Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 23, 1890, Part Two, Page 14, Image 14

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" " M M 1 - -a M - " " " ' " " " ' " 1 -
A nt\n
RiimenHlc Juiintal ,
Tlio rnln beats on the window pane ,
The wind , with sob mid monn ,
Makes tlio nlglit mournful , ns 1 sit
Hero by my lire nloiic.
I cnnnot rend my novel lies
Unnoticed on my Knee.
Into the dyliip IIro 1 gaze
In lonely rovcrlo.
The night wind * sob and monn without ,
The ilrcllKhtM Iltful gleam
Casts mocking shadows nil about
As In some liorrld dream ,
The flro Is ( lend. With sudden start
I wnlco , weary and slclt at soul
To think I haven't paid the bill
Fur that lust cnnncl conl.
Kvtt Best In the Detroit Frco Press :
"And what do' you cull this , Mrs. Van
"JI-h haul ! , Leonard. "
"O , lli h-hiiHh , ' Is it ? Of all the
vile concoctlnnH take it txwuyl"
"But I thought only to bo c o econ
omical "
"Vou thought only to poison your
husband with food not lit for beastsl
Take it away , will you ? "
Into tlio sjivory compound half a
dozen bright tours full us Mrs. Van
Iliunin c'urrloH the dish out Into the
Icltehcii , A tf rout lump Hwolls in her
throat , a great weight tugiiiit her hoiirt-
strinjfH , und , tliouph the room grows
dim with the briny mists in her tlrod
cyoH , olio knows 'twill never do to lot
thoin full until her lord und master IH
out of the house.
And once ho Is gone once the front
door hus tanpcd its wooden oath buck
nt her Bho thiows , horbolf upon the
chlntx-covcrod lounjjo and cries , und
cries , nnu cries ! O , that she wcro tload
that flho hud dlod before she ever saw
the hundsomo fuco of I.oonurd Vtvn
Ilnmnil If only Madeline Waters had
BUecccdcd in capturing him if only she
hud ! Somehow , after n while , the
thought of that possible might-huve-
leon ) hegiiis to Interest her mightily ;
ntl wliat with her own sunny nature
and the queer pictures her fancy draws ,
nho actually begins to grow amused , nnd
the pretty , woo-bcgono lipo tnko uion |
thcmsolvcH curves of an upward ten
dency !
She is so sweet tempered -so gonllo ;
BO full of life's gladness and the pout's
tender appreciation of all earthly beauty ,
seeing in It but a rellox of thut inoro
heavenly loveliness thut shall come with
the perfection of self , thut bo ho , her
liusband , never to unkind or inconsidor-
nte , she can always , of tor ho has left the
house , throw on" the gloom with which
ho has surrounded her so continually of
When they wore lovers so short a
while ngo it Is in reality fco lonir ago in
seemliif , ' , no smallest hint of what was to
corao to her after the honeymoon had
showed Itself. She knows now that his
real affection is unchanged thatdlduny
great danger ns&nil her his heart would
respond to hers as quickly und as warmly
as of yore. 13ut ever all this hidden
loyalty there has grown an ugly crust of
selfishness that transforms his line fuco
in her eyes und makes his presence , llttlo
less tlinn a torment to hor. Though she
tries , nothing that she can do seems to
please him. She has had llttlo experi
ence to bo buro very little. The eldest
daughter of wealthy , indulgent parents ,
who thought that to give her mental
culture were enough who looked not to
the woman's life ns wife and mother that
she must afterward lend , but to the brll-
linnt social position In which they placed
licr , and joyed to sco her shine therein
like a facetted diamond. Out of this
bright world Vun Hamm hnd taken her ,
out of the clash und clatter of social cir
cles , right home , at once , to the house ho
htul juniishcd for her in a distant city.
All wont smoothly enough ut first.
