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    Til 15 O IAILDAI1A HKW , TUESDAY , MARCH 10 , IS9J ,
Oovoroor DoyiVs Attorneys Will Try to
Il.ive Evidence Introduced.
1 Illlinsteilnu Taclii-K lit the House
to Pievcnt the Appointment
df.'Miii-c Memliei- llio
Silting Coin mil tee.
, Neb , , March -Special [ Tclo-
rram to Tint Itr.i : ] The nmwer in the
Thaycr-Hoyd ( juo warranto case ha.s not yet
boon tiled in the supreme court. ( Sovernor
Jloyd'.s ' attmv.oys , tiowover , aw oKpected to-
Idght and the tioetitiiciit will undoubtedly .go
rn record tomorrow. It Is not at nil llltely ,
Imwever , that U will then ho argued. The
question Is of so great Importance , involving
( .mm ! now legal points , that moro tiino will be
UHkeil In which to prepare for a proper e < m-
pldoratlon of them. It Is not unlikely thai
( iovernor Hoyil's nttnnioya will en-
ileavor to have testimony talicn
In the case , bei-auso the ntprlt.i of
it cannot bo ascertained In any other
manner. Thus far tlio case against the
governor has proceeded on the hjpothesls
that Ids father did not tulio out his second
pa | > ers. This point will b" disputed , l-'or
this iviisnii , therefore , Hoyd's attorneys will
endeavor to adduce testimony uofnro thu
huprome court , tbouRh Tlmyer's allorneys
\x ill endeavor to prevent It.
Tlie House Seliemi' tin-A | ipoi-loniiiciit
Iteiuly To Hn H ( > | iorl < Ml.
T I.STOI.V , Nob. , Miireli --iSpei'tal t > Tele
gram to Tin ; llii : : . | Tim homo apportion
ment commit tcohnsdociilcd on the division
nf the state into congressional districts as
follows :
l-'irst Districl-Cass , Otoe , Nemaha , Ilich-
lirdson , Pawnee , .lolinson , Lancaster.
Second Sarpy , DoalrlasVasliimtoii ; ,
Third Hurt , Thur.stoii , Dakota , llixou ,
PumliiK , Dodjo ; , Col fax , Stallion , Wayne ,
Cedar , Knox , Pierce , Madison , J'latte ,
Js'ance , Hoone , Antelope , Murrick.
Pourth Siinmlers , liutlor , Howard , Saline ,
( Jage , Jell'ersoii , 'Ihaver , l-'llliuore , York ,
I'ollt , IliimiUon , Clay , Nuckolls.
Fifth -Hall , Adams , Webster , L'raiiMIn ,
Kearney , Phelps Harlau , Oospcr , Kurims ,
Ked Willow , I-'roiitler , llUchcoclc , llujes ,
IViliius , Ulmse , nundy.
All the balance of tlio state Is included In
the Sixth district.
The bill Is known as house roll ! ) * ( ' > , Intro
duced by Olson ot Saunilers. All parties
J.oeiu well satisfied , and no further changes
lire liltolr to bo made.
A Itace I'or .School Honks- .
LINCOLN , Nob. , March H. ( Special to 'I'm :
KKK. | Senator Slmmway of Plxon has
called a meeting of the committee on educa
tion to bo held in the oil leu of the state
puperinlendonl of education tomorrow night
at s o'clock.
This committee comprises alsri Senators
Taylor of Loup , Poynter of Iloone , Slovens
of Lincoln und Slio.i of Douglas. Messrs.
Taylor ami Shea , however , are sicli and will
not be present ,
The obj'Vt of the meeting Is to discuss the
I wo text book hills now before tlio legisla
ture. Tills will save tlio cniniiiltt'jo the
importuning to which H has been subjected
'by the agents , who are on hand
to either knock oul the measures
or sell the suite its books ,
\ \ > ' .i'ho bills In question uro honso roll No. ! i7J
and senate tlio No. 71. The former was in
troduced by Mr. McUevnold and is supposed
to have been framed by certain teachers ; the
hitler is an anonymous measure.
Thy house bill nrovides that district school
hoards and boards ot trustees of hk-h school
districts , when uutliori/od by u majority of
1 ho legal voters of any regular or special
meeting of the district and by boards of edu
cation in cities of the lirst and second classes ,
may purchase all Ibo to.\t books necessary for
such district. Thev may enter into a con-
trad xvith llio publishers of school books fern
n term not exceeding live years and the con
tract prices ol those books shall not exceed
the lowest price then granted to nnv dealer
In tlio United States ; the contract shall
liitther L-Uiirauteo lo the district any reduc
tion in the eo < t of books which may be made
lliirintr the lifoof the contract.
Tbo publisher , before entering into any
c-outract for the purponoot supplying the dis
trict with books , shall tile a bond in thu sum
ot fiOHH ( ) and shall also tile with tlio super
intendent of public instruct ion a sworn state
ment ol tlio lowest prices for which bis text
books are sold any place in the United Suites.
.Fiilluro to lilo this bond and statement shall
render the contract null and void. Any pub
lisher who. after complying with the pro
visions ol this net , enters a combination to
ruiso the pricoof school books shall forfeit
his contract.
The state superintendent of public instruc
tion shall transmit to the board of each dis
trict and llio superintendent.of education of
each county u certilled list as to the
pi Ices of the books whirl1 may ho needed.
Tlio state superintendent shall also prepare a
contract whleh shall housed In all the coun
ties purchasing books. In rise of violation
of the contract , the district boards shall ( He
complaint with the state superintendent of
public Instruction and Iho attorney general
shall commence proceedings in the name of
the state to en force Iho said contract.
All boons purenaseil ny tlio district hoards
shall bo considered as property of the district
and bo loaned free of charge to pupils while
they are pursuing a course of study , and the
latter shall beheld responsible for any dam-
iiKi ) to tbo books or failure to return tlii-m to
the party designated bv the hoard of the dis
The senate lilo pi-ovldo.s ns follows :
On the llrst Monday after the annual meet
ing the board of directors of each district
shall elect seven of its number who shall act
with seven tc.ichers and the county superin
tendent to decide upon the series of books to
bo adopted by ttio county. This committed
shall meet on the second Monday in July and
examine all tbo series presented for inspec
tion by tlio school publishing houses. A ma
jority vote shall decide the iiuestlon.
The touchers , on the llrst Monday after thn
luimnil meeting , shall convene at the court
liouso anil select the seven of their number
vho are to act In the selecting of
the series.Yhen the books have been
decided upon , tlio countv superintendent
of education shall notify all the members of
tan district board of the same , and the series
selected shall bo used tor live years or
longer ns may bo determined by a majority
of the committee of ilttcun. Hverycitj ,
town and district shall purchase the nooks
selected and loan them lo the children free
ol cost. The bids for books shull bo on-
tallied from the publishers by the state
superintendent ami by him furnished to llio
county superintendent , who shall in turn ,
furnish the members of the hoard with
printed lists of such books mid prices.
A lively jangle Is likely to bo experienced
nt llio meeting , because each of tbo measures
has its friomU.
Killer Won tlio Hound.
LINCOLN , NOD. , March 9. ( Special to Tur.
Ilr.K.J An open rupture between the Inde
pendents and th'j ' speaker of the hoitbO occur
red this morning , anil thrro nro no Indica
tions that , the breach will be lioalod before
the close of the session.
It is now war to tlio knife between the con
tending factions run ! the result may have au
important hearing u pen pending nnti-monop-
olv legislation.
