Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 23, 1890, Part Two, Page 11, Image 11

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itt top of Jinl column onthu
fou havrcn.1 cstatofor
clicnp list with me , 1 hnvuft number
nf customers for bargains. N. 11. Apple , Itoom
3 , Wnro Illock ax-ZJ )
"IOU flAIjR-HsTilavonpart street lot SI by
JUll. % ft. with 8 room coltnKc. M.KOOOO ! north
Imif of lots 7 nnd 8 in block x'ln , ( ; south
west cor. of 5th nrcnuo and I'lcrco fttrcet ,
15,000.00 ! n corner 101 by 120 ft. nist ntul Chl-
OIIKO. ? , CK > 0.00. N. II. Apple , Itoom 1 , Wnro
Illook. a .g
TTNC'LK Hurt. Instead of tlio monkey ( nr
* * J iniiH von Intonci bnylnir inn for Christina * .
please , call nl 310 Ho. intfiKlrcet and pot mo n ,
< H'0(1 ( for one of tlioio tonllO ) dollar lots. I nm
determined to own nl Innst oiinOiunlm lot and
tills Is n Krand chance foru R tart or. Ho snro
mill no to UlOFo. ifitli street tomorrow nnd BO-
euro onuor inoro for mo , Keincmljcr 1110 Ho.
18th Htrcot all nextwcok. Susie 877-33 *
TTHNEI/owo avenue lot for n cheap home.
J-1 Htnr Lund fc , LO.III Co. gil-SI
T\ON'T > etilnwn on your money. You ean-
AJ not malic It grow like turnip need. Itm-st
It In 1 iiiirt or lots. No rUk , no gain. t nm now
fccllliitf lots InOrnnliu'Hatcstnddltlon \ forloii
( ! 0) ) dollars nicli. Wurrnnty deed. Abstract.
nnu plat Riven with each lot. hvory Unwar
ranted a nicn lo ol build niit lot. OIOMJ to
Uninlin and adjoining mi addition where lots
Hold for $125 each three yours afro. Ilotnem-
IHT , only ono place In tlio United States wlirro
thesi- lots nro mold , ut 10 H. 1'itli street
Omaha. Sain now In progress. Chun. I * .
Ilcnjutnln , solo UR | , 310 H. iuth street. 280-2:1 : *
8D AOdES went of tlio olty nnil near the new
fair grounds ut u bargain. Sony , I'.I.M'ar-
mm. STJ S3
IjlOU 8ALK Twenty W foot Inti Joining
J.'Ames 1'luco ut from teOJ to fl.OOO ciieli ;
lortnsonsy. Homo of them on puvrd Ntrcot.
Don't vrnlt , but buy now or you will hnvo tel
l > ay inoro inonny.
Two tluKnnt loin on l nno tuo. near Califor
nia HI. , n incut burimln fur tlio two. flUiOO.
A doiililo smith frontroriirr , IHOxD ! ft. , cunt
it f.ouo live , nnd south ut Uuss xt. A nnnat \ >
A fine cast ( rout lot. west of Iliinscom pirk :
mid nnir 1'iirk 8t. . wlinrn motor will bo ox-
tomliMl In HiiriiiK. filxKiOft. , * 1M ) .
A linn full corner lot on 17th St. , tlio coming
retail IniRlncssHtrt'ut , $18,000.
A full Inilf lot nnil cottage on 27tli St. , near
CiimliiL'st. , tl.fVio.
Truckage , iv full lot near tlio center ot the
city , aurcMitHiiiij ) , HO.OOO.
A HMD cast front Int. Mft. front nn Lowe avc.
ncnr I'nnimn t. , J2.000.
Property nt lisiwilim nil n\cr tlio city. T.
0. Hi-minor , llooml , Wnro lllncK. .21.V2 !
AGHEATlmrirnln nonrlvrng's now brcwory
Bite. Sony. 15r > Kurd ni. 3E > 1 *
a-Safo Investment * .
pUOIIIIUTION knocked clonr liiiek Into
L Africa. No tnoio scuro ulxHit Investments.
Ilorulx a Kiuiiil cliuiiuc. 1'nll lots dry , level ,
every lot u ImlMliiK lot with ntuo thiulo trees ,
only a few minutes' run by steiim cars on main
line of II. A M. rallioucl nnd closu to Omnlm
work. I nm Hulling Iliuso lots for ton ( $10) )
dollars each ; not JIO down , lint $10 ls full pay
ment free nnd clear from mortfliico. Deed ,
nbst met nnil pint wit ) i cuuli lot. These lots
are rlglit In line of Omaha's ftitnru Riowtli.
lluy ono nnd forget it , sooner or Liter It will
pet Into somcbody'H , vrlicn von cnn ruiil-
l/o u ImmlhOiiH ! profit. Only ono plnco In the
Unlti-d Hlulcs lo buy Ilium , nt : ilOHoulli IfitH
street , Omaha. OhnrlcH 1' . llonjamlu. Rol
liSeiit , 310 Sontli 15th htiuot. 270 !
IF you wunt to ell your leal cstntu list It
with mo glvlnK mo solo uci'iicy n that I cnn
list Itln tlio Heal Estate. Kxtlmnne , nnil you
cut tlio hencllt offiO l < Millntr ( real cstulo men In
the city. T. 0. lliiiiiiRT , Uooni 1 , Waio Illook.
NOTICE Tlio following piojiorty Is with
drawn from nil nponia from this 'Jay.
Lots 1 nnd 2. block SSOt Ktfift lotlS , block 4.
Kount/otJdaddition , r.m Wnnftlotfi , NsoftLT
block I. Popu'n t'lueo. 0. S. Kl utlnr , 2V5-2'J (
TNVr.ST In Aero Property Every dol-
JLlar Invested now in well Incateil ncro prop
erty will yield Tioni tlirco to llvo hundred per
cent ulthln the nc\t tluco yours. IIoio nro n
few of our
ourliaigalna In Aero 1'ropoity :
One 11010 t TOO
ThrcQ acres i 1.700
Five acres. . , , / . . . 2 , ( > 00
Klvo uoroH 3,0)0 )
Tonnoios fi.OOO
Tonncies 0,000
Ton nui < is only 2,600
Tonnpies , 7,500
Twenty ncics 10,000
Twenty ncrcs only 4,7.10
Forty acres 20.000
Forty uurcs 24,000
ElUlity ucies , a..OOO
A ten-aero ti-aet wlllfmbdhldolnto llfty lots
that. If properly located , \Ul soil for four to
llvn hundred onch withintlionuxtlhrooyciirH.
For locution , terms etc. , BCD
OcorRo N. I licks.
1'list floor N. Y.LIfobM ? .
, aooai
WE hny , Hell nnd exchange real estaie.
Murrains always on hand , Improved ,
uiilmuroNcd or ncreago. Monies Bold on
monthly payments , hincuton .V Allen , 1007
Kariiiiin. M 10I-1M
O5 l > 'iKT : nn rurnam hotunou 20th and 81st ,
-J north front , lesa than { 100 pur ft. cny.
ISlSKnrnum. 27a 2. . *
FOR SALE oY rcnt- l foct front with Inilld-
IngofTO rooms. Apply nt the promises
J18 H. 12th St.
Alii)2U feet on cor of Chicago ami inih , Ap
ply at 318 South 13th St. 210-n27
AUJUIGIIT'S Choice Makes money.
TAK T.imil A I.onn Co. real ( state , loans
nnd lusurtiiico rental njjenuy. O7.'j-dl7
UIUIGUT'S Choice Albright L. ICo. .
M mi
BlKINI ! > S I'ronorty-T linvo concluded to
offer tlio jMilIilliij and lot between tlio toN.
Y. l.jfo and Alonu's for snlout tlio low prlco
of $30,000 , now paying o\or 0 percent on tills
with fiont halt of Ilrd Hour vacant.
