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    THE OMAHA DAI1A' J31fil < ) r 'ITUSDAY , MAK011 10 , 1801
OI-WK , xo. in IMAHL : ST.
t rl'\fi Ml ly ( miiif in ut.y pint of UKrtlj
II. \ \ , YM/lUN . . . MA.SAul.K
11:1 : ri'ii '
rp , No II
, Si > si
A' V. P Co.
Council HhifTs Lumber Co . coil.
Cuffs d.iiitcl loan' . U'lSnnp block. . Thiiuhcr , 10
'I'lio oily council full oil to incot last even-
liiKi fulling to irnt u ( | Uiifuin.
It Is probable Iho uhool lionul will liolil n
mooting this afternoon at 5 o'clock.
A ion was Iwin voitonliiy to Mr ntul Mrs.
lohtiHcliult/ Main slu'ot inoi'
Cnlutii liy nssrinbh will ( jlvu n soclnl Wnl
niof i-.silnv I'xcnininit nutloliiill for llio litMicllt
of Homo of the KiloiulksM. Admission ' . ' 5
On ucduint of llio ImliMiiPiii'.v of the
\veiUhtM' Smiiliiv ovuilnjT tlio sicrcd conceit
lit All Saints' mission has bcon [ loatponoil till
iiuxlSutiil.iv ru'iilii ) . ' .
Tlio iiiillos of tlio CotiKicfMtionnl clumli
will KVO ! it iiilsslniiiry dsi tomorvott ufior-
lioon fiom a to ft o'i lock nt tlio rosUlctiicol
Mrs .1. c iJlxbv on South Flist stii'it.
.Iinlf-u McC ] ( votlcrdiv romloroil i1dMi' s
In SOVIMI ! of tlio suits wliiili Invo Uim
brought ipilmt tlic tlrin of II Klsi'ii'iin .s :
< 'o In Hit * onsc In ubkliV I ) MfmMiRcr
was pliiliitliT u juilKiiipiit for < 1 KM J uns
jrlvin ( o si > , l.iicki'V A Co vvoi'o iivvnnli'il
.H"0. AIlx-il II ttiomson .Ci'iJ-i , mi- '
1'Mll HlOS > % ( , ' ! I t
III the illstrlit iniirt M'slcnliiv n iloiioo
was iniulo by Jutluo'llioiucll In the case of ,1
11. CiipjiV ! . 10 I 'utt re 'I he inolloii fur u new
trlnl vvhk'li hnil boon lllcil by tlio
vvwox'oi midland tlio vorilit/tuf thcjiirv u is
svistainod , iivvniillni ; the plaintiff $11 III anil
tlui costs of tlu > suit fioiu I'.ittou and his
Hiiuty , II Moiulol.
I1 M. I'lillllps vxis lcfou Justin' I'utton
ycslerilm iiuiiniiif , ' for homing 'ipon tlio
eliMiJi's of Imm'isoii.iliiiKim ollloor ill inili-
ciotis inlsilncf to u liinlilliii ; usul hj C. liilt-
punns nsnlouiion .south Ninth sti'iet 'Iho '
llrst I'haiRo was tllMiiissul for lack ofoxt-
doiico ii iilast him , lint on thesoi nml ho vvn- >
In-Ill to the gr.inil Jinv in bonds of > . ' ( ) ( )
Mis. (1 l'oirinoUiorof V II ami D T
Pcriv , illul nttho riMdouio of 11 1 !
in llardln tounslup Momluv morning , nijoil
ul litx ono > oars 'Hie ilu-"as l has heou u
roslilont of the cit.x HIIUO is.V tiho lo.ivos
iiiiinv fill-lids to moil in her ilc.ilh 'Ibo
funeral will occur toinonow nt 11 o'clock
Irom tlio rosiilcnio of II 11 Thomas in
Ilniilln township , lov. ! ( .1 .1V. . Crofts ofllciit-
In polho couit jcstonlov C A. Siuiulcrs ,
Ciioiiro C'louth mid l-Mnl Lut7 vxue Ivou
boxen ih\s' sentences for illstiiiblng the
licaro. .LiiiiesMcCiiiIro , iharpeil with drunlc-
cniii'ss anil disturbing the iw.ico , was lined
< ? , " > ? r > A .1. 1'attcison , tlio colored man \vlio
diiinpod n loailof ashes into Iniliiin trcok.iml
was niicstoil for a brciuli of the dty oiili-
imnco foi bidding such uition , dKcfiau'cd
upon his shoeing that ho h ut ivmovcil the
/vnonio ) licneral ii.iuor , n ho uccn
Micnilint ! the nionoj or the stnto tcim > oiuiro
ulllnuco \\.istinpliistiinc In a fruitless
olTorl tocnfouo tticprohlbitoM huvinloinl-
ities thioiighout the state \\hcio the niujoilty
of the pioplo do not \\nnt llu'iii onfoinul has
rciciviMlsnniopiotU louu'h hniulliiij , ' AVhcn
he loft C'ouiuil Hluffs , in icroulnuco with the
wishes of n Inrp * niiinbcrof the oiti/ons , ho
\\dit toCarioll nml spoilt u inlsoniblu nleht
in n iniscrable juil llo is noin Dos
Moines , nhoic ho .iliont two linniliod
.saloons to light , if hu still forts hho IlKlitlng
Tor a Kood iluviiiK hoiso mill sli'i h call on
the Ugdoii Iheiy , t'.s Ihomlnay , tLlophono
Kl Slulyhlnppttitk's aspcohliy.
1111(1 (
Hosiery Sulo
At the BOSTON Siom , Coi M-II ,
coiiiiiiciiflngVcdnesdaj \ , the llth , anil con
tinuing four Jnys only W.itch tlio duly
paper for list ami pi.tcs. All our \\ool
hoslury and uiulciuonv must o in order to
iril < o loom for spring goods Sale com-
incnccsVodnesdaj , the llth Hoston btoro ,
Council UlulTs. rotliciiiighini , Whitcluu
< > i Co.
j'ntiH.\.ii , iti.t ait.t
Dr. MoatKonicrj is one of the latest victims
ol la gripuo
H \Vads\\ortli has rotuincd fioin a visit
of several \\ccks Inthuoast.
City Auditor l-an nthis post jcstor-
ilny nftiinoon foi the lint time foi . \\celc
J.V Siiiiro | anil wife U au > this
foi a tcn-dajs sojourn at Hot Springs , Alk
Ilaniuh K Plimpton , the nnunnal iom-
iiiiiniloi of the Women's Kollof corps , is 111
the city , the guest of Mrs SalloU0'i
hconth stiOLt.
1'iof .Iniiii-s McXau'hton ( has rotuinod
Jioni Mnyvillc , likhoio ) ho has boon
tdichhiK in the state school Ho has
met with goo I siuie-s in his \\orl. Ho will
speiut months in the Dliifls , lotiiiniiiK
to Mimillo in .luh fortho imipoio of hold
Ing thcsiinnncr institute.
Call oil D , T Iliitclunsnn < & Co. for choice
bargains in lots \Vilson Tciraco
huluocnients for the ue\t foilu > s.
Itoblicd ills ( Most.
Homy narbe.iu , who llvos onVc.t Uroad-
\\ay \ , bet\\ccu Ti\ontj ninth and Thiiti < th
htu'ots , was until Satuiday night the onaci
of u tine llocK of thorouMibieil ( chleui-ns Ho
vns ovcssiM'ly proud of them fortho ieisoi
that each biid hail blooil in its \eins
anil the whole floikcrn hntihed from eggs
that cost $ . " ) per doien.Vheii ho lotncd on
Saturday nilit ( ; ho closed tlio henhouse doot
on iiinvtcon feathered beauties , hut wncn ho
: uoso on Sunday inortilnir the doot was open
nnil the fowls VLTO nil gone. A eang of
chicken thieves bad raided the roost and iott
not o\en a feather 'Ibo patriaich of the
Hock was a ciipplcd loosttr wclRhiiiffovcr
tnclvopoumls Heasshut iipin a build
i\\K \ \ bj biinsclf , but the door to this plaio was
forced and neither the position , HK'O nor in
lunatics of the fathom bird saved him Har
benu is furious \\hcn ho thinks of his beauti
ful anil expensive birds beniK luthlessly slain
to till the stcimuhs of the \ \\tttches who
stole them.