There was n round of delightful evenings -
ings at homo , when she busied herself
with something she culled drawn work
and ho read the evening papers , or some
entertaining magazine , aloud , both oc
cupations often interrupted during the
curlier changes of that quickly waning
jnoon by fond expressions nnd caresses
innumerable , But gradually the gib
bous planet brought u chilling atmos
phere with its dimmed radlunconnd now
it had come to pass the dark of the
honeymoon being - upon them
that fretful expressions , fault-finding ,
aye , and oven worse things than thcfeo
wore filling ho orst happy horizon. If
only Madeline Waters nnd captured
Ono hour later the postman cnmo
fetching a letter that makes her earlier
worries seem us naught. Leonard's
mother , whom she hud scon but once
.and thill for ono llttlo hour at their wed
ding , is coming Leonard's ' mother is
coining to spend Thanksgiving with
them Leonard's mother. The words
ring in her onra And not only will she
spend the national holiday with her son
and duughtor-in-law , but she will como
two weeks before in fact , ns the daugh
ter. I n-liiw realizes with a quick glance
nt the missive in her hand , by the date
mentioned , she .will arrive that very
duy ,
And Leonard 'smother comes. Comes
with a noisy clamor that seems to mean
neortof usurpation of all rights re
served by the daughter-in-law. But she
kisses her maternal rolatlvo-in-luw , nnd
allows herself to bo hugged an ejaculat
ed ever , and never once does the smile
eho puts on a mask , silo from bar fea
"Well , Leslie , dear , hero I nin. Re
ceived my letter , did you ? And how's
Leonard ? "
"Hols well , mother ; quite well. "
"As much in love as over , I suppose
or is he ? "
" 1 must leave you to deeldo from ap
pearances , mother. Sit hero , please , be-
lore the lire it's quite sharp and frosty
out hero this morning. "
"Thank you , Leslie ; will Leonard bent
nt homo for dinnorV"
"Oh , yes , indeed. And now if you
will excuse mo , mother , I will go nnd
eeo about it. "
"Keen a hired girl , of course ? "
"Well , n-o , not jut > t at present. You
ECO Leonard thinks that for just two a
eurvant is u bit of extravagance - "
"What , Leonard turned economist
my son Leonard ? "
'Does it really surprise you ? Oh ,
yes. indeed ; ho hus grown qulto econom
ical of late.5'
"Oh , hus ho ? Humph ! Wall , go
along , Leslie , but you iniibt lot mo fol
low you. I am inoro at home la tlio
kitchen thun in the parlor unv day. "
Oh , if she wouldn't If "sho only
wouldn't ' ! Hut she does , nnd , somehow ,
before Leslie knows just how it comes
about , Mrs. Van Ilnmm , sr. in quarterIng -
Ing apples for suuee , pooling potatoes
and deftly doing all the little things
that Ho In her helpful way towards get
ting dinner. She is standing behind
thokitchen door wiping her hands on
along white roller towel when her son
miters the side door leading Into the
dining room where Lobllo is busied
about the table.
' "What in the name of all thnt is con
founded is that front door locked for ?
Didn't I toll you never to lock it so that
i couldn't uudo it with uiy night key V
Are you losing your senses Mrs. Van
Hamm , or "
"Leonard ! "
"Mother ! "
'Aren't ' you surprised , Lcn1 With
hands outstretched and a grnclousjgnor-
ing of the harsh words accorded Losllo
the mother u'oos forward to meet her
son. Leonard , kissing her hastily , crim
sons a llttlo guiltily .ut remembrance of
what1 she makes no sign of having over-
hoard. "
"Well. Leonard , I thought I'd surprise
you nnd I'm sure , now , that I've suc
ceeded. It's a long journey from homo
hero , but , tut I'd never visited you , I
inado thoofTort to conic , and I slum stay
until iiftorThankrit'lving. You've much
to irlvo thanks for , Leonard , much. "
"Glad you think HO , mother , and it's a
real trout to son you. Leslie , ain't din
ner ready , yet ? "
"Y yes , Leonard that Is nearly. "
The hesitating , half-frightened voice
of the young wife catches the mother-in-
law's ' ear. It tolls her a story that she
grieves td hear a story that she feared
to hear from the very beginning ; but a
story of the truth of which , neverthe
less , she has traveled many miles to
"Dinner is ready , Leonard. Como ,
mother. "
"At hist ? Well , I am glad to hear it.
Sit hero , mother ; and if you can find
anything lit to eat I shall bo delightfully
surprised. Leslie's no cook , you know. '
"So 1 preeelvo"says Mrs. Van Hamm ,
the elder.
"Leslie , are you never going to learn
that I llko my steak well done ? ' Just
look at that mother It's absolutely
sickening , "
"I. thought you seemed in a hurry ,
Leonard , and so HO "
"So you gave us a little suggestion of
a butcher's shop , did you ? Pah ! "
"I will cook it a little longer If you
like , Leonard "
"Do , if you expect mo to cut it. "
' Yes , L'cslic , " adds Leonard's mother ,
"and 1 mvholf couldn't touch the stulT ,
really , while it is in that state. For
goodness sake cook It until It Is dune
next time ! "
lled-fuccd und confused the young
wife goes hurriedly kltehcnward with
the beefsteak , For Leonard to taunt
her him ever boon bad enough ; but for
his mother , whom she hardly know , to
PO openly , so impolitely chide her
Heaven pity her if horror wore to bo
added to horror the Ossa of her grief
piled upon tlio Pollen of her despair !
' 'Much to be thankful for , did you say ,
mothorV she heard her husband say as
the meal his.sod once more above the
embers. " "Well , I'll ' leave that for you
to discover. How in this world a woman
cnn 11 vo and not KIIOW how to cook , beats
mo ! "
"Sho can't know everything , Lon.
And 1 suppose her folks thought music ,
dancing and literary accomplishments
would stand her in good btead , " answers
her husbund's mother.
" 'Music , dancing , literary accomplish
ments' fiddlesticks ! Is music going to
make a plo ? Is dancing going to cook a
roast ? " This she hears through the
hissing of angry juices as they fall upon
the now dying embers.
