Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 27, 1891, Page 7, Image 7

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DVEttTISEVENTa for them ) colutni will
> o taken until 12:30 p. m. , for tb crenlnf
edition and until 8no : p. in. , ( or lb mornlnj
edition and BUNDAr II.
In ad Tinea. >
\ *
J T > ATE3 Aarortlionicnt8onthlipmr wlll t >
/ Jtclurgcd for nt the rate ofV4 ! c nt pr word
v , / lor tlio first Insertion nod 1 cent per word foi
* w < > ach subsequent tnitcrtlon. and 11.60 per lint
S ? * per month , No advortluomont tnken toi
yj * ins tliun 21 cents ( or the Orit Insertion.
TN1TIAL.8 , figures , ytubols , etc. , count each
vJ-aa ono word. .
rpllEflfi ndvortlspmenta mnst run conicon-
JLtlrely nnd tinder no clrcumtnnett will
they be taken or discontinued by telephone.
"OAKTIFSftd vcitUlnR In thcso column * and
J. ImrlnK their answers addrosicd to a'-nutn-
ler d lottor" In care of Til * HE * will recolr *
f. numbered chock to enable thorn to getthdr
etton. Answers will bo delivered only on
presentation of thl.i clicclc , Kncloso answer *
In envelope ? properly ftdd reined.
ALIj itlvertlsemnntii under the heart of
"H pec I ul Not Ices" nro published In both the
Morning and owning edition * of TllR HUB. the
circulation of which nBHrevatcs moro tlum
JO.OOO papers dally , nn < l Kl e tbo adrertlser
the bcnoilt not only of thu lnrio circulation nf
5'lin HER InOmnha. butulsoln Council II luffs ,
Lincoln n ml other cities utiil tnwn < ln ttm w t
AdrertUlnR for these columns will } taken
fn the above condition * . attho followlru busi
ness tinuRuiwhonro authorized totakespaolal
notices , nttho same rates as can Una at the
SOUTH Btroot , Lister Hlock. _ _
' OIIN street. W.UELM'nurmaclst , 820 Bouth Tenth
_ _ _
HA8B & EDny. 'ofatlonera and PrlnUrs ,
Bouth IGtliBtroet.
_ " _ _ _ _
Sn".YAIlNSWOKTII , PLarmaolst , 2115 Cum-
Ing atrcut.
"tV * ntOIIE3. Pharmacist. O * North Uth
Y T Btreut. _
GEO. W. PA11R , rharrnaclst. 1718 Leaven-
worth street.
IMIAKMAOY'.JIth and Farniim.
Itt ratts , tit. , irt lop nf
A YOUNO ninn. 10 years of nKo. wishes
employment us olcrlr. carrier , oollcctoror
" m. Good reforcncos. Address 04 ,
SITUATION wnnted t > y a youiiK man of
peed Imiilt * . an Uorkor assistant book-
kroper ; bent of city reference. Address Hnom
142. Itco build I MI ? . C73-'Q *
WANTED Situation by a voiintr ludy as a
Monographer. Address II M , lice.
GENTLEMAN with several years' ex
A perience , cnpnnlo of flllliiR n responsible
position , deal res such with a mortKaito com-
pnnror banlc In lena or NcbrnskuOtiinlin ,
preferred Address 11 2 , Ilco. 415:10 : *
WANTED Situations for peed Klrlsmy
wnltlnic rooms nro always full from 0 a.
in. ton p. m. Cnnndlnn Employment ofllce.
? I4'S ir.tli. Telcnhoiin 881. 121
Far _ mlr , tc. ( , tee tnjiof Jlnlcnlumn n
WANTED P.ilo.siiian owning own team to
sell InbrlcitliiK oils nnd jireiiseson com
mission toconsnniorsthroiiKh the state ; lariro
proflls to uctho man. Address Chicago Oil
Co. , HI Milwauluu ate. , OblcaKO , III. CIO-27
ANTED 1'list class coiitmaker. Address
1 * . gouguy , Aurora. Nob. 074-fli *
WANTIID Auonts-Wo want llrst-class
men who are already traveling salesmen
to carry our lubrlcntlnit oils and prcaso siim-
plcsns a sldo lino. Columbia Oil and Qrcnsa
Co . Cleveland , 0. M018-30
\XTANTKI ) Klrot class to Invcs-
vv tlunto the liost business In existence.
Room 5iq 1'axton block. MU17-30 *
( " \T7ANTED 3 brlclit cash boys , must comeT
T T necoinntiniert by parent or guardian. Ne
braska Oloth Ing Co. 70320
" \7V7ANTi ; ! ) Ocntloinon competent to lum-
din an entirely now business , never In
troduced In this cltv. Very liberal Inducu-
nioiits , and wortliy of Inxoitlgutlon. ItooniMS.
1'iixton building. OOP 29 *
\\7ANTKD A good steady man with about
V * (550 capltnl as partner In a fliHt-cluss
bntclior ljuslness loc.uod In liost part of city
or will Hull out entirely. Address JIM ) . Ilco
ol I . ! ! ( i *
A wanted Light fork. Call afler-
noons. Itoom 4. Ko. 103 N. lOtb. f.-' *
WANTED Mnn with good references at
Metropolitan Mtg. Co , , IGOUllowuid st.
t _ _ 254 I110
,7ANTED , Jlon totraiel foroni1 Canadian
2'ur ratty , ttc. , fit top of furl column nn.dla TMQC
T AIV Agents 't'lirco dollars capital will
J-j build up a business paylncKS weekly sell-
ln our novultlus In Indies' ' nnd children's
wour. Ourolilld'H comblnodtnst \ nnd bose
Riipnnrtor Is tbuculest llttln ciirinont ovorln-
vunted and Bulls at sight. Address with stamp ,
Mrs , U. Campbell , 434 AV , Randolph street.
Chicago. M717-27 *
- . At onco. Good elrl for family
of twos good vrn o i , 412.1 ItamlltonHtrcpt ,
OC7 20 *
\7l7ANTnD So wing ulrLSSH Kariiam , nouo
T ' bntcompelcntneod apply. 704 M *
\J\7ANTiTlT- A compotoiit islrl , 15 or 10 years
V > old , for Icltchon work. 7'JIS. lOtb. 70 ! )
I j \\7ANTFD Girl for Rcneral hoiiBOworlc.liTa
I- > > Corliy-st. _ TOO
"VI7ANTEI ) ( llrl todoflrst worlc for private
> family. Imjuho MO 'so. 22iid street.
_ C33 SO *
V\7AN"i'fiD-Ono cook at the Olty botol.fKll
_ > _ fKllC *
" \\l ANTKD I.ndy or gcntlonmn , il& veok.
TV looa 1'nrnnhi st. KB a ?
= = :
Forrnttf.ttc , , rtelnynf fiittnilwnn f i ! / ! ( . < , „ . „ „
" IT OlrUENT oiicApTiiiodoriii 8-rooin lionso .
JC Olobo Loau & Trust CoiU7 : 8 , Kith st. G8.XSO *
TTKIH KENT Oottnjo , three roonis ; ronon-
JU1 able. 2KI90apltol avenue. 0(5 27 *
I7IOR IlENT-Sovcn-room cottnuc , cor. ! Sth
J avn mid C'ap. a-sc. Inqnlro M18 Uodge. J17U
TjlOK KENT 3 lionsi'S 10 rooiim each. 1'ark
Ju uvo \Voolworth Ht.clty water.furnjro.
Call ut once. .Mumiuisli & 1'ltcbat. liouse
renting iiBcnts , S. W > cor. Uth and Howard at.
( i04
"IjlOU KENT 1'nrnlsheil noiiso to conllcman
JL1 and wlfu ( no chlldrun ) , terms reasonable no
rlKlit party. I'lrjt-class reference required 1.