Sluipart A Co carry largest stocK of bulk
lield , ( 'irden and llov\er scotis in the west
Catalogue and buniplus by mill.
I'minul til' Mih. I'.HIcis 11.
The funeral of Mrs William 1'attorson oc
ouircdjcbtoulax iiftoinooii at the 1'iosbj
teiianchuicli , Uev Dr K. Pholpsonii iiting
Uho phtformnshoaiitlfnlu ilcuoi.itcd \ \ uh
tlowois whicliveio iirovldcdby the friends of
the family The deceased \\.is \ ncll UIIOVMI
ns n leader li. all charitable cntoiprises , and
ur.s ono of the fonmost workeis in the
Woman's Christian association , the mem
bers of whkh showed tluiir nppiecintioa of
her \\oik bj attending In u body Muskwn
furnished m Mrs \ VV. \ . Siiernnii ami Mis
1\ f I. HvaiH. The following gentlemen of
llciated as pill bearers \V. C Dickey , II. C
.MtCJee , R Kovs , I A Miller , Hirrv ' Unas
0 O St. John , 1' . U. Uovol , uii'd K. I ,
The Manhattan , sporting headquarters , M.
O'Hrien. _
Do jouant nn o.\iress | wagon or bov' '
King up the A. I ) T. Co. , ttlophono IT' ' ' , > 'o
11 North Main bticot.
' ! lilckhtiiii DuiiKci'onsly III.
Mrs T. 1' Thlekstuii is Ijlng iiungciou .lj
111 nt her residence on Willow tucauc Her
pbyskluns ( 'ivo her friends but little hope of
ultimate recovery For some tune past she
has bctn Miffrrlni ; from bronchial troubles ,
and ycsterihy her sjmptoms becanio vcij
alarming anil a consultation of phjslclans
vuib hold. At 11 o'clock last night theio was
no change fortho hotter , mill whiiothousnnds
of pcoplo in the dty i\lll most carnestl > hope
that the tilovv mab long averted , they iucd
not feel burpuicJ if her death oaura ut anj
lour. i _
Yostcnlay's School Election Proves n Sur- and n Ropublicati Victory.
Ituynlrcnninn llulldliu Talked of-
ilinlii ; DiM-iiicr Ui'iMili" * n Nnlil
Iniu Hull-Itnilican ltohbo.d
ill' Ills Chiukciis ,
Yoslenlnj't mlmol flection proved to bo n
siirpiko ofvon Inrcor niul lioalthlor jiroKii-- |
tlons thut tlio rttv election of a week aft. It
vvns iiclcan out , swooping u-publlcim xlctorv ,
and , for a small Unlit , vvns oonilneteil with
nuoutin much uplrlt as nnj
ovi'iOL'ciniiil In tlui cltj. An effoitx is
nmdoto Kit out Iho full pirty vote on both
slik-M , but llxviis n slf-nul fillnio. Many of
llio most inoiiiliicnt inon in the city nivlocud
tn v oto
The chief Hull ! in sill the wards wns iniulo
upon Mr. Illusion , nnil It xvas oviilont lij
noon that ho vvns ilofontoil. Ills fiietiils
tilhcil around bun nnd cnili-av oied to
save him by c.istlti ) ; tliulr ballots ov
( luslvoly for him , sci iti-hliiR all othoi niun"i
fiom tlio tli'Ket Hut thisihd not siuo him ,
mid ho ran fur behind his tli'Uct In allot tbo
vvnrds A s'riinir llfiht vvns inulo for Sim-
burt , niul In thn Sixth waul hli frli'iuls fol-
loxvoilthi'Hiino tnotli's tint HI ivslm's Iniik-
crs liul tili'd. vntliiK for him o\t'luslvolv In
tbis vvnrd lie lon-lvcil H > . " vntt-s , while his n-
soci.ito on llio ticltot leeclxeil tint 'J. > , mid this
di'ctoil him In tills xv.uil a full x oto xv as
| iolloil , theio homjr 101 moio votes cast than
in tin1 oitx eloctlon.
The polls losod nt 0 o'clock , but It xvas
in'ailv 11 lii'toii' tlio count vv .is linislicd It
showed tliut Stainami hluibeit liul bien
( h'cteil bx f-ood mujoiitios The following Is
tlio lonnt by wauls .
misr vv MIII
, .
-liulioii. . . f > J Itiaxslni . . . Ill
si ri-Mi wm > .
* tll.y . "H" > IllllR'-Oll . . . . HI
Miulirt . 'J.iO lUinslin . . . 1-0
Til I III ) W Mill.
"lacy . SMlJiiniixrm . SO1'
fhulHit. . . . JiIUa\s'in | ' . 7
HlL'inil \ \ vim ,
Miubut . rix'Hlnxslni ' . l s
Hae ) . . . . 'JIT.IutiH | > .on . HI
Miuuut . iw'llliixslin ' . Hit
' lacj . . . "i , I n mi son . r >
i-hiilnrl. . Id Illnxslin . 47
toTAii vin i : \ST
' tiicv . 1.14'lUainoon ' . . . . 1 OsS
shulitit . l.I.'Jilll.ixsiin ' . . . . ? r >
ISvnns Inuiul'v Co , 5'JO I'earl street Tclo-
phone : "JO. ( Joods called for and ueliveiod.
- * . -
.r 11 AtUins , vvestein airent for Dol'uw's
plate class coii'piiiy ' , Will plvo estlinitCb on
jiliitodeliveiy in lo\vaanU Nobiaskn
Tin ; niii \ 'iuiAij.
Siiminiiij of IVstlmoii ) Taken In the
< use Y < stoi < laj ,
The trial of Itu-.k Hall vv is rcsumcil In dis
trict com I xosludax tiioiiilin ; , the lli-.t xvit-
nossto tostlfy IICIIIK I' H Novoi , vvlio xvas u
iniMiibor o [ the poliie force nt tlio time of tbo
sboo'tiiitf. llo lot tilled tint ho vv.ison duty
nlinut . " > o'cloiU in the morning , when bo
lioniil shots in tbo diieotioii of Hall's Iiouso.
llo i in to the spot and was dhectcd to llio
house Hull mot him at the door and hail a
i < x'olvor lu bis hand. Olllcei 41oblorwas
with the witness II.ill said , "Don't como
mix fuitbei or jou will Kit Unit " Witness
told Hall Hint In- hail bettir come out nnd bo.
haxo himself , but Hall wont b.ielc
Into tlio boiibO and shut the
door \Vitiiess then vvint to tbo police
station after nsblstiiiuc. xvliilo Iloldci staved
n nil vvatibod the houso. When hu loturneil
thov outoicd and found Mrs Hall Ixmg on
the lloor In ono 100111 , xx ith tno llrfiir all bloojy
around her , xvliilo in the other room lay Hall
with his throat cut. Ho he.ird the defendant
toll lr ) Coolt nftervvnrd , vvlion be bud bteu
removed to ht Hoin.ird'b hosiiital that bo
killed his xvifo and ought to have done it long
Ollloor Holdei xvas the next witness. Ho
couoboiiitoii xvluit bid been ink ! bj Xojes.
