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It Carrier In uny part of the City
/ II. W. T1LTON. - - - MANAOUlt
) Kltf'nrfi , Oftlcp , No. U
\ . Night Editor , No. 23.
K. Y. P. Co.
Council Bluffs LiimDcr Co. . coal.
Croft's clattcl loan , CtMSapp block.
The marrlapo of Mr. F. M. Scaulan and
Miss Anna Jopf will take place next Sun
day.City. . Treasurer Klnnohan has paid out
tlU7U10 slnco his term of oftlco began , a year
ago next month.
Mrs. Lymnn Campbell died of heart dis
ease yesterday at her residence In Keg Crccit
township. The funeral will tuko place at the
residence this afternoon.
The Eastern Star social will bo held this
evening in the Masonic parlors. All mem
ber j of the Masonic order and tholr families
are Invited to bo present.
Owing to the eloath of Dr. Hart , the Con
gregational social advertised to be held at
the residence of Mrs. J. C. Bixby this even
ing bus been Indolinltcly postponed.
The Jury In the $1,700 damage suit of ILL.
Howard vs the Chicago , Milwaukee ft. St.
Paul railroad , came in last night at 10 o'clock
with a vcrellctawardiugtho plaintiff damages
In the sum of lOU.-i,1) .
A largo Ice house has been built on the
Chautauqua grounds nnd Is now being tilled
with ice for the use of the campers next sum
mer , The Intention of the directors in doing
this Is to 1111 a long felt want.
The United Workmen , who have been hold
ing their grand ledge nt Boone , have decided
to hold the next tesslon in this city. Daven
port , Waterloo and Ottumwn sent In invita
tions for the giand lodge to meet with them ,
but Council Bluffs came out ahead on the
final veto.
The democratic city central committee held
n mcotlnir Wednesday night in the ofilco of
Emmet Tinioy. it was decided to hold the
ward caucuses at 8 o'clock on the evening of
February 'Jl , nnd the democratic city con-
ventlon ntS o'clock on the evening of the
U5th. The Dlnco of the latter will probably bo
in the south room of tl.o county court house.
The assault and battery case against N.
Bluto was up before Justice Patton ycstor-
elav. The trial took place Wednesday , and
the court had It under advisement. Yester
day the prosecuting witness changed. the
charge from assault with intent to do great
bodily injury to simple assault and battery.
and upon this charge Bluto was lined $10 and
The injunction of T. .1. Evans et al against
the city , wherein the plaintiff seeks to enjoin
the city from carrying on the work of grad
ing North Twentieth street , was to have been
hcaid In Judge Thornell's court last evening ,
but owing to the fact that the Judge was
otherwise occupied the hearing was post
poned until next Thursday evening at 730 ;
Mr. Mclvin S. Balls nnd Miss Mnttle E.
Bradley were united in marriage Wednesday
afternoon at tlio residence of the bride's
parents , Mr. nnd Mrs. W. H. Bradley , -102.
Washington avenue , Kov. T , J. Mackay
officiating. The ceremony was very quiet ,
being witnessed by only the most Intimate
friends of the family. Mr , nnd Mr. . Halls
loft In the evening for Salt Lake City , whcro
they will reside in the future.
Magg.o Mitchell , the over popular Magglo ,
was at tno oneru house last night as the
opening attraction of the new management.
The people of Council Bluffs showed what
they menu to do in tbo way of patronizing
the company. Every ono who ever goes , to n
theater was there , ami tlio house was packed
to Its utmost capacity. The play and the
music wcro boyonel reproach , and If the future -
turo attractions aio llko that of last night ,
the theater company need have no fears ,
The city authorities are inclined to boast
not a llttlo over their rccorel in making the
vags work. Heretofore any ono who waatod
to have a good soft place ) to spend the winter
had the prlyilcgo of applying at the gates of
the city castle for board and lodging , which
was furnished without money and without
price. Occasionally tbo vags wcro taken out
for an airing with pick and shovel , but no
very systematic work was over required.
The best record over mado. It Is said , was
during the last administration , when there
wcroU5 full days of labor exacted from the
prisoners. Under the present administration
ij'OO days have so far been dono.
Call on D. J. Hutchinson & Co. . for choice
bargains in lots in Wilson Terrace. Special
inducements for the next few days.
Orders for tables nnd chairs for paries
formerly sent to C. A. Bebeo & Co. , will bo
llllcd by LumKt Ncljon nt tholr now furni
ture store , 211 Main street.
JT'/ ; SOA'.tZJ'.t ICAGK.l VMIS.
Juelgo W. C. James has returnee ! from n
two weeks' trip to Chicago ,
Peter Casper of Sioux City , a brother of
Ahlcrmnn L. A. Casper , Is in the city on a
visit of a few days.
James Spencer , who has been visiting his
parents for several daj s past , has returned
to his homo In Dos Monies.
G. W. Duddleston and Mr. and Mrs. H. C.
Lcfllerof Ottmnwa nro the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Dan Graham at their home , 100U Fourth
_ _ _ _ _ _
Recollect that the only installment house
in Council Bluffs and the Inrtrcst Installment
house In the west Is Mundcl & Klein's. Wo
sell nt eastern prices every artlclo of house
hold furnltuio you use , and instead of re
quiring you to pay cash wo let you have it on
easy payments. There is no necessity of
denying yourself the use of any article when
you can got everything you want on such easy
terms. The largest slock of carpets , stoves
nnd furniture in the city to select from. 3 0
A Railway
W. J. Davenport , assistant division pas-
BCngcr and freight agent of the Chicago ,
Burllugton & Qulncy , Is to transfer his hcael-
quarters from Crcstou to Council Bluffs , the
change to bo made on the 20th hist. There
are -150 miles of road which will thus bo
handled at the ofilco hero , which will bu
established In the Everett block. Instead ol
there being a general agent hero the business
of that Olllco will bo handled in connec
tion with the other ofilco , nnd n
local agency established. General Marshall
who has served so acceptably to nil as the
general agent in Council Bluffs , Is in Chicago
now. It is not yet announced how the
change will affect him or what now position
ho will tako. Mr , Davenport is an old Coun
cil Bluffs resident , nnel ho will bo heartily
welcomed back. The transfer of his ofllccs
from Creston to this city is also a cause ol
Our llomarknblo Success
Enables us to present lor your considera
tion prices without u precedent in ttio history
of Council Bluffs , All goods nro warranted
now and clean , equal to the best any market
affords. Only ono price and term * strictly
rash. Call and sco and bo satisfied that wo
uro right.
