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T\VENTlErJ'll \ ' YMAR. OMAHA , Tt'ESDAT 3IOKNi\fi ( , JUAHCM ! 10 , 1801 ,
Gibson , Miller & Riclimlson's Big Prmtiug
Uowo Destroyed ly Fire.
'JIlO UHMMII ICiMcliiMiiOlllill ( ) -
ilird 'IlKiii-iiiiiil llnlliii'M uiul Is
Unlj Part hilly Covi-ii'd
lj liisiiraili't' ' .
\\rnip | l In a winding shoot ofll.ime , stir-
lounclcd by bin/Ing / piles of costly paper ,
\nluakloitiltsaiid loin of typo and other
inliitlDB tinterlul , a clgaietto was Inelii-
natcil la Omaha ycjtorihv. Its funeral
pvro was ono \vhlch even n nibob might
in Wilts oiid as ulorlous for n elgmottc-
ns Its most ardent adtnhcr could liiuo
wtshod. This morni'iB blackened walls ,
jlles of I'hnnod timbers , broken und twisted
inaihlnory , and all the wreck thatinaiks the
destruction of one of Oinalu's most c\tcn-
Mvo Institutions the Gibson , Miller i
Illchaidson printing and publishing liouso-
fclniidsn monument to carelessness.
Shortly before" o'clock jesteiday morn-
lnf ( , and before the omplo\os \ of thoestnb
llshmcnt hid anivol to begin the daj-'s
work , n smell of sniolco was dotectcit bj
MihtV.Uchmin ; Ilonry Qulnlaii. l"av
( Ilieolinnui Palhiisbeo had Just nnivcd
Doubtas tothooiiglnof the snull Hid not
long lingo r , for while the men still snltTcJ
the air , a volumoof lluno anil smolco uishel
up from the press room. All the inoncoull
downs to save thoinsolvos. 'Ilion with a
wonderful rapidity , the Uro spread from
lloor to lloor , onn'orly feeding on the eostlv
unit01 Ial solnindlly laid out for Its con m'tip
lion. I'llosot piper , coinplotoly prmlol and
waiting the binders' tliilshlns' touehos ,
other piles In course of pilutln , ; ,
find still others , virgin , awaltinr'
the embrace of tlio jireas tooocomo pieirnatit
with the burden of the tyjios , about
the press loom. Then the oleaginous inks
milled n frightful /est to th-5 fury of the
ll.uncs. Tioiu lloor to lloor ilestriietion
spreail , llndnig nothinj , almost , to ebeek it.
Aftortho piper and jitossos wont the types ,
nnd stonesand the lihulon , onsi-.ivinjj and
llthocniphiiiR ilepirtnicnts.
NoelTortaof the IlixMiien could avail in a
Held so fa\orable , and from the lh t the
biltlo was only ono to bold the llanies Irom
fpiomlinir toadjolninKtirop'-rty.
OnH onofortminto uivuinstanco isiiot clln
ronnei-tioii with tin Iho. Jfono of the hun-
ilrcds who earned their lUelihood thuo had
jet assumed the day's routine. This alone
proveutod loss ot life.
Iiii'ldoiits Connected with Ihc Itla/c
Hrli'lly stated.
The boys In IS'o : i cnino liouso had just 10
turnel from a tiio In Tom Murr r.'s liouso it
Seventeenth and llainoy sheets , when tiny
heard of llio big hro ThoMurny lire -\vas
not expensive , hut was very fiiniij Tom
lives about three iloois away Ho was In bid
when ho hoard that one of Ids buildings Mis
on lire , oil , and , aecordlnt. to a
witness , ran some distance to ix trlophonc In
his hue feet. 'Ih' ' loss In Ibis oiso was nom
inal , tbo ihnmgo being caused by a defective
Just how Iho flic oiign.itcd is not known
The - ' " , Diossnirn and ti idesmen me
not expected to report until 7 10
o'clocK 'Ihe bovs who Iced the
] uesse3 and are iippi-entlies conic later
'Ihen ' theio w is also Quudan , the niuht
vv atihinan , ami I'alausbce the da ) chei kman ,
there cailv Qiilnl.mHOIIts all niulit
ralansbeols supposed to anivoe.irly enough
to cheek olT thelioui Unit the ill ) employes
lomuto woilc.
Uolh these men wore piescutvhcn the
alarm of llio was u\\en \ 'Ihey were in the
press loom , whUh is on tlio seiond lloor. A
boy -vho cleans up , mil starts a heat in the
loom hull ilso been in this apartment
Mi ( iibson , the m.uwuoi , is of thoopiulon
that the luo origlnnlod fiom tome iniplove
strildiig a mntdi foi the puriiooof lighting
n oieuetteor cigar.
\Vlicn-tlio men reached the stieot fiom llio
IHOM mom Iho Hro had guncd considerable
headway and hid Illled llio buildimvutn
smoke. 'Iho elevator shift , as usuil , fin
nisned a Hue , and inaveij few seconds fiom
the time the alii-ni was then all o\it fioin
the Imildinir hi moans ol the si.ahvva.\ .
ilevnlor hid been cut > fl.
The fein iloois of the building \\oie nil
Illled uith m-ali'inil in vauons conditions
( licit piles of inlnting and note paper , blank
hook iimteiial , ink , tj pe , proves and the
man ) kinds of machmon used in the busl-
nessiot lliollrin Much of the eon tints vv is
of aldghlv inllininnblo imttiie iindtlielne
dpi end almost mstantlv. covering evil ) lloor
niul part of the building
Pleor alter lloor gave \\.iv and tno matu
lid in eachdep.ntm nt fell tth a u.ish to
the bisbinent onlj to bo r.ipullv i-onsiuueil
The tint deiiiitnuit icspoiided piomptlv
to thoahiiin of Hie and undo a greil light
against be.ivodds The licit fnin the
building intensonnd tbo siuoUo bliml-
Ing. Chief CJnlhgan at u ciitieal mominl
called his men fiom tlioir woi U on theist
enl thuo minutes bofoio the Mail \\cnt
down with a ci isli.
The llnnii-s broke fiom the inlntlng house
nnd began threiteniiiK VV .1 Uio.itehs haid-
\vaii'store ' , next doni \ deteunincd cftoil
was made to piotect Ibis imlidim : trom Uam-
nuo but tbe Ii re broke tlirough the walls mid
considerable dnnmuo nils done before it could
ho cxtingulshid Mr llioatih places Ins
lossil $ - ' > , W)0 ) which w.lo fully io\cicd by iu
MI rmice.
1'liollroin llroitcli's ' stoio caught from the
top lloor , where nothing but thy \voodini-
chinciy is stoied I'ho u'llai in Jlio.itcn s
stow was also Hooded by water and tils stock
in Kcnoral hud to stand considerable of a
It was only after a stubborn light of three
hours thnt Iho luov is I'nilly ' ciitirel ) under
control nnd all risk from fuither loss n--
The only fireman Injured wa. O'nailcs
r.lliotot .No. 1 engine house , \\ho\vasstruik
on the wrist b a pleiu of falling coinlce.
Chief ( I illigm saved the lives of the inui
who woik on the app.natus from No 5
cnglnehouso b ) absolute ] } drivingtheui a-vv iv
Irom the west wall of the buildlnir just
before it vvent down rnesheils of the Buutu
Ironworks occupving the space between the
burnt buildinganil the 1"I Steele building
wore hm liedly torn . the llrcnion.
The heat from the ihv wus so toirillc tl it
it ailocted the current of the elecine motor
nnd cars were stopped ruining on all the
lines where the Spr.uue svsteiuis used.
l-'rom tbo moment the tlio was discovered ,
Iheio vvasa crow it of people numboiing fio.n
10 105,000 staring at the burnit.gbuildliii. . ' ,
Vvhith Is a total loss
Nctcss.iiily great streams of water \\cio
turned into the building niul the ono adjoin-
ing. The street was Hooded , nnd the police
wow kcBl bus ) keeping the ciovvd biclc for
fcartlial tbo front \vull would topple over.