The "conference" of independents , Satur
day night , which was prolonged until a very
late hour , was controlled by ttie conservative
clement , which was considerably nvcrso to
taking up the personal quarrels of Khrader ,
or Taylor , or any other inemDor. and it was
plainly intimated that all would henceforth
bo serene and pleasant. .Finding themselves
In n decided majority , wticu llic house mot
this inorninp , and bcllovlnpthoy had strength
niouch to make a radical change In the nmko-
tipoftbo bitting committee , Mr. Kuban , the
chairman sent up a nspiMt that four mem
hers be luldod to this roinniittoe
Shruder Immoihatelv made u molloti In ne-
romance with the request , nud the ball wn *
The republicans and democrats Insisted
that no chang" could bo made In this commit
tee without tx-ciiisiderliiK the ro < olntl'iii ' nto-
\ldlni ; fertile iippoliitnicnl of the same , and
the .speaker sustained this view of tin1 matter.
UlocKiMl at this point , isliradcr promptly
iiptK-aled from the decision of the cliinr. and
wus seconded by nearly every Independent
except Chile. A motion to table the iippo-ul ,
which was made by the republicans , was de
feated by almost the < olld vote of tlio indo-
pondcntH and the ililbustorlng tactic * skill
fully employed by White and U'atson , ef
fectually hutiRtip th bouse for the remainder
of tlie morning session.
Tin1 points of order rained upon thespeiker
from both sides HO confused the ehulr that no
further business was possible , nud a call of
the house was onloicd as pat t of the by play.
The siieaker Ihinlly came to his own relief.
With a ( leclslon that hi.s ruling could not bo
reversed without u two-thirds vote , and con
sternation spread over the features of
Slimier und other leudciw , who then for the
llrst time fuhv realized tlieir situation. A
vote mi the previous nni'stlon was at length
reached , but no answering response to the
liame.s of the republicans and democrnt-s
greeted the clerk's ear , and only ill votes
were refolded ,
After several vain efforts lo obtain a call of
thn house the speaker porouiptnrlly declared
the house adjourned till'.1 p m. , ami the con
test was ended for the tiino being.
'I lie House.
Liit.N , Xeo. , March -Special [ toTnt :
HiK.--At ] the morning session , Kolnin ,
chairman of the silling commlttoosenlup n
request that four more members bo added.
Shrader moved that the sp akor appoint
four members to net with the sifting commit-
tco hi accordance with the romiest of the
Howe raised point of the order that the sift
ing committee could not bo Ini-reascd without
reconsidering the motion by which It was or- appointed.
( ialo ihiili said he saw a scheme in the at
tempt tolncruisrt this commute mid the dls-
sutlsfactlon all sprung from the Insatiable
ambition of two men who failed to secure an
appoint meat as members of this committee.
Cornish thought the very fact that there
win dissatisfaction with tl-o make-up of the
committed was a snllicient reason for increas
ing the nieinheivhip.
Hreen considered the motion to clmngo tlio
personnel of the committee was in Iho nature
ot an attempted sliu'ht upon the committee.
The siieaker sustained the point of order.
Hlu-ader appealed from the decision of the
chair , mid was seconded by Porter , Scott and
OaUloyand Howe insisted that It required
a Iwo-tliirds vole te overrule llio decision of
the chair ,
A motion to lay the appeal on the table was
lost yeas , -.I ; nays , Us.
The speaker announced that II would
two-lldrds to the decision
roipdro a - vote reverse
cision of llio chair o'n the pending question.
Khrader asked if this house had not u right
to change or even discharge its sifting com
llowo thought the house was expected to
act In a reasonable manner.
Another motion to adjourn was lost--20
yeas , : til nays.
Dilatory motions fixing the time to which
the house shall adjourn were inndo byVldto \
and others , all of which were voted down.
On a motion lo adopt llio previous question
and cut on" debate only ill , till independents ,
answered to roll call and the liouso llmling
Itself without a quorum , tlio speaker declared
an adjournment till - p. m.
In tin1 afternoon tlio regular ordur of busi
ness was resumed.
Hills on Until reading were taken up , and
the following passed : ,
liouso roll H. > , by Taylor of IJutlor , pro
viding that n new school district mav be
formed by a majority of the legal voters in
the districts affected by the change , and that
pupils residing a mile and a half from Iheir
own school house may attend the nearest
school by a transfer ot Iho stute funds. Yeas ,
Wj nays , HO.
House roll 1ST , by Felltur , requiring one-
third of the members of school boards in
metropolitan cities shall bo women. Yens ,
.V4 ; nays. ! W.
liouso roll 2s1 , by Scott , exempting "house
hold goods , tools mill instruments" to the
value of fl.'O from taxation , and providing
that the assessment of lands shall not bo in-
cienspii by reason of little fences , fruit and
forest trees grown and cultivated thereon. "
llousoroll-Ji's by Faxon , appropriating Si-
ODD for the relict of Lavinu inmate
of the Heatrlee Institute for tlie feeble tnliiiled ,
who lost her hand in an Ironing maehino.
liouso roll I'.M oy Watson , requiring nil
foreign insur.ineo companies to prosecute
their cases In the stutocourts. . Yens , 5S ;
nays , -jo.
liouso roll' 27 bv \ orhes , providing that
county attorneys shall not as claim agents for
all persons havinuvluims against the govern
ment for "nen.-iious , bounty or baelc pay , " or
other claims grown out of the Int" war , and
shall servo without any extra compensation.
Yeas , ( i' , ' ; nays , 7.
House roll 00 by Capek , prohibiting any
employer from exacting n promise as a con
dition of employment from an applicant for
a position that ho will not join a labor organi
sation. Tne penalty Is a line not exceed
ing 51DO.
House roll -MS bv Herman , requiring suits
for notes to bo brought in the county whore
maker or endorser sued resides.
House roll lil , appropriating SVWO for the
iclief of ( ieorgeV. . Davis , who was injured
In the boiler explosion at the Lincoln insane
asylum in March. | ss { ) .
liouso roll 'Jilu by Stobblns. to encourage
tlio organi/.atiou of a law and medical depart
ment of the State university oy authorizing
the board of regents to charge certain fees in
these departments.
A bill , Introduced by Pohlman , was also
passed , making some slight change in tbo
compensation of the road supervisors.
On final passage house roll iW : , by Oakley ,
author'uinp any miont of the Nebraska Flu-
ir.nno sociotv to interfere and fit-rest parties
guilty of cruelty to animals in Iheir pres
ence , was lost.
liouso adjourned till 10 a. m , tomorrow.
Itids on Seeds Tomortow.
LiNcpi.N , Nob. , March ' .I. [ Special to Tun
Iir. ! : . ] Tomorrow afternoon the purchasing
con.miltce of the Nebraska relief commission
will examine the bids offered by about a
hundred grain dealers for seed fortho drouth
sufferer *
The bids have been tubulated according to
the duality of the grain and the coat , mid
the work of awarding the contract has thus
been greatly simplified. The contracts for
wheat and barley will bo let llrst. Later ,
will bo let those tor potatoes , corn , millet
ami other articles. It is estimated that about
10,01)1) ) ) bushels of wheat will lie required and
about -Ji',000 ' bushels of barley.
ltcprc < i cnliilive Hollel'
LINCOLN , Nob. , March --Special [ to Tin :
lir.r. . jTho j clerk appointed by Iho relief
commission lo examine Ihe recoipls for aid
received by people in Iho west to ascertain
which. If any , members of the legislature
protited by tlio state's lihor.ility , has com
pleted his work. The receipts have been de
posited in the vnnlt of Iho relief commission ,
where they await the committee on Investi
Chairman FIowo of the latter has not do-
elded as to when ho will hold a meottUK to
examine the evidence. Ho intimates that
.several days will elapse before the work
will bo undorlukoa.
