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    ( r OMAHA DAILYJv <
\ rnvENTOE-ni YEAH. OMAHA , SATURDAY MOUSING , MAH01I 7 , 18Sl.--TWEljVK ) L'AHKH , NlhMlJEU 251V = ? =
lie Considers Fresout Annual Expenditures
Ou tlo Navy Criminal Extravagance.
Bhu IN Under llmultt ( o Keep the
IVnon Mt'xIro'N I'liuiH I'or the
K.Nlilliltlon - Si
Dci-orati'il ,
WASIIIXOTOV , March ( V The nrtlclo ron-
tributod to the New York Truth by ox-Renn-
torlngalls , which fronted much comment , It
in substance IIH follows :
"The annual shriek about our defenseless
roasts , anil tlio tioniDardmenl of New Vorlt ,
Philadelphia and Uoston , Inn not been
omitted. The yearly pamphlet , deserlbhiR
tbo lilood-curdliiih' Inciilent.i and appalling
cnnscipiencer. of n war with Chill nnd Spain
in HKI.I , has iiecn sent to each senator and
representative in congress. I-'illtoriul esti
mates In thetnetropohtan press of the amount
of property within roach of an Italian Iron
clad in the lower bay , and the ransom that
vouht bo extorted from merchants ntul
bankers , Inivo nil lieon submitted and
llled away for use again in Ml-.1.
"Their purpose Is to reconcile the people to
the passage of atho naval * appropriation bill
mid to the enormous and prolllgato expendi
tures In time of peace for ships , fortifications
nnd munitions of war. The capacity of Uio
United States to create a navy In an emer
gency was demonstrated In the rebellion.
The duel between the Monitor and Morrlimv-
in Hampton Uoads revolntlonl/.od national
warfare , and tlio problem hut slnc-o been to
construct armor that no projectile could pen
ult-ate , and then to Invent projectiles that no
armor could rosist. K'iropean nations hnvo
been conducting thesooxponsivo experiments
hitherto , and tho.ships of 1 yMaro ) already an-
liquated. Dymimito and otlior explosives
complicate the situation and the navy wo are
now builitliig at a cost of } : > 0,0 < Kl,000 will bo
as worthli'M In MM asUoman galleys.
"England. I-'rnnco mid Italy \\ould \ pladly
soil us their Heels nt f > 0 | ier cent ,
of their cost. 'J'ho milllotin wo are siiiamlcr- |
ing on vessels would better be .spout for earth
works nnd powerful cuns to command every
roadbed , channel and harbor which a hostile
( lect could threaten or assail. is there any
necessity for spcndlnc millions every year
for naval ilefonsoi Our policy is jiacillc.
Our only enemy Is l ni > lund nnd she is under
bond to keep the peace. No other nation Ute
to vulnerable , uii.l none so detested. She lias
incurred tlio ivsentmcnt of the human race
by centuries of hiii ] tlco. England kicked
us when wo wove helpless nnd feeble , She
sacked nnd burned tlio defenseless cap-
ital. She kicked Ireland : she kicked
Kgypt ; she kicked Uio Hindoos.ulu ,
lioeis , ( Jhini'so , but she is not in
the liablt of kicking her equal. In our
civil war she could short of open
hostility to destroy tlio union , and then npbto-
irizud and paid damages. Lately wo had nn-
other contention about seal poaching and tlio
llehring sea. A casus belli could easily hnvo
been found , If wanted , and wo wore assured
danger was imminent. Immense appropria
tions wore promptly voted for fortllk-ations
nnd navy , and then , when our national hail-
was standing on end , Kngland suddonlv
rumolnto our supreme couit as a suitor and
submitted the whole controversy to that
great tribtinal. It wus roassuriiiy , but it. was
laughable , nevertheless. "
Trovldfd New Public I'liililn ! .
WAMIIXUTUX , Marcli ( > . The work of the
house committee on public ballilings and
grounds during the Fifty-llrst congress is set
fortn In u statement prepared by Chairman
Four hundred and eleven house
bills for tlio election of now pub
lic buildings , and tbo completion or
extension of buildings in progress of con
struction , were loforrod to tin ) coihinittee ,
asking appropriations amounting to $ ? tii , > : r > , -
IW.V of the nllls reported from the commit
tee , ninety-three , parsed the house , nppropri-
ntlncl-ti7tltiW. ! One hundred and twenty-
ntno sennto bills were referred
to the committee , asking appro
priations amounting to § - > 0l'J-iOO. ,
in most cases th - > o bills were for buildings
at places for which house bills of similar nii-
tnro had been Introduced. Of the senate
bills eighty-live were reported to the house ,
with amendments , rediu-inp the appropria
tions to correspond with thohouso bills. The'
rlghty-llveas they came from tliesenntensked
nn nirprocato appropriation of $ \-liriUK ! , ! ( ) ) .
As reported by tbo conmilttee , the amount
was reduced to14-J'.itIU ' : > < > .
Of the bills passed , eighty-live were ap
proved by tbo president , appropriating $1'-
ITI.tll'.t ' , nr.d four vetoed , appropriating
fWO.WHI. Tlie commit'.eo hail before it a large
number of bills , involving a much larger ap
propriation than were referred in any con
gress since the organisation of ttio govern
ment , The policy of the committee has been
to provide buildings at a lane number of
places and limit appropriations.
AYorlc ol' tlu > Imposition I'.uroau.
\V\SIIIXHTOS , March 0. Lieutenant A , C.
Httkcr , the comiiiissioner beat on behalf of
the Columbian exposition to Mexico , has forWarded -
Warded an Interesting sketch of the plan for
the Mexican exhibit , prepared and submitted
to the government of Mexico by well known
artists of that republic. This plan repro-
ecnts tlio history of Mexico from the timeof
the Aztecs to the present time , and is n his
tory of the b u inn n race and human habitation
In this country. Lieutenant linker says :
"Kxaet drawings and plans of the grounds
will bo given , and the urtMio skill of those
ongaped upon the enterprise warrants the as
surance that it will bo carried out in a man
ner credible to the liopubllc of Mexico. "
Them has been received at tlio Lntin-
Aiiicrican bureau of the Columbian exposition
n llloof Cuban newspapers , which glvo inter
esting accounts of the meclings of the com
missioners to the exposition , appointed by
tbo governor KMiernl of Cuba.
ItnNcd a Peculiar
WA iiiMTox , March (5. A queer compli
cation surrounds the question of who shall bo
United States district Judge for Idaho. The
president appointed Mr. Heattlo for the
place. Ho failed of continuation. The point
has been made that as this is a newolHce , it
can only lie IIlied by and with the ndvico and
consent of tlio senate , and the president's at
tempt fo to till it having failed , ho cannot ap
point a man now nnd have nun servo \intil
the senate can act on the nomination , Under vacancy such as the president
is authorized to 1111 until the sennto can pass
on it exists. Another view is Hint the va
cancy within the meaning of the law actually
exists , and that the president has the same
right to till It that ho has to till any vacancy.