Davis1 Koyal No. 10 Hour , Jl.GO ; Davis'
Blue D Hour , $1.83 ; Gold Medal Hour , $1.45 ;
Minnesota Superlative Hour , $1 ; Snowflakc
Hour , II ; l.Mbs granulated sugar for II ; 17
Ibs extra U granulated sugar for $1JO ; Iba i
per lb , 5c3 ; Ibs ginger snaps for 25o ; 3 lonvVs
bread for 5o ; 3 Ibs mliico moat , -'So ;
B cqns tomatoes , 25o ; a cans corn , ! i5o ; Page ,
Norton ft Co Hour , $1.35 a sack ; : t-lb pall lurd
for 33o ; 5-lb pall lard for 3Sc : ollsardlnos , pei
can , fie ; 'J cans mustard sardines for li.1e ; Cal <
ifornla hums , per lb , tic ; good broom foi
lOo ; BO gooel cigars for T5o ; 30-lb pall Jelly for
7Bc ; 3Jgal pall syrup for We ; ft-gnl keg
T ay run for 11,4U ; pall will to lish for ( We.
Brown's U. O. D. Grocery ,
Council Bluffs nnd Omaha.
Humped HU Hip.
Mr , Cnrpco , ngcnt of the Singer roanufac
turlng company in this city , is laid up ns the
result of a rather queer accident. Hoveu
standing up in the cabooco of an Incoming
freight train , uhen the car was Riven u eud
den Jolt , throwing him violently ngalnst t
box lu such n manner ns to Inlurohis ulp verj
\ badly. Ho is uudcr the cara of a pliyslclai
now ,
The War Against the Saloons Kcuovred nil
the Line ,
Overwhelmed by mi Knrtliy Kleioel
An Important Hallway Clianco The
Suotuinncii Cetebrnte Ilnntpcel
His Hip Minor Mention.
Yor some time past Council Bluffs has set
tled down to the belief that saloons wcro n
necessary evil , which could not bo entirely
suppressed by the prohibitory law. ' The Law
nncl Order league hiis bccomo discounted
( xbouttho cnforccincnt of the Inw niul ha *
practically decided that It will put forth no
further efforts to break the Jug by the power
of the courts , but will lay for the next meetIng -
Ing of the legislature nnd then seek to
get some new scheme llxed up. The
attorney , Mr. Jacob Sims , who has been
active In tlio prosecution of the saloon cases ,
has also retired , and having disposed of most
of the cases hi court has uecldcd to start no
now ones. The efforts of the Law nnd Order
league and Its attorney have resulted In
Ing about ono hundred saloons , but others
save sprung up to take their places , proprie
tors have changed , new places have started ,
and so really llttlo lias been accomplished
eicsplto the oxtcnsivo nnd expensive litiga
tion. Of late the citv has necu collecting n
ruirular monthly amount from the salouis ,
with the underitandlng that these who did
not pay would bo closed.
It appears that there Is ono person at least
who H not disposed to let matters run along
In this sort of way.
Paul Seabrook , n young attorney ot this
city , has been making extensive preparations
for an onslaught on the saloons. Yesterday
ho lllcel petitions against seventy-four differ
ent places , asking that Injunctions bo Issued ,
The novel feature of the move Is that hi each
case , besides making the saloonkeeper nnd
the owner of the property defendants , some
of the city ofllcials nro also made defendants
Mayor Macrno , Wade Carey , chief of po
lice , City Ulerk Stoplienson , Charles Fox , his
deputy , nnd City Marshal Templeton. These
city ofllcials nro charged with conspiring and
conniving to maintain the saloons , and hnvo
agreed tlmt the saloons shall have pollco pro
tection and ofllclal sanction , In consideration
of : i division ol the profits arising from the
wrongful traflle. Ills further claimed that
the city ofllcluU doniand of the saloonkeepers
$ - " ) - . 10 pur month for this protection , nnd
these thus paying nro given immunity from
prosecution by said ofllcors.
The petitions seek to have the nuisances
abated , injunctions Issued against the keep
ers and owners , and also against the city
ofllcials restraining them from demanding or
receiving any monthly lines or licenses from
the saloons.
The following nro the names of the saloon
keepers who nro made defendants in tbo
suits :
West Broadway . \\nrdlan , 100. ; Mrs.
J. , T. Crow , : i410'Ed ; Ulock.101 ; N. O'Brien.
MS ; II. II. Inmnn , f > 0.1 ; John Mulonoy and
Thomas Maloney , 518 ; Charles Barkhouser ,
5-13 ; John Dunn nnd John Dunn. Jr. , B45 ;
Wanscl & Kirby , G'J'J ; Marvin White and
John Grcon , Tl.l ; John Jergcn , 715 : Peter
Beagle , 714 ; N. Bluto , 721 ; U. V. Phillips ,
7 : ; David MeAdnms , "IS ; A.B.Forney ,
bite ) ; I. . . Soubert , 000 ; F. Kennedy , 1001V. ; .
Madden and O. O. Gould , 1010 ; A. Prater ,
UU1 ; Horton & -Warner , 215 ; John Bohn ,
Ogdcn house ; R Prlngwschnm , ! 21S ; 0. Llo-
bold and II. Barber , 2M ; A. W. Smith and J.
Smith , 1110 ; Herman Brugmnn , IIIS [ ; J. Uar-
lon and Uhiudo Thompson , ItliO : S. W. Clark ,
MS ; William Maloney , iiiii ; Bcllo Gor-
spacher , bOO ; Stella Long , Ifil ; L. M. Finltlc-
steln. O. ti. Cormon.120 ; J. P. Peterson , 130 ;
Ueorgo Wilson nnd Frank Carroll , 15" .
East Broadway William Hogcrs , 540 ; H.
Larson , 1W ! : Phillip Betts , II. Jcrcens , 110.
South Alain W. J , White , J. Sullivan , IS ;
John.IIounneau , 101 ; Fritz Meyer , IDS ; A.
Kink and J. Suhutz , 201 : J. Peterson , 213 ;
Max Mohn , 215 ; Hoist & Spetman , MM ;
Georpo Hanson , 517 ; .Tamos Coylo. ft'Jl ; John
Mergen , 5113 ; Peter Beck , ( WO ; J. Howarth ,
023 ; A. Stanton , 803 ; Max Burmcistcr , 901 ;
John Dclunoy , OO'J ; James Farley and An
drew Joint , ba ) ; J. U. Taylor , 10J5 ; Mike
Connors , 1U07 ; Frank Domlnasse , 1017 ; Phil
lip Morgcn , 1010.
_ Nortu Maln-A. Wells. 41 ; William Bcek ,
George Furnueson , Price Gibson , S. Hoy-
son , A. K. BcU'un , M. F. Kief , J. S track ,
John Movers , Ji-sslo Miller , Mary Scctt , Ella
Sheafo , Annie Mooro.