Gll'sou , Miller A Uhlmrdson will lose
heavily In the lire. The Hun owned and op-
cr.itul the oldest ami liugest printing and
lithographing establlshnu t west of t'hicajo
The llrm had at least SlO.iiOO worth of work
in himit that \va nnitiull.or . lompletoly tin-
( shed , but not delivered 'Ibo insurance
Will reach about fso.tXX ) . but the plant b bald
to bo worth about $1\000 '
The building was owned by lieu Smith ami
N as well Insured.
The stock , \\hlch was ono of the largest In
Omaha , is a total wicck. Them is a possibil
ity thnl bomo of the pusses , which vvoroou
the sti-ond lloor , inn ) be sivr-d. In the busc-
inont there -was a largo stoclf of ho ivy and
print papers. The noxl lloci wat. the count
be row" , vvhicli uuo coiitamt-dcouslduta'jlu '
strn K. On the lloor nboe this are the presses
and I'onsliU-nililo stock Tin printers \ork \
ii tln third lloor anil the lilinli-rv Is on the
fiiinlh None of Iho einnloMs hal airlvcd
piloi tolhotiiuo the Hie nrnkoout.
The Him did wood and photo engraUntr ,
photo lltlioiniiphlntf. llthiigi iph ( iiurmlnc ,
hinullediill kinds of stntloneiv , did bltiitliiir ,
all soils nf printing , libel mamifactnilng ,
electrolvpltnr , and also made map * 'Ihero
\\ns no dpouli'ith hnimrtuntuork on hand
tint \\n li -.t. All the state work nndloeal
public worlt hail forttnntuls bi-i'iideli\uod
The I'mlll ' be Iho cause of tliroHlngnbout
sientllvopeopleont \ \ ofemploment Hwas
one of ihe bluest Itmtltutlons ol the kind in
tbo west.
Mr ( llbson was about the building all day ,
usslstiii ) ; In iirr\intr out wlntox rr books or
pipers thatcouldbo iwcued from the busi
ness ofl'CP '
A telegram win received finin Governor
lloyil during tliu afternoon tindeilnp tbo use
of Ids olllce , opposite the binned biilldlrtr. to
Messrs ( ilbsou. Miller it Khlmnlson. The
olforMS aoienU'd , and what few books and
pipers that loulil bo rocoeixleio moved
o > or to this ollk-o
I'tio liiMiiance.
Hwasnoxtto impossible to pet a complete
list of the Insurance on the losses. liroiteb
lll bodimiii'od by llroiuul watoi consider
nbheipechlly ny the litter , as the Iheinon
liivo Itopt conllnuil atieamsila\ | Inn all day
long. Hro.itih's lellaris llllclwith water
Ills stock on the top lloor valued at $10,000
\\iis \ moie or less bijrueilhcohr \ A
\Vheeicr , insnraine agents , carried Hioatch
for $17riiH , ) iiiMirious companies anil iniuldi-
lion to this iliu stock \\.it fintbor insund.
Thuilbson ( , \Klehndsonstockwas
insured in so man ) companies tint it took
nil da.\ for the agents totracotho work down
'llio Nebraska Tire Insurance company
thiouili ! its dilTeient n ; ciides was
eirryltur about $11,001) ) atone A Itoectlicr the
liisuriiuceill agniogatoovcr fsOllOO.
I'liolnsuranco by comnanius , so far as has
b'on nscort lined , Is as follows :
Nebraska TII. ' JlsS.'iO
t'oinniei-i-nil I'liion . . . , , ' . l"iXI (
( luiniloStmo L',0X ( )
Itojal a.i'OU
( 2rt ) )
I'ho Assncntion 1.VX )
I'ennsvlvatila l.fiJ ( )
Dulnwaio 2.01X1
I.lbertj ll.OtX )
Queen of Mnuland -I.OIHl
Stand n il , K U ! 1,00 ( )
North Ameiican 1,00) )
O.ilclaml lloni" , Till 1.01H )
( 2.O1HI
American 1,000
.1 nn it it i it / , / : si'ti'J i > / : .
I'oviMly anil llserj | j"n N an Old II an
lo Tak- Ills 1,11V , * .
N'rw Voi.u , Muvh ' ) | Spoi'iul Telegram
toTm Hi i | Hoth mblns of
.1 \r U'ateiburj , of the Houston street line ,
wcio iiowilcd whoa it stilted U-.u ) its \Vil-
llainsburg slip at b JO o'clock this nioining.
Men and women , forwho'ii theioMS not
mom Inside , stool nn'der the shilter of the
hinriiano ilick. In full sight of them 111 ohl
man iiawleu down on theedgoof the boat
w bore ono move would throw him into tin ,
lior Then be i ilseil Ids right hand , and men
and \\onieii standing spell bound , saw an
liory handled wnfi * was strapped to his
wiist He examined llio slurp edge of the
Undo ulth a aii for u moment
nnd then , just as the twodciK hands plunged
through the awed crowd to the gates , lie drew
il across tils t tire it under the right eai and
disappeared -under the water with a splash
Almost t turned iitcly ho re ippcned striiR
llling on the fiiirfiu-e The water for mam
feet aiouml him was ihod led as the deck
h nuts tu istcd their boat hooks into his
rlothcs and Dually Ruci-ccdcil in pulling him
out. As they brought him up out of the wa
lor howas disr-oiered m.ikim ? frantic etforts
still tosawawaj at his thioit Ho had two
slishes across his chest The man turned out
to be John HroHii , uCicrinin bmbor , slxt > -
live je.u-s old I'ovoiti and iniscrvcviilcnth
prompted him to hldi'aporito deed. Ho will
in i in : it , i * j ; i ! > * Ac - .
in OiliMilatlcm Iliat the Tli'i
Mill lie ICi . uani/cd
XL YOIIK Mu oh ' .I
a , -Ucports wcro cm
lent toda > that steps aio Uhu tilcon to re-
oiganl/e the hrni ol ICIililcr , Pe.iliudj C'o
bv cutting the Neiv Yoil ; oflico oft from the
lloston house and ! ; new Ilrmhero
Ills slated that tliu Isen Yoilc house will be
composed of Thomas ll.irine anl Cieoigo C
Morgim and their as--OLiatCi | anil bo U.own
as n.ning , Mcdoun X Co Miouii ( ! when
.isueil said "It is not in iloilnito enough
shnpoto nuke any aniioiiiueiiicnt yet" In
legaiiltolns connection with the Atihison
loinpmy. he said thoihaiiKO in the title and
memlK-ishipof the linn would not his
ii'l.itions to the Atihison coinpmv in auj
miy. It isundeistood thattlio incsont tirm
of ICIdder , I'o.ibodv .1 Co will continue
undei the same name and iiuludo those who
an' no.utne in it. Including I'e.iboJy and
Kiildu The llun is inoirini-nt.ill o\er tbo
world ami is goneiallInukid \ upon as a Hoi
ton house , lint its opo'i UIOIH in Now Voilt
lmv KIOWII to sin h Impoit.incothat asopi
tale ou'atiuation hero lii'i-aino
A Ti-irildc IIi
Xrn Vni.u , March it I'wunty-nio 01
hlrty Polish lUbivwswontto.l.inuici \ 1 ,
MI ly this morning to wreckviMij-eanco upon
llernnn ( lieenbiuin , pi-opnctor of a clonk
nmnufactuiy , who was em ploy inn' 11011 union
people Thcvnivmol In the dnois anil pie
ici'dcil to ilesti-o ) the stook I'lie prori-iutor
and Ins \\ifo were kleicod and boatm and
\ltriol \ thrown on tin ) inanufaitnri-rN foui-
\earoldson \ buiinng him in a teiriblo man
ner. I'l auk Kini/UGld llio man slid to ha\e
tlnowii the vitilol , was ciptuied in New
Yorktliin afternoon , 'llioihild i iniiot sm
\ivo his injui ios ( lieenbium and his wife
aio also both in a doetn > ' .s linids.
