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    0HB ? OMAHA DAILY 13EE : SATURDAY , JANUARY 31 , 1891.
.Tolhrrrd by Currier In uny part of the C\lj. \
\V. \ TlLTu.N. . - - MAXAUKH
Fi , ! ne-M Office. Nn.ll
NlxlitKdltui.No. S3.
K V. 1 > Co.
Council Illufls IjimbcrCo. . con ! .
Craft's chattel loan . 201 Sapp block.
Lloyd I'orgiavcs nnel Sadlo Hytin wcro
mnrried last evening Justice I'ayton ofllclat-
( leorgo Bo.scn , who wns taken 111 with ellph-
"tfiTrlu n few dajs ago , Is reported very much
1' , Gounnouclo lias nnnounccd himself a
camlielnto for the nomination to the city
council from the Third ward on the demo
cratic ticket.
A motion for n now trial wan submitted
and taken under lulvl&omctit by Judge Mes-
< ! eio ycstcnlny in the cnso of Scldesiugor
Uros. vs. h. C. Baldwin.
Hov. llyers , who has hocn holding meet
ings nt Overton's mission , is h.iving a plaeo
for meetings fltteel up on the corner nf Ave
nue 1C nnd .Elghtn street. .
.lolni Jorelun died ut Missouri Viilloy last
Thursday of con.miinptlon. ills body will bo
brought to this city today and will ho burled
in ttio Catholic cemetery.
Justice I'iitton dlschargcel lid Mnrklo yes-
tcrdny , tlio boy who was charged with steal
ing a blanket from Ilov. liyers ut Overtoil
mission a week or two ago.
_ AJlnoracoon overcoat , valued at M5 , was
J BtoTen from n rack In front of Me f's cloth
ing store last , nlirht at about T o'clock. A re
wire ! of WO Is offered for Its return.
A ellvorco was granted to Mrs. Maggie
"Vim Horn Iroin her husband Prank Van
Dorii In ihsti let eiotirt yesterday. The ground
was cruelty nnd inliumaii treatment ,
Chester A. Stevenson , who has snout some
time in Indiana ninco ilnltliinghis course at
the Iowa CUv law school , lias roturnoel to
this city nnd expects to hang out his shlnglo
next week.
The Klonns social club was entertained
last evening by Miss Lou Kronen nt her
homo on Avenue 13 , between Tenth and
Eleventh atreots. Tlio young people enjoyed
a \ory pleasant evening ,
Dr. I-1 VV. Houghton is about to commence
the election of n &JX)0 ( ) residence on West
1'icrco street , on the slto wheio C. A. lleebo
fonnui'.y lived , The work of tearing etown
thu old llcobo house will bo hegnn soon.
The XonatucU silk company has Hlud ex
ceptions to the elirlnis of Hlco , Stlx .t Co. .
.Simon Hamuorger , Sllx , Crouso ft Co. . and
Ofilcerit I'usoy on thu stock of II. Hiscnmu
( * Co. , and the mortgage' ' ) securing the same.
The following onicors were In tiilloel at the
last regular meeting of the Troubund lodge ,
No r > ( i.VJ : Trotitnelbter , Robert Uobig ; bun-
dcsmelster , II. Voss ; secretary , The-oiloro
ruhnnaii : trcuauior , John Allies' , guard , !
Tlio case of A. A. Ilnzzard VP. the city of
Council Bluffs , wherein the patient seeks to
recover fti.OlH ) for tlio loss of a horse which
felt and broke Us leg on account of a luul
pltico In the road , will bo put on trl.ll in ells-
court next Monday.
Ytrlct McCilnuis , the iilloged omhoizlor. Is
confined in the county Jail , where ho was
put night before last immediately after his
return from Texas in company with Cliief
Cnry. Ho has become very reticent since
his return and v/hcn uskcel questions
hy n icportir yesterday , his invariable loply
was , " 1 have nothing tosay. "
The Nonparlel olllco wns entered by bur-
rVirs night before lust. They tried to get in
fy removing a of glass in the partition
bot\\cen the olllco and the piess room. They
were foiled in this attempt , however , nnel
' next forced the door. They rilled the casl
ilruwcrt and took several dollars in small
chunge , but beyond this they ( jot nothing.
