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by dirtier in ui.y part of the City.
nustntu Office. No. 41
Night Editor , No. 23.
N. Y. P. Co.
Council UlulTs Lumber Co. coal.
The Hcrcan Baptist ladles'aid society will
meet with Mrs. Thlckstun , Ml Willow ave
nue , till ) afternoon ,
The petit jury In the district court Is being
Btiwinoiicd for next Monday , when the trial
of l.uv cases will begin.
Unity ( jiilld will meet In regular session
with Mrs. ( J , II. Jackson , 517 First street ,
Kilday , N'ovembcrUI , ntl ! o'clock ,
Ki'gular meeting of Harmony chapter No.
20. Order of the l.astern Star , this evening.
Visiting members of llio order cordially wel
Justice Ilcmlrlcks yesterday tied the knot
binding Charles N. Anderson nml Nellie F.
Miller us husband and wife , llotli reside In
this city.
Kx-Oftlcor Tnrnl'ca left for Chicago last
night to hnvo a surgical opciution performed
on his Jaw , the bone of which has caused him
trouble for n long time past.
i'ermlt to wed was yesterday given A.
Bcrcshi'lin and Clara A. Teal ; also toVIll -
lam A. Cbninplln of lltinlson county und
Clara lllUlrcth of this county.
The Married Ladles' Social society will
hold their regular meeting Thursday after
noon. November SO. ntlho lusldcnco of Mrs.
Kit/ Warren , 7U1 Flftb avenue.
Thieves Imvo got away wltu nil the fancy
chickens on 11. Shugart's farm In Ilurdln
township. Some of them -were very valuable.
A few of his bronzed turkeys were ulso
Sneclnl meeting of the Woman's Christian
Temperance Union this afternoon at ! ) o'clock
in their rooms in the Mcriain building. Itusi-
ness of Irnporttince. Let , every member bo
Kidcr II. M. Klvln of Lnmonl , In. , will hold
services nt 7-ir : > o'clock ihls evening lit the
Latter Day Saints church on Pierce street ,
west of CJlen avenue. Seals frco and all are
The Council Bluffs chop hoiiso served sup
per for the Alpine dancing club on Monday
evening , to which the reporters were cordi
ally Invited. As usual the llrst class reputa-
tatlon of Iho tiouso was sustained on this
The seduction case of fi. 13. Deel will bo
called In Justice Schura court today. It is
rumored , however , that the case has been
settled and will not bo tiled , that Deel hud
procured some admissions from the Patter
son girl that will overthrow her charge.
'J'hu man Mcltobcrts. who is said to have
kicked tip a row on Pierce street , and to
have drawn a lovolvcr with Intent to kill ,
called at 'Inn UIB : olllce yesterday to enter
Ids denial. The only declaration concerning
the affair that ho saw lit to make was , "I
don't know anything about it. "
E. K. Deel olTvtod n compromise last night
vith Miss Haillo Patterson , who had him ar-
iesl ; d ou Iho charge of seduction. She
signed a statement drawn up by an attorney
employed by Uoel that practically admits
that she win attempting to levy blackmail
when she had Uoul urustcd. Deol paid tbo
costs in tbo case nnd It will go no further.
A morning paper . been publishing for
the past two or three davs a sensational re-
) iort that nn Insane man Is a guest at ono of
Iho leading Main street bolels. Tlio holel
people emphatically deny the story , and say
that it 1ms caused them and their guests a
( freat deal of annoyance. They say they are
not conducting n private Insuno ushim , and
have no guests who have lost their mental
The Justices nro uol yet through with Mr.
Paul's ' sand cases , nnd. It is probable that
there will bo other prosecutions. Anew
now hatch of warrants were Issued ycstcr-
il.iy nnil two arrests were made , ° R 13.
Henry and a inun mimed Lindsay were tbo
unfortunates. Lindsay's case was set for
hearing yesterday afternoon , but ho de
manded a Jury trial when arraigned and the
hearing was postponed until this afternon. _
Pete Dclh'In , the wretch who wascaught In
the outhouse of the llloomcr school building ,
Inul a partial hearing in the superior couit
last night. IIo pleaded not guilty when ar
raigned , but afterwards reconsidered the
matter and consented to waive examination
If the case was continued until tills morning.
The continuance \vas granted , and if ho
Waives this morning ho will bo sent to the
county jail and contlncd until the grand Jury
meets for the January term of the district
court ,
Last night nt 10 o'clock llio flro department
was called out to tuko euro of a llro that had
broken out in the barn of George II. Jackson ,
at ni" South First street. 'Iho llro had se
cured a good start before it was discovered ,
nnil it was lee Ute to rescue a handsome lit
tle Jersey cow slablcd In the barn and highly
prbcd by the family. The building wns
wrapped In Humes when the department ar
rived , bul the llro was quickly extinguished.
The loss. Including the cow , will amount to
several hundred dollars. Mr. Jackson is a
tracer employed by the Union 1'acillo rail
road nt the transfer.
The board of trade meeting last night was
fairly well attended. The various railway
rumors and tbo circulation of Iho pctilloh
published yesterday was the cause of the un
usually largo number of members being
present. The union depot question catno u [
when Mr. Pusey stated that the roads Inn
decided not lo make a move unlll spring , Ho
also stilted that Iho enormous prices askcil
for propeity by some of the land owners hail
1.d 1 Its effect In the dolay. The local com
mittco had not turned over to the roads the
stock as had boon reported , lie urged Unit
nolhlng bo ilono lo antagonize the present
comliUonof things. A coiiiinltlco composed
of Messrs. D , Macrae , J. F. Ivtniball and
Judge W C. James , was appointed to confer
with the management of the roads ,
Tim Mnnhattaa sporting headquarters , 413
For hoys' anil children's suits durably
iniulo anil ut lowest prices , call ut the Model
A ( iratel'ulVonnin ,
Irs. JntncsCusoy , whoso homo was burned ,
Icnvlntf ucrsvK nnil her live- children desti
tute , feels very grateful ut tlio generosity
iown in relieving her distresses. Slio has
bcoi : promptly supplied with tlio requisites
for furnishing her homo , with clothing , pro
visions mid money , so that the family U now
comparatively Independent , she being n hard ,
honest worker , oipnbloof supporting herself.