A ii I'.n I piny IMS' Xaiii 1'islo.
Kiicnr-rin. N V , March 1) ) . 'Iho
uninufiietuicrs of this elti bine issued a
manifesto tclntlro to the labor tionblcs
They leferto the action of the Knights of
L.iboi , wheso leadfis la Koilie.stei , they sai.
woronot selecti 1 from roildonts , bui irom
persons bioiigtit tlu-rofor the tiiuposi-of | pro
motini ; tho' peculiar tualsof that oivaul/a
tlon. " They n\lto threats , inlorfciuncc ,
etc. . siy tude lias men diverted and their
business injured until the umditlons aio un
bearable and tlio ; tnuo ileteiinined to throw
olT this tviainiy and pioido siifeguiuds fui
the future
An A
ATfiii oiCnn , , March ( -Spscial i [ Tele
irranito Tin. Hi i | \V T. Ilramh has been
elected assignee of the Security Investment
coinptny ofta\\kcr city , Kan . which failed
a shoit tinio a't > riainis amounting to
} l.vjr > 0Xio ( were leporied at the inoetuij. ' The
ihiiins nro mostly guarinteed moitgages hold
in Malno and nthui New l-'m , ! mil states
Mam of the inoit avros uro on Atihison eilj
propel t > , uvecittcil dining bst , the \aluo of
which has ii ice groatl ) deprociatuil.
| - ; | | A ulv.ils.
AtN'ow York tlio steamer beivin , from
At ltolf.m Herd CVNoii , from Baltimore ,
At Uottudam-Chleiso , fiom Ilaltimoro.
At London Moordland anil buovia , from
Now York
At Southimptoa - U'orr.i , from N'ow York.
A n ins ralr.
SFniMi io , Cal , March 9 [ Special
Tclogiain to 'J'ni : llii.J : - - The Southern
Pacillo eitius fair opt-ns at Los Angeles
toinonow U is estimated tnat a million
oranges will bo used in the dlspl ij b.
Siriioiisand .Hinrrs lUsiiiiiiVoilc ,
PiTTsiiiiio , Pcnn. , MurctiO. Six thousand
mlncis in the Monontaliola valley icsumcd
w ork this mornlnp at ttio Increased ute of
\ \ atr < .s coiucded tuetu ,
Is 'A1AI ' , RtSLLlb 01AYRbiU. \ .
Cnjiucet Nelson Itiatnntly Killcl iu a
Collision Neat Oxford ,
l > t".lrm live Pli-eat Iliu-vnid Arrcstoil
I'oi Kitblilii a llnlliMMil - Vii
Ann ) Ui'sei'tcr < 'niiiht }
Stale .Sows.
Ovroiin. Neb , March --IRpoi'lil 1 Telo-
gr.nn to 'I'm ' : ! : | Train No. T'J ' , the west
bomnl freight was paitlall ) wreckoil ten
miles east of hero list night , with fatal results -
sults to tlio ciiKhieir , Srtim Nelson In de
scending Iho sloop incline ncir Mascot the
train was out into thieo sections UriUos
\veio otTivtiuilly applied lo the cms but
thosccond notion wont sweeping IO\MI ! the
hill , eraOdni ; into the cncnio with tenltle
forie. and hulling the engineer out of theeab
\ vlndoI I Us dentil is supposed toll ivobien
instantaneous The rcmdns woie brought
heio andscnttoNilsonsMiomciit McCookthls
moiiitni ; The detd mini linves : i \ \ i found
fem children The accident resulted in con
siderable dainigo to rolling stock.
Itlllfii ba Mad D.ig.
Nrmnkix \ l'ir % , N'ob , Mai < h 'J-Spccial [
Telegram to lin : III i : 1 About 1 oclochtlns
tnorniiiL'ii iiiiddo ' ran avenue
bltlnir , snapping and frothing it the inoutli.
Ulihard ( .ti-ws , I'l.uilt D.uls. n Western
Union tilegrmh bo > , and John \Veir , a 1'a-
cille expiess diivei , weio bitten theani- -
innl \ \ i-ii-'s wounds mo soilous. Ids lurht
timid being tm-rihlv totn. Aftei biting a
mimhei of other ileus the rabid i.inino os-
eaped into the country. The dtv Is gieatlj
osclted , and an indlscriniiirato slaugliter of
dogs will follow.
IJOSSIM ll ) Kin * .
IlvmiiP , Neb , Mauli U.-fSpeelal Telo-
giain to Tin Ilri ] lli-e , picsunubly fioin
eombustlon , was iliseoveiod In C. I ) Moore's
diug store , near the oil loom , by II II Ger
main about loVioilc this morning , and had
gained such headwiy beforotho cnplno could
bcKottin Intosorvlie , tint thepostonicohuilil
iiiK and Gernnin's lostiurant adjoining wcro
totally burned with almost their entiio eon-
tents before contiol could bo legal ed b ) the
lltcmon and citizens , who thought at onetime
time itwouldwoik acioss the stieet The
Kie.itoi pirtof the glass in the fionts of the
bmliiinps opposite beiiiKcr.itkod and broken
as It was. The losses nio m follows
CD Moore , ilrujf stock , fi.iHJl ) , and insured
forSl.TiK ) , Miss Iluson , $ l,5Hl ( , insnraiKO * ! , -
OlHi , ( J U . M irtin , nostimister , SIO ) , Insur
ance , } .IJi ( ; Maiiln iV Stoim , books , about
SVK ) , Si bloat buillinir , Jl.tlliisiiiaiifo ( ) ( ) fV)0 ) ,
T II llonnclt , bulhlitif , ' , * -70ll , Insnianco'i0l } : ) ,
Workmen and \VooJmen lode ( ? paiaphreunlia
about * 'HO , with noliisuiance
A Oosi'fli
LIVCOIN , Koh. , March I ) . [ Special toTiii
IlH.J A telegram wasiecciied by Mu-slral
Melielclist evening from thoihlofof pollLO of
L.cavenworth thatljticas , who deserted from
Company 1 1 , rourtcoiith Infantry , at Port
l iavotmortliln December last , was at pres
ent sojourn ing in Lincoln and inclojinga de
scription. llio telogrim also stated that
I icas was at present going under the name
of Ill-own , and that his wife would arrive
hcio at S . ' ! ( ) last cvenlni ! over the Missouri
1'acillc Her dcscilption was given and precaution
caution taken for her ncoption.
Later In tbo evening the ofllcers piid a
visit to bis boirding house and called the
Inndloidout Hoassuiul them tint the man ,
\ \ liocnt under the niitiio of O'Clorman ,
boirded there , but bad iono ? to Ilistin s to
bo back tomorrow- The olllcors next paid
the Burlington olllces u visit lyucis vas enrolled -
rolled there is a bi.ikomin , hut two dajs before
fore hnd secured n throe dajs lav off.
I'ho oflli'i'is tolcgriipluil linens' doscnptioii
tothoiltv inarslnl of Hastings , and this
afternoon received i teleirr.un that the man
uis in custody. Walter Mcllckili gonftoi
him tonight The military authoiities wired
tohon him heivih , as ho is a haul man to
handle and will try to escape Units is
about tvonteight \" old and bib wife is
ai.ithei prettj yomg woman
ICiilibini : tin *
Pin VON r , Neb , Mauh ' . ' - [ Special Telo
glim to TIIK 13n | Dctcuivo 1'inneo of
Oimihahas hoon diligently engaged hoio dur-
iiiK the past weekln uneirthliig tlio thieves
\\lio ln\e been lobbinir thecaraof the I lk-
lioia roul foi mo-libs piit. Tlio lound up
of his labors came last night when
1'inneo , assisted bv the Promont police , cap
lined two wnpoii lo ids of stolen iiierchmdise
upon the premises ol 1'otor Heck and Henri
( iieonslip , Ihin m the e.istera pirt of the
city , neir the Kllthoin % aids. These two
men \\TIO airestcd , also Xels Cliiistenscn , a
step son of lloek's , and ono A Peterson , who
lived with Orei'iislip Cliiisti > nson nnd
Peterson aio o'llv young boys The llrst
naini'dof thobovshas made a pu-lialcon
fission , in which he implicates a half do/on
other turtles , who v\ dim all prob.ibilitv be
anobtul tonight Theie is a goal deil of
oxcltoment ever those do\clopinonts The
lallroad people h i\o \ b"en lodiig largo ( man
titlns of coal il'Jim. thi > cold \\eithci and
some of the thieves implle.itiil by tbo bov are
siiil to hive hauled away * coil , coin and oats
bj tlio wagon load
Amputated II is hog.