Another Ilo\v lrc\vlntc. !
LIVIOI.N , Xob , March 0. [ Special Telo-
pram to Tm : lhr. : . | The lAuio apportion
ment commitleo has practically decided to
make no clmngo whatever in tlio legl-dative
districts. U alleges there Is not time enough
lo redlslrict the state properly , and prefer to
lot the districts remain as they arc. Much
opiKHitiou to this programme will bo made
on the lloorof the house , both by republicans
and democrats.
F..I v oi.x , Xob. , March -Special [ to Tun
UFK.--Senntors ! Collins , Coulter , Williams ,
Warner , Woods , Moore and Schram , and sev
eral members of the house , visited the homo
or the feeble minded at Hoatnco on Satur
day. examining all the buildings and Invest- !
fating the progress the innmtoi hud made in
tu illcs and labor of various lumt * . The com-
inltteo expressed llself as highly pleased with
the method employed und the condition in
which the Institution socnicd to ho.
The larmers came very near defeating
Wnuna's bill prohibiting foreign Insurance
companies from tAklug tliulr cases lute tbo
I'nttcd State.s courts , They were suspicious
of the m..isure , and feared It might nftect
farmers' mutuals
One of the most important bills passed
today was In1 reduced by Sherman , and pro
vides Hint In orii'glni ; suit for Iho collodion
of a mite the tmil er can only bo tuied In the
county In which he- resides , and each endorser
Hon.V. . M flllTorJ of I'.iwuee returned to
Ids neat In the honso today after an absence
of several days , I te wns called away by the
sickness and death of hU wife's father.
IJi'V. Charles II. Newman , the popular
pastoroftho rent ml Christian church , of
ficiated as chaplain of the hou o thU morn-
The members of the house were slow In
coming In and luroly a quorum was present
during a largo p.irt . of the morning session.
Tlio Invest Igat Ion of ihe penitentiary con
tract by the committee on penitentiary de
veloped nothing nf a startlim ; nature , and
the report which will bo sent In tomorrow
will disclose no evidence of any currupt
iieuns being used to obtain the contract.
//.i j'r/'A i.vf..s ix ioir.1.
Killed In a Coal r\llne. \
O-KUOOS\ | . , March -Special l > [ Tele
gram to Tm : lii'.il'red : ] ( Jarrison , inroil lit
teen , was iillled and Ids two older brothers
Injured hy a fall of slate In Ibo Foster mine ,
nt l-'ishvllle. ten mile * west of of here , Sltur-
duy evening. They came from Illinois a few
weeks uyo , und are perfect slrangors hero.
lowa'H Commercial Del
FKsMiis-i- ) , . , March I ) . [ .Special Tele
gram to Tin : HIK.Jovurnor : | ( Moles today
appointed the following delegates to the
commercial congress ul Kansas ( . 'Hy , April
! . " , next : Lleutenanl ( lovoraor A. X.
Poyner. Montoiir : Sneaker .lolm T. Hamil
ton , Cedar Hapids ; Senator L. U. Holler ,
LOIMU , Harrison county : Senator William
C ! . Kent , Fort Madison , I.eo county ; Senator
. ! . 11. ll.irnelt. liidlanolii. Warren county ;
Senator H. U. Vale , Honaparle , Van Huron
county : Representative L. I ) . Ilotchklss ,
llloomiiohl ; Kd C. Hussell , Corning ; I. L.
Woods , Port Dodge : A. .1. Chantry. Mai-
vcru ; Silas Wilson , Atlantic.
Violent Trichinosis' .
DCS MOIXKS , In. , March ' . ' . -Special [ Tele
gram to Tin : ! : : . | Samples of llio bologna
which caused Iho illness and death from
trlrhiiHuls fti Ida county were received by
Ihe slate board of heallh today , together with
a piece of llcsh from the leg of one of the
victims. A fier careful ex imlnaUon. the case
wns pronounced hy Secretary Kennedy as the
worst that over came under Ids notice , and
everything will be done tostanp out the
disease and prevent further outbreak.
Ground ( o Death.
Cii : > Aii'ini , la , . March C. [ Special Tel
egram to Tin : Hii--Oan : : | Sullivan , foreman
of the HnrlitiKton , Cedar Itapids A Northern
here , while attempting to board a freight
tram switching in the yards yesterday after
noon , fell between the cars and was ground
to pieces , death resulting instantly ?
Watchman lloriieil ( o Deatli ,
Liox-i , la. , March ! ) . Taylor Brother's
foundry aud maehino shop burned hero early
this morning and the watchman , T. L. Tag
gert , perished in llio Humes , Ho was found
faeo downward in the ruins. Foul play is
mispeeled. Tlio loss to the shop is $ li,0iO.
Fatal I''lgbl of Tramps.
Om-Mw.v , la. , March 0. [ Special Tele-
pram to Tun Hii : : . | Phllln Hyiin and John
Uesswell , tramps , fought in a box-car hero
today. The former was fatally stabbed and
tbo latter Is in jail.
VHK .IMO.V ji.\Ti\t : > s TIIK run : .
Not CJiiitc Heady to lOiil'oi-oo tinTwo -
Cent 1lilei ; e linte.
Cinr-vno , ( Special Telegram to
TinUii.J : : Ono universal sigli of relief wont
up today from the passenger departments of
western roads when it wns learned that there
was another postponement in the Alton's ' do
iiiand for a two-cent mileage rate. President
Hook of the Jacksonville .t Southeastern had
telegraphed to Chairman Fin ley that he
would like a delay until U'odnesdayuiulcould
pivo the Alton assurances which would obvl-
ate the necessity of the two-cent rate. This
reduction has been the most prominent ques
tion for seine tlmo to western roads and they
propose to unite In any proposition which
will save the present rate basis. The Alton's
position has not changed.
Western passonnor men are also worried
by the receipt of a circular from the inter
state commerce commission asking a detailed
statement of all fluctuations in passenger
rates during the past year. Passenger men
call to mind Chairman Cooley's remarks that
any published rate is prima laeie a paying
one and wonder if a reduction in rates will
follow the receipt of the statements. None
of them have been complied with as yet , but
enough Is knowii to show that the average
rate for ten yours is little , if any , above the
Hon ht a Kallroad ,
SVN FuANCisro , Cal. , Alnrch 1' ' . [ Special
Toleirram toTui : Uii.J : : A. A. ( irnntof this
city , one of the ( Irani Hrothors who built a
largo portion of the Santa Fe road , .T. I.
Williams of the Atlantic & Pacific , bis son-
in-law , I ) . 1C. Tnpp of Chicago , aud others
have purchased tlio California & Nevada
railroad and will eventually extend it to con
nect with tbo Colorado Midland. Mr. Grant
said today :
"We have good backing , plenty of Scotch
capital , good Chlcngo parties Interested and
some of the olllcials ot the Santa Fo system
nt our back. " Ho did not want the impres
sion to go out that the line had fallen under
tlio control of the Atchispn. "Wo prefer , "
ho said , "to preserve an independent posi-
Ill/lit 1 IIVJ IKiLIUl VJl IHU 11/ttU l-l 1ML il 11IIU
from tlio bay of San Prauclseo to Hoilie. "Wo
have terminal facilities bore as H of
well known , and il Is possible that their oj-
cration may lead to the entry of another
transcoiillncnlal line directly Into Sail l-'run-
elsco. "
Cutting Down the l-'oroo.
15r m. ixc. i ON , la. , March ! i. [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tin : Bii.lA : : second shock of the
economical earthquake that' has been pro-
vniliug throughout thu Chicago , Burlington
, t Quiney syKtem this month wns felt at
West Hurllngton today , aud over 100 car shop
laborers were laid low.