Dancing ! How with his arm about
her with the sobbing sound of the
dreamy waltz-music wrapping thorn in
its melodious , impalpable folds , ho hnd ,
time and again , breathed into her happy
ear , "Oh , Leslie , my love , my darling ,
to go through lifo with you thus would
be heaven ! "
"And I can never express my wishes
never wiy a simple word but. she weeps
it's exasperating ! If ever hullo !
There you arc it's done this time , I
hope ! "
"Give mo just a very small piece ,
Leonard. Meat's never worth u pica
yune if it's done over thanks ! "
"You're right , mother ; but what's
the matter ? "
"Tliia apple-sauce. Did you forgot the
sugar , Leslie ? "
"No , nether , I didn't forgot It ; but
Leonard says I waste fee much bugur
when I try to sweeten "
" 1 never said to leave it so tart that it
twibtH a portion's tongue into knots , did
I ? There's reason in everything , Mrs.
Van Ilnmin ! I'd thank you to pass
mother the sugar-bowl. "
"No , thank you , Leslie , don't trouble
yourself. Unless the sugar is cooked In
with the sauce it never tastes right. "
Tins with a shoving to ono side of the
portion dished up for Mrs. Van Hamm ,
"Got anything to drink , Leslie ? Ten ,
coffee , chocolate any tiling ? "
"Why , n-iio , Leonard , You said that
at dinner wo wcro never to have hot
drinks "
"When wo wore alone , I meant. Yes ,
I know I did , but mother's hero now a
fact that seems to have escaped you
and why upon earth you didn't think to
be a llttlo polite "ami niako her a cup of
tea passes my comprehension. You al
ways drink a cup of tea nt dinner ,
mother , don't you ? "
" I never enjoy a meal without it. No.
thank you no pie. I never eat a plo 1
don't ' make myself. Leonard , do you re
member the mince pie I used to niako
for you to take to school ? "
"Itomomber them ? Well , I siould ]
bay go ! Those wore pies ! Not watery ,
soggy articles biich as these. Do you
think , mother , do you honestly think
you could teach Leslie how you immu-
fucturo such delectable viands ? "
"Well , my son. it depends. You see
Leslie's bringing up was so different
from mine. Her scales wore on the
piano inlno on lish ; and the quill she
used to write with would never touch
her to cook the goose it came from. But
I'll try I'll ' try. '
"There's your chance , Leslie , poixo it !
And may I never have to swallow such
diabolical mouses as I have swallowed
since Bridget "
A choking noise stops his utterance
and puts a sudden end to his mealy har
angue , while the llight of his wife from
the dining room is enough to arro&t his
solllsh train of thought. Has she gone
mud ? Or what upon earth can the fool
ish woman mean ? Can't faho allow a
fellow to talk simply talk !
"Well , good-bye , mother , I'm off.
You'll ' soon see how much I have to bo
thankful for ha-hu ! "
"Good-byo , Leonard , my son. "
'See you ugain at supper. Tell Leslie ,
ploabo. she must try to got along with
loss gas that lust bill's a frightful one.
Lot nor use candles if she hus to have a
light thobo dark days fairly cat up
money. " And lighting an expensive
cigur Mr. Van Hamm goes up town.
AVhon the man of the house is fairly
gone , Mrs , Van Iluinm , the older , seek
ing high and low , finds Mrs. Van Hamm ,
the younger , in her little sowing room
up btairs lost in a perfect paroxysm of
"Leslie ! "
"I I I'm hero ! And if ever I was
glad I was anywhere it is that I am
hero ! " sinking down beside her sobbing
daughter-in-law , who is crouched in ono
corner of the llttlo sofa.
"Are are are you ? " sobs Losllo , po
"Yos , I nm. And so will you bo , too ,
my dear ! It's iust as I feared lie's his
father ever again ! "
"Who's father ever again ? " weeps tlio
young wife.
"In In deed ! " she walls.
"Yos , indeed. Hut leave him to mo
IbuvG him to mo ! "
"Ye yes , ma'am ! "
"Leslie , dear , that man worships you
ho loves you with his whole heart and
oul 0,1 , know Mini But ho luvs al
lowed the rank weeds of selfishness ,
watered by your tears , to so hedge him
in thnt ho has lost sight of the sunshine
of love and is content to stay in the
shadow of ills own self-complacent cgo-
tlsm ! "
"Cry all the harder If you want to at
this truth I'm tolling you it will only
do you good If It rids you of the hist
briny drop. Leslie. I was somewhat se
vere upon you at dinner time perhaps
you noticed It yes ? Well , that isn't
anything to what I'm ' going to be.
There there , don't ' look frightened !
