Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 23, 1890, Part Two, Page 12, Image 12

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Freshening Breezes from Over the Ball
Field ,
mid Unit Dag mill Gun The
Wliccl Ilcncli Show Ijiitul Itc *
gnttn anil MlHCcIlniicotm
"Tit Willis Is the only man we Imvo signed
PO far , " said Unrry McCormlck liwt ovcnlnff ,
"and wlint's more ho Is the only man wo In
tend to SK ! for some tlrao to come. There's
Jio hurry. "
'Hut you Intend to strengthen the team ,
don't you ! "
"Of course wo do. Wo have thirteen good
men on our reserve list now , but the proba
bilities are that several of them are not good
enough , and will Imvo to bo lot out But us I
remarked before , there's no hurry. Tl'o '
Brotherhood Hunk has filled the mur-
Jcot with peed material , and the West
ern association Is going to get the
pick nt pretty near Its own price. I think
the day of absurd salaries Is over , and that's
u glorious good thing for the game , too. It
Vould bo anything but.tho fnlr thing for the
league to lut any man out who stood by them
111 rotm-h Iho rocky days of lust season , and
ivhe put up anything like the work required ,
bf him , to make room for seine brotherhood
deserter , and they will not do It cither. Is
thcro a National Icnguo club in the country
"who would release an honest and competent
player for a man like PIckett , Joe Mulvcy or
JiiKJiiUolIcekloyl I hope not , any way. So
you see there Is going to bo a llttlo army
of ball players who will bo plud to get a Job ,
1 nnd the glnddcst of all of those should bo the
precious trio I just mentioned. "
' Has any of your men tried to burl the harpoon
peen vet , that Is , your reserved men I1'
"What , advance money , you moan ! Well ,
yes , wo'vo received several Invitations to for
ward u slice , but vo hiwcn't advanced n sou.
nnd do not Intend to. The Improvident ball
player must bo Content with snowballs
this winter ; for he'll get but few
nUvanco cart-wheels from any source. That
Is another disagreeable feature of the busi
ness done away with , for the coming season
t least. "
"Anil our prospects this coming- year ! "
"They ought to bo llrst-class considering
the healthy feeling of security that has been
restored by the defeat of prohibition , and the
pcncral activity that Is noticeable In all
branches of trade. But you can't tell ; base
ball Is us uncertain as the wind. It may catch
on with a tremendous boom next spring , nnd
ugaln. may not. The Interest In the game
liail all but petered last season , and it may re
quire tlmo to coax it back. The business men ,
of Omaha , even these realty fond of thesport
do not lend tho'ald and encouragement to the
game that they should. They iiro all equally
interested , and should not expect , ono or two
or three men carry on such an uncertain ven
ture alone nnd unassisted. The city gets un
equalled advertisement through her baseball
team , and what the city gets certainly tends
to the betterment of her trade , and the busi
ness men should clvo us every encourage
I ment within their power. If they will but
do this , we'll clvo them a team that will give
them all the dust. "
Omaha's Twirling Quartette.
"Tho Omaha team will not bo so bad off for
pitchers 'next season as most people seem to
think , " remarked ox-President Dick last
evening ; "Tho brotherhood buot-up gives us
Knell again , and with Clark , ICncll , Fagln
nnd Willl1 } , I think we'll como pretty near
holdlnp our own. "
"Then you ore coulldcnt of getting Knell
back ? "
'Of course I nm. Didn't wo buy him In
83 of St. Joe , nnd didn't wo reserve him at
the end of the season I Well I guess yes. So
you see ho Is ours. Ho jumped to the broth
erhood lost spring , and of court > o wo had no
redress nnd wcro compelled to let him RO. Ho
pitched wonderful ball for the Philadelphia
brothers during the past season , nnd I think
ho Is ono of the greatest twlrlers in the coun
try. Ho need fear no unjust treatment
nt our hands for deserting
us , for ho only followed the cxumplo of older
und more experienced heads , and wo uro too
well satisfied to get him back. "
"Hnvo you heard anything from Knell
yet ! "
"No. But Milwaukee Is evidently aware
of how the land lays , and Is negotiating with
him ; but It , will do them no good. Mr.
Philip Knell must make up his mind to play
In Omaha next season or not pluy at all.
Milwaukee offers us big Morrisboy and
small monetary consideration In exchange
for the young man , but wo have declined
with thuuks. "
"And you also Intend to kcop Count
"That depends. If wo can dispose of him
advantageously , of course wu shall do so ;
but for the present ho will remain on our re-
aervo list. "
GoiiiK to Join the Hand.
"What do you think of the Western asso
ciation's chances of becoming a party to the
National agreement ! " was asked of Secretary
Brandt an evenlnjcor two since.
"Gpod. The board of arbitration meets In
December nnd President Krauthoft will bo on
Band to moke an effort to have this associa
tion granted representation on the board , and
nnd that it become a party of the first part
to the National agreement. That is
certainly our right. Wo ore as
much a major league as any
in existence : our bull the past sou-
son was equal to that furnished either by the
Icnguo or brotherhood , and superior to that of
the American association ; wo hav6 a circuit
of 'tho liveliest and most enterprising cities in
the country , Just as able and intelligent men
'in the control of our affairs , 'nutl intend here
after to assert ourselves. "
' 'That Is something Tun BCK has hiu-pcxl
upon for three years or more. "
"Yes , I know that , but the tlrao for real
action lu this matter has Just arrived. "
"And you think President Krauthoft will
succeed in his inUsionl"
"Yes , I do. I have been Informed that all
the National league clubs nro favorable to
this recognition , excepting Cleveland , and It
isn't very likely that the tall is Rolng to wag
the dog Iti this instance. "
"So then the Western association Is going
to besomo pumklns at lost ! "
"You bet , wo are going to Join the band. "
Chance fern Square Meal ,
To the Baseball Editor : In an Horn In last
Sunday's edition of the World-Herald np-
poarcd a paragraph from a disinterested par
ty , asserting that the Crane company had no
right to claim the local championship as their
Victories were mostly from out of town clubs.