Ono of the most enjoy able events of the
season took place in the Hnyal Arcanum par
lors last evening , In the Hhapo of o
masquerade party given by Prof , Chamber :
to his dancing class. About thlrtx- couples
were present. Prizes were offeree ! to the
couple having the llncst costume , nnei
also to the couple with the inosi
comic costume. These consisted o
a full term and a half term of lessons rcspec
lively. The winners of the llrst prize wen
E. A , InRoldsby anel Miss t'loruLatiRinaeloni
Jockeys , while the second was carried oft" bj
( } . N Coats anel Miss Ora Piper ns the King'i
Fool anel Topsy. The pri/os wCro awarelui
bv a committee , consisting of Mrs. Thomas
Mctcair , Mrs. T. A. Cavin and Mr. AVIllinu
Host ? 1.5 laumlried reinforced back ixni :
f rout line shirts , host mneio , cut toMc ; bcstun
lauiitliicd $1.00 shirt ntliilo ; heavy workmen1 !
woolen mittens nnel Rloves , worth 75cto 'Mo
cut to Uo ; gentlemen's nil wool Scotch ( 'love ;
2 Ic until the Krcat bankrupt sale of the Mode
clothing company Is over. It commences thl
N1 morning ' in the Sann hloulc.
' Slic overalls for ! JSc : all the > flno $5 camel' '
hnirunelenyoai'po at Sl.M ) ; outniK ilanim
shirbMe'all ; the line of caps , ranging Iron
fl to'J , goat " 'Jo elurinti the great banUrup
Biilu nt the Model clothing company , Sup
Huy your coal and wood of C. U. Pud Co.
C30 liroadway. Telephone 133.
Best heavy pooels , 2r > per cent oil , cash
Keller , the tnllor , ! il ( ) Broadway.
Oar llrinnrkablo
Knables UB to present for your constdera
tlein prices without a precedent In the histor ,
of Council Bluffs. All Koods are warruntc
now anel clean , equal to the best any nmrkr
. MTemls. Only ono price anel terms strict ! ;
cash. Call and see and bo sutisllcel that w
Uivls' Hoval No , 10 flour , $1.50 ; Davis
BlueD flour , * ll.r ! ; Gold Medal Hour , $1.45
Minnesota Superlative Hour , $1 ; Snowllak
Hour , $1 ; HI Ibs granulated sugar for $ t ; I
Ibs extra U granulated sugar for $1'JO ; Ib
Now Orleans sugar for $1 ; ArbucUlo coffee
Dcrpkgo , 2. > c ; tiorinau cotTeo , nor pkgo , lr ! > o
King's buckwheat , per pkge , lOo ; crackers
Corlb , flc ; ! ! Ibs ginger simps for'Joc ; 2 lonvc
re-ad for fie ; ! l Ihs mlnco meat , 23o
B cans tomatoes , 'Joo ; it cans corn , S. > e ; Pug (
Norton & Co Hour , $1.25 a sack ; 1Mb pail lar
for lite ; Mb pall lard for : t-c ; oilsnrellncs , pc
can , fie : 2 cans mustard surdincs for 2'ic ; Cu
Ifornlu , hams , per Ih , ( Jl < e ; . Bood broom fc
lo ( ) ; 50 good elpars for Too ; 20-lb pall Jelly fc
70c ; l4-gftl ? I U syrup for SSe ; fi-gal ke
yrup for ll.-tt ) ; SUMIt pall white Ilsh forOOt
llrown's C. 0. D. Grocery ,
Council U luffs and Omiiha.
Not tlio Guilty OUCH.
Two men were arrested Thursday night li
a detective hamoel liny on the siippoaitio
that they were the parties who bunjlarlze
the Uock Island ticket otllco ut Perry on tl
night of the 'J2d. They gave the names i
Smith anel John Van Deuogart nt tlio polli
station , but Smith's nuino was found to bo
false ono , hisioal iituno being L. U , Kci
worthy , They were both formerly emploji
ofthonwd. They ciuno to this city sever
duys ago , and their actions cause * . ! tha polli
to think that they would hoar watching. 1)
vclopments which wcro made yestorda
lion-over , showed that they were not 11
.parties wanted , ntid they wuro both dl
ulmrgcd ,
The great bankrupt sale starts Sfiturda
Jan , 111 , ut 8 : ! W. Model Clothing Co , Sapp
new block. _
Itish fnozo ulster overcoats , formerly sent
nt fcB ! , go at $9.0' ) ; best grades of Scotch suit
sold by Mr. Mossier at from $11) ) to SS , nowi
ntfS.lS ; Gloho ctisslniere fUri suits , iiiarki
down to 17.15 ; nnd will bo held at the :
prli-es until Urn eiitlw line is doted out , i
Iho icrcat bankrupt sale of the Model clothli
company , in Sapp's block.
