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Deputy United States Marshals Lyons
nnil llopflngor returned from Nebraska
City last night , bringing with thorn
Charles Mount and Frank Clark , who
were at once lodged in jail. The two men
wanted to go to St. Joe , and , to help thorn
along , slolo n go\ornment yawl and pro
ceeded to iloat down the Missouri until
they were overhauled ,
Kdward W. Townscnd In San Francis
co Argonaut : "Patsy's going to dlno
with the 'old man ! ' "
This information concerning Patto *
eon , commonly knoun to his friends ns
"Patsy , " created u bonsation in the
group of newspapcr-inon who heard It.
_ They were nt supper the welcome
two-or-thrcc-o'clock-in-tho-mornlng sup
per of the day laborers in journalism ,
the men who grind wearily , wearily ,
and nro seldom heard of by the outside
Patterson wns ono of the group mndo
up of the "Into" men the telegraph-
editors , night-editors , news-editors , two
or three night city-editors , and men
who had boon doing Into details , or
writing Into on special articles men
from all the morning papers.
Patterson wns indeed n conspicuous
member of the party ; it indulged him In
his crankiness , and that cemented him
in the circle.
Patterson wns nn anarchist. There
was no doubt abput it , for ho declared
the fact pugnaciously ho was against
government. However , lie could and
upon instruction did write convincing
editorials exalting the o\crlasting
necessity of law and order.
Ho generally nmdo himself anarchial-
ly drunk after much of such writing ,
and so , as a temperance mcasuio , ho had
abandoned editorial and taken up spec
ial writing , in which ho rapidly nmdo
himself popular on his paper.
Ono day , after an especially good
piece of work , the managing editor sent
for him.
Patterson affected a violet dislike of
Mr. Rogers , the managing editor. In
r the first place ho represented the pa-
por's government , next ho received a
Hilary of $10,000 a year ! acrimo in itself ,
Patterson contended.
Little Tommy Pngot , a disciple of
Patterson , and who did very good about-
town stuff , argued that the story of
Rogers' $10,000 a year was a manifest
ilctlon , because there wore not so mueh
money In the world. Ho had once scon
the printers paid off , when a man from
the business ofllco took $1,800 in gold and
ellvcr up to the composing room , "and
for any sane man to toll him that there
is more money In the world than that , is
absurd , " said Tommy Pagot.
Besides ocing a governor anil a 810,000
n year man , Mr. Rogers was quite a
swell ir clubdom , and popular In a vorv
good sot In society. This was hutefu'l
to the anarchist. '
"That was a very good story of yours
this morning , " said Mr. Rogers , In the
hearing of half a doron men.
Patterson was silent.
"Mrs. Rogers and my daughter both
epoho of it nnd.likod it , nnd it's always
pleasant to hoar the women praise the
minor. Got the women of a household
in uivor of your paper , nnd you there
have a steadfast subscriber. '
'Very kind of you and the ladies , "
growled Patsy , "anything special for
mo today ? "
"Yes : I want you to go to Iho Moss
estate trial and when the shorthand
mnn's stuff is written out take it and
lighten it up. By the way , Patterson ,
my wife would llko to have you up to
dlno with us some Sunday evening. "
' Very kind of her , but "
"But you novor'do the sociotvact'
you were going to say. "Well , itMl do
you good. Say a wee u from Sunday. "
Mr. Ltogovs was smiling good-nn-
- turcdly , a dozen men were waiting for
orders on n hundred dozen things about
the next day's paper , nnd Patterson felt
ho would Itfok foollhii persisting In the
refusal 01 such an invitation. Ho bowed
his thanks and acceptance and left.
"Patterson Is going to dine with the
'old muni' " else
Nothing was talked
nbout at supper that night A society
editor swore ho would write it up in his
"Notable Events ; " Grlggs , the paper's
"ekotched-on-tho-spot" artist , exhibited
a drawing of Patterson , in a Urcss-suit.
haranguing a mob of wild-eyed nn-
nrchlbts , and little Pagot roared with
delight at his own suggestion that Patsy
nhould wear a rod neek-tlo and handker
The subject of this chaff growled out
that it would bo paying enough for the
privilege of being near the throne to
have to lose ono night's work , and ho'd
bo hanged if ho'd wear a dress-suit oven
If ho could got ono. "What the 'old
man' wants , " bald ho. to his supper com
panions , "In to exhibit a live crank , and
I'll fool 'em. I'll '
just bo more of a crank
than they like.- '
"Tho red tie ! " The red liol" bhoutod
"Yes. the red tie , and the wildostkind
of anarchist tallc , " continued Patsy ; "if
I am played for a freak to make an old
man's holiday , I'll ' just go him ono more
than ho expects. "
Patterson thought over this deter
mination ns ho climbed the hills to his
room that night , and it did not please
him. After all , ho would be doing only
what was expected of him , and thoio
was very little independence in that. Ho
took out his olu drces-suit and put it on.