This property Is \ > oitb JOO.UOO. David ( ) . L'nl-
terson. Mill Fiirimiii. 043 so
rilllEOldHolliiblo AVe sue solo uponts of a
.1. IIIIKO amount o' prrpuity of nil kinds that
We cnn control at present prices for the next
UlorDOdnys. After Unit * prices will bo ad
vanced Miro. Now Isllm time lo luiy Omnlm
renlty nnd sell out nt n k-imUorao profit no\t
your , Al. A. Union C.'o. , lull and Furnam.
ALIUUOIIT'S Choke-In Couth Omnlm.
ai i i
BKAl. ESTATE Wanted to hnlld n house
and take horse und buggy , vueaiit lot , or
piano for pay. K. O , Murrlll , contractor , 42ml
and CassHtH. M 138 1)20
rilHE best lot nn Hamilton and Lowe avenue.
JLKmnilre aUOJH lluinllton st. OH ) dlt'
Ml III OUT'S Choice Terms to suit.
GKEAT Iturgidn A M.OOO resldoncoand lot
on C'hlciiKO and 4'Jud for sale for t lie Incnm-
i branco , JI.COO. For terms , etc. , boo W.W. Sla-
* l > uugh. attorney , 010 N. Y. Uto. 041 28
A MtniOIIT'S OliolcoLlno of development.
M 1M
FIAllR hestooincr on uiipor Viirnuni Btrcot.
-L fror.tDRo on U strcols ; uplondld corner on
Karnnm si reel , close to court liontie.ii bargain ;
corner with trackage in S. E. part of city ;
peed residences and low-prli'od cottaues , K' ou
lolH for bulldliic , home us low us * IOO , Inside
unrt'H. furmx nnd nnlmhroved hind.
\VowllUollnny ot tills properly , of which
\\olmvoentlio control , nt prices \\ay below
wlmt yon can Inty nt vlsowhoro.
HtrhiRcrA ; 1'ciiny , lliirKci- block , nth nnd
I'nniuin. 1 8
I.UltiailT'S Choice 10 per cent cash.
| MI03
_ _
ALIiltlUlIT'S Choice lluiiutlfnl lots.
OIIOLKS to tlio front , f huvo lx elosant
tOliouscs on 4ltli uii'l rariiam , wltli ovcry
modern convenience , InelndliiK gus and RUB
fixtures , now nearly ready fur oioupanoy. Hco
thoiii nnd malio your eliolOo. 1'rlce , | .l.7.)0 to
* l'J.-iO. iSitfl to J5M , bulanoo to Hint at 7 per
ucnt Interest .
OurrluRo ulwixys ready ( o show onstoinors.
I'nriiam struct motor within four block's.
liny uliouHo ( julck. und take a linnd In tlio
criliiU Hhutlle. This Is straight goods. I ) . V ,
SliolCH. 213 First National M
liny oaily.
1 SO acroa flnu furin land udjolnlns good No-
JL liraska town : nearly clour.
ICO ucrca tlnolv Improve 1 laiulL'Ji inlloH from
ooiiuty seat In NobMska : lightly encniiibercd
1JO ucrvs eood land In Xcliruska , Oiuliea fron :
county eout ; ' . ' ,500 InliabllniilH.
Iloui-o and lot In town In Ktinsns ; clear.
Clear lot In gooxl Nebraska town.
4 room house and lot , burn , well nnd cistern
Ifltli btreot. Umahiii slightly liiciinibcred : vll
trade forOmulm jiropcrtyuiul assunio lucuin <
H. K , Cole , L'onllnunliil block. IKK
A LUUlUllT'soioko Call e.
$9.WO buys tlio Dr. C'humliurs resldonco aiu
veterinary burn ou 10th und llurdottaiti
This I.SM.IXK ) loss tlmu cost. U. V. Bliolos , soli
ugent. zu 1'mt Nut , bank. MffM
WAtlUUVc > terUeldroalcstutoS.OniiUia ax )
_ _
AMiltiaUT'B Oliolco-Sub urban linnxu.
BNAl U7M win buy u nice 6-room hous <
uudlot. with cvllur. uUtcrn , city wntor
Bcwor and turn , eoiilrally located i lenni
easy. J , 1) . Zlttlu.tu N. V.XIfe. W6.IIJ
LUlllCllirti Cholcu-Suro mouey.
rou B A M : iiB A > j isar ATI : .
_ _
For rate * , tte. , ttttirp of fint column im tAUi
ELKOANT ii'xldcnco In Kotintto I'lace ; 0
rooni'r llnely flnlshcd mid all modern con
veniences ! Wlrt t. . nenr 20th. Cnu sell on
otio-niinrtor cunli juiynipiit nnd balance tlmo
to right party. This Is no cheap atTalr of n
IIOUMluita comforalilo liornc In every ( sen a
mill ithlgHtinp barguln. F , K , Darling , llnrhcr
lllock. M.TUt
171011 BAI.K Lot 2 ? , blockX Pnddock IMnce.
J' mid lot 15 , block III. South Onmhii. Will
rllchonn A-Jdress I < . 1C. chooiilcber.Ccrnsco ,
Neb. TO a.1 *
I'd tatf , tic. , crcloj ) offlrtt column ou Will jxi < /
11S1.91 a 1 < en f o r I li o vtTn tor with ono full
HO n ( grain nor day nnd plenty of liny , 15
nor month Good carp will lie taken of them.
I.cnio lull-no with N. E. Dlllrunco , stnlilrs 414
t-outh 17th nt. Teh-pliuno B04. M8J1
Oltsr.8 wintered. Wo liavo tlio best no
cotmmxintloni In thontato for wintering
hordes. Ilex orslnclo Htnllv with paddock.
Appfy to Windsor. Kemp & To. , 20.1 Now Vork
1,1 fo lildK. , or to Chi (3 ( Nuvlns , nl the Mablis ,
Irvlngton , Neb. MG01
wlnlcrcd-Xo better place to winter
ter horses tlian tlio Stlllwiiter Htock furin ,
Tt. C'nlhouu. 1'rlces low. host .cure , II. J.
Kendall , | iroj > , llrown uldK.Oiiuiha.
fj't (1U
HOKHiS : liilorpdnt Omaha fair KrouncR
I cnn winter200 horses , eacli horse hnsn
larKOwnrm lioxiitall , feed all tlio urijn tlio
owner wants. lar e yards for cxerol o In line
wcntlior. A. Tlionmnn. M-111 N2a
Forrata , etc. , ret lop ut Jlrsl ciifttmn on fh ! vme.
7" T.lli Clayton , clairvoyant , cnn by licr will
JLJHUWcr grant any request. 010 N. lOtliKtrcet.
1107 110 *
US. HTr.VlIU Is Klvlnz best HIICCCSS of
nny fortune teller In tlio city , bho docn
not deal In any fraud. Her lorinsnro the low
est. 400 N. liltli , M Iloor. M llW-Sl *
AltUIVKD-C'Inlrvoynnt , naturall ) Rifted ,
tolls past and future , lovn ti-oubles , ill-
nont frlcnilH. cliniiROs travels business Hatls-
faction given. Mrs. Wallace , I'M Farnnni st.
T03-24 *
MRS. NANNin V. WAKREN. clulrvoynnt
trance , HpculdiiR , writing and reliable bus
iness medium , 4 years In Omaliu. ll'J N , 10th.
MASSAOK , Madam Dclzlor , over CIO S 1.1th.
402 d2 *
J'orralro , etc. . Me top of flnl column on this pags.
" "
rpYl'KWKITKRS , all makes , bought. sold.oT.-
JLchanged , rented , J. J' . Mogcath , 1007 1'ai-
namslicct. 315 ,
BO.VHKrLKlKcn ! < .iiul stenographer and
notary. Depositions and court work a
specialty. TeLlUM , room 1003. N , V. I-lfo Illdg
tona.lcr.ctc.tftopof j.nlcnlwnn ontlils ,
TjlUEI ) MO11M1 loans money on diamonds and
JE watcliesJewolryotc.S.E.cor. Furnam&llth.
Notice to Contractors nnd HulUIern.