Shodeshos Tin : lir.r. to thmilc most he.mlly
Uioso who thus contrlbulcd , und says she
"cannot tliuiik those noble hearted people
enough , "
An clcRiint line of Melton ovoreoals at ro
duceil ritesut Model Clolluni ; Co ,
Buy your conl anil wooii of C. II. Fuel Co. ,
WJ Ii road way , Telephone 13J.
For stout men's ' clothing call ot Model
Clothing Co. , L. H. Mossier , Mgr.
Olijocts to Alimony.
In the district court yestonhiy the divorce
proceedings of Mrs. Mitchell vs AVIlllan :
Lewis , the \vcll known hack line tn.iii , oc.
tupled n portion o ( the day. She prescntci !
proof of hlo cniel nnd iiummmu treatment
inul no ix'slstaucu was inudoon his part to her
obtidnlng it decree on this ground. Ho did
however , contest her request for alimony ti
the extent of 1,000 , olulmlng that ho was no
worth inoru than Unit amount in nil , anil du
not feel like giving her everything Judge
Ciirson111 , deeido concornlng thl feature o'
the cube this morning' .
A ClirUtiims rtizzlo.
AVhntshalhvo buy for the holidays ! I
this puztlcs you como In and sco our holiday
kttraclloiis : brilliant diamonds ; gold niu
Illvor walches und chains ; quaint , novel , ne\\
patterned jewelry , rings , bracelets , necklaces
lockets ; golil-lieudcd cunes ; solid silver anil
plated ware : too many novelties to name
you mast sco them to appreciate them , thei
are so nrllstlo uud beautiful ; visitors welcome
como to see our ilUpluy , c. II. Jncnueuiin & .
Co. , No. L 7 Main su
Money to loan at straight 5 per cent per
BUUUIU , K. ii. Uaruett , ugeut.
J , O. Ulxbjr , steam noatln ? , sanitary en
jlneer. M3 l.lfo bulldmir , Om.itu : 'JJJ Mor
daw block , Council Xiluct * .
.Merman ( Jasper to bo Galled Upon so De
fend Himself in a Libel Salt.
of Treasurer IMiunor Ob-
JeotH to Alimony Itohbcil an
Omaha tMiysloIanOotinuil
Aldcrmnn Ca pcr Is enjoying the novel ex
perience of being made the defendant Inasult
for slnndcr. Ills worst enemy has never
charged him with belngthoownorof atonguo
of slander , and his blunt honesty that has
caused him to nunounco his opinions of men
and things fearlessly ha ? always been gov-
crcd by abundant discretion. Yet notwlth-
minding , ho lias been charged with slander
ing n fellow cltl/.cu , and a suit has bscn Insti
tuted In the superior court claiming heavy
damages for the offense.
The plnlntlff In the casa Is David Gray , and
the alleged slanderous words were tittered In
a recent council meeting. Gray , who Is quito
well known In various other enterprises ,
Is ulso a hnrnessinakcr. When
the new hose reels were pur
chased it became necessary to
purchase new harness for the additional
earn , and It was the duty of Alderman Cas-
> er as riinlrimni of the llro com ml1 too in the
council , lo make the purchase. As the har
ness was of n special and heavy character , it
vns necessary to have the \\ork done lo or-
lur. propositions were made by
Jouncil DlufTs harness makers , and among
hem was a bid from Gray. When the mat-
.or was being discussed In Iho committee , Al-
lemma Casper objected to Gray's bid and in-
ilmated lhat in previous work done for the
cltv by Urny bo hud overcharged for Inferior
work , aim as the alderman bluntly stated It.
lad "robbed , the city. " Alderman Wood
ncrrcd with him , mid upon the rcconimenda-
.lon of the committee the bid wus not onlcr-
The discussion that bad taken plneo in the
committee was reported to Gray and ho engaged -
gaged Judge Iloulton to Institute tbo suit.
Iiulgo Aylcsworth has also been retained
lo assist In the prosecution. The
papers were prepared yesterday and will bo
liled today. The amount of the damage
claimed has not boon stated , but it Is sup
posed to bo nbout 10.000. This amount Gray
Maims to have sustained by the Injury lo his
business as a harncssmakcr and damage to
his character as n eili/en since tbo alderman
uttered the naughty words.
It was also designed to make a defendant
of Alilcrnmii Wood , but upon the advice of
luilgo Aylesworth his name was omitted in
Llio suit at the present time.
Alderman Casper does not indicate any im-
: iislncss over llio matter and docs not be-
llevo IIP will be called upon to part with tiny
of his copoks to sooth Mr , Gray's feelings at
the present time.
Continuation ot the great dealing sale nt
Making mom for holiday goods ,
The phenomenal success attending the
tea clearing snlo at the Boston store , Coun
cil HlufYs , bus been so encouraging Hint they
have concluded lo continue it for one week
Note the following prices for Iho week.
Indian huad in.islins ( icmnants , 3 to 12
yaids ) worth Oe , during sale Be.
Our ( ic unbleachedmuslin during sale 3t
20 yards to a customer.
Two makes of our unulcachcd muslin sold
for 7c nnd Sc , to go nt Cc.
Five makes of popular brands of bleached
muslins , Including lonsdnte , family choice ,
Hercules , Fruit of the Loom and Casco ; nbo
half bleached muslin ; the same goods are
sold forSc , i'e and lOc ; price during sale 7c
limited to 110 yards to a customer.
