Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 18, 1891, Part One, Page 2, Image 2

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"Wabavo been compelled to recede from every
Btop we hate token. It would have boon
much bolter for our party If wo h nd gone
abend nnd counUxl the votes nnd declared the
result Just tis the constitution prescribes , I
favored this plan In the caucus , nnd had n
good support , but wo wcro outwitted and foil
into line with the majority.
"But Just think where wo nro. In the bo-
pinning wo vowed wo would novcr count the
vote nnd doclnro the result until after the
contest was decided , then we passed n reso
lution not to recognize nny of tlieso officers ,
und then proceeded to recognize Tom Majors
as president of the senate nnd J. C. Allen
secretary of state , nnd now wo nil conccdo
privately nt least that Jloyil U the legal gov
ernor , for If Iloyd Is hot who Is ! Tlmycr does
not claim to bo any longer nndtncltly nt least
recognizes Hoyd. if wo had shutthoso lawyers
out of ovr caucus nnd depended onourown
common SPIISO wo would have been bolter oil.
"Now the contest Is coming up , and those
same lawyers will ndvlso us tnput our foot In
it again , and I expect to sco the majority fall
In with their suggestions. Hut I tell you I
nm getting tired for one. This attending
caucus night after night Is petting decidedly
monotonous. I came down hero to enact
nome good , wholesome laws that nro de
manded by the people , nnd not to fritter
htvay oifr time in piling up big fees for law-
"vcrs. These contest cases should bo limited
by muttinl stipulations If possible , but at any
'rate by rigid rules. If wo bad never entered
Into tills contest business , I hclluvo wo could
have passed all the laws demanded by the al
liance , nnd If necessary over the vote of the
governor. Borne political parties , llko souio
people , don't know when tboy nro well oft ,
and a good many of the Independents are beginning -
ginning to feel llko I do about the way things
have been running. "
A Number ol' IllllH Alrunily Introduced
fur Thin I'urpimn.
LINCOLN , Nob. , Jan. 17. [ Special to Tiia
BEE. ] The number of bills Introduced for
changing Nebraska's Judicial districts and
the number of'Judges indicates a ccneral de
sire fornn Increase In both.
Senator Shea's bill provldoi for olcht In
stead of four judges In tbo Douglas county
( Third ) district.
Senator Ksrgleston's bill proposes to increase -
crease the number of both districts and
Judges. It provides for clglt | Judges for the
Fourth district , three for the Third , and two
each for the First , Fifth , Eighth , Tenth ,
Eleventh , Twelfth and Thirteenth. It pro
poses the following districts :
First Kichardson , Nemaha , Johnson ,
Pawnee , Gngo.
Second Otoo , Cass.
Third Lancaster.
Fourth- Douglas , Sarpy , Washington ,
Flfth-Smmders , Dodge , Duller , Colfax ,
IPhitto. Merrlek , Nance.
' Sixth Saline , Jefferson , Fillmore , Thayer ,
Kuclcolls , Clay.
Seventh Suward , York , Hamilton , 1'olk.
Eighth ( Jumlng , Stanton , \Vayno , Dlxon ,
; Dakotn , Madison , Autelope , Pierce , Cedar ,
iKnox , Tliurston.
Ninth Adams , Webster , Keurnoy , Frank-
flln , Hiirlnn , 1'helps.
, Tenth Boone , Hall , Wheeler , Grceloy ,
iGarilolu , Loup , Valley , Howard , Blaiuo ,
iThotnas , Hooker , Grant.
] Eleventh Buffalo , Dawson , Custer , Lln-
.coln. Logan , Shormnn , Klelh , Cheyenne ,
iDucl , Scott's Bluff , Klmball , Banner , Mc-
CPhcrson , Arthur.
Twelfth Gospor , Furnas , Frontier , Ked
. "Willow , Hayes , Hitchcock , Chase , Perkins ,
. JJwidy.
i Thirteenth Holt , Rock , Brown , Koya
Palia , Cherry , Sheridan , Dnwes , Sioux , Box
It scoir.s likely that a bill similar to Eg-
jglcston's will bo passed at this session.
Tlio Senate.
LINCOLN . Nob. , Jan. 17. [ Special to THE
BRU. ] The senate this morning adopted a
resolution by Mr. Moore asking the sonata
auditor to furnish the sonata with a state
ment , of the amount of sugar bounty paid 'up
to date.
On motion of Senator Swltzlor the secre
tary was directed to notify the state relief
committee thnt U was mistaken in supposing
that the senate had adopted a memorial to
congress asking for a largo appropriation for
.the drouth sufferers.
Tlio senator read from Tan BEE'S Wash
ington' ' dispatch to show thnt such a memorial
would bo useless , and ho sought to correct
the wrong Impression which had reached
Washington and had probably gone abroad
to the world. In this connection Senator
SwlUlcr paid a high compliment to Perry S.
Heath , Tim.Bnr.'s Washington correspond
ent , as one of the ablest and most reliable in
tbo country.
The resolution fixing Tuesday for begin
ning the contest was passed. It was not
Blgncd by the presidmgoflloor before anjourn-
inent , nnd therefore can not reach the gov
ernor before Monday afternoon.
. The senate adjourned at noon until 4 o'clock
The IIoiiHc.
LINCOLN , Nob. , Jon. 17. [ Special to THE
BEE. ] The session of the house was short
und no business of special interest was trans
The special committee of which Gunnott
of York is chairman appointed to procure
suitable rooms near the state printer's office
for the proof renders , reported that they had
performed that duty , and that the rooms
would cost the state $20 per month.
Mr. Howe opposed the adoption of the re
port. Ho thought thcro were plenty of
vacant rooms in the capltol building thnt
might bo used for this purpose , and was not
in favor of hiring rooms nt the expense of
the state for the convenience of clerks.
. Mr. Oakley defended the committee , and
thought a room for the proof readers near
the printing office would save a great deal of
running back and forth and the employment
of special messengers. The report was
Taylor of Johnson moved to reconsider the
vote uy which the dally Journals of the house
proceedings were ordered printed. Ho said
ho had been informed that the cost during
the session would run up to nearly $20,000 ,
nnd that the state could not afford the ox-
Brcnnan thought the Journal should bo
printed , in order to Insure accjuracy In the
.report of the proceedings.
The motion was reconsidered nnd laid on
the table.
Among the bills Introduced were the fol-
owlng :
By Severin-To compel railroads to build
cattle guurdi at public and private cross
ings.By Sovcrin To prohibit the selling of
pools and other species of gambling.
By Sevorin To abolish thu national guards
nnd provide for the enrollment of all able
bodied citizens as state mllltln.
By Bredosson To provide tor the appoint
ment of nn inspector of nil manufacturing
establishments and mines nnd for the adop
tion of safeguards to prevent accidents.
' A resolution by Oakley providing for-tho
appointment of a stenographer at $3 per day
was adoptod.
The house adjourned till 4 p. m. Monday.
To Make ttio Gambling Iiaw KfTootlvo.
