Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 09, 1891, Page 3, Image 3

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OFFICE , NO. 11 ! I'KAUL , ST.
trl\ft | < ii | y mrrlet in ut.y . iirt of the City
IIV. . TI1.1UN. - MA.SAUi'.tt
\ , NO IL
Ktllliit. No SI
K V 1 Co.
Council Illurri Li'iuber To . cox' , .
Cnifl'.H d.attd loan * . SiHSapp block.
( ioia-.lnoltockSpilag futd. Thuluher , 10
roiiciemiimn.l It Heed has ititinnod from
Mis. . .1.V Jacobs U seriously 111 sit liur
homo , MWSoveath atomic
, \V. U. llutler ol lli'il O.dc. District lomt
icnoitor , was lathollhiih jcsterdn.
The funeral c\onlsi > < t ot llu'latoMrs Pat
lei sou will lie held this alt"i noun nl - o'c-loi. U
Bt the Pn.siiyurl.inilimvh.
Tlio Swlal iinhm of M.o I'icsbytcrlan
ilmuh Mill inri't tomonnw c entiitf nt Hu )
resilience of > lli > s Anna I'utuison ' un l-'ourth
A mcetliiK of tin'board ol tradu " 111 beheld
tciuoiioI'viiiiiiitf fnr tiinpniHso | of niiklii | >
further aitanmmenls tin tlio opening of iho
new liotel
P. U. lli.vdou , furmrilx of this city but
now of Miirnv Isintbo ItlullH \ \ itli his fain
lly fora few divt'liit wllb bis mother , Mrs
L. C ilmden.on llnrrisua si not.
MiiCf.'ioleI ( hen bleb dlul M-stoiiliy morn
IIIK nt 'ticfamily resbtt-iu-o on Kiuhth street
of mp'itln-ila , u ed four\cars llio Cimctal
tel ( placeyestculaj iilliinoon at lo rlixk.
A meetliif ; ot tlio school tmaidlll held on
U'ednesihj afternoon it . " o'i loi'k nt tlie
school house on the trstit for the
purpose of o\.imlnlu < tlfi ; biilbllii ) ; pii'lluil
nnrj to its aeteptaneu bj the board ,
Frank llailollct , wbo Is aiuinltiiK the Nn-
tlonal Consorxn'ori nfbsic in Nexv York
city npienivo | loci'iitly In a jrsiiil coin-oil
in llnrbni Tlio selecllonis a tlio bj
Hi ahins intltlid , ' I'be llunpirl.m Dmce '
Ilo wiilis tils fi lends hols niuili pleased
xxlth his sari ( lundiu H in the uietiiiiiolls
yielhliiTas ( ( tbooulirof thu diy jostoi
ila There uai sipieat plenli of snow , the
onlj neinK tlio imc\cnm-ss of Its
iltsiilbullnn On lltoaihwix and Main slioet
UIOHIIOnlows \\Lie nil. all Saturday nl ht
nndSuuiliiy inornliijrsotliatthe loid att-aeli
slitcof the truck \\.is hanked up with ano
to a height of two feet 01 more. Tlio losnlt
wsis that In seine iilaco'i the lo.ul was so hum
that itxxas dinU'ult for llio sleighs to navl
> : ate , xx-bllo in othiis the deep drifts had the
N line elTct , oulj iiioro so. On the resldemii
Htnets , howcxur , the sleiKliinn was much
hotter , and eier.x one \\lio eoiihl bt-c , borrower
or steal a il \.is out to enjoy tbu dilxlne
Kvcij ll\cry \ stable in the c-ilj hail to lofiibi'
eiistomcrs before 'J o'clock in tlio afternoon.
Tor a peed ill Ivlnt ; horse nnd'sloiKh tall on
thoOirdui llxcry , lri llroaibvay , tclepliono
bU. SlelghhiK pintles nspeclaliy.
SI llll
At the BOSTON' Srom , Cm v < u. Tltrri' ,
commeiidiiK Wednesdaj , the llth , ami con-
tiiuihiK font days on'\ \ \\ateh \ the dailj
paper for list and prices All om wool
Iiosluiynnit undcnveai ninsl Koinoulerto
make lonm for spiiiiB' noods. Sale com
mences U'ednesd.iv , the lltli Hoston Stoic ,
Council UlulTij. rotliciiiigluun , Whiteliiw
.S ; Co. ( | t
Hi , ' ImproM nionts nt "Mnnuxui.
There have lieon sonic < lc ils at
l nko Manuxva xvltbin tbo hut few dii } . anit
\\hllo but little infornntion bus been k'iMii
out cnoiiKh bus boon iisecrtiuned to show
lint seine vuy Important iniprou-inents au >
under \\iiy. A Rooil of nox\ blood lii
btrii iufusoil In tlio cntt-rprlse , and n peed
many thousand dollar.- , will bo Invested in
tlio contemplated chances for tlio coining
season's ' business. Manhattan beach bus
changed hands , mid is noxv held by a stock
ooinpanx' , one ol tbo prominent iiit'inbors of
xxhiehls MauirSloim of South Oinnh.i , nnd
tlio rem.ilntlcT of tbo oompanj isin.ule up ot
Onmhii , Sontb ( Jinnlia niul C'onncil BlufTs
men. Tlic pi ice p lid for tlio heai'li propcity
xxas SiVXXi. The transfers \\eroliled : i wick
ago , but xvero brought into tlie rei-onltr's
ultlio after l ) o'clock accompanied bj a 10-
juest to keep thomnxs from thi'ic-portors
Tliu imtuio of llioiniptoM-inents to bis made
nro not ytt clearly nn lti stood , but it Is
understood that theixorli ixill bo bntli c\-
imisiM ) and Important Acontiirt has been
let to the Mllxv.inla-o iniduo cotnp.inj of this
city topllon foundation foi a IOIKO pivulioii ,
x\hieh \ \ ill extend into tliu lake c-iilitv fent
nndlll hmo a like frontn o of ! > liiin-
tlied fc-c-t.
The plans nro said to also lontcmplato a
jihoi t-cut to South Omalmaiul the .stabllsh-
inentofa feiry across the ilx'or not far lioni
the outlet ofthol.iko.
1 intwrtant chances are siNo to bo undo on
tlio ninth side of tlio lake Hotel Maiinxx i isle
lo te ) moved to seine other location , possiblx
iicroHstho lake. U'ttl.ln tlio last lu\\ days a
Is'ieatdenl of material has been hauled "and
ilcObltt-tl ( on buth sides of the lake 'llio
uoikot driving piles on the south sldo has
been lominenced , and an iinnicnso quantity
cf liiicu limbcra nave .hem unlo.itled nroiinit
the hotel for tlic purpose of moving it somo-
x\bcre \
Is it frankly stated tliattlio now company
is golntr to make M.iniix\ii moio than c\or
popular as a metropolitan xxnterini * place ,
'lliere wussanio veciot expressed \xlu-n it
ns ninioiiiiced that the sti-ainor M V
Kohier liail been sold and xx'ouM ho taken olT
the luke , but tbo new company announce
that they xvill haxo txxo more first-class
steiiiueis ready for the season when it opens
wliichxxillbo nincb liner in overj respect
than the Itottrer and more suitable ) for the
PinenashiK nud selling pooils on the in
stallment plan is in aicordanio with the
Kninilcht business principles. It 5s a blo-.s-
hik' to the people of small means , for it ena
bles them to hn\o all conifoits and luxuties
la their homes. The great installment house
of Miiadel A : Klein is the onlv one in western
loxvaundone ol thelarKt-st sinjwhere. You
can Ret every household article on want at
lowest HHUH-S anil on easy paj meats. IlL'O
Uiondivtij ,
Iho Ni > x\ \\'nj.
Tomorrw la March 10 , tlio day upon
\vliit-li nil tlio uloonticeiurs of the
city mnstclthci "putnp or shut up " As the
lujnm'tlon cases nio still iiink-utdcd nnd ns
tbo iiuthoilttus ba\e no dcsliu to lot the
( Moons run fne , ft new sxstemliml to bo
ilovhcil for collcftini ; the lines The way it
Is tobo done iK-rcuftcr tsto servo a xxuirant
on the sMoonkci'iiiis , notlfjlntr tboin to
appear before .Ind o Mt-dco on Mtiu-li 10 nnd
defend tiRitnst tin * c-lmi-po of ketplnp ilts-
orclt-rly houses Tlie snloon Itcoporxx-ill tboii
roino niul ilt-posit his atipcirniiro money.