The question Is under consideration at the
department of Justice.
llnlisli'd 31 ( > ii Di'i-oratcd.
'Wisiu.NOTox , Mnrcli ( t. Secretary Proc
tor today awarded medals of honor to the
following named enlisted men , for gallantry
in the action of Wounded Ivnco : First Ser-
ponnt Jacob Tniutman , troop I , Seventh
cavalry , and Corporal Paul li. Werner , and
Privates Joshua D. Harzor ! ; , Oeorgo CJreen
nnd .lohn Flood , all of light battery E , First
Dubols PcfjM a I'olnt.
" \VAMiixoToy , March fl. AH important step
has been take n in the settlement of the con
test over the scat of Senator Dubols of Idaho.
His name has been put on the roll of sen
ators , ami ho will receive his pay as the duly
elected United States senator from that state.
Senator Kdmunds says the law und prece
dents sustain this action.
.1 in.TK.v iMH.tM : > .
( ini | | i and News of London Cm *
I'"PI/i'W / ( ( ) tfll lui .Vnr \ ' < irh. .iMiirnfrtl 7'rn-n.l
I.OMIIISMarch ii.Thr liberal oflb-lal dr.
clos expect an early dcllvoi-ance from Mr ,
( Jlndstono on the party's elf ctoiMl progi-ammo
whieli will cither bo issued as a special tiiain-
fcsto , or declared In hli coming speech at
Hastings. The private ana persistent on-
tri'.itv of n number of loading adher
ents to imiko bis altitude towards
the Irish pnrtv definite and unmis
takable has llnnlly enuiod him to decide to
Apeak out. Mr Parncll's i-clternlloti of as-
sunincos to the Irish people that , by sup
porting him , limy will uttmintoly bring about
tbo surrciuU'r of the ( iladstoiilnns is lesented
kronly by the Kngllsh liberal lealers. Mr.
( Slailstoiiu's pi-onounecinc'it Is expected to let
tlio world know that , If ttii > Irish people
champion Mr. I'nrncll , the English liboruls
will abandon home rule.
Apart from the Irish question the
rnnlc and Illo of tlio meinbors of
the house of I'ominonsaro inniatient to
obtain a dcllnlte elnclornl platform. To-
inorruw the ( iladstonliin weekly , The
SpL-alter , will contain an nrticlo entitled :
"Clearing the Decks , " ndmittlngllils feeling ,
and milling that the orm-lul programme will
bo In the hands ot the electors lu due time ,
nnd that It will not bo found wanting In
stiength or m practical character. With
reference to the cniiMU-vntlvo platform , a
prominent member of tbo government. Inter
viewed in the lobby of the house of commons ,
snid that , though the cabinet had decided to
wind up the session as quietly as possible ,
and aimed to prorogue parliament In the ilrst
week In .1 declaration woulil be allowed
to bo given by any minister until early in the
autumn. Hr Indicated that , In the campaign
then L'ommcncini. , the conservatives would
make a feature of the promised labor legisla
tion.Mr. . Ciladstono has quashed the Interest in
the motion of th i Scotch liberals , led by Mr.
L'larke , proposing to establish federal rela
tions between tbo nationalities constituting
the United Klngdon , bv causing the whip to
ititimntu Unit tbo partK's ought not to dis
cuss \otooti tbo matter. When Mr. Clarke
spoke tonight tlie liberals trooped out , and
when the government put un a minor mem
ber to nttneK the proposal , the house was
counted out , I'Vder.itlon is not yet a prac
tical question , though it has a growing advo
cacy amongst the moro extreme radicals.
I'nrneil's delegates to America will leave
on Sunday. They are greatly he.irtoncd by
cable assurances of warm and widespread
support of their American compatriots. Tbo
United Ireland contrails the departure and
prospects of O'Connor , ICellv , Kedmcnd and
Harrison with the partial collapse of the Me-
Cartbjites * mission preparations. The Me-
( Jnrthytlos at lirst arranged to send Abra
ham , . ICenno.v and I'Tynn to act with O'Con
nor. Abr.iham refused , Kenni-y and Fly mi
were siipermled , and T. I' . O'Connor packed
up ids traps to como home. Now , aslnglo
ambassador , Mr. l'egoes to represent the
failing faction. The llrniest Kiiglisb friends
of the McCarthyiies are beginning to despair
of their ability to make he.ulwnv
against tlio vigor of the I'arnellitcs. I'arnell
has shown his usual skill in the selection of
his emissaries. All , excepting Harrison , are
trusted nationalists and can appeal with con-
tldi'iii-e , based upon past personal history , to
Irish America.
Paruell's speech at Clnrkcnwoll was a
pointed bid for the labor voto. U was
mount to entice Davitt , but only stlricd up
Davitt's ' bill. Writing to the Labor World ,
Davitt predicts that Parnellwill not humbug
the workmen ; denounces him for imildni ; it
hypocritical profession of interest in labor ,
while lie is actively fomenting racial fends
between English and Irish democracies ,
and licenses him of nelnp rendv to
wreck the homo rule movement to
liavo the wav for n rompact like that of
Philadelphia papers have been received
liero , la which Mr. Ilurdett-Coutts is named
as a defendant in a divorce suit , and trunk
allusions nro inado to parties concerned.
Kven the most i-aruless giusippcrs would not
have connected IJurdott-loutts with any
-caudal in England , where Ids character and
moke of llfo have placed him above suspicion.
Mistakes made by the American papers liavo
keen as great to the baroness as to her bus-
hand. Her husband tonight writes the As
sociated press to state that the report that
there is probability of his Ijcinc implicated
In a divorce suit is absolutely untrue. With
reference to the affair is linked another name ,
which it Is now known. Xo publicity is
Kinco the San Francisco fr.icas , when Mr.
Maeltay vindicated his own wife's honor , tlio
otuer party , instead of prosecuting Mr. Mne-
kay on the spot , has done nothing in the way
ot a vindication , unless inspiring suggestions
in some American and Kuropean papers that
Mr. Muckuy assaulted him from behind.
Mrs. Mackay's London solicitors in prosecut
ing an Anglo-Frau-h paper for libel , believe
they have hit upon the origin of the incite
ment to tlio libelous article , and it will lend
additional interest to tlio proceedings. If
proof is produced connecting the Kan Fran
cisco incident with the press attacks in Paris.
Several members of the London county
council have subjected thcniielvus to public
rebuke for their rash methods of inquiry Into
tlio Illness for performance of Xico , a noted
female ncrobrat. The councillors , after
seeing a prrfornmnco at the aquarium
to ascertain the truth of n rumor that
X.aeo had injured her back through rcpc-ntml
falls , insisted on making a closer examina
tion , threatening that a refusal on the girl's
part would involve n proposal in the council
to stop the exhibition. Xuco's mother bared
the girl's Daclc , under protest , baying :
"There , it your daughters are as pure as mv
child you may ho as proud of them as 1 am of
mine. " Tho.ghl afterwards refused to per
form until tlio directors of the aquarium
guaranteed her protection from insults.