Wo will continue our ribbon sale nt the old
prices for this week.
Nos. 7 , 0 and 12 all silk ribbons , beautiful
line of shade * , In inolro wllh sal In edge and
gros grain with satin edge ; sale price lOo a
ir pieces linen damask and Turkey reds we
will put on sale Monday morning , sale price
ISo a yard j some of the above goods bold for
TiOc , Gbc , tiJ'jC , 07c , 7.C all to go dining sulo
nt 480.
150 dozen towels In huck. momlo and da
mask , worth -5c , to go ntvc \ \ ! i for 60o.
42-inch pillow case muslin , .icj 45-inch pil
low case tnttsllu , lie : 4S-inch pillow case
muslin. 12' ' c : 7-1 sheeting , 10cS-l ; sheeting ,
18o ; 0-J bheetitig , SOc ; 1M shoaling , 22e.
12-Inch pillow case muslin , Ocinlnch : pil
low case muslin , lS'-c ' ; MMnch pillowcase
muslin , Lie ; 8-1 sheeting , L'Ocj U-lsheeting ,
! Kc ; KM sheeting , CVic.
Half bleached muslins same prlcoas above.
Wo guaumteo the sheeting to bo of the best
make , and prices far below Inferior goods.
Folherlngham , Whilelaw .V Co. ,
Council Bluffs.
Gents' underwear in great variety nt price ;
to suit all nt Model Clothing Co. , L. II
Mossier Mgr. _
A fresh invoice of line cheviot suits for
young men , Just received at Model Cloth
ing Co. _
Our line of cook stoves and ranges , fron :
f'.W ) to ir gives you the greatest variety to
select from , at Mandel & Ivlch.'s , ! MO Broad
way. _
Tlio Iliinuuic Society Mcpto.
There was a mooting of the Council Bluffs
Humana society yesterday afternoon at 4
o'clock at the ofllco of Hon. D. C. Bloomer
There was quito a largo attend inco and i
great deal of interest manifested in the work :
for which the association was organUod , Of
tlio ofllciul board thcro was present D. C.
Kloomcr , Uuth Faul , Mrs. K. S. Osborn and
Mr. S. Stewart.
Thomas Ofllcor resigned his position
treasurer of the association and A. Overtoil
was elected to fill the vacancy ,
Mrs , II , H. Saekett was elected as a mem
ber of the ofllctal board in place of Mrs , E. L
Shugart , resigned.
The secretary was Instructed to procure
the nooossnry hooks for kooplng the records
of the association.
Various methods wore discussed as to the
best means of making the work of the asso
elation efftvtivo , and it was llnally agreed to
instruct the secretary to have lenllets printeit
containing all sections of the Iowa laws ro
luting to cruelty to children and luilinnls , ami
have them printed in sulllciont quantities for
general distribution among the people. In
tills way people who were thoughtlessly
guilty of nets of cruelty that como under thi
provisions of the laws might bo tlotcrroi !
from committing them when they know that
they were violating a state law that provide' ' '
a penalty of tine and Imprisonment.
The president and secretary were author
ized to appoint un usout to solicit now mem
hers of the association.
The arrangements for the aggressive work
of the society were then completed by the ap
pointment of special agents who bavo th <
power under the lowii laws lo arrest am.
prosecute ) any and all persons who nro de
tected in the commission , or known to b
guilty , of acts of cruelty against women , o
children , man or beast. The following are
the names of the special otllcors appointed :
O. W. Ilnrtupeflr , Henry Faul , U. Wesley
and 0. O. St. John ,
The president was authorized to innka
rnngomcnts with the mayor nml the chief o
police for special police assistance ,
Tbo society Is now thoroughly organize !
and equipped and ready for an active crusadi
against cruelty ,
I or Her Daughter.
A woman named Johnson , who resides ii
Omnhu nt the comer of Thirteenth and
Locust streets , near the west end of Cut-Oft
Island , was in the city last evening and re
quested the oftlccrj to assist her search for
her fifteen-year-old daughter , Kosu Morton.
It seems that the girl and a chum , Vina Mc-
Grudy , who lives on the Inland , loft their
homes a week ugoaud 110 oua Uoowa wbcro
they hnvo gone. Mrs. Johnson Is firmly of i
the belief that the girls have become bad and
she is anxious for her daughter to return I
home , The McOrady girl was recently be
fore Judge McUco on the charge of Incorrlgl-
blllty and only escaped being sent to the re
form school by promising to reform.
This week will bo n memorable ono in the
heating stove trade , we Just received another
car load of the J'onlnsular stoves and will
quote bottom figures to purchasers , At M. &
K.'s , HW Broadway.
Scott House. 85 ct. meals , 23c.
Mynstcr Gets n Charter ,
The city council held a special session lost
evening with the mayor and all the nldcrincn
present with the exception of Lacy. The
llr. t matter of Importance taken up was the
lost Mynstcr Springs motor railway charter ,
which was mysteriously spirited away or
mislaid. W. A. Mynstcr wns present
, vlth a substitute ordinance. Ho in-
'orinod the council that ho had en-1
deavorcd to produce the old ordinance
Hid the substitute was as near as possible n
rarbntnn reproduction of the lost ono , with
ho exception that Sixth strceth was In-
luded in the streets purposed to bo used. An
effort was made to amend the ordinance in
some minor respects , but the mayor held that
as It was only a substitute for the ordinance
already passed , it was not susceptible of
amendment. The motion to dccluro it adopted
us such substitute was lost and the charter
wont through the usual process and was
mn end ml slightly , the principal cbango being
the lixlng of a 5-ccnt faro. Ono proposed
amendment prevented thu company pooling
Us earnings with any other company opcrat-
Jnos running In the sumo general direction ,
Mr. Mynstcr objected to this provision , claim
ing that It prevented Just what ho dcslrod to
establish , check fares , and made It impossible
for a passenger from Omaha to reach the end
of the Mynstcr line for a single 5-cent faro.