My dear daughter , there's a cortnin bull
I'm going to take by the horns , if you
will permit mo a terrible animal , fero
cious and cruel , and ono that gains
strength with ago. You didn't know
your mother-in-law was so skilled a
matador , did you , or that she was an
uUopt in throwing bundorrilloros ? "
"What do you mean , mother ? "
"It's a peurct , A sham battle would
deceive an onlooker ; but the shots fired ,
though they scorn disastrous , make no
wounds. I shall flro volley after volley
at you , Leslie nay , listen , girl nnd , iil-
thoilgh the Bound'bo something appall
ing , there will bo no bullets to hurt
you. I shall spare you nothing mv
words shall scorn to cut like knives my
tongue bo sharper than li sword. But
bo bravo through it all , remembering
thrice armed Is she who hath her quar
rel just ; und , looking beyond the noisy
din of battle , watch for the rising of the
sun of peace that shall set only at the
ending of your own life's day ! "
At supper Leonard is not allowed the
usual luxury ot finding fault at his
pleasure ; his mother is ahead of him.
Does he but direct his attention this
way or that , everything his eye fulls
upon critically Is , by ills watchful
parent , hauled ever the coals from bis
cuits to canned fruit , from wafers to
jolly. The tea is too strong , the milk
too blue , the butter old.tho cuocso rank.
Even Iho creased tablecloth Is condemn
ed , the big napkins ridiculed , the very
arrangement ot the tea service cen
sured. Leslie's bringing up is again
laid upon thotapis , picked
relentlessly to pieces and fin
ished olT with vinegar sauce. Each
time Leonard opens his mouth , his
mother also opens hers , and her tongue ,
being u feminine one , wins every race ,
from starting point to finish , and the
son. at lust , perforce sits , for the first
tlmodurlng his short married lifo , with
nothing to do but to listen silently to
rhodomontndos that bid fair to throw
his most elaborate olTorts in the shade.
For a whole week this goes on the
fault finding , the bitter taunts , the rancorous
cereus gibingand by the week's end
Leonard 1ms verily come to find himself
an Othello with his occupation gone.
Ho oven begins to look curiously at Los-
He , who throws strange , inexplicable
glances towards his mother , but who
stands the belaboring so calmly and well
that ho grows to respect her courageous
dignity and wish that his mother ,
though cortalnlyin the iight ; , wouldn't
bo quite so hard on hor.
By the middle of next wo.ok ho has
grown absolutely restive , and looks at
his maternal relative with eyes in which
insurrection booms ready to sot alight
the dangerous fires of rebellion. Les
lie poor , patient , gentle little Leslie
how can she stand it all so silently ? Ho
has boon a bit harsh nnd fault-finding
himself of late but never so malicious ,
malevolent or vindictive as is his
mother I Positively ho is ashamed
of her ill-treatment of his Wife
Ids poor Losllo ! How can his
mother expects so muoh of her ? What
if she wore brought up differently from
other common mortals cooks , seam
stresses and the like ? She , his wife ,
could write poems tender bits of verso
that touched one's finer sensibilities and
play with the technique of a master !
That is , at least , she could , once : now ,
how could wo expect such things from
the drudge his own mother seemed to
expect her to become ? What did his
mother know , anyhow his mother that
was brought up on u farm and wont ro
school in u log school-house of things
occult , mysterious and soul-inspiring ,
or of the brain and world from which
his Leslie came ? Did she expect that
ho would bo sutlsfiod to see his wife turn
herself into a slave without ono thought
above the pantry ? By heaven , there
should bo an end to all this and at
once !
"This Is about the dozenth time I've
warned you , LoslloV hears Leonard as
ho comes down to breakfast next morn
ing , "to make ono loaf of bread last
three meals ; it's pure extravagance ,
wastefulness , that will como to want on
your part. I'll admit that baker's bread
is no good any way you put it , and you
are just paying out good hard cash for
tasteless dough nnd air-holes ; but as
you don't Know enough to make bread
white people can eat I suppose you'll '
just go on until you land my son in a
poor houbu ! I'll ' never try to tench you
to make bread again not by a good
deal ! I'm annoyed to death by your
dullness ! If ever a woman was per
plexed , harassed , vexed nnd tormented ,
trying to teach her son's wife the first
meaning of the word economy , I'm ' that
woman. If ever "
"Mother ! "
"Good morning , Leonard. Don't interrupt
torrupt mo , please. When first I offered
to try to teach Leslie hero , to manage
her house and cook a decent mcal ( I lit
tle reckoned pn the miserable material
I wus to wear my very life out upon !
