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I , , The Old Warrior Eoports that His Tribsis
' Beyond His Control.
IMenty llonr Comes In with nn
inir Kt < iry Two lliuusnnd Annod
IndlniiH D.moliiK near HoHoUnil
1'illiiKlne tie FnrmerH.
Pi\n KIDOK Anns-CT , Nov. 2S.-Llttlo
" \Voundlslnnndrcport3 his Inability to con
trol his bands In the Interest of peace. The
cavalry oxpocw nn order to mnrch tonight
on the Rosebud ramp on the Porcunlno ,
although General Urooko Is reported as being
In favor of waiting until the Sixth crunlty
leaches Tort Mcado and troops can bo placed
nt Forest City above Pierre.
Kilting Dull Delimit.
MANIIASS. . I ) . , Nqv. 28. Word comes
from Sitting Bull's camp from different
sources that ho Is dancing his men moro vlg-
oiously than over and ho is compelllnR the
children to join in the daneo. Ho is reported
to bo moro hostile and determined to fight
than ever. This afternoon two cavalry
'troops arrived from Foil Custor and pro
ceeded to Fort Yotcs.
IIo FnyB There nro Two Thousand
Dniiccrs at Wounded ICncc.
PINT. Unmn AOFNOV , S. D. , ( via Rush-
vllle , Neb. ) Nov. 28. [ Spcchl Telegram to
TUB UKU. | The first ripple of news that wo
have had today came nt 4 o'clock this after
noon. Plenty Boar , nnd old-time friendly In
dian who lives nt Wounded Knee , twonty-flvo
miles northeast of here , came In with an
alarming report to Agent Hoycr. Ho staled
that tbcro were ! ! ( ) l lodges , bolnR over two
thousand of Indians nt Wounded Knee , and
that they had resumed the ghost dance with
many warlike accompaniments. IIo said
they wci o formed in the regular war dance
proper .and wore sweating vengeance
upon th ° whites for conspiring
o stop the latter. They have taken an oath
to resist Interfeienco if it costs the last diop
of their hcnits' blood. Plenty Bear said that
ho witnessed the dance In person and that
Llttlo Wound , who visited the agency hero
only yesterday , nnd said that his band had
stopped dancing , was Joining In it hotter limn
ever with hU entire bind. Itvns fuitbor
slated by Plenty Bear that the deviltry con
sisting of burning the houses of settlers and
stealing stock was still going on and that
great loads of recently slaughtered beef wore
coming In every hour all last night.C.
C. II. C.
The First Blond.
PINT. Ilipan Aonxcr , S. B. , ( via Hushvllle ,
Neb. , ) Nov. 23. [ Special Telegram to Tin :
Bnn.J The first blood of the campaign was
shed Inst night by Benjamin Uowluml , n gov
ernment ncout. Ho was attacked and stabbed
with a butcher knife in the hands of Autono
Herman , who hud been drinking heavily.
halfbrccds nnd brothers-in-law.
Both are - - .
Herman wis captured last night and is cow
behind the bars of tbo agency guard house
awaiting his trial.
Tbo cntlro police force , numbering 100 ,
1 lurried out this morning to ariest Swing
ing Back , cblof of the ghost dance from the
Rosebud , but on going to his tcpcothoy found
that Ihelc bird had flown to Wounded Knee
crook , wjioro the HoscbUd Indians are
' " " "iMoiped. His reported that they nro still
committing depredations and nro In no hurry
to come in and icport. Private Morris , Com
pany B , Ninth cavalry , was thrown from his
horse nnd sustained Internal injuries. IIo
will probably die.
A Jfj.iwlcss Hand of Indians Plllnglng
Neni' HoHcbnd Agency.
ROSEHUP Aor.NOT , S. B. , ( via Valentino ,
Nob. ) Nov. 23. [ Special Telegram to Tnu
Bui ; . ] Lieutenant Colonel Poland , Twenty-
first infantry , has assumed command of the
forces at Rosebud. The colonel has had long
experience with the Sioux. Rigid discipline
is enforced to keep the soldiers from alarm-
ng the Indians. Word is being sent to tbo
Indians tbat no injury is to bo done any at
homo. The piesout danger is peculiar.
About fifty young men are raiding the whole
country , destroying everything , breaking all
school houses and mission chapels. Thcso
are at largo and are having a good time.
They opened a house of R. P. Whit-
flcld , on White river , nn ex-farmer
nt Rosebud , stole n gold watch nnd
chain given to him last Now Years
by fi lends nt Rosebud and a larco quantity of
This gang can break up nt any time after
doing very destructive work or by allying
themselves to ' .ho hostilcs can destroy all tbo
hay nnd horses ! in the reserve. Few runners
nro coming in nnd no nuthentlo news ns yet.
All the filcndly Indians from the hostile ic-
glen nro now on the Llttlo White river live
miles fiom the agency. The weather Is very
fine nnd troops In good health.
To Join linflMo Bill.
Pirrsnt'iio ' , Pa. , Nov. 2S. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Bnr.j A party of six Indians
passed through this city today en route to
the far west to Join Buffalo Bill on the mis
sion in which ho bus Just started , to run
down the much talked of Messiah and quiet
the hostile redsldns. Wild Horse Bill was
tlio title of the scout who had charge of the
party. The olhors nil ngreo with him In say
ing he did not think there was much danger
of nn outbreak before spring as the Indians
would not care to break up their villages nnd
go on tbo war path In cold weulher.
Ijowcr rtrult-8 Dancing.
WAHIIN'OTON , Nov. 28. Acting Indian Com-
mlssioLor Bolt today received tolegratn
from Agent Dixon at Crow Creole agency ,
South Diiuotu , fmylngthnt nonoof his Indians
ad yet been dancing. A small bnnJ of
Lower Brules ncnr Iho Rosebud roacivation
had been dancing and ho had dispatched a
force of police nnd scout * to stop it. Ho nas
nlso called homo all the Indians having parses
to leave the reservation , nnd says ho con
siders it IiinKisKlMo to bo surprised in any out
break the Lower Brules may make.
Broke lip the Jtnnuo.
CIIAMIIKIU.AI.V , S. D. , Nov. 28. The Lower
Brulo Indian police started In to break up
tbo ghost dam-OS last night and today eight
leading dancers nro in Jail nt the agency ,
'Another dance Is reported as organizing foi
tonight nnd the police are ready for It. Af
fairs were lively for n tlmo but the jwilco arc
too much for the now adhctcnts of the Mes-
eiuh ciazo. No danger of nn outbreak is
A Diikotn Sour , ? .