I'l MTsMdiiii , r\'eb , .March ! ) iSpociilTel-
OKi.initoTni Bu ] Al lihoJen.ono of the
men reiontl ) injured bj the bursting of a bu/7
saw on the farm of Robert NichoU , near this
cfty. tmderwent today the ntup ttition of his
leg ThelimbuastaUenofr just below the Unco
and thopatiint is on a fair n-ay to recovery
Orting to lus peculiar ! ) nenous systen the
admiiiUterni } ! of ehloiofonavis attended
\vlth considuablo ilanuer , the off -els almost
piovini ; fatal , but by k-ieat care anil piompt
altentloii the physicians pallcu him tlnotigli
Prank \looic , the othci victim , is felting
along well.
In reciprocation of the good % v ill recently
shown by the cltUons of Louisville toward
this citv in the county court hoaso affair ,
I'lattsmoutti to a man Is woiklngln In-half of
their enterprising noluhboi to secure the os
tnlillsliinontof the Inteiinodlito penltentiarj ,
proposed in Kepreientitlvo Sliriock's bill at
that jilaec.
C ; rn in I .Inrv
HiTBII : r.Xob , March D- [ Special Tele-
Biam to Tin BI-L ] The guild jury for Iho
piesont term of com I inado its lonort this
morning and was disihaived. Inilictmonts
\vcio leturned as follows Ihvo Lilly , nun-
ilor In the Hut den'i-co , caused by vv reilting a
L'ulon I'acillc pasiongei tr.lln , C II. Martin
nna .1 nines \lor < , otnbi//l < > nient mid forgery ,
William llinihes , sell lug mottfragcdpropeity ,
William . \IiKinncy , C' II. Houles and Kd
Johnson , burglary Indictment * weio also
icturned.gainst a number of prominent
tropoity-o\vnei\s ) for not having piovided suit
able Ihe-esupos , to buildings , nail of nliirh
were u nteil for sleeping npartmonts con-
tinry to a statute covering thosumo Ar
rests hivoheon undo of all pu-ties under the
Indlctnionts oxccpt ( ' II Maitln. v\lios
operations und subsequent ( light fiom the
loiinti ) was dcicribed in these aispatches
two \\iekb ogo.
Awaiting Ilic llesu (
POM v , > 'eb . March -Special [ to Tin
IliK.J-l'onca people iinxlously await the
terinination , In the supiome court tomorrow ,
of the action taken bv County Clerk T. J ,
hhelbley of this pliuu , asking for n per
cmptory wilt of maud nuns , compelling the
school board to reinstate lu thuschwl his
daughter Annie , \vho , rofusliig to pmstio the
preiiribed COUMCI.vns oxpollid foi Insnb-
irdlnitlon 1'ublle opinion us to the out
OHIO of this laso Isprt'iUU divided lloth
tlalnlKT and dofundstits feel suroof victoij.
'lo AdviTllHi- a Slli .
IluTiinr , Nib , Mnn-h 9 [ Speclil Tele
gram to Tin : ll : i Instractloiis were IH-
elved from Scirotan of IhcTieisutv Poster
this niornliiR to Uihertlso at once for pro-
losals fora suitable sltofor t lid now iiuiillo
iiilldlnp In this cltj ljronosnls will bo 10-
ceiM'it unlll April T.
A lira ! K \ piitod. .
I'osc-x , Xob , March ' ) Spjclal to Tin :
nrt'I ] ho Knights of IMhias of this city
announce thnt they will piny puhllclv the
colebiated "liltual of the Ainlent Older of
Ileiculcs" in the Opera house , onPrldiy
evening , March U7 The loilKO is maldng
great prcpirations foi tho.ilTalr , and the people
ple lire expectant ol a goigeous heat ,
LtrotXeb , . M irch Ii | Special to 'Inr
Hir | Mastirhi-lliniu'iry Shafer of the
ITnllcd States cottl'tof Omaha was in Lincoln
todav , and sold property in forcclosuio in the
cnsoof Cieorpe Albott vs Nnncv X ( 'aider
This pioport.v \ as bought lu b ) IO. I ) .
l-'ellovvs for * JOOi .Mr. Slmfcr alsosolil the
property over which H S Moscioy niul J IL
Irwln aiedlsiiutlng The IMilcigo , ICansis
Sc Nebraska railroad romp in v Is In tries ted In
this case through Its light of w.i ) . 'lliis
property sold foi § .1,000. ,
TinHonilN llli' al.
1'ovcA , Neb , Manh 'A [ Special to Tnr
HI.I ] In their laudable olToits to procuio
watei works for I'onr.i the major mid oouti-
ciiinen seem to inOU with much ndvorsily.
Onsondiiig the bonds to the stito auditor for
his signature , word was iccelved from him
that the notice c ill Ing foi nn elcctmn had not
been published a Mifllcicnt iiumuer of times
and consequently i\as void 'Jims tliocntlio
jiroi cod Ings of calling another election , ite ,
will have to bo lepnteil , but this will bo liu
mcdlatol ) done and Ponea will ) ct h.ivo
A Now IfJiliAsd
LoriCnv , Xoh , M.ncli 'I [ Special to
Tin HI.ITho ] Agricultural Pair associa
tion of Klierrnm cQuntv hive lllod urtlclosof-
iiiioipoiation and eicctid the following ofll-
eois for the ensuing year C ! . L Drake presi
dent , Iv .1 Xihtiiinlo ( ; ( ; lint % ko president , ,
.F. M Sinder second vice prcililont , Ii J.
Siott scciotaiy , and Phillip .Tacgor ticustiicr.
The assodation stalls out with vorj Hatter -
ingprospecU , as theshaio.s hive been taken
bj tbo best business men and fanncisof
Sherman county , nnd vlll hive mono ) In
their tieasui ) nftprintrilinsliiir the old fair
groniul site , vhlch Hnltrulv muipped with
buildings nnd a good half mile race tuck.
\\as 1'nt Oir the 'lialn.
List oiNeb. . , iNllrch 9 [ Special to 'Inr.
HM J Kilts J Miller wants ? V)00 ) daimgcs
from the Chicago , Buvllugton A , Qulncy i.iil-
road cotnpmj bcoausq ho was put olT a car
near Atihison , Kan Jvliller claims that ho
and a Irlond boucht two ttikets to cirry
them to Jaoksonviile , Fla , andietuiii. 'Hint
at Iho point above uientlonul they were
foulbl > ejected froil the train Mr. Miller
further ilninisthat after being put off the
cats , in order to got transnoitition ho was
compelled to pivvn hl watch and personal
effects to obtain money to contlnnn his
journey. From the ' -tposuro Inclined fioni
being Ii ted from the ears Mr. Milltr olalnis
that ho cnntraitod the cjernointing mainly
known ns rheumatisnw and that ho is thciehy
permanently iujurul $ o,000 worth lie al
leges that this disease waj caused bj tbo in-
clomoiit weather cxlrtitig at the time ho was
lired from the train.
ix iH jr/ .
The Sad End of a I'ciseontecl Russian
Pun.nn.pnn , March ! ) . [ Spcchl Tele
gram to Tnr Urn.- ] There died In Iho Philn
delphta hospital yesterday a mm wtli nhis-
tor ) Jlatthtw X.4leslovlo\ Uussi.m
rcfuRoe IIo was born In Kostroma near
Moscow V ) years niro , and enteilap the nriny
rose rapidly until ho bccuno comnnndci of
the bed ) ni ard of the tvai , tbcprescnt ruler's
father. Ho then u igncd to undoitike coin
mcrcial imrsuits , and soon became one of the
lending ( 'iain morch ints of tlio Kussias und
obtained much renown as a philanthropist.
