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rellvcml liy Cntrlor In any pnrt of the City.
II.V. . T11.TUN. - - - MANAUK1.
HtmlrtCRs Office , No. 41
\ , NlRlitKdltor. No. 33.
ji * : .
N. Y. P. Co.
Council Illufra Lumber Co. . coat.
The rcpulnr weekly meeting of the city
council tonight promises to bo full of Into rest
to the public.
Tlio Athletic club beld n mcnttnc In their
rooms over tlio Mnnhnltnn yesterday after
noon nnct took the Initiatory stcp.i toward
marking out the programme for their win
ter's sports.
Charles Conrad , a young pupil of the dcnf
nnd dumb Institute who ran nwny from the
school n few days nifii , tin * been returned by
a farmer named Itlof , to whoso place on
I'ldffcon creek tlio little Icllow cumu on Sat
If you have neglected to pay your tuxes for
the yi-ur 18V. ) vou will sixvo n few ilollnrs by
attending the mmunl tax sale Unit begins
thl.s moraine at the county treasurer's ofilco.
The sulo will lust some time , olthouirh the
ilelliniuunt list Is not ns lurgo this year as
.Toe Mcl'hcrson , the well known market
pardener , Is looking for horse which some
one unhitched nnd roilo away from his prom
ises Saturday night. IIo had loft tlio uulimil
hitched to a post lor a few moments In front
of his resilience and when hu out it was
The Onrncr township school directors have
ailccd County Superintendent Cooper to es
tablish uniform text books throughout the
county. They have filed a petition asking
him to tnko steps to submit the question to
tlio voters nt the annual huhool election next
The now l.Vhorso ! ! power ciiRlno built at
the Ogden Iron worlts , and the largest engine
over built In the city , will be set In motion nt
the electric light works this oveninij. The
delay In starting the tower lights has beeu
occasioned by the Interruption of putting In
this now machinery ,
KciMcnts and owners of property in the
vicinity of IHg Inlto nro trying to work up n
wildcat scare ns a now nnd uttr.iotlvo feature
for that resort. They nro circulating the re
port that a Thomas cat of prodigious illinou-
Blons and extraordinary lung power U in tlio
htibll of promenading around the lake nnd
chilling tlio blood of the residents by pro
longed yowls.
The ilru department was brought out at 9
o'clock last night by n call from box 'Jl , lo-
ciiteil on Upper Oakland avenue. The trouble
was occasioned by lire In the grass nnd leaves
in the rear of the premises of Lucius Wells ,
which bail evidently been set by some care
less or niiscblovous boys. The tire wns ca-
dniigcriiiliis | barn nnd ho required help to
extinguish it.
James Hughes got the lot In Morninpslcle
that was donated by Judge McCeo to the
Catholic fair ladies. The sisters nt St. Ber
nard's hospitul Rot the buggy nnd "C. O. D. "
Brown was voted to bo "tho most popular
grocer in tlio city. The total receipts of the
fair have not been ascertained , but It is cer
tain that they will be very largo. The fair
was in every respect a great success.
The longest line of hose that 1ms oven been
laid In the city was run out yesterday and n
Htrcam of water forced through It by the
faithful llttlo engine ' Itescuo. " Tlio Hue
reached from tbo nearest llro plug to Morn-
liiKsldc addition , nnd was'J.DOO feet , nlmost
half a mile , Irom the endue to the nozzle ,
The line was laid for the purpose of tilling n
number of cistnrns In that locality , which has
been threatened with u water famine.
Mrs. .lohn Dalton , who attempted to run n
private pound at her residence in the south
ern part of the city and lock up her neigh- -
bar's cows , was found pullty of the charge ol
assault and battery preferred by Mrs Emiun
Tipp , Mrs. Tlpp was made the victim of the
assault when she attempted to take away hei
crttle by force. It was a jury trial and occu
pied tbo attention of Justice Burnett all ol
Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Dalton was fined
$1.1 and costs.
Nora Hansdall , the stepdaughter of Mr
Williamson , who created some excitement
ninonu her friends by suddenly disappearing
from the Bloomer school , nnd who , it was
subsequently discovered , hud contracted bac
habits , is being bunted up by her relative :
with the intention of being sent to tlu
reform school. Her parents liuvi
bcn unable to tind her for sonn
time , and yesterday they appealed to Ofllce :
< ficswlck. The ollicor was able to give then
Borne informntlo.n that led to her discovery It
Omaha. When found by the Omaha onlcen
she was occupying a bed with another glr
named ICdgaj and n somewhnt nntoriou :
character from this city known ns "Hutch. '
She wns locked up nnd will bo brought ovc
today nnd sent to the reform school.
Dr. McNiuiKlitoii , who so long and nbl ;
llllcd the position of superlntcndcn
of the city schools in Council HlufTs , ha
been ca'leil ' to n now nud what will un
doubtedly prove a wider and more uscfu
Held of labor , where his ability ns un in
Htructornud the director of instructors wll
bnvo better opportunity for notion. IIo ha
been elected to the position of president a
the Htato normal school at ftlayvillo , N
I ) . , and has gone to his now llcl
of labor. The position is nn import
ant one , ami one that only a ma
of bis ability can successful !
lilt. It was established under terrltorh
organization , ntitl when the new state wn
Admitted It was enlarged and its Held cs
tended. It Is under tbo control of n stut
board of trustees. Mayvillo is located b (
twcen Kargo and Oraml Forks and is one c
the most promising cities in the now staU
Mrs. McNiinghton will spend the winter i
Southern California and her son will visl
friends in Sioux City. Dr. McNaughton !
tnko many warm wlsbcs for his success wit
him from bis friends hero , and they wi !
watch his career with a great deal of Intorcs
uonlldcnt that bo will make n IIHIIKI for tb
new school that will extend beyond tb
borders of the now state.
Louis Ottcnhclmcr has removed to 41
Broadway with a full Una of clothing.
An A. O. U. W. UntRrtnlnmont.