S. D. , Nov. 28. Much excitement
, _ ; ated hero this moniinc ; by n report
bit \gVi \ In by a stronger that the Indians
} vcron\Vlcrrcpontmid Laiigfordimd that the
town olyiernjpont had boon burned. Latei
in thoaftfrno/n it was learned the whole
tiiliifir walawire nnd tha reported bu-uinc
of PJerfpfrrft Is discredited.
Govcr\or Alvllntt'n Proclamation.
PinitiiE , i . D. , Nov. 28. ( lovcrnor Mel
lettu today l\Wd a lengthy pioclainatiou ro
gnrdlng the Indian scare In which ho urges
the settlers to remain where they are , as the
troops nnd government have completely mas
tered the hostile clement. -
"What Dr. McGIIIIunddy Knys.
PniUPKU'iiiA , Nov. 28. Dr. V. T. McOil-
llcuddy , fonner ngent at Pine Illdgc , tele
graphs : "Newspaper reports of the Pine
Uldgo situntion arc misleading. Matters nro
now under control with a peaceable ending
in view. "
/ ' 'snr : I > HMHH.
llotli Parnrll and Gladstone nro Han
dled Without Gloves.
I.oviiov , Nov. 23. It was reported that the
Gladstone counter manifesto would comment
nt great length on matter. The Post snvs
not n single point of the sordid conspiracy
has been omitted from the story of the homo
rule compact for the llrst time brought to
light. The bomb has been exploded In anger
nnd Parnell turns ngalnst Ins fellow conspir
ators to save his own political life. The
manifesto has lendeicd the prospects for
homo rule worse than nt any lime since 18b5.
The Dally News says : To Parnell's ex
cited feelings every man's hand seems against
him nnd he set his hand ngnlnst eiery man.
This Is the last fatal dls-scrvico which oblit
erates many If not all hU incomparable ser
vice. The News appeals to the Iiish clergy
and people not to allow Parncll to drng down
the homo rule cause In his own fall by a be
lief In his serious misapprehensions of their
English fi lends.
Tlio Chronicle says : Pnrncll's most pow
erful blow Is the revelation of the abject par
alysis of the Glaustonlan party over the land
( jdostion mid Moiley's confession of their in
ability to assist the sufferers fiom the plan of
campaign. The manifesto clearly shows that
Painell Is not a person with whom nny
statesman cnn venture to hold confidential re
lations. Irish ingratitude in politics is pro
verbial , but never before was It avowed with
such cold , calculating cynicism.
The Standard suvs : The manifesto is damaging to the credit of Gladstone
and Morley as straightforward statesmen.
No English politician will ever trust Parnell
again , but ho has chosen the right line to win
back the ilnnnrial regard of Irishmen.
The Times snjs : The manifesto shivers
forever the supposition that Pnrnell can over
attain boticated us a trustworthy friend or
honorable foe. It is probably the most
shameless document the English public life
has seen since the days of the revolution.
The Times thinks however It will piobnhly
effect its purpose and refers to the severity
of the blow inflicted ou Gladstone's Imprae-
thnblo schemes.
In case the Irish nationalist members nt
the meeting on Monday favor Parncll , a
movement will immediately bo started among
the liberals to give Kngllsh reforms preco-
dnncoover homo rule , nnd a meeting toad-
vocato reverting to the programme of 18b5
will bo summoned.
Sir William Vet non Hnrcourt ills believed ,
will succeed Gladstone in the leadership ol
the liberal paityintho event of the latter
_ _
lUot in n roinllcld.
DITTOS' , O. , Nov. 23. The prize fight be
tween Billy Gibbs of Kansas City nnd Dick
Alooro of St. Paul in a cornfield near the city
this morning resulted in a ilot. In the ilrst
round Gibbs fouled Mooio twlco , but the
clniins of Moore's seconds wore not allowed ,
much to the fllsguat of tbo spectators. In
tho'sooond Moore landed ono that sent Oibbs
to his knees , then stiuek him again \\hllo ho
was down , knocking him out. With loud
cries of foul the crowd broke over the ropes
and a general light took placo. Pistols and
billies wore drawn nnd mnttors looked seri
ous when the referee announced ho would
reserve his decision until tonight.
Couldn't Stand the Shame.
CIIKYCNSE , Wyo. , Nov. 23. Judge Bong-
man attempted suicide this morning by shoot
ing himself through the head. IIo may re
cover but will bo blind , both eyes being shot
The new constitution abolishes the offlcoof
probate Judge , and when ordered to turnover
the district records ot his oftlco Bercman re
fused nnd was sent to jail for contempt of
court. This so worried him ho attempted to
take his life.
GlininborlHln to IliH Coiistitiirnts.
LONDOV , Nov. 28. [ Special Cablegram to
Tim BEE. ] Chamberlain has written n letter
to his constituents in which ho says : "I have
returned from a most interesting and agree
able tour in America nnd nm gratified to find
that the judgment of Lord Salisbury nnd
Lord Hnrtintrton regarding the differences
between the radical nnd conservative parties
iu Birmingham has been locally accepted. I
am confident that it will promote harmony in
the future. "
_ _
Got Away With a Million.
1'iin , uir.i.rniA , Nov. -Counsel for per
sons Interested in the estate of Charles H.
Bauer , deceased , and other family trnsts , to
night authorized the statement that John R.
Bauer , jr. , who has fled , has misappropriated
about 11,000,000 worth of securities
belonging to the estates , consisting of coupon
bonds nnd registered stocks and bonds trans
ferred upon powers , which , us far us cnn bo
ascertained , weie foigcd.
The Charge Agnlnttt Dr. Levy.
BEIILIV , Nov. 28. [ Special Cablegram to
Tin ; Bi.r.1 Dr. Levy has requested that a
medical couit of honor bo appointed to Inves
tigate the charges against him of having sold
Prof. Koch's curutho lymph at exorbitant
rates. Dr. Donclius denies that ho nsked or
received any fee for Injections of the lymph.
It Is estimated that 750 patients nro now In
this city under treatment by the now
lie Died Alone.
Sri\TTii : , Wash. , Nov. 23. R. McIClttilck ,
nt one tlmo a Roman Cnthollo priest at Bur
lington , la. , was found dead this morning In
n cabin a few miles from the city. On his
table was jound a bottle of morphine and a
letter stating that ho was without friends
and money nnd was going to commit suicide.
Ho came hero several years ago and began
living the life of a hermit.
Hundreds or Ijivcn Lost.
Loaiov , Nov. SS , Additional advices of
disaster to the fishing licet of the Norwegian
coist show that seventy vessels wore driven
ashore and battered to pieces. Mnnv smaller
boats wcro abandoned. It Is feared hundreds
of lives were lost * The bodies of victims are
constantly being washed nshoro.