The cut , while absolutely necessary , is a
grave calamity lo the working class , as there
is no oilier work thov can do. This makes
nearly iillll men laid olT in West Burlington
and this city within a week.
The Methodist lloolc Cmittcm.
CI.NCIXN.VTI , O. , March R [ Special Tclo-
gram lo Tin : HKI : . ] In pursuance of the au
thority granted by the general book commit
tee of the Methodist Kpiseopal church at Its
recent meeting here , Iho western Methodist
book concern has bought for SW.OIK ) a lot at
Fourth and Homo streets adjoining tlieir
present buildlni , ' whleh gives thorn a front
age of soventy-ono feet on Fourth street by
-Jill feet on Homo street. On this will shortly
be erected additional buildings. The growth
of this concern bus been astonishing In Iho
past seven years. In issiit.s net capital was
fit ISIT , niul in Is'.U U stands In solid assets
atl)10r ( ) > ir > . Meanwhile It has paid to the
general church funds nearly SliKi.lXK ) . This
shows net earnings averaging more than
$10iX : ( 0 per year.
'llio lIonncHuoy Miu-ilcr Trial.
Xiw : Om.r.AN ! * , ! < . , March 9. Fu Iho Hen
nessey case today Attorney Flynii , counsel
for I'olltz , nskod for au adjournment lo
enable him to secure the confidence of his
cllonl , The Judge replied that nfior the
defense closed l-'lynti would bo given suf
ficient time to prepare his case. A number
of witnesses for the defense then lostlliod.
A Piiri.-olniii Art Sale.
Niw : YOKK , Murch l . [ Special Telegram
'to Tin : Hru.l The flrsl day of Iho sale of Iho
collcclion of nrl objccls owned by Hrayton
Ivos Indicated clearly that this is to bo Iho
most suocessful sale of porcelain ever held In
this country. The uttcnuaneo was not Im-go ,
but the prices were on the whole excellent.
Ho Was GjuTt-Martinlo 1 nud KiojnmnmloA
Tor Once Beforoi
Cmn-s * nl' tin' Cnpliiin Sinn' Kiiterlug
tlin Soi-vleo Cliiirgijs on XVIiloli
lie WtiM Tirletl mill
'J'ho court martial willed to moot on March
1(1 ( for the purpose oC hearluj ? oh.u-ges pre
ferred ng.ilnsi Caplala Henry Catlo.v of tlio
Second Infiuitry , ii.u su vestAl the looking
up of lit * record us mi iirinv ollk-or.
In KVi ho was appointed M corporal from
Oregon , and was assigned to duty In the
Ninth Infantry. Inis.i7 ho bt'cunio hospital
steward. In June , 1SI' , ( > , ho dlsehurgcd
anilroappointed to the siinw position , In
| sr > .Mio wus tu.ulo HMI nontenant und regi
mental ipiartcrnmster of llio I-' Oregon
Infantry ,
lie was mustered out In February , hM ,
ntiil In the HIIIIIU month became second
lieutenant of the Sixteenth Infantry. In
August , Will , h was pivwiotc.i to tlio pnsl-
ticni of llrst llciitonanl of the same regiment.
In ISIHI ha wns transferred to the Kocoml In
fantry niid was promoteii to tlio uaiitalni'.v in
, ltliii ( of tlio smnn year.
The present court martial illlllcnlty 1s not
the llrst experience of Kind for Captain
Calloy. IIcMvns tried by ncourt martial held
tit U'allaVall.i , Wash. , In ISMupon ) a charge
of having retreated before a band of Indians ,
much Inferior to his force , while 111 tlio vicin-
itv of Illi : Creek In the Siilnion Klvcr valley
of Malm oti the ' -iOlli day of .Inly , ht > . to the
disgrace of the aervlco. 'L'ho spceilloatious
In Hint case sot forth that C.'ajitaln ( 'alley not
only ret rented before the band of Indians ,
but that ho did MO in u precipitous manner ,
loavlnif some wouiuluii soldiers belonging to
bis command unnecessarily exposed and im
properly cared for mid that ho conlinuoil thi.s
precipitous retreat for two miles , and even
then foiled to face about anil meet and re
pulse the inferior hand of Indians ,
pnrsuimiliin huteontlnuod the retreat for the
distance of 100 miles , to the scandal and itis-
griieo of the service.
Thenwi'ro eight speeifieallons and the
court found Captain Catley guilty In nil but
two of them , and tlio verdict rendered ro-
coumioiided that hn be dismissed from the
service of tbo United States.
I'rosiiletit K. rt. ll.iyos . proved to ho his
last hope and his friend. The verdict of the
court-martial was not confirmed mill Captain
( 'alloy remained In tlio service.
This Is u matter of record and may bi ) as
certained by. any ono who will talto u few
moments limo to look Hup. This fact is not
llkclr to prejudice the court-martial he fore
wlileh Captain Catlev is to appear on the Kith
It ( S said that Captain Galley has been desirous -
sirous of being relived , on aeeount of ilisu-
billty , for some tiiuo , but the department hits
refused to retire him. ,
Following Is llio detail for the court :
Major David I'orry , ! sixth cavalry ; Major
Tiillius C. J'upper , Sixth cavalry ; Major
Harry C. Kgburt , Seventeenth 'infantry :
Captain ClnrcncoM. Bailey , Kighth Infantrv ;
Captain Augustus \T. Corliss , Eighth In-
I'anlry ; ( 'aptniii Stephen I1. .locelyn , Twen-
tv-llrst infantry : Captain Henry S. Howe ,
Seventeenth infantry- Captain William .M.
Wallace , Sixth cavalry ; Captain Charles A.
Coolidge , Seventh infantry : Captain Cyrus
S. Roberts. Seventeenth infantry ; Captain
Henry C1. Ward. Sixteenth infantry ; Captain
Inlin H. Kerr , Sixth ciH'idry ; Captain Will-
him 11. Carter , Sixth cavalry.
Captain 1' . Ilonry Kay , acting Judge advo
cate of the department of the 1'inite , will
X.ITIOX 11 , i'.tJ'lTAi. XOTKS.
Nebraska ami.Iowa , rciisioiis ,
\V\SIII\OION , March D , ( Special Tele
gram to Tm : Hr.KJ I'enslons were granted
today to the followliiL' Nebrnakiins : Orig
inal Oscar C. Udriilrlo ! ) , . .TolmVeosan , John
Uahlwin , Nicholas Hlair , Martin Cain , Will-
Ham lioardman , Mntrnus J. Cobn , Sidney
Broad forth , Desmond Crane. Carl Hoft'or ,
William M. Dean , Austin U. .laeolw , Mich
ael Conners , Olhaniol K. Davis , John
.1. W. lleiishuw. Original , widows , etc.
llattio 1C. , widow of H. T. Kundlet , Judith
A. , wulow of fames ] } . Curran.
Iowa : T. Invin. Will
iam K Cul'ierson , FriJiiorick C. Filiold ,
James I { . Coltur , Forger l-"ericr on , .lolm II.
Couiitryinaii , 1/Yancls Hasquin , Jolm 10. liar-
vis. John Dot/on , Dietrich Ueehimm , Will
iam Fl. Hnkcr , John ( i. Harmon , Charles
Lewis , William II. \ \ ulsoy , ( lilhort Cooler ,
llo/.ehjah FUlier , Charles Koyes , 1'iirton ( I.
Ilutcliins. Joseph Purton , James 1'rusher ,
Nclsnn Hills , ( lOttliebKunt/ , John Harnliart ,
Henry CULT , William Hills , Kraut-is Windle ,
Henryc llen.syo. Keissuo Myron liunce.