I bavo this much to say to the disinterested
compiler of baseball averages , that ho has us
down as losing two games to the City Steams.
Correct. Onogainoout of thrco to the Non
pareils. Wrong , Wo only mot the Nonpa
reils twlco last season , and each club scored
R victory. Ono gome that wo lost to the City
Steams , Andy Cuslck , the umpire , admitted
that had ho given it the second thought ho
would Imvo given the decision In our favor ,
which would have given us the game. Now
if the aforesaid compiler is so disinterested as
to keep a record for the season perhaps ho
would like to bank some of his earnings ( not
from dlslntercstlng baseball compiling ) on the
Nonpareils at the opening of next season. If
ho will , U will be the llrst ono that wo have
found to init up mouoy enough to make It an
object to play for. If anyone will produce n
team that bos hold up the fame for which
Omaha amateurs uro noted , any where near
the manner lu which wo did last season , only
losing to ono club , the City Ktoams , produce
It and call at Crane company's nnd got n
Thanksgiving turkey.
The Buzz of the Fnn.
Patay Bolivar Tobsuu Is getting up a team
u St. Louis to go to Denver for u brief sou-
ton ,
Manager Van Horn , of the Delivers , has
etgncd but two men for next season , Scrappy
.Jack Messott and Joe Werrlok.
Harding , the old St. Joe catcher , who re
sponded to the ulckuamo "Jumbo , " is run
ning a ropowulk in St. . Louis ,
Edmund D. Coffin , who was the first
catcher the Oskosh team had in 18SO in the
fTorttnvcatcrn league , U dead. Consumption.
It is quite probable that all the Western
.nssoclutiou cities will see Sunday ball next
Reason , thnro being only two In doubt , Lin
coln nnd Minneapolis. , -
Pitcher Dan Clara bus been In floak nt
Mount Clements , Mich. , and now declares
that he's good for lOOycais more. 'I'hcrc'a no
mistake , Danny Is n promising ball player ,
The coining season i * going to ha a tough
ono for tlfo hoodlum stripe of players. It is
the golden opportunity to got rid of thli cle
ment , nnd don't let any ono think that it will
be overlooked ,
Secretary Itrnndt nnd Director Harry Mo-
Cornilck will have full charge of the .Otnahii
club and team next season. "Undo Dick , "
will Just loll back la his easy chair and watch
the boys barrel up the sinolcnns.
Herman Long , the old Western association
player nnd the irrcnt Ucrmnn short-stop , re
ceived In the neighborhood of0 an hour ,
uctual playing tlmo , last season , and ho didn't
lump to the brotherhood cith'crpoor fool !
It Is being whispered by the llttlo birds ,
principally chippies , that Jack Howe will be
a member of Brother Dave's Lincoln team
next season. That's right Jack , it's about
time , row in somewhere , anywhere , Just so
you get In.
Tim Hurst. Into manager of the Minneap
olis team , will bo an applicant for n position
upon the National league's stall of umpires.
That bo would make n good one. there is little
doubt. The only dlfllculty with Tim is his
falsetto voice.
The Cowboy metropolis is dead certain to
evolve a hutch of baseball sensations this
winter. All this Indiscriminate ilnttcry
being smeared over President Krauthoff nov-
tenils something. The Western nssoclatlou
must bo argui eyed.
Knmsoy Crooks , once a ball player him
self , has jast returned from a week's sojourn
in St. Paul. Ho says his brother Jaelf Is liner
than satin and congratulating himself every
day that ho turned a deaf ear to Mark Bald
win's seductive song last whiter.
Sam Morton has opened up a cigar store in
Minneapolis , and Sam knows as well as any
body what a nlco box of Garcias makes puffn.
However , it wouldn't surprise any one If
Sam was seen nt the head of the Omaha
management next season. Stranger things
have happened.
Manager Hanlon of the lamented Plttsburg
Brothers , swears , actually swears , that Sec
retory Bruncll has Martin Duke'a contract
in his inside pocket. Ho also says the club
sent Martin $ i 0. The question now nrlscs ,
what Is Bruncll going to do with iti Proba
bly have it stuffed.
The Milwaukee club has demonstrated its
good sense by ro-cngaging Charlie Cushman
to pilot the frisky Brewers through
another season. Ho also gets an Increase of
salary , nnd In gratitude declares that ho will
mnko It eighteen straight from Omahu next
season , instead of seventeen.
'Iho report that comes floating in on the
breczo from that hyperborean village , Minne
apolis , that the sporting editor of TUB HUE
wants the management of the Sioux City
team next season , is a fairy story that found
birth In Dave Howe's sterile brain. Would
you give up a salary of 810.000 a year just for
the pleasure of following Jakoy Straass and
Bobby Black over the country , und being
near George Common ? No. of course you
wouldn't. '
James Lilllc , In Ills day ono of the most sen
sational of right fielders , and regarded as the
rival ot Mike Kelly , In the position , died in
Kansas City , November Si , ot typhoid fever.
Ho had not played ball since the season of
18S7 , when ho was with the Kansas City
Western association team. In that yenr ho
was married to a young lady of Kansas City
who was possessed of considerable means.
Ho retired from the baseball field to manage
her estate.