Why any ono who loves to oat as you do ,
Leonard , should have married so com
plete an ignoramus don't glare at mo ,
boy ! so complete an ignoramus ! a girl
who knows how to linger a polka or com
pose a jugling rhyme bettor than she
dooa the composition of porterhouse
rolls or a veal omelet why , I say , you
should have boon hoodwinked into mar
rying Leslie Gwynn when there was
Juno .Tudklns crazy to take you Juno
Judklns , who not only took first prem
ium Ivt the county fair for her head
cheese and gingerbread , but who In
herited old .ludkins' farm beside "
"Mother ! "
"And who would have never given
you cuuso to open your mouth concern
ing breakfast , luncheon , dinner or sup
per for the rest of your natural existence
"Mother , stop ! If Jane Judklns con
found her wore the last woman allvo
I'd not look at her twice ! What com
pare her that raw-boned , sandy-headed ,
red-faced , loud-voiced creature to my
Leslie ? And , mother , though it may bo
all very well to harangue and goon at a
certain rule , It appears to mo that of
late you have been pitching it pretty
strong. It is true Leslie hasn't had the
same bert of education you have "
"Tho fiumo sort I have had ? hump ! I
should think not , Indeed bless my boul
and body no ! "
"But with all that I don't see thnt It's
necessarily to her disadvantage "
"You don't ? Leslie , stop your bawlIng -
Ing ! If there's anything I-do hate to
see it's n irrown up woman bawl ! Leave
the room ! "
' "Mv wlfo , btay where you are ! "
Leslie , softly crying , touched by the
unwonted tomlorncus shown her by her
husband , stands looking with tear-
dimmed eyes from ono to the other of
her marital relatives. Leonard's eyes
blaze with defiant anger , while his
mother's glonm quizzically upon Ills
wratful countenance. Tlioro is a long
sllont'o between the three occupants of
the llttlo breakfast room , and at its end
the man slowly turns toward Ills now
hysterical wife , und , stooping , places u
kiss upon her tremulous lips. In an
other moment hem1 gone.
"It has como"U lias como nt last !
Thnt last scourging did it , Leslie nnd I
only wonder tlfyf mv tongue didn't
wither nt the roots ! Why , daughter ,
dear , how hyslorfi'nl ' you are you arc
shaking like mi nftpcnl Is. it possible
that one little klinl speech and action
from that doty son,1 of mine can so effect
you ? If this llttlo stray beam unset you
now , then can Yoimtund the full rays of
the glorious ton of happiness ? "
The hist Thui-bday ot November dawns
mistily and softlv..A hazy sun climbs
the gray ladder of dawn , and the whole
atmosphere is pervaded with savory
odors that hint of a coining foust. A
gigantic turkey is turning from gold to
richest prown In the Van Ilnmm oven.
Mother Van TTiunm , In white cup and
apron , is acting high priestess , ana Les
lie , soberly smiling , flies hither and
thither at every command. And when
the noon bells chime , and the noon
whistles blow , and a certain young man
comes hurriedly homo from his ollleo ,
whither ho lins gone for his mail an
hour since , ho finds the great fowl
promptly placed upon the table , the tiny
boll sot ringing its silvery summons to
dinner , and the ladles of his household
each standing behind her chair in the
"Why , Leslie , dear , how prompt you
are ! Bless mo , what u famous turkey
who cooked It ? "
"Both of us. My son. this is Thanks
giving ; have you any special thing to
give thanks for ? "
"I have , mother for my wife. Leslie ,
dear Leslie , I am more than satisfied
with you in every way ; more than thiink-
ful that you are my wife , oven though
mother thinks "
"That she is the dearest , swoctcst ,
truest , loveliest , best llttlo wife in all
the world. Forgive your old mother's
pln'y acting , my boy ; but you hud to bo
made to sco your own good fortune that
of unconsciously possessing an angel.
Yes , it is sll true , Leonard ; and now al
low mo to answer the question I read in
your questioning eyes. I took the reins ,
my son , and showed you at what a reckless -
loss pace you wore driving and'I
stopped you , I believe , just this side of
the awful abyss already bo filled with
the wrecked happiness of many another
misdirected , married pair. And now ,
with your eyes opened ut lustto the golden
den sunshine of a perfect , unselfish love ,
lift up your voice , my son , and give
thanks this day unto heaven ! "
Tlio coal mining Industries of Trinidad ,
Colo. , nro something rcullyvondcrfnl. Tlio
mines are what tire commonly called the
"side-hill mines" so frequently found in
Pennsylvania anil other mountain mining ro-
Sions. There are three veins of coal , the
upper ono seven to twelve feet thick , and so
easily mined that the miners nt 50o per ton
frequently mnko to exceed $100 per month.
The leading1 operator there said the tlmo was
likely toi-omo when'coal would bo put aboard
the carat Trinidad at 75 cents per ton , nnd
Icnvo n handsome profit to the imiia operate r
For full information address Trinidad Land
und Improvement Co. , Trinidad , Colo.
' , m
TO OUHImi'iiriitiiiiA. .
A. Simple RcniRijy Which Is Said to 15c
Several papors'of Paris have published
that LaugurdicYro of Toulouse hud ,
at different times , experimented with
success with a now treatment of sure ef
ficiency for the ( jure of that terrible dis
ease , the croup , buys the Purls Temps.