Notice Is lieicby given t lint muled bids will
liorocul\pl by the board of directors of the
Farmers Grain & block Company , of Hooper ,
Nebraska , until o'clock p. in. . Nov. 2(1 ( , li-90 ,
for plans and specifications and building nn
olouitor , In Hooper , Neb. , of 2. > , QOO bushels
capacity complete with twenty horse power
fatt'iim eiiRluuaud fixtures andllist elass ma
chinery throughout , nil ollluo 14x22,10 ft. lilch
divided Inlo two rooms and a 0-ton Fairbanks
Hcnlo 8vl ! ft. The board reserve thorlKhtto
reject tiny or all bids. JACOU HODF.WIC ,
Hooper , Kebinska , Nov. 18 , 1SW. NovSiaJtm
To the Stockholders of the Ognlnlla Land
nnd Cnttlo Co : Notice Is hereby given thnt
the annual mcotlnuof tlio stockholders of the
Opalalla Land and Cattle Company will beheld
held nt the company's ollico. No. 21'JSouth 14th
Btrcot , In the city of Ornnlin. Nob. , on Wcdncs-
dny , December 3rd , Ih'.K ' ) , nt 3 o'clock p. m. , for
tl.o election of dlicctors for the oiisnliiK year ,
nnd the tians ictlon of HiU'H other business ns
iiiay come before tlio meeting.
Novcmuori ; , 1SUO.
1SUO.JOSEPH I'nAMC , Secretary.
Leavei I CHICAGO , UUUUNUTON Jt O. I Arrlies
Omaha. I Uapot 10th and Mmun ireet . I Omaha.
Leavei I KTiirffr. j. * o. u. Arrival
Omaha. I Depot IQtU and Ma on : roat . I Om ha.
(0 a ml..KansasCltr 1 7 Kipresa.,1 0.10 p m
i5 JUsliL C. Night K p. Tla U. 1' . Trnnj ] ! JJ.45 ajn * I "U.NTOfri'AClKlC. [ Arrives
Oraalia. | Dtpot 10th and Marcy tlroetl. I Omaha.
260 p m Overland Hyer 005 p m
130 pm 1'aclHc Kiprojs 11.45 n m
10 A ) n m Denver Expreu 1155 p m
li 00 a rn Knma * Cltjr Expreil 1' ' 03 n m
1015 a m . . .FnlrlloWExD. ( exceptSun. ) . . 4110 p m
Uma , hi ! | U. I1 , depot , JOth anil Marcy Bti. I Omaha.
" (10 p'm.Tr7..77Nliiht ) IStpress 7. 10 05 am
1105 n ml Atlantic Ezproii 0.30 p m
O ) p ml . .Veatlbule UmlteJ 110.45 a m
TSavbj i " HID OX 1'1TI'Ai lFTu I Arrtvo
Oinnliix It ; . I' , ( luimt. IQtli nnil Marcr SH-I Onuu- >
7.15 n nil . . . .Sioux City Passenger. . .
430 D m | Ht. 1'nul Erprci 10.10 a m
\-Att \
Omaha. | Depot litli and Webster Sta. I Omaha
JUKI p m | . . _ Ft. I'MII l.lmlteil . . .I i'JJ ' nm
EfaveT ic'inOAlH ) i"Noui'li iKj'rKIN. ( | ArrifoT
Omaha. | U. P. depot. 10th and MaroyHts. | Omaha.
15"ra , , . ( 'btcnKO Kxpreii. . . C2U p ra
430 p m .Vestibule Limited. , OM a m
(15 p in Iowa Accommodation ( Exo. Sun ) 705 p m
V.IU p in Eastern Flfer. , , 24i p m
11.45 a m Knstorp Knpress. 8.03 a m
"Leave7"Tl'llilA < 7tI "Mlu , ft bT. 1'AUl * I Arrives
Omaha. | U. 1' . rti-pot. KHli and Maror Eta.l Omaha.
" "
.10 poll . Clilcn o Kxpreii . I 945 a m
llA'i am | . Clileaito Kxnrcs . | 0.50 D m
UMAUA a ST. J > OUIb. i Arrives
Omaha. | U. P. depot , 10th and Marcr Hti. I Omaha.
4.30pni | , .8t. uuli Cannon Hall . 11 ? JU u in
Leave * I t. , K.AMU. VALLKV. Arrlvoi
Omaha. I Depot 15th anil U'euiter Bti. I Omilii.
tsa a m Illack llllli Kxproi 6.50 p m
too a m . . .Itastlnin Erp. ( Ex. Hundnr ) . . . 590 p in
610 p ru Waboo&Llncoln l' i.Kt.8und'v ) 10 SO a to
t.10 p m . .York * Norfolk ( K . Sunday ) . . 1030 a m
l av i I Arrlvut
( Jiai\ha. | | Depot lilh nnd Wotiiier Bti. Omaliv |
8.10 a ml . . .Sioux t'ltT Accommodation , . . 5 US p re
1.00 p m . .Sioux Cltr Express ( Ex. Bun. ) . . 12.10 p n
100 p m . . . . . . . . . KnUI AJIUlliuU. 9U a u
6.15 u m .llancoft l'a en er < Kx. Him ) . . ) 8(5 n nj
0 eav i" I Arrival
COraaha. Depot 15th and Webster Hit Omahx
10 SO a in" I. . .St.I/ul AK.C , Kxprcai. , . . ! 469 p a
JT15 pm _ ) . . Jiu I/mls A K. C. Kxprati , . . . ! 010 a n
T.eave7 ] 'ClHOAGlT. 1TTT. ATXUIf Io7 | "ArriT6T
Transfer I Union Hepot rnimi.ii Illugs. ITransfei
lTJM1CT * ' riT. ' l
Traniferl L'nlon llcpot. Council lllufls. ITranatei
6.80 prn | Chicago Kzpreu I H15 nTn
U.aojpjnl. . .j.Chicago Kzprm. . I COO p n
'Leavet I 1C. CMJTTJOh ! SCTTT
Trnnilarl Union Dapot. Council Uluffi Trans fei
1001 a ml . . . .Kanill Cllr Day Kiproil , , 543 p n
10H p ml . . .haniai Cltr Night Kiprcii.
l av > I "OMAHA AWTEGUIK" 1 'ATfireT
Truuifer' Union Depot , Cuunfll Hlufti Trnmfei
5UU ji ml . St. Uiul < l Bnon Hall. . . . . . . U15 pn
"Leave * ICHIOAtiO. UUHL'N JfTnilNC
Transfer ! Union Dejjot , Council Illugs. | Trar.atei
V.4U ami. , ChlciiKO Kxrrcn. 020 p n
1000 p ml Chtcaxo Kxpresi 9(0 a n
T. 05 pm' ' . . .Croston Ixjcal. . ,
Toavet i "BTOU.X OlTl" A I'ACIMU Arrives
Transftr ) Union Depot. Council 11 luffs. Trans fei
T.411 m' ' . . .Sioux Cltr Accommodation. . . U40 an
tl05 p . . . . . . . . . . I'aul Kxpresi. . . . . . . . . 1000 p u
A Few Thoughts Upon the Delights of
Now Mualcnl Pro ! lRy Cain-
Suggestions Hogm-dliiR
tlio Cnro ol' the Voice AVhnt Is
Doing In tlio Drnnintlo AVorld.
A cheerful Institution of tbcso United
States and ono that tulds to the slender stock
of holidays of the American people occurs
next Thursday , when all sects nnd classes
uro supposed to give thanks for the mercies
nnd bcncllts ; of the nearly past year , and to
pray for n continuation of kind treatment In
the future.
Apple ton's compilers ns well as other
authors of definitions , surround the origin of
the day with several beginnings and trace it
definitely to none.
Other countries have their "harvest homo"
festivals nnd celebration of the Ingatb'ering
seasons , but no other country of tUa glebe
is put on record as possessing n civil holi
day of this description , separate and distinct
from any day of thanks or commemoration of
any special deliverance.
