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They arc Complacent in the Belief That the
Battle is Practically Over.
TIic rl lit n Culmination of
Grou ItiK Disaffection Ucnioval
of the Suono of Action
. to Ireland.
[ Copyright lSMbuJa < M * Gordon JIeniieU.1
LONDON , Dec. 7. [ No-w York Herald
Cable-Special to Titr. Bin.1 : I have today
conversed with several of my parliamentary
colleagues amongst the Irish party In both
camps. Their views help much to explain
the present situation. A close friend ol Par-
noil's said :
"All this lias been coming on for some timo.
Parnell was not really popular in the party ,
though wo tried to keep up appearances.
You must have noticed how overbearing ho
wns in his manners. Then ho opposed the
plan of campaign mul sneered ut Dillon and
O'Brien. The divorce court was only the
spark thnt touched the train already laid. "
"Wnat elo you propose to do ? "
"Go on as If nothing had happened. Par-
ncll will tnko the lead In the house of com-
inons nnd others will bo bound to follow him.
Ho will manage so that they canuoi
disobey him' without ruining themselves
They have lost their ablest debaters. I nelral
ono of our strongest men in thnt line Is Johr
Itedmond , but if Parnell takes ono vlow , i !
Sexton or Hcaly going to jump in the house
nnd say , 'You nro not the leiderC I and the
Irish pcoplo everywhere will BOO that It
resisting Gladstone's dictation Pnrnell vrai
loyal to the country. " .
"You think thut the O'Shoa business had
nothing much to do with those events ? "
"Except to precipitate the inovltablecrlsls
Look at what Justin McCarthy said at Dub
lln after the trial. Ho ridiculed the ellvorci
proceedings. If , ho said , Paruell had goui
morally wrong , was that the least reason t <
excuse him from doing his duty to the people
whom ho was loading to victoryl Tho.i
nil know that they could not el <
without him. Their duty wai
firstly , secondly and lastly to raise theli
country. " Ho added , "Thero might bo semi
who would fall away from Parnell , but then
would not bo ono honest man among thorn. '
I wonder what ho thinks of that nowl
"Is It true that Parn ell struck McCarthy' ;
hand Saturday ! "
"Thoro is not a word of truth In It. Hi
merely snatched the paper. Of course every
body was very excited and wo bud not go
houso-of-commons with . "
our - - etiquette us.
"Why is McCarthy so bittorl11
"Because he's entirely undortho thumb o
old Gladstone. The old mad will pluy then
n pretty trick yet. Hcaly Is sava o at th
O'Shea business. IIo does not llko Maelame
calling him a sweep. " My friend laughot
and shrugged his shoulders.
The nntl-Parnellltcs do not scorn disposei
to talk much , but ono or two of my pcrsonu
friends have unbosomod themselves slightly
crot dread of Pnrnell lingers with them still
"What can ho do ! " ono of them asked me
"Ho overrates his popularity in Ireland. Dll
Ion and O'Bricu nro just as popular. If the ;
wcro free to como back wo should swap locks
Do you think Bnlfour would lot them ! "
"How could ho ! " I replied ; "ho Is not th
-Jaw and ho Is bound to sco the sentence cat
rleel out. "
"Well , it would bo n good stroke of rollo ;
on his part to cancel the sentence. Butsci
Pivrnells position. Ho has all the churol
against him nnd all the best man of his eli
party. Look nt the set ho has got nrount
him Blano , Byrne , Mnhonoy , Corbott moi
without any parliamentary standing o ;
ability. Parnell himself will not work ban
any moro. IIo seldom came near us except t
snub and Insult us , or else ho woul
coolly get up in the house and repudiate a
Dillon or Sexton had been saying and doln
for weeks boforo. We shall got on .bettc
without him now. "
"I doubt whether you will bo able to got rl
of him so easy ns you imagine. "
"Wo. mean to do it and it will take a goc
deal to beat us , I admit that ho fights llko
tiger ; I admirohlm for that. "
English Gladstonlans nra bcamlrg toda ;
thinking the battle practically over. Coi
Bcrvntivos are not sure how milters will cm
but believe that whatever/ happens , the
party will got the oyster and the other sit
the shells. Both sections of the Irish intcn
to niako n boo line for homo early this wool
Ireland being now tl-o seat of war.
The Whole Family Murdered.
WICHITA , Knn. , Doo. 7. In n ravlno in tt
flint hills of Greenwood couuty a party i
hunters discovered yesterday the bodies
an unknown man , woman nnd child. On tl
forehead of the man was an ugly bruise , b
noath which the skull was found to 1
_ crusbod. The bodies were poorly clad. . '
the pockets of iho dead man was found t\\
letters. Ono was from Palmer , 111. , a
dressed to Thomas Potter , Englewood , Km
nnd the second from some ono in Knglcwoi
signing the name "Abo " to Thomas Pott
Heeco , Greenwood couuty.
Investigation at once showed that about
week ago a pmlrio schooner containing
ronn , woman nnd child passed through tl
town , while the movers claimed thnt tin
were leaving western Kansas to return ca ;
It Is supposed that in tlio Hint hills , whli
present a dreary waste for miles In all dire
tioiui , the movers encountered so ma of tl
horse tulovcs who make their homo in'the
region ami that In resisting attempt to sic
his \\Tgou the husband received his doa
blow. _
Iho Nenv Carrlniu Trust ,
iNnuxAimis , Ind. , Doc. 7. The wag
nnd carrlngo wood stock manufacturers ha
completed their organization , which th
limned "tho wagon and carriage woe
stock manufacturers1 association. " The f
lowing oftlcors wore elected : President ,
II , Smith , Munclc ; secretary and trcasur
B. V. Von Bchrcn , Evausvlllo. It was agrc
to raise prices to wagon and buggy manufi
turcrs about 10 per font. The now scale
prices will go into affect Juuuiirvl , IS'JI. T
tissoclatlou will meet in this city again Jt
uary 8.
Shot the Ahuassln.
CITY or MKXICO ( via Gnlvcjton ) , Dee , 7 ,
An attempt has Just been maJo to assnsshu
Colonel Carascosn , governor of the state.
Chinpla at San Cristobal. The governor ,
stead of being killed himself , shot the vou
The health authorities nt Vera Cruz v
give out very few reports to the proas abi
yellow fever in that city. However , popu
rumor has it the disease is cpldcmlo there.
The bUhop of Vera Cruz is dying.