The effect wns more amusing than satis
factory. Not only was it a bad lit ana
inussy with the strangely mixed service
it had scon in Patterson's two years at
the Berkeley university , but it' was BO
llko the Tivoll WHitei-a * in cut that Patterson -
* torson throw a towel over his left arm
and served himself with a bottle of beer
to complete the likoncbs.
"It would bo so much moro fun to fool
the 'old man' the other way , that if I
could , I would. "
The next day Patterson sought a man
Jio had bccomo acquainted with through
interviewing him , and had afterward
como to know well , and like , despite the
man's misfortune of wealth.
Newspaper men have few acquaint
ances outside of tholr own ranks. Tholr
hours of labor and leisure would make it
diflloult , even if their inclinations were
less intensely clannish. Still , Patterson
did meet nnd dlno with the millionaire
llarkcr often enough to keep up a
friendship that had considerable
During tholr acquaintance. Patterson
lind asked for no "favor" such ns a
millionaire was accustomed to grant
with perfect good nature and great fre
quency to scores of companions less
agreeable than Patterson.
Patsy nlways enrncd good , pay. Ho
wrote on sonco and having tremendous
facility nnd BOIUO ability , ground out
v U quantities of copy nnd bold most of
it. So ho did not have to borrow , yet
there never cnmo a pay day when ho
could buy his dinner without first col
lecting for his week's work. It never
occurred to him that thcro was evidence
of faulty economics In tlio fact that his
financial condition \vna exactly the same
now ns wlion his earnings were not ono-
fifth ns much. His was the case of
nearly every ono of his companions.
Mind you , I am not speaking of the
pi-cut men on the newspapers , but only
o ( the unnamed , the noUUurs in the
ranks , the multltuilo oflmporsonals , who
Imvo not been long In their beds , when
you sir , over your coffee , are reading
tholr work and giving the prulso or
blntno for It to "iho paper , " not the
man.But this has nothing to do with the
story. I felt In the mood for explaining
that my friend Patterson was no inoro
improvident than his kind. Do not be
shocked the next day ho asked his
friend Uarkcr for credit with his tailor.
Unrkor ho was n young man wrote
something on tv letter-head , put it In an
envelope , addressed it to his tailor , and
handed it to Patterson , with the ro-
miirk :
"Going to got married. Patsy ? "
"No , " ho an&wcrotl ; "perhaps homo of
us do get married when wo Imvo to trot
credit for the clothes to do it-in , but I
am oven inoro to bo congratulated ; I'm
going to dine with the 'old man , ' and
I'm going to fool him. "
"Fool him ? "
' 'Ycsjho wants to show his set a crank ,
and I'm going tlioro ns u drawing-room
model Sunday wcok. "
Barker laughed. "Then I shall see
you , for I'll bo there. "
"will you ? O , by Iho way , you dine
there often what'a their pamoV"
Patterson talked a. long time with his
friend about the Rogers' dinners , and
went away thoroughly posted on the
people ho would probably meet , what
they talked about , and their present fads.
Ho learned , for ono thing , that that sot
was just then interested in hypnotism ,
which ho considered a fortunate acci
dent , ns ho hud n raodlual friend who wns
making a special study of it , and ho
could cram on that conveniently. Ho
wont in to seine theater every night for
the double purpose of supplying himself
with small-talk of the shows and study
ing the dress of the men Jio saw como in
with theater pai ties. '
Ho gorged himself with recent novels
and magazine discussions , and , in fact ,
put in ten days' hard , uort > istcnt work in
piopnring to fool the "old man. "
* * * * * *
"Emma , " said Mr. Rogers , on that
Sunday afternoon on his return from the
editorial rooms , to which ho had just
run down to boo how things were going
' "Emma , I am a little worried about
Patterson. I know from the way ho lives
that lie saves nothing , and "I'm half
afraid ho has no dress suit. "
"Then , " replied Irs. Rogers , decid
edly , "ho won't come. I know his people
ple very well , and they wcro very nice.