Altei Holder , IJ ( Soldstin , tbo pavvnbroUor
from \ \ hoin Hall pin ( .basal thievoher , was
put on the stand and testified to fact
In the ilteinoon Chief Cary was put upon
thostaiul llo testified lint lie hud in his
possession thoievolvcr which had been used
in the shooting of Mis. Hall , and that ho bad
taken it fioin his ofilco to tbo gi md Jury
room After the chief completed his ttsti-
iiioiiv , the state rested.
'I lie ikfi USD then Introduced its witnesses
The ground foi the defense \v.w the nlU'rcd (
insanltj ol Hall 1'iank Trimhlo the
llrst witness cilled. Ho testified that ho had
been In ln ) > liss paikono il.iy when nn old
man cainoui ) to him anil asked him if ho
ktiLWheio bis dnuplitei was Trimhlo did
not know who the old man was at tlio time ,
buthe nfterwuds loirned that Itas the de-
fc' The old man told him that bisvito \
hnd inndooneof tils dauiihtois cuter a hou e
of 111 fame , and that hovas aft nd that she
was about to dothosiino to the others The
witness thought at the time tltut the man
was of unsound iiiiiul , and ho nciordln.'l >
paid but little attention to him
Tbo next on the program v. as the testimony
off B Daniels-v\ was In Jill dining Puli-
ru.iry on nn iiulutmeat for unlw/lomcnt
Ho said that liming his eoiitinoiiiuit Hull
acted btiangilv , L'oing to the window and
looking out and tnuttcimg to himself. Ho
also \\alkod his cell a gieat deil at night
I'.d Daniels was then put on the stand and
testified to substantial ! } the snmo facts as
his brother.
\V T Cole of the Opilen livcrv was the
next to testify Ho said that Hall hnd
woikod for him , and tbit bo was subject to
spills of inooiliiicssand forgetfulncss
Tom Mnloney testified , out his testimony
was of little Impoitinico , and ho x\as allowed
to leave the stand VMthout uross exaimua-
Divodiay then took the stand Ho testi
fied that Hall had \\orkud \ in his stable and
thit lie noticed his stiange actions at that
tune. One d u he spoke to Hall about it and
found that ho hnd trouble with bis wife
After tint ho said ho took Hall legularly into
nis employ nt a salary of f0 ! per month On
coss-i > xaminatlon ho got bndlv rattled when
Attorney Onin asked him if ho was in the
habit of employing lunatics about his stable
and entrusting thorn \ \ Uh the i.ire of his line
hoises ( .iraj bec.imo somewhat warm un
der the collar bofoio the cioss-exaiiiination
\\asovcinndwas evidently glad when ho
was allowed to depirt.
K D Colincr testified In the nmln to the
s.amo facts as Mr Cole lie also sihl thitou
ono occasion when ho .seemed to feel moio
dcspoudcnt th in usual , ho askcu him what
\\asttioinnttei. Hall leplied that ho was
having trouble with his wife , that she had
sent ono of her dauRhteis to a house of ill- ,
fame and was pome to do the same w ith the '
others The witness stated that when one
\\.Ulcod in Iront of Hail ho would not pay the
slightest attention to him , but that if one
spoke to him he would always ronly. When
tbo rigs lioin tbo stiblo were prdoicd out for
funerals or the llko Hall alwajs went along
and drove like any of the other stable hands
After Colinor had completed his testimony
court adjoin nod until this morning , when
the further testimony will bo mtioduted in
behalf of the defendant.
J.C. nixnv , stoim netting sanitary en-
pinter , JOJ Morrlambloilt , Council lllults
Tbo Now I'aclllo is the most centially
located hotel In Council lllulTs.
Iliiynl A i INI M inn Ituil ting.
The latest thuiLIn tboMI > of public im-
provonieiits to bo talked of U a UoyalAiea
nuin temple The members of Kidulltyeoun-
ell of tins citj have been asltntini-tho mat
ter for scveial weeks past , but It has not
taken definite shnno until within the last few
dajs. At the list mooting of the lodge ,
\\hlchtookplaco on last Friday evening , n
committee was appointed , consisting of Ir.i
.1 Ilemhicks , LK Bell , T. II. Cnvln , W. H.
Uobhison and .lames 1'attorson , for the pur
pose of working up the enternrlso among
the members , 'Iho weseiU luu'tulcm h to
n stock companv with a etmtn
sloik of f.K ) ( K ) or tnoie nil tlic stpikhuidors
being members of tlio order I'lu1 si honn is
In too pi I mil Uo asttigonsct to tflvo tin" details
tails , but It It thought tnat the cod of the lot
nml the structure will bo not less than the
above sum
Sm-cnil pioportj owners have olTcredsites
for the building 'at reasonable tciiu , ami
sonio of those site * arc among the finest In
thocitv Among the best nro the lots oppo
site Tin Hi i otllcoon Pearl street , whhbiuo
now ou'iipied by two small one-story build
Ings. Another which is looked upon with
much fix or , Is the one now occupied by the
I'liclllchoti'i1 ' It Is stilted that tin1 oxxner of
this phuoxlll guiu.intce a ( jiouml llooi tenant
ant forllio three joannovl sucicodliii ! the
purcha e. I be conncll lm alivul.x hidap
plicatlatis from pioinlnent business men who
want to lease thehnvoi lloor of the buibtlmr
as soon ns it Is completed.
All the Indications me so fax oiablo that It
miv almost bo mrimk'il asu ccitulntj that
within the next few months son.cthiiiK . doll-
nito xxlll tnko pliuo In the way of coinmonc-
Ing o | 'iiitiou If the scheme' is carried out
tbo hnlldhiKwHlbo the llrst of its kind In Iho
count ) ) . _
A Suit tl\er 11 Itoilnuriint.
A decioe was lendoicd ye-tcrd.i ) in district
emit tin the case of D.ivbl ( Jrav vs U. 11
White nnd ilennloVhito 'Phi * Is a case
which bus taken up iiKiont deal of time In
court , and the til.d vxas voiniiicMncil so lotiu
iiu ( tint pruhahlv none but thnso Iminodl-
ately Interested hnvo any knovxlenge of tbo
' iioumslames.
In lss D.ivid ( ! rawns the owner of the
lot and the building theieon vvhhh Is now oe
cupied by the Connell HlulTs icstauiant on
Main stieot The iiropert. % , vvns loveied by a
inoi tgago which win duo nnd whlih tbo
ovvnei find no xvav of pa.vlntrofl. Ho accord
ingly entoied into an agnumint xvlth U
IIVtilte , liv xvldui ho was to quit chini the
piopeil.v tohlto for ten \ears , at the
end of whiih time ho wns torecdvc tt Imik
'Iho piopoi'y then sold b > the sheillT to
Wlljiani ( ininer , who aftorvvards sold it to
Mrs .lennio White , the \\lfo of C 11 U bite ,
and afterwards a defendant in the case In
the niemtimo CUuy hut stalled a Inmost
shop in tlieuppei s'toiv of the bulkltiiK Kor
sovoial > c.ns liciontinued to sta ) then1 , hut
nt last a dispute aiosc botxxeon him nnd the
\\hltes , ( tiay claiming that hoas the light-
fill owner of tliepiopoity \ \ hite I ) nilc.ided
the door in oriiei to keen Cia\ ! out , and ( Jrav
bioko down the bniiicades as icgiiliily as
tbo davs cameaiound. I'innlhVhito tuoiight
nn injunction suit against 11 raj to icstriiln
Him fioin doinginjuiies totho pioitoitv , and
( ! rabtoutht ! a similar suit against MH.