When tlic time for conies bo uill not ho
thoui , mill tlio Jo , ' 10ill bo tli dm oJfoi'fcUetl
by itefnult In Hits xxny the city xlll gel ttio
bonclit of tlio line inonin , xxhllo the iiuthori-
tlesttlll In no nay nut tliciiibdx'cs nt a ills
advantage in tlio suits which .ire to come up
for a hearing this ixcuk.
Piof James McXaiiKhton has retmneil
from Mnivillo , Oak , xvboi-o ho lias been
teaching in the state not nml ichool Helms
mot uith pee l success in his xiorlc. Ho xx'ill
spoiM boxcrul months in tbo tlnlT--roluiiiIii !
to IMayx'lllo in .Inly for the pinposo of holdIng -
Ing ttio summer institute
A x'lsit to Drs. U'oojburj'o nc\x' dental
rooms xx-ill bo pleasant as xx'oll as nrotitable
rtiust and iuot complete ilental rooms In
till ! Wl'ht. _
E\ans \ Uaunilry Co , 5M Tout troot. Tote-
phone SDO. ( Joocls called for und acllx'oieJ.
J. H. Atkins , western OBOIU for Uol'uxx-'s.
pinto plasb foirpanj , xvill ii\\o \ \ oillniatis on
plato delivery in lo\vn \ and Nebraska ,
.1,0. nixny , stoitn bontln ? , sanitary en.
giuccr , 'M ) Murriain block , Council lilults
IDo you \x-ant an oxtireis x\af-on or boyl
IlitiL'up the j1) . T. Co , tclciiUoua 179 , ? so ,
11 Xorth.Maliibtrcct.
I'lll' l'lHt. > 1U Till' Htl'I'I'O
lilt Mi\\S \ \ IS lllli DLLH'S ' ,
Tcliool Election Teday Protiiisos to Absorb
n Qrwt l ) xl cf Interest ,
\Vlij lie Is Vapopiilnr-lti't. Mr. Cliull
oil Mtlilitilii < Mxenam-c Iniprou1-
iniMit In I'liiitciiiplnlliiii I'm *
. Miuiliiitian llciieli.
The t'lcetlou of sihool director * takes place
toi'iy ' , nud t licit ) an * Indication * tlmt a inueli
fuller \oto will b'pollid tluiu Isnsuall ) ' tlirt
case on similar occasions On thu lepubllcan
ticket tlio candidates are \V ( . ' Klacy and L
M Slmheit , wbllu the democratic eamlldatcs
nroV. . ,1 .lamt-soniiml lleoigo Hlnnlm
'Iberels tint ininh ln-lliiK maulfestid on
either s < lilo toward any of thoe.milldatei Itli
theexeeptlonof lll.ixslm Tlmt gentleinaa
has niaiioncimcs who will eadea\ortodo\\u \
hlmnt imoU , anil these Kcntloinen me not
all conllm-d to tin * opposing puty bj nnj
ine.mi. Time me inaiij' democrats \vbo baxc
toiio on htm , some of them on account
of the illsimsiltxlilib thej claim Hlixsim
bus innnlfesti'd toward tlio pnt.\nnd otheis
on ( ' piIndple" , their tdei being that
the \\ulfateof the seliools demnuds that all
thepiesent nieinbi-is of the board be alloxvcd
toi.'tiio fro-n public llfo ns laU as their
teim-4 of olllce p\iiie In order to net lid of
the discordant elements \xldch lmo bein
elaslilng \lKoiousljforthoiiist j ear or
lint whatc\er \ the pause of the pjipodtion
mi ) is ceitidn that the o | position ex
ists anilvillcometo the Irout today. In tlie
bivird Mr liiaxslm evidently been too in-
ilipendQiit and outspoken to uH some of tlio
leidersof Ills ox\u psittx , and tlicj noi\ seem
lie-lit on pnnisliliiK him for acts which timny
silllio time high I ) loinmemlcd.
U'ltb the cittici ciiiidulatcs there Is not
lilii-Iy to Ijo nun h of a llk'bt made for of
siddnst imj of them I'lio i-itl/ensof lie
\u-sttMii p.iit of the cltv Imubctu clamorini ;
for rt'piesentationon tlio school hoard over
since Hie two no\\ wards xveio made , and
inuo Mr Sclaibeit luiuvly on that account.
An t-lTort U lii'ing nude bj some of the and
Illixsimites to work up a ol t inns' ticket
bc-arinjt tlie names of Stiu-y and .lameson
'I he polls X' 111 open this moiainu'at ' .t o'clock
ami fluso in the eu'iilng all ! 'Iho following
ing Is a list of tlio polling places
rirst Waidesteia \ house , Upper Hioad
Second \Vaut Dolisiuy's old opui.i house ,
riilul \ ' lld'J'l'r ' ' llroadivav
rointhiinl Kinkbatn stieet.
rifth U'suil Cbarks Slilclds's ' 110J Fifth
bixlli Waul -'J.'O ' Iboadw.iy.
Tlio.Manhattan , spotting lie.ulqiinilers. N.
O'Urkn. '
C.dlon Sdimv-Sniilli ( Jo for ibattcl loans
nud real estate. Ill lA-arl st.
The N'cxx I'.ultic is tlio most untrally
loiatt-d bold m t'omuil Ulufts.
SA lilt XIII
A Sin ill Ami lenoe l.istctiK to si hcriiiuii
on ( lit * SnliiM-l. |
UeNl \ C.iult , of Hlant'liiiid , H , Is in
llio citv , and ycsterdaj occiipn-il the pulpit
of the I'resln ton in thnrch Jlr ( lault is
tlioxestein secu-tsirj of tlio Xational Ite-
fonn assocjilion , .m oiganbationho e ob
ject is to 'jniiK abontamoie ticrfoet observ
ance of luoS iblntli tlirniih'hout the lountix
It xvns In tin- Interest of this assoeiatlon
Mr ( i.udtappened in the Hlulis Owing to
Iho inclemcncx of theueatber , tboi owns but
a small ainttonce prosmt to hear liiin
Ilo took foi his text the followlat ; "Speak
them also unto the children of Krael , sa > inj ( ,
Verilj inSabbiths shall vc keep for U Is a
sign hetxvcea mo and jou throughout jour
geiienition ' Kxoilus , xx\l , ii. :
Thospeiker beRiin by ijuotiugllio English
histoilan. I'londo , nho s.dd that liat Ibis
ace demands is moio pi caching ami moio
practice silotip llie line of the ten command-
nients. " ( ! od knexv , ' ho said , "what dime-al
lies men Mould encounter In the framing of
constitutions .nul in the building of govern
ments , and in ills niticy ho framed a consti
tution and made a nation , the tlrst republic-
tin1 x\oild over MXV Tlio ton commandments ,
xxhick compose dod's constitution , are tlio
foundation of all andthoyaro ucopuUud
as such bj all Juri&ts It was Judge
Coolcj of Michigan who slid that the only
jierficl law in the xsorld is tbat of the tea
commandments , and otliei laws are per
fect onlj In proportion as tlioj coincide with
tlieirgie.H pattcin Tlieio is a xvide-spicad
crroi in renard to Mix ts Some chim
thatlti- \ / publlL- sentiment public
sentiment urn nn moio neato law than it
can cieateaoilcl Lnis the xvill of ( iod ,
and man laimoU hniigo it any more than tie
can change the liuvs of giaxltation or
bx sriei e.