I wont to school with his oldest slbtor ,
who married that Now Yorker , and if
ho has any of the family traits , you need
not fear about his dress. . "
"But they wcro rich then , and now
Patterson but from some jokes going
around the cilice , I fancy ho will try and
show off bomo of his crankiness , and to
tell the truth , I hope ho will. Ho amuses
hlnifaolf by pretending to bo an anarch
ist , and "
"Prank , deaf , you dress for dinner.
If lie is a crank , ho is a well-bred ono ,
and ho will merely nmuso us all. "
Mrs. Rogers wns woll-bred herself ,
and put great stress on that plmso of for
tune. She also had an independent income -
como equal to her husband's biliary , and
adopted a little air of authority , which
you .may have observed in wives who
have independent incomes.
The "old man , " the terror of his staff ,
obeyed the order to dress meekly enough ,
btnying only to say : " \Vhom will you
send Ptittorbou in with ? "
"Piinnlo. "
"Fannio ? Really , dear , don't you
think that Barker "
"Mr. Barker needs a little discipline
to remind him that ho has not yet asked
for the right to bo always paired oil
with Fannie , and she can bo trusted to
keep your anarchist within reasonable
bounds. "
* * * * * *
If Patterson's name had not been an
nounced so distinctly , Mr. Rogers would
not have known him when ho entered
the reception room. The wild , weird
heard had gpno with the mustache in the
transformation , and the anarchist stood
confessed In clean-shaven , strong , hand
some face , in faultless dress from tie to
hhoo fcelC-pOfabcsscd , quiet , buavo. Mrs.
Itogcrs gave a quick look of surprise
from Patterson to her husband. The
anarchist saw it and grinned inwardly
&o fur , he had fooled the "old man. "
Ho was' introduced to Fannie by
mamma , and oven before dinner was an
nounced ho and that charming young
lady were in a most animated conversa
tion about nothing. Ho wns progress
ing finely.
Barker , from Mrs. Ropers' .sido at
dinner , was amazed and delighted. Ho
had hoped to go in with Fannie , to bo
sure , but ho toolc consolation in regard
ing Patterson somewhat as his protege ,
and when ho noticed the over-widening
circle included in the listeners to Pat tor-
son's rattling small talk , ho determined
to ho wholly unsollish and assist the
Barker was a clover man , and , besides ,
had an intimate knowledge of Patter
son , so ho was nblo to adroitly force the
outside talk into the anarchist's circle ,
and had the satisfaction of finding that
surprising young man the acknowledged
center of the whole table's animntteu.
Rogers alone scomod outside the
charm. As ho observed his daughter's
manifoftt delight in the now guest , ho
glanced with furtlvo alarm at his wife
and Barker. Everything appeared serene -
rene in that quarter , vet Rogers felt resentful -
sontful at what ho hardly know. Ho
tried once to trap Piitton > on Into turning
his crank , by an allusion to nnarqhy ,
made directly at the young man.
"Oh , I went In for anarchy myself
once , " said the Intrepid Patsy , ligntly ;
"but the dllllouty f llndlng any ono who
understood what I was after bored mo ,
and I dropped it Anyway , fads should
bo treated only as temporary expedients
for entertainment , and when they are in
the nature of an itm , they should not bo
given much soiious thought , unless , by
the wiijvlt is hypnotism. Now , a medi
cal friend of infno " and in a moment
Patterson had the whole company lis
tening with undisguised interest to
stories of strange experiments in
Ills success lasted all the evening.
After dinner tlioro was music , and
Patterson sung with Fannie the beggar
had a molting baritone voice. Ho even
managed a toto-a-totowith that winsome
young woman , and the exhilaration of
ills success gave a tender tremor to the
nothings ho said , and well , Fannie was
young , and I have said ho was hand
* * *
Poor Patsy 1 Ho sat a long tlmo In his
room that night , still in his soft , cling
ing dress-suit. Ho hated to tnko it oil ,
ho was another man in it ; ho almost felt
that ho had a right to think of Fannie ,
so long as ho retained the conventional
garb that was a part of his ovonlug's ox-
Ho changed his dross slowly and wont
down town to supper with the boys.