U'luto to icstiiiln her from intciferinp. with
Us pcacoablo possession
The llrst suit xvns tried before .ludgo
Deoiner nearly a j car ago , it being agreed
botxveen 'ho pintles that the decision vvnlih
might be lemiercd hj. tbo court In It should
bo binding In the second also .bulge Dcotn-
ei's decision xvns that the transfer of prop
city fiom ( iray \Vlnto in the first plain
was fiaudulont , and that White knew that
it was taado with a view to dolaving tlio et-
tlement xvith cieditors. Ho held , theieforo ,
that dray and White IMIO both without
lights in the case , and that Otny conhl not
sot up a cldm to possession advcisch to that
of Mrs White , who , so far as wasunoxxn ,
xx'as an Innocent nart ) I'lio result of this
is to ( [ tilet the title to tbo pioiuily in MH
U'hito unless the case should bo appealed to
tbo supreme coutthlch is not at all prob
A suit Ins also been begun in tbo s iponor
court to eject ( ! iafiom the picimses
A \lsit to Dis Woodbury's noxx- dental
rooms will be pleasant ( is well as profitable.
I'iiiest and most complete dental looms In
the west.
A n.aii mined lioxd was ai rested yistcnlaj
afternoon on thcchaiKOof illegal voting 'Ihe
in foi mation x % as filed by \ \ H. Knepher. Ho
stated that liojd came into bis store a week
ngo list Siturday cveniiif ; ami wanted to
know when.1 he should go to icgistcr Hu
said that ho had Kgistored in the Sixth waul ,
but had nioveu Into the Snond lTpon being
( | iiostloued bo lulmiMcd that ho had been in
town on the days when the registers hnd been
open , but Ind neglected to get n transfer Into
the Second \\aul. Ho vvns then lntorim.d
that ho xxonld not bo allowed tovoto. Yo-tor-
ilaxhoxvcvor , ho came to the Second ward
polls and wanted to s\x-eir in his xotc , but
ICncpher happened to sec him aid hail him
opi.vrintu.f 10 THIS
Agriculturist * ) > l.iHe J'irnt nt tlio
AVorld'H 1'n 11IMilliit. .
If thuVoiliVs Columbian exposition
proves to bo a yrciit success in one jm-
tioulnr innru tlnin in another it xxill bom
Its agricultural v'.xliihit , says the Ormisro
Judd I' iirmor Of this tliorocan scarcely
ho a iloubt When the inngnitnilo and
inaivoloiisdoveloiiinent of the a ilcultu- intoiostsot this coutiti arocoiisiil-
orcil , anil it is noted hovrcnt is the en
thusiasm Uiioiifjlioiit the
states oxer the exposition and how
is the attention ffivon tu thobiihjoet bj
the exposition iniumireiiioiit , no other
coiulusion is possible. In all probability
the exhibition will be an astonishing
roxolntinn , not onlj to froi'iiois ) ( , hut to
XCM-J innnj AiiK-'i'icaiis , ny icasoti of its
matrnitiulu and evidences of the supoii-
oritj of tlio a 'riciiHurnl iuteiestsof Ibis
country nnd of their xvomloifnl jiojress { ,
indicated In iinprovtil inuthoils ; uil
better ] ) ioiluct.
Is'o other interest will surpass tlio nff- in Iho benefit it xvill reap
from it'-own ovhibit at < 'hicii < 'o. Tlio
dopartnient of npriiouUmo \Viisliinn- : -
ton will iniiko n siioiltilic ( luiunnstratlun
of method * , coiny intoilotsiils , umlshow-
iiifjhow and vvh.v tlio best results nro at
tained. An congress with
u heiios of lei lures and di uii-sions will
ho hold , at xxluchall biancbos of agil-
ctiHnral industry will lw coiibiduiod liy
men wlin hnxo devoted their hvos to
t > tinly anil oMioriinunt in Iheni They
will bo most \aluahle ndjuni'ts to the
general iigririiltinnl exhibit , xx hich will
compriho the host tifoiluoth nnd inc.inb
of production , L'nthoiod from o\orx'
( liiaitor. Tills ? will ho of Ir.estim-
able value in the way of comparison and
ediH.ition. Tlio Now York farmer and
the Kansas fanner will compare tlio 10-
spcetivo month of the products of differ
ent localities mid look cnrotnlly into tlio
methods or jnocosses by xvliichupoiior
results Imx'o boon attained. The adap
tion of ( llllorent Incnlilies and climates ,
and of tlio ditlurent soils anil their
nient , to the raisin } , ' of tlio varioiih
ceicnls will he made apparent us never
bcfmu. This will ntlect to n consider
able extent Uie cliariii'tor of the pio-
ducts of dilleiont sections in the future ,
as the lesions of adaptation w ill bo but
ter undeihtoud.
Tbo heart } eoopeiatioii already es
tablished botxxoeii the agricultural
states , bocietios nnd intoiest' . , and tlio
exposition inauagoinont is little hhoit of
assurance of the HI oat success of poi-haps
the most iniportiint ilopaitmont of tlio
trreul fair. Said Mr , Buchanan , chief
of the agricultural ( loartniont ] ) : "I know
it to ho a fact that no ono interest in
connection with the exposition has boon
flivon more thought hj diiectoit. , com-
niissioneis nnd exeoullvo than that of
the nroduceih of food products. Its ux-
coptlonnliinpoi'tiinco ibfullnppieeiated. \ .
Tlio locution hot apnrt foi thoiiurlcul-
tuial ( llsjlav it > eoinpicuoiih nnd most
( Ifsirablo ovoryway. 1 o\eot | ) to hue
thoio a fur gioater , more complete , nnd
moio niorltoioiih iifrrh ultuial exhibit in
18'Mtliau ' thowoild has over xvituohsed.
Tlio utility of it us an educator cannot
bo ovoiustiimilod , and the spectacle it
will present to \ isltors will be ono of tlio
mobt nibtructlvo and , I believe , lieaiitiful
in the ontlro exposition The nnt-
ural biipromacv of the a rilciiltnral in-
toiestf in this oouniry , and a p.itrlotie
impul'-o to briii { , ' bufoio the eyes of tlio
xvoild our suiioi ioiity and projjioss , ln-
biuo an oxhiblt olvvhicli every . \iuorlcun
xx'ill bo proud , "
Another ( , 'ioat henollt ! ij'i'ioiiltuilbtb
will Uerho Jrom the inujjulllcent e.\liiblt
- -
itlr i
thin lie miic to in n.o xx ul oomo from' '
tlu > t < \l < 'tisioii ul tin in n u < t for Hu ii
] > i ilu ( Is a i' ( s ill \vin , D tu. ir o\ei I-
tciieo will siirol.x hVllttfn extension
of itmrKots inuaiis hiorcascd demand and
better prli'tw. I'ariueis will bco at the
oxposilion tlio most improved tun-
oliiner.v , the finest pioi1tu'l ai.d the nest
ofcvoijthin ) , ' rrlutlntr to ayicullural
life. fhe i' xxill constitute nil ohjoot
lesson taught by the ontlro industry in
xxhloli tlu\\ are cnfjaueil.Vhocnn \ doubt
its heiielicial otTcctaV
The airilcultiiral resource" ' of the
I'nited Stales oim HMrcel ) bo said to
hitvo xltownat all nt Iho'l'arU e.xposi
tion. mid since thu I'hiladolphiii eeiilon-
nlnl the prnf.'roM of tin-so lutcrosts has
been vvtmi'.oitullj pri'oat. so rent. indeed ,
that 51 Is only pirtially coinprehonded
l\v Americans tliotnsofvoIv'o " I'liws of
exhlblliu's um hope to inaUo n moio ini-
pin taut nml splendid showing at the ON-
JHHition than can thoiijjricultmistJ , and
the indlcallous nro that they will iin-
inoxetheopportiinit.v to tlio utmost ,
r MM ami lloix. ;
Althoutrh the fact has been repoat-
edl , " and fully donnmstiatod that pin- <
cannot ho Kept bcaltlij on concentrated
food alone , many farmoiN enntinuo tn
Hive them little else dm-inp ; Ihe Inifit'st
IHirtlon of their lives. I'otn , cither
( { loiind or unbound , is too solid and
compact n food xxhon unmixed with
other nrttcrltilt , and cannot be thoi-
ou hU diyc led unless a certain ptopoi-
tuiii of rough nnd bulk food Is pivoii
\\ltb \ it. A fiiiluio to nbsurxe this need
is ( loubtle-s ono of tlio most fre
quent 1'iiiM's of ilNei ; o xx Ith svvtno ,
and even it disoi o does not re
sult. It is well ostihlishcd that
bii s fed xxilliont thls\iulet. % fail to t'i\o
tin- best ictnriis foi tlu > food consumed ,
1'ifrs Kept up In pens , so Unit tbcv me
iiiinblc to fni'ii e for thciibolxe-i , should
be fed green cliixer , this is onu of the
best nlleratixe and lolaxin foods , ix-
iny bullc - I lightni'stotho oilier feed ,
nnd 'rnisliinj , ' , beside , n considerable
piopoilion of miisolo forming mate ial
In winter , vvheiithiscan not bo obtained ,
Its pinto nnv bo supplied hv iiitu-bi as
nnd iimnpeUwiuvels tiirnioirrots | )
and other roots : or cut hay nnd clover ,
steamed or moistened and mixed xvith n
little bran or meal , nnj bo fed xvitb
equall } good results
I low to ( Jnivv OnloiiH.