Iuiiilroat51US. | 2athiit. TO 27'
rpo KENTllaniKomo modern housd" , cen-
JL t rally locrtcd. uomulolely tuinlshodi
owner and \ \ Ifo will board with tenant It do-
plrt'il. Adclrt'.vs 11 71 , Hoc. Q7'-1.'G'
OR KENT-Corner lint , 8 rooms , rnnKO nnd
nil oilier conveniences , at 701 S. lull st , ? 40
C'nll at storo. ( .Jeorgo Clausor. Ollf2 a
ITKIU UKNT-l'ourO and 7-room Hats will
J-biith , hot wiitor , oto.i pa\cd street ; ncai
Inislne.ssi all liiiprorniiiciiU : only t'Xi per mo
llcfeii'iicos leimlrcd , Tlio Mead Investmeiii
C < i.,4 < 2 lleobulldliiK. as
fj\OK \ HEN'r Tfousn of 8 rooms , N , 26th ht ,
J-1 No , 1712 , liiiioodieualr.hardundsoft water
cellar under house. Also 1 flat of 0 rooms
htenm licat. Union block. Inquire of Jnhi
IIdinIIn , 1)17 ) I.luton block , Houtn l tlist.
IIKNT Jtin. 1. C-room cottnco , llrst
. : class In e\ery respect , bath , hot and cob
water ; un iiiohn lino. Cull utlUlShcrmiinuvc
T7\01t \ 1IENT-A Iar o llt of houar * from
JL1 per month up. Ouo. J , Paul. IGOOParm
_ _ _ M5G
OIX-KUO.M lieu e , ulty water , joarof lilt J ?
Qjutb 8t.$18inoiitli. ; _ CU 20
T710H 11ENT-2 elocnnt 11-ioom bouses. Not
JL1 ZioA mul 110 DoiiKltisst. I'.imuiro of A. A
Olndutoco , 1J10 IJoiiKlasst. , or Gloljo Loan j
Trust Co. , 'MS IHtliHt. 27
rr-ltOOM hoiiso wllb allmo < lcrn convonlencos .
rout 13.1 per inoiith , lornor Thirtieth nil
" \YooUvortli , facliiit Iliiuscoin l > ark , Knmilr
Lee V "Nlchol , 2Mli ! ami l < cavonworlb , MTU
" TKAM bcBtrd flats nt rcoaiotb. Tlios
llull.uil 1'ouon block. 71
T\O \ UENT-NIco 4-rooai cottaRO , lit 10U S
JLMJtlmt Innulmof MM. l > ujuanS. \ \ , co :
] 3tb and I'liclilj stt. c ;
WU ltENT-W.-v-llo t ' .onm-hdiUMl G-rnot
Hats In tliueltyj mixiern convniileiicejirol
oronccs rojulrcd. Euqulro jNuthettoii Ihil
itoom J , 2ia tj. i5th it.
Kyou wish to r < int aJtouso or tstoro see I
i : . Cole , Continental block. 7t
For mto , fir , u ( up of'J-ni rouinn nn ttitt nij >
ASBAQKbatbtt MuJamoSmith's parlor
ASBAQK-Mud iu Delilor , ever CIO ( in h.J
For rain , rtt. , tee tirp tit tnt column on tht * poga
ItENT Nicely furnished rooms , with
: all modern conveniences. SlsaCallfornlaj
pUIlNlSlIEIl room 812 per month. 110 S.Mh
! street ! - ! .
0 NK front room nnd alcove , suitable fnrSor
- 4 young men. N.V. . cor of IStli anil IMxon-
OH HEINT A nicely furnished frontroomt
all comcnlcuccH. 1S17 Davenport street.
"NT I OK rooms , steam licat , 1713 nmcnport at.
room , southern opoiuro.
atoiiin bent , B34b.ICtli _ Ulhit I ) . * fl gU *
TjTU It NTsllTity rooms , 1908 Captol avcnuo.
TTlO'iritENt Klwiuitniiwlyfiirnhliocl steam
X' boat looms , cor , Kith and Jackson sts.
lilOll IlKM Kust front alcove room at the
I1 Mori-la in. M.H
Oil"HE NT Two plcasntit rooms hnnrty to
business , modern coavuiilcucos. ! Uir > IouR- )
Us. CU
LA1IOK Bouth front room , buy window , mod
ern conveniences , for ono or two scntl -
moii , 110 p r month. ail3I.oaYunvorth. Mac
TpOH ItENT Furnished rooms , gas , bath
X' and steam. 1510 Howard , 715
QT. GIjA.Hl European hold , with dlnlnz
O room , steam beat In all rooms tilth und
Dodge. Special rates by week or month. 717
iriOltllRHT-Krontroom with nlcovc.cuttatns
J. ' mantel , etciin IIP tit , Ran nnd bath , 2 closets ,
siiltulilo for'-'nonlloinoii or man and wife ,
IIR.W ) per month. Also adjoining room with
big closet nnd all conveniences J10.00 pur
month. 207 B 84 th St. "W
fpO LKT llomitlful front room Is best part
X of city , clo o to good board. Itcnt reason
able. I1. . ! HEithBt. 413
tm-raltt. elt. , rcnlnfl f frl rohitnnnii tlttr
front pirlor. with liourd for two. $5
SOUTH eaub. 1810 Fum mi. M 711-28 *
furnished front rooms , strictly
NICELY table board , terms reasonable.
No. 30 ! ) N. 1HU st. 700 1 *
FOU KENT Woll-fiirnlshod moms and
board ; all conveniences ! SMS litruam.
705 1 *
FOIl RENT A furnished mom to gentle
man. Hoard If desired. No olhor botird-
crs. 2817 1'opploton avenue. 078-31
UKNISIinO rooms fono unfurnished ) with
boird. 407 N. I'Jth ' , Taill block , 690-27 *
I71O11 ItENT Nice warm room with board ,
2019 California St. 653 27'
fliO KENT 2ii-story front room , first class
JL board. SOia/JUhavoniio. 001-31 *
ROOM nnd board. $4.00. 1712 Douxlas street.
Hay board. fJOO per wook. 4UO 111 *
TT > LKfiA-NT furnished rooms with board , pas , and hath , 2p3N 1.71h street. 3iU-FJ5 *
T > OOM and board S3 week , 1921 Farnani.
for rales , fir. , tn tnjt nfjlrtl rolitrminu Wilt i agt
/ " \NE unfurnished room , OHN. 1 ?
M717-20 *
for ratr * . tic. , ret tun nf fnt rulmnn uu ftilt 1x10 *
FOR KENT Store and elegant Hat , 1130 N.
ISthst. 670 27 *
POll KENT Ono sloro imd 2 Hats , (20 ( So.
IM\ street , nnd several cottages clionp.
B J. Kendall. UOO llrown blilg. SJl-lMJ
STOIIKS at 700S. ICtli , steam beat furnished.
Tlios. I' . IIiillill : I'uxtonblk. 718
FOH UKNT The 4-story brick bulldlnf.wlth
or without powor.formorly occupied by the
Ilco Publishing Co. , Dllirurnniii st , The buildIng -
Ing has a llroproot cement qiisuiiicntcumplcto
steam houtliiR fixtures , water on all the floors
gas , cto. Apply nt the olflco of Tbo lice. Ob
I71OU UKNT lly January 1 , 4-ltory bulldln ? .
I1S.510 square feet : suitable for any kind nf
wholesaling , ntTnntband Jones streets. 0.
A. JL.lndq.uost , 1110South Flfteuuth street. Tin
Icrrate * . itc. , rteloft nfmi i hiMiii on thlt
FOU KF.NT orSiilo-l-'Ino , huavy brick flve-
story eornor wnrcliouso wltb
trackuK IM cltyi lloors are 13WO squuro foot.
ttrluKor ilTl'enny , BnrKor block. 73) )
FOR KENT Ilrlolt wnrcliouso , two stories
blgh. basement , bydraulla ulu\ator , track
age. Host location In the city. A. O. I'owcll.
t'orratff. tic. , i-femti "f fliKtmluinnnn ( ftIs 1x15 *
ALAnYwantstwo unfurnished roonia or
ono room anil uluovo In iloslrnblu locution ;
roforonuos oxvltanircil. < Vddrot.s , atiithi'4 lo
cution and terms , n 07 , Hoc ollluo. GJii 1C'
Forrnlw. ttf.rt ln | ) nt flrst a tumn nn thi >
LIST your bouses to ull or rent with O. P.
Harrison , Oil N. Y , Wfo ,
TTT U. COIjK , rental ngoncr.Continental blk.