The fight to pull down this great sport has
been long and llorco , but the battle is won nt
last. The old ling of the national agreement
will continue to wave over the scores of pro
fessional fields in 1801. The Brotherhood and
Players' league are virtually things of the
past. To use a street phrase , "it Is all over
but the hollering. " Aud thcro must bo no
time lost in "hollering. " The disastrous
season just ended can bury itself. Let us all
look to 1801 nnd help replace the game where
it was at the close of 18S9. Editor Cnylor.
That's ' all right , Mr. Times , about lookin'
forward ; but will she come , think you , in ' 01.
The idealistic little homo circjo of Mr. and
Mrs. Hen Mulford.Jr. , of East Norwood was
broken yesterday by ono of these entirely
unexpected visitations of death that como
with .stunning swiftness and are entirely un
announced until the bereaved ones have
nought loft but the precious memory of a
llttlo life , that it seems should have been
spared ? The victim was "Llttlo Ron , " their
first-born , the idol of their hearts a darling
boy , with eyes and hair of tender brown ,
nnd delightfully cute nnd winning ways ,
whoso disposition seemed to bo made of sun
beams woven together. The little fellow-
was ill for several days with diphtheria , but
there was no reason to- suppose that a fatal
termination was promised. Cincinnati
Papa Chad wick says : I was very glad to
learn of the election ot Mr. Krauthoff , of the
Kansas City club , as president of the West-
cm association. It would have made a world
of difference to the American association bad
Mr , Krauthoft been elected successor to Mr.
Wikoff In 1889. In that cose the "combine"
could not hnvobeen successful and the
Brooklyn club would not have been driven to
resign from the association as it was by the
policy of the "combine. " By the way , how
creditably the Western association stands
out this season as the exceptionally success
ful organization of the professional fraternity
for 18'JO. I heartily congratulate the West
ern association clubs in securing the services
of so able and worthy a gentleman for their
Talk Among the Amateurs.
Lawson will manage the Cranes next sea
The Camp boys have been reserved by Se
The Cranes have signed their whole last
"season's team.
Thompson of the Nebraska City's wilt win
ter in Omaha.
Hurley has signed with the West Oruahas
for next season. .
Granden , of the Eighteenth Street Stars , is
a coming pitcher.
Noola , la. , would like to have a team in the
field next season.
Tonoc of the Nonpareils batted well toward
the end of the season.
.lellcn , of the Nonpareils , is traveling fora
life insurance company.
The Shamrocks have made arrangements
for now suits next season.
High'tower , the pugilist , was a member ot
last year's Lincoln Giants.
Can Gillcn , the once famous catcher , Is In
the plumbing ousluess In this city.
The Diamonds will organize earloy in the
spring and promise to have a strong team.
Council Bluffs should bo able to put a first-
class nuiatcur team in the Held next season.
Geist was In tbs city last week. Ho will
probably sign with San Francisco uoxt sea
Ucn Nelson will probably manage the West
Omubos next season. Ho will inako a good
Homer Kirk has withdrawn from baseball
nud bos drifted into billiards. Homer is quite
an artist.
Patterson has not signed for next season.
He would mnko n good for ono
of the local clubs.
Kuhn of the Crane company's , who did not
play much towards the last of the soasonwill
bo on the diamond again next spring.
Lawson led the Crone companys at the bat
with an average of .H90 , Bowles , Carrigau ,
Wljmum ana Etnyro wore close after.
Blair nnd Fremont nro both hard at work
signing players for next season. Both cities
promise to have a good team in the field.
Austin. Missouri '
Volley's short-stop ,
eloped with ono of the fair maidens of that
burg , leaving his wife and child behind.
Logan will probably have a team lu the
field uoxt season , but it will not be very suc
cessful , as they don't permit Sunday ball
playing in that burg ,
Gcorgo Mnttlson has been tendered the
management of the City Steams and will
probably accept. Ho will put a strong team
in the iiold next season.
As Missouri Valley will not have a team
next season it may bo well for some ot the
' n [ hcuom' ! hunters to cast their eyes in that
di Ircction.'as : all oi lost season's team uro still
in the city.
The item in ono of last Sunday's local
papers about "Spud's City Champions" is all
oosh. Spud has been trying for four vours to
have a "champion team" and has not landed
better than fourth place yet ,
Dick Costello , the onoo famous St. Louis
pitcher , will leave for that city In a few days
to treat his arm. Dick was at ono time the
crack pitcher of SU Louis , and says be will
ho In better form than oVcr when spring
gcU In ,
Wnltor Wntti , n local amateur who played
with the City Steams last season , U to be
mnnicd next" Wednesday owning to an
estimable young lady of this city. Hero's
wishing him many n pleasant homo- run nnd
n long round of continuous pleasure at the
homo base.
ofttio Hqnarod Clretr- .
The South Omahn athletic club have finally
satisfactorily completed all arrangements for
their November attraction , which Is forth
coming on Tuesday evening next , nnd will
dotlbtlcss ho witnessed by a tremendous
crowd , BO extraordinary Is the Interest mani
fest. That everything will pnis off with , the
order and dignity of any athletic amusement
is Insured by the careful manner the club
management lias proceeded , Thcro will bo
no fracture of the law. The bill comprises ,
among other things , a finish contest with big
gloves , between Michael J , Mooney of dales-
bur ) ; , 111. , and Harry Allen , u son of the old
world's ' champion , Tom Allen , for1 a purse of
gl.UUOhung up by the club , nnd fWW a side
posted by the men themselves. Mooney ,
with his trainer , Jack Wllkos , who recently
defeated Jimmy Lindsay , arrived Friday
afternoon , and Allen and his backer ami
handler , yesterday morning. Both men nro
In the fullest flush of health , arid trained
down as ilno ns silk. Allen is it
formidable looking customer , while Mooney
is anything but a cherub. It will probably
bo the stubborncst ilstlo conflict witnessed in
this vicinity In a long time.