Suicided Wlfi ix shot Gun ,
FAYETT ) ' , Mo. , Doc. 7. Early last sprlni
trangcr applied nt the f arm ot Mrs. Elitub
FoUon , five miles ( of Fayetto , and v
given employment. IIo was about fortv-flvo
years of ago ; says thnt his nnmo was James
Woyne , nnd that ho balled fioin Ken
tucky. IIo proved to bo nn Indus ,
trious bund ; was very quiet
and seldom went away from the
fnrm. Friday morning ho loft his room
before daylight , nnd soon nftcr the report of
n gun was heard. On going out to the garden
it was found thnt ho hnd taltcn the shotcun
out with him , placed the mu/zlo against his
heart nnd pulled the trigger \vlth n suspender
which ho hnd taken off. IIo had about $70 In
his pocketbook and hnd not drawn any inonoy
since ho had been nt woik. Nothing was left
to explain the cause.
It IH Still ns Conip'tuatcd nnVhcn
. rirst Spoken or.
CIIICAOO , Doc. 7. [ S 'cicl'il Telegram to
Tim BEK. ] No definite decision has been
reached In regard to the stockyards question ,
nlthough several significant meetings of the
at parties interest have been hole ! . Some
time ngo the representatives of the group of
packers known as the "big four , " announced
with great emphasis that they had pur
chased a rlto at Tollcston and wcro prepared
to move their Interests to thnt point. Ills
now rumored that the stockyards company Is
making n doiporato effort to itecp them where
they mo. The statement is made that the
stockyards manngcment has offered to pur
chase the Tollcston tract at a liberal
advance over the original price. A confer
ence of the "snail fry" wickers with the
Sttckncy people 1ms been held hut no dellnlto
arrangements made. Another conference
between representatives of the "big four"
nnd the smaller packing linns has also been
held. In fact , the situation Is ns complicated
nt present as it has been since the question
of removal of the pat-klne Interests from
Paeklngton was first raised. The meeting of
the representatives of the "big four" nnd of
the Stlckney cnterpilso has brought the
movements of the comuany l > eforo tlio people.
The question discussed at" this mooting was
the advisability of the purchase by the pack
ers ol the MO aero tract lu the ) center of the
Sticknoy transfer ynrel. A great many out
sider ! nro still skeptical about Sticknoy anel
refuse to Dellovo that the transfer yard will
bo n success.
They Clnlm n Majority of the Votes In
the Kansas ijcaUlatnrc.
TOIMIKA , Kan. , Dec. 7. The republican ;
have revealed their figures In the comlnf
flgtit for United States senator. The loglsla
ture stiiids , according to corrected returns ;
Senate Thirty-eight republicans , two op
position. House Eighty-nine alii unco men
nlno democrats , twenty-seven republicans ,
The republicans claim thnt but fifty-eight al
llanco menbjrs nro instructed. Of the unln-
structed eighteen have' agreed to accept a ;
their instructions the petitions of a respect
nblo number of their constituents.
The republicans figure that enough of the
opposition will join them to give then a tola'
of oightv-nine votes , or moro than enough te
elect. They also claim seven more alliance
votes on llnal ballot , making ninety-sK in nil
These figures nro given ns the result of per
sonnl interviews , tjio alliance votes belnf
claimed ns former republican votes. The
( > xcciitlvu committee of the alliance declare !
that Its loss will not exceed six , nnd that tin
alliance will unseat an Ingnlls republican fo ;
every defection in its ranks.
\ Philadelphia Drummer Takes (
Now York fllnn'aVlfc. .
Nnw Youir , Doo. 7. Harvey Brown ol
ho Introduced as his vlfo , catno up to Clerks
town , in this county , yesterday , and stoppoi
for two or three days at the house of nn ac
qualntanco in the upper part of the tovm
Later in the day another man appeared ii
the same town in search of tin
couplo. This mati said his name wn
Phillip Gray and that his place ol
residence was Hobokcn. Ho said also thn
ho was in search of his wife and a Pniladol
phia drummer who had eloped with her. Th
drummer's name , ho said , was Avery. However
over , ho understood that the drummer some
times assumed a fictitious name and that h
had In several Instances caused trouble li
families where ho became acquainted , by hi
sweet ways nnd his undue familiarity witl
other men's wives nnd their daughters.
Somehow Mr. Gray's presence in Claries
town became known to the couple , ant
Avery , alias Harvey Brown , loft with th
woman for other parts.
Mr. Gray said his wife visited in Philadcl
phiu for two weeks last spring , and duiln ;
her stay there she became * acquainted will
Avory. In the summer Avcry called at hi
residence ih Hobokcn during tils ( Gray's
absence , nrobably by appointment with ni
wife , and the ineet.ngs were continued fo
some tlmo , A friend Informed Mr , Gray c
something that created suspicion in th
minds of several persons.
The husband watched for himself and si\
the Philadelphia man enter his apartment
ono afternoon early In September. Ho fo
lowed him in soon afterward , nnd what b
saw convinced him that something wn
wrong. IIo ordered Avery out of the bouse
and told him never to nome there again.
After Avory's deposition Mr. Gray talkc
over matters very plainly with his wife , wh
said thnt Mr. Drown , ns ho called himsol
was only on aceiuuintnnco whom she ni (
casually In Philadelphia , and thnt ho catno t
the house on business for a lln
whom ho represented. On Thur :
day , when Mr. Gr.iv went homo , li
was informed by n neighbor that his wlfo hn
gone away with Avery just before noon. A
she had tiken her bast clothoi with horMi
Grav roalizedjit once the true situation nn
was deeply pained.
After se.trchlng his apartments thoroughl
ho found part of a letter which the Phllade
phinn had written to his wlfo eight or te
days before giving a clno to the probabl
route taken by the tuuaway couple. iMr.Or.i
was compelled to leave Kocklanel county witl
out his wlfo anil the man with whom she hn
clotetl. ] But ho said ho would continue h
Stole § 52,000 Worth of Tickets.
7. [ Special Telegram to THE Bnu.l It wi
discovered yesterday afternoon that Fred (
Cook , night operator for the Northern P
clflc , had stolen over f 2,000 worth of throuf
tickets over the St. Paul & Duluth nnd Nort
orn Pacific lines , making thorn out to Si
Francisco , Portland nnd other points , at
disposed of thoui to scalpers. When ho w ;
arrested some of the tickets were found
his room. Complaint was nt once made b
fern the grand Jury , which was In sosslo
and Cook was taken before Judge Stcarn
pleading guilty to forgery mid wns sentcnct
to prison. Cook had been with the compui
but two weeks.
AppnlntmciitH liy Captain Vcnzoy.