For rate . clc. . yea lop of flt-sl ( nlnmnnntMi
PULLMAN bouso Speulal weekly rntcs.
' "
FIUS-OLASS table board. "J578 Harney.
Tcrratca , tie. , swlop of flrst column on th'ii '
LOST or Stolen Wblto fox terrier , with
brown bond , UuarbiK tbo niimo "Tlco , "
Liberal reward will bo paid for recovery.
Henry Voss. 214 S. isth st , 1 710
LOST A iHic doK from lOUl rutiinin , with
nniiio h. A. Ilonford onoolliir. Alllicrul
reward forruturn Ki-1 Fiirimni street , U'4)-Ti' )
T OST Irish pcttor don 10 months nidi re-
JUnnrd. Win. Mineral , to ) . 05. rooms ! 1 nnd
223 1'lrst Nut. bank. MS
Kor ratfj > .cle. , ftttnii nf first tutu inn un IM > i vj' .
FOK SALE Eiirnltiiro of 5 rooms. Every-
. Ililngclcar. Will sell any pnrt. AddrcssU
5 lice. WH-20'
- ' furntttfi.tto. , t fpj | nilunuioii till *
" 1/IOK SALE Cheap , wason nnd dotiblo work
. JO burner , or will e.ichunro for buck bonrd ,
sldolur buggy , cheap. U.K. Cole ,
Contlnonliil building.
F OK SALK cheap A two bor .o siolgh , also
largo pulleys and sbaf tlni ; . V01 Douglas.
FOR SALE 5 Rood worlc teams. Inquire nt
618 1'nxtou block. 500
1- ycrrratea. ttc , . lit top nf J\nt \ tolutnH on
Id FOH BALK Complete set of driiB store fix
lures , show cases , etc. I1. O. llox 37i 810
07 forratfn , tie. , itctuimf .firjt column nn Wit * t > vi
07o W ANTIU ) llorto. harness and buckboard.
Mustboguod and olicni ) . Look box 401 ,
T. 0. UiO-2b
- HAVE customer for some vacnnt lots nnd
for equity In good rontnl property. J. 0.
Corlolyou , room 40 , Chamber of Commerce.
, 2L ® ?
nl Vl/ANTED tolluy-A Rood horse for buggy ,
rt ) YI party bnvbiK snnio mid wanthiR cush
inoro't bun the horse may find purclinsor by
addrusslnz 11 'M. lleo ollleo , giving age.
05 price and full particulars. Oil
WAN"11'1- OI1C ° ! merchandlso ! all
VT kinds ; siHit cash : must knownt once.
.70 I. T. No well & Co. . 1119 Douglas , Omulia. 11
) fjUIKNITUHE , household pocKls.ctc. lllgbcst
" Jcush ( irtco. Wulls , Hit rarnuii. ) 73C
II" "
27 OUSES wuutud nt 1X11N JGlli st ,
I-aratet , tie. , ut lap < / Jim column unlAU jxi0 ,
Dclilor. i _ . .
Tl I'ASSAOE treatiiicnt.olt'ctro-tborinal bath * ,
-I'liCttlpund hair Iroutineut , manlouro .and
h. cbliOi > oUUu Alt * . I'oiWlOji u 13tk\Vltlmull , blu
* 73 !
i , ite Mtup ufflrtt column on tfli |
M' ONEY ' to loan nnlmprovctl Omaha prop-
orty. 11. II. Ircy. 'AMI , N. Y. Lite. 008
. private money to loiin , 7 per cent ,
Omaha Uoiil Eslntu & Trust Oo , 4 Hoc bid * .
l'EOIAL tundB tolnan on Innldo Omaha
business property nt very
low rates In sums of
Klmball , Uhnnip A llyan , 120. rarnnin st.r .
r > H4 5S
ill VATE money to loan. J. 1) . Zlttlo. ( Ill
N. y. Mfo. MIW
. loins at lowest rates ,
, V. Ufa bids. J II. rmmuiKor. 7J2
M ONEY loaned on furniture , horses , oto.
llawkcyo InvCuX ) Douglas blk,10A.UodseMO
Co. l.oanl of JIO to
i Rot our rail's buforo borrowhut and
money : loans on liorsrs , fiirnltiiroornny
approved bocurlty without iiubllcity , nolou
bouKht ; for nowlojinnlninownl of old iiiid.Iow-
cat rates , call HSOS fclieoly bllc.lSth & Howard.
/ "UIATTKIj bank , : ilOH 15th st. . loans iiionoy
V oiicJiattolsorcollatoral nt reasonable rutrs
jlIHSTA second niortKajtes on vacant k Ira-
J pro voJ city prop. Ton nty wnrrimtsbouuht.
Moiioy on hand. F. M.KIclnirdaon.SlSN.Y.LIfo.
ONEV to loan on city and fnrm pronort/ .
W. SI. Harris , lisa. Frcuzor blk. , onp. I'.O.
BUIIjDINO loans , 0 to 7 per cent ; no aclill-
feos.t , H. ilt'lkle , First National bank blilir.
Cnsli on hand. Olobo
.IOT H Ifltb st. No clol'iy ,
Houses for runt , good list.
OE. & 0. M. Anthony. 3IS N. Y. Life build
Ins , lend monuy on farmi In choice conu-
tlcs In Nebraska and Ion a. nlso on wood
Otnaba nslclvnco iiroporty ; lowest rules ; best
terms ; no delay ; mouoy ruudy. Titles nnd
values uassod en ber'1. 743
TIIONEY to loan by B. 1' , Mtistors onqlintlftl
. 'Lund M'curltlt's for any Uinci from
1 to (5 ( inonllis , la any umoiint to suit bur-
Loans made on household Roods , pianos , or-
R'UIH. liorbus. mules , house1) , 1 oases , -ivureboino
lucolpts , etc. . at ilio lowest iiosslblo rutts
without publicity orromoval of property.
Jly loans are so lur.mRcd make
( i p.iynunt of any aiuoiuit at tiny tltno mid re
el uro both principal imd Intorost.
If younwo a bulanco un your property or
, t\o a loin you with chmtROH. I will u.iy lloll
und carry It for you. If you llml It moru cun
onlont , call up telephone No. 1KJ1 and your
uuslncss will bo arraiiRrd at homo.
Money always on hand. No dulay. ho pub
licity. l/owcst / rates.
H. P. Masters ,
ltooni < , Wltlmcll blk , lth and Ilarnoy sts.
TlfONTA' to loan on Improved city property
-l-'lut current ratesi funds on hand ; no delay.
Goo. F. llluat i Co , IWi : atnmco blilff. l
T\TONnV SO , CO or03 days , on liouscbold fur-
1U nit lire utc. CIS 1'axtoii block , J. J. Wilkin
son. 11(170-1' ( "
, etc ttt to ot lUmt co unn onl/il / *
\\7ANTKD-Man ot olmr.ietur , capacity and
Tl some Ilnanclal ability , to conduct a west
ern business for us ; remuneration JlOO nor
month at the start. Addioss Til , euro Lonl &
Tlioiiuia,01ilcaiiO , M710-27 *
\\7 A.KTED-UnorKOtIo man with small
ii oitpltal toinanaKo pay I MR business In No
li r.i ska. Address 08 , Heuolllce. 7U-L' *
T71LOUU and food store for sale , botivcon ? .iOO
-t and * 400 In vested , carry nlarRO slock nf
commission ( foods. A rare uhnnco for a Rood
man. Address Norfolk , Nob. . Ilex 402. 070-27 *
WANTKn-Capltullst who will InvcstSJ&.OOO
Ina well cstnbllshod business that will
p.iy JO per cunt dhldunds. Full explanation
and Interview can bo bad by addressing It 72.
Heo olllcp. CCfl''U *
T71OK SALK Small stock of Jewelry. Kopalr-
-L ingbuslncss good. No Jeweler lioro now.
Clianoo won't bo open Inng. Peed location.
Heat of reasons for selling. Host small tonu
Instate Population 1,000. Address box IM" .
Ki-ulu. la. 077-1:0 : *
"irAVK you uny capital to Invest ? A rare
JCL clinncd. Address at once , 11 OJ , lloo.