In all the cases ono L. M. Turner appears
as plaintiff. But llttlo c.m bo learned about
Turner. It Is said lie was formerly a miller ,
but nt present Is no business. Ho has been
interested in the anti-saloon movement in the
past , but has never appeared before the pub-
no before as on active worker In the cause.
It is generally understood that Seabrook Is
not nlono In the work , but that ho Is backed
up by a number of others besides Turner ,
who are not willing to have their names
mentioned in very close connection with the
movement on account of the posbiblo unpopu
larity-wnlch it might cause them.
mid-Season HnrgahiH for the In < llcs
New Opportunities at the Boston
Store , Council IlltifTs.
The Indies of Council Bluffa and vicinity
will find excellent bargains In corsets at the
Boston store , Council Bluffs , for the next
few dnys. The stock is now complete with
nil of the most popular makes in the market.
Ask to see our Now Jersey corset at ! ! 9
cents. Wo show four different makes nt 50
cents which wo claim to bo the best 50 cent
corset in the incrkct. Climax , F , and W. ,
Town Talk and Nameless Black , nil at 50
cents each.
\Vodr.iwspccial \ attention to our corset
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nnd Coutll at ? 5c each.
Wo show n special spring weight strip cor
set nt 73o well worthy of your notice.
Wo carry the _ most popular makes of Dr.
Warner's and Dr. Ball's , bosir mnnv other
leading make ; , such as Equlllue , Health ,
W. 0. C. , in blnclc nnd colors ,
Kabo high bust , Abdominal , etc. , etc. , all nt
our popular low prices.
Note Any put Uvular make of the corset
not handled hv us can bo ordered specially.
Leaders and promoters of low prices.
401 , 403 & 405 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
Now York Olllco , 47 Leonard Mrcet.
Hurt In n Dirt Hank.
A very nearly fatal accident occurred yesterday
torday morning nt the terminus of the Eastern
orn Washington avenue extension In the
Babbit pinco. A number of dirt-haulers
were at work at the point where the street Is s
being cut through a high hill. The bank was
about thirty feet high , and a largo portloh ol
the top had been undermined. The shovel
crs were warned to keep away until the over
hanging portion had been knocked down , am !
did so , but ono of the teamsters named 'Cnle
Aylcsworth did not heed the warning ami
continued to shovel the dirt upon his
wagon. Ho had his load nearly completed
when the top of the bank fell. The team ,
wagon and man were hidden from sight by
several tons of earth , A largo number ol
men were on hand to rescue their Imprisoned
follow worker nnd ho was quickly brought tc
the surface. Ho was unconscious , but seer
rallied , and had apparently suffered nothing
morn than tomnorurv strangulation. The
wagon was demolished and ono of the horses
had Its hind leg brulcon at the hip.
No. 104 Broadway contains the best stocl
of groceries In the city. J. W. Kclley ,
The now dental rooms of Drs , Woodbnrj
nro the finest nnd most complete In the west
Next to the new Grand. ' Telephone , 143. "
To bo sure that your children have pun
randy , nuy for them the Pomona brand fruli
luIco tablets. Pomona- stained on each tab
et. The trade supplied by Duquette & Cc
A quiet wedding took place last evening a *
the residence of I ) , S. Terwllllgcr , W9 t'iftl
avenue , the contracting parties being Fred
crick It. Davis and Miss Ada Torwilllpor
The cerotuouy , watch was performed by Dr
Stephen Phclps of the First Presbyterian
church , VIM witnessed by only two or three
Intimate friends of the family , nnd , In fact ,
only these who were Invited to bo prcicnt
had any Idea that It was to take place. The
groom U a monitor of the Wclr-Shupart
company , whl'o ' the brldo Is ono of the most
popular young ladles of the Bluffs , lloth
hnvo a largo circle of ft lends who will unlto
tn offering congiatulatlons ,
Death of Dr. Hart.
The dangerous Illness of Dr. H. W. Hurt
has been mentioned more than once In these
columns during the past two weeks. It has
been thought all along tlmt It was merely a
question of a few days at most when the end
would come. The neighbors were therefore
but llttlo surprised yesterday morning when
they learned that ho had missed peacefully
away nt 6 o'clocu'.ln the morning' .
Dr. Hart was born In Chcnango county ,
New York , October 14 , 1818. Ho received
his early education at Geneva , and he gradu
ated from the medical college situated atthnt
place In 1815. On May 1 of the same year ho
married Miss Sarah Way , the wife who
survives him. Ho at once como to Fnyetto
county , this state , whcro 'ho remained until
the breaking out of the war , when ho entered
the ranks as surgeon , llrst in the Ninth nnd
latter in the Thirty-eighth Infantry. At the
close of the war ho cnmo to Council Bluffs ,
where ho has over slnco lived. Ho was the
father of four children , of whom only ouo
survives , Ernest K. Hart of this city.
The deceased was a member of the Council
Bluffs Medical society , State Medical society ,
Missouri Valley Medical association nnd the
American Medical association. For the past
seventeen years ho has been ono of the com
missioners of Insanity for the Council
lilulls district. Ho has also served
M city nnd county physician.
Ho was a member of the Congregational
church , nnd has alwajs been a leader In the
church work. lie was generous to all ben
evolent objects and charitable Institutions.
Ho was also n member of the Union Veteran
legion. Ho has been devoted to , his profes
sion , nnd his greatest pleasure was when
ho was studying upon some advanced
medical thcmo. At the same tlmo ho was
very conservative about adopting now and
untried methods of tronting diseases , and it
was this , largely , that gave the public the
contldcnco it unuou btculy. had lu him as a
man nnd n physician.
Ills death took plnco Just a year after that
of his daughter. Mrs. J. D. Edmundson , and
by the wish of the relatives the date of the
funeral has been fixed at 2:30 : o'clock next
Saturday afternoon , just ono year after Mrs.
Edmundson's. '
Best heavy goods , 25 per cent oil , cash ,
Keltcr , the tailor , 310 Broadway.
Call on Schurz-Stnlth Co , for chattel loans
and real estate. 20 Pearl st.
J. C. Blxby , steam neatln ? , sanitary en
gineer , 203 Mo rrlam block , Council Blurts
Bonniu Scotland.
St. Andrew's society had anonoynblo ) time
at their monthly social Wednesday evening.
The opening address was by the chairman ,
W. S. McMIckon. "Crooked Baubco" was
sung by Master Frank Boll and the Misses
Bell. James Macrao gave n solo , "Laird of
Cock-pen. " A recitation was given by W ,
H. Stewart , J. H. McPherson gave a comic
song. P. H. Fothoringhnm sang , "A Shlll
IngorTwa. " A Scotch poem was given by
John Mcltctcbino. "Bonnlo Cbnrloy" was
sung by Miss Eftlo Ellis of Little Sioux. la.