If 5011 pioposo to jjiow any onions this
unison , jlovv the { luunil deep as you
will , but afterward loll : uul barrow and
loll again until the soil is thoroutjbly
completed through its whole depth.
Then make the Mitfaco line for n few
inches on Iho top b menus of a light
harrow and tlio hand rul < o. The bulb ( if
n woll-doxclopcd onion grows nenr the
surface , the true root1- going down but n
fovv inches If the sill is loose and open
for nnv considerable depth the roots xx 111
grow lony , to the evident detriment of
the bulb , which tin u often groxvb long1
and slender , instead of becoming full and
lound ,
Oxyueil ol'I'Vcc IIINI It ndftiiM.
Mr. Ulaino contiibntes totho Youth's Com
pinion an niticlo on the poxvth of llio de
bites in concress Ho ostlmntcs that in the
twcnt.v-ll\o yoaib since the close of the civil
war it took 'JMOOOXM ( xxoids 10 leuoit the
pioceedinnsof congress This is 1UIriHHK , ) )
moioworch than xx-eio minirul foi the ic-
ports fiom the foundation of the government
to the cud of the vxai
Well , what of It ; asks the Xcvx Voik Sun
COIIKIOSS is dolnj. ' no haini xvlnle it talks
' 1 ho more it talks and the less it legislates
the better for tbo countiv If imi iess con-
lined its work to nmkiii ; , ' Speeches nnd
iussiiir ( thu appropiiatlon bills , with
out attempting lonislation for whkh
tbeio xvas not exidont an oveivvhclm-
iiiif public demand , the people xxouldn't com-
nlum The tciiilcncy of all leciblutivu bodies
is toward too nnicli lavvnnkln Uveiv nicin-
bor wants to distinguish 1 inisclf by lennth
iiiitii ; the statute bool ! I'Aorx crank takes
" ucst" of in-
tho"bj ie < [ svstem -
bills to comniunicato bis ideas to
coinmittco of IOIIKICSS. COIKIO S is
contliuiallv trylnir to do too much There Is
little dancer tint it will tnlk too much. Talk
is tbo oxj mi of free Institutions , nnv xvav
Them would soon bo the deuce to pav if taik
wore to bo repicsscd many degree In con
Of course , Mr IJhlne , although ho snjs
so onlj bj implication , means that the C'o'n
( 'rosslonal Kecord outrht not to bo fattened
with speeches that were not nttually dellv-
01 ed lit oiiRht to bo the exact tecoidofhat
is said nml iimm in congress , coutainliiK
notliint ; more and nothing loss. Takeout 01
It the speeches that wore not spouen Put
in it the speeches that v010 spoken , and let
them appeal1 xvithont noitnring 'Ihen let
contjiess tdk as much as it wants to and use
as nniiv xvuidsas it lan Slxtv live millions
of people am not to bo Injmed by anj man
her of billions of xvords It. fact , the nioie
talk the hanpici thoj will bo.
I Oil THirsi'ltlAOS
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ing uirs on all trains.
Hound triji tickets noxv on wile nt
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full infoimation call nt the AVabash
ticket olllco , 1")02 I ariiam stieot or
vvrilo G. X C'rVTO.V ,
In the spring of I SOS my fntlici1 , ilo-
eoixed bj the fnlschoods of Innd hpeoulii-
toi's , ns wore niiUij othci , reinoxoil fioin
a L'oinfortablo homo in Ontaiio nnil
houijht a triiolv of hind on thu x\-oit shore
of Lilic of the Woods , within C'amullin
loi'iitoi'.y , At Iho time my story opens 1
\\nsn \ lud of tttolxo.'u \ lind n t'luiirliifj
of tlireo or four acics , and built a stout
loy liou-o , aniUhouih much discoiifajjcil
by lulvof-o eirciiinstiincos , hnd no
thought of tfhiii } ? up the farm , when a
toriihlo calamity Imppunod. My mother's
sister , a jouiixoiniiii } about t\vontj-
it yoats of iif i' , had oonm into the
cbs \xlth us as n inombor of the
family. One November dnttlio sniiio
belliMini } , nnd ) ilc.i.siiiit , father look
mnthor out on the lake for a rldo in the
canoe ho had ljoiif'ht of an Iiulian. They
nns > itd out of our tii ht unions tlio hinnll
iblainls : nnd xiono\or Mtliom \ nyiilii.
It xuis belivcil by homo that thi < i x\ore
nps't and drowned ; by ethers that tlioy
landed upon an isliinu and x\oro \ Killed by
xx'ild bonsts.
'J'his then was oiir bitnatlon : Wo
woie. oi'lit { nillos fioiuany otlioi bottler ,
xx-itli amff \ \ hard u tutor COIIUMJ , ' on. I
\\'iiH old enoiifjh to roali/o our position ,
but not to nihihO. Aunt Unniinh xvns
nntiliiillj x-oij qniut I romombcr hoxv
pale hho was , nml what a look of nnxioty
bho eiinled on lior facts us she i-ainuto
roiill/o that fiithi'i1 and inotlior must bo
donil , The and I tramped around the
lal < o formiloh , hut all to no purpose. If
hho had decided on leax inj , ' our cabin
and ( joiiitf to the nearest He'ltloiiimit hho
trailed too linitr. A x\cok nftcr father
and uiotlior set out for their ildo the
Indian Miianier enino tonnend , n severe
stoim i-et in , and then Itould linx'o
boon inipossiblo to got out of the xx-ooils
on iiccount of the depth of tliu MIOW.
\Vhen Aunt Iliinnnh leall/ud this ulio
took an iiiveiitorj of block on hand.
Knthor was foiidof liuiitlnp ; , nnd ho had
hroujrhlxith \ him a lliiu rillo. a ilouhlo-
banolodbhot-tfun , a revolver and plenty
of ammunition. In addition , \\o \ \ had
Uul\c bteul tinpband t\\o boar
\ < In jirox * > im.oliad corn incnl , u
little "alt pnrli. niul some mlToo Fiillu r
hnd been InlrMdiiii * to irn out to Ibo
settlement and bung a load of pun HOIIH
for the Inter.
Oui1 Iho stock consisted of a johc of
OM'ii , n coxxlhici' ply and n ilo/on fowls ,
and noiiu of thorn hnd boon disturbed l\\
the \\lld beasts duihiK1 tlio suinmoi1.
\\MnUM1 lia l only tot In. however , xvlicn
oui'OMMI xvcrc vim olT either 1IndiniiH \
orvolos , and x\ero \ lust tons forever.