The objection was considered good , and after
a little wrangling tlio language was changed
to make it clear that only a 5-eent faro could
bo charged by any pro rating arrangements ,
and the amendment was accepted.
A number of other amendments of minor
inportanco were adopted. Aldctnmn Kvor-
ett offered as un amendment to section 1 ! )
hat the street car- company pay to the prop
erty owners the original cost price of the
paving between tlio rails and ono foot on
each side of all streets where the paving has
been laid prior to the building of the road.
Mynstcr objected to this , urging that the
company might bo asked to pay dotiblo prices
for worn out paving. Alderman Knephcr
novod to nmcmUby pinpowrrliig the mayor to
appoint three appraisers to determine the
iirico to bo paid the property owners.
Ivncphcr's amendment was adopted , and the
ordinance wi.s put upon Its tlnal passage and
The city attorney was instructed to pre
pare an Improvement resolution for a six-foot
urlek sidewalk on the north side of Twelfth
street from Avenue B to Broadway.
Attorney McCabe and the McOeo brothers
submitted a proposition asking the city to
vacate an alloy In Morning Side addition aiul
accept in lion theicof a ilceu for another alloy
that will afford better public facilities , Tlio
matter was leferrcd to the committee on
streets and alloys.
An ordinance was Introduced by
Alderman Everett providing for tbo
maintenance of gates at railway cros
sings. This Is an old problem brought
ui > i" a " ° w guise. A dozen
resolutions have been passed at various times
but tlio railroads have steadily ignored them ,
and as a hist effort the ordinance , was drawn.
It IKcs a heavy penalty for Its violation and
provides a daily penalty of fill for each day's
delay In erecting the gate within a reason
able time after the order has been mado.
The ordinance passed.
Alderman Smith presented an agreement
of the property owners on Fifth avenue for
the payment of the sewer tax. The property
owners agroa to pay thrce-tifths of tlio
tax at once without interest and
to pay a sufllcicnt amount next
year to make the cost 75 cents per lineal
foot. Alderman Knepher moved to accept
the proposition with tbo exception of the In
terest clause , but it was lost. The proposi
tion wns then referred to the llnanco commit
The Twin city street car ordinance was
called up and read. It was debated by sec
tions and amended In many respects , the
chief changes being the requirement to have
the load in operation to Omaha via a bridge
over the river , and providing for the repay
ment to property owners of the original cost
prlco of paving on streets already paved.
Other unimportant changes were made and
the ordinance- was passed.
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ImportedUaminnt at Half Import
er's Cost Only for This Week.
Every lady who is posted in the styles and
values of cloaks knows that Elscmnn's Is the
place to look for them. Tiioy nro also aware
that If there is anything now and stylish to
bo scon they have to como to Elscman's to
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Ladies como from a distance of hundreds
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please them , and send them away happy.
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I'uris , their entire importation of stylish
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Bluffs , In.
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competitors arc making. Have you seen a
better stock of heaters and lower prices tuun
at M. & K.'s , y > 0 Broadway.
Kobbeil u rh.vsiolrui.
Yesterday afternoon Ofllcer Murphy place' '
a young man under arrest whom ho found
endeavoring to dispose of some surgical
instruments at a second hand storoon Broad
way. The arrest was made after the ofllce :
had questioned the fellow and discovered llitv
ho could not give a very satisfactory oxplann
tlon of how tlio doctor's outtlt cumo Into his
possession. Ho did not look like a physiclar
or talk like ono , although ho had all the char
actcrlstlcs of n young man
cecdlngly hard up , who would pawn
his wife's wedding ring if ho hup
pencil to have a wlfo and .she had n ring
\VluMi taken to the station the young ma
gave , the name of Klchnrd Pnyton , and sal
ho wns from Omaha. When searched hown1
found to be penniless. A letter which h
had written but not posted to a girl in Lin
coin , whom ho addressed as "Dear Bella , '
was found la his pocket without an envelope
In It ho told Bella that lie was still withou
money but would semi her some cash soon
thitt bo was getting desperate i r d would Jim
some way of raising it. Ho d vised her t
beat her board bill by telling the people will
whom sno was living In Lincoln MMJIO pa
thello story , and ihcn llytohlm. Ho toh
Iho oftlcorsitiiilho had purchased the valtiii
bio case of surgical Implements found In hi :
possession , but admitted that ho bcllovc
they wore stolen.
Shortly after his arrest Chief of Polio
Carey received Information from Omaha tha
a doctor's ofllco had boon robbed tboro and
lot of Instruments carried away. The Omah
jiollco were advised of the arrest , mid at
hour afterward Dr. J , M. McMunigal o !
Omaha was in tlw pollen headquarters nm
had fully identified Die casa of Instrument
as those having boon stolen from him.
Pavton stoutly maintains his Innocence o
the theft , and bays ho can proiiucc tlio porroi
who sold him the physician's tools , Ho ills
Intimates that he has a very pathetic slor ,
whicli ho would like to give to the world I
ho could trust to the press us the mudlnm U
convey U. Ho was locked up pending au iu
vcstlgatlon. Ho Is n yiljut man of slight
build , rather line looklngvnhll jclves evidence ,
of having seen better days. Huts very reti
cent about himself.
Dr. Seybert. lies. Os < JC-fSiouse. Tel. HO.