A Kusglnii Outrage. , Nov. 23.-Tho Volks Zoltung re
ports nn outrage by Russian soldlora on the
frontier nour Alandro , a party of them raid
ing the house of a landowner , assaulting the
proprietor's wife , terribly beating a man nnd
cnrrylug oft evcri thing of value.
Knn on the Hank.
MINNEAPOLIS , Minn. , Nov. 28. There was
n heavy run on Hull's bank at Dnluth today ,
owing to the failure of the main institution n
few day's ago. The cashier announced that
unless the run stopped the bank must sus
pend. This checked the lush.
An Aged CltUen Dlmpncars.
CHICAGO , Nov. 23. Benjamin II. Campbell ,
an aged nnd wealthy citizen , who at one tune
had Intlmuto business relations with General
Grant , disappeared from homo this morning.
Ho has been ill sjmo time , and it is feared ho
Jumped Into the lake.
Sonntor Pnph He-Elected.
MOXTOOMEKY , Ala. , Nov. 28. Mr. Pugh
was elected to the United States senate tliia
morning by the legislature , to succeed him
self. _
Sort Inn MliilntcrM Itoalgn.
BccimtEST , Nov. 28. [ Special Cablegram
to TUB BKB.J The minister of husbandly
and the uiluUtor of Justlco have resigned.
Ho Insists on Remaining at the Head of the
Irish Party ,
The 1'rlco Ireland wns to Pny Tor
Homo Kulc The Great Mbjrnl
Charged with Soakln'g
LONPOV , Nov. 28. ParnelPs manifesto to
the Irish people , which was issued tonight ,
Is very lengthy. IIo begins by saying :
"The integrity and Independence of a sec
tion of the Irish parliamentary party having
been apparently snppid and destroyed by
wirepullers of the liberal party , it has be
come necessary for me as tdo leader of tlio
Irish party to take counsel with you , npd
having given you tbo knowledge whlcii is In
my possession , ask j our Judgment upon a
matter which now solely devolves upon you
to decide. A loiter from Gladstone to Mr.
Morley , written for the purpose of influenc
ing the decision of the Irish party in their
choice of a leader , and claiming for the liber
als utul their leaders the right of vote upon
the choice is the immediate cause of
this address , the purpose of which
is to remind you and your parliamentary rep
resentatives that Ireland considers the inde
pendence of her party ns her only safeguard
within tbo constitution nnd above and bov end
all other considerations whatever. The
threat in that letter , repented so Insolently on
many platforms and hi numerous newspapers ,
compels mo to put before you information
which until now has boon bololy in my pos-
esslon , nnd which will unable you to under
land a measure of the loss with which you
ro threatened unless you consent to throw
mo to the English wolves now howling for
: iy destruction , "
Parncll then tells how nt Hawardcn , last
November ho received from Gladstone the
utalls of that gentleman's and his col-
cogues' propqsal with regard to homo rule
.n . the event of tlio next general election
nvorlng the liberal party. Upon tbo sub-
'ct of the retention of Irish mem-
icrs in the imperial parliament Glad-
tone told him in order to conciliate
English public opinion it would bo iieccssarv
M reduce Irish representation from 10J to Hi
Upon tbo settlement of tbo land question
Gladstone intimated that while ho would re-
aew his attempt to settle the matter by im
erial legislation on the lines of the land pur
chase bill of IbSO ho would not undertake to
[ jut any pressure upon bis own side. In other
words , that the Irish leglslntuio was not to
bo given the power of solving agrarian
liniculttcs. With regard to the control of
.ho Iiish constabulary it was stated by Glad-
itono that in view of the necessity of concili
ating English public opinion it would bo
uecessarv to leave this force to the appoint
ment of its ollicors under control of Imperial
authority for nn indefinite period , whllo
funds for its inalntulnanco would bo coinpul-
sorilv provided out of Irish revenue. A per
iod of ten or ttttlvo years was suggested as
ttie limit of tlmo during uhicli the appoint
ment of judges and resident magistrates
should bo retained in the hands of the imper
ial authorities.
Passing to bis own expressions on these
points which , Parncll says , represent bis
views then nnd now , with regard to tbo re
tention of Irish members , ho holds that with
the concession of full powers to an Irish leg
islature equivalent to those enjoyed by a
state of the American union , the number and
position of members so retained would bc-
cotuo n question or Imperial concei n and not
picsslngor immediate importance for tbo in
terests of Ireland ; but that with the im
portant and all-engrossing subjects of agrar
ian reform , constabulary control and Judici
ary appointments left either under Imperial
control or totally unprovided for. it would bo
the height of madness for any Iiish leader to
imitateGrattan's example nnd consent to dis
band an army which had cleared the way to
"I further undertook to use every legitimate
influence to reconcile Irish public opinion to
the gradual coming into force of new privi
leges and the postponements necessary for
English opinion with regard to constabulary
control and judicial appointments , but I
strongly dissented fiom the proposed reduc
tion of the number of me in be is during the
interval of probation and pointed to the ab
sence of any suitable prospect of land settle
ment by cither paihumciit as a constitutional
and overwhelming drag upon the prospects of
permanent peace and prosperity In Ireland. "
At the conclusion of the interview , Pnniell
was-informed that , pending the general elec
tion , Gladstone and his colleagues had agreed
that silence should bo preserved with regard
to these points of difference. The absence of
any provision for the settlement of the
agrarian question ; of any policy on the part
of the liberal leaders , Pnrnell says , filled him
with concern and apprehension. On the In
troduction of the land purchase bill bv the
government at the commencement of last
session , Morley conferred with him , and hav
ing regard to the avowed absence of any
policy on tbo pait of the liberals , Parnell
strongly advised Morley neruinst any direct
challenge of the pilnciplc of stnto aid in land
purchase and that they should direct their
efforts on the second rending to the assertion
of ttie principle of local control. In this
Morley agreed with him , but was at the same
time hampered by the oxttcino section of his
party , led by Lubouchero , and in a subse
quent Interview impressed upon Pnrnoll the
necessity of meeting the second reading of
the bill with a direct negative and usked him
to undertake thu motion.