'J'ho outcries ot certain printers and paper-
makers over the American copyright act do
not Unit any response among some of the
ICnglish publishers. Mr. Longman , i'l an
Interview , said that ho wivs rejoiced at the
passage of the net u recognition of the prin
ciple of literary property. Ho thinlis most
publishers will bo loft in a neutral position ,
wliilo these having houses may
possiblv bo boiH'tlttcd by the act. His lirni ,
having an establishment in America , will ,
when necessary , have the books set up In
typo there. Ho admitted that English paper
makers would bo injured , as nn amount of
trade would certainly bo diverted from them.
The act would nut bring the millenlum to
English authors.
The manager of Kpotteswoodes , the great
government printers , says the copyright act
will not have a serious effect on the publish
ers. There will bo a tremendous waste of
time and sending of proof-sheets to and fro
between England and tlio United States.
The paper makers are more alarmed. A
deputation of stationers propose to wait on
Sir Michael Illcks-lleach , president of the
board of trade , and demand government ac
tion to prevent serious Injury to their trado.
In the house of commons tonight Mr. Fitz
gerald questioned Homo Secretary Mnthcws
us to the names of the signers oftliocer-
tillcates of lunacy in tlio case of Mrs , Cath-
cart , tno wealthy lady of Stafford , who was
confined la an asylum at the instigation of
her husband. Mv. Mathews replied that the
lady had been contlned under the lunacy act
of l Ht , two doctors signing. Mrs. Cathcart's
lawyer , In a letter to the press , speaks Indig
nantly at the seuuro of her property , asserts
that she Is perfectly sane , and that slio
consulted him recentlv , fearinu sei/uro by
Interested relatives. 'I he eiiso evcitcs gen
eral public attention. Apart from the ques
tion of society , ttio further question of the
legality of tlio cortitlcato arises. Thcro Is n
case pending Intho court of appeals , la which
il is contended that the lunacy act of I5i0 In
validates the lunacy commissioners , ap
pointed under the act of ISOO. Mr. Mathews
1ms privately asked the crown council to glvo
an opinion , tlie question Involving a host of
The work of taking the census of the
British empire be-gun Thursday In India. It
Is expected to show -JNlXiXK ) ( ) ) ) inhabitants in
Itmh , against . ' . 'iI(100,000 ( in 1-5S | . The Hritlsh
Isles will bo taken a month bunco , and U is
estimated the population will show auln-
crcastiof 15 percent ,
Killed l > y ( 'oiiKcliMlct1.
L.ITTI.I : FALLS , Minn. , March fl. Christian
Bleu , conscience-stricken for the murder of
his ilve-vcar-old step-child last September ,
luui i.'U uhflself in his cdllust uight ,
London Undergoes a Revival of tlio Sit
Charles Dilko Scandal ,
Klnj ; Iliiniln-rt HxpicswcH Ills l < Ylcn < l *
bhlp I'or AmiM'h'ii Aunt her
Death tit .Mo ra vo ' 1 ho
Chilian li
Marchrt.Hpecial Cablegram to
ho liberals are disgusted and the
lories deligliled with tlio revival by Sir
Charles Dllki ! himself of the old scandal re-
Meeting on his morality. I'eoplo were beginning -
ginning to ignore the subject , and if Dilko
had become a candidate in tlio of
Dean without alluding to it , the nli'alr would
not probably havu been mentioned by anyone
else. As It is , ho has dragged the whole dis
gusting business to public attention again in
ills pamphlet. Kvcn assuming much of what
ho says to bo true , It only shows that ho was
In a very dirty mess. Dilko and his friends
sa > that ho is almost a monomaniac on tbo
subject of the scandal which led to his politi
cal death , so much so that It Is unpleasant to
Do in his company ,
The pretended revelations In Sir Charles
Oilke's pamphlet , published yesterday , in
regard to tlio old puzzle do not bear scrutiny.
Mr. Stock's , "Fanny's" husband , is said to
assort the integrity of his wife. Mr. Stocks
is not heard personally in tbo pamphlet , but
only a hearsay evidence. Obviously , If Sir
C'liiir'cs Dllko nimi to prove hltnself n loni ;
.suffering victim of the conspiracy of a vln-
dletivo woinnn and the Incompotriico of his
advisors in ox-parto settlements , the pamphlet
will not Miftlco. This line of rebuttal of
siworn evidence is not new. Three years
ago. when lin accepted tlio presidency of the
Korea t of Dean Liberal association a fly-
sheet , filvlng similar details , wa * privately
ciivulntcd nnd inlluenced the liberals in
their action. Now that Sir Charles is seek-
inc n ro-olectlon to parliament , his friends
venture to make a ( .omi-publie statement.
Tlio radical majority of Forest of Dean is so
strong that Sir Charles Is certain
to be elected , oven if the social
purity set contest tlio district ngainst him
and run a candidate of their own. His lib
eral opponents now challenge lit in to take
the only course open for legal vindication
to prosecute the persons charged In tlio
pamphlet with conspiracy nnd perjury. On
Monday Sir Ulmrlus will speak In Forest of
Dean , wlicn his opponents will ask him to
step down ov probccufe.
anil Austria Too Cordial.
LONDON , March 15. [ Special Cablegram to
Tin : HII : : . ] A gooti deal of uneasiness is felt
in Dcrlln over the evident signs of.'cordinlity
between Russia nnd Austria , It is claimed
that tbo nutoijraph letter sent by tlio Aus
trian kaiser to the czar through Archduke
Ferdinand was nothing more than a friendly
invitation to the Russian imperial family to
visit Austria , and contained no reference to
politics. 11 lit advices from Vienna le.ivo no
doubt hut that tlio impression there is that
Kussiu is no longer to be considered as a
waiting foe , while there is but little doubt In
Herlin that an understanding exists between
the two empirfs. This is making CJennanv
all the more anxious to cement the triple alli
ance , nnd negotiations to that effect are beins
earnestly pushed at Vienna and Itome.
The kaiser attended a court concert last
The Uaiser lias requested Uio artist , I lerr
Salt/.niann , who accompanied him on his
voyages to Hussia and Norway , to visit EIIR-
liuul with him tun year in order to make
studios of niclures for Kngllsh naval and
other maritime scenes. The kaiser and the
empress will arrive in Knglsnd about the be
ginning of .Inly , as the wedding of I'rinco
Christian's daughter nnd I'rinco Aribert of
Anluilt is lixed for the 7th of that month.
Tbo con.sorvatlvo press does not take
kindly to HID kaiser's utter.inco . in favor of
the working people , and while most of the
Journals on that side preserve silence , others ,
line the Cologne ( Jnzetto , mutter their oppo
sition in Inuguago more or less obscure.
Australia ISi-lli-vcs in Protection.
Svnsr.v , N. S.V. . , . ( lurch 0. [ Special Ca
blegram to I'm : llii : : . ] At today's session of
the Australian federation convention Mr.