James Macrao sang "Boatlo Hows. " "Tain
O'Shantcr" was read by D. S. Kerr. "Bonnio
Dundee" was sung bv J. K. McPherson.
Master Frank Bell nnd Miss Hay Bell gnvo
as a duet "Tho March of the Cameron Men. "
A recitation , "Land of Our Forefathers. "
was given by J. H. Bell. "Take Your Old
Cloak About Yo" was sung by Mr.V. . S.
MuMicKin. Donald McDougnll of Chicago
pnvo a short humorous speech "A Hundred
I'lpers" was sung by John Snedden of
Omaha. Miss Maggie Short snuir "Green
Grow the Kushos. " "Plbrock of Donald
Ohu" was given by William Gibson of Mis
souri Vnlloy. Mrs. H. StcDUcnson gave a
select reading. "I'm Ower Young to Marry
Yet" was sung by Mrs.'J. H. Bell. John Me-
Culloch of Sioux City sang "Sing Mo the
Auld Scotch Bangs. " Mrs. J. U. MoPhcrson
pave a piano solo. As a closing "Auld Lang
Syno" "was sung , of course , after which the
young poDplo joined In dancing until the \\co
sma'hours. It of the
was one happiest oc
casions since the organization of the society.
Buy your coal and wood of C. B. Fuel Co. ,
039 Broadway. Telephone 133.
Pure fresh drugs nt Davis' , opposite Ogden ,
Hoys Wanted
at American district telegraph office.
Attention , Veterans.
Comrades of encampment No. 8 , Union
Veteran Legion , will moot'at their ballon
Pearl street at 1:30 : p. m. , Saturday , for the
purpose of attending the funeral of our late
comrade , Dr. H. W. Hart. W. II. Si-Kit \ ,
L. SULUWOOD , Colonel.
Bell ifc Son's now grocery takes the lead on
Upper Broadway. No old stock.
The Manhattan , sporting headquarters. N.
O'Brien. _
Evans Laundry Co. , 520 Pearl .street. Tele
phone 800. ( joods called for and delivered ,
An Enjoynulo Affair nt the Rooms of
the Omaha Club.
Tbo convention of grocers that has boon
in session In this city for three days has
closed nnd most of the members have re
turned to their homes.
Yesterday afternoon , after tbo routine
business had been completed , the wholesale
grocers of Omaha and Council Bluffs pre
sented the president , J. M , Nnvo , with a very
costly silver service of 150 pieces. The pre
sentation speeches were made by Charles
May rind I. M. Raymond. President Nave
responded In a very feeling manner.
In the evening u banquet was tendered the
visitors at the rooms of the Omaha club.
Besides the Omaha and Council Bluffs
trrocors , the following gentlemen were
seated at the tables : Messrs , Raymond , Law ,
Hnrgravos nnd Plummer of Lincoln ; Mr.
May of Fremont ; Mr. Davis of Tonekn ; Mr.
Poehlorof Lawrcnco , Kan. ; Messrs. Long ,
Wilson , Bates , Urcgory , Nave nnd Payne of
Kansas City ; Messrs. Todd and Wolfekooler
of Leaven worth ; Messrs. Symns nnd Dolun
of Atchison ; Messrs , Nave , Jones and Craig
of St. Joseph.
Owing to the fact that many of the mem
bers wcro anxious to leave for their homes ,
the bammot was spread at 7 o'clock ,
The menu was as follows :
Ulno I'olnts.
Consomme I'rlntamiior. Amontillado ,
Filet of Illack Ilass.
I'urlsleiino Potatoes.
Haul Snnternc ,
f rilet of Beef au Marron.
I'rencli I'eas.
I'eas.Chateau I.covlllc ,
Uurn runch. Cigarettes.
Roast Snlpo. Cauliflower Salad ,
Pnmmoroy See.
Kulnart ilrut.
Individual Ice Cream.
Roquefort Cbccso. Crackers ,
Cafe Nolr. Cigars. Brandy ,
Mr. Nnvo , the president , acted as toast
master , and after the menu had been ells-
cussed most of tbo members responded to inv
promptu toasts In a hearty and cheerful
Sons of Veterans Dnnuc.
The members ot General George Creel
camp , No. 1 , Sons of Veterans , g.wo thch
llrst annual ball last night. It was largely
attended , not only by the young people , bul
many of the old soldiers with their wives
wcro in attendance. Washington hall novel
presented a prettier appearance , the decora
tlons being appropriate for the occasion , Lliv
cola's birthday. Flags were hung about the
walls , whllo over the stnco was suspended r
largo picture of Lincoln , almost bidden in the
folds of the national Hag.
The Investigation by the special com'
inlltco of the board of education touscor
tain whether or not certificated wore
sold to tcaoliors was commenced yostoi- '
day , but no developments occurred.
"The llcftigeo's Daygliter , " a highly
emotional drama of the .modern school , by
Martha MorUm , was glvdn its Initial per
formance In Omaha last evening at the
IJoyd by Miss Cora Tnnucr , nnel , barring OHO
or two exceptions , a company of excellent
'itia llrst two nets are exceedingly tiresome.
All the characters tn the play , and there arc
eleven of them , are Introduced during the
first half of the llrst act , some of them being
lugged In by the heels ,
Even K Miss Morton's nnmo wcro not nt
the head of the announcement as the author ,
you would feel nt least measurably safe hi
asserting that a woman had evolved the llrst
two acts from the recesses of a highly
imaginative brain , no full nro they of
womanly tricks. Tlio third nnd fourth acts ,
however , save the play. They are virile , In
tense nnd faultlessly conceived , the duel
sccno tn the third act being tin entirely now
situation to the stago.
Anel thun there nro n number of exceed
ingly clover bits of repartee nnd quiet , obser
vation of rt misanthropic imturo which show
that Miss Morton has Ideas far above the
ordinary dramatist who Is evolving trash
upon which to feed a too susceptible public.
Miss Tanner , ns Hclcne , gave a strong and
earnest performance. The role Is exacting ,
requiring a sustained intensity which is very
wearing on the nervous system , but the
young woman cnmo out of the ordeal with
great success , bho is exceedingly pretty ,
with a voice that Is llko the tiuklo of a deep
toned silver bell.