A bear enino one nlcht nnd I'lirried oil
one oftlio pljs ( , and nest davvo , hilled
tbeotber t\vo nnd htinjr Ilielr citrcalis ( > s
nptofiee/c. \\n inteiulcd to kill nil
tin' poultrv , but foxes or vxolviMliu-s
sav oil IH t lie t rouble * . On Di'roiiibi'j 1.
when tlti unovx vvns at liMst four feet
deep on the ground , and tliiithoiiiionieler
stood far beloxxeio , we had iiothiii ) , ' to
etnc for onlilooM.
Prom the 1st to Iho 1-tb of December
it was so cold that xxnlor x\ould \ free/out
thedoor of our cabin , font loon foot fiom
ti bin/intf the. Tlio fiost vrot Into the
Ions'and kept upn coiislnnt iioiihifT , niul
tliosnim kept fnlliiifMit Intervnls 'intil '
it llnnlly buiUdl up hiirber tlnin Iho
xxlndort and shut out our biht. On the
morn hi'of } , the lilth tlio xvonthor liecame
nilldei , and about noun il was th < i\vin \ r
consideiably. When vxn hail cleared
nvtay the sn'oxv nnd dniK'Ucd up n noxv
snpplj ot xvood. Aunt llaninili ( jot down
tlio Ihoni'iiit and > -iid ! :
" \\i must eloaii and load tlioso wea-
pirn- . , lorusluill soon hnvo iiiivveldiino
vNltois H vv 111 froivo tonight. inaMntr
a sti'itnjx crust on thosiioxv , and IOIIKIITOXV
tlio xx lid boasts xxill bo able to mov i
about. ' '
Thoio xv eic onlj txvosmiH xxliiibmsto
the cabin , nnd tb'osMvore tfiuudod w it b
stionir ttoodon slintteis. A loophole had
been left in the iasinj ; each wldo of the
door and vvimliws , anil tlaso wore
slopiied xx ith peys. The door xvas of
plunk , hiiiij ( on vxoodon hinges , and
lOiiriMlhy n , and thoio xvjisn crux uvi
at the bottom ut lo.i t two inclios wide
This vvo had stopped when cold xx'oalliei
i me with n piece of boaid
Tl fio/o up solid ajj.dn Unit nitfht , and
the l.'lth xvas cold and cloudy. Nothing
had been nblo to move thiou li the deep
binw , nnd Hie ho.iHtsof pioy vvoro i.iveii
OIH. A little pist i ) o'clock in the morning -
ing vvo WIMO stutlod ba loiiw-dtasv n
surouin at the door , and mj mint vvhi -
liorod that our \ishor xxas n panther
Tixo ininittos Inter HO dNooverud that
there vvoro txxo imntliors , Thcj xveio no
doubt ravonoiiMlj { ; } and could
scent not only us , but tlio fiosh pork
hanj lng near tlio door. Tlioj inouniod
to the loof , tried the door and shutters
nnd now and then fought oaob otlier in
tlioirdisaiipointment A\"o Kept ( pilot
for a while , hoping tlioy would go away ,
but as they persisted in their efforts
Aunt Hannah planned lovongo. She
cut off biniill pieces of the fiosh
moat , nnd vv lion I had pulled the board
nwnj fiom the ciovico nttho door she
placed the piooes about si\ indies axv n )
nnd then stood hv with n sharp axe.
The pmtlioi'b Miilled and Miillod and
dhoollj tliriibt their pivvs under the
doors to sei/o llio meat. This \\ns\vhat
she li'id < i\iccted | , and - . .beviis
The a\o lopped oil two p.ixxs slioU and
dean , and tlio mniinod and blooding
beasts bent a i etroat w itliout coremon.v
About noon n largo bluok o'iclcd '
aioimd t he cabin inoro than a do/.on
times , and aftei liini oamo two vxinxo ,
but xvo rniiiained cpuet , nnd tbo.v soon
wontnwnx. At about llo cloik in the
afternoon my aunt told mo to got out all
tbo ti.ipi nnd explained :
" \Vo have moio to fear fiom the wolves
than iini , tbiny elso. I oxpoot thov will
come In1 tlio scores as soon as night lalK
Wo will set all the tians and those who
fet ; oaugbt will at once be dexoiucd bv
their tonip.inioii-- . " '
\Vo sut tbo traps in tbo bouso and
enrried them out one bj ono , and placed
tliom on tbo fio/cn crust under tbo xv in-
( lows and in front of the door. When
this had been done vvo secured the door
and waited for ni hl to come. it xxas
about u o'clock in the afternoon , jinil xvns
just fairly daik xx hen vxe lionid a noUo
us of a hniulrod voices singing in different
kov-h This \\as afar oil at llrst , but it
( iitno rapidly nearer accoinpmied by a
sound as of .1 heavy wind bloxx'ing
tbroiiL'h tbo tioes , and tbon our cabin
wns suduonly siirroundod by wolves and
pandemonium broke loose.Vo could
not > -ny whether thcio xvoro 100 or 500 in
the pa'ok , ah each beast was making all
tbo noise bo possiblj oonld. They foil
into tbo traps at onco. nnd then tlio
nickel f lightened us bnlf to death
although vvo felt siuo that our defence
was porfcctly safe ngninsl any 'it lack.
1-hory wolf was attacked and devoured
us sonii as bo yet fast , and it eortnin
tlmtcvoij trap scoied a v lotini. FOUI-
loon xx oles ought to haxouiadoasupptr
for the pack , ox on if it had numboied
a hundroil , but it did not seem to bo tlio
ease , Tlio living bec.imo oven mou
ilomoiistiativo. They i.iood over tlio
roof , lea jied at tbo sbuttors , and rushed at
the door in a bodj , and at length mj aunt
decided to ti\v the plan wliicli had woik-
ed MI well in'tbo case of the pantliei- .
hlio got tlio a\ecnt some ] ) ioios of moat ,
nnd for tbo next liftcaii minutes vxas bus }
slashing'oil paw * . I expect that ovei.v
wolf who lost a paw was at once pounced
upon and oaten , and I Know that at least
twenty siitiered in this way. By and by
the appetites of the living coined to be
satislied andafter quarieling and meing
around , the pick moved oil. When the
snow molted in the spiing there xvoio
enough boiion lj ing about our cabin to
lopiosonl liftxxolvos. . I bohoxe thex
would have filled four or live bariols.
\Vo had other iidvenlures xx-ilh vvild
boasts that winter , indeed , it is still
Inoun in that locality as "tbo wolf xv In
ter. " 15ut xvo had a still moio exciting
time xvitli the Indians. A bind of them
broke n xv ay f loin tbo reservation Into in
the fall anil took totho woods and inur-
dorod many sottlon It xxas about tbo
1st of March bofoio xvo liomd of them.
Then ono dnynhiiiitor and tiapporeallul
at tlio cabin and warned us tolloostating
that the Kind bad broken uii into sin ill
parties and was dotorinlnod to murder
ovorv white person from tlio bike west to
the Hod i Ivor of the Xoilli. llo himself
bad nniiuvvlv osc.ipod ( loath at their
hands. The snoxx was then thico fiet
doon in Ibo xxoods , and wo might have to
xvnllvthhty miles to teach a place of
siifotv. My in.nt listened carefully to
xvhat the man had to say and thoii 10-
lilied :
" 1 shall stny right lioro and if the In
dians come \xo will do our boht to beat
tliom oil , "
Tlio hunter loft us throe bars of load
and a pound of powder , nnil as soon us
bo bad departed we put tbo cabin in a
utato of siege , \Vobrougbt a b.irrol of
water fioin tlio crook , fret in a lot of
wood nnd the shutters to tbo windows
vvoio strengthened bv , bieaUing up a
heavy eliest. That night a llnivv potm
and continued' for two ih.vs and xvlien
thovvoatber changed tlioio xxeio only
two or three Inches of snoxx on the
ground. Nothing had boon soon of tlio
Indians , but Aunt Hannah said they
xvould bo siuo to como now. While"l
blood on the stump and watched bho sot
nil the tiapniis we had for tbo wolves ,
covering ouch ono lightly with snow.