On Wednesday evening next the inonibci
Of Council DlulTs Lodge No. 370 Unite
Workmen will glvo a musical nnd llterar
"fcntortninment at Dobanoy's opera house f <
the bcnotltof thn Ilomu for the Friendless 1
this city. As will ho seen by glancing nt , tli
programme given below some of the be ;
1 local talent will bo in tbo oust ,
Ovurturo Hii ;
Keel tut Ion Miss Suiihla Uurm
Kong Qunrtntto
. .Slussrs , WoMcot , OKduii , Alton und Oliu
"In Ulmriicter lilts" Kd K.Uoirlt
Heli'etlim Htu
Itpclintlon MlssIIrnstenoStoiilia
litstrnmi'ntnl duett
Mussr.-i. lludolctt and William Murpli
Vocal Solo Miss MiiBBln Llildi
lti > ultitloii : Mrs.K. W hyoi
liihtruiiiuntiil duett "HlK Ilnriis"
1H. . and R J. He
Vooul dnott-Si'U'ctlon
Mrs , \V , W. Sherman and Mrs , P. H. Evai
A Christmas I'uzzln.
What shall we buy for tlio holidays ?
this puzzles you conio In nnd see our bollili
otlnictloiiRt brilliant diamonds ; gold in
silver watches nnd chains ; quaint , novel , no
patterned Jewelry , rings , bracelets , necklace
lockets ; tiold-hoaded canes ; solid silver an
] > latcd ware ; too ninny novelties to mini
you must see thorn to uppreclato them , tin
nro so artistic nnd beautiful ; visitors \vi
coino to see our display. C. II. Jacquciulu
Co. , No. 87 Main st.
A Combine on Tiolc * > C Soiling.
Thcro Is no inoro popular or encrRCI
ticket agent In the city than J. O. Mitcbc
who bos so long nnd well represented t
Chicago & Northwestern nnd the Waba
railways. His ol lco Is now to bo moro of
union ticket onira than over , the Union I1
clflo iilnohiK ita business also In tils 1mm'
Ihp ofllco Is to bo made moro coinmodlo
nnd convenient , nnd numerous Improvomcii
In slBim , desKs und coses will tniiUo it f
inoro attractive. The traveler can now
accommodated If ho nppllos to Mr. Mitchi
for transportation north" , south , cast or wei
.1.0. Blxby , stoaui noatlnij , sanitary e
glnecr. UJ3 Ufa Imlldmsr , OiUiUij aoj Me
riam block , Council lllufu
TboMaubattonsportiuK beaJq.uartor3 , 4
Uroadwuy ,
Rev T , J , Mnckay Talks About Messiah
Grazes , Fast and Present.
Johnny Mtiher Arrested Upon a
of Forgery An Hntcrtnln *
in cut Tor the Homo < > ! ' the
At St. Paul's church yesterday morning
Hev. T. J. Mnckay gave some interesting
thoughts on the subject of Indian nnd whlto
Mejsslahs. The following is the outline of
the discourse :
The history of tbo race has been one of
dissatisfaction nnu unrest , and u constant
looking forward to some irolJen ago which
should fulllll all the asplr.itlons of mankind.
Every race has had Its Messiah. The .lews
looked forward to ono who was to restore
them to their own land nnd their
former national glory. IIo came ,
not us the earthly conqueror. but
ns tbo "I'rlnco of Peace" tiot to deliver
from the Koinan yoke , but to sot them free
from sin. fii vain ho declared his kingdom
was not of this world. Even among his
chosen disciples , the olil leaven lingered nftor
his crucifixion. Despite the warnings of his
tory nnd the sad experience of the Jews ,
many still believe in a literal coming of a
Messlnh. who Is to reign upon this earth for n
thousand years.
The curious form of fanntlclsm which Is
llko wild lire through the Indian
tribes is simply the repetition of similar
phenomena which have occurred in ottier
lands. Deprived of land and liberty , it is
natural that they should Indulge In tbo hope
so common to the race , that n mighty deliv
erer wns to arise , who was to restore to them
their ancient privileges nnd crush the bated
whiles. This belief may have originated in
the teachings of Christianity , and ns they
heard of the promised Messiah of tlm Jew
and tbo Christian. 1 * . was but natural they
should be Incited bya llko hope.
Wo may smile at their enthusiasm nud the
ghost dunces by which they keep nllvo this
fanaticism , but when wo remember the
Mlllcrlto cruzo wo should hesitate before
Judging them harshly. Their ghost dances
are not much moro ridiculous than the nightly
meetings of the Mlllerltcs In their whlto
robes , preparing to meet tbo Lord In the air.
The mlllenium of tbo Indian , which con
sists of plenty of buffalo meat and freedom to
hunt and 1111 tholr belts with scalps of tbo
bated white , is but llttlo inoro gross and ma
terial than the inlllcnium to which largo
numbers of intelligent people are looking for
Notwithstanding their many sad disap
pointments nnd tbo Hat failures of their
prophecies , it Is surprising that this belief is
still shared in by so many eurncit , sincere
Christians. Their peculiar views are based
on the prophecy of Daniel and that equally
mystical book , the revelation of St. John , the
divine. I commend the reading of Furrnr's
"Early Days of Christianity , " where ho
conclusively proves that tbo revelation is
simply n description of the events already
happening at tbo time St. John wrote , are a
prophecy of the events which wcro soon to
happen in tbo destruction of Jerusalem and
the persecutions of Ctiristians under Nero.
Wcro it for nn other reason than the vast
divergences of the commentators of this won
derful book 1 should bo inclined to look with
suspicion upon the theories of the ndventlst ,
whoso views are completely nt variance with
the hading Christian scholars in every laud
Uut n ldo from this I cannot see any reason
in the eternal Illness of things for the expec
tation that Christ .will comu in person to
reign upon this earth for a thousand yc.irs.
It Is improbable to thlnlc thnt after IIo de
clared that it was expedient for Ills followers
tlint IIo should go away from them , in order
that His teachings might bo understood by
them , thr.t Ho should leave ttio glories of
heaven to reign cm u llttlo planet lilio this
Tbo whole doctrine has a ropulslvo , ma
terial aspect. It the glories of hoavcn ore
equal to tbo anticipation wo have formed of
it from tbe revealed word , where would bo
tbo advantage of a thousand years' oxistonca
on this earth I Would it not still bo un exile
from the true homo of the heart I
There is to be n coming of Christ , but it is
not wholly in the future , nor wholly outward
Wherever right has triumphed , there ha <
Christ oomo.
Underneath tbo Messiah of the Jews , the
A voter of tbo Hindu , tbo Golden Ago of tlu
Itomuii , the Messiah of the Indian and tlu
coming of the King of the Second nuventist
lies the one great hope common to every race ,
and shared in by ttio same enthusiastic nn
turcs everywhere" . Wo may stnllo at thcli
extravagances and pity their being led captive
tivo by delusions , but their hope is liuniai
and wo nil share In it. Like travelers bourn
for the snni'j port , wo lose sight of each otboi
in tbo mists and darkness , but tbo siunc goa
is over before us that goal , the hopa tbn
some day evil will have disappeared , sin b (
vanquished forever , nnd above earth's babe
sounds shall bo heard , tbe echo of the nngcl'i
song on Bethlehem's plain , proclaiming evl
dead and Christ tbo heart's true king.