LINCOLN , Nob. , Jan. 17. [ Special to Tun
BEE , ] Two years ago a bill covertly repeal
ing tlio anti-gambling law went through the
house n flying nnd made a good start In the
senate hoforo Us true character wni un-
jnaskod. This session an effort will bo made
to amend the law nud make it more effective.
Senator Shea Is drafting a bill to that end.
The present law makes gambling a peniten
tiary offense , and Mr. Shea says Juries will
not convict bccnuso of the severity of the
-penalty. Ho will propose an amendment
making gambling a misdemeanor , punishable
by a tine , and thinks there will bo moro con
victions under suck a law.
Legislative Notes.
Senators Shuinway audDysart wcro paired
, Taojournal ot the Joint convention is "most
fearfully and wonderfully made. "
Frank A. Rockhold has been appointed
clerk of the senate Judiciary committee.
Ex-Senator Hoover ami daughter of Blue
Hill were senate visitors this morning.
Tie | employes ot the senate have petitioned
t1ot an allowance of five --cent stamps and
flye 1-ccnt for each
noyvspapor wrappers om-
" ' " " but the
"i pages.
o number of bouse employes Is steadily
' ' " ( ? . Seventy-two nave now been np-
nd three more will reach the statu-
Jiad it not bcou for tbo wise law
"iHhUuro fixing the
number of house employes not to exceed
seventy-five , no ono can tell to what extent
the list of supernumeraries might hove been
swelled before the session closes.
Senator Swllzlcr declared this morning
that ho felt very lonesome. Everybody had
recognized Mr. Boyd governor , but the sen
ate had denied him that privilege. Ho feels
better now.
The resolution Introduced by Stornsdorff
relative to newspapers simply con tinea the
orders to newspapers published in this state ,
nnd docs not limit the number , as stated in
the report.
The normni school question is coming up
again. A bill hits already been Introduced to
establish n school at Clmdron , nnd the Intro
duction of normul school bills will soon bo
the order of the day.
tloprcsenlatlvo Sherman of Saline Is preparing -
paring n bill , which ho will Introduce soon ,
provldjng for tbo cumulative system of voting
ing for members of the legislative It Is es
sentially the same law now In force in Illi
Mr. Smith of Saline has Introduced a bill
requiring plaintiffs In civil cases to illo a bond
for costs before commencing action. Tbo
bill Is designed to do nway with potty cases
where the state Is generally compelled to
"pay tho-Uddlor. "
Tbo vote of Representative Ollllllnn ( rep )
of Lancaster enabled the independents to np-
provo the Journal of the Joint convention as
made up by the cleric , lirnorlng the fact that
Lieutenant Governor Moikeljobn presided.
Thu vote stood 51 toJO. .
The committee on miscellaneous subjects ,
of which Mr. McCutcheon of Boone Is chair
man , was entirely omitted from tbo list.
Thls-commltteo Is composed of McCutcheon ,
Stewart , Gunnett , Taylor of Butler , Gifford
( rep ) , Hall ( dom ) , Mntthowson ( dcm ) .
They Are Found Half Demi III n Vn- ,
emit Itooin In Cincinnati.
CINCINNATI , O. , Jan. 17. [ Special Telegram
to TUB Bun. ] A mysterious disappearance
of two children occurred hero on Wednesday
night last. They were Rachel Fritseh , aged
four , nnd Charles Philips , aged thrco. Their
parents live In the snuto building , No. 11
College street , nnd the two children were in
separable playmates. Shortly before noon
today the lost children were found In a second
end story vacant room over Hart's shoo store
on Fifth street , near Vine , only two squares
from their homo. The door was locked , but
was kicked open. There lay the two chil
dren on the lloor , flat on their faces , with
hands spread out and faintly moaning. The
little ones were almost frozen nnd wcro ema
ciated from their long fast , fright ard expos
ure. Beneath the window the wall paper
was torn off , showing where thov had tried
to climb up to call for help. The children
could glvo no explanation of their imprison
Asleep Twenty-three Days.
EAU CIAIHE , Wls. , Jan. 17. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun BEK.J Mrs. Melvlna II. White ,
who has been asleep for twcnty-thrco days ,
is still In the same condition at her homo In
Wheatou , about nlno miles from this city.
Mrs. "White is about forty years of ago. She
is attended by two female nurses. The only
course of treatment followed has been tbo
administering of such medicines as were pre
scribed by the doctor * nud occasionally a
little milk. She has become somewhat ema
ciated and is evidently slowly sinking. Pre
vious to the day on which sko fell Into the
state of coma in which she now Is , she had
been quite weak from Roneral debility and
nervous prostration. The effort to arouse
her with au electric battery was entirely in
effective , producing only a slight twitching
of the arms. Tbo action of the heart is weak
und it is believed that the patient con last
but a few days nt the most.
The Report Will bo Favorable.
WASHINGTON , Jnn 17. [ Special Telegram
to TUB BBE.--A ' favorable Is
] - - report to bo
made upon Senator Paddock's ' Joint resolu
tion providing that the ants for the sale of
the Otoo and Missouri reservation lands in
Kansas and Nebraska , approved August la ,
1870 , and March S , 1831 , shall ho so construed
as to authorize the secretary of the interior
to cattso patents to issue to all persons who
made entries and purchased lands in good
faith under either of these acts nt tholuflll
oftlco at Beatrice , Neb. , but who may not
have strictly complied with all the technical
requirements of the same as to permanent
scttlomnnt ; and provided , further , that such
persons compliea In all other respects with
tbo provisions of the uct under which such
purchases were mndo. This measure is to bo
formally acted upon by the senate committee
on public lands next week.
I'niiker Homer on Trial.
Nr.w-YoiiK , Jan. 17. Banker Edward II.
Homer , Indicted by the grand Jury for the
southern district of Illinois , on the charge of
violating the now postoflico lottery law , was
taken before the district court here. Horner's
counsel argued that their client cannot bo nr-
restud for a crime committed In Illinois
when ho Is n resident of Now York , and was
not In Illinois at the tlmo the alleged offouso
was commit ted.
Later Homer was taken before Judge
Brown nnd his discharge asked for on the
ground that the indictments were defective.
Decision was reserved and Horner placed
under $5,000 ball to await the action of the
Legislation Against Hypnotism.
CINCINNATI , O. , Jan. 17. Dr. J. W. Pran-
dcrgast , health officer of this city , Influenced
the authorities to rcfuso a license to a
lecturer on hypnotism , and his entertain
ments have boon stopped. Dr. Prondcrgnst
takes the ground that hypnotism , when ap
plied Indiscriminately , Is injurious , as It nf-
feots the mental health of tbo subjects. Upon
his recommendation the council passed nn
ordinance to make it a misdemeanor to give
hypnotic exhibitions.
Working to Souuro a Caucus.
WASHINGTON , Jan. 17. The republican sen
ators are making an elTort to have a caucus
Monday night to determine on a further
order of.prooeduro. The purpose of the cau
cus will bo to make another effort to recon
cile the republican senators who have been In
opposition to the elections bill , und oven to
have so shaped themselves during the last
few hours as to warrant the hope that suc
cess would attend the efforts.