.Great success.
Hcllablci goods.
Fair dunlin s.
Bottom prices ,
I. B. Jacijucinlii & Co. . No , 27 Main strc
J. C. nix by , hc.ittn ? , nanltar.v 01
( tlnecr.SW Morrlam block , Council Illuns
The best French cook In western Iowa 1 >
tbo Hotel Gordon , Council Bluffs.
Too much California rannexlgoods ou han
bust bo sold , Ktlloy & Vounkeruiin.
lujiio lil 1 Ilu ULUHOt
The Beat of the Indictments Reported b/ /
the Grand Jury.
A IjtitmdroN.q Meets \Yltli n Had Ac-
cldciit Tlio Ctinutniiiiani ( | Kluot
11 MUM.II : or Tor ( lie I2n-
Yesterday the rest of the Indictments
which were returned by the irrnnd Jury \vcro
rondo public , thu parties having been placed
under nrrest. Colthard , Uioallugcd swindler ,
wns arrustcel in the morning. Ilont once sent
for his friend , F. L. Davis of Missouri Val
ley , to como nnd holj ) him out. Davis came ,
mid its soon as ho went to the court house to
arrange with the erlurlf about Colttmrd's ' bond
he was confronted with nn Indictment of his
o\vn , charging him with the same
ofConso. Davis1 arrest was n matter
of much surprise not only to him
self , hut to all who hail paid uny attention to
the historv of the case. So faros has been
learned , the only connection ho had with the
casu wan the fact that he had acknowledged
bonioof the deed * in the deal. Ho was sub-
[ lujiiacd ns a witness buforo Iho prand Jury ,
and was Indicted , It Is said , largely on his
own testimony , Ills friends Insisted that
there li not ti iwrticle of evidence to show
anything criminal in his transactions , and
bellevo that the result of the trial will show
liis innocence. Wills and Wouber , the other
two who wcro concerned In the swindle and
hnvu been In the county Jail ever since , were
also Indicted. Each of the four are Indicted
on two counts conspiracy and utteiltiK
forced instruments. Colltinrd and Davis
each Rave bonds in the sum of $1,000 and
were released to await trial.
Itnnkfitpt Sale of the IjnrKe-'St unit
ClcnncHt Stock of ClothiiiK In
the West 7fi Per Cent
M 8 o'clock this morning an event will
begin to transpire in Council Bluffs that will
bo of rnoro than passing Interest to the nco-
plo of the city , ull surrounding cities , eastern
Nchr.isUannd western Iowa. It will be the
bankrupt sale of the Immense stock of clothIng -
Ing and furulshhiK goods In the magnificent
store knoivn ns the Model clothing house.
The citizens of Council DlufCs are well aware
of the fact that this stock of ' goods
was not brought ticro to bo sold at auction
nor at any kind of n sacrifice , but for the
purposeof ostabllshltiK a permanent business
enterprise. The stock was selected hy n
connoisseur in the art , and was designed to
mod the requirements or n , llrst-elais trade.
Whtlo it covered a , wide nnico In quality and
vuvietv of nooils , owing to the Immense quan
tity purchased , the majority of the poods
were doslnnod to moot the demands of the
lliro trado. The remaikably j > oor season
that paralyzed the clothing trade all ovnr the
country crippled Mr. Mossier , the manager ,
and drove him to the wall. The heaviest
creditors were Moore & iilnr of Rochester ,
N. Y. , who held oer if .OlK ) worth of lia
bilities. They compromised with the other
creditors and bid in the stock at a sacrifice of
more than half the original manufacturer's
cost of the poods. Among their largest cus
tomers In the west Is the llrm of A. II. Gold
stein & Co. of Carthage , Mo , , who operate
live of the Inrcest retail stores iu southwest
Missoml. The whole of tbo Model
block was turned over to the
Goldsteins , ana they hnvo detormlnec
to establish n branch in Council Bluffs. Mr. .
.Tack ( Joldstuiti of Carthage has been placet
in charge and will bo tbo resident partner. Ail
iloy ear lease has been taken on the splendid
did room in the new Supp block ns the firs'
move in this now enterprise. The secoiu
move will bo the event spoken of. This wll
bo the absolute cleaning out of all the presou
stock nt usncrltlce that will positively bolosi
than fill per cent of the Jobber's prices. Th <
entire stock will bo sold without reserve ,
There U no disputing the fact that It is thi
cleanest and llncst stock of poods In thoTwii
cities. Everything is marked in plain figures
uros , and you will find upon inspection tun ,
you cannot get a single article , if you bouph
$1.000 worth from the manufacturer nt th
prices wo offer you every article in tb
store. Wo are determined to close out tb
stock In the shortest possible time and n
reasonable offer will bo refused.