The now treatment consists in the use of
sulphur. Dr. Laugardiorro narrates thus
his first experiment :
"I culled for. some sulphur powder ;
took a tnblospoonful.of it which I diluted
In a glass of water , Ordering to drink
ono tablespoonful of the mixture every
hour , shaking it before using. Next day
lie child wa3 hotter. Now potion for
the next day. The. following day the
child wns cured. The only thing left
was n loose cough which I attributed to
the false membranes circulating in the
trachenl artery. Asking the parents to
save them for mo in case the child should
expectorate thorn , two days after a sud
den lit of coughing expelled them , and
three dried-up pieces the size of a largo
bean were brought to me. ' '
After that euro the doctor obtained
several others , but none more convinc
ing than the following :
"A little girl was dying ; neither cry
nor the least sound could como from her
larynx ; the pimples of diphtheria wore
on her oars , neck , head and cheeks ; her
wheezing breathing could bo heard at
twenty motors on" .
"Tho doctor hnd secured a tube to In-
sufliato nitrate of silver into the larynx.
The parents opposed that , but consented
to make the child swallow the sulphur
ated potion during the night.
"On the next day the child , which I
had considered as lost , wns resuscitated
the voice was restored , the potion was
continued during that day , and the next
tlio child was cured. "
The communication of Dr. Laugur-
diorro is of too much importance to not
bo the subject of a serious and immedi
ate examination , nnd it is for the acad
emy of modiclno to order such.
Among the many articles acceptable ns
Ktfts none is more appropriate tliiin cut glass.
DprllltiKcr's Amorlam Cut Glass is by far the
best. Tliolr trado-mnrtc label Is on every
piece. Your dealer ahould bo able to show ft
to you.
Two Kdltorlul Sanctums.
Mr. Glider's sanctum Is the hand
somest in Now York , in fact , altogether
resthotic. It lias an open lire-place ,
brass andirons , with rugs , hangings ,
draperies , and pictures in tlio highest
style of art , says the Epoch. . It is full
of greens nt Christmas , of flowers at
Easter. In It Mr. Gilder is altogether
charming. His wife is much more sub
stnntinl looking than ho is. She is n
cousin of Mrs. Orovor Cleveland , hence
the intimacy between the two families.
Mrs. Glider is also much given to art ,
and spends much time at the brush ,
especially in Bummer , when she IB at
Marion , Mass. , where her husband has
built for her iV'btudio of big granite
blocks , which is 'said ' to bo the most
unique In Amorpu | , |
Harper's MngV/jina is certainly no
whit behind the ( Century in gifts or
grnco , but there is a mighty ditforonco
In the editorial environments , Mr.
Aldon's tiny rootni has no semblance of
ornament in Met1 It Is crammed rind
cluttered with books and papers to such
a degree that ovctiitho occupant is some
times put to It to bestow himself , much
loss the casual vlslj-or. There is as great
a contrast in tho'.anpeurunco of the edi
tors as in the oIIera. (
Mr. Alden huvona of those strong , im
pressive , magnetic personalities whoso
inlluonco clings" dnd haunts you , and
whoso mobt casual sayings have a trick
of coming up freighted with now mean
ing in oaoh now turn of affairs. Ho is
an id nl talker. His voice is full of
charm , tlio words and matter sucli as
to make attentive the dullest car. Mr.
Aldori lives with his family at Motuchon ,
N. J. , and is reckoned by the inhab
itants of that good village their proudest
No need to take these big cathartic pills ,
Dr. J. il. McLean's Little Liver und ICIdnoy
1'illcts are inoro ngrcoablo nnd effective.
1'urln I'nupcrH.
It is obtlmiitod that in I'arls ono in
eighteen of the population , or 150,000 ,
live on charity , with a tondonco toward
crime. In London this class is ono in
thirty. _
Dr. Dirnoy cures catarrh , Bco bldg
Produces a
Whitens a Sallow Skin.
Removes MotH an d Llv r Spots.
Prevents Sunburn and Tan.
To Travalnrs It Is Indispensable.
Keeps tlio Sltln perfect In any Climate.
1'KASTA 1IKA.TUICK , 1'Rll .TAlt . ll.2Ti
Skin Refiner and Pimple Uemovor.
Will rctlno n COAI13K , HOUGH , 1'OUOL'S SKIN , n
positive pure for I'lMI'LKS , cruptloni , nndontlroljr
removes thnt dlmiiiri'enblo IlKDNKdH wllli nlilcli to
ninny arc ntlllrtoit , Per Jnr , 1 1. JO.
These peed * nro absolutely I'UIUJ nnd II AUMI.K9S
nnd cnn 1)0 ) obtained ut tlio following representative
l.esllo A Leslie , ICtli anil Dodijo Streets.
Knliii X Co. , Corner IMh niul Douglns street" , nnil
North 51th nnd licit I.lno ,
J. A. Fuller & Co , 1402 Douglas street.
WliolMnlo Aiipnts ! Klclmrdioii Drug Co. , 1007 niul
1011. Idles tlrcet.
Or of Solo Mnniifncturors ,
London Toilet Bnznr Co. ,
38 nnd 40 West B3d St. , New York.
Wholcsnlo Ollleo , No , 3J Enst 17th St.
Trcntl eon tlio completion at above ndilreas frco
or sent to any ncl Iresn o n receipt of 4 eta.