Seventeen Steamers Icebound.
LoNUONJ Jan. 17 , Dispatches from Ger
many state that seventeen steamers , Includ
ing the Hamburg-American liner Augusta
Victoria , tire icebound at Blankonoso. From
Spain and Franco come reports of a renewal
of the cold weather nnd snowstorms. Trafllo
is interrupted and mail trains are dolnycd.
Several deaths from frewlug are reported in
Death or Colonel hen.
Co sic\NA-Tox. , Jan. 17. Colonel Albert
M. Lea , aged eighty-four , died hero yester
day , Lea , who was a graduato. of West
Point , supervised the surveys of Iowa , Min
nesota , Wisconsin nud a largo part of the
territory west of the Mlsslsslpi rlvar.
The Carpet Mill Fire
PniiAnErvnu. .Tun. 17Tho loss by flro
at Dabson's carpet mills last night can only
bo approximated this morning. It Is thought
It will amount to between $1.2. > 0,000 and
81,750,000 , Ou this thcro is an Insurance of
* 1,000,000.
Two Men Iturnod to Death.
PALMBH , Mass. , Jan. 17. The main part of
. the dye house of Palmer , Mills & Otis com
pany nt Throi ) Rivers bunion this morning ,
anil two employes , Elijah Frame and Joseph
Baucock , perished. Losa on the mill , $ --0,000. ,
A Custom llouso Clerk Arroatod.
PiiiUADKi.i'iru , Jan. 17 , George 0. Bnker ,
a custom house cleric , charged with altering
llguron la invoices of sugar consigned to
Cluus Snrocltlca lu this city , has been ar
lit n Hociilvor's Jlnncl .
NBWA KN. J. , Jan. 17. The Ulloy Os-
borne manufacturing1 company , whose Una
is fnnoy inotal goods , is In the bunds of a re
ceiver. Liabilities , 150,000 : assets less than
half. _ . . .
The Crancj and NonpamiU will open the
oity lougui ) season ,
The United Statoi Senate finally Tires It-
celf Out and Adjourns.
The HOIIHO Wastes Valnnblo Tlmo in
Committee of tlio Whole on
tlio District < > f Colum
bia nm.
WASHINGTON , Jan. 17. Between 3 nnd
5:30 : a. in , the senate spent In waiting for a
quorum which did not como. At the latter
hour the sergcant-nt-arms reported In writ
ing tbo success or failure of his visit * to the
senators. Ono of thcso reports stated that
Senators Berry and llutlor woro. In the
cloak room and the former stated that ho
would como -when ho got ready nnd
the latter refused to obey the summons.
The appearance of Mr. C'corgo nt 5:15 : com
pleted the quorum on call nnd Mr. Faulkner
made another start In his speech against the
bill , although there wcro not twenty sena
tors within hearing of his voice. . . '
At 0 o'clock Mr.Ocorgo made another effort
to close the dfty's.sossion , but ttio motion was
defeated on a yca'and nay voto. As the vote
showed no quorum present , the senate found
itself again in the same endless round
tin which it had been revolving
for the last six honrs. At 7:30 : when thcro
wcro flvo democrats' the floor nnd ono re
publican ( Mr. Casey ) , Mr. Daniel arose nnd
moved adjournment. The move did not suc
ceed , however , for Mr. Casey rushed for and
obtained his allies from the plonk room and
the motion was declared lost.
After thut there was another lull until 0:30 ,
when a quorum having appeared , Mr. Faulk
ner proceeded with tils remarks. Ho con
cluded nt 10:80 : , having hold the lloor for
almost twelve hours. .
Air. Stewart has glvea notice of n motion
to recommit the elections bill , with Instruc
tions to the committee to report It back with
provisions for the election of members of
congress on days when no other elections nro
held In the several states.
Mr. Vest demanded n yen nnd nay vole on
Mr. Faulkner's amendment , -which elimi
nates from the bill such features as color In'
Judicial functions upon canvassing boards.
Tbo matter went over for the present , nnd
Mr. Vest nrgued In favor of the proposed
amondmcut providing that circuit courts
shall appoint two chief supervisors of elec
tions for each Judicial district in the circuit ,
nnd not of the Sumo political party. He said
that the democrat ! ) would exhaust every par
liamentary method to defeat the bill.
The question recurring on Mr. Vest's
amendment , Mr. Hoar moved , to table it.
Agreed to YeasS'J , nays 25. ' "
On motion of Mr. Faulkner an amendment
was adopted striking out the clause giving
the supervisor of elections power-to transfer
nny suporvissr from" service iu ono part of a
congressional district to another part of the
same district.
Mr. Wolcott moved to amend the bill by
providing that nny person falsely claiming to
bo a citizen of the United States , or to be a
resident or qualified voter in any application
shall bo punished by conflnomynt not moro
than two years , or by a line of not moro than
§ 1,000 , or both line and imprisonment.
Agreed to.
Mr. Hoar moved to table Mr. Vest's amend
ment. Agreed to yeas , 33 ; nays , 35.
Mr. Itcagnn offered an amendment , to como
in ut the end of section 8 , providing that the
ohlof supervisor shall keep petitions and the
lists of names appended U > thorn open for in
spection and examination by citizens at all
ro.isouablo hours.
Mr. Hoar moved that the reso
lution bo laid on the table ,
nnd the result being a tie yeas , 30 ; noys , ao
the vice president voted aye , nnd Mr. Uoa-
gan's resolution was laid on the table. The
republicans votinc nav were Messrs. Quay ,
Stewart , Teller and Wolcott. The following
wcro paired : Chandler and Blodgett , Pcttt-
grew nnd Call , Dolph and Colquilt , Blairand
George , Pierce and Gibson , Plumb and Vosfc
Mr. Vest moved to add to section 5 the
words : "And shall bo sworh to the same. "
Mr. Hoar arugcd that Mr. Vanco's amend
ment should bo agreed to.
Mr. Voorhcos gave notice of an amendment
providing that nn application ana the mimes
signed thereto shall bo published in at least
two newspapers of opposite politics In each
congressional dlstiict every day forono'week
preceding the election.
Mr. Hoar moved that the first of , the com-
mlttoo amendments to strike out of section
23 the words , "returns of houso-to-houso can
vass. " Agreed to.
Mr. Morgan offered n resolution ( agreed to )
calling on the secretary of the treasury for
copies of the accounts of John I. Davenport
and the circuit court commissioner from 1880
to 1800.
Mr. Aldrich gave notice that on Tuesday
next ho would ask the senate to proceed to
the consideration of the resolution to change
the rules of the senate.
Other amendments .offered by Mr. Hoar
wcro agreed to without opposition , including
ono increasing from three to four the num-
ocr of supervisors of election in.each district
The bill was then laid asldo Informally and
tbo senate at 0 o'clock adjourned till Monday
at 11 a. m. , after a continuous session of
thirty hours.
WASUINOTOV , Jan. 17. The house wont
into committee of thowholo on the District
ol Columbia appropriation * bill. A long dis
cussion , foreign to ttio bill , ensued.