Whllo ono or two of her scenes should bo
) lnycd n llttlo faster , with a llttlo moro olnb-
ration , still she made n gratifying impres-
Ion , so much so that she received a curtain
all at the close of each act ,
Maurlco was played by Harold Uusscll ,
, ml in the llrst two nets was decidedly com
monplace. But his closing scenes wcro
layed with quiet effectiveness that quite ro-
dee'mcd the part.
Mr. Husscll mistakes the character of the
doctor in ttio llrst two nets. There is
no need of the heroics which ho
nslsts upon , but on the con-
rary the part should bo played nuiotly , Iti
ntenslty being determined by the people
ivho arc about him. In the thlrel nnd fourth
nets ho needs his strength and his fortitude
to boar the blow which has fallen upon him.
Then the heroism of the part asserts Itself
and ho would bo n peculiar sort of man did
" 10 not feel the proper instufcts swelling
within him , when ho llnels tbo appearances
all against the woman ho loves.
Mr. Brldgcland as the consumptive Baron
Achilles do Serene was very acceptable. So
much Indeed ouo felt as If his death occurred
too soon.
Kaymond do Serene , the villainwas p'.avcd
by Mr , Edeson. In the quiet passages of the
story ho was excellent ; in the stormy , tumult
uous scenes ho lackoel the strength requisite
"or so sustained a role ,
The Signer Conari of Owen Wostford was
ns unllko the Italian rouo ns could well bo
conceived It was n very unimturall mper-
.oimtion of a typo of character much mo t
ivlth on the continent , it was painful bo.
cause of its unreality.
Lord Jack Cnrjlsford was very dellght-
'uily portrayeet by Mr George Edeson. Ho
, vas bluff and hearty , Just what you would
expect In an English gentleman whoso pro
clivities all ran to sports , dogs nnd horses.
But Mr. Edeson should sco to It that the
property man provide him with n double-
barreled shotgun of the most Improved kind
Instead of the single-barreled old llintlock
which ho carried on his hunting expedition
n search of quail , presumably.
Teddy Smith , an American youth , was
nlaycd very refreshingly by Mr. Brown.
Miss Virginia Buchanan was the typical
grondo dame , Madame Clermont , while Miss
Ada Dwycr and Miss Goldie Andrews pla ; cd
Lady Cnrylsford and Sylralno respectively ,
very Intelligently.
The County Physician Compels Young
Kodgcra to Break llin Kant.
A novel scene was witnessed nt the county
jail yesterday afternoon.
It was the sixth day that Harry M. Hodgcrs ,
the would-bo suicide , has given emphasis to
his declarations of self-destruction , by totol
.bstincnco from food. All that has passed
his lips during this time so far as Is known
to tbo jailors has been a cup ot water each
Neither his coaflnement nor alleged absti
nence from food has succeeded in taking the
rosy fullness out of his face. Indeed ho looks
as though ho bad been eating three square
meals n day and sleeping ten out of every
twenty-four hours.
The boyish-faced young chap ha ? , so far as
can bo ascertained , not tasted food , and beseems
seems to bo proud over the fact of having the
nerve to court the services of the destroying
angel. Tbo fact of his having been taunted
with numerous very emphatic suggestions
that sulcido was the basest of cowardice has
caused h'ra to waver not a particle from his
But the county authorities strange ns It
may seem prefer , out of the ordinarily
scanty charity of their hearts , to occasion
ally continue feeding a man instead of letting
him die and paying $3 for a coflln and 813 to
burying him.
The oflicinls decided to teach the young
man n trick that ho wasn't counting upon.
Atl o'clock Dr. Coulter , acting county
physician , visitea the jail , strapped Kodgers
to a chair and forced a quart of milk down
his throat , Kodcers protested , but wa
powerless to prevent the breaking of his fast
After ho had been released ho called for his
dinner nnd ate heartily.
Ladies who value a reilncd complexloi
mustuso POX./OVI'H Pownnn. It produces t
soft and beautiful skin.
E. P. Fisher , a telegraph operator about
twenty-seven years old , died at St. Joseph' !
hospital last Monday afternoon of pnou
monio. The deceased hod been employed hi
the Union Pacific at Grand Island and a
Hitlsdalc , Neb. , nnd Choycnno , Wyo. Abou
February 1 he came to Umahn to seek om
ployment. Ho visited the Union Pacific tele
graph headquarters last Alonday and wa
complaining of pain In the lung ? .
Later in the day ho was taken very ill a
Herman's silicon , nt the corner of Tenth am
Loavenworth streets , and was removed teSt
Joseph's hospital , where ho died the sain
When the remains wcro taken to Burkct'
undertaking rooms there wcro no papers o
other means of identification found in hi
clothes nnel telegrams were sent to sever. )
places inquiring for the relatives , Ycsterdn ;
tlie Union Pacific operators in Omaha lenrnc'
of Fisher's death and a collection was atone
taken up among operators between Oman
nnd Cheyenne to nrovldo for the funeral. HI
homo was in Now York city. Ho was
member of the Order of Railway Telcgrapl
crs and belonged to the division of Dcnnlson
Tex , An Inquest will probably bo helel fo
the purpose of making careful inquiry hit
the cuuso of his death.
S. B. Durfey , mate of steamer Arizom
had his foot badly Jammed. Thomas' clcctrl
oil cured it. Nothing equal to It for a qulc
pain reliever.
/ /JKJS OXA1 , 1'A It,1 Gil A I'lIS ,
William Loudon Is in Chicago on a bus
ness trip.
E. Sollgsohn andjWlfo started for Sa !
Lake yesterday via. tap Burlington.
No griping , no nnusoa , no pain when D
Witt's ' Llttlo Karly Risers are taken. Sma
plll.S afopill. Be-stpill.
The Collsomn Circus.
The circus at the Coliseum last night dro >
a fair crowd of people , all of whom felt amp ]
repaid for the quarters they contribute
The hill consisted ot riding , tumbling an
some very clover trapeze performances. Tl
clown was there In all his splendor with
supply of new Jokes ,
A n n I versa ny
The pupils of the Parn suhnol ha' ' 4ervic
yesterelay commemorating the onarsary i
Lincoln's birthday. It the aftc ,011 u moi
nltlccnt Hag was presented by Q-i ? . Burmo
ter. Major Clarkson also made ' an addres
tilled with enthusiasm and patriotism.
Pcoplo who use arsenical preparations f (
their complexion elo so nt tbo risk of the
lives. Aycr's Sai-baparlllu is guarantee
free from any injurious drug and Is , tliui
for , the safest n well as the most powcrl
blood medicine in the world. It wakes I
sklu clear ,
HH ! CeHli'iiKiiCH AVant Him Appointed
L'nltcel Slut 01 Judge.