Muro advocated uniform duties between tlie
federated colonies , but , ho added , tlio inter
ests of Victoria , the protectionists' colony ,
must be guarded , and tlio conference would
fall to do its duty if it allowed the important
manufacturing which hud been created in
tlio colony of Victoria to bo ruthlessly dealt
with. Mr. Mellwralthsaid that if the resolu
tions in regard to ibo tariff wore passed
the feu oral government could readily bj
formed , even though all the colonies did not
Join the federation. The resolutions implied
free trade wittiin the federation nnd protec
tion against the world. Absolute free trade
was impossible , owing to ttio necessity of
raising a revenue. Mr. Dcakin of Victoria
said that the work of forming a common
tariff was a question of involving millions ot
pounds invested in industries built up by
protection and u guarantee must bo obtained
that the federation would preserve those in
terests. The constitution should require
that existing tariffs should only be reduced a
certain percentage In a certain number ol
years ,
DNoiiNsiiiK ( criiiiiny'N Xnvy.' , March li. During * " tlio dobito on
n motion for a second reading of "tlio navy
budpct in tlio reiclntiig today Ilerr Kickott
said it was Impossible for the county to bear
the rapidly increasing burdens iniposivl upon
It. Or. U' , leadorof tlio center , sail
he would stpport the decision of the commit
tee. CSerinany , however , could not boar to
support a navy equal in strength to England
That country could bear a largo navy because
her army is small. In conclusion Dr. Wind
"Let the government submit , not line
words , hut a practical scheam for strengthen
ing tlio navy. The government's proposals
liavo created terror throughout Oarnnny. "
Chancellor Von Cnprivi said tlio ministry
were unanimous in the opinion that more
money was not to be desired. The chancellor
proposed the vote for two now Ironclads uo
returned to the midget committee , where ai
agreement bo arrived at. Dr. Windthors
agreed to this.
a I'arncll Fund.
Drm.iN , March U. In an appeal for mfliioy
to form a I'arnell campaign fund Lord Mayor
of Dunlin \IeaOo and High Sheriff Shanks
are appointed treasurers. Tlio appeal puts
homo rule to ttio front and declares tlio In
dustrial development of Ireland nnd the civil
and religious liberty of the people must bean
an essential part of Irish self-government.
The appeal also says there must bu no relig
ious domination ,
Tln-y Will lUilirc ,
Piuon : , March 0. - -manifesto has been
ssued by the old C/.eehs , upon recent elec
tions , They declare , since the result of the
elections shows that it is the duslro of the
people to adopt a policy different from that
followed by tbo men who have grown gray In
the service of the nation , tlio leaders of the
old Czechs party will retire from public llfo.
'I ho Chilian I us urge nls ,
LOXIION , March (1 ( , A dispatch to the Ex
change tclograph company from Chill says
tlio Chilian Insurgents uro short of ammuni
tion , nnd they therefore refrain from making
an attack upon the capital , wbcro the troops
are well armed , President Partisans U of
the opinion that vigorous effort upon the part
of the government will quell the rebellion.
Sudden Fall In Suotcli Iron.
LONDON , March U. Special Cablegram to
Tim DDLTho ] suUJeu fall iu Scotch Iron
vas the feature of the Iron market today ,
caused by benr optrations , tlio bears having
K-como emboldened by * thv withdrawal of
ho pig I run bill Which was Intended to do
uvay with dealing lt > pig , Iron futures.
Another lUnu Crowned :
Ilnumuii : , March U. nrllllunt ceremonies
narked tl-o oftlclnl proclamation today lor
ho nci-oslon of King Alexander 1. to the
hrone of Sorvlu.
ItlntB lu Austria.
VmxNA , March -Thoro i was n riot nt
Colomea over the elections today , organized
jy the anti-jomltlcs"who wrecked a number
of Jewish shop * , nnd ravaged the Jewish
cemetery , wbcro not one crave stone was left
standing. Ono Jew was killed.
( ho Hllmsli.
Ilnui.tN , Mnrcli -Tho Tngoblatt pub
lishes a dispatch from Xanzloar , stating that
Captain Wisiman Ud punched the Kibosh
trloe , and In so dolngho Itlllnd 2rt ) , wounded
sixty and captured fifty of Hie tribe's men.
The ( icrman loss wag two men killed and ilf-
teen wounded. The Germans captured IK- )
000 head of cattle and n quantity of ammuni
"Montr Carlo < \gjiln Sturtloil.
MONACO , March O.-j-jSpedal Cablegram to
Tin : lii ! : : . ] Monte Carlo has again been
startled by a sudden ilcath. This time it Is
nn Hngltsh physician , Dr. Seegart. who had
been winning enormous sums at the gaming
tables. The unfortuiinto physician fell dead
nsho was seated in front of a croupier nt ono
of ttio gamingtables , i Apoplexy is announced
as boiti ) ; the cause of Dr. Scogart's ' death.
Kougli nn the Soldier * .
IlAi.ti'AX , X. S. , March rt. The troop ship
Orontos , with the ilrst battalion of the
Leleestorshlro regiment , arrived hero yester
day from Bermuda. Very bad weather was
experienced all the run up. Shortly after
leaving Knelnnd for-Jlcrintida the steamer
was boarded by nn immense tidal wave , , and
n number of seanieii u'cro badly Injured and
tweiitv-tlvo soldicH tnpro or less hurt. Sonio
had arms broUon , others were badly bruised ,
anil In some Instanecs.jogs were broken.
Authorities' Determined.
Pxui' , March 0 , Notwithstanding the re
cent decision of tlm of deputies to
suppress every kind of bottingonhorsc races ,
the Anteull races will ho held in accordance
with the programme already prepared , At a
meeting of tlio municipal council today Pro-
feet Lo/.o nald Paris rcutunls would ho posi
tively suppressed , and the ofllees in which
baiting was carried on were now in course of
demolition. The police nt the cancns-cs will
bo reinforced and troops aenl if necessary.
A Gift From'the Kmpcror. , March O/ [ Special Cablegram to
Tin : Br.i : . ] Emperor \yilllam has presented
to Heir ICoseiclsld , a Polish member of the
reichstag , who Is a Blrong supporter of the
government's ' naval' iioli'ey , with a painting
of the fleet of tbo great Elector. The gift
was accompanied With nn autograph letter
from his majesty slating that tlio painting
was seat in recocnitlon of Hcrr Kosciclskl's
manful advocacy of the Interests of the Ger
man navy. In the letter his majesty signed
himself : "Your grateful Emperor King. "
King Humbcrl'M I'VliMidsliip.
Hovn , March 0. ' [ Special Cablegram to
Tin : Bin.l Upoa the.wcaslon of thovlsltof
King Humbert Wccuvvday to the foundry
where the statue of/tV / American republic
has just been compl'otui , yMr. , Simmons , the sculptor , J ] ' rj"-ijcsty.ccnwratulatcd
Mr. Slmtnonr. spjufrcsulta of his preat
work , and said that h- was glad to seize an
occasion to honor American art and to express -
press his friendship for the people of the
United States. Tlio &Utuo referred to has
groups around it representing the army and
navy , and is designed for a.soldiers' and sail
ors' monument to bo erected at Portland , Me.
Aiiotlior London -iMisiition.