"llio law of the hibbnth is binding upon
the church , and it is the djurth to winch xvo
must look inainl ) for its enfoicciiiont Tlio
state bus no tight to command that its. citi-
7insitteml chinch or perform sinj othei re-
HKIOUS duller. Tlu'io is no book in"tliooild
so ojiposcd to the union of chinch and state
as tliobitilo. MIH. king of Isratl , tried to
couple his civil antliorltj with eecl siastlcal
by offering ssuiitlces and tlio ii-sult ; vas tbat
( lOdtold him tint his kingdom wns xvnsted
frou him and Knen to David. The only
thing the state can do in the \ \ ny of enforc
ing the law of the Snbbatli is co command
the coiising : lioni all labor whatever other
enfoicenicat of it that tiny be made must bo
made by the church "
The s'lxiilioi1 then wont on to pi\o certain
reasons xUiy the Subbath should bo observed ,
llenoticcd tlieertect thsit ceaseless lalioi has
upon the phvsicsil orcaalsm of men , and
liKcned him ton set en di ) clock , vldehmust
bo wound up everj seven lajs in order to
keep it uianlni ; Ho noticed tlio law of
dlvino ] ) iovulcuco. imdenvhicli the Israelites
net-lecteil the Sabbith for fem hundred and
nimt.x years , .mil had to innlto up for It bj
seniinr out s captlxlty of soxfiity jears ilo
ox't-n xvent so far as to sav tlmt all stnkes ,
liots , llns , and neatly c\ cry thing else in the
xvsu of olamltles were the clitcct result of
Sabbath breaking. Ho "aid that the man
xvho pulls down the shutters of his place of
busae- ! oa Simclin pnlNuowa upon himself
thociirscsof ( iod Ho managed to get in a
peed xvoul foi piolnbitioa , and denounced in
wholesale teims the citizens wlio beliexctlmt
\otingto icgulato the li < iuor traflte thox
are helping to pre\ont \ whiskej from becom
ing free as ivatcr rinullv ho landed on tlio
subject of the Sunday nowspiper , branding
it ns onoof the greitest cnrscs , tlio country
lias eor seen
M tliuclostfof hli adilress a collection xvsis
taken tois-iit Mr Clanlt in hU work in other
cities in the stito.
Call on D. .1 Hutiiilnsnii < v Co. for choice
barg.iinsin lots in Wilson Teir.ue. bpeeiul
Incluceincnts for tlio neU fedius \ ,
, \ . Co cairy hrgest stocit of bulk
Held , jjauton and llower seeds in the \\est
Catalogue and samples by mail.
. 'Masonic.
llegnlar meeting of Kxuelslor I.oitgo Xo
J.V.i , A. I' , iiiui A M , this ( Mondan ovcnitii ;
Viilting brothrcn cotdiall ) ' imltecl , Uj
order of the \V. \ M ,
Itelter 'Iliauaii Alarm.
A'l II I'mIt'tlUT /
'Can ' I sell xou i buular alarsn' ' " hoasued
of a boUM'holiler la the luighboibood
x\liero a number of houses hai ) been en-
' "No ; 1 have no usofor anything nf that
kiiiit. .Mj daughtir Just become ei apcd ,
and thojoun 'nan calls ox-cry oxening"
liossler's . \laRieIleadiche Wafers. Cures all
headLches in JO minutes At all
MOUOAN-Mi * . Liittlo Morgan , rpllet of the
lite I.'Hi Inigtiu and mother nf Mrs Till
\ \ litti'and1K ' \ - \orah Muigitn , fornuily o (
Nuvitila , la , iiKid.V. > c-ins.
1'uiuTiil Mimda ) at - I ) p.m. from family
ribldeiic'cl.VKi .luckionstret-t , to l.aiiul III11
-'ry. .Nevada nud Oluu\\oud \
The liulios ol Ihi'Otmhii lurincrt In
aiocoinplttlnjmmnijoincuts ( or nitm * > l <
l > : ill , In hijriu'ii at ( lOininnla ball on
Sniiirtlix ou'titni * . MnivhI At tlil-i
bnll only ehllilton xxlll Hike p.irt In
dnnciii ) , ' .
Dt1. llnrslni. pastor of llio I'h'sl 1'n-s-
bxti'fiati oliurcli xvjn ttiUi-n 111 vi"loiilni
tiinl xx ns iittnhio lot'oiuUii'l sonlct'sitt 111- *
iMmt'fli , Dr. Keri * of Holloxuo uill ' i >
pii-iiolicil in the inoiniiiKmid thoio % xa
Tholadies of the I'liiteil Piebjlorlin
i-lmreh held a inlt t < mir.meitinj'at ! \ the
I'uitrnl Valted I'lesl U'riati t-lmrcli ,
Sexentet'iitlt siml Dodjii ) streets lint
uuMilni ; . Intuiestiit ) * roportsxveiomndo
of the wotU tlmt IH holnij done h1 , the
various hraiiclu-M of Hie society
Missionniy leed\ ! held an Intou'stliiff
sei-xiceat the eouiiti % ho | Unl jo lordnj
aftermimi nt l10lot'k. : ! . The serioos
vore lUtf-tii-d to xvlth marKed Interest
hj all of tin1 iiiintilos many of whom c-c-
pies-cda ill-sire to lia\ -\lr. Ilt'i'dj t-ou-
duet H'trular serx iocs at iho hospital.
Hood s Sarsadarlllals on the Hood tide ol
of podulrin.xxhlch podtlonlt has rein-bed by
Its oxxii intiiiisk' , nndoubti-d mcilt.
.1 1 , r.t it i < . * / / 1 * ' //s.
\ . . ) Weed of Cbicajo , is at tlio Millaivl
\V II Kllot of llostoa is nt the Mm ray
T L Daxlsof Vorli wasat the Casey list
( leoigo IVlloy I of Norfolk ts at the
T. I" Siiundcrs of Su Josuph is at Iho
rhsiues .A Hinko of Lincoln Is at the Mcr-
i hunts
T V. Cole of Chtcigo Is u'Klitoreil nt tbo
1'ax ' ton
A A linlslcj of Xoxx- Orleans Is at ( bo
,1 A Campbell of Soxvsud is in the city , at
the Casey.
Peter Nin of Tcmpleton Is rcglstotca at the
U'lllliun r Coiidoflt'ipllCiU ' , S. 1) ) . , is at
the I'.ixtou ,
U W. Hussellof Cldesmols in the cltj , at
the Millanl
i : II miss of N'exYoik \ xvas at tlio Pax-
tun last iik'ht.
John 1 . U'ay of St Lo-iis - xvus at the Mur-
ii.X last night.
F M SlevensofSt f oulsas .Uthe Mil-
laid last night , .
I' . M Lemon and wife of bidne ) sue at
the MCI chints.
IX \Vllson of Cliiomont xxas at tbo Mor-
chaiits last ai lit
. .1.V \ Hawkins of Joliet , 111 , was at the
Millard last night.
Thomas II.Vtdto of Hiltituoro is In the
city , it thcMunay.
i : . \V. .Allen of Cincinnati , O. , Is icgls-
leicdat the Millard ,
II. S. Tajlor of Detroit xvas registered at
the Murrnj last night.
11 II. Wide of Dcadwood , H U.lsin ttio
cily , tefflstered at the Casey.
\V T. Winters of KaiamieVyo , , xvas in
the tity last n-ht ! sit thol'ax'on.
\VallacoHheiman of > 'ew York is in the
city xisttinu his son , K U * . bhcriu.iu , head
clerk at the Pa-don -
\V T. Vane-ton , gonruil passenger and
ticket auent of the ( Trunk nilxviv , is
In tbeeit ) Ah N'niiotoii is located sit Lon
don , Out. _
"Does jour mother Know you're out , " said
a boj to bis little biotliei "Yes , she doe- . . ' '
xx sis the answer , "for ono bottle ot Dr. Hull's
Coiiuli Si nip has Imocliul nij- cold into a
cocked npt , yoi bet "
A foiv applications of Siilxntion Oil xvill
Inst.mtly ielie\e stitliuts in the neck and
joints. t'i ! cents.
I1 n nil c I'M Stiiiiiltl i ; vpi-fi iiicii t.
It would piovo a most scrloib I'lUfor-
tutio if the tmiltipliesitloii nf e.\ierinien- |
tsil farm stsitloiib should result in farmers
geiicrsill coiibinj , ' to comluct eaiefnlex-
perimontb of thoii ox\n ssijb the Ameri
can I'nltlxsitor. To take kiioxxlodgo sit
het-ond Imml Is oflontimes necessary , hut
it should ho levisul in the liyht of jier-
son'd experienee , and thus digested it
becomes valuable. Xo oxDeiiiniatsil
btsition ean .sitisfj tholoi-sil eoaditiim of
ux'eii fanner. Tlie lesiiltsof eaeh day
are onlj vulimhlo as hiiK'g'estions to
farmers' whereby thny can per
sonally conduct . o-cpeiimonts if
successful or si\oid those \\hieh have
been otllclallj diti-redlted. It Is this use
of oxperiint-iitsil Htsitions that inaUes
them impoitant aids to 'ooil farinintr ,
sesiicel.x lo&sf-o , smd xvith tao Mimolimi
tations as the oxporienuo of fsinners repelled -
polled in sigiieultursil novpsiiiei-h.