"I agreed on condition that I was not to at
tack the principle of measure but confine my
self to nrciitlclsm of details. I think , " says
Parnell , "this was false strategy , but it was
strategy adopted out of rcgnid to English
piojudlccs and radical peculiarities. I did
the best possible under the circumstances mid
several days' debate on tlyi second reading
contrasts favorably with Lnbouchcro's recent
abortive attempt to intoiposo a direct
negative to the llrst reading of u similar bill
jostcrday. "
Just before the commencement of this ses
sion Parnell bed another Interview with
Morley and Impressed upon him the policy of
the obllquo method of procedure with refer
ence to tuo land purchase , and the necessity
nnd importance of providing for the question
of local control and limitation in the applica
tion of funds.
"Ho agreed with mo , " says Pornoll , "nnd I
offered to move on the lirst reading of the
bill un amendment in favor of this local con
trol , advising him , if this was i ejected , it
might be loft to the radicals on a second read
ing to OJ > IH > SC the principle of thu nicn.s-
uro. I loft Morley under the impres
sion that this would fall to my duty ,
but In addition ho made a remarkable pro
posal. Kcfcrring to tbo probable approach
ing victory of the liberals , ho suggested some
considerations ns to the future of the Irish
party and asked me whether I would bo will
ing to assume the cilice of chief secretary for
Ireland , or whether I would allow another
member of my party to take the position. He
also nut before mo the desirability
of tilling ono of the law oflloos of the
crown in Ireland by a legal meniboi
of my party. 1 told him , amazed us I was at t
the proposal , that I could not agree to forfeit t
It any way the independence of the party 01
Itu members ; thntthelrlsb people had trusted
mo because they believed : the declaration
which I made at Cork In 18M ) represented my
conviction and tbat I would on no uccounl
depart from It.
"I consider that Mr. Morloy's proposal , "
continued Mr. Parnell , "that wo should allow
ourselves to bo absorbed Into Kngllsh poll1
tics , was one based upon nn entire miscon
ceptlonofour position , In conclusion Mr ,
Morley directed my attention to the plan 01
the campaign. Ho said It would be ImposslbU
for the liberal party when It attalnei
power to do nnjthing for these evictee
tenants by direct action nnd it would also 1 *
for the Irish parliament , uudci
the powers conferred , 2) , do anything for
them , nnd Hinging uphla hands with a
gesture ot despair ho exclaimed : 'Having
bcca In Tlppcrary I do not , know what to pro
pose.1 I told ultn this question
was n limited opo ; funds would
bo available froraf' America nnd
elsewhere for the suuport of those tenants M
long as necessary nnd this dlftlctnty should
not bo illow od to interfere with the general
interests of the country. ' '
Parncll says he alludes' to this matter onlv
because within the last ffew O.iys strong or-
Kunicnts for iita expulslbn have been made
that unless the 111 coma inlo
power ticxt elect the plan
of campaign ten at will suffer.
IIo has shown that the H > ernls proposed to
do nothing for them direct action nnd Is
entitled to ask that thcso tenants , whom no
has supported in ovoryAvay in the inst nnd
will continue to support , shall not constitute
a reason for his cxpulsioq from Irish politics.
Parnell says that during * ten years of Inde-
pendcuco the Irish parliamentary party , It
haa , because of Its independence , forced upon
tbo English people the necessity of granting
home rule to Iielund. Ilr believes tbo party
will obtain homo rnlo prdvlded it remains in
dependent of nny English pirty.
In conclusion , no says it " 1 do not bellovo
nnv action of the Irish iMsopto In support
ing mo will ciidangpr the homo rule
cause or postpone the establishment of the
Iiish parliament. Hut ( Men if the danger
wcro to bo realized , I bellovo the Irish people
throughouttbo world would ncreo with mo
that posttioncmout wouli ) bo preferable to a
compromise of onr national rights by the ne-
ccptunco of measures which would not real
ize the aspirations of our race. "
Tlie Freeinnii'H Journal Is Strongly
Opposed to H.yity Action.
IJum.iN , Nov. 28. [ Special Cablegram to
Tnr. Brn. ] The Ficeuum's Journnl today
advocates thnt the nationalists should take no
decisive steps at Monday's meeting but
should ngnln postpone 'theirdecision ' In re
gard to the retention of i'nrnell nt the head
of the party , In ordof to allow matters
to develop -and to glvo tlmo enough
to enable the opinion of Messrs. Dillon ,
O'Brien ' , O'Connor and bther national dele
gates , who are now in America , to be con-
vcj cd to the meeting by tone of themselves ,
and there delivered viva voco. The main
point , the Journal contends , is that Ireland
should preserve the efllciency of her own
party. The English radicals , It says , must
take care of themselves and Ireland must
mind her own business. It beseeches Glad
stone to Ignore the ravings of canters and the
hjpocnsyof recalcitrants who uio nothing
\\lthoutnlm When ho wins , It sajs , they
will ngaln crawl to his footstool , Continuing ,
the Journal says : "Davltt should remember
that \\lien parliament howled for his punish
ment Parnell stood up for him and faced the
storm. When the nine days' ' wonder is
over ho will bo surpiiscd tllut it over entered
nu irishman's head to depose his captain at
the most crucial hour of tliepolltlcnl combat. "
Parnoll's FritMids nnd Foes.
LONPO.V , Nov. 23. A ca'nyass ' had boon con
ducted by members of thotIrish piulliuncn
tary party opposed to Parnoll's retention of
the leadership with a yijv > of ascertaining
how the poll Is likely to g6 at Monday's moot
ing. Tno result was the securing of llfty-
thrce members' votes ngalnst Parnoll.
Among them are Condon , Deasey , John Dil
lon , Ksmondo , Finucanc/ , Timothy Harring
ton , Timothy Healy. Maurice Hcnly , Justin
McCaithy , J. P. O'Brlcn , Patrick O'Brien ,
P. J. O'BrienHochov Sexton , Sbeehnn ,
Sheehy , Tanner and Webb ) . The nntl-Pur-
nellltes also lely upon the" ' votes of William
O'Brien , T. P. O'Uoiinqr , Gill and T. D. Sul
livan , i. " '
The adherents of IjAfcrtpU who announced
an iutoutlun - to ( Stickto the old
leader number twenty-three , namely : Blalno ,
Byrne , Henry Campbell , Couwuy , W. J. Cor-
bett , .7. G. Fitzgerald , Edward Hnrrlnctou ,
Iluydcn , J. E. KenneyW. A. Macdonuld , Mc-
Nicl , MeGuiro , Mahoney , J. P. Nolan , John-
Nolan. John O'Connor. O'ICellcy ' , Pinkerton ,
I1. J. Power , Richard Power , JohnUodmond ,
William Hedmond and SUoil.
Archbishop Walsh \VIII Not Talk.