KiiTLANn , Vt. , Dec. 7. Commandor-i
Chief Wheelock G. A'oazey of thoUrai
Army of the Kopublic , in accordance with t
instructions of the last national oncampnio
has appointed the following ns n commltt
on pensions ; Klchird W. llluoof Plcasantc
Kas. ; Warner Miller of Herklincr. N , "V
Alvin P. Hovoy of Mount Yemen , Ind. : S
ilon Conn of Portland. Mo. , and L. T. Die
son of Danville , III. Ho also appointed t
following committee on memorial ha
Walter Q. Greshain of Chicago , Jose
O'Neill ' of Lebanon , O. , and George A. ME
den of Lowell , Mass.
Probably 1'olsoned HernelC.
POUT WA\SE , Ind. , Deo. 7. When Swlte
man J , C. Hess of tlio Nickel Plato , wont
his homo Into last night his knock at tlio dc
was unanswered , jicjs pried open \vlnde
and entered. Ho found Ills wlfo slttl
speechless in a c'lalr. A doctor was sui
a inoncd , but toward mcrning she died. T
tnas stomach of the dead woman has been i
as alyzcd for poison witu very uusatlsfactcj
results. An empty cap which was found on
the tnblo at Mrs Hess' elbow suggests the
poisoning theory. Hess , however , vigor
ously denies that she died from the effects
of poison.
Stcoiilc-Climbor's Thrilling
Nnw Yoittc , Dec. 7. A special dispatch
from South Nonvnlk , Conn. , narrates the
narrow nnd thrilling cscapo from death of
"Charley the Steeple-Climber.1 ' Fqr several
days ho has boon at work repairing the lofty
stccplo of the Methodist church In this placo.
Yesterday afternoon ho was at work on the
pinnacle seated In what Is known as a "sail
or's ' chair. " This was supported by ropes
nnd tacking , and was supposed to bo secure.
Suddenly , however , when over two bund red
feet from the ground , the ropes
shifted , and "Charley" was pitched
headforemost out of the chijlr ,
and fell nt the rate of nbout sixteen feet n
second in the presence of hundreds of people.
Everybody seamed to stop breathing "await
ing the fatal Issuo. Hut It did not como , for
"Charley , " In his awful descent caught and
held ono of the Inlynrds. To this ho clung ,
sinin around for a moment , regained an up
right position , nnd then easily swung him
self Into a small window In the stccnto ono
hundred feet below the chair from which ho
fell. Then the crowtl broke forth into n
roar of cheers , amid which the plucky fellow
climbed ui ) to the post nijalii nnd cooly ro-
sumrtl his task ns if nothing had happened ,
but It was a narrow escape.
Why n. Boston OIHolnl t'uitl a Check
for $00,000 In .Silver.
BOSTON , Mass. , Ueo. 7. Boston bankers
are laughing over the way in which the
Slmwmut bank In this city outwitted n Now
York Institution in a transaction involving
? iXK)0. ( ) A check for thla amount bad been
given the Now York Central railroad by the
Uoston & Albany to ssttlo a bilnnco duo the
former. The Central deposited it iu the
Chemical bank In Now York. Ordinarily it
would have been settled through the clearing
house , but some smart ofllcial thought ho
would get the $00,000 in crisp bank bills.
Therefore it was given loan oxprcsscompany
to collect anel bring to the metropolis. It was
duly presented nt the Slmwmut bank , but It
being so unusual a proceeding tha teller
called the cashier's attention to it. The lat
ter divined the Now Yorker's game , ami
quick as a Hash decided to give him as good
as ho sent. To the surprise of the express
man , then , instead of neat packages of bills
ho was offered sixty canvas bags each con
taining $1,000 In silver dollars. He had to
accept them. So with the help of nn extra
team ho carried the specie , amounting to
nearly two tons (3OOJ ( uounds , to bo exact ) to
the train. It was the largest amount of sil
ver ever paid out by the sub-treasury at Bos
Death of the St. Lotus School Teacher
Who Was Crushed on n Wheel.
Sr. Louis , Mo. , Dec. 7. Miss Augusta To-
veil , the young normal school teacher who
was so brutally dragged last Tuesday , died
m the city hospital today , never having recovered -
covered consciousness from the day of the
terrible affair. It will bo remembered that
Miss Lovcll while out for a walk on the boulevard -
vard was knocked down by a horse driven
by two workmen , who , as they saw the
woman's mishap , lashed their horse into a
gallop. The unfortunate woman's clothes be
came entangled In the wheels , ami she wus
dragged ten blocks by the ilonds , who nppar ;
ently did not scorn to know of the victim thoj1
wcro breaking on the wheel. Crow.dsof furl
ous , yelling"po&plo"rafTaftof thefwagorifbut
their cries merely spurred the men on to in-
clto their horse to greater speed. When
Miss Tovell WM picked up nor face was bat
tered out of nil semblance to humanity. The
police used strenuous efforts to locate the
peruotrators of the awful outrage , and nr
rested n dozen men without finding the righ
A. Brooklyn Pnstor'8 Wlfj Stilng fein
n Divorce.
NEW Yonic , Dec. 7. The divorce suit ol
Mrs. Maria 0. Mnsulro ngalust Ilev. Ilugl
Magulro of the Episcopal church of Oui
Savior , on Clinton and Luquerstreets , Brook
lyn , was before Judge Van Wyck of thi
city court yesterday , on a motloi
for alimony and counsel fee , Mrs
Maria C. Mngulro says that while
her husband was pastor of a church nt Wako
flold , Canada , ho beat her. Ho also 111
treated her , she says , at Tom River , N , J. , ii ;
18 , and on October 15 last , at SJ Woodhull
street Brooklyn , \vhen ho throw her across
the room and threatened to put her in at
asylum for the insane , telling her that if she
ever got there she would not got out in c
hurry. Her lawyer asserted that the tie
fcndant received tlf > 0 ! ) n year , owned rea
estate nnd had u bank account.
The trial , ho tnought , would bo lonp
and expensive. The minister's lawyer salt
Mrs. Magulro had been In Bloomingdalo nsy
lum , and the superintendent of the institu
tion had certified that she was suffering from
a form of insanity in which there is a parvor-
slon of fooling. Mr. Maguire had homo his
trials with his wlfo for many years with ex
traordinary patience. She had exhibited un
accountable hostility to her husband. There
were many things , it was intimated , that thi
husband , from n feeling of delicacy , did no1
care to raveal , but these would bo broughl
out If necessary at the trial.