This tinned out to bis u w iso precaution.
At 11 o'clock Unit night , xxliilo vvo
xv01 o both sound asleep , a terrible jell
biiddonly rent tlio ah , and xx'as almost
iiisuintlv seeouded from another quiirtor.
( Jno of llio hour traps had boon set in
front of Iho door and the ether under
Oiio of tlio windows A band of Indiiins
had iiirolully approached ibc
cabin , and two of tliom had
htoppcd tutu thu trap * at nlmust
lli\ui nut \\ith
oui ; , o tli , > s' sale
And in order in ni.iko rnoin lor our iinnionso stork
of Sprillj ; ( ionds , which air drrnini ; cl.nly , \vc \ will
sell the
Balance ofttiB Mo WBankriipt Stock
Tl.'inking our luinicroii' ; p.iticns foi ji\st \
f.\\ois atul hoping foi .1 rontinuaiui' ul thcs.mio ,
and .issurinu ) ou ol lust HasonoiU .uul lowest
J111CCS. l\l SJH'I tllll\ ( ,
A. 1 1 , GOLDSTEIN & CO.
I entry nfiilllmpuC I3eoUo > iioii %
supplies , Including reinl ) loim-
clation honey knives , --.inokois , ,
sections and nil supplies lor
ho nplni V M.S. ROOF ,
J IS it llr Milw ly , Council I51ulls , II
Butchers' ' and Packers' ' Supplh ;
Market Fixtures , Casing ,
Pnlpi's nml IIISIIKP Miil irV Miiclilnciy
K.'Maliist . < miiu'll 111 nils. Ii Also
11 Milieu mill I in- .
' 1 wiintKil tililolod i my liniiBO nrk fur lr > jdirs ,
f > lii M" Mi In I"MNuii. . > JS | lUMi > n l llnlTnlii
2s \ Ilm tori tl \ % till tn tn ) iitnUlaris fir ftnaU ( )
wiMknofi anil uvi ! ninny n IIHMIMlllimit | | IUMII tit I
hn\i's NHtx I. in A NsiurtMl MIH I inn HI rout ; anir < ,
* litall nn mn irk } liKrliuv siv IIDVCS li r ( o
Ail.lrOHM.IIVI. . Ill VS III III I h.VM ) N X
b ( M b > ( iiioiliuiiii lniu ( i > 1110 I irn nn "I. Omili
Bufrerln from
| tlio iflictfl ill
jouiliriil crron
curly deoiw , vn lliuwcttknrs , lort in.iiilunKl , itir.
I will wiiil a\aliinl > le tn-iillio ( walcil ) icmtalnltif
fullpnrtlculan for liomo euro , I'llii. : ortlinrRu
\ | ilfiilll innllcilork ; linulil It ) ion Ho cvcrj
nnilslin Is lurxniu IITII ! tU'lilllUN tl XililrtRA
l > r r. T. f. I'OM 1,1:11 , IHoailuK , Cunu
llio same instant .Aunt Hum all's face vvhltiM- than in u-ble. but slu linil all
lior Diisi-nco of mind Sinonloreil me
totaKo tlio levolxor nnd lire through
port-holes at tlio window , xvlnlc she
used the siot-n'im | at tbo door , and
fiom tlio joils nnil scronms of the ii-d
men xvo von - satisfied that two or three
xvoro hidljciiiulcil \ , oven if nonowero
Killed Thuj ( lioxv olT anil loft lib to ro-
lo.ul , nnd it vxasiin hour before vvo ho.ird
nnj'thitig nwro fioin thotn Then borne
ono knock ul on the door , anil n voice
spoUo to usin good llnirlisli , sijmjj
"Woman , foSoil's > ( sake let mo in' I
linvo been a prl-ont'i vxith the Indiiins
but linvo escaped. Jam wounded in the
foot nnd cininot travel , but I can help
JOU light. "
I xvas for removing tinbnr at once ,
but in ) aviiit stopped mo with a gpstm-o ,
and tip-tood to ono of the port-hulos
and diow the pig.
"MV , ( ! oil , but nave you no ineioy ! "
wailed the man ' 'If roeantuied I shall
bo binned at tlio stake There tire
tvvontv Indians hero , hut with 1113 help
jou can beat them oil ! "
She put the uiii//lo of the rovolvoi
through tbo poilholo. twisted it totho
loft , and when she Hi-oil the man Ml
against thodooi , roioveitd himself , anil
shonitd out :
"I'll i east jou alive for that , you she
r.oxil' . ' "
lie vvai a vvhito icnogado or docoj ,
and she had xvonniloil him in the shoul-
dor. llo lotreated , ciirsiiijr nnd ; riovvl
ing , and vxohoaid no 1110:0 : fioin the In-
iliiinb until aftei bum iso next moiiiing ,
They had nmde.i tonijioraij camp uiiiKr
a bunk , about thirtj lods oil. 'J'he lu-st
move wns to adv.iiico vitli a Hag of truce
and when tlio be.uergot near enough he
siid that if wo xvouhl biiriondoivxe
shoulil bo well treated , and londuetcd
to a white scttlomont , as the object of
the Indiiins xvas simply to noeupv the
Innd. Aunt Il.innnli knew it was only a
ui-o. inul she xvould noitlioi ieplnoi
lot nil'lliis ilenco xvould ini//le tin-in
ai to the stiongth of tlio iniii.itcs Tlio
redslunoon xvilhdiow and lifter a bit
luo was opened on the door nnd window
Hhuttcis Xot.i bullet canio thiinijrh.
\ltor about tin honi the lire seemed to
coiicoi.trato on llio window opposite the
door. Mj aunt xxas quiiK tonotiio this
and took the hotgun , yavo mo the revolver -
volvor and ha id.
"Thoj' aie ( jTointr to trj and hatter in
the door. Don't lire until 1 ijivo tlio
word. "
Wo had heon at the port-holes about
five minutes xxhon ton Indians cnirjing
a ho.ivy limb , lixo on a side , e'anio
; uomul tlio coiner of the house anil
squnicd off to use tlio limb ns n batter
ing rain. At this time two Indians \\oio
ilniu'iiijf { on the roof , and others \vuro
jellintj to attract our attention from tlio
door. As the Indians Mopped back for
a stall , and just lib tlioy x\-oio on the'
point of ailxaiKin 4 , mj' aunt tfiivo the
word to lire. Theio was a row of buck-
-iklnned legs right in front of mo , and I
couldn't help but hurt mime imo.Vhcn
the MiioKo bli-vv axvaj' there vxoio lixo
IndiaiiH on the { , 'K"1'1 ! ! Tlneo soon
craxvlod nvvij- , wounded anil bleeding ,
but two had been Killed hjthe bio of
Iho shotgun. The survivors didn't trj
to uot the bodies iivvaj' , but no\t at-
IncUid \\ayoftlioioof. . Thejxxcro
trying to out holes through the mutjli ,
honii-inailo' liiiiyles xxhcii Mime of llio
hucKsliol leached nnd scnttoiod Iheni
Tliov tin n built a Iho iinninst the logs ,
hut it onlj t-corchod Iheni , and soon
after dinner tbo party u-trcated leav
ing two dead at the door , tvxo mm o in
the barn , and having to help axvnj two
or throe xvonmled That ni rli't the
vvolxcs ( Mine and ( lovouiod tin ili.idniul
we wore s.ixi-d the tumble of reinov ing
ami burjliij , ' tliom
> J" ( ' ' lIllL'irttmin
, Mi | ,
Jlo > IT. A | til J1
"A half koltjiif "
"I niul dili - f
r-H my
your i nv u 1 niihlt
imdUlni , st liioil s flllllllj , lllVO UHll M ,
(111 , run i | nu i f rhru Jaidis Oil fur IKU.
