OO , 5ilii.
l.r'i ' ) > jlii , l.j IIUHY IK i ii"r
IonKd. ntion 18,11 x > tln eJw > ,
IVIn.tJOO Illtl ( liJIKS.un | , t
or tmtiofitwlth ciirillp' ( * nt ill j
roriliitiii \ litriK I Ilklln AMI
JO'J l > atiuth ill nut I lilrnu , I llln&l.
Cut this out send wllb iidnr
211 buiitli I'.tll - | oilinhii.
Bonier in Artificial Eyes
I holi i lions font to liy ONUIUSS to ativ pinto
llui I >
run i.Aiius UM nr i.diup'H riiriinitiui i'iiu
tlui r'uiith 11 iimljr nitun lliiiiiu'iKiruiil > Huiiui
uiru niippii'itlnnlrom nliutt\iir uiilno I'riniiinu
nii'nrlniiiihn | ln u | ill nlniulil n , I lin lukcn lui
Inu . .iiKiuiiiiyin rill Co ltn > ull ) I'run rlun |
lur'ln ' ) In In lii'iiiiliui l > r Kliuriuiii A VUCuniiull
I liiiinust ni'ir I'll Oinulia I A Vlulilur sjutli
i Otualii , SI. r Kllli , Luunctl UluLfa U , or J tor 15.
Kulnm's Micr hn Kill , r C'urts Uronchlt B-
Hoiul the l.vid neo
lour yiiiMnii" I wm tnknii wiilin * pu ri < K'i '
ipinsiiltnl nurlusl pliy l Inns > | ir iiunc il
ni i i n tin iiclillH ul u MM lutinn ul I tnrm I
look llulr | iriMiiliiliiiii | ttlilmnt ri'lu r nn iiim ij
CJIMMIII , Ililn l-liif i oiiMimplI \Mi4iiu llmil ili-liny
1 trie I Mkiotm Klllir to inutli I ml iiisliuii"i > ,
my In ulili IIM linn Ii IniprnMi I K'Tiin I lull 1111 il
llii ) f ctiiiil Inn I i niitlti ml In u * It nn I \i\\ \ I * M-
< Illlls IN unit u thin u i f tin' pant I iniikii n ixi'ir
Monnil n 11 well Am ni'ntl ) * ltlr nlkhtenr < uf
act' inn ) hli r nnnrh i very iln % Inllii'jt'ir
i : M It AHt.Mt si li-i'iOi MM
Mlcmlo Klllor iptloMil mi * "f n o\i > ri > 'i iiuhnnl
lurMHM | rci'trntliill 1 lintv liui'ii imrfntlj nil ! fur
iiji-nr I II M III I IN
\ \ \\ltliMcrnioil\Jacianl 1'iulfl '
Mv ulfi'liniln Mir ) liml iniiwh Slu'u eil Mlir ilio
Klllur for It tunrly iiiri'il In fnrl , lieritiiii ml n > n
illtIon IIIK I iH'ii t'M"\lly ii noTiiti I
( i U if } I iirinr t St. 1 imla.
I lm\o lii'iMi U'liiK Mlcriibe Klllor fr nli lit two
innntliM I liml throat Iroiibli'ivllli luunr hills In U
irit f nil M ) llirnnt H ontlri'h riMi iil my
iiiiikli iil u. Mils A I ! MIUV.HKII
Mil r ! tiiublb : st , Kiiiiam Oil ) Mo
M ) wlfn iiM'l > nur Mliri Ii Klllor fur n Mete
ciuuhlikih tlm iloilnrs Iinil tixllul l.i n Ilrn- She
nn iM'U-ri nt li'iiiMlt Iroin tinHi it ti- ilus ( ipr |
< i iikli lin \s ilhliih'oF tin1 pint ninl I > IK > ft elx ill-
iiin > t untlnl ) well J S IIUIIAUI ) llptun Mo
M > IIIDIU lilal niliTtliin niul Btniiut Ii tionliln from
lilili I lnivo itilti'ti'l for } i'ir < lini < b MMI ni'tiil )
i mi ilb ) Mli tollMllni I nlinixt fill like i non
iiinii 1 II Kl NM 1)1 II iwilh s | , t | , inkutu
inn i : toit i.AHi.r i nut IAU i HIT
I ur null ) In Omulm I'j SIIOIIIMII ' , Mil , innill 1,11
DuilKi * si Kiilm \ I niul MIIX Mi ilit
Can I Do to Get
Isa iini'btion thnt tl.nlj piviunls it-L-lf
loh updn ils .tun liuniln iK of tlio ro id-
cr-'Of HUH napor Miintiiuoii < this army
of side nnil ' iilTorniff ones line been 1111-
fot'tiinato in solcetnifj UK.MP jhvsioiin. ) :
Manj liavo boon m slotl , ininoioil upon ,
swinilloil aticl tire Ul sl'DNDi.M , 1)1'--
( outAui.i ) turn Suu'i'u u , . Thov
don't Uno\v ttlio to omnlriv or whiuh
\\ajtotura to lind the hulp thuy noctl
so inui-li
Ncarlj till luivo proi.iblnotUoil ) the
ad\ot tib'oinont of IK. ) 1C. . DlIJjIIvCS
that ( Disappeared in thid p ipcr dniU .