Tlio Hebrew feast of Tabernacles 'came
nearer to Thanksgiving day tlinn any other
observance and tlio ancient data of the former
suggests It as being the foundation of the
The early history of the day in America is
quite well l nownI , arasuroto the majority of
TUB BF.E readers , but that no ono may bo
Ignorant of its adoption in this country , I
hope I may bo pardoned u snort digression
from the usual topics \vhlch are discussed
under this heading.
Custom has flited the last Thursday la No
vember as the day on which the celebration
shall bo held , but in the early days the gov
ernors of the different states issued their
pronunclamcntos as thov pleased.
The determination of a general day came
about through the location of u flourishing
village half in Massachusetts nnd half In
tthode Island. The respective governors of
the two states used to choose different days
much to the disconcertion of the domestic
arrangements of the residents of the town in
question. On two days of the year one half
the population would don Its good clothes.
live high , shut up Its stores , go to church and
put on style generally , while the other half
sloshed around and attended to business Just
the same as if nothing had happened. -
Of course the rivalry got to bo expensive
nnd finally the governor of Massachusetts
said to the governor of Ilhodo Island some
thing that has since been attributed to the
governors of the Carollnas. Anyhow a
treaty of peace ensued and unity ot thanks
and turkey for ever after was the result in
the divided village.
The celebration has kept pace with time
until today it rauka with the lirst of Ameri
can holidays.
To the dramatic profession it comes with
positive delight. It means a Jolly dinner for
every Thespian in the hind who has the
wherewithal to purchase It , and these who
haven't will find in a convenient saloon ,
where free lunch is served , a warm cut from
the breast of the fowl which on this day is
sacrificed upon the altar of a nation's thank
To the managers of theaters the country
over it means big houses , big profits and In
consequence their hearts nro llllcd with
thankfulness that on two or three days of the
year they hnvo nn opportunity tosuspcniT
the free list and fill the scats , which would
otherwise be occupied by dead heads , with
patrons , whose dollars help to maico the man
agerial heart glad on Thanksgiving' day.
To the men and women who are far re
moved from the Ingle sides of their boyhood
and girlhood , Thanksgiving day is freighted
with tender memories. Boys and girts no
longer they arc out In the world battling for
place nnd position , fortune and fame , but
reminiscences of other Thanksgiving days
troop in upon thorn , Jiot unllko wedding
guests to a feast.
The sentiment which I have tried to ex
press may bo pictured In these commonplace
lines which I nave chosen to call
A homestead old I see tonight.
Its gables pinnacled with snow ;
Its rustle windows warm with light ,
Its hearth with dancing flames UKlow.
From olty and from town has come
A madcap , moriy , noisy ciow
Who take possession , ful | and free ,
And frolic as they used to do.
And now old songs are sung again ,
And ancient Incidents recited ;
The boys recall the garret myths
' The glils , the uluces love WHS plighted.
And In the midst of all this joy ,
Old " /.eke , " who still persists In living ,
Brings ill ) the elder from below
And uppieskept for this Tlmnkkglvlng.
The crackling logs , upon the hearth
Their mimic salvos ( Ire at will ,
As If rejoicing In the fate
That keens. sweet pcaco around It still ;
And though tonight I'm faraway.
Still memory leads mo to the living ,
And well I know I'm not forgot
Amid their joys this glad Thanksgiving ,
I was talking yesterday with Henry E.
Dlxoy nnd the talk naturally drifted to the
evolution of the burlesque. It may bo inter
esting to know what Mr , Dixoy's' Ideas arc
regarding it :
"Burlesque occupies a rather unique posi
tion among the other branches of the dnv
matlo art , " said ho. "It lucks tuo heaviness
of the legitimate , the improbable situations ol
the melodrama and .tho absurdities of the
broad furco. Yet at the same time burlesque
takes all those three in handvand cloverlj
lampoons and caricatures them. There Is a
freedom and dash in burlesque that Is hardly
permissible In other branches of the art.
Stapo ideas nro sometimes brushed ruthlesslj
aside end the author or actor uses his OUT
ideas to carry out effect. There is no pent-ur
Utlca lu burlesque. In fact the very frothi
ness nnd crlspness of burlesque Is whai
makes It so attractive to music lovers. Con
vcntlonalisms are pierced as whh a line stiletto
otto ; stage weaknesses ore handled withoui
cloves and the owner of a real live fad canse (
it exposed to a gaping world in all Its hide
ousness. "
"Has the burlesque made any progress
Mr. Dlxeyi"
"In my opinion it has made more raplc
strtaes toward perfection than any depart
ment of the dramatic art. The student of thi
stage can recollect 'Pocahontas' nnd 'Chris
topher Columbus.1 It is not necessary to g <
any further back than the date which In
eludes these old favorites. They are th <
typical and for a time wore the Ideal bur
losqucs of their day. An analysis of the !
'construction shows that the groundwork o
tno libretto presented but ono idea through
out , or. It might bo said with u llttlo mori
truthfulness , two Ideas throughout. Oin
was , In the llrst place , a bold attempt a
rhyming. 'Daughter' was made to form ni
apparently euphonious coalition will
'oughter , ' a corruption of 'ought to,1 nnd so I
went on. English was nssassinotci
In cold blood , grammatical precedent
were annihilated ana nodical license wa
a very long suit for the librettist So muel
for the llrst point. In the second place hit
this rhymthmic delirium were Injected a nure
her of very bad puns. Jn the construction o
'Adonis' and my other burlesques I hav
made studious efforts to avoid these hack
noycd methods and I have introduced in thol
stead such features as will pleas > o the eye an
ear ana the better sense of humor. Burlesque
are better staged und the mechanical effect
uro more pleasing. In all these direction
have improvements boon made and th
burlesque of today is fur in advance of thus
seen only ten years ago , " Tun EOUNOEK.
Spectacle is certainly ono of the most plea :
ing forms of stage amusements. It ilnd
favor with all classes , and no ono has
clearly monopolized this peculiar field as Mi
"Win. J. Gllmoro , who Is considered at th
head of all diversions of this kind. The second
end edition of "Tha Twelve Temptations ,
under the capable management of Charles I !
Yale , will o [ > en a three nights engagement c
the Boyd on Monday evening. The spcctacl
has undergone so many change ) that asld
from Its title It is from all accounts n produi
tion more grand and pleaslugtbaa that wblc
was seen hero two years ago. An exchang
commenting upon the piece said : "VY. .
Ollmoro's 'Twelve '
Temptations' attrocte
an audience at the Grand opera house la :
evening that tilled the theatre. An nudlenci
too , that was not slow In demonstrating II
admiration of the magnificent Btugo selling
and striking transformation scenes , apnUui
ing the viUian when hh schemes secrnea to t
well , nnd nppluudlnff the hero when the Rood
triumphed over tlio bad , ' In mountltiK 'Tho
Twelve Temptations/ , . Gllmoro Una
passed the hltrliest. mnr f of the spectacular
drama. The sccnory Is , the handsomest over
seen on n theatrical stage , \vlillo tlio incclmn-
leal effects are mnrvclmir. The play ubounds
In siK'clnl features. The liallct Is strong , in
troducing llvo very pretty novclllcs. The
drniimtlo portion of the < sUbvv Is po completely
overshadowed by the mi'chnclcnl and scenic
effects that It Is Dot RniiTU pirt of the at
traction. Thcro Is , holvcvor , nn Interesting
plot thnt Is worked , clearer than is
tisunl In spectacles , nnil the lines uro better
thnn the nverago in spectacular dminus , The
company Is strong. " ' "
"A Brim Monkey" will bo at Boyd's opera
house as the holiday attraction , commencing
Thursday , Thanksgiving matinee , nnd con
tinuing for three nights wltn Saturday mail-
nco. Mr. Hoyt has In this ploco woven his
absurdities Into n connected story. Thcro ib
Just ns much bright mid attractive music ,
graceful dancing by pretty girls , nnd pletur-
C3 < | uo specialties distributed through tlio
c\cnlng as there was in the case ol Mr.