Original widows , etc. Delhi , wulow of Al-
phous ICoont/ ; Sarah Ann. inoihcr of Aure-
liu.s Kiigloston : Arabella Is' . , widow of Dan
iel Carumck : Surah , widow of John .lonos ;
Sarah , widow of Albert M. fSilbert ; lOlix.a-
hutli M. , widow of William Uibhi''lon ; Mar
garet , widow of Daniel ( Jolcimin.
Now Orleans Drai miK < % Case l > i * < 'lli-d (
WiiixiiTiiN , March O.-Tao United
States supreme court-today alllnncJ tlio
judgment of the cheuil court in the case of
.latno.s Wallace IVakoet al , appellants , v.s the
city of Now Orleans. This is the New Or
leans dralnatro case , in wlileh ex-President
Cleveland was ono of the cnuiisol for appel
lants. Thoueeision of the court was against
tlio pirties whom Cleveland ivpresented ,
thoiiKli Justice Ilarliin , Chief Justice Kuller
mid Justice I.amar dissented.
lOmhr/.y.lcr line Kel'iiscil a I'ardoii ,
Wiiiv < iTov , March ! ) . The president has
douicd the application for a pardon in the
case of John C. Kno , charged with emlio/-
zllnu the funds oC the Second National bank
of New York.
In tlio case ot John Vouiifrmau , an Indian ,
convicted in Wisconsin ol rmm ami sen
tenced to liann April U next , the president
commuted the sentence to imprisonment for
life at hard labor.
The President ( Iocs Duck
U'AMIIXI.ION , March1. ) . The president left
U'ushlnpton this afternoon for n few day's '
dnclc shooting near lloatdcs , Mil. Ho was
accompanied by ox-Senator Sowell of New
York . . n
Iixiui : > , Mil. , MaruliPresident ! ) Harri
son and party arrivedlthis afternoon mid soon
went out huntiiiK.-ir.AdeiiM | > fotf t.imo up in n
short lime mid thqy returned without any
tranio. ' '
. March ' . ) . A statement has
been prepared by ilio' ' commissioner of pen
sions , ( 'K'iiiR a rosiriiiriof the work of Ibo pen
sion bureau during' llw month ended Keliru-
ary ' 's. Tills staWinliat bhow-s that during
that time 7 , "fill jloision certilicates of all
rlasso ? wore Issuud/iroiin'MMithiK ? lHl.Vi ! ' .
na tlrit payment.Uils ( / ; ( number r.-'Jl ! were
issued uiiilor the ueiv. ' pension act of June 'X ,
Site I 'or the New Dry Dook.
WiMiiviiox , MHirt'h 0. The committee
nppolnted to .selei-t'ii ' slto for u dry dock on
the Culf of Mexico1 HUs decided on the south
pass of the Mississippi river on the AlRim
side , near the Southern 1'aclllo ferry. All
the other points visited wf.-o either too shal
low or not far cnouRh from the sea to no safe
from gun lire. _
In lteco iilton | \Vlniliim. .
Niw : YOIIK , March ! ) . -Ono of the jjoutlo-
inen connected with the movement iiinoni ;
the personal friends of the Into Secretar ,
Wiiidom to make some expression to Ids
family of the hluh esteem in which he was
hold states : "Tho amount contemplated lias
been realized ami It Is probable It will be in
vested in a suitable residence at Washington
If tlio family Khali determine to make tliat
city their home , which is now thought to bo
their Intention. _
The Kale 01' I'm ' Itiinaw.iy.
PitTswiw , I'a , MarchH ! ) | | > eclnl Telo-
Brain lo Tan 1UU..JKiipono Kliin and
Thomas l-Vriruson , need respectively sin on
teen ami eighteen vcarj , run away from
their bourns In this city last Tlmi-Mlay with
the evident Intention of going to New York
city This morning 1-Vwison's body was
hrouu'ht buck to llio ril \vlilloHyiiti lies In
a Iliirrtabtirg hospital tnortally wounded.
The boys were run down by a shifting train
In the railroad y irds at ltiirrhhur # . .lust
how the accident occurred will probably
never be learned. The Feruu.son family
formerly resided In New York. The boys
had freiiuently oxpriMsed a determination to
visit that city'and It l.s bellvod wow carry
ing out theirUctoni Imition.
t'.t ; > Ttn : i'iti-i.t'i'iN. :
'I'lnciiU'iieil Tor tin *
I'ullim < TH ol'lie ( li'Uli Leader.
r.ciMHiN , March II.-ISpivlal C.ilileijraiii to
Tin : III-.I.1--A Duiillu let tor says Arch-
lU.slmpValsh \ does not appiMve of llu > ex-
Irenio course taken by tluno of his fellow-
prolaleslio \ hold out oM'ouimnntcaUoii as
thopi'iii-dty for tlui follmvoM of I'arni'll.
While hiililli' ' positive ylcws , both as to the
folly and evil ciTect upon tlio nation's politi
cal and moral lulorost.s of ( 'lvliiK countenance
to I'aruoll ' , the arctililMhtip does not propose
to treat either clergyman or liiyiuen ainoiiK
Parncll's supporters any dilTen'iit In a relig
ious sense from whnl ho tix-at.s ulhets , This ,
however , Is not lilts view Rener.illy held by
the ln h prelates , and the iiuliealioiis arc
that the Irish people will have to I'liono be
tween I'arnell and llio ehurcli.
The Freeman's Jnurnal pulillshivs a loiter
from Sir Charles Cavan DntTy In which that
nontleinmi nays that tbu nollcy of the Inde
pendent opposition wlileh Mr. I'arnell hail i-o
far carried on suceO'i.Hfiillv orlKlmitett In 1MT
with the Irish confederation. Tlion.lth
Ciitliulle episcopaey , tboy resisted the policy
with all their pnworand 'banished the priests
to pennl iiarislie.4 loi'tbeir support of tlio in-
ilepemleut | iai'ty. L.itor , by reason of cor-
riiptioii ami intrigue , it iiccatnu nMurcd from
llfty to live members of parliament , the
bishops always condoninc or uupi-ovlng every
act of treachery. The letter concludes as
follows : -'b'nlll all this clerical interference
* s ( -liuiifn'ii there is no more hope for the Irisli
cause than there is for a coupse on tlit > di.s-
scrlltiK tabli1. "
The new .NlcL'arthylte paper , the N'ational
Press , cays that the upshot of the contro
versy over tlio Paris funds Is that I'arnell ,
afte'r denying the title of nationalist , denies
their authorities anil awaits their judgment.
The Irish national federation , the paper
adils , Is everywhere welcomed , and becomes
the heir of tlio departed national loaiuiu.
Subscriptions lo tlio Parnt-ll fund for the
second d.iyare reported to Imvo amounted lo
i.7 > l > 0.
Wants- ills \Vil'e Hack.
I.OXDOV , March ' , ' . - There is a peculiar ease
at Cllthcroe , near .Manchester. Three years
ape ono Jaclisou married u Miss Hall , hut
soon left her , troinjr to Australia. . . Sbnrtly
after Mis. Jackson came into [ lossession of a
fortune of t:27UOii. : In Iss'.i ' Jackson returned ,
but she refused to live with him , Ho ob
tained a high court order for a restitution
of tlio roiijuind relation , tni ! she refused
to obey. Yesterday morning : , us she
was leaving church , .laeksou mid two
friends forcibly abiluctud her ami carried her
lo a house in Blackburn. Kriemls of the laity
followed mpldly in a carriage , but .lacltsun
shouted dellaiice from the house. Mrs. Jack
son's solicitor obtained a warrant ut-alust the
abductors for assaulting his client's sister at
the time of the abduction , but the abductors
i-emalncil barricaded in tlio house mid a
constable cannot reach them. Krioiuh of
Mrs. Jackson stood imrd all lust iii 'lit ami
today , and are still watehim ? the house.