Wo do not noliovo that the realization ol
this liopo lies In the progress of 'tbo intellect
or in now conquests over nature , or in im
provemcnt of laws , nor In tbo glories of art
or triumphs of science. All these may bi
characteristics of the dav for whtcU all trm
hearts sigh , but that which will truly con
stltuto the blessedness of man will bo tin
gradual dying out of his baser passions , am
the inner growth ot Uodllko love and self
sacrltlco. Instead of waiting and wondering
wo should carnetly labor for the coming o
that kingdom , for which wo daily pray.
Wn Ilnvo Oiin to Talk to You Alinul
Experlcnco has proved to you and us tbn
the time to malto hay Is when the sun shines
The sun Is shining for the buyer this seaso
and tbo seller 1ms to coma to time nnd sc !
tils goods in the season they are bought foi
Wo have an overstock of goods and righ
now Is the time to sell It wo know 111 Th
weather is unfavorable for the dry good
trade , but wo propose to sell our stock , if lo\
prices will do it. Wo will offer tomorrow an
during this week such attractive bargains 1
cloaks , Jackets , wraps , misses' und children'
cloaks , underwear , and nil heavy clothing a
such prices that it will pay anyone wh
Studio * economy to lay in their goods for th
season. Our stock is all fresh nnd of tli
Intost and best styles.
Our holiday department , which Is the a (
knowlcdged center of attraction , will bo opo
to the public after Monday. It takes up on
entire third lloor nnd consists of the lutes' '
choicest and rarest novelties thnt the Atnci
lean mid European markets produce. A tri
through our house and tbo various de-par
meuts will convince , every loyal citizen (
Council Bluffs thitt our institution is nut bi
bind the time : ) , but the lender of all cstal
'llslunents in the nortnwcst. Everybody co
dhilly Invited. Call and see us.
Hr.Niiv KISKMAX it Co. ,
Broadway nndl'enrl street , Council Bluff
Hotter AsHoulntloiiN for Employee ,
The great railway systems that center he :
have taken some Important step ] toward s
curing better associations for their ci
ployos , or rather for securing the best ass
clatlons for them when they are not on dut
A movement has been started by tbo Unit
Pacific and Northwestern systems look It
toward the establishment of Young Men
Christian associations at all tbo prluclp ,
division points along tholr lines. The of
cers of the association m this city bnvo boo
advised of the plans tlio companies hn\ \
under consideration nnd have boon asked i
' * assist in the work nt this point.
n Tbo Union I'ncitlo company have dost
tinted sixteen points along their line * wUc
they will establish associations and dofrnyi
expenses of inaugurating am ] maintain ! )
them , In nddltlon to this they have offen
to donate . ' 0,000 toward the erection of p ;
manent buildings. The Northwestern coi
pany has designated four points on Us Un
in Iowa where they will ilo the sumo thin
The Iowa points nro Council IIlutTs , Itoon
Cedar Kiiplds and a point yet to be select
on the Mississippi river. At each of the
13 places the company will pay all the expcns
that may bo incurred and will employ i
active local secretary , who will devote all of
hit time to the work. The associations are
ueslgned to bo for the use of tbe men , but not
exclusively. Active and local workers nud
members at the various places will bo asked
to assist , in pushing the work , The sumo
general plan will bo followed by the Union
Hnllwny managers claim tint the bu lne i
will stand the expense Incurred and the In
vestment will bo a good ono for the service.
( Joncrally when the railway employes coino
In of ! their runs they have no pluco to go but
n bonrdltitf bouse , nnd drift from that Into sa
loons nut ) other questionable places of resort.
They claim that the service demands the best
men thatcan boobtnlticd.and the best method
of securing nnd keeping them is to
create places where they can congregate
and not only bo removed from all temptation ,
but uo surrounded by the best associations.
At each of the points the association rooms
will bo provided as near tbo depot buildings
ns possible , where the men can io directly
from their trains , tnkon bntb and spend their
leisure hours. Wherever It is possible the
rooms will be tilted up in tbudepot buildings.
It Is said that the plans for the new depot to
be built by the Northwestern In this city
contemplate largo and nicely arranged nuart-
meats for this purpose. Tbo members will
not bo asked to con tribute to dclray the ex-
pcnso of maintaining the assoclattuns , but can
make voluntary contributions whenever they
feel llko it. It Is expected thnt tbo associa
tion will bo established in conjunction with
the Union I'adlio and will be one of the
llncst on the lino.
C. A. Bcebo fe Co. are going out of the re
tail trndn and will close out their line line of
ladles' writing and ofllco desks , book cases ,
chiffoniers , parlor tables , parlor and chamber
suits , folding iieds , plain and fancy rockers ,
cabinets , mirrors , etc. , etc. , tor less than
Utiy your coal nnd wood of C. B. Fuel Co. ,
530 Uroudwny. Telephone liO. !
Money tn loan at straight G per cent per
annum. E. S. Uarnctt , agent.
Scott House. 85 ct. meals , 2Jc.
Johnny Mnlier In More Trouble.
Johnny Mnlier , who has not always sailed
through the smoothest sens during his years
of residence In Council Bluffs , Is In trouble
ngnln , and trouble that may prove to bo ol a
serious nature. Ho his scarcely recovered
from the wounds that wcro Inflicted upon him
by ox-Ofllccr Noycs while resisting arrest
last summer , and has been living very quietly
without attracting public attention. Last
evening ho was brought before the public
ngnln by being arrested upon the charge of
littering forged paper. Ho vehemently dcnys
all knowledge of the crime nnd claims to feel
no uneastncss.over the outcome of the case
that Is being made against him.
On Saturday evening two young nnd some
what innocent looking young men went into
the Mint saloon. Quito a crowd were in there
and they were at once taken to bo a couple of
verdnnts from the country. Several cracks
wore made ut them and finally a proposition
was made for them to wrestle with each other
for money. Several mutches were mndo and
some money was bet. on the result. Finally
the smaller ono of the strangers was matched
to wrestle a colored porter. Mnlier was back
ing the boy nnd wanted to but 510 more on
the result , but did not have the money. Tlio
doy had taken off part of his clothes and
loft them In an adjoining room. In
ono of the pockets was a & 0 bill.