In one enso fmmeis sue experiment-
injjalltho time.Vliat are tailed old
rutsaroprsictiees1 ivhieh long' oxpeiiuneu
hsid shown to bo sit least bsifo. Often ,
under now conditions , farmers may vsirj
from the > o beaten path" , and is > part of
the lui-lness of o.xnei-iinent stations to
show xxhoro this may bo done. But
fnliners who study tlie'lr work are con
stantly , Undincf noxv sugKestioiis x\liic-li \
sirowoll woith tiialet \ are not liLolj
to occur to scientists who from tholr lab
oratories piepvro ; tlio subteets' for the
experiments to bo made. In such eases
si letter from the farmer to the experi
mental farms in his Mate may often suy-
tfeht experiments of { le.itostalue ,
xvhich In homo tf ) their ii&poets the- fur in-
er is not himself able to conduct. U'hsit
ho can do is to .show the practical work-
iiij ; of the experiment in lobsoniny : or i n-
ort.isinjf the crop , tind xvhcthor the hit-
tei be doneat jnolit or loss. Tlio .stition
csm tfixo him ehcmical analytos of foi-
till/orsand crops thnt xvill thioxv suldl-
tional linlit on what tlio faimoi hsis
jraeticilly done.
Msinj importmit discoveries have been
made 'in tholr husineso by praotienl
fauneis. More will bo if tlio olloits of
{ joxernment to it id them are sicutijitod as
siids rsithertlitinas Mibstltutes for indi
vidual thought and elloit. hoinellmes
indeed , the piaetieal Lonelusioiis of
fsiiinois , hsi\o proved rifjht , c\en when
for a tlmo contrsidleted bx the o uf
seientiliioxporls. . It is noxv conceded as
fsnmeis huxo lony maintained that
eei tain crops , sis elo\or siml pcsin , lisixo
the power of taking nitrogen from the
sitmrspliero. On the other hand , a
common idea ( it farmeis , tnat strsix\\ \ \
ineasmes furnished In their decomposi
tion earbon throiiiifli the mots of plants
isiioxx uenciallj abandoned. Tlio vsiluo
of csubonii' su-iil gas in the soil is tint
disputed , hut ills ba ed nti its power lu
maUiiii ; plant food siMiilnblo in the soil.
The carbon of plants it is now frenorallj
conceded is absothed from tlio silr
tin ouch tholr leaver , rsithor limn taken
through their ioot .
Thofjreat ad\iuitiif \ > o In malting oxpcr-
imnntbon the farm Is that when hiu-cess-
fid the f armor imikinp them imdoitttsinds
the foiniuhi and how to conduct it to a
successful 1-suo , > o matter hoxpinln \
the direction \\en \ , the fannerxlio has
done the tiling Uim-e-lf 1ms more conll-
doiieein ropoallug It than he csm hn\o
fiom Iho expeiloncoof anotlier. Ho can
silho xentino conlldentlxon silnrL'osesilo.
that it is adiijiled to his soil siml
cnndilioiiM , It would be hotter if fanners
in oat'li htuto xxould keep clo > \\aich of
sit lenst sill thouxpcrinicnts Hint In their
\lu\x- promise itiecebs IIH made sit the sta
tions , and repeat them on tholr own
land. In this wax tlioy would tint onlj
lecoho bunollt , huttho worK of the Hit-
tlons would bo wldelj recogiil/ed as nu-
thoritativo , and thus the eoniBO of lin-
moved fsirminu methods xvould imiko far
more rapid proj iosb Uian would bo
othoiwisooa"lblo | ) ,
Dr , Birnoy cures catm-rn , Hco bldg.
Do Witt' * Little Karly llisors Host llltlo
pill c\cr made Xjuio lonstip.ittou cxcry
time. None equal. Uao them noxv.
"I'lio Cou rnw. " * u itonu'stlc i-otniilv
ilr.umi , which niTois.1' link' llllsloi1 ntuplo
iiopo tor tin1 ihspl.iy of IlroMc inuilltlos whlih
plat-oil her In tin ) front iitnU of An.i'Hi-m
iiilu'ves , XMI- * glum lint c-u-nlngnt the lUijil
to an iiveriiiff si/oil iiuillt'ittM
Thriv Is little In the sM > nnf "Tho 0ov- !
rrnosV' tint tlit'sltunllnns nri skillfully mill
iliiiin.itlfulli wnmphl nut , ulillolho
Is ( UMIk'lit ful to n degree.
Tinplot ) htiiKi-s uix'ti ' tlio self s
disposition of u\\onnn Nlliii rutlior tl.iui ill
iilloxv hoi- tub ) to itiowtipto xx-oniuihiDil
\\lththu \ \ taint of n fnlhor's crlmo upon htr , li-nxi-s lifi' to tM < c.iro of ae.lthx \ \
Hltlow mill iittiwai-iN bt'comostho governess -
ess toiler o\su child.
Arouiul this xcr.v slenilorthiTiil a roittniiro
Is \ vovonlncli \ tomtit's tlio linirt niut ai- )
pt'.ilslo ail Unit Is ( , 'uotl nud nolilo In ones
nnttitc ; u ttorx of lounjril'votlonhlclio.iu '
only llnd a c-oimtorinrt iimnm-tho nmrtjts
who died forttuMi bellt'fs in thuiifontlnit )
In AinihVariUn.Miss \ t'.llsli'rlius npartli-u-
lirlvi'xnctlnir rolo. Tlio hole ( 'iiiinit of the
nffi'i-lloiiH Is tone-hodupon , Its Inti'i-pietntlim
ii'ilulrlnK fur uioio tlinii tni'riiKonbllUv lulls
ili > l Incut ion , Tluii' IH no nap trait iiliout Miss
r.llslu's work .tlit'iv ) is IH ) stilvliiB fori'f-
ft'i't except through legitimate i-timmols utiil
llllOM' llll slltlllH till ) l-OIHCiOlltiOUS WOl'K Ot
tlu > piinst.iKltiKin-tlstu
The i-omp.iin Hiitipurtliifr this excellent
Aiiuilmti slur inrluilcs Mi Ki ink U'ostoii ,
n voiv tfood nilof. L'lltToid Dc-inpsey , .Mm
A I'llslci , Iho futlicr of iho star , Ailolplio
U'stliu. .Inu'pli Whitloi'k , Jr. , Miss Lillltn
Diillov mid n roinnmubl * . bright I'lilM
ctiuis , Utile HOMO.
'I'Iic I'niposltiitn l ! < -li'i'i't'il.
l'll\ I I IM > . 0 . .Mirell S | SpllMll Tlll'-
Knunto Tin Hi r. ] The leienc muotliiK wns
proloiiBotl | n Noxx * York Ikvaini ) of tlio fid
that a proposition from A Li. Johnson
to sell out win wider discussion.
The amount mldul by Mr .lolm-
son Is not Htitt-il , but It was u eoiisltliia-
lilo sum and tlio leaguetiki not ileotn It tuUls-
ubloto pav it , nee-ami ! ht-i-mildi'lvo no f > imr-
niitoii that the otlior Inollioiliood ititousts
woukl bo settled atn fail prim. Tlio Noxx-
Voil' , Plltsbiiii ; mill C'lili-iiirii IntiiesU ill
( 'iiulninitl nroioiitrolloilli.v vlio loiijiuo , but
It demanded nssii mines ( bit tlio I'rineo and
Wanner intorostsinlu'lit lo st > tll-d ( with oiiun
ens\ basis This could not bo nlvon , and tlio
matter \xu : then loft In lliu hands of MC-MI-S
Abil , Hobinsoii ami Oin-ill. Out-ill is In
Cloxchiinl tonU'ht , imil tlio picstiinptioii Is
that Im Ins coino to nuiUpsoniu dicker.
Vnliial > HOINO Sulil.
SFiuNtbco , Mnrui s. [ Special Tele
gram to'I'm. Iln . ] - MaintirinoVlll.os , son
of ( Ituat Coorio ! M'llUes bx I.ulv Clirlsmnn
xx ns Iciioekcd do\\u at auction ycstcrd.ij in
Oakland fur $ .ltOO. , :
Oil ! Circuit Itliloi * I-nil.