County Treasurer John H. plumor was
last evening happily wedded to Miss Harriet
Kneppcr. Tbo event has 'been looked for
ward to for some time by the many friends of
both , so that Its announcement will not como
as n surprise , although the' wedding was a
modest and quietaffalrcctiii\dcrlngtlio \ promi
nence of the happy man nnil the social posi
tion of the young Indv. Both nro hlghlv
esteemed , and the congratulations and well
wishes will bo us i-amest and honest as they
will bo many. The newly wedded couple
will at once enter upon the occupancy
of the elegant new home , ] ust completed by
him , nml located on lllcn avenue. In the
building and furnishing of the new homo
the taste and wishes of tier whom will bo its
chief adornment have been culled Into ser
vice , the result being manifest In the mater
ial beauty of the homo which her presence is
now to make still more attractive.
See our new fall patterns of carpets , rugs ,
shades at all prices. AtM. & IC.'s , U.'O Broad
way. _
Scott House. Best $1.00 per day house in
the city. _
A Oeuorous lltMiicnibruncc.
The choir boys of St. Paul's church met for
rchcrsal Tuesday evening. On assembling
ho boys were surnrlscd to each receive nn
envelope containing the card of Mrs. Horace
Everett and a $ ' . ' .50 gold piece. The lltllo fel-
.ows were moro than delighted at this gener
ous gift , Indicative , also of the appreciation
of their service of song. It took over twenty
gold pieces to supply all.
Dr.Dirnoy euros catarrh. Boo blil.g
Rend Morso's nilv. on 8th pngo.
"Albright's Choice. "
The Place * for Holding Tlicin and
the Tudfjcn and CIcrlCN ,
The republicans of the city of Omaha are
liercby notllled that Friday , the 23th day of
November , 1800 , has been designated by the
republican city central committee as the date
on which the republican primaries will bo
: icld in tlio wards In the city of
Omaha , from 12 o'clock at noon till 7 p. in. , nt
which candidates for the position of city
councilman will bo voted for , and the candi
date receiving the highest number of votes
will bo tbo regular republican nominee. Tlio
central committee located the polling places
at the following places :
First Ward J. Siemcnson's , Tenth and
Second Ward Mels' hall , Sixteenth mid
Williams street.
Third Ward-102 North Twelfth street.
Fourth Wnrd-yOo South Sixteenth , M. A.
Fifth Ward Ei-fling's hall , 1S10 Sherman
Sixth Ward Barber shop , corner Lake and
Seventh Ward 1217 Park avenue.
Eighth Ward Barber shop , Twenty-first
and Cunilng.
Ninth Ward 200S Fnrnam street.
The commlttco has also appointed the fol
lowing Judges and clerics to act at such
primaries In the capacity hero designated :
First Ward Judges , R 1C. Long and John
Muttloson ; clerk , M. Kelloy.
Second Ward Judges , T. C. Van Doran
r.nd John Tiedemanj clerk , John Schmlnke.
Third Ward D. L. Lapsley anil Thomas
iioVlttio : clcrlf , Edllamian.
Fourth Ward Judges , A. P. Nicholas and
JohnS. Wood ; clerk , Bert B. Downs.
Fifth Ward Judges , Charles Wllkins and
John ICiilght ; clerk , II. 0. Backus.
Sixth Ward-Judges , W. A. Grunt and W.
Crager ; clerk , Harvey Wells.
Seventh Ward Judges , William Fan- ana
P. J. Qucaloy : clerk , H.,0. Cochran.
Eighth Wurd Judges , A. W. Parker and
Sam Bady : clerk , Paul Sword.
Ninth Ward Judges , C. J. Johnson and
Charles E. Djureon ; clerk , J. V. Patterson.
D. II. Mr.itcr.ii , Chairman.
JOIIK C. THOMPSON' , Secretary.
"Albright's Choice. "
Read Morse's mlv. on 8th page.
"Albright's Choice. "
rho only railroad train out of Omaha
run expressly for the accommodation of
Omaha , Council BlulTs , DCS Molnos and
Chicago business Is the Rock Island vcs-
tlbulcd limited , leaving Omaha at 4:15 :
p. m. daily. Ticket oDico , 1002 Sixteenth
and Farmnn bis. , Omaha.
"AIbrlght's Choice. "
iast Nlgbt's Wrostllii } * Match Proves
The McMnlion-Christol wrestling match nt
Exposition hall lut night proved a fiasco
and the crowd disguised in anything but
angelic humor. After wrestling four min
utes MoMahon laid the Frcnchnrm on his
back , and that was the whole show. Christo-
leaving the platform and refusing to conl
tlnuo , claiming that ho had received a
fractured rib. As a mailer of course , llio
crowd cried fake , but Hint made but litllo
difference , ns Chrlslol peremptorily refused
lo come back. Ills just such performances
as this that throws the wrestling fraternity
ialo such disrepute.
Dr. Blrnoy euros catarrh , Boo bldg1
"Albright's Choice. "
North Hivcr Dank Kccolvcr.
New YOHK , Nov. 10. Judge O'Brien of the
supreme court today appointed Francis Illg.
gins receiver of the North Hivoibank. . The
receiver was required to give a bond of $200 ,
000. The Union and State trust companies
ore made depositories for the bank's funds.
Throat nisenHCH commence with a cough
cold , or sere throat. "Brown's ' Bronchial
Troches" give Immediate relief , Sold only
Iu boxes. Prlco 25 cts.
A Grand Simeons.
OAi.vnsTo.v , Texas , Nov. 19. The deep
water Jubilee In commemoration of UK
$0,000,000 nppropilatcd for Galvcston harbo :
work was a grand success. Four thousani
visitors were present from , nil sections of tb
country participating In the Jollification.
How to save money is a problem that Inter
csts everybody. Ono way to doit is to In
vlgorato the system with Aycr'sSarsanarilla
Being a highly concon'trftlcd ' blood medlciiioi
Is the most powerful nnil economical. It Is
sold for a dollar a bottle , but worth live.
I'ily amlHlH Convicted.
OOHKN' , Utah , Nov. . [ Special Telegram
to Tin : IJiin.j The Morpions now bolug trlei
in the district court nil pleaded gullied lo tb
A Physicians Advice ,
I Biiffercil for years' ' ?
from general cleliillty.