DUJILIX , Nov. 28. In a letter published to
day Archbishop Walsh declined to make a
public statement of his opinion on the Par
ncll case until ho has au opportunity to con
sult bis Episcopal brethren. Ho says next
Monday's meeting of the parliamentary party
may result In a decision thnt will put upon
the bishops of Ireland 1119 grave duty of con
sidering whether or how fur it be in their
power to continue to place In the Irish par
liamentary party that coundonco which , as a
body , they felt justified iu placing in it In the
post. In conclusion , tho1 archbishop says ho
docs not feel convinced wp nro yet hi a posi
tion to form final judgirieht on tbo case out
of which the present unhappy crisis has
arisen. At nil events at is a matter thai
must bo decided ono way br the other before
many days. j
An Aliened Intrigue.
LO.NPON , Nov. 28. [ Special Cablegram to
THE BEI5.1 Pamell's supporters complain
that after the nattonallstirneoting on Wednes
day cnblo dispatches giving n misleading
summarv of the proceedings wore sent pri
vately to the Irish dolomites in America.
They nssert that Intrigues are on foot iu the
lobby of the house of commons to draw nway
Messrs. Dillon nnd O'Brien and other delegates
gates from the support of Parnell. Anti-
Parnell members of tno nationalist party are
moro hopeful and assort that private tele
grams from Ireland show thnt the priests
and the mass of the people support thorn
They claim that If Messrs. Dillon aui
O'Brien throw In their lot with the Soxtoi
nnd Healy forces against Parnell , as they are
expected to do , the tide of opinion ogams
Purncll will bo Irresistible.
They Mnkn No Statement.
Cixcixxvn , O. , Nov. 23. Dillon , Hnrring
ton , Connor , Gill , O'Connor and Sullivan
the Irish delegates to Ibis country , held nn
Important secret conference in this city this
afternoon and tonight to consider tha Irish
question. In response tp Interrogations
note was prepared nnd sen tout soylnp : "The
Irish delegates wish it distinctly undorstoot
tbat nil statements us to Ahelr present posi
tion on Irish party nro entirely unauthori/cd
The delegates have madonna cotnmunlcutioi
to the press as to their opinions and do no
Intend to do so for the present , " Sulllvat
stated in addition that the } ' had no statenicn
to make to the press at this tlmo and would
have none tonight.
J _
I'arnoll nnd ClmlHtono.
LOXPOK , Nov. 23. Tha close friend of Par
nell who declared that Purncll regards the
movement to expel him rrpm the leadership
of the nationalist party us radical revenge
for his support of royul grants last summer ,
says this view of .tho case can bo
supported by documentary evidence , Glad
stone , ho says , has bait Ills revenge on tbo
man ho imprisoned in. Kilmainhatn jail and
who Inter compelled the liberal leader to con
sider the demands of the Irish pcoplo. The
Irish Catholic hierarchy U unanimous in tbo
opinion that Parnoll should retire from his
position ut the bend of the nationalist party ,
Consider It u Ilrmich of Fultli.
I..ONIIOX , Nov , 28. An important section of
the Pnrncllltes mot In the commons tonight
and resolved to take action to combat the in-
flucuco of the nianifcsto.Tcscntlng its appear
ance us a breach of faith. Tbo meeting ad
journed to got the opinion of delegates in
America. i
Scotch Liberals' Favor Ilotlrcmant.
Loxnox , Nov. 28. [ Special Cablegram to
TIIEBKE. ] At a meeting of Scotch .liberal
members of paillnmcnt today a resolution
wns adopted declaring that Mr. Parncll
ought to retire from the Irish leadership.
Will Stick to Cork In Any Invent.
Loxnov , Nov. 23 , [ Special Cablegram to
Tm : Bun. ] It Is stated that even if Parncll
is outvoted at Monday's meeting ho will stick
UJ his scat for Cork and harass tbo liberals
as much as possible.
Young Oalinor Dean Instantly Killed by
tbo Accidental Discharge of His Gun ,
l fl'orl.s hooking to tlio Development
of the licet Sit | > nr Industry
Another Shotgun Auokleut
Nebraska Nuws.
Nob. , Nov. 23. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB lli.u.l Yesterday evening ,
\\lillohuntlng , Calmer DJ.III , seventeen years
old , second son of L. II , Djiin , residing live
miles south of town , was accidentally killed.
Ho crawling through a hdge , \ \ non his
gun was discharged , nuking n frightful
wound and death was hisUnUnoous. He
uas ono of the best known young men in this
county and his early death is u subject of
universal regret.
Ktilcido ol'u Hotel Clerk.
II\STivat , Neb , Nov. aS.-lSpcclal Tclo- .
gr.un to Tin : Bcr. [ Jnmos Vivian , a clerk nt
the Arlington hotel In this city , committed
suicide with a dose of morphine. The sup
position is that there is a woman ut the bottom
tom of it.
fraction ! Test of Sinjnr-Hret Culture.
YOIIK , Neb. , Nov. 27. [ Special to THE
Ben. ] The York County Agricultural asso
ciation proposes to take up the question of culture and arrange for experi
mental work to determine the adaptability
of the soil nnd cllmato of this county for the
successful production of this crop. They will
furnish seed to the furmeru throughout the
county nnd send samples of the crop for nunl-
jsis , itccp an account of the quantity and
lay of the ground planted , cost of labor ,
nerof culthation , yield per acre , etc. , and
\ \ ill thereby uetcrnnuo if It will bo a prollt-
nblo crap to i.ilso. Quito a number of fanners
nro taking au active interest In the proposed
Tlio Key Shot Him In the < Vb loinon.
Wjtnnii , Nob. , Nov. 28. [ Special to TUB
BKH.J Yesterday afternoon Thomas JIaios ,
who resides two miles east of "Wither , was
seriously wounded in the abdomen by a ball
from a 2.2-callbro rillo In the hands of n
llftcen-ycnr-old boy named Cyrus Hunt , who
was bunting on the fnrm of the former with
a companion. The circumstances , us near ns
can be learned , uro as follows : Marcs or
dered the boy off bis land and proceeded to
enforce his order with a club , when the boy
.hot him. Mares walked the greater pirt of
ho way to town afterward , but is now in a
iritical condition , although physicians ex-
iress strong hopes of his recovery. The boy
Heot Culture in Antelope County.
BIHI.NBWICK , Neb. , Nov. 23. [ Special Tele-
ram to Tin : DEC. ] The farmeis in tlio
orthcrn pait of Antelope.county have < nlled
a mass meeting for December A to tulle over
ugar-bcctcultmo. At the meeting It is ex-
.leeted that several hundred acres of beets
will bo pledced to the proposed factory nt
South Sioux City , which Is to bo in operation
'u tlmo for tbo next crop.