" \Vo don't behovo in making false reprc
sontatlon about anything , " said Mr. Jac !
Goldstein.Council ' Bluffs is to bo my horn
hereafter , anil I stake my reputation upoi
the representations irmdy here. The sal
opens ut 8 o'clock Saturday morning , mid i
there are noi Bomo agreeably surprised pui
chasers hero then the people of this countr
nro beyond surptlslng.
"If you hoar of n dozen extra salosme
send them , nnd wo will give. them pormancn
employment , "
Roys AVniitcd
at American district telegraph ofllco.
He Ioynl to Your Town.
Don't ' go outside of your city to spend yov
money and bo called u sucker. You can bu
honest goods cheaper at homo , thereby bull
upyour city and invariably strengthen yoi
credit. When you apply a few dollars on tl
old account you help the needy morchan
who pays interest many times for the monc
you ewe him. Mandel & Klein are the heat
quarters lor furniture , carpets , stoves , etc.
The now dental rooms of Drs. Woodbur
are the llncst and moat complete in tno wosl
Next to tbo new Grand. "Telephone , 143. "
Horse blankets and lap rooes at cost i
Theo. Heckmau's , 227 Main street ,
Kiinclclnir Out the I > eo l.
The case of Woodward vs Bench , wblc
has been on trial In the district court for se
01 nl days past , was completed , all but tt
arguments of the attorneys , yostcrday nfte
noon. Nn very sensational testimony hi
been introduced at any tlmo during the trl
since the llrst day , when one of old in ;
Woodward's sons made some stntcmcn
which rather tended to show that Mi
Woodward was not Just the good , pious so
she pretended to bo. The rest of the rai
stuff which the probocutlon claimed to ha1
on hand was knocked out of the rii
when it was decided to withdraw th
part of the peiltion which alleged ii
morality on the part of Mrs. Bone
Yesterday It was shown that Woodwn
during his lost yours had a great distrust
Ids children , and was very anxious that tin
should not have any share In his proper !
At ono time his dnughttT-iii-law sent hi
some food , IIo was afraid that It contain' '
poison and refused to take it , Mrs. IJeai
told him that if ho had that fear hovou
better not tnko it , as if it should bo true th
It did contain poison she would bo bliim
, s as the ono who bud administered It.
o All the 1110118 suits , originally sola for $1
will he closed out nt fur ! > at the great ban
rupt sale of the Model clothing company.
A. Illrtliilny Party.
A pleasant blrttulay party was given It
Wednesday afternoon from 11 to fl o'clock ,
the Misses Jnnlo and Vesta Jameson , at t
residence of W J. Jameson. Many hoau
ful presents were received by the you
410 Kearney St ,
N. Ogdcn , Mich. ,
Ban Francisco , Col ,
Hay 17 , 1800.
April 28. 1SDO.
" > nv *
"My brotucr-Kev.
' My wife nnd I loth
E mucl I'ortcr , ha\e been nflllctcil
cured l > y St. Jacolij with lame-bark nnd
Oil of excruciating core throat , and have
ditto piltis in bit euro fmnd by permanent utu of tt.
it thigh. " Jacobs Oil.
i ;
135,000 , Will Be Openec
a Fearful Sacrifice Without Reserve
hostesses. The followlne Is n list of the
guests :
Winnie and Vera Marshall , Ethel Shepard ,
Aelah Sargent , Claribel Chambers , Grace
Phorson. Lou Hazard , Jcssio and
Alma Pontius , Minnie Foster , Polly
Erb , Ethel , Evelyn and Edith Thomas ,
Klla Wtrt , Zoo Hill , Nelllo Lutz.
Shirley Moore , Sophie Lange , Phoeba Judson -
son , Mary Arcttor , Edith and Helen Runyon ,
Bcsslo Wright , Laura and Marie Bunker ,
Ada Dally nnd Mabel Christie ; Cora Holmes ,
Hattlo Smith and Gertie Evens of Omaha.