Try ono bottle , and
you will use no other
polish for your Shoes.
Only Shoo Dressing
over nwurilod a silver
Isolated Electric liipht Plmits.
( The U.S. System. )
Electric Motors mill Generators. Write
for prices nml estimates.
II. II. HUMPHREY , Agent ,
Now Yoik Mfu HutldlngOinnlm , Neb.
AfcOMETIIINUNEW-II.OO nn hour onilly
4 Hindu by Agonlu , iniiloor fi'iiuile. Sam-
plonnd full piirlluiilnrs free. C'HAs. E. MAR
AHUM. . I.ockuurt N. Y.
Eye and Ear.
nnrkcrll ock Ulli nnd Knrn m. Tclenhnncyl'ifl.
Tlio Inrcm Establishment In tlio
Uorld fur tlio treatment.ot Hair
i nU bcalp , Hczfma , tloleo , Wnrtn ,
| -uicrlluouR | Hair , Illrtlimnrkf ,
Jlotli. trecUt8V > rlnkle , IelNoeo (
lllaclhendn. Harbor's I tcli , Hcnrs ,
ttlnBi.l'owOer Marks , Facial De
velopment , Sunken Clieekn , etc. Con-
tiltntlon rrt'cnt olllcn or by letter. 13H
page bonk on all tkln and Kralp affection Hand tbclr
treatment tpntnoaleiltnnny artilrcn forlOctn.
OOII.V If. AV < IOIIICUY , Ilcrmntoloizliti
\Veat48il8t. . . New Turk C'ltr.
\ > J > UUltl'N IVUllAI. MKV1 * fortbW
1\VOl mulHrnli.iH/riwH l or tiy mall , ROrmtJ
Physicians , Surgeons and Specialists.
The most widely nndfnvorablv known spco-
lallstslu tlio United t-lutos. Their loir , ' ex
perience , remarkable skill nnd universal suc
cess In tlio treatment nnd enroot Nervous ,
Chronic nnd Surgical Diseases , entitle those
eminent physicians to tlm full confluence ol
the nllllctnl uvorywhoro. They Kunrnntno :
the awful Directs of cnrly vice and the numer
ous evils that follow In Its train ,
spei'dlly , cnrniilotuly and nprinaiicntly cuiod.
OUDEltS yield readily to their skillful troat-
" "
guaranteed cured without nuln or detention
from liiiHlnuss.
nently nnd successfully cured In ovcrv case.
matorrhea , Bcir.lnal Weakness , I.ostMimliood ,
Night Knilsslons , Decayed Faculties. Kuinnlo
Weaknohs and all delicate disorders peculiar
to cither POX positively cured , as well as all
functional disorders that icsult f rnm youth
ful follies or tlm excess of mature ycais.
< \TKIfTIIRI Oimrantccd pennano ntly
iJl l\l\j lJ i\lj cured , removal con iileto ,
without cutting , ciiiiHtlo or dilatation. Ouros
affected at homo hy patient without u mo
ment's pain or annoyance.
A ITRT ? nil ! < Th ( ) awful effects of
, , .lriy vco which brlnxs
organic weakness , destroying both mind and
body , with all Its dreaded ills , ponmuionty
P1JTTS Address those who have Im-
Ul l iwJ paired themselves by im
proper IndulKonce and solitary Iriblts , which
ruin both mind and body , unflUInx them for
business , study or marriage-
MAUIUi : ! ) MEN or those entering on that
happy llfo.awuioof pliysloaldobility , quickly
nSS'StCd ' <
Is based upon facts. First 1'racttcal experi
ence. Heoond Every CUMI lihpeclally studied ,
thus fiUirtlng right. Third Medicines are
prepared In our laboratory exactly to suit
cacn case , thus rITeetliiK cures without Injury.
Drs. Betts & Betts ,
U' dliig remedy for nil Ilia
unnaluinl dlHchargoa and
prlvnloill et escif moil. A
certain cure lor the ctcljlll.
tatlng weukne a peculiar
Ilireicrlbeltnnd feelnaia
lAHSCmuiOlCd. In recnmmrudlDi ; It to
k. CINCimTI.O . . . . . all uTercrK. (
. ,
Mold liy It
I'UIC'li Sl.Olr.
LADIES OM.r nr. 1-cduc's Periodical I'llli
the French remedy , acton the mooitrual tyitomuna
cure lupprenlou from wlmtoter cmuio. I'rouiuto
uunilruallon. Tlieie ullli > liould not ba tnkon dur-
.Dgpreitnnncir. Am , 1'ill Co. , Uuraltr 1'ropi. , 8pon-
cer , CUr Co , la. Genuine br BlicrumnA McConnell ,
Uoditeit. , near I * . O. , Omtliat 0. A. MolcMer , Houlb
Onmhu ; AL i' , ttllll , Cuuncll llluBt. 12 , or J lor li.
lands across
Sea ,
carry sweethope
As & cargo
clear as can be ,
M&de onjy by
Is something absolutely new In medicine , a perfect lltllo wonder , performing cures In tlio most
obstlnnte cusci of I.oit or FiillliiK 1'mTorXorvoun Uclilllty , Atrophy of thn imrts.utc. ,
without troubliyjr attention ou the part of the person mine It. It Is no plnln und simple In lt
construction that anyone cnn apply it. Its cllects are almost instantaneous , uuu thugoud results
go on Incrcnslni ; from day to day.