Another Hbntgnn Accident.
NOIITII BEND , Nob. , Nov. 23. [ Special to
THE BKE. ] Whllo hunting yesterday the
lovcn-year-old son of J. Vf. Murrell was se
riously injured by { .ho bursting of his gun. A
pleco of the barrel struck him on the jaw ,
necessitating a painful operation. Ho had u
iurrow escape.
Particulars of the Illiss Shunting.
STEEI.K CITY , Neb. , Nov. 28. [ Special Tel
egram to THE Bnn.J The particulars of the
accidental shooting of I1. II. Bliss , reported
yesterday , are about as follows : John H.
Barlow , a young mnn who makes his homo
, vith Bliss , had made arrangements to join a
grand thanksgiving hunting party , and at
about 7 o'clock in tbo morning was standing
.n the stable door taking to Bliss about the
expected bunt. His double-barreled shotgun
was lying across his mm , the muz/lo towards
Bliss , when ono baricl exploded , the heavy
churgo of shot striking llllss In the loft
thieh , tearing n large bole through the llesii
and fevering tlio femoral artery. A tournt-
iiuct was promptly applied to stop tbo bleed
ing nnd Barlow took u horse and started fern
n surgeon , but before the arrival of the doe-
tor Mr. Bliss had breathed his lost. The cor
oner was notified , but after making an exam
ination did not consider It necessary to hold
nn inquest , The funeral will take place
Death of an Unknown Traveler.
McCooit , Neb , Nov. 23. [ Special Telo-
gtumto THE BELThoeastbound passen
ger this morning brought in the body of un
inknown man who died on the way near
Wray , Colo. There was nothing on his per
son to identify him. His ticket was from
Denver to Hastings , and ho had told the porter
tor on the train that ho was gains to some
town north of Hastings , ( the name of which
the porter did not remember ) , where bo had
formerly lived. Ho was about twenty-eight
years old , five foot six Inches in height ,
weight 140 pounds , auburn hair and whisk
ers. Ho died from hemorrhage , probably
produced from mountain fovor. A photo
graph was taken to facilitate identltlcation.
IIo will bo burled tomorrow unless friends
are heaid from.
A Farmhouse Burned.
Yomc , Nob. , JTov. 23. [ Special to Tim
BEE. ] The house \Villlani Hatz , n pros
perous farmer living pno mile of Thayer ,
was entirely consumed by fire together with
Its contents yesterday. A defective Hue was
tbo source of the flames. Loss , $1,200 , With
§ 000 Insurance.
In York District Court.
CITV , Nob. , Nov. 28. ( Special
Telegram to THE BEE. ) Frank Bebout was
today bound over to the district court to
answer to the churgo of forgery. James
Martin and Leroy Tlnnoy were also bound
over for burglarizing the homo of Kcubcn
Burnett. _
Government Business Takes I'rlorlty
Till tbo Christinas Holidays ,
ki. nov , Nov. 28. In the commons today
Smith , the government leader , moved that
government business be given priority until
the Christmas holidays. It is proposed , ho
said , to bring up the Irish land bill for Its
second reading Tuesday next. Gladstone In
sisted that the opposition was entitled to do-
maml a further and fuller statement of the
government's proposed course of action 10-
garding the tlmo of house after tlio Christ
inas holidays. After HOUIO further debates
Smith's motion carried.
A Kccorrt of liUinnrck'H UtfranooH.
UBKLI.V , Nov. 28 , [ Special Cablegram to
TUB BEE.I Ludwlg Hnhn's fiftieth and last
volume bos just been printed. It contains al 1
of ox-Chancellor Bismarck's utterances from
18S5 to the time of his retirement from oftlce.
Minister Grant's llocoptlun.
VIKX.VA , Nov. US. [ Special Cablegram to
Tun Buc.J The reception given last evening
by tbo American minister , Colonel Grant ,
was attended by the entire American colony ,
Including General Barr ,
Fourteen Vomit ; Men Hontciicod.
Buitux , Nov. 23 , [ Special Cablegram to
THE BEP.I Fourteen young men , charged
with murdering a gendarme during n riot ut
Kopcnlck last March , wcro sentenced today.
Seven of the prisoners were sentenced , to five
{ ears' Imprisonment each , ono to a year's
linprhotnent , two to four itonths1 each nnd
the others to shorter terms. In each case tbo
sentence includes hard labor.
rim .v/ir jfrTz/T/To./ ) vttMinSE-
It AVIll A sic the Amendment of the lii-
tcrHtaln Idiw.
Nr.\v YOIIK , Nov. US. [ Special Telegram to
Tin : llnn.J The great compact among the
western railroads will , according to tbo
Wotldof this morning , be executed within
n lew days. It will bo the most extensile nr-
rangoment of the kind ever formulated All
the roads engaged In tbroagb competitive
trnfllowcitof Chicago will bo pintles toll. If
there are any dissenting roiuls they will bo
dented prorHtlng pihllegoa until they fall
into line.
The compact , In effect , > \ 111 , continues the
World , bo the same as the old trunk linnpool.
Tli total Irufllclll bo divided among the
loads by percentages. A clearing house will
bo established , to whlih tbo business of thu
roads will ho reported. Am rend which cm-
lies more than Its percentage will have to pay
over the excess to the pool , any road n hlch
falls short of Its percentage will have Its do-
llclcncy made up. Differential rates will ho
nllouect to the route loss ndvunUgcously sit
uated in order that they may secure In the
nntuiiil course of truffle their allotted modi
cum. No toad will bo nllowed to nuke exten
sions without tlio consent of un executive
coimnlttec , consisting of representatives from
all the roads.
The compact Is to last for
five j cars , according to the present plan. The
meeting tougrcoiipon It will bo held In New
Yoik within n fo\v clays , prob.xbly the llrst of
next \ \ cck. Railroad managers h ivo already
begun to nrrlvo for the purpose of attending
It. S. II. H. ( Jlitik , gencrui manager of the
southwestern system , and Mellon , general
manager of tbo Union PacluV , mouowhoro.
President H. U. Cable of Iho Hock Island
will arrive tomorrow. PresldcntC. P. Huntington -
ington will for the Southern I'.icillc ,
President Tlionns F. Oaucs for the Northern
'm-llle and Gcorgo C. Ma'toun ' , ihaiunan of
ho Atchison board of directors , for that
ond. Tbo representatives of the other lines
nvo riot ict been named.
It Is proposed to nsk tor nn amendment to
10 Interstate commerce law which will ro-
novo nil possible obstacles to the scheme.