LONIION , March 0. [ Special Cablozram to
Tin : llii : : . | It has transpired that tlio
question of a divorce between Colonel II. II.
Hozler , secretary of l.loyds , nnd his wife ,
Lady Blanche , sister of the earl of Alrlle ,
has been settled outside the courts. The af
fair has npltated society for some time past
on account of the scandal developed in re
gard to persons mixing In high circles. This
was the case In which the gallant colonel di
rectly charged tlio lady , his wife , with mis
conduct with the noted Ashmcad Hnrtlctt ,
M. P. The matter was settled today , Ash-
mead Uartlett dctormlued to avoid exposure
In Uio courts and applied to Mr. Labouchcre
to interpose his good ofticcs. Mr. Labouchcro ,
who is always ready to help a fellow mem
ber , exerteit himself successfully , inducing
tlio irate husband not to gn on with the caso.
The circumstances , however , could not bo
hushed up and more will yet bo heard of
them. Uoth Colonel Ilo/ior and Ashmcad
Ilnrtlett occupy unenviable poiitions'in the
A WAI MS lII. . I IIA11 ,
Improbability of thr * Insurrection
Against'the ( Jnccn.
Cmcino , March ( I. [ Special Telegram to
Tin : Ur.i : . ] A. floffnung,1 Hawaiian , charge
d' affaires to tlio court of St. .lames , arrived
In the city this evening. Ho smiled when
his attention was drawn to n dispatch .stating
that ono Volnoy Ashford was at the head ol
an insurrection against the queen. "It is
most improbable , " ho said , "In the iirsl
place the reports about Uio existence ol
a discontented foolltifj ngainst the gov
ernment have boon greatly exaggerated.
The report , too , about the queen calling foi
the resignation of her ministers is also ,
doubtless , Incorrect They bold ofllco unti
the opposition In thohouso of commons casts
a majority against thorn. Then they resign
it is possible that , swayed by the advice o
U'ilcox , who I presume has been appointei
chamberlain by the queen , she mav have
called for tlio resignation ol her ministers
Hut It is unlikely. And as for Ashford lead
Ing n revolt against the Rororniacnt - well , the
fact that ho was ono of tlio heads of the rtn-o
lutlons that resulted In tlio present constitu
tlon would seem to nruMCUfe 'ln"t his seeking
to overthrow the veiy goyii-i nent ho fougti
to found. *
"It is not unlikely , ' ' actded Mr. HolTnuiig
"that a treatv will bo piado with Australia
with the result that certain of the privilege :
winch tlio United Slatcjs now enjoys wouli
ceaso. The United St'ates , though , is the
natural market of Hawaii , and a very little
effort on the part of thin government wouli
rotnln nil the privileges it now enjoys. "
Mr. Ilollnung says the planters of Hawai
are considering the Importation of coolie labo
from India. Tbo Japanese , ho added , wil
not como any moro , and the Chinese nro too
high-priced. '
i' . % / im/.v.i rj& u.i I'l'Kxixtss.
Father nnil Two Daughters ( Ground ti
Deal1 ! ( in a Oos-fjnjj.
LIMA , 0 , March tl. AtSlmrkev'scrossing
tills evening , Lyman Hyde and two dauttn-
ters , aged sixteen and twenty-threo wore in
stantly killed while trying to cross In front of
a fieight train. Tiiolr hoiv < o balked while on
the track , and the frightened occupants of
the wagon became too bewildered to attempt
to .save themselves.
I'anioTu a I'owdTr Mill.
POTTSVII.M ! , Piu , March tl. A bursting lly
wheel in AlelOy's powder works , near
Tanuiqun , this afternoon caused a torrlflo ex
plosion and the fatal injury of two employes.
Fora tinio there was great excitement , as it
wnssupposcd thg Jlru wouldcomniiinli-atotoa |
powder house. In which a largo quantity of
powder was
IiiiIliniH I'm- tlio\rmy ,
\VASIIINOTO.V , Mna-h tl , ScciTtary Proctor
Issued a general order this morning million/-
Ing tlio enlistment In tlio army of not moro
than . ' ,000 Indians.
Tlio Kcsult of the Canadian Ilection Not
Exactly Satisfactory ,
Hut IluIjlhcrnlM Makeinltis KM-
Itcclally In I he llonlcr Counties-
CoinniflltS ) f ( lit1 Pl-CM Oil
( In * Situation.
TOIIOSTO , Out. , March 0.--Tho Kmplro
eovcrnment organ ) sums tip Uio result of
yesterday's election us follows : The con
servatives elected l'"i nnil the reformers S.'l , a
aajorlty for the conservatives of ! ' . ' , with
seven seats still to bo from.
Tlio World ( government ) claims n majority
of ! I5) ) for the government.
Tlio Mnil ( hid. ) gives the government n
nnjorlty of'J ( > , whllu tlio ( Hobo ( opposition )
says the majority for tlio government
throuKhout the whole country will not exceed -
coed 20.
A dispatch from St. .lohw , X. 1 ? . , says tlio
atest returns from KhiRs county show
leorgo K. Foster , mintsterof lliiance , elected
by a .small iiuijorlty.
A Montreal special Buys : An Independent
estimate of yesterday's vote gives tlio gov
ernment 11 majority of from * < to : w. Tlio
nest Important facts rovealeil yi'stordnv's '
vote was that closer tratlo relations with
ho United Statei tire inovitabloiuid that the
Iborals will bo returned totiowcr at thonoxt
Kcneral election.
The latest returns show the Roverninont
nnjorlty to bo 31 , with six constituencies to
) o heard from. According to thosn revised
returns thcro will bo 115 conseivntives and
linety-four liberals.
HOW Till : I'lthSS TAICi : J1\
J'lie Covoi'iinirnt Organs Call llm Ijlli-
tM'alH Hard NIMIICS.
TOHONTO , March tl. [ Special Telecrain to
I'm : llii.J : : Commenting oa the elocllon the
hnpiro says : ' 'Tho issue was momcntuoiis.
J'ho government wns assailed with bitterness
almost unprecedented in our politics. Ily
calling in foreign aid the opposition leaders
cut themselves to n disgraceful attempt to
subvert the indcnoiidenco of Canada audio
overturn Ilritisli rule on this continent.
I'lottings nnd scheming were worked out
under the guise of a seductive commercial
[ > olicy. The electors were nsbcd tooolievc
that simply a business proposition wai before
them for acceptance or rejection , and the
most strenuous efforts were made , intending
over several yearsto catch thospniputhy of the
people nnddelmlo them into trusting the i > ne-
inles of tlicli1 country. Canada gave bur answer
to tills despicable movement yesterday when
It rejected the foreign plotters and their Can
adian allies and sustained , by n decisive ma
jority , a policy and administration which has
made this country strong , prosperous and
self-rcspectinir. Canada's reply to the an-
nexiitlonists and traitors , veiled or unveiled ,
is that she despises and rejects their proposi
tions with scorn , ntul that public men wlio
associate themselves with treasonable
intrigue need look for no quarter at the hands
of the indignant electorate. The government
of Sir John MnoDonald has teen triumph
antly vindicated in the face of the world. The
policy of unrestricted reciprocity or annexa
tion has received its quietus , timl the old Hag ,
the Ola lender , and the Old policy liavo re
ceived such an endorsement from the electors
of Canadn as to sweep Into oblivion their de
tractors and foes. "
Tlio World snys : "A number of the bor
der counties ol Ontario have defeated the
government candidates , and to this extent
the annoxatlonlsts may claim some gains.