S , Fob. -Special [ Telegram
to TUB Br.nj-Now tlmt Senator Blair Is
about to retire from the scmxto his senatorial
colleagues ara desirous of gcttiiie up a sort
of consolation purso. Senator Fryo Is taking
the initiative. Ho moved about the sonata
today with a paper , urging the president to
appoint Blair as judge of the United States
district court of Nc-.v Hampshire , to lilt an
existing vacancy The paper was numer
ously signed by both republican and demo
cratic senators. Although Blair is popularly
regarded ns erratic , ho Is a favorlto among
his colleague ? , for ho Is always witty and his
ropartco has often Interjected smiles Into
acrimonious personal debate , HU republi
canism is sterling.
Tin : wcsmnXT MIM. smx IT.
President Harrison will re-ullly nttach his
signature to the hill announced today ns
ready to go to the e-hlof executive providing
for the transfer of all retired oftlcors who
have reached or may reach the ago of sixty-
four from the limited to the unlimited list.
and reducing the former list from Us present
maximum of 4IX ) to 'MO. The express object
of the new law was to secure to Juniors the
promotion which otherwise could not bo hoped
for In time of pence. It was not pretended
that an ofllcer reaching tlio command , for
example , of n regiment or n staff corporal at
the ago of sixty-four was unlit for his duties.
On the contrary , It was made compulsory
because so many ofllceri at tlio ago of sixty-
four were at the height of their powers and
usefulness , with the prospcctof so continuing
perlmps twelve or twenty years mote. Con
gress in that act sought to retain the services
of experienced Junior ofllcors , many of whom
had to remain twenty years In a gr.ido and
might be tempted by the greater chance to
rlso offered by civil pursuits. The
present act is really supplementary
to the . la\v of 1882. A very
largo proportion of the officers retired for
eligibility resulting from wounds or ill-health
have now passed the ngo of sixty-four. Had
they remained on the active list they would
bo retired simply for ago and for the express -
press purpose of increasing the How of pro
motion. The present congress accordingly
takes the grounei that It simply carries out
the existing policy m permitting tbo transfer
of such ofllccrs to the ngo list uiul so opening
this disability list proper to oQlccrs awaiting
such v'acanclus ,
Army circles nro stlriod to their depths by
the vindication of Colonel Fo'rsytho lor his
conduct in the Wounded ICneo light. It was
expected that the ofllolal duelings would
acquit Colonel Forsytho. hut there was llttlo
idea that General Scholleld and Secretary
Proctor would bo so vigorous In ignoring and
discrediting General Miles' ' views. General
Miles says of Colonel Forsy tho's action In the
light : "It Is dlftlcult to concolvo how a worse
disposition of the troops could have
been made. " But neither Secretary Proc
tor nor General Scholleld oven notice
General Miles' statement General Sccolleld
gives a most hearty endorsement to the con
duct of the ofllccrs nnd men of the Seventh
cavalry and says the regiment Is well worthy
of the compliihentnry dispatch ho sent Im
mediately niter the light. Secretary Proctor
is rejually complimentary nnel says that the
behavior of olllccrs nnel men showed a discre
tion , coolness , skill nnd foroenranco which
rellects the highest possible credit upon tbo
regiment. Ho Hies In the fuco of General
Allies with the statement that there was
nothing in the arrangement of the troops requiring -
quiring adverse criticism on the part of the
elcpartnient. Colonel Forsvtho has gained in
reputation by the proccdlngs and stands
stronger hero' than over before.
Senator Paddock today la the senate made
nn urgent plea for Immediate consideration of
the Indian depredations claim bill , but was
temporarily overruled. The senator declared
that the government hael treated nnd vns
treating shamefully hundreds of ploncorn
who had tnaelo the great west possible and
whoso honest claims had been handled be
tween pillar and post for years. Ho an
nounced that no further delay would
bo permitted. Later , when Senator
Call of Florida referred sarcastically
to the distance from which the
president had selected the commissioner of
charities for tbo District of Columbia , Sena
tor Paddock asked whether ho meant Prof.
Warner of Lincoln. Senator Call replied
that ho did , when Senator Paddock said the
verv bast possible man for tno position had
been chosen. Ho said this because when the
name was suggested the Nebraska delegation
had not urgea him and several knew nothing
of him. Investigation showed that ho was u
graduate of the I obraska university at Lin
coln , ono of the best nnd strongest
of western colleges , and subsequently
a post-grneluata of Juhns Hopkins
university at Baltimore , wnoro ho took dls-
tingulshe'd honors nnd for a year later devot
ed himself to adminlbtratlvo work in connec
tion with charities. "Without the knowledge
of himself or of us , " said Senator Paddock ,
"ho was recommended for this position by
tbo most extinguished charitable organiza
tion injho United State's , and we are glad
that after hesitating for some time to leave
our university , where no is an eflicient nnd
popular professor , ho has consented to accept
with limitations the office tendered him. "
Ex-President Cleveland's ' anti-silver letter
was the tonic of comment at the capitol to
day in all political circles. It Is conceded by
the ex-president's most ardent friends that
it will prove a very embarrassing obstacle in
, the way of his nomination. Ho might have
had the nomination practically by acclama
tion , but now It will require such n struggle
ns will divide many states and create discords
ana1 factions within the party which will
make the democratic campaign management
n veritable menngerio , As to what
effect the early commitment of Mr. Cleve
land upon so important a question will have
upon the democratic nominee , whoever ho
may bo , can bo readily se-en. From tliU tlmo
forward Mr. Cleveland , too , will have some
thing else than civil service reform to de
fend ; in fact ho will from now till the day of
the nominating convention , and should ho bo
nominated till the day of election , bo on the
defensive. Ho will bo kept constantly ex
plaining and will have nn ocean of opportu
nities to damn the press again and
curse the "lying editors , " ns ho
is so fond of referring to the managers of the
press , Mr. Cleveland Is always complaining ;
about misrepresentations. HU letter was in -
sortcel in the permanent Congressional Hec-
ord today through General Grosvenor of
Ohio. Ho cannot complain of misrepresent
ation when ho Is quoted on sliver coinage
during the campaign next year. Nine out of
ovcrv ten democrats in congress from tin
south and west lament that Mr. Cleveland
has committed himself so early nnd sc
vehemently. They say It would take
nim entirely out of the race for the
nomination if it was not for Now
York , and that it breaks up nil
hopes for an Inroad Into the west nnd north
west and that the south cannot bo depended
upon if the issues Involve tlnnnco. Senator
Vest of Missouri declares that It will not
now do to nominate Mr. Cleveland ; that he
has ruined the party in the west by allying
himself with Wall street. The eagerness
with which the ex-president displayed his
letter proves especially offensive to his party
representatives. Representative Illand o :
Missouri pays it is a fatal mistake , ant
adds : "Only when .tho money-bans of Wnl
street were threatened did this man' !
patriotism rise. His candidacy for the presi
elcncy will Iw ridiculous. . Ho will have n <
following wostof tl.o Allegheny mountains.1
It Mr. Bland Is the highest slver authority b
bo found among the democrats in congress
It was the intention of the democrats to male *
frco coinage a plank In their platform. Nov
they cannot , no matter who is nominated ,
Senator Paddock has offered an amend
meat to the sundry civil appropriation till
w appropriating ? JOJeOJ for artesian well ex
iy pertinents in the sub-humid regions.
a. Charles . I. Ooulel , formerly of Lincoln , U hero , also N. W. Wells of Schuylor.