Mr. Illchardson of Tennessee sent up a
number of clippings frorn Ohio newspapers
reporting outrages upon negroes in Ohio.
Mr. Grosvenox * said the outrages occurred
in strongly democraticdistricts. . The de
bate continued at some length and pending
the disposition of the bill tbo committee rose
and the house adjourned.
A mo c
"Wong Hey Amuses Jlinuolt' with the
Chlncflo Giant , IJKO Von.
Nnw YOHK , Jan. 17. [ Special Telegram to
TUB BEB. ] The sport * of Chinatown have
received a sot-back. When it was announced
last week in Chinese sporting circles that a
match had been arranged between little
Wong Hey and the giant. Leo Von , to flght
to a finish , according to approved Chinese
methods , the sports all had , or thoucht they
had , a sure thing. They backed Leo Yen tea
a man. Wong iloy operates n laundry at
Hartford , Conn. Ho weighs but 120 pounds
nud stands 5 feet & Inches in his stocking
feet , Wong Hey prides himself on ills ath
letic powers and paid frequent visits to this
city in the hope of finding an antagonist will
ing to meet him in the prlzo ring. As a re
sult his countrymen fought shy of his pro
posals. When Yen , however , wnftod his
giant llguro among the celestial sports thov
were happy. Hero was u man who would
soon wipe the boastful Wong froVfPoft tbo
fnco of the earth , Leo Is (1 ( feet 3 Inches tall
and wolKlis'JiJ pounds. Tlio fight came off
in a store on Poll street , all tbo Chinese
sports being present.
"Hi yah ! " exclaimed the referee , nnd th'nn
the light began. The giant reached out for
the little fellow , but tbo latter was not thero.
Iu a llobh ho had dived between the giant's
logs. Thou ranio an upward heave nnd tbo
giunt lay sprawling upon the floor. This was
Wong's opportunity. With wonderful quick
ness ho hud dullverod his prostrate foe a kick
in the stomach then bo Jumped up and came
down with both feet upon Leo's head , Jam
ming the luttor's face into the boards and
causing the blood to How lively. The little
follow was everywhere at- once und as for the
glrant , ho simply "was not In it. "
In less than four minutes ho wns gouged
and pounded into insensibility , whereupon
the tight was given to Wong. Wong still in
sists that ho "can lick any Chinaman living , "
und would like to bear from other giants.
Samoa's Clilof JtiHtlito Arrives.
Ai'iA , Samoa ( via San Francisco ) , Jan. 17.
The long expected chief Justice of Samoa ,
Mr. Cedorcrantz , arrived on the steamship
Alamnda December 30 , much to the satisfac
tion of tlio foreign residents , who hope that
tLJestnblisumont of the supreme court pro
vided for in the treaty will inaugurate an era
of stale government.
One of the crow of the United Slates
steamer Iroquols U under arrest on suspicion
ot having murdered Seaman Powell , cox
swain of the captain's gig. The mcu-ployel
cards oshoro ono night nnd Barren returned
at 1 o'clock In the morning. Two days later
the mutilated body of Powell was found In
tbo bay. * v
Iff 'l'HK ' JtJKSVLT.
Why Cotisttle tuian of the Silver
IN o Ua Delayed ,
WA9inxoTO2ljan. 17. [ Special Telegram
to THE BKK.J Well Informed republicans
liavo no npprohenslon whatever thnt n silver
bill of any elm motor will bo reported from
the committee to the house while thcro is au
Investigation pending into the charge that
certain republican senator * who are inter
ested In the altGgeil silver bullion pool pro
cured the ndo Uou of n free colnngo bill In
the senate for icrsbnal reasons and with mer
cenary motives. It would 111 become a repub
lican house to take action upon n free coinage
bill before this ehnrgo Is determined , nnd
should it bo sustained n republican house
could not afford to pass n free colnngo meas
ure oven though all of Its niembors favored
the principles the measure involved. It Is
therefore likely thnt the house committee on
colnngo , weights and measures will take
under serious consideration the senate bill
till n report Is made by the silver pool inves
tigating committee. This may not bo under
some weeks and there remain but six wcoks
of this congress beyond next Wednesday.
As stated heretofore in these d ispatchcs , the
house , If It passes nny kind ot silver
bill , will not adopt tbo one
passed by the sonata , and ultimately
u conference committee will bo asked to settle
tlio dispute. It is not at all probable thnt
Vlco President Morton nnd Speaker Heed ,
who nro both opposed to free coinage , would
appoint conferees who would agree to an un
limited coinage bill , so It becomes more nnd
moro "apparent every day that If there Is
legislation upon the suojcct It will bo free
colnngo for American silver only. The re-
publljans who nrourglne unlimited colnngo
aro-largcly mndo up from two classes these
who believe tboy can place the president la
nn embarrassing situation by being presented
with a free , unlimited coinage bill , and those
who want to cause a temporary Hurry In the
bullion market and unload their holdings
when the prices nro up. The indications nro
that both classes will bo disappointed.
It AV1II Cloilio the Muscles of Sir
Knight ] ) lekers ii.
CmcAoo , Jan. 17. [ Special Telegram to
TIIBBEE.I A remarkable operation will take
place at the Emergency hospital , 191 Superior
street , tomorrow morning nt 10 o'clock. Ono
hundred and fifty men , beside the patient and
doctors , will take part In It. Sir Knight
Diokoraon , recorder of St. Barnard com-
mundory , No. fti , has been afflicted with car-
clnomo , a specie of cancer which spread over
a largo portion of the underlying tissues of
the back and right hip. It has been entirely
removed by the surgeon's knlfo but there re
mains la its place a bare surface measuring
about 141 square inches. Grafting skin from
the lower animals has been tried and failed.
Now nothing remains that can bo done butte
to grsift skin , The commander has issued a
lengthy circular calling on the members of
tbe order to contribute the necessary human
ititegmnont to cover this space and tomorrow
morning at the time stated the commandory
members , including volunteers for the opera
tion , will meet nt the commandery asylum on
Klnzlo street before the operation and visit
the hospital in squads of fifty , until the
operation is done. Grafts will bo taken from
the flexor sldo of the left arm where the skin
la thin and well nourished. This point has
been selected also fbr the reason that there
are few sensory nerves in the skin nnd there
fore the pain of thooperation will bo reduced
to a minimum. ' Kach man will bo expected
to contribute about ono incn of skin. The
doctor In charge gives the assurance that the
operation will succeed and that the disease
will lu all probability never return.
It is Explained by Chairman Jones of
the lIlluolH Stio : Cnimnltr.oP.
CHICAGO , Jan , Jl7.- [ Special Telegram , to
THE BEE. ] CUaikmm. Jonns of tho-stateirc-
publican commlttq ? is In Chicago for a rest
Ho is reported assaying that nobody can tell
how the alliance men In the legislature wilt
vote , but ho doubts if all of the thrco will
support either ox-Governor Oglesby.or the
democratic nominee. "They are much moro
likely to select several alliance men and then
nsk ono of the two leading parties to take up
ono of the men as a candidate. Tlio republi
cans have had no negotiations with them
thus-far , but thcro is no telling what may bo
done. Oglesby is our candidate , but the com-
lulttco has the power to retire him if it
should bo found Impossible so elect him and
take up some ono whom wo can elect. The
democrats can't do this with Palmer because
their committee has no such power of dis
placement. "
They Make nn KfTorC to Capture nn
Klkhorn Train.