Jeans pants marked ? l.i > 0 , cut to 30c ;
child rons * overcoats 90c , worth $1.00chil- ;
drcns' complete suits utSoc and ! ) So a suit ;
i > Ucsuspenders forSc ; finest silk neckwear
Ho ; Mosslor's ' best $1.00 neckwear 29o ; host
4-plv collars 8c , all cheaper grades Cc ; silk
mulllers marked by Mossier at $3.00 to & > .00
goat 89eduring the great bankrupt sale of
the Model clothing company , commencing
this morning ,
Why pay profits on every purchase when
you can got all your house furnishings in ono
place at ono profit ) Mnnelel & Klein.
The Inst Iay of the Boston Store's
Great Annual Clearing Sale Prev
ious to inventory , Coun-
ell IlluITH.
The great annual sale Is drawing to a close.
3No\v is the time if you need anything In un
derwear , hosiery , blankets , comforters , dress
goods , coats , shawls , etc. , etc. Wo Imvo
thousands of bargains , too numerous to men
tion. This has been without a doubt the
most successful sale over conducted hy us.
The rlsht ( goods at right prices always speak
for themselves. Again , wo never advertise
anything but what wo have in largo quanti
ties. Kead tno following list for underwear.
See other papers for other special lists.
Gonts' shirt and drawers sold for 2oc re-
ducoel to l5c. !
Heavy gwy shirts and drawers , former
price ! ! 'Jo , during sale nt U."ic.
Our all wool shirts nnel drawers In grays
and scarlets sold for $1.00 during sale O'Jo. '
Gents' Scotch gray underwear ( all wool )
reduced from $1.00 to 75o.
Beautiful light gray underwear sold for
$1.50 unco during sale $1.00.
Ladles' white and natural ribbed vests sold
for13c ! reduced to2.r > o.
Ladles' white merino vests and pants ,
formerly sold for SOc , now 3'Jc. '
Ladles' all wool vests in white and natural
wool , both plain and ribbed , sold for 11,00 to
go at 7r > c each.
Misses' fancy ribbed vests in three 8Uus
sold for -fie , special nrlco 17c , 3 for 50c.
llo canton flannel , I
25e turkey reel damask , 17c.
80o towels for 25c.
15 pieces bleached and half bleached llncni
sole ! ntCOc and Too to go eluilag H.alo at We.
Be > vroN 'STOIIE ,
Fothcrmgham. Whitelnw & Co. ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Now York ofllco , 47 Leonard st.
It Will Do n Fearful Rue.
The work of markine dowa the Elscman
stock preparatory to throwing open the doors
of the big establishment is being pushed with
nil possible speed , It's ' a big Job , for every
5 , article In nil departments of the
k store has to bo ro-mnrkcd. Ttio cut
made in prices is simply astounding ,
For instance , the tlno combination
suits that the Klsomnns imported last sum
mer for the fall nnd spring trade nnel marked
to soil at from $15 to $ ! . " > huvo bcoa reduced
lie to 1.03 , and some of them as low ns $2.50 ,
while a few of the choicest spring styles
tl- hava teen fixed ut $5,50. A terrine cut has
been made In the immense stock of silks , and
thu ladles will bo able to get a party silk at
pretty near the price commonly asked for a
einnhiun. A still greater cut has been mntlo
In the olg stock of velvet and plushes. Every
thing ID the line , Including plushes that bold
at f i om f 8.03 i to S15.W , huvo beou reduced
to We.
"Ills simply murder , Mr. Ilohlon , " sale ) a
gentleman yesterday while looking at the
great slaughter , "and I should think you
would be afraid the prauel Jury would bid let
you. " _
Cost or value not considered , come and take
the bargain at the great bankrupt salo.
Model Clothing Co. , Sapp's now block.
Cruihed llnr Aim.
Miss Maggie Yancey , the daughter of J. E
Yaiicey , met with a serious accUlen
vestcrday morning. She works In Evans
laundry. While she was dusting off the
machinery her hand became caught In a
nmnglo and was drawn in between the
swiftly revolving rollers. ' 'Tho ' machinery
could not bo stopped until nor arm had passed
between tha rollers almost up to her elbow.
Her screams brought some of the ether
cm ploycs to her rescue. They tried to un-
scroiv tbo machinery , but it was impossible ,
and the rollers had to bo sot in motion back
wards , and thus the arm was withdrawn the
same way it entered. Thr girl was taken to
horhomo , 711 Broadway , where she was at
tended by Dr. Plnney. IIo found no broken
bones to speak of , but the muscles of the arm
had been horribly crushed out of shape. It
will be several weeks , it Is feared , botorc the
injured member can bo used.