Sophia II. Ulockcl. who keeps a boardlnf
house where Magnlronnd his wlfo lived , mu
Julia M , Pile and John Brown , boarders , tos
titled that there had been no sculllo In Mr
Mnguiro's room on October 15 last. Mw
Hieckol said that Mrs. Magulro seomoa in
sanely jealous of her husband , and would no
allow him to look at other women at tin
. table. Mrs. Hieckel believed that Mrs. Ma
culro was insano. Mrs. Pylo testified tha
Mrs. Magulro called Mr. Maguire bad names
nnd Mr. Brown tostitlcd that she callotl he
husband n mean , cowardly follow and contemptuous
tomptuous cur.
The deposition of the medical suporlu
tcndcnt of the Illoomingdnlo asylum wa
road. It was to the effect that Mrs. Magulr
was admitted to the usvlum on certificates o
Drs. J. W. Hyde nnd F. S. Bunker , and tha
she had delusions. She showed anlmoslt ;
without cause , nnd said the nhyslclnns dc
lighted In in : ik I nt : her miserable. She wa
hypersensitive in the oxtromo.
The husband's lawyer said ho was wllllni
to pay the wlfo's expenses if the case wa
tried at nn early day , and Judge Van Wye
Intimated tint'sho was cntitlod to allmonj
The matter was adjourned until the husban
could servo his answer to the complaint , I
Is possible that the case will bo tried soon.
For Modulation of Hypnotic Konncci
Ciueneio , Deo. 7. [ Special Telegram t
Tun BKK. ] At the mooting last night of th
Medico-Legal Society , composed of the leat
ing physicians and medical professors of tb
Chicago colleges , a resolution was adopted de
clarhig that publlo scuncos of hypnotist !
mesmerism nnd magnetism should bo prohlb
ted by law under serious penalty , and thi
the employment of hypnotism for medic ;
purposes should ba permitted solely to dul
iiuulillcd medical men , conditioned upon !
being practiced only In the presence of oth <
medical men or undoubted friends of the p
tlcnts operated upon. Lira , M. II. Lncko
strod , Archibald Church and J. C. Honi
were appointed to present this resolution '
the legislature of Illinois ,
1 The Weather Poreotisr.
ForOmnha nnd vicinity Pair ; statlonar
followeel by rising temperature.
Vor Nebraska , Iowa nnd South Dakota
Fair ; warmer , southerly winds.
A Illcli Haul.
LONDON , Dec. 7. A parcel containing 75,0
francs from an English bank has been stole
between Ostotid and Antwerp on lu way
Desperate ObJ3ct'on to > Jife Hloctions Bill
from the Dotnocratlo Side ,
Senator Moody Thinks the Farmers
nro Itopublionn If Intclll ont
Hopel'iil Views Senatof Casey
After Inforniutlon.
WASHINOTOX BuiinvnTnnONtiirv Bnn , )
WASIIINOTOX , U. C. , Doe. 7. |
There will bo desperation in the
final struggle to defeat the adoption
of the election bill in the senate , and
after it has been passed by that body the
dcath-llko strucglo will bo carried over tc
the houso. It is ImprobB&lo that , since the
reconstruction , such a desperate opposition
has been offered to any measure as the one
now before the senate. Alter every offonsiv <
epithet hus boon put forward against the
measure , threats have boon m.ulo nnd may bt
carried out If the bill is forced to a linul vote.
There are democratic senators who havi
hreatcnod to "wring tho'neclc of the presld
igolllccrwho attempts to unceremoniously
: ut oft debate and force a final vote. " Then
s to bo bulldozing to 'defeat the bill. If th <
majority for the measure waa ns narrow It
, ho house , where the hottest heads uro , tin
ceno which will bo presented at the closlnj
nomcnts would bo boypud pen description
: tisa rcmnrlmblo fact that that whloh tin
cinocrats iu all legislative bodies cannot do
'cat by reason and majority of votes , they in
rnriably attempt to defeat , by brute lorco nut
ntlmldaiion. Since th6 enforcement IIIK
ppllcatlon of the proposed law can bo luu
iy any section of country , simply upoii nppll
; atlon , and its force can bo as easily used t <
irotect democratic as well as republican in
crests at the polls , it 13 slgnllicant that nl
most all of the opposition comes from tht
solid Bourbon districts , , nnd all from theh
'nfluence. The shoo appears only to Ut tin
iourbon foot. And yet not a democrat cat
10 found who attempts , to deny that on its
'ace it is uon-parlisnn.
"There appears to bo a perfect rush to UK
iianufacturlng districts $ < nco the adoption o :
ho tariff bill , " said llepresentatlvo Evans ol
hattanooga , Tonn , to your correspondeni
ls morning. "And they jail nppoar to b *
making money. Of course the more thai
leave the farm and go to .manufacturing tin
greater will bo the profit hi farming. Tb <
upbuilding of the cltlw by means of in
creased manufacturing 'Interests and tin
taking of people out of agricultural com
munitles will give the farmers bettor prices
utlo at the sanio time they will bo able u
buy manufactured goods cnoaper by virtue o :
ho active competition. "Wtj must not disturt
, ho tariff as It stands. "
Said Senator Moody of South Dakota : "I
Is foldCrol to talk about the tariff injuring thi
republicans in thorecoat election. It dlel oui
Ickct good , and will elect the president 01
ho ropuollcan ticket inlhlU. The dellootion
of the vote of the fnrtucrs , which Is largely
republican , more thnh a > vvttilng else dofcatci
the republicans. WhsMVts the farmers wen
not strong you will find ( he-usual ronubllcai
vote was polled , The farmers will com <
around all rlghB alter , what the ;
waiit and what , they ih'w/-Md have hud loni
ago.1' They are all ropiiw'v'H na If intelligent
nnd'thcy endorse the" t HArtho sJlvir nni
other republican Iqglslation. " Thbjls tin
testimony of nine out of erery ten 'Vepubli '
can statesmen returning * ! * ? Washington.