Ucv. liobort Hopkins , I ) D , said to have
been thooldest Methodist Episcopal oleigy-
iiuuilu I'eiinsjlvanln , died at SoxvicUlo } , Al
legheny county , IIowoulil hmu been niimty-
tlncc ycirs ofngo In April mid was one of
the last links connecting tlio pnsontMth \
thoearlj days of Motboillsin O\cr \ sl\tv-
llvejoau ape he Joined the I'ittslmrn L-OII-
ferinfu mid \\.is tbelastof tlio otiliuil | ; i-oin-
bors of that Iwdv. Iniyllho nns , iieninst Ills
wishes , named for INhop nnd Mine
within one votu of lit'inc ctioscn lie
was for mneuen * icai * a pro > lilliiK t-ldci , sat
as .idoloiratoln fi\ogonciril ronfoiiiices , was
nt one time scirotary of tlio Seaman's ' Friend
soiletv nnd for \ears \ rontrlbutcd to the
chuH-h imblieitions Of liicirU stuiKglo
lios.iiii iccoiitl.v : ' 'Thn llrst rircult 1 es'or
] > iouhcilon lovoittl u illstuiuu of SIM ) miles
It was the ( _ ! i.mi. il\or ciivnir and requited
one month toti.ivcl L | ui5.nhc l e\ory \ day
The mcctiiiKs were hold In little lof ; lints
Mcolle.iguo \ was a marricil nun Whou
theeolk-ctioii wnstnkou up ho cot nil the
i-nsli , as Itvns thought tlmt I , boini ? xininar
riod , did not require niuiic ) Some of the
undo ineinbois inndo me a present of a Dear-
noin w > i'on. | \vasiiftoiH.inlj deiluetod
f icm mj salary , 'iho TOIIIIHgirls cavn mo a
pair oT soclesimd i iiutk scarf 'Ibis , with
SfSliu niono , was injsulaij for the ilrst
thtec years of my ministry. "
Miss HcssioII. ] lcalocof IHirlliiKton , Vt ,
hail a disease of the scalp , \\lilchianstil her
han to become very harsh ami ilr\ and to fall
solri-ch shoscarrelv dirod eonib it. Ajor's
llnir Vljror eave bor a hcilthy scalp , and
made the lialt bc.'iutifulh thklc and glossy.
Ai'tin tin * Cloak : Itooin.
\\'llrhi \ \ ( ll < m Still
Senator \Voleott-I iay , I'luinb ' , whit do
you think of the pioposltioti to paj $ tJ."iiHl , ) ) lot
the llvoHiorstadts in the executive mansion !
honator I'luinb ( Jumping upGreat .It1-
hosaplntt1 l'u ' > Rot ptnuino Ilolstoins and
.Itiscvsnn my taim in Kansis tint I'll sell
'em for'l.V ) .ipioce , andRivoi pedigree with
cat h one' ' hixty-llvo ttioiisnnil dollars 'Good '
1 .01 d 1
Didn't .V-i > ( l It.
I'lulttilrliilili Times.
"Buvn inouso tuipj"
"Don't need it.1
1 to siy you're without mlco at your
"Amounts to the saino thing. Kxorj tinio
ono puts in : in apnoiranco the wam \ \ wife
scioams frightens It todoath. "
II U'on n Ilox.
AV iVir ) , tlfialil.
Unrij TO ) you win a prize at tlio ciirlno
party list nlliti )
, lnck Vos , I InouRbtliomoti i 'lovo box.
HarrjViis it my ( rood i
JneU-No ; ! otlt lei kiting tlie ( jirl I
" \Vhite ( "zip On tiane.
AVii' Vntlc llmilil.
Porlmiut ITa\o jou lioaul of the
latest While Cap oiitrafjo ?
Van f etr Is'o ; vliat nlioutlt ?
I'urliiiiinVliy Kilkim wns | iio\onttil
fioin Liitt3iliifr hlb own lieu o oiu'ly this
Van Loot- Did huicco ui/Q the mis-
I'oitiniin Yes ; tlioyoro his \\ciUlcil \
\\ife \ ami his mother-ln-liuv.
- -
roil Tin ; si'iuxis
OC ArhiumiiN nnd All 1'oinls Rnntli ,
Tsilxo the Wiihtihh , the boht find innclt-
est route. Only H8 hours to tlio I lot
Spring , -Ifl to XowOrleans , iVJ to.laok-
sonvillo , ( jto ) 'J'uinpalth \ i-oirosponil >
iii fust time to nil points ( .outli , Ho-
olltiini * ; cliittt * ami I'ullmati hulTet bloop-
iny : iMib on all trains.
Itoimil trip tifKots now on wlo nt
Uroatly roiltii'cil iat fl. I'oi * tloUets jiml
full Infoimiitinn ctll at the AVuha-
tleket ollico , 1602 Fatiiain street or
write ( J. N. L'L.VTON' \ , Agent.
Hard or H > ll Pood.
l-'xpei-icnco sho\\s tlmt hard fooil In
bottei1 than heft food for poultry , not
Hint it contains inoio nutrition , lutt fin *
the ID.ISOII tlmt when heft foul is ( jiveil
tlio hoiih arc toniptud to cat a lurgor
propoftion dhoulil bo the case ,
siiy tlio 1'iu'ni und Fli-ciMo. Thojilvinjj
of t-oft fooil le.ulft toovt-rfuoilliifr and Im-
luiirHtliuili' oitloii. ItalhOMipplk-h llio
Hunts of tlio fowl inci'o roiulilj thtin hind
food , and HO i-oinplotoly hatlnfio-ilt that
tlio inducement to work and siMMtoh ( so
essential to lunlth anil the thrift of the
fowl ) is lessoned. Thou there
Is tlio fact Unit \ \ lion tfivinj , ' heft
loud the poultry nmn , by mixing so\-
eral klinlh , IK liahlo to ho moro of
ono kind than in.ij ho nieilotllillo
with liaul grains the fowls huvo a.
Creator tii'iilo jo nf scloctlon nt tlmt
\\hieh \ tlioy pit'foi ; but \ \ ilh inhud mft
food tlioj must oat ovoij thlnjr of wlili-h
it iM'oiniHioil till or iinno ainlllioreby
hiii'folt tlioniMilvu-i , 11 Is piopoi'to jrlvo
bof t food , ho us to fi-oil hoinn uot'ileil cuh-
htanios , but uo liiilio\u tlnoo timea
week huli'itiit. ! ! ! ( llvo nholo fri'iiln , and
t-i'.ittoi * it far and \\ido \ \ , or mix itilh \
litter , t hns t'liiiipollinyciu'li hen to hunt
nudhiTiitch for alh'lio rooulvub , whli-h
will keep liur la iiuiltli and jiroinulo oj.'tT
KtijiiiM ) niMsiir , ro is o'riiintH ,
Sturj of a llrnvo Man In Monlatu\ '
l a nmn ever jnstilloil In InUlai * hU
imn llfoV. A * < 1 ( t'atil iiu'stlnnof | the ftn\
lirtivo nun vlio mo left ol the Htlli >
liatul that \\onl \ out iijton tlio tt-anle Yil-
linvslmio iixpoilllloii of Ml ! ) , anil then
ii U llii'tn If blwilas oM'f ninro nolily
> liotl lluinhon \ Henry 'P. C > oery pliu'i-d
his pistol to his tcni pin and soitt liN
own mill Into etornlly , tlmt ho mlyht
buy ai'hniii'o of safil.\ for hi' eomrmliH
and friiMiil' .
Ita \ \ n si-oiio that no mint can fit-
tlnirh do < erile , tluil no man whnll -
Ill's-Oll It I'.lll OUM' flll'yol , Sl\'ll ! lll'lollll
i-oiMi-Hnondi'iit of tin.1 NIM Vorlc Tlnu's
I'lfti-on - hraM' and ui-ll iirnml
men liiul hlni'toil out frotii 1 > : m-
naoli I'itj In Iho i-iu'h da\s \ of Apill
to souivh for jjiild , and near Iho midillo
of Mn.ith . \ tholr mimlu'H sull.\ : to-
dnoi-1 l\\ ( loath from the arrows nud hul-
li'tsnf liiiiliin ( oi > s , Iho1) ) hail only imo
thoiiL'htto tl'ht ( Iholr way baoU to oi\-
Hi/atlon in- die as Imlitled the liili | ; ondo
of I'hlvalt.s iM'oyul/i'd liv tlic iilonoiis
nf the XM'i't. Tlu\\ iiiijjlit liuvo iiiadea
dash for it and out llioiivaj out b\ ,
\orj lililiit ) s , hut to liu\o itoiii * that
would hi\o ; \ lit en tnubjimloti llonij Hell ,
who was foaifulljMiiinded , but ( or
whom tlieio t\i't ruinaineil a hope. So
ho \uis iil.u'oil upon a 1iorsi > iui l the 111-
tlo eavali'iule nnui-d upon itsforloin
\ \ aTin1 Italians wort-all aiiiiind them ,
waillii } for aeliaiii-o tornshin ami } , rht >
the tlnislilnj , ' llo with the lon | io < dl-
bloillltlJJOl1 totllOlllM'lM's.