The club's December card IB a battle be
tween the featherweights. Danny Daly of
Bangor , Mo. , and Tommy White , u protege
of the Chicago board of trade , for n K)00
purse and Is booked for December 0.
The light at Gcitnanln hall last Tuesday
evening was u very clover ono , the Black
Pcurl demonstrating that ho is really and
trully n bad nigger. Hlghtowcr hns no busi
ness in the ring wltli him , nnd in fact thcro
are but few in his class that Imvo.
Pat Shechoy of SU-I'aul writes the sport-
lug editor that ho is willing to moot Jack
Davis before the South Omaha athletic club
for h purse of 81,200 , ? 1,000 to the winner nud
$200 to the loser. Shechoy says Klllcu has
flunked in their proposed fight before the
Minneapolis club and ho would like to come
hero nnd test Davis.
The president of the South Omaha athletic.
club received the following tclgram Thurs
day afternoon from the editor of the Police
news :
BOSTON , Mass. , Nov. 20. President South
Omahu Athletic Club : The Providence club
promise to pull the Godfroy-Lannon light off
on the night oftbo Kith. Your offer of
* 2,000 is most liborul'and if the mill falls to
transpire you will hear from them.
Will the Jap Kxplnln.
D It seems that Mntsada Soroklchl , the Jap ,
would rather take the chances of going
against a well known professional of Mc-
Mahon's ability than an an nuiatcur und n
novice like D. P. Baldwin. Before the
alleged match between McMahon and
Soroklchl was consummated , Billy Hawley
accepted the lattor's challenge In behalf of
Baldwin , through the sumo sourco'tho Jap's
dolll reached the public , the columns of Tun
BBC. If Matsada wants a good straight
match hero's his opportunity. Ho and Mc
Mahon can wait , for it is a well known
truism that everything comes to "men who
wait , and it begins to look as If these worthies
want everything. Come up now , Mr. Japan ,
and talk out like a man who means business.
Hnwloy's acceptance Is again published in
order that its genuineness may not bo brought
in question.
OMAHA , Nob. , Nov. 10. Sporting Editor
Bnn : Seeing the Jap's challenge in
your paper to wrestle any one
in the country , best two lu thrco falls. I
hereby accept his challenge In behalf of D.
P. Baldwin of Omaha and will meet the Jap
and his backers nt any tlmo to arrange a
nmtch. Yours respectfully ,
Kelley and the Indians.
Four OUAIU , Neb. , Nov. 22. To the
Sporting Editor of Tun BEE : I take this
method of conveying the information to the
parties interested that my intended meeting
with the winner of the Davis-Duttoa light
weight championship fight which took place
Monday evening nt the Athoncum must bo
postponed , owing to the Indian outbreak.
Should I got back without an arrow in mo ,
will bo happy to knock Irish or Davis cither
out for a reasonable purse.
MICHAEL , KCI.LICV , Soldier ,
Fort Omaha.
McMnhon and Soraklolil.
An agreement was entered Into Friday
by which Matsada Soraklchl , the Jup , and
Thomas McMahon will come together in n
Grteco-Komuu wrestling match at the Grand
opera house next Tnesday night for $ "XX )
as ido. The rules governing the match will
bo , all holds go. best two la three fulls. The
winner will take all of the stake money and
75 per cent of the gross gate money. If the
parties fall to appear , or if either party falls
to score two falls during the contest , the
gate inonoy will bo refunded nnd the slakes
donated to some charitable institution.
High School Gym.
A very complete gymnasium , embracing
almost every species of apparatus jfor physi
cal culture clubs , dumb-bolls , puHoy8ropos , ,
bars , trapc/c , rowing machines and. innumer
able other athletic devices. In addition to
this a heavy rubber pad covers the floor , with
provisions for a running course cud jumping
grounds. The work was put in by w. D.
Towasond of Dunmlro & Cross * sporting
goods house , and is a very artistic job.
Doe and Hird Show.
The opening day is billed for November 23.
The indications now are that the number of
entrltw , both in the fancy and oa the bench
will exceed anything of the kind over booked
in the west.
It Is gratifying to the lovora of thorough
bred fowls , standard dogs and pedigreed
pigeons to show all Omaha , whoso citizens
are known over the land as progressive
pushing and'cuterprUing , has taken so much'
interest in tills exposition.
It is n most encouraging fact to the poultry
industry of the west that more money is be
ing paid for thoroughbred stock , and inoro
money is being received for thoroughbred
Btot-K in the state and in the great volley of
the Mississippi today than over before.
Fowls nro niovintr. iu stockmen say of
homed creatures. Specimens are selling
from $25 to $ .23) ) each.
As in all other lines of good breeding , rare
specimens sell readily , while grades or culls
go a-begging on the market for buyers with
short money.
What Is the rosultl Why , people are
anxious to spo a bird that goes quickly ut
long money. When people see such forms
nna feathers , some ono In the crowd wants
it. Ho buys it , breeds it , reproduces Its like ,
nud thus stimulates an Industry that is third
on the list as a resource of the country ( cot
ton nnd corn only bringing a greater rev
enue ) .
But Omaha , assorting herself , through
the secretary of the State Poultry associa
tion , puts It over.
the east la the matter of money awards In , n-
manner that is characteristic of. tbo Gate
city the city whoso portals open to" tbo
grains , and meats , and minerals of the world ,
and whoso resources are inexhaustible.