Senator Casey will tomorrow introduce i
resolution calling uuon tlio seivretary of ngri
culture to furnish informatloo relatlvc to th
expenditure of money appropriated lat sum
mer for invostiijntlon Into the practlcabilltj
of nttesian wells for ir igationx in the Du
kottis , Nebraska and other states contiguous
The necessity for this inforinatkm arise
from the fact that when the appropriatioi
was made last year , Mr. Cannon , as chair
man of the house committee ou nppropHo
tlons , could not forRlvolho western nioa fo
knocking out his friend Powell In the Irrig.i
tlon light and insisted Upon a limitation beln
placed upon the time within which thomone
could bo expended. It is now found by th
department that a successful invostlgatioi
cannot bo made in the timospecified and thu
the money appropriated cannot bo prolltubl ;
expended and the best ' results sccurci
Senator Casoy's object in ( offering the rosolu
tlon is to lay bofofa congress thcs
facts , and bo iv.-lll follow 1
up by another rcsoluttonextcnding , the tlm
when the work provided In the bill shal
bo done and thus give the department ampl
opportunity to make tUn investigations nocoa
sary nnd provide for a full and complete re
port to bo laid before congress. AVhen th
appropriation bill.passed , giving this $40OJ
for Irrigation investigation only a few month
of the .su-.imer se.tson rom'alnod when the dc
partment could put m n in the ilelu au
secure the Information desired. If the tim
is extended as contemplated by the rosolu
tlon it will give the department an oppoi
tunity to investigate during the spring am
summer of 1S9I , nnd when the report is inad
to congress a year hence It will bo thoroug !
and complete and cover a porlod which wll
form a basis for future legislation UDDU thl
A few days ago the democrats were talkln
loud about the work of the .sonata on the cloi
tlon bill , throwing over important busines
to a time when nn extra session of the Fifty
second congress would bo Inevitable if th
federal government was lo bo sustained b
the regular appropriation bills , The talk In
plied a threat. The purpose was to weake
the republicans in their determination t
pass tito bill or pain tlmo for some Han
movement. A lot of prominent democrat
announced In Interviews that the conaidon
tlon of the election measure would surel
necessitate an extra session. Presently :
was stated by the republicans that thot
would bo no extra session of the next coi
gross called. Toiay a largo number of demi
crats are out In Interviews saving there wl
bo no necessity for an qstra session. Th
average democrat la congress Is bocomin
well versed in the matter of changing fron
Representative Gear and Senators Alllso
and Wilson say there can bo no doubt of tl
adoption of the bill Introduotd yesterday I
the former giving $10,003 , a year's salary , 1
the widow of the Into-Associate Justi
Miller. 1
raiuc nDii mas.
The house committee on rules has not yi
filed a programme fox' the consideration
public building bocs , of which there a
thlrty-throo on the calendar , among them tl
following ! Beatrice , Nob. ; Slou * Falls , !
D. ; Fort Dodge , la. , anil Sioux City. It
believed they will all bo passed shortly ait
the holidays.
A story is published Ip a local nowspap
to the effect that it was Dauphin of tl
JjOiminna lottery who squeezed Postinast
General \Vunnamakor lu the money mark
recently. It was bad cnoagh to bo squcoz
by Jay Gould as originally reported but to
punished by the Louisiana lottery is t
worst nnd especially In retaliation for huvi
sold this Influence to secure- the adoption
the anti-lottery blll < The story relates tb
the lottery company have almost ? 5,000OCO
deposit In Now York1niut.tlmt when it w
telegraphed to Now Orleans that Mr.Vti
namaker wantoJ to borrow money the li
tcry company wired tholr Bankers in Gotha
the four largest In that city , to not lot t
postmaster general have a dollar and t
command wus obeyed. This is vungcau
with skill.
The Nebraska delegation has not yet glv
up the hope that McUoll will bo npjiolntca
the government dlrcotorship of the Uni
Paellle. It is true that the president nas In
mated that what ho Is inclined to think nil
usage may compel him to ask the submlssl
of the name of a Nebraska democrat but t
delegation assorts that there is uo llxod usn
in that which need bo operative upon the
George II. Ourty has been appointed United
States guagcr nt Umuh.i under the revenue
Cadet .T. .T. McEvllly , fourth class United
States military academy , who has been
( minted a leave on nccount of sickness until
May 1 , 1SIK ) , will bo examined so far ns his
eyesight is concerned by a medical board ,
Pcititv S. HuAtir.
General Carr nnd Ills Command Kit
llouto to tlio Soono of Troublo.
NORFOLK , Neb. , Dec. 7. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : Bic. : ] Cionoml E. A. Carr and his
regiment , the Sixth erunlry , comprising headquarters -
quarters and troops A , C , U , F , O , II , I and
K , Major Perry , Major Tuppci- , Adjutant
Hodgson , Dr. Hnntstcr , Captains ICramcr ,
Wullnco , Kcrr , West , Carter , Minna and
Lieutenants Drnvo , Gutowood , Ghcover , Wit-
cox , Blocksom , Porshlng , Onllagher , Will
iamson , Gray , Daniels and Hnuzo nnd with
the hospital corps and 410 soldlcH mid GOO
horses , passed through hero today In three
heavily loaded trains to the scene of the pros-
cut trouble with the hostile Indians. Tha
regiment left Fort Wlngnto on December t
nnd expects to arrive nt Fort Mcadc , S. D. ,
on Tuesday morning , December 0.
General Curr , who was stationed in this
country nnd wlio is an old Indian lighter.will
no doubt bo remembered by a majority of the
older inhabitants. It Is expected that the
regiment will hnvo to go into a winter cam
paign. General Curr is doing nil In his
power to make everything ns comfortable as
possible for his men mid as uncomfortable as
possible , should ho meet them , for the wily
Sioux. IIo will have the men of his regiment
provided with the bjst of iur clothing , ns
the sudden change from n climate like Now
Mexico to such u scvuro ono as Dakota will
bo ono of great hardship and will undoubt
edly cause a great deal of suffering. A grand
reception was tendered -the general nt the
city of Altiunuernuo , and the press and citi
zens of New Mexico were deep In their ex
pressions of regret at the sudden withdrawal
Jrom their midst of so distinguished an officer
of the army , wlio through his long experience
nnd continued association with savage tribes
of Indians has prevented a number of Indian
outbreaks in Arizona nnd Now Mexico. The
general was also given a reception at Denver
by the leading citizens at the Windsor hotel.
Miles Dislikes the System.
CIIICAOO , Dec. 7. General Miles said to
day : "Generals Iluger and Crook have been
doing all they can to put the small number of
available troops in a position to bo useful and
so far as possible staying the threatened
cyclone , yet the end of the Indian troubles is
by no moans immediately at hand. No other
civilized country on the face of the earth
would tolerate many thousands of armed
savages scattered through different states
and torrltoilos. The people of Texas , west
ern Kansas , Nebraska , North and South Da-
kotos , Montana , Wyoming , Utah , eastern
Washington , Idaho , Arizona nnd New Mexico
nro seriously Interested hi this subject. While
thn lire iiinv bo suppressed in OHO place , it
will bo still smouldering and liable to break
out nt other places where least expected un
der the present system. "
Strange Career of the Conjuror \Vlic
Died lit Idnho , Monday.