M 053-27
SPLENDID chance for republican to sceuro
pnnor In county seat for very little money.
Address 0 7 , llou ollleo , Omaliii. 707 ! ! 0 *
TTlOIt SAl H-Tnllor busldcss , Frank Socbor.
y , Nob. 7U8 t'25 *
SALTJor llcnt The Tokumuh cannlnc
- factniy. In coinplnto running onlor ; will
bo sold cheap , or to the right parties will bo
rented on fa\orablo tcrniH. Call on or ad.-
ilress 1'lrst National UaiiK , Tckiunuli , Neb ,
* HOIt SALE Furniture ami lease of 40-room
-L1 hotel In linn location ; an morasebli.slnoss
of ! TO a Uiiy. Uoodchnncc. Itost re.isoiis for
st'llhiR. W. S. Cooper , Merrluin bloflt , Council
lliu ITs , In. J1310 I'll )
" 1JKICIC ynrrt for sale or rents well built ,
JJnow. Apply 0.1Kmil , JIadlbon , Neb.
TT1OU SALE or oxuliniiKO For a peed
J fnrm or other property a forty-room
hotel , furnished nnd dohiK a ( rood business.
Ono of tlio best towns on the Union I'nclllc
rallrond. Aildtcss 11 44 , Ilco. 5Qti-.ll *
TIUUST class 4-rollor flour mill , runnliiff
-L nluht and dny. In llrst class condition , In
Rood llvo town o four thousand Inhabitants
( the only mill there ) for sale or trade for stock
of hardware and Implements. Correspondence
solicited. filmnauKh & I'ltobctt , 150J Howard
St. , Oiuiiba , Net ) . , bold agents. 1L
"TTlOUSALTIor Exchange Olonn slock of dry
JRoodi. . clothing , boots , shoes , hats , caps , la
dles' and cents' furnishing goods. Address
lox ! 05 , Frankfort , Ind. 270 I'll
T71OU KHNT-Only hotel In a Rood towns a
J- good ODcnlne for a Rood betel man. 1'oc
pirtlaulurs nddress llox I. llurr , Neb. 040 T5 *
TTIOU SALE or Trudo Iario llvory und feed
J.'stable , feed utoro uttuchcd. Tnislsvoll
locatca on paved street and dolmaKooct
business. SIumauRh & 1'ltchctt , real estnto
agents cor. 15th and Honnrd at. 001
Tl OTEIj Tor Sale Do you want got Into a
J.J. uood business ? If vou Jo , buy the Coininor
clal at HroUen How , Nob. 288
A N established business for sale or trade.
llox MS. city. 161)
Toi ratn. ttc. , ree t op nf Jnt , rnlumn ontfttt
EO1 { SALKor Kxcbanse Forclenrimproved
Onialia ronl iistaio a clean stoulc of hurd-
wuri ) . wugoiis ; stock of about KTiOOOi In iiorth-
orn Illinois. Address Cl > , caroOinuba Hcc.
. 713-2
CO acres of cluar land , Improved , for flour
O mill machinery. Addrobs I1.0. box 251
M 71MO *
ANTED-Oiio stock of furniture ; will nay
some cnsh , balance hi Omaha lots. Ono
Btoclc liurdwaro of about $0,000.00or 18,00000 ;
will puy part cnnli , balance oloar f urms. Ono
mode of Ki'ncntl mrrohundlko of nliout 110-
IW.OO ; partcish , part land. Cull on lly Alnlm-
gren A. hovgren , uoom 14 , Darker bloolc. fti'lJ7
havoanlcs liomo to exchanpo for a
clar lot. Alex. Blooro , 301 Sbeely block.
[ C8J-37 *
rpo rXCIIANOE-rirst class dwellliiK house
JL property for Iowa or eastern Nebraska
fur IMS. encumbered or clour , Address 0
Hen ollleo. fi75-3t <
ANTRD-Two cluar lots In Oinnliu , worth
$1,000 totl.503 each for dry goods and no
tions. iu nield. 021 N 'join st. '
WILli trailo well Improved Nob. farms
teiuuits on for morcbnndlso or housof
and lots Omaha orolsuwbore. II 03 Uco ollleo
c i. (
TlUSINKHSproiiorty on 12th at. , near 1'ar-
JJnnin. for resilience.
J uloar lotscorntr ( ) in Orcbard Hill forhousf
and lot. 10r
40x120 , Saunders St. , south of Lalto Oloar , foi >
Some other eood property for cxchungo , T.
D. Xtttle , N. V. Llfo. 'ox
12U nert'S flno farm land adjoining good No-
J-braska town : nearly clear.
lXl ( acres llnolv hnproyeil land 2W mlles froir
county foatin NobniHka : llKlitly eiiciiinleered
120 acres good land In Nebraska , 5 miles fron
county soat2.lOO | liiliahlliints ,
Ilousu and loC In town lu Kansas f clear.
Ulunr lot In KIMX ! Nuhruaka town.
4 room house and lot. burn , well nnd cistern
ICth street , Om.ihii slightly encumbered ! wll
tradu for Omaha property and nssunio enuuta
brancen. 11,1- Cole , Continental blook. 10
"V\7"IM < trndo Inildo city lot for lonso o
> liouso nnd lot Oninbu or Council llhilTh
11C5 Ilco ollleo. CMS
for pluno. Addresjll 43 , lloo.
so lol within Smile limit for Insldi
Address II4U , Deo. e salT
l\T HAT hnvo you to tnido for two good lot
' luMt. I'loasunt ' addition , the future real
iloncii portion of Oniuha. Make offer , Addrt'H
1110 , lieu ofllco. au
A NUMI1KK of stock ranches to exchange fo \
Jl-uierchaiidUe.Ob 1'uxlou blk.Cameron A. Uc
For rnlft , rte. , ttt tnp offint eotumn on t > it page.
IjlA KM l'orSi\lo or Trade A neotlon of 1m-
-L'prntcd land ( ( Mated nb Tlldon , Madison
cnieonerosiuiicroultlvatlon. : ( 240 in pasture.
SO acres hiiy Inndl No. 1 Improvement * , good
IIOUHO. barn , feed yimlR , hcas , wind mill nnd
7mllo \vlrofonco : lUOarrus joining can bo
secured with IU Address M. II , llcuarty , Ex-
clmiiRu bulldln ? , Couth Omaha or Tom Mo-
Donald , Tllden , Neb. 714-2
$2.WH ) buys lot and peed five-room cottnRo
wltb barn , Zlstnmir Leavcnworth. Alex.
Mooro. SOI Slice y olook
IjlASY term * , 7-rouhi noimo , full lot. street
J-oars , nour mncd Btrocu 1'rlco J-MOOj two
cash , bnliinco tHO per month. Large Ht nf
houses on ousy terms. II. I * . 7olo , C'oatliieiitnl
block. 1.VS-27
If you wnnt o. first class Insldo rcsldenco
property wo imvo Rot it. lly Jlnlmgrcii ft
Luvprvn , Marker block , Itoom H. aa 27
T71OH HALE-Choap. The rcsldonco nt 2510
JL1 IMorco atreot , at a lursiiln for a few dnya
only. Innnlro at tliu Nob. Stuam laundry ,
IClh nnd Howard ilreoti. M518
BAltOAINS-B-room cottase nnd lot. city
wider , sewer and barn , centrally located ,
J.,7SO. Terms easy.
Largo B'room cottage , nicely finished and
well loeatcd.Ji.OOO.
youth front lot on paved street near motor ,
Homo nlco lot * In west nnd north partof city ,
too and upwards. J , 1).Ittlc ) , 014 , N. Y. Life.
TTlOltSAIiE Several good Improved farms
J2 also unimproved lands and town propeity
in best located counties hi Nubrnskn nnd
Iowa : nil nro barjjnhisA. Address V. Ii.LooinK
Dili nnd Uoiljdiis , Omaha. Nob.
"TOH SALK-If you hnvo bcon watting for
JL1 opportunities to buy cheap , you had better -
ter "Kot there" within the next 3) days. I
offer bargains In
Business ,
Trackage ,
Choice ii'Sldpnco
nnd ncro p/oporty.