Hoyt's earlier comedies , but in "A Dross
Monkey" the thread ot the story is never
lost , nnd effective and uproariously fimny
climaxes , wowing naturally cut of the situa
tion , brings the acts to a finish.
The story has a number of quaint develop-
meifts. Ono of the quaintest deals with n
disinterested noptcw. whole revengeful na
ture prompts him to dtSRrncetho Work family
by npiicarlng In public places In the company
of the toughest ho can Ilnd , The auction
room sccno is full of odd bits of business and
picturesque features. The auction room Is
presided over by Jonah , ono of the unfor
tunates of life who is in the habit of ascrib
ing all of his many misfortunes to such out
ward nnd visible signs as como under his
notice. The famous "Wild Man from Borneo1
will bo sung by Messrs. Dodge , Barnes and
Porter ; the "Ilazzlo-Dazzlo" bv the same
parties , nnd a trio , "Tho Coed ? DIe Youiifr. "
by the three irraccs , Misses Maud K. Will
iams , SadloKirby and Eugenie Maynard.
The most notable among the new features is
Qeorgo P. Marlon's Italian "Chestnut"
speech. It Is said to bo excellent in character dialect , novel and original , and so entirely
different from the customary Irish and Ger
man specialties that it Is doubly enjoyable.
Jlrs. Cotton's Pupils Score a Well DC-
served Sucuess.
The first of n series of inuslca'.os which
Mrs. Ji W. Cotton and her pupils , purpose
giving during the winter was held Thursday
evening In the Linlnger art gallery on Daven
port street , followed by a reception of nn
hour , during which the guests present took
occasion to warmly concratulato the par
ticipants uoon the success they achieved.
En passant ono cannot help but allude to
the Ronoroslty of Mr. Ueorgo W. Llnlngcr In
allowing the recital to bo held in his art gal
lery. If there were only a few moro such
public spirited men In Omaha the cause of
art. of literature , of music would bo greatly
furthered Instead of remaining in its uudc-
velopca state , ns now.
The recital was even moro of n success
than the most enthusiastic of Mrs. Cotton's
admirers had hoped for. Thcro was a certain
emprosscmcnt aboiit the performance which
could not help but please the audience ,
which filled the salon almost to suffocation.
It was really a crush , thor friends of the vari
ous participants being out In force to assist
at the debut of the vocalists.
Mrs. George Gould inaugurated the evenIng -
Ing by singing ToursL-iUJecause of Thee"
very sweetly and prettily , and was followed
by Miss Mvrtlo Coon who rendered Bach's
"Cradle Song" very effectively. Miss
Mary Oliver quite . surprised her
friends by her beautiful rendi
tion of Cowon's , , . "Lovo is a
Dream. " It was so/full / of sentiment and
phased so perfectly that u storm of applause
followed Its completion1.
Mr. Paul Beresford , the only gentleman
figuring on the programme , sang "Calvary"
in a very modest maunpr. His voice , while
not particularly large , is handled with skill ,
and under Mrs. Cotton's direction ought to
grow in beauty as it rfvov s in volume.
Mrs. C. S.V hltney , Is the possessor of n very
sweet soprano Voice which was shown to
good advantage In Ardlll's "Magnetic Waltz. "
Miss Kate Ball selected for her debut ns n
soloist Chadwlck's pretty ballad "So Far
Away , " which displayed her light nlto vole
very acceptably Indeed ,
Two ducts by Caracctola , "A Streamlet
Full of FlowerH , " and "Nearest and Dearest"
by Miss Boulter and Mrs. Mocller were
beautifully sang. Both voices were in perfect
harmony , the soprano of Miss Boulter fur
nishing the high lights for Mrs. Moellcr's
rich and rare contralto. And the number
was ono of the gems of the evening , introduc
ing two well and favorably known vocalists to
the audience.
Miss Clara Clarkson charmed the guests by
her daiuty rendering of "La Primovera , " by
Torry. While her voice is not big by any
means It is beautifully modulated m the upper
register especially , Just suited for coloratura
Miss Anna Bishop has both a rich nnd a
irihguotio alto , which shows evidence of very
careful tralniiig. It is full of sentiment and
gives promise of something out of the or
dinary if care Is taken in its development.
Miss Bishop sanp "Tho Journey is Long , "
ono of Coombs' compositions , and won many
worm words of pralso for the manner of Its
In a year MIsc Georgia Boulter has
wonderfully improved , so much so
that it was the wonder of
her fronds , who have not heard
her Sunday after Sunday at tno St. Mary's '
Avenue Congregational church whcro she
holds the position of first soprano. Her
technique has greatly increased under Mrs.
Cotton's direction , and her phrasing , which
was so much of a former drawback to her
work , has wonderfully Improved. She has a
beautiful voice excelling in the upper
register. ' Her middle voice still
needs judicious care which may have been
some what handicapped by her solo selection ,
"Do placer ml balza 11 gor,1' ' f rom "William
Tell. " Written upon an exalted plane ,
the favorite lyrio number of Mmo.
Pattl , Gcrstcr and Nilsson , it was
nevertheless very effectively suncr ,
barring a slight tendency to accentuate notes
which the composer never intended should
bo so marked.
The programme was completed by an
octette , "Approach of Spring , " by Gnde ,
which was charmingly done , the di
vision of the voices being as fol
lows : First sopranos , Mrs. Whitney , Miss
MnrvOlverj second sopranos , Mrs. George
Gould , Miss Clara Clarkson ; tint altos , Miss
Kuto Ball , Miss Lou 1'ortcrfleld ; second
altos. Miss Anna Bishop , Mrs , F. L. Mocller.
Taking Into consideration that this was
the first appearance of a number of the par
ticipants the recital was successful to a
r Tlio "World do Move.
f And BO do thai ( Olegnntly appointed
io trains of the Burlington route. By this
o favorite line , seleeftod by the U. S. gov
o ernment to carry the fast mail , you have
itn the choice of'thrjee'daily trains for
h Chicago nnd the east ; two for Kansas
it City and the southj'two for Denver and
its itd tlio west. " "
s The BurlingtonrNo. 2 Fast Express ,
vcstlbuled throiifjHo'ut , equipped with
elegant Pullman 6.\rs f urn IB hod with
well selected libraries , reclining chair
cars ( seats free ) , ahd"dJning car leaves
Omaha 4:30 : p. ni.r-iiprive8 Chicago 8 n.
m. , serving breakfaet'boforo arrival.
No. 0. fast mail , loaves Omaha 0:10 : p.
ra. ( arrives Chlcngd-J1 p. m. , equipment
and dining car boryice up to the highest
standard. Ticket XjfjlK 1223 Furnam at.
18 10 W ; F. Vani , ngent.
California Excursions ,
Pullman tourist sleeping car excur
sions to California nnd Paclllo coast
points leave Chicago every Thursday ,
Kansas City every Friday via the Snntn
Fo route. Ticket rate from Chicago
$47.50 , from Sioux City , Omtihn , Lincoln
orKansus City $35 , Bleeping car rate
from Chicago $4 per double berth , from
Kansas City $3 per double berth. Every'
thing furnished except moult ) . Those
excursions are personally conducted b }
experienced excursion managers wlu
accompany parties to duHtinatlon. Fet
excursion folder containing full partlcu
lars und ipnp folder and time table o :
Santa Fo route nnd reserving of sleeping
car berths , address S. M , Osgood , general
oral ngent , E. L. Palmer , freight nnd
passenger agent , A.T. & S. P. railroad
1308 Furnam street ,0maua , Nebraska
Tli3 Successful Efforts of Messrs. Bosowator
and Webster Eloquently Commended.
Speeches by Dr. Miller , majorI'atl -
( look , Mr. II , AV. Ynten , Mr.
"W. 12. Atinlii , Sir. Thomas
ICIIpntrlck. nnd Oilier. ? ,
Ojylng to the great demand for space In tlio
columns ot TUB SUNDAY Br.e some of the
speeches nt ttio Hosowater-Webster banquet
nt the Omaha club Saturday evening , the
Ifith lust , were unavoidably crowded out.