IIo told his comrade to KO back and got the
money and take care of it , nnd while ho was
dome so Mahcr appeared and tooic the money
out of bis hand and put It In bis pocket , tell
ing him that the young man had told him to
tnko it and bet on tbo result. Tha comrade
Imparted this information to tbo boy , and ho
stopped bis preparations for tbo contest nnd
bunted up Mnhcr. Mahcr told him lie only
wanted to borrow $10 of It , and would take
the bill and give him a chock for the other
half. Maber had been Introduced ns Frank
II. Ueed. Ho prqduced n blank chock and
drew it for the amount. The young man ac
cepted It and went on with the contest and
got beaten. Yesterday bo tried to get his
check cashed at several places , but no
one know a man with u nnmo correspond
ing to that signed to the 'check. It
finally dawned upon him that ho bad
been victimized , ana bo bunted up a police
man and told ids story. The ofllcor sent him
to the station and bo confldod in Chief Cnroy.
When the chief heard it and questioned both
of tbo young men and obtained a full descrip
tion of tbo man who had given the check ho
roadlly recognized him ns Johnny Manor , nnd
ordered Olllcer Graham to arrest him. He
was found and taken to tbo station.
Tbo two young men were questioned by
Chief Carey nnd thny told him who thov were
nnd where they came from. The llttlo follow ,
who had been contldcnccd , said his name was
Sam Smith and that ho was n nephew of
1' , .1. Mulhollnnd , the ice man in this city.
The oilier wns Frank Hoed. They bad been
working on n farm In Shelby county and
came to the city Friday night. They still
had the worthless check in their possession ,
after having fulled in several efforts tc
pot It cashed. The check was drawn on
the First National bank in favor ol
"cash , " and signed "Prank H. Heed. " Tiioj
haunted the bank closely during the after
noon nnd at mail time met one of the ofilccrt
who had stopped in a moment. They shoivei
him tbo check and wcro promptly assurei
that no such man as Frank II. HeoJ had an
accou nt ihuro ,
tAf tor Matter was brought to the station'thi
hoys wcro taken In and nt once indentltiei !
him as the person who bad given the check
but Mnlier declared that ho did not knov
them and hail never scon thorn before.
A messenger was dispatched for Actinj
Police Judge Schurz , and Smith and Heei ;
filed an information charging Mnber with ut
tcring forged paper. Ho wns still at tbo sta
lion awaiting developments , and before the
key was turned on him Dan Cnrrigg had lllei
a bond for him for Sl.fiOO , and ho was rclcasoi
to await a hearing today.
Immediately afterward a complaint wai
lodged against Smith nnd Heed , chargbif.
them with carrying concealed weapons , ant
they were placed under arrest. They won
discharged on their own recognizance to up
pear today. _
fr. ) Soybcrt. lies. Ogden house. Tel. 14C
Scott House. Best $1,00 per day house ii
the city.
Memorial Services nt Trinity Cattle
dral I-mst Night.
Yesterday was observed throughout th
country by people' tbo Episcopal faith n
St. Andrew's day. The Brotherhood of SI
Andrew In Omaha has been growing quit
rapidly during tbo past few years , and th
year ISM ) has been one of great ndvanccmcn
with this very worthy religious organization
Tbo memorial setviccs were hold in Trlnlt
cathedral at 7:30 last night nnd wcro at
tended by a very largo nuulonco of chure
people , a considerable number of whom won
young men.
Bishop Worthington delivered an addrcs
of great earnestness nnd full ot good tiling
for Christians in general and members of tl :
brotherhood in particular.
Mr. H. . M. Hopkins spoke brief !
of the work done by tbo A
Saints church chapter of tbo brotherhood.
Mr. Joseph WCOKS of St. Manilas chnptc
olToioda few very appropriate remarks , an
Mr. L. H. Baxter spoke upon tbo importai
work for and among young men as u ropn
scuta tivo of the chapter o ! the brothcrhoo
organized und doing excellent work la tl
thn church of the Good Shcpard.
The organization is in excellent workin
trim nnd the now year will bo begun wll
prospects of doing n vast amount of cfTccti\ \
Christian work.
Colonel HonKolaiid'ri Ijocturc.
President Hoageland of the Boys' ni
Girls' National Homo and Employment ass
o elation spoke at the First Presbyterian chun
last night to an appreciative nudleneo. I
occupied an hour reviewing the work of tl
association , referring to the army of
youths In the United Status to show tl
necessity that existed for reform. IIo gn\ \
an Interesting account of the fourth nation
convention held a year ago \Vashingti
City , and said that a number of lav
on crimes und reforms among you
would bo laid before the Icgislntur
of all the status this white
The intention is to establish Intelligence o
lleos all over the country for the benefit i
boys seeking employment. Ho stated th
the work bad been fully endorsed In moi
than three hundred cities visited by him.
' 'Lights nnil Shadows , " luVld mclo-dtamn ,
the scenes of which nrclo&i < < ! d In New York
under "Tho ring , " whnteyc ' | lint may inenii ,
was made known nt the Gijind last evening
to a very largo audience. . .
"bights nml Shadows" Is the sort of piny
thnt Is generally alluded ty UH "n drnmmer. "
The peculiarities of thd.drammcr" , piny
are live nets ; twq , .heroes ono n
vlllnn , ono an nngclwho - sacrifices
bis llfo for the heroine ! olio heroine who
tlces the Importunities rtf the vlllnln-boro
throughout tlio live nets , eventually fetching
up in tbo arms of the nngel-hero ; ono villain-
woman who Invariably talk 'ivlth ' nn accent ;
and two or thrco old men who dlo nnd leave
largo fortunes to the heroine. If these per
sonages nro mixed up Judiciously
and flavored with n police Inspector
nnd two or three toughs , the whole garnished
with a tank , you have n "drummer" play of
tbo "Lights nnd Shadows" order.
* The members of the company have evi
dently been selected for tlio quality of tholr
voices , for the piny Is cast In a heroic mold ,
and It requires lung power to bring out
the thrilling nnd srnsatloiml clmmxcs in
which the "drummer" abounds.
Miss Nannie Palmer played the much *
tortured heroine , nnd W. 0. Iloldcn tbo
angel-hero. The amount of suffering they
were compelled to undergo would drive most
man nnd women insane , but they always
coino up smillnp , ready for the next encoun
ter , which they Invariably knocked out in
the wind-up.