Otherwise the opposition 1ms litllo to boast
of , as before another session is over Sir John
will have n majority of forty nt least. Before
another general election Is held Uio Wnnan
fad will have passed away forever. "
The Mall says : "Taking tlio election ns a
whole it will" he a , disappointment to both
hides to the liberals bemuse the headway
they made in Ontario and Quebec has been
nullified by the action of tlio electorate else
where , and to the government because it did
not sweep tlio country . The ministerialists ,
however , should bo well-pleased that they
have got off so well. "
The ( lloto says : "Tho prospect before the
government is not nn Inviting one. It has
been terribly weakened at the polls. The
premier's reckless speeches liavo destroyed
any hope of its obtaining a relaxation of the
United States tariff In our behalf and crea
ted irritation in the minds of our neighbors
which may produce evil fruit for us before
long. Every branch of industry has been
prostrated , and , without much exasperation ,
agriculture , the foundation stone of all. maybe
bo said to bo Hearing its last gasp , Under
these conditions the administration cannot
possibly survive. Hut the liberals are by no
means eascr to assume control. The respon
sibilities and dangers of the .situation are so
Imminent nnd so great that were it not their
bounded duty to f-avo the country if they
can , they would bo well content to let tlio
lories rule until the deluge arrives. "
Tlu > Latent Slum-Ill ) ; .
TOKOXIO , Out. , March < ! . The following
table shows the latest standing of the parties
in the Dominion :
Provinces. Conservatives. Liberals.
Ontario . -15 47 >
Quebec . iiS 'M
Nova Scotia . 1(1 ( f >
Now Uriinswick . 11 ! 2
British Columbia . 5 0
Manitoba . ) 1
Northwest territories . 4 0
1'rlnco l-Mwunl Island . 3 !
Totals . 117 ' . < : )
( Jiving the conservatives u majority of 21.
Thcro arc live constituencies to hear from
yet. _
I'n llsli Press Opinion ,
LONDONMarch. . II. [ Special Cablegram to
THE Bii.J : : The CJlobo this evening , refer
ring to the Canadian elections , says the
Canadian government now lias a free hand
and can conclude the negotiations with tlio
United States which were pending before
the elections. ThoGlobo adds : ' 'The most
gratifying feature of the result is Its signi
ficance as a protest against annexation. "
The St. Ju'mos ( iiuotto says : "It Is a source
of pndoand pleasure to Englishmen to note
the response made to the annexation crv. "
adding : "ThoughlCngland may sometimes
be proud of the progress made by Anglo-
Saxon America , she has moro fomlnoss for
( tin fair young daughter of the empire ad
hering to the old Hag.
Sir ilulm'H IXlinintc.
OTTAWA , March ( I. Sir John MucDonald is
completely exhausted todav. Ho expects to
bo all right again in u few days. In an inter
view with the Associated press correspond
ent today lie estimated Ills majority at be
tween ! ii : and ; ! . " > .
Inillnci-oiil UK to tlii > l ( < > < nlt.
W . \siiixirrnx , March -Secretary Hlalno
salil tliis mnrning ho had nothing to say
with regard to tlio Canadian election except
that there seemed to bo In some qiiarton tlio
idetbnt : President Ihrrlson'8 luhninlstrn *
tlon was Interested inthi ! cieutlon. "As n
matter of fact , " ho said , "the administration
was utterly Indifferent as to the result.1
A Itaid on X
HiiiMisoiiAM , Ala. , March A [ Special Tol-
cgTam to Tii | : Bii.J : : A raid upon tlio moon
shiners of .south Alabama and northern | -'lor-
Ida has Just been completed , and resu'-d in
thirty arrests being in.ulo anil thirty-nine
stills captured and destroyed. Tlio notorious
Von brothers , who fought six deputies with
rilles nt Bonltny , l-'la. , December lit , IMH ) ,
wounding two o ( them , are among the cap-
t - ? < )3t ) ins ir/mvi.s ,
Tin1 Itluixl ) * \ . rU of Kthvnrd Noali In
nt ; . > lKi-ant Car.
lU tn\i > , Cat. , oh ft , - [ Special 'IVlcirram
tnTitrHr.B.i \ rd Noah of Slolln , Nob. ,
\vhostiottwonU .runmt thi'ti rut his own , IH nlivV ; ' 'portod In tltoso dis-
piitcliov dli'il fron wound 111111 was mirlod
ill UniMlow , this .m
TinIrngi'dy wm 'tml ' In an emigrant
carou Ilio Atlantli'v . nclHr railway , .lust
ns the train was li'avin tint station Xonh
sprang from his sent , drew rnvolvur and shooting into thn I'riv.vded . i-ur. Ono
iiiiin was slinl In tin1 fun1 anil tlu > othofin tin )
back. Some outpullil , tin1 bell cord and
stoppcil the train. No.ih tlicu sprang from
tlio train and ran ' ' ( M yards to tin1 Btntlon ,
\vhcrobotweon inn uud , MV.I poophoiv \ \ Htniui-
ing. .Inst a < ho roachi'd the crovvil Nonh
stoppoa , divw a hngo linlfo from Ids pnckot
and cut his throat trotm-ar to ear.
Sonic of the spectators , us soon as they re
covered from the shock , curried Nouh Into
the dopot.VltbdillliiiHy \ 1m guvo hlsiinine
nnd story. Unsaid Ills wife \viis in a good
liomo lit Stella iitul that slid had refused to
lu'conipany him on his trip to California. Ho
had heroine despondent accordingly ami had
tried to commit Miii'ido. Unwanted to shoot
himself in tlio car , but his revolver wniild not
KOolT , so ho pulled the. trlugtir twli-o anil
shot the two men. lie regretted thlineiM-
dent mid sutd ho wanted tlwmento forgive
Onool the wounded men was Todd Osborn
of Voungstown , 0. , and the other was from
.Alblnii , Ore , , but refused to glvo his nnmo.
lloth wore seriously hurt , lint will recover.
ICnox ( 'oiiiiiy Allliiii , ' , ' .
, Neb , Mnrcli ( > . - ( Special to Tun
IHi : : . ) Tlio ICnox county nlllanco holds its
iiiililicineetlng tomorrow at tlio now tmvu of
lllnomlleld , at tlio lurminus of the Omnlia
Wfllltorc iMM'pcr.
II VSTINOS , Neb. , March -Special [ to Tun
Uin. : ] The stockholders of the IMS well met
this evening nnd decided to go down r > U ( ) foct
further Into the bowels of the earth. The
well is now 1,175 feet ileop.