Tonn , , Dec. 7. A telegram this
" oorulhg announced the dcnthof HerrMoffat ,
too celebrated second-sight leader and coil'
juror" S * Bozeman7'Jdaholntlho act of.swol
lowing a sword , which severed his jugulai
vein , and the conjuror bled to death In a ton
Ilerr Moffat , or Francis Morell , wai a resi
dent of this city , nnd hero his wondorfu
talent , which has made him the peer of anj
andied-hira before the crowned heads ol
Europe nnd Asia , was , developed. IIo was r
very peculiar boy in youth , and was consid
ered n crank. IIo lived alone wltti his wid
owed mother , supporting her by working In
n steve factory hero. His spare moments ho
spent in the study of magic , and the attic
of his humble llttlo homo was transformed
Into a cnemlcal shop. When ho was seven
years old , ono day ho suddenly burst Into an
uncontrollable fit of laughter. His mothoi
asked him what pleased him so much. The
boy replied that ho saw his father ( who was
then living , but not at homo ) ruunlng rapldlj
down the mountain side trying to overtake t
Jug of whisky which ho had lot fall. The
jug rolled part of the way down the deolivltj
but was caught by the old man before It goi
to the bottom. When the father rcachoi
homo ho confirmed the whole story to UK
great surprise of all. After this the boy excited
cited much tulk In the neighborhood in whlcl
ho lived. About two years later the Morclli
were visited by a friend named Hobort Yin-
ton , with other relatives or acquaintances ,
from Philadelphia , who catno to test the
lad's miraculous power , asked him various
questions and among other things , inqulrce
what wus then going ou at his ( Vlntou's ]
homo in Philadelphia.
The boy described the house , which ho ha (
never scon , stated that it was built pirtly o
brick nnd partly of stone ; that there was i
lake In front of the house , which had recent
ly been drained , and concluded with a do
s'oriptlon of the people In the house , and o
two persons , a man and a woman , who wen
sitting on the porch.
Wtion Vluton reached his homo in Phlla
dolp'hla ho inquired who had boon at hi :
homo at the dav and hour ho had held tlu
conversation with young Moroll. Ho learuoi
that there had been a shower of rain at tin
tlmo and that the people who were fishing li
the hike had run to tlio house to escape tin
rain. The persons who were on thu porcl
had been Inlthfully described , oven to th
color of their hair and eyes. In short , over ;
detail given by the boy was proven to bo at
Ho became Involved in a quarrel once will
n young man named Turner. Turner was t
call on a young lady , and being mot on hi
wi y by the young mind reader , Morroll , wh
was hirnsoif In love with the snmo youni
lady , they spoke to each other nnd passed on
Young Morrell sat down on a stump , imel
bowing his head , cAnductcd his mind to th
parlor in which his rival and the young lad
were conversing. In the course of the youn
man's call ho proposed and was rejectee
This nmdo Morroll happy. Meetimr Turne
on the street next day , ho thntallzed hit
about his rejection by the young lady th
night preceding. Words were exchangee
and Moroll drew a pistol , bu
friends standing by interposed , and n
harm cnmo of the quarrel. But Morell fe
into Intompcnito habits and .lost his goo
name. His habit , when ashoel to exercise hi
faculty of second sight Booing , was to hoi
his head downward after closing his eyes
After waiting for some time- , apparently I
deem thought , tie would declare what ho sai
in his visions. Ho vas sometimes foun
nlono in the fields , tilting on n stump an
crying. On being asked the cause of h
grief he said ho saw great numbers cf me
engaged in killing each other. Although I
had never up to that tlmo soon a ship , a ba
tlo or a cannon , ho described military nn
naval battles during the war of the robelllc
as If lie were uu onlooker.
After the war , when ho was about twcnt ;
four years of ago , another gentleman froi
Philadelphia , wlio had not heard much <
him , became interested , bollovlng him to I
possessed of a noble gift , nnd exhibited h
wonderful power over the United State
drawing immense ) crowds la nil the Ian
cities.Vliilo in St. Louis , In 1873 , ho wi
asked by a man in one of the many throni
him "What ho . dolt
that cnmo to see uiui , iv iiiftv tu was vu
with that pocxetbook , " ( intimating that tl
young r fellow had stolen It ) . "Nothing. Yt
nro thn man who has stolen Uvas tl
reply , and upon being searched by a pollc
man who was present , the man was foui
to have a pocket-book with several bund re
dollars in it , which was immediately idem
tied ) > y a t'cutlcmau present as his , The mi
was arrested nnd found to bo Illnck Hal , n
noted coulltlonco man and pickpocket.
In 1871) ) ho began n tour of the old world
which lasU-d several years , where ho has
since rcturnod , exhibiting himself over the
country. Ills death yesterday recalled many
incidents which were related by the older
i citizens of this city. Ills llfo was n strange
atidrhu'ko'od oai .
JT COST nut nis / / / * ' ; : .
OveTbeok'i Attempt lo Cross
tie ! Tracks Ahead ol'llio Dummy.
Yesterday atteinoon about i : M , us Martin
. Overbeck and n lady friend were crossing
ho Missouri Paellle r.iilro.ul track in a buggy
t the northeast corner of the fair grounds ,
icar Sherman Avoiiuo , the Incoming dummy
rain cnmo around the curve and caught the
ilnd wheels e > f the vehicle , smashing it to
ileccs nnd pitching the elehrls nnd the occu-
> ants several yards away in a promiscuous
Mr. Overbeck was picked up In an uncon-
clous condition , but the lady escaped with
nit few bruises. They wcro taken ou board
ho train and brought to the Webster street
lepot , where a physician was called. Mr.
) vcrbcck was put In a curtlago and taken to
its boarding place at the southeast corner of
Nineteenth and Farnnm strccK
The physiciun said that Mr. Ovorheck's
ICKO was broken , but ho thought that ho was
lot otherwise seriously Injured. After nd-
nlnlstcring some restorative the doctor toolf
its departure , saying that the patient would
ecovcr shortly.
Hut Mr. Overbeck did not recover. He
grow weaker every moment nnd blood Vent
) o/.lng from his mouth and nostrils , Finally
ils friends became very much alarmed anel
cut for another physician. Their worst
oars were roall/cd. Before the physician
arrived Mr. Overbeck expired , evidently
"rotn internal hemorrhage.
The eleccased is n man about forty-live
ears old and has a wife and three children ,
vho nro visiting in the cast. Ho was cm-
iloyod by the Chicago lumber company.
An Inquest will bo held this afternoon ,
'no train was lu charge of Conductor Fninli
It is claimed by the trainmen that Over-
beck was reckless nnd mr. < to a dash across
ho track when ordinary Judgment shoulel
.avo told him to wait until the train hae ]
Msscd. It Is also claimed by the tralnmci
hat the eleceased was under the Influence ol
iquor when the accident occurred , but this i :
toutiy denied by Ovcrbeck's friends.