Tried other remedies ,
anil got no relief.
My Physician prescribed S. S. S.
I increased inlleshj
My appetite improved ;
I gidned strength ;
Ya8 made young again.
H U the best ineillclnu 1 know of.
MAIIAI.KY Tournx , Oakland City , Ind
Send for our book on itlood and
Bkin Diseases.
SWUT Si-Kcirio Co. , Atlanta , Gn
chnrpo of polypamy and were fined ? 200 each.
They all took n awcopltiR oath to forever ron -
n on n co tlio practice ot
Pears' so.ip secures n beautiful complexion
It In on Trial Itoforo .InlKOs Dumly
nnd Cnldwcll.
The trial of the celebrated Nebraska City
distillery case was commenced In the United
States court yesterday nfternoon , Judges
Dumly nnd Caldwcll occupying the bench In
the largo court room.
The case has , a history. Some years n o
the distillery was owned by George L , Wool-
soy and other stockholders , but the whisky
trust , wanted the planl , and to get it a Joint
stoojt company was formed and n number of
the members of the trust put In as stockhold
ers , with WooUey. the owner of most
of the stock , holding a tow shares nnd belni ?
elected secretary nt a salary of $ i ) , ! > 00 per
yeiir. Ho WHS to servo In Ihls capacity for
live years. The trust concluded to shut
down the plant , and the Nebraska Ulty people -
plo oroso In arms. With their backing ,
\Voolscy made preparations to niMln put tli ?
tilnnt In" working order , when Iho niombors of
the iriist slopped In and secured a temporary
inluncllou. The case was dismissed and
woolsey was given the building for what
was duo him on his contract for service * .
Ho nt once secured now machinery and prepared -
pared lo start another distillery , when an
other Injunction was secured on the grounds
that when ho llrst sold out ho entered Into an
agreement not to cnga o In the business dur
ing a period of twoiity-throo years * . At the
same tlino Westou Arnold of Iho whisky
tnist commenced proceedings before the
revenue department nt Washington , In the
supreme court and in the Untied Slates
The question was argued bcforo the com
missioner In Washington , and yesterday Col
lector 1'utors received llio decision Umt
"Woolsoy has a right lo again engage In the
business ,
The case in Iho supreme court Is sllll pend
ing and the case In Iho United States court is
now on for licurinir.
Wonthcr rrobnhllitli's.
For Novjiiibor Indications point to
cold , frosty weather. That , however ,
will iniiko no dilTercnco to tliobo who
travel In tlio slciun-lioatotl anil electric-
lighted , limited vestibule trains which
nro run only by the Chicago , Milwaukee
& St. Paul l'y- between Omaha , and
Chicago. City ticket ofllce , 1601 Far-
mun H ( . , Oinaluu R A. NASH ,
J. 10. 1'UKSTON , General Agent.
City Passenger Agent.
IJouk IjaborofH * Strllco.
LONDON , Nov. 19. [ Special Cablegram to
Tin : BUB. " ] A thousand ilook laborers em
ployed on the Gar-ston dock struck today
owing to the dismissal by the company of a
number of men who refused to toad boycotted
Carlsba(1 (
Sprudel Nurse"
Salt ,
ftsy ( IIcnry 1V )
This salt ( In powder form ) Is obtained by
rvnporntlunof Iho SpiudulSpiIiiRat L'arlslinil
For constipation ( icmpnrury or cluonlo ) , lilll-
onsiioss , oliesity.dvtpcpslu.clironlc calntili of
tlio stomach , rlioiiniiitlo or gouty iill'c'cllon ,
and all ( Iprniiitcinunt ot tlio .stoinach , It I" a
inoro wondurfnl lonicdy titan uny other In
nature or in.ilurla niiMllca.
OAUI.SHAI ) si'iiriiKr. FALT
Is not a muro piirsativi1 , It Is an nltorntlvo
and constinitloiiiil minuily. Thciu Is nothing
just us Kood when you can obtain tlio ienu-
Inu Imported urtlclu. Do not bo Imposed upon
by unscrupulous uoalerf. Tlio cuiiulno must
liuvo tliu slunatiires of Klsnor and Miiulelsoa !
Co. t-olu Agenla , Now York , on uvory bottle
Physicians , Surgeons and Specialists.
The most widely nnn favorably known epoo-
Iftllsta Iu the United H fates. Tliclr lonij ex
perience , re'nnrkublo slclll and unlvcrnal xuv-
ccss In the treatment und euro of Nervous ,
Chroulo and Sursleal Diseases , entitle tliesu
eminent pbVRlclans to the full confidence of
tbe Bdllcted everywhere. They Kunrnntco :
the awful effects of curly vice und the numer
ous evils that follow In its train ,
specdllr. completely and permanently cnrod.
OUDEU8 yield readily to their skillful trout-
111 Ollt *
guaranteed cured without pain or detention
nently nnd luccosstully eurcd In every ease.
matorrhea , Bemlunl Weakness , Lost Manhood ,
Night Emissions. Decayed Faculties , Female
\Venknesiandull ilelluato Ulwrdcra peculiar
to either BOX positively cured , as well IKI nil
functional dlsoiders that result from youth
ful follies or the excess of mature years.
CTPirTIIWIJ Guaranteed permanently
iJllXlVjt U l\Li oiircd , leinonil co-iiiiloto ,
without cutting , caustic or dilatation. Cures
affected at homo by patient without a mo
ment's pain or annoyance.
A ITRP rilPK The awful effects of
/i. OUKD UIXl. , 0ry , | vice which hriiiKS
orpanlo weakness , dost roylng both mind and
body , with all Its drouded Ills , pormunenty
nUQ RFIT's A(1lrthD3 ; ° wll ° have 1m-
Ul\tj. UL , l to palroj themselves by Im
proper lnduli ! nee and solitary Iriblti , which
ruin both mind und body , unfitting thorn for
business , study or marrhiKO.