IMcadi-d ( iullty.
NmniAsivt CITY , Nob. , MnivhSpecial ( [
Telegwin toTni : Hii : : . | Ur. S. .1. Hut-holder
was ilnud S'JU and costs today , pleiulinir cnllty
to the elmrgo of illeual prai-tlee. Several
other arrests nro to bo made on the same
charge. _
1'aving ; Itniuls Soldi
r , Nob. , March ( ) . - [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Hr.i'.j At a special meeting of
the city council this afternoon the $ r > , nt)0 ) in
tersection paving bonds , 51,000 , district pav
ing. nnd .frv',00 curbing bonds wore sola to
Parson , Leach & Co. of Now York at par.
The city is to pay a commission oi per cent.
ISoniid Over.
Nob. , March fl. ISpccial Tele
to Tin : Ilr.K. ] 1'inkus ' Ph-usUm1 , who
was brought back from Canada last week on
the charge of secreting htolc'i goods , had his
preliminary examination today , and was
bound over to Uio district court in the sum
ofl.rid ( ) dollars. Court meets March ! M.
Mrs. r'iicstinc , who has been miner bonds ,
was it-leased from custody today ,
Morlgn eil Property.
Urn , Neb. , Ma'-ch G. ( Special
Telegram to Tin : llr.i : . -Sheriff I "U'lllmaa
loft for Lincoln this afternoon -with a war
rant for the arrest of T. S , .loncs. Joucs
was police judge in this city and moved to
Lincoln Tuesday , talcing his household gooJs
and team of horses. John IJicklo held u
mortgage am.inst tlio team and a portion of
tbo household good's , and swore out a war
rant for Jones' arrest or , tlio shiirgo of vo-
looving mort gaged property from tbo county.
A New HoK-1 Opened.
Iloi.uitnni : , Neb. , March -Special [ TVlo-
gramtoTin : BII : : . ) Tonight the now Hamp
ton hotel was opened with a grand ball and
banquet. This was the most important social
event of the season , over II vo hundred so
ciety people from this and other cities of the
state being present. Tlio Hampton is a
three-story brick structure , Justllnished ntn
cost of 10,000 , making it the iincst hotel
between Lincoln and Denver , and is a lusting
monument to the enterprise of our cituens.
Preparing ; to ISuild.
l'nrr MorTiiNob. , March 0. [ .Special to
J'IIK BII : : . ] A largo force of monniv at work
tearing down the old county buildings on
Main street to make room for the new court
house. Contractor King lias been in the city
during the week arr.ingiiu'for the purchase
of materials and securing the necessary labor
In accordance \\lth the contract , which stipu
lates Hint as far as practicable preference
shall be Riven to material and labor procura
ble la Cass county. Construction will lie
commenced as soon us tlio crnutul is cleared.
Iliinil anil Kcct Ampntntoil.
Nioimuu , Neb. March 0. [ Special to Tin :
Hrn : . | The tramp found in n snow drift neat-
hero and callinghimsclf Hilly Johnson , under
went a surgical operation yesterday by hav
ing loth feet nnd oi.o hand amputated. Ho
Is now In the lianas of tlio county , but no clue
c-in ho found as to bis former place of resi
dence. Ho ivfiises to say any more tnan that
ho isfrom Dakota. " Tills leads many to DO-
liovothatlie is nn escaped convict , Hois
about t hi rty-ei glit years old , shabbily dressed ,
docs not look like a drinking miiii , but has
rather a hard countenance.
Diiinoxtlc Triiuhli'i.
YOUK , Neb. , March II. [ Special to Tin :
HIM.ITho : family oCMr.V. . Hohncr of
Hnvlshnw is gaining considerable notoriety
In this city through the complic.itionsof their
domestic ; troubles. Mr. liohnur brought suit
in tlio district court for n divorce , and Mrs.
Hohncr retaliated with n suit in tlio saino
con it charging him with slander , and claim
ing { 10,000 damages. In his answer to this
suit.Mr. Hohncr alleges that she has been
nn faith fill. The latest development in their
troubles was the arrest ol Mrs. i3ohiur on
complaint of her husband , who charges her
with intimiilntlng and attempting to corrupt
John Hewitt , n material witness for him in
the slander suit. This last two caino up for
hearing today lioforo .iudn'o Mimtiroinory , In
the county court , and wus continued untiltbo
17th ,
South lnii\ < 'lly NCWM ,
Sorrii Suti'v CITY , N'i'ii. , March (1. (
jSpeclal to TUB UKI : ) Uoa liuaster Willis
oi the Chicago , St. Paul , Minneapo
lis , t Omabii railway , was in town
\Vcdnesii.\y \ night. Ho reports his road
open in good shape They hint considerable
snow to i-imtcaii wltti , mil fi-eipient trips
over the line with snow plows kept the road
opoii.Tho city council has issued Instructions to
the city police to notify tin1 MiloonUeopon to
close their plni'cs of Imsitu-ss at HiU ) : : p. in.
each nlglit and keep closed on Snndiv.Vo
iirunii tin1 eve of a city election , \vlifch will
explain the ni-llons of the council.
'I'ho I 'arlllc Short Line Is open again. One
week ago tlioy were completely blocked. A
rotary snow plow , owned by tlu > Illinois Cen
tral road , went over tbo road and opened it
up in good .shaiio.
District court Is in session in Dakota City ,
ami , coiibooui-iitly , n number of Sioux Cliy
people tire in attendaiifo.
A \'i > lnulili-Oinalia l-'i-fili-r.
MiNsiHPoi.h , Minn. , March tJ. It is an
nounced that the Chicago , St. I'.uil , Mluno-
apolis & Omaha has sivurtd control of the
Sault Sto Marie & Southwestern , which
runs from the Omaha line at Tail-Hold , U'ls. .
to Mimdonl , through the richest tiniliorhiiul
In the state. The road In vnluablo as a
feeder ,
t'lli'iintslilp Arrival.
At Now YorkU'liu Lalm , from llrenica.
Arrest of Thomas ! ' . MoNainco for CnusiiifJ
the Dentil of Kato Joyce.
A PoM-MorltMii lOMtinliilit loii Shows
'IliaI Dcalli Iti'HiilriMl IVoni n Hi : <
\ ItliiM-Tlio liniirM | to
hi ; llclil Tntlay.
At' . ' : 'K > yesterday morning n woman known
as ICalo Joyce , furmerly tlio wife of ainiiu
named ( ! . lMchi < Is , died in a hoiiin of vice
on Ninth street. It was irlvon out tlint she
died from an nvoiMoso of morphine , Initiator
development.1 ! Inillcnto that death i-OMilteU
from a Mow on tlio head , inllictudabonl two
\voohs ago.
Thomas ! ' . McN'nnieovis armsuM last
ovi'idng and lodged In the city Jnll , charged
with the murdi'r.