J. B.-r.vnns. 308 N. V. Mfo. > 20
BIGGEST bargain In a flno rcsldeiico in
Omaha. H rooms , with every cou\oiileiieo ,
flno Inrge barn , only \i mile from court house ,
! 4 block from motor and paved street ! will
glvo Immediate uossesslon or will pay JlOO a
month rout for a yoarj M cash will swlns It.
M. A. Upton Co. 67120
I IST your property for s.ilo or exchniiRu
Avilh .1. G. Uortclyou , room 40 , Chamber of
Commerce. M ! H ) ! >
ST barsaln In Omaha. Only thrco of
these olegnut IIOUHCS on 44th and luirniuu
left out of six ; ether three : occupied by first
class parties. Houses are open all day lor In
spection. Every convenience lu the houses ,
Including gas anil gas fixtures.
Take n. look ut them during this fluuwoathori
buy ono and take llfo comfoi'.ablo during tbo
Only'tnkes from S.10D to KiOOcash. See thorn
without fall for tboy will pie use you , 11 V.
SliolcD. 2111 Klrst Nat'l bnnk. 745
KOUNT7.E Plnco I still have ono 0-room
house to sell on onny payments ; price ,
} . " > , f > 00 ; J.MJOeiisli. bill. $ ' 3.00 per month ; would
tiiUe t.omo clear property In exchange. J. J.
flllmon so'o KoUntzo I'laco
, agent , room
Crolgbtoti block. '
FOU SALE Or trade. Improved farm. UJO
acres. In Gospcr county , ISob. , clear. Ad
dress J. K. Shaw , 40th and iiauiUtoiistOninha.
414 a (
FOH SAI.R or Trade Ono clear lot In Ar
mour 1'lucu. South Omaha. Make olTcr.
Address K 27. Hoc ollleo. : I01
SPr.OIAL Ilarguln Lnrjo lot. C3xlC5 ft. . 4
blockH from Lowe tne. und Cuinlng St. . lays
splondld : clioap for casli. or will trade for
farm. Address R 0. Merrill , 42nd and Gasasts.
i 1S7
WO- room bouse and full porner lot , very ohoap
for cash , or will trade fcrr blear farm or Oma
ha lots. Addiosj the ow iurat 4-nd and Ouss
Bta. . RO. ilorrlll , { , ' . _ 187
TJ1OK SALK My leslUi-tico , MJO Kuruam
JL1 street. Choicest lueatloa nnd best huuso
In Oiimhn. for tbo inonoy. Hot water and
ovciy convenience possible. Ilarn , connected
wlthsowor , water nnd gU& D. V. Sholos , " 1.1
1st Nat. bank. M7H1
5-HOOM lioiiHO. lot aixffi. 11,700 ; also ti-room
liouso. lotMVfx&i , s. a1 cdr. Uth nnd Vlntou
St. , 9iOOO. HrioK house' and American house ,
lot OfixCO , n. c. cor. lOllrand Douglas , J40.000.
Mrs. Kuhhmmn. 2121 S. Uth. 423
Forrettn , etc. , ecetop of frtll column on thtopiai.
MASSAaE-Mttdum Dtlricn over 010 B. Uth.
' ( -ii 850-F5 *
. MH8 , l iinnlQ.V. Warret , < slalrvoynnt franco ,
SpeukliiK.y .writingina"rullaWb Tjusliieas'
niodlum , fourycifrs In Omaha. Ill ) N. * . JGth.
MJin. UUrYough Pahiflst tells tlie past.'rircs-
cnt and future from the lines of the band.
In thoold ( iyt > sy way. foe. U : ladles only.
1817 Izard street , Om alia , C30 ! 11 -
etc , witopiiF tn' column onthli
Davis & Co. , upright piano In first-class
co i nlltlon. Inquire utlllb Douglas st. _ : tOl
EroKE buying a pl.uio examine tbo now
'hculo Klmball piano , A-llospo.lOU Douglas.
IEO. P. Gellonbcck , toucher of the banlo
fwlth HOSDO. 15U Douglas. 240
Forralm , dr. , Kttnjy of first cnlumn nn Uiti
rruTAOKAGlTstoraBe nt lowest rates. W. M.
- illusliiiinn , Hill l.-neu\\orlli. 722
S' TOUAGnand ' trackngo. Duvld Cole. 815-817
1 Hovijird ti cot. . 7a
STOItAGB TIio best In city cloan.dry , bafo ,
and privately stori'd at rcusoimble terms.
OmabuStovo liepalr Wks.ia/TUouglns. Tel OX ) .
lonattt , etc. , teetniio 1 t roluinn nn t'lU 77008
CALL or write for catalogues and Inviffltl-
Kuto t ho merits of tbu Smith I'remlcr ty po-
writer. Ilanlfestly superior features. 1m cliaiiKes niudo. Type-writers sold ,
exchanged or rented. 1609HIurnutu St. , K , 115
Miiyhow. manaser. U7.
Forratet , etc. , fcctcp of flr t cuiunnmn f/its / ; > a < j ,
XV OKTH'S ' tailor aystom tuught 012 S ICth.
T7 < NlAGr.MRNTS ( tododicssmaklnR In fam-
JiJlllos bollclted. Miss Sturdy , 1M10 llurnoy st
Forraten , ttc. , fee tap of flrst lotumn on Uili pugs.
T > iST : line hair goods in vest ; hair dress In , ' ,
Jl > \vjs | ( , swltolics , banes , hair chains , etc. . n
specialty. Iuvles ) , hair * Roods and milliner ,
oppoblte postolllce , HIS 15thstreet , Omaha.
Ko rate * , ete.tce tn t n' ml aiiumn nn thltV [ l [
" 1711NlSTeiootrS amPo 1 oct"ro llionmflTjath
JL } moiiio. Including Turkish cabinet bntlia ,
Ladlcs.H to 1 dully & Tuesday & Krldny OV'IIRS
0 to 10. Ur. Ulclmr < l , roonts.llH & 320Bco bid ) ; .
it. ttt. . fee fop iO wt'column ' , nn IM paji
ltKl ) Slolilo loahfl"iiiijiiv'y [ oii diarnbnds am
watcbeBJowclry , ( , e , cor. I'arnuiu & lltl
* ) I J.
For rates , ttc. , ute top of flri calumn a n thin i > ao
IDATli'lsT lawyers and Ablloltors. oTTV. S'uci
JL & Co.Ilco biilldlnR.Omulm. lirnnch ollleo n
Washington , I ) . U Conraltdtlou froo. 7S1
COSTU\ybS. , \ }
Formtet , tic , set tap nfflreficnlumn on tliti
L * \ I ) I ES and gontlcinra can1 rent inasu u e r
ndoHulU at crN. ICUvyt. , WJJ2a
r _
. Receiver's finlo or Cnpitul Hotel Fur
ni\iyr )
lly virtue of nn 01 tlerv9/j'tbo / district court ,
In und for Lancaster ifUmty , appointing tha
n undvrslRnod receiver In. the suit of Ualph
KlU'ben vs Edward 1' . Itbegen , ot al. . notice Is
hereby given that 1 will on the Uth day of
February , A. I1801. . at 10 o'clock a. in. of &uld
day , at tlio Capital hotel , nt tbo southwest
corner of Eleventh and l > streets , In tbo city of
Lincoln , in the county of I.anoastor , soil at
public auction to the highest bidder for cash ,
. - all the peiHomil property , furniture , Roods ,
clmttoN nnd llxturcs In Hald hotel boloiigliiB
to tbu firm of ItoKKcn & McDonald. The In-
f vontory and Hit of the said chattel property
can bo examined at the said hotel ImlldlnK and
at my ouico. BAM McCLA V" ,
Llucoln , January 1 ! ) , 1801. Hccrlvur.
- ftTjiB ii , . . nijtiiif-rJ 11 " Mai 'iVtTi ' *
Irrrigation Will Make the Arid Linds Dloa-
son and Add to Nebraska's Wealth.