Thioughtho malignly of a discharged ser
vant a ihargoof lolliiMOti with the nihilhts
was brought against him , his hnnicnso
obtatos weio conflsntcd nnd ho was
thiovvii into prUou Ills excellent
military record saved him fiom
being sent to Slhoria , and after suffering-
fouryc.iis of sohtanconllnonient hoescipod
and made his way to Odessa. I'roni there ho
\vascaiiiedin a sailing vessel to aMoiiiter-
rane.m port and tlrsn undo bisvav to Lnn-
u on , whcio foi a time he vorlcod as a la-
boier I'l lends in this coimlr ) induced him
to come tO'Amnilca and ho miivoil in
Xcvv Voile in December last Thoiigoious
\vintor piovul too iniuh fora brokea-dow n
constitution Three weeks a.'o bo came to
Philadoldiia | , and Ins ailment incie.ising he
limillj ilufteil penniless anu hopeliss to tlio
1 'hllidolnlna hospital , vvlioro jobtetda ) lie
A llj IIIK 3I.ln'h > SI iiMllajj Disi-Iosuie ol'
a fYline.
Tvi OMVnsh , Mnrdi D.-fSpecial Tclo-
gnm to Tin Mil ] A Nonvogi.r. named
I-.ns I'tJerseii made a confession onlds ileath
bed hi this eit ) vesterda ) II o confessed that
hu killed Lan llaUsmu In Sioux City in tlio
spring of lss ( ) , in Ibo pcKing house , and
cast his body atno-ig llio 10 000 circassos.
The crime win not discovercl and the p o-
plo tlieioeio ularmi'd o\er the inissiiig
llaitsuni Telersou cano to this utv with
luswilo and thov ha\o bo' > n living- here
sime. In bis il\iii | , ' lionho loimrkinl "I
am glail I told thib I can die In poieo. "
'I In- Death Koll.
HOSTOV. Mass , March d-ltiRlit ] { ev.
I3eiiniiiln ] 11. 1'.uldock , episcopal bishop of
the diocese of Massachusetts , died tnl- .
afternoon j
C'liu mo. March 9. Joseph Oliver , miin-
nteroftlio ; 1 'topic's theater , died today.
MOMIIOMI iiv , Ala. , March ' > .losonh
Moiso , ( lie riihost bimter In the state , died
toliy of heatt disease ; Ho was In-gelj in-
stiuincntal in building up Ulrmiiigbiun and
developing the resources of ihlssoillon.
Tu sos , Ail 7 , March ' ) Mijor Van
Vliet , foi moily of the tenth tavalrv who was
thrown fiom a wagon atllookets i inch , died
today iiom Ills injuries.
Tlio U'onther
I'or Oinuln and vicinity Pair , followed
hv rain or snow : wnrnior.
I'or N'obiasUa-Llgbt tain : Hllghtly
vaimoi , oxiept iool < T by U'odnesday in
\M'siorn portion , vaifablo winds.
I'or South Dakota and IowaIncreasing
cloudiness and Unlit -snow ; warmer , except
cooler \Vcdnesi1iy in west Dalsot.i. houtli-
oily winils.
I'l Uh | l'nillt-4.
Yoitit , Mnicli -Heforo l Iho
committee liueMlfMlini : llio supir trust
today , ( ! . S ICllls , an accountant , testlliud
tint the trust Mini m.ilo nprulHof over
f llHOO,0 < ) i ) 'llio Moel : holders hud been piid
10 per icnt of this , Thoreniilndcr is still
in the hands of constituent companies.
Call Corn III'N J ilcrt iim li\w. \
SumsiiMi ) , Cal , March U Tlio billet
icformbill , a niodlllt-ation of llio Atisii illan
law , has passcul bith housosand is now in
conference. It will undoubtedly become a
Imv. Itprovldoe a-nong other things th-it
1 U'sldontla ! i-lcctuis nny bu
Noted for.
An Interesting Report of the Investigating
Oonr.nittc. ,
' 1VM IIIIOMJ Hidlittlil Out
< ; lu-iii ( ; Mntdllitiis
ol' Ihc liiixv \i > DeiMCiiHi1 In
III llllkciini'SS 1111 VlOO ,
TOIIICV , ICau , Much 0. [ Specil ! Tele-
grain to TIM : Hi i 1- 'Iho wiiunltleo ap-
I'oinled bj tlio liouso lo itivestlgito the met-
lopolltau police system Inthls stito his com
pleted Its ispoil , vvhlili will bosubinltiotl to-
moriow 11101 niii ? at ID o'clock The repot t
consists of the testimony taken in the vail-
mis iltles of the first class and concludes UK
follows :
"Your committee Ins hcird no testimony
uhiih induces It to bello\olhat the prohib
itory law has been enforced In any eit ) of
the stile , through Iho agamy oftliomet-
lopolltiui polieo or any otlur iniehlnciy
of llio law , In nil of the ill los , lilies , or for
feited recogai/inees , called lines , nro Im
posed , and thoio is usuall ) no fudhor punish
ment Indicted. Thomorovlgoious the olToit
made to enforce prohibition In tlio titles , the
motolrrosponslblo and dehisod uro the men
who in o engaged In the tnfllc , Iho morede-
coptlvo the devices and secluded ttulr places
of business The authorities ofTom-kn hnvo
made a tnoio ileterinlni'd elTort to enfono
proliililUon laws than nnj cltv of Its olass
As his ( xhc-ail.t boon statid , UICA are ox pend
ing ( IVKM poi annum in ovoss of all tlio
levenue of 'ho police department.
The rr-poit coucluois with the suggestion
thnt the Kovcrnoi boineinonall/cil not to up
point any moro polite commission boaids.
Thoiuaehlnory Is in the unit nil of the repub
licans aiidio\einor Iluniplirc ) will pav no
attention to thouieiiuiial
Thoimestigitioiis of the committee hive
boiMiu suiprisoto its alll moo members who
tome from thoiountiv to Tojicka rilud pio-
hibllloniiU. Ma > oi Nt'oh1) of LuiiACimorth ,
a inenibirof the committee insists that bo-
foi ethe lOinmltti-i'lonld piop'ily icporton
the bo.nds of poliio commissioners
In the * ; illes of the llrsl class , it would bo
necessarj for It to OMimhio witnesses who
woieconmetontto tistih 111 regaid to Ihe
cnforcomiut of the piohibltoiy law. Mr
Diimbouldof l < von count ) , the chnliinan of
the peop'e's puly toiitial committee , was
made chairman of the Investlgitingtommit-
tee and the cities of LoaM'.woith , Atcliison ,
\Vithita \ , Ivansis Cltv. Kim , mid i'oit Scott
woic visited , llion tlio cotriinittco iimdo a
llnalwiiidup in'I'opeka.
It has alwavs bun admitted tint in the
cities of Atchlson , l.o.ivonvoithViclutix \
and Kansas City , Ivan , Hie piolubitury luv
Is opcnlviolited , but Topeltu his bien
pointed teas a iltv In which the liw was
liiriilly enforced It has been 11 cued If
tin-law could bo on forced in TopcUalt could
bo enforced in llio othorlirgo towns of the
state The most seii'ationnl feituies , there
fore , of Iho report Is Ihe following , taken
from the testimony of S 11. Isonhirt , the
nrosont cit ) attoinct ot T | icl\i
MVhataie the substitutes for the saloon
in TopelMi"
"Well , the bootlcggois , the secret joint ,
and of course some of the drug stores sell a
good Ucal , without iloubt , and also liquor is
koptlu JURS and bottles inovciy conieivablo
vva-v hi ofllcos , rooms amlpri\ato places , by
privito jiorsom ami clubs. "
"lo ) you believe there Is as much drinking
la the city of Topeln as there was before the
enactmentof the prohibitory laws 31' '
"I think thcro Is" Just M much whisky and"
liquois of that kind drank as thcro ev or was.