Overcoats for men $1.00 and upwards ,
ilodcl Clothing's great bankrupt sale , Sapp's
new block.
Chinchilla overcoatsmarked from $10 to $15 ,
nnrkcd down to ? 2.85 ; plush pea jackets and
osts , marked $10 , go at $7.80 ; line molten
ackets and vests , marked S0.50 , go at2.1S ;
special chinchilla overcoats , marked by Moss-
or at § 23 to $30 , go at $3.00 during the great
jrcat bankrupt sale the Model clothing eom-
iauy , commencing of 8 u'clock this morning.
Come early Saturday and avoid tno rush at
.ho great bankrupt siilc. Model Clothing Co. ,
Sapp's new block.
The elegant G. A. K. suits , nil wool and
incly made , that commanded a ready silo nt
$15 during the past season , have been markcel
down to $1.85 for the Model bankrupt bale.
To bo sure that your children have pure
: andy , buy for them the Pomona brand fruit
ulce tablets. Pomona stanied on eacli tab-
et. The trade supplied by Duquette & Co.
Gents' furnishing goods to ho slaughtercel
at any price at the great bankrupt salo.
Model Clothing Co. , Sapp's now block.
All the flno Scotch and cheviot suits , all
wool and tbo best product , of the manufac
turer , sola by Mr. Mossier at 8 0 all go at
the great bankrupt sale at $0.30. Model
Clothing Co. , Sapp block.
Bell & Son's now grocery takes the lead on
Upper Broadway. No old stock.
Pine dress suits and overcoats nt your own
price at the great bankrupt sale , Sapp's new
block. "
Attend the great bankrupt sale of line
clothing at the old stand of Model Clothing
Co. , Sanp's new block.
In receiving our spring stock we make
swooping reductions on all of our furniture ,
carnets , stoves , fancy lamps , crockery , etc.
Mandel & Kloin.
All the flno cassimero suits , good enough
for a prince to wear , which the Model cloth-
Intr company formerly sold at from $18 to $ d4. ,
go at tno bankrupt' salo. commencing
this morning , at $0.20. ' '
It is an acknowledged ffict , tlmt Mnnucl &
Klein sell furniture , carpets ami stoves
cheaper than any other hriu b in the city.
You will save from 100 'to pOO per cent on
everything you buy at the great Model bank
rupt clothing sale. Bcllovo nothing you hear
but go and soo. , „ a
i I
Evans Laundry Co. , 520 'cnrl street. Tele
phone ; "JO. Goods called for and delivered.
Davis , headquarters for Chaul-MooGrau.
Ladles are especially Invited to attend tl o
great bankrupt sale , Model Clothing Co ,
' 'k ' '
Sapp's ucw block ,
The Company Organ Izpel.
The company which has been organized
within the past two weeks for the purpose of
leasing and managing Dohany's opera house ,
met in the board of trade rooms last evening
to perfect ttielr plans , This company con
sists of the following fifty gentlemen , whose
names were secured by Mr. F. H , Evans :
B. B. Wadswortu , J. H. E. Clarke , H. A.
Cox , C. U. Han nan , H. L. Shep
herd. Poregoy & Moore , Bono &
Co. , Charles Bono , A. P. Honchett ,
H. A. Wood bury , A. T. Elwcll , Gilbert
Brothers , D. Macrae , Dr. Thomas , Qlobo
publishing company , Judet-Wolls company ,
J. M. Lane , J. K. P. McGee , A. W. Askwith ,
W. H. Thomas , I , F. Homirleks , C. L. Unas ,
( J. R Wright , L. Wolli , Oeorgo Motcalf , E.
P. Wright , W. Hieknian , A , Blenheim.
Ttomai Mctcalf , T. J. Evans , S. P. McOon
ncll , W. C. James , J. F. Klmbull , U. H
Champ , F. II. Evans , C. T. Stewart , M. P
Ellis , I. M. Troynor , E. E. Hart , S. N Bald
win , W. F. Sapp , B. M. Sargent , II. J.
Evans , W. C. James and E. W. Hart.
The company wns organised into an incor
poration , wltn a capital stock of $10,000 , to
run for twenty years. The following ottl-
cors were then elected : President , J. N.