Tln-y had inovt-d t wctitj miles sinro
ila hivau , hlo l > iili-Uint : their \ \ y ever
Iho snow upon Iho mountains At I in
the aftumonneii ry ml t'oM. Hii'y
lialk-d tnjrivo Uoll nooik-d it-st nnd t
prepare "impel1 , I'liUetsiro tlinnui
out and the other IIHMI had hi'jrnn to ini-
paclv , wlion one nun n.uiinl Vin-k m\o
the ala mi that Iniliansoio \ : ipm'oai-li-
int , ' Knt'h man spi au fur Ills rill < ,
whin Miildonlv a > hot was hoard in tlu-ir
\oij niiiNl. A liiiii-o at ( Jiory told tlio
stotj.Vltli uiluaill1 , pallor iiionils | ) fai'i1 ,
\\it1iheaileroit.lio--liio \ lloanln r upon
llosuid1 ' 'Hoys , ! hue fool-
ishlj iMitli-d my lid' . In Ids Iristo bo
luiil'ifra-'pod h'is tillu li- , l he tmi//lo , tlio
hammer luul oati ht In nblanUot and
mil boon ( li-i ! n bit-Is , and the bill luul
him in the breast , sliattoilnj. * ; Ins
shonlilorand inaUln * n moitnl wouinl.
Ills comrades holpul him ton sitting
Hv.turo Ilo tlun t-i nl. > opened hl
ihiitiiinl polntiiij ; to the xxonml Uiltl
-lioni - that ho could haxo only afcnx
loins to live , "lint is too lony for
von to icinaiii hoiu , " lie aildod. "I'lio
sun is { join doxvn mid tlio Indians \\ill \
jo upon yon , It would bo Imnibsihlo to
lufuml joursolveMn this place. " Then
10 turnul his bi.ivo o.x es to f'a plain
Stnn-t and Mid : " .Mm , toll the boy s I'm
"atiilly woundi-d. '
His comrades FIXV what \vis in Ills
iiinil anil IJC J-'L-I ! him to lake no
thwufhts of them , ewpt to lot thc-ni
ii.iKo him as comfortable : is thty initflil
Itniiifl his final hou'.s. Hut all the
uisworho in.ide wns to leueh for hi- .
pistol , hold it llrinly in Ins hand , and
! r'no them xurmiu , ' that anj endeixoi-
: olnko it from him would onlj hasten
the inoutablcend. .
Xn onu imido the ntlompt. but with
in tlic-if ojos and ( tn- tttiiiir the
daiitfeisheiliiiti } , ' thoin in , his i-nnii.nles
attempted lo roa'-on with him , and to
piiisiiailo him tint xvillihcl ] ) ho iniyht
pull thioutrli , as Hull nils nli-ondy doiiiH' .
Hill ho Know \\dlasthojthnltho
end NX.IS amtitU'i * of a fun hours at tliu
iiuibl. Tinniii } , ' a alii to Stuart , ho
mired him to toll the Iwjb lioxv des-
peratowas his nine , and "Capliin .llin , "
\\itli tears in his oyc-s ami a i-holaiiL'
voice , could onlj siy : "N'oxer mind ,
C.eoi-y , xvo will htaj" b x yon ; all the
Indians ! in tlio voi'ld couldn't ilrlxo us
n \\iiy. \ "
The decision of thisplaiiifroiitioisinan
xxas made , and nohoch conlil * linl < o his
iKioit-ii-sohe. "I Knexvjon would all
stay bj mo , ' hos.iid , "and die for mo
ami remember 1 nm mil oniiimittin } , '
suic-ide. It is onlj for a bhort time , in
any ra'-e. ' 1 am only slioiteninjj mown
lifu by a few houis toprexont jou IIMIIJ , '
yniii's. ti < id knows I ilon't xvanl to die ;
I fear death , but 1 liavoa hope bejond
it. "
Ilo licit ! the nm//iloof the weapon to
his breast.
"Uemoinborhoro \ I am binit-d this
jjnrfje in the moiintnliis. Describe it to
my fnonds if jou live to reach thoin
< liil ) bless jou all ! 1 must die and in
turn- for " x onto bury mo anil esiape before
du-U/ ' nbontlo pull tlictri'iror-Alien (
the votc-o ol Sttiirt came fiomtho g'-onp
of pa o-fiictd inenxvlio oonlil haxo lalinh
f.uou iin thliit. but tills' "I'm- dod
siUe , ( Jpoij , don't but if jou must don't
hoot jooi'solf there. It xvill onlj pro
jour ii 'onj. 1'lneooiir \ pUiol tt
* '
jour tcinplu
Thoi'lianuo XMIS mule. "Clod blcssyou
all and take j our safety out of this , ' '
The men tinned and xvalked awaj ,
none nf them could fat o the Imiil H-ene.
Tlio linger e.nno iloxrn ujion the tnc fi ,
tlio cap o\ptoded : , but theioxxns no shot ,
him T. lliiusei , aftcrxvaiil oxoinot * of
Montanii , stopped forxxaid and s.iid ;
" ( Jeoiy , for < ! oil's siUo desi-t , this i a
w.irninir. " To this 1m moi-olj made answer -
swor : "I don't krow to'lniiiK of it ;
it noxor snapped before.Ljain L-i > cK-
in } , ' the weapon , he ( .imaged amoumnt in
ilont prajor , iiffalii pn-s-od hie linger
and the dccid % xisdone.
The men Ridlioieil mound hih dead
body. Touts xxero in thoovesof all , and
Mime could not spesiU for the sohi that
sliook them. "Waitlnt * : some half hour , "
( iovLinor llsiihor , "sifli-r no hsul
i hisliibt bivatholuued him as
liu desired In liK toldior oveicoatVo
liiul sciirtcly linislied his burial whtii
the - that the Indisuis
\\oro\\lthlntjinisliol \ \ \ , .jet no
firinn. After our last sad duty was ( in-
islu-d , Mini , ' dhoUed us topilolimb- ,
and blushes ontlio inxoand burn them ,
w as to ooneonl it fiom the Indians sind
pi event tin in fiom ilifTKiny poorCJeeiv
up for his s alp and flotlu < b.Vo then
jtiithoriHl nur tlnnj/s tovellioi'as ; bo < t wo
wmiil , and , psuKtiiK up , nunr-il on inn
single Illoont of tlio t oiye , utmpliitr , or
nithci * lildiiij , ' , in the ui ourtibli MUIIO
" '
miles awsu
'J'lio s.K-i'iru-o wsis not m.'ido lit vsiln.
The little psulj nude its \\.iy \ luck lo
llnmmclc Citvitliout fui-tlior loss of
life. . ,
IMr. Thiun JISOII'H Kt-liini ,
Slit-'s si'ood-li ( , > oMijtr , Icocn-oyid fjl'l '
of l.s , siiull shouliln't ttoiidtr ifbho'iii
stoiHi rsipher in HIIIIC lmsim- ! house In
N'oVoik ; &ajs the Sun l'\o M.OII her
come o\er on the I'aumia feiry siml
takoa suburbia tiainnntho l-.ilo road
sovoial times , and I always admliod thu
imh-po' dint and tolf-ieliaut way In
whlili fchu i-irrioi hoiholf , She isn't
hold or brsi/on , lint bills iljjht ahmjf
as if s'no hsul op i ti : In n rhis , and \\as \
liouiiil lomainlain tlu-m. Ono day lust
neck as the left tbohoat si inidillo-si-eil ( -
man of nleiisant featuies , who had fnl-
loweil hci-over. fio\Miul hoi vith his
elbow sind tinned and Miiilul and he .m
an apology. Slits caught on like a lliinli.
Ho had "pohid' her tocroato sin opimr-
tunltv , ami if not dinnul thoieho would
pOHlnr heisii'llin. . A do/.eii of us M\V
and hosud what hippciu'd. Shoturni-d
on him , extended lierlmmlfor a shalvo
and artkssly o\olaini 'd :
"WinMr. IMiotnpsoii , in tlutl jou ?