They are hero accordingly reproduced.
Dr. George L. Miller in responding to the
toast , "Tho Campaign , " said :
"Mr. Toastmnstcr mid gentlemen of thtf
Omaha club-I hnvo boon sitting hero this
evening very much delighted with some
things that I have seen and heard , and very
much lu suspicion or some other things thnt
I have noticed ( laughter ] In the last half
hour , or hour , or two hours. I am suspicious
that John L. Webster , my eminent friend ,
has been secretly ti-yiiiir to steal ray speech
hero. I projioso to punish Mr. Webster- for
the offense by talking to you nn hour , but
ho Implored mo not to do It ,
nnd In consideration of your feelings
I will not Inlllct tlio punishment this even
ing , but will reserve it for the futuro.
I liavo listened with prcnt satisfaction to
the eloquent speeches of the gentlemen who
have preceded mo-eloquent gentlemen who
are entitled to the gratitude of tlio people of
this state. I want to speak of n , man who is
not hero tonight. Of n young man who has
passed to his rest ; the young mnn who was
the organizer of the Huslno Men's nnd
Bankers' association and to whoso innnngo
mcnt and counsel , the state of Nebraska owes
its deliverance from the great public calam
ity. [ A voice : "Moffntt. " Applause. ] Ho
was not well enough known to this communi
ty ; I tiiKo It for granted that ho was not
known to many outsldo the commercial uor-
tion of tlio city , but wherever ho was known
ho wus known as a manly , true
and loyal man , nnd I want to
say thnt this occasion should not pass
without a tribute to the memory of a man
who had ns accurate Judgment of our affairs ,
present and future , considering the tlmo of
ills residence in the city , ns any man I over
had the honor of mooting. That young man ,
modest nnd retiring , though aggressive ,
worked with tucso gentlemen , with Mr.
Rosowntor nt the head , In u way thnt showed
us that when we lost him , wo lost ns capable
nnd useful a man as' ever lived. [ Applause. ]
"Although my Identity with this commit
tee was a mere .iguratlvo one , or ono with
which I had no particular connection except
to know of Its organization , I say that the
combination of tills great editor , the elo
quence of Webster nnd that man of unex
celled organizing power , Mr. Uoggcn , who Is
unsurpassed as nil organizer by an von o I
over know , having access M I did to reports
ovcry hour , I say hero on my responsibility ,
hat in nil my observation In political work ,
have never seen men bettor organized for
lattlo than In the campaign Just passed. My
Icpartment has been ono of prominent scr-
. Ice to the Voice. [ Laughter ] , As the
approved correspondent of n man by the
name of Kodman , I will submit to this busi
ness association If I did not completely un-
old the wants and needs of the people in
his campaign. If that letter of mlno was
uot sufficiently plain 1 will surrender nil my
: lnlm of recognition at the hands of the
itcrury bureau. [ Laughter ] . I told them
vhat wo did not have nnd I toll thorn what
vo wanted. That little Incident in thib cam-
mlgn was very amusing to many nndsomc-
\hat to mo. I Immediately subscribed to
, ho "Voico and I am n regular patron of that
japer now. ULnughtcrj. It has given mo
ill the literary distinction I over had In my
ifo since I presided over the Omaha Hoi'ild.
"Gentlemen , I have listened tonight to the
eloquent and comprehensive address of Mr.
liosowntor , who has stated something of the
past nnd much of the future of this great
poungclty , now in its babyhood , compared to
what it will bo within the lives of the young
men hero tonight , The work in the f uturo
for this city will soon belong to the young
men who are kind enough to listen to mo.
The shadows of ago nro falling upon the
heads of the men who may be called the
fathers and founders of Omaha. Ins , ono of the
men \ylio came hero before the Indian occupa
tion had ceased , In the coming few years can
see Jho end of n life that has been active hero
for thirty-six years. I sny to the young men
hero tonight , you who arc hi the meridian of
manhood , that your imagination cannot paint
n future for this city that will not bo far out
stripped by the reality , for the next twenty-
five years.
"For thirty years I have made n daily study
of tbo resources of Omaha. I remember very
well when a man by the name of Durant , who
built the railroad hero , said that the railroad
could never bo operated for the reason that
there wns no fuel In the Rocky mountains
with which to run the locomotives. I know
It wns his plan never to build the railroad nn
Inch beyond the city of Cheyenne , because
ho said the mountains could not be passed , or
the fuel could not bo obtained.
"When I came to Chicago , men said , 'VVc
have all the growth wo will ever have hero
and you had better go west , ' and I cnmo west
to grow down with the country for the first
fifteen years , and I say to these young men ,
don't you discredit anything whnt such men
ns I nm say about the future of Omahn , for
upon that depends your future fortune. If 1
could have convinced the incn of Omaha
twenty years ago thnt this city was to have a
population of 150,000,1 could have made a
thousand inon rich.
"Thoso gentlemen have furnished mo the
text ; Kosowater has given you the statistics ,
and I am dealing with what I can foresee
of the future of this city , mid when you wish
for the dovclopment.of this community west
of you with all Its manifold resources. In ten
or twenty years It will out-run and discount
tbo Imagination two to ono. [ Applause. I
Then W. V. Morse , the eminent merchant of
your city , has a Jug of whisky corked up ,
which ho says ho is never going to uncork
until this city has a population of 400,000 ; I
want to say to him that ho will bo a compara
tively young man when the jug is uncorked.
Thanking you , gentleman , for your kind at
tention , I bid you good night. [ Great ap
plause and cheers. ]
Major J , W. Paddock responded to the
toast , "Tho Old Settlers. " Ho said : "Unlike
Mr. Yates , who staits with water , I will
take a generous sup of wine. When I was
first notined of this banquet I was told thai
It would ben gathering of the active , vigor
ous members of the club to honor our gucstj
of tonight , I see that I am expected to glv <
dignity and style to the entertainment. 3
want to say seriously that I am probably tin
oldest In this gathering , at least the oldcs
Inhabitant of this community. Dr. Miller it
two weeks behind mo. As old settlers w <
have passed through many epochs and Strug
gles In the history of the btato , among thi
moat notable of which wns the location o
the capital thirty-six years ago , there beini
but two present who took part In it , and tin
location of the Union Pncliic , there hoini
but one hero who was effective in that result
But I say that never was any victory woi
that meant so much to the prosperity of tin
state as that which has just been achieved
It Is of inoro Importance in building up th
stnto and insuring the safety of cvorybod
than all the others. To none Is this resul
moro directly duo than to our guests hero tc
night. Talking of old settlers reminds mo o
the fact that umongthe pumpkin producers i
new territories the oldest inhabitants nro r <
garded ns invctcruto liars. I want It undoi
stood thnt I nm the oldest Inhabitant able t
be present and tell the truth. I need hardl
call your attention to two of our greatest N <
brash u products Canada BUI nnd Bufful
Bill. The former , although once a hunto
citizen of our state , as n financier had fei
superiors. Subtle In lib management , chili
Ilka and bland In his manifestation ) ) , sklllc
aiul adroit in his manipulation of trust fund :
wo shall never see his llko again. The ottu
has won distinction and dollars on two cent
nonts , and when ho Is not hobnobbing wit
the prince of Wales , is marshaling liU domi
stlcatod aborigines and painting thing red 1
the western portion of our own fair stuti
Wo hnvo no Vumlerbllu or Gould :
but wo nro proud to preset
tho. naino of Buffalo 13111. Ot
soft , continued twilight Is supposed 1
some to bo the reflection of the telling sui
but wo old settlers are aware Unit It la simp ]
the reflection of William's shirt front dl :
mond. When darkness comes on it is b
cause ho has succumbed to his insidious fo
old tanglefoot In tbirty-slx years our * tn
has made n surprising advance In the ar
and sciences , Nebraska has compelled U
great American desert to retreat to mythical
lands nnd leave these fertile valleys to yield
n rich abundance for the most enterprising
and prosperous representatives of our race. '
In replying to the , ' 'Tho United
States Postal Department , " Postmaster
Clarkson said thnt ho could scarcely under
stand whyn contemptible government olnclnl ,
ns n Now York paper called him. nhould bo
Invited to participate in the festivities of the
occasion. S.ild ho ! "Wo have heardncreat
deal about the goncrals of this campaign , und
I desire to sny thnt the grand result could
never hnvo been obtained without the hearty
co-operation of the runic nml Hie. To the work
of the business men of Omaha Is duo the
magnificent result that has been
accomplished. AH the KoiU'rah on
earth could not have done this
without the assistance of this association
The Omaha postoftlco has grown to bo n niur-
vclous thing. A few years It was nil car
ried in A. D. Jones' ' hat , and now a live-story
building has been found to ha altogether too
small. It hni foc-cu found necessary to re
quest our business men to send In their mull
by Instalments during the dnv that It may bo
promptly handled. Over llftv thousand letters -
tors nro mailed Irf thh odleo ovcry
dny by actual count. Over $1,800,000 Is
received nnd paid out , and $ . " > .IKK ) worth of
stnmps nnu envelopes sold every month.