A I'uiiit in Jloliaiiiiiieilaiiisni.
LONIXIV , March y. [ Si-'eial ) Cablegram to
Tm : Hir. : | A singular contest has just been
terminated hnforo the jmlleiil comniilteo of
tlio royal privy council. Coitain Moliaui-
nicilans xvcirnlilplii ) : In the mosque at Tapore ,
India , claimed that tlioir leadoM ami cryers
n prayers were heretics , because
they tillered "amen" aloud and raised
Iheir hands to their ears at a ceitaui
point in their prayer. * . The inwioved wor-
hhipers wished lo liavu the allowed heretics
expelled fooni their oftires. The case was
curried from court to court in India at gre
jxpense , and lltmllito the privy council in
KiiKland. The privy council decides , after
an exhaustive inquiry , tlitit the acts alleRod
are not hurosy. Jt is considered a singular
spectacle , that the Christian council of a
Christum queen should decide a nicu point of
K\liort to Slum .Secret Soclrl Irs.
Drni. ix , .March ! ) . Ilisbop Woodloek of
Arda h ami ( JloninacnoU , who has boon
preaching at Athlone , exhorted his hearers
to shun secret societies , as an imineiliato at
tempt was bcui made to entangle youiiK
lion into a renewal of the plottinirs wtiicb
have been tbo curse of Ireland.
Ho was ( 'r'ove.l ' to have to state
that certain Catholics of Ids diocese had
broken into n imMliifr house while services
wore bt'iiitr hold , and had not only insulted
the minister , but also committed an assault
upon him.
The bishop of Cork denounces the promoters
motors of the proposed I'arnollite mooting to
Ivheld in Cm-Icon St. Patrick's Day. Ho
says ho will not administer to the nerds of
the souls of his people unless they protest
nuainst the ile.sccration of the holiday , as the
demonstration would ' beau insult to the ( rreat
npastlonf Ireland.
An Opinion from Koine.
KOMI : , March ! i. j Special Cablegram to
Tin : liii : : . | Tlio .Monitourdo Koine , In an ar
ticle on the school question in tlio United
States , says It is tlio principal Catholic ijues
lion in America , mid although ImriitiiKly del
icate. it does not believe it will lad to a con
flict tietwccn the Catholics and the civil au
thorities. The Mom t cur amis it has
confidence in llio wisdom of the Catholics ami
in lliu .spirit ol' just Ice and toleration of tin
American civil powers , and snvs that Kul-
lurkampp i impossible in the I'nited States.
'h ' lOmiai'iVs CritieKeil.
I.OVIMIV , MarchTho ! ' Times today com
ments upon the character ol Parncir cmis
sarios to the L'niteil States , saying tltiil
James O. Kelly is an ex-I-'enian and late
arms aieiit from the Clan-na-paol society.
John O'l.'onncr is classed as the man whom
John Dcvoy brought from tlio rat holes ol
conspiracy , .lolm 10 Kedmonil is dubbed an
avowed adherent of tlio "harp without tbt
crown. " Tim Times concludes with tlio re
mark that "if any persons can persumlo the
section hi the t'nited States to open it.- > purse
it will bo them. '
The IliMich's ,
f.i < iNiiitv , Miireli'.i. ' [ Special Cablegram to
Tm : ilii : : . | Questions won1 put to the gov-
crnnienl in the house of commons this evening -
ing witli rcfcroneoto the alleged Inability of
Justice Stephen to perform his Judicial func
tions. Mr. Smith , Hi-it lord of the treasury ,
n renly said Unit thu government had no au
thority ovcra Jnuge ; that the constitution
ic.spoctcd the ab > oliito independence of the
licueh thouh'li a member of the honso might
move that the crown might remove u Judge.
I ) like Addresses UlicrnN.
UOMION , March ( i.At a mooting of lib
erals today Sir Charles DilUo said ho was
ronlldent ho would bo able lo clear his character -
actor und return once moro lo nolitienl life.
Ho could not definitely deeldo today to con
test the seat. l.adv Ddke , wife of Sir
Charles Dillce , also addressed thu meeting.
She said she was convinced tlial her
liiu > haiiu would jot beclL-ured of Iho charges
against him.
Spanish Troops Inr Cuba.
I'AISIMareli UA dispatch to the I'ouips
from Madrid says : Tlio Spanish government
Is about to dispatch C.sTO irooiis to Cnb.i on
accoiml of llio Increasing political agltallon
on Iho island. 'I he Spanish press prolusts
againsl AiiK-ricans ( ! ncour.iing | Cuban .sep
aratists in connection with the proposed
treaty of commerce.
Ho Talked Too Much.
> N , March li. imperial C'alilegram to
Tut : lii-A ) : : | soldier in llro-slau Inn lieun
scntencod to a lung term of imprlsonini-nt for
expressing an nnfavorablo vlow of the
kaiser's military abilities. An otllcer who
hoard the man knocked him down and then
ordered him to bo court nun-lulled.
Suppressed UM Street Sale ,
Sr. l'irnstn ; ( m , , Maich ti. Tlio o/ar has
prohibited [ the street itilo of Novoo Vrotuyu
owing to nn article rldh ullng I'rince Mar
tlcnoiT , roccntl.v scnteneod atVnrsuv \ : to
I'iKhl years penal .servltudo for tdioolinit
his mldress , n I'olish actress.
l.i > MH\ , March ! ) . The great Scotch steel
nuklnc i-om-ern of the ( loodwlus-.lardlm' '
compiiny will go Into liquidation
Napiitcnii Sinking.
Hovr , March ti , Prince .lerome Nitpoicon
< .slnllnc ( fast. King Hnmbort am ) I'lem-
> ors of the wyal fuuilly are at the bedside ,
V Hindrance to Public I'mlllc.
I.OMH1N , March ! ' . The pollcoliavo Mopixxl
he proposed driving1 match bet ween Lord
Shrousbury and Lord l.onsdalt * for I'.VM ' on
he Kronnd of hindrance to puldlc tralllc.
I'Muuril HarrliiKtoti Nearly
LIIMKIS , March l > At Mllltown. Ireland ,
today F.dward Harrington , M. I * , was nearly
nobbed by the antl-l'arnellites among his
) wn constlluency. There were several free
I'lencli Drpntles Delinlc Hcttlng.
I'viii" , March l . There was 11 debate In
, ho chamber of deputies today on the recent
loclslon to prevent betting Constans , min
ster of the Interior , refused' to restore the
'aris mutual system.
ieriimn .Miniiit'acliiicrslll Moot.
HIIII.IV : , March U. - Leading manufacturers
'rom ' all parts of ( icrmmiylllmcothero
icxt week to take measures for a proper
vpresentatloii ot ( ionium manufacturers at
, he CelumUlan exposition in Chicago.
lllsiiinick'ri ( 'anilldiu-y.