RKLAl'riKS AKK NOT I'OSSIHLK boraluo It retains itft power for ycnrs , nnd an\ono
( cellUK the slightest wrakneM can at once apply it and quickly cut thort auy ti11 tendency anil
rcsloro the parts to lull health and strength.
IN LOST OR For men , who feel that tholrvlrllo strength lidccrcnilnu , this clcctrl-
CAII ( Mr * DrVUITD cal mnvvcl Is uncqualed. Reaching , ns it docs , Iho very fountain of
r/nl LIIYV3 rUWtrx manly vigor , It soon restores Ilio local nerves nnd innaclei to full
power. No matter how many times you may have failed heretofore , you muy employ this llttlo
instrument with the certainty of success.
IN EXHAUSTION " ° constant current of galvanism floulng directly through Iho
MCDUnTlC nCDII ITVCTC nerves affected , stimulates and strengthens them , and by re *
NtnvUUO UC.DILI I I C.- storing contractllo power to the seminal vesicles and ducts ,
prevents the constant drain and flow of vital fluid which so weakens and destroys.
IM Dl AniMTD rtlCCACt ? Persons having Inflammation ot thn Bladder , Painful Urlrm.
Id ULHUUHK UIOL/HOtO tion , Gravel , Enlarged 1'rostftto aland , nnd Ilka Disorder. ,
should never give up hope until they have tested tlio lleeenerntur. Its action IIIBUCU com
plaints is marvelous , as the icany testimonials la our possession very plainly show.
VARICOCELE cured easily and painlessly by our new method.
fectlous , the gentle current \\hlcn flows from tlio KuKencrntor is truly a natural remedy.
It Is easily applied to any directed part , and Its results are almost Instantaneous ,
THE REGENERATOR RECOMMENDS ITSELF ) \Vo depend for the extension of our Imslncsi
upon the recommendations of grateful and pleased patients who have used the Keeonorntor
and are willing to acknowledge Its merits. SEND s and get one of thcso little Medical Marveli.
and If it is not cznctlv RS represented , vou ran have your money Imck , for we can always Hnd
plenty of customers. MEN OTHERWISE SOUND who find their power lost or declining , will
find in this appliance a most useful nd worthy little Instrument , nnd it will prove of the greatest
value to all who are weak , nervous or debilitated. " AVe number among our | mtroim nm ]
patients Doctors , TnwTorn , Judges , Congressmen , Clarirvmrn. Ititnkum mill Mer *
l > 08crlpUv Circular FKKK on application.
Graduate Dentist of Years' Experience.
The Best Method for Painless Extraction of Teeth without Anesthetics.
< S 9
_ era
Gold , Silver , Amalgam , Bono and other fillings at lowest rates.
Roots and Broken Tooth saved by crowning with Gold or Porcelain Crowns.
All malarial of the best quality. Ollleo open overlings until 8 o'clock.
12OY Douglas Street.
Stove repairs of all descriptions for cook and heatlnic stoves , family and hotel rnnsoa. Watcf
attachments a specialty.
ROBERT UHLIG , Proprietoi * .
Telephone Q6O-
- C. M. EATON , Manager.
Celebrated Ice Tools.
We have a full line now on hand comprising : . .
Plows , Chisels , Hooks , Markers , Bars , Run Iron ,
Snow Scrapers , Etc. Rope of all Kinds.
James Morton & Son.
1511 Dodge Street , Omaha , Neb.
A miiRiiificont , display of everything useful and ornamental in the furulturo
milker's art at reasonable nricca.
1316 Douglas Street , Omaha , Neb.
Seventeen yean experience. A rnriilnrKradiintoln meitlclno , rtlplomns liow , Intlll IrcntlnK Hlth V
tlio limited luccfii , nil NCTVOUI , Clmmlo and 1'rli ulu Dlroipun. A pcriimnunt euro uunrtuiU-ed for I ntarrli ,
Hpcnn.ilurrliirn , Ix t Manhood , nominal Weitknuin , NIclitlxHucs. ImpoU'iicjr , HnililllH , Writ-tuns , and nil U la.
cnBc oftlia lllmHl , t-kli , umlUrlmry orKnnn. N. II. 1 KUnrnntfo IMX ) fur overra o I undertake ) nml full to
euro. Conciliation rrco. llook ( Mritcrlea of Life ) icnt fii'u. Ofllcolioun-Oii. in. toK | > . in. Huma-s ! 1U
a. in.tolliui.
HOW ? By Using Felt Weather Strips.
The Best Strips Made. 4O doz. French Rat
Traps , just in , Direct from France. Get one.