DCADWOOD , S. D. , Jan. 17. [ Special Tele
gram toTiiu Bnn.1 Today an unsuccessful
effort , unsuccessful bccauso of a lack of or
ganization , was made by a largo crowd of
railroad graders on a strike , to take posses
sion of the cast bound passenger train'pf the
Fremont , Elldiorn & Missouri Valley and they
were only prevented by the presence of the
sheriff with a largo number of deputies , who
had taken possession of the platforms of the
cars nnd thus kept the strikers off. The
trouble grew out of n refusal of the company
to Issue transportation to the graders which ,
ns they claim , was stipulated in their con
tract of work on the road , returning them to
tlio point of employment. Tlio strikers are
still In tba city nnd doclara thnt an effort to
morrow evening will bo successful.
Army Promotions.
WASIIINOTOS , Jan. 1" . [ Special Telegram
toTiiEBKE. ] By direction of the secretary
of war and under the provisions of section 2
of the act of congress approved October 1 ,
1390 , the following assignment' ) of officers of
cavalry and Infantry ( recently promoted ) nro
ordered : Captaln'Henry H. Wright ( promoted
meted from first lieutenant. Ninth cavalry ) to
the Ninth cavalry , troop 1C , to date from Do-
cemDor 12 , iSflO. vice I'ariter , deceased : First
Lieutenant Wlllinin H. Baldwin ( promoted
from second lieutenant , Seventh cavalry ) to
the Ninth cavalry , troop 1C , to date from December -
comber 12 , 1890 , vice Wright , promoted.
Lieutenant Baldwin will continue on duty
with the Seventh cavalry as temporarily at
tached thereto until furtnor orders. Captain
Horace B. Tarson fnromotod from first lieu
tenant Second Infantry ) to the Second in
fantry , company Itw duto from December 30 ,
1890 , vlco Mills , deceased.
. It PixJIs to Fly.
CHICAGO , Jan. i -Speclal [ Telegram to
TUB BKR.I The rroVolution in aerial naviga
tion scheduled1 to take place In the exposition
building today ( d not materialize. The
great air ship , said to. have been evolved at
Mount Carmcl fromn : Judicious combination
of hydrogen gas , nTumtnum and some brain
tissue contributed , by n gentleman named
Ponnington did not'arrive hero , although the
public had been informed that It was snipped
from the homo off the Inventor last night.
There Is nn alleged hlr ship now on oxmol-
tlon at ono of the dlm museums , along with
some ex-occupants of Jollet prison and other
curios , but this alr'KMlp ' Is no moro like tbo
ono which PcnnlncUm promised the world
than a sausageis llko a football.
Kent Hns n Wlfo.
ATCHISON , Kan. , Jan. 10. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : BiiK.1 Mr. Charles Kent , who
Is playing with the Clouicnceau Case com
pany , which gave a performance hero to-
nlgnt , Is very much annoyed by the Associa
ted press dispatch which appeared in the pa
pers this morning that Miss Lillian Queen ,
who died in Chicago recently , was on her
way to Sou Francisco to marry him. Mr.
Kent , bolng already a married mam. his em
barrassment Is readily understood. Mr , Kent
was formerly with Sol Hmlth Itussell , as was
also Miss Queen. Upon bearing that the
lady was sick lu a Chicago hnspital , he tclo-
gruphcd her ? ir , which is all thcro Is lu the
Associated press story.
The Ohargo Now Staring Young Patrick
Ford iu the Face ,
William Dovnnoyjs Idfo Hiinulng by a
Thread Gamblers Hutdcd by the
1'ollce and Thirty Ar
rests Mndo.
"Patrick Ford , Jr.-ahooting with Intent to
commit murder. "
Tha't is the way the police register reads
Blnco young Ford , who shot Dovaney Friday
night , has been taken to the county Jail and
his hearing in police court Is post
poned until January SO. The hearing
has been postponed to await the
result of Do'vauey's Injury , Yesterday
afternoon nt1 : ! )0 ) young Ford , nlong with
several other Jail birds , was taken to the
county jnll and as ho Is nn ugly man to han
dle the Jailor ordered the handcuffs put on
him. This aroused Ford's bitter denuncia
tion and ho proceeded to swear at and vllllfy
everybody about the Jnll.
Patrick ForJ , sr. , visited tno Jill to see his
wayward son. Ho was very much affected
and tears were scon to trickle down his ruddy
"Why don't you bring mo something to
cat , " said the young man to his fnther. " 1
can't cat the grub they give mo in hero. "
"You ought tiover to have got in hero. I
think you got about ns good as you deserve , "
replied Patrick Ford , sr.
"What did you come down here for ! " re
torted the son , looking at his father savagely.
"Why didn't you stay at Lincoln. You
needn't ' talk any more. You can go to h 1
for nil I caro. "
When the patrol reached the county Jail
young Ford broke out in anothnr paroxysm
of profanity because ho had been compelled
to wear handcuffs. Ho seemed ns utterly In
different to Impending punishment as though
ho were the most innocent man in Douglas
county. Ho has retained Hon. M. V. Gannon
ns his nttornay. Judge Hclsloy refused to
permit young Ford to furnish bail for his re
lease. Ho will have to stay in Jail until ho
has n preliminary hearing at all events.
William Dovnney , the man who \vns shot
by Ford on Friday niqht. Is still alive , but is
lingering on the borderland of the unknown
world. Some shreds of cotton and woolen
goods thut were carried In by the bullet were
taken from the wound last night. Small
hits of the underclothing were carried
almost entirely through the body. It Is
moro than probable that particles of the
cloth may bo lodged In the lungs or in the
parts of tbo body which were pierced by the
bullet , and this will aggravate the wound
and make the injured man's recovery even
more doubtful nnd difficult than it would
have been with only a clean bullet wound.
Ho Is Asphyxiated In His I'.ooin nt tbo
Mcreliunt ! ) .
Another victim of asphyxiation by gas was
reported from the Merchants hotel yesterday
Friday night n man registered as "G. A.
Carlsten , Oakland , " and asked to bo shown a
room , paying m ndvonco for the same. Ho assigned to a room and the porter claims
that ho turned oil the gas , as is his custom ,
after the guest bad retired.
About Oo'clockycstcrday morning the smell
of gas was noticed and was traced to the room
occupied by Carlsten. Ono of the employes
ot tbo house entered the room ttirouuh the
transom nnd found the gas turned on full and
the room tightly closed.
The man was lying in bed \ipon his back ,
with the bedclothes drawn over him. The body
was cold , showing that life had oeun extinct
some tlmo.
TUo gas Jot was a slnglo burner chandelier ,
pendant from the ceiling and hung over the
loot of tlio bod.