The scenery is good and the den of Mother
Meg , which Is eventually Hooded with water ,
realistic to n degree , us Is also the steel room ,
which caught tlio gallery ns completely as
"NIok-of-thc-Woods" did long ago. Tbo play
Is reminiscent of the palmy days and to tbo
gallery Is "out of sight. "
"Fatherland , " Charles ( Inrdner's pretty
picture of llfo In tlio Tyrol , was given nt tlio
Boyd lust evening to nn Immense nudleneo
and won n deserved success. Mr. Gardner
sang several new songs nnd hns In tbo
"Fatherland" tbo best play In his repertoire ,
Tbo company is very good , including Kobcrt
Ferguson , Frederick Hoborta , Miss Eva
Byron nnd Miss Ida Vnleanco.
J'iittiO\.l A I'.i .lSIt.I MIS.
P. n. Uussoll of Denver is nt the Pnxton.
E. N. Smith of New York Is at tbo Murray.
II. 0. Long of Columbus , O. , Is at the Bar- '
L. C. Johnson of SnJULako is at. tbo Mil-
Ora Botkln of San Francisco is at tbo
E. H. Parsons of Utah is registered at tbo
tl. W. West of Chicago was nt the Casey
last night.
E. Miller of Chicago was at the Darker
last night.
E. H. Forsyth of Grand Island is nt tbo
F. t > . Lusk of Wyoming was at the I'axton
last night.
.T. M. Heaves of Lima , O. , is in the city , nt
the Murray.
E. A. Spcrry of Denver Is in the city , nt
the Pnxton.
H. H. Sutherland of Lincoln Is In the city ,
at the Barker.
J. Stanford Poorey of Liverpool , Eng. , Is
nt the Millard.
S. S. Wcpton of Sioux City is in the cityat
the Merchants.
K. W. Johnson of Fremont was at the Mer
chants hist night.
T. V. Mclntiro ot Pueblo1 , Colo. , was at tbo
Millnrd lust night.
C. A. 'McDonald of North Platte is In the
city , at tbo Cnsey.
Charles MeKonzio of Dunlay , la. , is regis
tered at tbo Casey.
David Fuller of Minneapolis was at the
Murray last night.
John Garvin of Lnko City. Colo. , is in the
city , nt the Millnrd.
H. S. King of Chicago was in the city last
niKht , ut the I'axton.
A. It. Humphrey of Kroken Bow is regis
tered at the Merchants. . . .
Tbo members of the , Lights and Shadows
company are registered rt tno Banker.
Ncbraaka People Abroad ,
CiiiCAr.o , Nov. M. Ex-Governor nnd Mrs.
Alvin Saunders of .Omaha nro at tbo Audi
Toi'BKt , Kan. , Nov. SSO.--.T. A. Whnlcn and
J. T. Stnnhopo of Omaha nnd C. Crothwalto
of David City are at tlio National.
llowo & Co. Itcply to Coots.
OMAHA , Nov. 29. To the Editor of TUB
BEE : In regard to Mr. Coots' denial wo
would like to make the following statement :
Mr. Coots says ho never got n bid from us ,
that ono was mailed to him the afternoon of
the day of letting. Now , wo can prove by
our bookkeeper that bo personally took tbo
bid to Mr. Coots' otllco nbout ! ) o'clock In tbe
morning , when the bids wcro to ho In ut 11
o'clock in tbo forenoon. Mr. Coots asked mo
tb divide our bid , which was a lump bid for
both plumbing nnd steam heating , but when
1 refused to ao so Mr , Coots told mo In his
own otllco that our bid was lower than any
two combined bids , ho should use our figure ,
and , if tbo contract was awarded to him , we
should bnvo the plumbing nnd steam heating.
As for my calling tbo plumbing ! , UOO , or
any other sum , it is false.
Mr. Coots says after tbe bids were opened
and I knew Just exactly what
they were , I divided my bid
so that I was Just $ .10 below Mr. Free. Now ,
it can bo proven by the records of the city
council that Mr. Fi-co never put In u bid.
How could I know what his bid was )
Now , Mr. Coots knows nnd I can provo It
by different parties , thnt first ho offered us
$200 or ? , WO to withdraw entirely. When
that offer was refused , wo were offered the
plumbing nnd told that the architects raised
objections to our doing the steam heating us
they did not know that wo were competent
to do the work. After this was refused Mr.
Coots came to our olllco and told us that the
only way to settle tbo matter wns for 'us tc
take the steam heating and let Mr. Free have
the plumbing , as there wns such a pressure
brought to bear on him by certain parties ,
that ho could not help himself. -
As faras our agreeing to accept , the steair
heating without tbo plumbing is conecrnei
Mr. Coots knows that it Is not so.
The Cotter Inquest.
The inquest over the remains of Hcnrj
Cotter , the man who died of nsphyxiation a
the Jennings hotel last Friday night , resultct
In a verdict in accordance with the facts a :
published , death having been the result of ns
pliyxintlon caused by carelessness of the do
ceased. The body was burled In Fores
Lawn cemetery. < '
Costa .May Return.
HOME , Nov. 30. [ Special Cablegram ti
THE BKK. ] A royal djfcroo granting a gen
cral amnesty has been promulgated. Owini
to this decree , Andrea.Costa , the soclalls
deputy who lied the country , will bo enablei
to return. Ho was cqmicinncd to thro
years' imprisonment for resisting the police
but could not bo nrrestqd , iwless the chnmbe
of deputies consented. , < il ( > disappeared las
March while the chainV.qr was consldcrin
Ids case , .
_ ' .u
r A I/OOHU'Pirni.
BOSTOX , Muss. , Nov. . , ( > . An expert at
countnnt investigating tlio affairs of Uarc
ner. Chase & Co. , broker'Inu found that c
thn scheduled bad aowunts $ i > . 'i7K)0 ( ) repri
scnts money lou in ' peculation by CIuisi
Ho nlso reports that tho1' ' firm wns Insolvei
in 1885 and shico that time Chase and pur
ners have drawn out Upwards of $20UOO. ( !
Tlio Demand lor American ainchlncrj
London Knglncoring notes the fiu
Unit tlio foreign demand for America
toxtllo mnehinory hns boon of lul
"inoro active tlum over before , nnd th
foreigners "nro not Blow to recognlx
the merits of the HIUIIO. In the cnw ) <
the American loom this IB oHpcclul )
true , for it Is generally thuutjlit that fc
jspood ami good worUimuiship combine
It IH hiipcrlor to all its foreign rivals , "
Swift Flight ni' I'nlciiiis.