10 The { 1(10,000 ( additional appropriation ( fo
10a the Omaha public building ami also the in
crease of appropriation for the military stor
house at Oniabii are to bo provided for in th
sundry civil appropriation bill.
Ily eilructlon of the secretary of war Cap
csof tain George Ituhlon , assistant quartermaster
ofB is rolcasoet from temporary duty In the de
B- partment of the Platte und will repair to thl
isss city and report In person to the quartering
ss ter general of the army.
Senator Pcttlgrow hat arrived from Soutl
Dakota. His health hui Improved ,
o ? Senator Frank Hiseock of Now York I
sir patterning after the athletic exorcises of Mi
cd Cleveland as a means of reducing weight
re Tno senator has joined the Columbl ;
fu athlotlo club. Every night at 8 o'cloe
th ho may bo seen in yellow skin-tight
and short cardigan Jacket doiug the India
To Our.Friends and Patrons :
We have removed our office from 114 Main
to 16 Main Street ,
HARD AND SOFT COAL you promptly at all times , Best
Illinois Coal $4.50.
Telephone 48. H. A. COX , Sole Agent *
Of Council Bluffa.
CAPITAL STOCK $150,000 ,
DlliBerroiis I. A. Mlllpr , R 0. Oloason , 1 ! . U
Bliueart , U. E. Hurt , J. 1) , Edtnumlsoii , Ulinrloi
O. llunnan. Transtut banking bust-
ncis. Largest and surplus of any
bank In Southwestern Iowa.
itvn. HAH. NOSI : AND
TllllOAT Sl'KCIAI.lsT ,
Council lllull * , In.
AII ciii i'o uf tim : ,
13AII , NOSK nncl TllllOAT
tri'ntcil with tlio L'n'utase
akllltind rnro ,
niul HAY KKVKll trentuil
with eminent IIICCOM
PUUniCAI.Ol'r.UATIO.S'S.wlioro iiocoi.nry piln-
Ic'jsly pcrformo I with tlio utmost rnro nnil nklll , ns-
BiirlnB perfect remlti K1NHST ( il.AMUS occur-
tilclr proicrlliod , corroding all rcfrnctlro trouble * ,
n8 .Myopln , Hyperoplft nnd AatlulnAtlim , tliui rt'n-
ilorlni : sight our. rlair nn'l ' pilnlo : i. CIIKOXIU
.Nia'HAI.IllA.-MHl SRMC lli.UAUIUC : , after yi'rxn
of terrible snfforlnif. no relief , entirely curud. 0111 cc ,
Itoom I , Rhuirirt Uluck , over licno & Co.'i ttoro ,
Council III lifts , la.
rinloyBurke.Qeo.W. Hewitt.Thos. E. Oasady
Burke , Hewitt & Casady ,
Ofllcos : J. J. Brown llullellng , Council IllunN ,
Corner Jlaln an I Hroielway ,
Dealers lir forul a unl domestic
Collection made uud Interest paid on UmJ
clubs , trnpezo nnil parallel cars of the club
gymnasium. Ills fnvorlto exercise is to
throw up a football and catch It. In dodging
about alter the bnll ho brings into play nil
the muscles of the body. It Is a quo > 'r bi ht
to see the big , fleshy , whitc-hulreel senator
capering around the gymnasium after the
Ilyins ball.
Uolonol J , D. Gage of Franklin , Neb , , Is In
tlio city.
F. Al. Hall of Lincoln left today for the
Post tuns ! era Nominal eel.
\VASiiiNeiTON' , Fob 12. The following
postmasters wcro nominate J today : Ne
braska ( Jhristophcr Hosteller , Central City ;
George II. Wells , Schuylor ; Anton J. Lnngcr ,
West Point. Iowa Solomon B. Humbert ,
Cedar Falls. AVIsconsIn Charles L. Huhbs ,
Lulio Mills. Illlnols-Chailes B. Ilascutn ,
Princeton ; Howard L. Tuylor , Wlnona ;
Henry L. Scrogin , Chcnoa. South Dakota
AdiimJ. Dii.'scr , Millbank.
Niitlonnl Cnpital Notes.
WASHINGTON , f'ob. 13. Tlio house committee -
tee on foreign nffalra lins ngroeil to report to
the house with some modlllcation a bill to in
corporate the Paclllc cable company.
Before the coinage committee today Fred-
crick Fraloy , president of the national bonret
of trade , nnd Joel Uoolc , editor of
the Philadelphia Public Lcelger , made long
arguments against free colnngo. Walker
then moved to adjourn until next Tuesday ,
and Immodiutly the old trouble ns to when
the hearings should cense WAS revived. After
mueh discussion it wan agreed to moot to
morrow and then adjourn until Tuesday.
Nclirnslcn , In n nnel Dnknti PniiRinns.
\Y\SIIIMITOX , Fob. 12. [ Special Tclegr.un
to TIIK BBC. ] Pensions were gr.inteu to
day to the following Nebraskans ; Original-
Perry McVay. Michncl Shauglmossy , John
F. Starff , David F , Canlleld , James W.
George , William Harrison , John II. 1C.
Jacobs , James M. Jester , John Boyel. Re
storation and Increase ) Charles M. KogcM.
Increase Harrison Brown , George II , Jones ,
William Ralph , John W. Hazclhaker. John
Dibo , Wallace A. Simmons , William Kast-
ner. Ilelssuo and increase Daniel Matson.
Original widow Elizabeth , widow of James
W. George.
Iowa : Original Lurman A , Brooks ,
Niutmn Connor , John F. Fagan , Michael
Oretton. Harvey Stanley , Joseph S. Carson ,
William Montgomery , Benjamin F. Brown ,
Henry C. Trout , Stephen Holland , William
II. Brown , John H. Worth , George W. Klv ,
David B. Suthcrlnnel , John II. Cllso , William
W. Thomas , August Kappo , Vvllliain U.
Bunely , PhiloG. Coleman , Justin Churchill ,
George W. Kamsey , Horace B , Klnnu.