Never before the years 1839 and 1890 did
the brooders of fancy poultry , east or west ,
witness the payment of large money ore-
mhims for successful competition ,
There is a dignity In mouoy which is a part
and parcel of its intrlnsiu worth. The slang
phrase puts It that "money talks. " True
enough. But wo will go further and say that
whether money talks or not , there is n po
tency nnd power in the oratory of that silence
which prevails while a man Is descending to
the southern extremity of his pockets to
bring to the surface gold dollars and puts
them upon tbo occau of Undo for value re
ceived in fine specimens of the feathered
world. Wo nil love money ; we love to handle
goods that move tbo shlucts toward us.
Them is money in poultry , rightly handled ,
Brains go with all successful effort.
In tbo show next week may ho seen dis
plays of poultry that will at once tell the
visitor ot tlmo , experience , money and labor
spent in their production. Those who love
the beautiful in nature ( und who docs no',1) )
have n feast before them in this exposition.
The public is wont to speak of a man who
Is an enthusiast on chickens ns a "chicken
crank. " That's all right. "Cranks" move
the world , and have since the days of
Pythagoras , Edison is a crank , and that
crank has turned many a usofu 1
Skillful poultry fanciers were a better
phrase , perhaps. Ifoworor thnt may be , the
production of thoMufclibrcd fnncy fowls Is nn
Industry now reco ulzod by such men as
yniidcrbllt , Secretary Uusk. the last "Long
John"Ventworth , ex-Prosldent Hayes , Sec-
KlnryT,1Jolrt ) WPurniw , the queen of
Great Britain nnrt hundreds of other notables.
Lot us ifot call ttiis .great Industry n "small
business" more. Tfhio to null ihat talk.
When a man like 'K\Uk counsels wise con
gressional legislation In respect of so great n
gourcoof rovenuc ( it ceases to bo "small. "
This ho has ifono.
When thei tircuR cmnos wo nil pay our llttlo
BO cents nnd the clvwn carries It nwny by the
thousands nnd wo urb the poorer for his hav
ing como nnd gone.
But the dog nnd poultry exhibit brings ui
entertainment not'only , but whnt llttlo money
It costs us to se It stays nt homo. Wo are
the bolter off In money nnd sport.
bhull wo not think of this matter In a busi
ness way from this date on I
This exposition has been vp worked for a
long tlmo. It is hero. Wo have got what Wo
wanted. Let us show that wo wanted it by
every moons worthy of our great city. „
A Dry Imnd lloat Hnuo.
The great land regatta opens up at the
Coliseum tomorrow afternoon at half-past 2
and continues day nnd night throughout the
week. Leo , Ross , Plalstcd , Lorgen nnd the
manager , Paul Bo.yton , have been hero In
practice several days , und the other noted
oarsmen who nro to compote for the purse
and championship will arrive this morning.
This Is the first boat race on drv land nnd la
certain to awaken n vast deal of curiosity
and afford no end of amusement. The road
sculler , us the boat is called , Is a very Ingen
ious piece of mechanism , fashioned sowewhat
after the tricycle , but capable of much
greater speed. The management declares
that the race will bo n bonn fhloouo ; that
each man will try to mnko his mark nt this
the initial performance of this kind In this
A Thanksgiving Shoot.
The Omaha gun club will assemble on the
Cross & Dunmlre grounds across the river ,
Thanksgiving morning , for the purpose of
holding their grand annual wind-up shoot.
Captains will bo elected nnd sides chosen ,
nnd the side scoring the fewest birds out of
fP11'fo each man , will enjoy the felicity of
liquidating for a sumptuous collation for the
whom club. Succeeding the club shoot there
will bo n number of llvo bird sweepstakes
shoots nnd a number of target mutches. Mr.
Uunmiro has succeeded lu getting about six
hundred.birds , and lovers of the trap nro as
sured n great day's sport. The Sporting
cdltorof The BuElws boon selected to referee
the club shoot.
' Hyiica , the Kunncr.
OMAHA , NebNov. . 22.-Sportlng Editor
Bun : Several weeks ago J Issued a challenge
to any professional , runner in this state or
any state adjoining for n nice from one to
five miles for u stake bf $100. I have re
ceived no reply from any one. My forfeit of
$ o is still in your bauds , and I hereby repeat
my challenge. Ton HVNES , Omahu.
Mrnlgo mul King Plilllp.
There will bo n rat catching match for ? 20
a side nt 2 o'clock this afternoon over n well
known snloon on Douglas street. W. Myer
to bo declared the wlriner.
WliispcringD from the Wheel.
Captain Emerson has called runs to Flor
ence this morning and Council Bluffs this
afternoon. ,
Prof. Perrlgo's features are gradually re
treating behind a mass of luxuriant foliage.
Frank SiofKin , too''is'cultivating a beard.
The warm sprlng-ljko weather during the
past week has revived the waning interest In
cycling and the Omaha Wheel club boys have
been mnking the most'of It.
Now Is'tho timo'f&r'our ' loop distance rec
ord breakers to gain fame and applause by
sending their milage iwords for 1890 to the
secretary of the League of American Wheel
men. ,
Dr. L. K. Gnrfleld.of.AIgona , la. , is seventy
years of ago nnd ho3Just learned to ride a bi
cycle. Hero is another'proof of the good old
saying that "it Is never too late too mend. "
Bl World.