Shocking Fate oi'nn Ultl Man nt
rcncc , Kait.
Ivan , , Dec. 7. Yesterday morn
ng an old man was found lying In au lei
louse in the northern part of the city witl
ils skull horribly crushed and his face badli
cut. IIovis still breathing , but unconscious
ind died last night. Ho was. aboui
sixty years of age , and from letters foum
on his parson is thought to have been A
ilorso , of Manchester , Iu' . , and that hi
vas ou ills way to Engeno City , Ore. Hi
vas drojscd In a coarse suit of brown cloth
ng and had on nn overco it , heavy boots and i
capo. Upon investigation , ofllcora found tin
mlstakablo evidence of attempted murder ane
obbcry. A long and heavy plko polo was loum
iroken in several pieces. The end which con
alned the Iron hook or plko was missing. Thli
was the weapon the murderers undoubtedly
used. A lire had been kindled in tholcohousi
and was still burning yesterday morning. A
> art of the old nvm's mitten was burned , nne
iho supposition is that the first blow from tin
murderers threw him into Jtho fire , and hi
was then dragged out nnd beaten until though
to bo dead. Some of the papers taken fron
the victim's person by the robbara had boor
throiYPtllptq the fire , as some were fount
partly bnrncdr""Wis-poekotbook < wft3 > foun <
jpoucd and empty. The suppoiition is thn
lie came over from .Llnwooti , Knn. , ns It i ;
reported that ho has a son living there. Thn
.own is located on a branch of the Uuloi
I'nclflo railroad , and Morao expected to tnki
: ho night train for tbo west. By some mean1
10 was decoyed to the icehouse , about twentj
rods distant , robbed nnd inur
elercd. A satchel containing sevora
pieces of clothing was found near the Unio'i
I'aclllc depot. The murder was committee
; n exactly the same place where Franl
Bausmun'was killed t > y negroes , known a ;
the Vinegar gantr , eight years npo , nnd fo
which thrco were hanged from the ICnv
river oridgo by a mob.
Last night Sheriff Clarke received informa
lion from Kansas City that two tramps , sup
posed to bo the murderers of Morse , Inn
loen arrested. They loft Lnwronco carl ;
yestcrelny morning on n freight tram. Th
night agent has identified the murdered ma ;
as the ono who , In company with tw
tramps , ho had put out of the Union dcpo
Friday evening.
The McCarthy Party Tnkos Steps t <
Efltnblitih n Unity NoxvHpnpcr.
Iioxnov , Dec. 7. The conference of th
McCarthy party was prolonged until nftc
midnight last night. McCarthy prcsldci
throughout the session. A committee con
slstlng of Murphy , Barry , Narrough , Healy
Sexton nnd Power was appointed to draft i
irospoctus for a limited company to estal
, ish a dally newspaper In Ireland , to bo dc
voted to the interests of the national Irlsl
party. Harry Webb , treasurer of the nov
company , opened a list and the member ,
present subscribed -C1IUU. It is prolubli
that the United Ireland will become u dull ;
The majority of the party were koonl ;
nllvototho disadvantage of loading nation
nlist papers , sldlnsr with Parnoll , and th
whole of the machinery of the National longu
being umlor his coutrol , They nro hopeful
however , that the inlluonco of the bishop
and priests will assist them to obtain tb
popular verdict. Both sides are preparln
for an immediate campaign In Ireland.
A letter from the archbishops anel blshor
was read iu till the Catholic , churches 1
Ireland after the celebration of mass todaj
At St. Cohnan's cathedral , Qucoustown , afte1
the letter had been read , Itev. Father FIs
addressed the congregation , IIo said it wti
no longer possible for Pnrnell to remain r
the head of the Irish patty. IIo had dli
graced , dishonored and degraded himself b
his own nets nnd could not load the smaller
section of the Irish people. In refusing t
recognize the authority of the bishops Pai
nell was eloing incalculable mischief to tli
Irish cause , was performing ttio work of tli
enemy and rendering thu people disunite
and distracted.
MuCurtliy'H Strength.
LONDON , Dec. 7. McCarthy has addresse
circulars to all the Irish members of pailh
ment , Including Paruoll , catling a mooting o
the party at ii o'cloci : tomorrow , The Ilr3
business to come before the meeting will I
the election by ballot of a consultation con
mittco of eight members. The party is ell :
cussing the advisability of Dillon anel O'Urle
returning by way of Franco , whore a convci
tlon coulel bo hold ut which the advice of tli
envoys could ba obtained before their nrrlvu
Qilhooly P. O'llrlen , C.xrow and Mulumo in
Mill classed with the doubtfuls. Thostrengl
therefore of the McCarthyltcs is ilfly ui
that of the 1'arncllitus thirtv-ono.
ThuVnlilniloii 1'roKrnniiim.
WASIUNOTON , Dec. 7 , It Is thoundcrstam
ing generally among the senators that tl
national elections bill is to occupy the in a ]
part of the time of the senate this wcuic. 1
the house the Indian committee will ha\ \
Wednesday anel the committee on prlva1
land claims Saturday , for the conbldcrntU
of bills reported. There are a number
matter * , otiy of which may take up the r
tnalnlng two days of the week though it
likely tb.a aporopriatlons committee will c
cupy part of this tlmo cither with the urgei
dollciuncy bill , making appropriations f
printing 1'or the census ofllco and rations f
the turbulent Sioux or with the fortillcatloi
bill , both of which uro expected to bo reai
for consideration by the houao uoxt week.
'ho ' Horrlblo Acoidont That Befell ( lit ,
Yarnall Near lloldrogo ,
) cspoiulpnuy Provoke * * t ho A ttoinpteCl
Sulcldo of it nercnvoet .tliillior
Front NolHMHlcn
To wnti.
Houiiirni : , Nob. , Duo. 7. Tolen
mm to Tin : linn. ] U' . C. Vurniill , whllo
riving In the country jcstcntuy evening
onio miles from this place , was thrown from
is buggy mill fatally Injured , diuth follow-
ig In about an hour. Mr. Ynrnntl was ilo-
.vcrinjj . maps and atlases for Huutty .t Co.
f Chicago nnd was driving nlono ut the tlltio
f tlio ucctdout , The lines liocatno unbuckled ,
no of them fulling over the dashboard.
Vhllo reaching for the line the horses started
nd Mr. Ynrtinll was thrown undortho buggy
nd horribly mutilated , ono leg bclngcntlroly
ovt-reti. Ho was conscious up to the tlmo of
is death , giving the details of the ncchlont
0 tlioso present. The remains were brought
cro tills nfturnooii mid taken charge of by
liu members of the Grand Army of the Ho-
ublli ! , of which the dceoasoel was u inombor ,
nu after embalming will bo sent to Peru ,
udvhcro ho leaves n wlfo nnd 0110 child.