When Pngot heard the story of how
Patsy fooled the "old man" there was
no mention of Fannie In the story the
little clrap yelled with delight anil de
clared It was a bettor fake than the rod
* * * tv
' You BOO , Frank , there was BOUIO wis
dom In my sending Fannie in with" your
reformed anarchist the handsome
young anarchist Instead of with Mr.
Barker , " Bald Mrs. Rogers , when the
managing-editor came homo shortly
after the following midnight ; "it
brought Mr. Barker around hero this
availing , and ho will ask you for Fnnulo
tomorrow. "
"And Funnlo ? "
"Oh , she has been talking sentimental
nonsense today about that Mr. Patter
son , but wo need not ask him lioro any
more ; lot hlui return to anarchy. "
"Aren't ' you over going to grow old , like the
best of us1 : ' naked a man of nn acquaintance
lie hadn't seen for some time. 'Well , not so
long as I can purify my blood with Ayer's
SarsnpaiUla,1' was the npt reply. This man
know what bo was taking nbout.
I'USIHNQ Til 10 01112 , VI' OAXAh.
13vor.vtlilii ls In a SutUfaetory Posi
tion and the Work In Progressing.
Senor Don JF. . Medina , minister of
public works , has advised the general
agent of the Maritime Canal company at
Managua , Henry C. Hall , that the com
pany has more than fulfilled its obliga
tions as to expenditures upon the work
under the requirements of its concas
The government of Nicaragua has
sent congratulations to the company on-
account of the satisfactory results and
mvomblo prospects , savs a dlspath to
the Now York Herald from Nicaragua.
The company has expended upon the
work Jn the post year over $11,000,000
and has now , by the terms of concession ,
ton vcars during which to construct the
canal. The present status of the work
Is as follows : The pier at San 7unn del
Norto Is extended about 700 foot , and
where in May last there was dry land
thovo is now reported a depth of ten foot
of u utcr I u the channel. Of tbo plant
bought from the Panama contractors
there are now six dredges and ton
lighters in the harbor , in addition to an
Immense amount of machinery , tools ,
supplies and material delivered on shore.
There are al&o the two largo suction
dredges which wcro sent from Charles
ton , S. C. Two of the dredges are en
gaged deepening the channel and with
in thirty days will prlyo nsulllciont depth
of water to allow the entrance into the
harbor of the regular steamers plying
between Now York and San Juan del
Norto , where they can discharge in
quiet waters.
The route of the canal has boon cleared
from the harbor to the divide cut. The
railroad to the divide cut is completed
for ten miles of the distance.
The machine shop , equipped with the
best modern machinery and tools to meet
the requirements of the work Is rapidly
Hearing completion.
Payment has been made for the right-
of-way between the lake and the Pacllin
ocean. The work , of clearing the route
on that sldo of the lake has boon com
menced and a party of engineers has
been engaged locating the railroad
thoro. The force of canal employes
numbers at present 1,600 men and the
chief surgeon's report shows a most sat
isfactory operation of the sanitary ser
Albright's Choice , 521-U-3 N. Y. Life.
The Eiiijllili Soldier.
Recruits , when they join the British
army llrst , cannot bo too well fed , be-
caiibo , coming ns they do from a class
uhich , as a rule , is irregular in its ha
bits , after undergoing a regular svstem
of drill and a regular manner of living
they are inoro hungry at meal times
than they would otherwise bo , says the
New York Sun. In fact , they nro al
ways hungry , and of this btato they are
often reminded while on drill , but it is
a favorite saying of every drill sergeant
when ho is instructing the recruits how
to stand : "A boldior should always have
a full chest and an empty stomach. "
"Bogorra , " said a vivacious Irishman
ono day , "sergeant , there's no use ro-
mindin' mo o' that , for since I 'listed mo
chest has always been fuller than mo
stomach , glory bo to God , an' if I
thought the queen was so hard up I
wouldn't have taken her shlllin' I'd
have given oncf. " The English ser
geant , though , appreciated the man's
mirth and said to him seriously : "Then'
you didn't enlist from want1' "O , no ,
sergeant , " ho replied ; "I had lashhis o'
that before I joined the army. "
Albright's Choice , buy early.