Moonlight nights , fine roads nnd agreeable
companions nearly complete the wheelman's
Idea of true happiness , and as this will prob
ably bo the last nioon of the rlulng season ,
all are doing their best to improve the tlmo. ,
Indoor ball is becoming a very popular win
ter sport among eastern cycling clubs and as
Omaha's promoters of athletics are always
abreast of the times , several teams will be or
ganized to play match games the coming sea-
E. U. Rowe is whccllncr across the conti
nent on his return trip from California , by
the southern route. When last heard from
ho was traveling through the Indian Terri
tory nnd reported good roads and line
Dunlop , the famous Irish inventor of the
pneumatic tlro.has studied out n "pnou" one
which ho claims will surpass nil his Into In
ventions. It will be of the cushion variety
and fitted to a specially-made rim which , he
says , will entirely obviate the cutting diffi
A party of cyclers consisting of Misses
Allen , Hickox nnd Belt and Messrs. Pcrrigo ,
Belt and Ebersola enjoyed a moonlight ride to
Counci : Bluffs on Thursday evening. On
their return the 'party stopped at the club
house , where the professor entertained them
by an exhibition of trick and fancy pool play
The Denver Ramblers' rooms nro being
entirely remodeled and already present a
very neat and attractive appearance. They
have been handsomely' decorated , and now
chairs , carpets and' desk have been pur
chased The Denver boys will imitate the
local fraternity and give a Dorics of winter
O. L. Morris , a London racing man , arriv
ed in Now York city on Monday last. Morris
was the first man to take n "pnoumntic" lu
England , nnd with his wheel he scooped sev
eral Important handicaps nna scratcli races ,
beating many men who wcro much his sup
erior on ordinary wheels. After the others
commenced to use pneumatic tires ho was
"not in it. "
There can bo no donbt that the ladles blcy-
clo has como to stay. Only a short tlrao ago
the idea of a woman riding around ou two
wheels was pooh-poohed. She had her trycy-
cle , but tt was a heavy , tiresome , cumber
some machine. An enterprising wheelman
finally made u bicycle with two wheels of ex
actly the same size nnd with ttio seat much
nearer the ground than on the man's bicycle.
The Idea was perfected nnd the modern
wheel for women Is the result. And now It
Is no uncommon sight to see our own girls on"
Dodge or other smooth paved streets on this
favorite vehicle.
MlsooUancpu < i'ljooAl ' Sport.
Patsoy J. Kirby bjis , prgatil/ed nn athletic
club lu Council Blurts.J
Jack Hnyos , nn dxport with the cue him
self , has charge of thoTnhico rooms.
B. F. Rolnraund of Gnlcsburg , 111. , and n
crack trap shot , calKU bn the sporting editor
yesterday. u 11
Bear signs are sai'dj t5 be very numerous in
the Snake river vnllbyv Judge Dundy will
plcaso take notice. IOIL
The gun club shpot across the river
Thanksgiving morniiig will bo participated
in by the crack ! the city.
Charlie Budd is anxious for another whack
at Frank Parmeleo , for big stakes. Catch
foxy Frank putting .up. anything big- well I
guess not.
The latast fad In cniuwads Is a wnd placed
over the shot with tihJo Incisions in It , It
breaks on leaving tbf6BUU nnd allows of amore
moro oven pattern.
J. A , Epenotcr received by express from
Boston yesterday , a handsome thoroughbred
Irish setter from Major E. L. Franklin of the
Boston kennel cluo. ,
Harry L. Goodman , ono'of the best known
bench show judges in the world , now con
nected with American Field , Chicago , has
been In the city several davs " , the guest of I.
W. Miner.
Big Baldwin took a llttlo conceit out of the
Jap down at the Musco im evening or two
since , by putting up the ponderous liSO-pound
club with easo. There are some people who
think thnt Baldwin could put up the Jap ,
club nnd nil.
The continued warm wouthor has nil but
put an end to the wild fowl shooting. Ucoso ,
however , nro now reported to Imvo again
come In along the Platte in goodly numbers ,
and bettor sport may ba expected for the
next two weeks.
A now shell , is in tbo market. H is strong
ly reinforced nnd allows the Insertion ot n
deep primer , giving greater individual ve
locity. The shell Is manufactured in the
United StnUM nnd Is onllcd the U. M. C. re-
enforced V. L. < Ss D. shell.
Ono of the most interesting contributions
to current sporting literature Is the story of
Clarence Whistler's Hfo , written byS. O. V.
Grlswold of TIMS OMAII \ llr.n. The last tlmo
William Muldoon was hero lie wns asked :
"Did you ever meet n man jou did not feel
sure of boatliiKl" nnd ho replied ! "Yes ;
Clarence Whistler wns n wonderful man. "
Had Whistler taken euro of himself ho might
have attained the rank of the greatest athlete -
loto the world uvcr saw. Cincinnati Com
The exhaustive disquisitions running in
the American Field , ostensibly to tench the
young Idea how to shoot , nro worth Just so
much n column. What the aspiring sportive
young American wants Is experience. Pull
on your wndcrs , shoulder your gun , nnd take
n trip out the Platte or up the Missouri , and
see how different It is from shooting ducks
nnd KCOSO on paper. Ono day out Is worth
seven hundred columns ot the choicest In
structions over written. Another thing , two-
thirds of the stuff written on hunting and
fishing , Is from the pens of men who don't
know n prairie chicken from n gllluguloo bird ,
or a wild goose from a "thunder pump. "
Iowa Is coming to the front ns the homo of
octogenarian splinters nnd nthlotos. A year
ngo A. C. Owen oi Muton City , In. , who his |
passed his four-ncoro yenra , challenged any
man in the United Ktutoi of his ago to run a
forty rod foot race for } l,000 n side , but has
never yet received a taker nnd 1ms withdrawn
the challenge. Dr. L. 1C. Gnrlleld of Algona
ncnrlng the. eightieth mile post , ' claims to bo
the fastest bicyclist In the United States fern
n man of his ago , and substantiates his claim
by planking down hard money for any rea
sonable amount to any ono who thinks that
ho Isn't and wants to provo It. He rldc3 a
Robert Morris of New York says : " 'Sport
ing' has the call nt present among our people ,
nhd nearly every lady and gentleman of the
rising generation in this community is In
terested hi It ns much if not more than In
politics. " Mr. Morris refers to the 'TO's ' ,
when there vrero but three sporting editors in
Now York , Uncle Joe Elliott of the Herald , .