HRIIIIV , MnrchO. HlstnarcU'scundidaturo
'or ' ( leesetomunde is the princiiil | topic of
llsi'iisslon in the lobbies of the ivlehstag. It
s freely assorted that the gnveniinenl feels
'inlim-rassed ' over his decision. No doubt
tisniarck will secure an majority.
llciiHons I'or ( lie Passport Decree.
l ovnos , Mnrrii I * . Tlio Time ! . ' lie'-1 ! ! cor-
espiiiulenl makes u long slateineut claiming
: o represent. Kniporor William's reasons for
ds passport decree. The correspondent re
pudiated the idea thai tlio emperor was mis-
nfonned us to the state of affairs brought
iiiont by his mother's sojourn in Paris. The
orrespondent says : "The courtesy ho ( the
impon. ! ' ) sought to establish was merely thai
of combatants politely bowing In-fore cross-
'ng swords. llo never bad an idea
: hat reconciliation was possible , bill
from the iiionu.-nt his action was
tuorprctcd ns a sign of weakness by
i handful of howling dervishes , who suc
ceeded in making the \v hole nation giddy , it
was his duty to resume his dignity as the
leadof the liurman nation. Ft was not the
emperor's business to look for tbo motives of
Lliesu outbursts. The measure is merely a
temporary rampart behind which ho can
s.ifolv await the not distant day when the
opinion of the French people will pass judg-
nenl on these useless indications. Then ,
ivhentlio French people have recovered their
ndcpcndent spirit , will tlie barriers bo u
/ ; / , / < off.
Disposes ol' Ills Interests in C.nsebalt
anil Quits tlie ( time.
C't.ivii.\vn : : , O. , March ' . ' . ( Special Tele-
ram to TIM : Uir. : ) Tlio baseball war , so
lar as Al Johnson of Cleveland is concerned.
is over. Tonight the deal was completed be
tween Johnson and .1. I'uliucr O'Xeill ,
whereby the latter' purchaser for SlO.WKi
cash all the interest of Johnson in tbo Cleve
land brotherhood chili and the Cincinnati
club. Johnson came down from room'.M'Jin
Iho Woildell house a few minutes after U
and staled lo the reporter * standing about
tliat he had sold out every interest in base
ball and was glad of it.
' I am sick of tlio business , " slid be , "and
tomorrow morning I can wnko up without
thinking of a solitary player. "
The terms of tlio deal Include everything
over which the latter hail control. It is ex
pected that Hie orpini/atlon which llrush
organi/cd at Cincinnati some time ago will
take up tlio club and push its business for
the coming season , As soon as tlio deal was
completed Johnson at once telegraphed his
resignation to the American association. All
dti } long the wires have been hot with uio.s-
stigcs from the association camp urging John
son to stick , mid it is stateil that one offer
was made of $5,000 from eaeli of the .seven
club , or 'i. i. < Kli ) in all , if lie would hang out.
Ho .stated , however , last week that he was
siekofbaso ball and would quit il Jusl as
soon us lie urot the opportunity.
Among other things in tlio'ugrcetuent with
Johnson is a clause whereby he .stipulates
that ho will not engage in basuball for ten
years. When the news of tlie sale was cou-
llrnied in person hy tno partner. * to it John
son's friends crowded around him in thu
\Veddell house and congratulated him upon
his ( 'otting out of tlio business.
"MS a Picnic with O.-in I'ortli.
Nrw Yoitic , March ! > . The nmch-tnlkod-of
twenty round glove contest between Jimmy
Haggiu of Philadelphia and Tommy Dan forth
of this city at the ICniekerbocker athletic
club in lIoboKon tonight was of short dura
tion , Ilacrgindid the leading and after si/-
ingDanforth's style ho lamlod left handed
upper cuts fully in Daiiforth's face every
limo he ( Indeed. Ho never missed his olow.i ,
which wore delivered with tolling effect.
Tlie second round was moro lierc-o than the
ilrat , and Danforth began to show signs of
weakening. They had scarcely bui-a liglning
a inliiute and a half m this round when Ilag-
gin planted a riglit bander full in Danforlh's
stomach , which doubled him up like a jaelc-
kiufo. As ho bent forward llairgin landed a
loll handed upper cut. which almost pin him
to sleep. He manured to get on bis feet at
thecalliif time , hut in a iiiumeiit liaui'in
landed niiother swinging left bander , which
again sent him sprawling. The third time
heu'ot up lie was again knocked down and re
mained on the Moor until the ton seconds
were ii ) ) . Hag-gin was declared the winner
and given the pur e.
A WieMlIm.Mate1 - .
Sr. Lion * , Mo. , March 'J.--I ' Spec ! al Telegram
to Tin : Uin. : | HertVallter , of Cincinnati
and Mike Mooney of this city , both welter
weights , wrestled here last evening for u
pin-so of fcjuo and gate rmipt.Tho " .lap"
refon-ed tlio ninteti , which he gave to Mooney
in spite of the fuel that the last fall was
hardly nsqiiuruone , The derision was neces
sitated. tlio referee evidently thought , bv the
threatening aspect of tlio crowd , which
.seemed bent on having Mooncy win.
iirilllii anil Warren Will Not I ight.
Niw : Om. r\\s , March 41. ( Special 'J'ele-
( jr.un to.Tiii' HIITlieio : : | is to bo no light
in this city between Warren and ( Srlflln.
Warrens-ays that ( Sriflin will noi accojit his
challenge. Warren svill deposit Jl.uoo to-
moirow lo tight any man In thu country
weighing 1 IS pounds.
I'inc Kiilye Notes- .
I'isi : Ui ix , i : . S. D. , Mureh -Special [ to
Tnr Hr.r. | The. cold weather still continues ,
zero and below being registered every night.
Nontenants Williamson and Pcr.shino of
tlio l-'lflli cavalry have in ri veil and assiiuied
eommand of two troops of scouts , relieving
Lieutenants Clark and livron , who beloinr to
llio depart meat of the Dakota. A visit totho
Ninth cavalry camp was nude. Tlio\ \ are
almost snowed under , ami when the thawing
commences they will bo troubled with over-
Hews , the streams with Its narrow hanks
being unable to carry on' the excess of water.
A luree number of
oftlcers and men are
suffering from the grippe , and with the siir-
rounilings ot snow and wet do not have much
_ _
A Her.nliir IMtelicd llalile.
LorisMi.i.p , Ky. , March ! ) . A regular
pitched battle was fought by a number of
desperate men at a place called "Hell's Half
Acre , " in Virginia , near Cumberland ( hip ,
last ovealng. Hugh .lohnson was killed ,
( iarrott Sullinm and MOH ( iibion fatally
bliot and twoothcri sorlousiv wounded. 'I he
llrsl two were arieited last Oi-tobcr on suspi
cion of being llio mon \vlio shot younr Morris
Willis. The light was started by them in
revenge against UIIMO who were witnesses thorn. _
Struck for Slmrter
I-III'IMIX : I , Mich , March 'J. Two hundred
ami llfty men employed .In the iron mines
titruch today for ihorter hours
AKll ,
lYuiklin MnoVoiigh Declines tlio Honor of
Loiuling it to Victory.
A School Ihr tlie l\diii > alloii oI'Mlnnr"
at Iti'ldcwcll A l-'ai-ini'i * KniVo-
fates \Vliilo DrniiK The-
.MasonIf I'l'inplc.
CiiicviioOl'i'in : oi-Tltr. llrr <
Clinvim , March U <
Franklin MaeYeagh , who wus nominated
for mayor by the Citizens' orpinl/atlon Siitnr
day , guvo out u letter this noon in wlileh In
politely lint firmly declined lo run , for husi
nuss ami prlv.ite reasons. A meellmj will !
hold tomor-mv nl ht lo consider the nuostion
of naming some one lo Illl the vniMiicy. It i-
probable , however , that nothing ininii will he
done In the innllcr until after the iwo parti
sun conventions have put their candidates in
the Held.
* UVTiT ( | JOI.HIT.