The victim was a Dane , about thirty-five
years of ngo , 5 feet 8 inches tall , weighed
Laljoutono hundred nnd fifty pounds , sandy
hair and mustache , with about a week's
growth of beard. When found ho was at
tired in n blue checked shirt and brown jeans
drawers. Desiao the bed was a pair of dark
pants , congress shoes and overshoes. On a
small stand bcsldo the bed were a dark blue
doublo-breasted reeling Jacket nnd vest to
match. An opon-f acca gold watch and gold
chain were attached to tbo vest.
In the man's pocket was found a paper
which established both his identity and hi.i
business. It was a receipt from the railroad
showing that Cnrlsten Itnd started from Oak-
laud , Burt county. Friday , in charge of a
load of live stock belonging to A. licckman
& Co. of Oakland und destined to South
Numerous other articles were found In the
pockets of the clothing , among them
a memorandum of things to bo pur
chased for the family at uomo. "Cheap
shoes , No. 5 , for Mabel. " headed this
list , showing that ho had njittlo daughter at
homo. Among other articles were : | Checked
gingham , calico , pie plates , cups , saucers nnd
glasses , nud "No. 'M wrap or cloak , " evi
dently for the wife. A bib for. the baby
was also among the articles which ho was to
purchase for the loved ones nt homo.
In n purse in ono of the pockets was $21.50
In bills nnd sliver , n draft for $3 , a yj-callbro
revolver , loaded , knlfo , kcyd , etc.
The body was removed to Maul's under
taking rooms , where the coroner summoned
a Jury at 7 o'clock last night and viewed the
remains nnd the room where Carlsten was
found dead. The night clerk and ttio porter
at the Merchants wcro called as witnesses ,
nnd stated that Carlston had been assigned a
room , and about 9iO : ! the porter showed him
up. Tlio porter further stated thnt ho had
asked Carlsten if ho understood the use of
ens und how to turn out the light. He said
ho did not , but If the porter would show him
ho could handle it all right. The porter then
showed him how to turn out the light anrt
told him to bo sure that ho left the gas shut
oft.'About fi o'clock the porter said
ho smcllcd gas In the hall , and
pushing open the transom where Carl
sten slept he discovered tbnt the room was
filled with tbo suffocating fluid. IIo called
tno clerk and they broke In the door , finding
Carlsten lying across tuo bed dead.
The Jurv returned a verdict iu accordance
wltu the evidence , to the effect that Carlsten
came to his death from suffocation caused by
illuminating gas whlcliho accidentally turned
on and Inhaled In room 33 lu the Merchants
Several of the relatives and friends of the
deceased arrived from Oakland on the 9:15 :
train last night to take charge of the remains.
The deceased was a member of camp 007 ,
Modern Woodmen of America. Ho leaves a
wife apd ono child.
Those who came In from Oakland lastnlght
to take charge of the remains were John
Curlston , fnthur of the decasod ; Mr. A. Beckman -
man , banker of Oakland , nud H. N. Hock , a
merchant of the village.
Mr. llockmnn said that the deceased was
an honest , bard .vorklng fanner who never
indulged in any sort of dissipation. Ho had
como to Omaha with several car loads of
cattle which Mr. Bookman was marketing.
Carlstou had traveled a good deal and had
slept many times In rooms where cas was
used , but the cause of his death Is believed to
have been purely accidental , for bis friends
can think of no reason why he should take
his own life.
Thirty Men Gathered In from ono
Joint TjiiBt Night.
Tno Omaha police force made an aggres
sive and very successful detour upon the
gamblers last night.
Chief Scavoy gave Instructions for a gen
eral movement nil nlong the line , and Captain
Mostyn sent out five detachments ot officers
and made an attack upon the Jungles where
the "tiger" is suppose to lurk. In thu Jlwt
company were Captain Mostyn and Ofllcors
Cook and Hayes ; In the second , Officers It.
P , Haze , Hurrlgan and Kills ; In the
third , Sergeant "Whnlen , Ofllccrs O'Ooorman
and Ilussoll ; In the fourth , Sergeant Slgwart ,
Officers Ha/o , Wllbon nnd Knrlght ; lu tbo
fifth. Officer * Koyaer. Hums , Boyle and
The first division wont to Billy Hawloy's ,
nt 1'Jll Douglas street ; the second to Horn-
bcrgor's , on Douglas street , near Fourteenth ;
tbo third to Folo/'s , at 141'J Douglas street ;
the fourth to lha Diamond , nnd the fifth to
the Turf , nt HUM Douglas street.
The second , third , fourth nnd fifth
detachments of ofllccrs failed to find
anything disorderly or unlawful
In the plums scnrohed , but the
first detachment , which wont to Billy Haw
loy's ' place , cuught gamblers enough to make
up for all the rest. In the rooms over the
rear of lliwley's plnco the officers found
thirty men sitting around the poker tables.
Tlicy wcro caught lu the net of gambling.
Some were dealing out the chips nud others
were planking iloxvn the stakes. Those who
wow not actively cupngod about the tables
wore stnnjtlng around catching odd beta.
A pock of chips mid about 115 In chnngo
were found on the tables nnd In the drawer ! * .
The devices were tikcn to the station , nna
the thirty men were all lodged In Jnll. Fol
lowing nro the mimes given by the gamblers
when searched by tlio Jailor : V. Wagner , I.
1C. Wilson , .lamra Barker , P. Larson , H.
Cohen , Charles Smith. Charles Kd words ,
Eel Adams , S. I' . Morrison , Mlko Douglas ,
lames Wilson , , lamc3 Holm. General Kltchlo ,
William Anderson , Frank llurton , Nral
Corcoran , John AlcPherson , Charles Wil
son , Dun Green , W. Dally , P. H. Haze ,
Harry James , George Webb , S. Young , .1. O.
Cumer , W. C. Uiulpor , James Kay , N'cls
Price , C. Holllday nnd Harry Stockman.
Tucro were livclv times nt tbo station
when the sports arrived. Tno Jailor's desk
was soon covered with gold watches , diamond
pins nud cash. Several of the men were re
leased after having sent to Judge Hclsley for
permission to furnish ball and cash security
for their appearance.
Tin : uar'xi , vuir , n.
A. llcniarknblo monstrosity Horn In a
IMIimcHotu Town.
CHATHAM , Minn. , Jan. 17. ( Special Tele
gram to Tin : llix. ] Mrs. Sarah A , Morris ,
a respectable Knglish woman of Boone
Bridge Wright county , has given birth to
the most remarkable monstrosity ever heard
' of in this part of Minnesota , The people
'who have visited the house call It the devil.
The mother , when she , wont Into hys
terics and has been sent to the asylum at St.
Peter in a hopeless state of lunacy. The
child-devil W M born four weeks ago and has
developed so rapidly that it weighs twenty-
two pounds. Its display of liitolllgenco is
something wonderful nnd exceeds- that
of ordinary children from twelve to eighteen.
months of nge. Its body is covered thickly
with auburn hair , nbout two Inches long. It
has two horns , a tail llko that of a cat and
feet which are partly tike those of a man and
partly like those of a dog. The birth of the
phenomenon Is due , according to members of
the Morris family , to n trivial occurrence
some tlmo lu November , when a book ngcnt
appeared at the house selling Catholic bibles.