MAKUIEO MEN or tlioso rnterlng on that
happy life , awnrool pbyslcaldebllity , quloklr
Is based upon facts. First l'raotlo l experi
ence , Second Every cmo Isspoclally studied ,
thiu starting right. Thlrd-.Medlclnos nro
prepared In our laboratory exactly to suit
each case , thus offoetliiKcureawliliout Injury ,
Drs. Betts & Betts ,
m FiiTTrTiiiinTI r
Practice limited to
Rooms 316 to 320 J3cc Bldg\ \
To the Stockholders of the Oculiilla I.und
niiilC'nttloC'ii. : Notice Is hcrohy given that
tliu uiimuil iiieutliiit of the HtuoUholilers of the
UKalalla l.und uud Ciittlo ( 'oiiuiniiy will ho
held iitthiiciiiniiiuiy'hiilllee , No.jlUHoiith lllh
stii'et. In the oltv of Omuhn , Nob. , on Wrdni'H-
day , Dccoinuuriinl , 1MM , at ! I o'clock p.m. , for
the I'li't'llon or directors for the I'lisuini ; year ,
and the transictlnu uf such other bii&liiuis us
may come before thu nieollns.
Noveinuer IT , IbW.
ultdliit JOHEIMI litAMC , Secretary.
AJit'siytK\Tst :
A falr-sl7ed audience a soinblcd In tlio
Grand opera hoiuo last evening to witness the
first performance : In tills city of "ThntSwedo"
by Hull's ' fnrco comedy company. A portlrn
of the audience had evidently como for the
purpcso of witnessing the dcllnc.Uloti of n
natural type of their own , and occasional
demonstrations of approval Indicated that
they recognUed seine satisfactory points In
Mr. Hall's Impersonation of ICuum Knutzcn ,
an unforluiuilo Swede from Minnesota , A
fair comment on tlio whole pcrfotnmnco
would tie that it presented n general varlely
show , wllh plenty of the boisterous sort of
tuinior , nml that It furnishes a lively ontcr-
talnment for people who llko It In Unit par
ticular form.
Both tlio method ntul results
Syrup of Figs is taken ; it is plonsim
and refreshing to the taste , mnl HC'
penlly yet promptly on the Kidney
Liver and Bowels , cleamea the sy
' .urn eflecttinlly , dispels cohfo , liea
nchcs and fevers and cures Imhittu
"onstipatioii. % r P of I'igs is thinly
i/nly remedy of its kind ever pro
'htced ' , pleasing to tlio tststo nncl nc-
ceptiiblo to the stomach , pronit } ii
its action and truly beneficial in it <
effects , picpnrcd only from the most
healthy and ngrecnblo substances , itt
ninny excellent qimlitics coniinend it
to all and hnvo made it the most
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50o
and 81 bottles by all leading drug
gists. Any reliable druggist who
limy not have it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any ono who
wishes to tiy it. Do not accept any
Dr. F. C. 'Werner's
Are highly recommended nftor scvon
years of successful experience by the
bolo iminufnuturors ,
Kopp , Dreibus& Co. ,
1106 FarnamSt. , Omaha , Neb.
Sold everywhere. Go per puckagc.
Send for sninnloa.
iUiHilt LUUIJ lUJOl ) ; ( K-nurul nml NKU-
VOUS TiniUI.ITY. Weakness or Ilody and
Mind ! Klluolbof r.rrors'or iixeosscsln Old ot
younir. Uobiibt. Noble JIANIIOUI ) fully 10-
Btoiud Wo. K'laraatco uvory case or mouoy
refundpd. Paniplo course , live days' treat
ment. Jli full course , $3. Secnroly sealed from
bkcivntlon. Cook Ituini'dy Oo. . Oinahii , Neb
fct.auli Oilltc. Hotel , Cor. 13th und Dod'ioS
galifornia9s !
Jl > yniipl > nln ,
Inillci'illoii. *
or illnor-
iltrs They .u.
Mlgtir routed , tlo
mil llrlpr , trry
, .niullntj InliiLc. .
. nncl purt'lj trKeln.
tile , IK.IIIK compound-
. -il of nci'tnljlcs In.
illRinous to l'alir > nU
In llirni. 45 I'lIU In
. acli Mai.
Sick Headache
is absolutely cured t > y
DrJtbb'sllllleVegelat'ePilh ' ,
vtnli t f ( ) | " 05 cciiU ,
_ KorsaloliyUiU/glitP ( ,
or b > mall. AUJK't.8
Kuhn & Co . Cor 15lh A Duuelai Wrrcla.
J. A. Tullor & Co , C.or lllh > v Huiiplis Streets.
A. D. Kustcr A : Co. . Con mil llluHa , luuu.
National Bank
Capital. - - - - $4OOOOO
Surplus Jan. 1st , 189O - B7.BOO
OfflceriimaDlrectori'-Honrj W. Yntci , President !
I ifle8. Keod , VIce-I'rcsldonf J m W. B raK , W.
V.MurM , John 8. Colllui , K. C. Cuihlntf , J. M. K
l' Uloi , W. H. H. iluKhen , cmhler.
Corner 12th nnd Farnnra Sts.
A Opnoral Ilnnklnz Uuslnuss Tran-iactod.
al and Smi'icil Inside
Corner Oth and Haruey Streets , Omahi.
Chronic Diseases and Deformities.
FounJoU bv Dr. J. VMcMonamy. .
Kyc and Ear.
Iluttcrll ock. ISth and Keri > ain.
Mt Ghapmar
Every person wnnts an en (
Only a few more left. Ensels , F
halfpr'ice. All these goods mi
W. W. CHAPMAN , - -
N. Ogdcn , Mich. , 410 Vcnrncy Pt ,
, f nil Frnnclno , CA | .