Joseph II , Stnallov , Jasper N. Gastln , D.ivld
C. Moore , John W. Kay , Jesse D. Hutts , do
e-eased. Increase Milton Humphrey , Hora
tie B. Elliott , William AV. Bosarth , Alex B.
Cussell , Henry Flaran. Holssuo John 1C.
Kynctt. Helssuo and Increase William
Miller. Original widows , etc , Isaac N. ,
father of John W. Jacobj , Hachael 0. , widow
of James S. Siultti.
South Dakota : Original Lucius Cham
berlain , Jacob Wier. Increase Samuel Van
Leon. Original widow , special act Olivia ,
widow of Austin Hanson.
If that lady at the Inrturo thn other night
only know how nicely Hall's Hair Uenowor
would remove dandruff and improve the
hulr , a ho would buy a bottlo.
Predictions for I < Vlirunry Wontlicr.
As there nro l > ut twenty-eight days In
this month there ought" bo loss coltl
utinosphnro than In January , hut "all
signs full in dry wcuthor , " therefore wo
cnn only Bay that the oloctrlu-lightoil ,
stenm-lioatcel , vestibuloel , limited trains
of the Chicago , Milwaukee & St. I'nul
railway will continue to run dally bo-
tweiin Omaha , Council IJluffs and Chi
cago. The uloctrlc light rouellne liunj )
in each bortli Is tlio novelty of the iijo. (
Ticket Olllco , 1501 Fiirnani utrcot , Omaha.
3FINLEY Mrs. ElUiboth. ao:187yoar : , at
the resilience ) of her bon-ln-law , J. I. An lor-
MMI , hho louve.i Unto HOIIS and thre-o
cliiuehtt'rx , John nnel Chtirlos I'lnley ot
Omaha , .losoiih 1'lnloy of California , Mrs.
William Unnmorsen ami Mrs. Kroel A Munition
of Omuhn , MM. Ktyles ot Montiuri. Kuuural
Friday. 1'ohruiiry 13 , from lUJJbouth Tnelfth ,
at''o'clock p. in.
IIUI'TETT-Kohnmry 11 , 1891 , Ocnrsro I , . , son
of ft II , lliilTott , iiKvd 1'J ' yi'iirn. i'unural on
Halurday , Kobrnury 14. lit iu.0 ; a. in. from Ills
Into residence , corner Turk nvcnuo euul 1'u-
clllo alnut , to I'rospcot 11111.
TjlOH rXCHAN'OK Oood Improved Onmlin ,
- * . ' nnel t'otinell lllulTs property to exi-liango
for liiu-a liiiHl. Semi f till dOserlpt Ion ofulmo
yon Imvoto offer UiJoIinstem & Viin 1'atton ,
Council Illu ITs , la.
" 1710USAI.K A barsalni now modern house )
- * - ' with nil the lute ) Improvement" , MIVUII
rooms ; will sell on easy ptiyniPiitH ; loonte'tl on
tlio I Iftliavoniio motor llnu. 1) ) . J. llutohlu.
son , til ? llroaelnay ,
inOll SAIjK night-room lioti o anil t\\ei loM ,
tin HnriKoii st. A miutcm house ) nnel a
Koo.l homo oh'cui ) . 1) , J. llutclilnson , lilt
" \l ! ANTI'nVOIIIIK i nn nnd vlfo ik" lri
T plnuo on fiiimt tliuroitxlilyroniieti ] < nt )
beit icrciuneen. Ailelress II. A. ! ' . , lluu ollloo
CouniMl llltillH ,
I710H HAMVery ; line roadslor , 4 ) oar , ani |
1 very line ) family mare , -I years ; elioiip for
cu'-li , oiui or sun. | 'Will tnido for imrlKlit pl
ant ) . Mnr lloiirloiuo. music teauhciUIMuts *
man streut , e'mmoll lllnfTH.
(10O1) ) L'lrl uimtrel fnrllelit hunsenvorU , nnd
Kuenl waxes , ut30 ? N , First btri'uU .Mary
F. lluyci ,
1710U gAKK I'lno Mn lo ami .eloublo rend (
-L Htuntind lie-uvj el rough t , horses. Will ulsii
1111 orders for uny style ef ) wanted.
lAMivoemlerswIth llr , V. 1. . . Put ion. Out ml
llu-ry niul silo btublus , SI nnel 83 N , Main
Council 111 u IK
rnu forKS Try I'r. Mlllei's Inline ) trovt- :
-L in en I for female illseiases. Safes mllil and
sure. Al o Dr. Mlllor't pllu pustllei ; palnlyp < (
anil iriiarantevel to cure" , rnrsalo In c'nuncll
lIlnlTs and Omaha only liy Mti. A. A. Smith ,
r& $ . 1st ht , ami Mrs. U. K. lllgi lns , IMi ]
Lcnvpiinorth St. , Omaha.
TIlOKSALiK or Itont Qarilon land , wlttt
-C houiei. by J. R lllua. 10i Main < . . Oouuoll
All kinds of 1)yhi3 and Olunnliig elnnn In tlia
af the Art , 1'adoil mul SUIiicd
to look IIH Koenl us now Worlt
promptly ilonu : uitl ilullvured lu all parts ol
tlio . oemtry fcenil for prle-o Hit ,
U. A. MAlUIAN. Prop. .
101J llroaelwav. N'uar Northwestern Ujpa
Over 0. B. Jaceiuomln ft Co. , Jewelry ? tor
Co i neil Hinds ,
1 1 Zwtli Main S rcl ,
Fmrnil DhvcttH- I iln > nlinur.
Pli/slinJ / , Sirens aal Specialists ,
Tno moit widely nnel favorably known * pee *
liillsls In the ) Unlto 1 Stales. Tncr : lone oz-
liorloncc , romirl : < ablei skill und uiuvrrnal uo-
ro.xs In the ticittm'iit : nnd curei or Nervous ,
( 'lireinlo nnd Surgical DlicuRcx. onlltln thoiii
ninhicnt nliVHlclnns tn llin full confldoiu'u ot
tlioallllcti'il everywhere * . Thwy Biuiunt ni
tlio aw I ill rlTccts of early vice und tlio numer
ous ovllh llmtfollort lu | | n train
cppwllly. compvtclv nii'l iioriimiipntly cureul ,
OHDIIRHylolil io-.illly ( to lliulr skillful treatA
cnarantceil curvel wll bunt pain or detention
from iMislnosR.
IlVnitUUEI.P. AM ) VAUICOOKI < K porma.
ncnt'y nnd Biicrcsiditly cured In iivorycnso.
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