This Is bound to make Omaha hoard from nil
over the country. None of us uro too old to
see this n city of 400,000 , nnd Ills coming
soon. No city lu the country Is as nervyvo ! !
and w\\a \ ( \ awnko ns Omaha.1'
K. W. Slmeral responded to the toast "Tho
Bar. " Ho said thnt the bar hud maintained
the law nnd order of the city
and state , nd would continue to do so In
years to como. The of Onmha stands
pre-eminent among the coutts of the coun
Mr.rlhomas Kllpntrickwns called for , and
said that ho was sorry that ho could not con
sider himself with Messrs. Miller and Pad
dock as nn old settlor. Ho said that for six
teen years ho hud resided nt the early homo
of Air. Hosowater , and It was his privilege to
think him a great power. He came from
Cleveland , nnd was told thnt the most power
ful paper west of the Missouri river was Tin :
OMAHA liuii. Said ho : "Itwiis my pilvllcgo
to know nnd esteem Mr. Hosowntcr's family ,
nnd I nm glnd ho stands so highly today in
the estimation of the people of Omaha. If In
the future I am not pleased with him I shall
say so , but I will respect the man who stands
by his patty and Is always walking for the
benefit of this nnd growing citv. "
Mr. Henry VTutes , responding to the toast
of "Our Bankers. "
after u humorous refer
ence to some other hankers present who
should hr\vu been called upon instead of him
self , and the possible connection that bunks
inU'hi bavo with the occasion , nt suggested
by Judge Clnrkson spoke nsfollows :
"I had the honor of presiding at the llrst
mooting called for the purpose of inaugurat
ing the nnti.prohlLltlon cnmp.ilgn , and upon
mo devolved the duty of appointing an execu
tive committee. Several weeks were tuknu
for the purpose , nnd I bcllovo I selected a
good committee. I am free to confess thnt ,
fora time , I felt , with other , somewhat dis-
satlslled when this committee was displaced
nt a subsequent gathering by another
chosen In Its place. In the light , however ,
of results , it must now bo admitted that the
right men were found for the place , who ,
with the blessing of the divine 1'rovidcnco.
hnvo brought about tills grand success , nnd
to Mr. Edward Kosowater personally , in my
opinion , the credit is larirolv duo for the de
feat of the prohibition amendment.
"T was opposed to prohibition not merely , as
assorted by so many , thnt It did not prohibit
but , firstly , because I believed It would bo
detrimental to the material Interests of this
city nnd stnto ; nnd , secondly , because I did
not bellovo in the principle itself. The law
should not undertake to Interfere to this ex
tent with Individual rights. Life Is made up
of small things. Men's tastes differ. Ono
finds his greatest enjoyment In a good cigar ,
another , perhaps , in the driving of a fast
team , or the eating of a turkey , and I am
not sure hut others find theirs In
prayers und psalm-slnglng. Notwithstand
ing this belief , during all my twenty-nine"
years of residence In this city for I bellovo
I nnte-dnto Mr. Hosewntor no one hero can
say I was over sosn Insldo u saloon. And ,
right hero , I believe it proper to refer to a
subject nnd problem which Is presented to
the people of this city. It should be dis
tinctly understood and our newspapers
should send It forth with no uncer
tain sound , that wo nro lu favor of temper
ance nnd the enforcement of the law. Puulic
opinion V1I1 do moro to lessen the , number of
saloons and the curse of saloons than any
law which can bo enacted. Great advance In
this dlioction has been nmdo in recent years ,
and , If our prohibition friends will onlv let
us alone or will Join bonds with us. much
greater results will follow In the futuro.
The men who voted for prohibition were ,
some of them cranks and others doubtless
tricksters and impostors ; but , the largo ma
jority were terribly in earnest and no ono
should bolloVo Hint the cause of prohibition
Is dead. To combat with It successfully , wo
should demonstrate , what I boltovo to bo a
fact , that n largo majority of our people ,
.vhllo voting against prohibition and for high
license , arc also opposed to the saloons and
Enloon influence.
Another problem In this connection Is nlso
brought vividly before us of the largest
financial importance nnd which mast soon
receive our gravest consideration. In vlow
of nil the contingencies presented , some
movement sould bo commenced or some plan
devised for the support of our public schools
other than that derived from saloon licenses.
"In closing , I desire again to nlludo to the
great service rendered to our state and city
by our guests of this evening. These entitle
them to all the thanks you have extended
nnd nil the honors you have conferred upon
them , and , In my opinion , deserve nt our
hands a much moro substantial recognition
than what is supplied by this banquet from
the Omaha club , "
W. E. Annln , being Introduced by the
chairman ns "anxious to respond to the toast
of 'The Pi-ess'said : "When the commit
tee of llvo , of which I happen to bo a mem
ber , was appointed to see now many of the
200 members of this club would bo willing to
stay away , wo mutually agreed that no posi
tion of honor or trust should bo accepted by
any member of that committee. Wo broke
the rule first In the case of Offutt. Ho firmly
but persistently insisted that ho should bo se
lected as chairman. Wo didn't want him and
tendered the position to J. M. Woolworth.
Ho regretfully declined on account , of ab
sence from the city. So , too , aid Dr. Aliller ,
who had broken another engagement to bo
with us this evening. As a lust resort wo
were compelled to come down to Offutt , and ,
of course , ho accepted with thanks. [ Pro
longed laugtitcr. 1 The reflection ho has
cast on mo in his Introduction cannot bo per
mitted to pass unnoticed , Hence my simple
"As I passed by the table about two mln-
ufosago Mr. Offutt suld : 'Wo shall call on
vou to respond to the toaat of The
Press , ' and Mr. Kosowater added sotto
voce 'Tho Express. ' [ Laughter , ] There
Is feomothing lu that. Of course , for three
years past I have had no stilted connection
with any Oinahu paper nnd am on that ac
count n local ex-press man. Hut the call to
answer to the toast of my profession tiring *
mo to my feet nnd I do not feel embarrassed
as I guzo upon this wine emblazoned assem
blage , to endorse a calling thnt has nrhluvcd
HO much In victory and defeat , nnd through
victory nnd defeat ns the 'Press. '
"Thohjis no toast through whoso silvery
whiskers the winds of Hpilng , the gentle
zephyrs of summer and the storms of iiutiunn
hnvo blown as it/has through these of the
"And yet I vlolnto no confidence in saying
that the toast seems to bo proposed only when
either an editor Is a guoM , of the evening 01
reporters with sharp pointed pencils arc
seated at the tables. [ Laughter und ap
pluuso ] ,
"Wo fear tlio press always , und wo hate
the press frequently , but wo uro apt to ad
inlro the press in public only when member ;
of the press are present. [ Laughter ] , Am
wo know that the press Is always nblc U
pralso lUolf and doesn't need our fcohlo uu
coiilums ,
"Still I am of the press , with tin
press , and for the press. I b-i
gun right hero in Omaha unc
Mr. Kosowater was my firat employer. [ Ap
plauso.J I ( tot $16 a week salary und ucarl ;
wrecked the paper , [ Laughter. ] Our ontln
start consisted of thrco , und wo worked sov
cntcou hours a day. When wo needed i
stimulating example Kosewuter worked tin
whole twenty-four. [ Laughter and ap
plauso.J It was a much smaller press thei
than now. In these olden days Dr. Mlllc
[ applause ] wns smiting vigorous blows fo
Omaha on the Iloruld and writing live ) ;
reminiscences of 18.VT-58-5 ! ) , with occaslona
mentions of 18tH-U5-X ! [ laughter ] , and Mi
Kosowater , on Tin : Bun , wus wielding hi
editorial slodgo-hammcr on currant topic
and dodging up Douelas sti-oot to avoid meet
ing Individuals who desired to express In i
physical manner the fact that they difToroi
with him in views. [ Applause and laughter.