Cnllforiiln'fl "Wealth Mainly Duo to Ir
rigation Dakota Una "Tried tlio
Artesian Kystcm Successfully
Plenty of
At a mooting of tlio McCook Farmers' ' and
Business Men's club hold at McCook , Nob. ,
January y , 1891 , It was decided that nn Irri
gation convention bo held on Januury 23 at
McCook , Nob. ; that the convention consist
of twodclctrutos from onch precinct In the
following counties : Koltli , Lincoln , U.iwson ,
Frontlor.aosper , Ilaycs.Cnnso.Dundy , Hitch
cock , lied Willow , Pumas ntid Parkins la Ne
braska , nnd Cheyenne , Rawllns , Decatur ,
Shormtui und Thorn ns counties In Kansas ;
nnd Logan county In Colorado. Should DO
public meetings bo hold for the nurpoio of
selecting tlio doloimtoj to this convention the
Justices of the peace In the vnrloui products
of the nbovo counties were ronuestod to ap
point two persons nnd endeavor to have them
attend snut convention.
The now Irrigation cimnl supplying water
for tbo Kl 1'aso valley In Texas , which was
completed last month , has already con
structed laterals to water 15,000 acres , of
which 7,000 ncro1) ) have been opened for cul
tivation and nro being mostly planted In
Muscat and Mission prapes. Tills section
can look for a largo \vlno nnd raisin yield in
the near future. A delotrntlon of Denver cu-
pincers hare examined the cannl , which has n
width of. thirty foot on the surface and car
ries flvo foct of water. They pronounced It
ono of the bust constructed canals of Its kind.
Itls thtrU-onomllns long , runs through the
most fertile vnllov In the west and It has a
capacity of irrigating 50,000 acres.
Chiisti County AwnUn.
Now that definite stops nro being taken to
commence Irrigation In the Champion valley
of the Frenchman river , business Is assum
ing a different aspect. A stock company
with a capital stock of $5,000 has boon Incor
porated nnd is ready to bo paid up in full.
They propose to irrigate 0.400 ncros in this
valley by Juno 1 , providing tno precinct
votes $5,000 in bonds to aid In the work of
construction. An election will bo hold in
Chnso county on the bond question shortly ,
but It is thought certain the bonds will carry.
Cnlll'ornln AVcnltli.
J. W. Nanco , president of the State Asso-
latlon of Irrigation Districts and ouo of the
est known authorities on the subject of irrl-
atlon on the 1'actlle coast , Is at the Palace
rcsh from the late meeting of the association
t Sacramento , wlioro a plan was decided on
or securing needed legislation , says the San
'ranclsco ' Call.
"Just to Illustrate the advantages of Irri
gation , " ho said , "I need only point to the
act that In the irrigated counties of San
Diego , Los Angeles , San Bernnrdu
fresno , Orange and Tularo the aggregate
wealth has increased 8141,000,000 siuco 18SO ,
vhllo all the other counties of the state , out-
Ido of San Francisco , have only increased
" 205,000,000. In the Alossandro Irrigation
district , for Instance , property has advanced
vitliln six months from $10 to $120 an acre ,
ind8 , 100 ncfus of land , which a year ago
vos cornpanitlvclv valueless , has been sold
n small lots for $300,000. I toll this merely
M show what tbo future of California will
> o when arid lands have been given over to
rrlnation. " _
Irrigation Nt'oessnry.
Thosp of our visitors who study our ell
matio conditions closely 'and Intelligently ,
ivith a view of investing In farming land :
ind selecting for themselves permanon
ionics , must arrive at the conclusion that tbi
nest desirable localities are these wlioro fa
cllitlcs for irrigation are obtainable at all
seasons , says the Arizona Guzctto. For 1
they have been accustomed to funning where
nature distributes horpluvlal favors through. they will want green meadows
wlioro they can grnzo their cattle ,
sheep und horses ; they will require
orchards nnd gardens that they muy raise
Trult on their own lands ; they will expect to
jnvo their poultry and their hogs , nnd will
naturally want to grow diversified crops , as
iboy have been wont to do at homo , in short ,
x > practice that class of farming which ex >
[ lenenco has Miown will yield the most Independent
pendent and bountiful support to the groatca' '
population from a limited ntea of land. They
will soon learn , however , from observation
and Inquiry that this class of farming is pen
orally poss'blo ' only with iirlgatlon , except li
a few lavoiod localities nlonu the coast.
At Colonel Stevenson's office \ > as seen
model of the attachment of the regulatlbi
Hango valves made from methods designed n
the colonel's ofllce. ways the Salt Lain
Herald. It involves so little expense that 1
has been adopted at once by the Gunnisoi
Irrigation company in Sanpeto county fo :
whom plans wcro made for dam and attach
monts. Orders have been piven by the com
pnny to Colonel Stevenson to order the gate :
from abroad , while all the other construction
will bo done in Salt Lake. The darn which
is being put In by the company corrals the
waters of San Pitch river iu Sanpeto county
to tbo amount of over 1,000,000,000 gallons
nnd will Irrigate a very large area of the
southoiuond of Sanpoto valley , which is ono
of the richest tr.icts lu tlio Sanpoto legion.
The plans for dam and equipments are some
what unique , and as the expenses are co
mnrvolously small. It has induced the people
of the southern counties to enter Into like
construction , ana the arrangement will no
doubt outer largely Into future enterprises of
a similar nature. The shipment of the wood
pipes , gates , etc. , will bo made to Munti.
over the uowly constructed Kio Grande
rNBTHUMENTS plaoocton roooril January 20.
P J nnldvln nnd wife to H A OrlT , lot 20 ,
blk S. sub of J I Ilrdlok'nadd 135,000
G I ! Orosilo und husband to Alfred Writ ,
lotai.blk H. Uloviirdnlqnild 000
Anna Oorrljrun to J 0 Will , lot Sblkl ,
iDt add U > Mn A.VO 1'urk 005
AiiRiistfiUliollmiuuuicl husband to Al
fred & 0 M IVrKlni.lot a , lilkl , Newport -
port add , anil -'Mfsiitof n 378 foot , lot
5 , Obollman'H urtd to Hydol'urk cjoo
Win 1' Dorurull mid wlfu to a I ) Ilasoro ,
lotfl , blk 10 , Ilixnscom 1'lneo
D K Ilninon , trnstoo , to J T CornttooU. s
' { HW , ne sw 10-1(1-10 ( , lots l > and 20 , blk
2 , HltohoockSlstuild. . ] ax )
A li Mlllunt to K 1.0111. und M lots 8,0
and McKnUio's add 300
J I , Miles to F ISmith , lot20. blkO , Or
chard lltll TOO
Miles & Thompson to US Ilorlln.lot 18 ,
bll < 7 ( xsriftllnkor : ) 1'lucu . . . , , . CM
T H Norrls ot nl to fl A Wliltulun , lot * l ,
Wkll.ailfton Hilt 700
Jnno 1'lekttrd to K O mid 01' Woymilllcr.
lots 13to 10. blk Ifl , West Albright , n ! i
noHenwm-lJ-l2 : t 1.800
A U 1'nultion ot nl. executor , tn Joiin
Turrnl. lotl : , blicS. Win UnKodorn'H. . , 400
I'lonrcirTownHltoconuinny to I1 Hoist
lotlT , blk 10 , Ilonnliicton. Neb 15
F.V Hnbw ot nl to 0 I' Wblto and wlto ,
lot 12 , bile T.McUnrmlck'sM nild. . . 600
Sumo toH i : llowoll and wife , lot 13 , blk
7 , sumo 800
South Oninlin Land company to 0 K
Dennis , lots , blkW , South ( Jnmlm 700
Sumo to 1C M Stone , lot * 7 , hi undo , blk
llil. sumo , S.250
O K Slaughter ot al to I'm no Is Goodull ,
kit fi mill south 20 foot of lot 4 , blk J ,
lloyd'gudd 1. COO
J n Htovens and linsbnnd to Jennie I
Weld , lot 10 , blk4Anitk'rpliici > 1,000
Hfimo toaniiii' , lotaHain nii place 1,400
FO and 0 F Woyniullor to I W Woymid
ler , lots it : to 10 , blk IB. West Albright
and ui ) nonoiiw aj-15-12 1,800
John Drubakorto Kdwurd AIiucow , tax
lotlOlnU-14-U t 100
Matrglo DloUlnnon and liutbaiia , to RW
Hnow , Ioul2ancl 13 , blk7MfC'ormIck'i ,
SduUJ , 2
Total amount of transfers , , . . . . , SD'J.CK !