8. A. Orchard.
Carpet , furniture and drapery.
Albright's Choice makes money.
Poisonous F
The Berlin police have issued a "cau
tion" against the indiscriminate con
sumption of dried mushrooms , which nro
largely used in SOUDS , stows , etc. It is
assorted that packets of those dried
mushrooms frequently contain poisonous
fungi , and the public is warned that
edible mushrooms when dried remain
white , whereas the poisonous species ac-
qulro u bluibh tint.
All Music nt Unlf Price.
0,000 pieces only lOc a copy at Moln
berg's , 10th st. bet. Capital uvo & Dodge.
Through coaches Pullman pnlaco
sleepers , dining cars , free reclining chair
cars to Chicago Tind intervening points
via the great Rook Island route. Ticket
olllco 1002 , Sixteenth ana Parnain.
Albright's Choice , in South Omaha.
"Weather Probabilities.
For November Indications point to
cold , frosty weather. That , however ,
will rnako no difference to thobo who
travel in the stcam-hcatod and electric-
lighted , limited vestibule trains whtoh
are run only by the Chicago , Milwaukee
& St. Paul Ry. between Omaha and
Chicago. City ticket olllco , 1C01 Far-
nam pi. , Omaha , F. A. NASit ,
J. E. PUKSTON , General Agent.
City Passenger Agent.
Albright's Choice , safe investment.
American Curs In Germany.
It is reported in Germany that the
emperor is going to introduce American
cars for the passenger service ,
Psea la Ullllcna ot Homes
oXcar § the Standard.
Albright's Choli * , line of development.
The only rnllroall train out of Omnhrv
run expressly foftho nccommodnllon of
Oinnhn , Council UllufTs , Dos Molnos nnd
Clilcngo business ! Is the Hock lelnml vcs-
tlbulcti limited , lehvlng Omnhtv nt 4:15 :
p. in. dnlly. Ticket olllco , 1002 Sixteenth
and Fnrnnm B
Dr. Birnoy euros etitixrrli , Boo bldg.
in tlio Army.
Swimming exercises , it is bollovcd vto
Imvo boon decided , tire In future to form
part of the army training a stop taken
ns a result of a few exhibitions ol swim
ming made during the recent ciwnlry
mtiiiojuvroa In Berkshire. When. , the
mnnojuvros were originally arranged It
wits decided Unit swimming should bo
tin especial feature ot thoni , but this portion
tion of the programme vms afterwards
abandoned , llowovor , u few troopers
and several ofllcors attempted to cioss
tlio Tlmines at .Moulsford , a few miles
from the Churn camp , but Itvns found
that but a Biiiull minority were able to
sustain themselves inn tolerably swift
current , while the horses were almost
panic-stricken. The sequel , It Is trusted ,
will bo the establishment of swimming
schools In the army , both for hor&os
and men. The commandor-in-chiof is
known to greatly favor the Idea , and the
only wonder is that such a neeessarv
portion of n soldier's education should
have been so long neglected , and that
army horses should not also have been
properly trained In this respect.
As a Rule ,
His best not to attempt to icmctly costive-
ncsi by the use ol saline or drastic ptnga.
tvcs. Wlicnacntliartlcmcillcliiolsnecilcii ,
Iho most IIP' .ipt and beneficial Is Aycr's
rills. TincUtcf Is to restore tlio regular
action of Jio bowels , \\ltnout weakening
them , llelng sugar-coated , thcso Pills ictaln virtues for a long time , ami
nro easy to take.
" I can rccommcml Ayn'a rills above all
others , having long iiro\cd their value ns a
catliaillcformyscUnnUfamlly. " j.T.IIess ,
Lelthsvllle , I'.i.
" In 1858 , by the mlvlccof .1 frlcml , I began
tno usoof Ajcr's Tills as a remedy for bil
iousness , constipation , high fcvws , and
colds. They solved mo bettor than nny-t
thing I bad jucvlonsly tried , ami I liave used
them la attacks of that sort ever sluce. "
II. W. Hersh , Judsoala , Ark.
Ayer's Pills ,
DB. J. C. AYER & CO. , Z.owoll.MasB.
Sold by all Dealers In Medicines.