Family I'nrtj'H Sorrowful Miahap.
YoltK , Nob. , Doc. 7. [ Special to TUB IlKH.J
II. W. Graham , wlfo nnd uhlldron mot with
snd ncclitont 1'huMday. They hail boon
isltlng In McCool unit wore returning homo
1 a wagon. Whllo crossfng n bridge the
cam became frightened and backed the
rngon over mi embankment thirty-
vo foot high. Mr. Unihnm wns thrown
lenr ncnm the stream , nnd his wlfo ami ln
ant son fell Into It , and were tescuetlvlth
ut serious injury. The llttlo boy , four yo.irs
Id , was found under the wagon and hold
nst to the bottom of the stroim , IIo was
unconscious when tiilccn out and was sup-
) oscd to bo , but rovlvod whllo In his
ather's arms nnd spoke a few wonls only to
again becoino unconscious , in which stnto ha
ouiaiucd until hodlocl from Internal Injuries.
A. Horo.tvpil SIotticr'H Awful Deed.
Linr.uTr , Neb. , Dec. 7. [ Special Telegram
o Tin : BII : . ] Mrs. Samuel I osa , HvlnR
ight miles north of town , attoinptcd suicide
csterdny by cutting her with a
mtchcr knifo. She has been despondent
iinco the death of her b.xbo last spring and
.ho attempt was in.ido in her husband's ab-
loncc. On his return from a neighbor's ho
vas mot by ono of the children , wlio aaid the
nether was missing and could not bo found.
A.H hour's search lesulted in llnulng the nl-
nest lifeless body In the celhn with nn uglv
voiinct In the throat , the traohea being nl-
nest severed , Medical aid was summoned ,
but It la feared she cannot recover.
Improvement ! ) at Aurora.
AUHOHA , Neb. , Doc. 7. [ Special to TUB
BP.I : . ] Aurora is keeping up with the pro
cession In ttio steady advance toward pros-
> erity among Nebraska cities , and the com-
ng year will bo cliaractori/.ed by great ac-
ivlty in the erection of substantial improve-
tnonts , '
Union hall , a flno brick structure erected
> y Bates & Glover , 1ms Just been completed a "loug felt want , " The atldU
Tfrliim has sbatiuff'capacltyJi of'about eight ,
ninUreJ , Thcro is ample atago room and tlio
nppotntmonts are first-class In every rospoct.
I'ho stage llxturcs ana .scenery wore put in
, hls week. The hall will bo dedicated ou
Monday nigh' , December 8 , by local talent.
The llrst floor is divided into two rooms , each
J'JxSO feet , ono of which will bo occupied by
ho Sun publishing company , and the other
jy W. II. Lcinbergor it Co. , as a general
store. The basement will bo occupied as of-
Ices and bnrber t > liop. The building Is lighted
jy ( raafaiid is an ornaraent to the city.
Opera block , ono of the llnest cdlflcos lu
: ho city , is rapidly Hearing completion. It Is
wing erected by the Aurora State bank ,
which will occupy the llrst lloor. Tlio second
end and third doors will constitute a largo
and commodious , opera houso.
Spring Hunch
Si'inxo RASCU , Nub. , Dec. 7. [ Special to
Tin : BEE. ] Our llttlo vlllngo is all torn up
over the action of the Kansas City & Omahn
railroad. At the beginning of the road tills
precinct voted $7,003 in bonds nnd in rotura
was to get the road , a depot and sidetrack ,
la bo forever maintained. Last Monday
they closed the depot nnd removed the agent
and did not provide for the delivery of the
mull. The postmaster has notillcd the au
thorities at Washington nnd the people ara
anxiously waiting to sco which is on top ,
Uncle Sam or the Kansas City & Omaha.
A Now Court House Dedicated.
NBI.SOV , Nob. , Doc. 7. [ Special to Tun
Bui : . ] The Nuckolla county court house was
dedicated yesterday afternoon with appro
priate ceremonies. The largo court room was
crowded with clti/ons from all parts of the
county. .Tudgo W. TI. Morris made an ad
dress on the dlfllcultlos to bn overcome in do
ing Justice. George K. McDonald , the arch
itect , then gave an ajdross on building. A
number of toasts were given nnd well re
sponded to. The addresses were Interspersed
with vocal and instrumental music.
ICrin Ilanqiietntl.
OHXOA , Nob. , Dec. 7. { Special Telegram
to Tni ! BED. ] The Nanco county olllunco
gave a banquet hero yesterday In honor of
Congressman-elect ICem , who addressed a
Inrgo audience of his constituents at Concert
hall in the evening. Mr. ICom expresses him
self as strongly opposed to a usury law , as ho
feared the banks would withdraAvtheli'inonoy
from the state , thus leaving the farmers in a
worsu position than ut present , which no do-
dared was worse than African slavery.
si'iwit v .rusrivK.
It Overtaken a Murderous Negro in
GHcnxwoon , Miss. , Dec. 7. At Rolbuck
landing , Yii/oo river , Uonnls Mnrtln , In com
pany with other negroes , were engaged In a
gatno of craps close to Mr. Ami's store , a
prominent citizen and a wealthy plantation
owner. After playing Homo time a disturb
ance was raised when Avon went out to remonstrate -
monstrato anel finding Martin the cause of
the disturbance advanced upon bin : , Martin
drnw a revolver and fired upon Aron without
cflc-et. Aron went into Ills store and 1'hllllp
Thomas , followed uy several other soloroU
men carried Martin into the store tonpologlzo
to Aron , Mnrtln upon seeing Aron pulled ,
his revolver and llrod point blank at Arou
killing him almost instantly , Maitln then ,
turned and ilrcn upon sevoruT others. Mar
tin then attempted to escape , but was cap
tured by a posao of colored " 'tlzons and
Cut to I'loor-s liy tlio Onri ,
ATLANTIC , In , , Deo. 7. ( Special to Tim
BHK.J Jacob Antrim , a farmer , aged fifty-
five years , was run over ana Instantly hllloel
at the railroad bridge over the Nlahnn Botua
near hern nt two o'clock this afternoon by an
extra east-bound freight train. Deceased
was lying in the center of the traclc and woa
not. seen by the engineer lu tlmo to stop the
train , Antrim raised his body mid looked as
the train approached , but made no oltort to
pot out of tliovuy \ of the train. His body
was literally cut to pieces nnd strewn along
the truck for 100 feet , He was intoxicate *
and u whisky bottle wax found neartuo bi/dy.