Western line , und will bo placed in position
A3 quickly as possible ,
Dakota's Kctnriu.
A farrccr of Hltchcook , Dftk. , reports an
experiment on the advantages of irrigation ,
says the Field nnd Farm. Wheat WM the
crop grown , and C. U. Uostwlck the farmer.
There were two lots grown lu the same Hold
and had like attention , except irrigation.
The land had boon cultivated to for
eight aticcossivo yoaw , and the ell was nat
urally In such n depleted condition that a
largo yield wai not to bo expect eJ.
With irrigation the cost wa * S'.W
per aero , nnd the yield was twenty-
thrco bushels. Without irrigation the cost
wasfJ.5por ( ncro , and the . \ lolda - four
binheli. The former graded No. t northern
hard , the latter grndod rejected. The former
yieldgii ? li.r ( > "i twr aciv , the latter Viii per
acre. The cost of growing the former w.w
! U cents imr buthol mid tno latter $ if > 0. It
is not only in the so-called arid districts that
irrigation will bo generally applied , but
wherever maximum cropj would bo obtained
with the minimum possibility of failure he-
causa of nn untoward season.
KucocHi < il' thu Artcrtlim Synloin.
KeprosontatlvoHaymondof DavUon county ,
South Dakota , says that there Is little doubt
among the farmers of his neighborhood that
irrigation by means of artesian wells is alto
gether feasible. George SohUnd of
county last fall sunk ouo of tlioso ; ) ! ( > fcot
and has a fair How of water with which ho Is
now irrigating a section of laud. This land
land is being kept very wet all winter , the
water standing qutto deep In the lo-v places.
\Vlth this , it is thought from ox-
psilcnces , that no further irrigating
in the summer , with the usual rain
fall , will bo needed to produce abundantly.
Mr ,'s brother Is sinking a well with
in half n mile of Mr. Schland's place , which
has already reached a depth of 300 feetwhero
tbo boring has been stopped for tbo present
until a drill can bo secured. In tbii well the
water reaches uciirlr to the top already and
when It gota through the rock will probably
boas strong , If not stronger , than the other.
Several other parties are at woik on wells of
this kind , nnd It is confidently believed that
they will furnish the solution of the problem
that Interests the peoples of this country at
this time.
Ulr. llrown , renrescntatlvo from Brcwn
county , ono of the largest and most populous
counties In South Dakota , nnd ono that has
suffered the mostsoveioly irom drouth for
past two season1) , says thatn move is now be
ing made in that county to begin work at
once on thrco artesian wells. Air. Urown
has a line Mowing well about two miles from
Aberdeen with which ho Is Irrigating this
winter. Mr. Brown thinks that artesian
irrigation is the only salvation for this as a
farming country If the droughts of the pwt
season continue ) . In any event it will be
money well expanded. Mr. Brown says that
ho understands California has a most ex
cellent spstom of this artesian irrigation
on the higher lands nnd he has sent for their
laws governing the snmo which ho thinks
may bo of assistance to this state. Sovoial
bills have already Iwcn introduced before this
legislature for the purpose of allowing coun
ties to bond for the purposes of this kind of
irrigation , but their makers would do well to
take hoed from the experience of a similar
bill , but which was vetoed by the governor
last year. It is understood that under the
present condition the only way to reach this
rpattcr Is an nmonUmcut to the constitution.
So far a bill to this effect has not been intro
duced. '
Water Regulates Vnluos.
Another bill up in the Idaho legislature
that looks like a good ono , says the Salt Lake
Tribune , will compel all persons claiming
water to go into court and establish the date
of their locations nnd appropriation of the
water , apd establishing by a statute that
the ono who first appropriates has tbo first
right to the water. That Is as It ought to be ,
and such a law would limit tbo settlement In
any valley to the people who run make a liv
ing In It. When llfty men own land In a valley -
loy nnd have a common right In the streams
running through the vallov , nnd there is only
water to Irrigate the land twenty-live out of
these fifty , the natural result Is that the
whole fifty simply llvo an aimless , starving
life. The truth really , in all these arid ro-
gions. is that the value of the country rests
primarily on the water , that the land without
the water is not worth trying to llvo upon ,
and to have the law definitely establish what
shall constitute a water right , is of much
rnoro Importance than all the land laws In
the world.
Possibilities of Wyoming.
People who Imagine Wyoming is a barren
desert , susceptible to very little Improve
niont , are greatly mistaken , declares the
Northwestern Financier , The fact is that
the amount of water available for irrigation
in Wyoming Is very nearly , if not quite , n <
great as that of any other arid states. Not
only is there a great deal of water available
for tals purpose , but It Is also true
that the land , when Irrlgitcd , Is very
fertile ; the climate , too is favorable
to the production of most of tbo grains o
the temperate region. There is no roa
sou why she should not beromo a great
wheat state , It Is possible that the north
eastern part of Wyoming , which Is not very
far removed from the Missouri valley , can bo
cultivated without Irrigation. There Is a
theory that the western limit of the so-called
rain belt follows the course of the Missouri
rlver > If this bo true , the rain belt extends
much further west In Wyoming than it does
in Colorado , for the channel of the Missouri
Is much nearer Wyoming than it Is Colorado.
IliK Utah Cannl.
Charles A. Woods , who has devoted mucb ,
of his tlmo to study and reflection upon
Utah's agricultural advancement , comes for
ward with an Idea that contemplates the con
struction of n canal from Utah lake , down the
west sldo of the valley to a point duo
wnst of Salt Lake City and to there build
an immense reservoir , announces the
Salt Lake Times. This ho conceives
would decide the question of water sup
ply for nil tirao , both ns to Irrigation
and consumption. Citing the bonullts to bo
derived from such a project Mr. Woo is says
that 10,000 acres of excellent land could bo re
deemed , wbilo by loweiing the waters of
Utah laho ono foot from 10,001) ) to 15,010 acres
would bo opened to cultivation. "Tbo two
counties , " says he , "could accomplish this
work by joint arrangement and splendid ro-
suits accomplished In behalf of posterity. "
lie will lay his plans before the chamber of
commoico and secure nn exiuoislon from It.
Comments and
Goring Courier : Without exception the
largo state papers hnvo taken up the subject
ot Irrigation In western Nebraska , and are
hammering away Just ns they should have
been doing a year or so ago. Some of thorn
favor state or government undertakings ,
wbllo all ufireo that "Irrigation is wealth , "
nnd ScottH Blurt county Is getting some good
advertising as the pioneer lu Irrigation in
Sidney Telegraph : The third of TUB IIni !
Irrigation articles appeared Sunday. The
articles are ably written and show Unit their
writer has made a mostthorojgh and exhaus
tive Hluely of his subject. In talcing hold of
this question Tun BKK is doing n work for
the west that Is appreciated bv every resi
dent of the aria bolt. Irrigation Is bound
to come. Ono or two failures
may occur before a work of
BO creat magnitude la brought to n successful
termination , but it Is auro to bo ilono. It Is
sincerely to bo hoped that TUB DKK nrtlclo
may bo Instrumental in calling the attention
of capitalists to tbo great returns that await
their venture In bringing thcso wldo arcn * of
fertile linul Utidor n system of productive cul
tivation. They need only the water to inako
them tbo most famous producers of tbo
world , nnd In time they will have It.
Superior Times ; In the western purl of tbo
state great interest li being- taken In Irriga
tion by moans of ciumls. Irrigation iu that
part of the state la all right , but It won't
work In this section , 1'oniii are what are
wonted In this country and the sooner the
farmers roallzo this and commence work In
this direction , the sooner will tha country bo
freed from the devastating hot winds.
Klmball Observer : Tun OMAIUHKK leads
the vnn in tbo agitation of tlio question of the
Irrigation of western Nebraska , ns It docs on
all other aubecta ( of Interest and benefit te
the people of ttis stato. The notion of Tn *
HUE in agitating the Irrigation question I * deserving -
serving of roco/rnltlon by the wostenl people
who are so vitally Intciested In the ntiustlon
When a metropolitan piper like Tim IIKH
tnlccs up the discussion of a question tbt
world * Mm loams of its Importance and the
discussion InTiiR IlRRof the advantages ot
Irrigation nnd the ituluromonU offered for
capitalists to makri pruntablo investments
will result in good to this section of No-
bras k a.