Vtiimny luivo toiul it c.uofully , not
ed the Lliunis thoiL'in inodo , and hnvo
called for ( on ullation orMitton a
siatcmont of their ca o. Tlio'-u nuvo
alinoit invaimbU lioi'oino pitiutiti and
are uoliis ( jraioful ft lends. I'liero mo
nitiiiy othuidlio Know that such an
aihorti omont bus appeared in tlio p.v-
por. but ha\o neu > r it , iiiefoiiin
to say to tliemsoheb : "O , pshuv ! an-
otlior citiacl ; iloi-ior. Ho cannot ntch
ino ; I h.uo III-IMI liuinlniirfted too many
tiinos. "Thi-j class , ate surolj Hi'M-
; ( ( > n ] | | | .MM\ ! 1,1 for lli'oro are
Mll--\Ms ( ) of A.vMMdMIN | Ul the
West who KV\\ ( \ that 1)K. UUjLlNUS
is tlio MOM M' K M-'l I , ollico pi ii-ti-
tioncr and spoi'itiliftost of Clniafjo
Then there is anotlinr citibi of Mittotur- !
who , lendinfT the doctors honoot an-
noimecmciit. will stiy : " \Voll , if I only
KNI\\ : that DH. DILLlXdb coulil oo
AMIM ; ; ( , \nt lie do hero , I
\\uulil go and trj lilin at onco. " Tlitio it
is that nianj'aro pro\i > iiteil from see U-
iii r b'h ' ) tit tlio haml . of ono v.ho is
( pihlied to alTord it. lvi ! it\ < i\.ni
iniiJu 1 > \ Dr. Hillintrt , is uo\i.iiiw\
3ini : . Ho does not truaiucutodisoaiox.
and if iiikctl to tn at a e.f-o of TV phoul
l-'ovor or DiDhlliori.i ho wouiil
upon the plea o [ laclv of o\pononco in
uihi"iso3 , Hut the stubboin , lniiror-
in/ , il -010111 , anil special iliscibi'3
oniiineiatiMl in his ad\oi tmi'inutiN ho
tiniits w'th sitiaf\ iiifr and often
-K.I is.
Illlsi ! is-\si. | | nl > ut lull Hn iincil us
lls | | \SN ) ( | | | | h HI HOI ) In Illlllll SIHM.I-
iii union I'III HN \ii , \ rioi : s DIS.
I \--l s Al.l , DIM \s. | sM ) \ \ I'AUM s ]
I UDMllll \ II \\IIMI \ N l I I I 1 ( nil tnmhlis
iilli i tin. tin IMdlMlOV AIM1 l\ I ID' ,
iiml M Till I ltN ) , nil ( ttiinlial luiiililis , ul
li t il Irouli'i i ill doiiltii t niiiij I'liiiiblii
in il ill ( IN * isis ( if i iiihnto nitiiii MJ
IIIMItM , HIM 0 * l.l\ I N MiMlli-ii uru
niiitlv iiitpniil fiiini innis luiUs emus
In His sin nli iMi I'litlcnt- fiirnlslnMl ul
IllKllillll . \ > 'lllillt ' c\tl i HIM I'liiisiillallni
fno I'.itiints HIII -sftilh in , | , ) \ ) .
t > | joiilonii > . .U.1 Siulli htli sttiet Oiii.ilu , Nil )
8 Physician
101.J Liritui-rSt. , Denver ,
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Good digestion waits on appetite and he iltli on both.
"Shakespeare. "
For anything per.tnining to your Teeth , vibit
DR.BAILEYThe Dentist
Office Third Floor , Paxton Block.
Telephone 1O85. 16th and Farnam.
N. E. Cor. 14th and Farnam Sts.
DR. F. L. BROWNE , .
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A Grand Total of $16,000 , in Gold and Fresonls ,
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Sample Copies Froo. Liberal Terms to Agents.