"Topp" Mngulro of the Sun , nnd Mr. Crlck-
inoro of the World. They devoted their
efforts principally to horse racing and prize
lighting. Now every dally paper in the
metropolis has its corps of sporting writers ,
nnd the Sun and World have a small army of
specialists who nro under John II. Muudlgo
mid Gcorgo H. Dickinson resi > ectively.
Arrangements nro being made for n shoot
ing match which , from a pecuniary stand
point , will totally eclipse anything in the
history of oueh.contests. The principals in the
project ore Champion of America J. It Elliott
of ICnnsas City nnd Charles MncAlllstcr of
Philadelphia , MacAlltstor has the record of
having shot for the largest purse ever com
peted for by shooters. The contest was lost
spring with Dr. Knnpp of New York , nnd
over $75,000 changed hands on the result.
Knnpp was defeated. It Is estimated that if
the proposed contest takes phico at least
$250,000 will bo wagered. The two contest
ants will each put tip $20,000. The proposed
match will probably take wlaco nt Philadel
phia some time m the spring.
( Questions and AiiMVOrs.
Plenso Rlx-o In Sunday's Issue of TUB HER
the nmiorlty against the amendment ; also
thoolllnml vote of Douglas county of ISSN nnd
1SOO. Thlslstodoulilun bet , und will greater
oblige the writer. 11. H. , Omnlm ,
Ans. Tlia actual majority against prohibi
tion is 49,953 , though on thedlrcct vote the ma
jority Is only 29flo3. Douglas county's olUuial
vote In 183S was : Thaycr , 8,693 ; McShane ,
12.4TO ; Blgelow , 411 ; Butler , 47. In 1890 :
Richards , 0,450 ; Boyd , 18.303 ; Powers , 1,173 ;
Paine , 232.
To settle a ( lUnitto.rill you kindly inform
mo In your Sunday K-uio how niuiiy Indians
there Is In the United Slates today. Alrant
how many warriors ? What does It cost the
government to support them , nnd oblige.
Ans.Thcro nre 240,030 Indians In the
United States exclusive of the live clvllliod
tribes. From T0,000 to 80,000 of these are able
to bear arms. The cost to the government
for the last llscal your to support them was
in round numbers tfl.000,000.
Will ybu pleasp htnto whether Aiulr Howon
over whipped Hilly Meyers or not ? Is Howen
u darkey V This Is to ducldu a wager. II. T. T.
Ans.-l ( ) Ho did. (2) ( ) He Is a mulatto ,
To decldu it bet please iinswer , A but O Ne
braska would fleet two democratic oonsrress-
inuu nt the labt election. Who wlna ? Frank
fuller , city.
Ans. Mr. McKeighan , congressman-elect
from the Second district , emphatically de
clares that lie Is not a democrat. Ho was
nominated by the alliance and simply en
dorsed by the democrats. Accordingly G loses
on a technicality.
Will you kindly answer the following Iilpdi-
11 vo pioblom lu Sunday's HER. Ilotli Hides
have 4(1 ( points , ono party gives 8 nnd makes
the trump , and makes IilKli , low , jack nnd llvo
spot of clubs , spades being the trump. The
other sldo make gumo Mini flvo of Mpades.
Which side wins ? Jt. McQour. Daw.son , Neb.
Ans. The side that scored the five of
trumps wins.
To decide a bet will you plonso answer the
following In Sunday's HKE : A nnd II nro pluy-
inir high live. A bus 48 polnta. H 1ms M. A
makes Ihe trump , mid takes high , low. jack
and pedro : II lnkt > s Ion spot ( name ) . Which
bund wins ? A Uubscrlbcr , Oinixlm.
Ans. B wins.
Will you plcaso doc id e a wnuor by answer
ing Ui SiiMDAvUKK ! Which Is tbo largest In
population in Nebraska , the. cities , towns and
villages , or the country ? A Subserlbor.
Ans. The country has about one-third
more population than the cities and towns.
Will you please answer thU question In your
next Sunday paper ? Inupatno of IilKli five.
ufjer the cards have been discarded , the first
man draws kts hand full and the deulur has
dealt to the next inun. The second party hns
not looked at Ills curds. The llr.-.t man has ,
nnd flndsbo hns tnuilo n mistake In holding up
one card that Is not n trump. Is ho entitled
to another card ? J. K. , Kearney , Neb.
Ans. Most certainly not.
Should the 8lak.ohnUlt of nn election liet
on a county officer turn over the money on the
decision of cniintv can vn 3l tig board If notice
ot contest has bocn filed , nr should stakehold
er uwnlt the result ot i-oiilcst ? If notice of
contest has not , liCL'ullleil , but dofeatud can
didate declares his Intention ot contcstlnir ,
Hhould stakeholder turn over stakes or not ?
I'leaso answer nt once through your columns.
Chambers Kcllur , Hot Springs. South Da
Ans. It would bo proper enough to hold
the stakes under the circumstance ! ) , but the
stakeholder's Judgment In such mutters gen
erally goes. _
Dr. Blrnoy cures catarrh , Boo bldg.