Physicians , Surgeons and Specialists ,
The moat widely ana fnvorinly known spec
ialists In the United Btntos. Tholr Ion ? ox-
perlonco , remarkable skill and unlror-nnl suc
cess In the treatment and euro of Nervous ,
Chronic and Surgical Diseases , entitle tlioso
eminent physlchuH to the full confluence of
the aflllciod everywhere. They Kunrixnteo :
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ous evils that follow In Its train ,
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guaranteed cured without pain or dotontlon
from hualneii ,
nently and iucceifuuy cured In every caso.
mntorrhoa , Botr.lutU Weiknoss , Lost Manhood ,
NlRlit Emissions , Doenjed Faculties , Female
Weuknesi and all delicate disorders peculiar
to either BOX positively cured , ns well uo all
functional disorders that result from youth
ful follies or the excess of inntureyeuri.
STRirTIIPn Guaranteed permanently
01 IMV/i U1V.L , cured , romo\al complete ,
without cutting , caustic or dilatation. Cures
iffoctcd at homo by patient without a mo
ment's patn or nnnoyance.
The awful effects of
early vieo which brlnRs
orpanlo weakness , destroying both mind and
body , with all its dreaded Ills , permanent/
FlPQ RPTT9 Address these who have Im-
IJ1\J. L * jl to paired themselves by im
proper Indulgence and solitary hnblU , which
ruin both mind and body , unfitting them for
Dullness , stud v or marriage ,
. MAUUIE1) MEN or these entering on that
hnppy life , awuroof physical debility , qulokly
Is bnssd npon facts. First 1'ractloal experl-
encs. Heoond Every case Is specially studied ,
thus itartlnR right. Third-Medicines are
prepared in our laboratory exactly to suit
each caie , thus rflectlngcuroswUhout injury.
Drs , Belts & Betts ,
NOV. 24 25 and 26.
Tl'KbDAY. . , , .
Second Edition of
GlorloUB'Btllct Spectacle , tlio
CiiAiu.iSiir. VAI.K , Munnuor ,
With 100 people CDKncod. Thofirand lialleti. Tlio
IleiTlulilMtfllmocri.iThoI.ovolyt'romlers. The Won
derful Specialties. Tlio N M'Uy of the Season.
Tlilrtjr-livo In tlio 'lilil'et , Tlio Miisulro Secnory.
Ill3 Oor/cous Coituuiei. The Clmrmlnc .Music.
Tlio nuivliiK li.inonim.-u lllireeitof S pcctncles. Hulo
of scut ! nro now opun.
The only ul Jcol wlfo and mother n Itli her tiny bubo
luvcr known ,
The itronKcitmanoI tlio century. Jio ronrts nann-
clomlcsl vliulns , cnbld * . ropes anil wlroi. nnil Lends
tlenl linn by a stroke of his pontrfularm.
bl. ACKi : V , King of ( lie Uulitun Throat ! .
John UAV1NB 13IIOS. Ollio
Acrobat ! In Comical Attlluiloi. Tumblings anU Fonts
ot Anility.
In thslr original eomrclr , WASHDAY , Introiluc'ng
Novultjr Dnmoi , Ujiulc Songs , Ducts , and 1'lantntlou
ttonvoa" noual MurlonoLtos.
Tlio ( Jioatcit , Grandest , Ilcst Show of the Your.
* " " " '
A mil i-ot of Tooth
en Itubbor , ( or
i'lvu DIII.I.MIS.
A perfect fit Rimrantccil. Tooth oxtnotofl
without juln or dunwr. nmj wlUout uiwos.
thotlcs. Gold and silver Hn , lit lowpst
rules. nrldRonml Crown ttnrk. leothwitb-
nutiiliUoi. All work warranted.
Entrance , JOtli street elevator Opouevon-
Bgs uutll 8 o'doolc
Is the difference between our
five cent hat the hat usu-
ally sold for two clollors ?
Sl.OS , that's all ! i
The prevalent-warm-weather throughout the country ; mud whorpr
you'd expect snoftr ; warm where you'd expect cold ; spring , gentle
spring , -where you want to look for -winter , have combined against the
man who makes clothing and left on his hands great big piles of su.ita
which should have been sold a month or six weeks ago.