Upon ono occasion a falcon wns ol
served to cut a Hiilpo in two , with auc
strength anil Hpecd did it cut down 1
prey. Simrrow ha\vln ; and morliiiH linv
not infrequently > boon known to eras
through thick pit.- glauf ) windows whc
in pursuit of pruy or at ca od birds ,
hi Truj Story of the Da.ith of tbo Notari-
oui Outlaw
Ho Died nrcixniln < if tlio Scenes of
Ills Stormy liil'cvltli a Sinter
of Cliarlly HctulltiR
Over llliu.
A dispatch In a morning paper the
ether ilny gave the vendor nn account of
tliu death of a man in a southern town
who , the correspondent stated , was none
other than Qunntroll , the Black Fin } , '
lender of the bordol' . Several newspapers
copied the dispatch and somebody was
interviewed about it , who said the in-
fornmllon wns a Ho.
Of coin-so It was , says a Louisville ,
Ky. , correspondent of the Chicago
Tribune. At this distance thro are
Boino intorc&tlng facts about Qmuitroll.
Ho burnt , pillaged , robbed , cursed the
enemy to his face , was as relentless as a
wild beast and gave no quarter. Hut ho
wns a character , such a one as only war
produces. Franco had such in Its day of
terror. There was La , Tour do Auverjjno ,
who at the Inst
Wallced out from the prison walls ,
Dressed llko n prince for n parade.
Hut for the master whom ho worshiped
Joachim Murut would htivo fought
ns Qunntroll did. The man who
came on the field of Waterloo In time
to change the map of Europe and , us
an eminent lCiif'linli divine snlil when
ho heard of the result , "turned bni'lr the
hand of time u half century , " was of the
same typo. Hlnchor was a buteher and
a tyrant and would liavo preferred , Had
ho boon left to himself , the torch and
the knlfo to guns and sifters.
* *
Qunntroll left Missouri when ho Paw
Price- quitting the fetnto. Ho might
have remained to repent the story of
Lawrence in every town in the west. In
doing so lie reasoned that would bo but
entailing sutTorlng on the women and
children of his own stato--tho wives ,
sisters and sweethearts of his own men.
Strange as It may seem , Quantrell was
llio very man who wns actuated by such
things as the welfare of women. Black
ns ho was with the smoke of villages ho
had laid waste ; red-handed as ho
was with the blood of these whom
ho had overtaken ; merciless as lie waste
to the prayer of his victim for a moment's
conference with God , Qmintvell was a
knight among women and struck down
the man who over questioned in his
hearing the virtue of the sox. That was
Ills only religion.
Ho summoned some of his most trusted
men one night at a house in Wnvcrly ,
Mo. To them he confided n part of his
programme. In brief , it was this : Leave
iMisfeouri and po to Kentucky , usinjj
Kentucky as a base of operation , invade
Pennsylvania and Maryland , and what
ever success followed these movements
would suggest further depredations. In
a word , thp east came nearer knowing
something of border war tactics than it
over realized.
Think of a few daredevils streaking
Bunkur Hill monument with the blood
of such men as Wendell Phillips ; of
blowing up Fnneuil hull arid shooting
down the trim and natty business men
of the Hub as they entered their of-
llccsl Think of a black ling flouting from
Madieon Square , and a dozen freebooters -
ors in Wall street , men who knew lion-
to shoot to hill and who know how to
spread consternation and get out of it
Think of another handful of the same
sort looting the quiet Quaker city and
while it wns 'fired In ninny places , the
water supply cut off , mid panic spread
ing ivlth the llmnes , the terror-stricken
populace learning that Independence
hall had boon destroyed.
Enough Invaders would bo loft to bo
operating in 'Washington at the same
timo. Ono shot in Ford's theater star
tled the world. "What would a handful
of men led by Quantrell , with James
Little as first lieutenant , Chatnm Ron-
tck as second , Frank James , Jim
Younger , John Baker , Bud Pence and
Andy McGuire men accustomed to the
torch , the knife , the rope , and ponies
what would have been the result of a
dash of such men into the capital , at the
very moment when its inhabitants wore
reading of Hunker Hill red with the
blood of Phillips ; Fnnuol Hall in ruins ;
Wall street wilder with fear than it over
was over stocks if such a thing were
possible ; Philadelphia in Jinnies ; Inde
pendence Hall in ashes !
Suppose every man sworn to death and
rapine in this crusade had fallen ; sup
pose not one had escaped ; that Qunntrell
liad shared a more terrible fate than
JohnWilkcs Uooth. What would all
that have availed when opposition WOE
put down ; blood in Boston ; "robbery and
riot in Now York ; arson and terror in
Philadelphia ; assassination in Wash
ington ! All on the sumo day and al
most at the same hour.
Call It by any name you
will , it WIIH what came neai
occurring. That is , it wns a pnrl
of a dream , of a program , of something
to mnko amends for what these men fan
cied they and their people had Buffered ,
Forty-one men. rank and llle. wore in thti
compact. They started. They got ai
far lis Kentucky up In the mountains ,
They wore disguised as federal troops
Qunntroll had a now and splendid fedora
uniform. His men carried a silk and Bath
American Hag. They sat down at tlu
hearthstones of Homo of the good unlor
men of Kontucicy , drank their whisky
and made love ta the girls in the nami
of the union. Sometimes they wore dis
covered and there was a fight and High
and then they suddenly appeared else
\\horo. Quantrollshowing Ills authority
"duly signed and fetamned" by I-Mwin M
Stuiiton. Andthoauthoiitiostreatedhin
an a distinguished guest , loaded him wit ]
uresonts and money , mid feasted htii
and his men , ami nn hour after thesi
border guerrillas were out in the wood
near by dividing the presents and th
money and laughing at tholr success
The next day almost before it was nox
day some one's body was dangling fron
a tree ; somebody's house wns in ashot
somebody's fine horses were on the rode
AH llko as not some of these somobodli ;
had entertained Quantrell and his mo :
the night before.
This sort of thing , continued In Kor
tuoky until it could continue no longoi
t Of course , it had to come to an end. 1
11 came to light later on how this assahsl
o and burner of the border had ( to to pi
Q it ) played It upon Kentucky and the
o Federals began to give chase. Thooi
if ganl/.ation wns scattered. The phu
y ro.ji'.vn nt. tnh'Jinj. or whatever itwii1
r po Invade the north with torch ami hull
il was uevur carried out. Looking at
from this distance the story has the ni
of improbability , mndness , idiocy , c
whatever you will. It wns a thing i
terrible earnestness when it was coi
col veil.