nml i lii ii rnl , , , , „ , „ ! umll , , t
Line lliolu 1 1 still u Fpttil ) , tOcclivi )
the uuhirM inn '
J , M.I. I'OIITI n Mi | Ai.M.s . KllLLY ,
I 01 ! .s \l P in i M h n , , . n CIHul Moi'U nf BI-U.
i 1. 1 1 UK nli utiliseilll 1 1 | , ( > a in mil i li u r
f K i in In M in I Im i Mil in 1 1 nt i in i ic. 1 1 1 it x' | iini' |
I'l IJ \ | | ) .it mm lii.lnliiistdluV Viinl'llIU u ,
I ( Mini II Illnlls
I OIt s\ | , | ; , , , fMinniitc. u flJl'flfl In < l\tloO
Still l < llT lllMltsillIll slllll'- . | ) ' 11(1 llX'U *
linn , will tiiKu pall cnsli anil iinil In CUIH |
i ' i II v | ii opt n m lima 1 mil : IIH | ! Is iinly
fin u few d.ijs liihiiMon iV , \'nii I'nllcii ,
I iiunrll Illnlls
IjlUK .s.\l.i : Din > vi | n nf Cljili-sdnlii liuiscs ,
sl\ \ciiisiilil : v\i \ Iclit I.IIIKI piiniiilH \\lll- \
Iain II i'liriloo , south of HID Instil uki on I'oity
I VMfs P. Hie rilrtiiiTlurTlia'iiiin phiuisi
l- ' new si lit ( KIHII pi , inns nnil ur.Miisi. Slid
Illl I IISV | l IJ III ! Ill-i | | J M | | lllllll ll'llls. IIIIIHia
tc.ulici 1)4 ) Miiisiniiii sttiul. ( niinill Illnlls.
\ \ \MII : > i.iii f
> Ululltucl. .
jVIIJ i-\lI. A liiiusc nml' lot ont'iisy
li.iv mi lit iniiilii : | > it 4U > I'nrk iiveinio ,
Mr .1 I. M l'iiVAS ! | ; IJ hs , imivul hli
vtiiitiliniisc fiotn li" > 1lriiaihMi > to IUJ
IlKiulvMiv X\K | re he v > 111 kcpium liinil i line
.link of Tin n ui llxtuies
tpOUs\ | , | : \t a siicrllliM' , I lau'iMossliT
life , pi'ifnt coiullt n nJ ulllcr ili'slis niul
lull * . L'stoi a trucks. I lir 'e linn m.ilu linrk ,
. ' In at In ; slnM H 'Jiiiiintii scilisi . ' ( . ] luil *
i rs. 1 I IIL-'C | il it Cm in lloor soilt'Kci line , V
I ill. IlTMalns ) .
Fou iti vi riirvu-vbTIioii Mink , : Tsi,7
In lik w llh IIIISHIK nl mid olci ilor. J.V. .
senile , llll IV n I slurI ,
HAUliAINs Pin h.iiviitis In bousi'i , Inti ,
fiuiiis uilil iriiiilriis. nn I i bu i llsllii so-
ftiiin. ( ill nn Inhiisloii . \ . \llll I'ltlon ' ,
: \ tt bliu-k , Council Illnlls
Inolt sAH" \ biir uln , iioxv modem noiisa
with all the Hie liiipiiivciniiils. M \ on
KIIIIIIS ; will -.1 II ( in i iuy piy nn ills locnlul on
( In 1 iflh in iiiiiu iiidloi lino. I ) .1 llululilii-
' 011 ( , IT Mm ulu.iy _ _ _ _ ,
1POU s\lI. , Ijl ht-ronin hnuse and tvxo hm ,
nn HiiiKoii x | A nioihrn lunisc md t
lldiid homo cheap II J. lliildilii-on , 017
Mm id w ly
TpOH S\LE nrR9iit-'jTrTon' iauil.
M. : houiB . by J H lUoo lOi tUla U.Ouuuoll
Or Council Bluffs.
CAPITAL STOCK . $150,000 ,
niiiRTOiis-t A Miller , P 0 GloiHoi H I4
Slmc.irl , I ! I' H.iM , ,1 II ( Cdinunilsnn , Cli irlei
C , II. mum i'r.insu't K nurd liuklik { liusl.
nets I. ir iit u.tplttl mill surplus tit a 117
bankln imlhwostum liiT.i.
Electric Trusses ,
Belts , Chest Protectors , Etc.
AGEMS WAX I LI ) . 1)11 ) , C.I ! . JUDD ,
003 Broad\vny , Council BlulTa , la
01 rim. IT ) N ,
i x r i AII NO-I XMI
TllllOVI s | | i I Mi i
( ( iiinill llkill11
VII ill < in nif ( Ihd | X r
1 VK \ ( > \ . nml rillto VI
trinti'il i'.li Uio ua iti'sl
eklll find c ire
lAl-Vltllll ASIIIMV
nnil II XV I'l VKIt ire i
slTHH\viiil-iitvrioss , MhenrmcuTs rr pnln.
liii l > in rtnriiul llh lliiMiliiK > l rnrunnil nklll , ai
Mirlnn | irf . ' < l ruin ! ! * HMIsI ( .1 VssKS nr < ur-
nld ) iiro erlluil ( urn'dlni nil rt'lrnrtlr * u HI I KM ,
ii > XI > dihi | llit'ruilti | | mil Ailllinithm tlmi rtn
< li rliiu-"klit id ) ik'ir nn I iMlnlcii ( IIIIOMO
Mil IUU.I Unit blCK III. VIIV UK ixriir . .u
oftcrrllilo HiiAvrliiit nn rHIvt onllri'lv cur 'I ( Mllio ,
'loiini I sinimrt iikiLk , o > or llono . \ . Cu s stonx
Umncll Illutli la.
Millie Xf linnilfire Attornois nt l..iw Pi IP.
vJiiiihj kJ.luiuivlj tli'e in tliu tit' ' ' " unit courts Uiuinis I. I a ill 3
lluno lilofk , t'oiuicll I Hull'- . , low t
11 J CllUllllClSlf < > rllo > ' nl ! ' . : s > * 0 10
nell's sti.n Tileplniiii ) No UM lliisiiusM
luiiiisSii in tn'ip ' in I'Diinell lllulls , hi.
Buikc \
, lIcvitU\Casady ,
I'll AC ML i , iv i in : si v in AND ri in :
I 01 Ill's ,
Oniccs .1.1 Itii\\ii | lliiHillii , * , ( ouiiill IIlutN.
low , i
The Novx Opiliu Hoti 1 , u Cuui il lUulls ,
b ih lui > n i umi > l i d n.1 iniishol mmoiitrit-
iiied ihioxiLhovit jul is i xv on olilu > best.
hiitt'lsui tlii. htiti1Mb Im itHllti th > ni i-
i.i ss ji irt ol t 11 utv 11 * th > ulu'tni in ilora
p H.thc iloor \ir\ 111 r inm'i - . Pin1 u -
i ij > i s uul tinilir'n tltroiii'huut th b jiUl-
iuj ( Mi'itnlnat , hoi mil i o.ilviter uul
Miusluni in i \ > i i ii im Pa'i.i mis irn sod
my\xb r. H it s , $ ' on i I ix ,
Corner M iln an 1 Urn nlw iv ,
Uciilors In fi > rottii mil 'lonioiln ' ! \'lim ; %
( 'nl li i i Inn in.ulu anil p.n I uu line
Medical and Surgical Institute.
| ( > ot all klnd < mid ill fin -
II n - s | cl ill u s Ntis 'iA'liiiiil ' VJ llru.ii ty ,
loviiKil lllulln , la.