It limy bo that it his diminished somowlut
the drinking ol beei , on account of its bilug
very cumbersome to handle under llio pio-
hibitory law. "
"Do the poliio records show that houses of
prostitution exist intlie illy ofTopckal"
"Yes. "
"Aro thov ' lined by thopolicoi"
"Yes. "
"Is gambling can led on to any great ex
tent , as evldinced by the ucords of llio
"U'hv , I think abou * asusun1"
Mi Isinhartcoiuluilosliis testimony Into-
sponso toqucstions bv dctailliu' tbo manner
in whicht.imiilers ( and piostitutes aic lined
In the police com t.
On the strength ot this report , ulilehwill
bo published with the tostimnnv fordistiibu-
tlonto the members , a ditm-minod ellort will
bo midc todefeit tliu cli'isc ' of theappropri-
tlon bill whiih sets np.ut a fund for the po
lice honrds in , the MIIOXIS citi"s It will bo
ehaigcd that in thotity of Topeka the whole
lioluo in.uhincry has been devoted to noth
ing except an attempt toereuo thelmpres-
aion that the pio'duitory ' hvv was being en
forced , \vhilo intheother towns the commis
sioner llicascd Joints and hoihes of illio-
Speaker Hlder's fielghtratebill , proviiiinp
for arediiitionof about JO poi lentln freiRlit
rates , failed to pass the senate The house
passed Iho seinto bill imldiitt citrl.t horns a
woilc da ) foi state , county and iminitlnil
Tlio house pissed Iho
iiig f5tHH ( ) foi the Kansas displiv at the
vvoild's filr.
Tin : Mi.i.t.\tnn s'M'iii'tnu.r : ,
A Split In the li.inScs iif Ilic r.irniTS'
'M ut u 111 llonellr As.ii ) > iatliin. , 111 , Mimh ' . ' 'Ihi-ro has
been another inllcai cliuigo in the simntoiml
sit tuition toniKlit , niul it looks very much as
though Stiootei Is tlono for Seaatoi Kvans
of Aurora , leader of the aiili-St.eotci 10-
publicans , Is responsibleU seems that
Stiietor la Ins list toufoiciico with ttio
three Faimors' ' Mutual Henillt association
men ga\o a foiec.islof the < paceh ho pro
posed to make when elected soaalor. In it
he nude vital conco sions to tlio lepublloaii
pailv , sa.vtng ho Mould upon all question ? tothoptinciples of thol\irmcrs *
Mutual Benolit associitlou pirty ,
vote with the lepublhans Slooro
anil Cockroll ohoi-ted ] , mid Slrn'ter
proinisodto amend his speech In accord mco
with their wishes and toioncludo it with tlio
iihsirtiontha'ho would lonsuli-r Himself in
dependent and a tiuo repiosentatho of tlio
Kaimer's Mutual llcnollt association puly
Kointur Hvans , it is stated , liul a long 1-011-
fonnco with tockiill iuLhiiiKO S.ituidiv.
llostated to Coekrcll tint ho ilivans ) might
ho forced to stippoit htrcetir , hut thnt it
wfiuld bonnctu protest and hicixuso the in
dependent candidate had matin ovoi ) conces
sion to tlio lepiiblli.iu slceilug toninltti-o
whiih had hem requested by even the mos
raillcal iipublic.ins This mnlo Coikrell in-
digiunl , and ho msmcd 1C\ ins Hint If ho
would give him proof anl the exact natnio of
the pledge Stieetcr hint inulo tno I it lor
woultl no longer uceivo thosnjiport of Iho
I' aimor's Mutual lli'iicllt asMioiation ileto-
gatos. Kvnns pioiinsed to do Ibis at.imoitln
hoio toiuorrovuiii'iiiiiig , HID stitonunt In bo
mnlo in writing. At thisu-jnfcronto Moore
is to bo piesont and ho uinl CocUiell me to
pnpiro.ui ainiouniement to the piihlh , reciting
citing loss of CDiititlomo in Sticotor mid
stnting that on account ol Ids pledges -to the
ivpubliems Iho rarmeis' .Mutual Mini'llt
Association will 110 lonirer suppoit him for
tbo United Stites senate
Al a rotifoviiico this evening Tiiubencck
rciniiuled Ids two collcagius thai several
wuks ago .Sheekr had miiwed that hu
woultl upon all questions not essontlil to the
Fanners' ' Mutual Uenullt Assiocintlon
patty vote with tlio ii'piiblliuis.
out Mooie and L'oclnoll Insisted lint ho had
r.iitto that tiinmiinilo additional loncos&lons
whiihvoulillilndlils fuluro in lions
"Vorj well , " sail Tinibeneut , "but I wnm
you that II yoiidosut Slieetu now j on will
ruin yonisel\ei in the I'annoM' Mutual Unix
olitasoil.itlonmty. \ . "
Code nil niul.Mooio n > lortoillhattlio.\ .
competent to inro lor thi'insclvea and would
bo ii'spoiisiijh'to ' their constituent !
'Iho unduralimdiiit * uuis \ that utter a con-
foroiicof "T'vans tomorrow Tmibonrilc
i \\ill \ \ loatiimi 'oti' for tstii'i'ti'i or niu in m
' ho nnv si'lt't * i I tint l'inI.roll unit Mooio
will Mlo ) for . ' UT , or slinpiv cast tlulr
votes In tin h 5aslo siviiro Ids olivtlflii
Thomas M. ' an , biolhor of llio lalo
( k'lu'iul .lelin i ' ijriui , und mi o\ soldier ,
fornii'ilv ma'01 Murili\sltoio | , bus hint
llio follo ln > r t , fx > toSointors r.viiut ,
t'ra\\lortliiiul \ ll\ \ " 1 would nit her sutler
dofi'it than suu it .1 saoilllfo of prlu-
Si'iiisi4iiii ii.HI , veil l > - Nothmc .is
ilon lin < itin'r linisrt .uiluv and but 0110 bnllol
uus tnlton In joint asM'inbh , Ai no niajoiity
\otoil \ the BIS- ion adjourned
1-i 'ki ! tsi nt I'ltMti1.
Piruni'.s1 'IVli-Kram
to Tnr ) i | Tin1 fnnornlservices \ held
o\or Senator C'lirk this inofiilni , ' under the
nusplces ofliu > Kni | > htH ofI'ythlis , and the
teninlnsi'io suit toliuuld Oitj
lion ( Jeoi'tfoll. Hind of YnnUtoti , veil
Known nllovors'outh Dakota , llos diin ei'-
ouslnU \ Uat the loclo hotel
Two sisters ol Keprosentiitlvo .lonos of
l av , have boon taken with soailct finer and
k'roat foanariMiitoitalnolla tlili city o\er \
the ( haiii-eiof i foveropidninic
Klftv orsl\t > poriiins iiresirkla this illv
\vlthOio Kilpp" and pnonnionii Tliu open
wlnliT fiillnvvid t > ) the oxcLOilhij ; told
weather is the eiuso
Mnlni * > ln nlrl iinl ! ' . 111
\ IMIOII , Mo , M ui'h 0 Joseph \V \ Siuw
( iloinv ) s oloilei ; my ortoda ) At Holfast
lion \V. \ I1 Thompson , late diMiioi'iMtle noni-
llu'i'for Ko\crnor , 'ini'li'ited inivoi
Anns 11 , M ( , Miivh ' .i. ,1 \V. Phw
( rep ) waseli'cled inuor. 'I'lioiiniialndor ol
tlio tepiihlliMii ticket \\asnlso vnccessful.
ltiiiiiiiniiii : , .Me , Mirt'li'i ' 'llio ileniocnts
elected their full illy ticket and eonndl
'I lie I"iyliI Is ( iiMlln j U aim.