For myself , I recall the days \vucn It tooli
six-blocks' walk for n certain newspaper inVl.
to avoid meeting un enraged landlady , nn
when all the dividends of Omnlm nnwspnpors
combined for n vnnr would not have paid the
snlnry ot a single roportor.
"Tho Omaha pnns Ims nlwnyn led
this city , It has nluays blazed
the way of every public Improvement. It
has cleared the track for the Investment of
cnultnl. It has fcitrlcstly exposed corruption ,
nnd stood shoulder to shoulder when the
prosperity of the fair city was immiltcd.
[ Prolonged npplnuso.j In no city In the
country of Omulm's population are the pa
pers hotter edited , pny out so much In pro
portion for news , or stand so closely In touch
with the people. Ami I want to sny thnt In
the cast , ninong Journalists no less than
among renders , the piper that Is known 03
the piper of Omnlm. the editor who is rccog *
nlzcd ns among the foremost of the country ,
Is that paper known ns Tin ; OMMIA HUB ,
whoso editor wo honor ourselves In honoring
here this evening , [ Loud nnd prolonged np-
plniiso. ) Helms done well his nut In this
groatbattlo , which bus been lighting for per
sonal liberty ami personal right , for the mn
tenul intoivts of Onuilm and the material
Interests of Nebraska , | Aupluuso. ]
"There is n lilting personal lionor In this , because wo have hew ono to whom
wo are s > much Indebted. Vou who have ni-
Aoctutcil with him us members of the Stata
Dnslncss Men nnd Bnnkun' association who
know of his indofatlgnbla Industry , his un
varying persistency unit his honest nnd unro-
muncr.ited work can speak In louder tones of
pralso than myself of thu labors of Kdwitrd
Hosowator. [ Loud nnd prolonged applause. 1
"Thnt was n remnrkablo combination or
brains nnd oratory united in each , the editor
and the lawyer , which I'ducatod the people ol
this state on the subject of nutl-piiihlbitlon.
Hut , gentlemen , you addressed only a few
thousand ntn time from tlio platform amid u
whirlwind of cheers. It was when the prosd
put In cold typo those remnrkablo debates
that hundreds of thousands of voters read nnd
rotle"ted over your arguments and the calm
consideration of n quiet hour clinched the un-
dlsputablo facts nnd llgures which you so
ably presented. Tlio press was the greatest
ally and the mostpowerful Instrument in that
most Important Htrugglo through wnlch wo
have passed. And at the front , striking with
all 1U old-tlmo vigor , stood Tun OM \ n13un ,
gathering votes wherever It went nnd prov
ing itself , ns it always has , the lionost clmm-
piouof honesty and the sturdy defender of
Omaha's interests and the interests of tha
stnto. [ Applause . !
"J thank Mr , Offut for calling mo up. It
has been n great pleasure to mo to respond to
tills toast of The Press , because wo hnvo
hero It's most famous representative In the
state of Nebraska and ono of the most distin
guished In the whole trans-Missouri country.
[ applause , ]
Weather Probabilities
For November Indications point to
cold , frosty weather. That , however ,
will inako no difference t6 these who
travel in the stotim-houtod und electric-
lighted , limited vostlbulo trains which
nro run only by the CbJcnpo , Milwaukee
A ; St. Paul Ky. between Omnlm and
Chicago. City ticket olllco , 1501 Par-
nam Bt. , Omaha. F. A. NASH ,
J. E. PUKSTOJT , General Agent.
City Passenger Agent.
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A complete assorment of
Men's- : : Furnishings
Look atour supply of
and artistic collection of
Ward McAllister himself
would take delight in them.
> O.SAhH t'Oll HAY AND til'KAW
rU01 Iljpartincnt of the Missouri ,
Oflkuot tlioChlof Quaileinuster , Ht. Louis ,
Mlssouil , November 10,18X ! > . Sealed proposals
In trlpllc.Uc , Riibjeot to the usual condition ; ) ,
will bo received ut this olllco anil ut tlio ofllca
of the Qnui lerinastur at Fort Ucnn. O. T. , un
til 1o'clock , noon , centiul Ntundard tlmo.
November 111. 18M. and then opened , for the
furiilshliK ? nnd delivering during tliu llscal
year oiidliin June : w. 18)1. ! ) two million four
bundled thousand 12,400.000 ] pounds of ha
nnd four hundred and sixty-live
NtB.000) ) nowiilu of straw ut Kurt Itono , O. T.
Proposals for delivery at cither points will bo
cntertnliied. lUdJora.niiist stulo tliu places
whore they propose to mtiku deliveries , The
covoniniciit reserves the rl lit tuiolcct any or
nil bids , or to contract for cither kind of sup
plies , orsuch putlon of oaoli as inny uo C0n-
hluorcd for the best Interests of the service ,
nnd waive such defects ns lire not In conflict
with tin ) law. I'rjfurcino will ho Rlvon to ar
ticles of domestic piodiictlou or mnnufiiotiiro ,
conditions of quality and price ( Including In
tbo prlco of fortilgu production or inaniifnc-
turo the duty thereon ] being ennui , lllimlc
nropos IH nnd prllitod circulars giving full In
formation will bo furnished on application to
thltt olllco or to lliu quartermaster of tlio post
nninod , KnvelopcH containing proposals
tdinuld hn iniukcd "I'rojusiU for ( lay and
hi raw at I'or I , Ueno , O , T. , " nnd uddrcaaed to
the umlorhlgnod , or to the 1'ost Oiinrtormus *
ter. Kort Ueno. O. T , 0. W , KOBTKR , Quar
tormuster. U. H A. . Clilof Quurtcrmustor ,
lliHooIutlou Notice.
Notice Is hereby lvcn that Ilio llrni of Col *
hcth , JoluiKon & Iiovgien In dissolved by mill
tiiul consent , by the withdrawal of the undoH
Hlk'iicd. J.A , LovaiiKif.
Omaha , Novombor21,1690.
I lima this ilny associated myself In busU
ni'ssttltli Hy. ilalmgrnn ut room H. Unrke *
block , the styluof the IIrm being Malninron 4
I.ovgrcn. " "
JlPCclvrr'H Snip.
lly vlrtoo nt nn older of Die circuit court of
tlio United btatcs for Iho district of Nobrnsku
made tho2lht day of November ! 1WW , the un
( lerslgned Is ahtfiorlzed to receive scaled bid
for the entire coouo , wares , inerchundlsu un (
effcotH of the Midland KItcli lo Conipany , Al
Hiich bids to ho niaUu on or before thclStl
day of December , Ibim. nddresHcd to the un
durslKiied , A. r. lll.UNUKi.L. Hccolvcr.
HldH will bo received for the next ton duy
for the entire Htook of tewolry , Ineludlnir llxf
tuiesof all kinds , at 1324 I'arimm utroet , Vttiij
cott'nold Htand , The right to reject nny ua4
nil bids latcnorfod. J.Ii , lioyd , receiver , '