Mrs. Morris formed a violent dislike to the
man nnd ordered him out or the bouse , tell
ing him she would as soon have tbo devil In
the house as a bible. Tlio ngcnt accused her
of blasphemy and said dramatically as she
hustled him out of the door , "I will send you
a devil to plague you. "
Kantma hcRlglatn Do Aot Aarco on
the Blatter of ICxponso.
TorrjKA , ICnn. , Jan. 1" . [ Special Tele
gram to Tun liui : . ] Neither branch of the
legislature accomplished much today. The
lower house clerks got lost early In the day ,
and the chief clerk announced that neither
members nor correspondents could see the
new bills until ho got things straightened
out. Tnrco bills wcro lost nnd n duplicate
copy of a concurrent resolution had to bo
obtained from the senate.
The alliance members nro disposed to glvo
their olllccrs every opportunity , and no com
plaint was mado. The lower house ad
journed at noon until Monday
afternoon. ostensibly to give the
committees time to worn , but In
reality to caucus on state printer and
United States senator. The nllianco mem
bers are growing suspicious of each other nnd
a number of democratic-alliance men are
holding put to have a United States senator
chosen from their ranks.
Senator Iiigalls and wlfo arc expected hero
tomorrow , to remain until after the senator-
stip Is disposed of.
The senate wrestled all day with n bill fix
ing the salaries of state olticers. The two
houses will clash on this bill us on many oth
ers iclating to oxoendituros. About three
hundred bills have already been Introduced
In the lower house.
Information for Ij.init Settlers.
WASHINGTON , Jan. 17. Special Tele
gram to Tin : Bic. : I Settlers in portions of
Nebraska , Iowa and South Dakota are writ
ing numerous letters to their representatives
In congress , asking their Influence to secure
extensions of time of payment to settlers who
have met with misfortunes In various ways.
Congress at its last session adopted a Joint
resolution , which became a law In September
last , covering these cases exactly. It is as
follows : "Whenever it shall appear by the
filing of such evidence In the oftlees of nny
register and receiver as shall bo proscribed
by the secretary of the interior that
any settler on the public lands by
reason of a failure of crops , for
which ho Is in no wise responsible , is unnblo
to make the payment on his homestead or
preemption clnlni required by law , the com
missioner of tno general land oftleo is hereby
authorized to extend the tlmo for such pay
ment for not exceeding ono year from the
date when the same becomes .duo. "
China Mortiflin
LOKDON , Jan. 17. [ Spcolnl Cablegram to
TliuBBK.l A St. Petersburg dispatch says
that the refusal of the viceroy of ICIang See
to accord a ceremonial reception to the czaro-
wltz bas produced a painful Impression In the
highest Russian circles. IJitssia has lately
been making extraordinary efforts to bring
China within the commercial and political
reach of the Russian empire , and the attitude
of the viceroy is believed to bo inspired by
antagonistic foreign influences at Slmnghii
and Is especially mortifying as exhibiting to
thu world how little tbo Chinese care for the
Cnptnin Ploreo ninken n Itcqulnltlon.
WASHINGTON , Jan. 17. Captain Ploreo , act
ing Indian agent at Pine Hldgc , has made a
requisition upon the Indian bureau for sup
plies necessary to continue the Issue of full
rations up to Juno ! )0 ) , IS'Jl , under the pro
visions of the treaty. The estimate calls for
SIR,2.Vi pounds of beef , gross ; 12,7(11 ( pounds
ot colToo. not ; 15JM ! ! pounds of sugar , net.
Captain PIcico is of the opinion that his beef
estimate will probably have to bo increased
by 50 per cent owing to the difference In
wolght of cattle now ns compared with their
weight when received last October.
Ilnum Inquiry to 1 > q Kciiimeil.
WASHINGTON , Jan. 17 , The house commit
tee investigating the charges against Com
missioner Uaum mot today and decided to re
sume the examination of witnesses Monday.
The committee also authorized a demand for
the production of certain books , etc. , of the
Columbia rofrigprator company , a subordi
nate concern of tbo .Universal refrigerator
An Omnibus lit Han Hill.
WASIIINOTON , Jan. 17 , Representative Per
kins of Kansas today introduced nn omnibus
bill to ratify tbo agreement ? with the Co3ur
l'AIcno ) Indians in Idaho , tbo Slssoton ,
Wahpoton and Sioux Indians iu Dakota , the
citizen band of I'otlmvatiimlcs nnd the ab
sentee SUmvncci and Cheyenne and Arapu-
hoe tribes in Oklahoma territory ,
President Dillon on the Ktnml.
WASIHNOTON , Jan. 17. Sidney Dillon , pres
ident of the Union Pacific railroad company ,
made a statement to tlio senate committee on
Pacific roads today in support of the plan for
the settlement of the debt of thut company to
the government proposed at the last meeting
by Mr. Wilson.
Not Authorized tci 1'rosmit It.
ST. PKTKiiSUUiia , Jan. 17 , The Imperial
commission has returned the London memor
ial in behalf of Husslan Jews addressed to
the czar with a communication for the mayor
of London stating that the commission is not
authorized to present such memorials to the
Trouble * . * *
SUSQUKHANNA , Pa. , Jan. 17. Tbo extensive
lumbering1 firm of Qulnn & Sherman of Star-
rucca , PH. , is financially embarrassed. Lia
bilities Ueavy.
TIIK ironiM'R KITW. $
Report of the ConjjroB.ilonnl Hub-
. Ciiiniulttro I'rRNcntnd.
WASIIINOTO.V , Jan. 17. HoprosontaUvo
Cnndlor of Massachusetts , chairman of the
select committee on the world's fair , today
the of the subcommittee
presented to the nouso report
committee that wont to Chicago to examine 1
Into the condition of matters there lu rela
tion to the world's lair. The report
thnt In the expenditure of public money tlio
powers assumed by the world's Columbian
commission produced confusion as well us
caused unnecessary expenditure of puulio
money which had boon Intended by congress
to pay the expenses of the government
cxhiult and not to p.iy excessive salaries to
ofllccrs of the commission. Provision , the
report snyn , had been made to pay the preslJl
dent , secretary and director general minimi f
salaries of ? 12,000 , $10,000 nnd * I5KX ( ) rospoc-s *
lively and also SS.OOO to the "vice chairman
of the executive coir.inlttco. " These salaries ,
In the opinion of the committw , ui-e excessive
nnd should not bo continued. Kxcesslve
oxpcnso has nlsobeea incurred In tha appoint
ment of such n largo number us lift
women on the board of lady managers
nnd the calling together of thu board when
tlio duties which will devolve upon it wore
not ready for its attention. The report savs :
' Your committee is of the decided opinion
that tlio fair cannot well bo conducted to a
successful termination under the dual man
agement which Is now In operation in consequence
quence of the construction placed upon the
law by the world's Columbian commission.