H\v \ ri\N-ii-co , Ciil. , MIIIV'I ' 0-Special (
'IVU'iMiiin to Tnr BirVord | \ comes fioin
Kiu'innento toJiv tint thesi-inlorial llpht Is
\ valnirviiin. . naeh eanlldato has deteit-
ives w.itcbliiK toratrh theothci follows bin-
Injjotcs , Thuo aieat Inst tin pih.ito de
tci'tues nn tin ) s < oin % . 'onriussinnii (
Chillies Is' FV'lton still seems to bo in HIP
I ho Sin' iM- Stale 1'ii'piulii ; ID hiu *
t'liclr Sinn.
SiiitsTirii'i i > , 111. , Mutdi ' . .1.Tho prelim
inary stops in an Impoiliat suit line been
conipletoilbv Attorney CJineral limit ll is
llio suit of the state of Illinois atj.iiiist the
United Stitcs In \\ is lainlliarh known
ns Ibo "two per cent " claims , the
state ohinniiR t > e\eral \ hundred tbou-
s.inu dollus bccnuso of non-fulllllinent
ot contrndoii the p lit of tlio jroveriiniPiit In
tno lonstiiiction of n national 10 id fioni tin-
navit'iblowateis ihmhiK Into tbo Atlantic
on the east to and tliiou b ttio state of Illi-
noisto the Mississippi rt\cr Ibis lil hu.u
was iciuuMi us die Cunilurliind loul
nail \vas to bo a LTI it union , il high
way , to 1)0 ) ( onstitiftod bv tin-
United State" , In the nit nlmtttlnir
llliiiiiis totl.o union I poi cent of tlu not
jirociods of ttiosaloof all publn lands 111 the
state weiii reset ved en sales alter .\ I ,
Isl'.i Similar inovlslons Hero ni.ulo ut tin1
tlnio of the adiiiiisloii of other
sfitis anl in all cais ovcept Ohm ,
Indiana and Illinois the K'ovcinmenilias ic-
counted in full to the state tho. imoinit of the
icsened i pcriont The ease will coinu up
In the court of claims at \ \ asliliifttou soon
Thoaiuouiit aslcea IsJir-4,111. ,
.1 .s i.i r is nKxuit. :
Hoii | % > ol'
llio Callows Are
, IlL , MurcuiO.Special [ .
to TIIK nrp.T In denying tlio motio'i for a
stay of execution of murderer Foul 111 tlio
supreme court todaj Chief Justice Scholield
said that the court coultl not consider a pir-
tial lecord inado up fioni thr- notes of thoat-
tornejs for the dofeasias It codd not cor-
icctlj cri\c the testimony Tlioioint sta'ed
that the proper plac-o lor seeuiniK a staof
execution was , eitner tioin the circi it imrt
or the KO\CIIIOI'S ' olllcii at Spiin.'lii'ld If a
truoipconl of the testimony \\nttoiinp
ttio ( ourl would tnen hear the casi upon a
writ of onor , but could otheiwiso tuuo no
fiction Isold's iliancesareiedined imtPrlalU ,
as ills sind the circuit juiliros ivi'l ' not
KiMiitn stay and his List iluiin.0 it. liovcruor
rii/.v7r ; Jti/'inrri'if intmi'Xii : .
H iiiuui-cil Ijiiss ol'lhc stcninoi * linoKc ) <
on I'um'l Sun nil ,
Surm , Wash. , Mureli'i ' It is ruinoied
horetonicht tint the small steiinorlluckcxo
wont IO\MI ! in the sound botucon IVUvards
and Apple Tree co\o with twenty pissontrcrs
lust night Tlio ru'iior eanaot hu con tl mud ,
as tbero is no telegraphic cotaminicitlon
with ICilnards , and the pi no cmnot bo
loadied tonif lit
Thostoij istbat the cntitainof 'lio Huci ;
eye Invited a putytofjoith In in on a tiip
across tljo sound. About twenty accepted
the invitation The boil had readied the
middle of the sound when a storm i line ui > .
KOI an hour 01 more theio ' . . -.isn heavy cile
A Rrailer on the railroad near IM.nds
ropoi ted hu sun a llpht bobbin. on the
water for an hour or HO mil then disappear
The did not rottnii to ICilw irds List
ninht , and this nioiniiiK "car that place the
shoio \ \ is covered with \\irt Ungc. 'I bib
stoiyvn bioiii ht hoio bj the steamer
Idaho , \\hifh touched nt IMwaMa lhiinoin -
Aiuli'tj I VII Hn a SehooiiiM' .
\ \ YciiiK.Marcli'.i.Anxictj is felt con-
llio four-iinstod scliionor , William
N'enlvhich his not Hem ho nd fio-n slnro
thohtli. wheiisho rollidul with the schemer
ClrcKory , both bolni ? bully damancd. Ills
foaied tint sliohasgonoilown
l'atlier. lol u-r anil Sun Killed
LINMMI , Mich. , AlnicliW ) M. Mo-
I aimbliu andson wcro Inst.iutlv killed and
Mis Mel.uuuhlin fitalh injuied In a Cii.nul
Trnnlt piiM'iKor ti dn neir Shaflsburutliis
inoininir while timing homo Tlio woman
cannot Inc.
Vii llnisnl' the I lawiniiVic < ' ! c ,
In KSIImi , 111 , Mneh 1) ) Two of the
passciiKUS injured in tlio.lnekisoiivillo iV ,
Southeastern wieck jestcrdaj ne.n lln\.ma \
h.iM ) sinui dud 'limy wore I'hailes Mul-
haneof Strcctcr mid \ \ ' .liter Uonano of
Itinnoilliilc \ \ Diunlc.
CIM iN\vn , 0. , March y Vichol is Vlti-
conl , used foi t\ , \\.is found to 1 1\ in his ,
coliblors shop , fat.illv buniod Ho died on
tl-oway to thohoipltal. It issuppnod that
houpsottho limp whllolu a dtunuon sloop.
'lln-ocl Khcriiicii Iliuncil
AinvN ) , N" V. , .March 9. - DivldCut bury ,
Hoin.uue Von Warmer and .locph Von
NViirinor , ilsiicnneniro drowncil in thn
I ludiou ilvor today bv the c.ip3i/.iii | ; of llioli
' ! ( ) HimiCstlMUHMVS | > < lsl. | |
ASIII.\MI , Wis , Mnitli 'i ' YesteiMnv's
bll/Mi'd was HID \\oistof the season Two
homestcidorson tw | nortly oiuned land per-
in the ttorin ,
'I'lie Siilijoi i ol'Hi-am H-OM' .
yYOIIK \ , Maivli ' . ) [ Spjchil I'olo/rnui
to Tin : 111 i The NoYmk \ pieshjtoti
hpont tvohotin anda lulf tmliy indohUluK
thooveiturciiiir the'oneril ( assembly regard
til ) ; the iiipointinoiilof | de loonossos , anilaftoi
taklntr what sei > nu'd fora iiunii'iit to hn a dn
i mlu > action in thiMioj.i' ' . v , U.epui . , tuu" -
KIl Iho iiuittu i-'iiui ,
[ "iflciii " Unnilroil People lrivt ) i Prom TLciJ
Hotucs by High \Vntor.
\ Cj
niul Kills l-'our Ncf nii'M
'I u11 Uolntcil I'l-oiii ( lie
Onlsiilnnrul ,
> . titivtnr , Tenn , Maich 0 The r'se ' la
ho tl\or \ lontiimos lletwceu Uftcea liiiu
heilinul n thousand people lm\c been din en
10111 tlit-li homes and yoods In wniolunisoa
mil cellars * hn\o sutleiod nuu-li
luuniK'onorts from nil pulnti
on the ilver dmw it is rlnmtf
\or\n , \ In-ill and the fullness of llio Ohio uiul
disslsslppllll piviont the ( 'ninbi-rlnnil
mm limning down as lapldh nsitould
lilVIMlollOlltlllM )
Thoiivereoiiilnues to ilso atllio ndof n
] ii tutor of nn Inch nn h'Uir , but II is e\u | > cti-d
bat II will hoi > iii to loeodo this evoiing as
epoils ivu'lvod from up river noluts slio\v
hat the lilkli.itorsnio slowl.\ \
\Vind mill Snn\v lei ) > Hi < iieat Deal of i
" I ' * " ' " / ' " ' 'I' " " " ' " 1 llnwH 1
Ma-ch I ) | New \orli lleiakl
'able - Special to 'lin 111 r. | The \vors.t
miott storm of the season swept over the
. 'niled Kingdom todiIho wlnil \\iiiMit | >
i fein fill M'locltN , dih'liiK the snow niuund
n dilfts two and Ihici1 feildeep Tin stieeta
iioileserted by both pedostiiaiisan. \chules I ,
\hilo \ railway eoiiiniunicittin withtlic suh <
ubsot London is almost entireh cut off.