Whore and how did Quantrell die ?
In 1805. one week in Audi. Qiiantrol
John HOSH , Payne Jones , William Huh
and Frank James went out ahead i
Clark county , Kentucky , to see whut tl
chances were for getting out of the lines
that were closing In upon thorn. There
was a light every day. No use of repeatIng -
Ing the story here. They were outnum
bered and each man rode away for him
self. Several of them mot the last night
at a place of rendezvous. They had few
words to i nv. Frank James spoke up
and asked .what had become of Quan
trell. No one answered. Frank James
spoke ngaln : "Volunteers to find
him. " A half dozen men responded
iind in live minutes they were
in their saddles riding in the
night. The story of the finding of
Quantrell and his death is thus given by
one who knew whorcof ho spoke and
whoso means of knowledge about Qtmn-
troll were unquestionable :
"Frank James dismounted at 2 o'clock
in the morning und knocked upon a door.
There wns the trailing of a woman's gar-
moat , the circumspect trend of a watch
ing woman's feet , the noiseless work of a
woman's hand upon the latch , and Mrs.
Wnkelleld , cool and courtly , bade the
strange , armed men upon the threshold ,
enter. Just across on the other side of
the room from the door a man Iny on
a trundle-bed , watchful hut quiet.
James stood over the bed , but
could not speak. If one had cared
to look into his eyes they might have
been seen full of tears. Qunntrell , by the
dim light of a single cnndlo , recognized
James , smiled , held out his hand , and
said to him gently , though a little re
proachfully :
" 'Why did you eomo buck ? The en
emy are thick about here ; they are
passing every hour. '
" 'To see if you were allvo or dead ,
captain. If the llrst , to save ! you ; if the
ast , to put you in a grave , '
" 'I thank you very much , Frank , but
why try to take mo away ? I am cold
below the hips. I can neither walk ,
vide , nor crawl. I am dead and yet I
am alive. '
"Frank James went to the door and
called in Partner , Ross and Hulso.
Quantrell recognl/.cd them all In his
old , calm , quiet fashion , and bade them
wipe away their tears , for they were cry
ing visibly. Then Frank James , joined
in Ills entreaties bv the entreaties of his
comrades , pleaded with Quantrell for
permission to carry him to the mount
ains of Nelson county by slow and easy
stages , each swearing to guard him hour
by hour until ho recovered or die over
his body , defending it to the last. Ho
know that every pledge made by them
would bo kept to the death. Ho felt that
every word spoken was a golden word
and meant absolute devotion. His faith
in their affection was as steadfast and
abiding as of old. IIo listened till they
had done , with the old , staid courtesy of
victorious guerrilla days , and then ho
silenced them with an answer which ,
from its resoluteness , they know to be
unalterable. ' 1 cannot live. I have run
a long time ; I have come out un
hurt from many desperate places ; I have
fought to hill and have killed ; I regret
nothing- . The end is close at hand. 1
am resting easy hero and will die so.
You do not know how your devotion has
touchen my heart , nor can you ever
understand how grateful I am for the
love you have shown for mo. Try to get
back to your homes and avoid If you can
the perils which beset you. '
"Until 10 o'clock the next day these
men remained with Quanlroll , Ho
talked with them freely of the past , but
never of his earlier life in Kansas. Many
messages were sent to absent friends and
much good advice was given touching
the surrondoi' of the remnant of the
blind. Again and agnln he returned to
thp subject of their earlier struggles in
Missouri and dwelt long over the recol
lections and the reminiscences of the
two first years of guerrilla warfare.
Finally the parting came , and these who
looked the last on Quantrell's face that
morning as they stooped to tell him
; ood-by looked tholr last on it forever.
"Terrell had promised Qunntroll posi
tively that ho should not bo removed
from Wakeilold's house , but in throe
days ho had either broken or forgotten
this pledge. Ho informed General Pal
mer , command Ing the Department of
Kentucky , of the fact of the fight , and
of the desperate charnoter of the
wounded ollicor left paralyzed behind
him , suggesting at the same time the
advisability of having him removed to a
place of safety. General Pallnor heat an
ambulance under u heavy escort to
Wakcliold's , and Quantroll suffering
greatly and scarcely more allvo than
dead was hauled to the military hos
pital In Louisville and deposited there.
Until the question of recovery had been
absolutely decided against him but few
friends were admitted into ills presence.
If any one conversed with him
at all the conversation of neces
sity was required to bo car
ried on in the presence of an olllcial.
Mrs. Ross visited him thus n C'hrisiian
woman and took some dying mes
sages to loved ones in Missouri. Mrs.
Ross loft him at 1 o'clock in the after
noon , and at1 o'clock the next afternoon
the guerrilla died. His passing away
nftor a life so singularly litful and temp
estuous was as the passing of a summer
cloud. Ho had been asleep , and as he
awoke ho called for water. A Sister of
Charity nt the bedside put a glass to hie
HIM , but ho did not drink. She heard
him murmur once audibly , "Boys , got
ready' then a long pause then one
word more ' .Steady ! ' and then when
she drew back from bendicg over the
murmuring man she fell upon her kncoi :
and prayed. Quantrell was dead ! "
The Byes of Finn.
Down to the depth of 200 fathoms
whore daylight disappears , the eyes of i
fish grow constantly bigger and bigger ,
Hoyond that depth small-eyed forms so
in , with long feelers developed to sup
nlomont the eyes. Sight , in fact , is lion
boginnlm : to atrophy. In the grcatcs
abysses the fish uro mostly blind , feoliiif
their l\rny about entirely hy their sensl
tivo bodies alone over the naked surfaci
of rock at the bottom.
Umiry In
Against the over-growingovil of usur ;
the municipal councils of many smnl
towns of Russia have established puwi
houses , In which money is lent at a vorj
low rate of interest , it is remarkable
say .the St , Petersburg dailies , tlm
small country towns have started thi
movement , while our capital 1ms no suul
an institution yet , and the Mosco\
municipal council is just now boglnniii ]
to think of establishing one.
Corpsu Candles ,
According to superstition corps
candles are no other than human soul
dancing over the graves where thoi
bodies lie , or the souls of dead relative ,
who are coming to fetch these who nr
to join them.
The inquest over thoromntnsof Spntitj-
tant and Molllk , the two men Idlled on
the B. & M. near Hoyd's old packing
hoiuc , will bo hold at 2 p. m. today at
HeatTy ti HcnlTy's undertaking rooms.