A praying Christian Is not always a paying
All flesh is grass , and the grass-widow is
frequently cut.
The drunkard sowJ tnrcs and raises coin in
the field of life.
The rich need Christian charity , but the
poor need the other sort.
The rear guard always gets left. This has
been so since the days of Joshua.
HovivalLst Miss , have you found the Lord I
American Heiress I should say so. I'm en
gaged to be married to him.
The devil's a pretty good fellow ,
In spite of lili sins and his tall !
Ho SIIVH , and hU accents uro mcllovr.
He's u warm 8i > ot at home for ns all.
"Ho actually kicked mo out , nnd I bellero
I'm colug to have a carbuncle where ho hit
mo. " ' 'Behold how great a matter a small
firolcInJleth ! "
The boy with wisdom past his years
Now looks about with care to see
Which of the Sunday-schools appears
Most likely for a Christmas tree.
Miss Mary I can't think Mrs , Mcado Is so
devout as they suy. I saw her asleep today
in church on her husband's shoulder. Miss
Jny Yes , Bho's BO nnxious for her husband to
bo a pillow of the church.
Twould not bo well If all the world were
peed ,
IJocauso and this Is ono of many samples
If all men were , where would the clorjiv got
The sinners for their horrible examples )
Mrs. Nubbins Josltth. are you Rolng to get
upl Mr. Nunblns ( yawning ) \Voll , I have
ono consolation I shall have enough sleep
when I'm dead. Mrs. N , Yes , nnd you will
find the llro lit when you nwukc. Just us you
do now ,
"Did Oed make my eyes ! " ashed n bluo-
eyed tot of her mother , dropping the doll she
had bocn rilavlng with. "Yes , " was the re
ply. "Whnt kind of blue stuff dons Oed
have , mammal" was the unanswerable query
which followed.
Di" ntrnoy euros catarrh , Bee bldg.
That'll Fit Any
And Prices ThafllSuit
We have a cork
er. 2 lines in chin
chillas and Union
beaver coats for
the coldest day in
the year. c /
We'll give you a
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Hellmaris ,
Cor. 13th and Farnam
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Unhesitatingly recommends y
Sodcn Mineral Pastiles ( tro
ches ) for all throat , ' lung and
catnrrhal diseases. Dr , Koch
said ! "A cough for which I
tried many other medicines ,
which had not the slightest
effect , soon became better and
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'If you are suffering from a
cough , a coldasthma , , bronchial
catarrh , or any throat trouble ,
the Sodcn Mineral Troches will
positively relieve where all clso
tails. \
Be sure to obtain- the genu
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must have the signature and
recommendation of Sir Morrcll
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None other are genuine.
Solo Agent in Omaha forGorlmin Manufacturing
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Come and sec us.
Cor. Douglas & 15th St
G. A. Lindquest
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Inspect his now stack of Imported ud domuUla
woolens. Everything flrst class.HU
ESTABLISHED 1874. - - 316S 15TH S
Rooms Ilontod bj tbo Dnjr , Week orMuntli.
13O8 , 131O and 1312 Cass Street ,
Between 13th and lull Streets ,
OMAHA , . . . . . xuu
Telephone , 1G55.
More than 13 years' experience In the Iroatroentot
A core guaranteed In 3 to Hro dors without theloai
of > n hoilr'a time.
Permanently rurod without pain or Instrument ) ! no
cuttlnffi no ( lllatlnK. The most remarkable rernoJy
known to modern science. Wrlto for circular *
Dr. Mcdron'i treatment for thlilorrlbloblooildls-
cuso hm lioen prunomirod Iho moat powerful anil
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cure of this rtlncnso. Ilia ucco § with this illicn-tii
lias nnmr , bocn ptiiinlled. A complete CUHK nuAiiJ
ANTKKII , Wrlto for circulars.
and nil weakness ot the isoiunl orsnns , nervotiuiOK.
timidity and despondency absolutely cured. Tlioro-
Hot la ImmedUto and complete.
Cntnrrli , rhonm tUm , and all diseases of thobloal
lUor , kidneys and lilncldor permanently cured.
and neurnljfU , nervousness nnd diseases of tlioitoui.
ach cured. The Doctor's "Homo Treatment" for
ladlea u pronounced by nit who Imvo moait. lobu
the most comp eta and conrenlant remedy ever of
fered for the treatment of foinalo diseases. Ills
truly a wonderful remedy. No Instrument ! ; tie
pain , llouiu roit I.ADIKS HOM JTO 4 OVI.Y ,
marvelous BOOCOSH has won. for lilui a reputation
which Is truly national In character , nnd his grant
army of patients roaclios from the Atlantic to Iho
racltlo. The Doctor Is a nmclunto of "IIBIIIII.AU"
medicine and r > M had lonxund careful experience In
hospital practice , nud Is claasoil nraonit tbo lea < lln
specialists In modern science. Treatment by cnrro-
ipondonco. Wrlto for circulars about each of the
above dlieaaes , .
Office , 1 4th and Farnam Sts
Entrance on oltlior street.
Corner Oth and Ilaruoy Streets , Omaha.
Chronic Diseases and Deformities.
DR , A. T. MCLAUGHLIN , President.
Founded by Dr. J. W. MoMenamy.
! in
The HoalPaInle i Dentist.
Koprru.imiiiKlaVlIlcoIlull.llnjr. Omalia. A
spuulaHv iimao of line ROIU llllln s. Koltl and
lorculafn crowns , brhlisowork , oto , U'tetlipos
itively extruded without pulii.