\Vlij , Oio In ht I hoard of j on , jou had
j to Ilo&ton with si tor\aiit ylrl ,
30 Per Cail Served At
Conic Knily nnd sccurr lUi .xiiis. This Cut Pi ice sale will
Last Only One Month. 'All Wintoi C.oods . Must lio. Ko-
61 < am' ils Uioadwa.\ , Council UlunX
and jour wlfo didn't caio a cent ! You
must liaxi'iot bat-Id"
I { had. I lo bad cot biieu so mneh
that his fai-o Hied up , the woiils ho
wanted t out UT stuck in his thrnat and
ho made a iiUKtoilous di'-appoarain'o
nluuil live seconds littor.
"Kno\\ < hiMiiii/"obsi'iivi'ilu nun v.ho j
was \\alKlnir \ \ heliind thouirl , I
nii - ! " > liedhiMfi-iond. "slu-'ll 1
imikesoiuohodj a. staiti ( , ' peed \\lfe. ' '
Not I'p In l'\nlllfM ,
A will liiwwn 1'plHi'opnl di'iK\inxu ' \ nf l-.ll-
nbotlnitteiiiled tlm l.ko elulii omert nvenllv
the wuailiitc of low uivkoit dieses
nuiib foinnuMit nnd lud Inn sot to ln-
twoeii rhnl editors 'I'lnoloiirymm \\.H
\\altlnp \ foi his wife mil si lulv fiinnd to ( jet
londj for tlio i-onocit Ilcioinlnit tiii | > itii'iil ,
lie \\int. to Ins i\KoN loom and atUivl lu-r to
In. enVlien hoop , aed llio d.wi' hosixv hln
bettu halts frk-inl , and liei' am > t.ti ineo lid
him to t liluU helind boon piilltv of uuviir-
i.intubli ; lutriislon. llu liluslii-d and st im-
niered , as hastily lotreited "J lies \irnr
pardon , inidiiin , I tlioiiKhtMiuero du-ssi-d "
A fo\v \ inhnites Inter the I ulv enno Into his
nri'suico .ittired pie lsolas she \ \ . .nNhen
no suv hoi be toil ! Sim but on a sleeveless
and H-marlf.ihH low out nownhleti the
iloinlnii1 nt Hist trl nice hail mistaken fin sx
scsinty pail of her toilet.
'J'lio Moiy Kot "Ul. and now his brotlior
ili-TKUiiou liiiMa poil ) l.iuuh at I is luno-
eenuunnll noiiinee ofonooftli" pievailliir (
modes of fiiliioii.ilili'sooli-tv.
lo Ilic WIIIIII-II'M ConxciH Inn.
iVil ? I DIi .Silll ,
Jlill , voiceless voteis'
And you do will topics *
In porfoi-t stoim
Aciinst thu boisted hattlcmcuta
O ( misk'iii'loil ' man ,
MlKbt.\ inuiiiu-ss ,
Milcvolcnt in minlitrsitlon !
Sl\ thousand veins a o
'J'lio vine clad wsills of i'.don's
Siueless Balden
Heard jour \\eepful \ plaint.
Untiring , pantluss ,
You hiuo since kept on
Veateulu , today , for \tr \
" \\lll \ aee.Nou porsu\eriii ) ;
.lust tbi-saiiio1
Hope , pit landed In man's sittiic ,
Ituostson your banners ,
You < lcir , dtludeililieamor.s ,
. \nil heioosts liinlil
Hut faint not , falieit of the fair I
All Is man's \etbujoiiis ,
It iiui % tiilio time ,
\\e , o\en \ t-teinit ) ,
Hut \\liat oltbat !
J\KO \ is ngt uo'iion iwint ,
And inkU'ssoxtiuvsiKineo of tune
Islhuiolorotliu noblest rirluu of jour EOX .
hneot \ oliolissntersl
bweet votelisvoliersl
( ! u bi uely on in fiunuiic ,
With jour ilbnpled . 'hlns ,
'I he thin iinpilD.iblo aluiosphcro
\Vlik-hlilce u sponge insitl.ilo
Absoiluthovinoof woinun's
Wit and wisdom ,
AnO li ivcs but sullmeut
Uf bOllOW tOlu'l'SC'L !
( ! .i\ , ( 'olilen ,
Keep up1
laeo mi '
And \\lion \ jou gtt thtio
Let us know '
Didn't Want ljo\o in
Not loiij ( aton inturo spinster called upon
Cliauncex M Uu pew and asked him to give
her some infonnatioii sibout real cst.ite Ho
said thcioveio t\\othitih" > ho knew nothing
alwiit , and tlitv \ \ \\onienjnd \ estate
'J'lds replj anuisou hur ami she iislsoil him a
iiiiibcr otiiuoitioni ib j it p jolijhasu ) fuy
both ICIRW in common. After she inopounded
the lollowmc raiestlons ntiout a stiiinuieiiiif , '
batliuloi she ajUed no snoic , but went her
\\lu :
" \VhuolsMr. llhn U , Mr. Dopoiv'1'
"He ' " enl Chiun
nm tliei'itj , repliuiltlie >
'Doci bo stammer as muoh as usual > . "
"Obos I licltuvu"snidtliuui.itoi
, \os , worse , ,
"Stiaugu hi1 HUM i 111,11 1 led '
"No , itvsisiiot stiiiinrc. den Isulv. Illnnk
com tod. i loielv hl. Ilo told me about his
eontshlp suMial jearh alter it occurred Ho
pioposul this waj
"l-d doaraan el , I llovnjou' "
"Youneen not proceed fmtlier , Mr Itlaak ,
1 do notCfirrto bo wooed on tlio mstsilbiient
plm , ' said tlio pioud be.iutj
Nohixl 3 Lari H.
Cti > iihlll 3luatmf.
A flcsirllj-wan little faee ,
A fioblo.'forloiii little smile ,
Poor fallen UK foot ,
Tint must pace tlulr bcit
Poi mam and main n mile
A star stcalinpout In the dusk ;
A lamp ; luridlj lbire > .
In the \\ide city's ubiil
Just a iniaeless Kill
Xobody i.nes I
A desolate , donth-stnekea room ,
A plllou pusliLil up to tlio wall ,
A Micktrtliat shows
A face In repose :
Silence , and tint is all ,
Ha\e \ just 011 tliooe begone cheoU
Tint looit such r.iiitnossve.ns ,
Tint 1 'bt oa iheuiou
Ah who shall sav now ,
tares'1 '
A Imxsii it hot tied Midi a K iss ,
A shoit diitamo from Uebinon , * . , suit
lor bittcivMsentcied , i"iinst (
mottici and son \ > y , i man Wiic-n the case
tune up bufoio the Justice tit the R set
tlcinont was mtulu by the mothci pacing the
tests mil ( 'ivini ; the prosecutoi n Kits , nc-
( uritini * to bis proposition , ixiucli xx is
inoinptlv nicopted , and satihf.ii.tory to
both pii ties
Not Man ) Clntlu-H , Killirr.
She lot him HoimdiM along lliii > iih | ; his pie
pnsul until IIP sulilsowetliliii ! about her bemj :
his "household miRi'l tliiotin | Hfo. " Mhen she
"Alnnpfl's xv.iL'i's ,
"Ilois \ that" '
"Mno.iut and clothes That is all the
- ' net , is it not"1
. >
T.ii' IMe
C'hmles da the lecoiition hall > Don't
a mm to the earth \Vbore are. jou
M > ib an lafeiaal IHIITN '
Adolphus-AttiT a sioplnlder Thoshoul-
dors of Miss Hontntiiie's dioss li.ivo cauubt
la thocliandolior , ami theio isn't ' a imn here
tall oiiouijli to dlben .iKij tliein.
llllp'TlllUMICC ltl-l > liked ,
Am I'ni/t / l'ljrr.