I'eli'ifiaphic coininiinleatlon with tlio piov-
ncosls suspended , lu thoivlns aredolu. .
ill directions.
Tlielloiild pilyatc wires to the continent
uivobeon blouu a\\iy The London p.ipcis
ottionow will pioscnt the unusual .ipin'.ir-
ineeof being \\lthout a word
lows Kiom nil puts of i'.iij.'land coino
stories of destriiitlon by llio storm Ship *
ihigsiilToiul heavily.
'J'lui l nilisli ; cliamicl is shnplj onoc\panso
of Dolling , seothiiifj witor , tlio wives dashing
ovoi the pier at Dover , \ \ nshlntfir \ tlimn
iwaj Across ttio eliuiiiinl ste : > inecs nr l
ncrn ing in port in abitteiol co'iditionitU
he piiscti orsxory wet and their ficc-s of n ,
\i-llow hue to Ull the stoi > of their e\peii-
Theioisan oMiaordlniiry spiv' ado on
the itrandvhcn the lln.iteisoie tinned
out The \ery few cabs tint were about ttia
, lar\e\i > , \\lio fined the stoiui , tuined up
[ heir nuscs nt ainthing under < | ii idrupld
faresonion \ in evening diris ll 'lit- .
ng niralnst tlnM\ mil with then wi.ips llut-
.oring in the btni'iii } hroe/o , 01 emilopcu la
; beh escoits' roits , wcrolo be seen
In tlio shoals , il ready the list , of slupilnff
llsastura Ins assumed f.ilr puporlions and
omouowis sino tobiingfortbno\\sof many/
The naromctii is still fulling loniubt , and
howarono siKiia ot an abitointut of tliq
IMekiMix ,
Niw OIIIANLa. . Mincht'icayimo'3 ' )
I'ickcns , Miss , sarsVe : \ have been
solnted since last Sitmday , when the last
: nil n passed north. Continued rains since
Thursday night have raised the vvatoi'in the
Higlllackiivu'higlu i- thin over Irnoivii and
t is still tisinpi.ipidl ) . Iho Illinois
i.iilroitl liftud liodilv from its bed
in < i ' ! tic < lted In the ditih lor miles bolovtf
uul above hem and the embankment swept
iwav Incalculable iliiniiiifo his been done
by water A tvclone passed over this place
Satuulay moining wit limit doll g -
age , dropping over In Madison countv wliero
it caused ilcstitictinn of life nut pioputy.
I'assliig fiom then1 into Attali count\ . neap
Newport , seveial houses weio blown ilinvu
and four negroes killed.
A I'lonvune ( Jnitmuin , Miss , spei ial sivs :
i'ho nluiost unprecedented rainfall in this
section t be past week bus caused ,1 general
freslu-t ami a cissation ol the Ir.iItU mi
lo ids 'Iho town of Kn lei prise Inundated ,
to a largo extent , the water llowiii''through ,
the streets with the veloiity of n uvor and ,
in inniy instamos loming into stoics 1'ho
loss no p n.illel save in the im-inoi ililQ
.voai IbSsT _ _ _ _ _
I'idjJE * " * uiul Tu riijtikcsYaslnI Vwiiy.
Own ottMIss , Mnuli ' .i-Kipiits 10-
ioi\cd show tint cioat duniua was dnno
throughout , th t\i mtry bv the lloodi of snt- .
iinliv and Su'idaj . Main bridge , nnrl tunif
Dikes WTO waihod aw ay and i.ulioids dim *
aged At Lo-Miigtor Miss , thostoim wasth&
mostdostiuctivee\n known Paiiiani. ' op *
orations no suspiMiditl and laud ; *
badlv washed , d * hiIng plmtlii , ;
A terrille slot in visseil within tlnoe mill
of llimdii hislniglil , euryliirf d i'r ntn u
in Us pith ! C\erv lioaso on Senitoi ) > , uild a
piiuo w as blowi avviv < vnd his wife seriously
mjuioif 'Iho liouso ot David \Vllsonw.isalso
blown away anil ho and his invalid wife )
painfully h.juied 1'tio.v hail to remain uaD
in the sitotm all night.
Suinhi.'s . IJifj Si tins
Cnuoo , March V IJlspitc hos fri in
numerous points tliroiiKhout Minnesota ,
noithern Iowa , -ontral Illinois und southern
Wisconsin report that the sevoii'st snow
slormoftlio winter r.n'cd nil Ja ) Sumluy.
Tr.ilus are iiinnlni ; lielunil ttmo ai I m
limn ) pl.uos none nro moving 1'iavii un
wagon 10ids at nunieions pouits is wh.'iiy
hiispendi'd and In cities slicclcar ti illKm > iO
or less diliyc'l ' Sevoi-oslorim are i.-poitnl
from vnilous points iu TOMS Smu % and
slcclhavo fallen audit Is feaied fnut tiuca
Southern Ki-nil < 'nips Da IIII < M | .
Kivv GUI i vvs ijii , , Miiuh II Mho fiet/o
on Pobiunry $ i did consldoiablf dimign lo
thepi'Ojpct tivi fruit L-rips In tins st.ito Dn
Saturdav aft-moon hail fell and Sixt inlay
niKht niln foil in toiii-iits for hours , causing
greater dunage by washouts and ovorllunmg
lo\v lands than has boon done In iiiiuv v < irs
Last night tnore was another fi.v/i tins
time picceded by rain , which HnisluM of
thfl jiea-'h blossoms nndvor\ few pMchcs ot
an ) kind vv ill bo pioduceil tiiis season
KiitielvuuoiimliMl | l > > \VnliT.
Cm.i MIU s , Miss , March ' .i Tlus .it > u
now entirely surrouudol by w.iloi Tin lmy
lauds on ttio cist aide are covered foi soiuo
distance and thoio bus been consid. . i ill o
lossof c.ittlo Manx people h.ivo
t hell homes and oomo hero The vitii * are
s-till rising 'Ihorunro iudicatinns of a ln-ivy
frost liimtriit , whii-h w ill greatlv iiijun ti its
nndonrlv vocetables Mmtlar iviuris uuiio
from bcveral ) u > ints along tbo Ti > ininsiii.o
rner , which is rising rapidl )
lli-liso 1'on In Ne\\ lll
Ni \ \ Yuitk , Maith UThis nftci n n a
dense fi < i ; hastened twilight in this eit 1 i.u
ricimid hay were shiouded in lni | iniia.
bin mist Similar icnoits como from nl. n
the coast At Ikllunuro nil IHUIU nim a
btoppod and ut Cnpo lleni > u < ji ans.l \ \
paisi'd m or out today.
All St i emus < > \ n Tiielr lliiiil.i
Vk/oii t'ni , Miss , Miinli U i ; | > rt" (
from different pails of the count rv , i > ioj
today , liuiitMto that Friday und SitnU\
ho.i\y rain bus proie.l disasliom to husi-i ,
niul biidxiu. Korti. . uu a
s 1 1 > , | ill I'M liy n loiiilbiii"s ( ,
IUii , Mitixi'O.Thoclou liu.r i
nf Situiday nU'htdid Imiiiiimo dii-n in to a , I
iiinio id , i-iiicii.i ) . 'ho til ) aii\l itiiflii. i- - > ; > j
pi udcu