IMio ground upon which the appeal is to bo
: iado is that only by pooling can stability
f rates bo secured , and that only by stability
f rates can discrimination among shlppois
10 prevented. The abolition of the long and
bert haul clause will also bo asked.
> lrrotors of tlie Itlelimond Terminal.
Niw Yomc , Nov. 23. [ Special Telegram
o Tm : BEE , ] At the annual election of ttio
lickmond Tormina ! company on December 0
bo complexion of the dltcetorato will bo
omplotoly changed by tlio ilvo members
oinhig in. Tlio names of the new directors
ire Jay Gould , Ocorgo Gould , Hussoll Sage ,
Vbraiti S. Hewitt , nnd U. T. Wilson , the two
ast n.iincd centlemen coining in at Mr. Ill-
man's spti-lnl request. The twines of the
tutgolng directors cannot bo leained yet.
/Vd.uui on Gould ,
BOSTOV , Mass. , Nov. 28. -President
.dams of the Union 1'ncille was today shown
ould's icmaiks on his icslgnatlon. Adams
aid :
"In regard to Gould's ' st.itemcnt that the
{ vectors did not know anything at all about
.ho . policy I was pursuing , I do not think
heio is a single Boston director who will
> ear him out. As a matter of fact , I was hi
lonsultatlon with them n great deal and my
ilans wcio well known to them. This Is all I
, vlll say. " _
A Significant Mooting.
NEW YoiiKf Nov. 28 , [ Special Telegram to
THE BEB. ] It was stated today that Jay
Gould had undertaken the woik of bringing
ho railroad ofllelnls together mid that ho was
ingagcd In pettmp signatures to a call for a
: nccling of bankers and railroad presidents
ome day next week. A Inrgo number of ofll-
i.ils of western roads nro now in this city.
resident Miller of the St. Paul anlvcd to
day and President Cable of the lioclc Island
"s expected tomorrow.
Cnrpcnter's Kno : cs'ior ,
CIIIOAOO , Nov. 23. Gcorgo H. Hcnffold ,
Into first assistant passenger agent of tlio
JhieaRO , Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad , Is
Appointed goncial passenger agent to succeed
\ , II. Carpenter , resigned.
Interesting Flyiirea nf Growth In
Wraith Whluli It Contains.
WASTIINOTOV , Nov. 23. Figures taken
'rom the forthcoming report of the sceretaiy
if the treasury show that durinir the twenty
years from 1870 to the present time the total
ncreaso In circulation has been over 87J7- ,
000,000 , , making an average Increase per cap
ita of $4.99 in that tlmo. During tbo last ten
years the average monthly jnoroaso was
vl.fKW.lKU , an Increase per capita of $ . ) ft'J. For
ilnotcen months ftom March , 1881) ) , to Octo-
jcr , 1890 , the aggregate Increase circula-
; Ion among the people -was $03bGC,8ia ,
an increase per capita of about $1.50 ,
whllo for the corresponding peried from
March , 1885 , to October , 1880 , there \\as a de
crease of $ J1,8 , " > 9,491. making a difference In
favor of the last nineteen months of o\or
$0,000.000 per month. The largo Increase
since March , 1880 , Is malnlv duo to the pres
ent policy of keeping surplus as low as possi
ble by tlio puithnso and redemption of bonds
whllo the decrease fioin 1885 to 1880 was duo
to tlio opposite policy.
Philadelphia Hnnkcrs
NEW YOIIK , Nov. 28. A Philadelphia spe
cial states that B. K. Jameson & Co. , bankers
and brokers have assigned.
It Is reported this afternoon that Jameson
lost n considerable amount in the St , Paul &
Minneapolis trust company , which organized
last year.
The firm lias really been in trouble for
several months nnd haa been trying to' extri
cate itself from diniculty , During the money
sqneezo In August It corno very near golntf
under , but it was helped out and enabled to
go on. Per some time past conservative
brokers avoided transactions with Jameson
& Co. , bollovintr the II rm bad too much money
tied up In ouUIdo enterprises.
Astonishing ItcHiilt of tlio Hr count.
PniunRU'iiiA , Nov. 28. A special from
Washington to the Telegraph says the census
oftlco Is now engaged In again adding up the
returns for Now York and that an astonish
ing result will bo produced. The correspond
ent asserts that the final figures will show
1T ! > ,000 moro people in Now Yoik city than
were announced In Superintendent Purler's
"unonicml" circular. The correspondent
adds : "In other words , the announcement
upon which Iho apportionment was expected
to be made was l'J5,000 short of what the
count of tuo census enumerators showed. "
The Wenllipr Koreonst.
Foi Omuna nnd VIdnity-FuIr ; slightly
cooler ,
For Iowa nnd Nebraska Fair till Monday
night ; no change in tempwaturo , except
slightly warmer in northern Nebraska ; west
erly winds.
ForBouth Dakota Fair ; stationary tern'
peruturo ; wostcily winds. '
Walker. HOII & Co.'g
YOHK , Nov. US. Tbo schodulo.of th (
assignment of John T , "Walker , 'JohnV ,
Cobbs nnd Joseph Walker composing the
firm of J. T. Walker , Son & ' Co. was Olod
today. It shous liabilities of $ J,0J4UOO ; noin
lual assets $1U,000 ) ' and actual assets
, _ _ _
Army Knrjjeoim. to I > coilo | Upon It.
BKIII.IN , Nov. 26. [ Special Cablegram t <
THIS BBE.J The surgeon pcuorahof all tin
Gorman urmy corps Imyo been summoned ti
Berlin to decide whether tbo ICoch trcatmeii
shuil be used in the army hospitals ,
Ihusiastio Democrats Preparing to Make
Bomo Howl on Mouilay ,
\ Possibility Tlint ttia Illvori anil
Harborn Illtlill lliMiialn In tlio
line It ground A Snnuiilne
Miflsoitrlnn 1'corn into
tlio Ftiturot
WASHINGTON- Bt'iir.vuTitn ; OM via Bnrc , 1
5ltroiiiTiixni ! ) : SnmuT , >
ASMIINOTOV. Ll. 0. , Nov. 2S , )
Tucro Is likely to bo tin o\-oltlnt u-ono in
ho house of ropiOHMititives on Monday.
t'ho democrats are fooling voiy "pert" as
licy say down south niul will in ilco n ilemon-
tiatlon for the bonollt of Spc-alcer Need mid
ho republican * ns well us for thdr own
[ ratification Tlio Immcillutc occasion nnd
i\cuso for tlio demonstration will bo the
\\cariinr in of Clifton H , Bivcklnrlilga of
iViknnsns who wu unseated by tlio votosof
cpublieans In tlio list session booauso the
pposlngciiudlJatflln his distilot , Mr. Clav-
on , wnsassiisslnntcd , uml because of tha
utruReotts frauds porpotratoil thoie. Mr.