Baldwin ; vice president , C. T. Stewart ;
treasurer , A. T. Elwcll ; executive commit
tee , J. F. Kimball , E. W. Hart and F. II ,
Evans. The management of the whole affuir
is to bo loft in the bauds of the execu
tive committee , who will , ns soon as
possible , have on interview with Mr. Dohnny
with a vio.v to leasing the op'ira house. He
has already made them a proposition as to
tbo rent , which is to bo f.'i,000 for the first
year. $ if > 00 for the second and 1.000 for the
third , the lease to run for three years. It ! }
understood that the company will accept this
proposition and taUo possession as soon as
possible. _
How to Break Up a Severe Cold.
From the Virginia City , Mont. , Madlso-
nian : When we llnd a medicine wo know to
possess genuine merit , wo consider it n duty ,
nnd wo tnuo pleasure In telling the public
what it is , Such a medicine we found Cham
berlain's Cougn Komeely. By the use of this
syiup wo have relieved , in n few hours , se
vere colds , and in the course of two or three
days , entirely broken them up as has several
of our friends to whom wo have recommended
it. It is till it is represented to ho by the
manufacturers. If you have a cough anel
want to stop it , Chamberlain's Cough itcm-
rdy will do ttio work. For sale by all drug
FOK HALE Vine bltfsln nnd douhln road
sters and heavy ilniusht uorscs. Will also
(111 ( orders for any stvlo of Imiscs wanted.
Leave orders It h Dr. W , L. Vat ton , CVntral
livery and Halo stablus1 and K N , Main
Council llhiIts.
WAN'L'KD Rood girl for noneral hmixu-
\Mirk ; small faintly Airs. Jame.s , 0 J
Klfth avenue.
A competent Bill for general
lioiihuwork , MM. James J. Ilruwn , > 0
7th street , Council HlutTs.
ACHES-IC you want to cot ones aero or moro
for u nice homo , nnd where you can unr-
elcn and ralso small fiult and poultry , or If
you want ten or twenty acres or a lur u farm
In lown , wo cnn stilt you , Cull nnd sou us ,
Johnstont Van fatten , Kvurvtt block , Conn-
oil ninth.
mo LADIES Try Dr. Miller's homo trrat-
JL mcnl for fcninlo diseases. Hufe , mild and
sure. AKo Dr. Miller's pile p'isttlus ; painless
ami untiiantocd tocuio. 1'orsalu In Council
HliiUs and Omahu only by Mrs. A. A. Smith ,
I'MS. 1st St. . anil Mrs. 0 , K. lilK ilis , 1510
I.pnvunuortli st. , Omaha.
FOK SALE or Itont Oardoa land , with
bouiei , by J. It Uloo. 101 Mala it. , Ooimoll
Bluff *
' National Bank
Capital , - - - - $4OOOOO
Surplus Jan. 1st , 1800 , - B7.BOO
Olflcorinnrt IlrPCtorIIcnry W Yntos , Prescient ,
I.i'wl * H. llencl , Ylcu-l'rexlck'iit ; .lamas W.'Snvnxit , W
V. Morne. John H. Colllni , U. U. Cuslilntf , J. N. U
rutrlclc. W. 11. B. Iluglio/ ,
Corner I2tti nud Fiirnam Sts ,
A General Ilu nidus Ilunlncws Transacted
| Ouro CoURhB , Colds nnel Lune Dlsenooe * !
rinleyBurko.Qeo.W. HewiU.Thos. E. Ooaady
Burke , Hewitt &Casady ,
0 > f I I.
Ofllcosi J , J , Ilruwn Uulldlu ; , Council IllulTn
To Soft Coal Consumers.
What is ? 'Our Celebrated Jackson , Illinois ,
COAL AT $4.50.
Best in the market. Nothing like it. Ordei
early and avoid the rush.
AT ThafpJhflp
A JL JLlC uw AIwJL 9
Telephone 48. - 114 Main Street
Is In every respect tlio best Goal for domestic purposes In the
It losts longer , produces moro hent nnd burns up cleaner than
any other Iowa conl. One ton will go ns far as a ton and a half of
the ordinary stuff , and it costs no more than the cheap , unsatisfactory
grades commonly sold. Try it for cooking and heating. Sold only by
The best outside coal sold in the Council Bluffs market Is the
OHIO LUMP ; superior to cannel and much cheaper.
All kinds of Wood and Coal. Cobs a specialty. Full weight and.
prompt delivery.