McXami-ols well known In Omaha , having
been unu'iigod in the real estate business at
one time , ami Is at prownt the o\Mier of con-
siilorulilo jnoporty aboiit tlio city. U'hou
seen by a roiHirtor for Tin : llii : : last
night nl tlio city j.ill Mr. McN'ameo suldi "I
have been informed since they bnvight mo to
the station that 1 will bo cliuixcd with i\ \
very serious crime , 1 can tell yon right now
that there is no truth in the theory that 1 had
anything to do wllli thodeatii of Kate Joyce.
1 admit that woero very intlinnto and that ,
uo bud a quarrel about two weeki ago , while
wo wcro both drunk , but that bus all been
ilxed up , as I can show by letters which she
sent mo since the quarrel. "
"Did you see tlio woman ycstciday or last
night t"
"Xo , sir , I have not seen her siucoVeil \ fl
ncsday , when wo parted at lid Maun < r > rea
tniirant.Voworo thobostof friends , and
1 had no reaion on cat-Ill fur wishing' to lie
her any harm , although I was JouloiH of her * .
I lilt 1 intended tolnku bur away from the
l.ouso of vicii and glvo her a homo as
soon as I eoulil get mv ntliirs in simp , ) . I
was very fond of her anil wo had lieou lull-
inato fa- some ti mo. She was formerly mar *
riod to a man namedCS. ! ' . Nichols. .Thoy
were divorced , and ho Is now In the west
somewhere.1' '
"When did you learn of tlio woman's
death ( "
"About 1 o'clock this nfterncon. ] liavo
been very much shocked l > y lliu news and
hive not entirely recovered ni.VM'lf yet. "
McNinneo is alioiit forty years old , stoutly
built , of a manly , proposscssliif ; appearance ,
driMscs well and looks HKD n gi-ntleman ,
These who Itnow him well say lu1 is a royal
good fellow when sober , but fur several
months ho has been drinking hetivilj mid has
been going rapidh to the dogs.
Tin- remains were laid out at , lli-ufey &
lloafoy's undertaking moms , and bust nipht
the coroner held u post-mortem examination ,
examining Hie br.iin , lungs and stomach.
There were no.ovidunces of morphine ) found
by thuexamination , so that the theory of
death from that drug was uroven entirely in
correct. 'J'ho left side of tbo brain was In a
healthy condition , biitin thorightlionilsphera
of lhalirnin there was found a Inr oquantity
of clotted blood , showing Unit n SOVJPC blow
had been received , undinllummatlon Had been
produced anil coagulation tiad followed.
Dr. llnrdgnn Mid tliuro could oe no doubt
as to tlio cause of death. Tbo cvMoiiee is ab
solutely conclusive the woman died of hoin-
orrhngu and inflninnmtlon of tiio hrnin. Thd
condition of the clotted blood showed that
the hemorrhage ) had taken plueo at two or
three different times nnd must have occurred
several days prior to her death.
Tbolmnntos of tlio house-where the woman
died say that McNameo t-illi'cl upon
Miss Joyce ono night about two weekj
ago aril staved in her room until p. in. the
next day. Soon after he left the homo the
woinnn wa < found in n mont pitlahlu condl ;
lion. Shc > was lieaton ana bruised in a hof-
rlblo manner , and tlio rihlitsidnof her head
was black and swollen , She sail that Me-
Xumeo had beaten her. She refused to hnvo
him ai-rodtt'd ' , and endured her injuries with
but very little murmuring , excepting that
she complained of a sevrw juin la
her head. Tbo deceased continued
to complain of this pain , the
women say , up to the time of her death. Her
companions in the house say that she was nil'
dieted to whisky drinking and was usually
under its inlluunco.
Tlie unfortunate woman has nsistor livinj ?
in Snbetha , ICan.f who telegraphed that she
would bo in Omaha today. Tin1 deceased
was about thirty years old , medium sle ,
fairly good looking and might have been a ro-
spcctiible and respected memner of good so-
cletyhad her foul been directed la tliupropcr
The inquest will probably bo held today.
A number of the friends xif McNameo
called at the jail last , night to nxprosj their ?
regrets that la- had boon overtaken bysucha
grave and bcrlous difilculty.
Jtf IIM XKll'S.
Will Open Another Mn ! < \
nooxn , la. , March fl. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : Hir. : . ] A noworgauuation called the
Toxni coalcomiuny will open another lurj'O
mine hero this sprinir , givniij employment 10
sixty miners. j _ _
by a KU-U.
HOONT , la. , March (5. ( [ Spociil Telegram
to Tin : HM : . | John Ilauincart , a tanner liv
ing in Worth township , tlvo miles from this
city , was kicked on the head by a vicious
horse this morning and instantly killed.
llorso Ilnom.
BOOM : , In. , Marcli rt. ( Special Te'egrim
to Tin : Un.J : lloonu's horse boom cjnliaues.
Thirty standard bro.l trotting lior us have
been bought by Boone parties this sprlnrf
and twelve moro came in fraiu tlio east to.
night. _
A liiicUy Collision.
Drs Mnixila. : . , -Marcti (5. ( [ Spiral Telegram -
gram to Tin : Bi.r.i At Stanwood , a small
station on the Chicago & N'orthwuMern rail
way near Cedar Kaplds , this morning the
overland limited passenger truln cniihed into
the rear c'lid of a freight train. No ono wa-j
injured and the dmn.igo was comparatively
slight beyond the delay.
A ( "ondiii'tnr ( "rii'-U < -il.
Hnoxi : , la.lnrih li. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : HII'oiuluctor : : | ( P. 11. Crowley ot
tlio Chicago < : Northwestern , while coupling
car.s ut Moliifjona last night , \\as t-nugbt by
thu bumpers of tlio class of freight ear3
known as "mini UilloiV and his lower uiido-
mon was crushed , a eouplmg pin ixtnetraiinif
several Ir.choi Into tbo rear portion of his
body. Physicians think ho cannot recover.
lli > Jlay liivi' ,
Orrr\i\vA , la. , March -Special [ 1'e'o-
grain to Tin : Bri : . | - Ucrt IMvi-iih of l's
MuliiO'i , a Chicago , Burlington A ijuuu-y
llroainn , who , in an nltetviitlon witt > fal
MorKim , a carrepnh-er of tin. " electric com.
jmnv , yoitorilay , was struck by the latter
with a monkey wrench , is siiilallvi1 , and tl.a
doctors think he will live. MDIVUII W.IM ar-
rcsled on n i-hargo of iiisauU and battery
with Intent to commit murder.
cd Away \Vlilli DciniMilcd.
C'liii-.M.o . , Miuvli -William llnrsb , a
wealthy sto''knnin fivin Tiskllwa , III. , who
mysteriously disappeared In tl.o . city several
weeks iipi , ha\ boon traced to Monroe , Mich.
A conductor on the Michigan Central ruil-
rend carried him from Tel -do to that towa
several iliiys ngo. lie says from tlio nctio'ia
of the 111,111 , hu was undoubtedly incntaHj do-
ranijc.'d. llarth timl a lotof tnonoy , tlio pro *
coeds of a lai'iro sain of stock , wiu n last bt > nn
luM'u and his folks no\v think ho wandvrcd
away while temporarily doiucuto J ,