The social circles of .lollet nro aome\\ hat
stirred up by a dlvm-i-o suit which has been
commenced oy the wife of Fred X. Stulllei
n prominent and wealthy hardware merchant
of thut elly. It Is alleged UmtStulller ha
been too affectionate and attentive lo Fieri 1m
I'.vaus , an nttracllvo young woman , who wa
n mmr neinliiior of his until a few weeks n n
when she moved to Chicago on account 01 u
rupture in thn families. Thn husband .if
Mrs. r.vansls greatly Incensed over thefa > '
that his wife's affections have been alienate , !
mid it is rumored that he threatened hai-sli
measures lonvongo himself.
A school for the education of Illinois at tin-
city of Hrldcwoll was opened by5Superintend
cut Crawford at that Institution this morn
ing. Tlio .scheme for the education f youths
liiiprNoncd there is the child of Superintend
cut Crawford's brain , and promises to bo one
of the most useful reforms ever m trod uciv
within thullnsliuition ,
Major ( ipneral Schollidd arrived hero to
night. There is u great deal of speculation
as to the natureof Oeiicrul Soholleld's visit
here , since- his destination Is New UrlotuiH
It Is hinted that the coninindor ; : will take a
peep Into the army hendquartors to see if a
proper amount of good feeling exists netwivn
( iuncnil Miles and Adjutant CSencrul McKce-
lilt. TIIOM\S \ | t\Miilll-sI.V : | 11.1. .
Dr. II.V. . Tlionms , the well-known elorg\
nmn. is ( 'angeronsly ill with an attack of
urippe , which it Is 'feared may develop tutu
pneumonia. Under the doctor's ' orders no
ono is pel-milled to see tbu side divine.
si rn > < ur.D niiu.i : iiitrsu.
Kdward Delss , a farmer living near Ieli-
van , went home drunk Saturday night and
drove his family from the house. Vcstenlav
morning he was found dead upon Iho Hour ,
having been sulToeatcd by gas Iroin a real
ttOllhW. OS' Till ! .MASONIC TKMI'I.C.
Today the huge roof was removed from tlh-
foundation of the Masonic temple , at tie
corner of State and IJandolph streets , ami tin-
Indoor work of the winter months exposed in
view. The foundations have boon all laid
and the uprights erected fir the first t > Um
Crowds attracted by the sight visited tli
plaee durim , ' the day and wondered how sin h
a superstructure was laid in the dead of win
ter with hardly a sound of the hummer bcnu-
heard by passers by.
From now on a story will Do run up ovei v
ten days , MI that inside of six months th"
tnllost'nftlcu building in the world will be
finished and ready fur occupation.
wr.s'iiniN rioi-i.i : : icmr.uio. .
Among the western people In Chicago
today were the following :
At the I'.dmer-A. Iio.sowater , wife and
child , A. I ) . Uramlois , Omaha.
At the Auditorium .1. I ) . Cole , Omaha.
At the Tremont C. It. Mdlor , M. M
Miller , Omaha.
At the McCoy-S. T. Davis , J. P. flooche ,
I ) . C. I'orter , 1' . 1'ay ton. .1. K
Rich , .1. 1' . Smith , .f. F. Smyiliu , f 1 . U'llscill.
At tlio Hrevoort- . San forth , Con 111.1
IlutT.s ! ; ( ; 1 ! . Widnos , Omaha.
At the Commurcinl--K. S , Kobinson ,
Omaha ; C. Smith , Council HlnlTs.
At thu Saratoga TDoeker , Oniahn : ' ' .
( ! . Saunder.-i , Council Hlults.
At the liore Mr. and Mrs. (5.FI. Connucic.
\4. \ Mcndel.-- olin , U. I ! . Wclpton. Uin.iha.
At the Clifton A. L. Ilarlow , A. Tram- .
At tlio ( iraee ( ! . O. Stiuuer. ( irani'l Islan '
At the Auditorium-- ! . Simmons , Ci-diu-
Rapids. la.
At the P.ilmor .lolm C. Haynas , Kain I
City , S. 1) ) . : Mrs. TibbiH. Sioux Citv , la
At Iho Cii-and Paeille .1. M. ChrUy. | ) . - .
Moines , la. ; WiUimii 11. l.'Iarvo. Helena
Mont. ; James V. Mnhoiuniue , Sioux Uily. la.
At the Tremont U.S. Van Vnlhetiijuri.'h.
Mindcn , Neb. ATKI.NMJV
Late I'ollciNotes. .
Fred Sly is only a boy , but ho is a co.--
tinned ihici mid goe.s througli the process of
being nrre.sutried and found guilty and
sent to jail with idilTorenco tliat is remark
able fur onn so voung. lie completed a brief
eonlinement in the city Jail yesterday and
whei , ho was released he asked lo'r an
overcoat that ho had on when lie
was arrested. An examination of th.-
coat showed that the maker's immo had been
ripped otT the collar so Mr. Sly w.i- .
tidil to leave the coat at th Jail a foiv iliivi
to see if some ono would not claim it. A few
hours after Sly had tjono a young man. wln >
worked for ( illison , Miller .t Hiehanlvon.
visited thostnliou ami identitiod the garnii'ut
ns belonging to him.
Sly was again arrested upon a warnii t
sworn out hy the owner of the coat.
l-'red Oliphaiit wns arraigned vo.storday m
police court upon a charge of stealing a .
of liorsp belonging lo Mr. Hall , nli'r \
man. lie waived examination and ui ; >
bound over to the ( tistrit-t coutt under bonds
of : - " > ( ) . _
IIowo scales , trucks , cotTco mills , ( Mr-
starters , Harrison convejor. Catalogues of
Horden A Solleck Co. , ugents , I'hicngo , 111 ,
A North DaUola Appointiiieiit.
WisiuNdiov , March " . The president tn-
iluy appointed Thomas 1C. Oloscarde ut
North Dakota register of the land oflk-ii ut
Mini-t , N. I ) . This is a uowly e-stabllslu-a
ofllco. Oli'sgnrdo wis noiuinatvd during the
sebsloii of the semite , but his nomination w.i- .
not acted jpon.
( Jesslor's .xlagle Ileailacho Wafm-s. Ciircsal ;
heajfches In'JO minutes. At all driiggists.
llinghampton Hepnlillcan : Tlio latent
F.nglish .style of shaking hands , jniU'ing
from tbo ile.seriptUin , resemliles the weI !
known popular method of handling a hot
Each Season
Has its n\\n p.vnllar mal.idy ; but \\illi the
liliied iiiamt.iiiii'd M .1 stale ot imifuiiuigor
and pnritv | i > tlm u - of Ayei'sSarsap.irlllj.
the h > sti-m leadil ) adapts Itself to rliangoit
conditions. Conipnsedotthe host altcrr.mea
and tonics , , -md tn-ing hlulily ciiiceiitrated. (
Ai-r.s SHI siipai Ilia is Hie most eltccmo and
i-i-onoiincid dl all blood i . llcines.
"l-'oi sunn * ) cai.ul llio return of spring ,
1 had fi'riom tnnililellli inj Kidneys. 1
was unable to sleep nluhl.s. niid mdleicd
Ilientlj ulth pains In the Miiall of my hack.
INV.-IS also . - illlliteditli lu-ail.iche , lo .s o (
appctlle , and IndlKi'SUon These .siiiiitniiH )
were much \\iu e last spring , i-spt-c-lully tlio
UmiMeltli my lil-k. ; A frli-nd pi-isiiuded
inn to use Ayi-r's Saiiapaillla. I lu-gan
taking It , ami my troubles all dlsappcari-it "
-Mrs. Ceiu-vra llclancer , - . ' ( lli-iilyo si.
d , Muss
Ayer's SarsapaHMa
DR. J. 0. AYKK rt : CO , Lowell , Mii .
y W bj llruKvltl * (1. il 1 11VjitU $4 i liiXlle ,