29 South Main St. Telephone 2O3.
' roii''iru ( : > snRns.-u. s. IN-
dlnn service. Hosubud Atciny [ , Heiuth Di-
kota.Jaiiiiuiy 12 , IMIl. Scaled piopo-.aU on-
dulled "I'reipoMilb for 1 lelet hoods , and ad
dressed to the ) umlotslgni'il ut Hosoliuil
Aiienuy. Boutli PiilxUn , will ho received until
1 o'clock of I'ebru.iry ft , lwi | , for furnishing nnd
delivering thoMimo at Valentino , NuhraKu :
MiObiiHlitilsiif seed oat H , 1JOO ( buslio'K of seed
potatoes and 1,000 buulieils of sueid corn , lliel-
< lers must state the proposed prlceof each ar
ticle to bo offered for dellveny under u con
tract. ChllTIFIKI > CHUCKS. Kilt'll bid
must bo accompanied bv a cut ti
lled check or draft upon some Cnlted Mates
Depository , nmdo payable to tlm order of the
undersigned , fe > r ut leiiht I'lVlC per eent of
tbo iiinount of the proposal , which eheek or
draft will lie fin felted 10 Hie United Slates In
casu uny bidder or blddein reciihlng nn
award shall fall to prompt I v U.MTUIO u eon-
tract with good and hiillluleint surltlejs. other-
wlsu to lid letnrncil to the bidder. ,1. CJI.OKUI ,
WUIQ11T , U.S. IndluuAgent , J-ta-d-'l-tm
Ilpcclvor'H Sale of Capital HotJl Fur-
niturn ,
Ily virtue of an order of the dlbtrlet court ,
in and fur Lancaster county , iippolntlni : the
undeiislKiicd recclvor In the suit of Italph
Kit hen vs Ildward I' . Itocgcn , et ul. . notluu Is
lieruby Klven that I will on thu Utli day of
I'ubruary , A , I > . IhUI. ut 11) o'clocU u. in. of Kuld
day , at the L'apllul bolol , ut the southwest ,
corner of Kk'ventli nnd 1'strciitH , In the pity of
Lincoln , In the county of Lancaster , ton at
public , atuitlon to tins highest bidder for cash ,
all the property , furniture , good * ,
chattels and fixtures In Hiild hoteil belonglni ;
to thu llrm of lloKiten & MuDoimld. Thu In-
ve'iitory and list of the said chnttel property
can lietuxamlnedat thesieldluilnlbulldliiit and
ut my ofllcis bAM Jle-ChAV ,
Lincoln , January 10 , Ib91. Heeelvcr.
Jaiill(12ltm (
Corner Muln and Ilroadwiiy.
Pculera In forolijn unit doruoitlu xohanit ,
Cnlluctluu mudu unit lutoruit , palel ou
deposit * .
Or Council Bluffs.
CAPITAL STOCK $150,000 ,
Dliir.OTOiis I. A. Millar , K , O. Gloason , EX K
KluiKurt , K. K. Hurt , J. 1) . BdmiindsDn , Olmrloi
U , Iliinnan. Traniaot Ki > neiil tianklnz bu l-
ne . Largest capital and iurplu of uj
Imnkln Houtliwosturn Iowa
nt l < aw <
tCU | „ , thu Btato
federal courtn. Rooms I ) , 4 and 5 bhugarC
llunoblook , Uotincll llluffs , lowiu
Cnunrll IllutH , la.
All ( H ( ninHo ( the KVK.
trcnted wltti thu Kr al
iklllnnrt tnro ,
nnil MAY riiVl.ll Iruatuil
wllh eminent UPCCII.
hUlUill'AliOI'KIIATIONB , where nuiutnnrr , Iinln-
Irnily performo I with thu iitinint cnro and "kill ,
mrlllK jiorfi'it ri)4Ulti H.NKHP OliAKHKH nccur-
nli'ly iiro'crlliwl , curructlnx all rufructlru trouble ! ,
ni Mrupln , Il7croil& | | HIM ! Aitlulnatlim , ehui ron-
( IcrliuiUlit caiy , tluur nnil ualnluu , OI1IION10
NKI.'ltAl.OIA nnil HICK 1IHAIIAC1IH , nftcr ronrl
ofterrlblu aullcrliiK. no relief , ontlralcurod. . Oinco ,
Itoiini I , Blmimrt lllock , over lleno A Co. ' itoro ,
Cuuncll Illuni , la.
D. H. McDaneld & Co. ,
Butchers' ' and Packers1 Supplies ,
Market Fixtures , Casings ,
f pices and HaiuHKo Milker. ' Maohlnary. K&-
t1. Main Ht. , Coiinull Ululfn , lu. Also deulen
u llldti uud l''urn.