The season is over for tiie maker , its the wearer's turn now , manufact
urers literally tumble over'each other in their efforts to unload their
surplus stock. Our buyer , ALWAYS ON THE SPOT PICKS UP
THE "PLUMS. " Every train from the east is bringing us suits bought for
$2 or $4 or even $6 less than we could buy the same suit a month ago and
Today we place on sale three great lots worthy the attention of any man who needs clothes :
And still there's more to follow.
Open evenings until 8 o'clock ; Saturdays until 10 o'clock.
We carry the BIG STOCK of the west , quote Eastern prices and are
50O miles nearer you than any other market. Correspondence
American v
Try our Leather Soled Rubber Boots.
Fine Neckwear
A complete assorment of
Men's- ; : Furnishings
? > Look at our supply of
and artistic collection of
"Ward McAllister himself
would take delight in them.
TO euro nillousness Rick Headache. Conjtlpalloa ,
MaJartti. l.lver Complaints , tnko the aalo
and certain rcniojy , SMITH'S
UeothoBMAM , filZK < 40 little beans to ( ho bottle
tle ) , lltey am the mobt convenient : bult oil Otfua.
1'ilcoot either ilio , 25 cent * i > er Lottlo.
cents ( copptnt or fctamus ) .
linkers of' llllollcaju , 8L Louis. Mo.
1316 Douglas Street , Omalia , Neb.
Seventeen years experience. A rogulnr Rr < Ju to In medicine , as diplomas show , Ii atlll trentln.7 wltlj
Iho Krt'Me t 8UCCPB9 , nil Nervous , C'lironloauU i'rlvnlo Diseases. Apernmnent euro uiinnmtccd for Cutnrrh ,
Hperiniitorrlitim , Lust Manhood , Pemtnnl Weakness , Nlftlit Ixmot , linputcncr. Vyilillls | , Stricture , and nil ( list
O.IHOS of the HlooU , Skin nnJUrlnirr Organs. N. 11. 1 Kimrnntco J.VX ) lor crcry enrol umlurtnlto nnd fntl 10
cures. Consultation frco. Ilook ( Mysteries of Life ) tout Xrco. OnicoUours an ra. tof p. la Humlaya 19
n. in. to li in.
C.8 ;
Solo Agent in Omaha forGorham Man
ufacturing Go's
Our Stock of Fine Goods is the
Largest and Our Prices the
Como nnil sco us.
Cor. Douglas & 15th St
'ftANATIVO ' , " th
AVomlerful Bpinleb
Itcraedy , cnres all
Wvnous UUcaees ,
ouch na W'cnk Mem
ory , Loan of Brain
1'uwcr , Headacho.
\Vakefulucff , Lost
. . Manhood Nervous.
- * - * : * tn * .u ,
loforo & After Use. tics * , Lassitude , all
i'uulugraimeu troiu Lite. drulus &ud lots ol
power of tbe Generative Orcans , in either ecx ,
caused by ovcr-cicrtlon , youthful Itidlncrct'onn ' , ot
the exceptive iiKeof tobaccoopiumor ! ' ,
which Dltlmately lead to Infirmity , Consumption
and Insanity. I'lit tin In convenient form to cnrrj
In the vc t pocket. I'rlcc gin pacUoco , or C fur 5
Bentby mall to anyaddrcee. Clicularfree. ilct >
tlon thin tinner. Address
MicsiDCiunltULCO. , illDc rboroBtChlc goIll.
I Ult HALh IN OMAHA , Niil : , 11V
Kulm & . Co , Cur , ISili & , DouKln * Btrrcli.
J. A. I'ullcr ft O ) , Cor. Ktli A liouflmfitrccta.
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Alogucllo liUutlo'lriui t'u , , bau 1' , C l
We guarantee to
cure any case of Syph
ilis no matter of how
long standing. And
we have the only rem
edy that will cure the
disease. You hava
tried everything else"
and wasted your
money , -why not no ; :
try us. We guarantee
to cure or refund every
dollar. When it is nec
essary for patient to
come here we agree to
pay railroad fare looth
ways , all hotel bills
and refund your mon
ey if we do not cure
you. "Write for partic
ulars ; do not be hum *
bugged any longer .
We are financially re
sponsible with $300-
000 capital. COOK
REMEDY Co. , Omaha ,
Neb. , Rooms 39 & 40 ,
13th and Dodge Sts.
Practice Limited to
Rooms j/6 to 320 Bee ttldg