Ttio commission has exceeded Its IHMVOM by
th e appointment of officers and committees to
conduct the management of tlio fair in Its
executive dotnlls , which , In our interpreta
tion of the law , belongs entirely to the
world's ' Columbian exposition and Its oftlrcra.
The commission was given n quasi veto pmWS ?
nnd neb that of taking charge of the execu
tion of the plans for tbo fair. From the fact
thut the commission is honorary and without
siilary the conclusion is reasonable that tlioir
duties wcro not intended to bo exni/t
hit ; or continuous , so that they would
seriously Interfere with their private
business. The duties of the commission may
bo classed ns nfllrmutivo nnd negative ,
national and International , preliminary and
continuous. " Tlio report says the progress
In the preparation of the government ex
hibit Is ns great us could bo expected and ttie
worlt of the fjovernment board ol control ban
taken tangible and satisfactory shape. Men
tion Is made of the allotments of the govern
ment appropriation , nnd the committed
believes thut the exhibit of the government
ns prepared by the board will not suffer by
comparison with thut of any foreign nation.
In order to curry out the suggestions of the
report to plnco the whole enterprise on n
more solid footing and carry out the evident
Intention of congress the committee sub
mits a joint resolution directing tbo secretary
of the treasury not to approve the payment
of any oxpcnso attendant upon the meeting
of the natlonnl commission or'board of lady
managers except such meeting us may bo
called at the time of the dedication and
opening of the fair , nor approve any payment
attendant upon the meeting of the executlvo
committee , commissioners or lady managers ,
except such meetings as mav bo held not
oftcncr than 0111:0 : In six montlis ; providing
for a reduction In the salary of tbo president
of the national commission to not exceed.
? > .OUO ; vlco chairman of the executive com
mittee , $1,000 ; secretary , $1,000 ; to the presi
dent of the board of lady managers not to ex
ceed 5,000 ; secretary , $1,01)0 ) ; also thnt the
secretary of tlio treasurr shall notauprovo
my expenses of the national commission or
lady managers other than those ubovo men
tioned which shall amount to more than $10-
000 per nnnurn In the aggregate. The resolu
tion appropriates SIWO.UUO for the fiscal year
ending Juno ! JO , 1S9J , for the selection , pre
paration , arrangement , etc. , the omploylnent
of proper persons , etc. , for the various py *
eminent exhibits. The committee renews IcS'
opinion that tbo director ccneral and his om-
ploycs should bo paid from the exposition
fuads aud not from the government nppro-
prlntlon. The report says it Is not the intorP
tlon to recommend an Increase in the amount
of money pledged by the government for the
government exhibit , but It docs feel that a
larger proportion than was originally con
templated should bo made available immedi
ately. The time of preparation Is limited
and the funds are needed at onco.
UoRlnniiig of tbo Inquiry by the
llouso Special Committee.
WASIIINOTON , Jan. 17. The house silver
pool Investigation committee began Its in
quiry this morning. W. 1C. Stevens , princi
pal Washington correspondent of the St.
Louis Globe-Democrat , which paper first
printed the charges of a congressional silver
pool , was the first"witness , Witness had nu
intorviowZtvitli J. A. Owenby , In which tbo
statements given in the piper were made.
Could not locate O wcnlJy exactly , but ho was
managing the Silver Kcof mluo In Utah and
could , witness thought , bo reached without
difficulty. Witness had no personal knowl
edge of any senator or representative helm ;
engaged in tbo silver pool and never hoant
any member say anything with regard to hU
own connection with silver. Owen by men
tioned some names which witness loft out
in writing , Ills personal knowledge as to
tlio conductor senators and representatives
went only to the extent of an Interview.
Stevens had n conversation with Colonel
Jo.eph 1C. Kickoy of Fulton , Mo. Kickoy
said ho bought silver while the legislation
was [ lending and nindo some money , but not
nearly so much as reported. Witness could
not say whether or not Kickoy stated that hu
bought silver in connection with others or as
a private speculator.
Stowell naked If Kickoy was n lobbyist.
Stevens Ho seoim to have n great deal of
business nbout the cnpltol. 1 do not know
exactly what it is. Ho is n banker. The
names of Dwlu ; T. Little and ox-Treasurer , . . .
Tanner of Illinois were brought
out as having on boresay tcs-
tlmonv some connection with the silver
speculation. Witness had u conversation
with Senator Stewart which , In witness"
opinion , was confirmatory of some of the
statements made to him. Senator Stewart
said ho was not personally 'Connected wltli
the slvor speculation , and witness added :
"Hut I understood him to have personal knowl
edge ol other people being connected with
it. " Owenby said that pcndlngsllvcrlegisla
tion , agents pf Now York bankers , broker *
and silver dealers wcro in tlio hnblt of com
ing to Washington and having conference *
and directing the plans ofthelobby. Owenby
had given witness n number of names of per
sons whom ho said had been ( misting legis
lation. Witness could not recall ull , but would
produce tliom if ho could find them.
Among the names mentioned were V. K.
Nowlands , who bought ox-Prosldent Cleve
land's country place , und H. B. Parsons of
Now York , cashier of Wells , Forgo & Co.
The Investigation was then directed toward
the conversations with Kickoy. Names were
omitted. Kofcrnco was made by Kickoy to it
resolution Introduced by n roprosontuttvo
asking what ho was after , and adding that
Smith , journal clerk of the houso. said to him
( Ulukny ) : ' 'Your friend ( mentioning n sena
tor ) U going to get into trouble in connection
with thu silver pool. " Then Kickoy went on
to say why ho know his friend was not In it.
Owenhy baa complained to witness that
those with whom hu Was associated Iu tbo
speculation hud robbed him. Witness would
not llko to glvoiiamo3. Ho understood from
Owenby thut th'uro was a number of different
groups interested in silver speculation. Uach
comprised eight or ten men and worked to
gether for thu nurposo of ofTacting the most
fuvornhla legislation possible.
The question of requiring witness to glvo
nainqs wont over for the present ,
George H Apparson , another correspond
ent of the ( ilubu-Duinouritt , testified much to
the same extent. Owenby had told him thut
'there was a silver pool and witness under-
blood It to bo still in existence. Adjourned.
Do in nor ut 4 Confident.
PIKRIIB , S. D. , Jan , 17. [ Special Telegram
toTiiHBKK , ] The republicans will caurui
on a candidate for senator tomorrow night.
Moody will undoubtedly ho chosen. The In-
depoudouti will probably go to vote without
caucus to glvu their candidate a chance and
nettle on ono later. Crosu , republican-hide--
pendent , and Hardln , democrat-Independent ,
seem to bo In ttio lead. The democrats are
moro confident of finally electing TYlpp than
oyer. Ttioy nro doing line work und seem lube
bo carrying every point so far.
The Death Hull.
Los AXOKI.KS , Cain. , Jan. 17. A. P. Luw , if-
the well Known typo founder of Chlcnco. dlod J
bora today of JJrlght'i disease.