Yesterday atI p. in. Mr. ( J. 1C. Obor ,
secretary international committee ,
Young Mon's Christian tmsoclnlton , ail-
dressed a meeting of 2 ! I young men in
concert hall , Young Men's Christian as-
pocintlon building , ills subject was :
"Jesus Christ the Same Yesterday , To.
day and Forever , " The address "was u
masterly one nnd was llMonod to with
deep interest by tbo largo audiouco.
Two selections were rendered by tht >
Leslie quartette , Messrs. Abel , Harding ,
\Vallerstedt and Morrison.
The Omaha I'hllatolle society was or
gnnlzed on Friday night at 8 p. m. in
room 10 , Commercial National bank
building. There were llfteon members ;
( stamp collectors ) preaont. Mr. Kdwiii
'V , ( irossinann was elected president , Mr ;
Moiitolth of Council Bluffs was made
vice president , Mr. W. H. Maclioy secre
tary and treasurer , and Mr. Dunn li
brarian. All stamp collectors are re
quested to bo present at the next moot
ing and join. A philatelic journal will
probably bo published by the society , to
bo called the Western Philatelic Kmplru.
Sccoiul uril.
Isaac S. Hiiscnll , Imlopcndoat candi
date for city council , Second wnrd. Vote
for him. lie is the right man la th6
right place. _ _
A I'rctty KncliNli Oi-nanl/.at Ion.
The "Children's Letiguo of Kindness,11
in London , embodies n very pretty idea ,
its primary object being to induce chil *
orcn to help children and bridge the
gulf between these of aflluontand unfor
tunate circum stances with deeds of
klndno ? ! ! . The member.- " , children of
wealthy parents , give two articles an
nually , either dolls or toyn , to the poor ,
and tlio associates ( mothers or guar
dians ) give two garments nnnunlly. The
garments are sold 'at a very low price ,
the proceeds of the sale and the sub
scriptions going toward the children's
holiday fund.
" \\rANTEl-I.ndvorKeiit wllllnir to workl
ii pi'iiiiinuMit piwltloii ! tt.iVJ to M.OO a dny ,
1\U. S. , (107 ( Willow avenue. Council Hluirs.
1710H UKNT 'llm Mi'Malion throe-story
J1 brick block , No. 05 y. Mutant , wltliuluvutur
J. W. Siiilm |
VUANTKD-l'lnco to board bv bright boy ,
'I YVIII pay $7 a month and do chores , u
29. llco oilier.
\\rANTUD-A yoiini ! irlri ti ) help at house-
V > work. Mrs. I' . M. I'ryor. nil ) Illutr street.
I71OH SA I.Kuhi'nn. A good olllco desk , nearly
JL new. Kooni , Brown bullillux.
ItS.AMKI.IA S1RI.SON.M. ) . . clilnild- :
wlfo. ii.'ii8uviCouncil : Hlnlls. IH ,
PKCIAI. ilA UUINS In hoiixo Tir mil" or
rent ; IIM ! ) two Saunders si i collets , N
Omaha. .1. K. Davidson , iKU-Xth uvu.
\\T A hTKlt s7 STI U.M AN" Man-us bloeuT
IT IXoliiry Public , collodions , typewriting ,
T71OK SAljK-L. 'ii n nnd fiiriilluro of Scott
JL1 House , Council Itlull's. Brooms. ( lii-aps a
bargain. Address. I. ij. Jordan , Counc'll Ulull'j.
TilOH SAliE or Ilont Gar.lon land , with
JJ houses , by J. U. Ktco. 10'J Main St. . UouuolT
Coal ! Wood ! Cobs !
Cobs ! Coal ! Wood !
Wood ! Cobs ! Coal !
Lx. Q.
Tlio Kttol MorolianU
WOOD Split , sawed , chunk or *
cord-wood. In fact wood in any
shape you -want it , chenp.
I would recommend the Blaclc
Peerless as the Best Iowa coal in
the market , both lump and nut
size. Call ana see me.
No. 29 South Main St.
Telephone No. 3O3.
Strictly to imilnos * . " I * . inplunilW innllo. Tlio hlith
nuor ' In I'vi'ry linn of Imiinm I'licruy \ roiichcil
jjr lilm who holils to BUIDO iiiIopLoil Hpcrlnlity.
I'o pie nro progroiMvo , fall of enow , unil momr
iiinklni ! schenius. Tliuy noa.1 training for
LmsllR' ! .
Lends in popular oducitton. Her publla so'iooli
nru lining crnml work fur her ncro.ulu ml lllun * .
We stem lown.
mnitncnroi Mil tarni Sjpt. tit. Mil ) "Ola'ti till
rcnlly for lier rttuloUi. Normil Hull
nosn.Sliurlliunl nn4 1'j'im ulil' ) noanai. irjll or
caiilzo.l niul curofiilly comliictul. Htuluiti niir
enter ntnnytluio. Wrltu for further pmbiU t )
\V. H , Paulson.
Council Bluffs. Iowa.
Or Council Bluffs.
PAID UP CAPITAL . $150,003 ,
T. A. Mlllnr , R O. Gloason. E. I *
Sliuiurt , K. R. Hurt , J. I ) . Dlmiimlson.Uhurlns
U. Illinium. Transact bunkliu buftU
ness , l eil ; > IUl unil surplus of uny
bunk In Southwestern lowu.
D. H. McDaneld & Co. ,
Butchers' ' aid Packers' Supplies ,
Market Fixtures
, Casing ,
fillers unil SIIUSIIKO MiilwrV .Machinery. KX > -
hi.'Miiln hi. . Council 111ulfH , la. Also Uunlcra
hi Hides nnd 1-'urs.
Y Cfluiry .Tnstli.'O of tlm I'tjuco. Oflluo over
lit OtllllU Aiiiurli'iin Kxiirosi , No. 421
llroudway , Council Hlulfs , lowu.
Sims & Siiinilcrs-AionrInnytfIiot : , ,
federal courts. Rooms II , 4 und ft Shugurt
lleii'jblock , Council lllulK Iowa.
Corner Muln nnd Hrn-.flw.iy ,
Dciilcrs In fornlKii nnd domoitlu n < cuhui7& :
Collootlon Hindu'und Inturoit puld on that
(1 u posits.
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Every person wants an engraving when th3y can get a
Only n fow-more left. Ensels , Framed Pictures , Cabinets , etc. , aft
half price. All these goods must bo closed out by January 1st.
10 n W.W , CHAPMAN , - - 16 MAIN ST. , COUNCIL