1r. Broeklnrlilgo has been re elected to the
present congress us his own successor Ha
'och that lie IIIM boon fully vindicated nnd
rcjolcos greatly. A party of Arknnsis demo
crats Invo accompanied him to Washington
o assist In the celebration of this fact mid
propose to decora tot ho ilty of Washington
li very vivid colors. On Monil.iy tlioy
l go to the capllol In u body mid having no
respect for the inles of the house or the
.minority . of the czar , will make their pros-
cnco known to nil concerned H Is qulta
| hely thiit the rebel yell will bo Ue.ud in the
loirldurof the capital.
itivrns AND mimous \ \ ii.i.muni.i. : \ .
The wry fates \ \ hlch nro inailo over tlio nn-
irnil pisstigo.of nbliy ilvur mid liiubor bill
will bo spa ml this ) ear , as there Is little erne
no prospect of such n bill eolng tlnougli or-
o\en being urged , The shoit session will
'i ivo too much on its linuiis to penult of tha
.ong study uiul discussion which ilvor unil
iiarbor bill icqiilre * , and , fuiihcrinoto , thcio
is u disposition in tha rcpuliean congressional
ranks owing to the stnto of tlio finances to
le.ivo the dig anpropualions for thu next
democratic house to pass The situation has
bcconio so well understood Hint Somitoc
Fiyo of tliosciiuto coinmlttco on coinniiiee ,
has told the sceretaiy of war and the
chief of engineers that no bill will
puss , General Henderson of llllnola feels
the saino way * so that tlio clmnco of.
ill or nnd hnibor bill at the coming session
nro nil. Thcio will bo llttlo ilclny In liver
nnd liiubor improvement by this fallnro to
p.iss anew bill The old net wns passed so
late nt the last session that the funds were
not nvullablo until iin\ig.itlon was about to
close , so that this anpropuatlon intended for
last year's work will bo ample to CUTV for
ward operation * ) next .summer , though it will
not lust through the succeeding summer.
\\lion the next bill will ho uctud on. General
Cusoy will conlhio his recommendations for
ilvor nnd harbor Improvements to these eases
in which tliolastnppropiintlou anticipated iv
eontinunncQ of tlio work and succeeding ap
propriations , Improvements which may DO
inerltoilous , but which are not now stalled,1
will bo loft tor some future con gross tolooli
ReprcsonUtivo Mixnsur of Missouri , Who
nrriv'cil from liotna today , sujs that tlio dem
ocrats will elJofc the next president by the
largest mnloi Itv oor given to a.y ninu uni-
iilnp for that onice , and ho has no doubt who
that mm will bo. "Tho people of my stnto , "
lie said , "and through nil the west , for that
mutter , nro wild aooutCleveland. . Nobody
else will do for thorn. They will not listen to
the name of any other candidate , " Repre
sentative Caswoll of Wisconsin explains that'
the school question and the tariff caused the
earthquake hi Wisconsin.
Tin : EMIIY CAXcnt.r.i ) .
Assistant Scnctnry GhanJlor today re
versed the decision of of the commissioner of
the general land onieo in dismissing tlio con
test of Albert D.irniDjton ngalnst the timber
culture entry of Henry L. Duluirt. The
land Involved is the northwest of section
17 , UwnshiplVJ , ranpo 57 west , Valentino ,
Nob. , laud district. The assistant secretary ,
after a careful rovlow of the case , decides
that Doh arts entry should bo cancelled.
There nro six presidential postmasters to
bo appointed in Nebraska during tbo coming
session of congress. Three of the present in- .
cumbcnts1 terms expire ItuJnnuurj and threa
In irebnwry. They nro Blue Hill , tfdgar and
An bin u in January , anil Ashland , Friend and
Sehujlor in Feluuury.
Postmasters were appointed today ns fol
lows : Comoy , lown , ' O. M.V. . Engelbcrt ,
vice P. B. Hogeis ; Walkorvlllo , Pmrc county ,
Iowa , J. R. Hnyward , vlco Ann K. Coiliit.
I'ruiiY S. ULATU.
CAPTAIN 'f < l\"MAHl'H JlKl'tHlT.
Ho Advocates tha Taking or
uros to JOqulp Cavalry Troopn.
WASHINGTON , Nov. 23. Captain Taylor of
tbo ordnance dopartincnt In Charge of sup. '
plies to tuo mlllthi , strongly UI'KCJ tno pas.t
sugeof the pondhiK bill to promote the clll-
eicncyoC tlio nillitia. II o calU attention to
the disparity in the numbers , between the
cavalry and Infantry militia ; ho says tha
cavalry Is one of tbo most Jlfllcull arms to
Improvise , mid sumo steps should be taken to
encourage the fouirtlutloa of new and faster *
cavalry orgnntrntions In the militia. II a
iccominends congress to appropriate ! for tbo
placing In each state wluth bitsmoro tban-
5,000 organized militia at. a ptiinttho Kovernop
may indicate and wticio Hlables nnd forag
can bo provided nt the expense of tlio state.-
of su Indent horses , not to exceed
sovcnty-Ilve for each sUto , to mount a trool [
of cavnlrv , with dotachincnta of lojjuhir cav'
airy soldiers to care for thorn and noii-cora
missioned otllecrs as Instructors. Captain
Tnj lor spcnlcs of tlio nccesilty of a n'sorva
of uorsos In our service , which Is rocojtnlzed
In nearly All foreign countries and \vlilch wo'
havonot. Ho also touches upon the feaslt
bility of n census nnd IcgiHlatlon tq
prc\cnt the country being depleted of unl
muls which may he urgently needed In tha
event of war.
At present thorn Is nothing to prevent
foreign n ent.s cotting nil of our nvallnhla
anlmulu and undoubtedly at different time *
imgo numbers have boon shipped out of the
country. The difllculty of obtaining sulu
abloc.wnlry horses has alarmingly inctoased
the past fifteen yenrs ,
Captain Taylor also urges the pnsiago of
alilll authori/lng Utho atatcs and tciritoiics
u supply of Held guns to eucoarago thu forma'
tlon of uitlllcry coinpanios.
I/imilon Financial . '
LONIIOV , Nov. 2S.-Sp"clal [ Cablegram to !
TuEBni-'Inlt3 : ] ilimnclnl article tlio Times
says that whllo no ofllchil information lias
reached London on the subject , there la no
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