The Judge -llmv lil liraon , mndiin '
\Vltness I ha\o \ * .opersonal Uno-Aled o ol
my 111:0 , sind ho.iH.iy to tliuoay , I uiiileistsind ,
is "not accepted In I his com l
I'nliikl.atln ly rri'iniiiiicniN tin wndt n I'.i I li
lt - iliiifhtsi fin all'ind iiiuuliit
dUt-iH-s. Dr. Km Ii s ihl * * \ t oiuli ftn u nlili I
ti U-tl inanj ol lit r niiillcliiivhlcliliid m.l
tinll litiil i-ltiet , i-iion IM-CIIIIIC txticir niul
hif in x > tnlliil ) ( IN iiii'iiic | | < l ' If jou an-
sntliihm fiom ai-iiiikli. a ( old. ii lhiua lnnn-
I' ! a Un i It , tit aii.s 11 mil li'.thoHoib-ii
I'llllllC-s XNlll | ) Oilll\ Ij lflll\O Ulu-H all list-
Oblnln tinKiMinlni liiipnilinl artli-le , xxhlc-h
iiuist liaxiiHit'sln'iiuliiiti niul rti ( imn iinlallnii
-IrMuilc'll .MauUciiiiu ulvhoicli L'ii1'rlco '
MJu ( iita.
lMs ( | | \ I. ) l ) | | St M tlf ( hdlslhlll' lini-fT '
> six X < HIS .till \\t < | ilit. ! IIHHI pnllliili \\lll-
lam II I'm Inn. mult h tit lastlttiU'im 1'i'iiy
i-ic-i I ,
! < \\VilM' Hit t-t-lt-liratnl Mtriiall pianos' *
I- ' nt w si ilt-t inn n pliiiint nnd uruiiiii. ' old
( Ml i nil | > u Int'llts bt , Mai - - , nillHH )
ti iifln i III M nlMn an slict I , ( 'mined illiilli
U'VNl'I'li ( llll Cm K'-ni-uil bnnst-HOiK. I-'I
Illnllin 11
U * \N I I l .im 4 iiiiin-s In Cnnillv finHah6
hiiiisi > , i-nlnn IM nnd wlftItifni
iiifisKlxinildusiM. . , Itiiot I'nsldti Hmm
hot -ttn rii ! M iln ,
\\7\N IIP I wo in ttiniiriinil ' i-Mliilo
> nitiiluimi" ! nf ibiiiil fOO I'm h \ \ rt.
( ' { ilipll ItlMlllll Ml t-t t
] < VH ! s \ | | - TIU,7 | , , , mull Inl on i i
> INI 1111 ill. 1'iKinlre at K
l ( Mini It Illnlt * . . In.
IT xx nirlitiiiHi' fiom in Itiii.ithtny tutO'i '
IlKinl-Aiix Innlin will Imp tin liuiiil a line
stoc-l. nf finnan ll\tuu" <
I * t lU \ | | \ | u MCI Ilic r , I liii' | t > Mossli'p
lift- . ] n l ft" I coiiilil Ion ; ' . ' nllli-i- ili Us.unl
iliulr ' , store' liuotis I In ! ( . ( ' htm Kt-nli ) t ini-U.
'in itiiiK htnx t < ' . ' < -iiiiiiti > r si-alts y sti-i > lull-
1 ITI I liuuitil n fin in Hour sc-altM. luiMlno .Xi
IVU , 117 MidnI. .
" " " "
KI'M" Mi-MalnTifhhi.- . . - , , , . | tii\r
lult \\ltliliast-iiitin \ \ nud tit x uli r. .1 .1V. .
siinlii- . till I't-ail MI nil
HAItliAIN * " I'm liai aiiH In lii > n . Inl .
fin ins ivntl K mil MS , and a 1 uv < - ll-l Inti *
ItM't fnuii , call mi Inlimtnn \ Van 1'allcti ,
i\intt : lilm I , , t iiiiiidl Illults.
* ( ! ! ' . \ bark'iiln , ni-\\ modem IIIIIISD
\\llli ill Ilic- lulu linpitiM nit-ills -.i'\i'ii
room'xx 111 sell on t isy | iiim ills ; Ini-atiilini
( In-1 Iftli ixt-iini-intitoi linn D .1 llilli'hlu-
-oi ] 01 ? lli.iitdnay. .
iPOU. AI.I" 1 ti > lit-rooin IIDIIM-mid I\MI lulu ,
IMI Iliiiilsini st. A iniidorii linii'canil iv
irooil clu-ap D I llillulilii-on , ill ?
llrtuilu ny
ALK or Hunt Oir.lun l.inil , wltta
* ' himiut , by J 11. llloo. IOJ Main it , UoiinoU
* ft i
At Cole's ' Hardware Store , 48 iiiu Si.
\\i * -i > l ) si < i > is In tiiilK. Yon i an stxi > iini .
hsilf by tnix tnj In tlds xxny Oui - - ait utf
fi < ili ; mil Ic-lul Nnu Is u piiitl tlun IDMIXT
hlnciiiass ftu I.IIMIS
11 Vul' HM'l.t'T TO Itlltl \
Hit' xt-.ii Ilirtin- Mb uVeull the \hlor
i ii-iliui | tiniKo Ilic Cilaut I'llc-t" ' . in. I tc-i mi
t. Mill t\i iyc in-
COLH& lOLIi , MIMRhlr ,
' All kinds nf Dyliu anil e'loiiilnn do iMntlui
lllchi'stMy It ) nf I lie Art , Paduil and SIH- ) , , , , , )
[ l 1 , ihi Ic-sin.idi ) to loil. .n Komi us ntnv Work
I iiro'iiptlv ' ( loiH'im 1 ( li-lht-iod In all nuts of
tliuonntiy unilfor pilro IhL
l' A XI x. ( HA.N 1'r. n ,
JOU Hio'idu.n. > cir Noi ihAi-stcru lui ) > i > ! ;
nil MII. Ill ui i s IA
t'13 KAIl M > S | ; IN-I )
illllOATIM IIAl.lsl' ,
Ci.tinill llhtN In
All Illlllll l3 lf UlO l"t I
? : AII Ml > l mil 1 IIIIDA .
iniU-il H'-h Iho tri ito l
eklllnnd euro t
ninl II.\\ I-I.M It in-iiul
Wllll l-llllllC'llt KIKLtHJ
I ltRAlII'KIUIIONs ( iuiiH iirr
h b iicrlornel n Ilh lint utiuoil Pari-nn I ck'l'l , ni
piirlns ( icrft'i I nutl ! < MSI si ( .1 X > s | ace ir-
aid ) priHirllna ( * . rritliiK nil rcfmtlirlrnilt ( i ,
in M > dpi i ll'i-r.iln | | niul Asiu-lnalltui Unit n-n-
' ' ' ' ' ' '
'MI'I'I in'.i xlmii S'I'I'K m.-vnVin
. . - : , iricr > inn
( iMi-rrllilt. xiitliTlnir no relief ontircli our I DDIM ,
'luinii -liui'irl I lllueU , o\ur llt-uu \ Lu t sloru ,
tuiucll lllullj la
Or Council Bluffs.
lllitK TOiis-I A Mlllor. 1' O OloisMi U L
Fhucart , i : T Ilirl , J I ) Cibnunds > n , l. Ii irloi
C.It ami in Trans ict KOnoril buikln ; hml-
ufis l.crcst and aurpliu of an/
rmleyBurke.Geo.W. Howitt.Thos. E.OamJy
Buikc , Hewitt &Casaly ,
ru.xr in i i\- inn STM ; > t i
( 01 III- * .
OHlccs 1J Hroxvii llutlilliiK ,
oxt'i C 11 I.ioqiii uilii . \ > ( o 1 ( elrv
The Ntw Oi'dnii Hotel , m Co.iu I lilufls ,
bis IJCHII nmplttiitl rt-tiirntslii'il .inri'clem-
izt'ii throughout . .nullnoxv on ol the best
butt K in tfisl.ilo It is liKMtoil m th t a i-
ni sopirtol t 11 city an I tb ob-ptr.e motoro
] ) ss the door dx.rj lour nuiiutim. Kiro s-
i ipt iu < I tire tin im throu/huut Hi t > uld-
HKHteani heat , hot anil c-old xvater inil
Hiiiishttixin every mom t'.i'ilc unbiirn is.od
inyxvUi.r Kill * * . , $ L' OOatliy ,
Cnrner Mala an 1 Urn nlwtv
n < -ilers In fornUn in 1 do iiottlo \ 11,17 *
C'ollu tliin luailu iiiul intertill paid on U n-j
leaii-y utcilllmool UioKtv > HM -
supplies , inoUiflino ooml ) l ( ua
rtotinn hoiioy knives , niokoi s ,
feeetlons niul nil svtpplios tup
honplni'v M. S. HOOP ,
i.i ICait liroBcl\Miy , Council lilu lib , Ik.