M yl7lK > 0.
" April ,
"My brothcr-Ucv.
wife nndl I'Olh
My '
Runnel Tortcr , MM lime been nntlrtril
cured \ > f St. Jacobs with Inmp tmok nml
Oil of cxctuclnt'tiR eorr threat , nml lima
f inul 1'ormiun ' nt
tclntlc pnliis In his
cure liy utc of H.
thigh. " Jacobs Oil.
J. M. L , PonTrn , K , J. I Mil A
\\MNTii : > -A I'ltruiMiler to build n * mnl |
house In Iho country who will tnkii a
horse In payment for his work. Apply td
l.i'onaid lixort'tt. '
M ANiantoil for Indoor work , I7IA
st. II. I ) . ( liiivcs.V fotii
OA IlKADof hoisi'slotm'ImnKii fort'lciir luml
'Vorclty puipoity. Joliiifcion& Ynn t'nttcu ,
l\'H'tt : tlllUM * .
soiilliwi'ttrrn limit for sale |
t'liiy , A ho sniiill fnimsnml'il
hunt mound I'minrll lllulT" . Johnston > v Vun
ratten. KviTolt lilo.-l. .
IDA IK of mull" ) , Iniinci * and untfnn fur ulo
.1 on a yi'iu'4 Mini' . JolmttonX Van I'atton ,
ii'lt block. _
M IIH. AMKI.IA NIPPON. M. ! > . . Miu-clnl mid.
o. ir.v3 : uxc. reunion iiiunV ilt.
QI'KCIAI , 11AUOAIXS III hou cn for siiln or
i > rent ; iilso two S.iunUors street lots , N
( .liunlm. .1. II. Davidson. IB. " ! . 'Hi uvo.
\VA t/nU : H. s'riU.MAV. MIUIMIS lilo.MfI .
i i Notary I'ulilU'.oolleelliini. t > \Mltlng. .
ifldlt IIKNT-A lieslrublo brli-k icidi | > ucc " ( it
I'l unmix. pU'usintly sltuatiMl on lilk'll
ground , l.aiau vnid mid orelinid. I'onvriiloue
to motor. Apply to N. I' . Dodge > t Co.
\\TAN rUD-Km'iKi'tlcyomu lady or gent ,
Will nay fin pur week to rlithi p.uty. t' ' .
C ) . S007 Willow iiMs.JViuinMl 'IliilK
13101 ! S\I.K I.i'iiso and furniture of Scott
IllmiM' , ' . ' . ' . " . '
- - llmiM' ( 'outioll IllulVt. > looms. I'hiMipt u
bargain. Addii'ssJ. S. Jordan , Coiiui-ll I Hull' * ,
Kr.NT 'lho Mii.Muhiiu three story
.1. luli'U lilooK , Xo. ! I5S. Miilust. wltlielovat jr
J. \\.Siinlu- . _
1/lOlt Itr.NT A I'holco iili'L-n of garden html
m'lir t'liuni'll lllutlivlih good iii-w liullil *
Ing. linnii'dlato pos esilou 1C dialled. .1 W ,
FU > Al.K-'oiiiili't ( | i Mil of tliiniM-s teeN ,
and iiiniill .stoi > K of llnwnio ut a baigutu.
Iiiipilruui loom HIS MIM-Ilam hloi'U.
pfO so\cs ut cost D elnso out. IleadcUnrt | < < r < i
' ) for haul nuipln house moiliii : uillon und
JacKs. K. I ) . Amy . , L'o , B'.M Malnstreut. _ _
rpWO SOniMifimns for : tlo notir Iho city at
J u bargain. W. A. Wood & I'D. , Ml Main st.
" OIISAIK or"KiintOardoa html , with
homes , by J. U. Kloo. VJi Mala Bt. , Oounoll
L. G. Knotts
PUB ! - Merohant
All kinds of tlio best nncl cleanest
1'uel In stock nncl under shads
People who desire cheap nncl
clenn fuel Tor cooking will Micl it
by ordering a load ol'cobs , 1 1m vo
n largo supply tlintnt-e clonn nncl
whole not broken up.
Good hard wood cheap , either
in cord wood lengths or stove-
wood , delivered promptly.
All si es of hnt'd conl , clenn ,
bi'lghtand well screened ,
The black peerless lump cotil
coninnes to be the favorite for
domestic purposes.
- : - No. 29 Main Street.
Call Telephone 203 :
All kinds t llyliis and Cleaning done In tha
UlKliostStyluof Iliu Art , 1'uili-d and Stained
I'abrles iniiilu In look us uooil us now \Vurlc
promptly ilnno anil dellvoieil In all ] iuls : ot
the country- Send forpileo list.
O. A. MAUIIAN , 1'rop. ,
101,1 llio.ulwav. Niinr Northwinlurn lopot
t'OUM'tfi Ill.Ut'l'S. I A.
Or Council Bluffs.
DlliKi'TOlK I. A. Mlllur. I1. O. aiousnn. 11 I *
Shuiriiil , K. K. Hurt , J. 1) . r.ihiHinilsiiit'hiulo
0. luiiiiian. Tr.insaot bankliU busi
ness , Lur/csl , uiipltiil and Hiirjilus of any
bank In Houlliwestorn lo\va.
Over 0. It. Jiiciiiiuniln k Co s Juwolry Stora
Electric Trusses ,
Belts , Chest Protectors , Etc.1
GOO Broadway , Council Bluffa , Iq
Pornor Main ami Ilroiilway ,
Dealurs In foreign and dotnostlo ( ] < lruit
Colloellnn niudu and lutorost iUil on tlmfe
n's ' Mrt Store ,
when they can got n
framed Pictui'es , Cablnots , etc. , a |
lust bs closed out by January 1st.