Stockvlllo Tabor : These who can conven
iently do so should attend the Irrigation con
vention at McCook on the 'Jiitb Inst. No cold
walor should bo thrown on this subject by
any one , oven it irrigation ditches do not
seem to ho feasible for thu country on account
of the lay of the land , still we would bo bone-
fitted by having the \ tiat \ \ the south and
west of us irrigated , ami it would have a
tendency to check the effect of the hot winds
that usually rome from tboso direction * . \Vo \
hope to see the good woik go on , nnd would
like to have all our rcailoM tnko an Interest
in it und help it out as much as U within
their power.
Lincoln Journal : The bill now before con
gress Is a good one and ought to pass. The
state can niiiko thcso luudi , or a great portion
tion of thorn , very valuable by adopting n
comprehensive system of Irrigation , and the
Increment in vnluo will piy the expense of
thosntno audlcaVoa margin of prollt. It is
the province of the stnto to tike tbo mntlor
up rather than leave it to private enterprises
ulili'li ulll be sure to end In grinding mo
nopolies. IMviito corporations will run the
irrigation business sololv for the inonoy that
c.m bo nmdo out of It. The state can manage
It for the good of tha whole public. And
then , If this irrigation buslnuis Is shown to
In ) a success In western Nebraska it will
gradually work its way clear uu to the Mis
souri bottoms.
Chimney Hock Transcript : The people of
this valley nriuleservlng of all tbo Interest
o recently manifested by the press and
should ha encouraged in their endeavors to
build up this section. They arc deserving of
aid from tha state anil the nation. Monovts
needed and could bo well Invested In build
ing canals for the people. The wlso men at
tlio capital should take a prldo in rendering
needed assistance to a people that
mo trying and are willing to
help themselves. A few thousand
dollars loaned by the state to each of the
small coin panics now so sorely pressed for
cash would bo a wlso and Judicious ino/o and
result In the more nipi'i ' and complete \\ork
already Inaugurated by the enterprising ] HH > -
plo now slowly pushing tlio worlc along , will
our members of the legislature look into this
matter from a practical standpoint nnd In
form the people if the nbovo is not a sugges
tion worthy of careful consideration t
Denver News : But whatever may bo the
futuroof iigilctilturo in tlio state boyoud tbo
piosent line of oar Irrigating canals , there Is
no question ns to the present or future of
Colorado agriculture within the Irrigated
limits. The production of hay , grain , \opo-
tubles everything which will grow in this
latitude bus already surpassed in value the
output of our mines. The fruit Industry is
in its In fancy , but is advancing with such
rapid strides ns to warrant for it the most
sanguine predictions. ICeoplng equal puce
with agriculture and horticulture is the
broadening murlcct afforded by the mines ,
\\liilo a growing manufacturing Industry Is
each year adding to the demand for the pro
ducts of Colorado farms. Heroin consists
the industrial greatness of the stuto , depend
ing as Its people do , not upon one single I to in
of production , but upon many ; and the
farmer who depends on Inlgatiou as tbo
moans of raiding a crop Is less sohloiii disap
pointed than lie who has no such dependence.
Henceforward lot Colorado bo written
down as u state not of ono but of mauy In
dustries agriculture , horticulture , mining
and manufacturing.
and I'lnns.
An Irrigation map of Wyoming will appear
in the forthcoming census report on the arid
There are 1,500 miles of canal ami dttehos
north of Blaclcfoot , Idaho , the cost of which
was- over $300,000. Tlio work is only half bo-
A big reservoir on the West Bench is pro
posed , to redeem 10,000 ncros of land , nnd
loivor Utah lake only ono foot by bringing
water from that natural reservoir.
The Colorado Irrigation society has passed
resolutions requesting the legislature to en
act no legislative provision on irrigation until
all interested in the subject bo satisfied.
It is proposed to incorporate a company
with n capital stock of $15.000 and sink pros
pect artesian \volls at Hunllngtou , Castle
Dale , Oraiigovillo , Ferron , Muddy and I'rico
in Utah.
Goring Courier : AVork on the farmers'
canal Is progressing rapidly , and wo oxpuot
toll em-of n regular Mvarin ol workmen mul
teams over there pretty soon. It will bo n
big undertaking , but they will carry it
through in as abort a tltno as possible.
There is tin anngcr of a cold resulting in
pneumonia when Chamberlain's Cough Kum-
cdy Is used as directed "for a severe cold. "
It effectually counteracts and arrests any
tendency of a cold to result in pneumonia.
ThLs fact was fully proven In thousands of
coses during tlio opldcmlo of inluen/a ( last
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jiMXXEit's JtliAIXK.
a ho 10 Defends Ilia Courtin
in tlio IlnriMindia
SAN FRANCISCO , Cal. , Jan. SO. Mr. Mlnior ,
ox-mlnlstor to Guatemala , who was recalled
by Secretary Blalno because of his nttitudo
In the Barrundia case , makes public his re
ply to the secretary's letter pf recall. MIz-
ner regrets the hasty action of the house of
representatives In calling for the papers In the
case before the committee had fully investi
gated it , as ho could have explained
everything satisfactorily. Ho cites Sec
retary Bayard's ' action In tha
Gomez raso and says ho ( Mlzncr )
was ruled by that in the Darrundia affair.
Barrundia was and political offender
against the laws of Guatemala , besides bolng
Indicted for common crimes , and hocumn
voluntarily Into the Jurisdiction of Guatemala
on a merchant .stcamor. The captain of tha
stoamcr asked him ( Ml/nor ) for instructions
and ha advised the officer to surrender
Barrundla If his ship was within onu
leiiguo of the territory of Guatemala.
Mlzncr snys if there Is any difference be
tween thiv two cases it Is In favor of the
( .luntcmnlan government , which made the ar
rest on tbo ground of liiuiiundiu being both
a political and common crimes offender , and
sustains him ( Mlzner ) In giving advice to tbo
captain. Tim ox-minister stated that the entire -
tire diplomatic corps of Central America , ox-
cuptlng tbo representative from Hoxico , en
dorsed his course In tha Bnrruudla ulfalr ,
Ho CaiiHcs tlio Arrest oi * Ono of II ii
Aleck Spleglo Is after Harris lUchtnond ,
tlio young man who testified advoranly to
Spolglo at the recent Bornstoln inquest ,
yesterday ho hail lllchmond arrested for
burghu-y , alleging that tno lattorls tbo indi
vidual who brolto into his plnco about Jan
uary 1 , and stole u lot of llijuor and cigars.
Richmond protests that no U Innocent and
claims that his arrest Is wholly duo to spite
work. Ho says thnro Is not the slightest
evidence to Justify the issuing ? of a warrant ,
Slidt nnd Killoil Ills Wlfo.
SANMAHCOS , Tox. , Jun , 20. George IV
Snyder , ono of the wealthiest citizens of thi
tdaca and agent for the Southern agricuU
, tu nil works of Allan ta , da. , shot and klllofi
his wife.
Mrs. Wmslow'i Soothing Syrup for children -
ron teething cures wind colic , dlorrhcua , ota ,
! i5 dents a bottla.
Illow HlH Fiiuo Off.
CROAK Hu'iiw , la , , Jan. 20. W. C. 4jtkin
attempted suicldo last night by blowing off
the lower part of his fuco with a shotgun.
Ho cannot recover.
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"Brown's ilronchial Troches. " "Thoy stop
an attack of asthma cough very promptly. "
O. Falun , Mlamlvlllo , 0.
Ilnrsforil's Add I'hospliato
KorMchl Kiumln
of consumption , gives speedy benefit ,
Hontquoml CD Klnutrooutloni
NKW YORK , Jan. 20. Harris A. Hmllor.tho
wifomurderer , was fills' morning sentenced
to death by electrocution.
Hhoumatlo gout ! Drink nature's
Diuretic und urloncld .solvent ,
The Excelsior Springs , Mo. , waters-